Missing in America (2005) Movie Script

Get out of my way,
you damn lazy dog.
No good
worthless old mutt.
Get out of my way,
you damn critters.
Worthless buzzards.
Coffee went up,
I had to short you
some canned goods
to keep 'em at 20.
Is that a problem?
Take it or leave it.
Your friend find you?
There was a guy here
this morning
looking for you.
Said he was
your friend.
Daddy, look what I found.
What is it, honey?
Hold it right there!
Easy, cowboy, easy.
Who are you
and what do you want?
Oh, it is you,
you no good
son of a bitch.
Private Henry R. Hocknell Jr.,
reporting sir!
Don't salute.
Come on,
don't pretend
you don't remember!
Baby killing warmonger!
You bet your red ass!
Vietnam in '67.
Come here,
it's okay, it's okay.
It's all right,
it's all right.
My God!
Come here!
Hey, how did you
find me?
Well, it wasn't easy.
Nothing short
of a goddamn miracle,
it was.
This is Lee,
it's my kid.
I call her Lenny.
Lenny, this ugly bastard
is Jake.
Eggs aren't collected
till the end of the day.
It's okay, it's okay.
Oh, he just looks scary.
Oh yeah, you got
a little slice
of heaven here, Lieutenant.
Your kid, huh?
Yeah, ended up
marrying me a gook.
Well, me and women
never got along too well.
Been there myself.
So where's your wife?
Uh, she died.
Yeah, well, me too.
You still got that thing?
Forgot all about it.
Oh yeah.
Well, my dad gave it to me
on his freaking death bed.
Said it was leading me
to where I was meant
to go.
Guess it did.
Don't do that.
You been
to the Wall, Jake?
You couldn't drag me there.
Yeah, well I...
I never thought I'd go
but I'm glad I did.
You went?
I went in the middle
of the night,
just me and a. 38,
I was gonna blow
my freaking brains out.
A final F-you
to Uncle Sam,
you know what I mean?
And then I looked
at all them freakin' names,
and all those people that had
their lives stole from them,
they didn't have
no goddamn choice.
But I did.
All I could think of
was me sitting there
drowning in self-pity,
some pathetic piece of shit.
So what'd you do?
I couldn't do it,
I couldn't do it
to them.
So, I ended up
going back to Nam,
to try to find
whatever the hell it was
I lost over there.
So, you see, Jake,
if I'd never gone to the Wall,
I'd never had Lenny.
If you came here
on some mission,
preaching me about the Wall,
you're wasting your time.
No, no, I...
that's not why
I came.
Why did you?
You know, I always wanted
to take Lenny to the Wall.
Yeah, so take her.
Nah, I can't.
What's stopping you?
Lung cancer.
Oh, Christ!
It's that Asian orange shit.
Yeah, go figure
all that goddamn crap
I've been through,
some goddamn weed killer
from 30 years ago
is trying to kick my ass.
Yeah, I've got to see
some specialist back East,
and it's gonna be
pretty rough.
We all gotta take a dirt nap
sooner or later, don't we?
Oh no.
You're the only guy
I can trust, Jake.
Absolutely not.
Hey, it's just
for a little while,
you know what I mean?
She could help
around the place here,
Come on, Jake,
you took care of me.
You always took care
of all of your men!
No I didn't.
She's all I've got
in the world, Jake.
And... and
I'm all she's got...
Forget about it, Henry.
It ain't gonna happen.
You all squared away, honey?
Good, I'll be right in.
You're nice and warm in there,
my little princess.
Good, good.
Uh, you brush your teeth,
did you?
Wash your face and hands
hm? Everything?
You, uh, got your clothes
all set up for tomorrow?
M m-hmm.
I'm okay.
Oh, I know you are.
You know,
I love you very much.
Now, you know
what you gotta do, right?
M m-hmm.
I know you're gonna do
a good job.
I know you will.
You're gonna make me
very proud.
Okay, Lenny.
Okay, now.
Okay, Lenny.
Now you be strong,
be real strong, all right?
You know,
there's not a better man alive
than Jake.
And you can trust me
on that.
You can.
Look at those cute
little kids, man.
A girl, that's all
the wife and I
ever talk about.
A cute little girl.
Good night, honey.
Good night, Daddy.
Hey, Lenny?
I want you to say
"Good night"
to mean old Jake here.
' Night, Lieutenant
M r. Mean Old Jake.
Your dad
in the shed..?
Your dad
in the outhouse?
Did you hear me?
What's the matter?
I gotta go find
your dad.
Hey... shit!
Where is he?!
He's gone!
What do you mean
he's gone?
He left me here!
He left me here
with you!
I... I...
when did he leave?
Oh, Christ!
Let's go!
Too bad!
What hospital
is he going to?
I don't know!
Goddamn it to hell!
Stop it!
Ice cream,
you want some ice cream?
What about one of them
cheeseburger things?
This is a damn sheer waste
of my time.
Hey, what are you doing?!
I'm leaving!
And you can't stop me!
Hey! Hey!
Wait! Hey, stop!
Hey, hey!
I'm not going!
No wonder your dad
left you!
No wonder
your wife left you!
How did you..!
Why you little..!
Let go!
Let me go!
The truth is
she left me 'cause she wanted
a bunch of pain-in-the-ass kids
like you
and I didn't!
I don't like you!
And so what?
I don't like me either.
Get, get on.
Now I have to wait.
You better fix yourself
something to eat.
When your dad comes back
and you're dead
because you ain't ate nothin'
it ain't my fault.
I can't cook.
Henry says
you can cook!
Only a little.
Well, if you can find
the chicken that lays
the Jello egg,
you can cook it.
You yelled at me.
Get used to it!
Those kids,
what if something happened
to them,
in the line of fire?
Shoot 'em all,
cherry boy.
They're gooks
and they're gooks.
Ain't no big thing.
Go to hell.
Lieutenant, I've got
a bad feeling...
Get over it.
Don't be
a pussy, Gardner.
Sir, we can't do this!
Shut up!
Let's rock'n'roll!
There aren't
any seat belts.
Any what?
Seat belts.
We have to have
seat belts.
We don't need
no damn seat belts.
Where we going?
Never you mind.
Yes, hello?
The number you have reached
is not in service.
Please check the number
or try your call again.
Damn it!
Damn it!
And damn you Henry!!
You shouldn't wander off
too far by yourself.
There's mean-ass neighbors
that hates kids.
They eat 'em whole.
Swallow 'em up
in one bite, they do.
It's time for you
to start earning your keep.
Get some feed
and feed the critters.
For Christ's sake.
Never mind.
Give me that!
Leave my stuff alone!
Go away!
Well, who's this little angel?
Her name is Lenny,
she be going any day now.
Hi, Lenny.
My name is Kate.
You got my supplies?
Where you from, Lenny?
We gotta get going.
Would you mind?
Can I get something
to eat now?
Hell no, you shoulda eaten
at the house.
You just help yourself
to anything you want.
It's on the house.
You shoulda asked
me first.
Ask you?
You mean have a real
honest-to-God conversation?
Ask you, my ass.
No, not enough.
It's been getting tougher
to fill your order
for 20 bucks a box.
Next time.
Is there change
for a phone call?
This good?
Here, here.
There you go.
So Lenny,
where are your parents?
My mom's in heaven,
my dad...
You know people
in heaven too, don't you?
Yes, I do.
They love you even more
when they get to heaven,
you know.
No matter what.
Come on, let's go.
That was nice.
If you say so.
You better put on
your rain gear.
Your coat,
put it on.
I don't have one.
What have you got
in that damn bag?
a coloring book,
and a doll.
Damn it!
You should have brought
some rain gear!
You're yelling at me.
You're damn right I am!
You're gonna catch
a death of a cold out here!
Never go into these woods
without at least
taking a jacket!
Maybe next time
you'll tell me
where we're going.
What's that for?
I'm helping some friends.
What's their names?
Don't know.
You don't know
your friends' names?
Well, then how do you know
they're your friends?
Some things
you just know.
Come on.
Help me load this wood.
Well, where do they live?
Out here,
in the woods.
How'd you meet 'em?
Never met 'em.
Just heard they were
living out here,
so one day,
I decided to leave them
a surprise.
How come?
I just thought maybe
it'd be good
that they know
somebody cared about 'em,
and was thinking
about em.
Next thing I knew,
they were leaving
wood in return.
Well, how come
they live in the woods?
Some people just like
living by themselves.
Because they just do!
You stay in the truck
and stop talkin',
you're wearing
my ears out.
Can I get out here?
I suppose.
Cool, a cave!
Hey, not exactly.
Old mining tunnel.
Come on, we'll take
some of this wood
back to the truck.
Can I go inside it?
Watch out.
Come on,
I'm freezing.
What's wrong, Jake?
Shoo, shoo!
Here, git! Git!
If you're not eating,
I'm not eating.
blue go with orange?
I'm not so good
with colors.
Sorry for yelling.
Sorry for... for throwing things
at you.
And for going
through your stuff.
And for not having
any rain gear.
And for making
a mess of...
Stop while you're ahead.
What's the cat's name?
Just Cat?
What's the dog's name?
What do you call
the chickens?
Most of the time, anyway.
My daddy
gave me a doll.
Her name is Annie,
but I'm gonna call her Doll.
No, no, no,
you're doing good,
it's the eggshell,
you're doing good.
Maybe we should put
this in for a little longer,
let it cook
on the other side
a little bit.
Lay it down gentle like,
a dog will sometimes
turn on you and bite
when it's his chow.
Most dogs anyway.
Let's go, ladies.
Hey, this is how
you do it.
Will they bite too?
but they won't eat
out of your hand.
They don't trust you.
They tickle.
Let's go,
we gotta feed the birds.
Ooh, what a big black bird.
It's a raven.
"Follow a raven
into the shadow,
and you will
find the light."
That's from an old Indian
medicine man.
What does it mean?
They say the raven
brings people courage.
He's a symbol of healing.
Do you believe that?
There's not much
I believe in anymore, Lenny.
Do you feed it too?
Oh, be damned
if I know.
I guess so,
but I've never seen it eat.
It just sits there
in that tree.
It's pretty.
That it is.
You got running away
out of your system?
Jake, look!
It's a beach!
That's where we headed.
It's the best crab
I've ever had.
I can't even believe
we caught all this ourselves.
M m-mm-mm.
Is this
what your friends eat?
I n the woods?
I'm not so sure
what they eat,
but I bet
it ain't this fancy.
We should invite them
to go to the beach with us!
Then take them back here
and cook them dinner.
Why would we do that?
'Cause that's what friends do.
Is that right?
M m-hmm.
They wouldn't come.
Then we should go
to them.
Let's have a picnic!
I'm not so sure
that's a good idea.
Wipe your mouth.
Why not?
Well, first of all,
they might not want
to have anything to do
with us.
And plus, maybe I don't want
anything to do with them.
Maybe I'm happy
the way things are.
You don't seem
very happy to me.
Everybody's happy
at a picnic!
I'll do all the work,
I promise.
I n this dirty old part
of the city
Where the sun
refuses to shine
People tell me
there ain't no use in trying
My little girl,
you're so young and pretty
And one thing
I know is true
It looks good enough
to eat.
I'm having fun.
You having fun, Jake?
H mm.
You think they know
we're here?
Nothing happens
in these woods
they don't know about.
Besides, there ain't
a living thing
in this valley
that can't smell
this food cooking.
Do you hear
what I'm hearing?
Sounds like somebody's
having a party.
Nobody came.
I didn't really
expect them.
Uh, Neeley.
Oh yeah, I'd recognize
that truck anywhere.
Thank you, bro.
Welcome home.
You too, my man,
you too.
Chopper, '68.
Army, '67.
This here's Lenny.
It is indeed
my pleasure, ma'am.
Can I interest you
in a beer?
Oh yes sir, you can,
you most certainly can.
We got some dead cow,
a chicken or two.
Yeah, my wife said
she smelled yard bird
on the grill.
Goddamn it,
look at all this food.
It never crossed my mind
you'd have a woman.
She's welcome too.
Oh, well, uh...
Cyd, she don't like
to leave the house much.
Mind if I bring
one of these
back to her?
Help yourself.
Hey, Dinky,
get your arse out here!
Probably slobbering
all over himself
from the smell,
but he hasn't got the guts
to come out on his own.
How many more of you
are out here?
Around here?
Well, there's, uh, Dinky
and Red, oh and there's
some other vets
out in the deep woods,
we trade with them
every once in a while.
Come and get
a brewsky!
Oh, there he is.
Booby trap?
Oh, no,
he was running down an elk
fell and busted his leg,
he set it himself but, uh,
it never did mend right,
did it, Dink?
No, damn thing.
Marines, '70.
'67, Army.
Go on and get yourself
some grub, Dinky.
Who's the little kid?
Kid of a buddy
of mine.
Looks like a gook.
Her real name
is Lee.
She was born...
her momma was a gook.
She was Vietnamese.
Uh, yes, you're right,
she was Vietnamese.
I'll be damned.
Lenny, these guys
were in Vietnam too.
Hi, girl.
How you doing?
You remember the word
for crazy?
You got it!
Hell, honey,
that's his name too!
He's as crazy
as they come!
Don't shake
her arm off, Dink.
She could be
Sure is a pretty
little thing, ain't she?
Less talk
and I've got to get me
a beer.
You know,
you and Lenny
should come
and meet my wife.
She was a nursing nun,
used to hang out
at them orphanages
and shit.
I got a lot of respect
for nurses.
So, who's Red?
he's one of us,
sort of.
He lives closest
to your place.
He's watching us right now,
you can bet on that.
Can you get him
to come out?
Maybe, maybe not.
He's, uh, got
kind of a short fuse.
Gotta be careful
with him.
He's got
so many booby traps
around this place
I don't even go
over there anymore.
'Fraid I'll get myself
blowed all to hell.
That don't make him
a bad guy.
Oh no,
that's true enough.
I don't think he heard us
talking about your little girl,
so, it should be
all right.
Is she a problem?
She could be.
Keep your eye on her.
Got it.
Hey, Red?
We got food!
Is that him?
Oh, yeah.
He don't talk any.
That's just the way
he is.
Might be
he don't have
much to say.
That could be
funny thing is
I ain't never heard
Red make a sound.
Not so much
as a peep.
A walking bodybag,
that one.
He died in the Nam.
How you doing, Red?
Thanks for the grub, Jake.
It was all Lenny's idea.
Thank you, Lenny.
You're welcome,
M r. Dinky-dod.
And you go!
Go on!
Hey! Hey!
What the hell
is his problem, huh?
Some gook little girl
pulled a pin on a grenade
and threw it at him,
blew half his face off.
Aw shit!
That ain't right!
That ain't right at all!
We need reinforcements!
Radio! Radio!
Get on the phone!
Tell him we got heavy
automatic weapon fire!
Get down!
Take out the hut!
There's kids in there!
They're killing us!
Do it!
No sir!
It's a direct order!
I made you some supper.
Give it to Dog.
Yes, sir.
Where's my boots?
I always leave 'em
next to my chair,
they're not there.
Answer me, goddamn it!
What the hell..?
Why are my boots
under your bed?
I told you
to leave my stuff alone!
We're closed!
It's Jake Neeley!
What brings you out?
I need something
to drink!
How about
some coffee?
How about you give up
playing the social worker
and get me
some whiskey?
How about
you kiss my ass?
H mm.
I only have beer and wine,
I'm not selling any to you.
I don't want no damn coffee,
where is it, huh?
Knock it off!
All right, you want
to tell me what's going on
or do I call the cops
and have your ass
hauled in?
I can't do this anymore.
She shouldn't be with me.
What do I know
about taking care
of a kid?
I figured he'd be back
to get her,
but it's been weeks now.
He could be dead
for all I know.
He has lung cancer.
No relatives?
None that I could find.
Her mother's dead.
She should be
in school!
Where is she now?
At my place.
You left her alone?
She's sleeping.
Oh crap.
Maybe she
should stay here.
With me.
Well, you'd still be
taking care of her,
she'd just be staying here
with me.
You'd do that?
Well, certainly not for you.
She's a very special
little girl.
Well, think it over.
And now, if you are done
trashing the place,
would you like
a cup of joe?
You take cream or..?
Put it
on my bill.
Why did that man
spit on me?
Listen kid,
I'm not gonna explain
some damn thing to you
that you'd
never understand anyhow!
You're mean.
You think so?
H uh?
Well, fine!
You won't have to listen
to mean old Jake
cussing and yelling anymore!
Tomorrow I'm taking you
to Kate's!
I've had enough!
You're gonna stay at Kate's
until your dad comes back!
I'm not going!
I'm not going
and you can't make me!
Let's go.
Time to pack
your things.
Damn it.
Damn it to hell!
Damn it.
Hey Lenny!!
Answer me!
I got a bad feeling.
A dead gook's
a good gook.
Gardner, what the hell
is wrong with you?
I'm not killing any kids!
I'll kill you with
my gun damn it!
Take out that hut!
Damn you!
Give me that!
I'll do it I Agh!
You gotta do it, Gardner!
Oh God!
I'm hit!
I didn't mean
to do anything wrong!
Goddamn you sons of bitches!
I'm sorry! I...
Help me, please!
I'm not the girl
who hurt you!
I'm over here!
Hold on!!
Hold on, Lenny!!
Grab the branch!
Grab the branch!
Grab it Lenny!
Can you use
both hands?
I don't know,
I'm scared!
Good, now
hold on tight!
Don't drop me!
I... won't,
I won't!
Give me your hand!
Hey, you okay?
Who was shooting?
I don't know.
What happened?
I was running,
and I slipped.
Damn girl,
your dad
would've killed me.
Come here.
God, don't scare me
like that.
Oh, God.
Don't scare me
like that.
my dad's gone.
He's not coming back.
He gave me this
the night he left.
He's dead, Jake.
I know it!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Everything's okay now.
It's okay,
it's okay.
It's okay.
I imagine you're pretty tired
with running away and all.
You probably want
to go to bed
when you're done there.
Oh no, Jake,
I'm wide awake.
Let's fix up
my bedroom.
Let's not.
Will you read
to me?
I don't have anything
you'd like.
What about this one?
H mm, let's see
what we can find out
about the raven.
"Voice: Incredibly varied
"With low deep baritone,
"To high, fine,
Twangy notes."
Kinda poetic, huh?
Oh, sorry,
does your arm
still hurt?
Not at all.
"Has a long,
hoarse, croooooak.
"Lower, hollow croak
And deep resonant notes
are typical."
Go to sleep now.
Good night, Lenny.
Good night, Jake.
I won't do it ever again,
I promise.
Don't worry about it.
Doll can have it.
Never really sat right
with me anyhow.
H mm?
Why did you hide
my boots?
So you couldn't leave me.
I won't leave you, Lenny.
You better go
to sleep now.
Put it on his bill,
my ass.
Jake, look!
It's eating.
That it is.
You got it, Jake?
Ay, hold your horses, girl.
Any problems?
I fed birds and ladies
and Dog and Cat.
Even Raven
came down to eat.
Well, I guess you can sit down
and close your eyes.
No peeking!
Is it a book?
Is it something
for the cabin?
Hold out your arms,
it's something
just for you.
Oh my God,
it's a baby lamb!
You gave me
a baby lamb, Jake!
Yes, it's a baby lamb.
A baby lamb!
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!
You're welcome.
It's the absolutely
most wonderful thing
that's ever happened to me!
Well, I know
just how you feel.
Oh, cut it out.
Oh, cut it out.
Three, four...
four, five, six,
ten, eleven...
Thank you.
Hi, Kate.
Oooh, your hair
looks pretty today.
Yeah, it's pretty.
You have the list, Lenny.
Why don't you start?
Uhm, listen,
about the other night.
I could come in here
and act like it never happened.
and maybe
a few weeks back,
I would've done
just that.
I'm not the kind of guy
who likes to...
show that side
of myself,
so to speak,
none of this happened,
let me just...
Oh, please stop,
it was entirely an accident,
Is that enough?
Because if it ain't,
just tell me,
I'll pay whatever you want.
It's been a long time
since I had any.
And, uhm,
I can't even remember
when the last time was
so I'm not up
on prices these days.
Fifteen, twenty, yeah,
whatever, you just tell me
the price.
Okay, okay, I'm... I'm...
I'm sorry
about taking the wine.
The wine.
And I know I've been
a real horse's ass
over the years
and I... it's difficult
to apologize,
but I got something for you.
A peace offering.
Well... you shouldn't have.
It's freshly picked.
Thank you.
It's very nice.
Sorry, uh, ten.
Ten's good.
Wait, wait, wait!
You forgot this.
He will like that.
Hey, M itch.
Hey, Jake.
Yeah, Cyd, this here is Jake,
this is Lenny,
there're the folks
I was telling you about.
That had the barbecue
the other day.
Pleased to meet you,
nice to meet you
thanks for all
the supplies.
He's been bringing them
all these years.
I drew this.
You're quite an artist.
There's no wood.
How come Red
didn't leave any wood?
I don't know.
Is this the first time
he hasn't left any wood?
Why is he mad
at me?
I don't think
he's mad at you.
Yes he is.
Red's mixed up.
He needs help.
Can a friend
help him?
I don't know, maybe.
How come
you so quiet?
I don't know.
I think the schoolbus
will stop at the end
of the driveway.
I've been thinking maybe
we can build a bench
for Doll if you want.
Maybe tomorrow.
Anything special
you want to do?
Go for a walk
or something?
I think maybe Lamb
wants to go for a walk.
You want me
to go with you?
No, that's okay.
All right.
All right.
Don't stray too far.
I mean it,
stay real close.
I don't want you
to jump off
no damn cliff.
Come on.
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
Want to pet a lamb?
It's okay.
I wanna be your friend.
Lamb, wait!
I'm here, what's wrong?
What is it?
I told you
not to go far!
He's hurt, Jake!
He's hurt real bad!
You gotta help him!
Jesus Christ!
It's bad.
What... what happened?
Lenny, what happened?
He saved me.
God, I gotta leave it in.
Lenny, I need your help.
Come here!
Push down here
to stop the bleeding.
There, just like
I'm doing.
I'm going to Mitchell's
for help.
Look, be as brave
as you can.
He won't hurt you now.
All right?
Look at me.
You can do it, Lenny.
You can do it.
I'll be right back.
It's okay.
Hey! Hey!
Oh, you're so cold.
I... I was trying
to keep him warm.
He's cold from losing
so much blood.
I'll got get him
a blanket!
Red, lie still!
Lie still!
Oh my God!
Oh Jesus!
Lenny! Lenny!
No, Lenny! No!
You can help her, Cyd!
You can help her!
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay!
Come on,
come on, Lenny,
gotta get help.
I gotta get help!
Where are we?
Where are we?
Let me go!
Let me go!
Hey, Cyd!
You can help, Cyd!
Somebody help her!
She's gone.
Jake, you in there?
Don't do this
to yourself.
I don't give
a damn about you.
Give me the same respect
and leave me
the hell alone.
You're just gonna sit here
and rot?
Everything I touch
turns to shit.
It's better this way,
better for everybody.
No, my ass it is!
This wasn't your fault!
You're so damn full of yourself
you think you have
that kind of power?
Get the hell
out of my house.
But you're pathetic.
You don't understand.
Oh, don't I?
You think
you're the only person
in the world
who's lost
someone they love?
Well, you're not.
I know that.
Do you?
Do you?
Do you know
how my husband died?
Did you know
that I had children, too?
A family?
Then what do you
really know about anything?
They found this
when they cleaned out
Red's place.
The chain's broken
but otherwise,
it survived.
You know
where to find me.
I have a son
I never met.
A grown man by now.
Probably hears
my cussing.
We didn't know
she was pregnant
when we split.
She told me later.
I always wish she...
hadn't told me at all.
You can't lose something...
if you never had it
to begin with.
What I wouldn't give...
to have
what you're throwing away.
My dad gave it to me,
said it would lead me
where I was meant to go.
I guess it did.
Follow the raven into shadow,
and you will find
the light.