Miss Stevens (2016) Movie Script

Are you, uh,
waiting for someone?
Sorry, I was...
No worries.
Take your time.
When the sun's too hot
And my old man's not
Well I stumble
Outside the door
And I'm asking myself
If I haven't been
Through all this
Too darn many times before
I gave up singing
My half-done songs
And the money
Ran out before the months
And I gave up love
In my lone-sided love
But I couldn't believe
In their lies
I used to think it was easy
I used to think
It was all right
I used to think
It was simply love
Till scratching my way
Became my way of life
I used to think
It was easy...
The thing that
really spoke to me
was the idea
of emotional freedom.
Like leaving yourself,
being free.
'Cause most people aren't
in institutions, obviously,
but we're all locked up
in some way.
We are, aren't we?
- So when--
- School is an institution.
It's not an institution.
But it's still a place
that we have to go,
and it can feel like...
you're stuck.
Like you're not allowed
to be yourself
all of the time, right?
What are some other places
that can feel like that?
- Sorry, Miss Stevens?
- Yes, Margot.
Can we get back
to the ending?
Sure. Yes, the ending.
You were saying that when
McMurphy has--
What do you think?
Excuse me?
What did you think
of the ending?
Nice try, man.
- Calm down, I read it.
- Guys--
Oh, really? Really?
Just like you read
The Great Gatsby?
Why don't you just
watch the movie?
Actually, watching movies aren't
really a safe way to cheat.
Just 'cause someone
doesn't talk
every time
they feel like talking,
doesn't mean
they didn't read the book.
Let's get back to the book.
What did you think?
Of the ending?
I love it.
This is what I wanna do.
So I checked with
the front office,
and they have the petty cash
all ready to go,
and they double checked
and all our permission slips
are in.
So we're all set
for the drama competition.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And we're leaving after
third period, yes?
That's the plan.
And thank you
for taking us.
I had to ask
three other teachers
before you
volunteered to come.
- Hi, Margot.
- Hi, Billy.
Billy, when are we doing
the Gats make up?
- Oh, right. See you both at--
- 12:00?
First of all, no cursing.
Second of all,
did you finish the book?
Yes, I did.
It's been two weeks.
I don't wanna fail you.
What's going on?
I'm just having trouble
caring about a lot
of things right now.
Are you talking to anyone?
Are you?
Just 'cause people
are the people
you're supposed to talk to,
it doesn't mean you can
talk to them.
So, just a few
things before you go.
I'm sure your kids are all caught
up in their class work, yes?
Uh, why?
They can't go on the trip
if they're missing assignments.
School policy.
I already spoke to
the other teachers.
And so I'm just checking--
Oh, yes. No. Of course.
Yeah, of course.
Okay. Good, good.
Our main concern is, uh,
William Mitman.
- Billy?
- Yeah, Billy.
I don't know if you're
aware of his issues.
But we wouldn't be
letting him go
unless he was 100%.
But Legal just wants
to make sure
that I discuss this with you,
just to keep your eyes open.
What he has is
a behavioral disorder.
And he will be taking his
medication with him on the trip.
He's allowed to administer
the medication himself.
Between you and me,
I think there's just
some tension at home,
so they just wanna show
him a little trust
by letting him go on this trip.
But you have my number,
so if you need me, call.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey!
Sweet ride, Miss S.
I brought the test.
You're taking it this weekend.
No excuses.
Uh, what test?
Take care of yourself, Margot.
Oh, the Gatsby test?
Why didn't Billy take--
- Margot.
- Sorry.
Are you ready?
What's that light?
That? That thing's
been on forever.
Wait, your warning light
is on?
It's nothing.
Well, if it were nothing
it wouldn't be on.
It's a really old car,
it kind of just
does things sometimes.
It just does
things sometimes?
Do you want us to stop
and deal with it
even though we're
already running late?
Well, on behalf
of all of us,
I would just like to say
how grateful we are
that you're taking us
to the competition.
I mean, since the school
cut our arts program,
it's important to get exposure
wherever we can.
Yeah, seriously.
Don't you think it's
interesting, Miss Stevens,
that we spend almost
every day together
and we talk about so many
different things,
but we don't really
know each other?
I mean, not really.
I wanna talk to you about life.
It's just too difficult
to be alive, isn't it?
And to try to function.
There are all these
people to deal with.
Like, when I was
at the supermarket,
trying to buy a can
of tuna fish,
and there was someone
standing right in front
who wanted to reach out
and grab the tuna fish.
And I waited a while
to see if they'd move,
but they didn't.
They were looking
at the tun fish, too,
but they were taking
a really long time,
and they're reading each
ingredient like they were--
What was that?
Oh, shit. Sorry.
No, seriously. What was that?
- I think it was the tire.
- Oh, my God!
Fuck! Sorry. Shit.
- Oh, my God!
- Sorry, sorry.
Sam, your monologue was
really good so far, I'm sorry.
It's Christopher Durang, right?
I didn't think you knew
who Christopher--
Guys! We're sitting
on the side of the road.
It was the warning light,
wasn't it?
It wasn't
the warning light, Margot.
Oh, Jesus!
You guys, please.
Guys, please, please.
Come on, stop.
You are driving other people's
children in an unfit automobile.
I'm sorry.
I'm really embarrassed.
Why are you embarrassed?
Because I am the asshole
who ignores a big, flashing
orange light.
You curse a lot.
- I know.
- When we're at school--
It's just a switch.
Why isn't
the switch on now?
Because we're not at school.
But, like, we are.
We're gonna be so late.
I have to call the hotel.
I'm gonna call the hotel.
Hi. This is Margot Jensen
from Franklin High School.
Is this the front desk?
Where do I...
Where it
says "signature".
Make sure you get that
to your service station
as soon as you possibly can.
Drive too long
on the spare...
Right. Okay. Will do.
- Thank you.
- Great. Thank you.
Thank you.
All of your music
is... old.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- I'll change the station.
- No!
I love this song.
How do you know this song?
- My dad--
- Exactly.
This is dad music.
And old lady teacher music.
You are not old.
No, I am old.
You like America?
- Well--
- America?
The band. This band.
It's just called "America"?
- Yep.
- And that's it?
That's it.
I don't know, Margot.
I kinda like what
it's doing to me.
Do you mind if I ask
how old you are?
Sam thinks you're 26,
but I think you're older.
Not 'cause you look older,
you just seem older.
My older sister--
Best part.
Will you meet me
In the middle
Will you meet me
In the air?
Will you love me
Just a little
Just enough
To show you care?
Well, I tried to fake it
I don't mind sayin'
I just can't make it
Well, I keep on
Thinkin' 'bout you
Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't
Live without you
Can't you see it
In my eyes...
I'm gonna go check us in.
- Another glass?
- Oh. Um...
Sure. Thank you.
Another vino for the lady,
coming right up.
So, what was
your favorite part?
Oh, gosh. Um...
We did
The Glass Menagerie.
I loved that play.
And who were you?
I was Tom.
I ended up
playing boys a lot.
I don't know. I...
I was tall.
I don't really have hips.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Pinot noir.
Such a good choice.
It is.
So are we
excited to see
who's gonna be there tonight?
- Pretty interesting--
- Oh.
Man. There was this--
There was this one time...
Gosh, I haven't thought
about this in years.
We were doing
Taming of the Shrew.
And I played Petruchio.
And in the last scene,
on the last night--
Petruchio is
the main character.
Right. Sorry. But--
Petruchio is this guy who's
in love with this girl...
And in the last scene,
the girl playing Kate,
this girl... Gillian.
She... kisses me.
We'd been doing it
with this-- This stupid hug.
Because it was
that kind of school.
So I go in for the stupid hug,
and she just...
turns her head and...
And kisses me.
Really kisses me.
And I remember
thinking why didn't we do
this in the first place?
These two people are in love.
And then it hit me
that my teachers,
my mother,
my grandmother and...
And the boy I liked, Thomas...
O'Toole, are all out there
watching me
make out with Gillian Cooke.
That's crazy.
What happened?
We had to go to
the principal's office.
But didn't you tell them
it was her fault?
Why not?
I don't know.
It didn't feel like
it was her fault.
I totally get it.
And if we-- One of us
had actually been a boy,
we wouldn't have
got into... trouble at all.
They wouldn't have cared.
They would have clapped
and thought you were dating.
I never did another play.
Still good on that wine?
Are you trying to
get me drunk?
Yeah. No, I'm good. Thank you.
- No more for--
- Can you...
Well, we should get going.
We're gonna be late.
Most of you
will be eliminated.
And it will be difficult.
So much of acting is
about the struggle.
But some of you,
the truly talented few,
will earn the right
to stand on this stage
and be heard by all.
And an even smaller group
will experience...
the exhilaration...
of the win.
On Sunday afternoon,
three winners will be chosen
by our esteemed
panel of judges.
Give them
a round of applause.
He's a big guy.
The director.
He also directs
this teen soap.
Every year we begin
with a group affirmation.
Thank you.
A moment for all of us
to come together,
before we judges rip you apart.
Quick. Close your eyes.
everyone breathing with you.
Breathing as one.
One, two, three, four.
And out.
Four, three, two and one.
I don't want to interrupt.
Sorry. What?
I'm Walter.
I'm Rachel.
What do you teach?
- Hmm?
- What is it that you teach?
I'm an, uh...
I'm an English--
I teach-- I'm an English--
I teach English.
You're really bad
at small talk.
So, so bad.
I'm so used to
talking at people
that I just-- I forget
how to, you know...
With grown ups...
Just so tired
of being an adult.
I think I would get, too,
if it weren't for my wife.
Now you're not using words.
Wife... You dropped...
Wife. You said "wife".
You dropped the "wife" bomb.
Did you think that
you were gonna meet
a nice, single guy
at this thing?
I don't really see anybody
else that I wanna talk to.
I really did. I had...
The biggest crush on my
high school English teacher.
- No.
- So hot.
No, there's just--
There's no way that
every high school
English teacher was hot.
Maybe-- Maybe one
of those teachers
actually was really hot.
The rest--
The rest were just...
okay. Or...
Or not even at all.
I get it. I get it.
Think about it.
You have this woman,
this real woman,
and she's telling you
what to do.
And she's inspiring you
and exciting you.
And think about these guys.
All they have on their weekends
are these little baby girls
to talk to.
But you're a woman.
You're a goddamn woman.
And you're standing out there,
in front of all their pimples,
and all their boners,
and you're talking
about... sex.
I mean, you're talking
in similes or metaphors,
but really...
It's just sex.
Those are really nice.
Yeah, they're just so...
I can't...
No, seriously. What?
Nothing. Never mind.
Is everything okay?
What are you--
What are you--
I forgot my key inside.
Doesn't Sam have one?
He's still downstairs.
Kind of met someone.
You know, you can get one
from the front desk.
Oh, my God.
Okay, goodnight.
Okay, goodnight.
Pride and Prejudice.
So loud.
Wake up, wake up.
Hello. Good morning.
Good morning.
Good-- Good morning.
Just smile like
a normal... person.
"Good morning. Good morning.
Pride and Prejudice.
Okay, did you read it?
Did anybody read it?
Am I just talking to people
who haven't read the book?
Because you're still--
Has anyone read the book?
Let's... Let's start with...
Let's start with--
Let's start with prejudice.
Let's start with pride.
Pride. Pride.
We've all felt pride.
And goodnight.
You're all asleep."
Hey, Miss Stevens.
I'm just going to get a tire.
Did you get my note?
I left notes under your doors.
Can I come?
- Where are Margot and Sam?
- Rehearsal.
Don't you need to be in there?
It's afternoon.
They wanted more time.
Nervous, I guess.
You're not nervous?
I mean, I get
nervous sometimes.
When? Standing on
a stage in front of--
I'll let you know.
So, can I come?
You don't even listen to
other stations?
I love this one.
I listened to it
growing up.
You grew up here?
In California? Yeah.
Are your mom and dad
still here?
What is this?
Twenty Questions?
Margot's convinced
you're a lesbian.
Excuse me?
Sorry. That wasn't appropriate.
But you're...
You're not... right?
That is also inappropriate.
It's gonna be a while.
I've got a couple of jobs
in front of you.
How long?
About an hour.
Okay. That's fine.
That's fine, right?
I'm hungry.
You're the one who
wanted to come.
There's a diner
about a mile away.
You guys can cut through
round back.
No, that's okay.
Best burgers in town.
So what made Margot
think I was--
That story you told,
about the girl kissing you.
She just got it
into her head that,
'cause you didn't rat
the other girl out,
you must be a lesbian.
I told her that's not
what you meant.
What did I mean?
- Is that a teacher question?
- No.
No. You think you know
what I meant. Tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me.
You felt like she was
doing the right thing.
Kissing you.
I'm not...
A lesbian.
Not that there is
anything wrong with that.
Sam's gay.
I know.
He came out to me last year.
- It's pretty cool.
- It's cool.
He has
a lot of friends.
He's easy to be around.
I don't really have
a lot of friends.
I don't either.
- You don't?
- Mm-mmm.
I'm... tough.
Me, too. Uh...
How are we talking
about this?
I don't know.
Where were you guys?
You better hope they don't
kick you out of the competition.
What is he talking about?
He missed rehearsals.
No, no. He said he didn't
have to be there till--
I better go.
Where were you?
I left a note
under your door.
I talked to the front desk.
I didn't get it.
I'm sorry.
You really think they'll
kick him out?
They take things
pretty seriously.
So what did she say?
I'm fine.
Of course you are.
All right.
Welcome to round one.
It's a big day today.
Today we learn what's you,
what's me,
and what's us.
Okay. First up is the group
from Franklin High School.
Uh, let's start with
Margot Jensen.
Hi, I'm Margot Jensen
from Franklin High School.
And today I'll be performing
one of Blanche DuBois'
from Tennessee Williams'
A Streetcar Named Desire.
When I was 16,
I made the discovery...
All at once and much,
much too completely.
But I was unlucky.
Okay, okay.
That's okay. That's okay.
We're safe.
Next up we have William Mitman.
I'm not here.
I know.
Can I talk to you anyway?
I guess so.
I just want you to know that
it's totally okay to be upset.
That was humiliating.
It was, wasn't it?
Are you supposed
to say that?
Would you rather I lied?
I guess not.
It was humiliating.
And it sucks you worked
so hard and forgot.
But you know what else?
It's gonna be okay.
Not today maybe, or...
Or even tomorrow.
But there will be
a day when this
is okay.
The worst part is I knew
I was gonna be terrible.
Then why'd you do it?
I don't know.
I thought maybe I wasn't
as bad as I thought,
or something
would click today.
But I am just
not a good actress.
Well, what are you good at?
And organizing things.
That's true.
You organized all of this.
And I got Billy to come.
Well, that's great.
He's so talented.
It'll be really good
for the school if he won.
What do you mean?
I think, maybe if he wins,
the school might give some
money back to the arts program
and we could do
a real play again.
The school won't even pay
for this trip.
This is our last chance.
What do you mean
the school wouldn't pay?
Sam and Billy don't know this,
but my parents paid
for this trip.
I didn't even know.
Will you--
Just please don't tell them.
Of course not.
Maybe that's one
of your gifts, Margot.
And if you're right,
you will be responsible
for bringing the arts
back to our school.
Are your jeans touching
the toilet seat?
I'm not gay.
I can't believe
he told you that.
I'm really sorry I missed
your monologues today.
But I'm really proud of
you guys for moving on.
Thanks, Margot.
Yeah, thanks.
I can't wait to
see them tomorrow.
Speaking of which,
I am so nervous.
Aren't you?
I get nervous sometimes.
Oh, right. Yeah. Sometimes.
Hey, your food should be
out in a minute.
Sorry for the wait.
Another one? Yes?
Oh, uh, no.
No, thank you.
Can I get
another Diet Coke?
Coming right up.
You should totally give
him your number.
Excuse me?
He's been flirting with you.
No, no.
He has not been.
And even if he has been,
that's not a reason to give your
telephone number to a stranger.
Unless he's cute.
No, that is--
That is not a--
Do you have a boyfriend?
Why are you asking me that?
- So that's a no?
- What?
- Seriously?
Leave Rachel alone.
- "Rachel"?
- Wow.
Why did you call me that?
Feels weird to
call you Miss Stevens.
Well, it shouldn't.
It shouldn't feel weird.
We've been spending
so much time together.
As Miss Stevens.
- What?
- Phones.
On the table.
People don't like it
when you're having
more than one conversation.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna take a break.
I will see
you guys later.
Where are your kids?
They're in their rooms.
I guess I know what kind of
teacher you are now, don't I?
Hey, look, um...
Last night was, um...
You know, I'm married,
So now you're married?
I'm sorry. I...
You knew I was married.
Right. But now it matters?
Look, um,
the thing is, uh...
All I really want is to
finish my mini Jack Daniels
and maybe this $14 movie.
And then tomorrow,
I'm gonna go home
and get in bed with my wife.
Uh, hang on.
Just a sec. Sorry.
I'm sorry, Miss Stevens.
It's been a weird
couple of days.
Are you okay?
- What?
- I don't know. You...
No, I'm...
I don't know.
You seem like...
- you're not okay.
- I'm fine.
I brought you something.
'Cause you missed dinner.
- Thought you might be hungry.
- Thank you.
You should go back to your room.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What? My hand...
- Miss Stevens, I can't...
- Billy.
I can't-- I feel an urge
to knock on people's doors.
Billy. Enough, Billy.
Go back to your room.
People are trying to sleep.
You're right. We shouldn't
be in the hallway.
- We should probably go inside.
- Billy! No--
Ugh! Billy...
What are you doing?
Why are you doing this, Billy?
You love asking that question.
Excuse me?
I'm just jumping on the bed.
Don't be sad.
Don't be sad. Don't be sad.
I'm not.
- Don't be sad.
- I'm not. Billy, I'm not.
Don't be sad. Don't be sad.
- I'm not. I'm not.
- Don't be sad.
That's a good jump.
Excuse me, excuse me.
It's quite cold out here.
Here. Take my sweatshirt.
- No.
- Why?
Thank you.
Do you have a boyfriend, or...
I don't have a boyfriend.
You ever had
your heart broken?
By who?
When my mom died.
You thought I was gonna
tell you a story about...
some horrible guy
who's ruined...
men for me forever?
A year ago.
Tell me about her.
Tell you about her?
How can I...
How can I tell you
about her?
I don't know, you just...
pick somewhere and start.
And keep going.
You wanna hear
about my mom?
She... Uh...
She drove a...
blue Volvo station wagon.
And she always listened
to the oldies.
She was an actress.
She did this...
This big movie when
she was younger, and then...
And then she had me.
It was just the...
It was just the two of us.
And the acting wasn't...
Wasn't enough for two,
so she had to get a real job.
And then, when I
got old enough, she...
She started doing
plays after work.
And I would go...
I would go watch them.
And there was this, um--
This one play that she did,
I completely forgot
that I was...
watching my mother.
I was just...
I was just watching this...
This woman.
And all the other
people on stage were...
They were men,
and they were...
They were all terrible.
And she was just...
holding them all...
Holding them...
Holding them up.
And then this, um...
One of the guys had this line
that makes her...
That makes her
character laugh, and...
And then there she was.
You have to go.
You have to...
You have to go.
What are you talking about?
You have to go.
Billy, you have to go.
What are you talking about?
It's time to go.
- It's time for you to go.
- What?
Come on, you have to go.
What? What?
I need you to go. Come on.
Come on.
Billy, please. Please, Billy.
Go. I need you to go
to your room.
- Go to your room. Come on.
- Why?
Why are you making me go?
- Uh, yeah?
- Miss Stevens.
Miss Stevens.
I don't know where Billy--
Hi, Sam.
Why are you here?
I locked myself out
of that room again.
I couldn't find you
and I was too embarrassed
to go downstairs and ask for
a new key again. So...
Miss Stevens is holding me up.
But I was just on my way back.
- What's up?
- Can I come in?
The boy I met,
the one I've been texting.
Well, he texted that he wanted
to hang out tonight,
so Margot and I found him
in the parking lot--
What were you doing in
the parking lot?
Sorry, Miss Stevens.
Miss Stevens?
Oh. Hi, Billy.
- Is Sam...
- I'm in here.
Why did you leave?
Sean sucks.
What are you all doing
out of your rooms?
Can I?
Uh... Yes.
I didn't say anything
'cause I knew
you were into him.
But, um, I kinda had a feeling.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Sean is an asshole.
And this is
a theater competition,
so I didn't think that I'd
have to deal with this shit.
I thought...
I mean, I guess I thought
that I could meet someone.
You know?
I didn't say this,
but most people suck, Sam.
They do.
Some of them
are wonderful.
But mostly they're not.
And the weirdest part is
it is...
every single time.
But I am here for you.
Me, too.
We are all here--
You're gonna hear the truth.
What you are,
and what I am.
We never told the truth
for ten minutes in this house.
Well, hear this, Willy.
This is me.
You wanna know why I had
no address for three months?
It's cause I stole a suit
in Kansas City,
and I was in jail.
I stole myself out of every
good job since high school.
And I never got anywhere.
Because you blew me
so full of hot air,
I could never stand taking
orders from anybody.
That's whose fault it is.
It's goddamn time
you heard that, Pop.
I ran down 11 flights
with a pen in my hand today.
Suddenly I stopped,
you hear me?
And in the middle of
that office building--
Do you hear this?
I stopped in the middle
of the building
and I saw...
the sky.
I saw all the things that
I love in this world.
The work and the food.
The time to just
sit and smoke.
I looked at the pen
and I thought to myself,
"What the hell am I
grabbing this for, huh?
Why am I trying to become
what I don't want to be?
What am I doing in an office,
making a contemptuous,
begging fool of myself,
when all that I want
is out there,
waiting for me the second
I say I know who I am!"
Why can't I say that, Willy?
Pop, look at me.
I'm a dime a dozen,
and so are you!
I am not a leader of men,
Willy, and neither are you.
You were never anything
but a hard-working drummer
who landed in the ash can,
like all the rest of them.
And me?
I'm a dollar an hour, Willy!
I tried seven states.
I couldn't raise it!
One buck an hour!
Do you gather
my meaning, huh?
I'm not bringing
home prizes...
And you're going to stop waiting
for me to bring them home, Pop.
I'm nothing.
I'm just what I am,
that's all.
Billy, you were amazing.
What? Hey, hey.
Excuse me?
Sorry, we're just, um...
We're just...
What was that?
I'm nervous.
I told you I would tell you
when I was nervous.
I'm nervous.
You know what I was
thinking up there today?
I wasn't thinking about, you
know, how well I was doing,
or how much I wanted to win.
I was thinking about
how even though
you were trying to
hide it last night,
I could see that you were sad.
And I knew how
to make you happy.
And then you asked me to leave.
I don't know why you
asked me to leave.
You were sad again
and I knew how to fix it.
No, Billy, you can't--
- Yes, I can!
- Fix it!
Up until a week ago,
I was pretty straight.
The medication, right.
I'm saying, look--
I'm saying I'm sad, too, Rachel.
But the pills I take
to make me not sad,
they make me feel nothing.
All right. Those are my options.
Sad or numb.
So I stopped taking them,
and I didn't tell anyone.
And I was scared.
And I thought I was gonna
go-- Crazy or something.
But I don't. I feel great.
Rachel, I feel, like, alive.
Like I could just...
Do I need to call someone?
Do I need to call someone?
That's why you don't wanna
be with me, isn't it?
It's 'cause you--
You don't realize.
You're messed up too, Rachel.
- Hey.
- I know you think
'cause you have a job
and an apartment,
that you're fine,
but you're not fine. And--
Go ahead. Call someone.
Go ahead.
You know,
under normal circumstances,
I would walk away
right now.
- "Normal circumstances"?
- Yes.
But I am--
I am your teacher.
So I have to stay here.
I have to call someone
and I have to tell them
what is going on.
What's going on?
All I know is that I...
I can't walk away from you
right now.
Then I will.
Hello, you've reached
Albert Alvarez,
principal of
Franklin High School.
Please leave your
name and number,
and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Hi. It's, uh...
It's Rachel.
It's Miss Stevens.
I-- The--
The thing that you wanted me
to call you about with Billy.
With, uh--
With William Mitman.
I'm, um--
I'm feeling a little...
worried about him.
So I'm calling.
Call me back.
So call me back, please.
Hey, come on.
You need air? I got air.
They just...
take over, you know.
Yeah, I've been trying
to quit my whole life.
I actually find cigarettes
to be more difficult.
Being a teacher is difficult.
Everybody says that.
But really, it's not.
Excuse me?
You know how a teacher like me
has been around so long?
No, Walter, I don't.
It's because I don't
get involved.
Well, that will only work
at your shitty school.
No, let me finish.
I care a lot about my job.
And I'm pretty good at it.
I care that
my students succeed.
They graduate.
The outside.
Tell you what I don't care about
is the inside.
Their... silly little lies.
That's the stuff that makes
people think that it's hard.
'Cause that stuff is hard.
You gotta stay outside.
How do you stay outside
when something--
I mean, these kids
are right there in front of you.
I have my own.
You have kids?
We should go back inside.
They're gonna announce
the award soon.
You go ahead.
I'm gonna finish this.
All right.
What a weekend.
Who's a little nervous?
That's okay.
I just wanna thank you
for letting us witness
all of your talents.
Truly, there was such
incredible work this weekend.
And we just wanna
encourage all of you
to keep striving,
keep trying to pursue
your dreams.
And a big congratulations
to the finalists.
We had a really tough job,
I think, this year.
But I-- I think we're
ready to announce
the winners!
In third place,
Jordan Hargrove
from Clarksdale Club.
And in second place,
William Mitman,
from Franklin High School.
Go, Billy!
And the winner
is Arthur Jones,
from Westbro High School.
Let's give
all our winners a big hand.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Is everything all right?
No. Well, I mean, yes.
Well, um...
I've been trying to work up
the guts to ask you out.
And my friends convinced me
that if I didn't...
I'd regret it.
My last name is Rose.
Add me?
Hey, your monologue
was amazing.
Thank you.
I have to pee.
- Really?
- Just pull over-- -Are you kidding me?
Don't make me put this out.
I had a cigarette this weekend.
Neither one of us should smoke.
I didn't wanna come on
the trip this weekend.
I was fine to come,
and then...
On Thursday night,
I went to see a play
at the theater where
my mom used to--
This, uh...
This old friend of hers
called me and...
I had no idea how
hard it would be.
It was that thing
where people say you
lose them again.
Because she wasn't there.
Um, did Billy ever take
the Gatsby test?
Here she goes again.
I brought
the wrong folder.
I don't have the test.
So? I'll just take it
back at school.
No. I lied.
- You what?
- Yeah, what?
They weren't gonna let you
come on the trip
if you had incomplete work,
and so I lied.
Because I knew that coming
on the trip mattered to you.
I really needed you to take
it this weekend, and now...
And now you can't.
And if when you do take it,
you fail--
- Miss Stevens?
- Margot, I know.
I actually think
it's okay to lie.
Sometimes I even think it's
the right thing to do.
And as it turns out,
I actually have a copy
of the test in my bag.
It has all the correct
answers on it,
but I could read
the questions out loud.
No, it's a different test.
It's always new questions
on a make up test.
Well, perhaps I'm being
optimistic or naive,
but I really don't think
Billy engineered all this
just so he could cheat
and ace the test.
You know what, Margot?
You're right.
Thank you.
Okay. Come get it.
I didn't bring my laptop.
You can use my notebook.
Did you really read the book?
"In F. Scott Fitzgerald's
The Great Gatsby,
what does the green light
ultimately represent
for the characters?"
Kinda looks like
she's writing a lot.
Maybe she's just drawing
a bunch of smiley faces.
I think she's done.
Well I tried
To make it Sunday
But I got so damn depressed
That I set my sights On Monday
And I got myself undressed
I ain't ready for the altar
But I do agree there's times
When a woman sure can be
A friend of mine...
You should talk to your parents
about your medication.
And I'm not saying
go back on it.
I'm just saying talk to them.
Let them take care of you.
That's what parents
are there for.
You should, um...
Someone should
take care of you, too.
Well, I keep on thinkin'
'Bout you
Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't live
Without you
Can't you see it
In my eyes?
I been one
Poor correspondent
And I've been too
Too hard to find
But it doesn't mean
You ain't been on my mind
Will you meet me
In the middle
Will you meet me
In the air?
Will you love me
Just a little
Just enough
To show you care?
Well I tried to fake it
I don't mind sayin'
I just can't make it
Well, I keep on
Thinkin' 'bout you
Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't
Live without you
Can't you see it
In my eyes?
I been one
Poor correspondent
And I've been too
Too hard to find
But it doesn't mean
You ain't been on my mind
Will you meet me
In the middle
Will you meet me
In the air?
Will you love me
Just a little
Just enough
To show you care?
Well I tried to fake it
I don't mind sayin'
I just can't make it