Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) Movie Script

Hey, how did you manage to leave the cell?
How did you come out of cell? Open door 2.
How did you come out?
Return back to the cell!
I told you to go back to the cell!
Let's give you a few friends to play with.
- Send the guards there!
- Yes, sir!
Okay, I'm set. How is things going down below?
How do you think? I am in a sewer.
Doors do not open. We're stuck here.
Alarm goes off.
- We are in danger! We ask for reinforcements!
- Captain!
- We need reinforcements.
- We have a problem in sector 2E.
I'm in position.
Move to phase two.
Wha,what are you doing? What are you doing?
What's wrong? What's happening, Benji?
O God! He is not gonna be in the extraction point.
Stay focus. He knows where he's going.
No, no, I'm not. No, I wouldn't, I would not open that door, please.
Go to the extraction point, Ethan.
I know, I know what this means, but I, I can't. I'm not authorized...
Go to the extraction point, Ethan. Go to the extraction point!
O, we gonna, each we gonna wait, we gonna wait ,we gonna wait. Right, I can wait.
Okay fine! fine! fine!
There! You just, just screw the whole thing up, on purposed.
What do you mean nobody works?
ah..Jane, we gonna have a slight delay.
Why do you wanna go in there?
- Sergei?
- Come on.
- You mean now?
- Yes, now.
I don't know what he's doing, and for some reasons I'm helping him
As long as he's in his ways should be in the sunk end
ah, we have a passenger.
Open all!
Come on!
God! This is a dead end!
Sergey, do not tell me that this is the end of our escape route.
Go ahead.
- Agent Hunt?
- And you're?
Agent Carter.
- Who's your pal?
- I tell you on the way.
Light the fuse!
- Sergey, what happens here?
- Everything is fine, Bogdan.
I don't mean to bring up elephant in the room, but what's the big hairy Russian?
Who, Bogdan?
He said me intel. If I left him there, they would kill him.
So we're gonna give him his freedom. Did you call these sweepers?
- Yeah, they're on their way
- Good, good.
Benji, how is it you're here?
Oh, I passed a few exam. Crazy, right?
Yeah, it's crazy.
- DNA test.
- It's me.
It's procedure. I'm just confirming it's you.
You're very thorough.
Sergei, are you not Russian?
- Yes perhaps.
- Sweeps are approaching, brooms are edged.
- Roger that.
Sergei, are you not Sergei?
You'll be fine. Bogdan ...
- I always take care of my friends.
- My friend ...
- Messy bringing him along?
- I thought it went rather well.
You want telling me what are you doing in Russian prison?
Wanna tell me why you brought me up?
This wasn't a rescue mission?
Let me put it this way...
If The Secretary wanted me out of there,
must be pretty bad out here.
We were after a file. We lost it.
We? Who lost it, you?
- Agent Hanaway.
- Where is Hanaway?
It was a little drop
... classified file.
It should've been a simple intercept.
They knew, which train the courier was on.
ETA 2 minutes on the courier.
- But there is one thing we didn't know.
- Wild Cat.
your train six minutes at.
Who the courier was.
Now or never, Bob Cap.
Hurry! Who's delivering the file, what's his name?
- Go ahead, shoot.
- We're out of time.
I need a name, folks. You can't track all these people at once.
Aargh, Marek..Stefanski. For the love of God..
- You got it?
- Marek Stefanski.
I'll take it from here.
Are you allright, buddy?
Hanaway dropped Marek, and grab his bag.
Sit down. Get your breath.
He had the file in his in hands. Easy in easy out.
file's secured.
But we weren't the only ones after it.
Bob Cap, someone else is scratched this party.
I'm not alone.
- Local police?
- No. Armed hostils.
Maintain, I'm coming. I will get him backing up.
Negative, Operator. Broad the route southwest corner, 60 seconds.
Hanaway's lens came to facial matched...
and triggered a warning.
But it was too late.
You're gonna be okay.
You're so beautiful.
I should've told you..
It was my op.
I put him in the field.
And she left him just alive enough for me to see him die.
I'm sorry.
- You know her?
- Sabine Moreau. Contract killer.
Works for diamonds.
Who is in the file?
Russian nuclear launch codes.
IMF's been looking for emerging extremist, codenamed Cobalt .
He's determined to detonate a nuclear weapon however he can.
We know Moreau works for him before.
What else did IMF know about him?
As much as you do now.
But if Moreau has nuclear launch codes,
you can bet Cobalt's confirmed person of interest to enemy number one .
We're here.
- Agent confirmed.
- Why was he in prison?
He disobeyed. After he and his wife ... you know.
I thought he just been transferred. Or on leave.
There were rumours then...
to work on the unsanctioned hit.
Welcome back, Mr. Hunt.
In your absence, IMF has learnt that Cobalt is, or was,
a level one nuclear strategist for Russian Intelligent.
Therefore, the only way to uncover his actual identity
is to infiltrate the Kremlin itself.
In order to get passed their checkpoints,
you'll be impersonating General Anatoly Fedorov.
We believe Cobalt will do everything he can to destroy any record of his identity.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it,
is to penetrate the highly secured archive inside the Kremlin.
And retrieve Cobalt's file, before he can destroy it.
New intel suggests Cobalt is already in route,
leaving you... 4 hours 52 minutes
to infiltrate.
To save time, we've chosen your team for you.
Agent Carter and Dunn.
As always, should you or any member of your team, be caught or killed.
The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.
Good luck, Ethan.
What do you got?
We're going into the Kremlin.
I thought you said "the Kremlin."
I thought you said "the Kremlin".
This is very exciting.
Being on the field ... with you, you know.
It's a bit of a dream ... for me.
I love your disguise by the way. You look just like him.
It's a shame would wear a masks. You know like a full masks.
Everybody get to wear a mask, but Benji.
Sorry. I'm dead. I babbled when I am nervous.
When doing it again, shut up it.
Okay, settle secure to go, that's x-ray machines, cameras...
metal detectors. Just what we expected.
We can do this.
Releasing in three, two, one.
Going fast, going fast, Kremlin going fast.
Mr. General.
I am Major Yegorov. Show me the documents, please.
Don't you think I am?
It's not found.
Try it again, Major ... ... Yegorov.
Excuse me, General. I did not recognize.
You should be kicked out, Major Yegorov.
I think might not going well.
- Relax.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry, by the way ...
About you and Julia.
You know ... not working if i may ...
I wanted to say something before you ran away but I,..I liked it.
here, he's off the phone now.
It's empty. The disks are empty.
Check in, team leader.
Over. Repeat, check in, team leader.
Have you made it to the archive room?
Captain, one is in the archive!
Someone is pickybacking our frequency.
Team leader, awaiting your go sign. Standing by to detonate.
Rendezvous nod 2.
What is it?
Close the gate!
Our media is no more thruthful than yours ...
But we both know, that there'll cause of the explosion was you.
Awaiting your go sign, Team leader. Standing by to detonate.
The worst part for you, team leader...
is I'm the man assigned to make you suffer for it,
for what you did to my country.
This is clinic, not a bar.
Stop looking at me.
Misha, help me with him. Quick!
I think you're proud to have survived.
I have a few questions I would ask them.
Watch where you walk!
- Go and get my car.
- Okay.
Look there!
Not a good idea.
Seem like one ... a minute ago.
What are you doing? Damn!
I can not believe it.
All units, we have a fugitive. He took her to the west.
Insolidated insurance. How may I help you?
Search 20. Agent A2 delta echo requesting immediate "evac".
Rendezvous Alpha 1-1-3.
Confirmed. Alpha 1-1-3.
Anna, Anna, Anna.
I told myself ...
We should leave town for a couple of days.
Alex, you, me. Vacation.
- Now?
- Tonight.
Who we will go, father?
just, just the three of us.
Where will we go?
(news) ...has been transported to anear hospital for treatment.
While Russian Officials continue to blame
a gas main break.
Experts has citing the shape of the blast area,
and the size of debris field is more consistent with
anonymous sand explosive.
Any speculations may have been an undeclared act of aggression.
Although the Defence Ministry is maintaining that this is strictly an accident...
Anna, pack a bag for Alex.
We're leaving now.
We have work to do.
Mr. Secretary.
There's in no way you're in Russia.
I'm not. Not since a bomb blew up the Kremlin.
Yesterday I flew in to accept the order of friendship from Russian Prime Minister.
Now I'm headed back to Washington,
to hand the President my resignation.
My chief analyst, William Brandt.
- A pen
- Pardon me?
- A pen.
Ethan, what happened in the Kremlin?
Chief analyst you say?
- I'm implying that I made about a call ...
- Europian male.
Fifties, about 6 foots, 180 pounds, blue eyes. Who is he?
Crude drawing, but by your description..
... that could be Kurt Hendricks.
Professor of Physics, Stockholm University
Specialist in nuclear and game theory.
Asked to resign ...
... Well, because he's crazy.
You have to allert the Kremlin that one of their strategist
has a nuclear launch device.
And what if his operative has the code activated
What makes you say that?
I saw him.
Leaving the executive armory bag in hand,
he set off that explosion to cover his tracks.
It maybe weeks before the Russians know it's missing.
- Unless we tell them.
- They won't listen to us.
As far as the Russian has concerned, we just bombed the Kremlin.
Tension between United States and Russia, hasn't been this high
since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And the blame, right or wrong, points to IMF.
President has innitiated Ghost Protocol.
The entire IMF has been disavowed.
So what's happened now?
Now I've been ordered to take you back to Washington.
Where D.O.D will labelled you as rough extremist,
and hang the Kremlin bombing on you and your team.
Unless ...
... you were to escape somewhere between here and the airport
airing on assaulted Mr. Brandt and me.
You will then illegally scrounge
whatever material you could from backup supply cash..
that I've overlooked the same cash..
- ..for your team awaiting for further orders.
- Sir, you may wanna read ...
You will then disappeared.
And this conversation never having taken place..
but your intention would be unclear.
But if anyone of your team is caught or killed,
they will be branded terrorists,
out to incite a global nuclear war.
Your mission.
Should you choose to accept it.
Ethan, you're my best man.
And I'm sorry it's come to this,
after all the sacrifices you've made.
We don't meet again, I just want you to know ...
I will always consider you a friend ...
Stay down. Drive, drive, drive!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Take deep breaths, stay with me.
- ready?
- yes
What do we do?
Wait here.
Where else to might I go?
Hey! hey, hey, hey.. There!
Stop! Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Perhaps more are still alive.
Today, in a nearby prison two inmates escaped.
Who is this? What we know about him?
Why would that work?
- Why what work?
- The flare on the body.
- What watt were they work?
- They did work.
- Yeah, I know that...
- Hey!
- But why?
- I mean, how did you know that would draw their fire?
- I didn't.
I played a hunch.
All right. What was your scenario?
Right, there was a guy being shot at the water.
All the sudden, such a light out of a flare, turn around?
I mean, what you assume maybe thinking
- thinking?
- yeah.
I didn't assume they were thinking.
I assumed they were shooting at anything to move
and that just give them a target. But these ...
These guys are not schollars, you know?
- This is really happening, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Okay. You know what that sound is?
- It's our ride out of here.
Our ride's green car, with 47.
I see three.
Okay, Let's do it! go, go, go, go!
- All right. Forty-seven.
- I don't see it.
- Forty seven.
Oh shit!
This is it. Where's the pass?
Enter your code.
Press ENTER.
Retinal scanner.
Retinal scan required.
Watch out.
Retinal scan required.
Agent confirmed.
Geez, I thought you were died.
- We are.
- Who's this?
Agent. Dunn and Carter.
William Brandt, chief analyst.
Agent confirmed.
Power of the world finally end.
It is my job to predict the unthinkable.
To treat the death of billions as a game.
After 20 years of this, I was none.
Until a new question crossed my mind.
What happens after the end of the world?
Are you sure your line is secure?
Every 2 or 3 million years ...
Are you certain your line is secure?
... some natural catastrophy devastates all life on earth.
But life goes on.
And what little remain is made stronger.
Put simply world destruction, isn't unpleasant..
..but necessary part of evolution.
What happens then, I wondered.
When mankind faces the next end of the world.
I don't care what you have to do, to get him to Dubai.
I'll make you worse as well. Just do it.
- I look to Hiroshima, Nagasaki.
- Well, I'll be waiting for your call.
Thriving cities, rebuilt from the ashes.
Monuments to unimaginable
dedicated to the concept of peace.
It's occured to me here, that nuclear war..
might have a place in the natural order.
But only if it could be controlled.
Only if attached every living song equally.
IMF and I believe this man, Kurt Hendricks, is a nuclear extremist.
Codename, Cobalt.
Today he was seen leaving the Kremlin, that would most likely
a nuclear launch device.
A few days ago, Sabine Moreau killed one of our agents in Budapest.
We believe him off Russian nuclear launch code.
Intel indicates she would check in the Burj Hotel in Dubai
in 36 hours.
Mariusz Wistrom is known operative of Cobalt.
Wistrom is currently on route to Dubai.
For the launch device to work, Cobalt needs the activation codes.
He's sending Wistrom, to buy them from Moreau.
The Secretary is dead.
The President has invoked Ghost Protocol.
We're shut down.
No satellites, safehouse, support or extraction.
The four of us ...
... and the content of this car
are all that remain of the IMF.
And as if this moment any actions are unsanctioned.
So if you want out, speak now.
Our mission is Hendricks.
We're all distance between him and his goal,
nothing can be left to chance.
Everyone connected with this man is considered an asset
with valuable information about our target.
No one can know we're still online.
We lose Hendricks now, we lose him forever.
So, what's the plan?
Wistrom will take delivery from Moreau in 36 hours.
Now we can not let the launch codes leave the hotel.
But we need Wistrom to lead us to Hendricks.
Yeah, we only do that if he has the codes
- Or if he thinks he has it.
- Objective. ..
... is to intercept the sale.
Place the authentic codes with counterfeits.
- and follow Wistrom to Hendricks.
- Well, that's, that's simple enough.
We just, we snatch the codes, we generate some fakes.
Jane, you double Moreau and sell the codes to Wistrom.
And bob your ankle.
And how do you propose, that we just snatch the code from Moreau?
You take her out.
Yeah, we take her out,but you know, discreetly.
- Discreetly?
- Yeah.
- Right, she's an asset.
- Right.
I get it. Sorry. Nothing left to chance, he said.
I'm just, I'm a spit bowling. You know, it's not all gonna be go.
- We don't touch Wistrom..
- All right.
-..or Moreau.
As you asked for Hanaway, but it has to be when I say.
After we had Hendricks.
- Only pack what we need.
- Yeah absolutely.
Only pack what we need. You never know.
So even if we can double Wistrom and Moreau,
How do we keep them in separate rooms,
Or having they think they are in the same room?
We give the hotel a facelift.
Wistrom will think he's arriving at Moreau's suite.
But really, he will be walking into our decoy room.
Where I'll double Moreau.
Downstairs Benji will double Wistrom...
- a masks!
- And meet with real Moreau.
And eh, huh, What am I doing?
You? You're the helper.
Help ... okay.
So, to the extent understand what are you talking about here ...
uhm, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
And you want to alter its infrastructure,
with the hopes of convincing two people that
they had a meeting, which actually really never happened ...
ETA on dry cleaning.
I'm on my way out.
Okay, 34 minutes to doorknock.
wow,.. ehm, okay. this, this is a slight wrinkle,.. nothing, nothing to worry about.
We're just gonna have to go into server room, from the outside.
- What?
- Well, the firewalls in this building serve a military grade.
I mean, this would be a synched if I could call Yusuf back at headquarter,
but Yusuf doen't exist anymore, and neither do we.
I could hack it, but it would take too long.
Their hardware in.
And there's four layers of an exchange security because not in server-in.
and there is no way we can get into it from inside.
If we can't get through the server, we don't control the elevators, we don't control security cameras.
This operation is over even before it begins.
I'm telling you we can get to it from outside.
I'm, I'm on the computer.
I'm just a ... the helper.
- What floor is it now?
- 130.
- Vent out?
- pressure's unstiff.
don't have enough time.
- Elevator shaft.
- infrared sensors.
don't have enough time.
How am I suppose to do this?
Oh, that's high.
Okay, now remember, it's a rolling off motion, that disengages the bond.
When the emitter is blue, that's full adhesion.
Easy way to remember. "Blue is glue."
- And when it's red?
- Dead.
ah, here's your cutter, okay?
And your server interface.
Both going back here.
One, two.
Okay Ethan, holds-all service, 11 stories up
and 7 units over.
- Com check?
- Yeah, copy.
So ...
It's 26 minutes to doorknock.
Yeah ...
What the hell is that?
Hell, what the hell is that?
It's a sandstorm.
It's a long way off, Ethan. There's shouldn't be a problem.
Where is Ethan?
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm in the server level.
Your countdown is not helping.
I'm just saying.
- I'm in.
- That's great, Ethan. You're half way home.
Located server.
Please tell me we're online.
All right, we're live.
Okay, now I have control of the elevators.
- And the security cameras.
- Time to evacuate.
Okay. You drive, and look out for Wistrom and Moreau.
Moreau is at the elevator. It has resceduled.
- We can't open this door, can we?
- That door? No.
Ethan you gotta get down here now.
Ethan. Ethan. Is there a problem?
- We're not gonna make it.
- We have to make it.
Where is Ethan?
- Your line is not long enough!
- No, shit!
That was not easy, but I, I did it.
What I missed?
The lense might be a little uncomfortable.
It captures images and transmits them to the printer in the briefcase.
- All right?
- hmm...
I can't see, one eye right of it, fine.
Blinks twice to activate the shutter.
Notice, the numbers are in order.
A perfect copy.
But the numbers are scrambled.
Masks? ah, 60 seconds.
Are you sure that I shouldn't wear a mask?
You know, cause I'm not exactly Omar Sharif.
I'll play a french. This is you tracking device.
- This is what you're tracking.
- paper clip?
No, it's a paper. It's in the briefcase.
It's caught to be isotops, which should give a unique ...
- It just means that you can track documents, even if they switch briefcases.
- Range?
- Not that good, like a half a mile (800 meters).
Safest thing to do not let Wistrom out of your sight.
Is that Wistrom?
Who's out with him?
- I don't know.
- We don't have an uplink, so there's no facial recognition.
Who's out with him?
That's Leonid Lisenker. Polish phone cryptographer.
He redesigned Russia's nuclear security at the Cold War.
He set off to authenticate the launch codes.
- yeah shit, we are blown.
- No, no, no.
Well, we'll would be as soon as he sees the counterfeit launch codes.
- We're not alone.
- He's in the elevator.
Delay it.
Benji, how long would take it reprogram the case?
Ah, a couple seconds. Wow, What for that?
- To make an exact copy of the launch codes.
- What?!
- You can't do that.
- Wistrom's on 22.
- Slow him down.
- I do what I can.
wait, wait, Ethan! Hey! Hang on now, hang on, just a second!
You, you're talking about handing over active nuclear launch code to Wistrom?
- the case, reprogram the case.
- Listen, listen, stop! Listen, listen.
You're saying you're fixating, you're thinking clearly.
Listen, that's not gonna happened!
- I won't allow it.
- 33, and climbing.
Brandt, use your head. The mission is not the code, the mission is Hendricks.
And this little play out, give him back codes neutralize it.
You know that won't do it. Failure to a terrorist...
...just a rehearsal for success.
We lose Hendricks today, he shows up somewhere else tomorrow.
He finds another way. With no IMF to stop him.
Now, it's now or never. Now hand me the case.
Nothing left to chance. You said that !
You're the analyst. Now tell me..
..there's another way for Hendricks to get those codes.
- 50!
You tell me that this is only happened
right here, right now. Today!
You tell me that, I'll walk away.
- We go without!
- Without masks?
- Changes to go.
- Ethan!
- We have no choice.
- Ethan, you will be walking on Moreau unarmed.
- Face first. Literally.
- How do we know they've met?
- How do we know they haven't?
- It doesn't matter!
Damn! We have no choice.
What if they have met?
Come in.
Which of one you is Wistrom?
Which one of you is Wistrom?
I am.
I admire your work.
Where are my codes?
Where are my diamonds?
close by.
- You have my payment?
- When I see the codes.
Not to worry. Come in!
I thought we could have tea.
Madam moiselle.
No diamonds, no codes.
No codes, no diamonds.
- Kill this one!
- We didn't came alone.
That hole I lay out there is killbox.
- You know who we work for.
- We come back for its codes,
or we don't come back.
- How good is your backup ?
- The best.
Kill them the best.
Do you care for some sugar?
Enough. Let's get this done.
You want payment? I want guarantees.
When he's authenticated the codes, I'll make a call and get your diamonds.
That, or ...
We alll go home in buckets.
Nobody leaves this hotel alive.
Get the papers .
- Is there a problem?
- It's locked.
Ah, forgive me.
There must be a key. For momento.
My mistake. It is a combination. Not a key.
You tell me the numbers!
We're good.
Come on, come on, come on, came on, came on.
It was a pleasure doing business with ...
Wistrom has launch codes and he's on the move.
Hey, I did what you asked, I did!
- Now let my family go.
- Release Leonid's family.
- Thank God!
- You can thank me in person.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Kill him!
Moreau's on the move!
I've got her.
Jane, she's an asset.
I need her alive.
Ah, Ethan, Wistrom is in the elevator. I can't see Leonid there.
Benji, slow it down. Give me an elevator.
I'll handle it.
Benji, I got a lot call of Wistrom, but I can't tell. Is he still in the elevator?
- Wistrom ... elevator ...
- Benji?
- Ethan, over!
- Benji. Benji, I lost.
Ethan, can you hear me?
Ethan, can you hear me? over!
- Watch her!
- Why, why me?
If I'd do it, I'll kill her.
Hold it, Team Leader.
Do you really think I wouldn't catch up of you?
You and I are not enemies. It was a setup.
We'll find out your lies soon enough. Move it!
I'm sorry about this.
- Benji?
- Cover Benji!
I've got Leonid by the elevator, he's been shot.
Hey, hey, stay with me, stay with me!
"No, no no no no no no no no no...
Jane, don't!
Now what happened with Moreau, Jane?
- She couldn't help us with...
- Yeah, so let's throw her off the building?
- I didn't throw her!
- That's throw her off the building!
She was not the mission, Jane.
The mission was to track the file back to Hendricks.
Whose in the wind ...
Better have good news for me. Is he here?
I got it. Talk to you later. I'll be there.
But no one will be following me. Just make sure no one's following you.
- And how the hell that the Russians find us?
- Why do you ask me for?
Because you are in communication. You in charge covering our tracks.
We can not afford to make mistakes like that now, Benji.
You are not a technician anymore. You're field agent.
And you're just an analyst?!
Right? Right?
Who are you really, Brandt?
- What do you ask me?
- What am I asking?
Let me see if I can put in another ...
How does an agent whose skills like that, end up an analyst?
What if we all have secrets?
tell me, Ethan.
You tell me yours, I tell you mine.
I'm all clear.
I have friends in the region. Just sit tight. I'll send someone to get you out of here.
What about Hendricks? What's the plan?
The plan was first to stop him together.
- And what would you gonna do?
- Change the plan.
Wait, that's it?
What we gonna do? go after him alone?
You can explain yourself, agent Brandt?
I was in a protection detail in Croatia.
Shadowing the assets, husband and wife.
We were never suppose to know we were there. Whole things routines as in no crap.
Three years in,we caught wind that this Serbian hit squad was after our couple.
But my team had it under control, I knew that they would coming.
But I couldn't shake this feeling that I should warn the couple somehow.
I wanted to.. find the way to let them know
But you know, orders are oders, so I didn't.
One day, the husband decides to leave the hotel and go for a run.
So I followed him.
And leave to men with the wife.
When I get back,
My guys were unconscious and the wife is gone.
Local police found the body three days later.
What was left over anyway.
It was my last day on the field.
I couldn't face another life or death situations after that.
So, what happened with her husband?
Never saw him again.
Until two days ago, in Moscow, when the Secretary introduced me to Ethan Hunt.
No, that's not what happened. She left him, you know.
I heard that one too, Benji.
But, unfortunately, I was there.
Just like I was there when the Secretary got the phone call..
..that Ethan was in custody for killing 6 Serbian nationals in cold blood.
- ah, I'm sorry, shouldn't hit?
- Yeah.
Last thing I know ... I am on the plane to Dubai.
Wondering the old time ... Do I tell him?
How do I tell him?
That I'm responsible.
I could've warned him. I should've warned him.
But I didn't.
And she died.
Sergei! Sergei, my friend!
I told you, I was gathered here. Didn't I say?
- I don't know it's him?
- Yes, it's him.
You trust me, I trust you, right?
This is the guy! This is the guy,
the one I told you about.
So, we can take these things off.
Sorry, he's a great guy, but he doesn't know you like I do,
you understand.
So, you work for American government?
- And you are an arm stealer.
- No, no! Sergei, Sergei!
He's independent defense coordinator, right?
That's right, very classic job.
- Listen, he's a friend.
- Those diamonds are for Bogdan.
No, no, it's okay. He can have it.
Whatever arrangements you made with my cousin, it's between you and him.
You want something from me, you pay.
You misunderstand. I am not buying.
I'm selling.
You selling?
- Selling what?
- The future.
Yeah, I got all I need, thank you.
Our countries are on the break of war.
War is very good for business.
Nuclear war?
Go on.
I'm looking for a man named Kurt Hendricks. You may know him as Cobalt.
In this case, I think you know what he wants.
I bet he even try to buy it from you at some point.
- Go on.
- He has a case, he has codes.
But they're worthless without tactical satellite.
I want to know where he get it.
A man with information like that would be a potential terrorist.
And to your governmentt, a potential terrorist is a terrorist.
Do you help me?
My friends become your friends.
Sorry. I can not help you.
I certainly can not tell you that, Russia quitely sold an obselete technical satellite...
to a certain telecom in Mumbai.
And who ever gave them that idea?
An enterprising third party.
Working on commission.
Helping old friends, making new ones.
- Can the satellite be shut down?
- That would take a special skills then.
You can not do it alone.
- What's in the bags?
- It's our gear.
- How'd you get it?
- Made a friend.
- I'm glad we could help.
- You can help now.
- Look Ethan, before...
- Whatever happened, happened.
We still have a chance to clean this up.
But we have to do it now, we have to do it together.
Yeah sure, where are we going?
- India? India?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Love the jet!
Where do you see the car?
- Sidorov.
- (in Russian) What are you doing, man?
You were ...
I was worried for nothing.
- I heard that you're looking for the U.S..
- Continue.
And launching devices were stolen yesterday.
- Seriously?
- I can help you find them.
If you agree with that.
Brij Nath.
Brij Nath. Playboy. Multimedia tycoon.
On the surface, this turn network as state of the art
but its build time illegally acquired Cold War cast off
including this,the Novosti satellite.
Hendricks needs it to launch a nuclear strike,
and we have to shut it down, before he gets that chance.
And to do that we need to get the acess codes from him,
one way or another.
And if I don't ...
None of this works.
- You can do this.
- Yeah.
A week ago I would've believed you.
I don't blame you for what happened.
She took someone you cared about. That just not something ...
...you just, let go.
Did that make you feel better?
When you kill the man who killed your wife?
We can't get them back.
Okay, to shut down the satellite we have to manually tap into the central server.
And you'll enter through the exhaust vent wearing this under your suit.
I'll drop down into the computer ray
and I'll catch you, and we have you along the relay room
and you jack into the panel.
Okay, so we enter the party separately as guests
Ethan quarterbacks, while Jane gets the codes ...
from billionaire, I switch off the vent, you jump into the computer,
and I'll catch you, you plug in the transmitter,
Ethan feeds me the codes, which I then use to pinpoit Hendricks' location.
okay, you breach over something,
I think it really important to computer array, part,..
or I just,.. jump?
- And I catch you.
- Yeah.
I don't,.. Why is it so hard to grasp?
what, why? it, it's 25 foot drop..
- and it's using magnets.
- Yeah
In lye of our recent efforts, the technology is. ..
Science is sign. I'd be more worried about the heat.
And then there is that... What heat?
Well it's like any computer, isn't it?
If you switch off the fan,
it's gonna get really hot.
- Of course.
- Relatively, you know.
Of course it will. So I'm jumping into a ...
... an oven.
Yeah, acentually.
But ...uhm, I'll catch you.
Com check?
Saturn got you 5 by 5, Jupiter.
This is Pluto.
I have arrived at the party.
There he is.
Get us that code.
Venus is moving-in on target.
Hook's in.
you do make an impression.
Why am I Pluto? It's even not a planet anymore.
I think Uranus is available.
It's funny cause you said "anus".
- I'm in position.
- Sending in the robot.
He's moving to you. In your back.
- Don't wanna make it too easy for him.
- We can be talking all the time.
In 20 minutes I want a glass of Cuve Louis on every guest's hand.
And make sure all of them have a bottle take home by the end of the night.
Impressed yet?
I'm more a bourbon girl.
I am Brij Nath. Welcome to my humble home.
And.. robot's in position.
spinning down the turbine.
He's emailing. Venus, V Venus, V Venus.
Husband? Boyfriend?
More of the co-worker.
Saturn, take the lead.
- jump now?
- Yes, commit jump!
- Jump?
- Jump!
- And I catch you.
- Now!
So, ah, you sure about the suit, right, Benji?
Pretty sure.
Now you're pretty sure?
O God!
Jupiter, he's gone.
- Did you jumped?
- Should I not in jump?
Cause I jumped!
Stand by.
I'm playing a hunch. Don't hit me.
My God, you are a passionate creature.
I would like to show you my collection of art.
- I was waiting for you to ask.
- Then you have to find me.
- come on.
- I'm heading upstairs.
All right, and be careful.
It probably getting a bit hot.
You have to get to that satellite, before Hendricks does.
Look left, look up.
I find your complicious passion intriguing.
You can keep repeat telling anyone, but he's not your type.
completely not your type.
He's completely cold, I'm hot.
Like all Indian men are very hot.
As you walk toward me, you're getting hotter.
It's too much! too much, too much!
I see you.
I heard you have one of the finest private collections in the world.
Well, of the very licensed private .
Saturn, how are we doing in Relay room?
in position.
I see the satellite .
- Can I help you gentlemen?
- I don't think so.
I need those codes, guys.
All originals from Shatpur district
You know the tantrics believe ...
That there's lust chakra hide on most subconscious of desires..
Uplink to satellite. Reboot to original military specs.
Download the virus.
What hell is that?
- What the hell is that?
- What the hell's what?
- It's going haywire!
- It downloaded the virus from the satellite.
Hendricks is killing the server, before we can count the satellite.
Hendricks is reprogramming the satellite.
He's gonna lost its capabilty in five minutes.
- Is something wrong?
- No.
Jane, you gotta move. We need that code.
Finally we are alone.
Venus, now is your turn.
You kick his ass and get the code.
We are alone, aren't we?
No one will interrupt us.
Move and I break your neck!
The override sequence for the relay station.
Say it now, and never speak again!
The codes!
- Benji, what happened?
- The system crashed, we're too late.
No, no, no. He reveals himself.
Benji, can you pinpoint Hendricks location?
Hendricks is signaling at a state room tv station 6.7 miles from here.
Send me the coordinates. Good work Brandt.
Now, get the hell out of there.
Back me up!
Jane, time over on Nath. Meet me at the rally point.
Sweet love.
Faster, Benji. Just through it trough.
Wait, stop! Take me through.
It's not responding.
A liitle bit of patient would be appreciated.
ah, can't reach the top!
more fan, more fan, more fan!
Ther's nothing I can do, it maxed out.
Next time, I gonna seduce the rich guy.
Satellite's weaponized and online.
Upload the new authentication codes.
Lock Russian Central Command out of the system.
Isolate the sub, with fire just one missile.
An apparent retaliation for the Kremlin.
That should start the ball running.
I am here, Ethan.
How long it till Hendricks can launch the missile?
Less than 30 seconds.
Find another route.
Turn left, up ahead, take the only way on the right.
We have uplink.
Ethan, Hendricks has started launch sequence.
- How much time till the missiles are flight ?
- Three minutes!
We're three and half minutes out.
We can make it.
We can make it.
Magellan Strait Pacific Ocean
Call the head office to ask if approved launching missiles.
I understand!
Iron gun start operation.
Confirm the order of attack.
Stop communication devices.
Next left.
Ethan, we're too late.
The missile in the air.
There has to be a way to abort the warhead.
If there is a wild on the launch device.
We gonna get that case!
May there be peace on Earth.
Disable the relay!
Get Wistrom!
Inside, inside!
Wistrom destroyed the relay.
- Ethan ran after Hendricks and case, but..
- It doesn't matter if he has the case.
- Can you fix it?
- ah yeah, but it's gonna be pointless we don't have any power.
- Jane?
- I'm okay.
oh, you are not okay, she's hit.
You stay here and cover Benji.
- Benji, get the single wire back online!
- I get the power on.
We can do this.
I'm taking that briefcase!
No, no!
- He's been gone too long.
- Dammit!
Listen, when the power comes on,
this two drives are going to this bay, okay?
Do not shoot!
This one is mine.
So we are not enemies?
There a phone call from that arm stealer in Dubai.
You wanted me to find you.
How else to deal with all these?
(news) ...some sort of aircraft.
but officials of Department of Defense insisted was simply
a meteor...
large enough to be visible during daylight.
You actually said that?
Mission accomplished?
- I said it.
- You're still cornered Ethan.
And I can't imagine the look on that guy's face.
- Hey
- These must be them.
Luther Stickell, the affirmative, Carter, Dunn and Brandt.
I borrowed an entire week in the bottom of the San Francisco bay
Well thanks to you class..
How do you know I got this ...
I know. I see you in Kandahar.
Hey thanks for meeting me.
So, I heard the insurance companies refused into pay the claim
on that car you crashed, Ethan.
Something about intentional a hundred meters that could drop not being covered.
Go figured.
- How's the leg?
- Still working.
- You?
- Healing.
I'm fine, by the way.
But I'm not actually sleeping per say, you know.
Caught sweats, middle of the night.
All these people are just happy and smiling,
and they are completely oblivious,
for the fact they were almost...vaporized.
- and if I've been inferred...
- Dumb luck?
Was it?
I mean, look, we were unprepared, in the dark,
The only thing that functioned properly
on that mission,
was this team.
I don't know how we ended up together,
but I'm glad we did.
Your missions.
Choose to accept them.
all right ... you know, I am in.
Seriously, this is not as hard as any mission gonna rougher than the last one, is it?
It's just ... a bomb, is it?
- Thanks, Ethan.
- I thank you.
- Agent Hunt.
- Agent Carter.
I'm not picking up that phone Ethan, because I don't think you want me the field
I know your wife is dead.
I was there in Croatia.
I was there for one reason. One.
And I failed.
It was my job to protect her.
How do you know she's dead?
- You killed those Serbians.
- I had to get her back.
You sent out to rankout prison.
That was a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
IMF suspected that Hendricks had people in rankout.
And six dead Serbians was your idea of cover?
I always not one, not
Secretary never told me.
I accepted the direct call prison mission one one condition.
No one can know she's still alive.
But ... you telling me.
When did you find out that I was in Croatia?
- I put your file, after India.
- Great.
So, you had to fake your wife's death.
As long as we're together, she can never be safe.
It wasn't your job to protect her, Brandt.
It's mine.
- So we're good?
- We're good.
Good evening, Mr. Hunt.
Now, an emerging terror organization known as the Syndicate,
has control over entire drone fleet.
Your targets: unknown.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
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