Mission Mangal (2019) Movie Script

Why did the maid have to take off today!
Mom! Toothpaste is over.
Take it from my bathroom.
That herbal one?! I hate that Mom!
If you hate, you go buy! Give.
There is enough paste for 4 days!
Tara! My tea!
Watching CNBC won't make stock prices go up!
Come and get your tea
Self service!
Maid is off duty, Tara has to go for duty...
I'll be late today
Your "no" does not matter
Anya stop this, I don't have time for your fights today.
Please focus on your daughter
All night chatting on the phone!
She is pushing the limit!
Malhotra's daughter eloped with some Facebook friend!
Can you stop it?
It's an instant heater...
Why do you need to turn it on 4 hours earlier?
What's this?
Breakfast is ready... Please come!
I don't want breakfast
- Lazy bum can be a useful bum! - Mom!
Baba why did you come out?
I can also serve myself for a day!
Sunil! Today is the last day to pay the electricity bill
Are you mad?
Who is going to stand in that bloody queue?
Sunil, atleast help her out today!
Please forgive me Tara
To have raised such a useless son!
Ok ok I'll go pay it
But where do I pay?
At the stock market!
The pizza will arrive by 12...
And give Grandpa his medicine on time.
Yes mom!
Don't need vegetables today!
Cyrus, I need the coordinates for turbo thrust and launch...
Sure, ma'am
- And Sapna, - Yes, ma'am?
Can you show me the numbers for that please?
Uploading data sets to Sriharikota
Sir... GSLV Fat Boy. All ready to launch.
Why has this rocket been named Fat Boy?
Sir, it can lift the weight of two elephants.
It's a very powerful rocket!
(Humming) I have always moved on in life...
(Humming) -Blowing away the worries...
Who is that singing at such a crucial moment?
These genius scientists are always a little crazy
Copy that! This is Rakesh Dhawan.
Mission control initiating command for launch
Report tower weather and touchdown conditions
Roger that.
Temperature rising but forecast still on course. Still good to go!
Roger that! Initializing command sequence.
All departments final checks! Be ready for a go/no go!
Launch team ready to proceed.
- Yes - Yes sir!
We're good to go sir.
Go/no go for payloads...
- Go! - Navigation & Communications...
Program autonomy...
Flight dynamics...
- Go! - Any problem?
Ma'am, the turbo pump is
- signaling above normal temperature... - Network...
Chances of malfunctioning, ma'am...
Satellite control...
It can also be due to Sriharikota's hot weather, right?
What is the status of fuel connectors?
- Hundred percent integrity. - Great.
Telemetry command...
Temperature fluctuations can be handled, right?
- It's your call, ma'am... - Propulsion control...
We are good to go for launch.
Initialising countdown sequence.
Should start with 101.. It's auspicious
20 seconds to first stage release to S1BO
Controls off scale!
Rocket going off-course towards land at 13 degrees North
and 80 Degrees East.
RSO2 to RS3 command is needed!
Mission abort. I repeat, mission abort.
Initiating self destruct mode.
(Humming) Mourning failures is a waste of time...
I misjudged.
I thought the alarm was because of the ambient temperature.
Fuel connectors health was 100%, sir!
Congratulations on the failure
Mr Rakesh, the press is waiting.
Good evening everyone...
I regret to announce that the launch of GSLV Fatboy was unsuccessful.
The fuel booster turbo-
Despite the alarm why was the launch initiated ?
were they any checks in balances
Who is responsible for this?
I took the call. The decision was mine.
The country has suffered a huge loss, and you're eating sweets?
Where is it written on the sweet that it cannot be eaten during loss?
Thank you, everyone.
(Humming) -Blowing away the worries...
The fire cracker rockets are better than this!
At least they fly!
India's biggest super rocket has crashed in the Bay of Bengal.
This government has spent millions of Rupees...
and made the country a laughing stock.
Some of the best scientists in the world are Indians...
Unfortunately they work for NASA or other space agencies...
And the duffers remaining here keep sinking the taxpayers money!
I want an Inquiry into this!
You find this funny?
Despite the alarm how could you give the go ahead?
What a big mistake!
Because of your mistake...
India's space program has been set back by 5 years!
GSLV Fat Boy was the only rocket...
that could have helped India plan its 1st manned mission in space.
It could have taken our satellites to Mars
Jupiter, Mercury, like NASA does!
Rakesh, meet Mr Rupert Desai!
Mr Rupert Desai is from NASA.
He arrived yesterday from Houston.
Pioneer 10, 11, Cassini...
He is behind many of America's successful space missions.
And, he's an Indian!
We are thrilled that he will now work for his own country
and will take charge of all our flagship space missions
Including the GSLV Fatboy relaunch program in Bangalore.
I think you have forgotten one of my most important achievement...
After spending 23 years in NASA...
I haven't forgotten Hindi!
With all due respect, today NASA is 50 years ahead of ISRO...
It's nothing to be ashamed about
On the contrary, it's to our advantage
We should borrow from NASA's knowledge and build on it.
Look at China!
They borrow, build and fly!
Why should we spend our taxpayers'...
...hard earned money on these useless...
..."Make everything in India" experiments?
Is this a Cow or a Bull?
What were you saying?
Borrow from NASA?
Gentlemen, we are scientists...
And there is no science without experiments.
Experiment means to try things out...
And learn.
If we don't experiment we have no right to call ourselves scientists.
What do you think, Mr Rupert?
Did NASA become NASA without failing?
Weren't Apollo 1 and Columbia their failures?
If we look to NASA to solve all our problems...
...we will be finished!
Let's make it in India, for India...
We can sir and we will succeed sir!
forget about the past...
And focus on the future!
I didn't understand sir...
Forget the past, focus on the future!
Thanks for the translation, but I still didn't get your point sir.
All this GSLV Fatboy and all that...
forget it...
Think 2022.
We want you to get India ready for the Mars mission!
Mars Mission...
I am serious, Rakesh
Sir, the one mission that all of ISRO knows, will never happen.
Whose idea was it to transfer me and bury me alive?
It's a very good posting. Mission Director, Grade 4!
Sir, I know it's a government job...
You can't fire me, so you are doing everything to make me resign quietly
I could resign, join a private company and earn millions...
But the thing is, I am from this old school.
A great man once told me...
that my becoming a Scientist has no meaning
if my science is of no use to my country.
Instead of begging NASA for help, ask yourselves...
Mr India who's standing with a bull outside the Space Club...
How do we get him in?
(Humming) I learnt everything but I didn't learn how to be smart...
Excuse me, gentlemen
Mars Mission!!
Rakesh, I'm sorry
It's strange, sir!
All these years I didn't have the time to think about anything else
now I have the time, but nothing to think about!
My mind is completely empty.
You think, I should have thought of marriage?
Started a family?
I don't even have a hobby.
Life has been all about just science and space!
No problem, sir
There is Mars... Time will pass
But thank you sir
Have a good day.
What the hell, Dilip?
- Chill, dad - How dare you?
- What's wrong, I'm just exploring! - I'm not going to tolerate this, Dilip.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
This is all your fault!
What's this?
A book
It's the Quran!
The Quran is a book, right?
Is reading a book banned in this house?
What logic?
Just look at him.
Look at that beard! Or can't you see that as well?
Sunil enough!
Excuse me, hello...hello...hello...
I have the right to choose the way I want to live.
You will live the way I want you to live as long as you are in my house!
My house?
Ok, we will come to that later...
Dilip why this sudden interest in Islam?
Mom, you won't get it!
Try me!
Don't try... Give him a slap!
Sunil, leave the room, I'll speak to him.
Ask him if he has paid the electricity bill...
- Dilip! - You...
You go
Everyone's over smart!
Mars department has been given special treatment!
(Humming) Where have we arrived...
(Humming) Walking together for so long...
What a thoughtfully designed office!
It feels like Mars as soon as you step in!
Is there water on Mars...?
Let's see...
Only a little
There's Oxygen... but less.
There's life here!
Myself Rakesh Dhawan
Meowars? Nice.
How do you like this planet?
Time moves in slow motion here
You know why?
Because the Mars orbit around the Sun is 1.5 times larger than Earth's.
Which means your birthday comes only once in 2 years...
She ran away
Yes, Tara tell me.
I'm sorry, sir.
This is just not fair!
I'm sorry, sir.
Don't be jealous Tara.
Just because you didn't get to work on the Mars mission, means it's not fair?
You have to earn it!
Earn this!
I can't sleep nowadays
So change your pillow!
How can I sleep sir?
Because of me...
I can't see one of the world's finest scientists being destroyed like this!
Tara, don't worry about me, just go and do your job.
What job! How can I...
GSLV Fat Boy... Get it ready by 2022...
You have 10-12 years, enough time...
You'll miss my songs for a few days, that's it!
I will sing at ISRO's annual function...
Take your time! We have all the time in the world...
Come in.
Ma'am, the gas is running out!
The oil is hot right? Switch it off.
Fry the bread
By the time the oil cools down you can fry all the bread
The cylinder may come by evening! Keep the gas off.
The world's most powerful rocket is getting ready at NASA
At a budget of Rs. 60 billion...
It will carry American satellite Maven to Mars
Tara, look at your son...
You couldn't save your rocket from drowning
at least save your son!
He is reading Namaz!
If you wanted to live in space all your life
why did you have children?
Since you've had children learn to give them space, dad...
I will slap your face okay!
Mom, America is going to Mars?
Do you know what Mars is called in Urdu?
Shut up!
Ma'am, you're so smart!
All the bread has been fried!
To go to Mars, we have to get past Earth's gravitational force
India does not have a powerful rocket...
that can carry that much fuel.
Had GSLV been a success, it may have been possible...
Mars is around 60 million kilometres away from Earth,
Only American rockets have the fuel capacity for this mission
India has only reached the Moon so far...
Where are you going? You're on holiday!
Rakesh sir!
The rocket goes up and leaves a satellite in space...
Sir, America has announced the launch of Maven for Mars
In 2 years.
2013 take off!
I'm happy for them.
Why can't we do it sir?
Boy! Get ma'am a cup of tea.
And some medicine.
Get your health checked, you don't look well.
Sir, we can go to Mars too!
Sir, I know after my mess-up
it's hard for you to trust me.
But trust me sir, a final time.
To the right, is the rocket that can take us to Mars.
My right sir...
Oh, sorry
Boy! Make that tea strong
That is a PSLV rocket! It's a small boy
It can only reach the moon
Sir, I know!
Tara, in case you've forgotten...
what you learnt in class 4...
We are here...
The moon is right here! Mars is all the way there
We can go sir...
in PSLV!
Let me try again
You can take a Rickshaw to Mahatma Gandhi Road, not to Meerut!
The Rickshaw can go anywhere if the Rickshaw driver is willing!
Will you go to Mars?
What did you eat this morning?
Fried bread...
Come! Come, come!
Bring the table here.
- The gas is on? - Yes, sir
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
You can't light a fire inside, have you gone nuts?!
There's billions of dollars worth of equipment here
you can't bring this in here! Excuse me, are you the canteen lady?
Get her out of here!
She's Tara Shinde, project director, Mars Mission.
- Good morning, sir - Project director!?
Is this some sort of a joke?
No, it's not a joke.
It's a Fried bread!
Sir! Can you...?
Put this goddamn thing off!
What are you guys doing?
Gas is off...Bread is on...
When the oil is hot enough to fry the bread, why make it hotter?
Switch it off, save the gas and continue frying.
When the oil cools, turn the gas on again.
A lot of Indian homes save fuel this way.
We want to use this Home Science technique, to go to Mars!
Have you lost your mind?
Tara, take over
Yes sir, please take over.
Sir! What's going on?
We propose to launch the Mars satellite in 24 months from now
using the PSLV rocket!
- How? - Patience.
We know that we need a lot of fuel to go to Mars
and the PSLV has a low fuel capacity.
We know...
We became scientists before you. Tara, please continue.
The PSLV can't take the satellite all the way
but can leave it here in the earth's orbit easily.
So, when the satellite reaches the Perigee...
we will fire the satellite engine with a little fuel and switch off
Like we did with the bread
This firing force will increase the speed of the satellite...
...and propel it further away from Earth into a higher orbit.
When it comes back here...
Little fuel, fire, switch off.
Speed will increase and it will go into an even higher orbit
We keep doing this till finally...
...when the satellite is at the perigee again
the speed will be so much that...
a final strong firing force...
will throw it out of the earth's gravitational sphere of influence...
like a sling shot.
We will use gravitational force to beat gravity.
This way, using less fuel we can reach Mars.
Not straight, but curved!
So this is how you guys work around here?
On fried bread ideas!
Sir, this is actually based on Hohmann's theory
Hohmann's theory is 100 years old!
It is obsolete! It's outdated!
This is madness!
No Rupert, it's not as mad as it seems...
There might be an idea here
Now you will ask what's the hurry to launch...
Once in 3 years trajectory from Earth to Mars is shortest
If we want to reach Mars on this date
we have to launch 11 months earlier!
If we waste time debating, Mars will move away
and we will have to wait until 2017!
I can't even believe we're discussing this.
This rocket does not have the capacity to even carry the weight
of the satellite it's supposed to take with it.
Rakesh, that's a point
The load capacity of the PSLV rocket is very low.
How will it carry such a complex and heavy satellite?
The kind of satellite that we need to study Mars!
So we can try and make a lighter satellite!
Advanced countries have failed so many times.
America 4 times
Russia 8 times...
and you are saying India will succeed the very first time?
Why do you want the world to laugh at us?
Rakesh, your idea is very good, but Rupert is right.
Before we plan deep space missions, there's a lot of work we need to do.
Our space program is way behind that of America and Russia!
Let's try in the future. Let's see.
Sir, could I have a word with you in private?
What the...Is this a circus?
India is behind.
And will remain behind unless we leap forward.
Till now, no country in the world has reached Mars in the first attempt.
Rupert just told us...
Russia 8 times, America 4 times, China is still trying...
Just think,
if India
In its first attempt manages to reach Mars, what could happen?
Everyone will lose their minds!
Sir, today we are tail-enders for the world.
Tomorrow we can be opening batsmen.
Let's not take singles, let's hit a sixer
This is great, first it was cooking, and now it's cricket!
Rakesh, we have a lot of work to do.
Will you please excuse us?
Rakesh, it will take 4 or 5 years to make a satellite.
How will we launch in 24 months?
I know, sir.
We work 9 to 5.
8 hours, actually 7 hours,
1 hour for lunch break.
If we do this as a government job, it will take 4 years.
But if we work 15 hours a day it should be done in 20 months, sir!
Tell me, what do you need?
Team, sir! Team!
- Sir, you can't be serious!
making a satellite takes a little more than frying bread sir
We need 6-7 department heads and at least 400 support crew!
We want Mr.Padmanabhan as head of satellite design.
Mr. Anirudh for Communications.
Mr. Kamath for...
You've come with a list?
That confident?
We don't have any time sir.
Give the list to Mr Rupert.
He will do the needful.
This is subject to budget approval.
Yes, sir.
Can you send me the project report in a week?
You'll get it in 3 days sir!
Sir...I-I can't...
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Come, before they change their minds
Sir, I can't spare Mr. Padmanabhan!
You came fully prepared?
Yes sir! Sorry...
I'll call you back...
What happened?
I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
Laugh! Better choice. What happened?
My son Dilip! He learnt to play the keyboard just last year.
He's a big fan of A R Rahman... His name was Dilip too.
So this fool thinks if he becomes a Muslim...
He can be a Hollywood music director and win an Oscar!
Can't take this religion war between father and son
Take the day off today. Go home.
We only finished 7 hours of work today, 8 are remaining!
Is this the time to come home?
I had extra classes, dad. What do I do?
Weren't you going to resign?
Have you eaten?
What's the point of this job?
Look around, no one's happy!
Enough, Sunil.
How will anyone be happy if you stop them from doing what makes them happy?
Sir they need a team fast
They want to go to Mars in PSLV!
You got to be kidding me!
It's a complete waste of time, money and energy
Sir, I don't decide that
Please give them some people
People with less experience will do, sir.
Sir, where should I place this monitor?
On my head
Instead of the experts we requested for...
We have been assigned their juniors!
How can they do this?
We need people with the maximum experience!
Seems like Mr. Rupert Desai doesn't want this mission to succeed!
Varsha Chillai!
Not Chillai, sir. Pillai!
I've packed your favourite today... potato paratha.
Give me plain bread...
I already look like a potato!
Good choice to design a lightweight satellite!
I know, I know... I have no right to talk about weight!
Have you no shame doing all this in the living room?
Mom, because you have taken over our room...
This is now our bedroom
Where do I keep this?
In the morning there was a table here...
where has it gone?
At our place a table is a table and a sofa is a sofa...
Don't start your nonsense
Thanks to my wife we are able to fit so much into this small house...
including you!
She can fit everything anywhere...
Except a child inside her!
When will I see your obituary?
Navigation and Communication... Kritika Agarwal!
Ma'am, hands always on the 10 and 2 positions!
- Hands on the wheel! - 10! 10!
10 and 2 positions!
Okay, ready!
She has no mission experience.
She's inexperienced, sir.
Ma'am, don't lean forward. Sit back!
- How will I see... - Back, back!
Now drive straight ahead.
That's the accelerator, press the clutch and put it into third gear
Look ahead!
I am!
Don't take your eyes off the road.
Now put it into fourth gear...
- Fourth gear? - Yes.
Go ahead...
Where are you from?
No cooking meat in the house
The gates close at 10.
No problem, sir. I saw the details online, I know.
No boyfriends.
That problem won't be there
Twenty thousand rent. Hundred thousand deposit.
Will you take a Cheque?
Yes. Don't cross it.
Neha ji, give me your full name and permanent address
and I'll have the agreement made.
Neha Siddiqui.
Number 73, Gomti Nagar Lucknow...
Are you a Muslim?
today is Tuesday...
Not a good day...
We'll fix the date over the phone tomorrow.
I don't need the cheque today!
She looks nice!
Eka Gandhi.
She also...!
Propulsion Engineer
Get up and leave
the maid will be here soon
She'll go crazy if she sees a new face again!
Power cut again! This country sucks!
What's the hurry?
It's a government job, where will it go?
I'm working here for the 3 year experience.
After that I'm flying off to NASA!
Have you ever worn a saree?
You will look gorgeous.
You're a typical man of this country...
Want a woman imprisoned in a saree all her life!
Can you get out now, please?
Can you lend me 5000 bucks?
Is that your nightly rate?
Looks like an All women's club!
Excuse me?
No just...
if there was another man to talk to...
Oh, here he is! Parmeshwar Joshi...
Your horoscope is pretty inauspicious
The planets are not aligned in your favour
...Especially Mars
Saturn is also weighing down on you
Every girl I meet gets married to someone else
Any solution for that?
There is only one solution...
You'll have to be careful of Mars
Stay far away from Mars...
Pray to the 9 Gods
Here's my card.
One more! Ananth Iyengar...
- Did Tarun call? - No
I thought I will retire early and live with my son in San Francisco
And spend the rest of my life in a civilised country...
But instead...
Isn't he a bit young for this mission?
Sir this is impossible!
We need an experienced team! All these people are...
Who has the experience of going to Mars in ISRO, including you and me?
But sir...
In the 1983 World Cup final, West Indies had Vivian Richards,
Gordon Greenidge, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding,
Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Jefferey Dujon, Clive Lloyd...
And we had?
Kapil Dev could have also told the selectors, 'this is impossible...
I want Allan Border, Dennis Lillee, Ian Botham, Imran Khan...'
The whole world was sure that the Indian team...
had no chance of winning the World Cup!
So we had no pressure to win or fear of losing.
We just went and played our game.
And we won!
Same, same.
Sports and science.
- Sarcasm! - Mars department?
We think so...Come!
Good morning sir...
Sorry, I had to go to the Temple today...
Temple offering...
You go to the temple everyday...
Or you went because it's your first day?
No sir...
to pray this would be my last day!
I'm sorry sir, but I can't work here!
Don't you like Tara?
No, no! I'm a big fan of both of you...
how shall I say this...?
Try from your mouth... It's a good option.
I'm a virgin sir
I haven't been able to get married
Even the women in Bangkok look at me and run away, sir...
Nothing, boys talk...
Mars is hovering over my head, sir
Priest told me to stay away from Mars
and here we are trying to get close to it...
Eka Gandhi
Propulsion Department
Good morning!
Kritika Agarwal
By the way, office begins at 9 am...
- Excuse me? - Please come in!
Project details, you can go through them.
Sorry ma'am
- Varsha? - Yes
Bangalore is in ruins!
No traffic management, nothing
In 1976 when I...
Please sit here...
Please come, sir.
What are you doing?
Trying to get from Earth to Mars...
How far is it from Earth?
Almost 60 million kilometers
A rocket can get us there in 11 months
Oh, so you're making a rocket!
There is a rocket.
PSLV...Same rocket took us to the moon 2 years ago, right?
Not bad, you remember!
Yes, now we want to send a satellite to orbit Mars.
So what's the problem?
Put it in and send it!
Wish it were that easy!
The moon is easier.
It lies within the earth's gravitational force...
To get to Mars we have to get through this force.
Give that to me
Go stand in the corner
I'm the Earth. And you?
Your son!
- You are my Mars! Okay? - Okay
Yo-yo is satellite.
- Okay? - Okay!
The PSLV can only take the satellite till here
But the earth's gravity will not let the satellite go
It will rotate it like this, in orbit
Mom careful, it'll break!
That's what we want!
Increase the force each time...
until it breaks away from it!
Well done!
If Mars catches our satellite the same way...
then job done!
How will Mars catch it?
Just like Earth, Mars has gravity too
It will catch the satellite and make it rotate around it
And the satellite will tell us if there is water...
minerals, chances of life etc on Mars.
The country will benefit hugely from this!
Wow what a technique!
Has anyone gone this way before?
That's the joy!
To be first. To be original!
You should be inspired by others, learn from them...
but find your own path.
Take your field, look at A R Rahman.
Original icon! He has found his own path!
In order to reach Mars, we need 1500 kgs of fuel
And you're saying the total weight of the satellite...
should not exceed 1350 kgs!
We have to reduce the fuel
The fuel weight can't exceed this
Let's find a way
What way?
With so little fuel it won't even cross Bangladesh!
They're messing with Mars!
Who knows what will happen...
Let's run away from here
We have to reach Mars before you retire
You need young blood for a tough mission like this, sir!
- My BP's low... - What's your age?
What are you saying?
You don't look a day over 45!
You're glowing! What's your secret?
It's because of my strict diet
Slow down! You'll tire me.
Sir, if anything goes wrong with the satellite...
it'll take 24 minutes for our command to reach it.
By then, the damage will be done.
The satellite will just have to repair itself
and we've never attempted such complex programming before.
Isn't that exciting?
It'll be our first time!
Let's do it.
Ma'am only US and Russia have heavy duty satellite antennas...
for communication between Mars and us.
Since we're short on time, shall I order them?
At home, do you order food from outside everyday?
If we order everything from outside how will it fit in our budget?
Here, follow this.
To study Mars we need infrared cameras, ultra-violet cameras, sensors, everything!
You are only giving me enough room for a lens
How will I fit everything in?
A person who can fit a lot of science into a small space is called...
a space scientist!
Think, innovate!
Yes, I've had the medicine
I'll be back by 5.
Yes, tell me.
To fit in the PSLV, if we have make the satellite lightweight...
we will have to reduce its size...
How will we fit cameras, sensors, transponders...?
We need all the instruments, ma'am.
We are not going to Mars just to circle around it...
We need to do a detailed study of it!
I know why we are going to Mars
Thank you
If everything could fit easily...
why do we need a Satellite designer?
Don't think small.
Make things small.
We only have 8 billion to make this mission happen
so we need to start with basics.
From the...
Rakesh...Please stay seated!
I've just spoken to the minister
We may have to postpone this mission
I'm sorry
I don't understand...
The government is very happy with our Mars Mission
But they aren't willing to give us any extra money
They don't have a problem if we do this within ISRO's yearly budget
How can I take out Rs. 8 billion...
from an on going project and give it to the Mars Mission?
Have we ever got an extra penny for any of ISRO's missions?
I am sorry.
Sir, NASA's Maven has a budget of Rs. 60 billion...
we have only asked for Rs. 8 billion...
Look at the difference sir, there is no comparison!
For 1.2 billion people it's just a cost of a cup of tea.
We have to do it for our country sir!
Let's try it again!
I understand... trust me, I have tried my best.
I'm sorry!
Bad luck sir!
I was actually very excited for it, ma'am
If we were in NASA, budget would have never been a problem
Sorry, sir. Sorry, ma'am...
It was a really interesting project, sir
Both of you should get your horoscopes checked
In 1983 if Kapil Dev had been told
"Sorry, there's no money for flight tickets to London..."
how would he have won the world cup?
I can't believe this!
The new Sufiyaana. Sufi!
Your son is playing in a Sufi group!
Mom, it's Priya's birthday today. I'll be late.
I'm thinking of resigning...
What? Why?
You were right, Sunil.
Maybe I just got obsessed with my job.
Shall we go to Ooty?
Yes! Let's go.
What are you all planning without me?
Dad, we're going to Ooty!
I'll have to think about it!
From today you will listen...
You and that idiot!
Wonder if he is writing from left to right or right to left!
Dad, Urdu is the language of poets!
- Mannerless! - Ok guys! Dilip,
we're all going to Ooty...
- Ooty? - Yes, Ooty!
Mom, what about Mars?
Your mother is quitting her job!
What! Mom...
don't listen to this fellow!
Don't leave your job! You'll die!
If not Mars there's Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto...
I'll give you some ideas.
I know Space is your life!
And anyway, I can't come to Ooty and all...
- Why? - I have to finish my song.
Qawwali, huh?
Pack your bloody bags!
I'd like to thank you all...
Sorry, to barge in sir
Oh god, not him
Sir, what is this?
Can I just borrow this?
Thank you
China's first attempt at going to Mars is unsuccessful.
With the help of a rocket from Russia,
China wanted to send its satellite into space.
But the Russian rocket gave China a shock
and before it could cross the Earth's orbit, it exploded.
They could not cross the Van Allen belt!
China wanted to be first in Asia to go to Mars!
The Chinese must have used their "noodle science"
as we have our "poori science"!
China went to the moon before us
But this is our chance to reach Mars before them!
Let's not wait sir...
But we don't have the budget!
We have the budget sir!
We have the budget.
We were also going to use this same PHOBOS Russian rocket for Chandrayan 2 mission
and now we all know
Phobos is a failure
which means we will put our Russian collaboration on hold!
Assume we stop Chandrayan 2 for now...
Woah! We can't cancel this program now!
We're almost halfway there.
I suggest we talk to NASA, let's bring NASA in.
It may take at least 2 years for a new collaboration with anybody else.
So, Rakesh, assume we postpone Chandrayaan 2
but that mission has only Rs. 4 billion remaining
and you need Rs. 8 billion...
Where will we get the money? It's impossible.
Can I use it again?
What is going on?
Did we have the money to make our first rocket?
We made it like this
Do you know who these two are?
This is Abdul Kalamji! Our former president.
And do you know who is next to him?
It's not that impossible.
There he is, our director!
If we hadn't made the rocket this way, that day...
Because there was no money for a truck, If they hadn't carried it piece by piece
on cycles and bullock carts...
assembled it in an old church in Kerala...
and lauched India's first rocket successfully from a nearby field...
would ISRO exist today?
Would we be here?
Sir, I'm not sure how we will do it but we will do it...
We have to do it sir
For me ISRO has not been Indian Space Research Organisation...
it has always been Impossible Space Research Organisation!
A dream that can be a reality!
Oh my god!
If only dreams and emotions could propel us to another planet!
Sir, we need to think this through very carefully.
Let's not rush in, or we will fail!
What if we succeed?
Sir, with all due respect,
I have to tell you that the way things stand right now
the chances of this mission succeeding are less than 1%
Can anyone challenge that?
I rest my case.
Hello, Kalam sir, how are you
Me? Sir
Some big Imported people are saying...
The chances of the Mars Mission succeeding are not even 1%
Oh really, sir? Okay, sir...
Sir, wait a minute for 5 minutes, sir.
Yes, sir!
Sir, Abdul Kalam sir - you know, ex ISRO Chairman, ex Country Chairman
He is challenging you
He's saying "imported man, imported man"
If there's even a 0.000001% chance we can make it to Mars before China
shut your mouth and let it happen
Really, sir?
That also I should say?
He's also saying "Dream is not what you see in sleep...
Dream is something which doesn't let you sleep!"
Sir, I told him!
Sir, will you talk to your old friend?
I understand, sir. You're busy!
Thank you, sir!
What's so funny? It's a very bad joke!
Mr Rupert, every scientific achievement was once considered a joke!
If we tell the government that we are postponing Chandrayaan 2...
and not spending the remaining Rs. 4 billion this financial year...
they will take the money back!
- Rakesh - Sir!
We have a chance to create history
If you can pull it off in Rs. 4 billion, let's do it!
Thank you, sir!
Mr Padmanabhan, Mr Anirudhh...
Dr Kamath, I request you to come forward and give this your time
Sir! These are my best guys, I can't spare them!
- Calm down, parrot! - What?
Sorry, calm down Rupert
That core team, those priceless gems that you handpicked for me
send them back to me
All the best!
Thank you very much!
Message all you want now... there's no network in Ooty!
Family time!
Yes sir?
Rs. 4 billion...How?
I think we have to cancel Ooty...
Yes! Inshallah!
Shut up!
Your IVF is successful. Congratulations...
You're going to be a mother!
Call your mother. She will be happier than us
Let's not tell her...
She'll think we did this because of her
Vivek, don't be silly
We made the decision because the Mars Mission got cancelled!
Else whatever her taunts...
We would never have the time for a baby
Rakesh sir...
Ma'am, why are you endangering so many lives on the road?
Bangalore commute is easy...
there are auto rickshaws, the metro...
even the bus service has improved!
But the men haven't improved
I'm learning how to drive for self defense
Learn Karate or Kung Fu instead
No phones while driving!
Mrs Kritika Agarwal?
Sorry to inform you...
Lieutenant Rishi Agarwal has been injured in cross border firing
I am happy to inform you that he is out of danger now...
Once his condition stabilizes...
We will shift him to the Command Hospital in Bangalore!
You're leaving us?
Excuse me? How dare you peep?
You've been after me since that Mars mission. So cheap!
Sitting in ISRO and applying to join NASA is not cheap?
Eka Gandhi!
Name is 'Gandhi' and you want to Quit India?
Was your dad a cheap dialogue writer?
Ok ma'am...Okay!
Last week you said the house was available
What's the problem?
That I'm a divorcee or my surname?
He cheated on you, yet you're the one house hunting...
You should have kicked him out!
I could have...
The house would have been mine...
But if my husband cheated on me...
and then gave me a house as payment...
What would I call myself?
How long can you stay in a hostel?
Hello? Yes sir...
Ok sir...
- I can't come. - Why?
If I don't go they will cancel my salary and pension
It's not like your son sends us any money!
Take this
Make sure you donate Rs. 101 at the temple!
This is our clock now
We had 24 months... We have wasted 4...
Now we have 20 months left for launch
Since we last met, only one thing has changed...
The budget!
Have we got more funds?
No, our funds have been halved!
Sir, let's order some strong tea and brainstorm
The money for tea comes from the budget!
I suggest you cut down on your tea drinking habits
What am I supposed to do?
Sir, you are a structural engineer...
You're responsible for making the satellite material lighter
Lighter in weight and cost
Come on!
Believe it or not, India is going to Mars!
Yes, GSLV is a failure
Yes, we don't have a rocket that can take us to Mars
Nevertheless, we are going to Mars!
I'm on my way...
I'm coming in a few minutes!
Kritika, where are you going?
One has flown...
One wicket down!
Everyone else is fine...
Thank you!
I asked for a dosa, not paratha!
That is a dosa...
- It's so thick... - Very bad, right?
Why? Dosa is very good
But Delhi has the best South Indian food!
Dosa was born in South India!
What would you North Indians know?
You consider paper a dosa!
I won't argue with you...
Dosas here, Pooris there...
What are we doing?
How can such shortcuts take us to Mars?
In one week both will lose their enthusiasm...
The mission will shut down again...
And then, I will go on my pilgrimage!
I'm going to talk to them
I can't believe this...
Good morning, everyone
Good morning, sir
Tara, what should we name the mission?
Sir we have an issue.
Varsha is pregnant...
We need a replacement
Congratulations on becoming a mom while going to Mars!
Hey, hey, hey...
Mars Orbiter Mission
Fantastic name! Thank you Varsha!
But sir, she will be on 6 month maternity leave...
Why can't she work?
If a scientist is pregnant,
and has the opportunity to lead the country's most important mission...
Who are we to stop her?
Of course...
If she wants to give it all up...
to stay home, it's her choice.
We can arrange everything for the baby here...
We can organize a creche...
Tara, let her decide if she wants to be a mom...
or a MOM Mom!
Can I take half a day off?
Please take a seat...
Sir, I want to work with you...
I don't want to be a part of this Mars Mission
Sure,sure, I understand...
We'll get you out of that bread project!
But be there for some time, we'll work something out
Thank you sir!
Such determination to get to NASA!
Buttering up the right man.
He has a lot of influence there...
Don't you have better things to do Parmeshwar?
No...I mean, yes!
Any information on Kritika?
She hasn't answered my calls
Where are you going, sir?
We've worked 2 hours overtime, ma'am
Let's continue tomorrow
The hostel closes early...
A friend from the US is waiting at home, ma'am
see you tomorrow
I have to attend a prayer, Priest is waiting...
I'll do the rest tomorrow!
Ma'am, can I leave too?
I can stay if there's work...
Carry on...
With these people, the mission will be very difficult...
Tara, they are all excellent scientists
The problem is...
The Mars Mission is a dream for you...
But for them...Just a job!
A 9 to 5 job!
We need to change their attitude...
I'm off to Ahmedabad and Trivandrum
Meeting on PSVL and Payloads
I'll be back in a week
Can't sleep?
Anya and Dilip are asleep?
Don't look at me like that, I know it's 11:30...
Your daughter isn't home yet
She isn't even answering the phone!
But you...
Focus on your work!
These everyday problems don't concern you, right?
Why didn't you call me...
How would that help?
Is Anya with you?
You didn't go?
Okay, thank you!
Get dressed, Sunil
Get dressed, Sunil.
Wait Sunil!
Come here
- But Anya's right there! - Just let her be!
2 beers, please!
Thank you
Here you go!
If you're so worried about your daughter...
First save her friends' phone numbers
I love my work!
Don't try to make me feel guilty, please!
I know my daughter, Sunil!
Anya, shots!
- No I don't drink... - Hi girls!
Mom? We were just leaving...
- Why? So early? - Sorry.
What shots are we having?
This is a jagerbomb...
- Ya? Ya! - Jagerbomb...
Yucks! How do you have this shit, man?
Ok come let's dance!
Tara please, I'm not coming!
Come, Sunil!
Sunil, don't be a bore!
Yeah dad don't be a bore!
I'm a bore?
Oh my god, dad!
You killed it today!
It's been so many years since I danced
Those were the days...
Don't laugh!
When I was young I dreamt of being a dancer!
Then what happened?
I grew up!
All my dreams flew away
Life changed my moves!
Laugh all you want, you're still young
Once you're my age...
you too will say "those were the days..."
Oh, wow!
Is it your birthday, ma'am?
Then whose birthday is it?
All of ours.
Happy birthday to the scientist in all of us!
Do you remember when you decided to become a scientist?
I remember when I did
When I was a kid, I went to watch Star Wars with my dad...
I was so fascinated!
As soon as I stepped out I knew what I was going to be...
That day I was born again...
As a space scientist!
I am sure you all have similar stories...
When was the scientist in you born?
We all have dreams when we are children...
But how many of us get to live those dreams?
We are so lucky!
We dreamt of science and became scientists!
And then forgot why we became scientists in the first place!
Life happens...
Our everyday problems...
...tend to outweigh our desire to reach for the stars
Our dreams become 9 to 5 jobs...
That's life!
But today, we have a choice
We can either look back at our childhood and think, 'Those were the days'
Or we can remember those moments and say...
'I am going to live my dream!'
The power of a scientist...
Is that they can change their nation's future with their science!
And today we have that chance!
If we don't embrace our dreams today
no child will dream of being a scientist tomorrow!
I said a lot...
It's not everyday that we get the chance to go to Mars...
Ma'am, this mission won't happen...
until it becomes an obsession!
I'll let my wife know
Tomorrow onwards...2 portions of curd rice
Double shift!
Ma'am ISRO has an ambulance, right?
The hostel gate shuts at 8...
I really don't know...
You can stay with me!
I just broke up with my boyfriend
Yeah, so?
Eka, don't lose your freedom!
Meet more men!
Neha, stay with us...
My son's room is empty
But you'll only get vegetarian food!
Happy birthday to the scientist in all of us!
Where's Kritika?
Hello sir! How are you feeling?
Wait, I'll do it
Take this
Please take this, thank you.
Please take this, thank you.
You left the Mars Mission?
That's not important right now. First you recover. Eat!
Not important?
You were so happy when you got selected for this mission
In this condition I'll be a weakness for them
You wanted to be a Space Scientist...
So I had to wait five years to marry you...
Why are you working as a nurse now?
Because I married you!
But if you were hospitalized...
I wouldn't leave the battlefield for you
That's different
That is your duty to your country
Is your mission any lesser than an army mission?
It's equally important for the country
This is your duty!
- Good morning, ma'am! - Good morning
Ma'am, can I say something?
You brought the scientists back to life...
Can we add some life to the Mars Room too?
Ban plastic! Save the ocean!
You want to make the satellite out of waste plastic?
Sir, for the world this plastic is pollution...
But for us it's a solution!
Mr Iyengar, space maximum temperature range is -150 degrees celsius cold
Or 100 degrees heat...
It's been in the ocean for 100 years...
It has endured extreme cold, heat, pressure...
Even iron rusts in the ocean...
But plastic remains the same!
Sir, if we reinforce the composite fibre of this and aluminium...
it will be lighter and stronger!
The lightest...
handling extreme conditions in space!
Test it.
The material cost and weight has halved...
So why are you so sad?
Now can I get a full cup of tea?
Eka, your trajectory path is incomplete
Sir, I've tried everything!
This trajectory with 850 kgs fuel... It's impossible!
The fuel will run out before the Mars injection
We'll only reach till here!
Impossible? Did you say 'Impossible?'
Did you say 'impossible'?
You know something?
You're working at the wrong place
Just pack your bags, and out!
Get out of here!
I'm working at the wrong place.
I know that! 850 kgs fuel!
Yes! It's impossible.
I got it, sir!
We'll have to change the satellite design slightly
If we position the solar panel and the antenna this way
just like a ship's sail
It's so simple!
The satellite can move ahead using the solar radiation pressure
the same way a ship uses wind pressure to sail.
Without fuel!
This way we can keep the satellite running without using any extra fuel!
There's one problem, sir
Adding the antenna makes the satellite wider
How will it fit into the PSLV?
Fitting large things into small spaces is my area of expertise
Don't worry, I'll solve this!
Well done. Congratulations!
Sir, he's watching you
- Sorry! - Great job, Eka!
Brilliant idea
A little fire at the right moment...
and even the brain works at a higher orbit!
I've been trying to call you!
There's an opening, you can rejoin my department
Sir, about that...
Thank you, but I'd like to stay with the Mars Mission
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Any progress?
Not really, ma'am...
The review committee is coming
If the camera isn't ready, what will we show them?
Parmeshwar you have to think out of the box! We don't have time!
Parmeshwar! Take a break.
Let's get some fresh air. Come!
You're a virgin, right?
Meaning of "virgin"?
No! I mean, why?
Why what? It's clear.
You just need sex... Don't mistake it for love's gravitational force!
No. I'll have sex only after marriage!
Who's going to marry you?
You need experience for that. Marriage is not a Mars Mission.
Does your family believe in astrology?
I don't even know who my parents are
Or where and when I was born...
But your surname, Gandhi?
All the kids in my orphanage had the surname Gandhi!
Why's that?
He's the Father of the nation, isn't he?
To fit the antenna, the material should be flexible
Change the umbrella's design
You change the material
Change to cloth! It's lighter too
You're mad?
It's an antenna. How will cloth send the signal?
It will sir, just like metal!
Come, I'll show you
A small asteroid stone will be enough to tear the cloth!
Sir, this wolverine material
Once torn, it can repair itself. See!
It's a good solution, but an expensive one...
Good job!
Thank you, sir
Who's that? Your husband?
Yes, sir
You can make a satellite intelligent enough to repair itself...
you don't have the intelligence to repair your life?
Oh no! Bloody fellow...Get off!
- What happened, sir? - Quick, get off!
- But what happened? - Go stand there
He knocked me over!
It wasn't my fault...
I'm okay! Get on, quick!
Bash him
Is the heart repaired?
If he had been bashed up more your heart would have felt even better...
Sir, you're completely mad!
The Finance Report has arrived
You're Rs. 700 to 800 million over budget
Look at the Ahmedabad cost for transponders, sensors...
Where will we get the money to manufacture everything?
The Rs. 4 billion budget from Chandrayan 2 is almost over
Rework your priorities
Sir, I was saying...
Sir, sir, sir!
If we talk to the government...
Sir, one minute, please!
Go ahead...sorry sir.
I agree, there's no money left from Chandrayan 2 budget...
But doesn't Chandrayan 2 already have all the things we need the money for?
What do you mean?
Sir, what are we ordering from Ahmedabad?
Sensors, transponders, all the instruments?
But everything is already available in Chandrayan 2!
The project has stopped indefinitely
So why don't we ask for everything we need from Chandrayan 2?
Why waste?
Women, sir...
Take last night's leftover dinner, throw in some spices
and serve it the next day for breakfast!
Why waste!
Is there no difference between Home Science and Rocket Science for you people?
It's all the same, sir.
What are you doing, sir!
The colour camera's going over weight
The satellite will be in Eclipse Mode for 24 minutes
One battery lasts 40 minutes, right?
So, why use two?
For safety. Two's better than one.
Then why not 5?
Bring the whole generator in for safety! Shift to 1 battery.
The weight will automatically reduce
Camera is now ready for installation. Satellite is ready for production!
MOM is a good name. But let's find a name with more weight!
All this time we've been trying to reduce weight...
But if you say so... You tell us, sir!
Must have hanged...
What are you doing?
Switch off-on always works in hang mode
See! Switch off.
Go to sleep. Or else you'll collapse!
We've sent 2 INA ships to the Pacific Ocean
They haven't even reached their positions yet!
The rocket is launching from India...
Why are you sending ships to the Pacific Ocean?
Our technique is a little different...
When the Satellite rotates around the earth...
We'll have to monitor it through various countries
But there's a huge gap between Australia and America which is the Pacific Ocean
So we are sending ships there, with mobile tracking centres
And they haven't reached yet.
It's the Indian Navy. They'll reach.
Now go to sleep.
There's a storm in the Bay of Bengal...
Such bad weather, all across!
How can we launch with thunder and lightning?
Weather forecast study...
Basic sense...
Abort it!
Wait 3 years, you can go later.
Don't you dare say abort.
Rakesh, relax
Tell him to relax, sir!
Tell him to shut up!
Take it easy
You're teaching me about basic sense?
Weather forecast means
making an estimate, and nobody in the world can be 100% sure.
Tsunamis don't warn you a month in advance
So you, just shut your trap!
Hey! Do you know who you're talking to?
I'm talking to a man who doesn't have the basic sense to know
that even a 2-bit scientist always has a back up plan!
Just look at these conditions, you can't launch!
We have a 9 day buffer, sir!
Until 5th November, we can launch anytime!
After which?
After which either he lives or I do. Sorry, sir.
So for the time being, the mission is on standby.
Why don't you guys just chill out, and have a drink?
It's badly needed, right?
Suppose you're standing on Mars...
will you be heavier or lighter?
Right now my head is heavy, so please be quiet.
Storm in Pacific Ocean and a cyclone in Bay of Bengal...
Not this again. Someone switch it off
India's Mars dreams are now put on hold, indefinitely...
Tara, looks like all our dreams are definitely indefinite. Cheers!
You've all have had too much to drink. Thank god for the metro!
This way, sir.
Are you blind?
He spilled my coffee!
Storms have postponed the Mars Mission
Have you lost it?
- Don't hit me... - Sit down!
Switch that off!
Look at this drunkard...
- Handle him, ma'am! - Please!
He will die!
If I ever see you again I will kill you!
Are you okay, sir? What happened?
Mom, I have always wondered...
in spite of being a scientist why do you pray so much?
Because I believe in God!
There is a power beyond science
Time to change the God?
Changing a picture or a prayer doesn't change the power
Pray to whatever God you want...
Just pray to the power, not to the picture.
Tomorrow's the last day...
If we can't launch tomorrow...
Rakesh, is there any chance we can launch after today?
Changing our trajectory, increasing the speed...
No, sir. We'll miss Mars.
Mission abort!
Mission abort!
Sorry Sir.
Tara! Weather is clearing! Come on, everybody! Come on!
Mission reactivate!
Check Pacific Ocean ship status!
Yes sir, checking sir!
The storm's getting weaker in the Pacific Ocean too.
By the time the satellite is in orbit...
the ships will be in their tracking positions, sir.
PSLV ready for launch.
Mission Control waiting for command.
This is Rakesh Dhawan. Mission Control initiating command for launch.
Hurry up, Panditji!
All departments ready for procedure!
All procedures start.
Satellite integration status...
100% integration. Good to go, sir!
Go/no go for payloads...
Communication and navigation...
Go, sir!
Program autonomy...
Go, sir!
Structural design...
Propulsion control...
We are good to go for launch!
Initialising countdown sequence...
The roll program is successful, now entering MAX Q
Roger that.
Altitude 45,000 feet. Velocity is at MACH 1.3
Sir, we are now ready for staging.
Copy that. Go!
First stage separation complete!
Second stage separation complete!
Fairing separation looks good
Third stage separation complete!
Earth marking orbit insertion complete.
Tracking stations active over the Pacific Ocean.
Communication established successfully!
Supervising control online, Sir!
Satellite approaching perigee.
Orbit raising manoeuvre 1... Fire!
Engine shut down. Back to fuel save mode.
Orbit raising manoeuvre 2... Fire!
Engine shut down. Back to fuel save mode.
Final earth gravitational exit... Fire!
Copy that.
Sir the engine isn't firing...
The satellite is still in the same orbit!
It will take 6 days for the satellite to come back to the firing position
We don't have a single buffer day, no extra fuel!
How will we reach Mars on time?
We have fuel for one more firing sir.
But how we'll reach in time, I don't know...
Sir, there's nothing much we can do.
Let's just hope for the best, and go ahead.
Anyway, we have no choice!
Sorry for this...
Final Earth exit maximum fire!
Copy that.
Fire successful!
Satellite entering Van Allen Belt!
We have crossed the Van Allen Belt!
Well done! Well done, folks!
Salute to the fried bread!
Come on, guys.
We're 6 days late!
Mars isn't going to wait because India has managed to cross the Van Allen Belt!
10 months remain for the final destination...
Please wait to celebrate our failure.
We've lost all communication!
Looks like the satellite got hit by
asteroids and solar radiation all at once!
It could be a solar storm.
Back up systems will fail any minute now!
Satellite has been in hang mode for the last 20 minutes.
Kritika what are you doing?
What did you do?
Have you lost your mind?
How will you reestablish communication?
We have lost the satellite, Kritika!
Communication re-established!
We are back in control! Reboot successful!
I'm sorry, ma'am
Switching it off and on was the only thing I could think of!
Satellite speed is 72,000 kms/hr!
The solar storm has increased the speed of the satellite!
We just made up the 6 day gap!
We will reach Mars on time! With extra fuel!
You are a genius!
Eka, satellite is slightly off trajectory. Fire all right thrusters.
I'm on it!
Neha, check tech damage!
Satellite autonomy intact, and antenna in self repair mode!
Looks fine sir!
It's a historical day for India!
The whole world is watching us.
Today is the day that Mangalyaan is all set to meet Mars!
The last leg of Mangalyaan is the most difficult
The stage of entering Mars' orbit!
To enter Mars' orbit, Mangalyaan's speed will have to come down...
from 72,000 km/hr to 15,000 km/hr.
Start procedures for Mars orbit insertion!
Imagine a car travelling at 70,000 km/hr without brakes...
How will it slow down?
If you reverse the car and press the accelerator...
the reverse force can reduce the speed.
180 degree axis reverse braking maneuver to achieve speed reduction, sir.
Copy that!
Waking up LAM engine from hibernation!
Fire maximum all thrusters!
If the satellite's speed cannot be reduced,
then it will go past Mars and be lost in space forever.
Why isn't the speed reducing?
It should be 15,000. What is wrong?
Communication black out, sir. Mangalyaan in eclipse mode.
We will have to wait 24 minutes to find out if it's in orbit.
Has Mangalyaan entered Mars' orbit? Or has it passed Mars?
If it has caught the orbit, it will emerge from behind Mars...
In 24 minutes, we will know if the Mars Mission is a success or a failure.
Please, please, please activate all autonomous back up systems!
Will the battery back up be enough?
We'll know in 12 minutes!
If the satellite is safe I promise to be celibate for life...
All aligned for orbit re-entry.
Orbit entry interface expected any moment.
Sir, please pray...
I've never known any religion other than science!
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on...
Ma'am, signal reaquisition picking!
Mangalyaan insertion in Mars orbit successful sir!
Tell the whole world...Copy that!
Copy that!
Mars image coming up sir!
Dad, you forgot to pay the bill!
NASA would like to...
Not again!
NASA would like to collaborate with us for its future missions!
I'm getting calls from all over the world! Thanks to you, Rakesh!
Not me.
Thank ISRO's 17,000 scientists and engineers.
Actually thank you too!
- Yeah! - What did I do?!
A strong opposition pushes you to win!
And you, are a damn strong opposition.
- Congratulations! - Yes! We did it!
You didn't watch TV, why?
The power was cut off?
Sir, thankfully the mission was called MOM.
If it was called DAD, it wouldn't have stood a chance!
Let's go for coffee?
Didn't you swear to be celibate?
Mars has been conquered, who cares!
Thank you, thank you!
I'll be home soon. We'll cook and eat dinner together.
Listen, if I have the government's recommendation,
I'll get my driver's license right?
Ma'am do you think I'll get a small living quarters at ISRO now?
Doubt it
Look at Mars! One day, you can go there too.
India is the first nation in the world to reach Mars on its very first attempt!
In Ahmedabad, to travel 1 km by rickshaw costs Rs. 10
But it cost ISRO only Rs. 7 per kilometre to get to Mars!
And that's not all!
At a budget lesser than that of a Hollywood space movie...
We actually went to Mars!