Mirage Men (2013) Movie Script

Attention projectionist,
adjust the lens,
so that your picture will be
focused properly
before the show starts.
Flying Saucers have invaded
our planet,
Washington, London, Paris,
Moscow are
key targets, the whole world
is under attack!
People of Earth, attention!
In 1952 the Central
Intelligence Agency
faced with a huge public
interest in flying
saucers brought in a panel of
very senior scientists,
we know it now as the.
Robertson panel.
They concluded that there was
to these flying saucer reports
as objective devices of some
but that, nevertheless, the
government had to
exercise great care to debunk
the stories and individual
who expressed an interest in
flying saucers
ought to be carefully watched
said the Robertson panel.
And I believe that to be the
founding document,
the document giving the long
range strategy
that has been followed by the
US government.
The general feeling amongst
who have devoted a big chunk
of their life
to studying UFOs I think is
fear that they have
been taken for a ride, that
these cases are
hoaxes, but sophisticated hoaxes
carried out by their own
What do you want with me?
Let's take one step at a time,
you're looking at Richard Doty,
the professional disinformer,
trained to lie.
I'm Richard Doty.
There's probably about 80% of
false information
being presented and about 20%
of factual information.
Unfortunately the UFO community
doesn't know which is which.
And that's your job,
to keep it that way?
That was my job before,
I'm a private citizen now.
But back in the early eighties
it was my job
to confuse the UFO community.
Doty was representing himself,
as I recall,
as basically this sort of deep
Doty had this wonderful way to
sell it,
I'm with the government you
cooperate with us,
and I'm going to tell you what
government really knows about
Doty found a lot of gullible
in the UFO community,
that would easily believe
what he said without any type
of scrutiny.
My commander told me
"well there's this guy Special
Agent Doty,"
and you've got to be careful
"because he kinda made the..."
the impression I got was that
he had made the Air Force a
little nervous.
Maybe... they didn't say
egg on their face or anything,
but they were just very
The main reason that we in the
UFO field
recognise the name Richard Doty
is that a man Paul Bennewitz
a self-made man
a very successful businessman
was systematically driven insane
wound up in an insane asylum
under treatment
for a long time, lost his
had to turn it over to his
and was destroyed by the
efforts of.
Richard Doty.
You hear about the ones that
something goes wrong.
You hear about the ones where
there was an
unfortunate incident or in
some cases
there are failures.
It was unfortunate
what happened to Mr Bennewitz
but they were supposed to
something and they did their
That's the part of the base that.
Paul Bennewitz could see.
You can see the Manzano
mountain here
where all the nuclear weapons
were stored.
Kirtland Air Force Base's
perimeter fence,
Paul Bennewitz's house is
right over here, and
his excellent view was
afforded from this
exclusive area of Albuquerque.
You basically have a front row
August, September of 1979.
Paul was standing up on his deck
and looking up over the roofs
towards the base
and these lights he saw would
probably be
about half a mile away
there was always two of them
they'd lift up from the ground
rather quickly
and then very quickly go around,
shoot that way around the side
of the mountain
and then drop down behind it.
And they did the same thing
every time.
For anybody that would peak
your interest,
"what the hell is that?"
He had an interest in the UFO
it was about the only thing he
was interested in
besides his business.
He had a company called
Thunder Scientific
they designed instruments for
high profile people like NASA
and even the Air Force.
A lot of people said he was a
with electronics and he
decided that he was
going to listen in on what was
going on
at the base, maybe he could
pick up some
radio signals about what this
thing was
and he knew about where to
start looking
and he started picking up
these bursts of information,
when he started
to decode the signals he
thought that it
had a connection to whatever
these lights were.
He decided it was something to
do with
technology that wasn't ours.
He was a good American, so he
called up
the Air Force base, they
connected him with Richard
Doty eventually.
Paul didn't know initially
what he got,
he didn't analyse it.
And when he had got the first
series of
transmissions, he recorded them,
and then he contacted the
security officer
for Kirtland. I began a
dialogue with Paul
trying to find out everything
he had
and as I did then I learned
that a lot of the
information he had wasn't
anything to do
with a soviet threat or some
kind of hostile
threat against Kirtland it was
that he had gathered
because of the fact that he
was a scientist,
and because he had sensitive and
sophisticated equipment he was
emissions coming from the base.
And we had to decide
what we were going to do then
were we going to allow this to
Or were we going to try and
convince him otherwise?
They sent Doty and a physicist.
Paul was being occupied with
the other guy,
Rick was taking pictures
of Bennewitz's equipment in
his house.
The more he had contact with
me and others
within the intelligence
community, the more
he started analysing the
So, we kinda planted the seed
in Paul that
what he was seeing and what he
was hearing
and what he was collecting was
in fact
probably, maybe, UFOs!
It was very easy to convince
Paul was a World War 2
veteran, he was very
patriotic, he always flew his
Those type of people you can
convince that
"listen", just tell him.
"Paul, you can't tell anyone
else about this,
because it could get into the
wrong hands"
so immediately Paul became
a co-operating source
he held everything that he had
in secrecy.
Doty was feeding this man
all kinds of lies
about UFOs and aliens being
kept underneath
a mountain nearby, and so on
and so forth,
and Bennewitz, of course,
was believing all of this.
He had two films,
of an object flying,
one picture depicted an object
looked like it was flying out
of the mountain
and it looked like some kind of
saucer shaped object.
He immediately then though
that there
were UFOs coming out of Manzano.
The second film was of an object
that was something that was
experimental that the
government was doing.
When he filmed that, then again
the flag when up that
he just filmed a classified
Paul made a presentation to
the Air Force officials,
on what he had been doing and
about what he had been
He showed some of his film,
he showed some of his pictures,
he had a audio recorder that
was playing
the sounds that he had
collected from the base.
The highest ranking person in
the room
who was a Brigadier General said
"you have some very convincing
information Paul"
and that kind of set
everything in motion with.
Paul to let him think that,
yup, he does.
From the point he came in and
gave that meeting they decided
all his perceptions were going
to be directed
exactly the way the
intelligence organisations
We briefed everybody
in the room.
So they knew what we were
doing, basically.
And so after the meeting there
was a number of
questions asked to him
"what do you want the Air
Force to do?"
and Paul says "I'd like a
grant to investigate."
"UFOs on the base" and a grant
to continue this
contact that he claimed he had
with some of these aliens
which... now that's a
different story!
At one point another agency
was conducting an
investigation and they set up
a surveillance
across the street from him and.
Paul's son contacted me and said
"leave my father alone, you
guys are across the"
street and you're bothering my
he's getting to the point
"that he's being paranoid."
Well, I knew it wasn't us.
He said he saw people coming
in and out of the house and
looking from the
curtains and things like that
and as it turns out
the NSA had some people in
this house,
they were watching him and
beaming messages straight
across the street
into his antenna set up.
He'd started picking up these
signals and the.
NSA was scared that anybody
figure that out.
They decided to just take
complete control of
what he was seeing and give
him exactly
what he thought he should be
They replaced his computer with
their own computer.
The computer had software that
would decode
the messages that he was
getting in the way
that they wanted him to see
And if you look at the
transcript of it,
it seems like almost gibberish
but because
people want to pull out
content from a random
order it starts to make some
kind of sense.
They said that they were from
a planet with
no water and they were trying
to find a new
place to live and they wanted
to take over
the earth and that they can
only trust Paul.
They were going to have some
kind of
agreement with him but he said
you can't trust
anything they say these aliens
are evil and it
served to make him look silly
which was
exactly what they were trying
to do.
Paul actually thought
that these UFOs had to be
coming from
some other place.
So Paul on his own when up to
Archuleta Peak,
which is in Northern New
Mexico, around.
Dulce New Mexico and he did
his own investigation basically.
Dulce and the Archuleta Peak
has a superstition for many
way way before we were ever
There were strange lights and
strange stories
about that area coming from the.
Indian tribe that lives up
If somebody wanted to hide
something here it would be
pretty easy,
it's very remote.
It's supposedly the site of an
alien base. That rumour got
started in the early
1980s because of what was told
Paul Bennewitz by the Air Force.
Office of Special Investigation.
Paul was a pilot, and he had a
plane, and he flew around
those areas and
he saw things and he filmed
things up there that
again presented a problem for
us because
what he was filming up there
was actually a
secretive military
installation that was
training commandos.
So then we had to convince
Paul that what he
was seeing up there was again,
The Air Force actually put him
in a helicopter with Rick Doty
the first time
and flew him up to a place
above Dulce,
called the Archuleta Mesa and
before they
took him up there, they dumped
a bunch of props up there.
They flew him up there, flew
him over the Mesa
and said "you're right Paul,
look there's"
stuff here, there's some
evidence of
what's going on
"why don't you check this out
for us."
So I would go
with Paul up there
and we actually camped out
there a
couple of times and we
actually saw some
things that startled me, which
were fully
explained later, but one of
the things that was
kind of interesting were these
coming out of the ground, but
the way the lights,
these beams, were coming out
of the
ground in a pulse kind of
manner, that it looked
like they were saucers flying
out of
these mountains, and I
actually saw this and
I was somewhat concerned that
Paul had stumbled onto
Paul was flying what he called
his missions
around Archuleta Mesa and would
send back fascinating letters,
five, six, seven,
eight pages long, hand written
with pencil
sketches of what he'd seen.
And finally he started sending
large format
eight by ten photographs taken
with his.
Hasselblad in which he'd say
"well, here's the black atomic
powered ship that
"crashed last week" and he'd
circle it, and, oh,
I'd look at that and, bless
his heart,
I couldn't see anything that
resembled a crashed anything.
Something actually did crash
near Dulce on the Mesa in the
late 1980s.
Bennewitz just happened to be
flying over it
and took pictures of it and so
disinformation campaign had to
ratcheted up even more.
The Air Force, they knew it
was something they
were testing up in this area
and that it
had gone off course and crashed.
Of course they told Paul
Bennewitz that it was
some sort of alien craft that
had been
given to the humans to use and
that they
had shot it out of the sky
as some sort of a lesson.
Agents would break into his
to see what he had and at one
point he had
these pictures of whatever had
crashed up there
and they were very interested
in getting
these pictures, so they did.
From then on he went up and
just took pictures
of where it had crashed.
What probably crashed there
was some sort of unmanned
aerial vehicle
and now they're over in the
middle east,
remote controlled, killing
people in cars
as they drive across the desert.
But in 1985 they didn't really
want anybody to
have any knowledge of this
kind of thing.
They took great pains to
explain to him that it
was this atomic powered
aircraft that the
aliens had helped us with and
bring down that
laughter curtain again so that
people just
wouldn't pay attention.
They'd just think it was
another UFO nut.
Somebody gave him a satellite
of the landing area.
In 83 he went up there with me
and the
chief of police for the
Jicarilla Apache tribe.
They had made a landing pad
and he took us right to the
They were giving him
some of it was true, some of
it wasn't, see.
I think that was the biggest
problem he had,
coping with, why this,
why not the other thing?
He thought that this was the
where the aliens were getting
to take over the world and he
wanted to trap
them all there, kill them all
in one fell swoop
and save the Earth.
By the mid eighties he was
getting to the point
where he had written all of
letters to congressmen,
senators, TV stations,
even President Regan saying
this is what's
going on the Air Force is
co-operating with me
these are the people who are
with me and giving me this
Earnest Edwards, Richard Doty,
all this
he would put there names in
these letters.
He'd get answers back saying
"we're not interested in the
UFO subject"
and there was this kind of
cognitive dissonance
here are people in the
government telling him
"yes you're right, this is
going on,
let's keep an eye on it"
and then elected officials and
people in the the media saying
"we don't know what you're
talking about,
this isn't very important"
and nobody seemed to care what
he was
talking about except the Air
So many people knew ultimately
Paul Bennewitz and that sad,
strange, horrible
story that it got way out of
the realm
of just a cute flying saucer
Paul was convinced that
he was doing was UFO related.
I actually sat down with Paul
and told Paul
"listen Paul, I think you
ought to stop doing this"
I think you've gone as far as
you can go,
and this is a friend, this is
Richard Doty a
"friend" it wasn't Richard Doty
a Special Agent
with OSI talking to him, I said
"this is a friend talking to
you Paul"
because I became a friend with
he was a very wonderful person
and I didn't want to see him
harmed and I said.
"Paul, stop it! Listen to your
listen to your wife, end it,
get rid of the
equipment, lock this stuff
away, go on with your
life, go back to your work at
business and stop this...
Paul listened to me and I
thought maybe he was
going to take my advice, but
he didn't,
he continued and continued and
continued and
at that point we ended the
we ended every involvement with.
Paul Bennewitz.
By 1988 things were so bad that
his family decided to take him
to a psychiatric
facility and see if they could
try and save his life.
He said that aliens would come
at night through
his wall and inject him with
that would make him get in his
car and drive out
into the desert and he didn't
what he was doing or why he went.
The scary thing was there
actually were
injection marks on his arm.
This is a
friend talking to you...
Years later, I sat down with
Paul, at dinner and
told Paul, exactly, that
everything we did was a
sanctioned counter
intelligence operation
to convince him that what he
was seeing
was UFOs and that what we
didn't want him
to know was that he had tapped
into something
on the base, and we didn't
want him
to ever disclose that.
Paul looked at me and said
"you don't have to lie to me
I know it UFOs related".
He was caught
right in the middle
of it and then he was used.
If it hadn't been for Paul
Bennewitz I would have
never known 70% of the stuff
that was going on.
What kind of stuff did you find
that would make you think that
there was
something underground there?
Well, the entrance to...
A big enough entrance to get
a truck or a plane or
something through?
You saw this?
But it wasn't where Paul
said it was?
Well, the first case of the
cattle mutilation in.
Dulce, it was June 14th 1974.
People do kill animals and
steal the meat,
and it's different, it was
Why did they just take the
the lymph nodes and the tongue
at the base of the throat with
the tonsils?
And we're finding the evidence
at the mutilations,
gas masks that were made by the
military, radar chaff, and the
they were using atropine,
they were injecting them with
I was up front with the ranchers
they were losing cattle and
nobody was compensating them.
I wasn't hiding anything, I
never did.
I'm established as somebody
who is doing
all of this news and
So I start getting newspapers,
people are saying.
"Linda, what is the answer?"
OK, this is what I'm going to
do next.
I'm going to get to the bottom
of this animal mutilation
And finally in October of 79
Lou Girodo
who was the head of the
district attorneys
office in Trinidad says, with
our cameras running,
finally "well, investigators
and I"
have come to the conclusion
we're dealing with
"creatures not from this planet"
is the way he put it
which is in my film, A Strange
And said all the reasons why,
the orange lights
that he and a deputy had seen
go into the
ground, come out, split in
two, in pastures where
they had mutilated animals.
We did follow one and it stayed
there, it was hovering on top of
the cattle, Manuel Gomez's
cattle, and when
I was going to try and
intercept it myself it
flew over me. But this
looked like a saucer type,
yeah, aircraft.
Ah ha.
You could see lights in it
Why do they put lights
if they're from outer space?
They don't need any guidance
with lights!
I was an analyst in the agency
responsible for
chemical weapons analysis so the
embassy would always give me a
security escort and bodyguard.
Special Forces guy came, and I
'Hey, what do you know
about these crazy stories
about the helicopters
that are taking mutilated
'Oh he says, my real job,
I'm in a special group in New
We've been doing something
that is really,
really interesting' he said,
'it just blows
my mind, I just... we got these
that I'm flying' he says
'these helicopters are all
fixed up.
First of all they got no
markings on' em.
Second of all they're really
Third, they're really quiet,
and they got
a lot of lights. We got red
lights, we got white
lights, we got strobe lights.'
I said 'What are you talking
He says, 'We pretend we're
What the hell is that?
Do you know
anything about this?
Where did all that information
come from?
Why do you listen to those
people, they lie?
It's like, yes but they talk.
And if they talk, once in a
while you're gonna
get a piece of something in
that huge pile
of crap that will actually
connect to what you
want, and if you don't let
them take you
somewhere like they did with
Paul, kind of
keep an even keel, I think
you're OK.
You just have to listen that's
the thing.
So are you saying that the.
Dulce base, or the Dulce
let's call it, ah, exists or
doesn't exist?
Have you investigated the RAND
involvement in tunnelling in
that area
in the 50's and 60's?
Oh yeah, yeah, I actually put
some of that in the book...
...construction of a nuclear
waste facility there...
Not waste, but they exploded an
atomic bomb underneath about
ten miles from.
Dulce to try and get gas out
of the ground.
Stupidest idea! They couldn't
use the gas
'cos it was radioactive.
New programs of the
Atomic Energy.
Commission and other agencies
are designed
to expand the usefulness of
nuclear energy.
Before work is begun on any of
these programs.
The government evaluates the
health and
safety factors, often for
several years.
Project Gasbuggy was an
underground nuclear
detonation that took place in
in Dulce, New Mexico.
It was an attempt to release
natural gas
reserves from the subterranean
in a sort of early version of
what we
would now recognise as fracking.
Some people have suggested
that the cattle
mutilation program was
actually a covert
monitoring program for
assessing the radiation
leakage levels into the
into the ecosystem and into
the food chain.
Senator Harrison Schmitt had a
conference here in 1980, 'cos
the ranchers
were asking for help,
and I met Paul Bennewitz there.
He was taking a bunch of
pictures of the aircraft
coming out of the Kirkland area,
but we were watching the same
aircraft flying
in the Dulce area, see.
Everybody's looking at
these sophisticated aircraft
and kind of saying
'well they're the one's that are
mutilating the cattle.'
One agency was doing the
cattle mutilation,
but the people that were doing
the research
on the aircraft used the
cattle mutilations to test
their aircraft so that people
it was UFO's... and it helped
the cattle mutilation thing see!
It's a wonder they didn't crash
into each other, you know!
Would we use perception
to help shroud what we're
trying to protect?
If you've got an aerial
platform that is highly
advanced and the public who
happens to
get a glimpse of the thing
from time to time,
if they're convinced that it's
from Venus
and there's no way it could be
our military,
well hey you know, that's
Hell yes!
If I'm the agent running the
protection for that
particular program and that's
helping me
to cover something for years?
I might even feed the fire.
Doty and others would probably
defend their
counter-intelligence efforts
as being patriotic.
They are carrying out work
assigned by people
who have decided that there
must be a
policy of denial
in the interests of national
They're working for my
They're working in agencies of
the government
that is supposed to be
of the people by the people
for the people.
How did it all turn upside down?
At the core
there is something that
they want to keep people away
A real truth.
I'm Richard Doty.
I'm here at the UFO congress
at Laughlin,
Nevada, as a private citizen,
just enjoying the sights and
Disinformation is designed to
to the person that it's
operating on.
The more dramatic you can be
appealing to that
prejudice, the better you're
gonna get
your hooks into the person
you're trying to get.
In Paul Bennewitz's case, he
was taking about.
UFOs so if they wanted his
full and
undivided attention, they
would talk UFOs with
him which is exactly what they
Bennewitz was filming really
highly strange craft.
Then counter-intel's job is to
come in and
muddy the waters and make him
look like a fool, and one of
the cover jobs...
it's been a cover story in the
U.S for a long time
tell the media, tell anybody
who will listen
that they're using UFOs to
cover up
advanced technology - when the
is exactly the opposite of the
Our perspective is that
the UFO phenomenon is
absolutely genuine...
Hah! In spades!
Yeah. However,
within that arena there have
been points at
which disinformation has
entered the
stream, you know, and there's
From FDR on!
It became seen as necessary to
create an
active disinformation program
in the late 1970's
and early 1980's
and the reason for this is
twofold. One was
the American Freedom of
Information Act.
: "It's curtain time."
An ingenious printing elemet
that works faster
"than the eye can see. Watch it
in action."
Thousands of pages of
documents were released from
places like the.
CIA, the FBI, all the military
Documents proving the lie that
agencies across
the board were interested and
were tracking
the UFO phenomenon.
During the late 1970's
a variety of leaks started to
Now they're just stories right?
But the problem is there were
many of them
and they seemed to have
a coherence about them.
Researchers at the time
were in a very optimistic mode.
I wouldn't say there were so
much giddy
as just hopeful, that if they
got the right leak,
or the right document, that
they just might be
able to smash the wall of
Then what happens?
Then we get entrants into the
field by individuals
who start leaking documents of
origin whose provenance was
unknown, that caused now
twenty five years of dissension
in the research field.
And it's the same within the
mainstream media.
Serious media never in their
news coverage
seriously promoted the extra
hypothesis, what they did do
was move that
to the realm of entertainment.
Any time someone brings such
ideas up
seriously, what you find is
the serious media
says well, you've been watching
too many movies.
So in a sense you could argue
that the movies
are used to inoculate the public
against these truths.
So these demonstrably false
UFO stories
become inoculations.
When the doctor inoculates you
from a disease,
he gives you a little bit of
it, and then
your body's immune system
recovers, deals
with it and now you're kind of
immune to it.
Look at the UFO
conferences, where are they
Usually in small dingy hotels
with rather limited
numbers of people participating.
I mean there has to
be a reason why it's
You don't see conferences on
leprechauns, so
why do we still have
conferences on UFOs?
One of the keys to a
disinformation campaign
is to have a feedback loop
and you need people on the
inside to feed
back to you the results of the
Probably Doty's first success
in rounding up a
useful asset as they say in the
intelligence field, or a
useful idiot as they also
say in the intelligence field
was his
recruitment of a man named
William Moore.
Now William Moore I think very
was the co-author of the
first book about Roswell.
I was given the task of making
contact with Bill Moore and
basically finding
what he knew and who he knew.
Bill was a little reluctant to
disclose everything
to me, for obvious reasons.
Here I am a government agent
coming in and
introducing myself and
wanting to know what he knew.
But there's techniques that we
that we're trained to use in
gaining that
person's confidence, and I use
those techniques
against Bill Moore and they
worked and.
Bill Moore took me into his
and we had a professional
relationship as far as
him providing us information
about the UFO
community and agreeing to say
things we
wanted said regarding the UFO
or within the UFO community.
The process of studying this
and the people involved with
it, of
assessing the claims and the
and of dealing with the
question of
how we as earthlings will react
to the
the discovery of a race of
extra terrestrial
visitors and how they will
react to us
all of this and more when
finally looked at in
perspective leads
us to the inescapable
recognition that in
studying the UFO phenomenon
we are at the same time
becoming more aware of
ourselves as individuals.
Moore was singled out
because he had achieved
celebrity within the UFO field
and a certain
authenticity that would
recommend him to
politicians and journalists,
and remember it's the
politicians and the
journalists who are the
ultimate target of all of this
I went to visit Bill, he had a
bad back,
he was lying flat on his back,
he couldn't move, he was in
and I remember him very
saying to me 'aliens do exist,
UFO's are real,
I know that now for a fact'.
Just seems kind of almost like
a bad
science fiction movie, but
that's kind of
what was going on at the time.
He was invested in maintaining
these contacts
that he had supposedly inside
the government.
At one point Bill Moore had
played me
an early tape recording of a
conversation he
had with Doty, and Moore was
telling me,
you know, this is a huge
and this guy is like on the
inside and
he's gonna give a lot of stuff
I just remember even back then
that I was
kind of suspicious that it
sounded a little too
good to be true, but I was
kind of curious as to
why somebody who supposedly
was in.
Air Force intelligence was
speaking so openly
about some of these incredible
William Moore was using his
position as an executive of an
outfit that
was called the Aerial
Phenomena Research.
Organisation and in fact Moore
admitted that he paid off the
of that organisation to send
him reports at
once when they came in and
they went directly to Doty.
Bill didn't believe everything
I was telling him
and obviously he's a very
smart person
and a lot of the information I
was telling him
wasn't factual.
If you were a UFO researcher
and you were
offered documents that nobody
had ever seen,
that pointed the way to what
the government
might know about UFO's and in
exchange you
basically had to report on
what people were
thinking, what rumours were
making the
rounds, that's what he was
offered and in
exchange he was offered
something that
nobody else had gotten up to
that point
pure unadulterated information
that would
lead him to the centre of the
the answer to the question
you know, what does the
know and are there actually
some sort of
non-human intelligences
interacting with the human race.
Moore later was part of the
series of break-ins into the
Bennewitz house,
and the psychological warfare
Again, self-admitted by Moore.
Moore was not working alone.
Others, I'm convinced went for
the same deal,
and the deal was very simple.
You co-operate with us, and,
we will give you
the information that the U.S
government has
deep down in those vaults.
Now, this is the Faustian
bargain that.
William Moore went for
and he came up short on it.
It became apparent to me that
my supplying
information to the government
through Doty
on the activities of Paul
Bennewitz, APRO,
and to a lesser extent,
several other
individuals was to be a part
of this equation.
I also discovered that
whatever it was that.
Bennewitz was involved with,
he was the
subject of considerable
interest on the part of
not one but several government
and that they were actively
trying to defuse
him by pumping as much
through him as he could
possibly absorb.
Being a very small part of
that process gave me
I thought something of an
It became my intention to play
that advantage
for all the information I
could get out of it.
Bennewitz for his part...
Frankly I'm a little ashamed of
some people in this audience,
regardless of
what you believe what you hear
or not.
They had to stop the talk about
4 or 5 times just because of
all the yelling.
People got mad ran out of
there, I saw a woman
start crying and leave, people
kept saying
'where'd you get all that crap
from Bill'
and one guy said 'I'm gonna
get a fire-hose'
and ran out the back. Very
Bill's admission to working
with government
agents was the first
acknowledgement to
the degree which our
government would go
in an attempt to keep the
cover-up going, and
I think people were angry,
maybe not so much
at Bill, but at themselves for
their own
naivet as allowing that to
and refusing to acknowledge
that they
could have been just as easily
it's scary to think, gee
somebody I trusted
might be playing me for the
Bill Moore I think probably
what he was preaching.
I think he was one of these
people that wanted
to believe that he was one of
the chosen few
to spread this information,
to be the Moses of mythology,
UFO mythology.
Moore's book was well received
and in my opinion, well done
but very troubling because the
thesis was that.
Roswell was a real spaceship
that crashed
and that the U.S government
has the parts.
I believe that he was singled
out precisely to
ultimately discredit him and
Roswell, to keep
the press and the politicians
off of Roswell.
July 8th 1947.
The army air force has
announced that a
flying disk has been found and
is now in the
possession of the army.
Army officers say the missile
found sometime
last week has been inspected
at Roswell,
New Mexico and sent to Wright
Field, Ohio
for further inspection.
The key thing to remember
about the alleged crash of a
UFO at Roswell
in 1947 is that by the time of
Paul Bennewitz's
involvement in the UFO field
it had been entirely
forgotten by the UFO
community, and it was
only with the publication in
1980 of the.
Roswell Incident by William
and Charles Berlitz that the
elements of
the Roswell story, the crashed
the recovered alien bodies,
the pact between
the American government and the
extra-terrestrials to back
their technology. All of these
things have
eventually become the core
story of the.
American UFO mythology.
Their craft crashed somewhere
after coming all
these 50 light years, they
and then they sent another one
that crashed
again, and sent another one
that crashed.
About nine crashes in the
South West
in the late 40's and that
would indicate
to me or at least suggest to
me that we were
testing something that was
Roswell happened.
Two crashes, one in Roswell
and one west.
They didn't find the craft for
a couple of years,
it was all one crash but it
took them a
couple of years to find the
second crash site.
Things are getting weird man.
Now Doty played a massive role
in the
perpetuation of the Roswell
myth, many of the
ideas prominent in the UFO
subculture for
two decades and it was
completely avoided.
Rick Doty is certainly a
fascinating character
and clearly a trickster.
A man who probably has
trouble figuring out whether
he's lying
or not these days.
It would not surprise me
if people were selected to sow
It would also not surprise me
if some of the
people were selected because
they were not
very bright, they lacked
certain critical
judgment but were very
energetic in putting
out certain messages, and I do
often think that
some of the people in the
agencies who have been
involved in the.
UFO field were kind of pushed
or nudged
in that direction.
They'd just go into the field
muck it up automatically by
without any external controls.
Rick is not the man you're
after, it's the
person in the control position
that's important here. In my
he was just simply a pawn in a
much larger game. Just as I was.
What we are hearing today
about malevolent
aliens, underground bases,
secret treaties
with the US government, has
its roots
firmly planted in the
Bennewitz affair.
The entire story of a secret
treaty between
the US government and the
aliens, of
exchanges of technology
between us
and the aliens, of battles
between the aliens
and American armed forces, and
of aliens
having implanted hundreds of
if not millions, of human
beings for the
purpose of taking over the
world, and
using us as cattle, or slaves,
came about as a
result of the disinformation
I know, because I was in a
position to observe
much of this process as it
unfolded, and
I was providing regular
reports on its
effectiveness to some of the
very people
who were doing it to Paul.
It wasn't a whole lot that we
It was just a simple, really,
really, simple,
nod and statement to Paul that
what he was
seeing was probably UFOs.
It's generally assumed that
the counter
intelligence operation
conducted against.
Paul Bennewitz was designed to
throw him off
the scent of some kind of
experimental technology that he
accidentally filming over
Kirtland AFB
but when you stop to think
about it this doesn't make a
whole lot of sense.
If the Kirtland base personnel
really had wanted
him to stop his investigations
could have ordered him to do so
instead they encouraged him to
continue his
research and indeed
facilitated his growing
delusions about an
extra-terrestrial invasion.
What this suggests is that
rather than a
campaign directed against Paul
this was an information war on
American UFO community.
And there are a number of
reasons why.
Air Force Intelligence might
have wanted to use.
Bennewitz as a conduit for
The ufologists were constantly
evidence for the
extra-terrestrial conspiracy
and the UFO cover-up. They were
through documents, they were
around secret air bases and
quite likely
stumbling upon genuine military
And a more serious possibility
is that.
Soviet agents may have been
infiltrating the.
UFO field in order to extract
this kind of
information about new
I think it's no coincidence
that the timing
of the operation against Paul
dovetails with the development
of the.
Stealth programme, and at the
time this was
the absolute pinnacle of
global aviation
technology and that's exactly
the sort of thing
that Soviet agents would be
looking for.
If you guys are doing a
film... I...
I do not want to do an
interview in a film
in which you're going to try
to communicate
that there's nothing to UFOs
advance technologies being
used to cover...
I mean... No No.
Then all you're
doing is playing
into the government's hands...
that's absolutely what they
want people to do...
That's absolutely not what
we're doing.
People trying to put out
documentaries about UFOs
seemed to be
teased over and over and have
the rug pulled
out from under them at the
last minute.
In the late '70s a rumour
started circulating that
there was a film of a UFO
landing at.
Holloman Air Force Base, in
New Mexico.
And apparently a UFO came and
landed at the
air force base, on the tarmac,
a group of
people went up to meet him,
there was a sort of
exchange of information
the alien got back in his ship
and took off.
I have wondered,
whether that film - I think as
many people
have wondered - that film was an
abortive attempt at some kind
of disclosure.
We began with an invitation
and met with.
Paul Shardle, who was head of
security for the.
Depository, where all the
films by the military
are sent, out at Norton.
We talked about possible
programmes such
as three-dimensional moving
atomic fission, a dog
programme where they
trained Shepherds to do
and a lot of laser work at
Wright Patterson.
Then he said: "I want you to
come with me"
into this studio."
We went into a studio, which
was a clean room.
He said: "What would you think
if we told you"
that in the early '70s there
was a landing
of an alien craft at Holloman
Air Force Base,
and our TDY, temporary duty
guys, had
"filmed it?" And I was just
sort of scratching my
head thinking, UFOS?!
What are we talking about?
So he said: "Look, if you're
bury that under the other
projects, as UFO
"sends up a red flag." He said.
"If you're interested, go talk
to Captain"
somebody, and he'll start a
liaison with
"the Pentagon." Which we did.
I was told that there was
and that was sort of like a
Where you'll be provided with
a film
that we have, 900 feet of
and off we began our project.
We had a legal contract with
the Pentagon
and an agreement on everything
that we were
gonna be doing and their total
They fulfilled every one of
our requests,
they vetted our information,
gave sanction to it,
they really did not influence
the content at all,
I was quite surprised.
Even the people at Holloman
did not say
"what are you doing?
What are you talking about?"
They seemed to confirm that
something had happened.
And the film was not forthcoming
but I knew where it was and
what it was and
was told by one of the people
we worked with
that it was confiscated at the
last minute
because it didn't seem
So we ended up having to go to
But everything else was
as I recall it happening.
It was a daylight shot of a
light ascending
on Holloman Air Force Base.
And with that little clip,
that's all that I tell you
it's genuine.
A landing of a craft at
it was... film... very
brief... that's all...
you know... I can tell you
it's genuine...
Just that snippet that you saw?
Just a light...
coming down from above...
it was really not that
it was just among other footage,
that's all I can tell you...
And just to say on
camera that you
never saw the Holloman Landing
Not really...
Oh... OK!
Can you elaborate?
Can we just
wait for that car?
Saved by the car!
I'm trying to think how to
answer that.
I knew what the film was
about, all the details.
But I never saw a real
projected version.
You saw a still of it?
What is your bottom line?
Beginning, middle and end?
Our bottom line is that
there is a UFO phenomenon that's
genuine and needs to be
studied, and seriously
and one of the things that
makes that
difficult is the muddying of
the waters by
people like Rick Doty, Walter
Bosley and
others who are working for
who ever else they're working
CIA, NSA, and they are making
the work of
people like yourself, and us,
and others who
want to understand what's
really going on
very, very difficult.
If you believe that it's
true then you have to buy in
to this phantasmagorical,
conspiratorial, bizarre,
nonsensical, ridiculous story,
when I've sat down with Rick,
his response to
me is, you know, it's really
all true.
Rick's great strength is
that he's a wonderful
He's a very friendly guy,
he builds relationships easily.
My immediate instinct is to
trust him.
I think it's very easy
to mislead people in the UFO
You get them going down a
certain trail..
You give them certain leads
and you just
watch people chase their tails
and over again, looking for
the truth.
I was living and working in
New York when.
Linda Howe actually came to
stay with me for
a few days and it was right in
the midst of her
working on this HBO project.
Linda was sort of, I believe,
on the track
at the time, of thinking that
this was the
film that was gonna again
expose everything,
and I believe she was in touch
with Doty at
the time, in fact I think she
had even gone
to see him face to face.
And that was very curious to
me because
I'd known about this guy
through Bill, you know,
Bill Moore, and I thought, hmm,
now he's sort of hooking Linda
in the same way.
Doty said that he has names of
who are witnesses. A security
guard has a gun
melted in his hand, there's a
disc, beings.
I want to investigate that
The original plan with Linda
Howe was to
obtain as much information as
she knew,
and to find out what she was
going to air
in this documentary for HBO
and whether we wanted it aired
or not.
So I drove her out to
Kirtland, to the OSI office.
I took her into a special room,
I told her it was the
Commander's office,
which wasn't really,
necessarily true...
The first thing that shifted
this from what I
thought was going to be a five
minute meeting
get these names, phone numbers
and addresses and go on -
I had already set up other
things to do...
"That documentary that you did
broadsided the government."
"How do you mean?"
"Nobody ever expected that a
credible journalist
would ever take on the animal
mutilation story."
It was like something was
shifting in the air...
Where is this going?
What is happening here?
He never gave me a list of names
or phone numbers. Instead, he
"My superiors have asked me to
show you something."
Pulled out this Manila envelope,
pulled out these pages
and as he's handing them to
me, he says.
"You can read these but you
cannot take notes."
You can ask me questions
but I want you to move from
that chair
you are sitting in to that
Everything that was done there
was being
filmed by other agents in
another room
and there was a two way mirror.
And I'm looking at the top
page, and it's all caps.
Briefing Paper for the President
of the United States of America
on Unidentified Aerial Vehicles.
And I'm trying to read what is
the most
remarkable series of letters
and words that has
probably ever been handed to me
because this was new, I was
And it started out about all
of these places
in the United States that the
government had
retrieved discs that were
identified as
I knew some names, like Roswell.
There was Aztec, Magdelena,
South of Laredo,
down in Arizona.
There were... my mind was kind
of reeling at
how many places this is
saying, because
all of us had only heard of
Roswell, really.
And eventually it came to
paragraphs that are
as indelibly emblazed on my
mind sitting
here today as they were then.
And the one that is probably
worth sharing from all of this.
"These extra-terrestrials
manipulated DNA"
in already evolved primates to
"homo sapiens."
And I remember reading that
over several times, trying to
the implication of its meaning.
Because if homo sapiens is a
constructed species by
we are then, by definition,
a planet of six and a half
billion androids.
If we are androids,
what purpose are we serving?
All of that hit me, reading
that sentence.
Then, on the last page
paragraph, paragraph,
paragraph, paragraph.
All questions and mysteries
about the
evolution of homo sapiens on
this planet
have been answered and this
project is closed.
The documents that I showed her
came from our special office
in Washington,
with the operational plan and
what I was supposed to do.
And the plans to show her these.
And I'd read them, and I knew
what was in them
and I realised that some of
the information contained in
them was real.
But then I realised that you
have to give
some real information in order
for a person to think you're
So I knew what was in there
and I gave them to her
and it was sanctioned.
I did what I was told to do.
When you look back at it
they must have had meetings
"How do we stop"
a persistent and dogged reporter
who has already demonstrated
she's going to go after a
really, really difficult
"How do we stop her?"
When you look back
it all makes sense.
She wanted me to tell her things
that I couldn't tell her
and at one point she
went public with my name
and she did what Paul Bennewitz
and Bill Moore didn't do
and she publicised the fact
that she was deceived
by a government agency,
namely OSI
and although there were many
people involved with that
she named my name
and so I became a public figure.
We actually played a trick on
that, er, kind of paid her
back so to speak.
Not anything that harmed her
in any way
or anything like that.
We kind of planted something
that she ran with which wasn't
and I think she realised that
maybe she should keep her
mouth shut
after that.
The forged documents
shown to Linda Moulton Howe
by Richard Doty would form the
basis of the.
Majestic 12 papers
which expanded upon the story
of the.
Roswell UFO crash and provided
the foundations for the future
mythology in America.
And over three decades later
these documents are still
the international UFO community.
Before it had always been
that a cover-up was underway.
There was talk about who was
and so forth, but there was
any paperwork.
Here's the paperwork.
A package showed up at the
home of.
Jamie Shandera, who was Bill's
sort of writing and research
What it contained was a
canister of 35mm film
they developed it, and what
was on it was
photographs of this document,
saying that there
was a group that had been
controlling UFO
information, how it was
released in public
and how the government should
deal with it.
Regarding the MJ-12 documents
that were
released to Jamie Shandera and
Bill Moore,
I had absolutely nothing to do
with that.
The document could be real,
and because
of the nature of it, it made a
perception management device.
People have to realise that
these things may
not be to cover up the truth
about flying saucers
it may be more to gather
about how the public responds
to manipulation.
When I print off the sum total
all those documents - you get
a stack
about this thick
when you read them through
as one day I decided this is
I am going to do,
it's very impressive.
To have faked it would have
required a team,
a high level team, of very
very expert individuals
who know everything about
document creation,
science and technology in the
1940s and '50s
and a whole bunch of other
I looked at them, and
initially I thought
they were good forgeries, but
over time
my opinion of their quality
has gone down hill.
The use of a zero in front of
a date,
the use of an extraneous comma
the obviously photocopied
they just keep getting worse
and worse.
If they were faked, the only
thing that
one can say is, the UFO topic
was considered
important enough by these
people to create
the most elaborate,
incredible, detailed
series of papers, and one
would have to ask
if they're faked.
There were some investigations
by FBI, OSI, regarding the
MJ12 documents,
extensive investigations, just
to determine
whether these things were
whether they contained
information and then who
released them.
I was interviewed as a suspect
did I do these?
It was proven that I didn't do
'em. But
somebody outside the government
created it
and in that particular instance
I don't know if the government
would prosecute them.
Doing that would lend credence
to the
document and then they would
have to
disclose the information
and so the best thing to do is
just say...
we did an investigation
and not tell anyone what the
outcome was.
I like to think of UFOs
as weapons of mass deception,
the role of the intelligence
and the military, in
propagating UFO
mythology, as somewhat analogous
to what evolutionary
biologists call
a punctuated equilibrium.
The UFO mythology develops of
its own accord
and the Mirage Men will just
drop a new
piece of data, a new meme,
some new faked
documents into the mix as and
when it is
expedient for them to do so.
And so there's no real need
for a sustained.
UFO deception campaign because
the folklore
is just perfectly capable of
sustaining itself.
The US government had a once
programme in which 12 astronauts
were sent to an alien home
world, Serpo
thirty eight point four light
years away
from the years 1965 to 1978.
When the returning astronauts
came back
I believe there were seven,
that report was
finalised into a report called.
Project Serpo in 1980.
Rumours about this kind of
thing had been
flying around since the 1960s
or '70s,
so it's got some kind of
historical provenance.
In November of 2005.
Project Serpo was sent to my
UFO thread list
I received an email from someone
he requested to be anonymous.
When I first read that
bombshell email
it was far different from
I'd ever received
and even though it was a
version that was
different from what I was
familiar with
it had the ring of truth.
Someone within the government
would have
to be co-operating because I
can tell you
that a lot of information
not all of the particular
but a lot of the information
is factual
I believe it is a
disinformation campaign
to lead people astray.
That said, a good
disinformation campaign
a good perception management
always includes nuggets of fact
and truth
and some of those nuggets of
and truth should be, if you're
going to do it
effectively, should be some of
the more
extreme facts or truths.
They brought back thousands of
soil samples
samples from the Eben
civilisation, and I
believe all these artefacts
are now ensconced
at Bolling Air Force Base.
And photographs too.
There's always a possibility
that the Serpo story
was created for disinformation
to present
to the Soviets back during the
Cold War
and somebody stumbled on to it.
There's always that possibility,
but I don't think so.
It's not a professional job.
Myself and three others were
working as
a research team looking into
the Serpo story.
We really wanted to get to the
of Rick's involvement in it.
People within the UFO community
immediately said.
'Hey, is Richard Doty involved
in this?
Did Richard Doty do this?'
I never had anything to do
with the Serpo story.
We were adamant at this time
that Rick Doty
was the person sending the
But we didn't have any proof
and the only way
we could get that proof was if
we could see
an actual copy of the original
that the anonymous source
had been sending Victor.
Unless Rick Doty is one the
greatest novelists
and writers of the 21st century,
it's not him.
We came up with a plan.
We'll use the same name and
just contact.
Victor and let him think his
source was back in touch with
We asked Victor to send us
copies of the emails
that we, allegedly, had sent
him which meant
we could look at the headers
of these emails
to determine where they
actually came from.
And it was from looking at
those headers
and having emails from Rick
Doty to compare
against, that it was indeed
Rick Doty's.
IP address on the Request
Anonymous emails,
and, as it turned out later,
he was also
several other people in the
All contacting Victor and
Victor thinking
he's been contacted by a
multitude of different
people when in fact it was all
one person
it was all Rick Doty.
I didn't create it, I didn't,
err, conspire with
anyone else to create it.
It was created by somebody
else and,
those people, I don't know.
How do we ever know
what we know?
Apart from Victor Martinez who
started this thing off
I'm the only name who's known.
We've got this anonymous
round this giant camp fire
who's entertaining us
with this incredible tale, and
we're sitting here
with bright eyes with the
flickering flames
thinking 'wow, tell us some
The idea of disinformation is
it's meant to be believed.
With Serpo, the first response
'well this is fascinating, but
it's ridiculous.'
Of course there's an aspect of
me that
wants to believe this
wonderful story.
I had no idea where this would
be leading...
Well when I first met Bill Ryan
at the Loughlin conference in
he presented himself as
someone being
given information to reveal to
the public
he didn't quite know why but
it was very important.
What's strange about the Serpo
thing and.
Richard Doty was that he
denied, you know,
continually and vociferously
that he had
anything to do with it, yet he
came to the.
Loughlin UFO convention to see
what was
going on there, to hear Bill
Ryan talk and
announce this to the world in
person rather
than just on the radio and
basically had his
hands in a lot of things that
were going on
or at least looked like
an interested bystander.
Why should he be interested in
this silly story?
Wonderful question.
We don't know whether Anonymous
got this from the movie or
Spielberg had the tip-off that
this was one of the
ways, as many people in this
suspect, over the years, the
have been gradually
acclimatized to the
possibility of this contact
with an extra-terrestrial race
by seeding little parts of the
truth here
and there in movies is the
best way to get
ideas through to the general
This might have been
one of the ways of doing it.
I think the information should
brought out to the public.
Let the public decide
whether this is real or not.
Whether you think
the information is real or
not, or whatever
the proportion of that might be
the case
this is a government operation.
If it's a government operation
these guys wouldn't be doing
their job
if they weren't following me
every step of the way.
Ever since the middle of
I've been assuming that I'm
being monitored.
If they're not doing that
they're not doing their job.
And it's like I'm one part of
a team but
I don't even know who
the other team members are.
And I have to assume that
I'm being bugged.
I mean, this may be paranoid but
whatever's going on, it's
happening at a
government level, and
therefore everything
I do is being watched.
I have to assume I'm being
You know the whole Bill Moore
Yeah, yeah. No absolutely.
I wasn't around then
but if they were hanging
where I did... to see
whether he would make a good
just to see whether he was
willing to obey orders...
I have to assume that's
there's something more at stake.
You see, what I...
You also
need to have a really good
bullshit detector.
Yes I know.
Since 1985 I've talked to 18
people at the cabinet level or
including 4 presidents.
About a third of them have
said 'It's true',
about a third have said 'I
heard it,
and I think it's true' and about
a third of them have said.
'I don't have a clue.
I do think though, Doctor Green,
that this important for you to
Turn it off for a minute.
The trouble with the whole UFO
is there are so many people
who make up.
BS stories that no one can
Somebody can step forward and
'I'll tell you what's going on
in UFOs', and they
can say 'I've briefed the
'I've done this, I know what's
going on'.
I don't know... I think there's
too much BS in that field.
Part of the problem that UFOs
created was
that there were people within
within the air force, within
the CIA, who
really believed that flying
saucers existed.
And because they had stature
because they had rank
their opinion was considered
Unless we understand
and work effectively for the
on which our American way of
is founded the structure will
Well, before going to Norton
Air Force Base,
going into a clean room and
being told we
had a landing by someone who
seemed to be
respectable, his name was all
over the wall as
head of security, and his boss
and everything
agreeing... I didn't believe
it then, but
then when confronted with the
I now realise after working with
intelligence people that it's
a reality.
And they stand behind the idea
they don't disbelieve it's
just so far it's not
proven to be a threat to our
national security
and that's the way they got
out from under it.
In the intelligence community
there are
definitely people who are
interested in
extraordinary phenomena,
particularly UFOs
definitely believers in there,
because you
don't work in that profession
and it's not just a profession
it's a world unto itself
without learning some things.
How many pictures do you need
how many eye witnesses,
how do you study something
that controls,
possibly, even this programme?
What is known of the truth of
these other beings?
What if the truth is bad?
Could be.
What if we're their farm
What if they eat us psychically?
Yeah, I don't know. There's a
lot of possibilities
there that are not good.
I think we are surfing on the
wave of a huge
adventure of the opportunity
of humankind
rolling into a totally new era
and that wave might break one
of these days.
Even the Vatican recently has
come out in
preparation saying 'Hey,
listen, you know if
there is anybody out there,
they're all.
God's creations and they're
our brothers and
sisters really.' I mean, what a
that is for what might be
coming next.
We're really a by-product of
extra-terrestrial intervention.
We're really - I mean, this is
my view
that we're... we've been
genetically altered by,
maybe not one, maybe perhaps
extra-terrestrial races.
The government obviously
doesn't want to
tell us, otherwise they'd
everything they knew.
And the most important players,
the aliens, don't want
because they could disclose
any time.
I mean, they control most of
the cards.
I don't have any files, any
anything to show you, I just
have a lot of
personal research, I have my
experiences and I have the
bona fides, the
tested bona fides of the sources
and I have my intuition.
And those things all fit
and you kind of get a picture.
There is a planet, that orbits
the Dog Star system, they are
they are very much interested
in us
and they have been key to our
and they are capable of coming
certainly others have come here.
Um, now... could that be part
of disinformation?
I read things even today that
we fed to.
Paul Bennewitz or to Linda
Howe or to.
Bill Moore that I fed to them.
And I see that today and it's
surprising that
that stuff's still there but
it just shows
we were a professional
and we did our job
and that information is still
out there.
People whose job it was to
make the subject
look ridiculous over the last
50 or 60
years have done a very good job.
I don't know where they're
from, I don't know.
I don't know where they're from.
I know that they're not, like,
from Detroit, you know.
That's as far as I can take it.
So again, when somebody starts
'well here's who they are',
'here's why they're here',
they lose me almost immediately.
I was selected to participate
in a special
access programme within the
counter intelligence community.
My supervisor selected me
and said 'you're going to be
into a programme and you're
going to be
responsible for investigating
associated with this programme'.
The first part of the briefing
dealt with
how the United States Air
Force were countering
unauthorised disclosure of
technology to the
public by using the UFO
as a cover.
And then the second part of
the briefing was
where we were actually shown
and briefed
about the United States
involvement with
extra-terrestrials since the
late 1940s, which was obviously
the most
interesting part of the
Well they showed us a lot of
They showed us a film which
was late 40s or
early 50s film of a recovery
operation which
they talked about as being in
They showed crash debris, they
extra-terrestrial bodies
and then there was also a
briefing showing a
live alien sitting in a room
talking to people.
And then the narrator of this
film talked about
the continuation of a
connection between the.
United States government and
extra-terrestrial civilizations.
After viewing this I was not
sure if it was real,
if it was... they presented it
to us for
some reason, maybe some kind of
psychological conditioning, I
don't think
I initially believed any of it.
But after the film was over
with and the.
Air Force Colonel in uniform
then started
talking about the operation,
the programme
how the United States
government, and it was
always the United States
government, it wasn't.
Air Force or Army it was the
United States
government, how they
progressed from
the early days, meaning the
crash retrieval
operations in the late 40s
until now
which was the late 70s.
And then the more he spoke,
the more I
realised that what I saw was
I mean this guy wouldn't be
sitting here
standing here talking to us
with the people in
the room briefing into this
programme if it was a hoax.
A fractured hall of mirrors
with a quicksand
floor that nobody knows exactly
what the
truths are and everybody has
found themselves
completely suspicious of the
motives of any
human being because
in England and the United
States and a lot of
other countries have worked
overtime to
misinform and to tell the
public and
the media there is nothing to
the UFO phenomenon.
It's a lie - I have no
question about it -
and my work is to try to shed
some light on
what could be so threatening
out of
some other intelligence from
other part of the universe or
it's been here for two billion
and it's not extra-terrestrial
but we're
the new ones on the block.
What is it that is considered
so threatening
that governments will kill
to keep it silent?
They can't come forth and say
'yeah, OK, we had contact in
all this is real'.
What would that do?
That would open up the
Pandora's Box,
because there would be
millions and millions
and millions of people asking
that somebody has to answer.
The easiest thing for the
government to do
is just to say 'no comment' or
'no, it I didn't happen'.
But there are so many people,
so many people
within the government that
have come forth
with information saying 'it
did happen',
'it's real', and the reason
I'm doing it
is because I asked the
a long time ago
'hey what am I supposed to say?'
And they're going to say
'you stick to the fact it's
not real'.
But when the government tried
to discredit me
on something then I went to
them and said.
'Listen, you're telling
everybody it's not real
and I know it's real, and you
know it's
real and all these other
people know it's real
so I'm going to tell the public
what I know about it'.
And the government basically
'do what you gotta do'.
Let's take one
step at a time.
You're looking at Richard Doty,
and by looking at him, you're
taking a
glimpse into a whole machine
that now has a life of its own.
Well, I was a young man
and I'd heard
about UFOs, but you know I
didn't believe
it was even possible to a have
but then I went... to an Air
Force Base,
an Air Force Base they took me
aside and said,
'You know what?
Guess what? We have an alien
among us'.
And I said, 'You got to be
And they said 'Would we kid
anybody? No!'
Up on the Air Force Base, up
on the Air Force.
Base, and now I stand before you
saying that I am a true
believer in UFOs.
Believer in UFOs!
UFOs are real indeed!
That is so dumb!
I don't even make any sense.