Miss & Mrs. Cops (2019) Movie Script

CJ Entertainment presents
Executive Producer
HEO Min-heoi
Financing Executive
Mike IM
Produced by
BYUN Bong-hyun
Who are you?
A cop.
Take her.
Lets go.
Come on, Im out of breath.
You piece of shit!
Lets call it quits.
Fuck you, bitch.
Ill hack you to pieces.
Come on! Bring it.
Sang-du Kang
youre under arrest
- for drug trafficking
- Go on.
Shoot me.
Youre a joke.
You cant do it.
The first rounds always a blank,
5 chambers,
giving you 5 to 1 odds.
But youre a criminal,
so 5 to 2.
Ill shoot twice. If I hit a live one,
you can say adios to this life.
If I dont...
who knows.
Lucks on your side.
But I got another shot.
Im sorry.
- Dont!
- 1
Too late.
Did you hear that?!
Get in the van! Jesus!
- This moron pissed himself
Take off your pants.
Take them off, dickhead. Now!
Ugh reeks!
What the hell did you eat?
- Shes the one.
Shes the law enforcer
Ive been looking for.
Got it.
They gotta location on the creeper.
Ill head over.
I found her.
There are women cops?
With a rise in crime against women,
female officers have
become increasingly important.
Police departments in major cities
are reinforcing women-based task teams.
These all-female teams specialize in
crimes against women,
monitoring adult entertainment districts,
conducting stakeouts, and patrolling,
ultimately bringing a significant change
in crime prevention.
Sergeant Mi-young Park
The above-named officer
played a significant role
- in the apprehension of a major offender
- Sergeant Mi-young Park!
thereby contributing to
the restoration of public order.
At ease.
Commissioner of the Seoul Police Agency
Pil-seong Hwang.
Congratulations, maam.
Who are you?
The man who loves you.
Im Ji-cheol Cho,
a soon-to-be public prosecutor.
Youre a law enforcement.
Im a protector of law
and of you.
Picture time.
1 2
Good morning, maam!
Are you up?
You said you had a meeting.
I made Chan-woong breakfast
and took him to daycare.
And what did you do?
Are you out of your mind?
Quick! The butts!
Who did you drink with last night?
Did you pay for everyone?
Dont get ideas about starting
a business. Just get a job first.
- Did you get Chan-woongs book?
- Thank you, maam.
- What? Are you crazy?
- Morning.
Get your act together, okay?
Im here. Gotta go.
Morning, everyone!
Its stuffy in here.
Let some fresh air in.
Mrs. Park, you need to prepare refreshments
for tomorrows event.
Of course, Sook-hee.
Lets see
we just gotta get those crackers, dont we?
You figure it out.
I think were fucked.
And a good Wednesday morning to you too.
Theres a re-organization coming.
Were fucked.
Sook-hee, who never drinks coffee,
has brought in coffee
every morning this week.
So I did some snooping.
Theyre getting rid of someone
from this team,
and shes started
working under the table.
I hate that sneaky little bitch.
Im sure shes just being nice.
She works really hard,
and bitching about a colleague
is not nice attitude, isnt it?
Why dont we focus
on the job at hand, huh?
...the fuck?
My mom gave me this
when I got married. Its 18K gold.
Are you completely insane?
If I take this, its bribery.
No way I can accept it.
The anti-graft law.
Woman to woman you know
what my situation is like.
My plan was to raise a family
once my husband passed the bar,
but that never happened.
Then Chan-woong arrived,
so I had to find a position
as sole breadwinner
while taking care of a baby.
I worked my ass off to get this job.
I need to trim my nails
A family of 3 depends
on my meager $2,000 a month.
Ive got no skills or connections.
That why Im in such a difficult position.
Sook-hee is covered by
youth employment policies.
Jang-mi is a tech major,
so shes needed as an IT specialist.
Then theres you
- Me
- Yes?
My strength is
Youre good at cursing.
Todays the deadline on
illegal vehicles.
- Thats tomorrow.
- Huh?
Right. I mean the
commercial ones.
I handled that last Thursday.
Well, arent you fast!
Do you know when my
heating bills due too?
Its the height of summer.
Whos gotta heating bill?
What a great day
to drop dead.
As if you got any useful skills.
Nope, shes gone. Shit.
So whats with squirting ink on women?
We gotta worry about perverts now?
You know, were the only squad
with a female officer.
Take whatever shit
they throw at you, man.
This does nothing for
our performance reviews.
If this keeps up,
well be chasing perverts full time.
There are no suspects in sight?
Youre keeping a watch, right?
Yep. Were doing nothing
but keeping watch.
Im circling the arcade.
We gotta catch him this time.
I wonder if hell ever show up.
What?! Where?!
You saw him, right?
You gotta a visual?
Are you kidding me?
- Which one is he?
- Subway entrance. Black cap.
- Got him!
- Where?
Hes coming back
because you showed no reaction.
Dont move.
Stay put and brace yourself.
Dont get carried away
like last time, okay?
Keep your shit together.
Hey, honey!
Im in Shinchon for that book.
No! Im not playing video games!
I left my note with the title at home.
Can you find it?
Hes coming. 10 feet out.
The Story of King Sejong
Come on!
Im sorry.
Its my pen.
The tips blocked.
I just bought it.
You fucking pervert!
Cho, dont!
Are you crazy?
Do you think this jobs a joke?
Are you having fun playing
good guy bad guy out there?
Im sorry, sir.
Last time, you threw
a gun at a suspect.
How much more are you going
to get the captain in trouble?
Dont you feel sorry for him?
You guys left for lunch,
and I was stuck alone with the newbie.
They attacked me with an 8-inch blade
and I cant fight back?
So youre proud of
throwing your gun?
Do you see the state of that man?
I told you, no weapons.
You could get your ass sued
for assault with a weapon.
We get a shitty case, and
now I gotta clean it up?
Sorry but
do the cases that affect reviews
only matter?
Is that why only the newbie and I
get trivial stuff?
Hey! Watch it.
You think youre so righteous?
- Im sick of your attitude.
- Stop it!
Think about the team too, okay?
It looks pretty bad.
We admit to the use of excessive force.
If you feel you need to seek justice,
you can file a suit
against this officer here.
- Oh!
- My!
Detective Kwak, what happened?
I was talking to him on the phone
when he was brought here.
Its just a misunderstanding.
Shut your trap!
Excuse me, maam
this was just uploaded as
use of excessive force in Shinchon.
We admit we were at fault
but youre practically a part
of the family. Please be lenient.
Even if he were a pervert,
shouldnt you read him his Miranda Rights? Miss?
You cant call a police officer that.
How can you beat the hell out
of your own brother?
Explain. Miss!
This morning, a woman in her 20s
jumped off a building.
Youre not sorry about throwing
a trash can at your brother.
How did you hit him right in the head?
Trash is drawn to trash.
Thats harsh.
What? Im being unfair?
If he didnt marry you,
he mightve passed the bar
and not been treated like he was.
Youre blaming me for that?
Must run in the family.
Even if I wanted to try again,
the old exams been abolished.
Look at him
Its hard even if he
focuses solely on studying.
Shut up, Chan-woong!
Hes easily distracted like his dad.
This is why I cant move out.
Please feel free to.
Ill manage on my own just fine.
You really think
you can get by without me?
This good-for-nothing
hasnt earned a dime his whole life.
Dont call him such a thing to his face.
How about useless?
Is that better?
How can you be eating?
Why would you be in Shinchon
at that time anyway?
- Youre just no use.
- Mom!!!
Stop screaming!
Didnt I tell you to go
in the morning?
Thats why you get treated like shit
by your brat sister.
Did I do something wrong?
Did you do something right?
Youre treated like crap
by your squad.
What do you know?
Im saying what I saw.
If I were treated like that,
Id hand in my resignation.
Well, times have changed.
Dont applaud yourself because
some clown gave you commendations.
Special Womens Task Force?
It makes me cringe.
Mom, should I arrest dad?
Why send her here
for disciplinary measure?
Its crowded as it is.
Were stuck with each other,
so lets just get over it.
Theres nothing to get over.
Its not exactly a bed of roses for me either.
Forced to be with you several days straight.
Some serious karma
Yes! I got it!
First row concert tickets.
Ill be able to smell BTS breath.
Isnt it almost impossible
to get those tickets?
If youre not me, yeah.
I crashed a few servers.
Hello, detective.
I was bullshitting.
Get your shit together.
How long is she here for?
Were cramped as fuck.
My husband is so embarrassing.
That videos trending fast.
Fuck my life
Shes not here for good,
is she?
That would be my doom!
No, shell go soon.
Could be an opportunity for me.
Her squads newbie is cute.
She can hook me up.
Youre thinking of romance
in this crisis?!
Did Butt Plug say anything?
Shit! Could I lose my job
to my sister-in-law?
Will you two stop and just talk?
Why is an aptitude test renewal
so complicated?
Take a number and wait.
Dont you see the people waiting?
Number 53!
Miss Cho, dont you think
youre being rude?
Yes, Miss Cho,
the admin assistant.
Youre here to serve people now.
Deal with them courteously and
with a smile.
Youre not a detective anymore.
- Jang-mi?
- Hm?
- Move the trash can, just in case.
- Sure.
You avoid shit because
its dirty, not because its scary.
Did you just call me shit?
Ill show you how its done.
Welcome to Civil Complaints.
How can I help you?
Please go to desk 1 for
complaints and petitions,
desk 2 for verifying
public information,
and desk 3 for penalty
and summary trials.
How may I be of assistance?
Id like to report
I can certainly help you.
Where are you going?
Hey! You forgot your phone.
Your phone!
- Call 911.
- Okay!
This is her phone.
Its locked.
I got it!
How did you unlock it?
Im not telling you.
You wouldnt understand anyway.
I hacked one just like it to get proof
my ex was cheating on me.
Just reminds me
of that psycho bastard
His unlocking pattern
was a middle finger.
Some mid shift entertainment?
Mrs. Park, did you make up
your mind about leaving?
Were you job searching just now?
If so, please continue.
Detective Cho, youre not
looking for trouble, are you?
I only took you in
because your boss begged.
There was no other team
willing to have you.
Jang-mi, dont get
swayed by bad influences.
Oh, no. I dont associate
with these slackers.
Thats good.
I like how you handle things.
You two no slacking.
I gotta meeting to go to.
I swear Im gonna cut her head off one day.
Ill bring the butter knife.
Cunning old hag!
We gotta check the phone
while Butt Plugs gone.
Isnt that the young woman?
What is this?
What is this?
Digital sex crimes.
They post private sex videos
of ex-lovers for revenge
or spy cam videos for fun.
The lowest of the low.
They either hide or blur out
their own faces.
With our internet infrastructure,
how fast they spread is amazing.
How do you stop them from spreading?
You gotta catch the site operator.
- Theyre releasing it at 1 tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Why wait til they get 30,000 likes?
Why not right away?
Thats how they operate.
They use it as a way
to increase the number of subscribers.
As long as the video remains on the deep web,
it can be contained.
But if someone puts it
on a file sharing site
Shit! I overheard this during lunch.
The case of a young woman
who jumped off a building,
its related to an online sex video and
will be handled by the cyber-crimes unit
but they have no capacity
to look into the case.
This girls only twenty
just started college.
How terrified she mustve been.
Theyre not just scumbags.
Theyre potential murderers.
Im going to the hospital
to meet the victims family.
My baby had no reason to kill herself.
Maam, I know its hard,
but I have some questions.
Was Seo-jin dating anyone?
Did you hear anything about that?
I dont know.
She never mentioned anything.
How could this be?
I know nothing about my daughter.
Im sorry, baby.
Im so sorry
Mommas so sorry
We found traces of
barbital meprobamate in her blood.
Whats that?
A narcotic substance
found in morphine or heroine.
We also found an anesthetic substance
used in surgeries.
Youre the case officer, right?
She didnt have a boyfriend.
She hadnt had one
since she started university.
What about
someone suspicious?
Im not sure but
there is one person.
Can you tell me?
Well we went to a club in Hongdae
that opened last week called
We were dancing when
two guys came up to us.
They invited us to join them
in their private room upstairs.
Seo-jin didnt want to go,
but the men looked okay
so I convinced her.
Hey. Hows it going?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Is champagne okay?
- Okay.
- Sure.
Give me some glasses.
They seemed like nice, interesting guys.
We drank champagne for the first time.
A guy who works in fashion
took me out to dance.
Seo-jin stayed and chatted with
a guy who imports perfumes.
A perfume importer?
Thats what he said.
I was dancing
when I gotta call from my mom.
I went to the restroom to answer.
When I finally went back upstairs,
everyone was gone.
Including Seo-jin.
Then what happened?
The next night, Seo-jin called.
She said she was really drunk,
so she took a cab home.
She seemed fine when
I saw her this week at school.
Then another friend sent me a picture,
asked if it was Seo-jin.
Its all my fault.
There are no signs of activity
on other similar sites.
Whoever posted this has
the same IP address as the site operator.
This is not a one man job.
Running a spy cam website
using crypto currency
thats systematic.
Organized crime?
Youre an IT expert and
you dont know excel functions?
How can you ask me such basic stuff?
Work on your computer skills.
Can I help?
I havent seen Detective Cho all day.
Where is she?
Well shes um
Taking a shit.
For this long?
- Terribly constipated.
- Sure is.
Like 45 minutes.
At a time.
45 minutes?
She nearly broke the toilet seat earlier.
You know, I live with her.
Dont go
The smell is just awful.
- I almost threw up.
- Man
Clean this up.
She scared the hell out of me.
Can you look into this site?
Its porn.
Can you locate the operator?
There are over 10,000 sites like this.
It cant be traced from Korea.
There is one way though
by requesting cooperation
from Interpol.
The downside?
They may never get back to you.
Time is of the essence here.
Look, were up to our eyeballs
in online civil complaints.
Everyone says theirs is a priority.
Were short-staffed.
This is serious.
You dont know that.
Theres no case yet.
Thats why Im requesting
a formal investigation.
You cant just come to us
and expect us to open a case.
Detective Oh told me
what a headache you are.
Cant you stay quiet?
Youre on disciplinary probation as it is.
Why come here
and throw this shit at me?
Were drowning under our
workload already!
Lets go! Move!
Hi, Detective Cho.
Are you kidding me?
Even if we file the case,
itll take at least 3 days to process.
Damn bureaucracy!
Cant you refer it to your squad?
Theyll just say its not their jurisdiction.
Time is of the essence with this.
Once the video goes online,
itll go viral.
What did the victims family say?
The mom doesnt know much,
but the doctor found narcotics
and anesthetic in the girls blood.
I also met the victims friend.
She mentioned a potential suspect.
The victim met four men
at a club last Friday.
Which one?
A club called Maze.
At Hotel Clair.
It opened this month.
Clair. Got it!
Ill check it out.
No, Miss Cho!
No more shitting in the office toilet.
Well take this case.
Theres no other way.
Jang-mi, we need your digital voodoo.
1am on the 13th, outside Hotel Clair.
Is this possible?
Jang-mi is in charge of traffic violations.
During the day,
she catches all illegal parking
and at night
Never mind.
Honestly, shes a hacker.
You sure you can find them this way?
This is all weve got.
Butt Plug has her eyes on us,
but we cant just sit idly.
Come on, weve got no time.
What was she wearing, Miss Cho?
A white blouse and jeans, Mrs. Park.
Dont go all sidekick,
Mrs. Park. and Miss Cho.
Well done, you.
Thats her, right?
White blouse and jeans.
Its her.
Theres the black sedan.
Gotcha, assholes!
Registration No. 56 S-3049
Ill go to the traffic department.
Hi, Ki-sun!
I heard you moved to traffic.
Can you run a plate for me?
56 S-3049
Got it. Thanks!
Its a fake.
Can you track the car via security footage?
I can damn well try!
Its speeding up.
Right at the crossroads!
Right at the restaurant!
No, its going straight.
Burger King!
Slipped into an alley.
Fuck, its fast!
Whats fast?
The internet speed is so fucking fast.
Careful, Miss Jang-mi.
Minus 3 points for foul language.
Fucking Butt Plug.
Relax. Are you still following?
I paused.
Of course.
Wow, arent you girls fast?
You gotta have quick wits to survive.
Shall we resume the chase then?
My lack of quick wit costed me 3 points.
How will you make it up to me?
Ill hook you up with our newbie.
Its going into a basement parking lot.
Location, Seogyo Road.
Okay! Ill get on it.
Keep your eye on the car.
What about Butt Plug?
A little more here?
Sounds good.
Go ahead and do it.
They are a family.
25 dollars for 2 hours.
Can I help you?
Im with Sungsan Police.
Id like to see your security footage
in relation to a case.
What day?
Last Friday.
It only stores the last 5 days.
I see. Do you remember seeing
a notably strange guest last Friday?
Everyone that comes here
is notably strange.
You and I, endless loves!
See? Plenty of notably strange.
Whats this about?
Im investigating a spy sex cam case.
Devices are so small these days,
you can fit them in pens.
It wont be easy to find.
You can even get glasses
installed with cameras.
Digital cameras are dirt cheap these days.
Im sure there will be cameras
as small as buttons soon.
Whats the world coming to?
When I was younger,
looking up my teachers skirt
through a mirror on my shoes
was about it.
This place is crawling with weirdoes.
Shes giving chase!
Lower your voice.
What is it?
I gotta go.
Leaving your post without permission
is minus 5 points.
5 points?
A girls life depends on this.
Fuck 5 points.
Besides, Ji-hye has no strength.
All she knows is how to throw stuff.
If Butt Plug asks for me,
tell her I was under so much stress,
my period started early.
Where did she go?
- Its me, Jang-mi.
- Hey.
- Look right.
- What?
Look right.
Where do I go?
Straight then the second right.
50 yards down
youll find the station.
- Ask for Civil Complaints.
- Ask for what?
Butt Plug. Forget it.
Keep moving. Dont stop!
- Wheres Crime Division?
- Go up.
- Go up?
- Pardon me?
Go up and youll see it.
Up the wall?!
What the hell are you doing?
How am I supposed to go up?
Oh, my bad! My bad!
Go back!
You just said go up!
It was someone else.
Youll see him when you pass the alley.
Come on. Hurry!
Get off!
He snatched a kickboard.
Shit, its motorized.
Come on, come on, come on.
You run slow as hell.
No way
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
Oh, I still got it!
Where did you get those?
Tucked away in a drawer.
I got them as part of my commendation
10 years ago.
After all these years
Its all coming back to me.
Fuck! Youre hurting me.
Did you say fuck?
You piece of shit!
Its you.
Detective Park?
Its Sang-du.
Urgh, stinks!
You still piss yourself like a dog?
Hey! Youre a druggie.
That girl had narcotic substances in her blood.
Thats right.
Those days are behind me.
I only do spy cams as a hobby.
Stop watching, shithead.
Men are all the same.
How can you tell?
Same equipment,
same angles, same methods.
One of the men
has a tattoo on his wrist.
A distinctive tattoo of a snake.
Same crooks. I guarantee you.
Anything else?
The girls look like they dont want it,
but they dont resist.
My expert opinion says
some kind of pig aphrodisiac
mixed with anesthetic.
A new drug.
New drug?
I heard from a friend of a neighbors
Theres this new drug
spreading around the US army base.
Whats it called?
Magic Perfume.
Magic Perfume?
Heard of Happy Balloons?
My team cracked down on that last year.
It was getting popular around
bars in the Hongdae area.
Its nitrous oxide sold in balloons.
When you inhale, it makes you giggle.
Hence the name Happy Balloons.
The new stuffs a hundred times stronger.
A hundred times?
When sprayed on the face,
you pass out.
then you wake up after about 30 minutes
but cant move your body.
Such a thing is in circulation?
The victims friend said our suspect
imported perfumes.
Get me the distributor.
How would I know that?
Okay, fine.
Lets go.
Hey! Hey!
Dammit Detective Park!
Did you just say dammit, Detective?
Theres a tattoo shop
behind the mosque in Itaewon.
You can get Magic Perfume
imported from Myanmar.
Thats what I heard from a friends neighbor.
How many likes so far?
Can you drive faster?
Do you have any weapons on you?
I had to turn them in.
But I gotta whistle.
Youre in uniform.
Yes! You ladies look so pretty!
Perfect look for you!
So damn pretty.
Thank you.
Wow, this is comfy.
XXL is the smallest theyve got?
Better than your uniform.
Youre so lanky, you remind me of
a scarecrow.
you graduated college.
Whats that got to do with this?
We want a perfume.
We want a new perfume from Myanmar.
I know you you have a new drug.
He swore just now, didnt he?
End the end.
End. End.
Maybe theres a password.
A password?
What was the first thing he asked?
If I wanted a tattoo.
Get one.
Hes not doing this for real, is he?
Theres gotta be a secret password.
Dont you watch movies?
If he does give me a real tattoo,
you know whats gonna happen?
Ask him again right before
he starts.
Then youll have passed the test.
If my team or my brother
find out I have a tattoo
Dont worry.
I wont let him do it.
Magic Perfume!
Bring me Magic Perfume.
Magic Perfume.
Perfume, perfume
Feel so high
You got it?
He got it. Yes!
Hold your breath.
How can he charge $150
for a few letters?
Did he rip us off because
we dont speak English?
The police of all police, the FBI!
Maybe this is the friends neighbor
Sang-du meant.
Lets get you one.
How about NYPD?
I picked the best one for you.
Nothing too big.
Hey, wait!
Wait, wait, wait!
Magic Perfume. Magic Perfume.
On your face.
Huh? Okay?
Glop. Glop.
Wake up after 30 minutes.
30 minutes. Wake up.
Thats uh the
Magic perfume. Magic perfume.
- Yeah.
- Perfume.
Jesus! That was close.
I think we found them.
What next?
What do you mean what next?
We bust their asses and get names.
Police work is leg work.
No, Im fine.
Thank you.
Isnt that the guy from the shirt store?
Hello, unpretty police.
That shirt looks ridiculous on you.
Son of a bitch
Hold on. Wait.
Turn the light back on!
Im scared.
Im shitting myself, man.
Oh, how I missed the feel of the grip
Youre not a cop.
Why the hell did you shoot?
Sorry. I got carried away.
- Sir!
- Sir!
Why are they in cuffs?
This person had ID on her,
but this one
Shes a detective on my squad.
Sorry, sir.
You forgot this
when you took your stuff.
Are those the men?
This smells like a good performance review.
Detective Cho rounded up them.
A network of runners.
Thanks to her appropriate use of a gun.
Oh my goodness, honey!
Sorry, I didnt recognize you.
Oh, its all in the past.
Mrs No. Detective maam
What do I call you?
Just call me, big sister.
We cant be that far apart.
Im 26 but sure,
Ill call you big sister.
When did you join the force?
There werent many female officers back then.
I was recruited through a young athletes
special admission program.
What program were you in?
Wrestling. Greco-Roman style.
Then, the baby came along and
Hey, wheres Chan-woong?
Thanks for taking care of him.
Hes a little rascal, huh?
He can throw a tantrum
when hes around strangers.
Not at all.
Hes being a real good boy.
That doesnt sound like him.
- Oh my God!
- What? What?
- That car with the fake plates.
- The suspects car?
I lost him after he left the motel,
but I found him again.
Hes heading to the club.
Give me the coordinates.
Just the two of us?
What then?
Youll leave us here and just go?
Come on, big sister.
This is our first big break
in 3 years.
We gotta use it to bring down
the entire distribution network.
But still
I thought you were after
a couple of peeping Toms.
- You can take Cho and arrest them.
- Yeah.
Okay, then.
These are not just everyday pervs.
They knock women out and rape them.
Come on, whos raping who?
Its just some leaked homemade sex videos.
No! How many times
do I have to tell you?
Even if it was consensual,
is it okay to circulate it freely?
Okay, fine. Suppose theyre not
just your average perverts.
You catch the scums
that circulated the videos,
they get fined $5,000,
then they all walk free.
Dont do this.
Weve gotta bigger case at hand.
As police officers,
youre just gonna watch a citizen in peril?
Arent we public servants
who protect and serve citizens
and maintain social orders?
Dont you see the priority here?
You may feel emotional
because youre a w-
What did you say?!
Sorry. That came out wrong.
I apologize. Okay?
Come on, Cho.
This is a big break for us.
Why get hung up on things
that are not our responsibility?
Like you said, we are public servants
who get assessed based on performance.
Ill go with you.
As a man who once aspired
to be a man of law
Sorry about my team.
Do you know why Im doing this?
Do I feel sorry for that girl?
As a woman?
Its because these women
will blame themselves for it.
Im angry that theyll think
it was somehow their fault
when they accidently got entangled
with bad men
and were drugged and violated,
and videotaped. Hows that their fault?
Why take their own lives?
The police are here to catch
those sons of bitches.
Dont say something corny right now.
They parked in the hotel
and went in the club.
OK. Thanks, Jang-mi.
Look at all those people.
How are we gonna get in
without a warrant?
Theres only one way.
Why didnt I think of this?
A cop lining up like everyone else.
We wanna keep a low profile.
The best strategy is to blend in.
Thats virtually impossible
with these flashy shirts.
What about the shirts?
You cant be too flashy
in a place like this. Aloha!
What would you know about...
You wore a black leather jacket
in the hottest part of summer.
Unlike you, college bookworm,
I had my partying years.
You have no idea how wild athletes party.
Ill feel it again after 15 years.
Oh, no. Stop.
No admission above age 30.
Next. Can I see your ID?
I just saw some men my age enter.
Are you discriminating against women?
Would you like to
purchase a booth seat then?
How much?
A bottle of champagne and vodka
for $1,100.
30 or under?
Do you know Hodori?
The Olympic mascot of 1988.
How do you know brother Hodori?
Are you a friend of his?
Whats your name?
Mi-young Park.
Ask him if he knows a Mi-young Park.
I see.
See over there?
Its a karaoke bar. Go sing for me.
Go on. Get outta here.
They were four men in their late 20s
and had a private room upstairs.
I love your shirt.
Its old school hot.
Let me buy you a drink.
Weve gotta table over there.
The perfume importer who talked with Seo-jin
was clean cut and had a sharp gaze.
My salary after mortgage is $1,100.
Go ahead and throw in more meat.
- More meat
- Okay.
What the hell?
Where did you get this?
Someone gave it to me.
Whats going on?
You gotta problem, lady?
Do you know her?
What do you want?
What a funny old lady
Sorry, its a crazy world so
What happened to my voice?
Shes fucking hilarious.
Did you say fucking?
Yeah, fuck you!
What are you, a fucking cop?
Im just a neighborhood woman.
Shit! Y.B.M.A, lady!
Youre breaking my arm!
Take out your cigarettes.
Take them out. All of you!
T.I.I.B, assholes!
Whats that?
Throw it in the bin.
Yes, maam.
Find a bin, dammit.
Were sorry, okay?
Lets see
- We passed 30,000 likes.
- No kidding?
Young bitches are the game!
Shell be famous after tomorrow.
Lets see who weve got today.
Goddammit! Shit!
They busted the tattoo shop.
Who did it?
Couple of bitch cops
came in and created a scene.
- They shot a gun.
- What?
Those bitches brought in all our boys.
Are we screwed too?
Shut the fuck up.
But the weird thing is
You know the Arabs shirt store?
They bought Hawaiian shirts from him.
What do you do for living?
Im a public servant.
What do you do?
I, uh
I have a small shop.
I run a gym. Please, drink up.
One of the men has a tattoo.
A distinctive tattoo of snake.
I see
Youre gorgeous,
with a great fashion sense.
A Hawaiian shirt, huh?
Excuse me.
Hey, FBI?
Shes been in there a while.
Why isnt she answering?
Oh my God Ji-hye.
Bro! Thats her.
You little shit
alright, alright.
I said alright.
Get out of the way.
Who the hell are you?
Careful. The bitch is real strong.
Do you lift weights?
Why are you poking around Happy Balloons?
You piece of shit!
Are you a black belt?
Let go.
Go there.
Hop on.
Hop on!
Pull over first.
What are you doing here?
I was worried, so I kept a look out.
Hop on.
Hold tight.
Youre dead, all of you!
Wake up
I thought you were FBI,
but youre with Sungsan Police.
And to think I thought wed hit it big.
Who are you?
A cop is a first, right?
Were gonna have to kill her.
Well test Philips new formula
then bury her.
Philip agreed.
What do you say?
Shit, man.
We dont gotta kill nobody.
That aint cool.
Im in for helping supply
and fucking girls for fun, you know?
How did your tattoo shop get busted?
I want to kill you right here and now,
but Im going to trust you.
Is that generous or what?
Gimme one more chance, man.
I gotta little freaked out
about killing a cop,
but Ill do as you say.
Ill go with it..
Back up everything we collected.
Pigs are on the move.
Well release the other video tomorrow
then open a new account.
Start over.
Okay, man.
Get started.
You worthless scum
What are you gonna do with
the girls video?
Is that how you found me?
Ill be damned.
I didnt know Korean police
cared about shit like that.
This is just for fun.
We use subscribers personal info
to sell dope.
This formulas good.
No need to bother with needles.
Do you think about
the lives of those women?
From the way youre babbling,
the meds seem to be wearing off.
Dont be scared.
You wont die right away.
That buddy of mine is
an Ivy league-educated genius.
Youll taste heaven before you go.
Lets enjoy it together, okay?
Wheres my sister?!
Who the fuck are you?
What the fuck?!
NYPD, assholes!
What the fuck are you sneering at?
Fucking bitch!
Fuck you!
I dont hit women,
but you stupid whores had to bother me, huh?!
Our locations exposed.
There will be other cops soon.
Mi-young, wake up!
Can you hear me, honey?
Ji-hye? Honey?
What are you doing? Grate!
If you wanna live,
grate for your life!
Honey! Stop grating.
Dont stop!
Hot! Hot!
Honey, look up!
Look out!
What are you doing? Why?
Whatre you doing?
Are you crazy?
- Hang in there!
- Ouch!
Grate away, come on!
Careful, honey!
Shut up.
So hot.
Come on, grate.
Keep grating!
Grate, you dummy!
Grate for your life!
Come on, Ji-cheol!
Go Ji-cheol!
1 2 3 4!
Now, run!
You okay?
Nothing happened, right?
Im fine.
Im sorry. I lost you.
Thankfully, your brother
was keeping watch.
Im so burned.
You think thisll leave a scar?
- Moron!
- Moron!
We almost had them.
It aint over til its over.
Keep them quiet.
Ive got a call. Shut up!
Major Crimes 3.
Kwak speaking.
Captains gone to the restroom.
There was a family emergency.
Jang-mi, did you follow them on CCTV?
Whats the matter?
Im sorry.
The like count is way past 30,000.
Itll be soon now.
Seo-jins passed a critical state
but what are we gonna do
if the videos released?
Im scared, detective.
Please help us.
I beg you.
Great work, newbie.
Congratulations on your promotion.
Its a job well done, team.
Captain, youll be promoted soon too.
Team dinner tonight?
This morning at 3am,
a woman in her 20s was found dead
in a college dorm room
in what appeared to be a suicide.
Its confirmed she is
a victim of a spy sex cam scheme.
There have been several cases this year alone.
The victim is reported to have
reached out to the police but
This morning at 3am,
a woman in her 20s was found dead
in a college dorm room
in what appeared to be a suicide.
Its confirmed she is
a victim of a spy sex cam scheme.
- What the fuck?
- What happened to her face?
Are you crazy?!
What was that for?
Why are you on the force?
Those bastards
that drug innocent women,
rape them, and film them,
post their videos online
to recruit more buyers for their drugs.
You know, people,
when they suffer something unfair,
reach out for help
because they cant deal with it alone.
But theres no one on their side.
Of course there are people around them,
but they have no power.
Thats what the police are here for.
If youre humans too,
shouldnt you be outraged with them?
While you were thinking about yourselves,
guess who was with those women?
Me! The load you dumped on
the Civil Complaints Dept.,
and a civil complaint handler
who got fired for helping me.
Shit. This
This washes off
but the victims lives
Detective Cho
Im ashamed to be a police officer.
Let me borrow this real quick.
Say who they are.
Im not a cop anymore.
Tell me where the fuck they are right now.
Who the hell are we?
Im sorry, Cho.
Ive got your back now.
Everyone, get your gear.
Forget performance reviews.
Forget embassy bullshit.
These fuckers take
the Korean Police for a joke.
You cant quit.
You were born to be a cop.
Hi, Chan-ok.
- Detective!
- Yes, maam.
The 11th Special Womens Task Force.
Detective Mi-young Park.
How did you know?
From your resume
when you first joined us.
So you knew
Im from the 3rd Task Force.
And I was the Squad Leader for Team 8.
Its tough for a woman
to be a detective in Korea.
It must be the same
for your sister-in-law too.
After I got married and had kids,
I still wanted to hold onto
the detective job I loved
but it just didnt work.
Because I was the task force leader,
they put me in charge of Civil Complaints.
That was 10 years ago.
Jang-mi told me everything.
Youve been chasing them since yesterday.
Well, I
Jang-mi is a former
National Intelligence Services agent.
After all her rigorous training,
she was assigned to
the Tweeter Opinion Manipulation Squad.
She was disenchanted
and came here voluntarily.
With 7 years on task force
and 10 years in Civil Complaints,
Ill put my career on the line
to back you up.
What are you doing?
Go on!
Lets go!
Youre hurting me.
Come on, sis. Get in.
Remember our motto?
Special Womens Task Force!
Lets round them up!
Maam no
Big sister,
the tattoo shop thugs gave it up.
We got the targets locations.
The website was just shut down
but they have backup files for sure.
You gotta secure them.
Get in. Were running out of time.
Im gonna castrate these pigs.
Go go go!
- Shes good at cursing.
- So cool
Your uniform.
Oh, Ji-hye
I kept it in the car
as a good luck charm.
Shall we round up some bad guys?
Lets round them up!
And take them down!
Attention, traffic division -
a black Audi sedan,
Registration No. 56 S-3049,
last seen in Sadang.
It may have taken the expressway.
Please locate.
The expressway, quick
Attention, all Civil Complaint
and Parking Monitor teams -
four men spotted outside
Twosome Sangam location at 3am,
locate their whereabouts ASAP.
Maam, we got their locations.
We got the locations.
Yong-suk Kwak,
Usadan Street, Itaewon,
Chan-young Sung,
an office building in Gongdeok,
Woo-jun Jeong and Philip Lee
are in their black Audi.
They just exited Banpo Bridge
heading southbound.
Well go to Gangnam.
Ill hit the Gongdeok office.
Im on Itaewon.
I checked Jeongs credit card.
He just bought a 3pm flight
to the Philippines.
Theyre trying to flee with the files.
Why are they headed to the city and
not the airport?
Teheran Road, Gangnam
The city terminal!
Theyre trying to check in
before getting on the wanted list.
Step on it.
Express delivery.
Express tickets to prison, asshole.
Got somewhere to be?
Im looking to get a tattoo.
How about the letters CIA?
And Ill get CSI.
Man, its heavy.
What have you got in here?
Magic Perfume maybe?
Come here.
Fuck you!
What are you doing?
Oh, youre trying to add 5 more years
for destruction of evidence?
Youre scared of this too?
You shouldve lived better.
Go to hell.
Youre trying so hard.
You hit one of ours.
This is payback.
Lets delete that one.
Anything you say, boss.
I questioned the operator.
Jeong has the files
on his necklace flash drive.
They plan to start operations in the Philippines.
And as they announced,
the video will be uploaded
on another site as scheduled
Were running out of time!
They made a left turn.
Mi-young, right at the next crossroad.
Jeong is stopped at a traffic light.
Keep straight and youll see him soon.
The lights about to change.
Got it.
Step on it, Detective Cho!
The light just changed.
See him?
Those fucking bitches!
Bring up the screen.
Get outta the way!
Whats this violent skill?
There they are!
Crazy whores!
Theyre going inside.
Get out of the way!
Son of a bitch
For fucks sake!
Outta the way! Sorry.
Outta the way, fuckers!
Son of a bitch
Youll take full responsibility?
Follow Jeong.
Ill be right behind you.
Get outta the way!
Piss off!
Whatre you saying,
you limp dick bastard?
How did you get out alive?
We grated. Thats how.
Is this it?
Great job, all of you!
Well done.
I dont see Jeong.
That tenacious bastard
Its just too crowded.
A revenge match.
Come here.
You piece of shit!
Get up.
Didnt I say I dont hit women?!
Stop filming.
Turn them off!
Ill kill you all!
You fucking pain in the ass
You gotta see blood before
you come to your senses?
Drop the knife.
Fuck you.
Im not going down alone.
Ill gut her before I die.
Lets talk. Drop the knife.
Stupid bitch
Ever shot a man before?
So youre a cop, huh?
The first rounds always a blank.
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
You want me to kill her?!
5 chambers,
giving you 5 to 1 odds.
Actually, 5 to 2 since youre a criminal.
What the fuck are you doing?
Ill shoot twice. If I hit a live one,
you can say adios to this life.
If I dont
If I dont
who knows.
Honey, no!
Lets go to hell, asshole!
You okay?
Would you like to do the honors,
Detective Cho?
Woo-jun Jeong
Youre under arrest for rape and kidnapping,
attempted murder, the manufacturing
and trafficking of illegal substances,
and the illegal distribution
of pornographic material.
You have the right to remain silent
and the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and may be used
against you in the court of law dipshit.
Where am I?
Im not even surprised this time.
What are you doing in the mall?
Oh, Im in the mall because
they have the last copy of
that book I told you about.
I went to the library
but they dont sell books.
Your brother
is innocent beyond imagination.
Im gonna have to keep looking.
Wait... I got stabbed in the leg.
What?! Where?
- Right there! Ow!
- You okay?
Clear the way, please.
Great job, Detective Cho.
Ill see you later.
Today at 1pm, in Coex Mall,
there was a full-on crack down
on a drug-sex crime ring
related to the suicide of several
young women.
Everythings going to be okay, Seo-jin,
You gotta wake up. Please.
RA Mi-ran
LEE Sung-kyoung
YOON Sang-hyun CHOI Soo-young
Written and Directed by
JUNG Da-won
Commendation No. 2341:
Sergeant Ji-hye Cho
Commissioner of the Seoul Police Agency,
Woo-jin Lee.
Letter of appointment:
Mi-young Park.
The above-named citizen made
a significant contribution
in bringing down
a spy cam crime ring,
dedicating herself despite danger
and performing a heroic deed
for public interest.
Commissioner of the Seoul Police Agency,
Woo-jin Lee.