Mircea (1989) Movie Script

Brother you say?!
When you sold our country
to the Turks
and you robbed me of my throne
was I still your brother?
You know the truth,
you just don't want to admit it.
- What do I know?
- We're little, unimportant.
Our destiny
is to obey the strong ones.
If you could only understand...
I don't want to rule
over people living on their knees,
to tarnish their souls
with lies and deceit,
forcing them to comply to strangers.
You sentenced me to death!
You sign your own sentence
if you step foot on this land again.
Don't forget the blood spilled
here and at Rovine.
And don't forget me!
You had a bad dream,
Your Highness.
I dreamt that I was young.
And I dreamt of that night.
- When I forgave Dan, my brother.
- May he rot in Hell!
I'm sorry...
And I dreamt a dark water.
I'm getting old and I feel the burden
of my responsibilities.
I don't want my hand or my thought
to tremble.
Don't you say anything?
I'm listening, Your Highness.
He's waiting for you.
That's my man!
I won't hide you the fact that
the discussions with your husband,
the co-regent prince Mihail,
are very difficult.
He's not very determined.
His Majesty Sigismundus,
king of Hungary
and emperor of Germany...
Our son, prince Dan.
I'm secretly raising him according
to the principles
of our Mother,
the Roman Apostolic Church.
Very well...
Sigismundus is the first sword
and the last hope of Christianity.
The fact that he's willing to accept
the vassalage of the Romanian kingdom
is a great honor for you.
My daughter...
His Highness, Mircea,
can't understand this truth.
If you want your husband
to rule as soon as possible,
help him understand.
Make him understand.
Force him understand!
Only by accepting the protection
of the great Sigismundus
can he be crowned as ruler.
As long as old Mircea is alive...
This little detail
is up to the Providence, my daughter.
What's wrong?
Come in!
Straight ahead!
At the top of the stairs there's
a place overlooking the terrace.
Don't let your hand shake!
Lords Udova and lercau want us
to reach an understanding
and that's why they're here,
Prince Mihail, it's an outrage!
I'm sent here
by king Vladislav of Poland.
I shouldn't be going
around in a priest's clothes
just because you can't seem
to make up your mind.
- Although they're in great danger.
- God help us!
Make up your mind, Your Highness,
our new Sun!
You're co-regent prince. You have
equal rights with your father.
Use them!
Just a candle.
God help us!
I read Vladislav's letter.
Along with his military help,
he offers us his protection.
What am I to understand?
That the war against the Ottomans
will be lead by His Majesty,
at the time chosen
by His Majesty.
We're little.
What can we do by ourselves?
And who can force my father
to obey to the king of Poland?
Your Highness, if you want to rule.
Or Providence...
Sometimes, we can lend a hand...
Grandpa, I don't like it when you lay
there with your eyes closed.
Grandpa, are you immortal?
Why are you asking?
Because I hear some saying:
"This one is not going to die!"
Did you visit the troops
near the Danube?
I did.
You're walking around
at your old age,
instead of resting your hoary bones.
That's what Mom says.
But she says it with love.
Aunt Elisaveta says it with anger.
And others too.
There are three things
that I always hated.
The scared soldier,
the proud fool and the traitor.
Whether he was a lord
or a commoner.
If so, I won't tell you anything.
But you'll be sorry.
Please allow me
to go and mind my own business.
Look what I found on the terrace!
It's the tip of the arrow.
He's not coming.
We got rid of him.
Shall we tell him?
I went to see
our army near the Danube,
the one ruled by our son, Vlad.
Mehmet and his soldiers
are on the other bank.
They have a bigger army than Baiazid.
But that's not a bad thing.
It means they're scared.
It also appears that some of you
are scared too.
- He knows.
- God forbid!
Send in the Polish envoy.
I received the letter
from king laroslav lagelo.
I think you made a mistake and gave
me what was meant for Mihail,
our co-regent son,
and to him what was meant for me.
His Highness offer us his help
if we obey him.
That's the custom
all over the Christianity.
And it also says here
that we will fight under his orders
with whoever and whenever
His Majesty desires.
There also other flattering
Christian proposals.
You're free to leave.
Thank you.
Let's see what Mehmet wants.
Send in the Turk envoy.
How long do we know each other,
For many years, Your Highness.
Be brief!
What does your master want?
The sultan will retreat
and he'll let you rule,
if you pay him a tribute, if you send
him troops when he'll ask for them,
and if you'll grant him the right
to pass through your country
with his army whenever he wants to.
You must promise not to mingle
with the Empire anymore.
As a guarantee that you will respect
the understanding,
one of your sons will live
as a guest at the sultan's palace.
Mehmet doesn't have the great wishes
of his father, Baiazid.
And he's less proud.
We'll send our answer back
in two days.
So long, Your Highness.
And now, let's talk!
For 30 years
we fought against any dominion.
What shall we do now? Do we obey
to the pagans or to the Christians?
Or both?
Did you say something, my son?
I mean...
I think the Turks are too many.
They are many.
And will they be fewer if we go down
on our knees and beg for peace?
Your Highness, we have one life
and one pride.
He's near the grave,
and he wants to fight.
Why do you whisper, lord Udova?
Speak up!
- Enlighten us!
- May your will be done!
You know everything
better than us.
Udova, if you stay like this,
you won't be able to look ahead.
And you'll only stand up
in the darkness.
We looked down too much.
And I swore to give this country
pride and honor.
We must find the secret that
kept us still for a thousand years,
so we can strangle it
with everything
that keeps us near it.
Go to the people,
tell them there are hard times ahead.
The enemy is everywhere.
I need them!
Who's not with me,
may he be a soldier or a commoner,
is against the country.
You have time to think
until tomorrow morning.
Such a great personality!
I have one more bad news.
What can I do?
I am but a woman.
Prince Dan is back.
If prince Mihail doesn't understand
what he's supposed to,
prince Dan will.
Emperor Sigismundus
was impressed with him.
Very well, my daughter!
- Dan is back from abroad.
- Where is he?
- In a safe place.
- He's our only hope.
- We must go to Bran.
- We must.
- Hello!
- His Highness' grandson.
My horse! Help me get on it!
That's it.
Wait, Your Highness!
They'll kill us!
Where's the child?
You lost him, you sinners!
We're sorry, Milady!
He's so fidgety!
Why didn't you take care of him?
My son!
- Your Highness!
- Get up!
Vladut... I can't find him.
Nobody knows...
My son...
- Mezea, do you know anything?
- The guards saw him riding away.
- I'll go find more.
- Go!
- Did you beat him?
- Me?
I didn't even see him today.
Daughter-in-law Irina, I didn't like
tramps even when I was young.
You should dress properly
when you come to see me.
Go! Don't worry, we'll find him.
I'm sorry, Your Highness.
Now! Beat the drums
all night long.
Let them think that the whole Europe
came to help us.
- What are you doing here?
- Forgive me, but...
- Father!
- Child! How did you get here?
I rode. I changed two horses,
but I got here.
- Hello, father!
- Did you come by yourself?
Tell them to go.
I must talk to you in private.
Is there something wrong
with mother?
No, she's fine, but things are bad.
Your Highness, the Turk envoy
wishes to speak to you.
Tell him to wait.
You can go.
You two come with me.
You can sleep here.
Take your clothes off.
We'll talk in the morning.
Wait for me.
My soul rejoices. I wanted
to see the light in your eyes.
Izedin-bey, you're getting younger
and a smoother talker by the years.
What am I to understand
from this visit?
Aren't you happy
with my father's answer?
We'll receive the answer in two days.
To be honest with you,
your great father,
may Allah bless him,
appeared to me weak and tired.
We always thought that you were
the best to rule the country.
The closest to us.
My friend, am I to understand
that if I'm in need of some council
or some help,
maybe a little army or a dagger,
can I count on you?
Now is the best time.
Allow me to step back.
My master is anxious.
Did you hear that?
They're ready to help me
kill my father and my brother,
for the throne that I deserve.
It appears that the Turks
don't like Mihail too much.
What's that?
A child!
I'm drowning!
- Slow down!
- Help!
Give me your hand!
I'm sorry, Your Highness.
If I had a few more months...
The helmet!
I'll teach him.
- That horse is a beast.
- It's a gift from His Highness.
Your Highness...
Out of the way!
Hold it!
Goddamn horse!
Out of the way!
It's a gift from me.
An Arab merchant once told me
that out of all the animals,
the horse feels the man the best.
It knows if that man
is courageous or coward,
good or evil.
Or if he has hidden thoughts.
God have mercy on us!
Your Highness!
May I speak to you?
- Did you bring the news?
- From prince Vlad.
- Your Highness!
- Relax!
- Come with me!
- Yes, Your Majesty.
Make way!
You dog!
Tell me who took the child!
Or won't you?
Tell me!
My son...
How can this be?
Why did he ran away from home?
- Who told you the Turks have him?
- Izedin.
He sent word that Vladut
is kept by Mehmet.
He's waiting for me
on the other shore.
You two, come with me!
Give me that!
- Your Majesty...
- You stay here!
I swear on the Koran that right now
are heads aren't worth a dime.
- Why did you do this?
- Tell them we're Mircea's envoys.
- What if someone recognizes you?
- How's the child?
He's fine.
He's the sultan's guest.
Tell me...
- It's true that you took Vlad?
- Me?
Yes, I did.
I wanted you to accept
Mehmet's offer.
Mircea, I was by your side,
I helped you try to give the throne
to Musa, his brother.
We couldn't do it.
We weren't lucky.
Not me, not you, not poor Musa.
If I don't hand you over to him,
it's my head.
- You're scared, lzedin. Sell me!
- Yes, I'm scared.
Your courage is crazy!
But it's not too late.
Have it your way.
Follow me!
This may be my last craziness.
If he asks, I'll tell him it's you.
If not, I'll keep my mouth shut.
- I won't help you in other way.
- I know.
Mircea's envoy!
Do you like it, prince?
It's not bad.
You don't see that back home.
Then why don't you stay here?
- Impossible.
- May I ask why?
I'd miss my grandpa.
And the others.
Master, Emergi of Karavlachia's
envoy is here.
Send them in!
Captain Nicoara!
What a fortunate event!
Captain Stroe, Bratu,
look where I end up!
A future king must know his soldiers,
I'm listening to the answer.
His Majesty, Mircea, thinks that war
and peace are too important things
to be left up to the envoys.
That's why he proposes a meeting, at
the time and place that you choose.
You can make a decision together,
without intrusions.
That's what I had to say.
Now is off with his head.
Come closer, captain Nicoara.
You're old
but you seem strong enough.
- You fought in many battles?
- Too many, Your Majesty.
And you're still alive.
- Are you happy?
- I am.
You don't look like an ordinary man.
So Emergi-bey thinks of himself
as our equal.
He didn't learn a thing from
the victory of my father, Baiazid,
at the place called Rovine.
That's not true. At Rovine,
grandpa Mircea beat up Baiazid.
- Were you there, prince?
- No. I wasn't born yet.
I was there.
And I saw your grandfather fighting.
He was young back then.
Later, he helped
our estranged brothers,
Mustafa and Musa.
I'm afraid this will have
a bloody end.
Our brother, Musa.
Is he alright?
Does he have everything he wants?
Master, he leads a life of luxury.
Every second he gives thanks
to his merciful brother.
Where is he?
I miss him.
Show your love, your remorse!
No, no, no!
Take him away!
You got away after all!
Those that were so hasty
will be punished.
- Captain...
- Nicoara.
We don't want war.
But we want Emergi to recognize
our place in today's world.
And we want him
to recognize his place.
Especially since his grandson
is here, our captive.
To prove our goodwill, he has
one more week to think things over.
Not one second more.
Izedin-bey, come here.
What do you know about Dan?
He and his mercenaries
are at the right place.
- How are his chances?
- If we fight now, he'll be alright.
As a friend,
which one is more important?
- Mircea.
- And as an enemy?
Again him.
Captain Nicoara...
As another proof of my goodwill,
I'll send him his grandson.
- Prince, it was a pleasure.
- Likewise.
Allow me to speak to this
foolish child, Your Majesty!
Okay, but mean it!
How could you think
that I'd betray His Highness?
Others do. Uncle Mihai.
And I saw Udova, lercau
and aunt Elisaveta.
You were planning on disturbing
His Majesty with this nonsense?
- Do you want to break his heart?
- I won't tell.
He can't stand the cowardly soldier,
the proud fool and the traitor.
You told me. That's enough.
Did you give him a good beating?
I didn't hear him cry.
You won't hear.
And I'd shut up if I were you.
To go among the enemies...
If I'd died
there wasn't such a big deal.
But you're the king and you can't put
yourself in danger for a grandson.
You have more.
It's a good thing
that you didn't give me up.
I know a thing or two...
For your forebereance,
you deserve a reward.
What do you wish for?
- Vlad, stay here with the army.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
- I'll take him back.
- I want him.
- This one?
- Yes.
He's rabid, he's no good for you.
He'll be yours
once we defeat the Turks.
Let's go!
did many people die here?
Too many.
We are here
for as long as we know.
These are good and nice places,
like the souls of these people.
Many wanted them.
Kings that prayed to the same Christ.
At Posada, Basarab defeated
Carol Robert de Anjou.
He taught him a lesson. It's not good
to covet what is not theirs.
Did they learn the lesson?
I hope so.
For their own good.
What next?
From the endless wilderness
of Asia came a terrible power.
Their only rule is the sword.
Our Christian brothers
from across the Danube,
the Bulgarians and the Serbs,
were defeated.
Their countries were conquered.
- And then?
- Then...
Then it was our turn.
The Ottoman emperor's envoy.
The punishing sword of Islam,
above kings and emperors,
Baiazid the Lightning!
He sent me to you, Emergi, still the
king of barbarians from Karavlachia.
Baiazid, the padishah of the world,
is surprised
that you didn't run
to throw your face in the dirt,
to obey to him.
Honor the envoy!
Tell him that I don't know
what it means to obey.
- We can teach you.
- I'm waiting.
But Allah save you
from meeting me in battle. Now go!
What shall we do?
Sell our country and honor
for some food?
Or do we say freedom or death,
standing tall,
with our swords in hands?
I know the Turks,
I know their strength.
They'll just have to breathe on us
to blow us to pieces.
Brother, lord or soldier!
Who doesn't want
to be with me is free to go.
It's not like he'll listen if we tell
him that we'll be spared if we obey.
Shut up!
He's looking at us.
I know what I have to do.
To the death, our Lord!
Our Lord is this country,
that we have to keep.
Do you like it at war,
my dear hawks?
We do.
Your Majesty,
allow me to speak.
Go ahead!
- In private.
- Talk!
Your brother, Dan,
said that you're making a mistake
if you oppose the Turks.
I'm sorry, but these are his words:
"You lost your mind and we
shouldn't let you ruin the country."
Listen, lercau, our brother, Dan,
is your best friend.
You're always together.
Isn't that right?
- Yes. But my king comes first.
- Alright.
I'll confront the two of you.
Tell that to his face.
Nobody will tell you the truth.
And Dan is at the Turks right now.
Alright, lercau.
Thank you.
You're free to go.
That's an ugly thing, Mihail! To be
betrayed by your own flesh and blood.
Get up!
I didn't mean to disturb you.
King Dan,
do you know your brother?
Not really.
He's really closed inside.
- Why doesn't he accept the fight?
- He's scared, Your Greatness.
I want your advice,
not your flattery.
I don't dare to express my opinion
in front of the greatest of the great.
Master, look!
He's insane!
That's him!
What are you babbling about?
Finally, a living soul
in this desert of death.
That's him, Mircea!
Stay here!
How dare you?
Daring is not something I lack,
I could have your life.
Your country and your army
would be like a headless body.
They would still have the heart.
But you won't do that.
- What could stop me?
- Your pride.
They'll say you feared me.
You're not weak enough
to not care what people say.
The West, that you're going to
and that you want to conquer,
but whose opinion you value so much.
The West?
If I were them, I'd be here
with all my men, to stop Baiazid.
I'd ruin their proud castles,
their great cathedrals.
I'll feed my horse in the altar,
at Rome.
And you want to die for them?
I want to leave the whole Europe
to my sons.
You delayed me long enough.
It's time to reach an agreement.
As long as a foreign soldier sets
foot on my soil, the answer is no.
Not all your people are like you.
I know. But as long
as I and those like me are alive,
we won't be subjects
to you or anyone else.
That's the inheritance
I want to leave.
I don't have time!
If I was to stop now
from the holy path of victory,
my subject would look around
as awaken from their slumber.
Their first victim would be me.
I was too honest with you.
You'll be sorry.
- What do you want?
- Listen to me, Baiazid.
We've been living here
since the beginnings.
Those who dreamt of conquering
the West came through here.
And if they were defeated,
they retreated through here.
We remained.
Now you came.
Many and strong.
I listened to you saying
that you fear your people.
I'm not surprised.
If you want to conquer,
you must first defeat
your own people.
Otherwise you can't turn people
into beasts.
We have other rules.
We have patience, humanity
and understanding for the world.
If you beat me, Baiazid,
we'll keep on fighting.
In the forests,
in the rocks of Carpathians,
in the castles of Ardeal
and among their ruins.
Too bad!
You wanted it like this.
Only much later Baiazid realized
that I'm taking him
through the sun burnt Dobrogea,
weakening his army
and its patience.
That's when he took to Arges.
I waited for him here.
In this place, called Rovine.
You're staying far from the battle,
Or maybe you're waiting to see
who's going to win.
The almighty sultan
asked me to stay here.
I know.
Your life is precious to us.
I brought a gift to you.
A Romanian prince.
Kill him!
Dan-bey, our poets will praise
this courageous deed.
It would be a shame
to be left unknown.
Your Highness, the barbarians
are attacking from the left.
Send in the royal cavalry!
Your Highness, you should've killed
Emergi-bey when you had him.
Yes. Maybe you're right.
Your Highness, our reserves
have been attacked and destroyed.
Bring more troops
to guard the sultan.
Get up!
I once told you stupid words.
It's time for me to be punished.
Give him a horse!
You're free, lzedin-bey.
- We're not a vengeful people.
- Unfortunately, we are.
Go ahead!
It's too bad you're not an Ottoman.
Master, save your precious life.
These dogs duty
is to die defending you.
Don't let your children die.
They're the holy hope of the Islam.
Command the retreat.
And then did you crush them all?
Did you drown them in the Danube?
No. I won at Rovine,
but they still outnumbered us.
I returned to my castle in Fagaras.
They gave the throne
to my brother, Dan.
But you weren't helped
by the Christian brothers?
Baiazid's army
was threatening Europe.
They gathered a great army
under the command
of Sigismund, Germany's emperor.
Our dear prince!
Patience, such a rare virtue,
doesn't go unrewarded.
From France, England, Germany,
from Hungary,
the best knights gathered
to destroy the defiled crescent!
My noblemen, prince Mircea!
He beat Baiazid at Rovine.
Count Filippe D'Artois Oede.
Jean de Vienne,
France's admiral.
Marshal Jean Le Mengre,
senior of Buscot.
Jean de Neverre,
son of the duke of Burgundy,
the youngest and the bravest,
the commander of the crusade.
I don't see the Romanian,
prince Mircea.
He's more somber. The rest, the
lack of activity is getting to him.
- He's scouting.
- Then we can party!
Gentlemen, raise your glasses!
To Jerusalem!
For now, it would be great
if we could conquer Nicopole.
It's under siege for 40 days.
You, the Byzantines,
don't love us too much,
although we came to free you.
Not too much.
Brave noblemen, remember!
Our goal is to free Constantinople.
For Jesus!
Your Majesty,
Baiazid's army is here.
Baiazid has shown his face
under the city walls.
Praised be the Lord!
Your news don't scare us.
But I'm surprised you forgot.
I'm the commander of the crusade.
You should've talked to me first.
Is that of any importance?
Your Majesty, I have to remind you
of your promise.
Noblemen, a moment of silence!
Prince Mircea, who defeated Baiazid
at Rovine,
knows how the pagans fight.
I think we should let him
attack first,
to break their wall.
Your Majesty! If somebody else
would have insulted me like this,
he would've paid with his blood.
We walk for four months so that
somebody else could get the glory?
We should listen to His Majesty!
You coward!
Are you afraid to go in first?
Me? Coward?
You won't have the courage
to bring your horse's nose
where my horse's tail will be.
In the name of God and St. John!
I want to act
like a real knight today!
To arms!
Your pride has been hurt.
Sire, do you think I'm here
for my pride?
Unfortunately, the battle is lost
before it could begin.
- Are you sleepy?
- No.
Grandpa, you've been through a lot.
Through enough.
Did Baiazid feed his horse
in the altar, at Rome?
He couldn't fulfill his wish.
Deep Asia brought forward
a more merciless power.
The hordes of Timur Lenk.
Baiazid, tell me that greatness
and glory are just smoke in the wind.
Greatness and glory are just smoke.
Baiazid the Lightning,
the conqueror of Europe!
What do you have to tell your sons?
Greatness and glory are just smoke.
Spit him!
You too!
- My dear eagles!
- I said, spit him!
He's my father.
Now I'm satisfied. I put a spit
between Baiazid's sons.
What a jerk! To spit his own father
when he was at his worst.
That was Mehmet,
the one you got along with great.
The one he killed was Musa.
That means that honesty
is not always rewarded.
No, grandson. Not always.
What did you do with Dan,
your traitor of a brother?
- I forgave him.
- You shouldn't have!
He must be hiding
at the bottom of the world.
He hid at royal courts,
where we had peace treaties.
Now, with their blessings
and maybe even the Turks',
he's hiding in the country.
What about us?
Some are scheming
and we're wasting our time
in the mountains.
No. We're going to sleep.
Tomorrow, with a clear mind...
- Tomorrow?
- We clear the yard.
The enemy is hiding in fear.
We have women, wine and fame,
and great knights surround us!
Hans Benckersteck,
Jean Zalavoire...
Every hangman in Europe
is after them.
And the ladies, sire.
We have women, wine and fame.
And great knights surround us!
Our sun,
we waited for you for so long!
Our dear master... I wish
you could take the throne sooner.
We want to have something to show
for all of our fights.
Your Highness...
We'll rejoice
sooner than you think.
I beg your pardon...
- Good night, Mezea.
- Good night, Your Highness.
I'm coming back from Germany.
I was received
by emperor Sigismund himself.
He has it with our brother's demands
to talk with the greats of the world
from equal footing.
We told him that already.
God have mercy on us.
Is that true?
Will Stapleton never missed
his target.
His Highness, Mircea, is dead!
His Highness, Mircea, is dead!
Mircea is dead!
His Highness, Mircea, is dead.
Long live the new king, Dan!
Your Highness...
- What's wrong?
- Mezea...
My good and faithful friend...
Open the gates!
Is His Majesty!
- Who are you?
- Open up! Are you deaf?
- Is the king, Mircea.
- Open up quickly!
Your Highness!
Dan, I forgave you once.
Maybe you learned to fight
in your trips.
He's dead.
His heart gave up.
- There was no heart to give up.
- Your Highness...
I brought him here, for you.
Forgive me, merciful master!
I lost my mind.
I didn't know what I was doing.
You're mercenaries,
you fought for whoever paid you.
Let them go.
You're free.
As for you two...
- You be the judge.
- Your Highness!
There you go!
- Untie them!
- Why?
I haven't decided
if they're guilty or not.
And if you disturb me again,
I'm getting out of here.
You asked me to judge them.
Let me do it!
I'm sorry.
Untie them!
- What are your names?
- Ene Udova.
- Ion lercau.
- What is your rank?
We're lords.
Your Highness, I brought him here
last night for you.
- What is your fortune?
- We have estates...
- How many?
- Eight.
And the ranks and the estates...
Who gave them to you?
- We have them...
- His Highness gave them to us.
- Mircea.
- His Highness, Mircea...
I don't hear you.
- His Highness, Mircea.
- Louder!
How am I doing?
You asked me to stay away from it.
That's what I'm doing.
And your reward was to go behind
his back with Dan, the traitor.
I'm listening.
Did you do it or not?
No, yes...
No, we didn't.
And the man that eats and drinks
with a traitor...
What is that man?
- Impale them!
- No, Your Highness!
If you're not satisfied with my
decision, why don't you stop them?
Why did you make me judge them?
Grandpa, are you upset with me?
Did I say anything?
You can't make decisions
regarding other people's lives
by hiding and covering your ears.
But they were guilty!
- They deserved their faith!
- Calm down.
If you betray your country
you shouldn't be spared.
But they were guilty!
They deserved their faith!
Then you don't have to worry
about having nightmares.
- Don't be afraid and don't cry.
- I'm not afraid. I'm not crying.
- And don't tell anyone.
- Not even my father?
- Not even him.
- You don't trust him?
Don't tell anyone!
- Bring me a hot iron.
- Alright.
- Don't cry!
- I won't.
- Hold it! Who are you?
- I'm prince Vlad.
Nobody can go further.
Throw down your weapons!
I'm prince Vlad!
I want to talk to His Majesty.
- Stay where you are.
- Let him through.
How dare you leave the army
at the Danube?
I couldn't stand to see my army
attacked from behind.
What do you mean?
I didn't want to listen to a child.
He might have been seeing things.
But the soldiers are talking.
They say that our brother, Mihail,
is scheming.
That uncle Dan is at Bran,
with an English and German army.
- I rode to Arges as hard as I could.
- And?
I saw for myself that is true. I'm
sorry for bringing this pain to you,
but I don't know
how could this happen.
Mihail is a traitor.
Alright. If the army knows about it,
we have to take care of it.
- I settled things at Bran, my boy.
- Father...
Make way!
Yes, let's finish it!
You have to understand
that Mircea is not only keeping you
from your deserved throne,
but also is disturbing
some interests.
If you ignore them,
they can wipe you out.
Your answer must be yes or no.
The rest comes from the devil.
I can't fight him.
The people, the army, the country
will tear me to pieces.
Who is talking about fighting him?
My daughter...
I know of some foods
that are to his liking.
Poisoning the food or the drink
of a tyrant is a mortal sin.
Everybody must eat and drink.
But placing a poisoned needle
on his chair is not a sin.
Nobody forces him
to seat on that chair.
He does it out of his own will.
It's his free will.
In the name of His Majesty,
Your sword!
I'm the envoy of king Sigismundus.
- That's why...
- Put him in the rat hole!
As for you...
You'll be judged tomorrow.
Guard them until then.
Don't worry, we'll guard them.
No! Your Majesty,
it's my fault.
My hunger for power
pushed my husband...
Punish me, but spare the father
of my child! He's innocent!
Have mercy!
Your Highness, have mercy
for the father of my child.
Does Your Highness
wishes anything?
No, I want to be by myself.
Everybody out!
I'm listening, Your Highness.
How many days until Mircea
has to give me an answer?
I would've liked to forget you there,
As for that needle story, you deserve
a longer and thicker one.
But I liked the way you put it.
I'm not a smooth talker
and I don't want to be.
Listen to me and tell Sigismund
to mind his own business, not ours.
As long as we are here,
we fight for freedom.
That's all.
Take him away!
You're free.
Careful, I'm hurt.
You still don't get it?
You acted good enough, my son.
- What do you say, Elisaveta?
- Your Majesty...
You acted too good.
Be careful!
You'll get your prerogatives back
by leading the Danube army tomorrow.
Take your son with you.
He must become a man.
Your Highness...
What did I do wrong?
Nothing, my son.
I need you somewhere else.
The Turkish envoy is here.
Your Majesty...
The great sultan Mehmet,
speaking through
my unworthy voice,
wants you to know that is ready
to come where you wish to meet him.
I remember your face,
although I was just a child
when I saw you at Rovine.
It's good that you remember.
We'll get along easier.
- What do you have to ask from me?
- Me? Nothing.
King Mircea, don't you think is time
to reach an agreement with us?
That's why I'm here.
Maybe because we had Rovine
we can treasure you more.
What's the point of spilling blood?
Sometimes we have to.
That's my army.
They're great in numbers.
Here you have yours.
Few in numbers, but brave.
Only Allah can tell
the outcome of the battle.
Maybe you'll win.
So what?
We'll come back even more.
You're the wall that stops me.
I can destroy it or go around it.
I'd rather go around it.
And what's the price?
After my father's death, you wanted
to hold the reigns of the kingdom.
You helped my brother, Musa,
against me.
You gave an army and council
to my other brother, Mustafa.
Only last year I managed
to defeat him at Thessalonica.
I was wrong.
If you say so,
our agreement is nearly done.
These are our terms.
The country will be ruled
by its own laws.
The ruler will have the right
to make war or peace.
And you'll never build a Turkish
castle or mosque on Romanian soil.
- You talk as a winner.
- Did you ever defeat me?
And how can I
show my face in the world?
We know the customs.
We'll send you each year
3000 red coins,
40 mares and 40 hawks.
I know you like hunting.
- There's another custom.
- I know.
As a sign of good faith,
one of your heirs will be raised
by the Court.
He will be educated by us.
- I will give you my son, Vlad.
- You don't love him enough.
- I didn't understand.
- Yes, you did.
I want to have next to me
the person you love the most.
The one that you put yourself
in danger for,
by coming alone in my camp.
Your great hope, Vladut,
your grandson.
Let me praise the light of the
faithful ones for defeating Emergi.
Here and now!
Off with his head!
Why do you kneel?
You kneel in front of nobody!
Get up!
I want to see the sky above me.
As regent,
I'll lead the army tomorrow.
The Danube army is mine.
They listen to me.
Your Majesty, Mehmet crossed
the Danube. He's coming this way.
Pride and youth...
Tomorrow they'll be tired.
You must sleep. It will be
a big fight, you must rest.
Don't worry. Leave!
Tomorrow, I'll be by your side.
I have to!
- Your Highness...
- Father...
Don't cry like women.
Tomorrow I'll be here on my horse.
I want my people to see me.
But especially the pagans.
That's a promise.
Now go!
Are you going to chase me away too?
You, here?
You have nothing else to learn
from me.
Bratu, take the child away!
He mustn't see this.
Grandpa, don't make me go.
I want to tell you something.
Please, don't die!
You don't know how much
we need you.
Don't chase me away! As long as I'm
by your side, nothing can happen.
- You'll see.
- That's right.
Do you want me to sing?
Grandma taught me.
She used to sing to me
when I was sick.
- Don't let me fall asleep.
- Okay, I'll sing.
It's so deep...
Call louder!
I don't hear you. Louder!
Don't let me fall asleep.
I need you.
We must lead the army tomorrow.
Otherwise, we're doomed,
do you hear me?
We'll be there, grandpa!
I promise you. Grandpa!
Let's breath together.
It's better now.
- What is it?
- King Mircea is dead.
Allah is great.
He was the only one
I was afraid of.
It's not him.
It's a trick.
They put his armor
on somebody else.
He's not human!
He's the devil!
Godforsaken day!
Go to Mircea and tell him I accept
the deal we made on the island.
I'll be waiting as a guest
for whoever he wishes to send.
And whenever he wishes.
His Highness awaits for whoever
you want to send to his Court,
whenever you want.
- Grandpa, can I tell you something?
- Yes.
You took me to holy places,
at Rovine. Why?
Didn't you understand?
Yes, I did. If you can't have
both courage and wisdom,
you're not fit to be king.
Is that right?
How dare you, little man?
Do you think that I'm too little and
that the life at the sultan's Court
will make me weak and I'll forget
what I owe to this country?
Aren't you scared for your life?
What's the life of a man
against the needs of the country?
By living among them
I'll get to know them,
their strong points
and their weak ones.
Try me!
There will be a time
when you'll be put to trial.
Tell Mehmet there will be no fight.
He was wise.
And tell him that I'll make sure
that a son of my family
will be at his place in a year.
And you...
You'll listen to my decision.
Now leave!
I want to be alone.
Grandpa, remember what you used
to tell me when I was little?
"You are the future,
I'm the past."
That's what I was saying.
I left you the greatest inheritance.
I know, grandpa.
The Romanian country,
among the rivers,
until the great sea.
Is that right?
It's right.
Grandpa, I feel like crying.
Me too.
We shouldn't make fools of ourselves.
We're grown men after all.
And know this:
You'll never die!