Mirage (2018) Movie Script

In meteorological terms,
we have to talk
about the arrival of an electrical storm
which will extend throughout
the northern third of the Peninsula.
The great atmospheric instability
has been forming
different supercells
in permanent rotation.
The National Meteorology Institute
predicts that these
will be particularly visible
from tonight
and that they will remain
for the next 72 hours,
leading to strong downpours
that may cause
malfunctions in electrical devices
and problems with communications,
therefore the Civil Guard
has established some rules
as a precaution to protect our people.
We are now able to offer
the emergency story
that we announced previously
which has just arrived
this minute from Berlin.
At the centre of the story
is our special correspondent,
Jose Maria Siles.
Absolute normality
on the streets of East Berlin,
at nightfall.
Only a few onlookers have come
to Brandenburg Gate.
In the West,
at Check Point Charlie,
the crossing point
between both Berlins,
the first onlookers
and television cameras are arriving.
Shortly before midnight, here,
in Neuklln, the border
has opened informally
for all Germans from the East
that want to come here to the West.
In 27 years, it is the first time
that the Berlin Wall
no longer exists for citizens
from the other Germany.
November 9th, 1989...
You just ruined my tape.
I'm going to work.
Don't go to bed too late,
you have class tomorrow, OK?
Nico, have you recorded my tape?
Ms. Weiss.
Ms. Weiss.
I need help!
I need help!
Good morning, my love.
Come on...
How did you sleep?
I don't like this house, it's cold.
You've only been here one night.
I want my room.
Well, you'll get it soon. Alright?
Hey, come on, let's go!
Hello, darling, are you here?
Yes, I brought my flight forward.
But I have to spend
all day in meetings,
because they
want to review the targets,
they say we don't sell
enough insurance and all that...
I'll be a little late.
Well... Like always...
I'll make it up to you... now confess.
Alright, I slept with her.
-You slept together?
-Yes, we slept together.
I knew it. Put her on.
Gloria, talk to Daddy.
Hello, Dad.
Hello, how's my little monster?
Everything smells like paint.
You'll see,
soon it will be
much better than in the city.
-Has the meeting started?
-They are waiting for you.
A new client, Ms. Velazquez,
is coming tomorrow.
-OK, make a note.
Honey, can I get back to Mum?
-He wants to talk to you.
Why don't you tell Aitor
to come for dinner?
I'll tell him now.
Hey, I love you.
I love you too.
What are you doing, Mum?
The storm.
It's the same,
the same as years ago.
I'm going to work.
I'll be right back.
Don't smoke too much, OK?
-I wanted to ask.
-Go ahead.
We're leaving.
Can you lock up the door
and leave the key in the house upfront?
Good morning, neighbour!
-Good morning!
-How's it going?
If I was a passenger and saw you in that,
I swear I'd get off the plane.
Where's your husband?
He spent the night in Seville.
-Oh, yes?
He wants to make dinner tonight,
what about it?
I think he's incredibly cheeky, but...
-Stop now!
Besides that... I fly to Marseilles
and this evening I think
I'll be here, so...
Tell your mother to come.
-It'd be great.
-I'd like to see her.
That's all.
The electrical storm is expected
to start with force from early tonight
with an approximate duration of 72 hours.
It is the first time astrophysicists
agree on highlighting
the exceptional nature of a phenomenon
that seems to be repeating itself,
as in 1989,
there was a very similar storm,
with a symmetrical structure...
I didn't know you were back.
My holidays were short but intense.
What happened here?
Did a tropical mosquito bite you?
Or did you bring someone
home in your suitcase?
How's the new house?
When did I tell you we've moved?
Half the hospital knows.
Good, honestly
it has all been very quick,
the owner had left
the house years ago,
she was in a hurry to sell it.
It needs some work but that's all,
we can't complain.
But I do.
They're going to open my head.
Don't worry.
Dr. Fell is the best specialist
in craniotomy in the hospital.
Ready, Mr. Mendoza?
Here we go.
Good morning.
Hello, Doctor.
Congratulations on the article.
Did you read it?
What happened with Ms. Blanco?
She developed "alequestesia".
Injury of the spinothalamic tract?
No, she required
an anterolateral cordotomy.
The more I know you, the less
I understand that you quit medicine.
Well, I had Gloria, and...
I don't like to do things halfway.
So you're lucky
that I quit medicine.
Now I would be the best neuro-surgeon
in this hospital.
How are you?
Can Greta come home?
If her mum is OK with it...
I'm sure she is.
I'll call her, OK?
Girls... what did we agree on?
Your mother is taking you
to the dentist.
Ah, alright, OK, OK.
I get it...
Are you coming, storyteller?
-Ciao, Miranda.
-Bye, Greta.
Can you see anything?
I promise. I can't see anything.
-Sure you're not cheating?
You wanna try? Come on!
You're going to give me a heart attack.
When did you arrive?
-Half an hour ago.
-Half an hour?
What are you doing?
Organising the books
to make our library.
What's this?
You were dating her
when we met, right?
And that face?
What face?
-You're jealous.
I saw it in your eyes,
you're a little jealous.
No, no.
You did get a little bit jealous.
She was very pretty, she is very pretty.
-Show me?
Ursula, maybe I'll call her
one of these days.
So pretty.
What happened here?
-Nothing. I was there...
-With what?
That sign,
I was putting it up and I cut myself.
Did you disinfect it?
Honey, it's a very small cut,
I disinfected it,
and used a band aid, Dr. Roy.
You know that I always liked the idea
that after graduation
everyone would call you
Dr. Vera Roy?
-Alright, enough.
Let's go.
What's this?
This camera must be
at least 20 or 30 years old.
Of course. The tapes.
This has been here since the 80's.
Why don't we call Gloria
and see if it works?
Do you know that this tape
was recorded on today's exact date,
but in 1989?
You just ruined my tape.
-Put another one on.
-That was the last.
Did you like it?
Who's going to keep it?
I'll start making dinner,
because they will be here soon.
Yes, I'll take a shower.
Are you hungry?
Absolute normality
on the streets of East Berlin,
at nightfall.
Only a few onlookers
have come to Brandenburg Gate.
What's this?
At Check Point Charlie,
crossing point between both Berlins...
I don't know.
But there's no tape in.
Besides, now the channels
don't broadcast in analogue.
...has opened informally
for all Germans...
-It doesn't make any sense, David.
A television signal from 25 years ago?
Did you say hi to Clara?
I swear, the TV came alive.
Came alive?
-Came alive?
-Came alive!
Are you listening
to your crazy husband? Came alive?
Are you still talking about the TV?
Of course we are.
-Cover your ears, honey.
I'm going to tell Mum a secret.
Mum and I don't have secrets.
Not even one?
Let's see...
What don't you understand?
-I was the better catch.
-Yeah right!
Stop listening in!
I was a better catch
and you let me go. Why?
What can we say?
Because some things
are destined to be how they are.
-What is this? That hand.
-What's going on?
5 minutes and you're holding hands.
Don't exaggerate.
-Who wants meat?
By the way, why are you still using
that toaster of a TV?
It's just that, I don't know...
Can't you afford to buy...?
We were watching the tapes
we found, that's all.
There was a boy singing.
A boy singing, eh?
-Do you want some?
Thank you.
That boy was Nico Lasarte.
He was my best friend.
He loved playing the guitar
and always told me
that he would be a rock star.
Mum always took us
to school together.
the neighbour from next-door
-killed his wife.
And Nico saw it.
Aitor, enough.
Then he was run over.
On a night like this, with a storm.
Remember that the next day
a lightning hit the facade
of the school, by the clock,
and we had no power
and no class for a week.
Shut up!
Shut up.
Stop it.
You're frightening the girl.
Can't you see?
It's alright,
it's just a lightning storm.
It'll go away, you'll see...
Wanna know a secret?
Lie down.
when I was 7 years old,
I was really, really frightened
by storms, just like you,
you know what I did?
I took Granny's music box
and watched the ballerina.
I watched her dance
and I forgot about everything.
I watched her dance, dance,
until I fell asleep.
You wanna try?
Does it hurt?
Why don't you get it checked?
He killed himself
3 months after entering prison.
Here it says he owned an abattoir
and was going to bury his wife
underneath it.
Who confesses something
he was going to do
but didn't because
he was arrested first?
Why don't we change the subject?
Someone who says
what he would have done
but didn't do it,
that's not a common killer.
Are you a psychologist now?
No, but it's strange. Don't you think so?
Are they dirty?
I love when you make that face,
when you don't like something.
Your nose wrinkles, turns up...
Your nose goes like this, wrinkled.
Like a rabbit face.
-Oh, yes?
-A tiny rabbit.
-An ugly rabbit.
-What's this?
Have you been smoking?
Are you controlling me?
Are you controlling me?
Come on, honey, I'm joking.
You always fall for it, you know me.
I like jokes.
Yesterday in the hotel, in Seville,
-I went to the caf...
-You don't have to explain.
I had one and dumped the rest.
-I promise. Let's do something.
-Nothing happened.
-Like nothing happened. Really?
-Yes, yes.
...we're able to offer the emergency
story that we announced previously
which has just arrived
this minute from Berlin.
...the border has opened informally
for all Germans from the East
that want to come here to the West.
In 27 years,
it is the first time
that the Berlin Wall no longer exists
for citizens from the other Germany.
November 9th, 1989,
is a day for the history of Germany
and Europe as a whole.
This couple has just arrived
and can't believe it.
They just had to present
their identity card,
and they received a stamp.
It is their first time in the West,
but they don't intend to stay.
At home, in the East, on the other side,
their son is waiting,
and they work at 8 am.
I'm going to work.
Mum, the camera broke.
Don't go to bed late,
you have class tomorrow, OK?
Nico, have you recorded my tape?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Yes, I can see you.
How do you do it?
-How do I do what?
-Hold on!
That sign is the same
as the Valpineda station.
It's the same,
just worn out.
It's the same one.
How do you have it?
We stole it.
My husband and I stole it.
I don't understand.
Aitor, your neighbour,
introduced me to David,
my husband,
I met Aitor at Valpineda station.
Aitor Medina!
Wait, wait!
His mother takes you to school.
Do you know why I know?
I know because it already happened.
What already happened?
-What is it?
-Shouting, outside.
Wait, wait, wait.
Nico, come back!
How do you know my name?
You used to live here.
Here, where?
Something's wrong next door.
Don't go, please, you shouldn't go.
Am I dreaming?
Look what I have, look.
My tapes.
How did you get those?
Nico, I live in your house.
This is your house, in 25 years time.
I'm going to show you something.
This is you, if you go outside.
-It's a trick. How do you do it?
No, no! It's not, it's real.
-This is real.
-You're lying.
Nico, wait!
I know what's going to happen
at your school tomorrow.
Lightning is going to hit
the clock at the entrance,
the entire school will lose power
and the classes will be cancelled.
If you stay in your room,
you'll see I'm right,
but if you go outside,
tomorrow you will be dead.
Nico, Nico, Nico, please,
please don't go, don't go outside,
Nico please, please, wait! Wait!
Stay inside!
Nico, please don't go outside.
Don't go, a car will hit you!
When you cross the road it will hit you!
Nico, please!
Please, no!
Maria, it's Clara, did I wake you?
No. I'm just back from work.
I don't feel well, my brother will
bring the kids to school, OK?
Alright, don't worry.
Feel better soon.
Why are you awake?
Aitor's mother isn't well,
her brother will bring you
to school, OK?
Mum, I dreamed without sleeping.
A woman from the future
spoke to me through the TV.
They're waiting for you in the OR.
Why is he here?
Mr. Mendoza
has cerebrovascular insufficiency.
Yes, Dr. Fell
operated on him yesterday.
Mr. Mendoza is your patient.
Vera. We need to open him up now.
Dr. Roy, are you ready to get dressed?
What did you call me?
What's happening here?
What is this? What are you doing?
Dr. Roy.
Are you alright?
Come on, we're late.
Nico, careful with the skateboard,
the other day...
I'll be back at 5, OK?
What happened, uncle Roman?
I don't know. Let's ask.
Excuse me, miss.
Is there a problem?
The storm caused an electrical fault,
there's no power.
Class is suspended.
Come on kids, let's go home.
Hi Greta, have you seen Gloria?
Gloria who?
Gloria, my daughter.
I'm her mum.
Don't you remember me?
Hello, Miranda.
Pablo, go to class.
Can I help you?
Yes, I'm looking for Gloria.
Can I see her a minute?
Gloria, Gloria Ortiz. Gloria is...
Miranda, I'm Vera!
I'm sorry, I don't know you.
I'm looking for my daughter.
Class is suspended.
Nico forgot his keys
and his mother's asleep.
Clara, I have to go to the airport.
Go on, kids!
Hi Lidia. I'm here to see David.
Ms. Velazquez?
He's waiting in his office.
Go through.
What's happening?
Lidia doesn't recognise me.
I went to Gloria's school,
she's not there.
They say she's not a student.
Her teacher doesn't know me
and her friend Greta
doesn't know who she is either.
Where did you leave Gloria?
You're not Ms. Velazquez, right?
David, enough, really.
Really, that's enough. I'm really tired...
Son of a bitch! Damn German.
Who is German!
I believed you for a second!
-You were great! Brilliant!
-That's enough, David!
-Not funny.
-Don't touch.
David, it's me!
Quit the fucking joke, David!
-Tell me where Gloria is.
Who the hell are you
and who is Gloria?
Gloria is our daughter!
Nico told me that last night he heard
shouting in Mr. Prieto's house.
A woman screamed, it was scary.
Maybe it was Ms. Weiss.
What do you think, Mum?
Did you see or hear
anything else, Nico?
No, because the TV...
I looked out the window, but nothing.
We spied from my room,
and you know what?
The blinds are down
and Bruno is tied
to the shed, howling.
Mr. Prieto always feeds him
in the morning, but not today.
do you believe in time travel?
What can I say?
I didn't start this.
I don't know why David,
or my daughter's school
act like I'm someone I'm not.
I know it seems like I'm lying,
or crazy,
but the only thing I can think of
is that it's a type of joke.
Can you help me?
Yes, I can help you,
but first I need
to ask you some questions.
When was the last time
you saw your daughter?
Last night.
She was scared,
she was frightened of the storm.
And the man you say
is your husband?
David Ortiz is my husband.
What is the last thing
you remember with him?
Last night, too.
Your nose wrinkles up...
Before bed...
-Like a rabbit.
He lied about something silly.
He'd been smoking.
Nothing else?
I don't understand the questions.
I'm trying to see it.
I think we're wasting time.
If you want me to help you,
you have to help me to understand.
The smallest details.
Before everything changed,
what is the last thing you remember?
The story of the boy
who lived in our house.
A neighbour of Aitor Medina, our friend.
Aitor told us that he died.
Hit by a car
running out of another house.
A man... it all sounds sinister,
a man killed his wife, and...
the boy found out.
Continue, please.
Then I think I dreamed about him.
He appeared
on an old television, and...
Before he died, I tried to save him.
Can you hear me?
I tried to warn him, to save him.
Do you remember the boy's name?
Nico Lasarte.
And then...
Something very strange happened.
Nico, please, please, no...
I don't remember anything else.
All I can say right now
is that you are confused.
We have verified that...
you don't live where you said,
you're not married to David Ortiz.
There is no birth certificate
for your daughter.
She officially was not born.
We haven't found
a single photo of her.
You don't have any.
Nobody has ever seen her, Vera.
The life you speak of
only exists in your mind.
Are you there?
Answer me!
Here's the passport, ticket and Marks.
Thank you.
How is she, Doctor?
Good, this is the last test.
The results don't show
any anatomic alteration.
Your brain's activity is optimal,
so we can dismiss
any neurological impairment.
He was your first intervention
leading a surgical team.
You extracted
a meningioma from his brain.
Whatever you know about him,
here is the answer.
It's true.
David had a meningioma removed,
I remember.
But it wasn't me, I don't operate.
You're the neurosurgeon,
I wasn't even in the post-operative
because I had the flu. Monica took over.
Come with me.
This is your office.
Look around and you will remember.
You're the best neurosurgeon
in the hospital.
You joined my team
before finishing your speciality.
It's impossible that all my memories
are a distortion.
You should go home.
The surroundings will help you remember.
Gloria is my daughter.
Lorena Garca.
She died twelve days ago,
in theatre.
It had never happened you before.
Nobody wanted to operate on her,
but you took the risk.
It was an impossible case,
even for you.
They prescribed sedatives,
and a few days of rest.
You returned this morning
for Mr. Mendoza's operation,
but we can extend your leave.
Vera, you blocked out Lorena Garca,
but speak of Gloria Ortiz,
an imaginary girl
you give life to.
You made up David Ortiz
as your husband
because you've joined
your first patient to your last.
Your mind has drawn a circle.
There must be another explanation.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
What is it, Vera?
Where are you going?
-You're frightened...
-No, no...
I'm not scared.
I'm starting to understand
many things, really.
The strange things,
this entire situation
started with the storm.
-That might have changed everything.
-Changed, how?
What do you mean
that you changed everything?
Maybe I saved that boy.
I have to know if he died or is alive.
To get my daughter back.
open the door, please.
ngel, don't worry.
Everything's under control.
Do you want to try?
Let's go!
I've got you, bitch.
You broke in.
What are you doing in my house?
-My house.
-What did you say?
And it was a boy's house, too.
Nico Lasarte.
I don't know what this is about.
I just want to know if he's OK,
where he is.
-There was a...
an old TV and a camera.
There was a connection with the storm.
Everything changed.
-Love! Come up!
-Are you OK?
-I'm in the attic.
-What happened the door?
-They broke in, come up!
I can't believe it, you?
Do you know her?
She came to my office today.
-Call the police,
tell them she's an intruder.
-David, I need your help.
-Stop. Don't move.
Hello, I called a while ago
because someone broke in.
Ursula Abad.
She came back in...
David, listen to me.
-Are they coming?
-Yes, now.
David, please.
Stop using my name
like you know me.
We know each other.
The police told me she was the one
who removed the meningioma.
-Are you a neurosurgeon?
I left neurosurgery
when Gloria was born.
You wanted to study a master
to show your father
you could be better than him.
You didn't ask me to,
but I supported you.
Who is Gloria?
Gloria is our daughter.
I swear I don't know
what she's talking about.
I swear, she's lying.
-Who the fuck do you think you are?
-No, no!
Leave me!
Where is she, David?
-I don't know.
I don't know!
What is it?
The whole street lost power.
What is the police doing here?
I don't know.
Inspector Leira.
-Good evening.
Is something wrong?
No, we're looking for this woman.
Have you seen her?
Is she OK?
Has she done something?
She's just disoriented.
Good night.
What is it, Mum?
A crazy woman broke into
David and Ursula's house
and we think she hid at home.
Don't worry, we're fine.
I'll check on them and go to work.
Haven't they cancelled the flights
because of the storm?
I've flown in worse, Mum.
Tell uncle Roman to come tomorrow.
It's Angel's birthday.
We can confirm that the lock
has been broken.
Are you OK?
Angel, it's me.
-Where are you calling from?
-The booth by your house.
Alright, calm down.
Calm down.
Listen to me...
you don't understand... I realised...
my watch... in your house...
I don't hear you well, what?
My watch.
-I don't have my watch.
I left my watch, I can't find it.
-Your watch?
-I don't have it.
It must be in your house,
on the floor.
-You didn't take it?
-No, I don't have it.
-Look for it, it must be there.
-OK, don't worry.
If you left it here, it's here. OK?
-Listen, do what I told you.
-Yes, of course.
I have the passport.
We'll talk before you leave, OK?
I'll be at the bar near the airport.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
A lot.
I have to go to Erejn for a while,
to the new office.
Uncle Roman will take care of you.
I'll visit you as often as I can.
Who the fuck are you?
Listen, I know
what this car means to you.
What the fuck do you want?
You bought it from your uncle Roman
while in flight school.
Who are you?
Your father was a military pilot,
Armando, you hardly remember him.
He died during a practice manoeuver.
I don't know when the connection
between you and I broke
to stop me from meeting David
and for him to stay with Ursula.
Tell me how we supposedly met.
In 2001.
One day after the New York attacks.
We took the same train every morning.
I nearly always sat in the same place.
Sometimes, like that morning,
you sat in front of me.
When we reached Valpineda station...
-Are you OK? Are you hurt?
-No, no... I'm fine.
You stayed with me, we became friends
and started to hang around.
One night we went to the cinema...
You met David and introduced me.
-I'm Ursula
From the first time,
I knew it would be him.
What film did we see?
We saw Castaway.
I know you can't stand
seeing planes crash.
You made an exception, for me.
No, that's impossible.
You liked me a lot.
Did I?
I liked you and let you go.
It was love at first sight with David.
Well... that was a great story.
It's a pity it didn't happen, so...
It happened.
Pleased to meet you.
You were on the train.
But you didn't sit in front of me.
For some reason
you didn't sit in front of me.
You should get help.
I have to go.
Wait, wait.
What do you know about Nico Lasarte?
Your neighbour, you studied together.
What has Nico got to do with this?
With Hilda Weiss.
Angel's ex?
Angel killed her.
The boy saw it.
He was run over.
But I think I saved him,
and that changed everything.
I don't understand any of this, OK?
But I know that Angel has been
with my mother for 20 years.
He couldn't hurt a fly.
Much less Hilda Weiss.
She left him.
She didn't.
She went with someone else
after the wall fell.
It's not true.
That's what he made you think.
That man killed his wife.
It's my mother's husband,
for God's sake!
-Tell me about Nico Lasarte.
I have to go.
-You OK, nephew?
-I'll tell you later.
Today's guest is Karen Sardon,
author of the novel Mirage,
published 2 decades ago.
In the novel, she describes how
two symmetrical electrical storms
occurred on November 9th, 1989,
and today.
-Welcome, professor Sardon.
-Thank you.
How could you know
this would happen?
Can you see the future,
or does reality exceed the fiction?
Well, like a magician
doesn't reveal his tricks,
a writer shouldn't reveal
their inspiration.
But to answer your question:
No, obviously.
I can't see the future.
My book is based on a story I was told,
about a boy with schizophrenia,
his hallucinations were so real
that they inspired me
to write the novel.
So this boy gave you the idea
of the woman
who spoke through the television.
Not exactly him. His mother.
There is a lot of coincidence
in the story.
You left this at the hospital.
What are you doing here?
You were at David Ortiz's house.
He told me he knows Aitor Medina.
He's a pilot,
so I presumed you'd be here.
Karen Sardon found this story
through Nico Lasarte.
His mother told her about him.
But the hallucination was real.
It was me.
Please, let me prove that I'm not crazy.
In fact, the mathematically
interesting Hilbert spaces
are vector spaces
of infinite dimension.
The type of Hilbert space
necessary in each case
depends on the system of...
On nothing because class is over.
For questions, you know where I am.
For next week, read the theory
of the cosmic web, by Richard Gott.
Maria Lasarte
came to see me because
her son was convinced
his life was saved
by a woman from the future
who appeared on his television.
What the woman wanted to know
was whether the electrical storm
could have created a time-space warp,
something like a video call
in symmetrical parallel time.
What happened to the boy?
I don't know, she didn't tell me.
I was only interested
in all the questions
that I could use in my book.
Right, of course.
You were only
interested in your book.
I sent him to a specialist.
If you didn't have contact
with him even then,
-could you find him now?
-No, I couldn't.
Your book is pure fabrication, right?
Yes, pure fantasy.
But it's happening.
The storm.
I'm here.
I remember Nico Lasarte.
That doesn't prove that the woman
from the future wasn't just
in Mara Lasarte's son's mind.
Or that Nico Lasarte ever existed.
He might have existed
only in the mother's mind.
Like this book.
It could be based
just on my imagination.
But I exist.
I exist.
I told you my story.
And these photos exist,
they're proof of this.
Nothing proves anything.
We are the ones
who make sense of it.
All we know is that the brain
truly believes
the experiences that we feel.
It's function is to interpret
a hallucination as if it were real.
What do you think would happen
if reality were just an illusion?
So, given that under
the same meteorological conditions,
the connection would be possible,
-how could we recover it?
-Why do you want to?
To get my life and my family back.
That's why.
I don't know, but if it's possible,
we would have to reproduce
the exact conditions
that occurred at the time
of the first change.
In the same place,
with the same electrical connection.
Can I see your watch?
The original television, the camera
and of course, during the storm.
What if,
even with all of these elements,
the storm ends?
The bridge would close forever.
The storm started 53 hours ago.
If it's symmetrical to 1989,
it'll last 72.
This is the time I have left
to find my daughter.
Will you help me?
I need the old television
and the camera.
The Lasarte could have them.
Searching police files can be very slow.
I need judicial authorisation,
and I won't get it with this story.
-I need more.
-Like what?
Something convincing.
Here it says he owned an abattoir
and was going to bury his wife
underneath it.
Who confesses something
he was going to do
but didn't because he was arrested first?
I think I've got it.
There's something I don't understand.
You still don't believe me, right?
This is your past life.
This is 1989 and this is now.
If what you say is true,
if there's really a gate with
the past that allowed you to alter it,
why are your memories still tied
to a time that really
no longer took place?
Aren't you curious to know
what your life is like now?
But this is real.
The body is real.
It is also real
that you and I are here
because you have another life.
A very real other life.
This one. With people
I'm sure care about you.
I found the body.
Now it's fair for you to help me.
the judge wants to talk to you.
I'll be right back.
This body changes everything.
The judge's priority is to identify it,
to be sure it is who you say it is.
Meanwhile, you are as suspicious
as the owner of the land.
You don't have children, right?
Someone who doesn't have children has time
to do what they want.
To be the best,
but they also miss things.
You asked for something convincing.
Something real and I gave it to you.
What else?
Stay here.
All units, I've lost Vera Roy.
I repeat, I have lost Vera Roy.
Report to me directly if she is found.
My colleagues will back me up
before the judge.
When you leave, you're on your own.
I've made some calls
and revised credit cards.
This is all I can offer you.
ROOM 1016
You found Nico Lasarte?
I think this will bring you to him.
Go before I change my mind.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Angel,
happy birthday to you!
-Blow harder!
David, where are you?
Something is happening.
Something related with that woman...
-The body appeared...
-I know, I'm watching it.
No, Aitor flew to Dubrovnik,
he'll spend the night there.
...the neurosurgeon Vera Roy informed...
No, this is crazy.
...and then disappeared.
I'm at the office.
I'll be there in five minutes.
-No further information...
-See you soon.
...on the victim's identity,
but unofficial sources ensure
that it could be the former wife...
Who was it?
It was Ursula, I have to go.
What is it?
It's not her, the family of a friend,
something happened.
I have to go...
Don't escape.
Dr. Roy?
What are you doing here?
They gave me this address
and this room number.
Can I come in?
I'm not alone.
I understand.
How can I help?
I'm looking for someone
called Nico Lasarte.
Do you know him?
He's not here?
No, I don't know that name.
So who are you with?
That's my business.
Look, Dr. Roy.
I don't know what's going on,
but we should call Dr. Fell.
Where are you going?
Dr. Roy, stop!
I don't know who you're looking for,
but I swear he's not here.
David, I'm sorry.
-I'll call the police.
-You're not calling anyone.
How long have you been together?
We're not together.
I'm not talking to you.
Since my operation.
It's not what you think, I love her.
But you're with Ursula.
That's totally different.
Tell me what you want
and let's get this over with.
Give me your hand.
Give it here.
I don't understand.
If I only know you from the operation,
why don't I remember?
What does it matter?
But I remember
an entire life with you.
And I remember every day
I was pregnant with Gloria.
I know why I'm here.
You'll bring me to Nico Lasarte.
-I'll bring you to the police.
-Don't be a fool.
You work in a bank.
You have access to customers data.
That is confidential.
This is confidential too, I suppose.
Good evening.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
Do you remember me?
Because I really remember you.
Inspector Dimas is here.
Thank you.
Let's start at the beginning.
According to a police report
from 1989, on November 11th a boy,
your neighbour, Nico Lasarte,
accused you of killing your wife.
Good evening.
Nobody believed him.
It was your word against his,
and you could prove your version.
But what was a child's fantasy
is today a reality.
The events are
from two days before, the ninth.
The day the Wall fell
and the world changed.
According to your statement,
that day your ex wife, Hilda Weiss,
said she was going to visit
a friend in San Narciso.
...the chance for Germans
from the East...
According to the report, you declared
that your wife was preparing
to return to Berlin.
But I believe you lied.
She never wanted
to go back to Germany.
And you accepted
when she wanted to go visiting.
You felt the decision
was going to create the occasion.
Something like that.
Excuse me.
You have a call.
Honey, the road to San Narciso
is closed for the storm.
I have to spend the night here.
OK, don't worry.
-See you tomorrow.
She's not back until tomorrow.
I promise to talk to her.
Things will change, OK?
I love you.
I love you, too.
Mr. Prieto.
Tell me what happened that night.
Did you kill your wife?
My love!
You scratched me...
Son of a bitch.
Hilda please!
Clara, no!
Stop it, Hilda!
Hilda! No...
Did you kill your wife?
Yes or no?
Answer, please.
I want to speak to my lawyer.
I have the right to remain silent.
This is the watch Nico Lasarte
found in your house.
The proof you had an accomplice.
Nico Lasarte highlighted
a detail about the watch.
The details are important, Mr. Prieto.
He noticed a small engraving.
Can I see your watch?
Your watch, please.
Thank you.
These are your current wife's initials.
Clara Medina.
The facts speak for themselves.
Only she could act as Hilda,
to make her disappear.
And I suspect that you helped.
Will it work?
The guy who makes them is good.
Do what I said,
and don't make contact.
These are assumptions, there's no proof.
Nico Lasarte had the watch
implicating your neighbour,
Clara Medina, and you knew.
So you found a way
to get it back at the boy's expense.
We'll talk before you leave.
I love you.
I love you, too. A lot.
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
I have proof.
Are you sure about it?
We have checked
everything you've said.
But we have a problem, kid.
Your neighbour, Mr. Prieto,
reported that someone broke in
and stole a gold watch.
He also says his wife left.
She left him for an ex boyfriend
in Germany, her home.
Nico made a mistake.
But he would never make up
something he says
he saw in Mr. Prieto's house
to cover himself.
The problem is that
his wife's bank account
shows movement in Berlin
and we checked the list of passengers,
she flied there.
There must be an explanation.
If my son...
Your son, Ms. Lasarte,
has told an incredible story.
About a woman from the future
who speaks through a television.
That she gave him
the information about Angel Prieto.
We have to find the way
to solve this misunderstanding.
I can only think of one option.
-Stop, Nico! Please!
-I saw it!
Is that my watch?
Give Mr. Prieto back his watch.
If you promise not to do this again,
this will be our secret.
We'll be at peace, OK?
They moved away after a while,
I didn't see him again.
His mind wasn't right.
That's the easy reading.
Nico Lasarte made the mistake
of mixing what he knew
with a story
about a woman from the future.
That's why nobody believed him.
We just need time
for the forensics to prove
that the body we found
is your ex wife.
Nicols Lasarte.
Then, Nico Lasarte,
will have won the battle.
Over 20 years later,
but he'll have won.
He was our customer,
so was his mother
and you say he lived in my house.
Let's track his movements,
find his address...
Here, this must be him.
Nicols Lasarte Leira.
The circle is closing, Mr. Prieto.
I'll tell you
what happened to Nico Lasarte.
He got obsessed
with proving he was right.
All he had to do
was to wait for the woman
from the future to come back.
He calculated the hours
left in the storm,
guessing that when it ended
the gate would close.
That's what happened.
Something in the future
had stopped any new communication.
He only had questions,
and his mother only wanted answers.
Tests proved
that he wasn't consciously lying.
So the reason
for his obsession had to be
a mental disorder.
His mother decided to get away,
with the hope that
some day he would be cured.
But it was just the beginning
of a long nightmare.
First the psychologists,
then psychiatrists.
Then admission to a centre
until he surrendered to their ideas.
But not to himself.
He denied the existence of Vera Roy
so they would stop.
But Nico Lasarte knew
you were guilty.
And he never understood why
the woman who saved him once
didn't come back to help him.
So Nico Lasarte
never forgot Vera Roy.
The top floor.
His post has been
sent here for 5 years.
Are we even?
At the time, he didn't know her name,
but he had a clue.
So he followed it.
And he waited.
His future and past
came together in that moment
and he was frightened.
Everything that had made him
crazy to others,
was becoming a reality
in front of his eyes.
He didn't know how to reach her,
what could he say?
How could she believe him
when she hadn't experienced it yet?
He stopped looking for answers
and wished that she would never
look for them, either.
The flight of a butterfly
can be very cruel
if it occurs in a place
and a time that allows for change.
I was waiting for you.
-Are you OK?
Yes. I'm fine.
Let me help.
My name is Nicols Lasarte Leira,
Mr. Prieto.
We live in a system that is chaotic,
and drastically alterable.
Nico asked me to come
in case this happened.
To help you remember.
To remember what?
It's best
if you discover it for yourself.
Where is she?
Go home, Mum.
I'm sorry.
I've been stuck for two days.
Since you came to the station
and you didn't recognize me,
talking about that life you had
when I was a boy.
It wasn't the life you had with me.
It wasn't possible that you lived it
because I changed it.
By finding you.
But you had those memories.
And you had erased me.
I let Dr. Fell interpret
what was happening in his way,
and I waited.
With the hope that you'd remember.
Remember us, Vera.
I just wanted to understand
my experiences as a boy and...
why you hadn't come back.
I couldn't know that when you were
to meet Aitor, you'd meet me,
and everything would change.
I avoided you finding me,
because I didn't want
things to change again.
Because I love you,
and I don't want to lose you.
I have feared this moment for years.
I feared the day you would find
our connection in our present.
I imagined it all.
All of the possibilities.
But not that you would
forget me overnight.
That you would go back
to a life you haven't lived.
Because I changed it.
Then the storm arrived.
I need the camera
and the television.
I don't remember any of this.
I dumped all of it.
Someone broke into David's house.
You broke in.
It was you.
To test the connection.
You wanted to know.
I would have too.
Yes, I tried it.
But I realised it was a mistake
and disconnected.
I couldn't risk a new connection
altering my past
and everything I did to meet you.
But I let you find me.
To see who David Ortiz really is,
and to find me.
You have to go back to 1989
and grow up
without an obsession with me.
You have to forget me
so that you never have to find me.
And you have to forget
Angel Prieto, too.
If they find him in the past
that would affect Clara,
that would affect Aitor,
and I need to meet him,
like I would have
if you hadn't stopped it
that's the only way to meet David
and to get my daughter back.
What if it doesn't work out?
We can't control
everything that might happen.
-I'll take the risk.
Let me be your memory.
Stay with me.
Do you remember me now?
This is real.
This is real.
We have to go back to 1989.
No. No.
I can't.
No, I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
I saved you.
Now it's your turn.
Hello, Nico.
Who are you?
Listen to me.
I'm you.
You're me.
Where's the woman from the future?
You have to help me.
What I'm going to tell you is very...
very important.
-What's wrong?
Are you sad?
No, I'm very happy.
This isn't a dream, right?
What, Mum?
I don't want you to move from here.
Vera, love, are you OK?
What is it, are you alright?
I had a nightmare.
Another one?
What do you mean, another?
Vera, you've been acting strange
for a few days.
Where are the camera
and the television
that were in there?
There has never been a camera
in there, or a television...
Are you really alright?
Where are you going?
What's going on?
Vera, you're frightening me.
Where did you get the matches?
Here we go again.
From the hotel in Seville,
don't you remember?
It really happened.
Angel is free.
He kept his promise.
OK, received.
Would you like a coffee?
Thank you.
The inspector is here.
Got it.
A woman found a body.
She hasn't said anything,
just that it's the ex wife
of the abattoir's owner.
But according to our reports,
she lives in Berlin.
-Who is it?
I want to know
how you found the body,
and why you think
it's Hilda Weiss.
I knew it would be you, Nico.
Do I know you?
You just don't remember yet.