Miss Granny (2018) Movie Script

[all chattering]
[in English]
What do you say? What do you say?
Thank you!
Next. There's something for everyone.
Get in line, please.
[Fely in Tagalog]
How do you measure sadness?
Is it being like this?
Surrounded by happy people,
[all cheering]
alive and brimming with stories,
like this one about the happiest thing
that's ever happened to me.
The moment I brought life into this world.
The day I became a mother,
I felt the true meaning of love.
At every [in English] birthday,
I felt loved.
[in Tagalog] And as Audrey Hepburn
used to say,
[in English]
"We all want to be loved, don't we?"
I want to be loved.
But who can love me now?
My life is behind me.
Who am I waiting for?
What else am I waiting for?
[school bell ringing]
[in English] Ageism in the Philippines.
[in Tagalog] Tremendous discrimination
against the elderly.
Can you give some examples
of stereotypes associated with seniors?
Fine. Whoever gives the best answer
is exempted from the midterm report.
That's it.
Okay, Raffy.
They take advantage
of their senior citizen card.
-[all laughing]
-They repeat themselves.
They'll tell you
an old story over and over.
-[all laughing]
-They reek of Katinko.
-Like my grandma.
-[all laughing]
They release the juiciest farts,
like this.
-[makes farting noise]
-[all laughing]
[Bert] You're so cruel.
[bingo caller shouting]
I swear, I'll only live until I'm 30.
[Bert] You've lived through two sets
of 30s and counting. What's keeping you?
-I had a child! [laughing]
-You can keep that. This, too.
[Fely] But did you know,
Even the Office of the President
consults with my Ramoncito.
He's that sought after.
[both] And he's a professor
and a leading expert
in the needs of senior citizens.
My only son.
"My only son. My only son."
Fine, your only son, Ramoncito.
We're sick of hearing it.
Right, Bert? [laughing]
Hello. You look all glammed up.
Oh, yes. I went to the salon.
I had to have my picture taken
for my US visa
because my son's a US citizen now.
-Yeah, he just moved to a new house.
They're calling you!
Fely, relax.
I'm ordering an "American coffee."
Would you like one?
"American coffee."
It's "caff Americano."
Is it, now?
If your only son is so great,
why is he letting you walk around
in those old slippers?
Is it too much for him
to buy you a new pair?
Is he blind?
Can't he see your feet are rotting away
in those?
Snake in the grass!
You're going to be sorry!
[Bert] Fely! Fely! [exclaims]
Did Aunt Fely do that?
I told you.
That hag is a grump and a brute.
Don't call her that.
I owe a lot to her.
you've been their errand boy
since you were a kid, right?
That was a million years ago.
Don't let her get away with things.
I'm telling you.
[Fely] Tell me what?
Ms. Fely.
You've closed shop?
You look handsome
when your face is swollen.
That's what you get
for getting in the way.
Are you leaving?
Manila Wrestling is almost on.
Don't ever be rude to Ms. Fely.
She's such a nice person.
To whom?
Go back to chatting
with your Arab friends online.
Might fool one of them into marrying you.
[Minnie] Dad, where are you going?
[Bert] I'll walk Fely home.
Are they really friends?
Doesn't she know
Dad's allergic to naseberry?
[pop music playing]
Hey, watch them.
Do you like them? They're new.
From Bacolod.
-What are they called?
-Sugar Girls.
Who's next?
Next would be the Six Packs.
[Lorenz] That's awful. Not that.
Hey. Don't be picky.
You should be open.
Besides, they boost our ratings.
Ratings are all you ever talk about.
We've got the numbers,
but we haven't launched any real talent.
We haven't found our Nora Aunor.
Nora Aunor?
[in English] Heart and soul.
[in Tagalog] Only real talent will make it
in this business.
Hey, hey, hey! What's wrong with you?
Why did you use this?
I told you to use real tamarind.
You never learn.
This is sloppy work.
It's your husband's favorite food
for Christ's sake.
I had huge piles of laundry
to go through today.
I cooked the whole day at the cafeteria.
Must I come home and cook here, too?
Hey, not so fast.
Where are you going?
You're not even going to eat with us?
Mom, we have a gig.
I'm going to be late.
Now wait just a minute.
Is that a job?
I thought that was just a hobby.
Look at your sister.
She's been up all night, studying.
She's always up all night, studying.
I hope she finally finishes studying.
[Jeboy] Studying? [scoffs]
She was out doing karaoke.
Go down that road, Shit-boy, I dare you.
Mom, my band would have taken off,
and she'd still be studying.
Oh, dear, think of your mother, won't you?
I go through such hardships for you,
and you're gonna end up a musician?
Don't talk down to my grandson!
You keep running your mouth.
And what hardships are you talking about?
All you do is stare
and wait in here all day
for your husband
to hand in his salary. Huh!
Here you go, dear boy.
Go have yourself a nice dinner.
We'll make do with your mother's cooking.
Thank you, Grandma.
I love you.
-Love you.
He'll stay out till morning again.
[Ramon] Hi.
[sighs] I'm hungry.
I'll just change out of these clothes.
I'll have your food ready.
I hate the darkness
But I can bear it with you
I hate darkness
But I can bear it with you
[continues singing]
Hey, you.
Can I have a light?
Well, that was shot to shit.
No sleep.
We played metal,
and you still managed to fuck it up.
What crap?
Crap. You're crap.
You think you're so good?
To be honest,
we're playing shitty songs.
And the lyrics you're writing?
They're bullshit.
Just like your name.
-Shit-boy Malabao.
-Shit-boy Malabao.
Shit-boy. Toilet.
How are we ever going to get
famous with a name like that?
[in English] Fuck this.
Fuck you.
[in Tagalog] Shit out your hangover.
[people chattering]
Granny, stop crushing it.
How much for this again?
550 pesos.
It will still be 550 pesos tomorrow,
and the day after that,
and for all days to come. 550.
Is that the final price?
You can't get it
any cheaper than that, Granny.
Okay, I'll just look in another shop.
Go ahead. Whatever makes you happy.
She left it boiling again.
That Angie, I swear!
[siren wailing]
[nurse chattering on PA]
It's Grandma.
[Ramon] Mom!
-What happened?
-[Hana] Where's mom?
I don't know!
It was a blur.
They were rushing and running.
They sent her there.
I'm not sure if that's the operating room.
Angela Malabao.
She's awake.
I'll get some water. She might be thirsty.
[Fely] Ramon.
She's awake.
[Fely] She might be thirsty.
Mom, uh...
Can you...
step out for a bit?
Just for a while.
There's something we need to talk about.
[Ramon] My mother lives with us.
She and Angie don't get along.
[in English] Look, don't worry.
Your wife will be all right.
[in Tagalog] But she's not allowed
to get stressed out. That's all.
Or else you're looking at an aneurysm.
What you're trying to tell me is...
I must choose between my mother
and my wife. Is that it?
[in English] Do what you have to do.
It's all up to you.
[in Tagalog] What's important
is your wife is stress-free.
[Jeboy] Dad, please don't.
Mom's never done a single
good thing in Grandma's eyes.
[Ramon] Your mother won't recover
if we keep them together.
What do you want me to do?
What about your mom?
We're never around.
They're stuck with each other
most of the time.
Your mother,
she can't...
She can't get a break.
The best thing to do is...
to have your grandma stay at SJ&A Haven.
In the meantime,
I will get to see her there.
It'll be just like she never left.
[Jeboy] Dad. Don't do it.
Mom, you're home. Where have you been?
Great timing. Wrestling is about to start.
Soy pudding! Soy pudding!
[Fely] Where's Jeboy?
He's at band practice.
Never mind me. That's yours.
I'm fine.
This is for you.
Don't forget to eat your greens.
[Ramon] It won't be long, Mom.
We'll see each other again.
As soon as Angie's feeling better,
you'll be back at the house.
Here's more.
Your turn.
Be kind to your wife.
Now that I won't be there,
she'll have no one else
to blame for her illness.
[in English] Waiter?
[in English] Yes, ma'am?
[in Tagalog] You used
powdered flavoring in this, didn't you?
[Bert] Ms. Fely, you're here.
If you're not feeling well,
you may go home and rest.
So it's you.
Feliza Malabao.
I don't know you.
Don't you remember me from the wet market?
Are you sure?
My family used to have
a restaurant there, too.
Much like this one.
We were the only restaurant
that served red snapper in sour soup.
It was a fairly new thing.
Do you remember?
We were the only ones.
Nobody else served that dish.
Can't you remember? Huh?
You really can't?
Sorry, I really don't remember
anything like that.
Is there a problem, Miss?
When you and your child had no one
to run to, my mother took you in.
She gave you a job.
How could you forget that?
Oh, now it's coming back.
That's right.
I'm Olivia.
The same Olivia
the restaurant was named after,
the one that went out of business
because of you.
I'll come in tomorrow after all.
All right, Fely.
We went out of business because of you.
-Did you hear me?
-Get some rest.
Wait. Where do you think you're going?
I'm not done with you. It was you.
It was you. My mother helped you.
She didn't let you and your son starve
out on the streets.
But you had the nerve to steal her recipe
and put up your own restaurant near ours.
I'm dead sure it's you.
I need to go.
You can't leave.
I came for you.
I came for you
when I found out where you were.
My mother died.
It drove her ill,
thinking about what you did to her.
It was your name on her lips as she died.
[all clamoring]
[Bert] Miss!
Take pity on her. Have some mercy.
Let go of me!
[sobbing] Why would I take pity?
You don't know what she did to us.
You are the worst.
Thief! [spits]
What else could I do?
My son got sick.
He got sick.
I did everything I could
to keep him alive.
He's a professor now.
I raised him well.
He's a great man.
That's why he loves me.
He loves me very much.
[cell phone ringing]
[Jeboy] Granny?
Why weren't you at the restaurant?
[Jeboy] I didn't want to see Dad.
Oh, dear boy.
He's still your father.
You should be good to him.
[Jeboy] Yes, ma'am.
can you treat me to dinner? I'm hungry.
But promise you'll be good to your father.
[Jeboy] Okay.
Can Tim and Eric join us?
They're starving.
Okay, bring them with you.
They're like my own grandchildren anyway.
[Jeboy] All right.
Let's meet in an hour.
At that braised beef resto near our house.
Come in.
Was that Audrey Hepburn's
photo on display out front?
Yes, ma'am.
I knew it.
She's the most beautiful actress I know.
She really is.
How old is she now?
If she were alive today,
she'd be 89 years old.
Audrey Hepburn is dead?
For 20 years now.
I bet you were as beautiful as
Audrey Hepburn back when you were younger.
You said it.
I was the youngest
of the De Leons in Batangas.
And just so you know,
I'm a great singer.
A director approached me once and told me
I had a great voice.
You see...
I was beautiful, sexy, petite.
Your beauty has not left you.
I know.
That is why I'm here.
To get my picture taken
before it does.
It won't do...
to have an ugly picture of me
displayed at my funeral.
Let's make sure
you're as beautiful as can be.
Otherwise, I won't take your picture.
Have a seat.
Right over there.
I will make you younger by 50 years.
You can do that?
Leave it up to me.
Are you ready?
[in English] One.
[wind chimes tinkling]
[Fely] Hey! Hey!
[in Tagalog] Wait.
Hey, mister! I'm getting on the bus!
Holy meat buns!
Hold up!
Hey! Mister!
Glad I caught up with you.
Easy on the drugs, old man.
Son of a gun!
[young men singing]
[Fely] Hello.
Excuse me.
It says so right here.
"Reserved seating for seniors,
persons with disability,
and pregnant women."
Can you maybe let the old lady sit?
Just because you dress up like a granny
doesn't mean you get the seat!
[all exclaim]
[all continue singing]
[men chattering]
-Something for the nerves.
-For the nerves.
Yes. Valium. Come on. Give it to me.
Just a moment.
Miss, are you okay?
What? Do I look okay?
[in English] What do you mean?
How old do you think I am?
How old do I look to you?
Give me a straight answer,
or you're gonna get it.
[in English] Twenty?
[in Tagalog] You. How old do I look?
[in English] Nineteen?
[in English] Nineteen?
[in Tagalog] What about you?
[in English] Eighteen?
[in English] Eighteen?
-[in Tagalog] What is happening to me?
-Here's your Valium.
Will you be getting it all?
-Yes, okay.
-Very good, ma'am.
-How much is this?
-300 pesos.
-300? Can you check again?
-How much for the Valium?
How much?
-289 pesos, ma'am.
-289 pesos.
Why did you say 300?
My mistake. I'm very sorry.
-Trying to rob me, are you?
-You need water for the Valium.
Here's your medicine, sir.
[Eric] Jeboy. This is it, man.
Is she there yet?
Hold on.
[cell phone ringing]
[Jeboy] Granny, where are you?
Why isn't she answering?
[Eric] Is she deaf?
[Jeboy] No, she's not.
She must be stuck in traffic.
[Eric groans]
There's food over there.
-[Tim] There's food over there.
-[Eric] Where are you going?
[Tim] There's grub here, dude.
[Eric] You're right.
Cups of noodles...
[Tim] Yeah, I can see it.
[Eric] We don't have enough, Tim.
[Tim] Just the soup.
[Eric] I have some change. Is this okay?
[man] Yes.
[Eric] Let's just share it.
-[cell phone ringing]
-Oh! Shoot!
[Tim and Eric chattering]
Young lady.
Can I ask you something?
What is it?
Is this the photo studio?
This is a restaurant.
We only sell beef stew here.
Does this look like a photo studio to you?
Can you tell me where
Forever Young Portrait Studio is?
I remember it being around this area.
Miss, this building has been here
since the '90s.
It was never a photo studio.
You're mistaken, lady.
I'm certain it was here.
You're wrong.
They ask for directions,
then tell you you're wrong.
Say what?
Ms. Fely didn't come home last night?
No, that's why I came by.
I thought maybe she passed by around here.
How could you lose your mother?
Did you call her phone?
Yes, but she's not answering.
She was supposed to meet with Jeboy.
She never made it last night.
She must have collapsed
and been mistaken for a corpse!
She could be floating down a river by now!
She's gone to heaven.
[sighs] If she's not dead,
she must have been kidnapped. Who knows?
But, Dad, why would anyone kidnap her?
She doesn't look rich.
she'll never let herself get kidnapped.
She'll never agree to have
her son pay for her ransom.
She'd rather kill herself for sure.
if you ever need ransom money
for Ms. Fely, just tell me.
I'll sell this house
and all my apartment units here!
Hey, Dad!
Why would you sell our house?
Where would I live?
Outside? Will I sleep on the swing?
Where will I end up, Dad? What about me?
Shut up!
Have you gone to the police?
Yes, I called them,
but they said we'll have
to wait a couple of days
before a report can be filed.
A couple of days?
A lot of things could happen
to Ms. Fely in a couple of days!
They should fucking start looking for her!
[screaming] Miss!
I'm awake!
You can't sleep here!
[cell phone ringing]
One minute you're kicking me out.
Now you won't stop calling me.
[dance music playing]
She's a squid!
I'm an octopus!
[woman exclaiming]
You just need a room?
It's tiny.
How did you know we had rooms to let?
I read it on the sign.
This sign?
-I haven't even posted this up yet.
-I already saw it.
It's been there for a while.
The unit's 4,500 pesos.
Comes with free mineral water
once a month.
Young lady,
do you think I was born yesterday?
That unit's being let for just 3,500.
I'll take care of my own water.
I'll take it for 2,500. End of discussion.
I'll stay in the corner unit.
The sunshine gets in real nice
from that side.
The last tenant
also left behind a pretty cabinet.
Have you been here before?
I just heard from someone. From way back.
So? Can I see it now?
Oh, Dad! Dad!
We have a new tenant. That girl.
Hey, you! What's your name?
"Audrey" like Audrey Hepburn?
Odrey what?
Odrey De Leon.
De Leon? Ms. Fely is also a De Leon.
You might be relatives.
Are you from Batangas, too?
Which part?
Near the, uh, church.
Plenty of churches there.
The one near a 7-Eleven.
Plenty of 7-Elevens.
Hey, hold on!
Not so fast. I'm still talking to you.
One month deposit.
One month advance. Cash.
[man] Duck eggs!
Duck eggs!
"Do not worry about me.
I am in good hands.
Do not look for me.
I will come back
once your wife is back in good health.
You may rejoice now that I'm gone.
Would you look at that.
She's punishing me.
And I'm the one
who wants to leave this place.
Grandma's okay after all.
We can't report this to the police.
We might as well have informed the media.
It will ruin you.
You're the one in charge of SJ&A Haven,
but you couldn't even take care
of your own mother.
[announcer in English]
Ladies and gentlemen...
[in Spanish]
Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
[in Tagalog] Good morning, everyone.
How about a round of applause?
Before we start,
let me read to you a poem
I wrote last night.
[in English] Dear, dear, dear, dear.
[in Tagalog] Who is that young lady?
[Bert] Ah. She's my new tenant.
Hmm. What is she doing here?
She's too young to enjoy herself
in these kinds of parties.
She told me she grew up with her grandma,
so she's gotten used to what she likes.
-Really now?
-Oh, Lulu.
I have decided.
I've been thinking it over.
I'm taking a break from work.
Minnie's going to take over for now.
Thank God!
That's wonderful.
It took you long enough.
I don't know how you can stand
that old crone, Fely!
I'm taking a break to help look for her!
What is the matter with you?
I'm right here.
I can't think of a reason as to why
she would run away. Poor woman.
[Lulu] Don't concern yourself with her.
Think of me.
Okay, I'm going back to work.
-Right there.
-Pull over a bit more to the side.
How's it looking?
-Just a little farther.
-Are we good?
A few more inches.
You can do it. Straight on.
[singing badly]
I don't know why I like you
You don't have good looks
But even so
You're my true love
I don't get it, Lorenz.
You can afford a new car.
Get rid of this thing.
Hey! Give them a few bucks, won't you?
You do it.
Mister, anywhere I can wash my hands?
-Dude, here's for you.
-[man] Sure, sir.
Thanks. Here you go. A hundred.
[man] Straight ahead.
Thanks, man.
My brain's twisting and turning
Grandma says I have a leak in the head
-Uncle Bert!
Any news?
We've filed a police report.
Has Grandma called you yet?
She hasn't.
But don't worry. I'll look for her myself.
Thanks, Uncle.
I don't know why I like you
You don't have good looks
Don't mind it.
-Her last screws are falling out.
-[Jeboy] Granny sings better.
[Bert] By a long shot.
[man] Let's give someone else a go!
The sky's getting angry.
[Jeboy] I'm off, uncle.
[Fely in English] Rain gently falls
Whenever we say goodnight
Falling like when you're out of sight
Rain follows me
Even in my bed
And rain is the tears that I shed
There'll be no sunshine in my life
Until you say you're mine, oh, mine
There'll be no summer, spring, or fall
Each day is like winter time
But I can never say I care
I know it won't be smart
Somebody owns your heart
It can never be mine
[Fely vocalizing]
It can never be
[crowd cheering on TV]
That was incredible!
Another one! Get it! Get it!
Grab him! Grab him! Hmm!
Just like that!
Smack! That's how you do it!
[Fely exclaims]
You like wrestling?
A little.
Oh! That's what I'm talking about!
That's how it's done!
That's it.
You seem pretty grown-up for a kid.
Learned things from my grandma.
[Bert] You know, that song earlier,
it reminded me of someone close to me.
[bell ringing on TV]
I know how this goes. He's going to lose.
I'm heading home.
Uncle Bert!
Uncle Bert!
Come on in.
-[Fely] Yes, sir?
[Bert] This is Jeboy.
Good evening.
[Bert] He's almost like my own grandson.
He'd like to talk to you.
-[Bert exclaims]
Just kidding.
[Fely] You don't drink, young man.
Why are you trying to get wasted?
Have you ever gotten drunk
with a man before?
That's exactly how your dad was born,
because your grandpa and I
had too much to drink.
Hey. Don't act too shy.
Why can't you look me in the eye?
[Fely] Hey, yourself.
This boy has a way with his eyes.
Just like his grandpa.
I should tell you...
I've never felt like this before.
[Fely] This is exactly what
his grandpa said when we first met.
I have to ask you something.
Please, don't say no.
[Fely] Holy crap. It's in the blood.
That look in his eyes.
The same as his grandpa's.
This is how it all started back then.
Oh, no...
I want us to...
be together.
No! No!
What will become of us? No! We can't.
I don't want to.
Okay. Okay, okay.
-I'd rather die!
-You don't want to. Okay.
You seducer! Heartbreaker!
Okay. It's not going to happen. Oh, well.
I guess you're too good
of a singer to join...
To join my band.
You want me to sing?
Oh, did you want me
to be a member of your band?
[Jeboy] Yes.
I will sing!
I will be your band's vocalist.
[heavy metal music playing]
[Fely] Hey!
[singing loudly]
What the hell is that?
I wrote it.
It's about, uh,
[in English] contrast, light and dark.
[in English] Underground.
[in English] Uh, deep poetic freedom.
-[Tim] Democracy.
-[Jeboy] Life, Death.
-[Tim] Tragedy.
-[in Tagalog] I don't get it.
Do your parents have any idea
what you're doing here?
They feed you nothing but tasty meals,
and you're singing
like a bunch of starving monkeys!
[in Tagalog] You just don't get our genre.
Listen here, Jeboy.
What I know about music,
it moves the heart,
not busts my eardrums.
Suppose you damage your vocal cords,
screaming your songs,
and not one person enjoyed it.
Tell me, did you, yourselves,
enjoy listening to your song?
What do you want to sing, then?
[in English]
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the morning
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the night
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the day time
Kiss, kiss me all the time
Hold me, hold me, hold me, darling
Hold me, hold me real tight
Kiss me, hold me, hug me, darling
With all your might
When I feel so sad and lonely
When my life seems pale and blue
How I wish you're here beside me
Here to stay my whole life through
You're the only one, believe me
Who can make my dreams come true
Come, my darling, and embrace me
This is what you're gonna do
Kiss me, kiss me in the morning
Kiss me, kiss me in the night
Kiss me, kiss me in the day time
Kiss me, kiss me all the time
Hold me, hold me, hold me, darling
Hold me, hold me real tight
Kiss me, hold me, hug me, darling
With all your might
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the morning
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the night
Kiss me, kiss me in the day time
Kiss me, kiss me all the time
Hold me, hold me, hold me, darling
Hold me, hold me real tight
Kiss me, hold me, hug me, darling
With all your might
[continues singing on radio]
Are you looking for me? Huh?
[in English] Uh, yeah.
-Why are you stalking me like a hound dog?
-Wait. Wait. Wait.
Who are you?
Uh, wait. Miss,
we've met before.
I've seen you.
No, I've heard you before.
[in Tagalog] Like it's destiny.
Have you seen Serendipity? It's fate.
-[in English] Fate?
-[in English] Yes.
[in Tagalog] We're destined, huh?
-You and me?
You're sick, aren't you?
Go to sleep. You don't get enough sleep.
Get some sleep.
[in English] Miss, wait, love. Wait, love.
-Uh, can we please just talk for a while?
[in Tagalog] Let's not, boy.
Go home 'cause you're pissing me off.
[in Tagalog]
Miss, please. Just for a while.
-[in English] No, I'm sorry.
-You pervert.
-Pervert! Pervert!
-No, no, no!
Miss, hold on. I just...
[Lorenz chuckling nervously]
[grunting and yelling]
[in Tagalog]
I'll shove these down your throat.
-[in English] I'm just gonna--
-[in Tagalog] No.
Where are you going?
You're not getting away.
-[in Tagalog] I'm just gonna go.
-No! No! No!
-Miss. Wait, wait.
-Let me go. Let me go, or I'll scream.
-Can we just talk please?
-You dropped my fish!
-Wait, wait, wait!
Just calm down.
Help me!
[in Tagalog] Just wait a minute!
[in English] Miss!
[man in Tagalog] What is going on?
[Lorenz in Tagalog] Wait a minute.
-Just calm down.
Hold on. What is happening?
This man!
He wanted to rape me.
-No, I wasn't.
-What are you talking about?
You wouldn't let go of me.
Miss, do you know this man?
-No. I've never met him.
-No, no, no--
What are you waiting for? Take him in.
Take him in.
-Take him in.
-Bring him to the barangay.
-[man] Let's go.
-Go ahead. Take him in.
Kids these days. My God!
-[man] Aren't you together?
I've got dinner to cook.
-Did you wait long?
-Thank god.
Oh! I was about to faint from the heat.
What's up with you? Let me in.
I've been waiting for ages.
Took you a while to shower, didn't it?
That's just like you.
Come in.
[Jeboy in English] Welcome.
Oh, gee, come in.
[Fely] I got all worked up over nothing.
She seems okay.
[in English] Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
[in Tagalog] You're such a beautiful girl.
What took you so long
to invite her, Jeboy?
You are O... Odrey?
Mom, it doesn't take much to be pretty
these days when you have money.
You're a rich kid, aren't you?
Which is it, Belo or Recto?
Looks like Recto.
Be quiet.
Don't mind her. That's just how she is.
No filter, like Grandma.
[Angie] Uh...
Son, can you look after her for now?
I'll call you once I'm done cooking.
I'll call you once I'm done cooking.
-Okay, Mom.
Have a seat.
Would you like some water?
Soft drinks?
You have a beautiful house.
Do you mind if I look around?
Oh, yes. Sure.
I want to go in there.
That's my grandma's room.
I thought she ran away.
I grew up with my grandma.
I just miss her scent is all.
May I?
[Angie] Jeboy, dear?
Can you help me with the water dispenser?
It needs to be refilled.
-Go on in.
I'll be right back.
Did you think you can outsmart me?
I'm smarter!
This does look like a kidnapping.
The person withdrew from the ATM,
quite aware of the CCTV.
Right there, she concealed her face
with her umbrella.
Works like a professional.
Let's monitor the movement of ATMs.
She might have withdrawn cash
from other machines.
Should get us a lead on the kidnappers.
have you seen anyone suspicious or
someone new in your neighborhood?
Isn't it delicious?
Quite delicious.
It's delicious.
Ha. You winced.
You used powdered flavoring for this.
Am I right?
Really, the best match for this dish
is fresh tamarind juice.
Isn't she great?
I told you. [in English] She's different.
[in Tagalog] She is.
Jeboy, won't your father
join us for dinner?
He's on his way.
He should be here any minute.
What's it to you?
Why are you looking for him?
Are we close? Are we family?
You talk as if you're getting married
to my brother.
Not yet.
[Fely grunts]
[Fely] Oh... Uh...
Oh, I need to poop. Ladies' room, I mean.
-[in English] Emergency.
-[in Tagalog] Ladies' room.
Over there.
Okay. Excuse me. Excuse me, ma'am.
[Hana] Your girlfriend's weird.
[Jeboy] You're weirder.
-Come here.
-Who was that?
[Jeboy] She's our new vocalist, Dad.
She's good. Really good.
Are you going to eat?
[Ramon] I don't feel like it.
I'll go change.
[Angie] Honey? Any news?
Maybe later.
[Fely in English]
Rain knows that I love you so much
But I know that my love
Will only cause you pain
So I'd rather live with the rain
There'll be no sunshine in my life
Until you say you're mine, oh, mine
There'll be no summer, spring, or fall
Each day is like winter time
But I can never say I care
I know it won't be smart
Somebody owns your heart
It can never be mine
It can never be mine
It's Fely's.
These are her shoes.
[Fely] Lorenz Milleza.
You really are a media man.
So you believe me?
I'm sorry.
No hard feelings, all right? Be a sport.
Hey. Show some respect.
You're talking to a producer.
That's my boss.
[in English] I'll keep this short.
[in Tagalog] I want to launch your band.
[in English] As the network's talents.
[in Tagalog] What?
-What are they going to sing?
[Poebe] They're not even famous yet!
[Lorenz in Tagalog] They are going to be.
We'll make them trend.
Isn't that what we want?
Besides, they're way better
than the ones you're signing.
Is this for real?
You can't possibly let them play at LIVE?
Is this a joke? It's a joke.
[Lorenz in English]
If you guys need anything, rehearsal base,
just let Poebe know, okay?
[in Tagalog] She's your girl.
Book them.
Lorenz! Hold on a second.
What did they say? What just happened?
[Fely] What is going on?
Hey! Hey! Are we in?
Hey! Are we?
We're in? [exclaims]
You're so cute! You're amazing!
[all cheering]
[Fely] Why are these out here?
-I got you! I'm going to kill you!
You're gonna fight me!
I got you now!
Ha! That's what you get!
There! You old crook!
Where's Ms. Fely?
You damn old fool!
You were going to kill me! Are you crazy?
You were going to kill me.
What's gotten into you?
Did you get rabies?
[muffled grunting]
I'll take it off, but you be quiet.
Don't make any noise. Got it?
Be quiet.
I said, be quiet.
Now I know who you are.
Where's Ms. Fely?
I told you not to shout!
Those dentures.
They're hers.
I gave them to her as gift
when she turned 70.
What did you do to her?
Where did you take Ms. Fely?
Did you kill her?
Where did you bury her?
Why would I bury her?
I'd exhaust myself digging up a hole!
I'd much quicker
throw her into the Pasig River.
If that's so, then just kill me, too!
And throw me into the Pasig River!
I want to be with Ms. Fely!
Why are you crazy over that old woman?
You have no idea what a good woman she is,
how beautiful she is.
I was 12 when my parents died.
She let me live in her house
as an errand boy.
Life was difficult.
But every time I saw her smile,
all my troubles would flutter away.
Why can't you recognize me?
You? You're insane!
You're just bullying me.
You're bullying me.
Look at me. Watch carefully.
[in English]
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the morning
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the night
Kiss, kiss, kiss me in the day time
Kiss, kiss me all the time
Hold me, hold me, hold me, darling
Hold me, hold me real tight
Kiss me, hold me, hug me, darling
With all your might
[Bert] Hmm!
[Fely] Huh?
I wish I could do that.
Strong teeth.
Next week,
I'll be going to the TV station.
Why? Do they need a Lola Madonna?
Sure, I'm game.
Do I look like I'll watch an old show?
I'm a singer now.
Hmm. On TV?
Yup. I'll sing on TV.
I've always loved to sing, as you know.
I do remember.
[in English]
There'll be no sunshine in my life
Until you say you're mine, oh, mine
-That gave me shivers.
That's what the producer said, too!
He told me I sing with my heart.
That I have a soul.
Nice, huh?
Everyone has a soul. Is he stupid?
That girl was flirting with your old man.
I saw it with my own eyes.
For sure.
Not true. She wouldn't dare.
You're growing into an old maid
because you're not using your head.
Think about it.
This house of yours,
do you know how much it sells for?
You've got income-generating properties.
Don't you see?
That girl can easily twist your father
around her little finger.
Your loss.
Are you sure
it was my mother that you saw?
Where is she staying?
Calm down. One at a time, kids.
When did you see her?
She whisked in like the wind
and vanished like smoke.
But she wanted me
to tell you not to worry.
She even left you a letter.
[Ramon] It's really from her.
This is her signature.
She told me she wants to start a new life.
She hopes you understand that, this time,
she'd like to try putting herself first.
So, if possible,
won't you please re-activate
her credit cards.
When the time is right,
she'll come back to you.
And once she's back,
she would like to settle down.
Where is that written?
I don't see it here.
She said that part to me verbally.
It's not in there.
Settle down? Mom's getting married?
Does she have a boyfriend?
Like I said,
she wants to do the things she couldn't
and make her dreams come true.
Who is she marrying?
[Ramon laughing] Are you serious?
I'm not convinced.
Am I not worthy?
I know.
I was just a servant.
But I made something out of myself.
I'm successful.
I have my own house and apartments.
I have my own motorcycle!
And the truth is,
she trusts me
more than she does her own son.
Must change.
Must get younger.
[grunting and groaning]
Impressed now, are you?
Have you gone crazy?
What's with your outfit?
You're too old for that jacket!
We bring you fresh new performers
every month in this segment.
And there's no one
quite as cool as our next act.
You won't mind the heat too much
once you hear this band sing. Fresh.
[in English] Just like a cold shower
on a very hot summer day.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
[audience applauding on TV]
[in English]
Like the stars in the night
That I love to behold
You seem near in my sight
Yet so distant to hold
You're somebody forbidden
For me to possess
So this love I've long hidden
I try to suppress
All night long, all day through
How I long for your kiss
I love you, how I do
Yet you don't know of it
There's somebody who found you
Write me letters!
Before we have met
Come back to us!
While her arms are still around you
I have to forget
Forbidden love, forbidden lips
Can't even touch your fingertips
Forbidden smile, forbidden face
Your love is such forbidden grace
If, at last, though I tried
Getting you off my mind
My heart still couldn't hide
[baby crying]
My true feelings behind
All I ask is, forgive me
For loving you so
[baby crying]
And don't look back as you leave me
It's forbidden, I know
Forbidden love, forbidden lips
Can't even touch your fingertips
Forbidden smile, forbidden face
Your love is such forbidden grace
Forbidden love, forbidden lips
Can't even touch your fingertips
Forbidden smile, forbidden face
Your love is such forbidden grace
Forbidden love, forbidden lips
Can't even touch your fingertips
Forbidden smile, forbidden face
Your love is such forbidden grace
[audience cheering]
[Fely] My gown is gorgeous, isn't it?
-[Bert] So are you.
By the way,
your TV guest appearance was a success.
Everyone wants to see more of you.
Is it true? Wow.
Can we do an interview?
We can't.
What do you mean, we can't? I mean...
Where are they? Jeboy?
[in English]
Look, people would kill for publicity.
[in Tagalog] You see...
If my father finds out about this,
he'll shave off my eyebrows.
So never mind.
Just leave it.
[in Tagalog] All right.
Where's Jeboy and the others?
There he is.
Okay, I'll take care of it,
but I guess you have to...
[in English]
At least tell me something about yourself.
[in Tagalog] You know what,
it's all happening so fast.
We should slow down a bit.
Take it one thing at a time.
Let's relax.
[in Tagalog] Can't you believe it?
[in English] You're destined to be a star.
-Are you sure?
-[in English] Really?
Really? Really?
You're destined to be a star.
Then come on! Let's go. Let's do this.
All right.
-Are you okay?
-[in Tagalog] Ouch!
-Are you okay?
-[in Tagalog] Did you hurt yourself?
[Bert] What happened?
[in Tagalog] I told you to hold on to me.
[in English] It's okay! I'm fine! Okay?
-[in English] Let's go. Let's go.
-[in Tagalog] Come on.
[Lorenz in Tagalog]
Hold on to me. Be careful. Come on.
[Fely in Tagalog]
Let's go on with the shoot.
[people chattering]
[man] Excuse me, Mr. Lorenz Milleza?
[Lorenz] Just right.
Total bill is 2,000 pesos, sir.
Odrey, you're hurt.
-[Fely] Yes.
-[Bert] When did you get that?
Just now.
[Bert] Why does it look like that?
-[Lorenz] You're hurt?
It's nothing. This is nothing.
It's far from the gut. Besides,
no priest will come out of there.
She's right. It's just a scratch.
I'll see to it.
[Fely] Bert, do one clean stitch.
But you'll definitely feel this.
Fine. Just do it right.
That hurt!
Why did you kick me!
It hurt!
You pricked it too deep!
[Bert] Let's have a look.
So it's true.
You age when you lose blood.
That means
you can still go back to being old.
[Minnie] What is this?
You dirty woman!
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Wait a minute.
What do you think we're doing?
"We"? What's with you, Dad?
Look at you. Do you know how old you are?
You're old enough to be her grandfather!
Don't be nasty!
Should I be calling her "Mom" now?
Should I give her respect?
She's such a flirt!
Get out of our house! You flirt!
Get out!
Minnie, enough. Enough!
-Why do you defend her?
-I said, enough!
-Bert! Stop it. I'll just go.
[in English] You're on first name basis?
[in Tagalog] Is that what this is?
I knew it! You enchantress! Leave!
Mom, please forgive Dad. He's gone crazy.
I'm here to take care of you.
But you'd rather get fooled
by some con woman.
Odrey, where are you going?
-It's fine. I'll call you.
Don't you ever call my Dad!
I'll have you arrested!
You'll be handcuffed
and put to jail for life.
Would you please stop your drama?
Stop making a scene.
You keep crying out for your mother,
but you've never once visited her grave.
[Minnie] No, I haven't.
-It's already dark. [sobbing]
-Odrey, where will you stay?
-I'm leaving.
[Fely] You're accomplished.
You have a nice house.
You must be too rich now!
And also,
you're so...
You're so handsome.
Why aren't you married?
I am.
You are?
It's nice to be the one
to surprise you for once.
Your mom must miss you a lot.
You live apart.
Mothers have it hard, you know,
when their children are far away.
That's how they are.
She passed.
I was still young.
Probably why I love old songs.
-Because of her.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I've been a widow for a while.
I have a son.
But he's married now.
I stayed at the house of a widower
who has a crush on me.
But then,
his daughter ran me off.
It's hard to believe, but it's true.
When you said you saw my mother,
you really meant Odrey?
Odrey and Fely are the same person.
Hmm. Sure.
Do you understand?
Ah. It's still early.
I can still fix this.
That's right.
We need to get a blood sample.
Yes. A blood sample.
I have a classmate.
He conducts his practice at the infirmary.
I'll give him a call.
[line ringing]
[man on phone] Hello.
[in English] Hello. Buddy?
[in Tagalog] Yes, quick question.
You see, we have a 70-year-old.
It could be depression
or early on-set Alzheimer's.
Sometimes, they act all right.
Sometimes, not so much.
Could be both.
Can you pick him up?
-[Poebe] Come. Sit over here.
-[Lorenz in English] Have a seat.
Come on. Cigarette break.
[clears throat]
[in Tagalog] Let's switch songs.
I have one that's more suited to you.
I just heard it last night.
Tyrone wrote it.
The melody's a perfect match
for Odrey's voice.
So it's great.
Actually, it's going to blend well
with what Odrey can do
and what your band is going for.
Hold on.
What's wrong with the song I wrote?
[in English] It's good. It's really good.
It's just not...
Since Odrey came in,
it's just not there, you know?
[in Tagalog] I understand
you have your own vision, okay?
Malabao. Malabao has its own direction,
but all our songs from now on
should complement Odrey's voice.
Okay? They should match her singing.
[in English] All right?
So you see, guys,
I have to listen to the song, okay?
[in Tagalog] He just emailed it to me.
Poebe can email you the minus ones.
Study it.
[in English] Excuse me.
[in Tagalog] Where are you going?
[Jeboy] Don't follow me!
Go be with Lorenz!
[Fely] What?
Look at this kid.
What's the problem?
There is nothing going on.
It's just that Lorenz is the producer.
So he knows what's best for us.
You can write better songs
once you've had more practice.
Did something happen between you two?
You slept at his place?
What did you say?
Did you have sex?
[Fely] You're being rude.
Where'd you get that tone?
Fine, we were together last night.
I spent the night at his place.
He went to bed. I didn't.
Are you happy now?
You're testing my patience, kid.
You've got to get it together.
You have a filthy mind.
[pop music playing on speakers]
Why aren't you eating? Have some.
Go on.
Are you a bird?
Open wide.
Eat some more. Eat all of it.
There we go.
You have to take better care of yourself.
Eat well. You've gotten so skinny.
Here's some more.
Open your mouth.
Why are you doing this to me?
My arms are getting tired.
Have another bite.
Are you really dating Mr. Lorenz?
You're really into me, aren't you?
Well, son,
I've got to be honest.
You're not my type.
How can I fall for you?
You have no sense of chivalry.
Personal life and work life
must be separated.
That way you don't inconvenience
other people.
You know what else I don't like about you?
You've no idea what a good person you are.
You're a wonderful singer.
You look like smelly a degenerate,
but you do have talent.
What was that? May I see?
You're even more attractive
when you smile like that.
Do it again.
[babbling affectionately]
Damn, what a charmer!
Who are you, really?
I am
the vocalist of Malabao.
This is for you.
What's this?
Naseberry. They're sweet.
Thank you.
[in English] You're welcome.
[in Tagalog] Where's Lulu been?
I haven't seen that witch around.
Is she still asking for "American coffee"?
She had a stroke.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
I'd like to visit a patient.
What's the name?
Lulu Nemenso.
Hold on, ma'am.
How are you related to the patient?
She's my friend.
Nemenso. Ma'am,
the patient passed away last night.
[Fely] Are you sick again?
Don't drink cold water with your medicine.
You'll get hyper acidity.
Okay, Mom.
[Jeboy] Guys! Guys! I did it!
I did it!
What did Lorenz say?
We're competing.
-at Summer Slam!
-[Tim] Yeah!
[all cheering]
[chattering inaudibly]
[all cheering]
[in English]
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Are we all ready for the heat of the
Summer Special Dream Concert?
[both] Summer Slam!
We have prepared tons of
exhilarating performances.
[in Tagalog] for you tonight.
Isn't that right, Cholo?
[Cholo in Tagalog] That's right. Summer
Slam is the biggest concert this summer.
Guys, are you all here?
You're third in the lineup.
The show is starting.
Where's Jeboy?
He's on his way.
Our call time was 3:00 p.m.
Make sure he gets here.
Where is he?
He got his guitar repaired.
He'll be coming from the shop.
Hello. Who's this?
[Lorenz] Where's Jeboy?
We'll be there.
-Let's go!
-What is it?
-What happened?
-Just come.
[siren blaring]
They're next.
You have to decide
if they're going to perform.
They won't.
Go to Jeboy. I'll see you at the hospital.
[Eric] Let's go.
We're getting on that stage.
We're going to perform.
I'm going to sing my Jeboy's song.
Let's play it loud so he can hear us.
[audience cheering]
[Fely] Can you hear them, Jeboy?
Can you hear the screams and applause?
They've all been waiting for our song.
I'll make a legendary performance
of your song, Jeboy.
I thought the day would never come
That a light would shine upon my wish
Out of 1,000 dreaming hearts
You listened to mine
If fate means to take me elsewhere
My heart will always yearn for you
With every moment we spend together
Colors rain upon my world
Hours fly by
I barely notice
We are running out of time
Can I ask for one more day with you
Time just seems to steal away
And there's never enough of it
Can I ask for one more day?
Gently, you quiet
The drumming in my chest
My strength grows
With every minute I spend with you
The days go by
And we're running out of time
Can I ask for one more day?
Time just seems to steal away
And there's never enough of it
Can I ask for one more day?
My heart will always yearn for you
You're still the one I hug
Every single day
Time just seems to steal away
And there's never enough of it
Can I ask for one more day?
Hours fly by
I barely notice
We are running out of time
Can I ask for one more day with you?
Time just seems to steal away
And there's never enough of it
Can I ask for one more day?
Can I ask
For one more day?
[doctor] Excuse me, ma'am.
We need more blood.
Blood type AB rh negative.
Does the patient share
a similar blood type with any of you?
We've run out of blood for the patient.
This is a hospital, isn't it?
How could your blood supply run out?
Oh. Grandma. Grandma and Jeboy
have the same blood type.
I'll do it.
Jeboy and I have the same blood type.
Ms. Fely,
you do remember you'll turn back
to your old self if you let blood?
Do you really want that?
To go back to being old and decrepit?
That's where I'm headed.
[Ramon] Wait.
I have something to ask you.
Do you recall the words,
"Don't let go"?
There once was a mother,
a widow,
who had just given birth.
Her son became ill.
Nothing seemed to cure him.
So then,
every day,
the child would be at the brink of death.
Frustrated and suffering,
the mother could do nothing for her child
carry him in her arms,
keep him warm in an embrace.
And as they wept together,
she kept telling her child,
"Don't let go."
"Don't let go, my son."
Every single day.
Without fail, without falter.
You can go now.
When you go,
please don't look for food scraps
in the trash.
Don't labor at the wet market
for your poor son.
Don't sacrifice
your whole life for his sake.
Don't marry a man
who's meant to live a short life.
[sobbing] Most importantly,
do not give birth to a son...
as wicked as I am.
Mom, please go.
I'll take care of it.
If I were to do it all over again,
I would keep choosing this life.
Yes, it's hard. I had a hard time.
But I wouldn't trade it
for anything in the world
to have you as my son,
and me as your mother.
Mama... [sobbing]
Come on, son. Let up.
Jeboy, my grandson.
You can do this.
You can do this.
[audience cheering]
[singing ballad]
Stop! Stop!
Are you Bert?
I didn't recognize you.
You're sweet.
Wow! Thanks!
Hop on!
You went to Forever Young Studio, right?
I like that photographer.
Hop on!
How will you go home looking like that?
Who's going home?
I'm free, have my motor, and money.
I can go wherever I want.
Oh, no, no.
You're going to the hospital
to donate blood.
Wrap your arms around me.
[Bert in English] Let's go!
[Fely in Tagalog]
Though we're old, let's enjoy life.
Let's live. We're not dead yet.