Miracle Maker (2015) Movie Script

[Scared horses]
Hold on, hold on!
Lily, you hang on!
[Heavy breathing]
Oliver Cronin!
There is work to be done.
[Door squeals]
Yes, Mother?
I'm chilled to the bone.
Thank you, dear.
And I'm going to die of thirst!
After work, come straight home.
I don't want you playing
in the woods.
I know you're going to anyway.
Just remember I told you not to.
And don't forget your coat.
[Children playing]
[Townspeople chatting]
What are you doing?
Good morning, Sarrah.
You'd better not let Mr. Booth
see you,
or there will be trouble.
I know.
I know.
Would you give this letter to
Do you want me to lose my job?
No, of course not.
Then don't ask.
[Door creaks]
[Spurs jingle]
Good morning, Mr. Booth.
You're late.
I am right on time.
La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la
Rae Grant,
why aren't you milking the cow?
I can't!
You can't, or you won't?
I can't.
What do you mean you can't?
The cow's gone.
Come on.
And that makes thirteen.
We are just one short.
I loaned one out to the
Elias Grant, we don't even have
enough to feed our own girls,
and you give away our inventory?
They will pay us when they can.
Everyone knows the mine is dry.
What is it?
The cow's gone.
Rae went to milk her this
morning, and she's gone.
I'm sorry.
Elias, what have you done?
I sold our cow to Gabriel
That cow gave good milk.
Milk doesn't pay the rent.
But it fills the belly.
[Jingling spurs]
It's Mr. Booth.
Good morning, Mr. Booth.
We're just a little bit short
this time.
but we'll make it up next month.
I've heard this before.
This should cover this month's
I know we're behind on what we
owe for surplus, but
I'll add interest to next month.
All right, back to work.
Go on.
[Dog whimpering]
[Dog barks]
[Dog whimpers]
[Birds chirp and scatter]
[Birds chirp]
[Coughing from inside]
Mrs. Firth!
I know you're in there!
No, it's a beautiful day.
It's the same as yesterday.
[Jingling spurs]
Here he comes.
Just like clockwork.
[Both gasp] Mr. Booth!
Always a pleasure.
Keep the change.
If all my tenants were like you,
I'd be a very happy man.
True happiness, Mr. Booth,
lies in making others happy.
And thirty-seven.
All right.
I will see you soon.
Mr. Booth?
Mrs. Firth.
Did you bring the rent?
Could I have more time?
Didn't you ask for more time
last month?
I was expecting a letter from my
husband, and it never came.
You know, I could get twice as
much for that property.
I know, Sir,
and I'll pay you.
I just need more time.
What happened to that lady's
You have two days!
Come in.
Sarrah made supper.
I'm not very hungry.
Please come downstairs for
[Carriage sounds]
[Horses whinny]
Whoa, whoa.
My turn.
Oh, no. No. [Chuckles]
I, uh . . .
I promised your father that I
would keep you safe,
and I intend to keep my word.
You did?
[Imitates Mr. Booth]
My daughter, Lily,
is the most beautiful girl in
the world.
If anything should happen to
her while in your care,
I will shoot you where you
What could I do but promise?
Gabriel Hollis would let me try.
What did you just say about
Gabriel Hollis?
I said, "Gabriel would let me
Oh, he would, would he?
Well, would Gabriel Hollis do
[Music builds]
[Birds call]
Oliver's not back yet?
and he knows he's supposed to
help carry the wash home.
He probably lost track of time.
It's like his head is completely
in the clouds.
There he is.
[Door opens]
Do you know what time it is?
Do you know how worried I've
Oh, and where's your coat?
Gathering rocks?
I'm sure you wouldn't do this if
mother and father were here.
Hurry home. We have work to do.
[Rocks tumble]
I'm sure she didn't mean it.
She's just tired.
That's all.
I'm sorry I lost my temper.
It's gonna take a miracle to get
this washing finished in time.
Go on. See who it is.
Who is it?
Come on, it's late.
[Cocks gun]
What'cha doing?
Never shot a preacher before.
[Sighs] Thomas!
My oatmeal tastes like sawdust.
My back . . . ugh . . . it feels
like it's broken.
Mother, I would very much like
for you to hear my sermon today.
Why, how can I, dear?
You know I'm standing on death's
Pass me my book, please.
Thank you.
Do you know who
this parsimonious Ebenezer
Scrooge reminds me of?
Who's that, Mother?
James Booth. Ugh!
He's even more detestable ever
since Lily had that
terrible accident.
How can you be civil to that man
after all he's done to you?
Keeping Lily locked up in that
house day and night.
Someone needs to show Mr. Booth
the error of his ways.
Actually, I think he's much
At least Scrooge did have a
heart at the end.
I was beautiful, wasn't I?
You still are.
Am I?
You are.
You'll always be my
beautiful Lily.
I thought we might attend
service today.
Why not?
Is it because of the
preacher, or
is it because you don't want
people to see my face?
I prayed to God
to spare your mother.
I prayed hard, Lily.
On my knees, I begged . . .
I know.
and He still took her.
That's why we're not going.
"And when Jesus departed thence,
two blind men followed him,
crying and saying
"Thou Son of David, have mercy
on us."
And when He was come into the
the blind men came to Him,
and Jesus saith unto them,
"Belieive ye that I am able to
do this?"
They said unto Him, "Yea, Lord."
Then touched He their eyes,
"According to your faith,
be it unto you."
And their eyes were opened,
and Jesus straightly charged
them, saying"
My, my, my.
Look at Gabriel Hollis.
But look at Sarrah.
Well, he is preaching a sermon.
It's not his preaching she's
interested in.
"And Jesus straightly charged
them, saying
that no man know it."
If I were young again
Who would you choose?
Why would I have to choose?
Miracles happen every day.
For example, a newborn baby.
Miracles are . . . are all
around us.
We just have to know where to
look for them.
Don't you think his sermons are
getting a bit longwinded?
He's pining for Lily.
So we all have to suffer?
[Church bell rings]
[Blows out candle]
If it snowed in Woodhaven, would
that be a miracle?
It hasn't snowed in Woodhaven
since before you were born.
But Pastor Keating said that
miracles could happen today,
just like they did in the Bible.
That's right, Rae.
So if someone could make a
miracle happen,
they would be called a Miracle
and I bet they could make it
Isn't that right, Pastor?
that's not exactly what I said,
But that's what I heard.
What do you think a miracle
maker would be like, Pastor?
Well, um . . .
I suppose a miracle maker could
be someone who
does something out of the
something remarkable to
better the world.
I think he'd be important
like a rich man, but not like
Mr. Booth.
And he'd be kind.
And helpful.
And he'd make it snow!
he could if he wanted to!
My pa says we need a miracle in
or we're all gonna be in a
whole lotta trouble.
All right,
you kids get going now.
Come on.
Come on.
Is that what a miracle maker
looks like?
[telegraph clicking]
[telegraph clicking]
[telegraph clicking]
A telegraph?
We haven't received a telegraph
in years!
[telegraph clicking]
What does it say?
Uh... it says that a miracle
maker is coming to town.
Doesn't say.
We need to tell everyone!
All we have to do is tell Agnes
and Bessie, and within minutes
the whole town will know!
You're all gonna be late for
work now.
But what about the
miracle maker?
There's bread to be made,
work to be done.
You know, if a miracle maker
really does come to Woodhaven
maybe he could help us pay off
what we owe Mr. Booth
and we won't get thrown
out on the street.
Papa, is that true?
We're gonna be
thrown out on the street?
Now there'll be no more talk of
the miracle maker.
Get dressed, Adelaide.
First the cow and now this?
Jenny, all right,
listen, this is my
first-born son right here.
Okay? Just, settle down.
I'll always take care of you
and the girls.
I always will.
Hello, Thomas.
Good morning, Sarrah,
how are you? Allow me.
I'm well, thank you.
Wonderful, and Lily,
how's Lily?
She's well.
Would you...
Would you tell Lily
that I love her?
[exasperated sigh]
Why not tell her yourself?
Well, I
Well II have, I have-
in this letter.
I'm sorry.
Please, Sarrah?
Thank you.
What would I do without you?
Have you heard?
A miracle maker is coming to
town today!
Thank you!
Thank you.
That's it, that's it.
Unroll it!
It's wonderful!
I'm off to Mapleton.
I shall be back shortly.
There's property I'm looking
to purchase.
You don't take care of the
property you already have.
That is my tenants'
How can they take care of their
They can barely afford to put
food on the table.
You don't know what you're
talking about.
I know enough.
I that know Sarrah hasn't had a
new dress in years,
and others in the town are
I work hard.
So should they.
Why are you so heartless?
Remember not to leave the house
while I'm gone.
How could I forget?
You remind me every day.
I'm trying to protect you,
[sound of tuning fiddle]
This town could use a
miracle maker.
I may swoon when I see him.
He should be handsome.
Of course, but it doesn't matter
what he looks like,
as long as he's able to make
miracles happen.
But still, he could be handsome.
Of course!
and rich!
[horse walking]
It's Mr. Booth.
What's going on here?
We're waiting for the
miracle maker!
He's gonna make it snow!
When was the last time it
snowed in Woodhaven?
I'm not sure,
but I think the miracle maker
could make it happen.
Somebody's coming!
[crowd gossips]
[stagecoach rattling]
[stagecoach rattling]
[ fiddle music playing ]
[ fiddle music playing ]
Well! What have we here?
Are you the miracle maker?
My dear strange child,
what are you talking about?
We received a telegraph.
That a miracle maker is coming?
A telegraph?
And a miracle maker?
I'm afraid you have the
wrong man.
who can show me where the
hotel is?
Well, we don't actually have a
hotel, Sir, but, um...
I'm sure we could find a
place for you.
No hotel...
imagine that.
I think I'll take my chances
in the next town.
Good day.
[crowd moans]
[door slams]
[stagecoach rattles]
Don't go!
I know he's still coming!
Don't go!
I saw Thomas this morning.
Did he ask about me?
[scissors snip]
[paper rustling]
Dear Lily,
[paper rustling]
I can't, my hands are shaking.
Will you read it?
I have work to do!
Dear Lily,
I'll be waiting at the top of
Johnson's Peak
tomorow night at 8.
Please meet me there, I need to
see you.
With love, Thomas.
Are you gonna' meet him?
You know I can't.
You don't have to tell anybody.
Sarrah Cronin,
are you encouraging me to
disobey my father?
Yes. And if you had seen the
look on Thomas's face
this morning.
I can't.
Hey everyone, look!
Be still my beating heart.
And mine!
Is that a chicken?
Looks like a chicken.
Because it is a chicken!
And that's...
a dog!
[chicken clucks]
He is the miracle maker!
How do you know?
I just do!
We must tell Mary.
Is that really the
miracle maker?
Gotta go tell everyone.
Are you the miracle maker?
Good morning.
I asked you a question:
Are you the miracle maker?
And is that your dog?
And why do you have a chicken?
Excuse my little ray
of sunshine.
She says what's on her mind.
I see that.
Can you make it snow?
Oh, Rae, all right.
Rae, why don't you go inside and
help your mother?
Good girl.
I'm Elias Grant.
Matthew. I'm looking for
somewhere to stay.
Mr. Booth owns all the
houses in Woodhaven.
He owns everything in the world!
I spent what little money
I had on my journey!
That's a shame...
'cause he's stingy, too!
Oliver will show you
around town.
He'll take you to Mr. Booth.
His sister works for him.
I'll go with you.
No you won't, you're gonna
stay here.
And good to meet ya.
But why?
Because we got work to do!
- But
-Come on!
I wanna see!
We all do, we all wanna see!
[Simultaneously] We have
A miracle maker came to town!
My goodness!
Oh, and he has such nice eyes!
Actually, we don't know if he's
a miracle maker just yet.
Well, I do.
Perhaps he can work a miracle
so you can get out of bed.
Or find you two a husband.
You mean, one each?
Because I'm not going to share.
[distant] Mr. Booth!
Mr. Booth!
Mr. Booth!
What's happened?
Lily's hurt.
Give her to me.
Give her to me!
The buggy tipped over.
I'm sorry.
You promised you'd
take care of her!
It was an accident.
I'm so sorry.
You are never,
to see my Lily again.
Mr. Booth, please...
[door slams]
Good morning.
Morning, gentlemen.
I'm Matthew.
Thomas Keating.
The pastor.
That's right.
And how is your flock?
In need of miracles.
And the shepherd?
can I trust you to take care
of my dog and chicken?
[chicken clucking]
Mr. Booth at home?
Wait here, please.
Mr. Booth!
I'm looking for a place to stay.
Elias Grant told me you're the
man to see!
Well, I don't rent to strangers.
What is my brother doing?
Looking after my
dog and chicken.
Of course he is.
I don't have any houses to rent.
Well, there is that old shack
across the street from where
I live.
No one will wanna live there. I
was about to tear the place down
That'll be fine.
I have no money, but I'm
not afraid of hard work,
if you need work
around this place.
Key's in my desk drawer,
Sarrah. Go get it.
It'll keep you dry.
That's about all I can say
for it.
I appreciate it.
Thank you, Sarrah.
My brother has work
to do.
At this hour?
What about school?
There's too much work
to be done.
Besides, Woodhaven can't
afford a teacher.
Got some work to do.
[chicken clucking]
[twigs cracking]
[dirt crunching]
I need to get this
over there.
Thank you.
I couldn't have done that alone.
[sticks clatter]
Oliver, it's time for bed.
Thank you for keeping Oliver out
of trouble all day.
That smells wonderful!
It's not much,
but you're welcome.
I said, "time for bed."
There'll be more work tomorow.
For your dog.
Thank you.
Is... Oliver, uhh...
he doesn't speak.
Not anymore.
He hasn't spoken since
mother and father passed away.
I took him to a doctor, but
it didn't help.
Sorry about your folks, Sarrah.
Raising your brother alone
can't be easy.
I manage.
You manage very well.
Thank you.
Good night.
[chicken clucking]
Hey, girl.
Thank you.
Come to see me off?
and to ask a favor.
I'd like to go out tonight.
Out of the question.
Thomas wrote me a letter.
He wants to see me.
After what he did to you?
I'm not a child anymore.
I can make my own decisions.
As long as you live
under my roof,
you will obey my rules.
It's for your own good. Why
can't you understand that?
Where's the miracle maker?
You ready?
My pa says if I don't catch
any fish this time,
I can't come home.
Oh, he means it all right.
That dog better not scare all
the fish away.
Good morning.
I'd like to exchange this rock
for a loaf of bread.
I see you met my wife Jenny
and our son, Elias Grant Jr.
Not much of a talker.
He'll get there.
Matthew wants to exchange
this rock
for aa loaf of bread.
That seem like a fair trade.
Two eggs for a measure of corn
for my chicken
and a handfull of seeds?
Done and done.
the bread will be ready
this afternoon.
I'll have Rae bring it
for you.
Thank you, Jenny,
that's very kind of you.
You find a place to stay?
The shack at the edge of town.
I've got a hammer and some
nails out back
if you wanna borrow them.
Just bring the hammer back
when you're done.
Thank you.
A rock?
Well, and some eggs.
This is a reminder of
your folly.
Isn't that my job?
I know,
but I can help.
You know your father asked you
not to come out of the house.
Yes, but he is in Mapleton.
I can't stay inside one
more minute.
Why is he doing this?
Perhaps he thinks it's for
your own good.
If I hear one more time
that keeping me locked indoors
is for my own good,
I'll scream.
He's just trying to protect you.
People can be thoughtless
and cruel at times.
And Thomas?
Not Thomas,
he loves you.
So does my father.
Who was that man yesterday?
The town thinks he's some
sort of miracle maker.
He came looking for a
place to stay.
He doesn't have any money, but
your father
said he could stay in the shack.
He did?
I'm never gonna be able
to go home.
I told you that dog was gonna
scare the fish away.
[dog whimpers]
Even though there were
no fish to scare.
[water splashes]
You got one?
Don't let it go!
Come on, come on!
Holy fish!
Why are you planting
seeds now?
They won't grow until
a long time.
But they will grow,
Are you ever gonna
make it snow?
Is that for me?
This is pretty.
you like being the youngest?
It's okay.
But when the baby comes
I won't be the baby
sister anymore.
So do your brothers
work at the mine?
What brothers?
Well, the sign says
"Grant and Sons"
I know that.
Ma hopes this baby will
be a boy.
That'll make Papa happy.
And if Papa's happy,
Mama's happy.
I fold.
So do I.
[triumphant laugh]
So I win!
You always cheat.
I do not.
You cheated on me with
Samuel Fletcher.
Oh, humbug, and a wink from
Samuel Fletcher
hardly constitutes cheating.
Besides, that was 40
years ago!
She admits it at last!
Well, have there been any
miracles yet?
all he does is clear rocks out
of his yard and plant seeds.
And that's not going to bring
you any grandchildren.
Your son needs to get
himself married.
That would take a miracle.
For James to allow his daughter
to speak to Thomas again.
Pastor Keating!
How are ya?
Came to offer some help.
I could use it, thank you.
[dog barking]
There you are, boy!
Look how many fish we caught!
Well, thats enough to feed many!
Thanks for taking Shadow
on your adventure boys,
hope he wasn't any trouble.
No trouble at all.
One for you...
Well, thank you very much!
And one for shadow.
You better get home, Porter;
your dad was worried about ya'.
He's worried about me?
Yeah, he was by here a couple
times asking if I had seen ya.
And you're sure it was my pa?
He's got a really big belly
and a loud voice.
I'm sure.
Wait till he sees how many
fish I caught!
Is it candy time?
Yes, it is.
Elias, we can't afford to
keep doing this!
It's only once a week.
But it all adds up!
But the children look forward
to it so much!
And so do you.
And so do I.
Good afternoon, children.
Did you get all your work done?
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Do you think Matthew is a
real miracle maker?
Let's wait and see
about that, shall we?
Why did your mother take
to her bed?
Father didn't come home
from the war.
Broke her heart.
Must have been difficult,
for such a young boy.
He was a preacher as well.
I think she takes some comfort
knowing that I followed in his
Did ya follow the right
Have ya asked?
That was kind of you.
That man.
The shack.
I rent many homes, Lily.
Never without payment.
Well, we shall see if I
regret it.
It was still kind.
Now maybe people will
realize you're not a
tight-fisted miser after all.
Let's hope not.
[owl call]
Dear Thomas,
I'm so sorry.
[pained grunting]
Will ya help?
place three seeds in each hole.
cover it with dirt.
Do ya seem them anymore?
But you know they're there,
cause you put them there.
In spring,
this place will be
full of flowers.
We may not be here to
see them.
But they will bloom.
Right now all you see is dirt.
But that little bit of work
that you just did,
it's gonna pay off later.
Because you took the
time to place them.
do you know why
I separate those rocks
into two piles?
Because some, are
ordinary rocks.
But some are special.
And over the years I've learned
to know which ones are which.
One day, Oliver
you will know the difference.
Hey! I put mine on
the branch first!
No, you didn't!
Yes, I did! It's the best branch
on the tree
and everybody knows that!
Pastor Keating, Porter is
telling a lie!
No I'm not!
All right, all right. Now what
seems to be the problem?
I put mine on the branch first
and she took it off.
It's the only good branch!
That's why I put it there first.
The miracle maker's watching.
I'm sorry, Porter.
We could share the branch.
[horse neighs]
All right, come on, let's go.
Come on, come on.
But we're not done hanging
ornaments yet!
I know, we'll come back later,
come on.
Won't stay on the tree, they'll
just scatter in the wind.
Like the children?
You have the means to give the
of this town a beautiful tree.
If I did that they'd just expect
Thats how people are, the more
they get, the more they want.
Not all people.
I worked hard for what I got.
I expect my tenants to
do the same!
Being blessed with good fortune
comes with it an obligation.
To share what we have.
Hey Matthew!
Obligation fulfilled.
He's coming this way.
I know, I have eyes.
He's gonna speak to us.
Isn't it a beautiful day,
Yes! It is!
Made all the more glorious
with your lovely presence.
If all my tenants were like
you, I'd be a very happy man.
That all it would take?
What are these for?
Mr. Booth came in earlier and
bought them,
seems he likes what you're doing
with his old shack
and he wants you to
do more.
Oh, I'm speechless.
Speechless? That is a miracle.
Thank you.
There's a chair out back.
Jenny threw that out.
You want it?
I could use it.
Then it's yours.
Good, you came to pay
the rent.
No, Sir.
I don't have it,
but I had to come.
To thank you.
For what?
Because of your kindness,
I was able to buy food for
my children.
Tonight, they did
not go hungry.
It was just a coin.
this is the good man who's
responsible for the
food you ate tonight.
Tell him thank you.
Thank you.
God bless you, Sir.
God bless you.
It was nothing.
It was everything.
[door opens]
These were on the porch.
Secret admirer?
What are you doing, Thomas?
Well, did you give my
letter to Lily?
I always keep my word.
I have to see her.
Then ask her again.
So she can refuse once more?
You give up too easily.
I didn't say that I
was giving up.
It sounded like it.
Eh, what do you know, Sarrah.
I mean you've... you've
never been in love.
if I did love somebody,
like you say you love Lily.
And if he loved me like I
know Lily loves you.
Then I wouldn't let anybody or
stand in the way of us being
That is what I would do.
Are you looking for Oliver?
Yes, he's late again.
I think he's with Shadow.
Don't worry, they always come
home when they're hungry.
Well he's going to be a lot
hungrier when he goes to bed
without any supper.
Come here, Oliver!
A soft voice can often be easier
to hear.
Haven't I told you not to
go out after dark?
Supper will be ready
in 10 minutes.
And don't bring those
rocks inside the house.
[dog panting]
And what shall I do with you?
Thomas, are you out there?
It's getting dark and I want to
read my book.
Lilly, II,
I know you're up there.
And I know you're listening.
So hear this, Lily Booth! I,
Thomas Keating love you!
I love you with all my heart and
and I will love you forever!
Forever, Lily Booth,
do you hear me?
Well, if you must know.
It took every fiber of my being
to get out of this bed
and move that lamp.
What's wrong?
Did Mr. Booth do something?
Good, because if he did...
The children decorated the old
fir tree,
in the middle of the square.
I wish I could see it.
I could take you,
Don't be silly.
How would that look, my son
carrying me down the street like
an old bag of bones.
Is that really what's most
important mother?
What people think?
You're such a joy to me,
I'm sorry I've been...
such a curmudgeon
You probably... wish I had
passed on too.
Oh, no.
Then who would be here to teach
me such patience?
[door opens]
[whispered "Thomas"]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[candle is blown out]
[door opens and closes]
Would you come here, please?
I needed some air.
Did you see him tonight?
Thomas loves me.
Just like you loved Mother.
No one could love you the way
I loved your mother.
You mean,
no one could love me,
as I am now.
Don't say that.
Don't you ever say that.
Why won't you let me see him?
Because he was careless.
I asked him to look after you.
I could have lost you, Lily.
Answer my question:
did you see him tonight?
I saw him.
He did not see me.
And all we have to do is bring
a gift!
I don't know what to make
of all this.
Who's behind it?
Look! A Christmas Eve dance!
Would be if it snowed.
I'll go and get the bread.
More rocks?
All right, but be home
before dark.
Ask Matthew if you can take
I'll feel better knowing you're
with him.
Sarah! I'm off to Mapleton.
I'll be back after dark,
you let Lilly know?
Yes, Sir.
All right, come on.
[horse neighs]
[door opens]
Are you going to stay in bed
all day?
Get up!
What, what are you doing?
Get up!
Have you been crying?
Thomas came to my window
last night.
I didn't speak to him.
Why not?
I don't know why not.
Lily Booth,
you are foolish, vain,
and shallow.
If you think that Thomas would
stop loving you because
of that little scar
on your face?
What about you and
What are you talking about?
I know that he leaves flowers
for you on your doorstep
every night and you just
ignore him.
Gabriel Hollis.
Oliver gave this to me.
Make your own bed.
Mrs. Grant?
I would like to purchase a gift.
What a beatiful chair!
Where did you get it?
Did you order it?
How could you afford it?
On pastor's wages.
What chair?
The one,
on your porch.
I don't have a chair on
my porch.
Yes you do!
Help me out of bed.
I have no idea where
this came from.
Aren't you going to
sit in it?
It's a miracle!
It's a chair.
[crowd talking]
What book are you reading?
Why don't you come see.
Oh! I like this one.
Scrooge reminds me of Mr. Booth.
What's so funny?
Whats your doll's name?
I used to mend broken dolls when
I was younger.
Would you like me to mend Lucy
for you?
No, thank you.
It wouldn't take very long.
I could have her fixed and ready
for Christmas Eve.
That's tommorow.
I know!
I'll take good care of her.
I'd better not.
She'd miss me too much.
And what is going on here?
Your ma wants to fix my doll.
She does?
Are you going to let her?
I'm not sure.
Could I see?
I would.
Promise you'll take good
care of her?
Oh! Cross my heart!
Just came out for some fresh
air, what's wrong with that?
Nothingoh nothing at all.
[rattlesnake rattle]
I'm glad I'm not that rug.
You should be.
Can we talk?
Do you really think
Thomas could love me...
as I am now?
If you don't know the answer
to that question
you don't deserve him.
[dog barking]
Something's not right.
Shadow was with Oliver.
Go get the buggy!
[dog barking]
[horses neighing]
Ned, I need to
borrow your horse.
[dog barking]
Sarrah! What is it?
[dog barking]
Oh, no.
It's a snake bite.
How long has he been gone?
I don't know!
Okay, gentle.
I need, uhh, water
andand a cloth.
Hot water! Hot water and
a cloth.
[dog whimpering]
It's okay, it's okay boy.
Lord, please help me.
Guide me and show me
what to do.
All right, Thomas.
[door opens]
What's happening.
It's a snake bite, Sarah's
fetching the doctor.
The boy can stay but you
need to get out of my house.
Thomas saved Oliver's life!
Stay out of this!
To your room!
I'm staying with Oliver.
You're released from your
position as pastor in this town,
and you need to leave,
You can't do that.
What is it?
Out of my house!
It's all right.
[horses whinny]
Oh, I must have fallen asleep.
What are you doing up?
Where are we going?
Oh, they're beautiful.
Do you think they'll like it?
Oh, of course they will!
I'm so sorry.
All of those times I scolded you
because of the rocks.
I was angry at you for
coming home late.
Can you forgive me?
We heard you were leaving.
Now, now,
no sad faces on Christmas Eve.
Come on!
Come on!
I want to talk about
what happened.
I don't wanna hear about it.
It wasn't Thomas's fault
the buggy tipped.
It was mine.
Thomas Keating!
[kissing noises]
[horse whinnys]
If you don't mind, I might
actually get out and walk.
I was rather hoping to make it
back to town before dawn.
Thomas, you tease.
[kissing sound]
[horse whinnys]
Hang on, hang on!
Why didn't you say something?
I was afraid.
Of me?
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
What's going on here?
Who's in charge?
I am...
we want Pastor Keating to stay.
And we're not...
leaving your property until,
you say yes.
Well what if I call
for the sheriff!
We don't have a sheriff!
Let him stay,
All right.
I'll think about it.
Now you kids get out of here
before I change my mind!
I bet she missed me!
Oh, yes, she did!
I know she missed me.
She looks almost new!
Thank you!
We're still short.
count it again.
I did, I counted it 3 times.
Let me count.
It's no use, sweetheart.
We don't have enough
to pay Mr. Booth.
All we have are
these darn rocks!
[rock smashes on the ground]
This, has to be worth...
[Door creaks]
You look radiant.
Agnes helped me.
don't just stand there!
We have a party to go to!
[crowd murmuring]
Thank you.
The town really needed this.
Don't thank me,
I didn't do this.
If not you...
[horses walking]
Welcome! To uhh...
Woodhaven's first annual
Christmas party!
[crowd murmurs]
He's trying to do
something nice!
Like Scrooge!
This might be a good time to
pass out the gifts.
What better night is there
to make amends?
Look at their faces, James.
They're so happy,
willing to forgive and forget.
Who's first?
I am!
[crowd laughing]
[fiddle tuning]
[clearing throat]
Would you mind playing for us?
All right everybody!
Let the dancing begin!
[crowd cheers]
[fiddle music ]
May I?
Of course!
This is wonderful!
Merry Christmas, Mother!
Merry Christmas!
He's coming over here.
He's gonna ask me to dance!
He's going to ask me!
It would be an honor if you
ladies would dance with me.
I'll be keeping my eye on you.
I'd expect nothing less.
May I?
You may!
Did you really mean forever?
Yes, of course I did!
Even with my
Lily Booth!
Lily Booth.
Will you be my wife?
[crowd cheers]
It's time!
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure!
I've had 5 children!
[victorious chuckle]
My son is going to be
born tonight!
Christmas Eve boy!
It's coming now!
I... ahh!
It's going to be
all right, dearest.
It's going to be all right.
Is, Mom going to be all right?
Yes, Rae.
The baby will come when he's
Maybe we should pray.
That's a great idea.
[Baby crying.]
Merry Christmas, Elias.
Merry Christmas.
Is it... a boy?
Or... a girl?
You have a new baby sister.
Let me see that baby.
Presenting Eliza Grant, Jr.
Another beautiful baby girl.
You can't go!
I'm glad you found
your voice, Oliver.
Why do you have to go when you
made so many miracles happen?
Did I?
I simply moved a few rocks,
and planted a few seeds.
It was more than that.
Why do you have to go?
I have seeds I need to
plant elsewhere.
By the authority,
vested in me . . .
I pronounce you
man and wife.
Kiss her.
[crowd cheers]
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