Minus 31: The Nagpur Files (2023) Movie Script

[fire crackling]
[soaring winds accelerate fire]
One demands 13K while another
demands 14K just to cremate the deceased.
How will a poor man afford
the funeral rites?
The situation is grim.
The day before yesterday,
we burnt 78 bodies here
The country is facing a major crisis...
...a crisis of oxygen.
In many hospitals of the country,
there is a shortage of oxygen
Spreading faster than anywhere else...
[chaotic news reporting]
[jarring music]
[fire crackling]
[melancholic music]
[faint chanting]
Flow these flowers in the river.
[water splashes]
[chant continues]
[stretcher placed down]
[vehicle approaches slowly]
[vehicle halts]
[car door creaks open]
[car door slams shuts]
[chant continues]
[heavy object splashes in water]
[car door opens]
[door shuts]
[engine starts]
[car drives away]
[foreboding music]
[walkie-talkie crackles]
[indistinct communication]
[woman screeches]
Explain to your mother!
Ma, the police!
Aunty... what are you doing outside?
Wear your mask.
What are we doing?
We're just taking a stroll.
Aunty, you can't be strolling around
in the times of COVID.
- No, no!
Madam, I'll handle
- Please take her inside
- There is no COVID
and you wear your mask!
- Ma, let's go inside!
- You wait!
- This old hag will die herself
- Calm down, mother
- and take others down with her
- This is a government conspiracy
Aunty, one moment.
- This is a pharmaceutical ploy, I'm telling you
- Lock her inside!
- Aye!
- No, please don't.
- Not one step closer!
- Ma, please calm down
- I'm warning you, I'll spit on you all!
- What are you doing, aunty?
- Should I spit on you?
- They'll take you away, ma, calm down.
- Aunty, we'll have to use force
- Don't you dare!
- I'm warning you, wear your mask
- I'll spit on you!
[Old woman coughs deeply]
I'm warning you,
I'll spit on you!
- Let go of me!
- Aunty...
- Madam, what are you doing?
- Aunty!
[muffled resistance]
- Madam
- Take her away!
Somebody save me.
Let's go.
Show's over, everyone back inside!
Are you looking at this Madam?
They have turned us into compounders.
Under the pretext of Corona,
the government has fucked over the police.
Peter to Charlie.
A murdered body was discovered
at the banks of Naag river.
Is it a murder or one
of those COVID bodies?
It seems like a murder.
Take this road.
[hand brakes]
[police siren blaring]
[door opens]
What are you looking for Madam? Let's go.
Go ahead,
I'm right behind.
Isn't this your first murder case?
[irritated exhale]
Where did it go?
[clicks her tongue]
Even the Forensic guys
are here.
Hurry up, Madam!
[unwraps plastic wrapper]
[suspenseful music continues]
[camera shutter clicks]
Madam, I was already
on my way when you had called
but then I had to rush here instead.
Hey, where were you?
You missed madam's epic tiff!
- Aunty!
- I'm warning you... I'll spit!
Look at this.
Madam's tiff is at 12K views already.
- Just watch it go viral!
- Hmmm
Is this a pastime for you?
Done with your like, share comment?
Can we focus on the murder case now?
[shutter clicks]
Where is Vitthal Sir?
Ma'am he has Coronavirus so
he has quarantined himself.
Is he okay?
Yeah, but don't worry.
I haven't been in contact with him
since 15 days, so relax!
And who are you?
...this is Gautam Sir from
the forensic department.
[scrambles around]
It's okay.
[sanitizer spritzes]
Have you found out how he was murdered?
[camera shutter clicks]
Ma'am, this is just the
initial examination.
As for the 'hows', we'll have to wait
for the lab reports.
Madam, this body
belongs to Dayanand Pande.
He is The Dayanand Pande
of Supreme Leathers.
Real estate, construction - he had
his finger in every pie, Madam!
And he was also close to Nanabhau.
[camera shutter clicks]
This doesn't look like a robbery.
Do we know the time of death?
Ma'am, I will only find out later.
Nothing can be confirmed right now.
If you'll find everything later, what are
you writing so furiously in your diary?
Give me something!
Anyway, take this.
And what about the other body?
Madam, this is the one that...
...they can't afford to cremate.
Is that so?
Who had made the call?
Listen, come here.
Tell her everything
from the beginning.
Yeah, tell me.
- One man brought the body.
- Hmm?
His face was covered.
How could I possibly see him?
What's your name, uncle?
Can you remember what he was wearing
or maybe his height?
He was wearing
a black jacket, Madam.
As for his height...
...he must have been
as tall as Sir.
- As tall as him?
- Yes.
Oh! And his face was covered
by a black scarf...
Mm hmm.
...that he was constantly
scratching like this.
As soon as I looked
in his direction
he flung the body into the water
and left immediately.
Thank you, uncle.
If you recall anything else,
please inform the police.
You'll also be summoned to
the police station, a couple of times.
No reason to be stressed.
Thank you.
[phone camera clicks]
[police vehicle drives away]
[engine shuts]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[news channel telecast in background]
Don't come closer, or I'll spit!
- Why isn't this working?
- JSP's leader Nanabhau Deshmukh's
promise to provide Remdesivir
to the common man
Why isn't this working?
has pushed him into a corner.
The public is demanding answers.
What's the matter?
Madam, since you just
tackled a COVID patient
everyone wants you to get
your RT-PCR test.
[news telecast continues]
The Jan Samriddhi Party
will not leave people to die like this.
Even though we're not in power today,
we too have received the public's vote.
I take an oath
to reduce the plight
of the people of Nagpur.
We will make sure that people have both
Remdesivir and Oxygen, that's all!
Uh ma'am... it's done.
Were you taking a blood test?!
- Almost done
- Cotton!
Madam, Rahi Madam
has called for you.
- Right now?
- Yes.
It won't cost you to
look after your own son.
I want to be there but
I just can't.
I cannot leave right now.
Pass the phone to him,
I'll speak with him.
Ah my little pup!
Who hit you?
Ma'am, it was
No, my love...
...I can't come today
little pup.
Why don't you play the X-Box
with your father instead?
I'll definitely make it
the next weekend.
I promise!
And today I'll send over something
special for you to eat, okay.
All okay, Ma'am?
I was supposed to go
watch a movie with Chinu.
Ma'am, go ahead.
We're all here to
take care of things
- Really?
- Yeah
The way you took care
of that old woman?
How do you do this Preksha?
And why?
The Nagpur Police Department has turned
into a laughing stock on social media.
What was the need to break
the COVID protocols?
Is this how you plan to become
an IPS officer?
Ma'am, I tried my level best
to follow protocols but
she was hanging out without a mask
and spitting on people.
What was she doing?
She was spitting.
Why do these fuck-ups only happen
with you around?
By the way I saw the video.
That was a great move!
Come inside, Pawar.
What about Dayanand Pande's case?
Ma'am, the forensic reports will
come in tomorrow
and we have found an
eye witness.
The inquiry is ongoing,
as soon as something concrete
comes up, I'll update you
What I'm saying is,
the stolen phones that were
returned yesterday
post their photographs on my
Facebook page and
put some amazing hashtags.
This is a very high profile case because
Dayanand Pande was
an important public figure.
Yes, I understand that.
You cannot handle this case
impulsively, Preksha.
Only if you can handle the case say so,
or else I will assign someone else.
- Of course I can
- Madam
Dayanand's family is
demanding the body.
How can they make
arbitrary demands?
Are the forensic reports in?
Let's hand over the body
once the forensic report is in hand.
Are you sure?
Yes, ma'am
- Aha!
Wow! What a killer photograph!
You're totally killing it!
Hey, crazy one!
I'm a police woman
not a 'killer'.
Madam, by 'killer',
I meant beautiful.
You look damn beautiful.
Madam, should I caption it as
- Ma'am, I'll take your leave
- Use that.
Get in touch with Sonawane in the
social media department
and post an apology on the
Nagpur Police page.
And make sure that it's
coming from you.
Why should I apologize?
For the scandal you created today.
...later on your way home,
drop this off at my house,
thank you.
About this one...
...this one doesn't look great,
I'm not 'killing it' here.
[Rahi giggles]
No, pick this one.
[background music]
Wait for two minutes.
Your mother sent this over.
[slams door]
[door opens]
This is only FIFA 2017.
Spoilt brat!
Let's go!
[background music]
Dad! Why didn't you
shut the windows?
You've let in all the bugs
One of these days,
I'll make your cat disappear!
[cat meows]
[haunting music]
[frustrated gruff]
Come here kitty!
Look, I've paused the movie for you.
Come, we'll watch together.
[bollywood cop movie plays]
Did you forget that we have to check
blood sugar levels, my child?
Hey! Why are you wearing
this mask?
I went head-on with a
COVID patient today. See.
Show me.
So go wash up first.
Dad, I've taken a shower!
If you've taken a shower,
then remove the mask.
Your levels had to be checked,
not mine!
I've already checked my levels.
- Dad, your levels are at 289!
- Ehh!
What "ehh!"?
289 is normal for me.
Even when I don't eat anything,
it's at 289.
Give it to me,
it's your turn to be pricked.
Let me check your
blood sugar levels.
- Give it to me.
- Take it.
Place your finger here.
Over here, on your knee.
Hmm... it's alright.
Ehh! Show me how
"alright" it is.
Show it quickly.
That's very low.
No wonder she's always
cranky at home.
Now, what's the matter?
My period is late.
I'm irritated all the time,
by everything.
Is that so?
Eat this and balance out
your blood sugar levels.
Dad, when will you
mend your ways?
You've already lost one hand,
you'll end up losing the other hand too
then walk around like
Thakur from 'Sholay'.
Really now?
Did you visit my PF office?
- Did you go?
- No!
I didn't find the time.
And anyway, they've said that the
procedure will take time.
Till then you continue practicing
your signature with your left hand.
I've been practicing since 3 months,
I can't do it any longer!
Then be patient!
We're already so understaffed
due to COVID,
and we get to sleep
only for 2 hours.
- I only sleep 2 hours
- Yes, child
only you have had a police job
I've only ever wasted time.
The down payment for the new house
will come out of my retirement money.
And I'll only have to
run around for it?
Wow, child. Wow!
That's amazing!
You don't do anything.
Tomorrow onwards, there shall be
no chocolates at home.
What's this?
Leave it.
- Absolutely not!
- I will go myself...
- ... to the PF office, give it back to me
- Listen to me.
You sit and practice
your signature.
Get your blood sugar levels
under control.
Then I will give you
whatever you ask for.
I'll do it child,
I'll do as you say
Until then do not even
look at any chocolates.
Just watch,
I'll marry you to a CRPF soldier.
What did you say?
I didn't say a word.
- I heard every word, dad
- Only you have been talking
I didn't say anything.
I am your daughter,
I heard everything.
Are you my daughter?
Am I not?
If you are truly my daughter,
return my chocolate.
Dad, stop your drama.
- Please give me some, just one piece
- No, you aren't getting any.
Give me some already.
- Hey child...
- No, absolutely not.
- Just give me one please...
- No, I am not giving you any!
Don't give me any.
- Eat it yourself.
- Doesn't care about his own health!
[movie continues]
Please give me just one...
I ate it all, dad.
Why are you staring at me?
She took it all away.
[suspenseful music rises]
[alcohol pouring]
[suspenseful music continues]
[political science lecture
plays on earphones]
[phone camera clicks]
What are the findings?
Uhh... Ma'am his RT-PCR test
was negative.
There's water in his lungs.
Could be due to drowning.
Is drowning the cause of death?
Can't say for sure.
By when will you find out?
I need 2 more days, ma'am.
By the way, drinking
while on duty is not cool.
Are you referring to this?
Ma'am this is an occupational hazard.
As in?
Have you ever...
...seen manual cleaners on duty?
Drinking is not their hobby.
They can't escape the toxicity
of the sewers without intoxication.
So everybody has their own way to
deal with their shit.
Just the way you eat chocolates.
This is a health hazard.
[clicks tounge]
Oh also!
I found some animal fat deposits
inside the victim's mouth.
- Animal fat in his mouth?
- Yes.
And reports of the cells and blood samples
from his nails is yet to come in.
Who's in charge here?
Sir, you cannot go inside.
You're not allowed to.
- Call the person in charge.
- Sir, you aren't allowed
Call the person in charge
I'm aware of everything.
What happened, Pawar?
What, "what happened"?
Are you in charge?
I don't speak to 2-star inspectors
like you.
Go, call the person in charge.
Do you even know who's inside?
- You don't know, right?
- No, I don't.
He's my brother-in-law,
Mr. Dayanand Pande.
Had you known you wouldn't be doing
such a shoddy job.
Wear your mask.
- I'm talking now, I'll wear it later.
- Wear your mask!
Wear your mask,
wear your mask!
- I wore it, happy?
- Now tell me, what shoddy work?
- Look Madam even we are aware
- First things first, lower your voice.
He's "talking" it seems...
Are you his wife?
Come in to identify the victim.
Hey you!
- He's my brother-in-law
- Guddu, just wait here.
Don't let him inside.
Please come inside.
Who is she?
Is she the Commissioner?
Huh? Who does she
think she is?
A 2-star inspector...
...thinks she's the Commissioner.
Ordering me around
to wear the mask.
Check your Whatsapp.
- Huh?
- Whatsapp.
Now what have you sent?
Are you retarded?
Not over here,
over tea downstairs.
Come with me.
Let's go dumbfuck!
May I ask you something
slightly off-topic?
Was your husband vegetarian
or non-vegetarian?
He was pure vegetarian.
Thank you.
[wife continues sobbing]
Umm... as soon as we can...
...we'll release the body.
"He was pure vegetarian. "
[background music rises]
It's the leather factory.
[police jeep halts]
Wow! You've reached before us?
Hey stop the work,
everybody stop working!
Why should we stop working?
Our client is coming
Mr. Guddu, do you get the Tannery
cleaned everyday
or were you prepping it for us?
Madam, it is cleaned everyday after work
How much is the area?
How much area does the
Tannery occupy?
It's 1.25 acres...
Hand me the gloves.
Properly check the entire 1.25 acres.
- Gautam you start outside...
- Oh, oh!
- Sharda, you start inside.
- First...
[Guddu resists]
Show me the warrant first.
How can you just enter
someone's property?
Show me the warrant first!
Didn't you check the file
once already? What are you looking for?!
Photograph everything.
Madam, we've spoken to everybody.
Except for this accountant -
Preksha Meshram.
Her name! It's same as yours.
Yes, this one.
Ever since the murder,
she hasn't come to office.
She's not answering her phone either.
She's the only one left.
I want all information about her.
Check her social media, Sharda.
Madam, this is
Preksha Meshram's profile.
Madam, if you're done searching,
please get going...
Our client is coming and it wouldn't
look good to see all these policemen.
When was the last time
she came to office?
- Who's that?
- This one, Preksha Meshram.
I have no idea, she works in the
accounts department.
How is it my concern,
when she comes and goes?
She's simply an employee.
Madam, her grandfaher
worked here for 40 years.
Has he retired?
Madam, my phone please?
I want all the CCTV footage.
Hey, Jaggu...
Jaggu Sir, get going.
[phone rings]
One moment.
Jai Hind Ma'am!
Get going now, go.
Let's go, let's go.
Come Sir, let's get some tea.
Yes, what's your issue?
...my granddaughter hasn't
returned home yet.
Where do you live?
Kasturba Nagar.
Goddamit! That's a covid hotspot!
Did you get tested?
Nothing happens, sir.
Nothing happens to me.
I drink a herbal decoction
twice daily.
Ask him.
Yes sir
Tell me quickly.
Who is missing?
My granddaughter...
- Preksha Meshram...
- ... her name is Preksha Meshram.
She hasn't come home
in two days, sir.
Any affair with a boy?
There's nothing like that, sir.
Who are you to her?
I'm a friend.
Then she must've told you
where she was going.
Aren't you her friend.
What are you suggesting sir?
Why the hell would we come here,
if we knew where she was going?
Why don't you do your job
and write the complaint?
What's your name?
Tell him your full name.
Sandeep Sontakke.
What is it that you do?
I'm a musician, sir.
Have you heard any Hip-Hop?
Are you a DJ?
Why are you insulting me, sir?
Your children will tell you
what Hip-Hop is.
Are you going to teach me
what "insulting" is?
Should I show you
how to insult someone?
Sir, please calm down
for a minute.
Have you accompanied me
to behave like this?
Calm down and sit quietly.
- Sir, you please write the report.
- Hmm?
Tell me.
Preksha Meshram.
Age 20.
She lives in Kasturba Nagar.
She has been missing from
the night before yesterday.
Slow down kid.
Since when has she been missing?
Missing since the
night before last.
She lives with her grandfather
and this is her grandfather.
Can't you see that
I have been working?
I will go to the Tannery
because I want to try my hand at hip-hop.
And I will try my best!
Madam, from there.
[sanitizer sprays]
[background music]
- Ms. Preksha.
- Yes.
Ashok, please have her
seated inside.
Thank you.
Please, have a seat.
Please sit.
Are you alright?
As soon as we receive the post-mortem
report, we'll hand over the body.
Sorry for the delay.
I wasn't aware that Mr. Dayanand
was into pharmaceuticals as well.
...is my venture, actually.
I have been working on this project
from last 3 years.
Thanks to him,
and my brother.
I can understand.
- ... the night before last...
- Hmm?
Where were you the
night of the murder?
What would you like to have...
tea or coffee?
Uhh... tea.
Any preferences?
Ginger tea...
Get some savory snacks
along with it.
Where were you the
night before last?
I was...
...I was right here with Guddu.
After returning from the leather factory,
I had called him over to set the inventory.
...hadn't Mr. Dayanand returned
with your brother Guddu?
...we're launching a new product range
targeting chronic ailments.
- Chronic ailments?
- Yeah.
For heart disease, cancer,
diabetes, etc...
Is the medicine for diabetes effective?
It's, it's really effective.
...my dad is a diabetic.
Can anyone confirm that the two of you
were together the night of the murder?
Uhh... Mr. Parekh,
Hemant Parekh.
And who is he?
He is an M. R...
...from Norma Pharmacy.
He was on video call
with us that day.
Please drink your tea.
Won't you have some as well?
No, I had my protein shake.
At home...
It's okay, it's okay, let it be,
I'll get it cleared.
- Roomba!
- Hmm?
[Roomba whirrs]
[Roomba beeps]
You were asking me something?
Who visits home often?
Family members and
people from JSP.
Mr. Nanabhau Deshmukh was one of his
closest and oldest friends.
Off late, due to the elections,
he would visit even more often.
Your ACP Madam too...
...would come visit often.
A girl named Preksha Meshram used to
work in the Accounts department.
At the leather factory.
Do you know her?
We've organized a prayer meet
for my husband.
Do pay a visit if you can.
Just a minute.
Bring some diabetes medicine, please.
This is for your father.
Thank you.
Do you also have...
...any medicines for delayed periods?
Yeah, of course.
I'll ask Ashok to hand you some.
[sensual music]
My period cycle is so fucked up!
Just like my distant aunt.
When she's expected to come,
she's nowhere in sight.
And when she's expected to leave,
she just won't leave.
It's been two months.
And there's still no sign of her.
Knowingly, or unknowingly
my shadows have
started resembling you.
Madam, this is the CCTV footage
from the night of the murder.
Look carefully,
she looks like Meshram to me.
Why did the screen turn black twice?
Not sure Madam,
this is the original footage.
Whatever happens,
just don't surprise me today.
I am meeting him today.
In this search for you,
maybe I have found myself?
Maybe I'm looking for things
that do not exist?
Clouds loom overhead.
Everything's blurry.
Why does everything seem so blurry?
[cat meows]
I am trying...
Trying really hard to untangle.
But I can't see.
It's all so blurry.
Everything's blurry.
Why does everything
seem so blurry?
I am trying...
Trying hard to untangle.
But I can't see.
It's all so blurry.
Good morning.
Good morning ma'am!
Why did you take the trouble
to come here yourself?
I could've sent the details
over phone.
Can I see?
Uhhh... yeah sure.
It doesn't look like your morning.
I mean...
- Ma'am, it's just...
- Hey
you can drop the formalities.
Preksha's okay.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Cool then.
No, actually ma'am is okay.
Let's, let's stick to ma'am.
[flask clicks open]
Tell me.
Oh! Yes. Uhh...
Please wear this.
What are you doing?
[switches off]
[clears throat]
Take a look at this.
I found this under
Dayanand's table.
One second.
[lights up]
Do you see the blood spot here?
It matches with Dayanand's DNA.
As for these fingerprints
there report is still pending.
- This could be the murder weapon.
- Exactly.
Let's do one thing,
why don't you give that to me?
Ahh, I'll move this aside.
Now, imagine that I'm Dayanand.
Just hit me.
- Come on.
- Okay.
With force.
Okay, so...
if Dayanand is the one sitting here...
...here goes!
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
Sorry, sorry...
Are you hurt?
[tense music]
What do you do when
you want to chill?
How do I chill by myself?
Don't you have any friends?
[shakes head]
No, what I mean is...
...I stay busy, that's why
I don't have any friends.
Not because I'm a
bad person.
So, what do you do to chill?
After your duty hours...
...you must have
a drink or two, right?
I run.
I run really fast.
You run and I run away.
[phone beeps]
Dayanand's call records are in.
- Call tracker?
- This number is repeating multiple times.
This number is coming.
Hemant Parekh, even Shakuntala
had mentioned his name.
What does he have to do
with the murder?
[lift door opens]
[door bell rings]
[window unlatches]
[door bell rings frantically]
I'm Preksha Sharma, from Sitoburdi Police
Station. I would like to speak with you.
Ma'am, I'm not feeling very well.
- I won't be able to speak with you
- Sir, please!
How were you acquainted with
Dayanand Pande?
I only worked for Mrs. Shakuntala.
I rarely interacted with Mr. Dayanand.
So, on the night of the murder...
...how did Mr. Dayanand receive
13 calls from your phone number?
I was trying to contact Mrs. Shakuntala,
that's why I called his number.
Who was the man who
just left your place?
Look ma'am, I have been
infected with COVID.
- I have isolated myself
- Hold on
How can you shut me out?
[phone rings]
Jai Hind...
Jai Hind Ma'am.
Preksha, where are you?
- Ma'am, I was following a lead
- All that will go on...
...I had asked you to post an apology,
what's the status on that?
Ma'am I've been really busy
the last 2 days.
- Just get it done!
- Yes ma'am. Jai Hind.
[lift door slams shut]
Our country is faced by
the Corona pandemic...
...there is an oxygen crisis.
In many hospitals of the country,
there is a shortage of oxygen
[ambulance siren]
Incoming, move aside.
Move aside. Give way.
[crowd fighting over oxygen]
[distant chaos]
Ma'am, where are you going? This is
the VIP section, visitors aren't allowed.
- Where's the general ward?
- The general ward is on the left...
...ask anybody there,
the entire section is the general ward.
- All these are private rooms.
- Alright, thank you.
[public fighting the hospital staff]
Devansh, shouldn't you be
wearing a PPE kit?
Did somone else land up
here because of you?
How is your mother?
She's counting her last breaths,
all thanks to you, what else?
What did the doctor say?
What will the doctor say?
What will they say?
They're telling me to sell all
my belongings and live on the streets.
Her oxygen levels are very low.
Remdesivir is also unavailable.
Everybody is dying in the general ward
and over there, in the private rooms...
...there is no shortage of anything.
And those pharmacy scoundrels...
look here.
They're selling Remdesivir
for lakhs of rupees
where do I get so much money?
My ma was better off at home.
This is a rich man's disease.
No, that...
- I apologize.
Let me try something.
Do you mind taking
a selfie together?
Actually, I'll put this on my
Whatsapp groups. It can be helpful...
[music kicks in]
[phone camera clicks]
[walkie-talkie communication]
[mouse clicks]
[mouse rewinds]
[phone rings]
[mouse pauses]
[Real estate broker calling]
Madam, do you want to lock
the deal for the flat?
There are many buyers.
Make up your mind fast.
Hold onto it a little longer
- How long should I wait?
- One more week.
Madam, why aren't you understanding?
It's a hot property.
- Tell me quickly
- Let me speak to dad...
I'll call you back after
talking to dad, okay?
Let me know soon, or else it will be gone.
Yes, didn't I say I'll call you back
after talking to dad!
[playful music]
[mouse clicks]
[mouse fast forwards]
[hip-hop music kicks in]
Featuring MC Sha
Sneaky Sandy!
We both come from a very
humble background
and we struggled a lot
to make this video and
we're very grateful for the recognition
that we have received
She's off with her antics
early in the morning.
Who knows what she keeps
chattering to herself every morning.
Don't you get sick of blabbering
day in and day out
Does this sound like
"blabbering" to you?
I haven't lost my mind,
like you.
She dares say that
I'm the one "blabbering".
Have you looked at yourself
in the mirror?
Have you seen how you dress, how you live,
what you speak?
You're the one blabbering
all day and night.
What rubbish do you keep
blabbering about?
Do you even know what the
outsiders say about you?
No, because I'm the one who has to
listen to their complaints.
She's in her own world.
When will she learn
the ways of the world?
And why do you keep ranting
about going to work?
Are you doing me a favor
by going to work?
Tell me something
After spending a night in jail,
will anybody give you a job?
Will anyone hire you
- Can't you see that I have been working?
I will go to the Tannery because
I want to make videos.
I want to try my hand at Hip-Hop.
And I will try my best!
- You will not improve
- Yes, and neither will you
- You and your mother both
- I've spent 20 years listening
to my grandfather's taunts.
But he never spared even 2 minutes
to hear me out.
What do these old farts think?
That they can't ever go wrong?
He is treating me exactly
how he used to treat my mother.
Take this.
I can sign wherever you want.
It's child's play now.
Dad, I'm busy with some important matters,
can we talk about this later?
Is that so?
Is it more important than
the PF money?
[cat meows]
Talk to the broker and
finalize the house.
Dad, I think this broker is shady.
Man, your laxness is making
my Shibu bald.
Why don't you bathe your cat
with distilled water?
You want me to bathe him
with distilled water
when we don't even have enough
money to buy a house!
Talk to Shirke madam.
Ask her to speak to the Broker,
we'll get a good deal.
Will do, now please go away and
let me get some work done, dad!
Is that so?
Let's go brother...
...we are bound to fail here.
Don't worry though,
I will not let you go bald.
- Let's go
- Dad!
What is it now?
Your sign can be better than this.
Curse your "sign",
Give it to me!
Sign can be better it seems...
If my mother was around,
perhaps my life would be different.
Would it be better?
Or worse?
Who knows!
But surely it would be different.
[stirring vigorously]
[rage music]
[loud smack]
[winces again]
Way to go, Shibu!
You've finally learnt
where to take a piss!
[door shuts]
Today is a lucky day!
[peels open]
Come here child...
Where are you?
[cat food pouring]
[dog barks in distance]
[cat meows]
[distant dog bark]
Where'd he go?
In this rotting office
there is only one shining star.
But if I tread too close,
I'll get burnt.
There is some risk involved.
What is left to observe is whether
he is worth the risk or not.
All employees of Supreme Real Estate
& Construction, and Supreme Life Sciences
have gathered here today
to offer condolences.
The owner of both companies and
my brother-in law, Mr. Dayanand Pande
is no longer with us.
His sudden and unfortunate demise
has been extremely shocking
for us all.
We don't know how long it will take us
to heal from the shock.
May his soul rest in peace.
Go inside.
Madam, let us know if you need anything,
we're here for you.
You came
[indistinct condolences]
Mr. Guddu.
Madam... thank you for...
my brother-in-law.
Sorry for your loss.
Well, you mentioned
Supreme Real Estate.
You also mentioned
Supreme Life Sciences
but you forgot to mention
Supreme Leathers.
Nothing like that... we...
...we run the tannery under
someone else's name.
You aren't allowed to run a Tannery
in your caste, right?
Don't you belong to the
same caste as well?
I don't believe in the
caste system.
So how is your work
coming along?
Your Preksha Meshram...
we'll trace her very soon.
How was the relationship between
Preksha Meshram and Mr. Dayanand?
I mean... any conflict?
No... there was nothing special.
She would come, do her work
and leave immediately.
Mr. Guddu, you had mentioned that
you rarely interacted with the
accounts department, right?
Then why has she tagged you so many times
on her Finstagram?
What tag?
She's our employee...
To appease them,
every once in a while we...
...click one or two pictures with them.
That doesn't make us friends.
You also click selfies, don't you?
Jai Maharashtra, Madam.
Jai Hind, Sir.
You are from Sitoburdi
Police Station, right?
We're in close contact with
your boss, Shirke Madam.
- Son, bring me some water please.
- Yes, right away.
So tell me madam.
How is your investigation
coming along?
Have you figured out anything?
Who could've done it?
Sir, the investigation is going well.
We'll be able to crack it soon.
Let me know if you face any obstacles.
- Hmm?
- Yes.
Sir... there was a requirement
for Remdesivir.
A close relative needs it.
Hey Subodh!
- He's my P. A.
- Yes.
- Subodh!
- Sir.
Do one thing.
Forward the name of the patient
and the hospital to my P. A.
I'll look into it personally. Okay?
- Jai Hind, Sir.
- Jai Hind.
My card ma'am...
[police siren]
[chaotic sirens]
[police vehicle halts]
This is a Corona hotspot.
We should stop working?
...I've called for a guy
who'll lead the way.
- Where is he?
- Just 2 minutes, Madam.
What's his name?
- Dolly
- Over here Jagdish Sir!
- After you Madam.
- Let's go.
[distant clanking]
Be careful of the nail.
- This way?
- Yes.
[clanking loudens]
What's this ruckus?
Madam, the slum dwellers believe that
Corona will disappear with the
sound of clanking steel.
That's why every single day
at around 7 p. m.
they collectively
beat steel vessels
giving everybody headaches.
What I mean is...
they mindfuck everyone.
Madam, go straight down this lane
and you'll be right at Meshram's house.
[door knocks]
- Uncle...
- Yes...
We're from Sitoburdi Police Station
- about your missing granddaughter.
- Aha, yes...
[door unlocks]
Please come in...
Come inside.
Do you have a copy
of your complaint?
Yes... here...
this is the complaint.
Please sit down.
- Can we look around your house?
- Hmm.
Is this Preksha's room, uncle?
Only the two of us live here.
What I mean is...
...my daughter...
...her mother, Rose...
...left Preksha with me when
she was only 3 years old.
Left her? What do you mean?
As in...
she is serving time in jail.
What do you youngsters
call it nowadays...
...she is a professional protestor.
Right from the start...
...she was never interested in
household things.
As in... she couldn't accept
traditional womanhood.
Who knows what she was up to?
Her party, her friends, her relationships...
that was all she could think about.
[spinning fidget spinner]
These people laugh at me.
They can't understand.
Now... how do I explain
to these people that I've...
...tried hard.
My daughter, Rose...
...was a lost cause, but...
...I tried hard to raise Preksha
and keep her sane.
I failed.
And look what happened?
She has disappeared.
And that... scoundrel from the next door!
I'm forgetting his name...
Yeah, S... Sontakke!
Calls himself Sandy or some something...
Sandeep Sontakke.
They made random videos and bizarre music.
Day in and day out! Never understood it...
I tried to explain to her
so many times
that we couldn't afford this nonsense
we're poor people
Where does this guy live?
- Right here...
two lanes away.
[beat drops]
This could be it, Madam.
[loud knocking]
[Sandy inaudibly listens to music]
[knocking continues]
He's inside, Madam.
He has his headphones on. Seems like
he's smoking up. Look at his guts!
[kicks open]
What the heck?
Why weren't you opening
the door?
Madam, every evening these guys
start banging vessels.
- So, I was wearing headphones
- Are you smoking up?
No, Madam...
it's a cigarette.
Do you think you're talking to
a Corona patient?
We can smell the marijuana.
- Hey you!
- Your name?
- Why is he spitting in that?
- Hey.
Just answer the questions.
[nervous panting]
So, it is you...
Sneaky Sandy.
Looks like you've been
stalking me on Finsta.
I've been stalking Preksha.
Got a problem?
Why would I have a
problem with that?
A friend of yours,
isn't she?
Yes, so what?
Don't make up stories, Madam.
Preksha and I have a sacred relationship.
- Don't talk nonsense
- Hey, shut it!
Last time at the station,
- the same shit went down.
- Hey, talk properly!
First of all, you are abusing me,
spitting around my house...
I'll file a case against you,
using the Prevention of Atrocities Act.
Madam, he's getting charged up,
let's take him in.
By all means.
- I'm standing up for my rights
- Of course you are, get up.
Stand up for your rights.
We're being nice to you,
don't you get it
Hey, you're making a mistake
- I have recorded everything.
- I'm warning you! Don't touch me.
I wasn't even doing anything.
- Is that so?
- I was only smoking a cigarette.
And this is unfair, okay?
- Jai Hind, Madam.
- Do we look like we were born yesterday?
- Madam!
- Your name is Jagdish Pawar right
- Rahi Madam wants to speak with you
- Let go of my hand, you're hurting me.
Jai Hind, ma'am.
Listen, your father had
called me earlier.
Saying that some officers were troubling
him over his PF papers.
I have put in my word, alright.
Thank you so much ma'am.
It's fine, not a problem.
Where are you with the case?
I'm on it.
I'll be interrogating
Guddu tomorrow.
You met him today, right?
Why didn't you take
his statement then?
Ma'am, just as I was about to,
he slipped away in no time.
If that's what you want to do,
call him and fix a time for tomorrow.
Ask him for his time?
Ma'am why are we treating them
like VIPs?
Jagdish can go and fetch him.
Preksha he isn't like that old lady
who you can smack around.
Your attitude won't work here.
Okay ma'am, I'll give him a call.
Jai Hind, ma'am.
Are you seeing these marks?
I'll file a complaint against you all.
[gets up]
Where's the money?
You broke my door.
[coins clanking]
[high energy music]
Sir... I cross-checked the accounts and
found details missing from some transactions
Who did this?
[closes file]
Who did this?
Who's factory is this?
Who's office is this?
Isn't it mine?
Yes, sir.
Then who put this colour?
[taps furiously]
Did anybody ask for
my permission?
By tomorrow... I want this color...
out of my sight.
Just think about it.
Amidst the rotten smell of animal skin,
lies an impeccably 'white' office.
The nature of their work is "Black"
but they portray it as all "White".
My grandfather slaved for
40 years in this place.
That's an entire lifetime.
I haven't even made it
past day 4.
My mother abandoned me in this shithole
and found a cushy spot in the jail.
All she did was...
...give birth to me.
She has nothing to do with her daughter.
She only cares about the
rights of strangers.
The world will call her a 'mother'.
But she'll never be a 'mother'.
[music continues]
[frantically looking]
- Where'd he go?
- Hello!
I've just sent you a photo...
- It's a male cat, not female.
- Where'd he go?
Here, in police colony.
Please come quickly.
Dad, calm down.
- Where'd he go?
- Dad...
Dad, I've already spread the word,
people are coming to help us find him.
What people are you talking about?
I hate your fake pretense!
Where the hell are they coming from?
- They'll come looking for him...
- Dad!
Dad, your blood sugar levels are
over the roof!
You'll have to take insulin,
please calm down.
Hello, Gautam.
[cat meows]
[cat's meow echoes]
[faint footsteps]
[foreboding music]
[fidget spinner spinning]
Why are you back from school
so early?
Hands in front of you.
Hands in front!
[slight radio chatter]
[fire blazing]
[ominous shriek]
- Shibu...
[doorbell rings]
Is that Shibu?
Ma'am, I have checked
everywhere downstairs
and we've assigned constables who are
searching for Shibu.
The entire area has been secured.
We will find Shibu
the moment he makes any movement.
Did you check the tank?
Take a seat.
Yes sir, we've searched the tank, the roof
and even the lawn.
We've searched everywhere, sir.
Check the tree,
he must've climbed up.
Once he climbs up the tree,
he can't get down by himself.
Once he was stuck there.
Sir, may I make a suggestion?
Get your whole house cat-proofed.
That way Shibu won't have anywhere
to run away, right?
Do you two work together?
Huh... does she always work like this?
Always absent-minded!
Not at all, sir.
I... We admire ma'am deeply.
Don't worry at all.
As soon as we catch sight of Shibu,
we'll nab him, sir.
You'll "nab" him?!
How can you nab him?!
- Dad, dad, dad...
You'll nab my Shibu?!
- Is he a criminal? How dare you say that?
- Dad, listen, he said that mistake.
Dad, you'll have to take insulin...
Let's go inside,
enough is enough.
Is my Shibu a criminal,
that he'll nab him...
You freaked him out...
You've got enough attention.
Stop pushing so hard,
I'm walking in.
She keeps pushing me.
Sit down.
Sit. Stand up. Sit down.
I have to follow your orders
all day long.
[Preksha's dad screams]
Dad, stop moving!
Enough now, go to sleep!
Let me remove my slippers first.
Go to sleep it seems...
[door shuts]
[Gautam giggles]
- What?
- Huh?
Is this your office or your bedroom?
This is it.
Sit down.
Thank you.
For coming so late at night...
It's okay.
Anyway, I am nocturnal.
And I should be the one
thanking you.
Why so?
How mean!
[Gautam laughs]
That was funny.
So, what's the scene
with your family?
I have no idea,
we barely speak.
Why is that so?
Our wavelengths don't match.
Mine with dad's...
Dad's with mom's...
Mom's with mine...
[unlocks flask]
[sensual music]
Did you find any leads?
I keep checking
Preksha Meshram's Finstagram.
Finstagram.. ?
Are you stalking her?
- Hmmm.
- Can I take a look?
Sure, come.
[video plays on phone]
Our scriptures have
endlessly glorified 'The Cow'.
On one hand
drinking cow's milk
is considered extremely
beneficial for health
while on the other hand,
consuming cow's urine
has the power to
destroy many diseases.
The urine contains nitrogen,
copper, phosphates, and uric acid...
It cures 108 diseases.
Have you ever had cow's piss?
As in... how does it taste?
Is it salty?
How am I to know if it tastes salty
or tastes like lemonade?
I've never had it.
I have only sold it.
Which other animals' piss
have you sold?
I have done many crooked things
for my brother-in-law's sake.
What is this Guddu?
This crooked business
doesn't suit you.
Look at yourself.
You are a Dude.
What a rubbish "Dude"
Wasting yourself selling piss.
They keep me away from the work
I should be involved in.
My sister and my brother-in-law,
especially my own sister.
All this cow piss, shit, leather...
Was I born to sell this?
These assholes don't let us do
what we want to do.
You could be a hero
with your looks.
With your style and charisma.
You're stuck here selling piss...
and me?
I want to be star! And here I am letting
my brain rot away at the register.
These old farts will never
see the fire in us Guddu.
They're all fools.
But you're not an old fart.
You're a dude.
Who the fuck is it?
Get off!
On my way.
[fidget spinner spins]
What were you doing in here?
Preksha was updating
me on the accounts.
I was taking down notes.
I've made notes,
I'll show you... later.
- Oh?
So you've made notes?
With her?
In my cabin?
Don't fuck with me!
With this attitude of yours,
you'll be stuck here your entire life.
Do one thing.
Why don't you take
my white Mercedez?
And get a glossy coat of
Blue painted on it.
Ambedkarite Blue.
Sit with her in that car.
Fuck around. Live your life.
Forget about the factory
and the real estate business.
Forget it.
What are you saying brother,
please hear me out.
You've got it all wrong,
listen to me for a moment.
[fidget spinner spins violently]
The dealer had called asking
to increase the order
Ah... shit.
It fell down.
Right into the drain water.
No one is around.
Is anyone here?
Why don't you pick it up for me?
Pick it up.
You keep it.
Take it as a gift for
all your hard work.
A gift.
Oh my friend...
[fidget spinner spins]
Give me some vocals on this beat.
I'll play it for you.
- Will you try to sing along?
- Yeah, play.
[hip-hop music]
Kill them all,
Send their bodies home.
Only then will they feel.
the pain of the living.
A leather factory full of cunts,
throwing around their weight.
A leather factory full
of cunts, throwing around their weight.
- That's drip!
- Fuck!
Hey, hey!
Oye! Cool down.
What's the scene?
What's wrong with you?
When are we shooting, Sandy?
Have you had enough of
your 'accountancy'?
- Let's go Sandy!
- Where to?
- I can't live like this.
- Where are we going?
I'll show them!
[lights flame]
Hey, hey Preksha!
Stop! What you're doing!
- Are you crazy?
- Don't stop me! Not right now!
Hold on! I know you want to
cause some damage.
[chucks away]
Take this stone instead.
Aim it there and
vent out all your anger.
- Hurry up!
- You record the video.
Start recording quickly.
[Guddu sighs out of boredom]
Fucking hell...
What's this fucking shit!
[airs himself]
Do I look like a roadside thug?
How can you pick me up and
dump me here like this?
Sir, all you have
to do is answer a couple of her questions.
She can't keep you here for too long.
Leave the rest to me.
Anyway, we don't even
have an arrest warrant.
[nods sheepishly]
I can see through your
Stop playing these
mind games with me.
I'm warning you right now.
Look at her strolling in.
Madam, what is this useless behavior?
I'm not jobless.
- Are you the only one working
- Isn't it really hot in here?
What do you mean it's hot?
I'm dying in this heat because of you!
The windows are shut and
the fan is off too!
Look at me, I'm drenched in sweat.
- Are you done?
- Yes.
I've given
you the respect that you deserve.
Mr. Guddu.
What was your last conversation with
Preksha Meshram and when did it happen?
Gosh! Madam... why do you keep asking
me the same questions?
Go find her instead of
wasting my time!
Whatever the scene was between you two...
she was your lover, wasn't she?
What "huh"?
Wasn't she your lover?
- My lover? Meshram? What rubbish
- Hey, Joshi! Who's this idiot? Pande.
Whoever you are.
Whatever your scene with Meshram was,
I know it all.
What will you prove with that?
What I can prove with that is
that you're a prime suspect.
Who will benefit the most from
Dayanand's death?
You will.
Whatever Dayanand did to Preksha,
he did it in front of you.
Did you ever try stopping him?
You told her to kill Dayanand.
She then killed Dayanand
in the name of your love.
With Dayanand out of the way
all the businesses fall
right into your lap.
You've put together a
completely rubbish theory!
What's this, Madam...
Seems like you have no creativity.
Listen up,
There were no problems between my
brother-in-law, Dayanand Pande and me.
Everything was great between us.
In fact, things were even
better after I cracked the deal for him.
What kind of deal?
With a friend of mine, M. R...
With a friend of mine
who is an M. R.
Hemant Parekh?
[door suddenly opens]
Step outside.
You have it great, don't you?
Did you follow my instruction?
Ma'am, this Guddu is very suspicious.
He is 100% involved in the murder.
Give me one more hour.
I'll get you his confession.
So, you think you'll get him to
confess a murder? How?
Ma'am, he perfectly matches the
description of the prime suspect.
And he is involved with the missing girl
from the accounts department.
I'm sure he knows where the girl is.
You know, in his career spanning
over 30 years, Anupam Sharma,
never had a single complaint against him.
Whereas, you have already fucked up
35 times. So
At least try to behave like his daughter,
fucking retarded woman!
Fucking retarded woman.
- Ma'am
- You're a fucking retard!
You aren't experienced enough
to lay your hands on him.
- Ma'am, why do you keep protecting them
- Shut up!
Sign-off of this case.
And get on with COVID duty.
I'll be the one handling
this case now.
Yes, Bhau.
Tell me?
Oh my friend...
Who doesn't like that?
Who doesn't like that?
Million, a billion
Million, a billion...
Who doesn't like that?
Who doesn't like that?
Million, a billion
Million, a billion... Aha
No shooters on me,
Fees so heavy
Thoughts need a Judge,
But I gotta bribe my case
Fighting my own excuses,
like every day
Yeah I'm on the Mary
This car Fe-Rare-i
But this shit
won't drive beyond 40
Fuel's too expensive,
I got no money
[phone rings]
Ma'am, I'm Prashant
from UCN News.
What's the update on Dayanand Pande's
murder case
[phone rings]
[phone rings persistently]
Don't you understand that we cannot reveal
any information about an ongoing case?
How many times will you keep calling?
I already cut the call.
Preksha Madam.
It's me....
...Nanabhau Deshmukh
Jai Hind, Sir.
Are the reporters
still hounding you?
Why don't you tell them that
you've been taken off the case?
Anyway, I've heard that you're buying
a flat in that Sweet Sunrise building?
Yes, uhh... sir...
- In Sweet Sunset apartments
- Yes, yes, Sunset...
The builder is a close friend of mine.
At what stage are you stuck?
- About that sir
- You like the flat, right?
- It's out of my budget, sir
- Preksha Madam
don't worry about the budget.
I'll get your work done.
But sir, why?
Didn't you ask for my
help the other day?
I don't let anyone go
- Sir
- Your work will be done.
Oh my friend...
Manage the crowd.
Don't let the people at Lokmat Square.
Check them first.
Looks like time's up.. hmm?
CP's car will be passing
through Zaripatka.
- Alright.
Halt all vehicles and check their permits.
Allow only ambulances to pass.
Oh! Hello Madam.
[news on radio]
Show me the hair color.
No, not the brown one.
We have more options in this.
Alright. How much?
Uhh... Gautam?
Why have you called me here?
Moral support.
Moral support?
[playful music]
What are you doing?
Throw this stone and
vent out all your anger.
What are you doing?
Preksha, what are you doing?
[glass shatters]
[hip-hop music]
[glass shatters]
[car alarms ringing]
- Wasn't that fun?
- Huh?
At least, you should have told me
what you were upto.
I would have worn
sports shoes instead.
I'm all worn out.
burgundy suits you.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't know why...
...but at times like these,
I slip into speaking English.
[both laughing]
You even finished all the alcohol.
- I know, everything is spinning.
But really...
...burgundy suits you.
[phone rings]
Yeah, hi sir.
Right now?
At the Nala?
Are you sure?
What was that?
[flask rattles]
Sir, these marks on the neck
are from trauma.
You should leave.
Please, leave us to our work.
I want to make videos
and try my hand at Hip-Hop.
I'll burn that Tannery to the ground
and flee
I want to be star! And here I am letting my
brain rot away at the register.
[melancholic music]
What would you like to say about
the delayed investigation by the police,
even after registering a written complaint
about Preksha Meshram's disappearance?
Sir, do you see any hope for justice?
How many days has it been since
you filed the missing report?
Tell us uncle.
[clicks tongue]
[phone rings]
Greetings! The prime suspect from
Dayanand Pande's murder case,
Preksha Meshram has been
brutally murdered.
Her body has surfaced at Naag Nala.
And in this incident our team has
[phone clacks]
[pants anxiously]
[hits head]
[door opens]
I want all evidence from the Dayanand
Pande murder case, on my table, right now.
Madam sorry.
I don't want to be the one
who relays this to you...
...but, Rahi Madam has left
you a gift on your table.
Why don't you take
a look at that first?
You've become too cocky, Jagdish.
Ma'am, why did you suspend me for
misconduct and misuse of my duties
How dare you?
You should be grateful that my son
wasn't at home that night.
Hand over your badge
and your gun.
Ma'am, ma'am.
Ma'am, I admit I went overboard.
Preksha, I don't want to deal
with your crap anymore.
I'm done.
Ma'am, I need to tell you something.
There's somebody who did not
want us to get to Meshram.
And Guddu is definitely involved
Just stop it!
Your badge and your gun.
Ma'am, I'm very close to
cracking the case.
Ma'am, please.
Shinde... Next.
[rage music]
What's going on?
- Are you mourning or celebrating
- Not now dad.
Shirke madam had phoned me saying
that you've been suspended.
Dad, not right now
You've single-handedly destroyed
my hard earned reputation.
Hey, where are you going?
Where are you escaping to?
You've been suspended. Now, no one will
ask for your hand in marriage
Getting married is not
my life's goal, dad
Right! Because your goal is to
sit around and drink all day long.
How dare you glare at me! Huh?
Push your pride aside,
I'm your father
If you're a father then
behave like one!
"Behave" like one!
You've been torturing me ever since you
were in your mother's womb
When did I torture you?
When did I torture you?
You're the one torturing me!
With all your blabbering!
Just spewing toxic bullshit
over and over again!
Even Shibu couldn't handle your crap
and he ran away!
How dare you say
that I tortured you?
Yeah, tell me.
I can't tell anyone else but,
I know this means alot to you.
I found something
in Preksha's pocket.
From a pouch in her pocket.
Was she COVID positive?
No, no.
She was not.
So, how did it land up with her?
I have no idea.
How is Remdesivir stored?
In a cold storage or in a
stable temperature water body.
Listen... can I come over?
No, no, no.
You don't have to.
I'm going to the leather factory today.
I think something fishy is
going on there.
- Will you be okay?
- Of course.
Call me if you need me okay?
Yeah... Bye.
You already know this.
The day of that fight,
I went alone.
Without taking anyone else along.
That's when that thief
stabbed my hand.
The gangrene spread and
they had to cut off my hand.
I lost my hand and my job.
You don't have to be a hero
in every fight.
I realized that after
losing one hand.
My child, the world doesn't always
work in our way.
Smarten up.
Uhh... did you take your medicine?
I don't know.
You're half an hour late, let's go.
Uhh... brother.
- Please speak from outside.
- Sorry.
What do you want?
I need Remdesivir
very urgently, brother.
It's not available madam.
There's a shortage.
My friend had bought
some from you and told me
that I would definitely get it here.
It's not available anywhere madam.
Like I said, there's a shortage.
You won't get any.
Don't worry about the money...
I'll pay whatever it costs.
One will cost you 1.5 lakhs madam.
As in...
If you buy 10, I can reduce
the cost to 10 lakhs.
You'll have to make the
payment in cash only.
I have enough cash in the car,
just arrange it urgently.
Alright, I'll get it.
Yeah Sandeep.
There's a requirement for 10 Remdesivir.
Yes, yes, it's cash payment.
Who wants it?
- The woman standing behind you.
- Which woman?
Chillax bro, I'll give her some.
- Sandy!
- You crazy dickhead
Sandy, wait!
Where did you get this from?
Sandy, stop!
Sandy, Preksha died because of this.
You'll die too!
Sandy, they' kill you too!
I can help, please tell me.
Sandy, talk to me...
I can help.
...all this shit went down
because we wanted to make music videos.
What do you mean?
When you have the money...
...you can do anything!
[hip-hop music]
[phone rings]
Hey Preksha,
just a minute dude!
Some fool has been calling continuously.
Ruined the whole vibe dude.
What happened man?
What the heck is your problem?
Why are you calling constantly
and disturbing me?
I'm shooting a music video.
Look brother!
I already owe people a lot of money.
To top it all, that ass Munna
broke my camera.
Hold on.
Let me check.
[distant traffic]
What's the matter?
He is asking for more money.
We're screwed Preksha!
Tell him that we're working on it now.
But where do we have more money?!
You do something about it!
What should I do?
This job was yours to handle...
...this part was yours
I finished my part!
Aren't I managing all
the production work...
...I am managing
everything else, right?
You work in the Accounts department...
...try something there
- Don't mention the Accounts department!
You know that Sandy...
I don't want to work in that Tannery.
What's his name again?
That dickhead...
Go tell him.
He's a complete dickhead.
He can't do anything,
He has no guts...
...he won't do anything for me.
Forget all this.
Are we making this video or not?
We'll have to do something.
Of course I want to make it.
Why else would I be...
- ... putting in so much effort
- Yeah, so think...
...think fast.
Don't argue unnecessarily.
Think harder.
What do you want to do?
Only you can do something.
I'm out of ideas
Dude, all you do is complain, Sandy.
- What do you mean by "complaining"
- Nevermind, come here.
[hip-hop music]
[power goes off]
Mr. Hemant Parekh, where is all this stuff
supposed to be kept?
Work quickly and
make sure nothing falls out.
[phone rings]
Mr. Dayanand, I've stored it away.
You don't have to worry about a thing.
Can we do something with this?
We'll see.
Let's fuck off from here.
[bike starts]
[gate creaks]
[ambulance sirens ringing]
[hip-hop music]
It shall burst,
it shall burst
This volcano will burst.
The unyielding shall now
take flight,
The one who trespassed
shall meet his plight, huh.
Surrounded by money,
they flaunt their case
Why do these fuckers
boast about their place?
Line them up,
I'll take them all out
Regret will make
their tears shout
If you speak against them, beware
Dignity for sale, it's not that rare
The poor are silenced cause
they chose not to agree
Or hail THE name with glee
But you lack intelligence,
it can't be reversed
Elections are almost here,
your dance is shaking the sphere
But one thing is for sure,
You'll get to taste
my pen's fear.
It shall burst,
it shall burst
The one who trespassed
shall meet his plight, huh.
This has turned out sick, man!
- Insane!
I still can't believe we made this.
My god!
- I have one more surprise for you.
Open that drawer and
check what's inside.
- This is a lot of money, Sandy!
- Yes.
That's the money we saved.
Half of that bundle is yours.
But this is so much!
Even I didn't know that this
freakin' Remdesivir was in so much demand.
Listen up.
Preksha, do you want to continue
living in this dump?
Let's swindle a few more times.
And get the fuck out of here, dude.
Look, Bombay has the best music scene.
We need to be there.
And one more thing.
I have found Kaam Bhaari's contact.
Let's go to Bombay,
please dude, please.
We'll steal one last lot and...
...and then we won't ever do it again.
We'll do as you say.
But, let's get out of our comfort zone
and do something fresh, dude!
- Let's do it.
- Sure?
[hip-hop music]
[hip-hop music continues]
[phone ringing]
[phone vibrates]
[surprised exhale]
I knew it.
I knew you'd do this.
Revealed your true colors, didn't you?
Finally revealed your lowly existence!
Give my pouch back, bitch!
Give me my pouch!
Give me my pouch!
[Dayanand screams]
Motherfucking bitch!
Fucking bitch!
[continues squealing in pain]
Fucking whore!
Fucking cunt, just you watch
[Dayanand screams aloud]
[Dayanand screams]
[Preksha screams]
After that incident...
After that incident,
I shat my pants, madam.
I wanted to tell you...
or someone everything.
But what could I do?
The police would fuck me over.
Tell me something...
Where were you sourcing the
Remdesivir from?
Preksha would always
get it from the Tannery.
Come, let's go to the Tannery.
Madam, please save me.
Sandy, nothing will happen to you.
Let's go.
- Come on, let's go. Get in the car.
- I don't want to die .
[phone dialing]
The number you are trying to call
is currently not reachable.
Sandy... where's the stock?
I never came inside, madam.
Preksha would mess around with the
CCTV footage and bring the stock.
I wonder how her brain
functioned in this stench.
[phone dialing]
The number you are trying to call
is currently not reachable. Please try
Why in the world is Gautam's phone
switched off right now?
How is Remdesivir stored?
In a cold storage or in a
stable temperature water body.
[leafs through evidence]
[phone clicks]
[phone clicks]
[water splashes around]
- This is worth lakhs!
- Go fetch a box.
Yes, madam.
Put it in here madam.
This here is treasure.
We need more boxes.
Wait, I'll go get some.
You sure returned fast
[plastic rustling]
[tape rips]
[fire explodes]
Wake up already Sandy. Gautam!
[opens flask]
[pours alcohol]
[continues pouring vigorously]
- I'll burn it
- Hey, stop it!
- Step back.
- Give me the lighter.
- Give me the lighter!
- Remove your mask.
- Remove your mask!
- Okay, I'll remove it! Stop.
Remove your mask now!
[lighter clicks]
Got what you wanted,
now give me the lighter.
[lift door closes]
Where have I seen you before?
What's this madam?
I thought you would have
figured out everything by now.
I work for Nanabhau.
Give me the lighter.
So you're saying that Nanabhau
is behind these murders?
[Dayanand cries]
[scrambling around]
[continues crying]
It was a simple matter, madam.
Where have you hidden the stock?
Tell me.
All he had to do was
stock up the Remdesivir,
supply it to Nanabhau,
and in return keep the money.
But what got in the way?
Is it in here?
Not answering Nanabhau's calls.
Come on, tell me.
- Is it in here, tell me?
- Mmm...
Tell me!
You won't tell me...
Greedy asshole!
That's why Dayanand had to be killed.
That's it.
It's simple.
Why did you kill Meshram?
She was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
So she had to die.
That bitch too...
she was no saint.
She used to steal the Remdesivir from here
and sell it in the black market.
That's why I killed her too.
[high intensity music]
[lights cigarette]
Greed will eat everyone alive.
First, it got that asshole Dayanand.
Then it got the rapper.
It will eat you up too.
[lights up]
Won't it eat you up too?
Don't do it.
[cathartic music]
Hey... hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
[fire spreads rapidly]
Hey! Extinguish the fire!
Diamonds on my mind
Get up Sandy!
Diamonds on my mind
It will shine,
Till the day I die
Diamonds on my mind
It will shine,
Till the day I die
Diamonds on my mind
It will shine,
Till the day I die
Rat race,
well in that case
I'm heading for fat stacks
No fact check,
only rampage
Diamonds on my mind
It will shine,
Till the day I die
Diamonds on my mind
It will shine,
Till the day I die
Diamonds on my mind
It will shine,
Till the day I die
Diamonds on my mind
You army of bloody imbeciles
I put out the fire.
- Hey, hey hey!
- Now, I'll put you out too.
- Let's go.
- Uhh...
- Move this way.
- Hey, hey...
Move here!
Hold on...
If you want to shoot someone,
shoot me. - Hey, shut it!
First, refill this for me.
- I don't want to die sober.
- Gautam stop...
- Shut up! Preksha...
- Listen, please!
- Refill this for me
- Your time is up!
You motherfucker!
[winces in pain]
- Ahh.
- Fuck.
Okay, okay.
My glasses... I can't see.
- I can't see anything.
- No problem.
It's okay, okay.
Just... okay...
It's okay.
You'll be fine.
[ambulance sirens]
It's an emergency.
Quickly bring the stretcher.
Bring it here.
We're almost there.
You're going to be fine.
Oye Gautam!
- Preksha?
- He's been shot. You have to check him.
- Do you have his RT-PCR?
- No!
But, Preksha RT-PCR is necessary
during COVID times.
He's a forensic officer.
Trust me, he has bled a lot.
Preksha, I can lose my job.
Deshpande, he'll die.
But everyone here
is in critical condition.
I'm not asking for a hospital bed,
dude, save him!
- For old times' sake, huh?
- Yes!
- Yes! Please!
- Okay.
- Move him inside.
- Quickly!
- You'll get me killed.
- No, nothing will happen. Go.
You're gonna be fine.
[hospital chatter intensifies]
Sir, you're not allowed inside.
Please step aside.
Sir, please move aside.
Sir, please... move aside.
You're not allowed in here.
[distraught visitor]
[visitors gang up on doctors]
[background music]
That madam is distributing Remdesivir.
- Thank you madam.
- Give me some.
And me too.
What did you get?
- Remdesivir.
- Where did you get it?
We have been informed
that Remdesivir is being distributed
in large amounts at this hospital.
This is a boon for the patients
in COVID times.
Let's find out where the Remdesivir
is coming from?
Ma'am there is a huge shortage
of Remdesivir in the market.
It's not available at any medical.
So where did you get it from?
The world doesn't always
work in our way.
Smarten up.
Let me know if you face any obstacles.
I am just a medium.
All of this is Nanabhau Deshmukh's doing.
All of this is Nanabhau Deshmukh's doing.
As you can see, Nanabhau Deshmukh
has fulfilled his promises.
and filled happiness in the
lives of all families.
[Shibu meows]
The exit polls are in and the JSP has
won with majority. As per sources...
- Nanabhau Deshmukh
- Preksha...
- will be the Guardian Minister.
- Hmm?
Bring me some tea and
savory snacks, child.
Dad, it takes time.
All you keep saying is that it takes time,
how much longer will it take?
Gopal, is the tea ready?
I became a politician
only to serve the public.
I will accept any responsibility
that the party gives me.
- Here it comes, your ginger tea...
- You took an hour to bring it to me
- Dad, it takes time to get ready.
- Hmmm...
- This is for you.
- You see...
...after losing the elections, all the
opposition party can do is find fault.
Dayanand Pande
- was a very close friend of mine.
- Dad...
- ... don't trouble yourself. Roomba!
- I am deeply saddened by his demise.
[Roomba beeps]
- The case is in court.
- Hey!
- Let the court decide its course.
- Hey!
[Roomba cleans]
Get out of here.
Stay away from my pajamas,
[Gautam giggles]
[Preksha's dad continues protesting]
[glass shatters]
[chair aflame]
- Hey! Gautam, are you okay?
- Yeah.
[cathartic music]
The deadly game of puppets
awaits you
Here, you shall witness life's
wicked perspective
Twisting and turning
the rights of a worker
They stick together
and spread hate
A murdered shadow,
a woman fearful to live
Can't bear to watch the heartlessness
with eyes wide open?
So hang the head,
hide the face
Your strength will be robbed.
The highest class will
run the narrative
Painting struggles with
a rosy shade
Unseen, the heads hang
from the trees,
A picture-perfect childhood.
Your innocence's
up for grabs.
A speech devoid of governance
by a revolutionary
Burning issues set on fire
with old tales
And those are all
my thoughts.
An important message,
issued in the public interest
Deception is waiting
for the right time.
Don't need their support
Sticks and stones, cries and woes.
Your house is now on fire,
the kids are orphaned.
Your rights?
Protectors have turned into killers
Entangled, weighed down by duties
Arrested because of protest.
Like a speck of dust.
Yes, I am a girl,
representing hope in my home
Uprooting traditions,
laying new foundations
My voice,
the song of martyrs
Without a difference in birth
Without the greed of wealth
I read Ambedkar,
embraced the knowledge
Understood the society,
Understood self-rule
The wrong's right will
dissipate from its root as
I awake,
the destroyer of discrimination.