Mission: Chapter 1 (2024) Movie Script

The information we got is correct.
Some strangers have crossed
our border and intruded inside.
We need to carefully search
each and every house.
We need to capture them
alive to understand their plan.
Yes, sir.
- What's your name?
- Karim.
Your name?
This is her card.
Ourselves and our
daughter stay here
Who will come at night?
Greetings, sir!
What's your name?
My name is Hussain.
Are you a Tamil?
Yes, we are Tamil Muslim.
We are here for two generations.
Who are there at home?
My son, daughter-in-law, grandson ,
my wife and my granddaughter.
How many years have you been
in this house now?
We are here for about ten years.
Who is this?
He is my relative, sir.
Show each person's Aadhaar card.
What's your name?
Where is your Aadhaar?
What sir?
What happened?
Some terrorists have come
to India from Pakistan.
They have mixed with the public.
We couldn't do anything
without your support.
Sir, you are not alone in
this boundary, we are also here.
We will be with you.
Where is your son who
is in this photo?
Who is this guy?
- Abu...
- Hey!
Sir, my son didn't ...
Don't move.
You are under arrest!
Corner him.
Who are you?
Where is the guy in this house?
I have killed him.
Why did you kill him?
what do you mean by it?
Is it a military attack?
Or bomb blast?
Are you going to kill some leader?
Tell me.
Your India will not be destroyed
just by killing a leader.
In three months,
you will know who we are.
Three months?
The G20 summit is three
months away, sir.
All the world leaders are going
to come for that summit.
That is what he says.
Is that your plan?
Who are you?
Tell me, who are you?
Omar Quadri...
Lakshar E Babbar...
Omar Quadri...
Bhai, what about these people?
Leave us, sir.
You killed my son and stayed
in my house, isn't it?
We did not betray you even then.
For the sake of God...
Leave us, sir.
We won't spare anyone alive
who knows about us.
Leave the children, sir...
Close everything, we must
leave immediately.
Bhai, Aslam from London.
Aslam, Masood, Jalil..
The Indian Raw Agency
has got the information.
We can't keep in touch.
Although I am the brain of this mission,
you guys are the ones who will execute it.
You all should be safe until
this mission is completed.
Jamal will bring your passport and visa
safely to London for you to come to India.
Be ready.
In three months, it's G20 for India
and "MISSION DUSSERA" for us.
Yes, bhai.
Bhai, what should we do?
For next three months, spread in different
cities in India and be in undercover.
You will get my instructions.
Nobody can stop this mission.
After three months...
The Biggest Breaking news.
A massive serial bomb blast attack
planned in India was stopped.
Three terrorists from POK
were arrested in London.
Indian intelligence timely intervention
stopped the biggest attack in India.
Gunasekaran, sir.
The manager asked you to come, sir.
Sir, why do you want to close
your child's long term FD?
In one year, it's due to
mature and you will get...
...very good returns
for your child's future.
She has to be alive
for that, right?
It's a major surgery, that's why.
I'm sorry, sir.
Just a minute.
Sir, in another two days
the FD will break up.
Once the money gets
credited into your account,
immediately I'll update you, sir.
I'll tell you where to transfer it.
Okay, sir.
Hey, dear! What is your name?
Nice name.
- What is your father's name?
- Gunasekaran.
Oh, very good.
Just an injection...
Close your eyes and think
what you like the most, okay?
Good, you didn't cry!
What were you thinking about?
A drive in the Jeep with my dad.
Good girl.
Eight lakhs is very less.
The vehicle condition is very good.
If I have time, I can easily sell it
in the market for ten lakhs.
Anwar sir, you have come to me
only because it's urgent to you.
Eight lakhs is a good price,
you enquire and then decide.
Sir, for that sake how can you
quote such a low price?
Don't you've some conscience?
- That's all I can offer you, sir.
- I believed you and came all the way.
Give to him.
Guna, we can sell for better price
if we have enough time.
We are left out of time.
Can you see here? This is the blood clot
due to head injury caused by the accident.
Does she have
any memory disturbances?
Yes, doctor.
This is an indication alarm for us.
Further delay may cause damage
to the child's motor movements.
And like you suggested,
St. Peter's hospital
in London is the best
to handle this surgery.
They have the world's best neuro surgeons
and the least mortality rate.
How much time do we have still, doctor?
Luckily the child didn't lose her
consciousness because of the clot.
Once she starts having the symptom, it's safe
to do the surgery within 3 days.
So you need to understand the seriousness,
better to leave soon.
- Thank you, doctor.
- It's okay.
- Thanks for coming.
- My pleasure, take care.
Thank you.
Mr. Guna, he is the best
neuro surgeon in India.
That's why, we took
a second opinion.
Thank you, doctor.
Are you ready for this?
Including post care,
it will cost above thirty lakhs.
Yes, doctor.
Discharge the child and
take her home.
Spend some time with her.
You're the best medicine
for her before surgery.
What happened, dad?
Why have we come to the hospital?
Dad is sick, dear.
Oh, no! Did they
give you a shot?
No need to stay in the hospital,
let's go home.
I'll take care of you.
"Dear...O' Dear...
I'm your mother from now on..."
Dad, where is our Jeep?
"Dear...O' Dear..."
Doctor has advised not to drive.
Then no need, throw it away.
"Luna...O' Luna...
Why it disappeared in our life?"
"Would third crescent day arrive?
I'm writhing in pain thinking of it..."
"You are the sky now...
And I'm the twilight star..."
Good morning sir, Raghavan speaking.
Tell me, sir.
Sir, the FD was closed and money
will be credited to your account.
If you ask the hospital in London
to send an invoice...
...we can process in ten days
and transfer the amount, sir.
No, sir. I'm leaving tomorrow.
Somehow try and transfer in three days.
Oh, no! It's not possible, sir.
We must follow FEMA process.
Atleast we need seven working days,
hope you understand.
Seth, the money is intact,
just now we had withdrawn from the bank.
When I give you,
won't you count and take?
- Here keep it safe, it's thirty lakhs.
- Okay, sir.
Here is the London address.
Okay, Seth.
They will handover the money
on presenting this currency.
And they'll deduct the service charge of
five hundred for one lakh, is that okay?
Okay, shall I send Guna's details?
For Hawala, details aren't important,
this currency note is vital.
Do you understand?
Whoever presents this currency,
money will be given to them.
Bye, Seth.
I know you don't like Hawala
but we don't have any other option.
The money must reach
London on time.
Above that, this currency note is vital.
Keep it safe.
Don't think about anything.
First, try to reach London.
Sana, dear!
Sana, dear!
Driver, can you just go fast?
Can I have the doctor, please?
Who is your doctor?
My bag!
I left it in the taxi.
What happened, sir?
Mam, my child's surgery,
we're coming from Chennai.
The Doctor has
given appointment.
She suddenly fainted.
Sir, don't panic, nothing to worry.
Thomas, bring the stretcher.
- Doctor Sethuraman sent us.
- Give her.
- Quickly shift to ICU.
- Okay.
I'll go check with the doctor.
Mr. Gunasekar, we have
received all the information
about this case and
fortunately you're on time.
Can we proceed with the surgery, doctor?
We will definitely be able to operate
on her as soon as possible.
But we are going to do
some diagnostics first.
Mr. Gunasekar, your daughter will be fine
and she will wake up in some time.
Thank you, doctor.
No need to be tensed,
the medication has been started.
You've come to the right place
and definitely Sana will be fine.
These tests must be
done immediately.
All these tests has already been
done and it's the results.
No sir, all these tests were done
in the Indian hospital.
We don't accept it here.
So before the surgery, the diagnostic
test has to be done perfectly again.
How much will it cost?
Sir, you give this at the billing
counter, they will let you know.
Mam, can I see Sana?
I'll take care.
You make the payment and come.
Hello, I'd like to
make an appointment.
Just a second ma'am I'll
just quickly check.
There is seven people before you.
- At what time?
- About 10.30
What day of the week?
Hello, sir.
Sir, it's me Gunasekaran.
I'm from India,
Rakesh Jain Seth sent me.
It's regarding the thirty lakhs
and ten rupees note.
Sir, why are you directly calling me?
Call through WhatsApp.
If you get caught in
Hawala here, you'll
be imprisoned minimum
four to five years.
So, please be careful, okay?
Anyway, do you've
the currency note?
Yes, sir.
Okay, I'll text you the address,
you come and collect the money.
Okay, sir.
Sir, not now, can I come after
two to three days and collect the money?
Sir, it's your money, whenever you come with
ten rupees note, you can collect the money.
Just give a call in advance,
that's enough, okay?
Okay sir, thank you.
See you, take care.
Next, please.
Thank you.
Six hundred pounds, please.
Thank you.
Yes, what you say is right.
Yeah, your dad is sick, that's why
he has come to London for treatment.
Shall we ask the doctor
to give him a big shot?
No need for a shot,
it will hurt dad.
Give him a tonic.
Okay, doctor.
Where is my dad?
I want him now.
Dad left for treatment.
Guest must stay here, dad will be back
soon after the treatment is over, okay?
Tell me, Anwar.
How is Sana doing?
She is stable, the surgery will
be done in two to three days.
Have you got the Hawala money?
No, planning to get the money
before the surgery.
I'll call you later.
An important information.
Omar Quadri has
arrived in London.
That's an unnecessary
information to me.
- Greetings, bhai.
- Greetings, bhai.
Omar bhai, he is Qureshi,
a communication expert.
He is Iqbal, a software techie.
Hope all the plans are in perfect.
Yes, bhai.
- Sister!
- What?
I need some money.
- I know why you need the money.
- For what?
My hard earned money is not
to spend on your bad habits.
You aren't sending money,
if I too don't send...
...and who will take care
of parents in India?
I must be blamed for getting you
a job here pleading this English people.
- Sister, I need the money now.
- I don't have now.
Have you started robbing also!
Idiot.... Go to hell.
- Come on, over there.
- Sorry!
That's okay.
Hello, sir!
Guna sir.
If you've shortage of money,
you could've told me, what's there!
There are low budget dormitories nearby,
I would've referred that.
Why unnecessary problem for you?
Sir, we are neighbours, out of India if we
don't help each other then who will help?
Are we neighbours?
Yes, Kerala and Tamilnadu!
I'm going to the hospital,
Uber will arrive now.
No...it's okay...
Sir, the cab will go to the hospital
whether you come or not.
Sister, don't tell Sana
that I slept in the park.
Nancy Kurian.
My name is Nancy Kurian.
I'm Gunasekaran.
I know, I saw it in the records.
Follow that car.
- Could I see Sana today?
- Sure, sir.
- I'll check with the doctor and tell you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Guna sir, come.
Thank you.
Tell me, Jamaal.
Omar bhai, an important matter.
I'm now...
Oh, no!
Doctor! Nurse! Is anyone there?
Someone please help...
Oh, help!
Doctor! Nurse! Is anyone there?
Someone please help...
Everything seems fine.
We'll be operating day after
tomorrow which is Monday.
Thank you, doctor.
Are you happy now?
You've enough money
to pay for the surgery, right?
What happened?
My wallet!
Where did you keep it?
Are you looking for card?
No, it's more important than that.
Mr. Gunasekar, you left your phone
and wallet behind.
- Thank you, doctor.
- No, problem.
Were you tensed just for
this ten rupees?
No, this isn't just ten rupees.
Oh, I understood.
In emergency, you doesn't have any other
option to transfer money, isn't it?
You go exchange to cash and come.
Everything will be fine.
Thank you.
Bhai, this is Wandsworth prison.
It is six miles from Central London.
Totally three blocks
in thirty-five acres.
One of them is Administrative block.
Prison block and dining block.
All the doors in the prison are
computer operated.
None of the doors can
be opened manually.
Prisoners here are from
all over the world.
There are two gangs among them.
One gang is controlled by
drug lord Hussain.
He is the most wanted criminal in Syria.
The other gang is controlled by
serial killer Andrew from Mexico.
Along with them, there are
totally 274 prisoners.
One guard for six inmates.
The entire surveillance can be controlled
from the administrative block.
There will be continuous surveillance
from these eight watch towers.
A supervising officer,
Neil Johnson from Manchester.
Custodial manager, a woman,
Sandra James, from Liverpool.
She is the "Jailer".
Her origin is India, her grandmother
was in Madras Presidency.
After Independence, they
moved to London.
Where is John?
In Mission.
Is it safe?
No need to worry.
One of our guy is inside.
Hey, what's that?
It's a waste, sir.
Open it.
What's that?
Looks like something in there.
No sir, just waste.
Open, I need to check.
What are you doing?
I'm checking this vehicle, sir.
I suspect he got something in there.
Yeah I can see that.
Where is your duty now?
In the kitchen sir.
Then what is your business here?
- Leave.
- Yes, sir.
[Indistinct chatter]
Guna sir.
Sir, where are you going?
I want to reach to this address?
Sir, this address is
located in the North.
I'm heading there only.
Do you know this location?
Sir, I'm familiar to this city.
I know every nook and corner.
Come, I'll take you.
Let's go in this bus, come.
You eat it?
Yes, grilled with bacon.
Where is your money?
Give it here...give it...
Check it.
Give it to me.
Give it back.
Let me check.
Where is your money?
I don't have money.
You got no money?
Take out your money.
Come on, quick.
Where is the other money?
I don't have any, see...
- Hey!
- Sir.
What are you going to do
with this ten rupees, give it, sir.
Just give my wallet.
Give it to me.
Give it.
Hey, give it to me.
Better give up, you bloody Indian.
Give my wallet.
Hello, Police! The guys are
fighting and damaging the bus.
We are near derby square.
Can you come fast?
Where is my wallet?
Where is my wallet?
- Hey! Stop!
- Where is it?
Give it to me.
Put your hands behind your back.
- Bend on your knee.
- Sir...sir...
I didn't do anything.
They have mugged me.
Sir, I'm innocent.
Sir, I'm innocent.
You're under arrest
for assaulting a police officer.
But today is Friday...
...If that's the case, bring him
to the court on Monday.
But in the mean time,
hold him in Wandsworth prison.
I'll send the orders
through to the prison.
Move...Keep moving...
Your name and signature.
Mouth open.
- Who is next?
- Next.
Alright move.
Lift your hands.
Open your mouth.
Don't touch.
I need my things.
Quiet, you'll take them
when you leave.
- Move.
- Sir!
Hey, move.
Sana dear, aren't you sleeping?
Where is dad?
Dad is under treatment, you know, right?
He will be back.
Drink it.
Did you see Guna sir?
No, what's the problem?
He left saying he was going somewhere in
a hurry but he still did not come back.
Did you call on his mobile
phone and check?
Yes, I called him
but not reachable.
He is new to the city, he'd have
been lost, he will come back.
- Hey, Margie!
- Hey!
Please take care of Sana,
her father is not around.
I'll be back in the morning.
Yes, I will take care.
Thank you.
Mam, please understand, I've come here
for my daughter's surgery.
Please help, I need to get back
to the hospital.
Who are you?
How dare you hit a cop!
Are you a gangster?
...a smuggler or a terrorist?
No, mam, I'm...
Hey, shut up.
Mam, my daughter has been admitted
in the hospital, we are from India.
She has to undergo surgery on head
in two days.
- Please understand, mam.
- Don't tell me tales.
Mam, I'm not telling tales.
She is admitted in St.Peters hospital.
Just give me a day,
after her surgery gets over...
...I'll prove my innocence.
This isn't a church
to seek confession.
You've to prove your innocence.
And you can do that
with your solicitor on Monday.
Take him to the cell.
I don't have time till Monday, mam.
If you've doubt,
call the hospital and check.
I'm calling from Wandsworth prison.
We have a prisoner whose daughter
is admitted in the hospital.
His name is Gunasekaran
and his daughter's name is Sana.
Please check your database
and let us know.
Just a second, sir.
No sir, it's a wrong information.
Thank you.
Who is on the phone call there?
- Nothing, just a wrong call.
- Okay.
No, mam!
My child is there only.
Mam, there is some confusion.
Mam, please listen.
Please, listen to me, mam.
You just go and see,
she will be there, please...
Sir, please.
- Good morning, Nancy.
- Good morning.
Hey, has Sana's father turned up?
No, not yet.
Hey, who is that?
Who are you?
Oh! You're an Indian, a South Indian!
Are you Telugu or Madrasi?
You're a Tamilian, right?
My wife is a Tamilian,
it's a love marriage.
No one here knows Tamil or Hindi.
And I don't know English.
I was speaking to the walls,
now you have come, brother.
I'm Paramveer Singh from Punjab.
Are you a dumb?
Oh, are you deaf?
Okay...okay, brother.
Shall I show you a magic?
See now, one... two...three....
I command to open the door!
Come, brother.
It's routine at 7 o'clock
and at 10 o'clock...
Come brother,
Be happy, brother.
Only then you'll not be bored.
That's how six months passed on.
Around three hundred prisoners are here.
All are ruthless prisoners and
have committed grave sins.
What did you do?
I'm a taxi driver in London.
One day, when I was traveling with my wife,
four Englishmen stopped the car...
...and misbehaved with my wife, brother.
Brother, we're Indians, touching our
land and touching our women, both are crime.
God almighty is the ultimate truth.
I thrashed them, all four were
admitted in hospital
and I was imprisoned for six months.
Brother, tomorrow I'm getting released.
But I missed my wife
and she missed me.
Look, she is coming!
Hello mam, Good morning.
She is arrogant, thinks as if
she is beauteous Aishwarya Rai.
She can't understand
our stance, brother.
You come.
Come brother, what are
you looking at!
Here we have food first
and take bath later.
Thank you.
Thank you.
New guy.
Hussain brother, he is
new here today.
Hussain, I'll take him...I'll take him.
I'll take him, Hussain.
He is new here, Please Hussain.
- Come, brother.
- I'll take him.
Come, brother.
If we indulge in fight here,
we will be imprisoned for six months.
No, brother.
Listen to me, brother.
Don't indulge in fight, brother.
First let's go from here...
Hey, Param!
Hussain bhai, no...
Hussain brother, no...
Brother! Brother!
No, Hussain!
No, Hussain!
Don't hit back, brother.
No, brother!
Please, come. Don't go.
Hussain, please...
He is new...He is new...
He doesn't know.
Leave him.
Hey...hey...stop it.
Leave it, brother.
Brother, this is a hell.
You were right staying quiet.
Brother, why have you come here?
What happened?
What happened, Sana?
She is crying for her dad.
I'll take care.
What happened?
Where did you go?
Where is dad?
Dad's treatment got over.
Is dad fine now?
Dad is good now.
It's enough if he takes rest.
Let him rest well.
Don't convey him that I cried.
- Hello, Doctor!
- Hi!
Hello! Is her dad around?
Her surgery is getting delayed,
where is he?
Sir, he went out to arrange the payment,
he will back soon.
What about the medicines I've prescribed?
I'll take care of it.
He has left me with some of his
money to take care of.
Okay, then.
Yeah, that should be fine.
Sorry brother, I don't know
how to handle this case.
They'll frame a case
out of your fight with them.
You're stuck in such
a complicated stance.
Does your daughter know about this?
Brother, you're imprisoned
for hitting the cops.
It's not easy even for
a lawyer to bail you out.
They'll drag this case for a year.
Brother! I'm getting released tomorrow.
I can arrange ten lakh rupees.
I'll pay money in the hospital
and get the surgery done.
I'll also try and get you out
at the earliest, brother.
Don't worry, brother.
Thirty lakhs required for surgery...
Thirty lakhs...I can manage
to some extent, but thirty lakhs...
Param, can you do me a help?
Tell me, brother.
I'll get the ten rupees
note from the officer.
Can you exchange it and
pay the hospital?
Sure, brother.
May I!
At ease.
Sandra, can I have a minute with you?
I love you...
Even if you propose me to in Tamil,
my answer will be no.
Go learn that in Tamil.
Sandra, just a minute!
Sir...can you please tell me where is
custody officer Sandra mam's cabin?
Thank you, sir.
- Hey, where are you going?
- Just a minute, sir.
Come here.
I said stop.
- Hey, stop there.
- Neil, this is highly...
Sandra, why can't you listen
to what I'm saying?
Stop this!
What the hell!
How did he get in here!
Take him out of here.
Mam, I need a help.
Why is he standing here,
he is not allowed to be here.
Mam, I'm not telling tales.
What do you want?
This is ridiculous!
My cell mate is getting released tomorrow.
So what?
Mam, if you give my belongings
kept in the locker, I'll give him...
Mam, if you give my belongings,
he will reach out to my daughter.
Mam, please.
- There is no daughter in the hospital.
These frivolous requests
will not work in Jail!
Take him out of here.
- Mam please, help me.
- Take him away.
Mam please...mam.
Her father doesn't seem to have returned,
I have spoken to the surgeons already.
I think I should call off this surgery.
Inform her father if he arrives.
Sir, he will be back on time.
He has gone to arrange the money.
The problem is not the money.
He hasn't shown up and
we need the signature.
Calling off the surgery is inevitable.
Is everything ready?
We can start in five minutes.
Officer, what are you doing
in Sandra's cabin?
Sir, Sandra mam called me.
Sandra, you haven't left yet?
I'm trying to send this month's email
to head quarters, but...
There's a problem with the network.
Don't worry about that,
you take your leave.
I'll handle that.
Are you sure?
Oh, yeah! Absolutely.
Okay, thank you.
- Yeah.
- See you tomorrow.
Mention in the email that
Wandsworth is at maximum capacity.
We can't take in any more inmates.
Count it done.
Ah, what's wrong with
the network today?
It just suddenly disappeared.
Do you've network on your phone?
There seems to be some issue.
- What's happening?
- It was working all this while.
I don't know what's wrong with it?
Sandra, good night.
You can leave now.
Let me restart my phone.
Give me your phone.
I must have left it in the office.
Oh, no! Come on...
Let me just step outside
and see if it gets any better.
Something...something is not right.
Neil, lock down the prison
and shut the gates.
Listen to me, Sandra!
Stop it, it's just a glitch.
What's happening?
Check your phone.
Do you've network?
The Internet has stopped
working all of a sudden."
What about the landline?
- It's dead, mam.
- No.
Can we connect to the head quarters?
I tried but I couldn't connect
to head quarters, mam.
Ring the alarm.
The alarm is getting muted, mam.
What the hell is happening here!
I have no idea.
Damn it!
What's going on?
Start the mission.
Shut down the cells.
Lock the cells.
- Shut it down.
- Yes.
The entire system has
been hacked, mam!
Connect the speaker.
My dear brothers!
Now, I'm in-charge of this prison.
You all are free to go home.
Guys, we are free now.
Come on, let's go.
Hello, Control room?
I need help! Help!
This is not working!
Guards, charge and seal.
- Charge and seal.
- Yes, mam.
Go now.
Sandra, let us stay here.
Listen, it's not safe there.
- No, I want to go.
- Listen!
Let the guards take care of it.
What the hell!
Power is gone and the monitor
is working in backup.
Move forward.
Hurry up.
Go now!
Go away...go away...
What! What's happening here!
What are they doing?
Open the door!
We have to get the weapons.
- We have to get the weapons.
- No, Sandra!
- Let's go.
- Sandra!
Come on, guys!
Let's go!
Wait! Wait!
(Indistinct Voices)
I heard that you've been lodged in Beta cell.
Are you okay?
I'm good.
What happened?
They hit the cops and are
running nook and corner, brother.
I don't understand
what's happening.
I think all are escaping
from the prison.
You be here.
Brother! Brother!
There's the gun!
It's locked!
Oh, god!
Sandra, it's a fully automated system.
They are controlling everything.
Hey! Hey, you!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop right there!
Sandra, no!
- Catch him! Catch him!
- You can't!
It's not safe!
- Sandra, no!
- Stop!
Let me go...let me go...
Sandra, it's not safe over there.
Just try to understand.
Brother! Brother!
Where did you go, brother?
Keep it.
This is the currency note.
What's this, brother?
Hey, this is the hawala currency note.
Once you get released, exchange this
and pay to the hospital.
Brother, I can't get
released tomorrow.
It seems that around forty
to fifty people could have escaped.
They will thrash us in the name
of enquiry, brother.
Somehow do it, Param.
I can't do, brother.
Please understand.
(Indistinct Voices)
Brother, if you get caught after escaping,
you'll be imprisoned for ten years.
Brother! Brother!
Stop, brother.
(Indistinct Voices)
Come on.
Climb up.
You need to look
at this, mam?
(Indistinct Voices)
My dear brothers!
Don't worry.
You are all almost there.
The electric fences are down.
Jump off and enjoy your freedom.
Omar Quadri has arrived in London.
You have done what you shouldn't.
You have crossed the limits.
Open the blueprint.
Let's track.
Come on, Hussain!
Come on, Hussain!
Use your power.
Come on.
Use your muscles.
Come on...come on...
Brother! Brother!
(Indistinct Voices)
What happened?
Brother, why are you
doing all this?
Wait, brother.
Don't do, brother.
Listen to me, brother!
Don't do, brother!
Where is the blueprint
of the prison?
Hey, what are you doing here?
No time to explain,
where is the blueprint?
- Blueprint!
- What!
Take him out.
Help him! Help!
Where is the blueprint?
I can't! We have been hacked!
I can't access any files.
You're a jailer, right?
According to the rule, you must have
a hardcopy of blueprint in your cabin.
- I don't know, may be...
- Your cabin.
Hey, what are you doing?
I know it's not here.
This is my office, I know
every document in here.
There is no blue print.
Totally how many gates are
there in this prison?
What's this?
- You mean this?
- Yeah.
Side entrance, Guna.
What are you going to do now?
Can you explain?
They have diverted your focus
by creating a riot in the prison.
For what?
Only then, they can escape
in another way.
No chance, every prisoners is in
the compound, it's impossible to escape.
No mam, the total strength
of this prison is 287.
Only 284 people are there now.
So, three people are escaping.
How do you know all this?
That's not important now,
three people are escaping.
What spot is this?
- This one?
- Yeah.
This is the old sewage system at the back.
There is no access, it's off limits.
Where is the new sewage system?
It was once connected to
the old jail at a point
Now, they've diverted everything.
That's it.
They are escaping on that way.
Come on Aslam, Masood, Jalil....
How do you say?
Everyone in this prison has black soil
sticking to their shoes.
But the shoes of those three people
were covered with red soil.
Someone had helped the three by
digging a pit to connect the sewage.
Come on, guys!
You're almost done.
They must have escaped this way.
You've seen the blueprint, isn't it?
There are eight to nine
chambers on this spot.
Where will you search for?
What's all this?
It's the water supply pipes
for the entire prison.
Brother, what are you doing?
No, brother.
Lock him.
What the hell!
What's happening inside?
Where are our guys?
Take control of the cameras.
I want a connection
inside the prison.
Don't just think we
can't leave from here.
We will go to bhai anyway.
How dare you come back?
Who the hell let you back?
He helped us to capture them.
Do you know how notorious
these criminals are?
The Interpol arrested them
and sent them here.
And let me tell you something else.
They are RDX explosives experts.
And also the architects
of "Kamikaze Mission"
Hope he understands.
Connect our camera inside.
You should never leave them out.
Mam, you need to look at this.
Bhai! Bhai!
Who are you?
Do you think you can
get a way with this?
MI 6 are on their
way as we speak.
Hey Jailer, it's an
unnecessary job for you.
I need only those three people,
give them.
Is it a condition?
Hey, I'm not talking to you,
I'm talking to the Jailer.
I'm listening, tell me.
This is neither your prison
nor your country.
Our deal was over.
What are you doing here?
Yes, this is not my prison
and I'm not the jailer here.
But whoever wants
to destroy my country,
wherever he is in this
world, I am his jailer.
I hold the keys to
this Kingdom, nothing
can escape without
my authorization.
The entire prison
is under my control.
Only the prison...
But not me...
Bhai, who is he?
How does he know you?
Bhai, the plan has failed.
Let's move.
Please Bhai, let's move from here.
Few days ago...
The parade is about to begin,
tell everyone to come quickly.
Hey, it's getting late
for parade, come.
This guy is a pain.
(Indistinct Voices)
Hey, run...run...
Go soon.
(Indistinct Voices)
It's time...
(Indistinct Voices)
Come out soon.
(Indistinct Voices)
Parade attention.
All inmates are present
for parade, sir.
One guy is missing.
(Indistinct Voices)
All are here, sir.
Only 106 people are here out of 107.
Where is that one guy?
I am Jailer Gunasekaran
I hold the keys to this Kingdom, nothing
can escape without my authorization.
Hello! Mr.Jailer sir.
Who is this?
You are a lucky guy.
I'll give you a "Super Deal".
Who are you?
That's not important now.
What do you want?
Release him.
Hey, is this your
father's house for you to
order who should come
in and who should go out?
If you call again, you'll also be
imprisoned along with Basheer.
Hang up the phone.
To get someone out who was arrested
for six months in an ordinary cyber case...
Where we are getting
a big offer of money...
Who is he?
Sir, shall we thrash
him and enquire?
So what can be done, sir?
Inform to NIA.
Arrange imeediately for
"Narco analytics test".
Yes, sir.
- Closely watch Basheer.
- Yes, sir.
Assign extra cops on night
duty if necessary.
- I'll speak to SP.
- Okay, sir.
Be alert.
Yes, sir.
You're committing a big mistake.
Don't do the NIA test.
Leave it.
First I gave you an offer
but you didn't accept it.
If you don't leave now...
What I'll do...
Can you hear me, Basheer?
Can you hear me?
What's your name?
What's your real name?
Who are you?
Do you know Lashkar-e-Babar?
I'm a member of that group.
Okay, who is trying
to take you out?
The great, Omar Bhai.
Bhai means elder
or younger brother?
He is the captain
of our mission.
Somehow he will definitely
take me out.
What does a terrorist in Pakistan
occupied Kashmir do in Tamilnadu?
India's three largest cities
are going to explode.
End of G20.
Hey Ajmal, who is going
to execute all this?
Aslam, Masood, Jalil...
Where are they now?
What are they doing there?
Soon they are coming to India
well trained for this mission.
For Dusshera...
- Anwar.
- Sir!
Get more details about them.
Inform this to Interpol immediately.
Yes, sir.
Omar Bhai...
- Bring him.
- Leave me.
Yeah, let's go.
Get in.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Come on.
Take him.
This hotel is excellent, dad.
Order whatever you like, okay?
But always eat healthy, okay?
It's costly, dear.
We would've gone to some
other small hotel.
It's okay, order now.
Dad, are we rich or poor?
You are all rich.
- I'm poor, my dear.
- Why dad?
Because I lost my mother.
In this world, those who don't
have a mother are poor.
You go ahead with the order.
Greetings, Jailer!
I thought you're a big shot when you
offered huge money for a small case...
But I didn't know that
you're India's most wanted terrorist.
I'm a terrorist in your point
of view but I'm a fighter.
Is a fighter the one
who kills civilians?
In which Quran is it written?
A true Muslim would not do this.
You can't understand that.
If you arrest four
people, will it stop?
Our war will continue.
Hadn't the cops who have arrested
four people, know to catch you?
Don't hide and fight
saying it's a tug of war.
If you have guts,
come to the border.
Let's confront.
That day will also come.
Why did you call me now?
I said I'll give you more,
if you do what I say.
But you didn't do.
Before I could tell what will be
the consequence, you hung up the call.
Jailer, you know what
you're going to lose...
Hey, Nisha!
(Indistinct Voices)
Mr. Gunasekaran.
Sana's report is bit worrying.
Multiple clots occurred since she fell
down and injured on head.
I think the surgery must be done.
So, let's take a second opinion
from another hospital, okay?
- Nurse.
- Doctor...
Can I see Sana?
Nurse, is the CT scan report
of that patient ready?
Where is mom?
From now on, only dad
will be there for you.
Then, am l also poor, dad?
"Dear...O' Dear...
I'm your mother from now on..."
"Dear...O' Dear...
I'll be with you ever in your life "
How many death cases
are reported in that bomb blast?
Gunasekaran, it's a big
loss for the department
if a sincere officer like
you suddenly take VRS.
If you think and decide...
There is nothing
to think about, sir.
Only my daughter is there
for me in this world.
She ought to live.
I must live for my daughter.
This is my duty from now on.
(Indistinct Voices)
Greetings, Ajmal Bhai!
Omar Bhai has sent us.
Don't turn.
- Tonight at 10 o'clock,
- We are going out.
Mission Dusshera.
Step carefully.
Climb fast.
Come on.
Is this all your plan?
If Omar Bhai knew this...
I have resigned my job.
Then how will Omar Bhai
know who is somewhere?
Officer, you're committing
a grave mistake.
Don't you want your
daughter to be alive?
Leave him.
Sorry, sir.
A call from home.
Wondering how things
were reaching the person
in Pakistan rather than
the people next to me.
A black sheep is with us.
Do you want to listen to the news
tomorrow morning?
The cops killed Basheer who tried to escape
by shooting Assistant Jailer Pratap.
No, Jailer.
One day, when we meet, you will regret
for the rest of your life for doing this.
Pray to God that day
should not come.
I came here for
the sake of my child.
All this money is for her.
But I didn't expect the London cops
will imprison these three people here.
When I heard Omar's
voice and knew that this is
his plan to make these
three people to escape...
...I understood that they're again trying
to execute "Operation Dusshera".
That will not happen.
Brother, no need of this.
Your daughter is important.
If this "Operation Dusshera"
happens, many people...
...will get affected
like me and my child.
Many lives will be destroyed,
that shouldn't happen.
I'll not allow it to happen.
Is there any other way for them to
communicate to headquarters staying inside?
The control rooms are down and
the systems have been hacked.
They've shot the watch
guards also.
They've surrounded us
from the outside.
No other way to escape.
The electric fences
are around ON.
We have to cross
the admin block.
We are trapped, we can't
go out from here.
We shouldn't let
the prisoners to escape.
Our time is very limited.
At 4 o'clock in the morning,
the patrol chopper will arrive for rounds.
We have to signal the chopper,
the entire police force will arrive here.
How much time is left?
Four hours.
Our mission should
end in four hours.
Our mission will continue
for four hours.
What do you want?
That girl!
Yeah, Sana.
I'm her relative.
Oh, how?
I'm her uncle.
I'm her grandfather, you know...
I saw you coming out of your ward.
Now what are you doing here?
Go back to your ward.
I said go back to your ward.
Where are the other officers?
They are all locked
in the cells.
All electronic controls
are with them.
What else do we have?
We have these people.
(Indistinct Voices)
Hello brothers!
Freedom never comes
without pain and struggle.
I know you're all stuck.
But there is always a way.
Hello, Hussain!
Andrew and Sunny, my dear soldiers,
you know what I want?
There are people hiding
in the kitchen.
Get them out one by one
and kill them creatively.
Not a single camera is
recording any of this.
Everything is in my control
and no charges against you...
And no evidence,
I can assure your freedom.
But there is always a price
for everything.
Hussain bhai, your address,
14, Harvey Clough road, Sheffield.
Money will go to your address,
you just have to trust me.
And it's not just Hussain,
I have all your addresses.
If you listen to me,
you'll get what you want.
If you deny it,
you'll lose what you have.
My men can go with the money or...
Choice is your's...
Break it.
- Please!
- No!
Don't hit me.
Connect the camera to
surveillance room.
Hey, Jailer! Leave them out.
Else for every ten minutes
you'll see a murder.
Your time starts now.
No Please!
Beat him to death.
- No, brother.
- No!
Hey, leave me.
Lets play with the women now.
Finish her.
Guna, stop...
Sandra, no...
Please listen to me.
No, Guna!
Come back!
- Stop!
- Sandra, no!
Don't go there, Guna.
Guards, close the doors.
Oh, my god!
No! No! Please!
No! No! No! Please help!
Param, no!
- Sandra, move aside!
- Param!
Param! Go take him.
Come inside.
Take him in.
Are you okay?
They are trapped in there.
We need to help.
Forget them, we can't
let them out.
Connect the kitchen camera.
Brother, we can't stay
here for long time.
It's not safe like admin block.
They will break and come inside,
do something, brother.
Please help us.
Fear won't help you...
If you want to live,
you've to fight.
How, brother?
Any other camera in the kitchen?
No, brother.
Any other way to come out?
I'll see how does he come out.
What is he doing?
"Fear...O' Fear...get scared
We will make you miserable, run away..."
"Say it loud and clear"
"Scratch the chest of those
who touched us..."
"Thinking who you are, the people
will sing soothingly everyday"
Everybody move forward,
"You turn like a sharp sword
which tears fear apart into thin lines"
"Have courage with you
Be dare.."
"Everyday is yours, get down and win"
Brother, take it.
"Come to tug-of-war"
"Come to find the base
of the root to the extent"
Everybody come.
"Like the clouds,
like the strength of thunder"
Move on!
"You strike, O' Valor..."
Come faster!
"Fear...O' Fear...you get scared!"
Everyone inside. Take them in,
give them first aid. Quick
- Faster.
- Get in.
"Scratch the chest of those
who touched us"
"Fear...O' Fear...you get scared"
"We will make you miserable,
run away..."
Well done, Guna.
"We will make you miserable,
run away..."
Jamaal, where did you go?
Brother, Jailer Guna is in London.
I saw him.
Idiot, that Guna is in Wandsworth prison,
he is ruining our plans.
What are you saying, brother?
His child is here, in the hospital.
What did you say?
Yes, brother.
His child is undergoing a surgery
tomorrow in St.Peter's hospital.
I want the child.
Okay, brother.
Do you know Tamil?
You'd have told me.
There are CCTV cameras all over
here, you know, right?
What do you want?
I want that girl.
How much will you pay?
How much do you want?
One thousand...
- Ten thousand pounds.
- Ten thousand pounds!
Give the money.
Bring the child, your
money will be ready.
Money first, girl next.
Take these prisoners.
Lock them in my office.
They can't stay here.
Take them quick.
Get up.
Brother, like you said I took
the camera that's outside.
Should I take the camera
that is inside?
No need, keep it there.
Guna, what do we do now?
They are about to break these doors.
Somehow we need the weapons,
else it'll be difficult.
The arms room is locked,
they have taken complete control.
Where is the room?
Look here, there are
guns and magazines.
But how to take?
Yes...yes...come on.
Got it!
Hey! Hey Margie!
I need your help.
What help?
Nancy, why don't you leave?
It's already late.
She is in saline.
And her father didn't turn up.
I'm a bit worried.
You can't work
around the clock.
You leave.
I'll take care.
Are you sure?
Yes, I will.
Sana! Sana!
What, uncle?
Shall we go and
meet dad secretly?
Where is the child?
Who is he?
He is my man.
I asked him to come.
I have given her and
the deal is done.
Brother, the child is with me.
Switch on the camera.
Okay, brother.
Connect me to him.
How many rounds
do you have?
Last round.
Hey Jailer, you came here
to save your daughter.
Who else are you saving from here?
Are you going to sacrifice your
daughter for their sake?
My daughter is not here.
Connect Jamaal's camera on the screen.
Dad! Where are you?
Come soon...come soon, dad.
Again I'll give you an offer.
I think this time you'll
take a wise decision.
Don't lose your only daughter.
No, please...please...
Please, leave her.
Let her go.
Your offer is denied.
What are you doing, Guna?
They're going to kill your daughter.
Are you mad?
Until he doesn't see fear in my eyes,
my daughter will be safe.
Then your daughter?
I didn't bring her up
telling granny's tales.
I brought her up telling tales of cops.
She knows how to save herself.
- Jamaal!
- Brother!
Bring her immediately.
Okay, Brother.
Hey, take the child.
Hey, where is she?
Go check there, go fast.
Neil, what happened?
They have hurt me and escaped.
Hey! Stop!
Hey, no!
Brother, she poked my
eyes and escaped.
- Fool, I want her alive.
- Okay, brother.
Where are they?
Something is wrong.
That Jailer is planning something.
- Yazeer!
- Yes, bhai!
- Go inside and check.
- Okay.
Sir, help me!
Sir! Sir!
Sir, he is coming!
Sir, please open.
Guna! Guna!
Where are the others?
They have escaped with the guns.
Take him in.
I will come back.
What happened?
Where is Param?
- Where is he?
- You can't go in.
- What's happening?
- You can't go in.
It's not safe...
It's not safe...
You can't...
Param! Param!
Hey, Param!
Where did you go?
Oh, god!
You need a first aid.
Hey, Quick! Quick!
Hey, Param!
Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop!
Stop right there!
- Param!
- Brother, my wife will miss me.
Hey, Param!
How am I here?
Where is dad?
Do you want to see dad?
Shall we go?
Guna sir's phone.
Hey, Thomas!
Where are you taking Sana?
Sister, this is unnecessary
job for you?
What's unnecessary job?
From where did you get
Guna sir's phone?
Tell me where is Guna sir.
Hey, he was imprisoned by
the cops in hawala money.
Do you know that?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why must I tell you?
Leave him.
Someone has come to take her.
We will be paid if we give her.
Damn it! I know you were committing
small mistakes earlier.
Have you started
abducting children now?
I'll inform the cops.
Sister...sister...don't do.
Leave me.
Leave me.
- Leave me.
- Come.
Hey! Hey, stop!
- Jamaal!
- Brother!
Where is the child?
I can't catch the child, brother.
Brother, the chopper will
arrive in ten minutes.
Jamaal, leave her.
You immediately come here.
It's time to break the main
gate and go inside.
Okay, brother.
Hey, go.
Check whether any
vehicle is unlocked.
Hey, come.
What happened, Nancy?
You scoundrels, how dare you!
I have managed to nab these buggers.
Where is Guna?
I don't know,
I have been chasing these guys.
- So you've not seen him?
- No.
Come on, let me take this.
Hey, what are you doing?
Sandra, what the hell is this?
I know who you are!
Oh, god!
The Chopper will be here soon!
Guna, he is not even the citizen
of this country yet...
...still his daughter is lying dying
in the hospital bed.
He is risking his life for us but you...
Sandra, let me explain.
You know, I'm doing this for us...
For our future.
Your future is behind the bars.
At Wandsworth prison.
Sandra, don't do this.
- Sandra!
- Move it!!
Sandra, why?
Wait, Sandra!
I see dead people down there.
The prison is under attack.
Officer, down.
Wandsworth is in trouble.
I'll repeat, Wandsworth is in trouble.
Bhai, we are caught.
The entire force will arrive in a while.
Let's leave, brother.
Nancy, where is dad?
Tell me, Nancy.
Where is dad?
Where is Guna?
Where is he?
Where is Guna?
Hey, Jailer! Where are you hiding?
Come out.
Yes, I was defeated.
But how will I leave
not doing what I promised.
Don't you want to see
your child dying?
- See now.
- Dad!
No, please!
Where are you hiding?
What do you want?
These three people, that's all, right?
Please, leave her.
I'll give them.
Leave me.
Leave my hand.
Send her.
You send them.
Release her.
Sana, come.
Take this.
Sana, come.
Your dad is here, come.
Come fast, come.
Your dad is inside.
Sana! Sana!
Sana, come!
Hey, stop!
Bring the cuffs.
The surgery is over.
She is perfectly fine now.
How was the surgery possible?
You have saved us
and the honor of our nation.
Our Government will protect you
and your daughter.
Our British Government has
taken care of everything.
And this belongs to you...
Give that to Param's wife.