Mirror Game (2017) Movie Script

This mind roams all around me
In every alley and lane
Even if I try escaping
I know it's looking for me
If I get shot by its bullets
I'm bound to die
If I don't take these pills
I die every moment that I live
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
This mind is playing a game
Of thieves and police with me
It enjoys asking me
If I've been hit
This Love Want Pain
Bleed Fate Run Hide
Cry Tears of blood
Smile pain run hide
It's time to answer for a lifetime
of failures and weaknesses.
My only regret is that...
no one will ever know...
how I got here.
I won't be alive, and neither will you.
-Hey. Looking for me?
-Hey, when did you get here?
Just got here. Let's run
a few laps. Come on.
-I was heading back.
-So soon?
You are training for the marathon, not me.
I have run enough for today.
Everything all right at home?
Let's talk about it later.
I'll get going now. Okay?
-Yes, let's catch up later. See you.
-Bye. See you.
Can you add water to the coffee maker
on your way out?
-Do you mind?
-Not at all.
Love you too.
Hello, everyone.
Ready for another
exciting psychiatry class?
-Can't wait.
Jordan, you had breakfast today?
-Doesn't seem like it.
-How's your running going, Noel?
-It's going good.
Good. Okay, before I start,
someone sent me an e-mail
about clerkships, so I am going
to touch real quick upon that.
The clerkships are going to be
for six weeks
and you are going to get an opportunity
to interact with real patients.
-Will you be our advisor
-in the Psychiatry clerkship?
as much as all of you would like me
to be your mentor,
unfortunately, I cannot.
Only for a few of you.
The rest of you are going to get somebody
from the faculty,
-or one of the resident physicians.
-So, what can we expect?
Well, you are going to be working
in a real psychiatric unit,
and there you are going to learn
to perform screening interviews
and identify psychiatric symptoms.
And this is what's interesting,
Is that you are going to get
an opportunity
to make your own observations.
-Yes, Professor can't wait.
-Okay. Let's get on with the class.
Psychiatric Genetics,
which is my favorite subject.
Excuse me, Professor,
do you have a few minutes?
Yes, tell me?
Sir, my name is Ronnie Bhanot,
and I just transferred from Duke.
North Carolina?
-How are things down there?
-Sir, things are great, I miss it a lot.
-Are you Indian?
-Where are you from?
So, why did you transfer from Duke?
Honestly, you are the reason.
Why am I the reason?
I want you to be my thesis guide.
You should know that I am very selective
about who I mentor.
I know sir, but once you read my thesis,
you will not be able to say no.
if you could take a look.
Psychiatric Genetics,
that certainly caught my attention.
You know, this is my area
of specialization?
Sir, I know and
that is the reason why I am here,
I used your research as the basis
of my hypothesis.
And I have proved
that there is no correlation
between psychiatric disorders
and genetics.
That's a very big claim
for a medical student.
Can I use your white board?
Recognize this, Professor?
That's the Hardy-Weinberg Equation.
That's right. Using your test cases
and this equation as the basis...
of my research I was able to prove that,
psychiatric disorders are not passed
through genes.
That hasn't been proven till date.
I know, and that is why I need
your mentorship to validate my theory.
Okay, I will go over it,
but don't get your hopes high,
there is a 99 percent chance
this is flawed.
Yes, I totally understand,
but-- but I am willing to take my chances.
Leave me your number and
come back and see me in a couple of days.
Thank you so much, Professor.
Professor, I wanted to drop off
these term papers.
-Anything else?
Remember the real estate attorney
you spoke to about selling my house?
Let's set up an appointment
with him for next Wednesday.
Okay, will do.
Why are you still up?
-So who was that?
-Someone from work.
Do I know him?
Tanya, can we talk?
Can we talk tomorrow?
-Why are you in such a sour mood?
-I'm not.
Jay, why can't we just get a divorce,
and put each other
out of our misery?
You are miserable, not me.
But I want out, Jay.
I am working on my issues,
why do you always insist on a divorce?
You know, and I know
that it'll take more than medications--
I told you! For me, divorce
is not an option.
Are you having an affair?
I don't need to answer that.
Hello? Hi, this is Jay Verma
from five, Valley Palms, Edison Springs.
Someone's thrown 30-40 newspapers
on to my front porch.
No, obviously, I only ordered one.
Okay, thank you.
-Is the doctor in?
-Hey, come on in.
Sorry, I had
to leave yesterday.
So, no classes today?
-No, I have clinic later.
-So how are things?
-Never been better.
-Don't remember the last time
-you said, "never been better".
-The reason is this research paper.
It's about the link
between psychiatry and genetics or...
the lack of it. It's brilliant.
-Who wrote it?
-A student of mine.
I spent five years
proving it and I failed.
And now this kid, walks in
and says he has solved it.
-But you can still get some credit.
-I'll guide him.
Maybe I can get my name
in a few journals.
Nothing wrong with that.
Last time I saw you,
you weren't doing so well.
So, you've been taking
your medicines?
No. Don't really need them.
Says who? You need them.
Or that student's suicide is going
to ruin you.
It almost ruined me.
Problems with Tanya again?
Yeah, she keeps
insisting on a divorce.
Divo-- Then get it over with. And...
just start living your life.
I can't.
Okay, Jay. Then solve these problems.
I promise, I will.
-See you.
-See you.
Hi Ronnie?
so, I reviewed your research...
and to be honest with you, it's flawed.
But it's nothing we can't fix.
I know you are probably anxious
to talk about it.
I don't have any classes tomorrow
and will mostly be at home.
Why don't you drop by?
Six p.m. okay?
Okay, great.
My address is five, Valley Palms Road,
Edison Springs, New Jersey.
Ronnie. Good to see you.
Hello Professor,
sorry I am a few minutes late.
No problem. Were you able
to find the house easily?
Yes, it was quite easy.
Good. Please come in. Come.
Sir, thank you so much
for inviting me over.
I was going to get a drink
for myself, you want some?
Ever had vintage scotch?
Vintage scotch?
No. Never had it.
You will surely like it.
make yourself at home.
Wow. Haven't tasted anything this good.
My mentor in med school gave it to me.
I only drink it
when I am with special people.
Uh...Wow sir,
I feel really honored.
So Ronnie, why don't we start
with you telling me about yourself.
Who is Ronnie, what does he do,
where does he want to go in life?
I grew up in Franklin Park New Jersey,
right around here.
I always wanted to be a doctor.
And so, I took admission
in a med school in North Carolina.
And, why did you choose medicine?
I always got good grades.
I cleared my SAT when I was 14.
I had an IQ of 145.
Child prodigy, huh?
That must make your parents
really proud.
My parents died in a car crash
when I was four.
Sorry about that,
my parents too died when I was young.
so sorry to hear that, Professor.
Doesn't bother me anymore.
It was a long time ago.
-So, who raised you?
-My grandfather.
When I was ten years old,
we all moved to America.
What got you interested
in Psychiatric Genetics?
After my parents died,
my brother had mental issues.
My mother had depression
before her death.
Some people say the car crash
was a result of her depression.
My brother's doctor said
that his condition... was genetic.
So, when I got to med school,
I started researching it.
The correlation between Psychiatry
and Genetics.
And then I read your article
in The American Journal of Psychiatry.
That's what planted a seed
in my mind that I can prove
that there is no link between the two.
And that my mother was not to blame
for my brother's condition.
That's quite a story.
Ronnie, tell me...
Being a child prodigy, I am sure
you enjoy out-witting others.
You want to try out-witting me?
If you agree to be my mentor.
It may persuade me.
So you live in the dorms?
No, I still live with my grandfather.
My scholarships covers my tuition
but I work at a convenience store
to help him pay his bills.
Which store do you work at?
It's the Quick Stop,
on Oak Tree Road.
-Near the gas station?
-That's the one.
I know that store.
And check.
Jay, I'll be gone
for a few hours, don't wait for dinner.
And I never do, Hon.
Can you at least not be so sarcastic?
That was my wife, Tanya.
have you heard the rumors
in the college?
That my wife is...
cheating on me?
No, sir. I've heard no such thing.
I am new around the campus.
You shouldn't believe
everything you hear, right?
Yeah. I guess.
And what if I told you she actually was?
That would be shocking, sir.
Very impressive.
Why don't we come back
to Tanya in a bit?
Ronnie, I don't want to discourage you,
because you have worked hard
on your research. But it is still lacking.
Why is that?
The numbers are inaccurate
and the central theory is flawed.
It's not based on clinical tests
but on my existing research.
but I can help you.
I hate to get your hopes high,
but we can refine it and get it published.
It can open doors for you.
Only I can help you,
and I also have the power
to kill your knight.
How did you do that?
I have my moments.
But Ronnie nothing comes free in life,
So, you have to do something for me
in return.
Sir, honestly, I'll do anything.
-Just give me an opportunity--
Choose your words carefully.
Is it that serious, sir?
Yes, it's that serious.
Tanya is really having an affair.
And I have two options.
Either I divorce her,
and live the rest of my life in regret
that she's no longer with me,
but with someone else.
And the second option...
If she's not with me...
then she can't be with someone else.
What are you implying?
I need your help in solving my problem.
Solve it, how?
-By killing my wife.
-If it's a joke then it's not funny.
-No, it is not a joke.
Have you ever heard
of the perfect murder?
No. I don't even want to hear about it.
I think I should be leaving.
Sit down, Ronnie. Sit down.
So the perfect murder's when the murderer
leaves no clues or evidence behind.
And that is only possible
when he is a complete stranger.
I want you to be that stranger.
-But, I am not a murderer.
-Think about that. No hurry.
-I can open many doors for you.
You will get recognition.
You can even prove that your brother
didn't inherit his disorders
from his mother.
My research is very important
to me, but...
but I don't want to be famous
for the wrong reasons.
And how can I murder someone.
It's just too much.
You don't want to finish the game?
I think you out-witted me enough
for a day.
No problem, this game will be waiting
right there for you.
Just shut the door
on your way out.
Look who decided to show up.
Come, sit Ronnie.
Do you really think I will go
with your crazy plan?
Yes, because you are bright.
You won't miss such a big opportunity.
Okay Professor, I am ready to do it.
Let's talk specifics.
What is your plan?
The plan is, you'll break in,
kill Tanya, steal a few things, and leave.
And, what's the guarantee
that you will keep your part
of the bargain?
Ronnie, you have to trust me.
I am not the kind to go back on my word.
I don't think I can trust you.
What is your plan?
The plan is, you'll break in,
kill Tanya, steal a few things,
and leave.
This is my guarantee.
I am impressed, Ronnie.
If you go back on your words,
I will give this tape to the police.
Of course. Of course.
So, when are we doing this?
Okay, so this Saturday,
I will be out of the house all day.
I know Tanya is going to be home all day,
because she has night shift.
I will leave the back door unlocked.
You'll go inside, find Tanya and kill her.
And then, there is a safe
in the bedroom, you will go there.
You will steal a few things from it,
like my Rolex, Tanya's jewelry.
And yes, as a special gift from me.
You can take the bottle
of that vintage scotch.
And how exactly should I kill her?
A knife, a gun, your bare hands,
I don't know.
I can't figure it all out for you,
you have to do some of the work.
And yes, after you've done
don't try to contact me for six months.
Until then, I'll work on your thesis,
perfect it.
And we're going
to make you famous.
Do me a favor
and bring that voice recording
with you when you come back
in six months.
And make sure you don't make
any dumb mistakes that get you caught.
I will see you in six months.
Look who we have here,
bright and early.
Leave me alone.
I just wanted to let you know
I won't be home today.
I have work in the office.
I don't really need to know
what you do or where you go.
I know.
Won't you make breakfast for me?
There's a lot of stuff in the fridge,
help yourself.
Jay, is that you?
Jay, if you think
this is a joke, that's enough.
Hello, somebody's trying
to break into this house.
Yes, five, Valley Palms Road.
Yes, Tanya Verma,
I am the homeowner.
No there is nobody else at home,
my husband isn't back from work yet.
Yes, thank you.
It's you! What is wrong with you?
Why did you have to come in
from the back door like that?
Look, I think we can all agree
that we can make this easy on everyone.
If you can agree,
to sole physical custody.
But we already agreed
on joint legal custody.
Shrey needs his mother.
And we are offering liberal visitation.
You went ahead and coaxed
out of the judge.
A highly one-sided temporary
and that is not okay with my client.
Look Sara, I know this is difficult
for you, but be fair to Shrey.
You don't even have time for him now,
how will you find time for him
after the divorce?
Look Andy, I am a mother,
and Shrey needs me.
Getting the divorce was your decision,
keeping Shrey is mine.
I really think we can make this work,
if we can agree to joint legal
and sole physical custody.
Excuse me.
Give me 15 minutes, okay?
-Sorry, I have to go.
-Wait. Go where?
See, this is the issue.
Sara, we must really finish this.
Look, I know you can represent
my interests, it's important that I go.
The number you have called
is no longer in service.
What are you doing here?
Ah, the good Professor.
I have been waiting for you.
We don't have much time
the police will be here any minute.
What do you mean?
What are you still doing in the house?
Oh, I stayed back
to finish that chess game, Professor.
We had an understanding,
We had an understanding.
Of course, we did.
You asked me to break in
and I did,
you asked me to get rid of your wife
and I did.
But then I decided to stay back
and finish that chess game.
I really enjoy playing with you.
We agreed that you would come,
kill her and leave.
This was never part of the plan.
I changed the plan,
By the way,
-shall we finish the game?
-Stop with this chess crap.
Professor, I think you should keep calm,
your wife just disappeared.
You wait here, let me check who it is.
It's the police. Go and open the door.
As it is you really like opening doors
for others.
And yes, I'm hoping we never meet again.
So, I wanted to finish this game
today itself.
Checkmate, Professor.
And if you don't mind, I am going
to take this little souvenir with me.
The game isn't over as yet.
Hi, how can I help you?
I am Officer Falco
with the Edison Springs Police Department.
This is Officer Ullman.
What can I do for you, Officer?
We got a call from this address
about a possible home invasion.
-You sure you have the right address?
-I am sure. Are you the homeowner?
-Yes, I am.
-Can I see some ID?
Here you go.
Thank you, Dr. Verma.
We got a call from a woman
identifying herself as Tanya Verma.
She said there were possible intruders
in the house. Is she home?
That's my wife. And no,
she wasn't home when I got back.
-Are you expecting her to be?
-Yes, she had the day off and...
tomorrow she had an early shift
at the hospital.
-Which hospital?
-Valley State, we both work there.
What do we have, Officers?
A possible home invasion.
Dispatch says that a woman
identifying herself as Tanya Verma
said there were intruders in the house.
-And who are you?
-This is the homeowner, Dr. Verma.
He just got home and he's expecting
his wife to be home as well.
Dr. Verma, I am Detective Shenoy.
Can I call you Doctor?
-Can we come in?
Umm, not sure about that.
Why is that?
Because I want to make
a few calls to find my wife.
I... don't want to involve the police
so early.
Sorry Doctor,
this is possibly an active crime scene.
You don't really have an option.
Officers, call in the crime scene team,
Where are you from?
Delhi. You speak Hindi.
Don't be.
This is Edison Springs,
Indians are everywhere.
From the Municipal Council
to State Legislature.
So, why not the police.
Yeah, right.
Let's take a look around.
You switched the music on, Doctor?
-Please don't touch anything.
But you said you just got home?
You switch on the music
as soon as you get back home?
Yes, I do, is that a problem?
Didn't say it is.
Have you tried calling your wife?
Not yet.
Can you try reaching her now?
She left it at home.
How did this break?
I don't know.
I didn't notice it until now.
-You play chess?
Seems like there was a game on.
Yes, I was playing with a friend
a few days ago.
But what's the connection?
There might not be any connection,
Doctor. But there can be one.
Do you have any valuables in the house?
-Yes, I have a safe in my bedroom.
-Let's go check.
This way.
Here's the safe.
It's all here.
Nothing's missing.
Your wife is missing,
the back door is open,
and there is a broken photo frame.
But the safe is untouched.
Doesn't look too good
right now.
Okay, we've got work to do.
Falco, take a detailed statement
of the doctor right here,
make sure you get all the names
of everyone he knows,
and get all their work addresses
and their home addresses.
And you guys, check for prints,
start with the photo frame,
then the back door and then the bedroom.
Come on, let's go.
And Falco, check the phone lines
of the doctor right here.
Check all the records on it.
And um, also check with the neighbors
if they saw anything unusual at all.
-Okay? Good.
-Will do.
Doctor, this looks like more
than just a home invasion.
This is a missing person's case.
Do you know what that means?
-Look, I don't want to scare you,
but I usually cut
to the chase.
This could be a kidnapping
or worst case, even a murder.
I am sure I can find my wife.
I hope you do too.
We'll file the initial reports
in the morning.
I want you to come to the police station
at 3:00 p.m., tomorrow.
Is that okay?
Good. Thank you.
Sorry for asking you
to come by right away.
But it was something really important.
Thank you.
So, what's going on?
-Tanya is missing.
I don't know where she is.
The police were at home earlier.
-I am responsible for all this.
-How are you responsible?
A student had given me his research paper
to review it.
He wanted my help so I told him...
I'll help him if he helps me in return.
What kind of help, Jay?
-I asked him to kill Tanya.
-What? You are out of your mind.
Keep your voice down. Cool down.
How could you do such a dumb thing?
She was having an affair.
-You should have just divorced her.
-And let the other guy win?
How could you, Jay?
You put yourself in my shoes,
you would do the same.
This is a big mess.
Can I have another drink, please?
Did you even consider
that the police could catch him
and he could implicate you?
I did, and that is why I planned
to kill him too.
I poisoned the whiskey bottle
I asked him to steal.
What has gotten into you?
You are talking like a--
like a serial killer now.
I was desperate.
He even has proof.
A recording.
Oh, God.
Before the police gets
their hands on both,
I must find him and kill him.
And put an end to this story.
I made up a story to get him implicated.
I'll say that Tanya's having an affair
with him.
Maybe you should call Shonali.
Just in case if the police suspects you,
she may be able to help you
plead insanity.
-It is the best way to avoid jail.
-I am not insane.
We all know that.
Just call her.
Jay, why did you choose this option?
Because I didn't have another one.
Hey Shonali, it's Jay.
Can we talk?
I think I am in trouble.
I need your help.
Hi, Alisa? This is Jay.
Oh, hi Professor.
Can you do me a favor
and let the dean know
that I will be out for a few days?
Sure. Is everything okay?
Don't mention it to anyone
but Tanya is missing.
My God, did you inform the police?
Yes, they are working on it.
And send an e-mail to the students
that I will be out due
to a family emergency.
Sure. Will do.
Do you need any other help?
No, I am fine.
I just need to be available
for the police investigation.
Okay well, I--
I hope everything turns out fine.
-I heard you were looking for me?
I heard you found yourself
a missing person case.
I actually did, Captain.
You know the biggest perk
of being the only female detective...
is that I get all the crappy cases.
While my male colleagues are out
solving homicides,
I get missing persons.
Look Sara, I like you.
You are good at what you do.
But some of the other guys
don't share my view.
You are too young and smart
and they feel threatened.
They want you out of here
and back in uniform.
You know I am better
than all those chauvinists.
I don't disagree. But I know
you are going through a divorce.
Maybe you should take it easy for a while,
you know. Until things settle down.
I work 80 hours a week.
My divorce is a result
of me giving everything to this job.
My son thinks his babysitter is his mom.
And you are telling me to give it all up?
Just think about it.
As a short-term thing.
I will think about it.
I know I am in trouble,
you don't have to keep reminding me.
You keep giving advice
without me asking for one.
Who were you talking to?
Me? No one.
You must be mistaken,
there is no one here.
Yes, I can see that.
Any news of your wife, Doctor?
As I mentioned, we are treating this
as a missing persons case.
We can't yet rule you out as a suspect.
I had nothing
to do with this.
Look, I work
in a male infested shark tank
so you have to forgive my distrust of men.
You will need to work
really hard for me to believe you.
So the way this is going
to work is that...
I am going to ask you questions
and I want honest answers.
You're not gonna lie to me,
or hide anything from me.
Is that clear?
So, we have been checking
on a few things since yesterday.
First off,
we picked up finger prints
and ran them through a federal database.
Turns out they belong to you
and your wife, and no one else.
And here is
what I find really interesting.
You mentioned
that you have not spoken to your wife
since yesterday morning,
Yes, that's correct.
Since yesterday morning
your wife got two calls
from a cell phone number
registered in your name.
And it was not the first time.
She got phone calls from that number
earlier as well.
That's not possible.
What's the number?
It's a pre-paid line
and was disconnected right after
the last call was made.
Wait a second. I know that number.
-So, you did call her?
-No, I didn't.
It's my student Ronnie Bhanot's number.
I am helping him with his thesis.
Even if I do believe you,
it still doesn't explain
why he registered
the number in your name?
I have no idea. But there is something
else you need to know.
I am all ears.
Tanya was having an affair with Ronnie.
And how do you know this?
Because she told me herself,
that she's having an affair
with Ronnie Bhanot.
So your wife
was having an affair with this guy
and you still decided to help him?
Yes, I didn't want to show
I knew about it.
Because Tanya had ended
the affair and decided to move on.
Was he okay with the breakup?
He didn't want to leave her.
He was really angry.
He wanted revenge.
So, you think he may have kidnapped
your wife as a result of the breakup.
It's possible.
Can't think of any other reason.
And that would also explain
why he registered the phone in my name.
To implicate me.
It's also possible
that you are making this up.
That you did all of this...
There's no truth
through that.
Because you were jealous.
And want to pin all this
on this guy.
You have to believe me.
Do you remember any other details
about him?
Yes, he said he grew up in...
...Franklin Park, New Jersey.
His parents died...
...in a car accident when I was young.
And he has a brother.
A younger brother.
Okay, anything else?
Sir, take a look.
Yes, he left me
his research paper to review,
I have it at home.
Recognize this, Professor?
And he also wrote something
on my office's whiteboard.
Okay. You can go.
I hope you know
that we will be seeing a lot more
of each other over the next few days.
Yes, I know.
Hi, Vikram.
I told the police that Ronnie
and Tanya were having an affair.
Yes, of course.
I have to find him at any cost.
I didn't mention to the police
where he works.
I am going to look for him there now.
No, no.
We cannot take that risk.
You have helped me enough.
Okay. Thanks. Bye.
Hey, excuse me,
is Ronnie here?
Who is Ronnie?
Can I please talk to the manager or owner?
Hold on.
Thank you.
Yes, how can I help you?
-I am looking for Ronnie.
And who are you?
I am his professor
at Valley State University.
No one by that name works here anymore.
But there was someone who worked here
around two years ago.
His name was Ranvir and
liked to be called Ronnie.
But if you teach at the university
you should know that already.
Why is that?
He committed suicide two years ago.
What was his full name?
His name was Ranvir Bhargav.
Do you have any other details?
If you think of anything,
can you please call me, here is my number.
Of course.
Thank you.
Hi, Doctor.
Can I come in?
Yes, sure.
So, we have uncovered
some new information.
Good. Good.
Come, let's sit and talk.
Please, sit.
Are we any closer to finding her?
That depends on you
telling us the truth, Doctor.
-What do you mean?
-We checked with the university,
there is no record of anyone
by the name Ronnie...
registered at the university,
let alone your class.
-You don't look surprised.
Two years ago, I had a student
whose name was Ranvir.
And he liked to be called Ronnie.
This student is using his name
and doing all this.
And, why didn't you tell me this earlier?
We had an understanding
that you won't hide anything from me,
I didn't put two and two together.
Oh, so now you are going to do
our job for us?
Please, don't get me wrong.
After meeting you yesterday,
I remembered that he had told me
he worked at a store on Oak Tree Road,
So, I went there to find him.
They told me that the only Ronnie
who ever worked there was my student,
who committed suicide two years ago.
And why would anyone do that?
I have no idea.
This person is playing me.
The truth, I think, is
that you made this story up.
To cover up your wife's disappearance.
Nothing can be further
from the truth, Detective.
One more thing.
Remember you told us something was written
on the whiteboard in your office?
-Our handwriting analyst compared
what was on the board to your handwriting.
Here is a picture of the whiteboard.
Do you recognize
the handwriting?
Yes, it's mine.
But how is that possible?
I didn't write this.
How do you expect me
to believe that?
Believe me. I have nothing
to do with this. I am innocent.
Well, I hope that too
for your sake.
I think
it will be prudent for you
to come in and see
our police psychologist.
Why do I need to see a psychologist?
I reviewed your police file.
You have a history
of psychiatric disorders.
That has nothing to do
with this case.
And I refuse
to see a psychologist.
I don't think
you should refuse.
The last thing
I want to do is to arrest you
and put you through a polygraph.
Polygraphs are inadmissible as evidence.
But that's not going to stop me
from putting you through one anyway.
So your options are,
one, speak with the police psychologist.
Two, to undergo a polygraph
with one of our investigators
who wants nothing more
than for you to fail it.
Four o'clock,
at the department.
You'll be talking to Dr. Roy.
Can you also give me
the research paper that Ronnie gave you?
Here you go.
Thanks Doctor,
see you at four.
Hey Falco, my car died again.
No, I am in front of the doctor's house.
Can you come get me?
Thanks, Falco.
No one is available
to take your call.
Please leave a message.
Thanks for coming, Doctor.
Before I bring in
the psychologist,
I want to ask where did you go
after I left your home?
What do you mean?
I saw you come out of your house...
and then saw you leave in your car.
I called you, but
you didn't answer the phone.
I don't know what you saw.
But I went to sleep after you left.
Do you really expect me
to believe that?
Yes. Of course.
I think it will be best
if we let the psychologist take over
from here.
I would like to introduce you to Dr. Roy,
she's our staff psychologist.
Pleasure to meet you.
Let me start by saying
that I am a big fan.
I have read all your published works,
and I was at your keynote
at the World Congress
of Psychiatry last year.
Then, you must know
that I don't need a medical evaluation.
this is a police investigation
and that decision is not mine to make.
Detective, can I have a few words
with Dr. Verma alone?
As per procedure, I will be recording
this conversation
for review.
Doctor, before we start I just want you
to know that I have immense respect
for the work you have done in this field.
I want to help you,
and I want you to help me
by answering my questions.
I have read your police file
and your medical history.
Your file says you were diagnosed
with depression,
as a result of your student's suicide.
Do you still suffer from depression?
Yes, probably.
Are you on any medications?
No, not for two months or so.
Why did you stop taking the medications?
My symptoms were not getting any better.
Can you tell me more about your student,
Ranvir Bhargav's suicide?
It's all in the file.
Can you please answer the questions,
He was working on a dissertation
under my guidance.
I didn't think he would be able
to complete it.
He had issues,
insecurity, depression.
So, I asked him to drop out.
He created a scene...
and then he committed suicide.
So, do you blame yourself for his death?
Yes, because he left behind
a suicide note that said that...
he did it because he was unable
to finish the thesis.
He didn't name me in the note though.
But the media loved
that angle and...
they carried it for a long time.
And how did that affect you?
It affected me badly.
I gave up my research.
And it ruined my marriage.
It doesn't matter to me.
Did you have any other
traumatic experiences during childhood?
Yes, my parents died when I was young.
Your file says that you had schizophrenia
as a child.
But I was treated for it.
Are there any other symptoms
in your medical history
we don't know about?
Detective Shenoy saw you talk to yourself.
You were talking to someone
who wasn't there.
Who were you talking to?
Many people talk to themselves.
And she saw you leave the house.
When she asked you,
you denied it.
How do you explain that?
Could be sleepwalking.
It wasn't just sleepwalking.
You actually got out,
got in your car and drove away.
If so, it's not like it hasn't happened
to anyone before.
I think I have what I need.
I need to talk
to Detective Shenoy.
I will be... back.
You got to make them listen to you
'cause they just won't listen to me.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
You got to do something, I don't know.
I just don't know.
Dr. Verma?
Dr. Verma?
Dr. Verma,
we have come to a conclusion,
that your medical symptoms
are consistent with schizophrenia.
-This means--
-I know what schizophrenia is.
So, what are you suggesting?
That Ronnie does not exist.
He is in your mind.
This is the most absurd thing
I have ever heard.
My schizophrenia was treated.
I am sure you know
in some cases
it doesn't get cured.
Since you suddenly stopped
your medications.
That resulted
in the recurrence of schizophrenia,
and the occurrence
of multiple personality disorder.
And as you know,
these disorders can coexist
in some rare cases.
And in such cases, we see
multiple personalities in a person.
Your alter ego shows up.
What you can't do personally,
you do it as Ronnie.
-Have you heard about the perfect murder?
Why do you think
I've got multiple personality disorder?
Because you went out yesterday,
and you don't know where you went.
That's a typical
blackout episode.
Yes, but then why would I name
my alter ego Ronnie?
Because Ranvir Bhargav a.k.a. Ronnie
is constantly on your mind.
I will let the detective reconstruct
the events that led up
to Tanya's disappearance.
Please... tell me.
Well, the simple answer is that...
you, as Ronnie, plotted
to kill your wife.
Because of your issues,
and because you believed
she was having an affair.
On the day Tanya disappeared,
you had a blackout episode,
and with an intent to kidnap
or kill Tanya.
You sneaked into your house as Ronnie.
It's you?
What is wrong with you?
By the time police got there,
you were back to your real self,
and have no idea where Tanya went.
Only your other personality knows that.
And that information is
locked away somewhere in your brain.
And this is what you have based
your conclusions on?
We considered
additional evidence.
We took fingerprints
from your home
but we found only yours and Tanya's.
We compared Ronnie's research paper
with your research.
It's practically the same.
That's because Ronnie used
my research as the basis of his.
And you already know
about the handwriting on the whiteboard?
The analysts said you wrote it.
And remember, you said
that his parents died when he was young?
Isn't that the case with you too?
So, it's something shared
by both personas, meaning some traits
carried over to your other persona.
It's not unusual for people
to have things in common.
You've got to believe me,
he's real.
That day when I came home,
he was there.
I was waiting for you.
What you saw wasn't real.
It was just in your mind.
I even talked to him on phone.
Hey, Ronnie.
You might have, but there was no one
on the other end of the line.
And then I saw him again outside
the convenience store he worked at.
And I followed him.
-And then?
-I lost him.
Obviously you did.
Because he isn't real.
What about cell phone
that was registered in my name?
We are still trying to track that down,
but I am pretty sure
you yourself registered it.
It could be that your Ronnie personality
became so brash...
and brazen that it wanted to outsmart you
by implicating you
in your wife's disappearance
and so registered the line in your name.
So that the police suspects you.
So, you think I am crazy?
You have disorders.
I would like you to go to
the hospital and get some more tests done.
You are wasting your time
here, while the real culprit is out there.
Dr. Roy has told you
her decision.
So, unfortunately
this conversation is over.
We will now move you to the hospital.
We'll do a structured clinical interview
with you tomorrow.
I just want you to go there
and get some rest.
Do you think we should try
and contact the dead student's family?
Maybe they know something?
Yes, we plan to do that,
but I think it's a dead-end.
Thank you, Doctor.
Hey, where were you?
They just told me you are here.
How did you end up here?
The police thinks I have schizophrenia
and multiple personality disorder.
And that I am responsible
for Tanya's disappearance.
Look Jay, I-- I have--
I have to be honest with you.
-It's just--
-Good evening,
-may I check your vital signs?
-Yes, please. Thank you.
I have read your file,
and the conclusion seems rock solid.
You too are siding with them?
I am perfect.
Jay, I am on your side.
At least you should know
I am not crazy.
But there's a silver lining here.
Your disorders can save you.
It won't come to that.
I will find Ronnie before that.
I have to go for my rounds.
I'll try and talk to
the police psychologist tomorrow.
your move.
Looks like I am going to win.
You can't fool me.
I know you are real.
I am real,
I am right here in front of you.
But... look closely.
Am I... really here?
This is not possible.
This isn't happening, I know
you are real. And I'll find you.
I want you to find me.
We really need to finish this game...
now and forever.
Just go away.
Go away!
Emily, can you just check
who is at the door, please?
-What to do next?
-C'mon mix it.
Here sweetie.
Something smells good.
-Want some pancakes, Falco?
-No thanks.
Hey, thanks for picking me up.
For some reason,
my car is still at the workshop.
No problem, so we have located the store
where the phone was activated,
and also dead Ronnie's family.
He has a grandfather.
Good. Send Cruz to the phone store.
And make sure
he checks the surveillance camera.
And try and get a close up
of whoever activated that line.
Okay. Emily, I'll be back in the evening,
will you be okay?
-Okay, good.
And don't forget to take Shrey
to Jake's house for his play date.
Bye, mommy.
-Okay, call me if you need anything. Okay?
Let's go.
-Perfect, thank you.
-Thank you.
Doctor, the police psychologist
just called in, she's on her way.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Hi, Print Store.
I would like to order a reprint, please.
Yeah, what is the order number?
Okay, hold on a second.
And whom am I speaking to?
Okay, I will place the order.
When would you like to pick it up?
Can you have it shipped to me, please?
Yeah, same address?
Which address did you ship it
to last time?
It's a motel in New Jersey. Route 66,
Highland Knolls,
New Jersey, room number 112.
I will just come in and pick it up.
Found you, Ronnie.
I am coming for you.
Ah! There you are.
I have been looking for you.
-Excuse me?
-The boss is looking for you.
He wanted to know
if you would like to extend your stay.
How do you know me?
-You are joking, right?
You are in room 112.
What's my name?
Are you okay?
-I said what's my name.
And how long have I lived here?
Well, you got a two-month lease
that is coming to an end,
and the boss wanted to know
if you would like to extend it.
No. That won't be necessary.
Okay, whatever you say.
-What's your name?
Melissa, I need your help.
I got mugged on the way here.
-And my wallet and everything got taken.
-Oh, I am so sorry.
And you didn't report it to the police?
I mean I can call them if you would like.
No, that won't be necessary.
There wasn't much in my wallet.
I need you tell me
what credit card I used for the lease,
so I can call the credit card company
and ask for a replacement card.
Well, here you go, you used the VISA
to get the room,
and the number is-- wait a second,
that's strange.
What's strange?
It's placed under a Jay Verma,
but you are Ronnie.
-Jay is my friend.
And, I am going to need
an extra room card,
mine got left behind in my wallet.
Lost key cards are an extra 25 dollars,
just so you know.
Yeah, all right, just put it on my bill.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
My mind deceives me
Every single moment
I do not know right from wrong
As it deceives me every single moment
Sharp needles prick my mind's eyes
And it screams asking
Why it is being punished so
It is setting and fading
As it searches
In the hidden recesses
Of its memories
Captive in its own clutches
It tries to unravel the knots
A hundred times but fails
I fail to understand right from wrong
As my mind deceives me
I do not know where to go
As my mind lets me down
By deceiving me
-Hi Professor, it's Alisa.
who gave you this number?
-I asked, who gave you this number?
You did, you said that you
could be reached here
if you don't pick up your
cell phone or home phone.
-When was this?
-A couple of months back.
You said that you were working
on a research paper
and that you needed some peace and quiet.
And that is why you were renting a room
at a motel.
Why are you calling now?
To remind you of the appointment
with your real estate attorney.
But I asked you to cancel it?
Oh, did you? I must have forgotten.
I'll cancel it now.
Is everything okay?
I think I am in trouble.
The police think I am responsible
for Tanya's disappearance.
They think I've some disorder,
I become this other person, Ronnie.
Do you remember a student by that name?
Never heard the name before.
Do you believe
what the police is saying?
I don't know
what to believe anymore.
I have been getting
these visions of him...
I am starting to doubt myself.
Professor, you there?
Yes sorry, I think I found
the answer. Can you come right away?
-I will meet you outside.
I want you to drive me to my house.
Sure. I will see you in 15 minutes.
Hi, uh, I called earlier.
-Oh yes. I have the tape ready. Please.
-Can I drive?
-What's going on?
-Let's talk when we get home.
Detective, the guy
in the surveillance video
-is not Dr. Verma.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, I am positive.
-Can you send me a photo of that?
Will do.
-All okay, Jim?
-All is good.
-Is Dr. Roy there yet?
Uh, no, I think she's coming in soon.
-Did he leave the room for anything?
-No, he hasn't left the room for anything.
-Okay, let me speak with him.
-Detective, he is gone.
-What do you mean he is gone?
Check with the nurses.
-Have you seen Jay?
-No, is he not in his room?
No, he's gone.
Detective, he's gone.
How could you let this happen,
I am sorry, Detective.
ask around if someone saw him leave
-and call me back.
-Of course.
Ullman, glad you are back.
Can you let the dispatch know
that Dr. Verma has gone missing
-from the hospital?
-Do you see that photo?
It's of the man,
who activated the phone line
and it's definitely not the doctor.
-That's interesting.
-I know.
Did you and Falco manage
to go see the grandfather?
Yeah, we paid him a visit.
He didn't want to talk to us,
wouldn't even let us in.
Why is that?
Apparently, we gave him a hard time
after his grandson's suicide.
Did the neighbors say anything?
They said that the grandfather
has been raising the grandsons
all alone ever since their parents died.
And that he had another grandson.
That is exactly what Ronnie said
to Dr. Verma.
Okay, I think we need to go
to this grandfather's house
and see if we can make him talk.
I'm going to take Falco
and why don't you go to dispatch
and let them know about Dr. Verma?
Detective, we checked
the surveillance cameras.
He got into a cab,
we have tracked down the driver.
He says he has taken him
to a route 66 motel.
Send a team out there now,
and call me back with whatever you find.
Alisa, so how much do you know
about what's going on?
What you told me and what I heard
at the university,
that your wife is missing.
Are you sure that is all you know?
Of course, Professor.
I find that hard to believe.
Why, Professor?
Alisa, how long have you known me?
Two maybe three years.
Have you ever seen me change
into someone else.
Like I behave like somebody
other than my usual self.
Honestly speaking, yes, a couple of times
over the last month or two.
You mean when I gave you the number
of the motel?
Yes, you did seem to act strange
when you did that.
You are lying.
Why would you say that?
-I have no reason to lie.
-Yes, you do, you have a very big reason.
Because you and Ronnie
are in this together.
I told you, I have never heard
that name before.
Come clean, Alisa.
You have to believe me.
Come on. Let her go, Professor.
There you are, you bastard.
I knew I wasn't crazy.
Now, do you see him?
There is no one.
Ronnie! Ronnie is right there.
You are scaring me.
I need to go.
You are not going anywhere
until you tell me the truth.
You are threatening me.
I don't think I need to be here
another moment. I need to go.
-You cannot go anywhere.
-You're crazy, Professor.
Tell me the truth. Come on.
-Come on, tell me the truth.
Sir, can I talk to you?
I don't want to talk to the police.
You may leave.
Sir, I must talk to you.
What do you mean?
I hope you're not too hurt,
I am not crazy.
I am not crazy.
You still think I am real?
Your mind is playing games
with you, again.
I don't need to play any more games.
I am calling the police.
I don't think you should.
You just brutally killed Alisa...
with this dagger.
I did not kill her.
Why should I believe you?
No. You don't have to believe me.
But the fact remains,
that you and I are the same person.
You created me,
taking the name of your dead student
You made me do
what you couldn't do on your own.
You made the plan to kill your wife, Jay.
So, you are in my head?
Yes, Jay.
You are finally seeing the truth.
I think you have two options.
One is to be tried for the murder
of your wife and now your assistant.
But given your mental disorders,
you will probably spend
the rest of your life
in a mental institution, with me.
And the other option?
Is to kill yourself, and free yourself
from the consequences of your actions.
Ever since Ranvir died...
a part of me
always wanted to do it.
Fine. You got your answer.
You'll be free.
From the world, your madness and me.
And that, I am guessing,
is poison?
It's time to answer
for my failures.
The saddest part is...
no one will ever know how I got here.
After this, there will be no you
and no me.
Yeah, that should do it.
Brilliant poetry, by the way.
Can you do me one last favor?
Sure, anything for a dying man.
Can you make me a drink
from that vintage scotch?
Make one for yourself as well.
Of course, I will join you
in celebrating your brilliant life
and the few moments left of it, Jay.
Vintage scotch. You drink this
only with special people, right?
Well, who can be more special than me?
There you go. Cheers.
-What's your plan?
-Do you recognize this?
The plan is
that you'll break in, kill Tanya...
If you don't mind me asking,
which one of these is Ranvir?
Ah. This one here and here.
Do you recognize this man?
Of course I do,
he is my other grandson, Vinay.
-Do you know where he is now?
Have you been in touch with him?
Yes. He comes and goes.
I think he is on drugs.
I told him not to bother
coming back here. He too is dead to me.
Did he ever talk to you
about Ranvir's death?
Yes, sometimes.
Okay. Thank you, sir,
you have been of great help to us.
-Is Vinay in trouble?
-I think he is.
Falco, we need to go now.
Where did you find it?
I think I found my answer.
That's when I knew you were real.
Now, tell me the truth.
You will soon be dead, Jay.
The truth? You want to know the truth.
The truth is that you killed my brother.
I killed no one.
I am Vinay Bhargav.
Ranvir Bhargav was my brother.
And I planned all of this
to avenge his death.
You went to great lengths to do that,
you could have just killed me.
I wanted to see you suffer.
I wanted you to die the same way
my brother did.
Looks like you succeeded.
Yes, I did, but it wasn't easy,
I had to think of this grand plan.
It all started when Ronnie died.
I lost my parents
when I was young.
There is only so much pain I can take.
Then one day I realized that the only way
for me out of this misery
was to kill the man responsible
for my brother's death.
Which unfortunately happened to be you.
So... I made this grand plan.
The first part of it was to trap Tanya.
Yes, it's true,
we were having an affair.
But you refused to divorce her.
So, we decided to use your disorders,
to kill you.
We thought we will drive you crazy,
so that you kill yourself.
Our motive was same,
but had different reasons.
She was doing it because she loved me.
And I was doing it because I hated you.
I posed as Ronnie to carry out this plan.
Sir, give me one chance.
How can I kill someone?
I attended your class,
without ever enrolling.
And then I came in with that research.
I even registered a phone in your name.
And then, I charmed poor Alisa
into falling in love with me.
She was so deep in love with me,
that she was ready to do anything for me.
So, I asked her to replace what I wrote
on the whiteboard with the same text.
And make it look like you wrote it.
She did such a great job,
I almost started to like her.
You killed Alisa.
Well done, Alisa.
I thought you would kill her.
But you turned out to be a fool,
you fainted.
So, I had to kill her.
Things got really interesting
when I came to see you in the office.
The plan is, you'll break in, kill Tanya.
Steal a few things, and leave.
So I thought,
what could be better than this?
So, per your plan,
I went to your house,
I kidnapped Tanya
and took her to the motel.
Then I came back here and talked to you
and left as soon as the police arrived.
What did you do to Tanya?
When you arrived at the Motel,
she was locked in the next room.
I bribed the receptionist
to leave that room alone.
And to address you as Ronnie.
Ah, there you are,
I've been looking for you.
-What's my name?
And behave like you had booked that room.
I told Alisa to call you.
So, you think
that you gave her that number.
Is she still there?
Tanya? Yes, she's still there but...
unfortunately, I had to tell her that
I don't love her.
She was furious, so heartbroken.
She was feeling bad for you.
Now she's dead.
You all had to die, Jay.
In order for me to walk free.
I wanted it to look like you killed Tanya,
Alisa and then yourself.
I wanted to see you suffer, Jay.
I wanted revenge, Jay.
I wanted to destroy everything you loved.
But you failed to fulfill your plan.
What do you mean?
You just consumed poison.
That bottle of poison was already empty.
I had already mixed it
in the bottle of scotch.
The same scotch you are drinking,
and I am not.
Checkmate, Ronnie. You lose.
Falco. Check the bedroom.
Falco, in the living room.
-How are you?
-Much better.
I have bad news.
We found your wife's body in the motel.
I am so sorry.
I don't think you could've ever gotten out
of this alive.
That's unfortunate.
When we brought you in here,
you asked us to get in touch
with someone by the name of Vikram,
who is he?
Don't worry about him,
he is-- he is here.
Sorry, who is here?
Vikram. He is standing right here.
You are joking, right?
There is no one here.
You're training for the marathon, not me.
I've been trying to prove this
for five years, and I failed.
One for me.
You too are siding with them?
Sorry, sorry,
must be all the medications.
Well, I've some good news.
District Attorney has decided
to close the case.
So, whenever you feel better,
you can go home.
Thank you, Detective.
Thank you,
for whatever you have done for me.
I am not a detective anymore.
My divorce will be final soon
and I want the sole custody of my son.
And the only way I can get it
is if I have a desk job.
Sorry to hear that.
I am not sorry, I'll live to fight
another day.
But, good luck to you, Doctor.
I am glad that we can all
move on with our lives now.
Well Jay, don't think you need me anymore.
I will be on my way too.
Will I see you again?
Of course.
Don't forget I am all you have.
-Good to see you, Shonali.
-Good to see you too.
I want to thank you
for helping me.
Now come on, you don't need to thank me.
You and I,
we go back a long way.
That we do.
I am so glad you called me.
And you were so right.
If you didn't find Ronnie,
your best bet to avoid jail was for us
to prove you're insane.
Ask her about the research paper.
-Research Paper?
-Yes, research paper.
-Are you talking to me?
-Where is the Research paper?
I took it from the police station
and sent it to the journal.
They are running a story on it next month.
-That's great.
And I told them that you have written it.
So, get ready to be famous.
-Can I drive?
-Can you drive?
Can I drive?
Yes, you can.
You always do,
so why should today
be any different?
-You know me so well.
-Shall we?
A life half dead dies half
A death for it is handcuffed
Bitter to taste and abusive
Chilling like the barrel
Of a gun on the forehead
There is no escape
There is no escape
There is no escape
There is no escape
A life half dead dies half
For it is handcuffed
It does not give a thought
As it gnaws, curses,
Taunts as it stings
Putting itself to
Sleep in the embrace
Of night singing
Dark lullabies to itself
This arrogant life creates chaos
As one sniffs it through the nostrils
Bitter to taste and abusive
Chilling like the barrel
Of a gun on the forehead
There is no escape
There is no escape
There is no escape
There is no escape