Misplaced (2022) Movie Script

[soft music]
They say the eyes
are windows to man's soul.
[music continues]
What do they see in mine?
Is there anything left?
That's right ma.
Not a word.
Not since his mother died.
I told you,
[suspenseful music]
not a word...
Oh Johhny!
Baby boy.
You adorable lil' darlin'.
That's my boy
He don't sleep much.
[baby crying]
I once heard a story about a boy
who grew into a man
who knew love.
unconditional love.
Was it all a dream?
Or did it really happen?
[soft music]
There once was a boy
who was happy.
[heavy breathing]
Who was loved.
His eyes burnt so bright
they could outshine the sun.
[soft music]
You're growing so fast
you told me once.
I think I even saw you cry
looking at some old photographs.
I think of you sometimes.
The way the sun always
shone through your hair.
You looked like an angel.
My angel,
my hero.
My mom.
[heavy breathing]
I had the strangest dream.
I dreamt you left me.
And I broke
into a million pieces.
[soft music]
Til one day
on a shore he knew so well
the boy laid his gentle face
upon the grains of sand.
He closed his eyes
and felt the warmth of the sun, caress his skin.
He let sleep, take him away
with promises of far off lands.
He floated deeper and deeper
until the sound of distant thunder awoke him.
[soft music]
It was dark and cold.
He shivered, looking around him.
He reached for his mother's
hand, but she was gone.
He was completely alone.
Where was she?
She had left him.
You are half of me.
I love you my boy.
I will always be here for you
I promise.
[soft music]
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
[soft music]
Goodnight, my darling boy.
[waves crashing]
[soft music]
I thought time would last forever.
There would always be tomorrow.
But I was wrong.
Time faded.
It faded so fast.
It tricked the both of us.
It has a funny way of doing that.
It tricks and hurts
and takes it all away.
[soft music]
You're born to expire.
We live to experience.
But somewhere along the line
we forget her promise.
Time always wins.
[dramatic music]
And he searched for her day and night.
He never realized
he would do this till his dying day
in his darkness
in his silences
his hopes
and his heart was scarred so deep
it would ache forever.
For each day he would miss her gentle hands,
her smile,
her kindness,
and in his quietest moments,
he would close his eyes and smile,
wishing he could stay there
in his memories.
But he can't.
[dramatic music]
Then the boy would open his eyes and fall from the sky
his wings torn,
walking alone
on a path
he did not choose.
[crickets chirping]
I'm standing on the edge
no hand to save me.
No way to turn back.
Where do broken people go?
Is there a place for us?
I followed my path today.
And it led me back to you.
So here I am
trying to get home.
I'm standing just feet from you.
I know you're right there.
But this distance
is greater than both of us.
Can you see me?
Do you know me?
I miss you, Mama.
[ethereal music]
Hi, Mama.
How are you, my love?
I'm good.
I'm okay.
You know.
What's happened?
Another dream?
I'm okay, my love.
I'm still as strong as an ox.
...And you have your own family now.
You don't need to worry about me.
I feel like I'm not.
I hope you're proud of me ma.
Oh son
I hope I never hurt you.
One day.
Everything we have ever said,
everything we have ever done
will be forgiven.
[heavy breathing]
Do you...
remember that time
you took me to the gallery?
I was really scared of the statues.
Was that before
or after dad died?
Just after, I think.
Do you still miss him?
I do.
He was a good man your dad.
I'm just fixing myself a cup of tea.
I wonder what he would have been like now
if he was alive.
He would have been proud of you
I know that much.
He loved you
very much.
Why didn't you ever
meet someone new?
You didn't feel lonely?
I had you, and
you know, it's
son, it's hard
bringing someone new into a kid's life
I didn't want that
I wanted you to be happy.
You know?
I love you Mama
I love you too my boy.
[waves crashing]
I want to fly away from here
and never look behind.
On a cloudy day
just before the rain fell
he stood by the water's edge
and counted the waves.
The boy said a prayer.
He put it in a bottle and set it off to see.
He watched the waves become an ocean
and take his faith away.
No miracles.
No cure.
[soft music]
And he walked a thousand miles that day
until his feet bled.
He was tired.
He was broken.
He was looking for hope.
But hope would not come.
It was courage
who reached her hand out to him.
But he was blinded by her strength.
He did not see her come.
He did not see her go.
[soft music]
Some days are diamonds
and some days are rough.
You taught me that.
[soft music]
But today was not a diamond.
And it was more than rough.
I lost it all.
You held my tiny hands in yours
and taught me to be strong.
But I just don't think I can.
There's so much I want to say to you.
All the little things I took for granted.
Nothing means what it did before.
I was blind.
I was foolish.
And now.
I am nothing.
I'm feeling troubled
[soft music]
I lost it all.
[soft music]
[suspenseful music]
And when nightfall came again for the seventh time
the moon whispered her name.
The boy raised his eyes to
the light and pleaded with her.
He fell to his knees and wept.
He had to find her.
He had to save her.
Wherever she was.
He would put on his armor and go to battle.
For her he would fight dragons
and demons and devils and thoughts.
But he was weak today.
Weaker than yesterday.
He could not lift his sword.
He was fighting shadows
and the moon looked upon him with pity.
She saw his sorrow, his youthful face.
She closed her eyes and waved goodbye
and again
the boy was all alone.
[ominous music]
We danced and danced that day
you held me up in your arms
and told me I made you happy.
And for that one second.
I was the happiest I'd ever been
in my tiny little life.
[soft music]
Always in your shadow.
Always safe.
Always near.
[soft music]
Her hands.
I can't stop thinking about her hands.
Her gentle, loving hands.
The hands that loved me.
That cared for me.
Showed me the way.
Her hands.
The hands that taught me.
That cooked for me.
That made me laugh.
Her hands.
So frail.
So weak.
So beautiful.
Her hands
that held me tight
and made me complete
the hands that carried me
wiped away my tears
healed my scars and picked me up when I fell down
[soft music]
her hands.
Her hands.
The moon then reappeared and the two struck a deal.
Walk by the creek
she told the boy
and I will follow
but do not drink the water.
The boy took her word for truth
and walked till daylight came.
But he was thirsty.
He was dying.
He reached his hand into the creek
and something pulled him down.
He fell into a darkness.
Into another world.
[wind blowing]
She had once given the boy a coin
he knew it to be special
it had brought her luck
he hoped it would do the same for him now.
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
[soft music]
[soft music]
The doctor is ready for you now.
I don't know
how to describe
what you are experiencing here.
It's a situation beyond your control.
Your mind
has created a psychosomatic
condition, making you unable to speak.
Many may argue it's not a mechanical issue
more of a mental block
I disagree.
I believe the mind controls everything.
It can
allow us to do wonderful things
but it can also shut us down.
And this
what's happening here.
I believe we can do something about
my methods are...
But I do believe I can help you.
[suspenseful music]
[drilling machine sound]
[tense music]
[waves crashing]
[waves crashing]
[tense music]
Then the boy saw a tunnel
and raced for the distant lights.
But when he reached the end,
he came to the beginning.
This strange new world
a labyrinth
so tilted
so warped and mangled.
[tense music]
Oh ma
I can't even tell you how different he is.
He's been so much better.
Oh yeah, he looks much happier.
He went to one of them therapists.
You know the ones.
Yeah. No, not a quack.
A therapist.
I'd better get Johnny some food.
It's feedin' time.
All right ma
talk soon.
Oh darling, it's so nice to see you feeling better.
Maybe you can get back to doing some of your writing.
That book's not gonna write itself you know.
[wind blowing]
[soft music]
Sometimes I want to get washed away
swallowed up
never have existed.
And some days
I wake up and I want to feel so alive
I want to light the world on fire
to fly like a bird
and look into the sun.
But it's not real.
Nothing is.
Nothing matters.
For there is no forever.
[soft music]
And time
you sweet seductress
you drank with me.
You laughed with me
but you wrinkled my loved ones and ached their bones.
You turned off my dreams and kept me awake
then laughed at me.
So cruel.
But like a faithful servant bowing to your grace.
I wanted more.
Time never stops.
[soft music]
[clock ticking]
And then the boy met three devils.
They were red as fire
and rose up from the water.
The first moved closer and looked into his face.
No eyes, no ears, no mouth to speak.
[suspenseful music]
And the boy closed his eyes
and took his deepest breath.
He ran ahead through fire.
He had to get away.
A storm is coming.
The devil spoke somewhere in the distance.
The boy stumbled.
The boy fell.
The devil laughed and all the
lights in this strange new world
faded and disappeared.
[clock ticking]
[ethereal music]
If all the stars
fell from the sky.
I'd gather them up so I could shine.
Maybe you'd see me from above.
Maybe you'd smile.
[soft music]
Hey friend
I didn't mean to wake you.
But I'm scared here in the dark.
I tried to climb out yesterday
but a hand pushed me back.
Can you throw me a rope?
I didn't mean to wake you
I just felt so alone.
[soft music]
[music intensifies]
You are half of me
I will be here for you
I love you
I will always be here for you
I promise.
in the four walls of my mind.
Who would have known?
My own mind.
My own best friend
my own worst enemy.
Oh darlin' it's so nice to see you feeling better.
That book's not gonna write itself you know?
I don't even recognize myself anymore.
Not even my reflection.
I don't fit in anywhere
I don't know where I belong.
A storm is coming.
When will it rain?
[waves crashing]
I can hear the distant thunder.
When will it rain?
It was a long time
before the boy opened his eyes again.
When he looked down at his naked body
he did not recognize his limbs
for they were the limbs of a man.
He stood up on his feet and walked to a mirror.
He did not recognize him.
His eyes were the same and so was his mouth.
But he was not a boy.
He had become a man.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[fly buzzing]
[fly buzzing intensifies]
I'm leavin' I'm done with you!
I've had enough!
These four walls ain't gonna hold me no more!
I'm done I'm Takin' Johnny!
I've had it!
[baby crying]
She's leaving me
my boy too.
There's so much I want to say
but I'm empty.
I stand at the edge of the world
wondering what to do.
My thoughts have turned on me.
My mind has silenced me.
My will deserted me.
[soft music]
I can't eat
I can't sleep
I can't find a way out.
Day by day
he looked at his reflection,
turning greyer, turning to stone
and his heart
weighed so heavy, not a sound, not a noise,
not a hope.
And he wished for a friend with his stoney cold heart
that could break down the walls of this cave.
And when nightfall came, she whispered his name.
His old friend, the moon in the sky.
I see you in the waves.
I hear you in the wind.
[soft music]
You always had your faith to pull you through.
Why can't I find mine?
I'm floating
For even on the brightest day.
My light has gone.
I miss you.
I miss you.
And I will till I take my very last breath.
I miss you.
And a red glow pulsed where his heart used to be
and he looked up at the moon.
She called out.
They are coming for you.
And she showed him a door
to break free.
[ominous music]
How long have I been here?
Have I been here long?
Have I been here for quite some time?
I'm falling.
I'm falling
to the other side.
[ominous music]
I see no light.
No darkness.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
No darkness.
No light.
Can you hear me?
[ominous music]
[heavy breathing]
No darkness.
No light.
[electronic music]
[suspenseful music]
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
Hey, where you going?
If you leave, I'll never forgive you.
Where are you?
[tense music]
Don't run away.
So he ran and he ran from this
desolate place, running deeper into the shadows.
Then he dropped to his knees where nobody could see
and the three fire devils came closer.
Yelled the moon as the devils approached
and the light from the sky hit the ground.
She called.
And he turned with a curious look
for the voice he just heard
was one he knew well.
His own mother's sweet,
beautiful sound.
[wind blowing]
So he gathered his strength
and ran for the light where he
found a large sword and a letter.
So he picked up the blade and twisted
around to the devils standing before him.
Oh and how the three laughed at the tiny small man
and his courage alone with no army.
Then the main of the three moved closer
to see the red glow where a heart should have been.
And the tiny small man, using all that he had
stabbed the devil deep in the eye.
And it screamed a foul noise and the rain fell down,
drowning all of the devil's fire.
The sky opened up and he looked around
for the letter his mother had left him.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe
I'm going to tear these
clothes off, for they do not fit me
I'm going to shed this skin I can no longer carry.
Send someone.
I need help.
I need help.
[tense music]
Someone help me.
Someone help me.
[heavy breathing]
Someone help me!
He read the first line.
To my precious boy
and knew, she had always been with him.
[ethereal music]
I once heard a story about a boy
who grew into a man
who knew love
true, deep
unconditional love.
And yes
it really did happen
because that boy was me.
And to this day.
I still remember my mother's
words from an old Christmas card
she had once given to me.
To my precious boy.
Take good care of all that's good in you.
Give with all your heart
to those who need your help.
When you have lost.
Let go without sorrow.
Live with honesty.
Not hate.
[soft music]
I want you to be a good man.
I want you to have a good life
and believe in yourself.
Even when things go wrong.
Tell yourself you can.
I am always beside you
even when you cannot see me.
I love you.
From the day you came into this world.
Till the end of time.
I love you.
And that's forever.
And after all this time
from a lifetime away.
I wonder
what she would have thought of my life.
Of all the things
I have done.
[soft music]
I close my eyes
and wish I could go back.
Back to where it all began.
And do it all again
[soft music]