Mirai (2018) Movie Script

How much longer is it gonna be?
Good, well, that's a relief.
We'll be waiting.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
Okay. Drive safe.
Kun, honey.
Mommy's on her way home.
- Yeah? Really?
- She sure is.
You excited?
Super excited!
What a cute little puppy.
You know, babies like
things nice and neat.
Hey, can the puppy clean up too?
- Okay.
- Wanna do it on your own?
- Okay.
- What a good big brother.
Grandma will be right upstairs.
I don't think I'll ever get
used to these modern homes.
I guess this is what you should expect
when you let your daughter
go off to marry an architect.
Isn't that right, Yukko?
Uh... Oh, Kun, you were
supposed to be cleaning up.
Which do you think the baby likes more?
The E233 or the Azusa?
I don't know,
I'm sure either will be fine.
Oh, I think Yukko wants you
to play in the yard with him.
Why don't you go?
Grandma will clean this up, okay?
They're gonna be here any minute!
Ready? Fetch!
Go fetch!
What is it?
Welcome to your castle,
my little princess.
Hi, we're home, Kun.
What took you so long?
I was so lonely here!
Are you feeling any better?
I'm sorry I was gone for so long.
Is that the baby?
Let me see, I wanna see it.
This is your baby sister, Kun.
Isn't she precious?
She is.
You have to be gentle with her.
She's awake.
I think she's staring at you, Kun.
Come on, her eyes can't even focus yet.
Well, she sure looks like
she's staring to me.
You must always be nice to her, okay?
And you have to protect her,
no matter what.
Oh, hey, Kun. So what do you think
we should name the new baby?
I can pick?
Let me see...
Ah, Nozomi.
Nozomi, it's not bad.
Yeah, not bad.
Anything else?
Or maybe Tsubame.
Tsubame. Okay, Tsubame.
- Tsubame?
- Those are just the names of his bullet trains.
Of course they are.
I really wish I could stay longer
but I'm afraid your grandma needs me
to help her out with a few things.
It's okay, we'll be fine.
Thanks again for coming.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you so much, Mom.
Give Dad my love, okay?
Bye, Kun. Grandma's going
on a bullet train now.
Bye, Grandma.
I'll see you soon, little one.
Say, "Goodbye, Granny."
Good morning, Kun.
Good morning, Mom.
Good morning, baby.
The toast, right!
Okay, I'm ready.
Breakfast coming right up,
just one minute here.
I want more milk, Mom!
You got it, buddy.
There you go. No!
I want a banana, Mom!
Okay, banana!
One banana coming...
Listen to me, Mom!
Okay, I'm vacuuming this room now
so you gotta pick up your toys, okay?
You're all clean.
Oh! Yes, Kun?
Congrats on the baby!
Yeah, thank you so much.
I bet she's adorable.
Well, lucky for her I think she got
all her genes from her mother.
They say the second one
is supposed to be easier.
Honestly, it was all such
a blur, I don't really remember
what it was like with Kun.
I heard that Yumi was planning on
going back to work right away.
That's right, because
one of her colleagues
is about to have a baby,
can you believe it?
She told us you'd be
taking care of the house
and looking after the kids,
is that right?
Yeah, no, it's just 'cause
I decided to go freelance
so I'll be working from home from now on
which means I'll have time
to take breaks
and tidy up around the house and stuff.
- Must be nice.
- That's impressive.
It's nothing.
I wish my husband did that.
Stop, it's nothing.
- Hmm, what?
- Nothing.
You can tell me.
Come on, what's up?
- All right, if you insist.
- Mm-hmm.
You just can't help yourself, can you?
Doing your "I'm the perfect husband" act
in front of all the other moms.
- What?
- You do realize they can all see right through it.
That cloth is for the table.
Look, March is just around the corner
and I'll be back at work soon,
which means you'll have to actually
start taking care of the house
instead of just bragging
to others about it.
I know.
I can't do everything by myself
like I did when Kun was born.
I know.
I'm your big brother,
so I'm gonna teach you
a lot of different stuff, okay?
First, I'll take you outside
and I'm gonna teach you
the names of all the bugs.
Then I'll show you how you
can see things in the clouds.
There's a scorpion! See?
- And that one...
- She's too little to go outside just yet.
You can take her when
she's a bit bigger, all right?
"The Witch and Mr. Mustache."
The witch was woken up by Mr. Mustache,
so she got mad and chased him.
And Mr. Mustache ran.
He got away by jumping onto
a train on the Yamanote line.
Then the witch tried to
follow him by jumping onto
a different train on the Keihin line,
but the two trains went
different directions
at Tabata station
and they got separated.
Knock... it... off!
It's her nap time,
you need to let her sleep.
A bit more.
You sure?
Push it in more.
- I don't want her to choke.
- Hey, Mom!
If you don't, she'll suck in
too much air, then...
Hey, Dad!
Listen to me!
Oh, wow, she's really going for it.
- Right, now lift her up.
- Hey, Mom!
- I don't think I'm doing this right.
- Stop ignoring me!
Don't be so nervous, it's just gas.
Okay, so this detergent,
this one is for the whites.
- Not colors.
- Right, just whites.
Wait, what if it has both?
Well, it's not,
it's not an exact science.
Kun, what happened?
Why is she crying?
What did you do?
You promised that you
would be nice to her.
It's not my fault, okay?
Look, you have to be
extra gentle with a baby.
- What if I can't?
- Just try.
- I don't wanna.
- Enough.
I won't do it!
What's wrong with you? She's a baby!
You could have seriously hurt her!
Do something! Hurry!
Kun, stop it!
You're a big brother now.
I don't wanna be her brother!
Well, you don't have a choice.
And you're not my mom either!
Oh, yeah? Then who am I supposed to be?
You're a witch, an old ugly witch.
I'm a what?
Uh, yeah!
Everything's gonna be fine,
we're gonna be all right.
Come on, everything's gonna be fine.
Good job, baby!
Life is hard, huh?
Don't worry, I know exactly
what you're feeling right now.
Jealousy, plain and simple.
What's that?
Up 'til now, you had all your
parents' love and affection
all to yourself, but then that
baby showed up from nowhere
and your world was turned upside down
when all that affection they had for you
suddenly disappeared.
You knew you'd get in trouble
if you did anything, but still,
you couldn't help yourself
so you raised your hand and...
Did I get it right?
Who are you?
I'm the prince, can't you tell?
The prince?
Yeah, of this house.
I've been here since
before you were born.
Now, you must kneel before me
because I'm royalty.
You know, long ago,
Mom and Dad used to shower me
with love and dote on me as well.
I had all of their attention.
They constantly told me
what a good boy I was
and would stroke my head lovingly.
Then all that changed! Ever since
the day you showed up on the doorstep
they've stopped paying attention to me.
Suddenly, all of my organic meals
were changed to
the regular generic brands,
not to mention the reduction in snacks,
and they stopped complimenting me,
they'd only ever scold me
or just completely ignore me.
But then I realized what was going on.
Their love was being taken from me.
It made me feel so empty inside
like a wolf rejected from its pack.
Do you know what that feels like?
No, I don't.
What? Are you sure about that?
All right, fine then, you be that way.
You can play all innocent,
but this is partially your fault.
One day, this is going to happen to you
and we'll see how you like it!
Here you go.
I got it, I got it!
I knew it!
What'd you do that for?
No, don't!
Give it back!
Give me back my tail!
Aw, man, I'm gonna get ya!
Hey, wait! Come back here!
Stop running!
Give it back, right now!
You can't catch me!
No, wait! What are you doing?
What's going on?
You okay?
Hey, hey, stop that!
What are you doing?
Yukko? What's with the dog?
Look at me, I'm a dog!
What does that kid think he's doing?
Ruff ruff!
Hey, I see you've finally calmed down,
you're not acting like a baby anymore.
That's good.
I don't know what that was all about,
but I'm glad it's over.
I wasn't acting like a baby,
I was being Yukko.
Oh, so does that mean
you can talk to Yukko?
Yeah, he says he doesn't like
the cheap dog food you get,
the old stuff was better.
Oh, is that right?
Well, I better go out and get
the good stuff right now then.
This is so good.
You know, I don't know if I'm ready
to do all this on my own.
What, you mean like giving her milk?
Well, whenever I try to hold her,
she won't stop crying,
no matter what, but then you
take her and she just stops.
- I'm not sure what you expected.
- What?
I mean, you didn't
help out at all with Kun.
Oh, right. I guess I should
have made more of an effort.
You did fawn all over me though,
for what it's worth.
Well, at least I did something right.
Oh, I just figured it was because
men aren't interested in babies.
Of course I'm interested,
I was just working.
What? You're kidding me, right?
I swear to you, this guy
is pumped, I am so excited,
I can't think of anything more exciting!
Changing diapers is gonna rock, yeah!
Okay, now I know you're lying.
Huh? What is it?
Right, I wanted to show you something.
- It's nice.
- It's meant to be like a beacon.
I really like it.
Good morning, sweetie.
- Morning.
- Hey. Turn around, look behind you.
What does it say?
It's your sister's name,
it means "future."
That's her?
Hello, Mirai.
That's a funny name.
Here it is.
What is that?
Girls' Day, to celebrate girls.
But what for?
To pray that our little girl
has a future of health and happiness.
Oh, no, you don't.
These dolls are for Mirai,
you can't touch them.
- But I wanna play with them!
- Doll's Day is for girls.
Whoa, you too, Yukko.
No dolls for you either, you're a boy.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
It sure is warm here.
Look how adorable she is!
One of the perks of having a girl
is you get to dress them up
in such cute outfits.
Can't believe it's been
three months already.
She weighs twice as much
as when she was born.
Can she lift her head yet?
Yeah, just about.
Mirai, dear, look over here.
Kun, you're in the way!
I'm taking a video for Great-Granny.
Oh, Mirai! Over here!
Take a video of me, film me!
Okay, okay.
Hold on, here we go.
Oh, that's good.
Yes, yes, very nice.
- Mirai, sweetie!
- Wait, I wasn't done yet!
Sorry, my mistake.
Oh, very good.
Mirai! Oh!
What's that?
You see this bruise?
Where is it?
- Here.
- You're right.
Don't worry, it's just a birth mark.
Is that what the doctor said?
Yeah, he said it might go away
with time but no guarantees.
I see.
Well, I hope it fades for her sake.
The doll emperor and
doll empress are married,
like Mom and Dad, Granny and Grandpa,
and Great-Granny,
and Great-Grandpa, you see?
You went to Great-Grandpa's
funeral last year, remember, Kun?
Everything looks delicious.
That reminds me, is that old story about
Grandpa and Grandma really true?
Which story?
When Grandpa proposed, Grandma said
she would marry him under one condition.
She told him that she would say yes,
but only if he could run faster
than her, so they competed
and Grandpa ended up winning
the race and her heart too.
I have no clue. I've never
heard that story before.
But Uncle Yamato told me
that story at the funeral.
I really doubt there's
any truth to that,
Dad had a bad leg.
What, so he just lied?
I don't know about that,
it was probably just a rumor.
Oh, hey, speaking of tall tales,
what's the superstition
about the dolls again?
It's that if
they're not put away in time,
her marriage will be delayed.
Oh, come on,
no one believes in that stuff nowadays.
But how late are we talking here?
One year for each day they're left out.
Oh, please. How do they
even come up with this stuff?
It's superstition.
Who knows where it comes from.
Oh, no.
Oh, I'm gonna be so late.
Okay, Kun, Mommy has to go away
for a few days on a business trip.
Don't go!
You better be good while I'm gone, okay?
And don't forget to tell Daddy
when you need to go to the bathroom.
Mommy, no!
All right, the kids are in your hands.
- Mommy!
- Don't worry, I got this.
Okay. Mommy!
I don't want you to go!
Don't forget to
put the dolls away today.
Yup. Bye, see you in a few days.
I want Mommy! I don't want you
to take me! Come on, let's go.
I know, I know.
Excuse me, is this the drop off?
Is this machine washable?
Oh, no, what's she doing?
What's happening?
Uh, it's that late?
Why isn't Mommy here?
Okay, let's just get home.
Let's take a nap, okay?
Daddy, you wanna play?
Hmm? Why don't you go next door
and see if the kids wanna play?
But I wanna play with you.
I thought you'd rather be with Mommy?
I changed my mind.
Let's play.
Hmm. Yeah.
- Yeah, that sounds good.
- Let's read a book.
- No, wait!
- Let's watch a video!
Or we can play with tops.
Mirai, have you ever seen a whale?
I don't like you, Mirai.
You're boring.
Again? What's going on?
What's this?
It's a whale cookie!
There's another one!
And here too!
Big Brother!
Stop putting cookies on my face already!
Who are you?
And will you stop hitting me
and trying to make me cry?
But let's move past that,
we have more important problems.
Are you Mirai from the future?
Stop staring!
A year for each day.
Now, a year may not seem
like a very long time,
but what do you think will happen
when all of those years
keep on adding up?
I don't know, tell me.
I might not be able to marry
the man I love, that's what.
Oh. Stop that!
Who are you in love with?
Well, nobody yet,
I just meant in the future.
Are you guys gonna race?
What are you talking about?
How should I know?
Just go tell Dad to hurry up
and put away the dolls already.
Why not?
Because I don't like you, Mirai.
Why don't you like me?
Because we don't get along.
Well, you have to help me
because I can't let Dad see me.
Why not?
Please! You have to help me,
you're my big brother.
But I never agreed to
be Mirai's big brother.
Fine, I get it and
I won't force you to, okay?
But if you won't help me,
then you leave me no choice.
We'll have to play the bee game.
Bee game?
You gotta shake your little bottom.
And then you wiggle when you walk.
Sting, sting, sting, sting!
Well, will you help me now?
Yeah. Can we play it again?
The dolls are still out.
Should we put them away?
Shoot, know what?
You're just gonna have to put them away.
- Okay.
- Really?
No! Hey! Wait a second.
- What?
- Show me your hands first.
They're so dirty!
You know what? Never mind,
I'll figure something else out.
How come?
I'd rather you not do it.
- But why?
- Stop doing that!
I have no choice.
Oh, no, the box!
Where is it?
Found it.
Oh, my God! She's gone!
Where's Mirai?
Mirai! Mirai!
Where are you, baby?
There you are!
You just slipped off.
Come on, up you go.
Did you just see that?
The baby suddenly vanished into thin air
and then mysteriously reappeared again.
I wonder why something
like that would happen?
Maybe it means that the Mirai
from the future and Baby Mirai
can't exist at the same time
and in the same place.
Wait a second. If you wanna
question mysterious existences,
why don't you take a look in the mirror?
I'm not the one who's a dog
who looks like a human.
Well, I think it's normal.
We're wasting our time arguing.
We have to figure out a way
to get those dolls
back into their box,
and we're gonna have to work
together to pull it off.
- Huh?
- That means you'll have to help too.
Oh, right.
Big Brother, your job's to distract Dad.
What is it?
Before that, can we play the bee game?
Waiter, I'll have whatever he's having.
- Dad?
- Yeah?
I, um, uh, well.
What is it?
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Well, I just...
What's wrong?
Do you have to go potty?
No, that's not it.
You hungry?
You want a snack?
- Okay.
- No?
- Thirsty?
- And this one too.
No, not really.
Kun, what is it?
What are you doing?
Don't disassemble the dolls
out in the open, no!
There's no time to put it back!
What's that?
Wonder how that happened.
What law of physics is at work here?
Yukko, you're breathing too loud.
Hmm? What's this?
What the...?
I have to go!
What? I have to go!
You gotta go?
To the bathroom?
You gotta pee?
Let's go!
- I can't!
- Of course you can! Of course you can!
You can make it.
Let's use Mommy and Daddy's, come on!
I thought I was gonna die.
- Almost there!
- Now's our chance.
That was close.
Did you guys put them away yet?
What is it?
The emperor's baton!
It's missing!
You mean that flat thing
that was in his hand?
What do we do?
Without the baton, the doll set
isn't going to be complete.
Hey, is that thing over there the baton?
That's it!
Yeah, it is.
Thanks for helping me.
You know, they say
whenever people work together
they form a bond and it can
end up making them feel closer.
So do you maybe like me
a little better now?
I see. Well, at least I tried.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
I'm so tired. There, there,
I'll feed you real soon, okay?
Oh, thanks for remembering
to put those dolls away.
Oh. I knew I forgot something.
That's weird.
Hey, honey, did you put
the dolls away when you got home?
Is this your idea of a joke?
Because it's not funny.
Actually, I was the one who put all
the dolls back in the box.
I had help from Mirai.
Wait, what?
And Yukko helped too.
Oh, yeah! I never told you,
I met Mirai from the future.
Oh, what'd the two of you do?
We played the bee game.
Oh, you did?
After that, we played
red light, green light.
Oh, really?
You sure are lucky.
It must have been pretty great
to have met Mirai all grown up, huh?
What do you think, Mom?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Actually, I think I'm okay waiting.
That way, I can watch
Baby Mirai grow up.
Yeah, me too.
I think I like Baby Mirai better.
Who do you think that is?
Um, it's Mom!
That's right.
Where am I?
You're right there, there in my tummy.
What kind of baby was I?
Hmm, you were pretty much
like Mirai is now.
But I don't like Mirai.
Oh, you don't mean that.
Don't say that.
Now who do you think this is?
- It's you, isn't it?
- Mm-hmm.
- You're so pretty.
- Oh, thank you.
You were skinnier then.
Hey, watch it, buddy.
There's more photos in here.
This one was when I first met Daddy.
And this was from my first job.
That's college graduation, high school.
Middle school.
Oh, it makes me feel so old.
Elementary school,
I had so much fun then.
First grade.
Oh, look, that's Yoichi.
Yoichi? Who's Yoichi?
He's Mommy's little brother.
We went to his wedding, remember?
Did you guys get along?
Yeah, of course we did.
We're only a year apart
so we were practically like twins.
You had a cat?
It's not real, it's just a toy.
It was a birthday present
from Great-Granny.
Oh, I wanna get a present!
Huh? What for?
Um... for my birthday?
It's not your birthday for a long while.
I want a bicycle.
Well, we can talk about that later.
But I want a bicycle.
Oh, seriously, man.
I just cleaned up too, what a mess.
I want it to be this color.
Granny's coming over so you
need to pick up your toys.
I'm not done playing.
Do as you're told, Kun.
Dad can help me clean up.
Oh, Daddy is not home today.
I can't do it without him.
Well, fine! Then I'm just gonna
have to throw them all away.
You can't do that!
And I'm never gonna buy you
another new toy again.
No, Mom! Please don't!
Then pick up your toys.
I don't wanna!
Why is it always like this?
This is Mirai's fault!
I hate her!
What, no! What are you doing?
You can't hit her, she's a baby!
Great, now Grandma's here.
Mommy will be right back, okay?
Yeah, I'm coming!
I'll be right there!
She's a witch! Mom's a witch!
Why is she so mean? I hate her!
You really should be nicer to her.
Future Mirai.
You did it again.
You tried to hit me
with your bullet train
even after Mom told you not to.
But it wasn't a bullet train.
You aren't supposed to use
a bullet train to hit people.
It was a Super Azusa.
I don't care what kind it was!
And why can't you be
a little nicer to Mom?
I don't know, I just can't.
It's her one day off from work,
she doesn't get many
and she has to spend it
fighting with you.
Come on, try.
I know, I'm not cute.
Both Baby Mirai and Yukko
are really cute.
Not me, I know
I'm not that cute anymore.
Uh... uh.
Oh, come on. That's not true,
you're very cute.
No, I'm not.
You're the cutest! Adorable!
Hang on, wait!
Come back!
Big Brother!
Where am I?
What are you sad about?
It's okay, don't cry.
Thanks a lot.
You're really nice.
But to tell the truth,
I wasn't really crying.
I just wanted to make sure
I was feeling sad enough
to write this letter.
What's the letter for?
Dearest Grandma, I really would like
to have a cat so please let me.
A cat?
I don't know why, but animals love me.
Every animal I meet loves me.
But my grandma, she's allergic
so she said I couldn't have one.
She said I could have an outdoor pet,
but it's not a real pet
if it's always outside,
so I'm going to write her
a letter every single day
until she says yes.
I can be pretty convincing,
so I think she'll let me.
Here kitty, come on.
No need to be scared.
I wanna be your friend.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
- Yeah.
- Which?
A little sister.
I have a little brother but he's so weak
and such a crybaby,
always crying over everything
and 'cause of that my mom
loves me more than my brother.
Even if my grandma says no,
I have a feeling that my mom
will eventually let me have a cat.
I guess I should be glad
my brother's a crybaby.
We're here.
Oh, you can play with
my brother's toys if you want.
Won't you get in trouble for doing that?
Probably, but it's
funner when it's messy.
You're right!
Are you hungry?
Help yourself to anything you want.
You might get scolded.
Probably, but it tastes
better when it's messy.
It's so good.
I know, right?
So good!
So good!
So good!
Better when it's messy!
This is fun!
Hey, how about these?
Fun! Better when messy!
My mom's back.
Oh, no!
She'll be mad.
You have to go now!
I don't believe this!
What is wrong with you?
It's a disaster in here.
That's it, I've had it!
I'm throwing away all of your toys!
Every single one!
Mom, please don't do that,
it won't happen again.
I promise, I'm sorry!
And I'm not buying you
any more candy either!
No, please.
I'm sorry, Mom. I'm so sorry!
Did he eat?
He won't wake up.
My sweet little angel.
I used to call you that all the time.
Yeah, where do you think I got it from?
I'm still sore that you wouldn't let me
adopt one of those strays.
You were a terror.
You know, as a kid I was convinced
you loved me more than Yoichi?
Now, I know exactly how
a little troublemaker
can worm their way into your heart.
You were definitely
a handful as a child.
So mischievous and impossibly stubborn.
I was constantly losing
my temper with you.
Huh, is that true?
I could never get you to tidy up.
Yeah, I don't think I actually
started doing any cleaning
until after I got married.
I love my job, I really do,
but I also wanna take the time
to raise my kids the best way I can.
So when I lose my temper,
it just kills me.
I'm doing the best I can,
but I'm not sure.
Am I a good mother?
In the end, all I really want
is for them to be happy.
I think you just answered
your own question.
Raising kids is
all about good intentions.
Good intentions.
It's okay.
What a brilliant idea.
That letter in Mom's shoe really worked.
Where did you even get
an idea like that, huh?
Hey, maybe I should
try that sometime too.
Oh, yes, I see you, baby.
Not even a smile, huh?
Huh? You want me to take
your training wheels off?
Hmm. Like right now?
You wanna ride completely on your own?
Are you sure?
- You gonna be all right?
- Teach me.
Oh, right.
You put your foot on the pedal
and then you push down really hard.
No, wait!
He's okay.
Okay, there you go, now don't stop.
That's good, that's good!
You're getting it, yes!
You hurt?
You okay?
Right foot, left foot,
keep on going, there you go.
I can't do it!
Oh, it's okay, you'll get it.
- It's too hard.
- I know.
Is this your first bike?
Are you just learning?
We can teach you.
It's not that hard.
Hey, you wanna try practicing
with these boys?
Hang on! Coming, baby!
But, Daddy!
She just started crying.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
Yeah, she's colicky.
You can think of it
like kicking behind you.
You just gotta push down really hard.
And don't stop.
Yeah, we'll wait over there.
Come on, let's go!
Hey, guys, wait up!
I'm scared, Dad.
Is something wrong?
Yeah, you all right?
Working from home, it gives me
more time to be with the kids.
I think he's gonna cry.
Are you serious?
But why?
You're so stupid!
You left me!
I hate you, I hate you!
Hey! We'll go again sometime!
I don't wanna ever go again!
Don't say that, you were so close.
It'll be a breeze next time.
I don't care!
I don't wanna do it!
No! Come here, no, hey!
That's your great-grandpa.
I hate it!
Stupid, stupid Daddy!
What is that?
Can I help you?
Did you wanna know more about the bike?
You wanna ride it?
It's okay if you do, no need to be shy.
Come on, kid, just say the word.
You're really missing out.
And you won't know
what you're missing if you don't try.
Is that true?
That's right.
Just like the saying goes.
Your leg.
Does it hurt?
What, this?
It's from the war.
The ship I was on capsized
and my leg got injured
when it happened, that's all.
It's funny, it used to bother me
but I hardly even notice it anymore.
Hey, it's okay.
You can come in.
It's just, it's my first time.
Uh, your first time what?
The horse?
Your first?
Your very first?
Anyone here?
We are.
Can you tack up my horse?
- Sure, no problem.
- Yeah, we'll do it right away.
Thanks, I got it from here.
Good girl.
Here we go!
So cool!
No, no, I can't.
It's too high up!
Daddy, no!
Daddy? Who, me?
If you're scared,
the horse will also be scared.
Here we go.
The horse doesn't seem scared anymore,
which means it's finally accepted us.
Are you still scared?
A little.
Why don't you try looking ahead?
Just don't look down at the ground,
no matter how much you may want to.
What's that over there?
See? Not scary, right?
Look into the distance.
Good. Now I'm gonna go faster.
See over there?
That's the airplane company
where I used to work.
Are you still scared?
I'm not scared.
Can you see the horizon up ahead?
A ship!
The trick to riding is
the same for everything.
Once you learn how,
you can ride anything at all.
It could be a horse,
or a ship, or even an airplane.
This is cool.
Yeah, it sure is.
Glad you like it,
since I built this bike myself.
No, I mean...
I'm so sorry.
I just don't know how you could forget
something this important.
I know, I know. I'm an idiot.
You specifically told me you'd send it.
I can't go back in time,
what do you want me to do?
- Dad?
- Hmm?
Good morning.
Good morning to you.
Take me to the park.
Take you where?
I'm going to ride my bike.
- What?
- Come on!
Hey, you sure you don't
need me out there with you?
I'll be fine.
You're doing great, don't give up!
Don't give up. Okay.
Look into the distance.
Oh, yes, you got it!
Oh, yeah! Yes, yes!
You're doing it!
Go, Kun, go!
Once you get it, it's real easy.
It's a piece of cake, right?
Ride with us!
Yeah, it'll be fun!
Yeah! All right. Follow me.
Come on, let's go.
Hey! Wait up!
I am so proud of you!
Good job, Kun!
You know what?
I bet you it really helped that
his dad was there to cheer him on.
Yeah, you think so?
Oh, I know so.
Children are incredible, aren't they?
Nobody actually taught him how to do it.
He kept on falling,
but he just wouldn't give up.
You know what else?
Have you noticed?
Mirai doesn't cry anymore
when you hold her.
And she looks calm.
You never gave up and
you learned how to hold her.
No, no, no, come on this really shouldn't
be about me, this is about Kun.
It's his day.
As you wish.
This is Dad!
- Huh, which one?
- This one.
No, that's not your dad,
that's your great-grandpa.
Mm-mm. It's Dad.
No, it is your great-grandpa.
He died last year.
That's right.
He built engines for fighter planes.
Then later during the war
he was drafted,
and the ship that he was on
was attacked.
He got badly injured but he survived.
Then, after the war, he got
a job at a motorcycle company.
Oh, I see, so that's who he was.
Thank you, Great-Grandpa.
Uh, yeah, those look,
those are terrible.
Oh, how about this one?
No! Where's the yellow one?
It's in the laundry.
But I want the yellow one.
- You can't, it's not dry yet.
- I don't care!
Then do you wanna go without any pants?
No, I don't!
Well, you're gonna have
to wear this one then.
This is giving me a headache.
Whatcha doing there?
Come here.
Sit tight, let's get you dressed.
Mom, I wanna wear my yellow pants.
Yukko, please stop barking.
You're giving me a headache.
I don't like these pants!
Those look fine.
- Time to leave, guys.
- Where are the yellow ones?
- I know.
- Should probably load up the car.
Can't you see I'm busy?
Yeah, of course, you're busy.
Yukko, stop that, you're too loud!
I'll put them in the car.
Do I have to do everything around here?
- Coming through.
- I got it!
I hate these pants forever!
I want the yellow ones!
What do you think you're doing?
Honey, do you have the keys?
Yes, just hang on.
I'm coming down now.
We'll be there in a sec.
Mom and Dad don't care,
they love Mirai more than they love me.
Hurry up, Kun, we gotta go.
- I'm not going!
- What are you going to do then?
I'm running away!
Oh, you mean to your room?
Yeah, and I'm not coming back!
Oh, Kun.
You won't see me again, ever!
Goodbye, forever!
Why aren't you looking for me?
Where did you go?
Did you leave without me?
I don't care, I don't like you!
That's just awful.
Yup, a complete wreck.
I'm talking about your attitude.
Boy, does it stink.
You're supposed to
go camping, am I right?
Catch bugs, watch fireworks,
all that stuff.
And you guys will be staying
at your grandparents' place.
It's the summer you've all
been looking forward to.
Think of all the happy memories
you could be making together.
But instead, you don't
want to go, why is that?
How do you know?
Who are you?
What's more important,
the color of your pants
or your memories?
Well, it's your choice.
Just go home and say
you're sorry already.
I do not like them.
And I will not wear them!
No, you do not not like them.
No, I don't not not like them!
No, you do not not, not, not, like them!
Yes I do not not, not, not like them!
No, you do not not, not,
not, not, not like them!
Don't get on!
Stop! Don't get on, okay?
No! Wait, wait!
Little brat.
Tanker train!
A freight train!
It's a Narita Express!
The Ueno-Tokyo line!
The Yamanote line!
That black train,
what kind of model is it?
The train is now approaching,
please stand clear of the platform.
Tokyo Station, this is Tokyo
Station, thank you for riding.
This is the last stop on this line,
all passengers must exit the trains
and get off at this station.
Once again, all passengers
must exit the trains.
Service of this line has ended.
Please stand clear of the moving doors.
A bullet train!
Entry denied.
- I don't have a ticket.
- Entry denied.
Fine, I'm going home.
But, how do I get home?
This is a missing child announcement.
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!
Daisuke from Gaya-gaya,
Daisuke from Gaya-gaya,
your mother is waiting for you
under the silver bell.
Daisuke, there you are!
This is a missing child announcement.
Over here, I'm over here!
Sae from Musa-musa, Sae from Musa-musa,
your father is waiting for you
under the giant cat.
Sae! Sae?
Not Dad.
Where's Mom?
Mommy! It's me!
The witch.
These are all kids.
Next, please.
Have you lost something?
Please describe the item
that you have lost.
No, I didn't lose anything.
This is the lost and found
to report missing items,
if you need other assistance...
But I'm the one that's lost.
I see, so what you are trying to tell me
is what you've lost
is actually yourself.
All right then, to proceed,
I merely need to ask you
a series of simple questions.
What is your name?
It's Kun.
Your response has been noted.
Now then, will you please
tell me your mother's name?
What's my mother's name?
It's, uh, what is it?
Name, please.
But why? I don't know.
No response has been noted.
Next question,
what is your father's name?
Wait, what is my father's name?
Oh, no! What is it, what is it?
No response has been noted.
Now what are the names
of other family members?
We do not accept the name of pets.
Please submit the name
of another family member.
Please submit the name
of another family member.
No response has been noted.
We do not have enough information
to make an announcement.
So, now what?
This is a very large station.
Every single day we receive
many children such as yourself.
Whenever there is nobody
to claim the children,
the only solution is
for those children to board
the special bullet train
in the dark hole.
Where does it go?
The only place for children
with nowhere to go
is the Lonely Land.
The special bullet train
for lost children
is arriving shortly.
Uh, no, wait!
What am I doing here?
You may board the train now.
All passengers, please board now.
You may board the train now.
All passengers, board now.
All passengers, board now.
All passengers, board now.
I won't go!
If you do not wish to board the train,
you must tell me who you are.
Who am I?
I'm, uh, I'm my mommy's kid.
And who is that?
I'm also, I'm my daddy's kid, too.
Yes, what else?
I'm the one, I'm the one
who feeds our dog Yukko.
Who is your mother?
She's the one who wasn't
very good at cleaning the house.
And who is your father?
He's the one who wasn't
very good at holding Mirai.
But Mirai, you don't like her.
Mirai is my...
Mirai is my, she's my...
Mirai is...
What are you doing here, Mirai?
Don't move!
Just stay there!
All passengers, please board now.
Mirai, wait!
All passengers, please board now.
All passengers, please board now.
Don't get on the train!
I know who I am.
I am...
I'm Mirai's big brother, Kun!
Attention, please. Mirai from
Iso-iso, Mirai from Iso-iso,
your big brother Kun is waiting for you
on the special bullet train platform.
She's gone!
What happened?
There you are!
I know that hand!
Mirai from the future!
You ran away from home
and then got lost, you dummy.
I was looking everywhere for you.
Let's go home!
Now, who's next?
Look, we're flying!
What's going on? I thought we
were flying. Are we falling?
Do you know what that is down there?
Um, the oak tree in our yard?
Actually, it's an index
of our entire family history.
It's like those cards they have
for sorting books in libraries.
Instead of books, though,
it sorts our family members and events,
labeling them as past,
present, and future.
We have to find the card
for where you are right now.
- What if we can't?
- You can't go home.
We're going in!
Can you see that bicycle?
That's our dad.
When he was younger,
he wasn't very strong.
He couldn't ride a bike,
even in elementary school.
He often ended up crying
when he practiced.
You can do it!
Don't give up, Dad!
- Who's that?
- Yukko.
- What?
- And that's his mom.
He's saying goodbye to her
to come live with us.
That's Mom!
See what's in her hand?
She's holding a baby bird that
was attacked by a stray cat.
She used to love cats.
But after this happened,
she stopped liking them.
So to that tree, okay?
That was close.
I thought I was gonna lose.
You're really fast.
Back when he was injured,
if Great-Grandpa didn't swim
as hard as he could,
and then Great-Granny,
if she didn't decide
to lose the race on purpose,
none of us would be here right now.
These little things all come together
to make up who we are today.
Everyone in our family is
a result of these moments.
We are?
Hey, Kun.
I think Mom and Dad are looking for you.
Don't do that.
Do what?
Don't be barbaric,
sit down at the dining table.
Do you want some?
No, thanks.
Mirai from the future?
Mm-mmm. Actually,
this is me in the present.
You're the one who's
from the past right now.
In other words...
That guy just now,
do you know who he is?
Pretty cool, huh?
It's time for you to go home
and try not to get lost, okay?
Is this goodbye?
Don't be silly.
Now you had better get going
before you start getting sick of me.
How's your headache, is it gone?
Finally, thank God.
You gotta take care of yourself, too.
I appreciate how sweet
you've been lately.
Who, me?
You never were this thoughtful before.
Like when?
Like, when Kun was born.
Working and being a dad
was too much for you.
Oh, and it wasn't for you?
Me? I'm the same as always.
You're unflappable now.
I get it, it was tough,
but you were just always angry.
You're right,
I'd blocked it out of my mind.
But I think we did
a decent job, didn't we?
Truth is we really owe it to our kids.
So, do you think I'm a good dad now?
I'd say you're okay.
Just okay?
What about me, am I a good mom?
Really good.
Not perfect, but who is?
You know what, I'm okay with that,
as long as I'm not a bad mom.
And I'm a good dog.
You want some?
Here you go.
Mirai, Kun, sweetie.
Come on, we're ready!
- Time to hit the road!
- Okay!
Come on, family.
Let's get this vacation started!