Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023) Movie Script

Your kind words
and personality inspire us.
Your journey, scaling the highest peaks,
is a motivating force for us.
Wherever you go,
you will always be in our hearts.
Come on, guys.
Lots of orders. We've got this!
Yes, Chef!
- Joy, what's the order?
- Yes?
But that looks like it is rare.
- Make it again.
- Sure, Chef.
Hi, gorgeous.
Hi, DK. Busy day. Can't talk.
Oh, that's very good.
We want you to be busy,
but you must give some
time to your fans as well, right?
Not now.
As the chairman of Avinya Hotels,
I'm commanding you.
Come with me.
Oh, I... I beg you...
- Just five minutes.
- Oh, that's my child. Come!
Good morning.
- Mr. Mahesh.
- Yeah.
- Our chef Anvitha.
- Hello.
- Hi, ma'am.
- This food has many flavors.
- What a fantastic meal.
- Thank you.
- Carry on.
- Please enjoy your meal.
Now you can meet our Star Chef.
That was a delicious meal!
- Thank you.
- Can I get a selfie?
Yeah, sure. Please come.
- Thank you. Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
- Please, carry on.
- Thank you.
Mr. Raghu Rayudu.
One of our great architects.
- Hi.
- You know that...
Tower of Light!
- Yes.
- Designed by Raghu Rayudu.
- Everyone knows you.
- Our Star Chef...
Of course, Anvitha.
I reserved this table two weeks
in advance just to meet you somehow.
That's sweet.
Why don't you join me for a few minutes?
- Actually, today is...
- Anvitha, please.
I'm a big fan of your recipes.
But after watching your interviews
and reading your blogs, I became your fan.
Especially the interviews that you
gave after becoming the Star Chef.
Your journey, your passion,
the heights that you have reached. Wow!
Truly amazing.
Your hunger to present
every recipe as a new recipe,
the research that you do for that,
and the first pizza
that you made for your mom...
I have never mentioned...
making pizza for my mom
in any of my interviews or blogs.
Did my mom send you here?
She thought it would be better
for us to meet and talk to each other.
I'm so sorry.
Actually, my mom keeps doing such
things in the hope of getting me married.
Marriage and relationships...
No, not for me.
And I am really sorry
for the inconvenience.
The bill is on me.
The hero says, "You are
working under the government,
but we are making the
government work under us!"
- Oh, my God, that's so deep.
- Yes, very powerful.
Don't trouble the trouble!
If you trouble the trouble,
trouble troubles you.
I'm not the trouble. I'm the truth!
I'm the truth!
- I'm the truth!
- Did you understand?
- No. Not at all.
- No?
But that's in English.
I don't have any idea.
- Mom, what did he say?
- How can she not understand this?
- Hi.
- Hi, Anvitha.
- It was fun! Thank you.
- Sure.
- See you soon.
- Jai Balayya!
- Jai Balayya!
- Jai Balayya!
- Jai Balayya.
- Jai Balayya.
We had a good time
watching with your mom.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
How was your day, dear?
I'm hungry. Give me something to eat.
What happened at the restaurant?
Did you meet someone new?
Now you are sending them
to the restaurants as well?
What is this, Mom?
That's my workplace.
It's already too late.
When are you planning to get married?
The same answer.
What do you mean?
Aren't married couples happy?
But I'm happy this way.
I'm thinking practically,
and you are being emotional.
Look at the world around you.
People are even struggling
to stay together.
Are any of the married people happy?
My life is under my control.
I don't want
to give it away because of love,
marriage, or relationships.
Are all married couples
getting separated?
You have, right?
So, what do you say?
You want to be all
alone all your life, do you?
You lived a lonely life, and so will I.
But without any regrets.
You have answers to all my questions.
But I don't have much time
to convince you.
Until recently,
I was told I had a few years,
but now they say it's the final stage.
I just have a few months it seems.
What am I supposed to do now?
We all come here with an expiry date.
My time will soon be up,
so I must not waste any more time.
Just be carefree.
As Balayya says,
"If you trouble the trouble,
trouble troubles you!"
I want to live my final days
in a place that feels like mine.
Send me to India.
Beginning of a new life!
Hey, Kavya!
- Hey, Anvi!
- A new day has begun!
- Come on, let's go.
- A new time has begun!
Hi, Keeru!
- Aunty!
- A new chain of memories has begun!
The beginning...
The winds of this place
Will fill the heart with affection...
And evoke the good old memories
With wholehearted laughs
Times are beautifully spent
And give wings to our lives
As long as we live
Hey, frowned face.
Anvi would also sit in this corner
- when she was upset.
- Hey...
Aunty, I know.
I have been watching her since childhood.
It's heavy.
- In this...
- Don't worry about that.
- In this...
- Take rest.
Let me finish.
Hey, are you trying
to flirt with my girl?
She is not an ordinary girl.
She won't marry anyone.
She will never marry in her life.
If you waste your time
after my daughter,
you will also remain
single in your life.
Go and find someone else.
Mom, take these medicines on time.
Eat on time, and don't stress yourself.
Call me if you need anything.
I'll see you later.
- You better take care of yourself.
- Wish me all the best.
- All the best.
- Bye.
The world that you
Built around is very special
You are welcomed everywhere
There is actual happiness in giving love
Don't hide your feelings
In the mask of reality
Our goal is to provide
an experience to our customers.
Food is not some magic.
It's a science.
And our kitchen is our lab.
Every ingredient used here, its texture,
flavor, temperature, ambiance,
and presentation are all part
of the recipe that we create here.
Every ingredient must be tested
and measured precisely before use.
Nagma Noodles are ready.
I am hungry.
Serve me.
You are a chef, why don't you eat at
your restaurant when you are so hungry?
Aunty, she gets hungry only
after seeing you.
What is this?
What are you doing?
Hail Balayya!
Hail Balayya!
What happened?
East or West, Balayya is the best.
- Hello.
- Ma'am, you have a call from Kavya.
Tell her I'm busy
and I'll call her later.
I think it's urgent, ma'am.
Hey sweetie, I'm alright.
What you said earlier was wrong.
I'm not alone.
I have you.
But for you?
You need a hand that can hold onto your
dear life when it is slipping away, Anvi.
When you get the right partner
whom you can trust,
don't let him go.
I'm just sleeping, not dead yet.
Both are not the same!
I am...
I'm sorry for your loss, Anvitha.
I miss her, DK.
I knew that she had less time...
but I never thought it was this less.
I still feel she is somewhere around.
I need some time to come back.
Of course, I understand.
Take your own time.
Thank you, DK.
Thanks for the call.
Take care.
Come home soon. I'm waiting for you.
I'm getting bored.
Anvi, I'm hungry.
Will you get me some ice cream?
I never thought it would
be so vacant without my mom.
Life feels so empty.
It's killing me every day.
Your mom feared this day
until her last breath.
If you don't have someone to call family,
you'll always feel lonely, Anvi.
What you said earlier was wrong.
I'm not alone.
I have you.
But for you?
You need a hand that can hold onto your
dear life when it is slipping away, Anvi.
What's the important
matter you wanted to share?
I want to become a mom.
That means...
Wait a minute.
Do you want to get married?
This is not a matter,
this is an occasion!
I need to get pregnant
to become a mom and not married.
Can we go to that corner table
and talk discreetly?
Now tell me, what were you saying?
- I need a family.
- Okay.
But why does
that family need to be a husband?
Can't it be my baby?
So, are you thinking
about adopting a baby?
the only relationship I trusted
and felt happy about...
is the one between my mother and me.
I want a similar relationship.
Like I was a support
to my mother, like Keeru is to you,
my baby will be my support.
Life will be sorted!
Sorted, my foot.
Do you want to become a
mother without getting married?
Do you realize what this
society will speak about you?
Kavya, two words...
"My life."
Since I know you, I can understand you.
Okay, you have bypassed the marriage,
but don't you need a man to get pregnant?
There is a way.
Ms. Anvitha.
Status, single.
Doesn't want to get married
but wants to become a mother.
It's legal.
I know.
You don't need IVF in your case.
- IU...
- Doctor, IUI, right?
You have done your research.
Let me explain the procedure.
We shall select a donor,
take his healthy sperm,
and inseminate it artificially.
- Ovulation...
- We inject it during ovulation, right?
This must happen under
the supervision of a doctor.
- Don't google it.
- Sure, doctor.
Thanks, ma'am.
After six weeks,
you'll hear the good news.
I'll give you a form.
It's about what color the baby
should be or the weight or height...
Doctor, any color is fine.
- But the features...
- Wait...
The details are in the form.
Just tick the required options.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- We'll come back.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Madam, how long
will we use the magazines?
Get updated. Fix a TV inside.
It's taking too long to get to the point.
- Shall I arrange a 3D glass as well?
- That'd be great.
Excuse me.
He was...?
Sperm donor, ma'am.
Anvi, look there.
One of them is going to be the
biological father of your baby.
-Yes, ma'am.
can I know the personal details
of the donor?
No. That's not legal, ma'am.
As per law,
we won't give the donor's details to you,
nor will we give your details
to the donor.
This is for your safety
so that you don't face
any further complications.
But you are unnecessarily
getting paranoid.
Look there.
"Good is not good enough."
That is my policy.
I'll conduct all the
medical tests personally
and get the donor that suits
your requirements. Believe me.
Medical tests are fine,
but what about the character,
and family heredity...
We can check the
sperm quality of the donor,
but checking the donor's quality
through sperm is not possible, ma'am.
Moreover, this is not a marriage
where you need to assess his qualities.
This is more than that, doctor.
This is the standard procedure, ma'am.
But I can't take it for granted.
It's very important
for me to find these details.
Kavya, I select every ingredient that
goes into my recipe with utmost care.
And, here it's my baby.
But how?
Doctor, can I get my own donor?
That means, without my involvement...
- No, that's not what I meant.
- Oh.
Can I select my own
donor and get him here?
Yeah, that's not illegal.
You can do that.
You can.
Okay, I'll get back to you.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
is not good enough?
- Now will you search for your donor?
- Yes.
How do you get such ideas?
You want a baby but won't get married.
Now you want to find a man
with the qualities you want in your baby
and get pregnant by him.
This is crazy!
Insane! I mean, amazing!
Our golden doll and flawless beauty
Has taken a big stride in life
She broke the shackles of traditions
And orthodox thoughts and marched ahead
She doesn't like the event called marriage
She doesn't even attend one
She wants to be single
And is in no need of a companion
She is an independent lady!
I don't need any suggestions
No, please!
I don't need eyes
That break apart my dreams
Don't try to ridicule me
Never ever!
I am not ready to suffer for life
- Your friendship...
- No, no, no!
- Your enamourment...
- No, no, no!
- A relationship...
- No, no, no!
- Any commitments...
- No, no, no!
I don't have time to love!
- Your friendship...
- No, no, no!
- Your enamourment...
- No, no, no!
- A relationship...
- No, no, no!
- Any commitments...
- No, no, no!
I wish not to remain a painful memory
And I desire not to cross paths again
I haven't found a macho man
With whom I can match yet
With whom I can match yet
- Your friendship...
- No, no, no!
- Your enamourment...
- No, no, no!
- A relationship...
- No, no, no!
- Any commitments...
- No, no, no!
I don't have love in my life
I don't want to be involved
In anything that halts my life
In the age of smartphones
In the era of the internet
I don't need the pain of connecting
And disconnecting like a Wi-Fi
No, thank you!
I don't want to
Become a dutiful wife
Why would I want to
Throw myself in a storm?
I don't need any suggestions
No, please!
I don't need eyes
That break apart my dreams
Don't try to ridicule me
Never ever!
I am not ready to suffer for life
I haven't found a macho man
With whom I can match yet
With whom I can match yet
I'm searching everywhere
But there is no sign of the one
Whom I can mark
Whom I can mark
- Your friendship...
- No, no, no!
- Your enamourment...
- No, no, no!
- A relationship...
- No, no, no!
- Any commitments...
- No, no, no!
- A relationship...
- No, no, no!
- Any commitments...
- No, no, no!
Searching for the perfect donor...
is not as easy as I thought.
You are searching for a man.
It's not that easy to find...
the right man.
Why are you laughing?
Sorry, madam. I didn't laugh at you.
Actually, there is a person
performing stand-up comedy.
I laughed remembering his jokes. Sorry.
Marriage is like engineering...
no one wants to do it,
but everyone has to do it!
What's up, boys?
Single people make some noise!
Why are you getting so excited?
What's so exciting about being single?
- Are you newly married?
- Yes.
Look at them.
You can't pass a needle between them.
They are sitting so tightly together.
And look at them. Ten years of marriage,
with space for ten people in between.
Where did you meet each other?
She works as HR in my office.
She works as HR
in the same office as you work?
I've heard
of HR interviews leading to jobs,
but it's the first time I've heard
of HR coming home post-interview.
Just imagine her interview once.
So, where do you see yourself
in five years?
Well, on your lap, madam.
- How did you find out that she is the one?
- Love at first sight.
- Love at first sight?
- Yeah, bro.
Do you watch a lot of movies?
This started in the movies, right?
The "love at first sight" thing!
Every movie, bro!
The heroine enters the frame...
in slow motion
and helps the nearby blind man
to cross the road.
And the hero falls for her instantly.
That blind man is also in shock,
"Why are you helping me cross the road?
I just crossed the road
and went the other way,
and now this sister has made me
come to the same point.
I left home to go to Kukatpally,
but now I'm in Uppal."
Bloody, love at first sight!
Love changes
from generation to generation, bro.
In our parents' and grandparents' times,
many didn't meet before marriage.
They saw each other in just photos.
In most cases, the couple saw each other
on the night of their marriage.
Then, there was no "love at first sight."
It was "make love at first sight."
And coming to our generation,
it is very simple.
Love at every website!
Every bloody website!
Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat.
If you are desperate like him,
then LinkedIn!
Nobody knows what love is
in our generation.
After the boy and girl have
done everything with each other...
and there is still some feeling left
between them,
that last bit of feeling is probably love.
Thank you very much. My name is Sidhu.
Sidhu Polishetty. Thank you.
He is making people laugh at the truth.
Practical and smart.
Great combination.
Yeah, usually funny
people have smart minds.
True. Looks like a potential donor.
Actually, I'll go and...
Hello, what will you say?
"Excuse me, please.
I want some of your sperm."
He'll run away.
Hey, he is my boss.
- Hi. Good job, Sidhu.
- Thank you, sir.
Don't miss this time. Okay.
It takes time
to complete all your checks anyway.
Take it slow.
My boss laughed for the first time, dude.
If he laughed,
that means the show was a hit.
- Are you sure?
- Next time, ask for the payment.
For now,
adjust with the free coupon.
- I'll join you soon. The bar is that way.
- Okay.
Hi, Sidhu.
Oh, hi.
I'm Anvitha...
and in two words, outstanding show.
Thank you very much.
You want a beer?
No, thanks.
Even if you had said yes,
I wouldn't have bought you one.
I can afford this
because they are offering
me a free beer for performing here.
Don't they pay you for the show?
I guess you don't know much
about stand-up comedy.
There are three things absent
in stand-up,
honor, dignity, and money.
You won't believe it,
I performed at an event,
and as payment, they gave me a mixer.
Guess what I did! I made chutney in it.
- Brother, squeeze a lemon in it.
- Sir.
- Okay, sir.
- Do you need a coupon for that too?
Talk to him.
- Lemon.
- Sidhu.
Oh, autograph?
Sure. Hey, give me your pen.
- Sidhu, no...
- Don't hesitate...
You came for the show.
- Actually...
- Thank you so much.
Hope you enjoyed the show.
You are totally mistaken.
Anvitha, Master Chef,
Avinya Group of Hotels.
We organize a lot
of corporate shows at our hotels.
I was wondering if you could
showcase your talent in the upcoming show.
It will be a great opportunity.
Please, give it back.
One minute.
Hi, I'm Sidhu Polishetty.
Fully corporate
and fully professional comedian.
I can do cryptocurrency jokes,
- although I have no currency.
- I get it.
- So let's meet and see where it goes.
- Sure...
I'll see you. EOD.
Corporate. End of Day.
He is giving me an autograph,
assuming I'm his fan.
- Hi!
- Kavya, my friend. Corporate.
- Oh, Corporate? Nice.
- Yeah.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah, sure.
- Come.
- Right.
Who are they? Fans?
- Beer.
- She is a chef at a five-star hotel.
She said she'd give me a chance
to perform at a corporate show.
She liked my gig.
Nice, man.
- Cheers. Yes!
- Cheers.
Lucy, come.
Look, the guy gave me
a bunch of curry leaves for free.
Is she even listening?
Are you worshiping again?
You are doing nothing
to help in this matter.
Since our son is not getting married,
I'm doing a six-week vow
to Maangatamma.
After this, he will
definitely get married.
Has your God told you to fast
and take a vow for marriage?
My mom did nothing of this sort,
but I still got married.
Didn't I find you?
- Shall I do one for you as well?
- Please do.
If I find a good girl,
I'll start a second family.
I'll kill her.
By the way, is the hero awake or not?
I have finished my turn.
Now it's your turn.
It's already 11 a.m.
Won't he go to work?
Dear God...
Remotes are safer in a
dad's hands than the child's...
because the remote
gets beaten only twice.
Good joke.
The most disliked phone
by Indian dads is One Plus.
Because its tagline says...
Never settle!
What is this?
This looks like your handwriting.
No, this is not my handwriting.
Oh, this?
This is my office document.
It has codes written on the backside.
Where are the codes? I can't see it.
Braille code, you can't see it.
I can't see it?
Who is the uncle in that photo?
Jerry Seinfeld. Stand-up comedian.
Like the worms
that we find in our bathroom?
- Not worms or cockroaches.
- So?
- Jerry. Jerry Seinfeld.
- Jerry?
American stand-up comedian.
Like Brahmanandam?
He does comedy in films.
Stand-up is like cracking jokes
on the stage.
Like Burrakatha...
performers in the villages.
It's not Burrakatha, Dad.
Stand-up. It needs a
lot of mind to be applied.
Don't they do any other job?
That is their job, Dad. I...
- I...
- You?
Maintain discipline,
they might kick you out of the job.
Job is no big deal, Dad.
I can find another if this is lost.
Is that so?
Good. By the way,
I want to tell you something.
What is that?
I didn't even tell this to your mother.
What is it?
Your grandfather earned millions
and gave them to me.
But I have not told this to anyone
and raised you like a normal kid
with just my salary.
- Really?
- Really.
Oh, my God, Daddy...
- Just don't be my...
- Just don't be my...
Focus on your job,
or you'll be on the roads. Got it?
Go and get ready.
- Was that a joke?
- Of course, it was.
- Hello, sir.
- Hi, Sreenu. One Kings.
How is your mother, sir?
She's good.
She's searching
for a Queen for this King.
Recently, you have not gotten
as many inquiries as before.
What's the matter?
Have you joined forces with my parents?
It's all your blessings, sir.
Shut up.
Make a nice Kolkata pan for me.
- Meanwhile, I'll go in and show my face.
- Okay, sir.
What's this, sir?
There are still five minutes
to go for lunch.
Why are you so early?
I wanted to see you.
That's why I came early.
Stay within your limits.
Did everyone go to lunch?
You have eaten half of it,
what should I eat?
Mr. Aravindu!
- Your name itself means half-meal.
- Ara...
- Aravindu!
- Hello, HR!
I'm discussing taking
our company to further heights
even during the lunch hour.
Please consider hiking my salary.
To which height? Fourth floor?
I can take it even higher.
To the tenth floor.
Dude, use these jokes
in your stand-up comedy.
You might at least get an opportunity.
I have got one. It's a big corporate...
Dude, I need to go.
If the boss asks,
say something and manage.
Please don't eat this, okay?
- Sidhu!
- Sidhu...
Hello, madam. I have a meeting
with Ms. Anvitha at one o'clock.
- Did you check the time?
- It's a waste of time to check the time.
Ma'am doesn't meet people
who are not on time.
She doesn't like non-punctual people.
- I am punctual.
- Really?
Actually, I had to take care of a
punctured tire. That's why I'm late.
I might listen to your excuses,
but if you tell her the same thing,
she will grill you.
Chef... Grill...
Very funny.
Tell her Sidhu is here.
Please call.
- Ma'am?
- Yes.
Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
There's someone named Sidhu here
to meet you.
I told him he was late,
but he won't budge.
That's okay.
Ask him to sit in my cabin.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Yeah!
I will be there.
- Hi, Sidhu.
- Oh, hi.
Is your timing always off?
My comedy timing is never off though.
for whom is the show?
I mean, how many people, when, and where?
Before telling you the details,
I have some questions.
Oh, your company would
have certain policies, right?
Please shoot.
- I saw your profile.
- Yeah.
You studied engineering, but you
are now pursuing stand-up comedy.
Isn't that the process?
I mean, didn't you first decide to become
a chef and later study engineering?
I wanted to become a chef,
and I became one.
If everyone starts following
their passions directly,
what will happen to our traditions?
We are supposed to not do anything
that we have liked since our childhood,
then do engineering
for the sake of our parents,
then get a job that is nowhere related
to that degree and be frustrated in life.
The parents will then find joy
in our frustration.
That is our tradition.
You and your western values.
What is your strength?
I do comedy whenever
there is an opportunity.
Your weakness?
I do comedy,
irrespective of the situation I'm in.
Let us say, for example,
if you have something valuable
that would change somebody's life,
will you help them?
Do you mean, a free show?
Won't they pay me?
Won't you get me
at least a mixer or an iron box?
- That's okay, I'd do it as charity.
- No...
You will get your payment.
Oh, nice.
Let's imagine Raju has seven kids.
On one track,
there is his grandma,
and on the other track,
there are seven kids.
The train is coming at full speed...
and Raju can save only one of them.
If you are in Raju's place,
who will you save?
How is this railway track
related to my comedy track?
Our marketing team has
prepared these questions.
Those who have prepared such questions
must be thrown on that track.
Raju has seven kids?
Forget about the train,
we must first stop Raju.
- The basic interview is over.
- Okay.
You can go now.
- Yeah, sure.
- We'll get in touch.
Would I get any advance?
Honor, dignity, and money...
Got it!
He gave all the funny answers,
thinking it was an interview
for a stand-up comedy.
I must find out who
Sidhu is in real life.
- Then let's investigate.
- What?
I broke up with a suspicious
husband for five years.
I know very well how to judge a man.
Just follow me.
- Where are we going?
- Come, I'll tell you later.
Sidhu Polishetty!
Gender - male. Age - 25.
Blood group - O-negative.
Lives in BHEL.
Facebook status is single.
He has a minuscule software job
at a start-up company.
No criminal history.
I checked online
if he has any FIRs in his name.
Coming to his parents...
Kavya, what is this?
Where are we going?
Let's start from his office.
What? Office?
Kavya, no way. That's his workplace.
You don't know anything.
If you want to know about a
man then this is the right place.
Kavya, the office is on that side.
If the office is on the east, then on
the north, you'd find the pan seller.
So what?
The first step of the
investigation starts from there.
Tell me, madam.
Which cigarette do you want?
- Do you know this person?
- Mr. Sidhu.
How much does he owe you?
He makes no business for me.
He doesn't smoke, what will he owe me?
Then, gutka, zarda, khaini?
He occasionally comes here to get
a sweet pan that too without sweets.
He must be health conscious.
Okay. Thank you.
Hello. Sidhu must have
received a marriage proposal.
The girl's family has come
to inquire about him. Take care.
This is Sidhu's chair.
I just sat on it for two minutes,
and immediately I got a promotion.
Sidhu has a helping nature.
I saw him giving a watch to the
watchman with the bonus that he received.
Since then, my time has changed.
Never have I seen him coming
to the office after ten.
Sidhu believes that "sharing is caring."
In fact, he offers the last peg
to be shared.
- I mean, egg.
- Egg.
The egg in the tiffin box.
- Girlfriends? Love stories?
- Girlfriends?!
I've never seen Sidhu
talking to a girl, except one.
Except for Siri on his iPhone.
There are only emails in Sidhu's life,
but no females. Poor guy.
Rajesh is a wonderful guy.
Whoever marries him would
be the luckiest girl in this world.
Nobody would let Rajesh go.
Who is Rajesh?
Aren't you here for Rajesh?
We are Sidhu's friends.
Sidhu is a wonderful guy.
Whoever marries him would
be the luckiest girl in this world.
Nobody would let Sidhu go.
Hey Sreenu, one Kings.
Smoking is injurious in this situation.
Have you gone crazy?
The girl's family has
come to inquire about you.
Their investigation is still going on.
Which girl?
Look around you might find out.
Wait, just a minute...
Look at the glow of this groom-to-be!
- Everybody is saying positive things...
- Oh, shit!
- Hello, madam. Hello!
- Turn around.
I saw you. Come back.
So what? We are not scared.
What are you both doing here?
Why do you care if I smoke or not?
Background check.
Background check? For what?
I have to perform a stand-up show
in your hotel, that's it, right?
Why are you making a big scene out of it?
We have important celebrities
attending the corporate shows.
We have to take care of all these things.
What's the guarantee
that you wouldn't murder anyone
after performing on the stage?
Excuse me!
We are stand-up comedians, not criminals.
By the way, if you want to know
about the content of your show,
come to the open mic sessions
and not to my office.
What is an open mic?
It is a place where we test our jokes.
at five o'clock in the evening,
we will come to the open mic.
I'll see you there.
Let's go.
What happened, sir?
Is the marriage fixed?
I lied so much about you that you
are a good man with a good heart.
Sir, give me 500 rupees.
Why 500 rupees?
What you said was true, wasn't it?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
That was a brilliant skit, Phani.
Please hold on to your laughter
because the comedian
on stage is about to double it.
Please welcome Sidhu.
- Thanks.
- All the best.
Keep it going for Sai Kiran.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I have a guest here, so laugh
a little more. Don't embarrass me.
I don't understand the concept
of fine dining in five-star hotels.
- You must have gone.
- Yes.
No, not you.
You won't find cooks there,
only Master Chefs.
One thing that I understood is
that the more difficult it is
to pronounce the name of the dish,
the more posh that hotel is.
Am I right?
First, a waiter will come to you.
"Sir, would you like to have some
baked Feta Soma Carpaccio with
Grilled Aubergine Eggplant and Ravioli?"
Can you come after five minutes,
let me first by-heart what you said.
He comes after five minutes.
What would you like to have, sir?
I will have... third page, fourth item.
How will I pronounce that?
Finally, after one hour,
he comes with a plate
that has something
like a snake on top of it.
It's then that you
find out that the item...
you ordered was brinjal!
It's bloody brinjal!
I got angry. I called the waiter.
Hey, come here. Come over here.
- What is this? Brinjal, right?
- Yes, sir.
Then why do you name it
Aubergine and Fanelli?
Can't you name it "Brinjal"?
Sir, if we name it "Brinjal," how will
we charge 5000 rupees for that dish?
Sir, this is fine dining.
We have fined you for dining here.
Thank you very much, guys.
My name is Sidhu.
Thanks for coming. Thank you very much.
Hey, thanks, man.
Thank you.
- Wonderful, Sidhu.
- Hey.
-Thanks for coming. Come, sit
That was an amazing skit.
Our next performer is Priya.
- That was funny.
- Thank you.
We would only kill with laughter.
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
Since when are you into stand-up comedy?
- I mean, you are such a natural.
- Thank you.
What do you like in stand-up comedy?
Look at him.
He might be going through a breakup,
she might be having health issues,
and most of them might be
having financial issues,
but when we stand there on stage
and deliver our jokes,
their problems just vanish.
At that moment...
it feels like life is
not so hard, it's good.
That is the power of comedy.
My client is impressed,
and I'm happy with that.
Leave aside the impressed part.
Why did you joke about Master Chefs?
That was not about you.
It was some other hotel.
Anyway, what is this Grilled Aubergine?
Can't you call it Brinjal?
Have you ever tried Grilled Aubergine?
That's a waste of time.
We have a famous brinjal fritters stall
nearby. First, try an item from there.
Come with me. Come.
"Famous Chili Fritters Center."
Yeah. I already told you that it's famous!
Come. Hey, Mallesh!
Hello, sir.
Madam is a famous chef
in a big five-star hotel.
So don't use your regular engine oil
and use some special Vatika oil
for this time.
Why are you letting out our secrets, sir?
- I'll use Parachute oil this time.
- Okay.
We are kidding.
Is he a stand-up comedian too?
No, he has a stable income.
- Sir. Please have.
- Thank you.
- Is this your famous brinjal fritter?
- Please try.
How is it?
It's a little spicy.
It should be spicy,
it suits this climate.
Eat slowly.
By the way,
why did you want to become a chef?
My mom.
She was my inspiration.
Mom used to cook me a variety of dishes...
with unique names for each one.
Chiranjeevi Chai.
Balayya Biryani.
Nagma Noodles.
She was something.
Very funny.
She made food an experience...
and I loved it.
I still recreate her recipes.
Every time I create, the fragrance...
reminds me of my mom.
That's my chef story.
That's why it is said that
every mom's cooking is unique.
My mom also makes some amazing dishes.
In fact, she makes a
buffet out of divine offerings.
You know what,
you should definitely come over sometime.
If you and my mom are in the same kitchen,
it will be one hell of a dish.
My home is nearby,
you know, in Doyen's Colony.
It's on Street Number 10 in that colony.
You must definitely come to our house.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
- It seems the boy is finalized.
- Not yet.
But he may get finalized.
No girlfriends, great sense of humor,
- and is very passionate about his work.
- That's great.
I think he is honest too.
- He analyzes everything in detail.
- Wow!
That is such a big tick for you.
And... he invited me to his home.
Wow. What a chance!
Today, I'm drinking until my gut bursts.
What's the occasion?
She is a Goddess.
She is something else.
I only have friends who always
ask for free tickets to my show.
Has anyone offered me
any opportunity so far?
The corporate show is on, baby!
Everything is fine.
What's the problem now?
Qualities are good.
But what about family background,
history, and health checks?
I have an idea!
She is such a big chef,
yet she is so grounded.
She laughs heartfully.
NRIs are friendly with everyone.
Don't get excited.
She would have already forgotten you.
One minute.
Give me the opener.
What did you say?
She would have forgotten me?
Look, she is calling me.
Hi, Sidhu. Are you free to talk?
Yeah, sure. Tell me.
Sidhu, if you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
Please, ask anything.
Do you remember my friend, Kavya?
One of her relatives is
undergoing surgery tomorrow.
There is an urgent requirement
for O-negative blood.
What is your blood group?
My blood is not that red,
so maybe it might not suit them.
Sidhu, sorry.
I didn't know who to ask for help.
That's why I called you.
If you mind, let it be.
I was reluctant to help Kavya,
but if it's for you, I don't mind.
Are you sure?
Yes. I'll donate my blood.
Thank you so much, Sidhu.
Then I shall...
I shall message you
the details of the place.
Thank you so much.
Have a good night.
Good night.
And... sweet dreams.
The drinking program is canceled.
You may drink the whole thing.
Why? What happened?
We must help our fellow humans
when they are in need.
There is a blood donation
program tomorrow. All this is for you.
I'll drink after donating the blood.
Tomorrow, you have
your first corporate show.
Finish the show and collect your pay.
Why are you getting
involved in this charity?
Don't talk like a bloody alcoholic, man!
We have a soul-level connection.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
Sidhu, you are late.
This is the problem
with the NRIs, madam.
You don't maintain
the Indian Standard Time.
- Hi, Anvitha. I was waiting for you.
- Sidhu.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Sidhu, you may go in.
This way?
-Yeah, okay.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
My biceps are strong.
Be careful, the needle
might break into two.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
- Hello.
- Oh, God.
Don't cry. It's over.
Is it?
there is a lady outside.
Don't tell her anything, please.
Shall I tell her that the needle
broke because of your biceps?
Better. Sister, thanks.
What is this for?
For blood tests.
- Blood test?
- Yes.
But I was told it was a blood donation.
To test whether it is suitable
for donation or not.
Sister, hello.
I'm a universal donor.
- What is this?
- Keep pressing.
Why is she worried about your reports?
- Is she your sister?
- Sister?!
Just because you are a sister doesn't
mean that every girl should be my sister.
- She could be my girlfriend.
- Girlfriend?
She looks older than you.
Sister, do you know what an
English poet said about love?
The relationship between
the boyfriend and girlfriend
should be like that
between a blood donor and recipient.
It should just match.
Thank you.
Done, madam.
I must have donated
some three to four liters.
Thank you, Sidhu.
You saved my day.
Take this juice.
Eat properly and take rest
for the whole day.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
You are so concerned about me.
Thanks, madam.
Don't call me madam, Sidhu.
Call me Anvitha.
My heart has flown away
Don't think about age in love
Oh, Daddy...
- Hello.
- That's not the lyrics.
Really? Did they change?
Aren't these the original lyrics?
Leave that.
Look at this photo.
How is this girl?
Wow! Who is this sister?
Are you being overly smart?
Shall I take out my belt?
She is a potential match for you,
and you are calling her sister!?
Look at her,
and I'll fix the marriage.
Before fixing the marriage,
I should like the girl.
Once I like a girl, no age difference
would change my decision.
I mean, nothing can make
me change my decision.
Is that what you mean?
Okay, look at this girl.
- Reject, Mom.
- Reject?
Please don't show me such options.
- Why?
- Sit here.
How are you? It's been so long
since we spoke to each other.
- We spoke to each other just yesterday.
- Not like that, Mom.
But you look so beautiful today.
- What's the matter?
- Mom, shall I ask you something?
Go ahead.
Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali Tendulkar.
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.
Abhishek Bachchan
and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
What's the common factor
in all three couples?
That all of them are successful.
- Correct.
- Yes, they are successful!
- But why are they successful?
- Why?
Because all of them married
a woman much older than them.
That's why they are so successful.
Haven't you heard that proverb,
"Behind every successful man,
there is an elder woman"?
- That is not the original saying.
- They have changed this also?
How can they change everything
without any intimation, Dad?
So what do want to say?
That you want
to marry a woman older than you?
You are going to remain single forever.
- Oh, Lord Ram...
- There you go!
Lord Ram.
Your favorite God,
Lord Ram married whom?
He married Goddess Sita.
That's why he became
Lord Ram from being an ordinary Ram.
What a God! What a legend!
Hail Lord Ram...
- I'll go and worship him for some time.
- Yes, carry on.
Nick Jonas and Priyanka!
- Sachin and Anjali!
- What does he want now?
The girls of his age would
have been already married.
Where will we find a girl
who is older than him?
He is a crackpot, and you are an imbecile.
Only God can save you!
Aunty, hello.
I'm Anvitha, Sidhu's friend.
Here you go, dear.
- Let me help.
- Here.
Is sugar okay?
I am not a diabetic. Please put.
- Aunty, who are they?
- Who?
He looks like Sidhu.
That is Sidhu's grandfather, and the
lady beside him is Sidhu's grandmother.
Great people.
How did they die?
She died in her sleep,
but he had liver failure.
And them?
My mother and father.
Aunty, how did they die?
They are not dead yet, dear.
They are very much alive.
They stay in their village.
- Aunty, sorry.
- It's okay, dear.
- Uncle?
- Yeah, uncle has gone for a walk.
On a walk. That's it.
Who is this girl?
Sidhu's sister?
That's Sidhu, in a girl's get-up.
Sidhu doesn't like this photo
that's why he turns it that way.
Sidhu has your laughter.
Is it? Everyone says the same thing.
These are nothing.
I have many photos of us.
Wait, I'll show you.
Here. This is from my sister's marriage.
Look how cute Sidhu is.
That's Sidhu's uncle. This is...
Is there any baldness
running in the family?
No. That's not baldness.
They had been to Tirupati,
that's why everyone has shaven heads.
This fat lady is Sidhu's paternal aunt.
She must be suffering from thyroid.
What? No.
She is wearing a silk sari, that's why.
By the way, why are you
talking only about diseases?
Are you a doctor?
Aunty, no. I'm a Master Chef.
Oh, a chef?
Then can you teach me
a few varieties of dishes?
- Aunty, sure.
- Good.
This photo is of Sidhu
collecting funds in the colony
for the Gujarat earthquake victims.
- In 2001, right?
- Yeah.
I remember it very well.
I was preparing
for my tenth-grade exams at that time.
You were in tenth grade?
But Sidhu was in fifth at that time...
You keep seeing the photos,
I'll be back in a jiffy.
Why are you disturbing me on a Sunday?
Did you bring her home
without informing me?
Goddess Sita.
Then go and inform Lord Ram.
Anvitha is here.
Get ready and come down soon.
- He is so cute in that.
- Hi.
- Hi, Sidhu.
- That is my cousin-sister's photo.
- No, he is lying.
- Mom, enough.
What is this sudden surprise?
Sidhu, you forgot? You invited me to your
house to try your mom's special recipe.
I was in the vicinity, so I came.
Aunty, he spoke very highly
about your special recipe.
Did he? He likes it a lot.
- Your dad is here.
- She's a chef. So...
Dear, he was speaking about
Goddess Sita, remember?
- Mom...
- She is the one.
She was worshiping
Goddess Sita yesterday night.
She is Lord Ram's devotee.
That's what she's talking about.
Mom, go and get your special recipe.
Wait, I'll get it.
He is my father,
Polishetty Phaneendra
- Hello.
- Hello.
He's Polishetty Lucy.
- Say hi.
- Say hi.
She is Anvitha.
-Please have it, dear
-Mom was talking
- about Goddess Sita, what's that?
- Sita? About worship.
- Which worship?
- You know Mom, right?
How do you know Sidhu?
Sidhu performed a stand-up...
Stand up for women's rights
and the national anthem.
What are you talking about?
Those are the words she said on that day.
We met at a seminar
called "How to Stand Up."
Are you getting late?
- Don't worry, let's go.
- Have it, dear.
Mom, that's enough for the day.
- She'll come again sometime.
- Okay.
- Please visit again. You can try it then.
- Let's go. Yeah.
- Aunty, bye.
- Okay, dear.
- I will send her off.
- No. You stay here and feed Lucy.
Let him be. Make some coffee for me.
Oh, God.
That was a near miss.
Your family doesn't know about it?
My family doesn't know
about my stand-up gig.
My father would kill me if he found out.
But you immediately picked up
on the stand-up seminar lie.
Do you think I have a choice?
Thank you.
By the way, why were you both
going through my biography?
No. Aunty was just showing it.
you look very similar
to your grandfather.
- He died because of alcohol, right?
- Yeah.
I'm very sorry.
Why are you feeling so sorry?
He didn't die in his teenage.
He lived until 90.
We have strong genes.
- Is it?
- Yeah!
But, poor guy,
he couldn't finish his last drink.
That's why I'm completing that last drink.
Cheers, Grandpa!
Sidhu, if you don't mind,
can I tell you something?
- Yeah.
- Why don't you quit alcohol?
It's good for your health.
I will. In fact, I did.
I didn't drink last night either.
In fact, what is alcohol, Anvitha?
How are people drinking it?
I hate alcoholics!
Sidhu, I forgot to tell
you the main matter.
I've arranged a photo shoot for the show.
That means, there would
be my photo on the posters?
Yes, Sidhu.
As I promised, it's going
to be a big show.
Come, let's go.
Why do you like me so much?
I am not a great personality at all
I can't express the joy I feel
When your lips sing my praises
And I don't know why
When your beautiful eyes wish me luck
I get filled with enthusiasm
The fingers that touch you
To hold your hands
Are strumming guitar in my heart
My self-confidence
Is rising like a fountain
Since you entered my life
There are only happy days
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You spoke to me
Every day with affection
My heart is filled with your fragrance
You followed every step of mine
You filled my dreams with light
Should I pinch myself
As I can't believe this?
A wonder like you on earth
And that belongs to me
Your charming eyes exuberant moonlight
With your favor
My horoscope changed
Transforming me from zero to a hero
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
You are my lady luck!
Why do you like me so much?
-I am not a great personality at all
-My name is Sidhu. Thank you. This is
- my biggest show ever. Thank you so much.
- I can't express the joy I feel
-When your lips sing my praises
-Thank you all!
And I don't know why
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
thank you for the opportunity
to perform on such a big stage.
If at all I receive an Oscar
for stand-up comedy someday,
the first name I'll take is yours.
I didn't do anything.
Look at you,
you owned the stage like a pro.
Because of this opportunity...
why don't you quit the job
and become a full-time stand-up comedian?
Full time?
Oh, God.
My father would kill me.
- Also, it's not that easy.
- Sidhu,
you can pour coffee into this wine glass.
But that's not what it's meant for.
You and comedy are made for each other.
If the job you do is the one you like,
life will be very exciting.
Yeah, but...
with your spontaneity, wittiness,
charm, humor, and ideology,
so many qualities
are filled in one person.
Why do you still hesitate?
I mean, you will
definitely be successful.
What is this? Are you going
to the office in your boxers?
Henceforth this would be
a common sight, Mummy.
Oh, my!
- See you soon.
- Really?
My son behaves differently
every day, like mixed vegetables.
- You put it in.
- Okay, ma'am.
Hey, cute boy!
For you, love.
Bloody corporate slaves.
Why are you packing?
I have resigned.
- What?
- Yes!
- Resign?
- What?
What is this, Sidhu?
Dude, be honest.
They kicked you out, and now you are
lying to us that you resigned. Am I right?
Dude, this is a tea cup,
but we can pour coffee in it too,
but that's not what it's meant for.
But this is a coffee cup.
I mean,
there was a feeling when she said it,
but it's not the same when I say it.
Anyway, you get the point, right?
I have quit my job because I want
to become a full-time stand-up comedian.
So, are you going to make
people laugh the whole day?
- Yeah.
- If people don't laugh?
I'll show them your salary slip.
Thank you for laughing
at my jokes all these days
and helping in my stand-up journey.
But I want you all to help with one last,
very important task. Please.
Not that. I'll tell you.
I think he's the right guy, Kavya.
- In two words...
- Tailor-made, right?
When he said he'd become a
full-time comedian after quitting his job,
I was worried for him.
But he has an international
chef to rely upon.
You're so lucky!
I got the right donor.
I'll tell him the matter.
I'm so excited!
I hope he will understand.
I don't think he will reject it.
Nobody can refuse you
if you propose like this.
- We will all help you.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- But until then...
- We'll sit here?
- Yeah, please sit.
- Sidhu...
- Yeah, Anvitha.
I want to tell you something.
- Sidhu...
- Yeah!
- I...
- Hey!
Come on, guys!
What happened?
Enough, stop it.
What's happening, guys?
- Sidhu! Sidhu, listen to me.
- Just a minute...
Anvitha, let me finish...
- Sidhu!
- Let me finish.
- Hey, she hugged him!
- He got kissed as well!
She doesn't want to get married
but wants my help to get pregnant.
That means...
Directly the first night?
Directly get down to business?
What the f...
He is still in the shock of being kissed.
- Drink, my friend.
- Today's party should be sponsored by him.
- Drink it.
- Hey!
Bro, it's your party.
How can you be sober?
Drink, my friend. Drink...
We are feeling guilty
about having drinks without you.
And we are drinking more
out of that guilt.
Please worry about our livers
and not just about your lover.
There's so much difference
between you two.
Look at her glamour,
and look at your glamour.
Look at her position
and look at your position.
Look at her age
and look at your age.
You have yet again proved the fact
to the world that love has no boundaries.
- Yes!
- Really proud of you!
- What the hell!
- Guys, stop it. Stop.
What did she say?
You tell me, did she say yes or no?
They kissed each other.
- They also hugged each other.
- Correct!
Will you both be quiet?
Tell me.
- She didn't say no!
- Yes!
neither did she say yes.
What are you saying, Sidhu?
Tell us properly.
Madam needs pizza...
but doesn't want any calories.
As in,
she needs a house
but doesn't want to pay the EMI.
She wants to board the flight
but doesn't want to buy the ticket.
What does it mean?
When a girl smiles at us,
we assume it's love.
Did she friend-zone you?
I don't know what zone this is.
She wants me...
to help her have a baby.
But she doesn't want me.
- What?
- She selected me
to be the biological father of her child.
She needs my...
special help to get pregnant.
But she doesn't want
any relationship with me.
This is neither the bro-zone
nor the friend zone.
I am in the use-and-throw zone, guys.
Didn't I tell you
to fall out of these fantasies?
I knew it.
I knew this wouldn't work out.
By the way, look at her glamour
and look at your glamour.
Look at her position
and look at your position.
Look at her age and look at your age.
You have yet again proved
that love must have boundaries.
Oh! Cool...
By the way, what's your problem
with boarding the flight without a ticket?
She is very clear with her offer.
You are unnecessarily complicating it.
Sex might be an offer for you...
but for me, it's an emotion.
Then participate emotionally.
Shut up!
Aren't you guys getting my problem?
Drink yourselves to death, you guys!
- Hey, Sidhu...
- Sidhu...
I never expected Sidhu to propose to me.
I should have told him this earlier.
It's our fault.
We are not at fault, Anvi.
We just wanted to know
him better by taking our time.
He fell in love
with you too quickly though.
Kavya, all these problems are
because of your stupid ideas.
Now onwards, I'll do it my way.
First, I need to apologize to Sidhu.
Hey, Lucy, why do you want to go out?
Just pee somewhere around.
Hey idiot, don't you realize not
to drink during the day?
It's time to take it for a walk.
Get up and take it out.
Mom, not now. I have a headache.
Didn't you know that before drinking?
He is going to achieve nothing
by waking up. Let him sleep.
It's not as if he has
to go to any office.
By the way, why the hell
did you resign from your job?
To drink and get sloshed?
For the marks you have scored in your
engineering, nobody would offer you a job.
Now because we gave birth to you,
it is our responsibility
to feed you till we are alive!
What an ill fate!
Come, dear.
Come, sit.
Sidhu, Anvitha is here.
Why did she come here?
How would I know?
Freshen up and come down.
Such petty fights are
very common in our house.
What will you have? Tea or coffee?
You can't give her what she wants, Mom.
Sidhu, I need to talk to you.
In private.
Sidhu, I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say...
I didn't expect you
to fall in love with me while
I was in the process
of finding out about you.
What was the process
of finding out about me?
Do you think you
and your friend are from CBI?
That means, the corporate show
and the stand-up show were all a hoax?
Not everything was a lie, Sidhu.
You are really very talented.
You truly have a good future
in stand-up comedy...
No, please. Don't!
By saying such things,
"Sidhu, you are very funny.
You have many good qualities.
You shouldn't hesitate
to follow your heart, Sidhu.
Take care of your health,
take care of yourself."
And the best one was,
"Why don't you quit alcohol, Sidhu?"
If you say all this,
won't a man think it's love, Anvitha?
- Sidhu...
- Will he not have feelings for that girl?
Let aside the feelings,
I went to the Khaja Mansion Function Hall
for our marriage in my imagination.
- Bloody hell!
- Sidhu...
Sidhu, please try to understand me.
If you disliked me,
I would have blamed my fate.
If you didn't like my profession,
I'd assume our wavelengths didn't match.
If you didn't like my lifestyle, I would
have moved on thinking it won't work out.
But what is this?
You liked me, you want to have my baby,
but I'm not eligible for marriage. How?
It's not about you, Sidhu.
This is about me.
Love, relationships,
marriage, it's not my cup of tea.
Yeah. It's just a cup for you,
but it's a full plate meal for us.
Sidhu, let's leave this here.
In the UK, marriage
and pregnancy might be just
another fun activity
among many weekend activities.
But in India, it is a
lifetime process, madam.
It is not about India or the UK.
One needs to be mature
enough to understand this.
Correct, I am not mature enough
- to understand such cheap ideas.
- Shut up, Sidhu!
What's so cheap about this?
What's so disgusting about an
unmarried woman wanting to have a child?
What's wrong with it?
I came here to rectify the
mistakes caused by negligence.
By the way, weren't you the one who said,
"Love is the emotion that remains
after everything is done and dusted"?
Then how will I expect
you to fall in love so quickly?
You have taken
a joke delivered by a
stand-up comedian
on a random stage so seriously!
Hats off, madam. How?
Anyway, I come
from a respected family, Anvitha.
I don't indulge in such cheap activities.
- Mind your tongue, Sidhu!
- See...
I just mentioned your plan of action,
and you too, found it disgusting.
Why are you so irritated now?
- Enough. Enough, Sidhu.
- Tell me, what's your problem?
I didn't know that you
were a narrow-minded person.
And by the way,
you are not a comedian.
You are just a joker...
and I don't want
anything to do with jokers.
Love is not that complicated,
but girls make it complicated.
A boy is very clear with his intentions.
When a boy approaches a girl
and says, "Hi."
It means, "I love you."
That's it. There are no other
hidden meanings in this.
But we can be friends, right?
Who wants your friendship? We have
had enough friends since childhood.
But that's not the
case with the girls, bro.
When a girl says, "I love you."
It means "Hi."
Didn't you say, "I love you"
to me the other day?
Ramesh, I say "I love you" to my dog
as well, that too ten times a day.
That doesn't mean Supriya will wed Tommy.
Are you wondering why
I am telling this to you?
Because I can't share
this with my family.
We can't have such discussions at home.
I have been brought up in an environment
that is devoid of love, sex, and betrayal.
I had gone to see Titanic in my childhood.
Do you remember that movie?
Everyone wanted to be a
painter after watching that movie.
There is a kissing scene in Titanic.
I went to the movie
to watch that kissing scene.
But just before the scene came,
my dad was like,
"Hey! Go and get some samosas."
I'm like, "I don't want samosa."
Maaza! Revathi, Maaza?
Anybody want Maaza?
When the fun is here,
who would want a Maaza, Dad?
Okay, they don't have
such discussions with me.
But they don't discuss amongst
each other as well, bro.
Behave like husband and wife.
Sometimes I doubt,
are they co-workers?
One day, I asked him a doubt.
Dad, how was I born?
Shut up!
What kind of question is that?
How were you born?
You were born
out of the blessing of Sai Baba.
You should know about
their middle-class romance, bro.
I bought a three-star AC,
and it reduced the electricity
bill by 1500 rupees.
I need to tell you something too.
Sidhu went to the office,
I'll go to the worship room...
and pray.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah!
Who's Sidhu's daddy?
Who's Sidhu's daddy?
You are Sidhu's daddy!
Oh, yeah, that's right!
That's right, I am daddy!
Da... Daddy?!
Hey, move!
I didn't mean my daddy,
this is about everyone's dad.
Not just my dad.
Anyway, that was my set.
Thank you so much.
It was hilarious, man.
Brilliant jokes!
- The jokes on your father were like...
- My father was here.
- What? Where?
- He was in the crowd. He saw everything.
- I didn't know. I just found out from you.
- Oh, God!
Oh, my!
The blessing, Gods, temple...
- He must be hurt.
- I'm scared he might hurt me.
Wait. Have some pancakes.
- No, I...
- Wait there!
You make pancakes.
Let him eat the pancakes
and write some more jokes about us.
- Dad!
- Right?
That was a joke, Dad.
It was a generalization of all dads.
Generally, all dads are happy.
It's just my ill fate.
That was a stand-up comedy, Dad.
Is it wrong to follow my passion?
I want to be a professional
stand-up comedian.
So, being jobless and cracking such
dirty adult jokes is a profession for you?
- No, Dad...
- Is that what you mean?
No, Dad.
- Don't you have any shame?
- Stand-up is not that bad, Dad.
It's not easy to make people laugh.
It's a beautiful art form.
Mom, if you could put on a great show
for an hour and build your brand,
this profession can be very lucrative.
Are you listening
to what your son is saying?
What did you earn
for performing that shit yesterday?
They paid me 5000 rupees, Dad.
It's just 5000 rupees, not five lakhs.
Are you willing to sell out our family
on the road for a mere 5000 rupees?
What are you talking about, Dad?
Can't you understand what I'm saying?
- What is this, Mom?
- Son, come here. Come, sit.
Answer me first.
- Listen to your dad, Son.
- No, Mom.
People will laugh
at you for doing such a job.
Isn't that what I want, Mom?
Hey, idiot! You'd be respected
in society only if you have a job.
If you are indulging in such cheap
activities, nobody will ever respect you.
Do you get it?
- Uncle, hello.
- Hello.
Come. Are you part
of this crazy comedy batch?
Come. I'll make some pancakes
for you too. Do have them.
Uncle, I can't eat the pancakes while
Sidhu is being scolded.
Uncle, we need to go out.
- We have some work.
- Yes. Why are you late?
- How is aunt's health?
- Come!
- I need to go.
- Pancakes?
Go, make. Make pancakes
for the entire colony.
Considering the situation I'm in,
was it necessary to have
coffee in such a rich ambiance?
It is necessary if you are meeting
an important person. Come with me.
Who is that important person?
Good morning, gentlemen.
I'm Rahul Kumar, your manager.
My manager?
I'll take care of all your payments,
meetings, schedules, and shows.
I hardly get one show a week,
and you are talking
about schedules, meetings, and payments.
After watching your show,
it felt like a World Cup-level player
limiting themselves to street cricket.
You have seen the world enough.
Now the world should see you.
- Really?
- That's why...
- Aditya, who's in your family?
- I have quit my job...
- My mom, dad...
- and will henceforth take care
of all your meetings and schedules.
- You grow...
- A joint family?
- and let me grow along with you.
- Oh, that's nice.
Any hereditary issues
from your parents' families
- I should know about?
- Coming to my salary
- and commission...
- Nothing like that.
Oh, that's good.
Any addictions that...
- Why look away when I mention my salary?
- Wait a minute.
- What is the age of your grandfather?
- He's 86.
And your grandmother?
- She's 76.
- Okay.
How many kids did you
save from the train accident?
Ask that too.
What's going on?
Grandfather's age and grandmother's
health. Have you started again?
Sidhu, it's none of your business.
Have you selected another person already?
Are you the only man alive on this Earth?
How can you do this to me, Anvitha?
Why can't I?
I want it.
- Anvitha, who is he?
- Oh, God!
I was supposed to be in
your place, bro. Just missed it.
Do you think this is love?
There is no such thing.
This is an anti-social idea.
- Get it?
- Sidhu!
I didn't repeat the mistake
that happened with you.
I told him everything beforehand.
- Did she?
- Yeah.
Oh! Okay.
-Tell me.
are you okay with this?
This is just a day's job.
What's wrong with it?
Oh, my!
What's wrong? You will become
a father without being married.
What will you tell your family?
Can you tell your future wife
that you have a child already?
My family knows.
In fact, my girlfriend
knows about it as well.
Actually, I was hesitant, but my
girlfriend encouraged me to go ahead.
- Your girlfriend asked you to do it?
- Yeah.
What's happening to our society?
By the way, is this an MBA course
that you were encouraged to do?
- You should be ashamed!
- Sidhu!
Don't create a scene here.
shall we meet some other time to discuss
the formalities before
starting the procedure?
- Sure.
- Oh, God!
Is this called a procedure now?
- Take it easy, bro.
- Why should I take it easy, bro?
An... Anvi...
What formalities would this have?
Maybe they might
choose an auspicious time.
I am lonely...
In the world of silence
I am screaming inside!
Though nobody cares!
Oh, my destiny!
What is this, not even in my dreams
In my ant-like life
You have become a bulldozer
A scolding father
Broke up with my lover
At the crossroads of my life
I became a crushed popadam
What a damage
Cabbage in my ear
How is it possible to take it easy?
My smiley emoji has vanished
In my life diary
I am left with an empty page
If I touch anything, it will be lost
The one I like, go
far away from me
Why is this happening to me?
Lord Shani is taking revenge on me
She pumped up my confidence
And vanished into thin air
To whom should I tell
My sad, bad story?
Not T-H-Y-A.
- Just T-Y-A.
- Okay, ma'am.
Hey, bro. What's up?
- What are you doing here?
- Why? Shouldn't I be here?
Excuse me,
I want to donate my blood completely.
- Give me my form.
- Yeah. Give a couple of forms, please.
Come on, let's go.
- Fill the form.
- Yeah, I'll do it.
- You may go.
- Thank you.
That's it?
You won't ask him to donate?
Take it easy, bro.
- What is this, "Take it easy"?
- Hello...
Yours is a blood donation,
- not just a sample collection.
- I came for another purpose, ma'am.
It hurts!
In a snap-of-a-finger
My life became worthless
Hovering over my dream
My wings got broken
I only
Wanted to share laughter with everyone
But I became a laughing stock
In front of everyone
What a damage
Cabbage in my ear
How is it possible to take it easy?
My smiley emoji has vanished
In my life diary
I am left with an empty page
- Sir...
- Sir...
- Spare some change, sir.
- Sir...
I don't have any money.
- You don't?
- I don't.
Then come, sit with us.
I'll smack you!
Dude, I booked three more shows.
Why are you so upset?
You have a show tomorrow as well,
you remember that, right?
I'm not in the mood.
I can't make others laugh
while I'm crying inside.
You are not in the mood?
I trusted you and became your manager.
I am ruined, for sure.
That is art.
Comedy is equal
to tragedy plus time travel.
Depression is equal
to life minus Anvitha.
Please understand.
Enough with this "Anvitha" nonsense!
- Move on.
- Hey!
How can one move on so easily?
I can't tolerate imagining
another person in my place.
Tell me honestly, how do I look?
And how does he look?
Bloody crooked-teeth fellow.
You're scolding him, but he entered
her life only because you rejected her.
You are right.
But I keep imagining them being together.
I'm having random thoughts like
what they must be doing now.
She was laughing
at his jokes in the coffee shop.
Can't I crack such jokes?
My blood pressure is skyrocketing
because of my jealousy of him.
Then, agree to what Anvitha said.
The way to a woman's heart
is through her stomach.
That is not the right quote.
- It is a man's heart...
- Hey!
Dude, the way to a woman's heart
is through her stomach!
Make love to create love.
If you want her to fall in love with you,
that is your only option.
Even if I agree, she won't now.
Go and beg her.
Request her.
- You fall on her feet and apologize.
- No!
Why should I?!
No! Never!
No, no, no!
Sorry, Anvitha.
I'm very sorry. Please.
Look at that drawing, it looks like you.
- It just needs a mic, that's it.
- You shut up, please.
I am the one who cleared your interviews
and background checks first, right?
I am late with the
joining date, that's it.
But I am qualified
for your job offerings. So...
Don't you find this cheap now?
Cheap? No...
- Those are words of immaturity.
- Yeah, right!
I am completely changed now.
I'm mature now.
- Please, Anvitha. Please...
- Very mature...
-Anvi, since he is begging so much,
give him one more chance.
Do you know what chance he is asking for?
Please agree to that kid's request.
Why are you looking at us so angrily?
He is not the only one at fault.
You didn't tell him
the details beforehand.
That's your fault.
Okay, after finding out the matter,
he blabbered out of frustration.
That's his mistake.
- Two negatives make a positive!
- Right.
Also, he agrees to all your conditions,
isn't that enough?
Yeah! I'm ready.
- Whatever it is, I don't want Sidhu to...
- Anvi, one minute.
Two minutes. Come with me.
Anvi, please be considerate.
He has a point.
Sidhu reacted the way he did
because of the situation.
Moreover, he has always
been your first choice.
That's fine, but I have
selected Aditya now.
You have traveled with Sidhu
for three months.
But you selected Aditya
in just three weeks.
Are you sure?
He might not be as suitable as Sidhu,
but at least he is not narrow-minded.
He is apologizing,
which means he is not narrow-minded.
Forget about the present,
think about the future.
It's all about your baby.
That's true.
Okay, Sidhu. Let's go ahead with it.
I'll call and inform you
of the place we will be meeting.
- I'll be waiting.
- Nice.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
So happy!
- Hello, Anvitha.
- Hi, Sidhu!
Can you come to the hotel now?
- Should I come now?
- Yes, come quickly.
Yeah, I'll...
- I'll come... very quickly.
- Okay, bye.
Sidhu, why are you dressed up?
Where are you going?
I have some work, Mom.
What work?
Mom, it's related to work.
It's the Friday of the month of Shravana.
It's an auspicious day.
All your wishes will come true.
Will it?
What a coincidence!
Today is not the day
to ask for wishes, Mom.
I am going to see my
dreams come true. Bless me.
May all your deeds result
in a favorable outcome.
- Thank you.
- Hey!
Don't bless him
without finding out his deeds.
What is this, Mom?
Why does he always have to ruin my mood?
We can't reason with him.
Don't we have a mood as well?
Had you shown this
sincerity in your office,
you would have been married by now
and also been a parent.
I'm in the same process, Dad.
What did you say?
Hello... Hey!
- Hi. Sorry, I'm late.
- Hi.
Sir, why should you be on time
when madam needs you, anyway?
She asked you to come up. Please go.
Oh, okay.
Cancel all her appointments.
Hi, Anvitha.
- Hi, Sidhu.
- Hi...
I was waiting for you.
Shall we start the formalities?
Oh! Direct...
Where shall we go?
I feel your place is better.
Let's do it here.
There are people around.
Yeah, I understand.
Then, what about there?
On the sofa?
- I'll see you in a bit.
- Okay.
Yes, okay.
So, how should I...
The CCTV camera...
- So what?
- It will record this.
I don't have a problem with that.
What are you saying?
We will go viral.
This might be new in India,
but it is very common
in foreign countries.
You are very broad-minded, Anvitha.
I am very shy.
Oh, God.
I get it.
Okay, let's do one thing.
Let me explain the procedure in detail,
you can take over after that.
Is that okay with you?
I know the procedure.
I'll nail the procedure.
Sidhu, you misunderstood everything.
Yes, I want to get pregnant,
but without any physical intimacy.
Are you teasing me?
How can you get pregnant
without getting physically intimate?
There's a procedure for that.
It happens only under
the supervision of a doctor.
Doctor, why?
But won't you lose the feeling if it's
done under somebody's supervision?
listen to me carefully.
In this IUI process,
you are just a sperm donor.
Through the artificial insemination
of your sperm, I can get pregnant...
without any physical
or emotional attachment.
Sperm donor?
Can you give me some water?
These concepts are very new to me.
So, I am a sperm donor...
and the doctor will inseminate you with
my sperm to get you pregnant, is that it?
Is this what you meant when you said,
"I need your help in getting pregnant"?
So, I don't even have to touch you...
and you'd deliver the baby.
Contact-less delivery!
Just like Swiggy?
Agreement papers.
Do we have an agreement as well?
Oh, the lawyers are also involved.
Very nice.
This is the IUI legal
document stating that
your choice to be a sperm
donor is of your free will,
and after donation, this information needs
to be kept confidential.
After the successful completion
of the process,
there won't be any ties
between the donor and the recipient.
You will neither be a legal parent,
spouse, nor friend.
You won't have any rights over me
or my child.
You will always remain an undisclosed
and anonymous donor to my child,
and in case of any violation,
you are bound by appropriate legal action.
Legal action?
I must not even contact you?
Your child, not even ours?
Sidhu, I totally understand.
If you have any doubts or concerns
regarding this, you can opt out of it.
No, I'll do it.
Do you know why?
Because I feel like every small thing...
related to you should be mine.
It feels like signing the divorce papers
before getting married.
I will text you the location.
Be there at ten o'clock tomorrow.
Oh, hello.
Is your timing always off?
You called me at ten,
and you are coming at 10:30 a.m.
The appointment is at 10:30 a.m.,
but since you are always late,
I called you half an hour early.
I didn't sleep the whole night.
Don't you know it,
or you do want to know it?
I'm going through a love failure.
Sidhu, don't be overdramatic.
Don't irritate me with all this
love and marriage nonsense.
- Come.
- Irritate?
Is she still alive?
What is this behavior in public?
There is nothing noble about this place,
they are selling lust.
Stop blabbering...
Moreover, I don't need this.
- Why?
- I'll imagine you...
Sidhu, no way.
There were no conditions
as such in your agreement.
Don't you dare, Sidhu!
So? Don't I have freedom
in my own imagination?
You're so dominating.
I won't imagine you.
What's the guarantee?
Your child will not have any
of your qualities.
It would have her features rather.
- Madam, you need to go for a blood test.
- Yeah, take her!
Okay, go.
Sir, what are you doing here? Come.
- Let's collect your semen.
- What... What will you do in this?
I can collect it myself.
Yeah, please.
For sperm sample...
Take the bottle and wait there.
I'm a human, not a horse.
I can't fill this up.
That bottle.
Is he your gem of the male community?
After listening to the qualities you asked
for, I thought you'd never find a donor.
Didn't I tell you that
I have strong genes?
Don't worry. You'd have twins.
But "Good is not good enough."
What? Not good enough?
Hello, my grandfather had 11 kids,
you know that?
The donor is not your grandfather, is he?
if you want to increase your sperm count,
- you must change your lifestyle.
- Sure.
Immediately stop smoking
and consuming alcohol.
Yeah. What?!
For the next six weeks,
follow the prescribed diet
and exercises strictly.
Most importantly,
consume fenugreek very often.
What is that?
Fevikwik? What is that?
Anything else, doctor?
Avoid skin-tight jeans.
Proper air circulation is important.
Sidhu, don't take any sort
of mental stress.
I'm already stressing out
just by listening to you, doctor.
Speaking of stress,
one more thing,
don't indulge in self-entertainment.
Oh, impossible.
It's possible, doctor.
Are you joking?!
Why should I do all this, doctor?
Lakhs of people
are getting pregnant every day in India.
Is everyone following
these instructions?
The situation here is different, Sidhu.
This is an artificial process.
Naturally, intercourse works,
but for artificial methods,
healthy sperm is crucial.
Dear, the care that you have taken
in selecting the donor,
you must also take for the next routine.
The higher the sperm count,
the higher our chances of success.
- I get it, doctor.
- Good.
- We will strictly follow it.
- Sure.
We? Where's the "we" in it?
I'm the one who's doing everything!
- Thank you, doctor.
- Okay.
- Thanks, doctor.
- Okay.
Doctor, you said six weeks,
but we can have cheat days
on Sundays and national holidays? Right?
- Dear, he wants to cheat on you!
- What, doctor?
Nothing, we are just chit-chatting.
Thank you, doctor.
This is your diet chart.
You have to strictly follow it.
What a brilliant diet!
- I need to follow this diet.
- Why did you get all these?
For my sperm count...
I mean germs,
eradicating germs from the body.
Make nice green juices starting tomorrow.
I'll come at six o'clock sharp
to drink them.
Hello, Anvitha.
Just finished 20 rounds of jogging.
I'll call you
after finishing another 30 rounds.
Don't try to trick me.
I'm watching you.
- I have synced your tracker with my phone.
- Why tracker?
Please finish your 20 plus 30 rounds.
Shame on you, man!
Smoking causes infertility,
do you know that?
- I have three children, do you know that?
- You won't have any more. Get lost!
- Hello, Sidhu.
- Hi.
I have sent food for you.
What is this?
Hey, what is this?
Which channel
is the devotional program on?
What's happening?
Nothing's happening, doctor.
The entire internet pack is unused.
I see that. Good.
- Thanks God.
- But good is not good enough.
Shall we extend it for another four weeks?
We must.
- I mean...
- You are not supposed to do anything.
No... No!
- Hey!
- Shameless!
Have it.
Wait for another six weeks,
I'll show you what I am!
Dear, bone marrow.
Here, have it.
Do you know the difference
between boys and girls?
After a breakup,
boys become depressed,
but girls become more hot.
Actually, you must laugh here.
- He's telling his own story.
- Get down from the stage.
Did you get the joke?
After breakup...
the girl finds someone else...
- Get down, dude. Enough.
- Get down.
- That's enough!
- Yeah...
- Anyway, thank you.
- Bye. Get down.
- That was my set.
- Leave!
- You've spoiled the whole mood.
- What a bore!
What happened to you?
You have come to a point where
you are asking the audience to laugh.
You were better than this
even during your breakup phase.
Breakup is personal, dude.
But this is different.
I know that she won't love me,
won't marry me,
won't stay with me.
Then why am I doing all this for her?
I can't tell her,
nor can I live the way I want.
- I am also unable to forget her...
- Stop it.
Stop it.
You don't need advice.
You need a Budweise.
- Hey, bro!
- No, dude.
The doctor asked me not to.
Let it be. So what?
You don't need anything
that restricts you from being you!
Let it be the doctor
or even Anvitha, for that matter.
Be yourself! Be a man!
Go, get it, bro.
Two beers.
Here, have it.
What else will Sidhu do?
He will smoke.
What will Sidhu not do?
He will not listen to Anvitha.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Ma'am, you are getting
late for your appointment.
Yeah, I know.
Can you give me
15 minutes, please?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
The number you're calling...
The number you're calling is...
The number you're calling
is either switched off
or not reachable at the moment.
Ma'am, sorry. It's already too late.
I totally understand.
Thanks for waiting.
Thank you.
Aunty, Sidhu?
Last night, he came home very late.
He is still asleep.
Are you drunk?
No, I haven't drunk anything
since this morning.
But last night, I might have...
Sidhu, what did the doctor say?
Doctors are like that, he will say
a thousand things to raise his bill.
You should have been
at the hospital by now.
- Instead, you are drunk and...
- Hey, stop it!
Yes, I'm drunk.
So what?
Do you only care about the sperm
and the insemination?
Do you have complete apathy
towards others' emotions?
Do you know what love is?
I don't.
Nor do I want to know.
I don't have any feelings,
nor will I get them.
I have been saying this
since the beginning.
I don't think you get it.
You grew up amidst a happy marriage
between your parents,
so love and marriage are part
of a sweet dream for you.
But I saw my parents,
who married each other
after four years of courtship,
get separated when I was six years old.
They lived in hell, believing it was love.
I grew up with my mom, witnessing
her suffering after she left my dad.
That's why love and marriage
are a nightmare for me.
For you, family means your father,
your mother, and your home.
For me, it's just my mother.
Now I don't have her either.
I am at a place where I can
either be a mom or a loner.
Generally, I am self-dependent.
But this is something
that I can't do alone.
I need a donor.
It might sound silly to you,
but this is the only relationship I trust.
I am more eager
to cross this six-week barrier.
Do you know why I am telling you this?
Because so far, I thought
you were doing this of your own will...
but I don't want to trouble you, Sidhu.
Falling droplet
Why are you excited?
Nothing will come out of this relationship
Is this the journey leading
To an unknown destination
What are you yearning for?
For the feelings inside
You suppressed within?
How many days more of this excitement
Will this change in the future?
You should be careful in these times
- Hello, I heard your entire conversation.
- Sidhu...
- Oh, wow!
- See this.
Why did you choose to be with the person
Who doesn't want to share her life
Why are you taking care of her
Who doesn't want a companion
What is this magic
Where hours are turning into minutes
As I continue to travel with you
Miles are becoming feet
At this speed
Are you able to see the truth
Which is far behind?
For the feelings inside
You suppressed within?
How many days more of this excitement
Will this change in the future?
You should be careful in these times
- Hello, doctor.
- Hi, dear.
The lab reports came in.
We are good to go.
Tomorrow morning you may come
to the clinic.
Sure, doctor. Thank you.
- Sidhu...
- Hey, Anvitha.
The doctor just called and informed
me that the reports are satisfactory.
I am so excited!
The final procedure is tomorrow
at eleven o'clock.
- Sidhu?
- So according to our contract...
tomorrow will be our last meeting, right?
Okay, listen,
I'll be there at sharp eleven o'clock.
Thank you, Sidhu.
This means a lot to me.
Actually, thank you is a very small word
for the magnitude of your help.
If I thought it was a help,
I would have not done it, Anvitha.
Anyway, a small request.
Sure, Sidhu. Tell me.
When your child grows up...
and someday
it might ask you about his or her father.
Don't tell them that it was
an anonymous sperm donor.
Tell them that it was a person
who loved their mom.
You take care, okay?
Are you okay?
- Hello.
- Preeti!
- Yeah.
- There is a call for Anvitha ma'am.
Ma'am, call for you.
Congratulations, Anvitha.
Your pregnancy results are positive.
All the best, dear.
Thank you.
- Anvitha?
- Aunty, Sidhu?
He has gone for a show.
Do you want me to tell him anything?
Aunty, where is the show?
Ambedkar University.
I'll go.
There is some hope in the friend zone...
that someday you might get to play a game.
...but wants a photocopy of it.
She wanted a baby
with the same qualities as me.
I'll confirm on the third or fourth.
What are you doing here?
Did you come here
to share the news with Sidhu?
Just a word.
Will you just inform him of the news,
or will you stay with him forever?
Please don't mind me saying this,
how Sidhu has no right
to get involved in your personal life,
you too should have no right
to interfere in his personal life, right?
I mean, he's just trying
to do stand-up again.
Don't bulldoze him once more.
I hope you understand.
I am someone who remained single
after being rejected despite
having all the qualities.
I am the one and only, your Sidhu.
Thank you so much for coming, guys.
Thank you.
Anvi, congratulations!
Oh, my God! Finally, this day has come.
What's this suitcase for?
Where are you going?
I'm going to the UK.
Why, UK?
Kavya, I want to return to the UK.
Can you drop me to the airport?
In this situation...
being alone...
Kavya, don't worry.
One pillar accompanied me here,
and I'm departing with another.
Do you think this baby
can fill your mother's place?
Where are your thoughts wandering?
And where are your feet going?
Your dreams are coming true
Yet why do you seem to be restless?
You are not being with yourself
But running around aimlessly
- Hello!
- Anvi, how are you?
All settled. Thank you.
You are not being with yourself
But running around aimlessly
Acknowledge your feelings
And the burdens that disturb you
The path that you seek
Will certainly confront you
Where are you running to?
Where is the light?
Where are you running to?
Ask your heart the destination
Where are you running to?
Where is the light?
Where are you running to?
Ask your heart the destination
Thank you so much, guys. That was my set.
Thanks for coming.
- One selfie, bro?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
- What a show, bro!
If you can make so many people laugh,
I presume you must be a very
happy person in life as well.
Really superb, bro.
- Wait a second!
- Nobody validates the truth for you
Nobody chooses the path for you
Yesterdays are the past...
Your tomorrow...
- What's the problem?
- It's too spicy.
...depend upon your present
In the haste of distancing someone...
You are getting distanced from yourself
-The old habit of yours that
-This is how it is supposed to be.
- Your decision is final...
- You can't talk to customers like this.
Is stopping you from listening
To your heart's voice
Post-breakup, you get a variety of advice.
Hey, bro! Forget it, man.
There are so many fish in the sea.
But there are as many fishermen as well.
Useless pieces of advice!
All you fishermen,
thanks for coming to the show!
- Thank you so much.
- Uncle, hello.
Did you like the show?
Thanks a lot, guys.
- Excuse me...
- Thank you for coming.
- Yeah.
- Autograph?
Just a minute...
Dad? What are you doing here?
Won't you give me your autograph?
- Stop it, Dad.
- Yes, it's your dad. Give it.
"To Dad. With love."
I'll show this to your mom.
- Are you coming home?
- Yes.
- Come soon, I'll wait outside.
- Yeah.
- I like your standee.
- Thanks.
By the way, why didn't you
crack jokes on me?
Shall we leave?
What else?
Everything's good. Pretty normal.
Waking up every day
at six o'clock is normal.
But waiting for the clock
to strike six is not normal.
You have become very punctual.
From jogging to dinner,
everything is on time.
Most importantly,
you have become sober.
That's good.
Don't start drinking.
But do you know what I think?
I think you are not able
to forget Anvitha,
and you are doing all these
to keep her memories intact.
According to the agreement,
I must not contact her, Dad.
What should I do?
If she has selected you
as the best father for her child...
that obviously means that she likes you.
She doesn't believe
in love and marriage, Dad.
If she doesn't believe in love,
then she wouldn't choose to be a mother.
She fears the authenticity
of the love that comes from outside.
That's why she is searching
for love within herself.
But what did you do?
You said, "I want you."
But did you comfort her by saying,
"I'm with you"? No, you didn't.
You didn't tell her.
Do not just say it.
Go and fight to gain her trust.
She left for the UK.
Wait, let me step in front of you
for good luck.
So, you will have a very
tough time after we leave.
Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
- I'm Sidhu.
- Hello.
- I'm here to meet Anvitha.
- Sidhu?
- Yes.
Anvitha did come back,
but she is not here anymore.
DK, I want to go away.
What happened?
I am not able to focus on work.
I can't stay here.
I just want a peaceful pregnancy.
Where do you want to go?
I observed the changes in you.
Something is wrong with you, Anvitha.
You have been strange since you came back.
Until you recognize the change...
you'll keep running from places, my child.
Since then, she has not
been in contact with anyone.
I don't know where she went after that.
She fears the authenticity
of the love that comes from outside.
That's why she is searching
for love within herself.
You said, "I want you."
But did you comfort her by saying,
"I'm with you"?
Sidhu, how will find the person
who doesn't want herself to be found?
What if I perform stand-up in every city?
For what?
If she finds out about the show,
I'm sure she will come to attend it.
Have you gone crazy?
you made a mistake
by sending her away when she came for me.
Don't make another mistake
by stopping me, please.
Okay, bro. I am sorry.
I'll try my best.
Yeah! I'll find you.
Anvitha, I'll find you.
Anvitha! Where are you?
These prenatal sessions
have been very helpful to me.
I'm so happy. Thank you.
Yeah. Good. Good to hear.
It's your turn, Charu.
After all this, I feel much better now.
I'm feeling my baby now.
Anvitha, it's your turn now.
Something within you
Is stopping you from moving on
That's okay. Don't worry. Take your time.
Something is haunting you
The dreams that you craved for
Have now wreaked havoc in your heart
Is this you?
This is certainly not you
You have locked yourself up
So that you can't hear your heart's desire
Is this you?
This is certainly not you
You have locked yourself up
So that you can't hear your heart's desire
It is your journey wherever you go
It's your responsibility
To find the answers
To the questions that haunt you
This is my 35th show,
and I'm still searching for her.
I don't know where she is,
but today is the 250th day
of her pregnancy.
Hey, excuse me.
It's too cold up here.
- Can you give me a blanket?
- Sure.
Oh, my God.
You asked me to never step back
when I find someone reliable.
I fell in love without my knowledge.
I didn't understand
your words back then...
because I grew up in fear.
Fear of marriage.
Fear of losing my loved ones.
Fear of being left alone.
Fear of being intolerant towards them.
That's why,
I lied to myself that
this is what I am, this is the real me.
And to get rid of these fears,
I wanted to have a baby for myself.
I am with a companion...
but I feel I left my
companion back there, Mom.
As the months passed by,
his thoughts started
to pile up in my mind.
I ran away so far
to escape from those thoughts.
But the farther I went,
the more I realized...
that he had become so close to me.
I thought being together
was companionship,
but now I understand
that companionship is when a person
is with us even in their absence.
Along with this baby,
my love for him has
also originated within me.
This is a love child!
What should I do, Mom?
Love happens to fools like me as well.
It's for you.
You know what?
We tried our best.
Today is your last show.
I don't think we are lucky enough.
What next?
Hey, are you okay?
What happened, Sidhu?
"Famous Eggplant Fritter."
Where did you get it from?
Nearby Farm Cafe.
- Nearby cafe.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God. I gotta go.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
The vitals are okay.
Don't worry.
Excuse me, sir.
You are not allowed inside.
No. She is Anvitha. I know her.
I really need to talk to her.
Please. Just two minutes.
She is going to the labor room.
Visitors are not allowed.
I know... Okay.
- Sir, please!
- This is an emergency situation.
- Okay?
- What happened?
- I...
- Please listen to me, sir.
Listen, I have been looking
for her everywhere in the country.
Just two minutes.
I really need to be with her right now.
- Please understand! Please!
- Excuse me, sir.
Only her partner is allowed
to go to the labor room.
How are you related to her?
- Yeah. I know her.
- Are you her husband?
Are you her boyfriend?
No, I am...
Sorry, sir. You are not allowed in.
Please, you are making me angry.
- It's irritating.
- I am not her husband. If you just...
Sir, please understand!
He is the father of the child.
You are Mr. Sidhu Polishetty?
I am here.
We never made love.
We didn't even kiss each other.
But... we gave birth to a child.
While I was roaming around the UK,
searching for Anvitha,
and when I finally found her,
do you know what I thought?
I wish you had an
Instagram account, Anvitha!
I went around
the whole of London looking for her.
I have performed this show about 77 times.
This is my 78th show.
Do you know what's the difference?
We are finally married.
Anvitha still doesn't trust marriage
as an institution...
but she trusts me.
So basically, what I want to say is,
is this a love story?
For the girl, it was a treasure hunt.
For me, it was
the most anti-social, violent,
fictional, action thriller,
and comedy with a little bit of romance.
It's time for me to change the diapers.
Thank you very much!
That was my set. That was my time.
Thanks for watching
Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty.
Love you, guys. Love you.
Thank you so much. Thank you.