Miracle: Letters to the President (2021) Movie Script

Where are you going?
What grade are you in?
- Grade 12.
- Ready for college?
I'm not going to college.
Why not? You look smart.
I'm better at taking care
of my little brother and dad.
What's this?
My little brother placed
first in a math contest.
Not in the school,
but the whole province!
- Wow!
- Amazing!
Way to go, Joon-kyung!
You know Chang-sik in Bongha?
Joon-kyung should
go to Seoul to study too!
But Chang-sik is slow
compared to Joon-kyung!
Come on. Let's go.
Why buy so much food?
- It's my husband's birthday tomorrow.
- Really?
You said it.
Oncoming train!
- Oh my!
- Hurry!
Hurry up!
Dear Mr. President.
I live in Buncheon-ri,
Socheon-myeon in Gyeongsangbuk-do.
My name is JUNG Joon-kyung.
This is my 54 letter to you.
Joon-kyung! Wear your long johns!
Long johns in March?
Don't need 'em!
- You'll freeze to death!
- You'll freeze to death!
Cold, huh?
Where are the gloves, I gave you?
Wear these.
No! You wear 'em.
- Just wear 'em.
- No!
Wear 'em for Pete's sake!
There are no car roads to our village.
I'm not joking.
There's only a railway through here,
but no station.
So the only way out is to walk
the railway to Seungbu Station.
It's okay.
We need to pass 3 tunnels
and 3 bridges to get there.
We can avoid passenger
trains as they run on schedules,
but not the freight trains.
So many people died in
the tunnels and bridges.
Still scared? Silly boy.
You first.
Just drink it.
Aren't you going to greet Dad?
Hold on a second.
It's for your first day of high school.
Buy a book with it.
It's okay, sir.
Why you!
When an adult gives you
something, just say thanks and take it.
Thank you.
Disappointed your dad can't
go to your first day ceremony?
I'm not a kid. Why would I be?
You're not a kid.
- Study hard!
- Yes, sir.
You're late!
I'm not writing this because it
takes 2 hours to go to school.
I just want our
villagers to travel safely.
Please build a way station here?
I can't go on! Get off.
Why are you so heavy?
See you later.
Okay. Go on.
- Be careful!
- Okay!
March 3, 1986. From JUNG Joon-kyung.
Today marks the first day
of your high school years.
When will he stop?
Your hopes and dreams...
Is there no such
thing as shy principals?
There is. My elementary
school principal.
He was so shiny.
I trust you'll learn and
grow here at Yeongbin High
and graduate as able adults.
Dear new students,
- He's weird.
- Sure is.
- Kid.
- Yes?
Hold the bouquet here.
It's okay. Please take it like this.
Okay, then.
One, two, three!
I tried too.
Why wouldn't I ask for a
way station at Wongok?
Seungbu and Buncheon stations
could close due to low usage.
They yelled at me for
suggesting to build a new one.
So you didn't get to say anything?
Of course I did.
I asked to keep Seungbu
Station running at least.
We asked for a station,
not to save Seungbu Station!
I'm sorry, sir.
Please, sir. He didn't
do anything wrong.
Tae-yoon? Why are you so quiet?
I got nothing to say.
You're a train driver!
What power do I have?
I just drive to a set schedule.
How frustrating!
What do we do now?
First, we should fight to
keep Seungbu Station at least.
What are you all up to?
Seungbu Station could be shut down,
so we're all taking
turns to ride it more.
They'll close Seungbu Station?
I heard that could happen.
You're Bo-kyung's brother, right?
Yes, I am.
I knew it! You grew so much!
Is Bo-kyung well?
Are you going to...
Yeongju Station?
Sure your daycare
bus is coming at 8:30?
Don't know.
- Is this the right spot?
- Don't know.
- What's wrong?
- Pee!
5 minutes left.
Collect the tests!
Put your answers on the card.
That guy is a genius.
That's crazy.
I have proof.
What proof?
There's more.
That's not all.
This one proves it for sure.
What is it?
Let me see your palm.
Let me see your nails.
People do this 100%.
What did he do?
That's insane!
What the heck?
- What is it?
- Do you like me?
Come on.
I know you like me.
What the heck?
A! A! Abracadabra!
Today is...
It's Dad's birthday next week.
When he comes this weekend,
how about writing him a card?
Forget it.
Why would I?
Not again!
How about getting him some socks?
Since when did we exchange gifts?
You're in high school now.
Can't you do it first?
Forget it.
No way.
He must have a girl.
That nerd?
What are you doing?
Keep watch.
Are you out of your mind?
What is this?
It's my friend's abstract
for his doctoral thesis.
Go through it.
You've read all the
books in the library.
What's that?
The President?
You can't open it!
Just keep watch!
Who do you think you are?
I'm SONG La-hee.
I'm KIM Gwang-ja.
How's school?
How long will you live out here?
Don't start.
Isn't it time to come to your senses?
I never lost my senses.
You're not a kid anymore.
It's crazy to keep asking
about the way station.
What's wrong with that?
It makes no sense!
Why doesn't it?
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Who writes a letter
with country accents
and spelling mistakes?
How can you move the
President with a letter like that?
Letters must be written
with delicate care.
I can explain later. Want
help with the way station?
Did I tell you my dad is a congressman?
What's this?
A field trip.
The machine ate my coin.
The machine ate my...
What's this got to
do with a way station?
Just do as I say!
Stop it.
Come on!
I said stop.
I didn't see anything. Go on.
See what?
Go on with what?
Write, 'sir'.
Not 'It's a petition'.
Add, 'sir'.
That's not it.
- What?
- Huh?
- Huh?
- What?
Two letters are better than one.
Let's go for some ice cream.
But I have to go now.
Can't people cross tunnels without you?
It's dangerous.
You're smart. Can't you
make a signal or something?
A signal?
Aren't you gonna tell me?
It's a secret.
Why is it standing with
its legs spread apart?
It's walking.
How is it walking? It's
standing with its legs apart.
No! It's walking!
I'm trying to concentrate!
Can't you tell me what it is?
I want to surprise you
when I'm done. Stop it.
Don't mind me, then!
- Dang! Come and see it!
- Really?
What is it?
It's a signal that detects vibrations
to tell if a train is close or not.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- This is a hand.
- Okay.
If the hand points...
What do we do?
Just stand there.
Don't go in the tunnel.
- Wow!
- Applause!
What if the hand points down to this?
If it points to this, it
means you can walk in.
Yes, go.
Go on.
Don't laugh.
He's smart!
I knew it.
You're good!
I got them as a favor. Study
and bring them back quickly.
Is he helping or using me?
Why so much?
What are you doing?
What's that?
Who is your new study
buddy at school again?
- Gwang-su?
- Gwang-su.
Why do you ask?
Bring the kid over sometime.
He's got his own place.
Why would he come out here?
You haven't had a friend in a while.
Thanks to him, you're studying hard.
He's the one who should be thankful!
Why look at me like that?
Why are you so worked up?
Why are you flushed?
- Go away!
- Come on! Tell me!
I get why they say men look
sexy when they're focused on work.
Dang. Cut it out.
- You love space that much?
- Yup.
Why do you like it?
I like the stars.
For what?
It's a secret.
What now?
- Stop it.
- Look at the camera.
Is your dream to become an astronomer?
I can't afford to dream.
Why can't you?
Wanna know what my dream is?
You have a dream? What is it?
A muse.
What's that?
It just takes you becoming
a genius scientist.
Why do I gotta realize your dream?
It's not that. I'll
make you realize it.
I don't get it. Whatever.
Wanna study in Seoul together?
That's crazy!
I can ask my dad to send us together.
Forget it.
By the way,
did you ask your dad
about the way station?
I did.
What did he say?
He said to cut the
nonsense and go to bed.
- Were you gonna use my dad?
- What? No!
Get up.
It's an investment for
my dream, not yours.
Stop reading books on
space and read novels too.
What's this?
Why should I read this? I'm no girl.
Sleeping already?
What are you looking at?
- Show me!
- Stop it!
Let's see!
Let's see!
It's a textbook!
Stop it!
My Man's Man?
It's nothing.
- Are you dating Gwang-su?
- No.
It's not what you're thinking.
It's okay.
- I understand.
- What?
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
Gwang-su is...
...a girl.
Of course she is.
It's totally a boy's name.
You knew it was a girl?
- Did you ever date a guy?
- No!
- So you're dating a girl?
- No!
She's a friend.
Don't get any ideas.
Why? Think I'd feel left out?
Why would I be?
I'm happy my little brother
grew up well and has a girlfriend.
Gwang-su will like it if
you wear a nice shirt.
It looks like Dad's shirt.
You're handsome. It doesn't matter.
Is that your dad's shirt?
Two bowls of noodles
and one rice cake, please.
Coming right up!
Can we order ice cream too?
Ice cream too, please.
Sure thing!
- La-hee.
- What?
How about a slushy?
Back off!
I lost because of you!
Think changing seats will work?
Go away!
Dang it!
I won!
After all those letters, not one reply?
Do you have to make a way station?
Let's just move to Seoul.
Doesn't your sister want to move?
- Should I try talking to her?
- Forget it.
Then why don't we just make it?
How can we make a station?
Why not? How much do you need?
Drop the nonsense.
You can go on TV!
What season is mentioned
in the national anthem?
Time's up!
Will you take all night?
What's Mozart's middle name?
It means 'love god' and was
mentioned in a recent film.
A four-syllable
word, starting with 'A'.
Today is a special...
Are you kidding me?
Snap to it!
What animal is the
mascot of the '88 Olympics?
A tiger! Stupid!
The capital city of America?
One plus one?
478,329 times 85,127?
40 billion, 718 million, 712 thousand,
You're amazing!
- 783!
- Whatever!
Look at this!
A math contest?
The Presidential Award?
Go and ask him yourself!
What Presidential Award
when you can't even hold it!
It's not my fault I had to poo.
It's not my poo, but yours!
Whose fault is it then?
JUNG Joon-kyung won
the Presidential Award.
You'll go to Daegu on Friday
for the awards ceremony.
Why is it at Daegu and not Seoul?
The superintendent of
education will present instead.
Let's just go to the President.
Been there?
Nope. You?
I've never been to Seoul.
Wanna just go?
They may kick us out, but let's go!
Right. Let's go!
Writing letters is best.
The weather sucks and I'm bored.
Wanna watch a movie?
A movie?
This a movie theater?
I didn't say we're
going to watch it there.
No one is home.
Is this okay?
Why not? We're just watching a movie.
What's this?
It's your parents' room.
Are you gonna stand there?
What are you doing?
Aren't you uncomfortable?
I guess.
Children in the past were scared
most by stories of tigers and wars.
These days, children
watch illegal videos
and suffer consequences of
becoming juvenile delinquents.
Select good programs to help
nurture good and kind natures.
Let's all be proper guides.
Is it an action movie?
Adult movie.
Why isn't it working?
- That was something.
- Yup.
- Have you tried?
- What?
- What they did.
- Crazy?
- No, I haven't.
- Right.
Wanna try?
Are you insane?
Do you want to?
Do you?
Should we try?
- What?
- Oh no!
- It's busted.
- How?
It's all stuck!
What do we do?
It's tangled up.
Hi, Mom!
Joon-kyung is here for homework.
So you're Joon-kyung.
La-hee told me about you.
I'm making cutlets.
Stay for dinner.
It's okay, ma'am.
That was close!
You're wanted by the principal.
Go to his office.
The principal?
Congressman SONG wanted to see you.
Would you like to tell him?
I heard about you from La-hee.
We're moving La-hee to
Seoul after this semester.
Seoul is a better
environment to study in.
Sir, it's not La-hee's fault.
What do you mean?
I said to do it. Right?
We didn't really touch.
Well, maybe slightly.
I don't really remember.
I'll take responsibility
and quit school.
Please let La-hee
continue studying here, sir.
We played pool!
I'm sorry, Dad.
What pool?
Listen Joon-kyung.
Congressman is moving to Seoul.
He'd like to take you
to study there too.
He'll sponsor you to
a science high school.
A science high school?
Of course you should go!
Say you'll go before
he changes his mind!
But I gotta build the way station.
If you become successful in Seoul,
making a station will be a breeze!
I like living here with you more.
A chance like this doesn't come easy!
Wanna be stuck here all your life?
What brings you here?
Got time? We need to talk.
I'm busy. Let's talk later.
Is she alive?
Is she breathing?
You're Bo-kyung's brother, right?
Come on! Hurry!
What is it?
Bo-kyung! No!
Excuse me! Please!
Did you find her?
You found her, right?
Where's Bo-kyung?
You couldn't find her?
Where are you?
Must you quit?
You gotta make a living.
I'll run a little card shop
or something and get by.
Cut the nonsense and move
here. I'll find you a place.
Why are you doing this?
PARK left to run a different route.
You're all I have to run this line.
Can't you help me?
Why'd you throw it away?
I fell trying not to lose that.
Keep it.
Is it really you?
Why? Scared?
Were you dreaming?
Sleep tight.
Are you okay?
Does it hurt?
It doesn't hurt at all.
I'm fine. Don't worry. You'll
have to take good care now.
No! Don't go!
I can't do anything without you!
I'll do whatever you say
and study really hard!
So please don't go!
Without Mom and you, how can I live?
Stay with me while
I live in this house?
Ah, okay.
Just until you live in this house.
Open up!
Go by yourself! I'm staying here!
How can I move and
leave you here alone!
It's okay. I can stay with Bo-kyung.
Why you! Are you crazy!
I don't care if I am!
Open up or I'll break the door down!
Promise you'll let me stay!
Let's go.
Let go!
Come on!
Your sister is gone!
To me, she's still here.
Did you eat?
How's kindergarten?
Did you go?
Did you send a letter
to the President?
So is it a go or not?
The President gave permission.
But it could be years to set a budget,
buy land, and build the station.
That means
we can have a way station,
but there's no money to build it?
Not with the Olympics next year.
Will they build it after the Olympics?
We won't know until we get to it.
Anyway, it looks like it
won't be built anytime soon.
Let's just make it.
I'm not joking.
We got the permission, right?
Let's build it ourselves.
This came for you.
- Aren't you leaving?
- Nope.
- You wanna hear?
- Yup.
- No way!
- Just play it!
- No!
- Do it!
You're dying to see me, aren't you?
You may be too young to know,
but love grows through hardships.
What's she saying?
- Stop!
- Joon-kyung!
Still, if you're dying to see me,
you can go ahead and cry.
Don't fight the tears.
It'll make it worse.
Listen to the songs I recorded
and remember our first kiss...
We didn't.
Is she out of her mind?
Remembering our first
kiss will make you feel better.
What else was there to say?
I'll end it with a warning.
If you don't want to die, write back.
Move over!
I'm coming.
Let's go!
Need some help?
Move, please!
- Stomp on it hard.
- I am!
Why won't it work?
Get out. I have to record.
Rude twerp!
Are you nuts!
Dear La-hee.
Hi, there.
That's lame.
To La-hee.
How's Seoul and...
Calling this Wongok Station?
I thought so, but Joon-kyung said
there's another station by that name.
How about Yangwon Station?
It's called Wongok here and there, too.
So how about Yangwon?
Careful! You'll break it!
- Just hold still.
- Okay.
- Hurray!
- Hurray!
CHIEF OF PR DEPARTMEN National Railroad PR department?
We publish a monthly
magazine for marketing.
We'd like to run your story in it.
I heard about
how you built Yangwon
Station with the villagers.
Your principal complimented
on how hard you worked on it.
How about it?
I think it'll be interesting
and meaningful.
What are you doing?
Why are you there?
Why would you come?
That's it?
That all you say to your
muse when it's been so long?
Ah... How've you been?
Come on.
My legs are killing me.
How'd he walk this every day?
Step aside.
It's Gwang-su, right?
What are you looking at?
- Your sister is so pretty.
- What?
Gwang-su has good sense.
You call that pretty?
She looks like a half-eaten dumpling.
Wanna die!
She looks way better than you.
No way.
Wow! You made all this?
The village ladies always
bring me side dishes.
- What about the soup?
- I made it.
Eat up.
Shouldn't we wait for
your sister to come?
Don't worry. Just eat.
You pass on cooking too.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Gwang-su is so cute even when she eats.
I heard you made the way station.
It's all ready for the
opening ceremony.
How will that be done?
A train will have to stop, I guess.
What crazy timing.
What do you mean?
Didn't the physics teacher tell you?
Let's just eat.
It's a chance to study
for free in America.
Just eat and stop talking.
If you do well, you
can even go to NASA!
That's always been a dream of yours!
This is good. Try it.
You'll pass it up again?
- It's better than a science high...
- Just eat!
What's with you?
You're so talkative.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Joon-kyung
Happy birthday to you
Eat quickly. I'll take you back.
I'm sleeping over.
Are you gay?
Are you crazy?
Then how do you explain this?
Explain what?
Must be gay.
Let's get going.
Didn't you miss me?
Why didn't you reply?
I was going to.
Really? Then why didn't you?
I don't know your address.
Oh, right.
Don't forget the area code.
Why'd you stop?
I wish
you could fly high like that.
Then my dream will come true too.
It won't be easy.
I bet Korea's best in math
and science will apply.
High school and college
students can all apply.
It'll be much harder
than a math competition.
Then how can I stand a chance?
Why? Have confidence!
It's so nice of her to come
out here for your birthday.
You know what? You're
older than me now.
What are you talking about?
You'll always be my older sister.
Don't want to be an older brother?
Cut the nonsense.
I'm your younger brother.
How long do you think
I can stay with you?
For your own good, I think
about leaving all the time.
But do you know why I'm still here?
I want you to smile and
say, 'I gotta leave now.'
I've been waiting all this time.
How about it? Can you do that for me?
Come on!
When the train stops, turn around.
Get ready!
- What?
- Why didn't it stop?
The villagers are fuming over
you not stopping at the station.
I just drove to code.
I guess we don't have any power.
By the way...
Isn't this Joon-kyung?
PR department.
How can you ruin my son's
life with an article like that!
Please calm down, sir.
What exactly are you referring to?
Listen up!
Retrieve all the magazines
and correct the wrong parts!
I understand, sir.
Could you explain
which parts are incorrect?
Why is it his fault that
his mom and sister died!
His mom couldn't go to the
hospital because there was no train!
His sister fell off a
bridge to avoid a train!
It's not his fault!
It's because the train didn't stop!
What if he reads this!
He'll think it's his fault they died!
Did you stop to think how
much that will hurt the boy?
You're Joon-kyung's father, right?
There must be a misunderstanding, sir.
What misunderstanding!
About his mother and sister
passing away because of him,
it's not something we made up, sir.
Joon-kyung said that himself.
Do you know
why he wanted to make the station
so badly ever since he was young?
I don't think you know the real reason.
Running away?
You're running away again?
I give up.
You stupid!
All that's left is for trains to
stop here, but you'll give up?
You don't know.
Don't know what?
Why I wanted to make
Yangwon Station so much.
Because I wanted Dad to compliment me.
And then...
I wanted his forgiveness.
Mom died giving birth to me.
And you fell because of me.
But if I made the station,
I thought he'd notice
and say that I did a good job.
Not once...
I haven't resented Dad once.
I was scared to see
him not looking at me,
so I avoided him first.
It's not your fault. Why
seek Dad's forgiveness?
Stop saying what happened
to Mom and me is your fault!
If it wasn't for me,
you'd be living happy with Mom and Dad!
You're still acting like
the scared little crybaby.
You don't want to be forgiven by Dad.
You're just a coward.
It's an excuse not to do things
because you're scared of failing.
How can you say that?
I tried to be happy!
But no matter how I
try, bad things happen!
Why would I want to try?
It's easier to think that it
wasn't meant to be for me!
Did you think Yangwon Station
could be made from the start?
Everyone said it's impossible!
You didn't even think it'd
be made so nicely like this!
Think Yangwon Station looks nice?
The entire village got
together to build this station,
but trains won't stop!
Call that a station?
That's the story of my life.
When it wasn't built, at least
it didn't make me this mad!
Stupid twerp!
Where were you off to?
Joon-kyung's teacher is here.
Hello, Mr. JUNG. I'm
Joon-kyung's physics teacher.
What brings you here Mr. KIM?
There's an important exam
that Joon-kyung must take.
If you'll allow me, I'll
take him to Seoul myself.
What test is it that
he has to go to Seoul?
It's a government sponsored program
for the top student to study in America
with the chance to
train at NASA as well.
There's no time, sir.
We must leave now
to get there by 9 A.M.
Korea's top student? Can he do it?
Ladies and gentlemen,
the next stop is...
Seungbu Station.
We'll stop for 1 minute.
Joon-kyung is a genius.
Letting his talent go to waste
is a great sin to humanity.
Never mind that, sir.
This has been Joon-kyung's
dream for a long time.
But he thinks he's not
entitled to dream and won't go.
Will you watch him miss his chance?
Correction. Correction.
Next stop is Yangwon Station.
I repeat. Next stop is Yangwon Station.
We'll stop for...
10 minutes.
What are you doing?
Let go!
- You'll get in trouble!
- Let go!
What are you thinking!
It's against the code!
The hell with the code!
My son...
My poor son...
This is the only thing
I can do for his dream.
I have to do this.
What are you doing!
Get ready to go to Seoul now!
Come on! Let's go!
Forget it.
It's too late.
You can still make it!
The train is waiting
at Yangwon Station!
Get ready!
I lost my exam ID.
It's here!
Must you always make things so hard?
Look at you.
You won't be mad even if I fail?
All I wanted was for you to try.
What do you mean?
If you fail, don't
think of coming back!
Sir! Hurry!
Joon-kyung! Come on!
Over here!
We'll be going
I'll go.
Get some sleep before the test.
Aren't you sleepy?
Get some rest.
What are you doing?
I can't sleep sitting up.
Why you little!
Turn the handle on
the side of the seat.
Go on.
You didn't know?
Is this right?
The other way!
What in the world!
This is cool.
What's Seoul like?
What does Seoul look like?
How would I know?
What? You've never been there?
Of course I haven't.
It's your first time going?
- Turn left.
- Oh no!
Go left!
- Why didn't you tell me sooner!
- How am I supposed to know!
Drive slowly!
You don't have much time left!
- Turn the car around!
- Which way?
Maybe I'm wrong
Stupid! You can't even read a map!
Just watch the road, Dad!
Dang! There's no time!
Why'd you say you'll drive!
Mr. KIM was going to drive me!
We're late.
What? Where are you going?
What are you doing?
The exam started!
What's he doing?
Hurry! Go inside!
You can't go in!
You can't go in now!
Hurry up!
You can do it!
Then it rises.
That's the basics of acceleration.
Let's turn to the next chapter.
A letter for JUNG Joon-kyung!
Boy, don't cry over
something like that!
Your life is not over
because you failed one exam!
He did it!
Joon-kyung placed first in Korea
and will be going to America!
What's all this?
Take it.
I can't drink.
You gotta learn to drink from Dad.
Use both hands.
When you drink with
an elder, you gotta turn.
Your body! Turn to the side like this!
How did you place first in Korea?
Have a good look
before you go to America.
I'll miss you.
Don't go soft on me like a girl.
We lived apart here too.
Why would you miss me?
I meant the moon.
I can't see that in America.
I'm sorry.
About what?
Do you know why
I never went to school
ceremonies for you and Bo-kyung?
I felt sorry to your mom.
Seeing them when she
couldn't, I felt so sorry to her.
Think about it.
Why do you think I felt
so sorry to your mom?
All my life,
I regret exactly two things.
Sticking to the job
and not running home.
If I came home as soon
as your mom went into labor,
your mom
She could've made it.
The other things is
When you placed first in grade 4.
I didn't go to see you get your prize.
I regret that for life.
I'm working. How can I go?
It's no big deal. Relax.
Just take your brother and go.
I'm busy.
I'll run your shift. Why won't you go?
He won the math contest.
Go home and celebrate
with some fried chicken.
Forget it.
You're always so stubborn.
What is it?
What about Bo-kyung?
There's been an accident.
Is she hurt? How badly?
She's gone missing into the river.
What? Where?
By the third tunnel into Wongok.
She fell off the bridge.
Let go!
I was the one who drove. Got that?
Who cares about that now!
Snap to it! You gotta
be there for Joon-kyung!
Want him to resent you for life?
What are you talking about?
She fell trying to avoid the train.
Freight train 37.
Let go.
Let me go.
- Let me go!
- Stop!
- Let go of me!
- Tae-yoon!
Let go!
Listen to me.
I'm the one who drove that train.
Keep it a secret for life. Got that?
Just think of Joon-kyung.
You gotta live and move on.
Why I couldn't look at you
Get it now?
You see
Losing the ones I love like that
With you
I had to hide my love for you.
If not,
I thought I'd lose you too.
I was so scared.
I was scared, so I kept my distance.
Why mention that now?
Stop blaming yourself!
You didn't do anything wrong
and have no reason to be sorry.
I wanted to tell you that,
so you'd stop hating yourself.
I get it.
I won't hate myself anymore.
So promise me
that you won't hate yourself.
Back then
Thanks for not dying in the river.
Where are you?
How did you know?
She told me in my dream.
Look at the camera!
Everyone ready?
Thank you.
For what?
It's all thanks to you.
No, it's all because you worked hard.
If it wasn't for you and
Dad, I wouldn't have made it.
Swear to god.
What about Gwang-su? Why leave her out?
I'll do my best
You'll keep watching, right?
Of course.
I gotta leave now.
My little brother
Have a good trip.
Take care.
JUNG Joon-kyung!
Wait! Open the door!
You can't come back out.
- You can't come out.
- Wait.
What was that for?
How can you leave without calling?
I did, but you didn't answer.
Just now.
How can you go without seeing me!
Get up.
You'll write, right?
Of course.
Don't look at other girls.
Eat well.
Don't get sick.
Think only of me till I get
Korea's first private station,
Yangwon, closed in 2012 after 24 years.
In 2013, a tourist train
called 'Baekdu-daegan Gorge Train',
began stopping there.
New roads into the village were
also built for better commutes.
We hope everyone's
dreams will come true, too.