Miranda House (2019) Movie Script

You know in Mozambique
I went to Mozambique.
The Portuguese ruled there for 400 years.
-How long did they rule in Goa?
450 years...
-450 years in Goa too?
Portugal is such a small country you know!
And they ruled over us for 400 years!
And the British for 150 years!
That is comparatively less than 400.
Yes, but they ruled all over India.
-Yeah, okay, okay.
And the Portuguese only over Goa
-Hello sir.
Yes, tell me?
Sir here...
-Just a minute
Stop the car!
Hello! Yes?
Should I say?
There's a girl lurking near
Miranda House.
Is it a long time she's there?
Looks suspicious to me!
Ok... We'll head there!
Let's head towards Miranda house.
- Ok Sir!
Come on!
She's been here for quite a while.
Hey, what are you doing here?
What do you mean by that?
Why? This is a public place.
I can be here, let me go.
What is my crime?
You have been lurking here for
quite a while now.
I found it suspicious, so had to do this.
I'm waiting here for my boyfriend.
Do you understand?
-Your boyfriend stays in this house?
What's your name?
Come on, give us your real name?
We're well known with fake names.
I mean it.
Priya is my real name... Priya Redkar!
Just a moment!
I'll show you my identity proof, here.
So your boyfriend asked you to meet him here?
Yes, I've been waiting for half
an hour now, he's not yet here.
I'm trying to call but can't get through.
There he comes!
Sam! Sam... Sam!! Hey...!
Hey wait...
Catch him!
Hey wait... Stop!
Hey stop! I said stop... STOP!
-Where are you trying to run?
Where were you going?
Get up!
What have I done?
Can't you stop when we ask you to?
Are you deaf?
We have held your girlfriend
there, did you see?
And yet you run away?
Now shut up and come along.
-No Sir, I have not done anything.
I don't understand why you have caught me.
Do you at least see that we have
held your girlfriend?
You were still running away?
Which girlfriend?
Which girl? I don't know any girl...
-Come on...
I have a very important work, sir.
Sam relax!
You see...I was waiting for you
here and you got delayed.
So they thought I was a drug dealer.
But I told them, I mean convinced them...
That I am Priya Redkar!
Ok? Got it?
I have told you a hundred times...
Don't come before time and hang around.
It looks odd. It's not like a
Good girl! Isn't it sir?
She gets into trouble and drags me too!
Go home and fight and do what you want.
We saw her loitering here for quite a while.
So we thought something
was fishy and asked her.
We have information on drug
trafficking on the beach.
Sir, should we investigate him too?
No let it be.
That's ok, no need!
Here, take this.
Sir, can we go now?
Come Priya, let's go.
The officer said we can go,
say thank you to him.
Thank you!
Who are you anyway? And what you do?
I am a graphic designer.
And you? What do you do?
I am a painter... Out of work at the moment.
Okay, get lost now.
Hey, listen!
I just told you to get lost, okay?
No need to fake it any more.
Don't pile on to me...
Hey, I am not piling on to you!
I know you are not my boyfriend
nor am I your girlfriend.
But the police must be still alert.
If we go different ways they
will have doubts again.
I hope you understand.
Shall we?
You are such a nag!
Ruined all my program!
Excuse me!
Then why did you put on
before the police in style...
That I am your girlfriend?
Look, that is called presence
of mind, my friend!
They would never let us go
if I didn't say that!
Is it?
In that case, please hold on to your
presence of mind a bit more, my friend.
Will you please tell me
how I ruined your program?
Why? Can you do anything to set it right?
I have got an assignment based on this town.
That house was my subject.
Wanted to observe it in the evening light.
But you messed up the whole thing.
I am really sorry!
But I didn't mean to do that.
You may as well observe the
house tomorrow morning!
Let me tell you...
If the painter can work
authentically on the details,
people like that painting more.
After all everyone has their own perception.
Yes, you are right.
It's about the perception.
So that's why, the moment I saw you,
I said "This is my boyfriend".
So now if you are done with perceiving,
walk a few steps, do some
arm-up and jog back home.
If the police do watch you,
they will say, "That's a good girl!".
"Fitness conscious!"
So get up and get going!
Okay, leaving!
Hello! Vikram here! Hello!
Hello! Vikram here! Hello!
What exactly are you observing in the dark?
The fruits of my labour!
-Of course...
Calling my business manager!
Thanks to you, I cannot go
to the front entrance.
Police will suspect me for no reason.
-Business Manager? Is it a he or a she?
Just asking... I thought I heard
the voice of a woman!
Woman? Which woman?
Don't believe me? You think I'm lying?
One moment... You can read, can you?
Read the name. You can read, can you?
Does that look like a woman's name to you?
Are you nuts?
What is so funny?
It is funny! Name is saved as Mohan
but number is MOHINI's.
'Mohini' that's the name of
Samar Bandodkar's wife.
If you want to have affairs, learn
how to guard them.
Ok, fine. Yes, I have an affair,
but you're no less, you see.
Tell me, what was the need to come..
..after me in the bushes at such a dark hour?
What was the need?
Is this like a good girl?
And she's telling me,
'Name is Mohan Number is Mohini's!'
Hey, wait a minute!
So that means you know Mohini's number!
Or maybe you had it?
This is where she stays, right?
So why didn't you call her
when the police caught you?
There must be a reason!
Yes, you are right!
There is indeed a reason!
I have a reason and you have a reason.
You need to save Mohini's number as Mohan
and hide it from a stranger like me!
There is something fishy about you too!
I think we are sailing in the same boat!
We need to talk.
I don't mind.
Not here, this is risky.
So? Where?
I stay quite close from here,
almost walking distance, we'll go there.
Is it ok for you to chat with
me in your hotel room?
I don't mind.
Shall we go?
Sure. Let's go.
Good evening, sir...
-Good evening!
How's the evening?
-Fine, thank you.
Do you know that manager?
No, why?
Why did he give you a smile?
How do I know?!
Come on in...
This is my room.
I have been here since the last four days.
Sorry about the mess.
That's alright.
You can freshen up if you want.
-I am good.
Fine, I will freshen up then.
Make yourself comfortable.
I am really sorry!
What for?
You said you are painter...
I didn't believe you!
But you really are one!
-And that too of a very high calibre!
Thank you for your compliments!
I really mean it!
All your paintings are so beautiful!
Specially this one here...
It's very interesting and very vibrant.
It's called FIRE.
Where does the concept come from?
Actually the original is a legendary
painting by a great artist.
He has made a series of paintings
on the five elements.
This one of them.
There's a photo just above...
-This one?
Right. I am trying to copy that.
Oh! You are copying someone?
Well yes...
I am trying to understand the painter's style.
I see...
-Actually, I want to have a drink.
Provided, you have no objection!
You can have drinks.
I will object if you drink alone though!
Oh sure! What will you have? Vodka? Whiskey?
Just soda or Lime cordial?
-Lime cordial.
-No ice!
Your drink is ready!
-Ok. Thank you so much!
Where did you graduate from?
J.J. School of Art!
Oh... any specialisation?
-No. I paint what I feel like.
And what about you?
-I am a graphic designer.
Karnatak University.
-I see... Nice!
You said we are sailing in the same boat.
Have you met Samar?
I mean, know him personally.
Heard about him from my mother.
My mother was just 18...
Her love affair with Samar
was the talking their college.
Samar was one year her senior.
Their affair went on for two
years after they finished college.
They broke up?
Just a break up would have been fine.
But the way the break up took place...
that turned into a tragedy.
What does that means...?
Marriage cancelled at the last minute?
She told Samar she is pregnant
and wanted him to marry her.
That sophisticated Monkey told her
to clean up her mess herself,
and not involve him and all that...
Your mother told her family?
Yes, she did.
They asked her to abort the baby.
But she didn't want to.
She said it was not a fruit of her sin.
The family was ok with that?
But of course, the fact that you were born...
They must have agreed.
They kicked her out of the house...
When she was carrying me!
How could they!?
Can you believe that?
-I can't.
Me too... please!
It's good to drink in moderate
drink, rather than having excess.
Drinks can create wonders!
Vikram, you have no idea...
Get drunk one day...
I mean absolutely sozzled...
And then come to the canvas and paint...
I am sure, you will then
experience the wonders!
-Thank you so much!
So what about your mother?
Oh yeah...My mother told me
everything when I grew up.
Then I decided I am going to hunt him down.
Did you find him?
I did.
But he refused to accept
me as his daughter.
He wasn't even married then.
He got married recently in his fifties.
He married a girl in her thirties!
Your mother must have felt
really bad after hearing this!
Had she had been alive!
What do you mean?
You mother...
I'm sorry...
Don't be.
She passed on when I was 15.
She was very ill and was sleeping.
I had to go to school so I didn't
wake her even at 7.30,
I thought she must be resting.
And then when I was in school...
It was in the school...
I heard...That my mother...
Just a minute!
Your mother was so beautiful!
She wasn't just beautiful!
She was bold and beautiful!
Isn't she?
By the way, where did Samar meet that Mohini?
Any idea?
Oh yes, Mohini!
I think in Mumbai.
She was modelling in Mumbai
Probably they met there!
She wasn't much of a success there.
So perhaps she went to Samar for money.
Can I use your wash room?
-I'm alright!
Sit down!
I am alright.
You know what? This is nothing!
I have had more drinks than this.
Samar had kept his wedding party here.
You were invited?
No way...I gatecrashed!
Gulped a few drinks and blasted
him in front of the guests.
He called the guards and
threw me out of there.
Didn't I say- drinks can create wonders?
What did you get out of all the drama?
Mohini got to see me...
She called me the next day
probably Samar wasn't home.
She called me over to meet her.
I was in two minds to go or not to go.
Then she called again,
...so I decided to go.
I reached Samar's house at 11 in the morning.
There was dead silence everywhere.
I stepped into the hall...
there was nobody around.
From the Hall I could see a room at
the back and the dining room.
I was scared... I wondered
If there was some plot to
kill me or something.
I looked around and then quietly
sat on the sofa, still scared.
Then I heard some footsteps.
A man came with a glass of water.
He kept the glass on the teapoy,
looked at me and went back.
I gulped the water down.
As I did that I heard
a voice from behind me.
Why have you called me?
Then Mohini struck a deal with me.
To kill Samar.
She bloody promised me a huge amount.
But only after the job was done.
You took that woman for her word.
Beggars can't be choosers.
I wanted to start my graphic designing company.
No Bank is willing to finance me.
So right now I'm completely broke.
So you are doing all this for money?
For both!
For money and revenge!
You should have at least asked for an advance.
Advance? I did ask.
She said, if I have to pay you I
might as well hire a contract killer!
What do I need you for?
So I accepted.
You know, I made three attempts to kill him.
He escaped all three times!
What could I do?
Bad luck!
Ten days back I get a call from her,
Not your cup of tea and forget the deal.
Let's call it off.
Hang on, hang on...
Are you the same man appointed
by her for that job?
Or you have some other kind
of deal with Mohini?
Tell me frankly, I won't mad!
But yes, I will feel very bad if you lie to me.
Come with me...
To understand what this is
I'll need another drink.
Will you please wait?
Sorry, have some patience, I'll give you.
But please listen to me.
You should know my story.
-Your story?
My father's story...
Do you know who has made these paintings?
My father's!
Beautiful, aren't they?
Look at those fine strokes!
My father, the celebrated painter,
Laxman Khedekar.
His paintings can fetch millions today.
But that art dealer Samar Bandodkar,
he killed my father!
He provoked my father to commit suicide.
My father made a series on the five elements.
And now, he is out to get them.
Nobody knows where those paintings are.
Only I know!
One last!
No way, that's it!
I can do it myself, I don't need you!
-Put the glass down.
This one's last.
-Enough is enough!
-No way!
-No! You're already drunk!
Vikram please!
-One last! Listen to me!
Vikram please! One last!
-Listen to me!
Get into the wash room and splash
some water on your face.
I'll drop you home.
- Come on!
- No.
Who could that be?
Hello! hat's going on?
Why are you peeping inside?
-No, nothing, I didn't see anything.
It's came here by mistake.
My room's just above this,
I missed the floor.
-I said sorry! Sorry!!
One for the road!
-What's all this?
Leave it... I'll be back, till then
don't come out, understand?
Don't you come out!
This is my room!
-I know! I've come to help.
Your keys?
That's cool!
Did you work in a hotel any time?
-Take, get inside!
Thank you!
Thank you... Goodnight.
Vikram! Vikram!
Vikram, where are you?
Vikram! Vik...
Where were you? I've been calling
So long! Where did you go?
Vikram, I'm talking to you!
You moron! Why are you
Screaming? It's 11 in the night!
Where did you go, leaving me all alone?
-Be quiet!
You left me alone!
-Are you mad? Screaming at 11 in the night!
Come on inside...
-Aw... Vikram! Oh...
One last!
Oh miss...
-One last!
No way!
No. Let me take you home!
Wash your face! I'll take you home.
- No Vikram, no!
Come on!
-Where? I don't want to.
Come on!
-I don't want to...Vikram!
Come on...
Vikram no...
-I said please..
I don't want to!
Come on... Now wait here.
What are you doing?
-What a stupid girl!
Why do girls drink if they can't hold it?
What are you looking at?
No, nothing...
Then why are you silent?
Are you looking at a woman
like this for the first time?
No, no...
Tell me the truth... Don't you
want to paint my portrait?
Priya!! Priya!!
Priya!! Priya!!
Sir he was inquiring about her...
Ok Sir, Yes...
Yes Sir... I will do...
Yes Sir... Sure, yes sir...
Ok, yes sir...
Madam, there's an envelope for you...
Thank you!
Hi! Good morning Vikram!
Bad morning Priya!
What's your problem Priya?
What's this?
I borrowed your clothes without asking you.
Where did you go?
-For morning walk, that's my routine!
Can I have some water?
Couldn't you at least tell me when you went?
-Big deal!
What a way to start my day!
Here you go.
Can I have some tea? Please!
How much sugar?
-Two spoons...
I think I drank a bit too much last night
A bit..?
When I woke up in the morning,
you were fast a sleep.
Thought I shouldn't disturb you.
Didn't want to disturb your
sleep, as simple as that...
By the way...
Last night, I told you everything about myself,
Honestly, in all good faith.
But you...? You didn't tell me
the whole story of your father.
Were you in your senses to even listen?
Hmm... good!
-Thank you!
You didn't tell me the reason
behind your father's suicide?
Just a minute...
I did begin the story, but...
I'm sorry!
Forget it!
My father was a great painter...
But he never understood how to encash his art.
He loved people.
Trusted everyone too easily.
Samar Bandodkar took advantage of that.
I made it clear,
that you cannot sell any painting
without my permission?
Yes, you can sell the paintings
I have given you to anyone.
But you don't have any right
over what I paint now?
That is what the contract says...
You have read the contract before signing it.
Don't you remember?
You asked me to sign and I
signed in good faith.
You have written,
that anything that you paint...
will be my property!
You cannot sell it to anyone
without my permission.
You took an advantage of my trust!
You cheated me!
From now, you will not sell even one painting.
If you do, I will take legal action.
After that Father stopped painting.
And in that depression he took his own life.
I did not know any of this.
Later I found his diary,
I got to know a lot when.
My father had painted a series
on the five elements.
This one too is from that series, FIRE...
Samar sold it in Paris for millions.
What was next?
There was a great demand for
Father's paintings after that...
But the rest of the paintings
are not to be found,
Samar is trying to get his hands on them.
I am the only one who knows where they are.
What? Then why don't you sell those?
That's the whole point!
They are Samar's property!
The contract between him and
my father clearly says-
That they will be Samar's property,
as long as he is alive!
That's the reason you want to kill him?
That's why I got in touch with Mohini...
Have you seen Mohini?
Have you met her?
She only sends text messages.
Samar is dead!
Look! Just got this message from her?
How shall we know if the news is real?
I'll be back!
Samar is dead?
Good morning Sir!
-Good morning! Yes?
Do you know where Samar Bandodkar lives?
Do one thing...
Head straight from here,
-Then turn right,
-Next to the beach you'll see a big bungalow.
-That's his house!
I see...
Why do you ask?
I have to see him for some personal work.
-Oh, he was here just 15 minutes back!
This hotel belongs to him.
Thank you...
What is it? What happened?
Did you meet anyone?
Look Priya... something is fishy.
I'll be back soon!
Samar is alive Priya and this
hotel belongs to him.
You stay out, don't stir anywhere.
Vik... Vikram...
Where are you off to?
Vikram! Listen to me...
What was the deal between us?
-I am very happy with you.
Sending you the gun soon.
Finish off Vikram!
That wasn't a part of the deal.
No questions!
I do not like questions!
He knows you are alive.
He also knows this hotel belongs to you.
-Just do as I say!
Finish off Vikram!
-Look... No! Listen...
Sir has sent this gift,
please take...
You know what to do, right?
Just fire!
Imtiaz? Hello Bro...
Bro, this is Vikram!
Is that gift item ready bro?
Is it ready?
No, no... Listen, listen bro.
Bro let's meet at the same spot.
Thank you, thanks a lot!
So, are you ready?
-Going on...
I'll try...
-I don't want trails.
Just finish him.
Hands up!
From where did you get the gun?
From where did you bring it?
I had ordered it, way before hand.
For Samar...
But had to ask for it because
of today's incidence.
From where did you get that?
Didn't I tell you?
We're sailing in the same boat.
I brought it when I went for the morning walk.
Why have you aimed the gun towards me?
You're gonna kill me?
No, why have you aimed
the gun towards me?
Are you gonna kill me?
No, keep the gun down then.
You keep it down!
First you...
-No, first you!
Okay, I kept it...
-Look, I kept it.
"Come inside Miranda house at 7p.m."
Samar Bandodkar...
Your time is up!
Welcome to my house.
Welcome Vikram!
-Where is Mohini?
Actually, Mohini thought I'm out of
Goa and asked you to meet her.
But here I am!
Where is Mohini?
What did you do to her?
Why you in a hurry to kill me?
You want few answers from me, right?
First try to get them...
Then kill me, later.
Let's talk for a bit.
Come, come ahead, come on!
Want to talk?
Forget about speaking to you, you
are not worth living in the first place.
Do you recognise me?
-Of course.
You are the son of Laxman Khedekar,
the famous painter.
Do you know how your father became famous?
Thanks to me!
Yes, he became famous because of you,
and he took his life also, because of you.
What kind of a contract did you make?
What do you mean by that?
It was a business contract.
Where he and me, both were in profit.
Look, the 4 paintings that
you have from the 5 elements,
they're still my property.
That is why you cannot do anything.
But yes, if you want we can renew the contract.
Renew my foot!
Because of the contract you
could threaten my father.
I want that contract back!
My father was depressed
because you cheated on him.
And he committed suicide.
Only you are responsible for all this, Samar.
That is why I'm here.
Now, just give me back the contract.
My friend, you're not come.
You have been brought here.
You don't believe me?
Ask her!
You know who she is?
Priya Redkar...
Priya Redkar?
No way! This is Mohini!
What? Priya?!
Your first meeting, was done by me.
The one who got your hotel bookings
done, she's the same Mohini.
And the one who gave you Mohini's number
and asked to save it as 'Mohan'
that man was sent by me too.
So Mohini, shoot him!
Priya! You lied to me?
You lied to me?
Vikram, I'm really sorry.
But I didn't lie to you, believe me Vikram!
I am not Mohini, I am Priya!
You forced me to become Mohini to trap him.
And I agreed.
Because I wanted to kill you.
You misbehaved with her mother too.
You left her while she was carrying?
Her mother? What are you talking?
She doesn't have any mother, she's lied to you.
I had sent her to kill you.
Priya, what is he saying?
Look, do not lie to me.
I'm sorry once again!
I hid the facts from you...
because if you had changed your mind
I would have been all alone.
The picture I showed you
yesterday was not my mother,
but my sister, Madhuri...Madhuri Redkar.
Oh I See! That was Madhuri, is your sister?
I am sorry!
He cheated her.
She had no option, so she committed suicide.
And not just one Madhuri, you
have cheated so many of them!
This house of yours is called MIRANDA HOUSE!
Why not Bandodkar House?
You swindled the owner of this house-
and have employed him as your servant here!
Enough now! Prepare to die!
-Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!
It is empty!
I have sent you the gun, how
will I send you a loaded one?
Stupid girl!
You gave it?
You said, you brought it when you
went for a morning walk?
Answer me!
For you, my one bullet is enough.
Imtiaz? Imtiaz has given you
this gun today morning?
Imtiaz is also my man.
Do I look stupid to you, to
send me you a loaded gun?
That too for shooting myself?
All the bullets in this are fake.
Don't believe?
Shoot me, shoot, shoot!
You think you'll are very smart?
Wait, I'll show you something.
I was watching you!
Now only I have the gun.
And I was waiting for you to come.
Now tell me, who to shoot first?
You or you?
I think, I should shoot you first.
-Wait a minute, look Samar...
You cannot kill me Samar!
You want that series of the
paintings of the Five Elements?
I know how badly you need it.
Look, Samar only I know
where are the paintings kept.
You cannot kill me.
You think you're very smart?
Even your gun has no bullet.
Wow, you're playing my bet with me?
Red cupboard, third drawer,
isn't it where you keep your gun?
I opened it and emptied the magazine.
Because I knew, you'd use
this against me some day.
Now how do you feel?
A winning stroke!
There are 3 guns and all of them are empty.
We'll play a game.
I'll count one, two and three...
On the count of three, everyone
will aim towards the ceiling and fire.
If the guns are loaded we're free to kill each other.