Mission: Killfast (1991) Movie Script

That's got to be him.
He's got them.
I'll have that drink now, Mr. Fike.
You got it.
These two gizmos are worth
a hundred bucks?
To some people.
Fix me a drink, will you, please.
Sure, Baby.
When do we get the money?
Upon delivery.
And this time tomorrow,
we'll be in South America.
Here's to us.
I'll be in South America.
I'm here for Lacey.
Get in.
Lacey said these are worth a
million dollars.
What are you getting at?
Well, 25,000 isn't enough.
We had a deal.
Well, others might pay more.
Oh, Maria, Maria.
You know, it wasn't
curiosity that killed the cat.
It was greed.
Not so fast.
Come on, you guys, follow me.
Hey buddy, bring some of that
camouflage net over here.
I'll keep you posted, Sir.
Get those nets over those weapons.
Try this one.
We'll pray to complete our assignment.
Anytime, any place we're sent.
You don't question.
You execute orders.
I now give you the ultimate weapon.
Use this. Much more effective.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Bremen.
I'll get back to you.
They just found Lacey in California.
And the buttons are missing.
You think that they are still
in country, Sir?
Yes, but you can bet they'll
be moved pretty fast.
I would think to probably
one of the training
camps on that list.
Valone was working on that end.
In fact he did penetrate one camp.
Does he have any idea who's involved?
Nothing we can hang our hat on.
But it looks like D'Apolito
could be our man.
I thought we put him out of business?
He's back.
His son has a skin magazine
as a front.
Now we've put a mole
on that operation.
As yet she hasn't turned up anything
that we can tie those
people in with.
Harry I want you to get
a hold of Tiger for me.
Sir, I don't think Tiger Yang
is going to be interested.
He's running a string of very
successful martial arts studios
and he just finished a world tour.
I think he has too many obligations.
Harry, this is too important.
I think with his help we can
pull this off fast and quiet.
Harry. What are you doing here?
We have to talk. I have a car.
Two nuclear detonators are missing.
We need your help.
Don't try to make me feel guilty.
I am business man now.
I have obligations.
It's D'Apolito.
I thought he was out of arms racket.
He's back.
Blake told me that nuclear
components are being shipped
from Germany to a third world country
and last week Lacey made out
with two of them.
Now they have a bomb?
If they get the components and
the detonators together, yes.
They have a bomb.
Where do I fit in?
Blake has a mole in
D'Apolito's operation.
Once she knows where
the detonators are
you stop the delivery.
That's good, Chantelle.
Now over here.
Hey, Nick.
I think we ought to shut down
the magazine.
Shannon's getting out of hand.
He's my nephew.
Don't worry, I can handle it.
I don't know, he's got people milling
around there all hours, day and night.
When you're dealing with models,
that's the way it is.
What's your problem?
Do you like the broads?
Yeah, I like the broads as
much as you or anybody.
But we're spreading ourselves
too thin.
I think we ought to go back to
operating the way we used to.
Using the plant as a front.
Since when do you make decisions?
Well, someone has to.
You're losing control.
Try and make a few sales.
I'll handle security.
See that you do.
We're in a...
Hold it. Look, Anselmo...
You only think you know
what Fike will say.
You don't know what kind of deals
he's making.
We're not talking about a few guns,
we're talking about nuclear detonators.
Look, I don't want Fike
making our arrangements.
Anselmo, this guy Murak's
got real money, cash.
This is not some rag tag ideal
that's trying to scrape
a revolution together.
Look, I still don't like it.
I still...
Look, there are other buyers.
I don't trust Fike.
He'd turn on his own mother if he
knew there was a profit to be made.
You don't need to worry about
the detonators, they're safe.
But I am kind of worried about
Tiger Yang.
Yang? Who the hell is Yang?
He used to work for the government a
couple of years ago but he gave it up.
So, what's the big problem?
He's been met at the airport this
morning by a couple of federal agents.
Does Nick know about this?
I don't give a damn about
what Nick thinks.
I'll take care of it myself.
Exactly, what are you getting
at, Fike?
We had a deal.
And neither Nick or Tiger
Yang is going to foul it up.
Gentlemen, Gentlemen, take it easy.
This is my cup of tea.
I'll see to it.
After all,
that's what I get paid for.
Give me Bremen.
Listen, I got something for you.
I owe you boys
a favor like I promised.
This Master Yang saved
my life once, see?
And I kind of hate to
see him blown away.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, in the parade today.
Ford Street.
900 block.
That's where they're going to hit.
Oh, hell.
You know what I know.
Take her from there.
I'm out of here, I'm gone.
And you don't know me, right?
They are a block away
headed up your street.
Are you sure everything
is in place?
You tell your man...
not to worry. In a few minutes
Yang will be history.
Everything's under control.
I still don't like it.
Damn it, I don't like it at all.
There. Let's go.
Go check on the men.
Freeze! Freeze!
Something went wrong.
Three guys were shot.
Damn it, Fike. I thought you
told me everything was covered.
I don't know.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Hey, you men look alive.
Got something coming
in on the scanner.
Okay, okay.
Thank you, Gentlemen
for your generous order.
Shipping will be made when
your funds are received.
Your plane is ready, Sir.
Have a good trip.
Thank you.
What will we do with this
traitor, Valone?
I've known about you for
sometime, Valone.
Only I've been waiting to
find out
who else you are working with.
Two of your comrades we've
executed earlier.
No matter.
We'll find all your friends.
But for you...
I am sorry, your job is finished.
Kill him.
I have a feeling that you and Valone
knew each other before joining us.
Don't be ridiculous. I've only
been in this country a few days.
I don't think I believe you.
What are you doing here?
An agency in London requested my resume.
Faxing at this hour of the night?
You're forgetting the time
difference, Nick.
What are you looking for
in that file?
I thought my photographs
were in the top drawer.
Shannon's magazine files
are over there.
That's where your photographs are.
Here they are.
Sorry I startled you, Nick.
Have a good evening.
Next time you want to come here
at this hour of the night,
call me first.
Okay, Nick.
That's it.
Get me a reservation
on the morning flight to LA
and have a chopper meet me at
the airport.
Thank you.
Did you get a hold of Tiger yet?
Yes, Sir. He doesn't want
to be part of it.
He doesn't have a choice,
we got to have him.
Valone is dead.
Oh, no. He was a good man.
He'll be missed,
but he got some information
out before he was killed.
I have people working on that now.
Last night we got a fax from our mole.
They're moving a shipment.
Do you think that the detonators
are in that shipment?
I don't know,
but they got to be stopped.
Where are they headed?
I don't know that either.
These guys are fanatics
and highly mobile.
Yes, Sir.
Muyedo combining...
All the different martial arts
into one different art.
And the Bu teach you
how to defend yourself.
The art to respect you and
the others.
Toi's Philosophy teach you
how to discipline your mind
and bodies.
I show you. That controls your
discipline in mind and bodies.
I almost forgot how good
Tiger really is.
The best.
He has the trophies to prove it.
He's got some good moves.
Practice continue.
Yes, Sir.
Welcome, Gentlemen.
Mr. Blake wants to talk to you.
Do you have some place more private?
I'll come straight to the
point, Tiger.
We think D'Apolito and his men
are moving a shipment of arms.
We have every reason to believe
that the arms shipment contains
the two nuclear detonators
I told you about.
They must be stopped.
Call out the National Guard.
We can't do that.
There's nothing illegal
about selling weapons.
To legitimate governments,
that is.
We don't want an embarrassing situation.
You want me to break the law?
Not exactly.
The president doesn't want to
risk a full scale intervention.
We have been friends a long time, Harry.
If you want me to help,
please be honest with me.
Okay, Tiger.
We can't touch him.
We want you and your black belts
to go in there and break up
their party.
If the two detonators are there,
or if the shipment is heading
for an unrecognized government.
We'll step in and make some arrests.
I told Harry...
I'm not interested.
Tiger, don't you feel you have
an obligation to your country?
How much time do we have?
Two days.
Alright, tell me everything.
A drink to celebrate, Mr. Murak.
Hi, Baby. Here.
I hope we're not a little bit premature.
The transfer is taking place
as we speak.
Fike will call me any moment
with the good news.
Baby, why don't you go
take a little swim?
What about those detonators?
They're not part of the bargain.
We've got to negotiate.
I must have them.
I've got to have them.
And you shall, Mr. Murak.
You shall.
That would be Mr. Fike.
You get Charlie and tell him
to get here now.
What happened?
A little set back.
What kind of set back?
I think we have a leak.
But the plumber is on the way.
Are you sure, Harry?
Yes, Sir.
We've gone through everything.
The detonators are not here.
Any ideas?
D'Apolito's got to have them stashed.
His plant, maybe?
It's a possibility.
Okay, check it out and keep
me posted.
Even the president is watching us.
Sir, Tiger has promised me that
he'll see this thing through.
Good. I'll feel a lot better
when we're on top of it.
Good luck, Harry.
Thank you, Sir.
You suspect my son?
No, Sir.
Not at all.
But somebody may be coming in
the back door
by way of the magazine.
If Shannon is at fault at all,
it's just that...
Your security is too lax.
And what are you doing
about it, Nicholas?
We're conducting what you
might call
a process of elimination.
Our security found that
one of the girls wasn't
what she said she was.
What she was or who she was
nobody knows.
So we had Charlie...
Send her away.
About that other situation.
We have to talk about it.
- But the way I understand it.
- Shannon!
If you excuse me, Sir, I have
some things to attend to.
I want to check on the Johnson
& Smith Silver Company deal.
Fine, Nicky.
Did you want to see me, Dad?
Yes. I want to talk to you.
Where did you get the money, Son?
Money, what money?
Don't be cute with me, Shannon.
Two months ago your attorney came
to me because you were broke.
You were going under.
I turned him down, because I wanted you
out of that stupid girly magazine business.
Now, where did you get the money?
I got the money.
You turned me down,
I got it and that's all.
I wanted to put you in charge
of the casino
to make something with yourself,
to be something.
Not wasting your life
playing with girly pictures
and crap like that.
Now, where did you get the money?
Lenders. Private investors.
What private investors?
People, just people.
They prefer to remain anonymous.
Shannon, sometimes I think
I raised my son to be an idiot.
There is no such thing
as anonymous people.
What kind of game are you
trying to play anyway?
What's happened to you?
Did you let those girls screw
you out of your investment?
You like those girls.
And your clients like those girls,
so leave me alone.
I got problems.
- You think you've got problems?
- Yeah.
I've got problems. Big ones.
Well, maybe we have
the same problems.
Four easy. Next number 44.
Less than 48 hours ago
we completed the deal with
the Middle East.
And this morning I get another
one of these from New York.
And last night another shipment
was intercepted.
And Rafael's compound
was blown to bits.
If this keeps up,
we're out of business.
And I'm up one and a half
million, gentlemen. Million.
Now, who is it?
None of you, gentlemen,
have been to New York.
None of you've communicated
with New York.
I know, I had you watched.
Don't look so surprised.
Do you think I am going to take
everybody on faith
when I've got a damned
extortionist bleeding me to death?
There's enough information in
this letter that hang us all.
Dates, names, transportation
data, everything.
The Feds could be on us any minute.
Now how the hell is this happening?
Now I want everybody on top
of this.
I want the security so tight
that nobody could get to us.
If we have to,
we'll send the whole damn staff away.
Yes, Sir.
Now get the hell out of here.
Tell me, Nicholas, what do you
really think about Shannon?
I think the same thing you do,
Mr. D'Apolito.
What's that?
Well, as you said...
Could be anybody.
One of the staff, one of the girls.
Even Shannon.
I think we have to keep
Charlie busy.
These last two installations
must be destroyed next.
Well, there you have it, people.
So you see what we're up against.
Terrorists receiving sophisticated
weapons of every sort.
Small groups are becoming
better equipped
than their trained paramilitary
counter parts.
And it will get worst
until we find every source
of supply they have
and cut the lines.
What motivates them?
What the hell drives them?
Religion, patriotism.
Traditional motivations
are tougher to deal with.
They're in a man's guts,
his belief systems.
Valone had a daughter.
They were very close.
Someone's got to tell her.
Tiger will tell her.
Slavitza, you go with me.
Tell her as little as you
have to about details.
Give her the entire
department's condolences.
Here's where she lives.
We've had her checked out from
time to time for her old man's sake.
I don't feel she knew anything
about the last assignment.
But we try and protect our
people as best we can
through the use of aliases.
We got to double the force
investigating every conceivable
source of supply they have.
And re-check every registered
manufacturer on the listing.
Slavitza. I am sending you on a
similar assignment to the last.
Well, meeting is adjourned.
Hey, look I'm busy.
Line two for Mr. Bremen.
Uh, excuse me.
Shannon, I asked you not to
call me here.
Somebody is shooting real
bullets in my vicinity,
and you said there wouldn't
be any of that.
There are no guarantees.
My father is asking a lot of questions.
And I don't think it was a coincidence
that Denise just happened to
be your agent, do you?
Listen, Shannon.
That loan was arranged with
the promise of your help
and I might add for a lot more
money that you required.
So I expect a lot more
in return than this.
If you're so damn sure your
father is not involved...
What's the problem?
Alright, we won't plant
anyone else.
But I want you to find out
something for me.
We're concerned that the agency
is becoming compromised.
Find out why she was killed.
If you father's connections
or associates are involved
and if they know about us.
You do that, you're off
the hook on the loan
and everything else.
You'll think of something.
I'm sure.
I thought you left.
I just wanted to say goodbye
to you.
I got a proposition for you.
How would you like to earn yourself
a whole closet full of eyelashes?
Are you going to do a two-page
feature on me?
Well, what do I have to do?
You're going to do a feature
on my Uncle Nick.
Morning, Nick.
You read my magazine, Uncle Nick?
I only read stock rotations.
Yeah, I like that one.
Looks like a painting.
It was a real crash job.
Had to hold the presses to lock
it in.
It's really kind of sick, though.
Someone blew her brains out.
Maybe Charlie is out.
Maybe somebody's paying him money.
A contract.
Uh, this is just between us.
Like always, Kid.
I brought you a present.
Very nice.
If I hear anything, I call you.
I'll go unwrap my present.
You have a seat, please.
We've been working with your father.
We've been working on an assignment.
Something's wrong?
Your father is dead.
He was killed serving the agency.
Your father working to save
so many lives.
You can be proud of your father's.
I'll find out how.
And I'll find out who did it.
And when I find out who did it...
I swear to you...
I'll see them dead.
With or without any help
I'll see them dead.
I am sorry, Catt.
John, Bremen here.
I have some good news and bad.
No, the intercept went fine.
The bad news is our light is out.
We're sort of at a crossroads.
The next thing you know
it'll be nuclear blackmail.
I understand, Sir.
Top priority.
When can we meet?
Right, Sir.
John, how are you?
Busy as hell and on the run.
Coffee? No, thanks.
Our leads point to the shipment
of private machine parts
from one of the plants.
Nothing points to D'Apolito.
And my guess is there's a hell
of a lot more than chemicals,
or machine parts coming
out of those plants.
Is there any chance of tying
the dead girl into the scheme?
Get yourself a shot to raid
one of his main plants.
If we hit the plants too soon
or at the wrong time,
we'll just shut him down,
without getting the proof we need.
Did the girl give you anything
before she was hit?
The old man stays very isolated
but we did get something on Shannon.
D'Apolito is very concerned
about his staff.
Doesn't even trust his own son.
Did you ever see one of these?
Not much our business?
Very much our business.
The photographer publisher,
Shannon D'Apolito.
With the girl down, do you have
anyone to pick up the ball?
I do, but I need your permission.
Not one of our people,
then I take it.
Oh, no, Sir. Valone in fact.
Valone is dead, Harry.
I am talking about his daughter,
Catherine Blanch Valone.
Jesus, that's bloody risky,
Harry. Same family?
Well, the hell of it is,
she's determined to become involved
whether we want her to or not.
and she's just liable to get herself hurt
or one of us killed.
If you can't keep her out of it,
best you can do is cover her.
Watch her closely for
everyone's sake.
She's no dummy.
I mean if we let her work
she's liable to turn up
something for us.
She's anything like her old man.
Valone was a good man, Sir.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
My daddy taught me that.
Now you were telling me about
the lights in China.
Ask her.
Would you like a job, Catt?
A very hazardous job?
You're damn right I do.
I meant what I vowed about daddy.
With or without help.
Do you like it?
This is what you do?
I model part time.
The rest of the time I'm a stewardess.
I love foreign men.
Hey, Nick.
You seem to have bounced back nicely
after that little incident
at the warehouse.
We try.
I was looking.
Tell me, how much for these AK-47's?
Fike here tells me 11.
That's what I was told.
Come on, you can do a little
better than that.
Hey, look.
Fresh pack, free pack.
Extra clips, straps,
I'll even throw in the knife.
What do you want? $1,200.
What about those detonators?
They are on the way to the camp.
Excellent. Excellent.
Want to join the party?
Sure, why not.
Max, how are you doing?
Yes, this is Catt.
Hey, listen I need a favor.
You know that 8/9 color photo
that you have on the wall?
Right, I need to borrow that.
I need it delivered today.
Thanks, okay.
6-40, Meredith Lane.
You got it?
Please, Max,
it's really really important.
Yes, this is Shannon.
I want you to run a quick check
on somebody for me.
No, it's got to be today.
Catherine Blanch Valone.
So I sent my photo, and my resume
called him later on
and yes, he would be delighted
to see me.
So I have an appointment
this afternoon at three.
Okay, but don't go too fast
to get to the target.
Take your time.
Have a few lunches with Shannon
before you make a move
in the old man's direction.
There's a hit man on the loose
by the name Charlie.
He's got a lot of aliases,
but he's mainly known
as "Cocoa" Charlie.
Did he have anything to do
with the assignment that
my father was working on?
A connection's possible.
But he's a nasty son of a bitch.
Cunning as hell.
If your paths ever should cross,
you could never be too careful.
I swear if he was involved,
I'll blow his brains out.
Talk like that is going to
get you into a nasty situation.
Bremen? Shannon.
This will be the last time you
ever hear my voice,
so listen carefully.
My Miss August has been
keeping close contact
with one of my father's lieutenants.
This is her report.
"Overheard a conversation
between D'Apolito and Julius.
"Have you had another one of those letters.
"D'Apolito to Julius:
"Bring in some of our investigators
from the East Coast.
Work them into the staff.
I'm going to clean house.
"Again D'Apolito to Julius:
"You're supposed to be
in charge of security.
"If this business
costs me another dime,
it's coming out of your hide."
I tell you what it means to
me, Bremen.
It's extortion. A shakedown.
They're probably not on to either
one of us.
They probably think it's one of
my girls
who's milking information
out of one of the customers.
So they shoot one.
Maybe more.
Now Miss August is missing.
I found this report
in her apartment.
Look, that's it. I'm out.
I'm through.
Don't send any more of your
people around here
and don't call me for anything.
Here's where it gets interesting.
When I spoke to Shannon D'Apolito,
he told me he was through
he didn't want to have anything
more to do with us.
But not before he gave me some
very valuable information.
The girl you're replacing
might have been killed
because she was suspected of extortion.
You and I both know
she wasn't guilty.
Which means someone else is.
Not altogether impossible.
But they may know the very thing
we're trying to find out.
What's that?
The details on the illegal
underground weapons market
and how D'Apolito was tied
into it, if in fact he is.
So, find the extortionist and
you'll find the information.
You must exercise extreme caution.
You cannot be too careful.
There's one dead girl already
and if Shannon's info was correct,
there might be two.
Someone he called a Miss August.
What about Nicholas Julius?
Where does he fit in?
Uncle Nick is unapproachable.
You can't get a hook in,
he's a bit of a kink though.
Keep this with you at all times.
A lighter?
It's a tracking device and a
very effective two-way radio.
Yeah, that's what I like
about my job.
What do you like about yours?
Meeting interesting and
important people
like you, Mr. D'Apolito.
Okay, give me a little
bit of a smile there.
That's good.
I love meeting celebrities.
Which is why my father used his influence
to get me on Miss Magazine.
He's a lawyer in Century City.
Bull crap.
Try me again.
This time in english.
Let's do something
with that chair over there.
There you go.
I ran your name with a place
right down the street.
The report I get is that you had
a playboy papa.
Real traveler.
A la Hemingway.
He died and left you
with an empty bedroom.
He weren't no lawyer, love.
In english, that's bull crap.
What is it you really want?
I would like that job down
at Miss Magazine.
I thought if I had an
interview with you
it might make it easier.
So I did some raz on you.
Are you upset?
Do you know a man named Charlie?
Charlie who?
Got to get him up.
We have company.
Meet Detective Peters.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Do you want a drink?
Oh, no, thanks.
Hello, this is Tiger speaking.
Give me a fast run down
Detective Peterson,
local police.
Let's take it from the beginning.
The girl on the outskirts of town
I'll try to remember everything.
There's nothing to remember.
I drove her up.
Took some pictures.
Drove her back.
It's a short story.
Good man.
Nice tan you have Detective Peterson.
I work hard keeping in shape.
I can see that you do too,
Miss Catt Valone.
Look, Peterson, it's getting late.
If you don't mind,
if there's any more questions
can we get on with it?
You don't look after your
girls very well, do you?
I think it's time I should leave.
Are you one of Shannon's girls, Miss Valone?
I'd like to be.
I'd sure think twice about that
if I were you.
That's a slanderous statement.
Good night, Peterson.
If you have anything more to say,
you'll have to speak to my attorney.
I talk as little as possible.
I'll be in touch.
Uh, Catt.
This is confidential.
Can you keep it that way?
Do you mind if I get that interview?
I like that girl.
Tiger Yang, the report is ready.
Detective Waldo Petersen
plain clothes division.
On special assignment.
Working with the Detective
Copeland and Detective White,
investigating recent murder
a suspect by the name of Charlie
chalice alias "Cocoa" Charlie.
I just hope that this Peterson
is as inept as it sounds.
We don't want the cops to get
Charlie before we do.
Feel like the lesson try, my friend?
Sure, why not?
Let's go, have a look at
D'Apolito's plant tonight.
See how tight the security is.
Great, we can check for weapons
and radioactive chemicals, too.
There it is.
We got the tranquilizer gun
and if we have any real trouble,
I've got this.
I have my own tranquilizer.
Well, Detective Peterson.
What took you so long?
Traffic. I want to talk to you.
I suppose you stopped off
for a search warrant?
I never bother.
That's my father.
An idol of yours?
No, he was no god.
More like a devil.
We got along famously.
I painted that one.
Very nice.
I'm tired. It's getting late.
I need my sleep, okay.
I don't like playing games.
I know about you and Bremen.
And I know about you...
And Tiger.
And I know about you and the agency.
And D'Apolito.
I know what you're looking for.
Would you like me to blow
your cover? Huh?
Shall I leave?
I don't even want to hear you breathe.
Take it off, Baby.
Or I'll rip it off.
Catt, are you alright?
How do I look?
Dead or alive?
Did you fight?
You were assaulted?
I were.
You need a doctor.
I need to be left alone.
Who did this, Catt?
Five minutes and I'll be downstairs.
Wait for me there.
Sit down and relax.
He might just as well
have held a gun on me.
He knows everything.
He blackmailed you.
Yeah, I guess in so many
words he did.
Who was it?
Detective Peterson.
I thought you'd know that by now.
Yeah, indeed. Incredible.
We'll find Peterson.
You take care, okay?
I thought I told you to keep
this stuff covered up.
Can I keep everything around here?
Just do what he says. Alright?
What did the police say?
I didn't call them.
What would they going to do?
Give me a band aid?
A telegram for Miss Catt Valone.
Yes, that's me.
Okay, sign here.
"Have information of 'Cocoa'
Charlie and your father.
"Meet me at 11:20, West
Dixon at six P.M.
Take a chance."
Detective Peterson.
What time is it?
Ten thirty.
I have an appointment at 11.
You fix Peterson?
Yeah, I fix Peterson.
Okay, Dee-Dee, lose
the left strap.
What about circulation?
That's it. Okay.
Where are you in comparison...?
With your...
We're up on the news stands now.
Subscriptions are gaining.
What about Charlie?
How's he doing?
Who's Charlie?
You asked me yesterday if
I knew a man named Charlie?
Don't know the man.
How about your friend Detective Peterson.
Is he going to throw you in jail?
I don't know him either.
I was raped by a man named Peterson.
I met him here, remember?
I guess he followed me home.
Shannon, are you going to
concentrate on me or not?
Go get your clothes on.
We're through.
So are you.
He went crazy when I told him
about Peterson.
That's when I got the boot.
By the way, your Detective
Peterson is dead.
Don't ask me.
I don't know how to work it out.
A simple police detective
completely blows our cover.
God knows how many other people
know about us.
Peterson buys the farm,
"Cocoa" Charlie is on the loose.
I don't know, Catt.
I think it's just time to
close the store and go home.
I don't like it.
Do you think I do?
- So it's over?
- And done with.
It will be a while until we get
another shot at D'Apolito, too.
Well, I can't say I'm sorry
for Peterson.
He was going to get another
go at me.
So he thought.
Good riddance.
Good for Charlie, huh?
It was probably Charlie who
did it.
Look, Pritchard's going
to London tonight.
Tiger and I are going to meet
him with the Pan Am VIP Lounge.
We're going to go over
everything up to now.
What are you going to do?
I don't know, I hadn't thought
about that.
Well, I have.
I want you to get out of town until
things cool off a while.
Here's an airline ticket and
some fun money. My compliments.
The agency thanks you, Catt.
We hardly got to know each other.
Another time.
Hello, Blake.
Oh, Nick. Feeling the heat yet?
Look, Blake,
I know we've had our differences.
But I want to make a deal.
You have the detonators?
Not exactly.
No deal, Nick.
A guy named Fike has them.
Maybe Fike's the guy you should
be making the deal with.
Give me your word you'll cut me
some slack when the time comes.
I'll see what I can do.
Let me tell you something, Nick.
You bring me those detonators,
put it in my hand,
then we'll talk deal.
Until then you stay out of my face.
Okay, Blake.
Speak to me.
What's that supposed to mean?
There was a delay.
Okay, okay, I am on my way.
Yes I need a number to Pan Am,
VIP Room
at Cannon International please.
Let me see the file
on "Cocoa" Charlie.
I got it right here.
I need to speak to Mr. Bremen
or Mr. Yang.
Are they there?
An oriental or a tall bald man.
Please hurry.
Excuse me.
What the hell is that all about?
Who knows we're here?
This is Bremen.
Peterson called.
Don't be ridiculous. He's dead.
I'm telling you, it was Peterson.
I'd know his voice anywhere.
He was wondering why I wasn't
there and I'm going to meet him.
Listen, stay where you are.
We'll be there in 15 minutes.
You told me this was a
hazardous job.
He won't wait. I'm leaving.
- Catt...
- You have the address
I'll see you there.
That was Catt.
She said she just got a phone
call from Peterson.
Peterson's dead.
Yeah but she swears it's his voice.
And she's going to meet him now.
Get on it.
You know the address?
I still have the telegram.
Wait a minute, guys.
I'll be here for one more hour.
I have my brief phone,
so keep in touch.
Detective Peterson?
I told Catt to stay put.
I had things to do.
Sure you had things to do.
Bullshit, that's what you had
to do.
You was seen on Olive Street.
What are you talking about?
Remember this.
Fike saw you there.
It wasn't me.
Fike made a mistake.
No mistakes.
You was seen talking to Blake.
I am telling you it wasn't me.
It sure as the hell was you.
I've seen you.
Come on, he's lying.
I don't want to hear it.
You know me,
I wouldn't do anything to
jeopardize this operation.
Fike's making it all up.
He's trying to take over.
He wants my job.
Oh, Catt.
We are on our way to
D'Apolito's House.
Meet us there with back up.
No back up available for
approximately ten minutes.
Do what you can.
Do you want to wait for back up?
What do you think?
I wait for no one.
Let's do it.
I always suspected Nick.
I knew from the beginning
what he was up to.
Anyway, you did a good job.
Okay, Kid. Let's see how fast
you can think.
I work for your papa.
I eliminate people.
Who am I?
What makes you think I'll fall
for that crap, Peterson?
Do you think I wouldn't
recognize you
without those phony disguises?
There it is.
Alert. Alert.
Car approaching fast.
Two men inside.
Mario, do what you can
to stall them off
until Fike and I grab some weapons
and get the hell out of here.
Middle of the house. Alert.
Incoming attack.
They've got tunnels running
from here to the airfield
they keep a small plane there.
Meet me.
Open the trunk!
Get a couple of Uzi's, the AK
and let's get the hell out of here.
Get some ammo.
That was for Catt.
Here it is.
The camp is located right here.
It's pretty remote.
We have a C1-41 standing by,
we have the permission from
that government to land.
From there you'll be lifted
into the mountains.
The last four miles is on foot.
Any questions so far?
How much time do I have?
The C1-41 can set in country
24 hours.
It doesn't give you much time,
Enough. Killfast Operation.
We want the camp destroyed.
But more important,
we must have those two
detonators back.
You are sure they are there?
Then I will bring them back.
Another thing.
Even a hint that we're
involved in this operation
could cause an international incident.
There will be casualties.
I am not interested in
politics, gentlemen.
Sorry, Tiger.
This operation wasn't part
of our original deal.
When do we leave?
Tomorrow morning. 04:30.
Good luck, Tiger.
My honor, my obligations.
Chief, I see movement about eight
clicks out.
Hey, men, look alive.
Got something coming in on
the scanners.
Get those nets out.
Get everything covered.
You got to expect it when
you're on the move.
Respect, Sir!
There's the camp. Killfast.
Get the detonators.
Come on.
What's the status?
We're picking up a lot of activity out there.
Was eight clicks out now it's two.
He's one of them,
kill the son of a bitch.
Yes, Sir.
He's finished.
If I were you I'd stick with him.
Use code red until that
package is delivered.
Ten four.
If I'm not there in 15 minutes,
let it blow, understand?
Is this what you're looking for?
Here she is.
Here are the detonators.
Good job, Tiger.
Your country is proud of you.
Have you ever been to South America?
South America?