Miss Violence (2013) Movie Script

Happy birthday to you...
...happy birthday to you...
...happy birthday,
dear Angeliki,...
...happy birthday to you!
- Bravo!
- Happy birthday!
Well done, sweetheart!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Angeliki!
Philippos, come over here.
Take a picture of us.
This one.
Come on.
Myrto, come over here!
Mom, I'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
Happy birthday!
Let's take a group shot.
Come on, leave it for now.
Let's take a family shot.
come over here.
Where's Angeliki?
We understand
what you're going through.
Our agency is here
because you need support.
Thank you.
To your knowledge,
did she have problems at school?
Did she not want to go?
She was a good student.
Did she have trouble with
a schoolmate or perhaps a teacher?
Do you know that
or are you just assuming?
I don't know...
Did you notice
any strange behaviour?
Did she stay in her room a lot?
Not wanting to see anyone.
- Did she cry for no reason?
- No.
Did she have nightmares
or wake up in the night?
- Did you scold her often?
- No. Never.
I'm afraid
we must look into
...the possibility
of child neglect.
What do you mean?
I don't understand...
She didn't have
any problems.
It was her birthday,
she was very happy
playing with her brother
and sister when...
The balcony railings
are very safe.
This is just a formality...
...that Welfare observes
in such cases.
We'll come to your house
and make sure you're okay.
Eleni, come on, please.
It'll do us good
to sit together at the table.
Come on.
Please help me out here.
Come on.
So you don't want us to
sit together at the table.
You don't want us
to look after each other.
So where were you yesterday?
And you?
And you?
And you?
Where were you all?
But forget about them.
Where were you?
How could you let this happen?
Tell me.
Let's go to bed.
Why did you let them
talk to me like that?
Go back to sleep.
Come in.
- How are you?
- All right.
Here are her things.
You didn't have
to bring the kids in today.
The whole class is very upset.
You're right, but I thought it would
do them good to get out of the house.
You know, there are a lot
of rumors going around.
Angeliki hung out with older
kids, along with your daughter.
One of them is bragging that
she committed suicide for him.
I don't think so.
It's dangerous for the children.
- What's this?
- It's about a job.
They said you should call them
by four o'clock.
Better not go today.
Stay home.
Why were
you quarelling?
She doesn't want
to go to school.
I know.
And where's Eleni?
At the police station.
Come here!
What did they want?
I went to get
the death certificate.
We have to take it
to the Registry Office. Today.
Was Welfare there?
What took you so long?
Good morning.
You'll have to declare the death
to all services involved.
ID card, please.
This is the last month you'll be
getting the child benefit
You'll lose 170 euros
due to her death.
I understand.
Thank you.
Lena had other toys, but
neither she nor the other kids
had ever seen such a doll.
She lived in a place where
no one had more than the other.
Come help me.
Keep reading on your own.
Here's the bus ticket.
Put it in the back seat.
You will earn 530 euros
for a 5-day week. Full time.
Plus social security,
of course.
You can start today, so you can see
what you're supposed to do.
Certainly. At your service.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Your contract
is for 4 months.
If they subsidize social security
again next year...
...for the unemployed over 50,
we'll rehire you.
Thank you.
Grandpa's got
a new job.
If you finish
with your homework...
... we can go for a walk in the park
and wash the car.
I miss her too.
But you have to try harder.
For the children.
- Is there something she needs?
- No.
Yes, just one moment.
Can I go to her house?
Be back before dinner.
Grandpa, I'm done.
What shall I do now?
Do your exercise.
One tree, two trees, three trees,
four trees, five trees...
...nine trees...
eleven trees.
Grandpa, I'm tired.
Keep going.
One tree, two trees,
three trees,four trees...
...seven trees...
...ten trees...
Until you finish, your sister
will remain standing there.
Absolutely still.
Twenty trees, twenty-one trees...
...twenty-five trees...
Twenty-six trees...
...twenty-nine trees...
...thirty-three trees...
...fourty-one trees...
- Grandma, I'm hot.
- And I want to wear a skirt.
Be quiet. This is what
you're wearing.
- Can I come in?
- Please do.
I told your father
I couldn't make it to the funeral.
- My mother was sick.
- That's okay.
Have a seat.
- I brought some cookies for the kids.
- Thank you.
We're all in shock.
It must be very hard for you.
If it were me,
I would have lost my mind.
Have a drink.
Calm down.
Stay strong, Eleni.
I'm here if you need me.
Thank you.
Sit down.
Don't get up.
My daughter's afraid
to go out on the balcony.
I keep telling her: "look how high
the railings are. You can't fall."
How's your mother doing?
She might need to come live with
me so I can keep an eye on her.
She suffers from
dizzy spells.
We're going for tests
again tomorrow.
I see.
Which means my daughter
won't be going to school tomorrow.
I should get going.
My daughter's all alone at home.
Are you done?
I need to come in.
Come and play.
Come on.
I said come and play.
Did you have a good time?
You didn't bring me
any flowers.
You should bring them to mom first,
then to grandma.
Grandpa took Philippos to pee
and they picked them.
Then they gave them to me
in the car
but I gave them to grandma
because I didn't want them at all.
Are you sure?
And why didn't you want them?
We don't give presents away.
You're being ungrateful.
Now see what you've done.
You've upset him.
Go give him a kiss.
Can I try?
Not like that, Grandpa,
you'll lose.
can I tell you something?
After dinner.
Tonight you will sleep alone.
And where will
Myrto sleep?
Good morning.
I'm taking the kids to school.
Eleni said you're taking your
mother to have tests done
I thought it would be a shame for
your daughter not to go to school.
Thank you so much for thinking
of me. But her father came by...
...and picked her up yesterday.
I hope I haven't made you late.
I wanted to thank you
for visiting.
I hope it wasn't too tiring.
You know, Eleni isn't very well.
Don't worry.
I understand.
If you noticed anything,
I'd like to know about it.
I'm afraid Eleni keeps it all
bottled up inside.
That makes sense.
It's still too soon.
I agree. I must hurry, or else
the children will be late.
Thanks again.
Good day to you.
Good day.
You were late.
I would prefer that
it not be repeated.
I'm very sorry.
I can't pick up the kids.
You'll have to do it.
I've left tickets for you in the first
drawer. Don't lose track of time.
The bell rings at 2 o'clock.
Be there at 1:40.
At 2:30 I'll call you at home.
Don't let me down.
You make sure
it's cut evenly.
Your father will call.
Go and play
in your room.
Open the door.
You're grounded.
At least let me use the phone.
Open up!
So now what? Are you going
to leave me here to die?
Put that down.
We're right here.
I just didn't get to it in time.
What happened?
Nothing happened.
- How did it go?
- Okay.
- Everything all right?
- Yes. Yes.
Have the children
had their bath?
They're just about to.
In this house
we have nothing to hide.
It's bath time.
Let's go.
Your turn, Phillippos.
Can I have one?
Here you are.
Give me another one.
Why are you here?
I'm here to see
my gynecologist.
With your husband?
No, with my father.
I think it's your turn.
Do you want me to come in too...
...to hold the door for you...
so no one else comes in.
Go ahead.
Eleni, come along.
Is everything all right,
Everything's fine.
Your wife will have to
watch her blood sugar.
She's obviously given birth
before, so you know the drill.
I'm her father.
The baby's father abandoned us.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you go on the pill?
Welfare will judge you
about Angeliki.
They can take your
children away.
It's the mother who's responsible for
the child. That's what they'll say.
And you must
persuade them.
I will persuade them.
I swear I will!
- Did you open the door?
- No!
- Let's go play.
- Play? Tonight?
Yes, tonight.
Good morning. I'm sorry,
but I can't come into work today.
I realize that's a problem,
but it's the last day of school...
...and I must go and get
the children's report cards.
Their mother
is still sick.
I assure you I'll make it up.
But don't you understand?
It can't be avoided.
Please, sir.
Do you have a family?
Of course it's your prerogative.
I'm just saying...
Very well then. As you wish.
I won't come back to work.
Thank you very much.
Good day.
Grandpa, isn't Grandma
getting up?
Grandma's asleep. She's sick.
She's got migraines again.
The slightest noise
causes her pain.
That's why she has to stay
in her room with the door closed.
No one must
disturb her.
I have to go now.
You kids look after Grandma.
You're old enough now.
I want you to respect her
and help her around the house.
If it's our game that's
to blame, Grandpa
I won't ask her to pretend
to be a monkey again.
It's not your fault. Grandma's
had this problem for years.
Good morning.
Eleni wasn't feeling very well.
Is it okay that I came alone?
No problem.
How is she doing?
It's hard for her.
She doesn't want to see anyone.
You can tell her that
the kids' grades are excellent.
I'm glad.
Philippos' and Alkmini's.
It's very important to us.
I'm amazed they've remained
unaffected by the accident.
Only Philippos has become
a little more unruly.
What do you mean?
He's caused some problems in class.
He can be aggressive at times.
But not to worry.
It's only natural
after what happened.
I'm surprised.
He's very quiet at home.
But I promise you
I'll have a chat with him about it.
Come over here.
Do you see what you accomplish
when you're good kids?
If you keep listening to me
you'll always get perfect grades.
But let's see how you do next year,
when school will be harder.
Because it seems to me you don't
always listen to what I say
...and that makes me
very sad.
I'm not done yet.
Go to your places.
Not you, Philippos.
So are you're a tough guy, eh?
Not so talkative now, are we?
come over here.
Slap him!
Don't feel sorry for him.
Do you like it?
What kind of a man are you,
that you let girls hit you?
I want to talk to you.
You'll spend all day
on the sofa.
The table
is only for family.
In the afternoon
we're going to the beach.
Thank you,
But first
you'll clean the house.
Take your mother
her lunch.
I kept calling you but
you didn't pick up.
I wanted to see
if you were okay.
You know me.
I don't like to talk.
It was tough for me
at home.
I have a problem.
I need your help.
There are no secrets between us.
Speak freely.
Eleni is pregnant.
She wants to keep it
But again she won't say
who the father is.
I'm afraid we'll get into
trouble with Welfare.
I thought maybe you could help.
- How?
- You only need to sign your name.
Here's your coffee.
I'll go get the cookies.
- It's not easy, you know.
- I can give you a little money.
I'll never cause you any trouble.
Rest assured.
I never doubted it.
You know there's nothing
to worry about.
And you'll have whatever
you want from me.
I'm a man of my word.
There's plenty of time,
isn't there?
Yes, yes,
Can I go out
for a bit?
Where to?
My friend.
- Go ahead.
- Will you give me 5 euros?
What do you want the money for?
You're just going to your friend.
We're going to the beach.
Don't you want to come along?
I got my period.
Just now.
Will you take us to the beach?
It's too late now.
But you promised.
Tomorrow. When you have
your new bathing suits.
Don't open it.
Tomorrow, at the beach.
Come with me.
Mom Grandpa said
he'd buy me a new dress
for doing well in school.
We will buy it together with your
Mom. Say thank you to Mommy.
Thank you, Mommy.
Off to bed now. Let's go.
Get ready.
I don't want us to be late.
If I see you with him again
don't bother coming home again.
- Hello there.
- Good evening.
She's beginning to show.
Let's have a drink.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Come on Eleni,
Yes, yes.
Let me do it.
Never mind.
I apologize.
We'd better go.
There's no need.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
For the kids.
Next time
we'll have more fun.
Why aren't you
- I lied to him. I didn't
- I don't want to know...
You never want
to know anything.
Do you know what they're saying
about Angeliki at school?
Do you see this?
So be quiet.
That's also your fault.
It's all your fault!
You drank
one of his beers.
You'll say you drank it.
aren't we going shopping?
In a little while, Alkmini.
Be careful.
Don't get your clothes dirty..
- Good morning.
- Welcome.
Good morning..
We were here twice before,
but no one came to the door
We were probably out.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What's your name?
- Alkmini.
- And yours?
- Philippos.
- Please fill this out.
- Certainly.
Through there are
the kids' rooms.
Where did Angeliki sleep?
In the other room.
She slept here.
With my youngest daughter, Myrto.
Who is... fourteen years old.
Where is she now?
At school. Unfortunately, she
couldn't be here. She has exams.
- Angeliki's things?
- I've put them away.
I didn't want the kids
to have to look at them.
It was too upsetting.
Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Are you done?
- Yes.
Philippos and Alkmini,
can you go to your room please?
Have a seat.
You haven't filled out
the income.
Which family members work?
For the time being, just me. I'm an
accountant. I have a few clients.
And Eleni's looking for a job.
We do what we can, you understand.
You say here that all the children,
including Angeliki were
...of unknown father.
Was the father
the same person?
You mean you don't know the name
of any of the fathers?
Eleni had run away from home
to be with the kids' father.
He never recognized them.
Eleni is somewhat ashamed.
Why did you run away?
Your parents seem
very understanding.
I was very young. And in love.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Daddy forgave me
as soon as I came back.
Mom too. She was already
helping me secretly.
She still helps
with the kids.
And dad of course.
He drives them
to and from school every day.
He takes good care
of them.
The kids love him
very much.
How do you spend
your day?
Can we offer you
Thank you.
What did you do?
I went and had my hair cut,
and then for a walk.
Dad insisted.
And the day before?
My best friend came to see me.
She's a neighbor.
She has a little girl,
Alkmini's age, Marina.
Please wait outside.
Are you pregnant?
Who's the baby's father?
Mr Dimitris Georgiou.
I wasn't talking to you, sir.
- Why didn't you mention it?
- I'm sorry.
Do you take us for fools?
I beg your pardon!
What are you inferring?
After all these years she's finally
in a serious relationship.
She was barely 3 months pregnant
when that happened that accident
Please finish up.
Don't you see how upset she is?
There's no need for that, Madam.
We're only doing our job.
We have to make sure
that your daughter...
...can raise one more child.
- Please tell me his name again.
- Dimitris Georgiou.
- Address?
- Xenokratous 27.
Phone number?
We'll contact him.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Clearly you are a father
substitute for the children.
Thank you.
I do whatever I can.
It's strange though. It seems as
if nothing ever happened here.
I've tried very hard
to achieve this.
- How did you do with your exams?
- Good.
Give it to me
Come here.
What a turn on
you are
Next time bring us one
that smiles a bit.
I brought her so we'd have
some fun. Keep your money.
Come on,
don't be shy, take it.
Well, I liked her a lot.
Next time
smile more.
Otherwise they won't even
screw you for 30 euros.
You didn't pay.
I told her everything.
That's why she jumped.
Always at 11 years old.
Huh, Dad?
I wish I'd jumped too.
Grandpa, can I also
have some chocolate?
Yes, sweetheart,
you can.
I see.
Yes, of course
I understand.
I'll be right over.
wait outside.
Thank you for coming
right away.
What's the matter?
I saw Myrto angrily tearing up
a 20-euro note.
After I pressed her
for answers...
...she said things at home
aren't good.
What do you mean?
That you are
very violent.
You must be joking.
To be honest,
I don't know what to believe.
I can see you show
great interest...
...in children's schooling.
You know, things at home
are difficult after the accident...
Myrto and Angeliki
were very close.
I don't know why
she said these things.
Perhaps because I forbade her
to see her boyfriend.
I caught them smoking.
She had problems with some
kids at school, too.
Maybe I also made mistakes.
I overreacted.
I didn't know she was
under so much pressure.
I'm never home. The family is big
and there's not much money.
But drugs
are a serious matter.
That's no excuse
for violence.
You should know that I'll keep
talking to her from now on.
If she complains again...
...I'll be forced
to notify Welfare.
When such things
...kids need help
from all of us.
Of course.
Of course, you're right.
She respects you
and values your opinion.
Only let's not make her
ashamed to come to school.
Deep down inside she knows
what she did wrong.
Come on,
come on.
I didn't want you
to go hungry.
It was very sad for me, but now
we'll forget all about it?
Come on.
Come and eat.
Shall we go and get
some ice cream too?
- It's a nice house,isn't it Alkmini?
- Yes.
Here you are.
Mister Dimitris
is a very good friend of mine.
My Alkmini dances very well.
Don't you Alkmini?
Do you want to dance?
Come on,
don't be shy.
Show us
how well you dance.
You go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Do you
hear me?
Here you are.
In the morning
we'll go to the beach.
I want to
lie down.
Are you coming?
In a while.
I want to finish here.
lock the door.