Miss Andy (2020) Movie Script

I want to get the money first
your breasts are full
taking medicine
very good
you haven't done it yet
Do you despise me?
Do you despise me?
Fuck you! dead shemale
- dead shemale
- no more money
Hey, why are you so stubborn?
- Shut up, go in, I say go in
- Officer...
- shut up
- officer, I'm not drunk
- don't move, can you hear me?
- Go in...
- Officer, I'm not breaking the law.
- I'll ignore it, go in and talk.
- Why?
- Don't resist any more, go in...
What just happened in the back alley?
Is this your girlfriend?
How is this going?
Don't get me wrong, Mr. Police
I am a tutoring center teacher
I don't know him at all
Just now this shemale suddenly
undressed in front of me
want to seduce me
he wants to rob me
Mr. Police, this shemale is fierce
I just protect myself with a knife
Andy He
Are you male or female?
Why wear a skirt?
Are you a prostitute?
If I ask you, I will answer
Are you deaf or what?
What are you doing over there?
Uneducated shemale
Amirul, constable, take this shemale away
Take him to a medical check-up,
a thorough examination
Come out, get tested
hurry up
hand down
hand down
take off panties
hurry up
how are you
not good
- Does it hurt?
- Pain
You deserve it
Should you call me first
when something goes wrong?
My phone was confiscated
How can I call you?
Didn't you tell them that you
were covered by my sister Lucy?
You know the police officers
in there are all I've served.
You tell them you know me
They'll definitely let you out right away
I was scared to death, how
could I remember to say this?
Do you remember this way?
- Like this
- you bitch!
I'll stab you with this one
Didn't you tell me to go?
How nice
turn around
What do you want?
It's still the most comfortable
for you to wash your hair
My wife taught me well
I told you to keep running this barbershop
don't you
It's all run by my wife and I.
Now she's gone
I don't want to do this alone
No one's going to shampoo
transgender people's hair
Well, when I didn't say
How about you and Miss Lucy tonight?
Go out together and try again
It won't be like this every time
I think I still can't
so dangerous
If you can, don't go
Danger... where is there so much danger?
This danger, that danger
Why don't you just stay
at home and take a plane?
It's not dangerous
Go out and help people fly and make money
when I have
I really envy you
Don't envy your sister
My sister is just a legend
My mascara, oh my god
my makeup
It's just waterproof so you can't get wet
Did you buy a lottery ticket again?
Just buy hope
every time with their birthday
Do you really want them back?
If a lottery ticket could get them back
- that's good too.
- Five years
What have they done in five years?
Have you come back to see you?
I'm sorry they came first
Do not
What's wrong with being yourself?
What about you
Waiting for your wife to die
you just be yourself
It's normal to not accept it.
Did you forget?
They want to sell your house
where do you sleep
I should say, that jackpot won it
Replace them all with
copper plates and kill them
One by one, throw... throw them to death
Then you can give me two million
I can give you two million
you go help me lose
By the way, can you lend
me the car tomorrow?
Honey, what's our relationship?
If you want a car, you can take it
what and where are you taking my car
I won't ask you
Where are you going tomorrow?
The end of the month
I'm going to the garage to
get my last month's wages back
so much money
Take it if you want, leave if you don't
Why so few?
Take it if you want, leave if you don't!
Do you know?
What does the outside say about our
car shop? say our car dealership
There is a pervert, neither male nor female
you dead shemale
Of course this account is for you.
Count me in? Do you have a problem here?
I don't want this money
I'll leave it to you to see
a doctor, dead fat woman
Dead shemale!
Take your money
If you touch your money, you will get AIDS
Don't come back again! trouble marker!
Your lighter is beautiful
Andy, if you like it, I'll give it to you
No, I'm just talking
How did you get back to the car shop?
Didn't you switch to driving the truck?
I'm back to collect old bills
from that dead fat woman
Seeing her treat Andy like this
I don't think there is a chance
Andy brother, what happened to your face?
Andy, are you having any trouble?
You can say it, I can help me
I do have something to
ask you to help me with
you say
Stop calling me Andy
Didn't I tell you that I
changed my name to Yvonne?
I'm sorry, I can't change
my mouth for a while
Yvonne is fine
blood in your nose
clean, you can use it
Yvonne, I have a train leaving next week
Cargo, are you free?
I'm worried about the way I
look, your guests won't like it
No, appearance has nothing
to do with personality
you are so responsible
I'm afraid my customers
will see you and like you
fly me away
fly away you
One afternoon, I was
walking down the street
A young man greets me
Then give me a secret note
Since then he has often
call me
I never pay attention to him
hey young you
Bitch, you don't want your car, do you?
This is not the first time such a case
we are investigating
- thank you, officer
- all right
Brother, did you tell your mother?
Not yet
still want to say
I don't know how to tell my mom
I've said it before, something
will happen to him sooner or later
He used to be fine, but now he's doing this
Brother, you used to drive him out
Is it my fault?
I just want him to be a normal boy
Is this also wrong?
Do you want people to laugh at
mom's child for being a ladyboy?
Mom never hated Alif
just brother you
never thought aliff was our brother
That's all in the past
- he can go home
- how dare he go home?
Brother, no one will let him come back
no one likes him
I called you
Alif said you were his best friend
no pain
no pain
Didn't I tell you not to go?
she misses you
(Gas station)
Hello, is anyone there?
Hello, is anyone there?
Hey? Ade
There is no one in that factory, no one
receives the goods, what should I do?
Then you take the cargo back first
- I'll deliver it tomorrow.
- Okay.
One afternoon, I was
walking down the street
A young man greets me
then give me
a secret note
from that moment on
he often
call me
I never pay attention to him
you young
what is your secret?
What do you mean?
There must be something
you want on me
looking for
Hello everyone
I'm the most... beautiful woman
Today I will teach you how to make up
I envy you sometimes
Have a beautiful girlfriend like me, right?
Pretty me, smile bigger
- I miss you so much
- you die
wow, now curse me to death
I'm with you, when I die
I'll come back and be reborn
Reincarnated to come back, and
then bored to death, with you
Look, beautiful, right?
It's real, it's not fake, it's real
I'm so nervous, it's not a
solution, it's so beautiful
wow, who? so pretty
I don't really miss you that much
you don't have to come back
don't catch my mom
No pain, no pain, mother no pain
So you guys got into my
car at the gas station?
I asked mom to get in your car
Don't blame her, we have no money
the bus put us there
This is the only way to get to the city
Why do you have to go to the city?
Mom said, there are more opportunities here
more chance of surviving
Dad won't give me food
Hit mom too hard
Mom's left ear can't hear
That day my father was drinking and
said he was going to kill my mother
And throw me downstairs
Mom is scared, I'm scared
we run
What's your name?
My name is Xiaokang
Mom's name is Soho
I can be your friend
Can you not drive us away?
Just one night
I won't drive you away
It's raining so hard outside
just stay for one night
Mom said that when you meet new
friends, you need to shake hands
hello xiaokang
My name is Aunt Yvonne
Nice to meet you
nice to meet you, aunty yvonne
Mom, is Aunt Yvonne male or female?
Aunty Yvonne
- good morning, aunt yvonne.
- Good morning
Aunty Yvonne
This is the breakfast that my
mother and I cooked for you
we're leaving
Are you leaving so early?
Thank you, Aunt Yvonne
- take good care of mother
- uh
wait a minute soho
Bring an umbrella, it might rain outside
Thank you
The fried rice here is delicious
It's okay, you use your
Oh, is this what I lent you?
You were always with me
I'm sorry, I made you run twice
Do you only know now how
much the fat woman pumped us?
I wish I could buy a car within a few years
open your own car
Steal the fat lady's guests
how about you?
Me what?
What are your dreams?
I just want stable income
Just live in peace
don't worry
I will definitely find
you when I have a case.
How are you? So fast
Signed the same number,
signed for more than ten years
But never hit
So why these six numbers?
March 30, October 8
November 28
is my wife
my daughter, my son's birthday
They are all important people,
and they will definitely get in.
Buy a hope
thank you boss
November 28, isn't it tomorrow?
- Hello? who is it?
- Dad, it ' s me
Just called back now
Was the money not sent back?
You're doing fine outside,
don't you care about home?
I'm a little busy recently
- where's mom?
- You talk to your sister yourself
- Hey? Sis
- Sis, where's mom?
Mom, she passed out last
week and went to the hospital
gone a few days ago
I've been wanting to call you,
but no one picks up at your house
Were you there when Mom left?
Yes, my siblings and I are here
Did mom mention me?
Sister, when will you be back?
I'm with you
If you still remember home,
hurry up and send the money back
Did you hear me?
- run
- chase her
Mom, don't cry, Xiaokang is here
mom... no mom anymore
(Merry Christmas)
Mom, where are we going to sleep tonight?
Aunt Yvonne, can we sleep here tonight?
No toes
stand up
to draw
ok come on
seven years old
Aunt Yvonne, who are these people?
That's my son Qinghua
With my daughter Meihua
This is when daughter
Meihua was seven years old
I am taller
This is when my son
Qinghua was seven years old
tall me so much
This is Babe, Aunt Yvonne's granddaughter
She's as old as Xiaokang, she's seven
She is a girl, I lost to her
you are really funny
Boys and girls are the same
After a well-off
He must be tall and handsome
high here
to the ceiling
it's my mom's
I'll find a job and pay you back
I didn't let you stay here for the money
I'll find a job and pay you back
my room is empty
Not bad for your mother and son
it is good
I get a job and I'll pay you back
Is that all you can say?
Eat first
Have a meal
Aunt Yvonne eats, mother eats
- Sister Meiling
- Shut up
I'm not so lucky to have a sister like you
A man can get you chaos
Said to be with him forever
You are happy, it's hard for me
Are you happy to be a
prostitute in a massage parlor?
- Thank you for coming
- thank you
Find me next time
What the hell is this guest?
Can't get out on a plane for half an hour
Earn a $50 tip
Not enough to see a doctor
New here?
Sorry for what?
Go away without a sound
What do you want me to
explain to the people above?
Your son?
Only you are so stupid
Coax someone, give him everything
Well now, one more child
Did he hit you?
Why don't you go back to Vietnam
This son is his own and
will not do anything to him
I won't go back without money
Do you want to work here?
Do you know what this place is?
You want to go to sea,
are you willing to do it?
I do massage
How much money can you
make just doing massage?
Just massage
When I have nothing to do, I
help to clean and wash the toilet
Thank you Miss Meiling
- Let's blow the candles
- stop blowing the candles
If you want to eat, cut everything yourself
- Make sure to blow out a candle and make a wish.
- No, how old are you?
Don't do boring things
babe, you help dad blow out the candles
happy birthday, come and eat cake
Babe, you have to eat big...
Beibei hasn't had dinner yet,
don't give her anything sweet
So what do you want for dinner?
He Qinghua, I have something to tell you
What are you going to say?
You know what I'm gonna say
How would I know what you're going to say?
Didn't you say he left
after putting out the cake?
Why did you suddenly say
you want to have dinner?
How can I do this?
- That's your dad, you don't know...
- drive him away
I don't want to see him here
We're going to Huiyun's house now
to have dinner with her family.
- Then I'll go first - Auntie gets
married tomorrow, will you come?
Aunt is getting married?
Baby, get your shoes on, we're going out
Meihua is getting married?
Why didn't anyone tell me?
Because there is no woman
I hope a father who is neither male
nor female appears at his wedding
Do you think she is not ashamed enough?
You go back first
Hello, how are you?
I am well-off
I want you to lie down and sing to me
Dad loves me because I'm like mom
mom loves me because I'm like dad
We all love each other
When we are apart, we miss it, and
we are happy when we are together
Dad loves me because I'm like mom
mom loves me because I'm like dad
you can't sleep?
What are you singing about?
Family love each other
Family love each other
What is family?
Are you not happy?
My daughter is getting married
But no one told me
No one wants to see my dad
It is said that the father
loves his daughter the most
My son came to me and asked for something
I don't give it, but as long as
my daughter comes and asks me
I give everything
Being a dad is tiring
I don't want her to grow up too fast
because she grew up
will leave me
My wife used to say
you hurt her so much
One day when she got married
you will cry
You must be reluctant to
give her to another man
But now she's getting married
she didn't tell me
I didn't even get a chance to take a look
I saw you for the first time
you told xiaokang
Your name is Aunt Yvonne
Yvonne is very Vietnamese
Yvonne, meaning of hope
You gave Xiaokang a hope
Why not give yourself a hope?
Go if you want
Dear friends and relatives,
distinguished guests
Good evening, everybody
Before a couple of newlyweds are seated
Let's go back to the time of their children
and highlights of their dating
Every distinguished guest
here, please stand up
Let us welcome the new couple
with the warmest applause
Two, one
Ladies and gentlemen,
after cutting the cake
The couple is like this cake
sweet, full
Come, the bride and groom will
water this love tree together
Let this love tree thrive
Let's bless them together
like this champagne
Respect each other like
a guest, love and love
Let love grow far and wide
Lovers get married
- OK, are we ready?
- It is good
Come, three, two, one
- thanks and good night
- good night
why are you here?
I ask you
why are you here?
Who told you?
Did I call you here?
Why are you here? You want me to call
you dad when you dress like this?
Did you call him here?
Why are you here to ruin the
most important day of my life?
Why is it today? Why?
Do you think you're happy to smash
your own marriage on your own?
Then you're going to smash me?
Or do you want to wear a wedding dress?
- I can take it off and put it on for you
- what are you doing? what are you doing?
Why are you coming here?
Why today?
I will never forgive you in my
life I will never forgive you!
You killed mom
you killed her
Don't make me look so pathetic
I do not want to see! you leave me!
Leave, you leave me now
give me go!
Can turn around
Are you nervous? go out!
I want to change Miss
Soho, it's me
- be careful, can you?
- Can
He's Ade, my colleague
Do you have a toolbox at home?
Yes, I have
By the way, I forgot to
introduce, her name is Soho
is my good sister
He's Xiaokang, my new friend
- Hello
they live with me now
Ade, finish the washing
machine, stay for dinner
If you don't mind, ok
Of course I don't mind, just
an extra pair of chopsticks
When we went to load, we
got a broken washing machine
The boss said no, Ade said that
it can be used after repairing
It's easy to fix
so rich
Where are you going?
- Let's go back to the room
- What are you going to do in the room? eat
- no need
- have dinner together
Xiaokang takes mother to sit down and go
Sit down, I'll help you get the cutlery
Xiaokang, what grade are you in?
I didn't read
So do you want to read?
We are not very convenient
Have a meal
Have a drink then
Mom can't drink, she has
to go to work tomorrow
Mom works in a massage parlor
The boss is very mean to
her, don't force her to drink
eat, eat
- delicious
- thank you
eat more
How can you not eat green vegetables? The greens
are all eaten by my mother and eaten by myself
Soho, a guest is looking for you
Hey, there are children
here, what are you smoking?
Boss, let's press the front first
why you?
My shoulders are a little sore
So come get a massage and relax
I have a long trip with
Yvonne every few days.
This massage is so relaxing, so much needed
I won't run away, I've
had it for a few months
Give me a little more time, I still
have a little money to transfer
I... I won't run away
I've had it for a few months
You wait for me, I will definitely...
we sleep in the same room
I have to get up early tomorrow,
I'll take a shower first
I'm faster
There is no light in the toilet
I open the door to take a shower
I snore when I sleep, don't you mind?
Fire, run
fire, run
fire, run
fire, run
Well-off... quick...
Xiaokang, wait for me, don't run around
After unloading the goods,
I will take you back
After unloading the goods,
I will take you back
That's right, the money for this trip
eight hundred here
sorry last night
make you fall asleep
It's good to sleep on the floor
The bed was too soft yesterday,
I couldn't sleep well
what's wrong? you didn't sleep well?
No, I slept well
Soho should have cooked dinner
Want to eat together?
Okay, I'll help you with your luggage first
Yvonne, let me get it for you
It's okay, I can, I'll take it myself
Be careful, why is the ground so wet?
Soho, are you all right?
I don't have a phone at
home, I can't reach you
mom yesterday
One man rushed into the fire to get this
The fire is big and dangerous
This should be important to you
It's nice to have something to rescue
It's okay, people are okay
When the old things are gone,
buy a new one and clean the house
Let's go eat first, then
come back and help together
how about it? my treat
Or the three sets of numbers
03, 30, 1128, 10, 08
Boss, please show me that blue phone
I'll buy a cell phone for you, so I'll
have something to do in the future
Don't be afraid to find me
If I had money, I would buy it all
replace your old one
Old things are more emotional
If the old does not go,
how will the new come in?
- What's wrong?
- So expensive
Think without money
Imagine this is our future home
So beautiful, sit down
It's okay, sit down...
ding dong
Is anyone at home?
Yvonne, Soho
ding dong
Well, are you at home? Well-off
Are you home? Well-off
Thank you for opening the door
Why don't you two open the door?
Is this your new home?
So big and so beautiful!
This TV is so big
- Did you choose Xiaokang?
- Yes, I chose
This chair is so beautiful and comfortable!
- Did you choose?
- Yes, I bought it
this chandelier
This chandelier was brought
back by me from Rome.
This crystal is installed one by one.
- What about this coffee table?
- This coffee table
I asked someone to bring
it back from France
What about this carpet?
I got it back from Spiderman
that sofa?
- I didn't buy the sofa
- I didn't choose it
I bought it
Who bought this beautiful throw pillow?
I bought it
What about this one?
Mom bought it
What about this one?
- Is it tasty?
- Ok
this is for you
(Merry Christmas)
This is a special treat from our store
Merry Christmas
Xiaokang, what are you doing?
I am sharing my wishes with you
Don't say it, make a wish
I hope every day is as happy as today
Didn't you say don't say it?
This is a Christmas limited event
Can you take a photo of your family?
- All right, thank you
- all right, come on
one two three
my car
come on, be careful
Hey? Ade
Really... Really?
Ok, I'll take a look
- Thank you boss, thank you
- come
Well-off to eat fish
- come on, you will be wiser by eating fish
- thanks, aunty yvonne
I'm going to pick up the
lottery ticket tomorrow.
Let's go to eat better
Then we'll buy all that
furniture and take it home, okay?
So, what does it feel like to be rich?
Doesn't seem to be true
But it's true
like now
what are you talking about?
There's no more wine,
let's order another bottle
I'll be really drunk
This seems like the first time
you've invited me to a drink
You are too stingy
I'll ask you later
Who knows if there is a future?
I'll just talk about it from now on.
Said there may not necessarily be later
Then... one more bottle
Please have another bottle, thank you
Are you bothered?
Keep playing... no money back
I would like to help you
your business
no matter what
I would like to help you
No, I didn't want to borrow money from you
Where's your beautiful lighter from before?
I don't know where it went
Don't you like that lighter?
Favorite things
still will not see
I... sleep on the sofa today
go to the room to sleep
go away
I said I don't want to
Be quick
so hot
Are you looking for lottery tickets?
I... have a headache,
looking for a headache remedy
headache medicine here
if this is what you want
Soho, well-off
Soho, are you there? soho
Soho, I'm coming in
Soho, is Soho there?
Do you know where Soho went?
She's gone
Who knows where she is hiding this time?
Is Soho always like this?
Are you sure her name is Soho?
The name Soho was used for the
hanging flower field in the past.
Can't remember her real name
Did she stay in the hanging flower field?
Yeah, didn't she tell you?
I met her there too
She told me... she was married here
She started working here
Later, when the term expired,
she refused to go back
Where can I go if I want to stay
illegally without a certificate?
Just work in the hanging flower field
to make a living
In the hanging flower field,
she picked up an old man
also gave birth to a child
How can people really marry you?
Only when you are a tool of lust
Only she is so stupid
Then... listen to her
The old man was not nice to her
beat and scold
She couldn't take it anymore
and ran away with the child
I don't know if what
she said is true or not.
But are you not friends?
I just introduced the job to her
other, none of my business
Don't worry, she has such
a strong will to survive
I really admire her for this
Mom... you watch me drive
Drink water
What about Aunt Yvonne?
He is not free
We should be able to go somewhere this time
Live better
The police are coming for you
Are you all right?
Let's go
(Gas station)
Look, I'm getting paid
Seen so many times without charging
Do you want to get paid this time?
You can't hear
I was beaten
one ear can't hear
it's wired
Representing... we are meant to be together
Time is up, you should go
if I had money
will you come with me?
I would give you anything
in the world of ordinary people
I am a colorless flower
Wear the right clothes, the right image
Also good at, pretending to be deaf
I want to cry, I'm afraid it's not right
I ask you to find me or her
Has the title ever troubled you?
Taste birth, old age, sickness and death,
taste the impermanence of the world
fear of death, fear of despair
Where is it different?
Wait a minute from now on you can be you
Waiting for free breathing
is stronger than death
At least I didn't do it wrong, right?
I should bloom, just bloom
While I'm still stubborn
In the world of ordinary people...
(All plots and characters
in this film are fictitious)
(Any similarity is purely coincidental)