Minutes Past Midnight (2016) Movie Script

[Knife being sharpened, struggling]
[Scream (Howie Scream)]
Did you hear that?
Yeah, sounds like a cat in heat.
I read there's a lot of cougar
attacks in the area.
I was attacked by a cougar once.
Her name was Janice and she did
this thing with her tongue.
There ya go.
What if they don't like me?
Nobody likes you, Bubba.
Hey. I want this to be perfect.
Dude, you got nothing to worry about.
Who's gonna turn down a guy bearing
gifts of assorted cheeses and
what the fuck is in (his?
It's a stain glass owl.
Couldn't just go with a bottle of wine?
Look at this place. It's so real, man.
God, it's virtuous even.
Dude, dude, this is some real
Ted Kaczynski territory around here.
- Really?
- Yeah!
These people are probably drinking
hot chocolate and playing dominoes.
You are a woman after my heart.
[cutting sound]
Oh god!
Oh my God!
Okay dude, what? What?
What the fuck are you doing?
(stutters) R-r-r-r-r-r... S... S...
Well, lookie here.
Oh, well more fresh meat.
RUN!! RUN!!!
Shit, wrong house!
Gonna get you.
You're going the Wrong way!
C'mere, c'mere.
What the fuck, man!
Okay, who the fuck are those people?
Why are they here? I mean-
This one looks nice and tender.
Mu rm n erm!
My name-My name is James Cooper!
I'm Amy-Lou's son.
What's that now?
Look. Look.
Grandpa? Grandma?
Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.
Why didn't you just say so?
You're looking good boy.
Give your grand pappy a hug.
Welcome home, baby boy.
Welcome home!
Aaron (Offscreen): Do you want to come over
to my sleep over?
I don't think I'm allowed.
You, go to sleep.
It's past your bed time.
I don't have a bedtime.
Aaron (Offscreen): What is it?
What is it like to be asleep?
Is there a problem
with your brain?
Aaron (Offscreen): Like...
before I was born.
It was like being asleep.
Do you want to go back?
Are you sleepy now?
(Screaming Continues)
(Screaming Continues)
How is he?
Still won't eat.
The CT scans are normal.
He's waiting for you in the kitchen.
Hey, good morning honey. Hey.
What happened to your stitches, huh?
Daddy take your patch off?
Come here sweetie.
Are you hungry Aaron?
Aaron will you please eat for Mommy?
Huh, baby?
Do you want to go outside?
(Crickets) (Cicadas)
(Mysterious Laughter)
(Strange Voices)
(Dog Barking)
(Dog growls and whimpers)
(Dog snaps) (Aaron screams)
(Stamping noises) (Dog Yelps)
Caylie (Offscreen): Aaron?
(Strange Voices)
What's wrong?
What happened? Aaron!
Aaron! Aaron..Aaron! What happened?
Aaron, follow the light.
Am I sleeping?
Are my eyes shut?
Can you...
Can you see me?
Am I sleeping?
No, no baby.
Listen, I'm gonna go-
I'm gonna go find out what's going on-
(Aaron): No! No! Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!!
He doesn't sleep.
He never sleeps.
(Aaron's muffled yelling)
- Then get me someone who can.
What did they say?
Nothing. I can't get a
damn doctor on the phone.
(Aaron screaming in background)
Yes... yes, It's about Aaron.
I don't know.
He's not seeing straight. I can't-
I can't get him to listen.
He won't eat anything. He
hasn't eaten for two days-
(Crashing Noises)
(Aaron screaming)
(Heavy breathing)
(Aaron screams)
(Caylie gasps for air)
(Crashing Noises)
(Aaron snarls)
Cay, Dr. Emma's on the-
(Aaron screams)
(Gurgling Noises)
What are you doing?
You wanna go outside?
(Aaron snarling)
{Hatcher screams in pain)
Strange Voice (Offscreen): Play with me.
(Mysterious Laughter)
Aaron (Voice): what is like to be asleep?
Aaron (Voice): Like... before I was born...
Before I was born it was like being asleep.
Do you want to go back?
Are you sleepy now?
I'm sleepy now.
I'll never forget the first
time I saw her.
It was love at first sight.
An instant spark.
[horn honk]
It felt like something out of an
old-fashioned romantic comedy,
More or less.
It's difficult to find love...
When you're a serial killer.
It's not my fault.
I had a difficult childhood.
I was never the same after that.
Especially not with polka dots.
[angry yell]
I suppose it's a disease.
I can't bear to look them
in the eyes afterward.
We all have our flaws.
Mine just have more
I mean...
They say all the bees are disappearing...
It's suppposed to be this
big mystery.
It's no mystery.
They just keep getting stuck
in my flat,
They can never figure out how
to get back out the window.
It's the same way you came in.
Sort it out, bees.
The first date was magical.
I was head over heels in love.
But trouble was never far away.
Sorry, could you just...
give me a second?
Better out than in.
Right. Where were we?
Is that, lipstick?
No.There was ketchup
on the door handle'
Someone really needs to
clean up those toilets.
It was a whirlwind romance.
Things were going so well.
Could you just give me a second?
Oh. Okay?
And then it happened.
I don't need to do this.
I can be a better person.
For her.
Please. Just...
take my money,
This isn't what it looks like.
Did you just kill that man?
Uh... not as such
I mean... okay, yes.
And that was wrong. Completely wrong.
But I nearly stopped myself
because of how I feel about you,
And isn't that the main thing to
focus on here?
Oh, yes. Absolutely. Of course.
Let's focus on that.
I mean ifs not like there's anything
else to focus un, like...
My boyfriend just killing someone!
You stabbed him to death!
Wait... I'm your boyfriend?
I left her loads of voicemails,
explaining what happened.
I didn't want to kill people anymore,
thanks to her.
She was the one good thing in this
world, and I'd lost her.
Lost everything.
[message beep]
Charlie... it's me.
I think I understand
what you went through.
Whatever happens, I love you.
And nothing can change that.
We'll just need to get you some help.
Come over and we'll talk about it.
OH, it's good to see you.
Come on in.
Charlie? Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Can I have a glass of water, please?
Sure. um...
[satisfied gasp]
Feeling better?
So... you like polka dots, then?
Yes! Who doesn't love polka dots!
Did you mean what you said?
When you promised that you'd love me
no matter what I did...
Did you mean what you said?
Of course. Why?
I am so sorry...
I hope you understand.
[stab sound and woman's scream]
They say that you always hurt
the ones you love,
But then again...
They also say that ignorance is bliss.
Why cant' they just kill people
without doing all this weird shit?
Be better if they didn't kill people at
all, though, really.
Calder's End. How long has it been?
Twenty maybe thirty years'.
I was just a buy when I left this place...
Abandoned this plate.
I swore then that I would never return.
And yet here I am
to pay my final respects.
And, God willing, to extinguish the curse
that has haunted my family for generations.
But how?
How did it find me after
all this time?
It was three days ago that the
stranger appeared at my door.
A representative for my father! estate.
I'm afraid he's gone missing,
my boy'
Thus, the family estate at Calder's End,
fell to me.
And with it...
an ancient box...
that had been unearthed on
these lands by my grandfather.
And handed down for generations.
I knew then...
That neither I, nor my son,
nor the children of my son,
would ever be freed from
this accursed place
Not until the evil that resides in that
mill is finally destroyed.
These were prosperous lands once.
Those days would fade into memory.
Good, God-fearing souls do
not travel here anymore.
The Grimshaw family crest.
My father. Night after
sleepless night.
He would take his place by the hearth,
and stare at the contents of the box,
Just as His Father had
done before him'
An ancient parchment
I understood it to be a
contract of obligations
Dark obligations, scrawled in some
arcane script.
Which had bound our ancestors to
Calder's End for generations.
And had finally driven them
all to madness.
'Time renders memories into little
more than half-remembered dreams.
But I will never forget the mill
[board creaking]
I'm not alone in this wretched place
WHISPERING VOICE: I call upon the spirits
of shadow and sorrow.
WHISPERING VOICE: Bind this one's
soul to these lands.
I know those eyes. My father
God knows where these tunnels lead.
How could one person have done
all of this on their own?
It's as if I've breached the
Gates of Hell.
What sort of madness is this?
Local villagers...
Poor souls.
They too must have been
lured by the Siren's call.
Whatever lurks in these catacombs?
I feel you... yet still I hear you.
WHISPERING VOICE: Take your reward.
Set me free, my love,
Nothing nothing
I was promised riches.
Your father has served me well
As will you AND YOUR SON!
[neck snapping]
Run you fool!
There is no escape.
I summon the Great Beast!
You are mine, Grimshaw!
Like your father, and your son will be!
Why do you resist?
We are bound to this
place, you and I!
[screams of pain]
But can one ever truly defeat evil?
Or, is evil something that merely
lay dormant for a time?
Waiting to be rekindled, and burn anew
Hello world, my name is Sammy Jenkins.
When I dripped out of my mama's cooter,
the OBGYN didn't slap me,
because the world slapped first.
She died giving birth, and it
was all downhill from there.
My life was a joke,
my job was a joke,
my bank account was a joke,
but all that was about to change.
And there wasn't a soul on this earth
who could've prepared
themselves for the retribution.
Jenkins... Munroe.
I'm guessing this is the reason
we missed breakfast.
Another dead hooker, face torn
to shit just like the others.
Christ it's like peeling apart a
grilled cheese sandwich'
Yeah and she smells like hot garbage.
I can't tell if it's her filthy snatch
or the fact that she's been baking
in this oven for the past three days,
Out partying last night Munroe?
Fuck you.
So we have a serial killer
on our hands here boss?
Either that or a skull fucking maniac
with flesh eating semen.
Let's go scope out the bathroom.
Oh Jesus Christ.
Fucking filthy in here.
Mother fucker, look what I found
Hemorrhoid cream, I'll be damned.
This ain't a coincidence boss.
This is the second bottle we found
atone of these crime scenes.
My old man uses Correctum.
This is prescription grade shit,
you can't just buy this over the counter.
You know what this means;
we have our first lead.
Get on the phone and call
every ass doctor in town.
Useless shit.
[phone ringing]
Doc, it's me, Sammy.
Hey there Samster!
Look, I've plowed through the
ointment. It's just not helping'
I think I might have to let you take
a peek inside my bum after all'
ALL SERVICEMEN REPOR Why don't you swing by
the office this afternoon.
I'll poke around the old fart box and
figure out what's causing this mess.
Ok, whatever.
Whoever this asshole is, he's extremely
clever about choosing his victims.
Who'd have thought we'd have
a modern day Jack the Ripper
in our own fucking town.
Talk to me.
Boss we have a proctologist
who just denied
two rookies from entering his office.
Lets move.
Hey assholes, are you gonna pay for that!?
What are you gonna do?
Call the cops?
So... Doc... is your
office usually this empty?
Well, no Sammy.
I just like to clear the place
out {or special cases
I think it's quite comfortable
this way, don't you agree?
I suppose so.
So the Correctum isn't relieving
you of all your troubles?
It's just not cutting it anymore Doc.
Oh isn't that a shame.
We are in bad shape aren't we?
I think I'm gonna have to put
on a fucking miner's helmet,
to help me explore all the nooks and
crannies of this dark, deep tunnel.
Any recent strenuous
activity back there?
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Now you may feel some pressure.
This chocolate sauce'll blow your mind.
You really wanna blow your mind?
Check our this grundle hair
they recovered at the scene.
How'd you get your hands on this?
Look at our fuckin outfits. We got
the same shit as forensics'
I slipped right past the feds.
Jesus Christ.
I haven't seen anything like
this since Chernobyl.
It's happened again hasn't it.
Nature didn't create this, we did.
Now we gotta fuckin' deal with it.
That's a good boy.
What the fuck?
We know you're in there doc,
open the fuck up,
What's going on?
Just be quiet Sammy.
Hey open up in there!
[louder knocking]
- Hush little baby don't say a word...
- Please make it stop.
Somebody help me!
- Papa's gonna buy you a...
- Please somebody help meee...
[crunch monster bite]
What the fuck is going on in there!?
Oh thank you Jesus.
Let us in you sick fuck!
On three... one... two...
Party's over doc, put your
hands behind your head.
Check this out. Hey buddy
you alright there?
Boss, no!
I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
This isn't my fault.
This is all your fault you fucking freak.
You're nothing but a filthy ass demon
and it's time I sent you back to hell.
This isn't over you fucking monster!
Hey big daddy, you like to get
your asshole eaten out?
You have no idea.
What is this place?
This is the place I take my clients.
[phone ringing]
They're coming after you Sammy.
Who's coming after me?
When Globotech sent their cleanup
crew for me, I quickly figured out
that this festering beast on my ass was a
result of their piss poor property maintenance.
But I really wanted to know,
was how the fuck they found
me after I skipped town,
but more importantly; who led them to me.
No, no!
Who the fuck sent you?
Munroe. His name was Munroe.
After pawning those cocksuckers
with my broomstick,
I realized that it wasn't only
my body that was evolving,
but my mind as well.
I've been given a third eye that weeps
shitty brown tears fur humanity.
And hungers for the wicked, the depraved,
and the morally corrupt.
And I'll do whatever it
takes to keep its belly full.
And for anyone else who
tries to hunt me down.
Bring it on fuckbags, I'll be waiting.
I walk the streets at night knowing
this cunt's still cut there.
I don't know what he is, but I do know
I won't sleep until he's dead.
Sammy Jenkins was a simple
man, who lived a simple life.
Scores of dead prostitutes continue
to litter the streets of our city.
This the nigga that been
killing all my bitches.
Until a genetic mutation sent his
world spiraling out of control.
They won't stop until you're dead.
Who the fuck is this?
Now, being hunted by the men responsible...
Sammy must kill to survive.
Roid Rage, the motion picture.
This is one salad you don't want to toss.
Coming soon.
In 3D.
No, no, no, no, no.
Dave you can't this to me.
I've just moved into my
new recording place.
Recording place? Where? Why?
Yeah, that's really encouraging
coming from my manager
Ex manager. Kingsley, there's nothing more
to talk about. I'm done. I'm done.
Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave!
Please. just give me six weeks.
You get two. You get two.
Dave! No! No! No! Dave! Listen, listen,
listen! Dave. I just need six weeks.
[hang up]
[rattling and scratching noises]
- Hey!
- Oh, shit! Jesus! You are?
I'm Bex. I live next door.
I didn't mean to scare you.
No, no, no. You didn't.
I just thought you might like to borrow
this and I got you some mouse traps too
Right, very, van! thoughtful.
I didn't think they were letting
anyone rent this place.
Yeah, I'm just staying for a couple of
weeks' My mate hooked me up.
I won't tell.
Look, I really need to start-
Cool! Let me guess; guitarist?
No. I just like carrying three guitars
around with me all the time.
You can just bring that stuff back when
you're done. I live one door to the...
[random guitar chords]
[loud amplifier buzz]
[amplifier buzz stops]
[neighbour knocking on wall]
What the hell's going on in there?
[creepy presence]
[scratching noises]
[crunching sound]
[eerie music plays]
[guitar from under the floor]
[music picks up]
[holy shit, inspiration]
[crunching sound]
[music begins to play]
[scratching sounds]
Here puss, puss, puss, puss, puss.
Hey, buddy.
It's good. It's good, puss. Yeah?
[angry cat sounds]
[dog barking]
[angry cat sounds]
[music starts up]
Duff. Duff, here boy! Duff! Come on!
What the bloody hell happened?
What the hell does it
look like? He bit me!
Well, you must have done
something to aggravate him.
Just keep him on a leash!
It's common fucking sense!
I had him tied up, you know.
Oh yeah? Explain that then.
Nutcase artist! You're the one
that should be on a leash!
Hey! Back off mate!
The rock star comes to the rescue.
There you are, brave Sir.
Claim your spoils.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. I've got it.
I've got it! I'm fine.
Stay away from me.
[cell phone rings]
Kingsley, don't say anything.
Look mate, people are going
nuts about your stuff
I've had a couple of call backs from
Los Angeles and a studio in New York.
Now, I've got enough for an EP
but I reckon two more tracks
and they're ready to do an album deal.
Pep! Where are ya?
Yeah, he! name's 'Pepper a boxer.
Registration 5681.
Yeah, lime green collar. Thanks.
Hey, you haven't seen my dog have you?
Nah. Not today.
Good luck finding her. Not a good
neighbourhood for strays.
Hey' Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!
Good boy. I've got some biscuits. Yeah?
Here we go. Here we go. Come on.
Come on. Here we go. Good boy.
Hey Bex. It's Kingsley.
Look, I've got to go...
"away but there something I need to warn
you about, This apartment there's ummm.
You know what?
Your lights are on, so I'm just
going to come on over, okay.
[sounds of struggle]
Bex! Bex! Are you okay?
You alright?
I'm going to call the cops. okay?
No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I told you to stay away from me.
Bex! Bex! Bex!
[scratching sounds]
[music starts]
[children's show theme]
[hip hop plays]
[phone rings loudly]
[child humming]
[children's show theme]
[police radios]
[children's show theme]
Stop dragging at my legs,
you little brat!
Get your feet out of my face.
I thought you liked that.
Your feet stink, Peter.
Your face stinks, Sam.
No it doesn't, shut up.
I think I will just head
to the beach,
Don't leave me in here with him.
What is wrong with me?
You are a spanner Peter!
You are the spanner Sam!
You will be grand Sam.
Come on Sam!
[rock music playing]
Sorry the doors are fucked!
How was the train?
Fine, yeah.
Did you get a sandwich?
Can you open the window?
Oh shit! Sorry Micheal, sorry.
You know you are getting
grayer every year.
What does your beautiful Swedish
wife have to say about this?
She's from Finland.
What is the difference?
So, listen, sofa is free,
you stay the night...
I have to get home to the kids.
Sure why don't we stop over
fora pint along the way? Catch up!
I wouldn't mind just getting
this out of the way
Good to see you, bro.
Bullshit. What's that?
I think it's where the money goes.
Fifty-two pence,
it is not enough.
You are holding back.
I am not.
Your mum is rich, so are you.
She is not, I am not.
Let's just go to the beach.
Punch or money, two choices.
Come on!
Shut up with that fecking beach.
The only place we are going is in there.
What are you waiting for?
Hurry it up!
I am taking off some serious
monsters' heads inside.
What did you do?
I put it all in. It just...
You thieving lump of shhhh...
I wish I aged this well
Maybe if I drunk less, right?
I am leaving.
Let's roll then.
The country. I am leaving the country.
I am moving the family to Finland.
I have to say I am really gonna miss around
your little boy's day out.
I wanted to tell you face to face.
What time's the train?
Don't touch me! Don't fucking touch me.
You are gonna run away brother,
just like the boy did.
His name was Sam and he didn't run away.
I am not talking about Sam running away.
Hey you never thought about running?
Maybe if you drank less, right?
So why do you come back every year,
For Christ's sake, I am surprised
you still think about him.
I think about him every day.
Every single day
You are gonna bleak it.
Lads! Help me out.
It wasn't your fault, Peter.
When you broke the skull,
it wasn't why Sam disappeared'
It was my fault.
What's that?
Sam's fifty pence. I never put it in.
That's been burning the hole
in your pocket for the last 30 years.
I was scared. I am sorry.
Do it.
So, when are you heading
back to... Sweden or... Finland?
Yes, In a couple of...
Weeks? Months?
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
[sound of a train]
[evil laughter]
Let's go.
Peter... Peter
The fairground is miles away, Peter.
Just trust me, Michael.
It'll be worth it.
I am going to the beach.
Lads, come on.
It's a ghost train.
Come on.
[70s porno music]
[goat sound]
Of course I'm out of beer.
[goat in pain]
[goat screaming]
Ah, hey!
[goat screaming more]
[something running around]
[small creature scurrying]
[bone crunch and bite]
God damn chupacabra!
Show yourself,
you little peckerwood.
You took my finger.
And I can't abide by that!
[creature growling]
Cock sucker!
Ah, ha!
[screaming and growling]
[creature growling]
[smoke detector beep]
No shit?!
The night really turned out.
[creature growl]
[multiple creatures growling]
I shoulda seen this coming.
[growl and stream]