Mirror Mirror II: Raven Dance (1994) Movie Script

(buzzing and pulsing electronic music)
(hopeful electronic music accent)
(muffled ghostly voices chattering)
(eerie electronic music)
(unsettling vocal choir
over eerie electronic music)
(echoing raven cawing)
(echoing vocals over
eerie electronic music)
(Nicolette gasping)
- Where am I?
What's going on?
- There, there, rest yourself.
You've been sick with a very high fever.
You're going to be fine,
Nicolette, just fine.
You were just having a bad dream.
- (gasping) Sister Aja,
you must read this.
It explains everything.
(gasping) I haven't got much time.
Promise me you'll take care of my baby.
- Yes, I, I promise,
we'll take care of him.
- Listen to me (gasping),
there's evil within that mirror.
You must read her diary!
- I've read it, it's pure lunacy.
The ramblings of a woman gone mad.
Nicolette Chandler, there is
no evil in the house of God!
You've been obsessed with that
mirror since you got here.
Look at it, it is just
a piece of furniture!
- You've got to believe me!
Read it (gasping)!
- It draws its strength
by granting the innocent wishes of youth.
- [Nicolette] Go further!
- (sighs) The evil
lives within the mirror.
It can take many shapes,
man, boy, or beast,
but the simple shall know its true face.
Oh, this book is vile, it's blasphemy.
I won't read any more.
- No, Sister, make a vow.
Keep the mirror covered
until it can be destroyed.
The evil must not escape.
- Oh, this is absurd!
We're in a house of worship!
- [Nicolette] No, stop!
It will escape!
- Look, it is just a mirror.
(Nicolette gasps)
There's no power here,
just wood and glass.
Good and evil do not do battle in mirrors!
(eerie rumbling electronic tones)
- My God, what have you done?
- What was that?
(Nicolette gasping)
- The knife, get the knife!
- What knife, what do you mean?
- In the dresser, wrapped in a cloth!
(tense electronic music with eerie vocals)
- This?
- Yes, yes, use it!
It's the only way to destroy the evil!
(gasping) The innocent shall know.
(gasping) Only the innocent!
(ghostly shouting over
tense electronic music)
(Nicolette gasping)
Somebody help me-ee-ee!
(Nicolette gasping over tense
and menacing electronic music)
(Aja grunts)
(tense and menacing electronic music)
(electronic buzzing)
(nuns gasping over eerie electronic music)
- (gasps) I can't see!
God, please, I can't see!
(rhythmic and eerie electronic music)
(wheels rattling on floor)
(muffled rhythmic rock music)
- Wow, are those real?
God, they musta hurt.
(man scoffs)
So are you guys on tour?
- Yeah, we're just finishing up.
- Oh.
- Our manager thought a charity gig
would be good for PR, but it
seems pretty dead around here.
This is some kind of church orphanage
or something, isn't it?
Where is everybody?
- [Marlee] Well, the
nuns took all the kids
to the camp except me and my brother.
- So how come you lucked out?
- Well, we just got here last night.
We had to wait for some
unfinished paperwork or something.
(muffled rumbling)
- [Band Member] Check it out!
(objects rattling in closet)
(muffled rumbling)
- Hey, what's with those guys?
- Eh, they're all right.
(scoffs) Hey, it's been a
long tour, what do you want?
(thunder rumbling over
muffled pleasant rock music)
(cat shrieks)
(eerie electronic accent)
- Piwacket!
Hey, this is great!
- That ugly thing?
- It's not ugly, I like it!
It'd be great to practice my dancing.
I'm pretty good, you know?
- Dancer, huh?
- (scoffs) No, classical.
(muffled pleasant rock music)
- [Band Member] It's Marlee, right?
- Right.
- So Marlee, what's the
deal with your brother?
- Oh, it's been hard on Jeffrey and me.
He just doesn't understand.
It's like he stares into space
like he's waiting for something.
- Bizarre!
- Let me see that violin.
I said, let me see that violin!
- [Band Member] Kid's a retard,
just take the damn thing from him!
- Leave him alone!
- What's with you?
I'm just havin' a little
fun with the retard is all.
- [Band Member] Yeah, we're
just playin' with him!
- Play with yourself, asshole!
- Ooh, big talker,
maybe you got somethin'
we could play with.
- Ow, in your dreams!
You okay, Jeffrey, you all right?
- Eh, forget her and the retard.
We need to rehearse.
- What a bunch of idiots!
(scoffs) I wish someone
would teach them a lesson.
- [Band Member] Okay,
guys, I don't wanna be here
the rest of my life.
Let's burn!
(thunder rumbling)
- [Band Member] One, two, three, four!
(rhythmic hard rock music
with snarling guitar)
(thunder rumbling over
rhythmic hard rock music)
(thunder rumbling)
(muffled ghostly voices chattering)
(electrical buzzing over
menacing orchestral music)
(beam cracking)
(electrical buzzing and cracking
over tense orchestration)
(thunder rumbling over
eerie vocal choir music)
- Hello, my name is Jeffrey.
Who are you?
(ghostly voices chattering)
I like to play my violin.
How long have you been here?
(ghostly voices chattering)
Can you come out and play?
(thunder rumbling)
I know, they were bad.
(ghostly voices chattering)
Her name is Marlee.
(eerie electronic music)
- Where's Jeffrey?
Where's Jeffrey, is he okay?
- [Nun] Jeffrey's fine.
He wasn't even touched,
but you were, oh, it's
a miracle you're alive.
- (gasping) I, I can't see you!
(sobs) Why can't I see you?
Talk to me, tell me what happened (sobs)!
Is everybody okay?
- I'm sorry, child, but they,
they're gone.
(Marlee gasping)
A freak accident.
(Marlee sobs)
I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry.
(Marlee sobbing)
(Marlee sobbing over
eerie electronic music)
- There, there, child,
do you feel better now?
- Sister Marion, is that you?
- [Marion] Mm-hmm.
- Gosh, everything seems so blurry.
- Yes, it's me, dear.
Doctor says your vision
should clear up in a few days.
Other than that, is anything else wrong?
- No, I'm guess I'm all right.
(Marion sighs)
- [Marion] Good.
- Sister, um,
does God hate me?
Am I cursed?
- [Marion] Oh, don't
be ridiculous, Marlee!
God loves you.
Except for His grace,
you and your brother both
could have been killed!
- Well, then why is this happening?
I just don't understand it.
- [Marion] (sighs) Well.
- (gasps) My cat, where's Piwacket?
- She's fine!
I just saw her flitting
around in the hallway.
I'll bring her into you later.
- Thanks.
(vaguely eerie electronic music)
I keep thinking I dreamt it all.
- No, it was all very real.
Such a tragedy.
What were you thinking of?
You weren't supposed to
be at that rehearsal!
(scoffs) I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's just been very hard on all of us.
We'll talk later,
and your brother, bless
his soul, is just fine.
He's been very concerned about you.
Oh, by the way, I've
called for your sister!
She's gonna be here any minute now.
- She's not my sister,
she's my step-sister.
- Oh, yes, yes, yes, step-sister.
Well, anyway, she is on
her way with a specialist.
And, uh, I've made arrangements
for them to stay here
until you're back on your feet, hmm?
- Oh, I wish you wouldn't have done that.
She doesn't care about me!
She's a money-grubbing witch!
- (chuckles) Now who's being a witch?
Oh, Marlee, are you all right?
I've been worried sick!
(playful orchestral tones)
- Oh, stop it, Roslyn.
Why are you really here?
- I'm here because of you.
It's so horrible what's happened that,
first Daddy, and, and now this,
I don't know how you cope.
- Well, thanks for the support.
Now, will you please leave?
- That's not very nice, Marlee.
I only wanna take care of you.
- Yeah, right, me and my inheritance.
(Lasky clears his throat)
- [Roslyn] Marlee, this is Dr. Lasky.
He's very well respected in his field,
and I've asked him to take charge here,
if that's all right with you, Sister.
- How do you do?
(playful orchestral tones)
- We appreciate your concern,
but we do have a very
fine doctor, Dr. Lewis,
who's been with us for many years.
He's already examined Marlee.
- Well, I'm, I'm sure
that's fine and good,
but Dr. Lasky's a specialist,
and I just can't hear of my
sister having anything less.
Perhaps we could leave and
give them some privacy.
I want very much to see poor Jeffrey.
- Certainly.
(playful orchestral tones)
- I love you, Marlee.
(Marlee sighs)
(footsteps clacking over
playful orchestral tones)
- All right now, come on, sit up.
You just relax, you're in good hands.
- How can you put up with that witch?
- (scoffs) Well, now, that's
not a very nice thing to say.
Your sister just wants
to take care of you,
look after your well-being, yes.
How are you feeling?
- Oh, great, I'm lying in
bed, I'm practically blind,
and my conniving sister shows up with you.
How do you think I feel?
- Well, it certainly doesn't seem
to have affected your mouth.
Oh, look, I do know this must
be very upsetting for you,
but you need some rest,
so I am going to give you something
to make you sleep, all right?
Now, don't you worry.
Everything is going to be fine.
Here, now you just relax.
(Marlee groans)
Ah, yes, now lie back.
Here, everything will be fine.
Don't worry, just relax.
We'll take care of everything!
(playful orchestral tones)
(menacing orchestral accent)
(gasps) A cat!
(Lasky sighs)
- Her condition seems to be deteriorating.
- Poor soul.
- You know, she's been this way for years,
but at least she continues to eat.
- Small miracles.
- [Nun] Well, sometimes
that's all we can ask for.
(door creaking)
- [Christian] Aja.
(eerie electronic music)
(footsteps clacking)
Sister Aja?
(eerie electronic music)
Can you hear me?
(eerie electronic music)
It's been a long time.
(footsteps clacking)
I had to come back.
(footsteps clacking over
eerie electronic music)
- Christian?
(pleasant vocal choir music)
- Some doctor, making me wait for him here
when he knows the sun is
horrendous for my complexion.
(Roslyn sighs)
You still look fabulous, though.
Line here or there, what does it matter?
You keep getting better.
(echoing church bell ringing)
(Roslyn sighs)
Who am I trying to kid?
Looking old and decrepit.
- Nonsense, you look beautiful,
and besides, when you are
immersed in riches, who will care.
(kiss smacking)
- What do you mean, who will care?
You'll be off for some 18-year-old gymnast
leaving me to rot.
- (chuckles) Oh, you're
just upset, so relax!
Everything is going according to plan.
- How soon do the drugs
start taking effect?
- Roslyn, I am the doctor.
- I just can't believe I
was left out of the will.
What was Daddy thinking of?
- Well, perhaps he was thinking of
all those wonderful things
you never did for him.
After all, you were a little bit
of a spoiled brat, now, weren't you?
- You shut up, it doesn't
matter what I was.
I was his daughter, I was the first!
It's not fair,
and then he married that
slut, Marlee's mother,
two years younger than me!
- Come on, now, settle down, Roslyn.
- She was no good, no
breeding, a bad blood line.
- You (sighs).
(Roslyn sighs)
- That idiot son they produced.
- You're beginning to whine.
- And I'm left with nothing.
- But, Roslyn, you are soon
going to be in control of everything.
Now (sighs), you must trust
me, the drugs will work.
- They're not going to hurt her, are they?
- No.
- Right, you promised you won't hurt her.
- Yes, now stop worrying.
You know, y-you're going
to make yourself ill.
- (sighs) I know, it's just--
- Now, come on!
Now, come on, I'm going to
take you to meet someone
who will ensure our future, come along!
(footsteps clacking over
vaguely eerie orchestral music)
(relaxed blues music on radio)
Roger, my boy!
- Oh!
What do you want?
I thought we already had a deal.
- Well, I want you to meet Roslyn.
- (sighs) Hello.
- [Lasky] Uh, Roslyn, this
gentleman is going to help us.
- As long as you got cash.
- (scoffs) Well, you have
some interesting pieces.
Did you make them yourself?
(footsteps clacking over
muffled blues music)
What does he have to do with us?
- Ah, well, you see,
I have persuaded Roger
to assist us in our quest
to have Marlee relinquish
that which is rightfully
yours, eh, haven't I, Roger?
- Leave me alone.
(liquid sloshing)
- See, uh, Roger has a, uh,
most particular imagination.
It's sort of a variation of themes.
- What does that mean?
(eerie electronic music)
- Shall I tell her or will you?
- Please.
- See, I do think the good Sisters
might be a smidge put out to discover
that their trusty handyman
had a penchant for, uh--
- You son of a--
- (chuckles) Oh, no, no, don't be put out.
Don't be upset!
You know, I understand perfectly.
I mean, we all have
our, uh, little secrets.
Don't we, dear?
- Whatever you say, darling.
- Have you got everything you need?
- [Roger] I told you,
I'll take care of it.
- Just don't get caught.
- No one's gonna catch me.
I know this place better'n anyone.
There's ways in and out of these rooms
that no one else knows about.
- Good.
(eerie electronic music)
- Just don't double-cross me.
- Lasky?
- You see, my dear.
Everything's under control,
just like I promised.
- Yes, just as long as
she doesn't get hurt.
That's right, isn't it, Lasky?
- Well, yes, of course that's right!
Eh, trust me!
Don't worry, I mean, after
all, we don't want any more
of those horrid little
worry lines, now, do we?
(Lasky chuckling over
eerie electronic music)
(eerie and unsettling electronic music)
(expressive violin music)
- Oh, please don't stop,
it was so beautiful.
- [Jeffrey] Who are you?
- My name is Sister Aja, but who are you?
I've never heard your voice before.
I thought all the children were gone.
- I'm Jeffrey.
What happened to your eyes?
- I know you, you're the
brother of that young girl.
- Marlee.
- So tell me, Jeffrey,
why are you playing your
violin in this empty room?
You should play for someone to hear.
- He likes it.
- He (scoffs)?
Is there someone else in the room?
(menacing orchestral music)
There's no one else here.
I think you should go
back to your room now.
It's late and probably past your bed time.
- [Jeffrey] But I want to play!
- Be a good boy and do as I say.
- [Jeffrey] All right, good night.
- Good night, child!
Maybe tomorrow, you'll come play for me.
That would be nice.
(expressive, vaguely
eerie orchestral music)
- [Ghostly Voice] Aja!
- Who's there?
(expressive, vaguely
eerie orchestral music)
(cane tapping over increasingly
tense orchestral music)
(menacing orchestral accent)
(gasps) What is this?
(Aja gasping over
menacing orchestral music)
(echoing ghostly chattering)
Oh, no, no!
No, I can't, not this again, no!
(gasps) No!
(echoing eerie tones)
(vaguely unsettling tinkling tones)
- So they need me for
their little plan, huh, me!
(liquid sloshing)
(sighs) Pompous asshole doctor!
What a jerk!
(sighs) And that woman of his.
She'd steal dead bugs from a blind spider.
Who do they think they are?
(liquid sloshing over
vaguely eerie tinkling tones)
(sighs) Someone should take him.
(vaguely unsettling tinkling tones)
(Roger grunts)
I'm sorry.
I am really, really s-sorry.
(gasps) Oh, here, Daddy'll fix it.
(objects rattling on desk)
Daddy'll fix everything.
There, see, Daddy'll fix everything.
See, there, there you go.
(vaguely eerie tinkling tones)
(Roger grunts)
(objects rattling on desk)
(liquid sloshing)
Scare the little girl, huh?
I'll scare her, all right,
right out of her pants!
Yeah, I'll scare her (chuckles).
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
(chuckles) Yeah, you'd like that.
(Roger laughing over
menacing electronic music)
You'd like it (laughing)!
(menacing electronic music)
(rhythmic electro rock music)
(Marlee groans)
- Damn, mm, my eyes!
When is thing gonna clear up?
(rhythmic electro rock music)
(eerie electronic accent)
Hey, wait a minute!
I can see this old mirror perfectly!
(rhythmic electro rock music)
Well, how come I can only see this mirror?
Huh, this is so weird!
(rhythmic electro rock music)
You're the only thing that I can see.
Well, I guess I'll just
have to dance for you.
(rhythmic electro rock music)
(eerie ghostly tones)
(gasps) What was that?
(eerie ghostly tones over
rhythmic electro rock music)
(footsteps clacking)
- Marlee, Marlee!
Doctor Lasky, please!
(footsteps clacking)
- My dear, I thought I
told you to stay in bed!
We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
- [Marlee] Look, there was
something in the studio.
- Something, what do you mean, something?
- I don't know, maybe it wasn't real.
Oh, this must sound crazy.
- It sounds like you're hallucinating.
Eh, these are latent
manifestations of anxiety.
It all stems from the accident.
- I was there, I saw something!
- Yes, yes, look, my dear, tell me now.
Is your eyesight any better?
- No.
- Hmm, mm.
Look, well I'm going to give you something
to make you sleep.
She needs her rest.
- No more shots, I feel fine!
I'm not sick, now what are you giving me?
- It's just a mild sedative!
- Marlee, I'm sure the
doctor knows what's best.
You do seem a little agitated.
- I don't need rest.
I need to see and I need to dance.
- Yes, of course you do.
- [Marlee] And the mirror.
- Everything is going to be just fine.
You're going to feel so much better
in just a little while.
(sheets rustling)
Oh, Sister.
Sister, I, uh, I need your help.
Look, I am depending upon you
to make sure that she stays in bed.
- Yes.
- [Lasky] I'd hate to have
to hold you responsible
if anything should happen to her.
- Is there something you haven't told me?
- Well, unfortunately, I'm
afraid she might have been hurt
a good deal more than
we originally thought.
She is suffering from acute anxiety.
You can see by the way she's acting.
- Yes, of course, it's obvious.
I'll do everything I can.
- Oh, Sister.
Sister, you are indeed a good woman.
Poor Marlee.
Look, sometimes it takes years
to recover from a shock like this.
- [Marion] We'll pray for her.
(expressive, vaguely
eerie electronic music)
(footsteps clacking over
eerie electronic music)
- Father, take away the evil.
Please, watch over the
children, they are so young.
(sobs) Thou who are in
Heaven, please tell me why!
Why now, have I failed you in some way?
Have I not given of myself?
(sobs) Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.
I beg of you, this must stop!
(echoing howls over
eerie electronic music)
(wings flapping over
eerie electronic music)
(eerie, quietly tense electronic music)
(Marlee sighs)
(distant cat screeching)
(muffled cat shrieking)
- Piwacket?
(distant cat meowing)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
(distant cat screeching)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
(raven cawing over flapping wings)
(cat screeching)
(raven cawing over flapping wings)
(eerie orchestral music)
(Marlee sighs)
(cat screeching)
Piwacket, are you in here?
(wings flapping)
(raven cawing)
(cat screeching)
Have you seen Piwacket?
(expressive violin music)
(toys clattering)
(eerie orchestral music)
Maybe I am losing it.
(cat screeching)
(door rattling)
(raven cawing over flapping wings)
(eerie orchestral music)
Piwacket, are you in here?
(eerie orchestral music)
You again.
Why are you so clear?
(eerie pulsing tones)
Mm, I don't feel so good.
(eerie orchestral music)
(cat screeching)
Piwacket, where are you?
Well, I better go.
(eerie ghostly chattering)
What am I doing, I'm talking to a mirror.
(raven cawing over
echoing electronic tones)
(eerie orchestral music)
(switch clicks)
(menacing orchestral accents)
(cat groaning)
Piwacket, what are you doing up there?
Can't you get down (snickers)?
(ladder rattling)
(unsettling fluttering strirgs
over eerie electronic music)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
Ooh, damn, that's all
I need is a broken leg.
(cat screeching)
Piwacket, I am gonna strangle you!
Now get down here!
(tense orchestral music)
(raven screeching)
(Marlee screams)
(raven cawing over
dramatic orchestral accent)
(echoing ghostly voices)
- [Marion] How long has she been out now?
- It's been a couple of hours.
- [Marion] Shouldn't we
take her to a hospital?
- She's in good hands,
Sister, she'll be fine.
You see, she's coming around already.
Well, welcome back to
the land of the living!
- (gasps) My legs!
- Just be calm.
You have a sprain at your right ankle.
You may have torn a muscle.
Uh, this time, you have to listen to me.
You must stay off your feet
for a week and no dancing.
Eh, if you do, you may never dance again.
- I can't stop dancing!
(Lasky sighs)
(eerie orchestral music)
- Now, Marlee, you better
listen to what the doctor says.
If you'd have followed his
orders in the first place,
none of this ever would have happened.
You're just lucky you
didn't break your neck!
God was watching out for you.
- God, God doesn't care
about me or Jeffrey.
If he did, we wouldn't even be here!
- You're just upset.
God loves you!
- Yeah, well, if that's love,
I'll find it someplace else.
- Marlee, how can you say such a thing?
You're talking crazy!
How are your eyes, can you see yet?
- Not totally,
but you know that mirror
in the dance studio,
I could see that clearly.
Could you bring it in here?
- What, that big, old, ugly thing?
- I can't explain it,
there's something about it.
It makes me feel good, kind
of reassuring, like a friend.
- If it'll make you feel better,
I'll see what I can do.
Maybe I can get Dr. Lasky to help me.
(eerie orchestral music)
(footsteps clacking)
- There you are.
(eerie electronic music)
I thought we agreed no one was to be hurt.
- What the hell are you talkin' about?
- (scoffs) I'm not stupid!
What's the matter with
you, are you an imbecile?
Hurting her that way,
you could've killed her!
- Look, honey, I haven't
done anything yet.
I wasn't even near her, so buzz off.
(slap cracking)
- Let me make one thing perfectly clear.
You're being paid a huge amount of money,
so you do exactly as you're told.
I want control, I don't want her hurt.
- You're the boss, lady.
- Yeah, so let me make
one thing else clear.
Dr. Lasky hired you, not me.
(footsteps clacking over
eerie electronic music)
(Roger chuckling)
(glass shattering)
- Fuck it!
(Marion groaning)
- Tell ya, this thing is heavy!
- This oughta be right, right here's okay.
- Ah, ah, Jesus!
(skittering eerie tones)
- Doctor, please!
- Sister, I'm sorry, but
this is a $900 suit, I.
- Oh my goodness!
- How the--
- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not.
I need my bag, (whimpers) where's my bag?
Oh, God, oh!
- My word!
Mirrors, hmm.
(eerie skittering tones)
Vanity is its own evil.
(ominous and eerie electronic music)
- Nicolette, poor Nicolette.
(Aja gasps)
(Nicolette gasping over
eerie electronic music)
(grunts) The pain, it.
(Nicolette gasping)
(gasps) Lord, give me strength!
I will find you!
As God as my witness, you
will not do this again!
(shrieks) Oh, God!
(Aja gasping and groaning)
You will not win!
(gasping) We will defeat you!
(Aja gasping)
(Marlee sniffling)
- (sighs) This can't be happening.
I have to dance, please, let me dance!
(Marlee sniveling)
H-how did you get in here?
Who are you?
- I'm Christian.
I mean, that's my name, Christian.
- Well, what are you doing here?
- Um, I heard you crying.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
So do you always walk into
girl's bedrooms at night?
- Uh, no, not usually, but tonight,
I'm huntin' down old ghosts and demons.
- Here, at a church?
- Yeah, this place and I,
we got a long, long history together.
Besides, um, I got some
unfinished business here.
- Oh, sounds serious.
Well, I'm fresh out of demons,
but there's this crow I'd
like to introduce you to.
I'm Marlee Colton.
- Hello, Marlee, no, no, don't get up.
- Oh, that's real funny.
- Eh, I'm sorry.
It's just, uh, you seem so familiar to me.
(vaguely eerie electronic music)
So what happened to you?
- So what didn't happen to me?
- Aw, come on, it can't
be that bad, can it?
- The last few days have been horrible.
My parents were just
killed in a car crash,
and I can't see clearly.
Just today, I fell off of a
ladder, and I hurt my legs,
and I'm a dancer.
My whole life is dancing.
The doctor says I may never dance again.
- Ah, doctors.
All those guys know about is drugs.
You just gotta believe.
There's more to Heaven and Earth
than any man will ever know.
- What?
- Now, you can have anything you want.
You just gotta believe.
- (scoffs) Right, did
you see that in a movie?
(knocking on door)
Christian, Christian?
(door rattling)
(expressive and eerie orchestral music)
- Who were you talking to, dear?
- There was a boy here, he
said his name was Christian.
I turned away for a
second, and he was gone!
You must've seen him.
- [Marion] There was no one here.
- I'm telling you, there was someone here.
- [Marion] Marlee, no one was here!
Now, you're beginning to worry me!
Well, doctor said it would be
a while before you recover.
Are you feeling all right?
- Yes, I'm fine, but I'm telling you,
there was someone here.
- [Marion] Christian?
- Yes.
- Ah-ha, here, up, up, up, up!
You know, we had a boy here
named Christian a few years back.
Sad story, his mother,
uh, Nicolette Chandler.
Aja used to call her Nicky,
she was very troubled
when she first came here,
and then she died when he
was no more than a baby.
We raised him for a while, mm-hmm,
and he was very talented,
but a real troublemaker.
- What happened to him?
- Oh, he had to follow his dreams.
One day, he just up and disappeared.
He was like that, though,
popping up here and there.
You never knew where you'd find him.
Of course, these old buildings,
they have all sorts of
doorways and passageways.
I'm sure he knew every one of them.
Well, (gasps) oh, my
word, I almost forgot!
Uh, even though it is rather late,
I thought it'd be all right
if you had a real visitor.
I'll leave you two alone.
- Jeffrey (sighs)!
Don't worry about me, I'm okay.
So how's your violin playing, Jeffrey?
- I'm back.
- (scoffs) That's wonderful, Jeffrey.
So are you playing your violin?
- How come you're in there?
- Oh, I have to stay here, I hurt my legs.
- How does it feel?
- Ah, it doesn't feel good.
- Can you come out?
- No, not for a while.
- [Jeffrey] Why?
- [Marlee] Well, I have to
stay here until my legs heal.
- No, Marlee's my sister!
(eerie electronic music)
- Jeffrey, you know I am.
- I don't like that.
- Well, thanks a lot, I guess I'll have
to find myself a new brother.
- No, you better not, I won't let you!
- Jeffrey, I'm joking!
You're the best brother
anyone could ever have.
- That's a lie, I know why you're here.
You should go!
(growling voice chattering)
I don't like you anymore!
- Jeffrey, what's wrong?
- [Jeffrey] Something wrong
here, we have to leave.
- Jeffrey, everything's gonna
be all right, don't worry!
- No, it's not all right,
I don't want anything to happen to you.
I love you.
- Oh, I love you, too.
- [Jeffrey] I miss Mommy and Daddy.
- I miss them, too.
I wish there was someone to
watch over us, but there isn't.
(eerie electronic music)
It's just you and me, kid.
(eerie electronic music
with ringing bell accents)
(church bell ringing)
(Marlee sighs)
(Marlee yawning)
(sheets rustling)
My legs, they don't hurt!
Oh, this is unreal!
(gasps) There's no pain!
(sighs) Thank you, thank you!
(ominous ambient tones)
Hmm, I guess Christian
was right, whoever he is.
You just have to believe (sighs).
- [Ghostly Voice] Marlee!
(ominous ambient tones)
- [Roslyn] Marlee, what
are you doing out of bed?
Are you crazy?
- It's okay, my legs are
fine, look, there's no pain!
- Oh, don't give me that,
now get back into bed.
You know you're not
supposed to be on your feet.
- Look, I said they're fine.
Why don't you just get out
of here and leave me alone?
(ominous ambient tones)
- Don't talk to me like that, Marlee.
I'm your sister.
I'm just looking out for you.
- Oh, that's a joke!
I don't really need your
help or your sympathy.
(door creaking)
- What is this?
- I'm trying to tell her
that my legs are fine.
They must have healed overnight.
- Look, that is nonsense,
now get back in bed!
- Why won't you listen to me?
- Because you do not understand
that the injuries you
sustained could take weeks
or months to repair themselves.
Obviously, she has, uh,
aggravated the situation
by standing too soon.
- Well, I think she's losing her mind.
- I am not losing my mind!
I just can't explain it,
but see for yourself.
They're fine!
Neither of you know what
you're talking about.
You're both a couple of jokes.
- No more talk, no more nonsense!
Now this will help you to
follow orders and stay in bed!
- Please, leave me alone.
Roslyn, why do you let him do this?
- You are a very ungrateful little girl!
We're just trying to help you!
(ghostly groaning)
- Mm, I don't feel so good.
(pulsing electronic tones)
Oh, Piwacket.
Hmm, I wish I could see you more clearly.
Oh, come here, where were you, huh?
I could've used you a few seconds ago.
These people are driving
me crazy (scoffs).
(thunder rumbling over
eerie electronic music)
I can see.
Wait a minute, I can see!
The blurriness is gone,
everything's clear!
This is unbelievable,
Piwacket, can you believe it?
- [Christian] I can, how about you?
- Christian!
(mysterious electronic music)
Hi, whoa!
- [Christian] Hold on!
(Marlee sighs)
Are you okay?
- Oh, I don't know, I don't think so.
They just gave me a shot of something.
- [Christian] How are your legs?
Can you walk?
- Oh, yeah, they're fine.
It's just my head that's
been spinning, hmm.
- You know, you need some fresh air.
Let's get out of this
room and this building.
- Yeah, maybe you're right.
Anything would be better
than this place, huh.
(wind howling)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering over
eerie electronic music)
- Why don't we go to my loft and, uh,
I can play you some of
the things I've written?
I think you could use a change of scenery.
- Things you've written?
- Yeah, I'm a musician, a composer.
- Oh, I don't have a good
track record with musicians.
- Nah, come on!
(Marlee chuckles)
You'll like it.
(thunder rumbling)
- I think we're gonna get wet.
- I'll take care of ya.
- You will, huh?
(thunder rumbling)
You know, I've been hearing
stories about you lately.
- Huh, can you believe
everything you hear?
- I don't know what to believe anymore.
- Believe in me.
(thunder rumbling over
mysterious electronic music)
(echoing percussion accents
over pattering rain)
(hissing percussion accent)
(mysterious strings over
eerie electronic music)
(footsteps clacking)
- [Marlee] Wow, this place is amazing!
Do you perform around here?
- Nah, uh, spend a lot of time
in Europe playing in clubs,
but I got restless, so, um,
I had to come back.
Maybe I had to come back for you.
- So is this where you live now?
- Uh, when I'm here, this is where I live.
- Oh, you're so mysterious!
(both chuckle)
- Can I get you anything?
- No, I feel wonderful.
If feeling this good is a
crime, I'm guilty as sin.
- Ah, you guilty?
(lips smacking over
eerie electronic music)
I have something I want you to hear.
(ominous and eerie electronic music)
(rhythmic electro rock music)
- [Marlee] This is beautiful!
It seems so familiar, did you write it?
- Yeah.
- Well, you should meet
my brother, Jeffrey.
He's a musician.
He can play.
(rhythmic electro rock music)
This is really nice.
- Thank you.
Eh, it was something new.
This melody keeps haunting me.
- You're so strange, I
mean, who are you really?
- Well, I'm whoever you want me to be.
(Marlee chuckles)
Ask me anything, I can
grant your every wish.
- Oh, you can, can you?
I bet you know how to read
people's minds, too, huh?
- Maybe.
- Well, tell me what I'm thinking.
(rhythmic electro rock music
with mysterious strings)
- I think you're gonna like this.
(lips smacking)
(footsteps clacking)
(dramatic orchestral music
over rhythmic percussion)
(rhythmic and eerie orchestral music)
(eerie, vaguely menacing orchestral music)
(Marlee sighs)
(eerie, vaguely menacing orchestral music)
(Marlee gasping and whimpering
over tense orchestral music)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
- Marlee?
Marlee, what's wrong?
(door rattling)
- In my room on my bed, there are spiders.
- Spiders (scoffs)?
An itsy, bitsy spider, that's
nothing to be afraid of!
- Well, no, not one,
hundreds, I don't know!
- Hundreds (scoffs), well,
let's hope you're hallucinating.
- No, it's real, why don't
you look for yourself!
- What is going on here?
- What are you doing
out of bed, young lady?
You must stay off your feet!
- You're so right, Sister,
but I'm afraid Marlee's
had a frightful nightmare.
- Look, I'm telling you what I saw!
I wasn't dreaming, someone
put spiders in my bed!
- Someone?
Did you see anyone?
- [Marlee] No.
- Marlee, do you think
someone is following you?
- Well, no, I mean, yes,
I mean, I don't know!
Someone had to put them there!
- Oh, poor dear, she doesn't
know what she's saying.
- Paranoid delusions, i-it's, uh,
quite usual in cases like this.
Oh, Marlee, I'm afraid
you're unable to cope.
- No, but that's why I'm here.
I can handle everything for her.
- Look, I'm telling you what I saw!
- Are your eyes all better?
Is the blurriness gone?
- Well, yes, they're fine.
What am I trying to convince you for?
Why don't you look yourself?
You'll see!
- Wait, wait, listen to me, listen!
Now take a deep breath, you've
had a terrible nightmare.
I said take a deep breath!
(Marlee sighs heavily)
There, now don't you feel better?
Now, let's take a look at your room.
(door rattling)
There, you see?
Nothing, nothing, it was just a bad dream!
- I just don't understand this!
I wasn't seeing things,
they were on the bed!
- I think what you need is a
good night's sleep, Marlee.
(scoffs) Don't you agree, Dr. Lasky?
- Oh, absolutely, all this
unnecessary excitement,
it isn't doing any of us any good.
Marlee, unless you take it easy,
you are never going to get better.
We don't want that, now, do we?
- Come on, Marlee, come on!
The doctor's right, you
have to get your rest,
so, thank you, starting to
lose control over yourself,
and we can't let that happen!
- Well, why doesn't anyone believe me,
and why do I need another shot?
- [Roslyn] (scoffs) Because, darling,
you're not being yourself these days.
- I don't want any more, what
the hell are you giving me?
- [Marion] It's for your own good!
Marlee, you're hyperventilating!
- [Lasky] Hold still!
- Roslyn, make 'em stop!
- [Marion] Just settle down!
(tense electronic music)
We're not trying to hurt you!
(Marlee gasping over quietly
tense electronic music)
(scoffs) My word!
Enough to wake the devil!
(quietly tense electronic music)
- Please help me!
- Uh, Sister, may I see
you in your office briefly?
There's something I'd
like to discuss with you.
- Certainly.
- Thank you, I'll be
there in a few minutes.
(quietly tense electronic music)
(ghostly voices chattering
over tense electronic music)
(chuckles) Did you see her face?
It was practically over,
Sister Marion's sold,
and Roger, ho-ho, Roger
really outdid himself.
You know, I wonder where
he found all those spiders?
Remind me to give him a little reward,
something lacy perhaps.
- Oh, stop it!
This isn't turning out the way I thought.
We could actually be destroying her mind!
- What are you talking about?
You know, how else are you
gonna get control of the money?
- I looked in her eyes,
she was really scared!
- Well, of course she's scared!
You know, sometimes I don't
know where your mind is.
Oh, oh, don't fall apart on me now.
- Oh, Lasky, I'm so scared!
- We are in this together.
We started together, and we
are going to finish together.
I am going to see Sister Marion,
and arrange for Marlee to be
put under psychiatric care,
and then you will be
named the legal guardian,
so why don't you go to your room
and do something with your face.
(tense electronic music with
pounding percussion accents)
(eerie pulsing electronic tones)
(footsteps clacking over
ominous ambient music)
(eerie electronic music)
(ghostly voices chattering)
(eerie and tense electronic music)
(ghostly voices chattering)
(eerie and tense electronic music)
(ghostly voices chattering)
(rhythmic and eerie electronic music)
(Marlee gasping over eerie
and tense electronic music)
- Marlee?
- Jeffrey!
- Marlee, I have to talk to you.
- You should be asleep, Jeffrey.
- I couldn't sleep.
They won't let me see you.
- I can always see you, no matter what!
Now tell me, what's wrong?
- You in danger!
- What do you mean?
Who told you this?
- The old woman with no eyes.
- The old woman with no
eyes, I don't understand.
- Down there, she has no eyes.
- You mean Sister Aja?
She's blind.
- I know.
- [Marlee] Exactly what did she tell you?
- The mirror is bad.
Don't talk to it, don't
ask it for anything.
It's bad!
(knife rattling)
She gave me this.
- Jeffrey, what are you
doing with this knife?
- [Jeffrey] For the bad mirror!
- Well, give me this!
- Marlee, it's bad, I'm scared!
- Don't be scared, this mirror is special!
It makes me feel strong.
- I looked in the mirror.
It lied, it's bad, you in danger!
- Don't be scared, it won't hurt you!
It's all right!
(Jeffrey shouting)
No one can hurt us, Jeffrey, no one!
(door thudding)
(Marlee sighs)
(eerie electronic music)
No one can hurt us.
(tense orchestral flourish)
(dramatic, vaguely eerie orchestral music)
(echoing clacking percussion
over ominous orchestral music)
- [Eerie Voice] Roger!
(echoing clacking percussion
over ominous orchestral music)
(liquid sloshing)
(Roger sighs)
- Who's there?
(echoing clacking percussion
over ominous orchestral music)
- See nothing's changed
around here, Roger!
- Come on out where I can see ya!
- You're up to your old tricks again, huh?
You're pathetic!
- Go to hell.
Get outta here!
- And stupid, too!
(ominous and tense orchestral music)
In case something goes wrong, and it will,
you're the patsy, man.
I know what's goin' on.
(tense orchestral music)
(glass shattering)
(ominous and tense orchestral music)
(Roger grunts)
(Roger shouting angrily over
cracking and rattling wood)
(Roger grunts angrily)
(raven cawing)
(mysterious and eerie orchestral music)
(dramatic, vaguely eerie orchestral music)
(raven cawing)
(dramatic, vaguely eerie orchestral music)
(wings flapping)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
(raven cawing over flapping wings)
(Roger grunts angrily)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
(raven cawing)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
(raven cawing)
(wood rattling)
(glass shattering)
(Roger groans)
(acid hissing)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
(switch clacking)
(saws whirring)
(eerie and tense orchestral music)
- Where are you now?
(tense orchestral music)
(raven whooshing)
(dramatic and tense orchestral music)
(raven whooshing)
(Roger groans)
(dramatic and tense orchestral music)
(strike thudding)
(dramatic and tense orchestral music)
End this now!
(dramatic and tense orchestral music)
(saws whirring)
(Roger gasps)
(saws whirring)
(dramatic and tense orchestral music)
(Roger shrieking)
(dramatic and tense orchestral music)
(saw whirring over
dramatic orchestral accent)
(raven cawing over eerie electronic music)
- Where is he?
He's just like all the rest of them!
Never around when you need them.
(sighs) I'm getting awfully tired of him
telling me to wait here for
him, and wait there for him.
(gasping) I'm a person,
and it's just ridiculous.
(lighter clicks)
(thunder rumbling)
Oh, joy!
Oh, wonderful!
(sighs) This is wonderful,
another beautiful day at the nunnery.
- You won't get away with it.
(switch clicks)
I mean, injecting your own flesh and blood
with drugs to get money!
That's attempted murder!
And then getting Roger
involved in your plan.
(Roslyn scoffs)
That was a big mistake!
- I don't have any idea
what you're talking about,
and if you don't get out of here at once,
I'm gonna call Sister Marion.
- (chuckles) Go ahead
(whistles playfully),
but the wheels are already in motion,
and you stop this before it's too late.
- I'm going to get her right now.
- 'Cause you're runnin' out of time!
- Sister Marion, Sister Marion!
(menacing orchestral music)
(Marlee sighs)
(note thwacking)
- I was watching you dance,
didn't want to disturb you.
Don't worry, I know what's going on.
I won't let them hurt you,
believe me, Christian.
(paper crinkling)
- Were you calling for me?
- Not in this lifetime.
- There's no one here but the two of us.
(eerie orchestral accent)
Here, let me help you dry off.
- Just get away from me.
- Why do you defy me?
It, it doesn't have to be this way.
We could be friends,
close friends.
(door rattling)
fits of paranoia, your
mind is a very delicate
balance these days, Marlee, it,
it could snap just like that.
(fingers snapping)
Look, perhaps it would be better
if you did go someplace else,
where they could watch
over you 24 hours a day,
an institution perhaps.
- You wouldn't dare!
No one would believe you, I'm fine!
- It'd just be for a little while.
- Oh, yeah, well, you'll
never get away with it.
- You know, you really should
let me help you change.
You, you could catch--
- Get out of here before
I start screaming.
I'll say you tried to rape me.
- Another delusion.
- I said get out of here!
- You could have made this a
great deal easier for yourself,
but you just will not learn!
(sighs) I suppose it's
time for another shot.
After this, you won't care who I am.
- Stop it, stop!
(ghostly voices chattering)
- [Lasky] Come on, bitch!
- No!
(tense orchestral music)
- Stop it!
- [Marlee] Get off of me!
Please, get away from me!
No, no!
(Lasky shouting)
- Marlee, look, look,
I'm gonna break your arm!
- Stop that, please!
(whooshing electronic accent)
(Lasky gasping over
menacing electronic music)
(Lasky groans)
(tense and menacing electronic music)
(Lasky gasping over
menacing electronic music)
(eerie and menacing electronic music)
- Marlee, I'm scared!
- [Marlee] Jeffrey, it's
gonna be all right, okay?
It's gonna be all right!
(thunder rumbling over
eerie electronic music)
- Marlee!
The blind lady, she knows, she can help!
Talk to her!
Marlee, you have to talk to her!
- Sister Aja?
- Go there, now!
- All right, all right, I'll go,
but listen, you go to your room,
and I'll come get you after
I talk with her, okay?
Jeffrey, okay?
- [Jeffrey] He's here, you should go!
- All right, all right,
I'll see you in your room.
(eerie voices echoing over
ominous ambient music)
(footsteps clacking)
(Marlee gasping over eerie ambient music)
Sister Aja?
- [Aja] Leave me alone.
- [Marlee] It's Marlee Colton.
- Marlee?
- Yes, I've come to talk
to you about the mirror.
- Yes, there is evil in the mirror.
Did the boy tell you?
- The boy?
- The innocent one, did he tell you?
- Well, yes, he said to
come here to talk to you!
- You are in great danger.
We all are, there is an evil
housed inside the mirror,
and it has grown strong.
It can change shape, has it shown itself?
- I don't know.
- It can be anything your
heart desires, anything,
even a man or young, like you.
- Like me, my age?
- Yes, he will trick you, deceive you.
Tell you things you want to hear,
make you believe in him.
- Christian.
- But he's a liar, he is the demon,
and he wants you, and your
wishes have made him strong!
- Well, what can I do?
- The evil must be destroyed.
The boy, the innocent one.
He is the one who can destroy it!
Now go!
Go before it's too late, go!
(eerie and ominous ambient music)
I was like you!
(footsteps clacking)
(Aja whimpers)
You go before it is too late, go!
- What are you doing here?
- I had to see Sister Aja.
- You had to do no such thing!
- Sister, something evil
is happening around here!
- Evil, you've been given every chance,
but you refuse to obey the rules.
Now, I cannot allow that any longer!
- You have to listen to me!
- The only thing I have to do, young lady,
is to find a place that can handle you!
You're not only hurting yourself,
but you've caused a major
setback to Sister Aja!
Thank God I passed by on
the way to the chapel!
- Look, you don't know what's
going on, there's a demon!
- Sister Aja has been completely withdrawn
since the Chandler woman disappeared.
Now, we've managed to keep her comfortable
until you showed up, you
and again, that mirror!
- Look, will you shut up and listen to me?
There's something in that mirror!
- I am not going to hear
anything more about that mirror!
It drove the Chandler woman mad,
and then Aja, and now you!
Now, this time, I, I am
ending it once and for all.
(Marion gasping over
rattling prayer beads)
Now, g-go get your
brother, and start packing.
Your sister and Dr.
Lasky have plans for you.
- What, but they're just after the money!
Look, I don't even care about that,
we have to do something about that mirror!
- Oh, dear God, you really
do need help, Marlee!
Now, now get going, or
I'll pack you myself,
and then I'm gonna get rid of that mirror!
(thunder rumbling over
eerie ambient music)
(footsteps clacking)
(thunder rumbling)
- Jeffrey?
(door thudding over rumbling thunder)
- Where the hell is Lasky?
We've gotta get out of here
before everything falls apart!
This wasn't my idea!
(whimpers) He shouldn't have
left me out of the will!
(sobs) I was his best little girl
until he married that slut's
mother, and I was young!
Lasky, I'm old and nobody cares!
I'm old, look at those wrinkles!
I hate this, I hate this!
I'm not young anymore, I'm old, oh, God!
(Roslyn sobbing over
ghostly voices chattering)
Oh my God, (gasps)!
(Roslyn gasping over
ghostly voices chattering)
(Roslyn gasping over
dramatic orchestral music)
(Roslyn shrieks)
- Yes, the children are ready
and the paperwork is done.
I have the doctor's signature.
Look, you're not getting the point.
They want the children moved today.
(muffled clattering)
What in the world,
ye-ya-yes, yes, I'm here.
Um (gasps), I told you
everything is in order!
(muffled creaking)
What, yeah, what, yes, uh, good, good.
I-I'll have them waiting
by the front door.
Yes, yes, thank you.
(muffled clattering)
Thank you, fine, goodbye.
What's going on out there?
(muffled clattering)
- Let me out, let me out!
(handle rattling)
Please, somebody help me!
(eerie electronic music)
- Whoever's responsible for this commotion
had better show themselves right now!
If this is a joke, it's gone too far!
Marlee, is that you playing games?
(whispered voices echoing)
(wood rattling over
tense electronic music)
(thunder rumbling)
(door rattling)
- [Eerie Voice] Oh, Marlee!
(eerie menacing laughter)
- Oh, no, not again!
(thunder rumbling)
(eerie menacing laughter)
- [Eerie Voice] Marlee, Marlee!
(toys clattering)
(pulsing electronic effects)
(eerie menacing laughter)
(menacing laughter)
(beams pulsing and crackling)
(menacing laughter)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
- Come out this instant!
I'm warning you!
(menacing laughter over
eerie electronic music)
- Please, be gone!
(echoing ghostly voices)
- This is enough, come out this instant!
(menacing laughter over
ominous electronic music)
This is a house of God,
you will not defile it!
- No!
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(echoing thud)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(sword whooshing)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(tinkling electronic tones)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
- Somebody please, help me!
(pounding on door)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
- I want you to go!
You don't belong here!
You're bad!
Get out!
(mirror rattling)
- Jeffrey!
What are you doing?
- Let go, no, he's bad!
- (grunts) Take it easy, Jeffrey!
- I have to stop him
before he hurts Marlee!
- No one's gonna hurt Marlee!
(Jeffrey gasping)
(door thuds)
(door rattling)
- [Eerie Voice] Jeffrey!
(ghostly voices chattering)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(Marlee screams)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(Marlee gasping)
- It's come (gasping).
The demon, he is not what he says he is!
- [Marlee] (gasping) Jeffrey!
- Unlock the door, I'm not gonna hurt you!
Now, let me in!
(ominous and tense electronic music)
- I'm warning you!
- Jeffrey!
(ominous and tense electronic music)
- [Christian] Jeffrey!
(Christian grunting)
(strikes whooshing)
(Marlee gasping over whooshing strikes)
(glass shattering)
(strikes whooshing)
(strikes whooshing over
tense electronic music)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(Christian grunting)
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(Christian grunts)
- [Eerie Voice] No!
(ominous and tense electronic music)
(whooshing electronic effects
over tense ambient music)
(doors rattling)
- Jeffrey!
(Christian thuds to floor)
(pulsing electronic effects)
Jeffrey, Jeffrey!
What have you done?
What have you done with Jeffrey?
- Marlee, what is going on here?
- [Marlee] Where is he?
- Well, I don't know, I don't know!
- How could you do this?
What kind of a monster are you?
- Marlee, there's something wrong here!
- Yeah, something is
definitely wrong, it's you!
You're the evil!
- What are you talking about?
- You're telling me to believe,
to ask anything that I want,
when all the time, it was for you!
Well, are you strong now?
- [Christian] Marlee!
- What is it you really want, was it me?
Is that it?
- What, you're talking crazy, Marlee!
(Marley scoffs)
Listen to me, I didn't do anything.
Lasky and your sister, I
don't know what's going on!
Marlee, I swear, you gotta believe me!
- Oh, yeah, well believe this!
(dramatic electronic music
with rumbling accents)
(gasping) Oh, no!
(Marlee gasping over tense
and menacing orchestral music)
No, I killed you!
(creature shrieks)
(tense and menacing orchestral music)
(Marlee gasps)
(creature shrieking over tense,
menacing orchestral music)
(Marlee gasps)
(muffled shrieking over tense,
menacing orchestral music)
(eerie electronic tones)
No, this can't be happening!
Please, let this be a dream!
(Marlee gasping)
I wish this was all a dream.
(low rumbling ambiance)
(eerie piano)
(raven cawing)
(expressive and eerie orchestral music)
(gasping) What's going on?
Where am I?
- There, there, now rest yourself.
You've been sick with a very high fever.
You're gonna be fine,
Nicolette, just fine.
- Nicolette, what are you talking about?
I'm Marlee Colton!
- Everything's going to be just fine.
You were just having a bad dream.
- A dream?
(gasping) No, the mirror!
My God!
- Nicolette, please, I don't want to hear
any more about this mirror!
(Marlee gasping)
It is just a piece of furniture!
Wood and glass,
(metal rattling)
good and evil do not do battle in mirrors!
- No, don't, it will escape!
No, you've gotta believe me!
(eerie vocal choir music)
This isn't right, I'm
Marlee Colton, please!
- [Aja] You must settle down!
(Marley gasping)
- [Marlee] No, not again, somebody!
Please help me, no!
(eerie vocal choir music)
(eerie electronic music)
(pounding percussion accents
over eerie electronic music)
(rhythmic and eerie electronic music)
(eerie reversed voices chattering)