Missing: Sarajin Yeoja (2016) Movie Script

Presented by Megabox Plus M
A Dice Film Production
UHM Ji-won
KONG Hyo-jin
KIM Hee-won
PARK Hye-joon
Written by HONG Eun-mi
and LEE Eon-hee
Yes Mr. Kim.
Ms. Jang just confirmed the interview.
I'll write the press kit
and send you right away.
Yes, I'll hurry up and send you on time.
Sorry for waiting. Sorry.
- Good even...
- Hi.
"...from the lovable expression..."
Hold on, mommy's almost done.
E-MAIL SEN Oh yeah!
Gosh, I'm late again.
I hate this flavor!
Hey, sweetie.
She's gotten worse.
That's dirty! Spit it out!
No dirty, Da-eun's nose.
Come on, dirty is dirty.
I'll be late, it's a dinner meeting.
Beer again?
Go to the pediatrics, too much runny nose.
We go tomorrow, she have vacation.
You mean vaccination.
Okay, let's wait till tomorrow.
Da-eun, bye!
Almost forgot again.
Your salary.
And I bought one while getting mine.
You know how much I appreciate you, right?
Thank you.
Don't wait up, and go to bed.
Da-eun, I'm off! Bye!
Bye-bye, mama bye!
I'm officer KI from
the Western Seoul precinct.
Is this Ms. LEE Ji-sun?
They want me there by 1,
what happened, Mr. MIN?
You didn't receive
any mail or calls?
They wouldn't do that
without ample notice.
I dunno, I don't remember.
- Han-mae!
- Pardon?
My nanny didn't know this was important.
I don't believe this...
So why haven't you sent the child yet?
Send her ASAP, this'll affect the suit.
No! You know she won't
come back once she leaves.
Let's talk about it later, be here by 11.
Okay, I'll see you soon!
What the hell happened?
When did this...
Where did she go?
Hello, Mr. KIM?
Of course he'll show, he's the star.
Will you be there right?
I'll see you there.
Yes, thank you!
Over half of her salary
is used to pay the nanny,
she received loans with my client's name
for housing deposit.
Also, during the divorce suit,
she acted out under baseless suspicion,
and was advised to receive
psychiatric treatment.
She's a very unstable individual.
Why did you ignore the ruling
and kept the child?
- From the plaintiff's...
- I'm Da-eun's mother.
I'm a hard working mother.
I got a great nanny,
and I can raise her well.
I'm doing my best, Your Honor!
If you wish to add more,
please submit a written petition.
You speak very well.
You should be a lawyer. You'll do well.
If you keep this up,
you'll lose full custody.
I'll never let Da-eun go.
I'll run away with her if I have to.
So beg to your ex,
to drop the detention, that's the only way.
You'll have to plea now.
For who? Da-eun, of course.
So fashionably late!
You're just a contractor! Know your place!
Ms. LEE?
I'm so sorry, Mr. Kim. I'll do my best.
See me afterwards.
Won't happen again! I'm so sorry!
That was the highlight reel
from 'Can We Divorce?'
Let's bring out the director and cast
for a photo op, and a short Q&A.
Photo op first.
Please look front side.
- Over here!
- To the left please!
Ms. LEE, the boss is asking for you.
Respiration is dropping!
To the surgery ASAP!
Her temperature dropped, she'll be okay.
Baby, what's up?
When will you come today?
Today's gonna be hard...
You took off so suddenly,
let's spend today together.
- I'll call back later.
- Forget it.
- I'm sorry.
- You're always like this!
Please retract this.
I'm begging you.
I can't live without Da-eun.
This is pointless, talk to my mother.
You're her dad, and I'm her mother.
You don't want her anyway,
so I should raise her.
Does she know you're the mother?
She spends more time
with the nanny, doesn't she?
Mother will head over tomorrow,
so hand over the kid willingly.
Don't make this into a thing.
Thank God, I made it.
Whoa, sorry.
Have you seen my child?
The baby?
Well, maybe I did.
What about my nanny?
Did I see her today?
I'm not sure.
She's a bit weird.
The baby was so cute, so I
tried to pinch her cheeks,
then she went berserk!
I felt so embarrassed.
She's not even the mother!
Okay, bye.
Who is it?
I'm from #505.
My nanny?
She quit some time ago.
What is it?
The nanny and my child are gone.
Her phone's off too.
Your nanny introduced me to her,
said she was her niece.
I got her contact info,
would you like that?
Yes, please. Thank you.
Sorry, I didn't see the notice.
Sorry for startling you, baby.
Come in.
Aren't you too young to be a nanny?
Do you have any experience?
Of course, she's got plenty.
She loves children so much.
So she's your niece?
Yes, she's my niece.
Almost, almost, hold on.
That's terrible...
She's usually mild, but she got hurt.
How did that happen?
I had a Chinese nanny,
but while I was away, she did this to her.
How could she let that happen?
So I fired her, but now I'm desperate.
She'll do well, she's good.
Does she talk?
How long have you worked?
4 ears...
You don't speak Korean?
I will run very many.
Ma'am, one moment please.
My darling.
I'll be back shortly. I'll be back.
You said she's your niece.
She's not Korean?
My grandpa went to China for work...
I trusted you, but she can barely talk.
She talks well, and understands everything.
You call that 'well'?
Da-eun will learn from her soon.
You said you were in a rush.
If you want a perfect nanny,
you'll wait forever.
You do look desperate.
What are you dreaming of?
I want to see your smile
Mama's embrace
How did you do it?
Can you read?
No ring.
Baby cry. Knock please.
Can you start today?
Do you have foreigner ID?
Here, she'll be a wonderful nanny to her.
Let's have a trial week.
Hello Mr. Kim.
Did you assign the promotion team
of the drama you mentioned before?
I think I can do it...
Hi, this is Maru Apartment #505.
You introduced me to your niece.
If you get this, please call me back.
It can be late.
Yes, Mr. KIM.
Do you expect high ratings?
Sure, it's better than the script.
I heard you were late because of your kid.
This is why I hate working with moms.
I pay them and look out for the kids too.
I'll look forward to
the press kit tomorrow.
What now?
Did your mother take Da-eun?
What do you mean?
Did she take her without my knowledge?
How should I know? I'm busy.
Han-mae, I'm starting to worry.
Something going on? Is Da-eun hurt?
It'll be alright, so please come home.
So the 13-month old baby
disappeared with the nanny?
I think something happened.
Could you show me her details?
It's her foreigner ID.
Yes, Mr. MIN.
I'm kind of...
Ma'am, is Da-eun missing?
I got a call from your ex's lawyer,
did something happen to her?
Mr. MIN, the truth is, she's...
You're not hiding her
or planning something, right?
You'll get into big trouble.
Losing custody will be
the least of your worries.
You won't be able to see her
until she turns 19.
I had a client who lost her kid
- at an amusement park...
- Ma'am, is this her?
She came home.
I'm looking for Han-mae.
Do you know her?
She looks like...
Han-mae, how could...
Jesus Christ.
I'm here for Da-eun.
Open this door!
What are you doing? Da-eun!
Open up!
What's the matter with you!
- Move aside!
- Not now, ma'am.
Come back later!
So disrespectful.
Da-eun! It's Nana!
Yes, hello?
Ma'am, did you call? Something wrong?
Han-mae and my baby
didn't come home last night.
- So what?
- She's your niece.
Do you know anything?
She's not.
She paid me for the introduction.
The baby's crying, I'm hanging up!
JANG Da-eun, 13 months old.
She came 2 days ago, not yesterday.
We go tomorrow, she have vacation.
She definitely said Friday.
She came on Thursday
and got a prescription.
A month worth of flu meds.
Mothers do that often before traveling.
Don't wait up, and go to bed.
Da-eun, I'm off! Bye!
Bye bye!
Did you even see the broadcast?
Everyone's going nuts over your press kit!
Where are you?
They might sue us...
Hand it over!
- One moment.
- Listen, you bitch!
You begged me for a job,
are you planning to bury us?!
Excuse me...
Please! Hold on!
You were here yesterday.
Do you know Han-mae?
She owes me money, but I can't reach her.
Is she not home?
You lend her money?
If she's not here, I'll come back later.
Wait, please...
The truth is...
she disappeared with my baby.
Her phone is off, so I can't reach her.
Do you know where she might be?
Isn't that why I'm here?
Did you report it?
I can't...
Is there somewhere I can look into?
Yo! Music is too sad!
These bitches never listen to me.
Been a while.
Did Mag come by?
Why look for her here? You took her.
Is that Han-mae?
Did she work here?
Go ask the girls if they're
in contact with her.
Screw that.
Go inside, a john's coming up.
Lady, I got a business to run.
Here, baby.
Cash is $110 per hour, or $120 for plastic.
Su-ryun, customer!
Has anyone seen Mag?
Or contacted her?
You see?
Go away.
Is she crazy?!
What the hell?
I'm so sorry!
Are you nuts?! Get the hell out!
What the shit?
She disappeared with my baby.
I have to find my daughter!
If I knew, I would tell you!
But I don't!
It's no use, so leave her
your phone number.
- Call her if Mag calls.
- Yeah, of course!
Here, write down your number.
You poor thing, I got a daughter too.
I'll ask her when she's done.
Please give me a call.
Of course I will give you a call.
Fine, I'll call back later.
This is the only place I know of.
I got places to be.
Just listen.
We have your daughter.
Don't hang up, got it?
Don't talk, just listen.
Don't go to the police,
we're watching you.
Just do what I say
and she'll return to you.
Leave the man you're with now.
Tell him the kid was in an accident
and you must go to the hospital.
She got into an accident...
I have to go to the hospital...
I see...
Leave him and get to the main street.
Follow that street.
Please! Don't hurt my baby!
- The currency exchange shop.
- Currency...
Go to the ATM by it.
Who the fuck is this bitch?
Don't talk to me.
Transfer $30,000.
KB Bank, 384-569...
Are you trying to buy time?
Does she have to die for you to listen?
No, please...
I only have $5,700 in my account.
Are you kidding me?
Should I send back 5 grand worth?
It's the truth! That's all I have...
I'm telling you the truth...
Keep it down.
Then transfer that first.
You got 10 seconds.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9,
I sent it, all of it.
I feel sorry for the baby
for having a shitty mom.
Yeouido wharf, look around.
Hello? Hello?
What the hell?
Are you nuts?!
Yeouido wharf! Take me there!
My child is kidnapped,
please hurry!
This is the police.
Hello? Yeouido wharf,
my child is kidnapped!
So when was it?
Thursday morning.
Wait, today is Saturday,
you last saw her on Thursday?
It's no use after 3 days.
- Today's the third day...
- Shut it.
Chief, look.
It's a Chinese account.
The account's been emptied,
and it's already been flagged.
Phishing scam, we got tons of
reports on this account.
I heard my child's voice and Han-mae's too,
it's not a scam.
Phishing scams are like that, to trick you.
What about my child then?
Since the nanny can't be contacted yet,
let's see the baby and her photo.
Sure, one moment.
One second.
I had it...
We took it together.
It was here.
What's the matter with you!
You're really going all out!
You thought you could fool me?
Where's Da-eun? Where's my baby?!
Tell me, where's that Chinese woman?!
Please calm down, madam.
It's a ploy to keep the child!
I heard it from your lawyer,
you said you'd run away with the baby.
No, ma'am...
My baby, my Da-eun is missing...
They're working together,
They're hiding the child!
I went to pick up the baby
and the nanny abused me!
That's because you tried to take her away!
She was trying to stop it!
My poor baby!
How could you do this as a mother?!
How could you do this?!
Please calm down.
Let's talk outside.
So she received a detention order.
But even so...
She must not be mentally stable, right?
Something like that.
- Is this it?
- Yes.
- Talk her some sense.
- Sure, thank you.
Are they looking for Da-eun?
Even after you realized she was gone
after you came home from work on Friday,
you didn't report until 2 days later.
No, I did.
- I was going to...
- The bigger problem is,
you don't even have
the nanny's personal info,
not even a photo,
her foreigner ID is fake.
Her phone was a burner too.
- What do you...
- Sure,
I am indeed on your side.
But on August 7th, you
received a detention order.
Due to your busy schedule,
the court let it slide till now.
But the child disappeared
during that period,
so the suspicion isn't uncalled for.
Do you even believe me?!
Da-eun and Han-mae are both gone!
I'm trying to help you, be honest with me.
That's the only way out of this mess.
It's the truth! I'm telling you the truth!
After the divorce, her money dried up,
she's doing this to get more money.
I knew she was up to no good
when she refused alimony.
You must be so angry.
Thank you.
- Are you single?
- Yes.
Meet a good woman.
Where's Ms. LEE?
She went to the washroom.
- Washroom?
- Yes.
How did it go?
Come on...
Left on Thursday morning,
and didn't come back.
She didn't.
Hey, miss.
This is him.
I was looking into bike theft,
and he mentioned something weird.
Buddy, tell her yourself.
I didn't steal, it was given to me.
I was feeding a stray
cat, and that woman...
Da-eun, let's go home and eat.
What a nice day.
Oh no!
Oh no! Da-eun!
When? When was this?
Earlier this year?
You see? She's a weird woman.
Ms. LEE! What should I do with him?
What the heck are you talking about?
I'm a cop, sir!
Sir! We're cops.
Then you shoulda shown me the badge first!
How can I just trust you!
Ms. LEE? It's Det. PARK.
Where are you?
If you keep this up, we'll
send an APB on you.
Should I?
I'm gonna find Da-eun, I'll do it myself!
She was close to her,
but I'd have called if she said anything!
You can't just barge in during rush hour!
I'll pay.
Credit card?
I prefer cash...
She'll be out in 10.
Wait over there.
You two are so alike.
Lady, you wanna buy me a new couch?
Mag scratched that too!
Do you know what this work involves?
I do best.
Need money.
I... like job.
Sure, do your best then.
Thank you, thank you.
- Bye.
- See you.
I'll give you a name.
How about 'Magnolia'?
Good to see you!
Mag, say hello.
He's a customer.
I'm Magnolia. Happy meet you.
You must be new.
Hyun-ik loved her immediately.
Who's Hyun-ik?
Are you dumb? The guy you came with!
That's PARK Hyun-ik, he's a broker!
Whether it's legal or not,
he'll do anything for money,
especially using foreigners.
Local anesthesia? What for?
What is that?
Give it, let me see.
Give it back!
Are you sick?
What is this?
It's not me...
Someone's sick.
So I wanted to see if I can give mine.
Who will you give your liver to?
Your family's in China.
Come here.
Anesthesia in Chinese is...
- Local.
- Local?
- Jubu mazu.
- Jubu mazu.
I understand.
I know.
You got a guardian?
Someone to take you.
Should I come with you?
Where you going? I bought 2 time slots.
I'm unavailable between 2 and 4.
Today too?
Where you off to everyday?
I'll let it slide today,
but I'm telling
your boss next time!
Where did she go everyday?
Who knows, she never said.
She always left for
2 or 3 hours at a time.
Sometimes she'd come back
crying, or laughing,
she acted like a crazy.
Then she disappeared
all of sudden!
This is all that she left behind.
She had a kid?
Dunno, it was just there.
Did she mention anything else?
Family or where she lived?
We don't talk personal stuff.
Su-ryun, customer!
Mag is a kind person.
Don't bother her for no reason.
Your call cannot be connected...
She's not answering me either.
This lady is no joke.
My apologies,
but I must return
to the hospital.
Yes, of course.
We'll call you when we
get any updates,
so please don't worry.
- Chief.
- Hold on.
Take care!
Take a look at this.
We better send out LEE's APB.
Buddy, buddy!
Go eat at the caf.
You're stinking up the place.
She said she followed this man.
That face and slight limp.
Broker of everything,
PARK Hyun-ik.
So why is she with PARK?
We should look into
PARK Hyun-ik too.
You sure it's him?
Please decrease speed to 80km/h.
Does she know you're the mother?
This was taken
before the remodeling.
The townhall hired me to
take babies' 100th day photos,
since the babies are so rare
around here.
And even remodeled this place.
Everyone prefers digital photo
more than photo film nowadays.
Han-mae, let's take it together.
Please take a photo
of the 3 of us.
I wonder when that was...
This must be it.
Huh? Who is this?
Oh, it's the mother.
You two looked so cute together.
Should I hold the baby?
Then give it,
I'll write it for you.
Are you sure, asshole?
Yes, I am.
It's her real Chinese name.
Come on!
She married 4 years ago...
I'm talking here!
Yes, her husband is HAN Suk-ho,
and they had a 4-year old
between them...
- That woman...
- Seriously.
They had a daughter.
Their address is Kangwon,
no Chungcheong prov...
What is that?
What the hell is that?!
Are you nuts?
A souvenir...
- We do legit massages.
- I get it!
- Detective, I...
- Fine!
Wrap it up here.
Call me if PARK Hyun-ik calls.
- Right away, of course.
- And that woman...
I'll call right away.
I don't hesitate at all,
I'll call at first sight.
Out of my way!
Should I validate your parking?
This Han-mae or KIM Yeon
feels off.
- Right?
- Yes.
Entered Korea after marriage,
and worked at a massage parlor.
Then as a nanny and
disappeared with the baby.
That's right.
- What about PARK?
- They conspired together!
You said it was a phishing scam!
Yes, what is it?
Chungcheong province? I got it!
Chief, LEE was spotted
In Chungcheong,
that's the nanny's last
known address!
Anyone home?
Mr. HAN Suk-ho?
Who are you?
It'd have been nice to know
that she had a relative...
My wife is also from overseas.
She can get lonely,
so I thought it'd be
good to have a friend.
She doesn't need that!
She needs to learn Korean
to live in Korea!
She claims to have Korean blood
but she can't speak for shit!
She'll need to have a kid
to live here!
Giving me a grandson
will be the only way!
No need to give her
reasons to flee!
How's that got anything
to do with learning Korean!
You were home?
What if she flees
after learning Korean?
You can't think like that.
She's not interested.
Let's get drinks later.
Hey, look!
What's up with that?
She doesn't wash.
And her bruises?
Go away!
Come on, Suk-ho!
They're crazy!
Help her!
Let's just go.
But we can't!
Fortunately, things improved
once she got pregnant.
To raise a child properly,
I convinced them that
she needs to learn Korean,
so she took up classes
with my wife.
Come on, let's go inside...
It's like he's listening
and dancing.
He's got the rhythm.
It'd have been okay,
if the baby didn't get sick.
Jane! She cry! Hurt!
Too hot!
Almost done, almost!
Since when was she like this?
The symptoms point to hepatitis
but it could be worse,
so you should take her to a hospital.
It's alright, sweetie, I'm almost done.
Are you the guardian?
I'm not the guardian.
Forget it, leave!
Having a daughter isn't a prize,
don't flaunt around.
No, no!
You can have another baby!
Know your place in life!
Help! Doctor!
Go away!
No! She sick!
No! Mother!
She crying! Jane!
Mother! Mother!
That was the last time I saw Yeon.
A few days later,
she ran away with her kid.
Anymore contact afterwards?
I think she contacted my wife a few times.
She took the baby to a hospital in Seoul,
she said the baby will get better.
Then no more calls.
Do you remember which hospital?
What is that?
He's coming here?
- You were home?
- Hey there!
What's up?
- How are you?
- We're good!
Ms. LEE! Please stop!
Please stop!
Ms. LEE!
Are you LEE Ji-sun?
Please find my son! My poor son!
Find my son Suk-ho!
I haven't heard from him for a week!
Okay, please calm down!
They said a bad woman could ruin a family!
Please calm down!
- She messed with my baby!
- Come this way!
Please find him!
- We will!
- I'm begging you!
Okay, come this way.
Officer KIM! Go and calm her down.
Good afternoon, we're from
Western Seoul precinct.
It was a hassle catching her!
Ms. LEE?
Do you want to fill me in?
Should we do it here or back in Seoul?
Gangnam Catholic Hospital...
Let's transport her to our car.
Gangnam Catholic Hospital.
Gangnam Catholic Hospital.
Gangnam Catholic Hospital!
What did you eat today?
You look cute today.
I'm Det. PARK from Western precinct.
Is there a HAN Jane?
Da-eun, where is she?
What did you do to her?
What's your relation to Han-mae? Tell me!
What did you find out?
It's called congenital biliary atresia,
only 1 in 1,000 infants have the disease.
Without a liver transplant,
the baby dies in 2 years.
The mother wasn't compatible,
and HAN Suk-ho didn't get a biopsy.
And she was discharged
while waiting for a donor.
Why did she take Da-eun?
Maybe that's why!
PARK was said to be
involved with organ trafficking.
Trafficker and a mother
who needs an organ!
Shut the hell up!
Have some basic decency.
I'm en route.
Okay, I'll head that way.
Here! Look!
We already told you
we can't upgrade your bed.
Everyone wants window beds,
don't you think?
That's not it! Look at this!
So you really don't remember?
I don't.
I really wish I could.
We can't treat those type of patients.
The rooms are here, but it's
up to internal medicine.
So how did that woman have your ID card?
Only the poor suffers.
What a life.
Forget it.
Forget it.
Ms. LEE? Ma'am?
Could you stay in the car?
Hello sir.
Yes, hello.
Det. KIM!
Got anything?
He's burn to a crisp.
We sent the DNA for analysis,
the result will be out in the morning.
Everything's charred, it's all useless.
Oh you're not supposed to come.
Ms. LEE!
I told you to stay in the car!
Put her back in the car!
Da-eun! My daughter!
There wasn't a child, don't worry.
Take her back!
When did the fire break out?
Initial estimate points to a week.
- A week?
- Yeah.
Didn't HAN go missing around then?
What took you so long? You were out for...
Han-mae, you okay?
Any updates on PARK Hyun-ik?
No, not yet, sir.
I get the feeling that
the doctor has some
connection to the nanny.
Why are we here then?
We're here to find out.
PARK was last said to be
in Garibong district.
- It's like a hornet's nest.
- So you won't bother?
Who are you?
The doctors may not know
but a few nurses do.
The singing Chinese woman.
"The singing Chinese woman"?
We all called her that.
She sang... not beautifully, but...
How should I put it?
Which dream are you dreaming of?
I want to see your smile
Inside mama's embrace
Falling asleep...
Which dream are you dreaming of?
Please sing once more.
My kid's falling asleep.
Guardian of HAN Jane?
Is her guardian here?
Yes, me.
It says the guardian is Mr. HAN Suk-ho.
Is there a Korean guardian?
I've never seen her daddy once,
why do you need him?
Could you come with me please?
The payment is overdue.
You must pay the bills by this week.
Or we have no choice but to discharge her.
Discharge, out!
Do you understand?
Mag? What is it?
Money, I need.
Help me.
Can I really get paid by next week?
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Sunday! No late! Please!
Please wait!
You said this week!
Someone will come with the money!
Please wait like you promised!
We've waited for a few hours!
Legal guardian HAN Suk-ho stated that
he won't pay and consented the discharge!
But even so, she's the mother!
She's not a national,
she has no legal rights.
You can come back for check ups!
She can get better at home
if you take care of her.
It's not the end of the world.
Security! Security! Grab her!
I sorry!
Tidy up that bed.
Help, please help...
You know that Maru Apartment
missing child case?
Update it as a kidnap case,
and request support.
Dispatch everyone to Maru right away.
Respiration is dropping!
To the surgery ASAP!
Where the hell have you been?
It's acute pneumonia.
Since she's a baby,
it's spreading to the lungs...
So why was she in ER for hours?
There aren't any beds.
Do something quick!
Look, what about HAN Jane?
Discharge her!
Is the kimchi fridge busted?
Why is it all frozen?
It's good, very cold.
How could you let her get kidnapped?!
This is your fault!
It's not Da-eun...
It's not her.
This is 911.
Baby... my baby...
Yes, how can I help you?
Hot, she's hot...
Yes, go on.
This is...
Hello? Hello?
Home? Already?
No, I have to go back at night.
Da-eun! Mom's home!
Is my baby angry?
Home, go eat.
What a beautiful day!
It's stuffy being at home all day, right?
Should we go to the beach this summer?
Have money?
You're killing me.
PARK Hyun-ik! Stop denying it.
Think this through.
Your footprints were found at the scene.
This is the car you rented,
and the tire prints too.
You killed the husband alone,
and kidnapped the baby too?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I need to know something to answer you.
You didn't do this alone.
PARK Hyun-ik.
This is beyond the scope
of your past crimes.
Will you take the fall
and rot in prison alone?
I really don't know.
Where's the Chinese woman?
Do whatever you feel like.
It's nice and cool in here.
You can't come in here.
Is she alive?
Please help.
If she's alive, I'll do anything.
Please help Da-eun.
Anything? Really?
I'll do anything. Please return her to me.
I'm begging you...
Okay, okay.
Have you eaten?
Did you eat?
Did you?
I'll do it for you.
Okay, okay, let's go.
Hold still.
What the fuck?!
- My husband!
- Get out of the way!
He's the father of my baby!
To admit my daughter in a hospital,
I need his help!
If he doesn't consent, she will die!
Please! Please!
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Sunday! No late! Please!
I'm not scared. I will live.
Jane will live...
I'll live happily with Jane...
I didn't see her for a while afterwards.
I didn't look for her either.
Then a month ago,
she came to me.
She looked completely different.
Do me another favor.
Remember my husband?
That son of a bitch?
Son of a bitch...
Kill that son of a bitch.
Did you not understand me?
Husband. Son of bitch.
I heard you'll do anything for money.
That's true,
but killing a man is expensive.
Can I repay you some other way?
Some other way?
I work as a nanny now.
I'll give you the baby.
The baby?
What can I do with a baby?
Her father is a rich doctor.
Threaten him for ransom.
She wanted me to get the ransom.
Or sell her off somewhere.
Then what?
What did you do? Sold her?
Like I said I know nothing about the kid.
You expect me to believe that?!
I'm serious.
She broke the promise.
She went dark before I could get the baby.
That's why I went to her house!
Why else would I hang around there?
Then why'd she take the baby?
If she wasn't going to
hand her over to you?
I can't answer that!
I'll kill her.
If she puts her hand on Da-eun,
I'll kill her.
I swear!
I'll kill her! I swear to god!
She asked me to get her a child passport.
After work, she wanted to go back home,
with her daughter.
Now you tell me she's dead.
We got a hit! China-bound ship! 1 PM!
If you did your job right,
we wouldn't be in this mess!
What's wrong?
We're asking him to standby until we go in.
Standby for what? You're just stalling!
My child is in there with that crazy!
We'll take care of it, so keep them back.
Lead them to the checkpoint.
Hey, hey!
Ms. LEE!
Go after her, Det. NAM!
Ms. LEE!
I'll head in first, follow me ASAP!
Da-eun... my baby...
Han-mae... Give Da-eun back to me.
This no Da-eun.
It's Jane.
Hey, standoff at the hull.
What's with you? Give her back to me.
Mommy will protect you, don't be scared.
KIM Yeon!
Ms. KIM Yeon?
Don't act rash.
Calm down.
Don't come near me! Or I'll jump!
Ms. KIM, come on.
Nothing good will come out of this.
Please come down from there!
Han-mae, look at this.
It's a quilt with Jane's name on it.
You covered her with it to keep her warm.
Your daughter Jane.
Ms. LEE!
I'll die instead!
Da-eun didn't do anything wrong.
It's all my fault.
I'm sorry, forgive me.
You love Da-eun too.
You don't want her to die.
Please let her live.
Thank you, thank you.
The sun has not set,
What dream are you dreaming of?
I want to see your smile
So sound asleep
Sound asleep in mama's embrace,
Where will you go?
Walking so confidently,
To the land of dreams
So pretty.
Mommy's home is pretty too.
The fall here is just as pretty.
My baby...
You'll always see, hear pretty things,
I'll make sure of it.
You'll be the happiest baby in the world.
I'll make that happen,
I love you, my child.
It's mommy.