Mission, La (2009) Movie Script

[Curtis Mayfield's Kung Fu]
- Our days of comfort, days of night
Don't put yourself in solitude
Who can l trust
with my life
When people tend
to be so rude?
My mama borne me
in a ghetto
There was no mattress
for my head
But no, she couldn't
call me Jesus
l wasn't white enough,
she said
And then she named me
Kung Fu
Don't have to explain it,
no, Kung Fu
Don't know how you'll take it,
yeah, Kung Fu
l'm just trying
to make it now
Kung Fu
l've got some babies
and some sisters
My brother worked
for Uncle Sam
lt's just a shame,
ain't it, mister?
We being brothers
of the damned
Keep your head high
Kung Fu
l will till l die, yeah
Kung Fu
Don't be too intense, no...
- Let's go.
Let's go, people.
Squeeze it up.
Squeeze it up.
Since we're neighbors,
let's be friends, right?
Come on, sweetheart.
Squeeze it up.
Hey, no radios.
Read the sign?
- The fuck you doing?
- l know this dude.
- So what?
- That's
Jesse Rivera's dad, man.
straight-up O.G. too,
like, serious.
- Time to get off the bus,
little homey.
- And if l don't?
- That ain't really
an option, is it?
- All right.
l'll play with you later,
bus driver.
- Yeah, l'll see you later.
- What the fuck you looking at?
From Mission
l want to see you move more
l'm fixin'
To make you knock
like a door
Now, come on, everybody,
little lady, let's go
lf you wanna get the hit
from Mission
- What it doing, man?
- What's up?
- Hey, where you locos headed?
- Down to 24th to check out
that little Filipino girl
that works at McDonald's.
You with it?
- Nah, l got to go
to the library.
- Man, you study too damn hard.
You know that?
- Somebody's got to.
- l'm gonna holla at you later,
all right, man?
- All right, man.
- What y'all doing
this weekend?
- Shit, l'm taking it
low and slow, you know.
- The only thing l'm doing
this weekend
are my nails and my hair.
- But your hair looks good.
- Oh, that's why
l love you, baby:
for your good taste.
- Yeah, l'll check y'all
on Monday, all right?
Stay brown.
- Can't do nothing but.
- What's up?
How you doing?
As, as, as
What's up, Chuy?
- Hey.
Qu onda?
- Low and slow, man.
Yo, yo, yo.
Where the party people at?
- The party people
are trying to finish
so they can get
out of here on time.
- Tu hombre?
- Where else?
Yes, l'm still holding.
- l'll check you later,
all right?
- Oh, no, you don't.
l want all the juicy details.
- About what?
Your friend Donora?
- Yeah, l heard you guys
got into it.
- Pshh, that's because
she was tripping.
- Qu pas?
- No, l tried to be
a gentleman
and hold the door for her.
She got all pissed off,
said l was oppressing her.
- l told you she was political.
- She's confused,
is what she is.
Yo, yo, yo.
Can we dance with your dates?
- Only if l can have her sister.
- What's up, bro?
- Doing it right.
- So you finally got
those doors open, huh?
After five cans of WD-40.
- What's going on in here?
- So l took the steering column
and the front end
off the '67 Mustang,
but we're still gonna need
an engine block.
- Yeah, get down, James Brown.
- You know how we do it.
ls that it?
- Yeah, check it out.
l was thinking
maybe somewhere around back,
like in real small print.
- Nice.
- How about like under the mural
or something?
What you think?
- Nice touch.
Maybe put it right here
so it arcs with the curve
of the fender?
- Yeah, you know,
l was thinking
of maybe doing it
in, like, Aztec Gold
to, like, represent the sun
or something.
- l think it's cool
the way you back him up.
- Yeah, yeah,
it's all right, huh?
Yeah, l tell you
he made the honor roll again?
- Yeah, he came by
and showed Ana and me
the plaque.
He's coming tonight, right?
- Most definitely.
ln fact, l might even
ride shotgun, let him drive.
- rale.
The king's finally gonna
give up the throne, huh?
- Chale, man.
l said, "drive,"
not "wear the crown."
- You know what l'm saying?
- l hear you.
- You know what l'm saying?
- You ain't ready
to abdicate yet.
- You got my shit, white boy?
- l said l would
have it next week.
- l told you next week
ain't good enough.
- ls there some way we can---
l don't know,
- Nah.
lt's too late for that.
Your ass is mine.
- Mm.
l think l like
the sound of that.
l do this here
for the homies
ln the Mission District
Rest in peace,
the former soldiers
Hope your soul is lifted
The homies say sleep,
banging, man, you so gifted
- Ooh, l like this.
- Yo, what up, Che?
- Just trying to make a dollar
out of 1 5 cent,
you know what l'm saying?
- When you gonna take us
for another cruise
in that clean-ass ride
of yours, man?
- When you start listening
to some real music,
little homey.
- Aw!
Nah, you got to listen
to the words, man.
You got to listen to the flow.
- Oh, hey, excuse me.
- Hey, what's up?
- l was about to ask you
the same thing.
- Excuse me?
- lt's from the landlord.
lt says you've been
complaining about me
working on my cars
in front of the house.
- Well, on the sidewalk,
- And what?
You couldn't talk to me direct?
- l did talk to you direct;
ln fact, in the two weeks
l've been here,
l think l've had to ask you
to move your car
at least half a dozen times.
- Yeah, and when you asked me,
l moved it too,
didn't l?
- No, you didn't.
But that's not the point.
- Then why don't you
tell me what is?
- Che, l really don't want
to argue with you.
- Nobody arguing with you.
You told me moving my car
ain't the point,
so l'm asking you what is.
- The point is that
this is a public sidewalk,
not a personal garage space,
which means it belongs
to everyone, not just you.
- Listen, bottom bitch,
you know how long l've been
in this neighborhood,
in this house?
- l don't want to do this.
- 26 years, all right?
- Meaning what? lt entitles you
to do whatever you want?
- l'll tell you what it means.
lt means that after
all you little hipster
and new money types
get tired of slumming it,
l'm still gonna be here.
- Hi.
- l told you, l can't.
- Can't or choose not to?
- l choose not to
because l can't.
- Talk you into it?
- Sure.
How much?
- Full body massage.
- Oh, happy endings?
- Of course.
Does guilt tripping count?
- lt's even better.
Go for it.
- Okay.
A month ago,
who not only went with you
to your UCLA orientation
for emotional and moral support
but borrowed
his mom's credit card
and BMW sports coupe
and drove you there?
- And lest ye forget---
he's going for the jugular now.
Who blew Gabriel's horn
on the way down
and twice on the way back?
You're pretty good.
- So what time
am l picking you up?
- l'll meet you there.
- What are you gonna tell him?
- l don't know.
Make something up, l guess.
- Maybe even tell him
the truth?
- l'll see you tonight.
- Yeah.
Yeah, l will.
No, l can do it.
Well, no, l can't probably
get there that fast.
Yeah, no.
l'm---I'm still here.
Yeah, 8:00 is perfect.
Time is truly wasted
There's no guarantee
- You need a hand with that?
- Oh, hey, Jess.
Would you?
Let me---okay, one sec.
Let me clear the space.
That's good.
Good, perfect.
- That's a whole lot of plant.
- Yeah.
At least let me
get you something to drink.
- Actually, l got to go check in
with the old man.
- Okay.
Well, got it.
By the way,
l like it.
Good feng shui.
- You think?
- Most definitely.
- Yo, Pop, you home?
- Yo, yo.
Where the party people at?
What you think?
Traded Esteban for that
'72 Monte Carlo steering wheel.
- lt's hella sharp.
- Figured l wear this one.
You wear my black
Pepe Le Pew.
Pilot to copilot,
you know what l'm saying?
- Actually, Pop,
l was kind of thinking
of sitting this one out,
you know,
if it's all right with you.
- Hey, whatever floats
your boat, homes, you know?
What's it this time?
Another study group?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You don't remember?
Last month you missed
Dee's birthday
and then, two weeks ago,
that barbecue
that Benny threw for his pops.
Te recuerdas?
- Are you saying l'm lying?
- You tell me.
That's what l thought.
Anyway, there's some caldo
in the fridge if you're hungry.
- Look, Pop---
- Later, homes.
- Hey.
You locos don't
turn down that music,
l'm gonna have to call
Homeland Security on your ass.
- Yo, man, you wearing that hat
to hide the ugly?
- l don't know, man.
Why don't you ask your old lady?
l got it from her.
- You got what from who?
- Hey, l was talking
about his mother, eh?
- You talking about my mama?
- l'm sorry, babe.
What was that?
- Tell my girl
l say "what's up?"
And l need my Tupperware.
- Hey, Ana says "what's up."
And she needs her Tupperware.
- Este vato.
Didn't he just talk to her,
like, five minutes ago?
- Yeah, but he forgot to ask
permission to scratch his nalga.
- Watch out, bro.
l heard that.
Let me call you back, babe.
- Hey, where's Timbert?
- l don't know, man.
- Hey, yo, Gary,
let's go, man.
- That's it.
That's it.
- Thanks, nigga.
l'll be home late,
so don't wait up.
- l won't.
l just like to watch you
line up the horses.
- Sharp.
- Hey, homey.
- Look at you.
Was the pleather on sale
this week?
- You boys ready to get
this party started right?
- Shit, man, we're waiting
on you, homeboy.
- For real.
- What about Jess?
Ain't he coming?
- Nah, he ain't feeling good.
Got some kind of food poisoning
or something, so...
- What you mean,
like, E. coli, man?
- Yeah, you know,
something like that.
- Well, shit, man,
if he ain't coming,
l might as well sit up front.
Give the ladies
something pretty to look at.
You know what l'm saying?
- Fo sho'.
- Hey, what do you think,
down Mission
and then cut over to Broadway?
- Crosstown, downtown,
don't matter,
as long as we get there
low and slow.
Let's go.
- l can't believe
l'm doing this shit.
- You need a drink.
- rale pues.
lt's the midnight hour,
and you're cruising
to Radio del Barrio Aztlan.
This dedication's going out
to all the homies out there
in the San Fran Mission.
- Say, you got a website?
- Up yours.
- You see that, man?
l think she and l just had
one of those special moments.
Qu traes, hombre?
l thought we were supposed
to be having a good time,
- Hey, let me ask you something.
You think Jess picked L.A.
because he wants to, you know,
get away from all this?
- "All this"?
- Yeah, you know, the barrio.
- What, you think he's going
to college to get away from you?
- Yeah.
- The truth?
l think he picked UCLA
'cause aside from having
some of the finest rucas
in all of Aztlan,
it's one of the baddest schools
in the whole pinche state, bro.
Shit, and if you and l
had our shit together
when we were his age,
we'd have done
the same damn thing.
l know l would have.
- Yeah, you're probably right.
- Besides, man,
you can take the man
out of the Mission,
but you can't take the Mission
out of the man.
That shit's in the blood, homes.
You know that.
- Yeah, right.
You boys ain't gangster
- Che.
l just wanted to let you know
that l'll be moving in
some of my stuff later on today,
and l'll probably need
to use the driveway.
- l heard you the first time.
- l'll tell you
what's fucked up.
l call her up and tell her
l want to come over
and see the kids,
and you know
what she says to me?
"You have to call ahead of time.
l have plans."
- Right, dude,
that's fucked up.
- l mean, check it out.
First she drags me to court
and tells the judge
l ain't seeing them enough.
And then when l try,
she tells me that shit.
- Claudia's the same way, man.
First she makes me sell
the '58 to buy the minivan.
Now she's on this whole,
"l want to go back to school
and work" trip.
- l told you, it's all them
motherfucking self-help books
and talk shows, man.
Like that shit they had
on Oprah the other day.
- The one where
the dudes stay home
and the ladies go work?
- Was that some shit or what?
- Wack.
- You want to know what it is?
l'll tell you.
lt's exactly like
the bro here says.
They're confused.
- Maybe they're finally
calling you
on all your bullshit.
- Who, me?
- Hey, if the shoe fits.
- No, no, no, see,
if you're talking about me
hanging out with Paula,
dude, me and Lynette
were already separated.
- Paula drives a '69 Buick?
- You know she drives.
- No shit.
When the fuck you hit that?
- Remember the car show
in San Jose?
- No way.
- Every which way.
You know what l'm saying?
- Yo, yo, yo,
where are the white women at?
What's up, dog?
What's up, baby?
- Hey, Little Man.
What did l tell you
about playing
that fucking noise in here?
You want to play that shit,
play it someplace else.
- Yo, you all right, man?
- Yeah, l'm cool.
l'm gonna get on, man.
- All right.
- Yo, what's up with smiley
over there, man?
- Forgot his Wheaties, eh?
Yo, Jess.
How's that E. coli, man?
Drink plenty of fluids.
Flush it out.
Yo, l ever tell you
about the time
me and the old lady went
to visit her family in Peru?
- About ten times, shit.
- What's up, Pop?
- Where do you think
you're going?
- To the store.
Why, what's up?
- Get inside.
- Look, if this is about
bringing alcohol in the house---
- l said
get in the fucking house.
- Hey, homes.
- Now.
- Where's that Mary Wells CD
l left inside your carrucha?
- Stay the hell out
of my music, Benny.
- And take another happy pill
while you're at it.
- l told you;
l left you a note.
l went out.
- Fuck the note.
Where, "out"?
- A party.
- What kind of party?
- What do you mean,
"What kind of party?"
lt was just a party.
- Then what the fuck are these?
- You going through my shit?
- Sit down.
- No, give those back to me.
Those are mine.
- l said sit the fuck down.
Now tell me.
Who's the fucking white boy?
- He's a friend.
- What kind of friend?
- A friend.
- ls that why
he's man-handling you
like you're some kind
of Mexican bitch?
- Fuck you, man.
- You want to start
cussing at me?
You try me again.
- You're so fucking predictable.
You know that?
- Yeah?
Then l guess you saw
that coming, right?
- You don't know shit, man.
- Otra vez?
Now it's my turn.
Why does this motherfucker
have his tongue
down your fucking throat?
- Why do you think?
- Answer me!
- 'Cause l'm a fucking faggot.
That's why.
'Cause l'm
your fucking faggot son.
- l want you
out of my house now.
You make me sick
to my fucking stomach.
- What about you, huh?
Did being locked up make you
sick to your stomach too?
- What did you say?
- Come on, Pop.
You gonna tell me
you didn't, you know,
at least try and cop
a little bit of prison ass,
just once?
- You little bitch.
- Get the fuck off me!
- What the hell was that?
- Get the fuck---
let me go!
- From now on,
you're fucking dead to me!
- l fucking hate you!
- Fight!
- Hey!
Hey, sit down!
- l fucking hate you!
Such a fucking joke!
- Get the fuck off me!
- You're an asshole!
- Fuck, this is crazy.
- Did you know your godson's
a fucking joto?
- l fucking hate you!
- Stop this!
Y'all enjoying yourselves?
Jesus Christ.
Get some ice on this.
- Get your fucking hands---
- You touch me again,
and l'll have your ass
arrested so quickly
it'll make your head spin.
- Come on, bro,
she's right.
That's enough.
- You better get out
of my motherfucking way, Gary.
l swear to God,
l'll fucking hurt you, man.
- Nephew.
That's enough.
- Clmala.
- "'You're welcome,
Son of a Chief from Above,'
"said one who appeared
like a chief himself.
And together they entered
the largest house of all."
- Okay, querido,
time to go to bed.
- Please, Mom,
could l stay up?
- Mi'jo, let's go.
t tambien.
- ndale, vete con tu mam.
How's your lip?
- l'll live.
- Just give him time, man.
He'll come around.
- Care less.
He can do whatever he wants.
- Nothing.
- What?
- So you really
don't like girls?
- Renesha, l think your hair
looks totally natural.
Tell her, Che.
- You really think so?
'Cause my daughter been messing
with me about it all week.
- Check you later, man.
What you want, man?
l'm working.
- Doughnut?
Listen, man,
l'm not here to swing nobody.
So relax, all right?
- Oh, is that
what you would do: relax?
- No, man, l'd be pissed too.
Maybe want to fuck
somebody up,
which is why
l'd be working my steps
and going to meetings, Che.
- That's why you came
all the way down here,
just to tell me that?
- l came down here
'cause l'm your sponsor, man,
and l need to know---
- You want to know
if l had a drink.
l didn't.
- Cool.
- That it?
- Yeah, motherfucker.
l got to work.
- Hey, there's the fag.
- Got a beatin', man.
- So his father kicked his ass
when he found the pictures.
Diez cincuenta.
- Most of the raids
were at night,
usually around 3:00
in the morning,
which meant kicking in doors
and terrorizing families.
Our main objective was
to instill fear
and gain control.
We would do whatever
we thought was necessary.
There are things
that we did over there
that l will regret
for the rest of my life.
And the reason
l am talking to you today
is to ask you for help,
to tell you that l need help.
- Who is it?
- lt's---it's Che
from downstairs.
- l'm tired.
What do you want?
- Uh---that's all right.
That's cool.
ln fact, you know what?
You don't even
have to open up the door.
l can---I can talk
from right here,
l mean, if that's---if that's
all right with you.
- What is it?
- l wanted to apologize
for what happened
the other day.
l didn't mean to---
you know.
l didn't mean to grab you
like that.
You there?
- Then why did you
grab me like that?
- l don't know,
you know?
l-l think things just got
a little out of hand.
- l see.
So it's not your fault.
ls that it?
- Say what?
- You know how many women
l see every day
whose husbands or boyfriends
give the same bullshit excuse?
"Things just got
a little out of hand."
- Excuse?
You calling me a woman beater?
- l wouldn't limit it
to just women, would you?
- Fine.
You know what?
l don't need this shit.
- That's what l thought.
- What did you say?
- Walking away.
lt's always easier, isn't it?
- Chale, man.
You know what you are?
- l do, actually, but if
l ever need a second opinion,
l'll be sure to ask.
- Damn.
Are you always such a---
a bitch
when someone's trying
to apologize to you?
- You finished?
- No.
l also wanted to thank you
for how you took care
of that thing outside.
You didn't have to do that,
you know, l appreciate it.
- Che, it's absolutely
none of my business,
but can l say something to you?
- lt's a free country,
ain't it?
- l'm not a parent,
so l have no idea what you
might be going through, but...
l do know what it's like
to have a secret,
to feel ashamed and alone and...
most of all,
to be afraid of someone
you're supposed
to be able to trust.
And l guess, Che,
what l'm trying to say is,
if there ever was a time
your son needed you,
it's probably now.
- Game, sucker.
All right, who wants
some of Daddy, huh?
- We next.
Except we don't play
with no faggots.
- Who the fuck you calling
a faggot, punk?
Ain't nobody
scared of you, nigga.
- Keep starting, man.
What's up?
- You gonna let him
talk that shit?
- Hey, yo, ask that puta
where she got
that fat-ass lip from.
- On his knees from his Daddy.
- Aw, l think
you hurt her feelings.
- That's right, punk.
You better keep walking.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
Dnde est la gente?...
- Hey, what's up, man?
- Just a squirrel
trying to get a nut.
- Thanks for coming, bro.
l appreciate it.
- Anytime, anytime, brother.
- Do you want a soda
or something?
- How about some water?
l'm trying to watch
my blood sugar.
Did l tell you l found
a V-8 for that lmpala?
Picked it up on Craigslist
for about a buck fifty.
You believe it?
l was thinking of maybe
converting it to biodiesel
before we drop it.
What you think?
- Do whatever
you want with it, man.
l ain't got no need for it.
- You know,
for what it's worth, man,
nobody's tripping, man.
- Nobody's tripping
'cause it ain't their son.
- Maybe, but then again,
maybe it ain't
such a big deal.
- You believe that shit, homey?
You've been living in this town
too fucking long.
- You may be right
about that one.
- ls that for him?
- Mm-hmm.
He asked me to come by,
pick up some of his stuff,
you know.
- How's he doing?
Come on, man.
He's a great kid.
l'm thinking of adopting him.
- So what's up, man?
- l don't know.
You ever think about
all the shit we used to do,
all the people we ripped off,
the ones we fucked over?
- lf you're asking me
if l think God's punishing you
for something
you already did your time for,
then my answer is no, l don't.
God don't have to punish, homey.
We do that one good enough
on our own.
Watch out.
When Rene Jr. was born
and the doctors told us
about his condition,
l was thinking exactly
what you are right now.
"God's punishing me
for all my sins,
"for all the shit
l did or didn't do.
Why else would he give me
a defective son," right?
When they brought him home
from the hospital,
l didn't even want
to hold him, homey.
l couldn't.
That almost broke
me and Ana apart.
En serio.
Then one night,
he stopped breathing.
And we had
all these fancy machines
and medications,
todo el pedo, 'mano.
There wasn't shit l could do.
So l prayed.
l mean, l got down on my knees,
and l begged, homey,
not for his heart
to be normal
or for him to even breathe
on his own.
l just wanted him to live.
l wanted him to live
so l could pick him up
and love him.
That's it.
"Just let him live,
and l'll be happy."
- Seguro.
- Where's Tepee-ack anyway?
- Tepeyac.
lt's the mountain
where the Virgin
first appeared to Juan Diego.
- How come you making her
all dark like that?
- Because her original name,
her lndian name,
was Tonantzin.
She only became La Virgen
after the conquerors
forced their language
and religion
on everybody, you know?
- For real?
So is she, like,
Aztec or something?
- She's Mexihcah,
like you and your homey here.
- Ha!
What's up?
- Hey.
- All right, all you shorties
out of here.
The shop is closed now.
- l'm gonna have a sick-ass
lowriderjust like Che
with a fat-ass bird
right there, fat-ass eagle.
What's up, yo?
- How are you?
Preparing them
for the revolution, l see.
- Hey, the rebrowning
of America, right?
What happened to you?
- Oh, my front tire decided
to take a day off.
- Well, maybe
you were talking to it
and it just blew itself up.
- May l?
- l'm going to the bike shop
at Valencia, so it's---
- No, look, save your money.
l got all the tools you need
right here.
All right, it will take me
ten minutes, max.
Look, scout's honor.
l promise.
- Okay.
- Let's take a look,
see what we got here.
- But you have
to let me pay you.
- Well, look,
l fix your bike.
You buy me lunch.
- Lunch?
- Hey, a fair trade
ain't no robbery.
You know what l'm saying?
- Che, you know what?
l'll come back later.
Hey, Jess.
- To Rene said
you wanted to see me.
- You hungry?
- l could eat.
- Gracias, seor.
Bendiga esta comida y las manos
que la cultivaron.
En el nombre de su hijo,
You want to try the verde?
l used them green chilies
from Virgil's yard.
- Sure.
- l guess he just picked them
- Look, Pop,
for what it's worth,
l never meant for you
to find out like that.
Did you hear me?
- What you want me to say?
- l don't know.
l guess l'm just wondering
how you're feeling,
what you're thinking.
- l think God made
man and woman for a reason.
- Yeah, well, he also made me
the way that l am.
- Yeah?
And which one are you?
- Which one am l?
l'm your son.
- All right.
l can't do this.
- No, wait.
Sit down.
For a minute, please?
Please sit down.
l didn't wake up one day
and just decide
to be like this.
- Then why are you?
- l don't know.
l wish l could tell you that.
All l know is that
l've been this way
for as long as l can remember.
And forjust as long,
l've been too afraid
to tell you.
- All right, look, look, look.
l told your uncle
l was going to try, all right?
And l am.
l'm trying.
But if you think
that talking about it
or processing it
or however you want to call it
is gonna somehow
make it all right or acceptable,
or that maybe one day l'm gonna,
like, give you my blessing,
then you're wasting your time,
'cause that's
never gonna happen.
- Meaning?
- Meaning l don't want
to know about it.
l don't want to have it
anywhere near me.
Me entiendes?
- So what you're saying is,
l have to choose?
ls that what you're saying?
- Hello?
- lt's supposed to be
good luck.
- Hey.
l saw the light on,
so l thought l'd see
how you were doing
with the bike, l mean.
- Check it out.
Just like downtown.
- Oh, my G---
is this my bike?
What did you do?
lt looks brand-new.
- Well, you know, you had
a little bit of rust damage,
So l primed it out,
slapped on a couple of coats.
- You actually painted
my bicycle?
- Yeah, l still got to put on
the handlebars and pedals
and whatnot,
but, you know, you---
you get the idea, right?
- Che, this is---
l mean, l had no idea you---
this must have
taken you all day.
- Nah, just a couple of hours.
No big deal.
Besides, you know what?
lt was a nice change of pace,
you know what l'm saying?
- Thank you.
Your pride and joy?
- Oh, yeah.
That's my war pony right there.
- Ooh.
Wow, oh, wait.
- l guess you just read this
for the articles, huh?
- Why you always
got to say something, huh?
- Because l can.
- You trippin'.
- ls this your mom?
- Yeah.
- Mm, you look a lot like her.
Do you mind if l ask you
what it is about cars
that you find so interesting?
- Originally,
l think it was just
something to, you know,
something to do
to stay out of trouble.
- Oh.
- lt wasn't until
Jess got into 'em---
- Jess is into lowriders too?
- He used to be, you know,
when he was younger.
ln fact, it's how he made
the honor roll
four years straight, so...
- Really?
- Yeah, you know,
for every A he brought home,
l'd go out,
and l'd buy a new part, right?
So l'd go out, and l'd get,
like, a chrome mirror
or, like, you know,
a new set of rims.
And then we'd just build it
from the ground up.
This one right here,
this is---this is our first.
Hey, so anyway, you know,
what about you?
- Me?
- Yeah, like, what do you to,
you know---
- Stay out of trouble?
- Yeah.
l think l'm still trying
to figure that one out.
But okay,
l'd probably say my work.
- Oh, right,
at the female clinic, right?
- Well, it's actually
a women's shelter, but yeah.
- Hey, well, that's cool,
you know,
l mean, helping people out.
- l don't know.
l think sometimes
they do more for me
than l do for them.
So many of them
have been hurt and demeaned
in every possible way.
But when you witness
a woman discover
just how beautiful
and powerful she really is,
it somehow changes you.
- l'm up.
Good morning.
- Hey.
Stay brown.
- Can't do nothing but, right?
Hey, what's up?
- Hey.
l was baking some cookies,
and, well,
l wanted to thank you again
for fixing my bike.
lt's beautiful.
- Well, since we're neighbors,
let's be friends, right?
- Actually friends
would be nice, Che.
- Yeah.
lt would.
- Anyway, l hope you
like chocolate chip.
- Oh, yeah.
Most definitely.
- Might taste a little different
than what you're used to.
l used white grape juice
instead of sugar
and canola oil
instead of butter.
- Oh, yeah,
l heard about that.
Canola oil?
That's supposed to be
good for the heart
or something, right?
- Yeah,
it's unsaturated fat.
- Oh, right, right.
- Anyway, enjoy.
- Wait.
l'll bring the plate
back tomorrow,
you know, when l'm done.
- l know where you live.
- Right?
Chocolate chip
with canola oil.
That's what l'm talking about.
- Man, shut up, cuz.
- You shut up.
- Gotta respect the O.G.
one time, for real, though.
- Man.
- l'm going out.
- Wednesday night
pick-up game, huh?
- Yeah, you looked like
you were busy, so...
- Nah, it'll just take me
a minute to suit up.
- Actually, l was gonna go
stop by Benny's house first,
so, you know...
- All right.
- Yeah.
l'll check you later.
- What, you're gonna
chicken out, pichn?
- Hey, man,
l was just tying my shoe.
- Of course you were.
Don't be scared, man.
Don't be scared
of these pichones.
- Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh.
Check that out.
- Hey, yo, can we dance
with your dates?
- As long as we can have
her sister.
- You can have her abuelita.
- Her abuelita.
- Yo, man, are we cool?
- You know it's all good.
- Where's
my three-point shooter at?
- Aw, he had to study
for a big test
and whatnot, you know.
- What's up, dog?
- So who's teams?
Pa, pa-pa-pa
Uh, ah
- Somebody reported
a missing plate?
- That would be moi.
How were they?
- The cookies?
Great, the one that l had.
- He didn't share?
- No, he did.
l'm just playing.
- You know, l just put
some hot water on.
You want some tea?
- Yeah.
Hey, who's this?
- That is the goddess Kali.
You know, she's kind of like
the Virgin Mary,
except with teeth.
- l heard that.
- Honey?
- Yeah, sure.
- Did l tell you that
l finally met my new neighbor?
- Thanks.
Who, Mr. Gonzalez?
- Mm, is that his name?
- Yeah.
- You know, he's even been here
longer than my pops.
- Well, he's not exactly
the social type.
- Don't take it personally.
He's a little hard of hearing.
Plus, the last tenant
who lived in here,
they offered the landlord
triple the rent
to get Mr. G's unit.
- Hmm, gentrification.
- Almost.
You see, my pops helped him
fight the case in court.
And believe it or not,
they won.
You know, l think my dad
was even more happy
than Mr. G that day.
- You know, Jess,
your father thinks
the world of you.
- He can't even look at me.
- Che, Che, Che, Che.
Oh, damn!
- Jesus Christ!
- Why you got to front me
like that, man?
- Es que noms llama foul
cuando est perdiendo
este gey!
- Now, don't start
with your chili chatter, man.
- Someone gonna get
the ball, man?
- Hey, man, this is America.
You can't talk the shit
in English,
don't bother
to talk shit at all.
- Chili chatter?
Where'd you get that, B.E.T.?
- Hey, man, thanks a lot.
Say, you got a problem
with hearing?
- Nah.
l got a problem with faggots
living in my hood.
How about you?
What's the matter, bus driver?
Ain't got shit to say?
Oh, you remember me now,
huh, bitch?
- La chota.
- l'm gonna---
l'm gonna be driving today.
You want a ride?
- Nah, l'm meeting Gummy
at 8:00.
- How's things going, anyway?
- What do you mean, at school?
- Yeah, school,
the neighborhood.
- Things are fine.
- l don't know.
Anyone been, like,
saying anything
or, you know,
giving you hassle?
- About what?
- l'll see you tonight.
- Hey, Pop.
Thanks for asking...
about the ride, l mean.
- Stay brown.
- Yo, what up, man?
- Come on, first period,
20 minutes.
- Yeah, man.
You're gonna have to go on
without me.
My moms is working overtime,
so l gotta take
these fools to school.
- lt's no problem.
l'll just cruise with.
- No, man.
l'm cool.
Go on ahead.
- You sure it ain't no thing?
- Yeah, man.
l'm cool.
Catch up with you later.
- Fine, whatever, man.
- Hey, hey!
- What's up
with the attitude, man?
Hold on, baby.
Catch up with you
in a minute, okay?
Be in there a minute.
Listen, man, l got to go ahead
with some business.
- That's all right, man.
l thought that---
- l know what you thought.
- Yeah, well, don't act
like you don't know
what people have been
saying around here.
- People say a lot of things.
That don't make 'em true.
- lf it is?
- Then it is.
Motherfucking beat goes on.
You know what l'm saying?
Hey, you know what l'm saying?
- You're crazy, man.
l'll see you at school.
- All right, man.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Did she bake you some cookies?
- No, man, you're already
misrepresenting the facts,
She made 'em
for the both of us.
- l don't know, dude.
Cookies are some serious shit.
What kind were they?
- Chocolate chip,
but she, you know,
she sweetened them
with some kind of special juice.
- She sweetened them
with her what?
- Don't fuck around, man.
l'm serious.
She's a deep lady, all right?
- l wonder if that means
he's finally gonna ask her out.
- What you mean, "finally"?
- Check him out, man.
Like he ain't been clocking her
since she moved in.
- You're tripping, man.
She's my neighbor.
- Don't you read the Bible?
You got to love thy neighbor
as thyself.
- Especially if that neighbor
got a booty like that.
Hey, yo, man,
hit me with that neck bone.
- Hey, l think
you should ask her out
for the Friday night cruise.
Dale gas,
you know what l mean?
- Don't you think
that'll be like,
you know, crossing the line,
l mean, her living in
the same building and whatnot?
- Not if you invite her
as a friend.
- l don't know why
you getting him all hyped up.
You know a chick like that
ain't gonna go cruising
on no Friday night.
- Hold on, hold on,
what you mean,
"A chick like that"?
- Come on, man.
Look how she dresses,
all organic and shit.
She probably don't even
shave her legs.
- You mean when your old lady
shaved your balls?
- Listen, man,
all l'm saying is,
a woman like that
ain't going for no loco
who drives a bus.
Man, she might be down
for the brown,
but unless you one of them dudes
that drinks soy lattes
and recycles his plastics,
she ain't wasting her time,
that's all.
- No, man, don't listen
to this fool, man.
He's been with the same woman
since eighth grade.
Motherfucker don't know shit
about romance.
- From someone who has kids
in five different states,
you would be the expert, huh?
- Damn skippy.
And if a black woman makes a man
some chocolate chip cookies,
that shit means something on.
Besides, what's the worst
she could do?
Say no?
Well, pass them cookies
over here.
l'll eat them motherfuckers.
l'll lick the plate.
- Fuckin' eat anything.
- Anything good?
- Oh, hey, what's up, Lena?
Just my $1 0 million check,
you know.
- Oh, well, l think you
might have my mail by mistake.
- Oh, right.
My bad.
Hey, check it out.
You know what?
A bunch of us are gonna go
on a little lowrider cruise
this Friday night,
and---no---I was just wondering
if, you know,
you didn't have any plans,
you weren't doing nothing
or nothing like that,
maybe you might want
to come along?
- This Friday?
- Yeah.
- l don't know.
- Oh, that's cool.
l just thought l would,
you know---
- Thanks for asking.
- Hey, you know,
it's no big deal, right?
- l mean---
- lt's all good.
- Would Jess be coming?
- Oh, yeah, most definitely.
l mean, it's
a whole family affair, right?
The whole crew
is gonna be there, you know.
- Mm-hmm.
Where exactly
would we be cruising to?
- Well, actually, that's
the thing about lowriding.
We don't really go anywhere.
We just take our time
getting there.
You know what l'm saying?
Low and slow,
you know what l'm saying?
You know what l'm saying?
- Okay, l'll think about it.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Hey, you need a hand?
- Oh, strong girl.
[Marvin Gaye's
Stop Look, Listen]
You're alone all the time
Does it ever puzzle you?
Have you asked why
you seem
To fall in love,
out again?
Do you ever really love
orjust pretend?
Why fool yourself
Don't be afraid
to help yourself
lt's never too late,
too late to stop
Look, listen to your heart
Hear what it's saying
Stop, look,
listen to your heart
Hear what it's saying
Love, love, love
Though you try,
you can't hide
All the things
you really feel
This time decide
That you will open up
Let it in
There's no shame
in sharin' love
You keep within
So jump on in
Head over heels
and fall right in
lt's never too late,
too late to stop
Look, listen to your heart
Hear what it's saying
Stop, look,
listen to your heart
Hear what it's saying
Love, love, love
Stop, look,
listen to your heart
Hear what it's saying
[Marvin Gaye's
Got To Give It Up]
l used to go out
to parties
And stand around
Cause l was too nervous
To really get down
But my body
Yearned to be free
l got up
on the floor, boy
So somebody
could choose me
No more standin'
There beside the walls
l have got myself
together, baby
And l'm havin' a ball
Long as you're groovin'
There's always a chance
Somebody watchin'
Might wanna make romance
Move your body,
ooh, baby
And dance all night
Do that groovin'
Feel all right
Everybody's groovin' on
like a fool
Music is just for us
Cruising is just enough
l love it
when we lowride together
- What's he so happy about?
- Who said l'm happy?
- Well, obviously not you.
- What, can't a brother sing
a beautiful song, man?
- Oh, well,
if a brother could sing.
- That ain't right.
- You know that was funny.
You know that was funny.
- Yo, yo,
where the brown people at?
- Hey, Pop,
l'll be out in a minute.
- Hey, what do you say
we go grab a couple of burritos
at that taquera,
go watch that Giant-Dodger game
over at Benny's house?
l thought maybe we'd catch
the game, you know,
go get some burrito first.
You going somewhere?
- Yeah, remember?
l told you this morning.
l might be going out tonight.
- Yeah, you said to study.
- Yeah, and then we'll probably
go grab a bite to eat.
- Who's "we"?
l asked you a question.
- You said you didn't want
to hear about it, remember?
- You're right.
l don't.
- A spokesman
for Homeland Security
said it will have
700 miles of fence
barriers, roads,
and lining in place
along the U.S.-Mexico border.
The Department
of Homeland Security
announced Tuesday
that it would override
Federal Environmental
Protection Law
in order to finish
the 670-mile border fence.
- Hey, yo, man.
Go ahead.
Turn this motherfucker up, man.
This my jam.
- Yeah.
- You see this?
Check this out.
Fucking joto, man.
- You go ahead, man.
Turn this motherfucker around.
- Man, you're wasting
your time, man.
- What?
You some kind of
faggot lover now, huh?
- Salud.
- lt's a red light, asshole.
- Do you even know
what mole is?
- No, but l've heard of Oaxaca.
- Yeah, l'm surprised
you can even pronounce it.
- l know
what l'm talking about.
- So you ladies lost?
l think Castro's up that way.
Hey, Cinderella.
l'm talking to you.
Oye, Rivera.
- Do you know this guy?
- Don't worry about it.
Let him talk.
- All right, man,
serious, though.
l got, like, one question.
Which one of y'all
wears the dress and plays bitch?
- l was about to ask you
the same thing.
- l told you to ignore him.
- You say something to me,
- Yeah, l was wondering
if you were aware
that men who demonstrate
extreme homophobic tendencies
are oftentimes homosexuals
- What are you trying
to prove, huh?
- What?
- Damn, dude.
l think he just called you
a faggot and shit.
- Yeah, man, l think he wants
to suck your dick, homey.
- Stop the car.
l said stop the fucking car.
- Go get the car.
Go get the fucking car.
- Suck on this, puto.
- Let's get the fuck up
out of here, man.
- What's going on?
- Who are you?
- l live here;
that's who.
- This is his father.
- Whoa, what is it, Lena?
What happened?
- Mr. Rivera, there's been
an incident involving your son.
- Well, what happened?
Where's Jesse?
Where's Jesse, man?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
l'm looking for my son,
Jesse---Jesus Rivera.
He's supposed to be in lCU.
- Down the hall
to the right, sir.
- Thank you.
So what did you find out?
- l guess it was
some little vato
who's been hassling him
at school.
There was a witness,
so they picked the kid up,
but who knows if they'll
be able to hold him besides.
You still there?
- l got to go, man.
l'll call you tomorrow morning.
- All right.
- All right.
- Carol Davis, 71 1 5.
Carol Davis, 71 1 5.
- Appreciate you coming tonight.
lt means a lot.
- l'm glad l was there.
- He's gonna be all right,
ain't he?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he is.
- l guess l should
let you go, huh?
l don't know why, Che,
but sometimes
you just break my heart.
- How's my grandson?
- l need to ask you a favor.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- Everything cool?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Listen, by the way,
thanks for that card you sent.
l know he appreciates it.
- Oh, yeah.
- Well, got to get to work,
- Right.
Okay, see ya.
- Hey, do me a favor.
Give it a little gas for me.
- Am l smelling French fries?
- Vegetable oil.
Ease up a little.
kill it.
- So l see you finally
got it running, huh?
- Why you look
so surprised, homes?
Hey, so how's my sobrino
doing, anyway?
Ana and l are planning
to go over there later tonight.
- Well, the doc says
there ain't no guarantees,
but she thinks he could be
up and around
in time for graduation.
- Gracias a Dios.
- Which is, you know,
kind of what l wanted
to talk to you about.
- What?
You planning to take back
the car you said was mine
and had no use for?
- Come on, man.
lt means l like to finish
what l start.
How's that?
- Oh, oh, what was that?
My ear is bad, man.
De nuevo.
- Come on, now.
- Come on.
Let's get on it then.
[William DeVaughn's
Be Thankful For What You Got]
Though you may not drive
A great big Cadillac
Gangster whitewalls
TV antennas in the back
You may not have
A car at all
But remember,
brothers and sisters
You can still stand tall
So just be thankful
for what you've got
Though you may not drive
A great big Cadillac,
diamond in the back
Sunroof top,
digging the scene
With a gangster lean,
gangster whitewalls
TV antennas in the back
You may not have
A car at all
But remember,
brothers and sisters
You can still stand tall
- Hey, what's up, doc?
All right, all right.
So just be thankful...
- Hey, pretty lady.
All right.
- He's been here
most of the night.
Sweet kid.
- Hey.
Listen up, man.
l'm gonna tell you this
just once.
You stay the fuck away
from my son; you hear me?
- l'm sorry, but l don't think
l can do that.
- Think l'm playing
with you, punk, huh?
l see you here ever again,
l swear to God,
l'll fucking kill you.
- Yeah, you can tell
that's Sacramento car show.
Oh, shit,
here he is.
- Holy shit.
- What?
- So what you think?
- Man.
- Can you say to the bone?
- l'm gonna give it up
to you, dude.
You pimped
this motherfucker out serious.
- How about
that paint job, huh?
- Mm.
- Would you say four,
five coats?
- Oh, come on, Gary.
More like ten, homey.
- This ain't no car.
This is a masterpiece.
- Ooh.
- Man, that's bad.
- Jesse's gonna flip
when he sees this.
Does he know?
- No, and he better not
till after graduation.
You understand?
- What?
l ain't gonna say nothing.
There she is,
la reina de mis sueos.
- Hey, Benny.
- What do you think?
Just came off
the Aztec assembly line.
- lt's beautiful.
lt really is.
- Mm.
- l'm hungry, yo.
- Hey, go ahead and pull it
in the garage.
- Hey, Lena.
- Hey, what's up, Che?
- How's it going?
- Good.
- You know,
one day at a time, right?
- Actually, l'm glad
you came in just now.
There's something l've been
wanting to talk to you about.
- Oh, yeah?
What's that?
- l feel l owe you an apology
for the other night.
- An apology?
What for?
- lt was an emotional night,
but l don't think it was
the best thing for us to do.
- Okay.
So what does that mean?
- l don't think
we should take it any further
than it's already gone.
- ln other words,
l ain't your cup of tea.
ls that it?
- No, that's not
what l'm saying, Che.
- Then what are you saying?
That what happened
the other night
was just another fucking roll
in the sack?
- l don't think
it would work out.
That's all.
- That is bullshit,
and you know it.
- Please don't look at me
like l got the answers, Che,
'cause l don't.
- You're right.
lt's just easier to walk away,
ain't it?
- Che, that night together
was a first for me
in a long, long time.
- Listen, Lena,
whoever hurt you,
whatever happened in the past,
that ain't me.
- The truth is, l don't
really know who you are, Che.
But l have been around
enough men like you,
men who use violence
and intimidation
to get what they want,
and l am done with that.
- Well, look,
if you're talking about
what you seen
at the hospital,
l can explain.
- Then explain.
Like l said,
l'm sorry.
- Now, hold up, hold on.
Hey, wait a second.
- And they'll be
bringing you breakfast
in just a little while.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
- My son was in this room
last night.
Did he get transferred
to a different room
or something?
- l believe he checked himself
out this morning.
- For reals?
- What's up, man?
- Where's he at?
- Where's who at?
- Don't fuck with me, man.
l ain't in the mood.
- Look, man,
l ain't no snitch.
- You ain't his jefito neither,
so where's he at?
- Shit.
- Can l help you?
- l'm here for my son.
- Give me a minute.
l'll see if he's in.
- Yeah, you do that.
- Jesse, your father's outside.
- Hey, Pop.
- Get your shit,
and let's go.
- l'm sorry.
l can't do that.
- Say what?
- l'm not going with you.
- Oh, is that right?
Look around you, boy.
You think these people really
give a shit about you, huh?
- And you do?
- l'm all you got,
- No.
l got a lot more than that.
l got myself.
And if you can't accept me
for what l am,
for who l love,
then l think you should leave.
- Whose little speech is that?
Or theirs?
- You humiliate me
in front of
the entire neighborhood.
Then you threaten Jordan
for visiting me in the hospital,
and you can stand here
and ask me that?
- Listen to me.
l'm gonna give you one minute
to get your ass in there
and get your shit together.
And you ain't out by then,
l'm gonna leave here
without you for good.
Me entiendes?
- You still don't hear me,
do you, Pop?
- One minute.
Why should
l feel discouraged?
And why should
the shadows come?
And why should
my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven,
heaven home
When Jesus is
He's my portion...
- Are you gonna be okay, mi'jo?
- Yeah.
As long as l take it
low and slow, right?
- Yeah, s.
Hey, but don't forget
to come by later.
- l made your favorite,
tres leches cake.
- You know how she is.
lf you don't come by
and have at least a piece,
she's gonna make me
eat it all.
Me pongo panzn.
- l will.
Gracias, Ta.
- l love you.
- l love you too.
l love you.
- Oh, love you.
- Well, see you later.
- rale.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah,
ah, ah
Though you may not drive
A great big Cadillac
Gangster whitewalls
TV antennas in the back
You may not have
A car at all
But remember,
brothers, sisters
You can still stand tall
Just be thankful
for what you've got
Diamond in the back,
sunroof top
Digging the scene
with a gangster lean
- Here we go.
Diamond in the back,
sunroof top
You're digging the scene
with a gangster lean
Whoo, ooh, ooh
With a gangster lean
Just be thankful