Misfit (2017) Movie Script

Great to see you again.
For everyone watching for the first time,
this is me, Julia Martens.
I'm Dutch, but I've been living
in America for the past 10 years.
I enjoy singing...
and watching movies
with my BFF Sanne.
But deep down, what I love most is...
my self-made frozen yoghurt.
And I vlog about everything
that interests me.
I'm attending an awesome school.
I was beauty queen
three times in a row.
And my neighbor is The Rock.
Just kidding.
I have everything a girl needs.
even more subscribers
would be nice.
My life is really...
What? We're moving?
Back to the Netherlands? The land
of wooden shoes, windmills and...
To help you think of me.
Fortunately, they have Internet
over there as well.
-We'll FaceTime.
-Every day.
Welcome to the Netherlands.
I've arrived in gnome land.
Today's my first day in school.
Did you know that the Netherlands
fits into the US 224 times?
Everything is small here.
It'll take some getting used to.
You shouldn't make things
bigger than they are.
A small country is simply small.
Face the facts, Julia.
A new country means making new friends.
I have an easy step-by-step plan.
wear an outfit that'll make
a great first impression.
Two: take along something nice to eat.
And three:
make a grand entrance.
Hoogland, here I come.
-You okay?
-Yes, thank you.
-Hi, I'm Julia. I'm new here.
-Magenta. I'm old here.
Would you like a cupcake?
-Made it yourself?
-Rule two: bring something nice to eat.
So, you like to follow rules?
What's rule number one?
Wear something that makes
a great first impression.
-Is that a herd of bison?
-No, it's the sports squad.
98% muscle and 2% brains.
Which planet are you from?
-Right. Well, in that case,
welcome to Hoogland. A world
full of small groups and conformists.
In this school, everyone joins a group,
or squad.
There's the selfie squad.
The sports squad.
-The rap squad.
-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
I'm not 19, I'm only 17
New York, no Maybelline
Who's this? It's my team
The hi-tech squad.
That's a squad?
Ricardo, whiz-kid,
tech freak, milk addict.
He's a one-man-squad.
The vlog squad.
And the horse girl squad,
also known as the crystal nail squad.
The muser squad.
And worst of all, the VIP squad.
Sterre Hagedoorn, the queen bee,
who has only one goal in life:
to be adored.
And for that she has her two slaves.
Jocelyn, an imbecile who only
wants to win a beauty contest.
And Esme, who makes sure
the VIP rules are being followed.
Well, Magenta. Are you trying to
make friends with real people?
Talk to the finger.
-I think we have another one here, ladies.
A what?
-A chick without a squad.
She has all the right measures.
Could be VIP material. Or not.
Okay, honey. To determine if you can
join us, I'll ask you a few questions.
-Do you own a scooter?
I don't.
But I had a car in America.
Ever been in a beauty contest?
I was high school beauty queen
three times in a row.
In how many years do you think
you'll have 1000 followers?
I already have
more than 5000 followers.
What's your favorite song
by Toon, Tiago, Luca and Jaimy?
-What the F?
Facebook? Really?
They're the guys from 4U.
You don't know 4U? The boy band?
I've heard enough.
You are a misfit.
A misfit?
That's a squad for losers.
The rules.
Rule one: don't walk
in the middle of the halls.
Rule two: in the canteen,
you sit on the floor while you eat.
Rule three: you don't look
at Sterre's property, Robin.
Okay, this isn't the warm welcome
I imagined.
Hi, I'm looking for the...
Do you know where...
Do you know where biology is?
-Do you know where it is?
-Relaxing music.
-For a good start of the day, right?
You're a treasure hard to find.
-The writing on your hand.
Oh, right. I write songs.
It's for a song.
I assumed as much.
-No, it's about love.
No, I mean,
do you know where biology is?
It's in 166B.
-Okay, thanks.
-You're welcome.
-You, a misfit?
-I was even wearing my magic outfit.
-Oh, my God, just come back to us.
Convince my parents and you get
my entire nail polish collection.
-All 74 bottles?
-Plus dryer.
-I miss you.
-I miss you too.
Here's another Hoogland vlog.
Welcome to a new school year.
New opportunities, new time-wasting,
new homework, and new victims.
What's this? See you later.
Good morning, everyone,
and welcome to this new school year.
I'm very proud that we get to welcome
a special student this year.
An international gem,
called Julia Martens.
She's from America,
where Number One was her nickname.
She runs a popular vlog
and is blessed with a wonderful voice.
Three compliments from Houtkamp
in one minute. Did you bribe him?
You're a really great singer.
Who wrote this song?
-I did.
-It sounds awesome.
And of course, we'll end the year with...
Who will get that coveted place
on the Wall of Fame?
We already know who will.
The winner will go for a year
to the United States of America.
-You just came from there.
-So, go ahead and enter.
Tell me, Mini Jack,
what will it be this year?
Will you manage to write a song,
or will you leave the stage
halfway through, stuttering again?
-Mini Jack?
-Jack Diamond. He's my dad.
That guy was a real star.
Very hard to equal.
I must say I'm really impressed by you.
What a voice.
-Thank you.
-I'm really inspired. No, touched.
-Maybe we could write a song together.
Of course not. Let me be clear, misfit.
I'm the biggest singing talent here.
There's no room for copycats.
-You can't forbid me to sing.
-This is my school.
I can make you or break you.
When you're done applying,
put your nails under cold water.
For breakfast you can have a grape
instead of a blueberry.
She has a grape for a brain.
I also have some great 4U news.
They're giving a super exclusive concert
for just 10 fans.
And guess what? I've got three tickets.
It's a shame if you can't be there.
But that's why I have something for you.
-She sounds like she's a real bore.
-But she can sing.
-That doesn't help.
But don't worry,
not as good as you, of course.
-Too late.
-Some competition to keep you sharp.
What if I don't succeed?
I'm still afraid to sing live.
Practice till you drop.
Come on, you can do it.
No one is better than you.
Go on, blow them away.
Feel your strength. This is your moment.
If you believe in yourself,
anything is possible.
-Are you okay?
I had a new idea for a vlog
about positive thinking.
You're right, San.
Like this. Do you see what I do?
And then go forward.
You can feel it working.
So, get to work.
Watch this. You tighten
and then you tilt. Let it burn.
Hey. Isn't Darling Daisy your mom?
-I think she's so cool.
-Do you know what I think is super cool?
-That's not a way to read books.
-All top models started like this.
How? With Harry Potter on their heads?
The book gives me a good posture.
That's top model rule number one.
-What if you don't become a top model?
-I'll be a miss.
Of what? Miss is an honorary title.
You're Miss World or Miss Universe.
I'll be the miss of something
that suits me.
-Man, I wish I was that book.
-A book has content.
-It doesn't suit a nitwit like Jocelyn.
Why don't you just talk to her?
I'm still looking
for the ultimate conversation starter.
-Hey, misfit.
I've got some great lyrics
written down somewhere.
-Not the completed lyrics.
-Very funny.
-Nick never finishes his songs.
-Guys, I've got one. Listen up.
Hey, Jocelyn.
Do you have a band-aid for me?
-I hurt my knee when I fell for you.
-That's super lame.
Okay, this is it. Listen.
Hey, Jocelyn.
If you need extra storage space...
there will always be a place for you
in my cloud.
-What are you doing?
I've got it.
Hey, Jocelyn. I was looking
for the rarest Pokmon.
My navigation brought me to you.
-Why aren't you answering?
-I'm busy.
-What about my grade?
-The school has a new security system.
-It will take a while.
-But you designed it.
-I can't leave any traces.
-I want that grade before Friday,
or you can forget
about Jocelyn's hair tie.
It's for my hair.
Girls, I have a surprise for you.
-Why is there a book on your head?
-Harry's helping her become a model.
A personal trainer? Fancy.
Anyways, I have something for you.
-Is that a real Louis?
-I've been saving for this since I was 6.
-That's so awesome.
-What do those letters stand for?
This is for you. It's revolutionary.
It was developed
in South Korean laboratories.
It regenerates skin cells in 24 hours.
-It looks weird. What's in there?
And ground skin flakes.
You'll have peachy skin, just like me.
Especially for our neat, little princess.
Snackchat horror.
My favorite sound.
Four generations of Houtkamp graduated
from this school with honors.
-That's not going to stop with my son.
-Sorry to disappoint you.
-Just fix it. Get a C in English.
Try swallowing an English dictionary.
Or how about studying harder
instead of wasting time in the gym?
English lessons?
Shouldn't be a problem
for Miss Number One, right?
Why not ask
a professional English teacher?
I think it's better
if it's someone his own age.
I don't know.
-I saw the M of misfit on your locker.
Would you like to go back
to America, Julia?
All you have to do
is win School's Got Talent...
and, whoosh, you're on your way.
-But how?
-Make sure he gets a C in English.
If I help your son get a C,
I'll win School's Got Talent?
And you'll be on a plane to America
at the end of the year.
-But that's cheating.
-Afraid your mom will find out?
You can also try on your own,
but what are your chances?
The choice is yours. America or misfit?
singing or something else
I was wondering
why you hadn't entered yet.
How do you mean, 'something else'?
You're really good at singing.
Yes, I can sing,
but there's only one problem.
Okay, what is it?
I don't dare sing for a live audience.
-Yes, and?
-You know.
Yes, I have to throw up
because I get so nervous.
Puking over the audience
isn't a good idea.
What if I help you perform in front
of an audience without throwing up
and you help me finish one of my songs?
-I don't know.
-When in doubt, do it. Deal?
-Misfit Martens has entered the contest.
-Okay, find out what her weak spots are.
-Maybe she doesn't have any.
Maybe you will read a book someday.
Everyone has weak spots.
Misfit Martens gets more annoying
by the day, but I'm gonna stop her.
When in doubt, just do it.
Sing, don't puke. Check.
Help Houtkamp's son. Check.
Just fix it, Julia.
Put yourself on that plane to America.
Robin? You have to be kidding me.
So, you're Houtkamp's son.
And Sterre's boyfriend. Super-hot,
popular, athletic and...
-Are you here for tutoring too?
-...not very smart.
-You're going to be tutoring me.
-You're fast.
Good. That means this body is yours
for the next hour.
Hold on. I'll be right back.
-Okay. Does Sterre know about this?
-Of course not. She's too jealous.
Right. Robin, you need to get a C
for English. What is it at the moment?
-I just need a few steps up.
-So, it's an F. Great.
Go ahead and start. I'm so ready for it.
Are you going to keep doing this?
There's no chance in hell I'm going
to get this empty-headed guy to a C.
Bye bye, America.
I wanted to let you hear a song
for the competition.
-She insisted on coming along.
-He didn't dare go alone.
Come on in.
-What's this trash you're listening to?
-It's 4U. I think they're pretty chill.
If you say so.
I'm really happy you're here.
Things suck today.
Good days are boring.
It's the bad days you never forget.
-I have a really cool melody for our song.
-I'll never forget this day.
I mean, it's not finished yet.
-Oh, really?
-It sounds awesome, Nick. Beautiful.
Yes, just like those other
496 half-finished songs.
Maybe you should finish a song, Nick.
You're just like your dad.
-He only has one song.
-Let's not go there.
We misfits don't have any secrets
from each other, right? Check this out.
-Nice song.
-Yes, and finished.
-Okay, enough now.
-If you can get Nick to finish a song,
I'll wear pink for a whole week.
That's a deal.
There was a time
when you wore pink a lot.
Right, Magenta? AKA Anna.
For real, Magenta? Is this you?
That was taken a long time ago, when
I was still my mother's fashion doll.
Would you like to see something
even funnier?
-Promise you'll keep it a secret.
-Of course.
-No way.
-Who else has seen Sterre this way?
-Only we have. The misfits.
As VIPs, we bear a great responsibility.
We always have to look perfect.
And School's Got Talent
is the cherry on the cake.
Unfortunately, not everyone
gets to be perfect and beautiful...
which is why you two need to work
much harder.
But as a reward, I have presents.
-OMG, I love unboxing.
-For your Miss act.
I love it.
I'm going to pimp it all the way.
-I'll put brooches on it, and just potter.
-No pottering.
-And for you...
-For your kickboxing act.
-Look at how it sparkles.
Come on, hold that stomach in.
There's some work left to do
for School's Got Talent.
-But I know just what to do.
No, kettlebells.
Here, hold this. All right, here we go.
I believe it's time for a wax
for my besties.
Coincidentally, I have a new
and revolutionary product.
-Who goes first?
-She does.
-You have more hair.
-Not on my legs.
-Her legs are disgusting.
-Girls, why do we do what we do?
Because we're VIPs.
And why is it so great to be a VIP?
First, all girls want to be like us.
Second, all boys look at us.
-And three, all girls want to be like us.
-You already said that, right?
Listen, looks are everything.
Because real ugliness is on the...
Okay, time for an update.
What's Julia's weak spot?
Make that sound by putting
your tongue between your teeth.
Okay, never mind.
-I asked how old you were.
-Don't make it so difficult.
English for toddlers.
-Yes. You know, really small kids.
-Books aren't my thing.
-No kidding.
Hey. I think my left gluteus
has grown bigger.
-Do you want that C for English or not?
-I'm sorry, what was that?
-Robin is really bad at English.
-That's why we have you.
You don't understand.
He's really, really bad at English.
That means there's no time to lose.
Hey. Can I ask you something?
Would you like to be
the perfect ending to my song?
-Is this what you're going to say?
I would work on that some more.
-What do you know about opening lines?
-Whom are you saying it to?
She's sweet, funny, pretty.
-Jocelyn's mine, right?
-And she's smart.
Okay, good.
Hold on, I have the perfect
opening line for you. Because it's you.
Listen up, buddy. Here it comes.
Will you update my system
with your love?
Do you get it? Up-date?
This is the one. Write it down.
This is definitely a winner.
Julia, will you update my system
with your love?
Will you update my system
with your love?
-How's it going?
Will you...
-Will I what?
-Will you update my system...
-Update your system?
-Yes, update.
-Would you like to do something fun?
Yes, that would be nice. But...
-I can't.
-I really have to...
Help Robin get a C,
so that I win School's Got Talent...
-and can go back to America.
-...unpack some more boxes.
Did I just say that?
-Okay, I get it.
-I'll see you tomorrow, all right?
-I'm glad to see you're reading up.
-I'm not reading up at all.
What are you training for?
How big do those muscles have to get?
For this weekend's
Arm-wrestle Megachallenge.
You're able to say that.
Operation Displace Muscle to Brains.
After a bad start, I made progress
towards that one-way ticket to America.
Got it? Let's continue.
That sounds good.
Maybe it would be nice
to do the opposite.
Keep them closed. We're almost there.
We're going up a couple of steps.
Open your eyes.
This way you can practice.
That's really sweet, Nick.
-But next time it'll be real people.
-Okay, close your eyes.
Imagine you're standing on a real stage.
Pick one person from the audience
and sing just for that person.
And act as if there isn't anybody else.
All you have to do,
is win School's Got Talent...
and, whoosh, you're on your way.
Say it, Julia.
There's something I have to tell you.
What is it?
-Hey, Mini Jack.
-Dad, what are you doing here?
I have to keep that a secret. I thought
maybe you needed help from a real pro.
You must be the lovely Julia.
-Mr. Diamond.
-Call me Jack.
Professional rock star,
with a fan club full of old women...
-and former Hoogland student.
-Dad, I don't need any tips.
When I was your age
and got my first guitar...
I learned that it's not about how you
play. You have to entertain the audience.
-Didn't you find it scary?
-You bet. I crapped my pants.
With me it's different.
You get sick. Stage fright.
I know all about it. Close your eyes.
-Nick already tried that.
-Just close your eyes.
So, you're on that stage.
Can you feel the boards?
You see the audience. Do you see that
fat guy? And that young couple in front?
Just imagine that everyone,
every single one of them, is naked.
I could've known.
Okay, that will be enough for today, Dad.
Get out of here.
Hey, kids. Have you heard?
'Right Here, Baby' has been re-released.
-You stay away from that misfit, okay?
-Baby, don't worry.
-She's just teaching me English.
-Right. Are you sure it isn't biology?
You're so cute when you're angry.
I know misfit Martens' weak spot.
The man I'm about to present
as host of School's Got Talent
needs no introduction.
It's Jack Diamond.
This man is a living legend
who knows no mercy.
His skills, drive and moves.
Don't try this at home.
It's a freaking honor to host
School's Got Talent.
And I'm really proud to have my own son,
Nick, compete with Julia Martens.
There are so many good acts, and so
the winner has to be extremely talented.
Thank you, Jack.
That's really nice of you.
I know that some of you probably
can't sleep at night...
thinking about what my performance
will be this year.
What song will Sterre sing?
What will she wear?
How about her hair?
Topknot, ponytail, braids? Who knows?
And so, I've decided that one of you gets
to determine what my hairstyle will be.
Julia Martens, you're the lucky one.
Come on up here.
Just kidding.
No one comes between me and my hair.
But you can do something else
that's also fun.
Sing a part of your song for the contest.
I'll give you that head start.
Good luck with puking.
Ladies and gentlemen, here's Julia.
Sing it just for me.
Sing it just for me. You can do it.
It looks like her nerves
got the best of her.
Here you go.
-Couldn't you find anything else?
-It was either that or this.
-I quit.
-Is that so?
We've had an agreement,
and you're going to keep it.
-Julia, where are you going?
-I don't want to stay here.
-Nobody likes me.
-So, why am I here?
-I wouldn't like it if you left.
Yes. That's about the nicest thing
I have ever said to anyone.
But I mean it.
That's really nice of you.
-Shall we do something fun?
Come on.
Drinking a smoothie is a great idea.
If that doesn't work, we still have this.
-Hi, can I help you?
-Yes, we would like...
We were about to order.
Luca? 4U? The entire band.
Relax, Julia, it's just a boy band.
All I have to do is say the right thing.
About music, something smart.
-Did I really just say that?
-Order for yourself, not for us.
-I just really love 4U, I mean, smoothies.
Hi there.
If you have to do a concert,
you can go first.
You know us? Cool.
We're recording new songs right now.
-She also makes music.
-Yes, but actually good songs.
-What's your name?
Right. I would like to hear some
of the stuff you're doing.
Really? I have a couple of songs
on YouTube. I'm Julia Martens.
-I write my own songs.
-Julia Martens? I'll check it out.
-There you go.
I was having such a bad day.
You don't want to know. It's over now.
Good days are boring. It's the bad days
you never forget. See you later.
Make everyone jealous
with your perfect pics on Instagram.
Maybe my popular way of life
can be your popular way of life too?
Make life beautiful again.
Wow. That's enough to make me puke.
A tutorial on how to be popular.
I'd much rather see a tutorial
on how to kiss. Not this.
-You've never kissed before?
-So what? Is that wrong?
-Of course not. I just thought...
-You've really never kissed before?
What's weird is that she and half the
school actually believe this nonsense.
-I don't.
-Me neither.
Me least of all.
Want to wear any clothes you like?
-Or the make-up you like?
-Do what you like?
-Don't follow...
-My golden fashion and make-up rules.
Be a misfit.
-Do you want...
-Perfect pics on Instagram.
-Or do you prefer a Snackchat?
-Be a misfit.
-So, remember...
-All the boys will like you.
-Just be yourself.
-Just be yourself.
-Just be yourself.
-Life is already beautiful.
-Join us and don't belong to anything.
-I'm so incredibly jealous...
-of the popular way of life...
-Of the misfits.
Darling Daisy misfit, that's me.
Guys, you really opened my eyes.
I'm just going to be myself.
You see the letter M everywhere.
I've seen it on bags, walls...
and I even have it on my jacket.
It's everywhere, with a few exceptions.
I quit. I'm done with this deal.
It isn't fair. It isn't me.
So, you'll just be a misfit
for the rest of your schooldays?
Yes, and proud of it.
We're going to get you that C, no matter
what your dad, Sterre, or anyone says.
I'm going to coach you, no matter what.
Are you ready?
I said, are you ready?
Okay, I read.
-I read.
-I have been reading.
-This calls for one thing.
No. Revenge.
Want to wear any clothes you like?
-Or the make-up you like?
-Do what you like?
-Be a misfit.
-Do you want to be...
-a total loser?
-Be a misfit.
-So, remember...
-Join us and don't belong to anything.
The misfits.
-This calls for one thing.
By the way, what will we wear
for the meet and greet with 4U?
I know what I'll wear. Gucci.
I'm going to blow Luca away.
-You really look like your mom, Magenta.
-What do you know about digiboards?
-Digiboards are my specialty.
Esme, aren't tracksuits comfortable?
They're great. And you don't see
any leg hairs either. No more waxing.
-Didn't you wash your hair today?
-I haven't washed it for two days.
It could be much worse.
Are you going to the 4U meet and greet?
I wouldn't, if I looked like you.
Why don't you just stay home?
But I'm going. Bye.
-Can you hack security cameras?
-No, I'm sorry.
Security cameras, my specialty.
Here's all the footage of Houtkamp's
office for the past six months.
Give me the hair tie.
Thank you.
Thanks for watching this new vlog.
We're doing something fun today.
We're going to a 4U concert.
It's a private concert,
followed by a meet and greet.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Let's go.
That's an awesome track, man.
Does it have a title?
-'Who Knows.'
-Is it finished?
Not yet. Julia and I are working on it.
-Julia truly has an amazing voice.
-Yes, I know.
That was a great concert.
And now they're here, right next to me.
-Luca, I believe you have some big news.
-Yes, from now on, 4U are also misfits.
Misfits rule.
Would you like to go back
to America, Julia?
-I would.
-All you have to do...
is win School's Got Talent,
and whoosh, you're on your way.
-But how?
-Make sure he gets a C in English.
Dear Hoogland students,
this is a special live vlog.
I have some bad news.
There's a traitor among us.
Someone who is sabotaging
School's Got Talent.
The school board, students and even
her own friends have been used by her.
I'm going to show you some footage.
Its content may shock you.
I saw the M of misfit on your locker.
Would you like to go back
to America, Julia?
-I would.
-All you have to do...
is win School's Got Talent,
and whoosh, you're on your way.
-But how?
-Make sure he gets a C in English.
If I help your son get a C,
I'll win School's Got Talent?
And you'll be on a plane to America
at the end of the year.
Tear moment.
I am also a victim of Julia Martens.
It's really mean
to attack someone's looks.
We're all talented, but what's the use?
Julia is going to win anyway.
I've already canceled that deal.
Sanne, I've done something
incredibly stupid. Please, call back.
This is Nick's voicemail.
Leave a message and I may call back.
Nick. I'm sorry.
-Go away.
-Come on, don't be like this.
-What are you doing here?
-Nick, I want to talk.
So, go ahead and talk.
-I understand you're angry.
-That's great.
I'm sorry I screwed up.
I want you to participate in
School's Got Talent and play our song.
Our song? It's another song that won't
get finished, like all my other songs.
-I know how important this is to you.
-You lied to me.
To be or not to be, that's the question.
I did it. They gave me a B.
-I can't believe it, but we did it.
-That's great.
-Thanks to you, missy misfit.
-You can achieve more than you think.
Why did you say yes to my dad?
Because I wanted to go back home,
back to America and my friends there.
Do you believe that
I canceled that deal a long time ago?
Of course I believe you.
You're my English coach.
You continued to coach me.
Why didn't you say anything?
Sometimes you hope
that things just go away.
But they never do.
I'm really proud of you.
I hope you understand that the footage
you have shown is a nuisance to me.
I don't want to lose my job over
a squabble between Julia and you.
-How can I help with that, sir?
-I want you to destroy that footage.
What if I don't?
I'll make sure you don't win
School's Got Talent this year.
I'm going to the next grade
thanks to Julia.
Let's hope she flies back
to America soon.
Did you know she coached me all year,
even though she canceled that deal?
She must've told you that.
And you believe her?
-We've all seen the footage.
-And who showed it to us?
-Sterre may have manipulated it.
-So, what do you propose we do?
We have to check that footage.
Boys and girls, one more hour until
the kick-off of School's Got Talent.
Keep watching my vlog
if you don't want to miss a thing.
It's going to be great.
-Hey, Julia, how's it going?
-I feel sick.
I can't wait to see 'Who Knows'.
Tonight's the big night, right?
-I wanted to wish you good luck.
-There's no big night.
-Nick doesn't even want to see me.
-Why not?
Because I'm a fool.
I lied to the boy I liked.
-I don't get it.
-I had a deal with the principal.
If I'd coach his son,
I would win School's Got Talent.
No one believes I canceled that deal.
-And now what?
Come on, Julia.
Do you give up, or are you a fighter?
-A fighter, I guess.
-You have to tell Nick how you feel.
-Right. How?
-Sing for him.
You have to sing your song
at School's Got Talent.
-No way.
-Do you want him to know how you feel?
-I do.
-Get dressed. We're on our way.
What, now?
Yes, boys and girls,
the time has finally come.
The best evening of this school year
is about to start.
-Tell me it isn't true.
-Julia let me down. Nice, right?
Why did you rehearse all those months?
-You have to...
-Finish a song. I know, dad.
You have to give someone
a chance to make things right.
-I didn't do anything wrong.
-That's no excuse.
I'm not going.
You're an improved version of me,
and don't you forget it.
Here is your host, Jack Diamond.
It has begun.
Welcome to School's Got Talent.
-A mask?
-Yes, so we don't get recognized.
-Why do I get the donkey mask?
He's gone.
We've never had
such great judges before.
Let me hear it for Isabel Provoost.
Thijs Pot.
Pleun Bierbooms.
Here's our first act.
It's Esme doing karate.
-How do you know we'll find it here?
-The camera's connected to a hard drive.
If I'm right, it should be in a cupboard.
That cupboard is actually a safe.
And now we have Jeffrey.
-What are you going to do for us?
-I'm going to tear the roof off.
-What do you know about safes?
-They're my specialty.
Sanne, this isn't the right time.
-Come on, Julia.
-I'm coming. Sorry.
I'm going to puke.
I mean, I'm going to sing.
-Oh, my God. I'm coming.
-Timing is everything
-in show business and love.
-I know.
-Wish me luck.
-That's the spirit.
I'd like to thank the judges
for recognizing talent.
Real talent in a world full of wannabes.
Sterre, you're going on last,
two acts to go.
-I'm really looking forward to it.
-Hold on, guys.
With this software I designed,
I can crack any safe.
-When will it be open?
-In a couple of hours.
-Hours? Make that minutes.
-No problem.
Pick a card. Show it to the audience.
And one, two... Here it is.
-Didn't I say safes are my specialty?
-How do we get to see that footage?
-Someone else asked me the same thing.
-Sterre, right?
Yes, she wanted me to retrieve
the footage and then destroy it.
-Hold on. You mean...
-That the memory is erased.
-What? Why didn't you tell us right away?
-Houtkamp wanted all of it destroyed.
-I did it for her.
-Oh, no.
But what they don't know...
is that all security footage
is also stored in the school cloud.
Let me guess,
the school cloud is your specialty?
Of course it is.
Watch the pro.
Ladies and gentlemen, Jocelyn.
If I win School's Got Talent,
I will dedicate myself to world peace.
For the underprivileged
and those without privileges.
I wish everyone in the world lots of
love. And designer clothes, of course.
You're up.
Time to win.
And now for tonight's final act.
Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for Sterre Hagedoorn.
Rewire, install software bypass...
Got it.
I'm done with this deal.
It isn't fair. It isn't me.
So, you'll just be a misfit
for the rest of your schooldays?
Yes. And proud of it.
We need to put this on the digiboard.
-No one wants to hear my song.
-There is one guy who does.
This is your moment.
-Hurry up.
-Ricardo, you can do this.
Link up with digiboard.
We are live.
If I help your son get a C,
I'll win School's Got Talent?
And you'll be on a plane to America
at the end of the year.
-But that's cheating.
-Afraid your mom will find out?
You can also try on your own,
but what are your chances?
So, what will it be? America or misfit?
The choice is yours.
I'm done with this deal.
It isn't fair. It isn't me.
So, you'll just be a misfit
for the rest of your schooldays?
Yes. And proud of it.
You'll be sorry.
Okay, get in there.
Pick one person from the audience
and sing just for that person.
And now, give it up for the most
popular boy band right now: 4U.
-You finally have your ticket to America.
-Yes, we'll use it together, okay?
And we're going to write a lot of songs.
-You too?
-What's wrong? What is it?
-This is the first time I'm crying.
-Magenta, want to go on a date with me?
-Call me Anna.
Yes, boys and girls.
What an awesome show this year.
And what a great act.
I want to thank you all for watching.
See you again next year.
I feel at home in this wonderful country.
The country of Magenta, Nick,
of all loonies and freaky squads...
and everyone in between.
Home is where you feel good.
It can be anywhere.
And to feel good there's
only one thing you need to do.
Just be yourself.