Mirror Mirror (1990) Movie Script

Forgive me.
I can't seem to get it open.
Here let me help you.
It's stuck.
- Let's try this.
Now pull!
- Look at all this junk.
- What do we have here?
Poor old soul!
Locked up alone in this house
all those years.
- I don't think you're gonna get
much for this.
Be careful with that!
- The new owners move in tomorrow
and there's still so much more to do.
Don't you worry, hunny...
I'll see that everything is out
of here by then.
Oh look!
She kept a diary.
- Diary? Oh that's
Oh, crazy as a loon you know...
Poor old soul, God bless her.
- Now I'm late!
I have an appointment on the westside
and I still have to pick up the babysitter.
- Well don't you worry, I'll
take care of this mess.
You go on ahead.
- Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure! Go on!
God bless.
- Yes... Well thank you!
When you're finished loadingbring
everything to my store...
The address is on this card...
And I'll meet you there.
Now the house is still in
good shape, Mrs. Gordon.
But since you've decided
to move in so quickly...
I took the liberty of
asking the cleaning crew...
to stay on a few days to
help out.
Now most everything is done...
except for the living room...
And they should be done with
that in a couple weeks!
- Megan...
Don't you just love it here?
- I loved it where we were.
- So much bigger when it's
Come on boys!
Is... uh...
there an ashtray someplace?
Oh... there must be.
Megan please stand up straight.
You know...
I get such a strong
feeling from this house.
I think...
Everything is going to be
different now.
- Where's my room?
- I hope you don't mind this
heat wave we're having.
What did I tell you?
This room is perfect for you.
Don't you think so, Mrs.
- Yes, it is.
Oh I'm sorry...
I thought all that had been
taken away.
- You don't want that in your
Of course not! I'll make sure
someone comes to pick it up.
- It looks like it belongs here.
- It's part of the Weatherworth
- I like it.
Well... if it's alright
with your mother
I could arrange for you to buy
- Let's just look at the rest of
the house.
- Can I?
- What?
Get out!
- I uh... think you're gonna
like your new school, Megan.
It's the best private school in
the state!
- I don't believe this.
- Alright, so...
Her father owns
his own advertising company...
I mean the guy's a bigshot.
- Well he must think she's running for
president of the United States then...
Just look at this.
- Come on what are you worried
about? What are you worried about?
- I'm worried about winning,
- Alright, can I say something? You know
what... you know what's wrong? With you...
- No, please tell me.
- I will, I'll give it right to you.
It's... it's...
It's your priorities.
See, I should be the most
important thing in your life.
- Oh...
- Me.
- Now I'm really worried.
- Look, you are gonna be a
great president...
and everybody knows that...
A great little president...
great dictator.
Look, what, what does Charleen
got? Nothing... she's...
Nice knockers and that's it!
- Don't look at her boobs!
- Nikki!
I saw your posters...
- And I saw yours,
Charleen... they're uh... big.
- Kim is handling everything.
- Oh how nice.
What's next, Kim?
Uh... billboards all over town?
- No, that won't be necessary.
I have a much better idea.
- What idea is that?
You're not gonna wear a bra from
now on?
- That wouldn't be fair to
- Girls.
Oh my god!
- Sorry... I'm late.
Let me... take a wild guess...
You're the new student from
Admission slip?
Come, come, come, come.
- Give me a break...
punk is out!
- Megan Gordon.
Take a seat.
Oh she killed him!
- She's already dressed for a
- Could I have a little quiet
I'm trying to teach a class
- I'll get her.
- Hey you shouldn't take it personally,
those guys would laugh at plane crashes.
Seriously, you shouldn't give a
shit about this.
My name's Nikki Chandler.
- Hi. - Hi.
- I brought youyour things.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
You moved into the Weatherworth
house didn't you?
I babysit for Mrs. Perfili.
Look, why don't you give me your schedule
and I can show you where your classes are?
Here we go.
Well we've got gym together.
Come on let's go.
My parents are divorced...
and uh...
I live with my dad...
And he works a lot...
And when he's not working all he
does is watch TV.
He's a real nutcase.
- You should meet my mom.
- How long have your parents
been divorced?
- It's your serve.
- Ok!
- My dad died four months ago.
- I'm sorry...
- Yea...
- Why'd you guys move out here?
- My mom's psychiatrist advised
- Psychiatrist?
Sounds very Beverly Hills.
- Yea... my is... very, very
Beverly Hills.
Ok, everybody in!
Into Algebra...
- No, I'm not feeling better
Doctor Tobin...
I'm still not sleeping well at night...
and my head hurts all the time!
And I'm hot... I just feel kinda
How do I know how the dogs are adjusting,
Dr. Tobin? I've only had them two weeks!
Megan's fine.
I know she's shy.
I'm trying to tell you
how I feel!
Don't you think it's a little
soon to just...
Make new friends?
I have kept the evil
locked in the mirror...
Ever since that night...
I can trust no one.
They would think I'm insane...
and maybe I am.
Tortured soul.
I must control my thoughts
and refuse to use its power.
I have tried in vain to destroy
Only to find it returns.
Oh Mrs. Perfili how nice to see
you again!
- I uh... brought the auction
papers on the Weatherworth estate.
- That'll save me a trip.
How about a cup of tea!
- Oh I have to run...
Oh, uh...
That old mirror... that we
pulled out of the closet?
- Yes?
- Well it got left behind and my
clients daughter liked it.
- Hmm... that's funny I thought
I saw them unload that...
Well I must be mistaken.
- I told her I'd arrange
- Don't you worry honey I'll
take care of it.
- Thank you. Here's Mrs.
Gordon's phone number.
I'm sorry... um... I
really do have to run.
- Well come again, for tea next
We can chat.
- Sure! I'd like that.
- Hey Nikki, where's your new
- What is your problem,
What's yours? Getting a little
desperate for votes?
- Shitheads!
- You know, Nikki, I... I... I
saw her... and um...
she does look...
a little strange.
You know?
- Look. Mrs. Perfili asked me to
show her around...
Besides... I like her.
- Oh... it's... it's... ok.
Fine... I just don't want it to turn
into another one of your noble...
lost causes.
You know?
Alright! Alright...
- I'm home!
I'm home.
I found him just lying there
when... when I went upstairs.
At first I thought he was
- Why'd you put him there?
- First your father, now this?
- It's not the same thing.
- I thought of it as a person.
- Take him off the counter.
- Take him off the counter?
Is that all you can say?
You never liked him did you?
Well he liked you!
Didn't you honey?
- Hello, I'm from the Happy
Valley Pet Cemetary.
- Oh...
Right this way.
- I wish Daddy were here.
I hate you! You're ugly!
- Megan...
Don't be afraid...
It's me.
- Daddy?
- Yes, honey.
I missed you so much.
- I've missed you too.
- It's alright... I'm here with
What happened to me, Meggy?
- What?
- Where was I?
- Daddy, I...
Daddy, that hurts!
What have you done to me!
- Why are you torturing me!
Stop! You're hurting me!
Let go!
Let go...
- Meggy.
Come to me.
- Go away!
- I saw Daddy.
- You were having a nightmare,
- But he was here.
- Megan, your father's dead.
He couldn't be here.
Dead people neve rcome back!
Now go to sleep, Megan.
It was just a nightmare.
I'm sorry!
- No, I'm sorry. It was my
- No, I've been really out of
it today.
- I know what you mean.
Here you go.
We'll both try to be more
carefil next time. Oh...
- Thanks.
- See you around.
Ted! Honey...
Does... this look like a peep
- It sure looks like a peep show
to me.
Come on, Megan, let's go before
they give us VD or something.
- Say something!
- Nikki, I wouldn't give you VD
if you paid me for it.
- Good, give it to Charleen.
- Is that all you can think of
to say?
- Will you give it a rest?
Come on.
- You like him don't you?
- No!
- Megan! He's cute.
Look at you though, you're
- I am not!
- They met me in the day of
and I have learned by Prefect's
They have more in them than
mortal knowledge.
When I first...
- That's a really weird dream.
- I know...
It seemed so real though!
- I used to have dreams about my
parents getting back together all the time.
- See... I've had dreams
about my dad but...
They were never like this.
- Maybe it was a Weatherworth
- To question them further...
- What are you talking about?
- I'm just kidding.
- What?
- There's just rumors...
- What kind of rumors?
- You don't believe in that shit
do you?
I don't know... it's like Mary
was supposed to be into
witchcraft or something like that...
and... it was something about...
her sister dying...
and disappearing and no one
being able to find her...
and they say that after that Mary never left
the house because she said it was haunted.
I don't know it was a long time
- That does it! Mrs. Davis!
- Come on! Stop!
I'll check into his file.
I need it by Friday.
- So what did she say?
- Not to do it again.
- Same here.
- Hey, could we get out of here?
This room makes me nervous.
- Let's go.
- Where?
- There.
- What do I do with it?
- Make something!
- I'm not an artist.
- Well look I have to finish this
by next week for a class, so...
You might as well hangout and
test your talents.
Have fun!
You know I... I... I don't
know... I think...
I think that I'm a lot better
than this, you know?
- Yea? - Yea.
Now look.
- You know what you're right.
- See?
- Yea. Um...
I think it's the skull, Ron, I think
it's too big for your small brain.
- That's funny.
Well I'll just go to the kitchen
and I'll just do my... own art...
Art de cuisine.
- Oh, good!
- You're really good!
- Thanks.
Come on, get over there.
Come on.
Sit down...
- I don't know where to start...
- Just move it around!
You know... try to play with it
a little bit.
Pretty soon it's gonna start to look like
something and then after that you tell people
that's what you were going for
in the first place.
- Megan! There you are.
This is Mr. Veze.
I've invited him to dinner.
You certainly seem dedicated...
to your profession... Mr. Veze.
- I really love animals, Mrs.
Pets are people too.
- Call me Susan.
- Bill.
Must be really hard raising
daughter alone these days.
- It's a very hard time for me
just now.
- I can understand.
- Would you like some more
potatoes, Bill?
- Thank you.
- God!
Is something wrong?
- I think I better go.
I must be having flashbacks
I was in Vietnam, you know?
- No... I didn't.
Why don't you just come with me
into the living room and we'll sit awhile.
Maybe it'll make you feel
- No, no...
- I think I better go.
Sometimes they last for awhile.
Oh! Thank you for the dinner.
- I'll walk you to the door.
Maybe he didn't like the wig,
what do you think?
- Don't you think it's a little
soon to start dating?
- Why be old fashioned?
I think it's important to make
new friends.
- What about your old friends?
- How about... desert?
- I'm not hungry.
- Fine.
I'm tired.
- Goodnight.
Alright, besides water polo...
we will work on developing
your skilll as a swimmer...
and also on your stamina.
Now there will be extra credit for
those of you who do laps after school.
And everyone here will be
expected to participate.
No questions?
Kim, Lisa... choose your teams.
- Charleen.
- Wendy.
- Wendy!
- Pick Megan.
- Mmm mm. - Come on!
- Tina...
- Tina!
- Come on.
- Jaqueline.
- Ursula.
- Susan.
Well, Kim?
Looks like Megan's on your team.
- Why not Lisa's team!
- Now that's enough!
Both teams, into the water. Now.
During the witch trials
witnesses claimed to have
seen demons... called up by
witches to aid them in their evil deeds.
Mirrors were used to create a
gateway to the other side...
Allowing the demons to enter our
By granting wishes and
these demons would seduce one
into using its power...
at which point one would fall
prey to the demon's evil bidding.
A black cloth was used... to block
reflection and void the creatures power.
- Don't forget to vote for
It's nice of you to stop by.
- We have to stop by here...
it's the only way into the
- I know, that's why I'm here.
- Oh a party! I love parties.
What's the occasion?
- It's just a little get together I'm having.
- Why are you inviting us?
- Well let's not let this stupid election
get in the way of our friendship.
It's you.
- Look Megan, we're invited to a
Thanks, Kim. We'll be there.
- Yea... we'll be there.
- Oh my God.
- Come on, Charlotte. Keep
it down, she can hear you.
- Oh so what! We're just joking
around... what's the big deal?
- Exactly! What's the big deal?
Let's go.
- I'm not done with my lunch.
What's this?
I'm bleeding!
I'm bleeding!
Somebody help me!
Help me!
- Somebody call the nurse!
- Somebody call the nurse!
- I don't understand what happened?
Stop it!
What is there to bark about?
There's nothing in there.
There's nothing to be concerned
about, ok?
Go downstairs.
- Ghosts... do not... exist.
And nose bleeds happen every day.
Charleen is gonna be fine. Unfortunately.
- I felt something.
Like... an eye or someone... or
Something was... controlling
making it happen.
- Hmm, I felt something too...
Like projectile vomiting...
I was trying to eat my lunch.
- That's not what I meant.
- Well you know what... I believe you though, Megan, I do.
Why don't we try it out... why don't you
try to make something happen... right now?
Like turning yourself into a normal
person, that would be good wouldn't it?
- Ron!
- I'm... you know... I feel like I'm getting chicken pox...
- Like... I just... I'm out of
- I'll be right back.
- Like... I told you... she is
She thinks that she's like a...
lead in a horror flick or something.
- Say goodbye.
- Bye, Megan!
Call me when she leaves, ok?
I'll come right back.
I'll come right back if you call
me first.
- Bye!
- He thinks I'm crazy.
- I think you're crazy.
I just felt like... I could have
stopped it if I wanted to.
- Megan, stop!
Look... dreams are not reality!
You're thinking about this too
Can we study now?
Ok, look... here are my notes
for the test tomorrow...
and um... all you have to do is
label the different parts of the body.
- You sure you guys wanna go
through with this, huh?
- What do you think, we went to
all this trouble for nothing?
I just don't see what you have
against this girl.
- Why not!
This is a joke for God sakes.
It's not like we're gonna cover
him in pig's blood or anything.
- Why don't you just leave her
- Every body else thought it was
a good idea.
- We're just having a little
Come on.
- Shhh.
- Put your notes away! Clear
your desks. There will be no talking.
If you talk you will fail.
Oh my God...
I hope this isn't
the start of a new trend.
What's your problem?
- I don't have a problem.
- Sure you do.
You just don't have a solution.
- If he gets more than that...
she hasn't got a clue.
- Girls.
- Somebody help him!
- What's going on!
- I don't know. - What happened!
- Get out of the way!
- Stand back.
- Hold that tight.
Alright, take it easy.
Take a deep breath.
Ok, that's it.
Go on to your next class.
- What do you think?
Maybe I found the real me?
- You don't know who the real
you is and neither do I.
- Aren't we a little bit grumpy?
I'm going to the store, Megan! Do you
want me to pick you up some Mydol?
- Oh... hello!
I handle the Weatherworth
Oh, it's so hot.
Mind if I come in?
- What can I do for you?
- Well I just stopped by to pickup
something that was left here by mistake.
- Mistake?
- A mirror.
It belongs to the estate but
I can take it off your hands.
- No! I can't let you have that.
- Oh?
Why not?
- It's mine now.
- Oh, you don't want that
Why don't you come by my shop...
and we'll pick you out a better one.
- I like this one.
- Maybe if I could
speak to your mother?
- My mother's not home and I'm
busy, if you'll excuse me.
Leadership. Integrity.
Compassion and
un-questionable virtue.
Are qualities you seek in a class
president and find in Charleen Kane.
Her straight forward approach and
ability to go to the heart of the matter
And offer a guiding hand over the rough times
has made her a favorite among he classmates.
When asked... her fellow students
all rated her appeal and accessibility...
far above the other candidates.
Charleen's innovative ideas are guaranteed
to excite and stimulate growth...
among the student body.
And create an atmosphere for
better student relations.
She is a candidate who can
define the issues...
and who isn't afraid of
addressing each and every one.
She is a leader who will gladly put her
needs secondary for the benefit of the many.
If you want a class president
with a little something extra...
who stands head and shoulders
above the rest...
Who is willing to go the
The choice is easy.
- I hate her guts.
- Come on, we're here.
Let's at least have fun, huh?
Vote Charleen Kane
for a better student body.
- Who the hell's that?
It's her...
- What?
- Megan!
- Really?
- Pinch me.
- Later.
- I don't wanna have fun.
- I know.
- I wanna get even with her.
- Look.
Why don't we um... dance...
wanna dance?
- Nikki.
- Megan!
I'm so glad you decided to come.
- Am I late?
- I'm just gonna go to the
bathroom, be right back.
- Did I miss something?
- Would you look at you.
- Don't I look ok?
- You look... so... beautiful.
- Thanks.
Nikki, things are gonna be
different from now on.
- What do you mean?
- It's too much to go into right
now but...
I just want you to know that...
I'm really glad you're my friend.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You wanna dance, Megan?
- Yes.
I'll be right back.
- Thank for dancing with me.
- Why wouldn't I?
- Well... I don't know.
Things got kind of out of hand
at school.
- That's not your fault!
- I know but I should have said
something sooner.
- You're saying something now.
- Yea...
You gotta understand Charleen, she's just kinda
a spoiled brat sometimes, she doesn't mean it.
- Can we talk about this later?
And... just dance for now?
- Sure.
- Look at that outfit.
- Oops, looks like I missed the
sale at K-Mart.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- I wanna show you something.
- What?
- There's a whole other wing to
the house.
- Nikki! Did you see?
- Megan!
- I was dancing with Jeff.
- I know, I saw.
- We're very, very happy for you Megan.
Why don't you go back to him?
- Well I didn't ask for it to happen.
- Oh but you are asking for it now. Could you...
- Wait, what do you mean?
- He likes me.
- Wait! Megan?
- Woah, woah, woah... where are you going?
- I'm... I'm...
- Come on, where were we?
- I'm gonna go see what's wrong.
- No you don't, she can go by herself. You
don't have to babysit her she's a big girl.
You know I'm right.
- No.
- What?
What's a matter?
- Do you like her?
- What?
- Do you like her?
- Do I like who?
- Don't play stupid with me.
- I only danced with her.
- And you don't think she's
- Not nearly as pretty or sexy
as you are.
Come on Charleen, you;re my
- Prove it.
- No problem.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
- Jeff?
What's the matter?
- I think you should leave.
- Why? What happened?
Get out of the car.
- You can't be serious.
I get it...
You're just trying to get even
with me.
- No... no.
- Jeff!
This isn't funny.
- Get out.
Get out!
- Don't you ever fucking call me
again, do you fucking understand?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I... I went back to the party
and you weren't there.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I had to a come over.
- Do you like me?
- Yea I do.
- Of course you do.
- Woah... woah, woah... let's
slow down.
- Alright.
We will be very gentle.
- We?
- What's a matter?
Don't I turn you on?
- Yea, I just feel a little
- Don't you like me?
Where are you going?
- Um... I'm sorry. Megan but I
think it's better if I go.
- You can't just leave like
- I gotta think this through.
- Can he just leave like that?
- Who the hell are you talking
- I don't want him to go, make
him stop!
Jesus, you are nuts.
Charleen's gonna kill me.
- No she's not.
- Get rid of this mess.
What is going on in here?
- Nothing.
- What was all that racket?
- Why don't you go back to bed?
That's what I'm gonna do.
- Megan?
- Goodnight.
- Come here.
- She looked so lost.
So alone.
- Hey!
Better luck next time.
- Hey you doing alright?
- I'll live I guess.
- Things are gonna work out. I'm
gonna help you.
- Megan, wake up, the election's
- You'll see!
- Hello!
Anybody home!
Mrs. Gordon!
It's alright... little doggy...
Hush now! hush now!
- Over here!
Over here!
- Go around.
- Pass it over here!
Oh no... you... is that a goal?
- Yay!
- Aren't you gonna tell me?
- Tell you what?
- Charleen, I already know about
- Kim, I'm in no mood for games.
What do you know?
- Didn't your parents tell you?
- Tell me what?
- Jeff's mother called, he never
made it back from the party.
Hey! Get moving!
- Thank you!
- Who's the shithead who pulled
me under!
- What's going on here ladies!
- She did it! She tried to drown me!
- I didn't touch you.
- Jealous bitch.
Stop fighting!
- That's it... you're out of
- She started it!
- Are you on drugs?
- The showers, now!
And I wanna see you after
- I'm busy after school.
- Just! Be there...
- White! Back on defence!
- Great.
- That was great, Kim.
- Yes, absolutely.
- Ok... everybody out... go get
- Congratulations, Ms.
Didn't I tell you it was gonna
work out?
- How can you talk like that
after what just happened, Megan!
- Don't tell me you're worried
about Charleen...
- Cut it out.
- You deserve to win anyway.
- Yea well Megan it doesn't work
that way.
- I told you I'd help you... and
I did.
- Are you trying to say that you
had something to do with this?
- I'm not saying that.
- Well what are you saying,
- Well let's just say that...
that you and me are innocent.
You should be thanking me you
- Thanking you?
Thanking you!
You are a fucking nut!
- Oh you're home. I was looking
for the dog. I think he's run away.
I thought we'd go out for dinner
tonight... just the two of us.
- Um, sorry, I have things to
- Well then tomorrow night.
I'll make a big dinner...
Or... we'll stay here and it'll have
all your favorites like I used to.
- Ok, if you want.
- Megan?
I realize I haven't been there
for you lately.
I want things to get better
between us.
- I'm glad you're feeling
- Nikki, what are you doing!
Come on stop hiding from me
again, I don't like it.
There you are, come on let's go
do something.
- Look, maybe some other time,
- Nikki, you've been
avoiding me all day. Why?
- Just leave me alone. Ok?
- Nikki, I'm in control of it.
- I don't wanna hear this, Megan.
- No, Nikki, really!
Nikki, listen! No!
I can control it now.
- Megan what's happening?
- See...
I can stop it.
And I can start it.
- Stop!
- Nikki. The rumors are true...
There is something haunting the
Weatherworth house...
Only it's not a ghost!
It gave me powers... and those
powers can be for you too, Nikki.
If you want it.
Nikki, that's... that's why
I did it for you.
And Jeff...
I just got careless... and that
was stupid of me!
- Jeff?
You know where he is?
- Nikki...
You're my best friend.
I need to know that you're with
and not against me.
Come on let's go do something.
- I really gotta go.
- Tomorrow!
- Yea... tomorrow...
- Nikki, call me later?
- Sure...
Now it's time for you and me to
have a little talk.
- Thank you, it's about time, I almost started doing homework.
- I'm sorry...
- Are you alright?
- Can I borrow your car?
- Why what's wrong?
- I can't explain now,
can I borrow the car please?
Go to the house and wait for me.
- Well look, Nikki, you want me to
come with you? I'll come with you.
- No, just go to my house and
wait, please...
- Be careful, ok? Slow down. My
mom only insures me. Ok?
- Oh, Nikki!
- Hi.
- Did we uh... get our schedules crossed?
I don't need you to babysit tonight.
- Oh no, Mrs. Perfili, there's
no mixup. Um...
I need to ask you about
- What is it?
- Um...
Well... I need to know about
the Weatherworth house.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Megan!
- Um...
- I was just on my way downstairs
to cook you that meal I promised.
I haven't even asked you how you
like your new school.
We'll talk over... calll you
when it's ready.
- Come on.
Can I just talk to you for a
second? Please?
- We're closed.
- I'm sorry but it's really important.
- Well... can you make it quick?
I'm not feeling well.
- It was Eilizabeth who brought
up the demon...
and opened the gate.
When she used it's power...
The mirror controlled her.
Mary killed her sister because
of it.
She thought that would stop it.
- Look I'm calling the police.
- No, that won't do any good.
And if what you just told me is
it could get us both killed.
- How do I stop her?
- It's not your friend we have
to stop.
The mirror is using her.
She doesn't know what she's
We have to try to make her
understand the dangers...
And help us!
We have to close the opening.
And I think I know how.
Here... take this.
Oh don't worry. It's not for
your friend.
It's for whatever is in that
Be careful.
It'll try to trick you.
And it can read your thoughts,
and remember...
Don't... ask it for anything.
I'll meet you there.
Wait, you have to
come with me...
I don't know what to do.
There's somebody I want to bring
Just don't go inside until I get
- I think I've someone I wanna
bring along too.
- Hello?
I need to speak to Father
No, no I can't hold!
- This is Father Jeffries, can
I help you?
- Ladies and gentlemen...
If you notice his absolute
That's incredible...
did you see that?
Did any body see that?
That splash of yellow between the salami
and the meatloaf... that was incredible!
That was... great.
The crowd's going crazy...
Mayo... Mayo!
Oh ladies and gentlemen...
May I say...
At this time...
I may now die a happy man.
Nikki, please let this be you.
- I'm ok.
I'm ok... Stop.
- Don't, don't don't try to talk.
- I'm ok!
- I'll take you to the hospital.
- I'm ok. I'm ok.
- What the hell is going on!
Woah, Nikki...
I see that you're feeling better but why
don't you let me take you to the hospital, ok?
- In a minute.
Oh, Nick... cut it out!
Easy... easy.
Oh, Nikki, slow down.
- Ron!
- Ron?
- Ron!
Help! Somebody help!
- Hi, Nikki.
- Megan...
- I've been waiting for you to
- Why are you doing this!
- Come on Nikki...
I'm the only friend you need.
I want you to come over here.
I'll be waiting.
And Nikki...
That silly old woman from the
antique store...
She won't be joining us.
- Megan?
- What is it?
- Honey your supper's ready.
- I'm not hungry.
- Well you have to eat, you
- Just go away.
- I'll be downstairs if you need
I love you, Megan.
- Mom?
Mom, wait.
- Mom!
It won't open!
No not her!
Help me!
- Megan!
Megan, I'm here.
I've decided to join you.
It's just you...
and me.
You're right, we don't... we
don't need anybody else.
So this is where all the power
comes from.
I can't breath.
- No!
- There's nothing you can do.
- What's it doing?
- It wants you, Nikki.
- Stay away from me, Megan.
- That won't help you.
No, run, Nikki!
- Megan, stop it!
- I don't know how.
- Open the front door!
- Hold on!
- Open it!
- God!
- Let us out, Megan!
Is there still a way out?
- Hold on!
- Come on! Leave her!
- No!
- Let's get out of here!
Oh God!
Oh... God...
- I want everything back to the
way it was!
- Stop!
- No!
Go away!