Miranda (1985) Movie Script

You know, there's one thing
I'll never make it.
I'd love to take you from
behind like a man would.
I get fed up with
rooms by the hour.
People will think I'm a
cheap whore, right?
Go on, do it again.
Would you let me
play the man, Berto?
I love you, Miranda.
I love you.
You are not the only one.
The old man again, right?
Sure, he loves me too.
Look, pretty nice ring.
Get rid of it, you hear?
You're crazy? It's mine.
- You are a...
- Say it, go on.
It gets me all excited.
Whore! Bitch!
Why don't we live together,
Do you think that if I were a man
and you were someone I dig
that I would want to live with you?
And besides there's Gino.
But you know very well
your husband is lost.
I don't think so.
They only said he was missing.
They might be right.
Stop the car!
Are you out of your mind?
We don't want any trouble.
I'm starving.
Bring me a little wine
and some cheese, Tony.
So there you are. I was worried.
Sit down,
have a drink.
Hey, is something wrong?
I thought you'd sleep here together.
I never brought anyone here
for anything like that.
Besides, I don't have to
answer to anyone. Including you.
Here's this weeks' money.
What am I going to do about
all the bills
this month?
I've got a pretty good idea.
You? What do you mean?
I know a guy who'd buy that ring.
But I can't sell it.
If I do ... then what do
I tell the consul?
I'd make sure that the guy
gives you a copy of that one
that looks just the same.
Well... sell to him...
but fast, eh?
Before the consul notices
it's gone.
Is Leda in yet?
All right.
Make sure to clear all the
tables and lock up. No one's
gonna show up in this weather.
What do you like most
in a woman? Tell me.
In other words,
I should take you to bed.
Good idea.
Stop right there!
I only wanted to give
you the money.
Now you've turned chicken?
You should never mix sex and money.
I think they go very well together.
Not for me.
I'm only an employee.
And so what?
Well, I'm waiting for my orders.
Go on, very, very funny.
Good night, boss.
Pleasant dreams.
Jack's been killed.
It's terrible.
I'm never gonna see him anymore.
They never gave him a chance,
they just shot him down.
Near the river bank.
Look, how about us taking a
trip to Rimini, just you and me?
You've got to forget about Jack and
you will a lot sooner than you think.
You'll feel guilty
that you've forgotten, I know.
But that's life, Leda.
And you are the one
who has to go on living.
It makes no sense to suffer.
I know, I don't want to suffer.
But I can't stop crying
I'm so unhappy I want to bawl.
This may not console you
but in everyone's life
there are lots of broken lines
and maybe a straight line,
if you're lucky.
I'm still stuck with broken lines.
But still I go on looking for
the guy who's right for me
hoping he'll straighten me out.
There, there.
Why don't you smile, Leda?
Look out there,
even the sky's trying to smile.
It's hardly snowing anymore.
Maybe winter's finally over.
I finished working at
the Ferrara Fair at 2 AM
It took all night to peddle here.
Can't wait to hit the sack.
I think it's about time
you bought a motor scooter.
First I'll buy a wife
and then I'll buy a motor scooter.
Come on, who'd wanna marry you?
You're too black.
Drink your coffee and
go straight up to sleep.
I'll put your bike away for you.
Here comes the boss.
I'm with the team
working on the gas pipeline.
I'm American. We'll be
here for about 5 or 6 months.
Got any rooms to rent?
I got four, but two
are already occupied.
Let me have the two that aren't.
Would you like to
have a look at them?
I'll take your word for it.
Thank you, madam.
Miranda. And you?
Here, boss. The consul
asked me to give you this.
Ciao, Miranda.
Well, thanks!
There's something
for you in my pocket.
Your hand's like a man who's
very old and still a baby too.
I admire the way fish make love.
They leave a stream of semen
behind them in the current
without even coupling with
their mate.
Like your hand in me now.
Why don't you
go away with me?
I've nearly completed my term
of exile. They're bound to
give me amnesty soon.
I'm very old and rich,
isn't that guarantee enough?
Baby, it's your skin
I like best, it's tired.
I adore your white hairs.
It's all like a second
opportunity for you, darling.
Now I could change that.
Come inside me, Carlo.
Tell me why you never do, please.
I'm afraid
you might get pregnant.
It's ridiculous at my age,
don't you think?
Afraid for me or
of being a father?
You don't have to worry, darling.
Is Tony aware
that we come here?
Of course. I always
tell him who I'm with.
I might have known,
women are all the same.
The necklace you gave me
looks pretty, doesn't it?
I'll buy a hundred for you.
I'll give you anything you like,
my family has money.
In Naples, I have a palace just
waiting for us. I lived there
with my wife 'til she died.
Anonymous, mute...
The fish are better.
- I've grown jealous, you know.
- Of Berto?
You seem to forget you told me you
like the idea of us two making love.
'The Body can admit other partners
the heart never' .
What does that mean?
It's my heart that cannot bear
your having lovers.
My balls don't care.
I like it better when
you talk French to me.
It reminds me of the Sacred Heart
nuns when I went to school.
In other countries, everybody
speaks a little bit of French,
particularly the whores.
Tony, more wine!
Okay, okay!
Is the meat ready?
Hold on, I can't serve it raw.
I'd call that "well-done".
What was that, Tony?
I said your dress looks very nice.
You think so?
- Oh, yes and how, it shows
off all that nice flesh.
- What does it show off?
I meant that it looks nice and fresh
and not hot and stuffy.
I'll bet it turns you on.
- A paradise of erotic beauty.
- Now you're a poet too.
Oh, all it takes is a bit of nerve
and anybody can be a poet.
Marvellous, how did I end up
trusting him?
I love meat and women!
Especially fleshy women!
Another one!
What are you waiting for!
This card wins.
This card loses.
This card wins.
This card loses.
This one's the winner,
this one's the loser...
Are you gonna screw me again?
You never know. Luck's blind,
as they say.
This one wins and this one loses.
This one loses, this one loses.
This one loses...
Which do you choose?
Now I play.
Are you ready, Mr. Consul?
This card wins, this one loses.
This one loses, this one wins.
This card wins, this card loses.
Keep watching. Once again.
Which is the winner?
This one.
I'm sorry, Mr. Consul, you lose.
That's all right.
Luck's fickle like a woman,
which is why it likes young men.
So if she's a woman,
I imagine she'd like any old man
who paid for her.
These two friends of mine
will take the other room.
They're French,
they're studying music in Parma.
Juliette, Gabrielle.
You don't mind do you, Miranda?
Why don't you ask your friends
to give us a song then?
She can't sing...
And do you sing?
I sing and dance.
Ciao, Italo.
Enchanted, Miss Juliette.
My name is Carlo,
I worked in France.
- Oh, in the mines?
- No! As a diplomat.
I'll leave him to you.
Ok, don't worry. I'll see
that they're well-taken care.
Thanks, Miranda.
Marvellous that you say
my name so nicely.
Is this a party or something?
A dead man is paying
for our drinks.
- A dead man?
- Iride.
He left us 10.000 lire
to celebrate
after his funeral.
Great. Let's celebrate then, ok?
What do you think?
It looks like a battleship.
Thank you.
I might make the letters bigger.
Bigger than they are now?
Berto transports
anything anywhere.
Come on, come on, get in.
- Where are we going?
- I wanna show the depo.
Who was that guy
with the two girls?
A technician with the gasline team.
He's American, you know.
He's a son of a bitch.
Why is that?
He had no right
to call you Miranda.
- But Americans always do that.
- Italians don't!
I wanted to show you the work
they've done on the garage.
That's where our house
will be, right there.
Selling watches?
That one's for you.
Put it on.
Oh, Berto.
Just a minute.
There's something
I want you to see.
Come on.
Where did you get all this stuff?
I got it all with 50% off from
that furniture company I work for.
And look what else I've got?
I delivered truckloads
of these to Bologna.
I don't think they'll miss
the case I stole for us.
Stop it, would you, that tickles.
I want to marry you, Miranda.
I want to marry you...
Do you know that men with socks on
really turn me off, especially
when they're wearing boxer shorts?
And besides didn't you tell me
you love me because with me
you had freedom?
I must have a woman who
will stand behind me.
Well, look around!
Where do you think I am?
Pretty funny, except when
I make love I do it front!
You know I'm never going
to marry you.
You'll marry the old man, huh!
Or maybe you fell in love
with your American friend.
How can I make love to someone
who doesn't understand the woman
he says he's in love with?
- Women are all alike!
- And you're useless!
No! I'm sorry!
You made me angry.
You don't even know
how to get angry!
I like your arse Berto,
that's all! Put it in the
closet for all I care!
No, Miranda
don't go!
Please, come back!
The proprietor
has had a breakdown!
Go on, Gabrielle,
give your seat to Miranda.
Why does it have to be me?
He'll take you back in the truck.
Oh, shit!
Goodbye, Gabrielle.
Goodbye. See you later!
Who the hell does she
think she is! Bitch.
There's hundreds like her
and better.
Right, and here's one.
And all of them piss
the same way.
I want to amuse myself
Let's go Baby com'on.
Do you want a little?
What's that?
It's Turkish gum.
Makes you high.
I want some too.
Here they are!
I really like women who
get wet right away.
No, no, it's only sweat.
Besides I have to pee.
- Want me to leave?
- Why are you ashamed?
Is it true that where you're from
they don't kiss girls here?
Who taught you to drive
me crazy like you do?
I learn fast on my own.
Com'on, kiss me.
No, not here.
You know where I mean!
Do men always do what you want?
What about Norman?
Do you like him?
He's handsome.
A bit strange though.
Strange, how?
It's hard to say.
He's different.
Italo would like us to go
to Africa together.
Yeah. His folks are in Somalia.
He wants to live there,
work selling new trucks for Berto.
And you?
I don't know.
I miss Jack.
We were so in love.
And I was in love with Gino.
It's nice to love only one man.
- One at a time.
- No, one forever.
- But I guess you were right.
- About what?
You do forget.
And life goes on.
I like new men in my life.
It's not true that all men
are alike, you know?
Did you and Italo
go to bed yet?
Before he sleeps with me
he insists I say
I'm in love with him.
I wish you had, 'cause I'm
dying to know if black eyes
are good or not!
Do you think Tony has a girl?
- He does okay in Ferrara.
- Did he tell you that?
He never mentions it.
But Italo told me he's famous
in every whore house in Ferrara.
He's famous?
Whore's like him a lot.
It appears he can give
any old hag a great time...
No! That's incredible isn't it!
Not our Tony!
He's got something but it's hard
to tell just what it is.
What, what is?
He's got...
Well, I don't know what he's got.
You and I ought to go
to a whore house too!
- What!
I mean it. There ought to be
whore houses also for ladies.
Tell me,
doing it in bed...
do you like it?
Why don't you?
I get more worked up doing it
in the country or in a car,
in the movies.
In bed, I can come only by
squeezing my legs together.
Well, then let the guys spread.
Just as long as you both agree on it.
There are men who say
that a lot of girls are frigid.
That's stupid, no girl is frigid,
they don't exist.
Only guys who don't
know how to do it.
For example, that one.
With the robe on?
- I can see him nude!
- Nude, no!
Sure, look at all those hairs
going down his belly
all the way to his donger.
His is timid look.
It's all shrivelled up.
He's got no arse at all!
I think all men should be
looked at arse first.
Right, it gives you
the whole picture.
Look at that one!
There's a bummer.
A professor.
A mechanic.
A Queer!
Wanna Dance?
We don't understand. We are French.
Do you speak English?
Wanna dance?
We have a car too.
Okay, just one dance
but that's all.
Our husbands are very jealous.
- Good evening, boss.
- Hi.
Did they tire you out
in Ferrara?
Not in the least.
Would you like to see?
Were they pretty?
I'm not complaining.
Is that the way you get them
excited, those bitches?
You bet, I know plenty of ways
to get them going.
Think there should be whore houses
for women just the same as for men,
don't you think so?
Eh, Tony?
There are plenty of
very good places
where men come and go
as they please
and a woman like you
can take her pick.
Like this inn,
for example, big boy...
Oh, I wouldn't even imagine...
It's up to you...
Stop right there.
But why should I stop
if the others don't?
Stop I said!
But look Miranda ...
- Don't forget you're an employee here!
- And you're my boss.
Bravo. You've managed to keep
your thoughts together
no thanks to all those whores
you satisfied.
Stop it now, Tony,
you're finished, you hear.
I only wanted to give you
the cash for the ring I sold.
That's what I like about you.
You're useful, I can rely on you.
Oh, and the copy, have you
got it yet?
There is no copy. One of my
lady friends bought the ring.
Dirty bastard, you put my nice ring
on one of your whore's hands.
Well, look what I sold
it for. Count it.
She paid twice as much
as any one else would've.
She gave me a lot.
Gave you a lot, huh?
Cash or trade?
Cash, of course. You know
nobody looks at me, right boss?
It's all for you anyhow.
It's enough, I hope, to pay
whatever new bills I get.
For as long as I'm away.
Don't I have the right to go away?
Yeah, you're the boss.
You can do whatever you want.
You approve, do you?
I depend on you, Tony.
The inn is in your hands.
Don't worry, I'll look after
your interests for you.
You're a guy who
knows what he's doing.
Why, don't you?
Do you like it?
- It makes me cry a little.
- Well, there's nothing
wrong with that.
Sit down.
How'd you like an ice-cream.
Another One!
More drills shipped,
they were unloaded this morning.
Work's finished.
Norman, Norman, no!
Come here!
Go on!
Let's fuck.
Hey you, leave that dog alone.
I'm a civil servant
and you're interfering with the law.
How much for the dog?
Not a penny! I have my dignity
as official dog catcher, you know.
Here's dollars, American
dollars. You can have them.
Oh, he's cute.
Go away.
Go on, go away!
Please, go away!
Don't you know how lucky
you've been today.
Hey, the war's over.
Slow the jeep down, will you.
You're a 'mascalzona'.
Go on say it again.
Hey, would you watch that!
You some kind of nut?
This spot is where the Nazi's
got me. April 13th 1944.
It was here where the Scar is.
It was night, I was lucky.
There were only a few,
they were afraid to come down.
I spent the whole night
looking up at those two trees.
and shit.
A monument.
C'mon, let's go.
I want something to drink,
then I want you. Let's stop
at the first village.
I'm starving.
I'm goin' to eat.
It's there.
Right between the legs of the
This is it.
This is what moves the world.
Right between the thighs
of all women.
Tender clouds,
I wanna die there.
Yes you're right.
Get over here.
We will cross the river and will rest
in the shade of the trees.
I wanna die...
Not in the jerry.
I want to die,
I want to die in a wave.
I wanna die on top of you, Miranda.
On top of you.
Oh, my love.
I want your thigh.
come on.
A hole here...
I wanna make a hole in you
and take you in that hole.
Yeah, do it.
You can do it if you want.
Just me, mine,
Oh, baby.
Miranda, baby.
Oh, darling...
You hear me, darling?
Please, Norman.
Wine, wine!
Long live Bacchus and love!
Both console us.
One passes through our lips to
our heads and the other from
our eyes to our hearts.
So I drink this wine, with my eyes
and then I do the same as you.
Just a minute,
quiet please, everyone.
I shall miss you all a great deal.
I asked for my old post in Damascus.
That's where I started my career.
So at long last they put you
back on the road.
Yes, the purge is finally over,
my exile has come to an end
and you might say I'm back
in the government's good graces.
Long live the Consul Carlo!
It was very nice of you
to invite us all here.
So now you're gonna leave us?
- Wanna dance with me?
- I would be delighted
-I'm ready.
Wanna dance, honey?
What kind of music is that, Tony?
Play one of those records
that I brought, will ya?
This one, okay? - That's the one
I'm on, go right ahead.
- But I can't, Leda.
- Sure you can.
No, Miranda, ask somebody else.
Ah. Carlo, come.
- Isn't he wonderful?
- He's American.
A great guy. It's worth it,
It's worth it, Leda!
Until the end I never stopped hoping
that one day you might reconsider.
I can't Carlo.
You know that.
I can't help it.
But I still feel bound to Gino.
I can't get him out of my heart.
Liar, you know there's no
possibility of him ever returning.
But besides it was you who said
that nothing mattered except this.
I didn't know you that well then.
Hey, Carlo!
What are you trying to say?
Just that now other things
mean a lot more to me.
At this moment there's one
and only one thing.
Miranda, Miranda!
Why do you always avoid me?
Avoid? I'm here holding you,
can't you feel it, Carlo?
You've got such lovely thighs.
I dream about them.
About your aroma.
Your impudent eyes.
That's what I like to hear.
Pretend I'm not Miranda.
That I'm another woman.
Someone young and fresh
and completely devoted to you.
No-one else interests me.
Juliette, for example.
Did you see her? She's looking
for someone to settle down with.
I've seen her all naked.
Close your eyes and
think about her.
Her thighs, her hand.
Imagine it's Juliette's caresses...
- No you!
- Me!
Do you know
what I've done, Carlo?
I even sold the ring you bought
me to pay some bills.
Yes, yes.
That's one more reason for loving you.
It's a downpour.
Come on, please.
You've pissed me off!
That's a rotten son of a bitch!
No! Not the phonograph, no!
Stop fighting!
Calm yourselves!
Oh, stop it!
About time there was some rain.
Sing, go on, sing.
Stop fighting!
Oh, stop it! Norman!
Norman, Norman!
That son of a bitch started it!
He did?
Yes and it's your fault!
Can't any of you see it's raining?
Let's go!
Everyone back home. C'mon.
- I only wanted to separate them.
- Calm down.
Come on, move it.
Small Fight!
"Listed as missing must
be presumed dead."
Don't go, Gino, don't go.
Take it,
I leave it to you, it's yours.
Turn around.
I don't believe you never
done that before.
I don't care what you believe.
Gino, tell me I didn't hurt you.
No, you were great.
What are you thinking?
Nothing, just laughing.
What was your husband like?
othing at all like you!
You just like to switch around?
Why not? You like one man because
he's got something special,
then you find something else
in another.
What have I got?
Your smell.
I'm crazy about it.
Let's go away together!
Go where?
Far, to where everyone's different.
They're not all the same here.
You, for example.
I'm only passing through.
I take what I find that's all.
And I made myself easy to find.
Miranda, ask me for anything.
Keep me running
all night long, okay?
What are you thinking about?
Not a thing!
I feel the music in the air!
I can feel it too!
Sure you can work here. We've got
a room for you. Right, dad?
Get me a grappa.
Is anyone upstairs?
Only Leda, no one else
came home last night.
They're completely through
with the gas line.
Even Norman gave up his room.
That's because he was all alone.
Juliette went with the Consul
and Gabrielle with Berto.
Looks like we'll be all alone, uh?
Well, there'll be lots of others,
you'll see.
Not today.
Put the closed sign up, will you?
Tell Leda we don't need her today.
And you get all clean and after come
and see me and we'll talk a little.
And stop drinking.
Well, I'm celebrating.
I don't have to work today.
You didn't have to bring coffee.
It wasn't necessary.
Well, I could leave it here.
But if it's not necessary...
we could forget about it.
Get under the covers.
Stop right there.
I'd like us to be married.
Wait, I haven't tested you.
Let's not forget I haven't either.
Well, I'd like to begin by
discussing some business matters.
Business and bed.
I'm giving you the choice.
We can be married or
you can be a peasant again.
And if I marry you,
what am I then?
Part owner of the inn, alright!
But 'Gino's' what
this place is called.
Well, put a sign up calling it
'Miranda's'. Everybody'll be delighted.
The men will, I know that.
Well, so what?
If I marry I suppose...
well then what?
You can begin by learning to love me
and stop calling me "Boss".
It's mine, Tony.
Yeah, it's yours.
No, what I mean is
that it's mine.
- Look.
- Oh my God!
Oh, please, Miranda!
I can't stand it anymore!
Do you still want to
discuss finances?
Tony! Oh, Tony!
Tony, what are you doing?
I am going to keep them
It's beautiful!
Carlo and Juliette from Naples,
you simply showered me with gifts!
Have you had any news
from the American?
Norman's just not the sort to go
back to the same place.
In person, with a letter
or anything.
Italo and I are going
to get married in Africa.
I don't know what kind of a
ceremony they have there.
And now off we all go to Bologna.
I've reserved at "Le due torri".
Oh Berto! That's wonderful!
Thank you!
I've rented the car from
an earl in Mirandola, any complaints?
C'mon, get in.
Wait a minute, Berto.
Where's Miranda gone?
Where's she going?
You know, her first husband
died during the war.
Hurry up!
- Goodbye!
- Get in, everyone's waiting for you.
Goodbye! Good luck.
Have a good journey!
Bye, bye!
It's wonderful to get into a bed
with new sheets and a new cover.
But I'd rather look at you.
What do you want to look at?
Light the fire if you want
to see more.
Jumps right up.
What's so funny?
Don't you get it?
You're terrible,
you know that!
You finish it.
Lie down.
I beg you Miranda, please!
Warmer, and warmer ...
That's not bad.
A paradise of erotic
beauty, huh?
I beg you, Miranda. I beg you.
I beg you, I beg you, I beg you!
I beg you! Is that all you can say?
This is the second time
you've begged me.
It's funny, I wonder if someday
I'll have to beg you.
I like your natural colour
hair better.