Mission Pays Basque (2017) Movie Script

I leave 5 cm between
my costumes,
but for you, I go to 3.
Pleasure to offer, joy of receiving.
By storing, I found the
picture of my promo.
Bruno Baligan?
- Yes. You know him?
- A crazy.
I'm in a boring night and I
say, "I want to see the sea."
5 minutes later, I was in his
Porsche direction Deauville.
A brilliant guy.
He still failed
in an online bank.
And how was your iodine getaway?
His mother complained about
the theft of his Porsche.
I found myself in custody.
As dad was a lawyer,
it quickly settled.
We went back by train.
I prefer.
And poor Francois?
Why "poor"?
Because there is only
one place of DG France.
We'll have to knock him out.
That said, it was never a
lightning, this Franois.
It still finished
major of your promo.
He got lucky.
-Marceau takes over
the legal direction.
Bravo, Marceau.
-Sibylle, meanwhile,
is responsible for real
estate acquisitions
of all our Mini Market nearby.
Where is she, Sibylle?
The. I was with the competition,
but they do not want me.
So I accept the job.
-A last point
Very important...
We take the buffet assault!
Have you seen her dress?
Yeah, I saw.
She is sublime with.
You want a secret?
She is even better without.
What is your schedule?
"Tomorrow, Bayonne."
An old family hardware store,
1,246 m2 in the city center
and an ageless owner.
Is it negotiated?
I started on the phone, but
he does not understand well.
"You must sign this
shop, Sibylle."
You were given something
to be convincing?
I have. I feel good
about it, this case.
The Basque Country, I know:
nice but rough people.
A family affair, you say?
Since 1896, yes.
Not the easiest.
I am not at Euro Disney.
It's the Bayonne festivities.
It's signed, Dijon?
The notary walks you, Marceau.
I call him. I call him.
I just... But...
I will close a deal in
the Basque Country.
I take a Basque notary.
It's okay, no?
But it's not possible.
You never work here?
Yes Master. I do not take a
Basque notary, actually.
Never again will I set foot
in this country of frapading.
We hum.
We are the leaders in
mass distribution.
I also, I have the biggest
hardware store in the city.
We already have one thing in common.
And you... How old are you?
I do not know how old...
It's so old.
You have the age to enjoy life.
What do you like?
Traveling? Cars?
Beautiful cars?
- The Peach.
- Very good.
You will be able to buy a
beautiful boat for fishing,
the ride, even water skiing.
That's 50,000 euros.
For you.
You sign, we block the case.
50,000? It's not enough.
It's big here.
It's the 10% for the compromise.
We agreed 5 minutes ago.
Yes, but...
5 minutes is not enough.
I add 10,000 euros.
But that's all.
We sign right away, otherwise
I take everything back.
We hum.
Coriace the grandfather, but I got it.
100,000 for cash and
500,000 for walls.
But no! But it's worth the triple.
You're a killer, darling.
Both of us are going
to eat the box.
So let's resume.
She's singing.
Chrie, hush.
This is my favorite passage.
Classical music
Listen to her. When the
choruses resume, it's...
Sibyl sneezes.
It's this jasmine in your perfume.
I will not change it.
So that's it?
Are you settling?
I'm right, are not I?
Do not start a
family right away.
Me, I had Gatan at 46 years old.
They are 20 years apart.
To stay young,
you have to give birth as late
as possible, huh, my dear?
A stable to advise me?
It's good, mom.
What did you come to do?
I leave Tuesday thalasso, but
Gatan must validate an internship
for his preparation after the baccalaureate,
he will have with honors. Huh?
Yeah yeah.
An internship in terminal?
In the course Gunnarsson, though.
Many gifted, like him.
The Norwegian method.
1,500 euros a month, but...
I know, it's me who pays.
I invest in the France of tomorrow.
My banker was to take him
on a training course.
But no word,
all these ties.
Then kirsch cherry from Paris.
A factory to kilos, but I crack.
Ah no, thanks, no.
I risk edema of Quincke.
You are allergic to everything.
It's in the head, that.
I can not take it on stage.
We start the budgets this week
and it's super confidential.
And you, Sibylle?
You are not allergic to
young people, I hope.
It is really strong, this Schiffman.
80% of his theories
were in my memory.
You are gifted, in the family.
Gaetan is the king of wankers.
I have the impression that
he is going, on the fumette.
Like you.
If you stop, I'll stop.
You do not smoke.
Ben, the pill.
Wait, darling. We have time.
And then, I'm not
yet DG of the box.
Ben me, I will not
wait for menopause.
-Raphael, there is a ball.
The old man is under curatorship.
His nephew has the signature.
You gave him 100,000 euros?
The goal is to sign this store.
The boss holds a lot.
I'll go see the nephew.
It's sold in advance.
Not sure. What does he do?
It's called Ramuntxo...
A name outside.
He does
sneakers in Sare.
What are you doing here?
- I came for my internship.
- Yes, the internship.
Good, speed.
We have a train in half an hour.
He sighs.
In Basque - What's going on?
I am Lyon.
He did a little tachycardia.
But he's fine.
Thank you.
It is 200 years old, this shop.
And I sold it.
You are under curatorship.
It's me who signs for you.
A supermarket, in addition.
It is worthless, this paper.
Of course, we are Basque.
There will never be any Chinese
cheese or ham from Romania here.
She gave me lots of tickets.
100,000 euros.
She told me that with,
I could do
water skiing.
If I catch it,
this Sibyl Garnier,
I'm going to give him water skiing
at the bottom of the harbor.
Ferran, where did you put it, the money?
I hid it,
but I do not know where.
I can not remember.
I forget everything, Ramun.
I forget everything.
100000 euros, it deserves
a little cleaning, right?
She gave them to you, are you sure?
I am not baoul.
She will ask them.
Ben there, you will do baoul.
You've never seen it.
The poor.
She was so pretty.
It will remain so.
But she wanted to steal you.
It's too bad for her.
So the box made 80,000
euros in turnover?
It vegetates to death.
Will we get the money
back to the old man?
The goal number 1 is
to sign the shop. Go.
Ah, bars...
There is a pony there.
Viewing. Bars...
You do it often, to spin black
for pecho shops?
But do not put it
in your internship report.
And speak less loudly.
He's laughing.
Thank you sir. Goodbye.
It's a boui-boui.
Do you know Edward Schiffman?
It's a DJ, right?
No. He is the pope of the
neo-marketing California.
I followed his master class
"Negotiate downward".
Lesson number 1:
the effect of surprise.
She operates the handle.
Ah yeah, the surprise
is that there is nobody.
The man speaks Basque.
Hello sir.
I'm looking for Ramuntxo Bert...
You go to the village
hall and ask Ramun
from Gogoitchea.
I will remember. Go.
Hello. I would like 2 places.
How much is the entry fee?
It's free.
Otherwise, there would be nobody.
She danced a night In
the world and the sound
All seguidillas
And by a beautiful clear morning
She took the path that
leads to Santa Filla
But despite his smile
And his engaging air
The Beauty of Cadiz
Never had a lover
Chi-ca, chi-ca, chic Ay, ay, ay
Chi-ca, chi-ca, classy
Ay, ay, ay
"You see, Gaetan, that's France."
Oh, bars.
Thank you.
It must remove the batteries.
A kalimotxo?
What's this?
It's local, like me.
There are plenty of flavors...
Wine with Coke.
It's too much dar, that.
It is true that one must think of it.
I'm looking for Ramun...
Hush. He finishes singing.
And my joy is deep
When in my arm
You put your arm
Spadrilles and serenades.
There, we touch the bottom.
Ramun, there is a lady who wants
to see you... Sibylle Garnier.
She did not hang out.
No more, you'll see.
Calme yourself, Ramun.
You have just come out.
Ah. Hello.
- So, did you like it?
- Formidable. It made me...
No. I did not have the heart.
I lost an uncle tonight.
What uncle?
- Ferran. That of Bayonne.
- Shit!
Finally, my condolences.
There, it stings.
A discreet man.
I arrived too late.
What happened to him?
A woman made him sign
papers for his shop.
When he understood the
scam, the heart let go.
Oh shit.
The poor.
It abused an old person.
No, she did not...
I hate mass distribution.
They gorge themselves by
exploiting the small producers.
I prefer my organic tomatoes.
It's the best.
What did you want?
Your sneakers.
I miss colors.
Bravo for your imitation
of Tino Rossi.
Yeah, thanks.
It was Luis Mariano.
Oh, the brush that he "put" you.
Good. We come back?
If you want to succeed in
life, you have to hang on.
And speak French.
It's "se", the brush
that he "put" you.
You killed Ferran.
I do not like that, me.
There, at least,
we get rid of her.
- She can sue us.
- Of what?
He comes out of a slush
fund, their money.
Then, we do not know where he is.
Yes okay, this yellow banana.
- It's lemon, not banana.
- Old lemon then.
It's okay?
It's okay?
Have you buried your tongue?
Urssaf control.
Remove the surprise?
He knows us now.
Lesson number 2:
the Trojan horse.
Oh yeah.
They do not care about Urssaf control.
I'm spending the
old age, youth...
They will put us in there.
Chant for us.
For you?
Are you getting married?
I make the dresses.
Finally... For my sheep, especially.
"What's that bullshit?"
In Japan, the Kobe beef,
they put Mozart on it.
People are tearing themselves away.
We could
do the same with Luis Mariano.
My cousin Felizia,
she got us a report.
You sing,
me, it makes me advertise.
Me, I'm talking about my honey...
I went home to be quiet.
I'll make you a costume and...
And nothing.
But I do not carnival.
I have my pride.
Hello again.
We used to say
we wanted basics, to start.
- Start what?
- I track local products.
And here I'm doing sourcing
for my concept store.
the blinds... French,
it's harder than Basque.
You are right.
In my shop, there
will be a corner
with Basque products:
ham and chilli
and your sneakers.
I have more stock.
But we, we have some.
Xabi, cheese farmer.
Patxi, beekeeper. Gold medal.
Altzibar, tomorrow you ride the lady.
But I can not.
Ramun, then.
Frankly, it's not a chore.
I do not have a car.
- Take that of Altzibar.
- Well yeah.
Tomorrow, you will
taste my cheese.
I want to get rid of them
and they stick to me.
In Arraya hotel,
you will be fine.
Fuck a big cod dipping.
I'll think about
farting the cod.
Are you really going to buy some?
It's chelou,
marketing Schiffmol.
"Schiffman", Gaetan.
I had taken the lead.
Just I show you.
Italian high fashion lurex.
Celine Dion only puts that.
It wears that if she wants.
Me never.
- It's your choice, I respect him.
- But?
But do not come to talk to
me again about solidarity
and fraternity of
the Basque people.
But put it, you.
I will make you the playback.
"It's not my size.
Ben, lean."
I can not even make tea towels.
"Yourself Slim..."
I have only one room free.
It continues.
Do not you mind?
He's laughing.
If it pleases you...
It has nothing to do,
there is no place.
How much, average?
They do not put notes.
They should.
What way?
This evening, it's marmitako.
It is marinated fish
with Espelette pepper.
I loaded in chilli.
You have to sign the nephew.
You saw it?
He's coming tomorrow
because of the funeral.
You harpoon him.
You have to catch up.
- I understood. I'm not stupid.
- Excuse me, darling.
Fortunately, with Gatan,
you are less alone.
Yes it's sure.
Go, find a solution.
He sighs.
That's good. It's perfect.
What will honey and cheese do?
Buffer all winter.
Be careful.
You move like a maggot.
It's been 2 hours.
Here. OK.
Me, I find her a choupette.
The Parisian is not my kind.
The Basque did not bring you happiness.
- What?
- But the pants.
They will shoot only the top.
Mariano was not wearing jeans.
Mariano, he had
a farm and cows.
You do not even know that.
I go, Mr. Know-it-all.
She is watching a video in English.
She's screaming.
You answer on Gatan's mobile?
He is sleeping. Mine burned with...
With the storm.
We have very, very
good weather, here.
Good. The lab just called me.
Gaetan has a mononucleosis.
What must we do?
-But the stuff of vitamins D.
Note, Sibylle.
Anchovies, raw
snails, duck fat,
herring in oil...
I have the sheaf, with your stuff.
I remember you.
Someone knocked.
Oh sorry.
No, it's my brother-in-law.
Finally, future.
We are not married yet.
It's not your trainee?
If it's my trainee.
There was only one room.
He's doing a Norwegian
school, to do the ENA.
It already rolls
as in the Assembly.
Here, take that.
You will be more comfortable.
Lets' go.
A Euro Market,
it's convenient, in the evening.
Everything is not to be
thrown away, in supermarkets.
If any. It's shit.
Where are we going now?
In Camou-Cihigue,
next to Kakouetta.
"Apart from peanut, I did not
understand anything, Ramon.
With "Ramon", I hang
on to something.
Yes, to a ham.
It means ham in Spanish.
My name is Ramun.
But then you are
French or Spanish?
I am Basque!
It is the diminutive of Ramuntxo.
Yes Yes. Yes.
Ramuntxo, the Basque.
I connect.
She sneezes.
You are cold?
It's the sheep.
I am allergic to hair.
Tell us.
In Basque -You have
everything out?
I emptied the reserve.
I got your message.
Is she the bastard who
wanted to rip Ferran?
What are you saying?
That is good to help
small producers.
Put him 10 of that one
and 20 big ones.
Big ones?
Not take too much.
Xabi, she pays cash.
Give him a little something.
I also make berets.
I offer it to you.
It's nice, that.
Patxi says he makes the
best honey in the world.
I'll stay in the car.
A sting and I can stay there.
Do not worry, we are
very well equipped.
Taste me that.
Lift the...
To fall.
I just remembered,
I already ordered some.
Ah no, do not offend him.
Here, Patxi, put him 50 kilos.
It's a lot.
If you are a friend of Ramun,
I can make an exception.
50 pots at 30 euros per kilogram,
that makes us, 3 times 5...
1,500 euros.
Ah yes.
It's not lost. It keeps?
Thank you.
On the other hand, a bee has returned.
What? Where is she?
She's screaming.
In Basque - She is allergic.
She can stay there.
There is no bee.
Since the control, they come
out more from their hive.
Stop moving.
You will excite him.
She must already have flown away.
I have a sheep's head.
I cook with Espelette pepper.
Ah, hot pepper! We forgot it.
It is not serious.
What are you doing?
I raise stones.
It's good.
"Have you been to the hairdresser?"
Not at all.
Why do you raise stones?
It's a man.
Gatan, your mother called.
You have a mononucleosis.
You have to eat
cocoa and anchovies.
It's a little odd,
like a mix, right?
Not more than wine and Coke.
No, wait. I'm not done.
I have some things to ask you.
Come on.
You burned your phone, OK.
But the guy, did you see him or not?
It's a bear that only
eats its tomatoes,
neither clean nor dirty.
Oh yes, he makes Luis Mariano too.
-It's not impossible
to get it signed.
"Yes, but he's a stubborn man."
The slope is really steep.
-It's going to have to climb it.
Invite him to the restaurant,
the singer of Mexico.
Do you want me to sleep?
With Luis Mariano, you
do not risk anything.
Do your job and sign.
Hold on!
With his mononucleosis, Gatan
should not wear anything,
otherwise he can tear the spleen.
- She said why she was there?
- No.
She cracked the checkbook.
You would have seen, a little
piaf caught in the glue.
"About piaf, an eagle has
passed this afternoon."
Aranxa left you
his telephone number.
She also said she would be here
tonight and she would be alone.
Here, look.
Sometimes, it is better to be
poorly accompanied than alone.
I was telling myself... To
thank you for this great day...
If we dined?
Excellent idea.
It's me who invites you.
In the competition of Irrintzina.
of what?
He screams.
-16, 18...
18, 21.
Terrific performance of Altzibar.
It's the cry
Basque shepherd.
-I return to the bar.
People are thirsty.
A little voice...
It's his little feminine side.
He is a stylist.
- No.
- Yes.
He was a small hand at
Balenciaga in Paris.
Now he's big hand in Sare.
Here we go.
-Magnificent performance of Ramuntxo.
Bravo, Ramuntxo, bravo.
The first batch of this wonderful
evening is this magnificent chainsaw.
A chainsaw?
With me, there is no hand at all.
Oh dear.
- Hold.
- Stubly, the ysanxia. It's my 3rd.
Lysanxia is a sedative.
In there, there are only herbs.
Hop. Dry ass.
Yeah! Bravo!
-There again, great.
Great, Jean-Pierre.
It is an exceptional evening for
this festival of Irrintzina.
I must talk to you.
Ramun, are you coming?
Basque song
So, do you like it,
the Basque Country?
"It's beautiful, but macho."
Only men who shout,
men who dance...
It's the party, it's normal.
It's the party, but it's macho.
No, do not say that, no.
Good. Come on, I'll go back.
This is the fandango of Sare.
Between the bottom and the top of
the village, it's not the same.
It's not easy, your bled.
Let's say it's worth it.
You wanted to talk to me?
I do not care about sneakers.
Even if we are in it.
-A charming young lady
curly as a little lamb
made a comment.
Who is he talking about?
In my opinion, it's you.
-It seems we are machos.
But, but, but...
It is clear that tonight
we only had men.
Well, I invite him to
join me and try his luck.
You can not refuse
Come on, go for it.
She's screaming.
-So there, I do not even count.
I think we have the
winner of this evening.
Oh, bars.
-That is, delicious
frisette, the first batch,
this chainsaw.
And you win at the same
time a bottle of Izarra.
You have a sacred voice.
I wanted to be a singer.
But I was first in the
class, so I went to school.
Too bad for you.
Pop music
Do you want me to
make you a tattoo?
I dunno. Not this evening.
Tomorrow. Meet at 1 pm at the
crossroads of Zugarramurdi.
I did not know you were coming.
You already lost my number?
I tried to learn it,
as during the hiding,
but he does not want to go home.
You come to dance?
I am accompanied, Aranxa.
Ramun, it's hot.
I call the fire department or what?
I have to go.
I bring you home.
No, it's right next. Thank you.
I must talk to you, but...
But tomorrow, huh.
It's fine tomorrow
too, "Moumoune".
I am Ramun.
Moumoune, Ramun, Betzazigouille,
Patachi Patacha, Tarax...
Than generic drug names.
I'll go.
See you tomorrow.
- She holds the road, the little one.
- Do not start, Aranxa.
It's sad, to go home alone after
all these years of prison.
No more than hanging
out alone in the bars.
Sibyl sings.
She laughs.
What are you doing?
Gatan with...
She has pink hair.
Ah no, no. I go up behind.
If I vomit in your
beautiful car...
Oh shit! My chainsaw.
She's there.
Ah. She's there.
I have a branch
slamming at Raphael's.
She slams and clac, clac, clac...
Yeah, alright.
Stay well.
Go, roll, my hen!
What is she doing, damn?
She negotiates.
She plays big. And you too.
What does Olivier tell him?
We wait.
She will find a solution.
Franois, it must
remain between us.
Well, who do you take me for?
Friendship first, business after.
The same.
Why did not you tell me?
I did not want to bother you with that.
You do not bother me. You just
make me lose 100,000 euros.
Sibylle will never let go of the case.
She will come back with the signature.
I vouch for it.
He is perfect.
Not yet married and already supportive.
That is to say?
Raphael, I, too, have
accounts to render.
If it's fair, you pay back
the box with your money
and everyone keeps his place.
You have 48 hours.
I put it there?
What is that thing?
Where are we?
It is 11:30.
What happened?
We did not... We did not...
I do not remember anything.
Nothing happened.
I have a headache.
That's bad.
Arnica, camphor
and lard.
You had a nice bump.
I ache all over.
You rolled me on?
You participate in
the final Irrintzina.
But what horror!
They made 2 pages.
A foreigner who
wins is historic.
Sacred pub for your shop.
I do not have a shop.
You will fall from high.
I'm here to buy your
uncle's hardware store.
Who did you propose to do
water skiing.
You knew?
I bought
1,500 euros of honey.
"You have abused a sick old man."
500000 euros. A shame.
The market has dropped.
It's not true.
Real estate is my job.
Good. How much do you want?
It is not for sale.
I'll never sign it, your paper.
I gave him 100,000
euros in cash.
I want to recover them.
- It's illegal.
- Accept them too.
Sorry for you.
Stop taking me for a bitch.
I came out of HEC major, me.
Ben me, I'm going out of jail.
From prison?
If I do not sign this
shop, I'll be fired.
I do not come from a friqu background.
My father was... shoemaker.
Small traders.
A bit like you.
I recognized the smell of
glue in your workshop.
It's been years of trying
to get where I am.
"To rob people is
not good, Cosette."
- Cosette got ripped off.
- You, the victim?
500,000 euros is a lot for you.
You speak much too loudly.
And can I phone?
By whispering.
He does not want to sign.
It's the total mess.
Franois swayed us to Olivier.
So there, we just have
to refund the box.
How about that, "on"?
-We're together,
we will live together...
I do not have a dime aside.
If I unlock my savings before
2025, I lose all my interests.
That's all for me?
"It's your meatball, darling.
Otherwise, you have it signed."
You have a train in 1 hour.
They are beautiful,
these mountains.
If I find the 100,000,
I return them to you.
Do not put yourself in this state.
It's just money.
It's not that.
Why can not you ever
rely on you, huh?
I am talking about
the men I knew.
There have been many?
Pierre, the architect, left
with the plans of the house.
John, the trader,
he decided to have a
vasectomy at 28 years old.
There, I left.
And Raphael.
He puts his shirts on
with a laser beam. Here.
I will spare you the others.
It's only the last three.
You can count on me to
take you back to town.
Thank you.
I can take a shower?
It really stinks, your thing.
Thank you.
Nothing has changed.
If you're not at home anymore.
What do you want?
Thank you.
Of what? To have taken 6 years
to cover you Nuno and you?
Nuno, it was a mistake.
We talked about marriage.
I messed up.
I came back for you.
I do not want to hear about you
or the armed struggle anymore.
Go away.
I returned to get you.
We leave where you want.
I have a lot of money.
"Tell me where you stashed your weapons."
It's over, all that.
I have guys who are willing
to pay 300,000 euros.
We would be happy, as before.
That did not change either.
- There is someone?
- Go away.
What? That's miss chainsaw?
The miss did HEC.
It changes me a little.
Shit poop!
It's cold or hot
Goitz, Aranxa.
For lukewarm water,
you have to turn the lavatory
faucet at the same time.
She has not been here
for a long time.
You're sure?
- Why "coitus"?
- Gotz.
It's very pretty, in Basque.
In French, it's porn star.
What took you?
"It was my mother's poodle.
So, I do not know, your hair..."
There are bars, really.
I am sincerely sorry
for your uncle.
When it's time, it's time.
I attacked too low.
620,000 euros, last offer.
Yes I know.
There, it's not the same.
- You know, the poodle of my mother...
- Yes, Coit.
I never liked it.
But what an idiot!
- My darling, where are you going?
- Ah, dad.
Apple picking.
I will make a pie.
See you tonight.
- Bisou.
- Bisou.
Nice, helpful.
If his mother
see it from up there...
She can be proud.
- Where are you going?
- At the crossroads of Zobi...
- Zugarramurdi.
- Yes that's it.
A killing, this teuf.
And Sibylle wins the
pork shout contest.
For shepherd.
Do you do it on purpose or what?
Gaetan laughs.
Is she your brother's wife?
It's your sister-in-law, actually.
They are not married yet, what?
It is not shit,
the shepherdess.
And they will get married?
I personaly do not know.
- And she does, in life?
- She buys people.
He's laughing.
You can stop laughing?
- I took a video Viewing.
- I do not care.
What are you doing here?
You say nothing to my father.
- I strip your eyes.
- A hostage, what.
"It's true, it looks like a hostage."
- You find?
- Yeah.
Do not move.
We return to 20 h.
You come?
Go ahead.
We open the door.
You never give up, you.
Even at 10 million, it's no.
I am looking for Gatan.
They are hard to find.
He lives where, little girl?
Good. Say nothing.
If his father learns it, he will
debit it in charcuterie, Gatan.
Ramun, look what I found.
Yes! Top, huh?
Ah yes, great.
Where is your daughter?
Apple. Why?
I am looking for Gatan.
As they sympathized...
What do you mean?
It's young, hello, good evening,
it's laughing, a fruit juice...
He drank kalimotxo, him.
- Shit!
- What, Ramun?
"It's Gaetan.
"If she wants to see him again,
"See you in 3 hours..."
Who is it?
- She wants what?
- Weapons.
But what weapons?
OK. I call the cops.
No no.
Where are your guns?
There are 150 Kalashnikovs,
about 100 assault rifles...
It's the war.
Your truck.
You have a locker.
I'm going there.
Like that, you'll never
see your daughter again.
Good. I do not have a locker
and I do not have a girl. Here.
I blew up a CRS bus.
I took 8 years, I did 5.
- With the CRS in?
- No.
I have no blood on my hands.
She is breathing hard.
It's okay?
I breathe my carbon dioxide.
It calms me.
The cops!
- They looked at me, did you see?
- Calm down.
I have trouble swallowing. It blocks.
You have nothing to drink?
We will go to drink a
little tea, but later.
Blow in your little
bag, that's good.
That's it, the hideout?
I understand better
the unmarketable shop.
I am going to open.
Your uncle, the dead man, he's here.
- It's because it was his will.
- What?
We, the dead, we
watch them at home.
On the eve of what?
Dpchez you.
We do not have time.
You are a people apart.
Help me.
There are spiders there.
Take the guns, we'll
do the chain.
Go, take that.
I leave it to you, that one.
They will kill people
with all that.
Wait a little for moods.
Oh shit!
But he is fucking there.
It's not complicated,
to catch a machine gun.
Bac plus 7!
I did not do a master's
degree in Kalashnikov.
Where are you going?
View the cops.
He is not dead. He is not dead.
I recognize you.
So that's it, are you married?
You told me anything.
I hate you!
I hate you!
Ah, these lovers, always
ready to bicker, of course.
It's not the moment.
Ret me the money.
I put everything on
your wedding list.
What are you doing,
with these weapons?
This is storage, uncle.
"Did you shoot?"
I believed in thieves,
it was a cat, I shot.
Open the truck, please.
You are my guests.
"What are you doing here?"
That's it, the war.
Basically, he has hams
and wine country.
- You have kidnapped cops.
- It's done, here.
I am senile.
Where are you going
on honeymoon?
"Rather, we do not
have a truck anymore."
And that what is it?
- Oh no.
- Yes Yes.
- No.
- Very good idea.
I stopped painting
in 1987.
But I still have
some Basque red.
-Call to central...
My mother was crazy
about Luis Mariano.
When I was a kid, she
put me on the table.
For birthdays, weddings,
I was attacking.
A Mexican adventure
Under the Mexico sun
Mexico, Mexico
It's still far?
I tell you this to relax, me.
I thought about Gaetan.
If she leaves it to the traffickers,
they will sell it or...
take him organs.
She said the boy
against the weapons.
She will return it to us.
You have at least
6 octaves in the voice.
Maybe even 7.
You'd better sing.
We only have one life.
"To feed people is always
better than shooting them."
I shot anyone.
Kidnapping, arms trafficking, the
resurrected uncle, Orangina and you...
"Aranxa" not Orangina.
You are a big sick person.
I risk 10 years of
jail to help you.
It's better
than your last 3 guys.
Yes, it's true.
And shit.
Hello. Gendarmerie control.
Vehicle papers, please.
I think it's you who
have them, darling.
I have not forgotten them at your mother's
house? She pissed me off with her poodle.
- What is there in there?
- Equipment.
It's material that we have...
It's material, what.
Of what?
Our circus.
- What circus?
- The Morales circus.
Morals brothers.
We start to turn around a lot.
Klaxons -That papers then?
"It's useless to look
for them, Sibylle."
I just realized that they are in the...
my brother's truck.
He has the big truck,
he, with the lion,
the camel, the... the monkeys...
Finally, all the animals.
I have never heard of it.
Your children necessarily.
Children, they love it.
You will come back to you. Listen.
There, you will say
"Morales, ah, but obviously."
-This night in your city,
the Morales circus,
his trapeze artists and his famous
Button and Pressure clowns.
The Morales circus, the crate!
- It's good, it's good, go for it.
- Thank you.
Have a good day.
Button and Pressure,
it tells me something.
Button and Pressure?
Where did you go to get that?
In the memory box.
Like Cot, your poodle.
Ben, a kids book.
Two clowns... inseparable.
"Your clowns saved me
from going back to jail."
It is not false.
It's worth a little
signature, huh?
I'm not fine?
Where are you going?
"This shop is all
his life, my uncle."
He sleeps alone in his brothel.
He was the guardian of your weapons.
In fact, you do not have a heart.
We kidnap Gatan and you,
you think to do business.
We, women,
we are multitasking.
The multitasking,
she'll go up there
and get the kid.
Maybe in two pieces.
With them, we can not know.
I'm talking more about the shop.
Do not let me down, Ramun.
Not you.
There is someone?
- Yes, here, deep down!
- We are here at the bottom!
- There is someone?
- The door!
The police knock on the door.
- Wait, oh.
- Reculate!
What did you look for?
Nothing. I was in business with
the owner before his death.
A brother?
Yes. Gatan.
Gatano... It was the
other, but the other is him.
Gypsy stuff.
Gitan of what?
I am not a gypsy
Morals, it's not
Finnish either.
Your brother was checked in a
stolen gendarmerie vehicle.
It has no license.
He said you had a circus.
With 2 clowns,
Button and Pressure.
What is this circus story?
Me, I live in full
Paris, in the 8th.
With an accomplice,
frizzy blonde.
He called her Sibylle.
Does that remind you of something?
So there, I understand nothing more.
Ben, we do not either.
They got married.
They got married?
It's not possible.
They bicker a little, of
course, but love is there.
I go. Customers are waiting for me.
You admit having
sequestrated 2 gendarmes?
But they were German soldiers.
I recognize you.
You are the little Jean Valjean.
But is not it ok?
I am CFO at Euro Market.
I'm going crazy!
It's the little Jean Valjean.
We found the little Jean Valjean.
Note it. Do you have a stamp?
Miss Garnier's room?
Good. That of M. Morales, then.
It is the same?
It confirms, then. Thank you.
"Is not it right, my boy?"
My brother stole a car of
cops and fucks my fiancee.
It's rough.
The real problem is unemployment.
It's stupid, that one, or what?
Sibylle Garnier and M. Morales.
Who are you?
The husband and big brother.
They are not here
I go, I understood.
Its good. Go for it.
Two minutes.
I have an urgent desire.
Go, me too.
She is urinating.
You could go further?
Do not panic.
It only attacks sheep.
But I am a sheep.
Raise slowly with your arms up.
He will understand that
you are a human being.
Go back slowly.
I have to pull up
my pants to run.
Especially not.
He's screaming in Basque.
It's okay?
Yes it's good.
Shit, I farted my pants.
What did you tell him?
"If you eat it, you'll die."
You told him that?
"That's what the wolf shepherd said.
Come on."
Okay that's good.
We can act.
That is to say?
You already shot?
Yes, for stuffed animals
at the Throne Fair.
I drag them away,
you blow up the truck.
"Explode"? But how?
With the rocket launcher.
It's easy.
You aim, you shoot. The.
I do not touch that.
They will kill innocents.
You said it.
- Yes, but...
- But what?
Here we are in the Basque Country.
And when we say, we do. Go.
But I am not Basque, me.
I was born in Versailles.
It's a nightmare.
How does this thing work?
I hope you are bilingual.
If you eat me, you die.
Ben, you're bilingual.
-Alert to all units...
- Who is this guy?
- Are you cop?
It's a stolen car.
On your knees, come on!
You stole a car of cops?
Is she the one who makes you so stupid?
It's okay, guys. He is with us.
We keep the cash.
Always in the air.
You have not changed.
You neither.
Not bad, for a bourgeois.
Where is Gaetan?
It is with Mirentxu.
I pick them up at 8 pm
Hold on.
Here. I did it too well.
I hope. It burns serious.
- It's Ramun.
- It must be with Sibylle.
Miren, where are you?
-Ben, with apples.
Gaetan is with you?
No. I did not see it.
Tell me where he is.
They shout.
You are crazy or what?
Stop, oh!
Stop fighting!
Is he with you yes or no?
He's there.
Gaetan, how are you?
It is completely barred.
Did you think I kidnapped him?
My actions are political.
Like trafficking weapons?
Why are you with her?
A French, in addition.
She has a guy.
Nothing happened.
You do not want us to...
I do not know, we...
does a case arise in Spain?
Go back to the hotel and pack your bag.
- You see? I have it, money.
- Gaetan? Hello?
Let's go?
What are you doing?
Leave her.
Stay with me.
Take care of yourself, Aranxa.
It was my favorite panties.
Ramuntxo laughs.
What? But it's true.
How about that,
"Favorite panties"?
Ben, she was very pretty.
It was my favorite panties.
Favorite potato?
So, the car of cops
in the ravine?
Very cool.
That's it.
You are a real Basque.
You will never sell,
do not go back on it.
It's stupid, right?
Shut up.
Enjoy the scenery a bit.
I can talk and watch.
Let's calmly analyze
the situation.
Sneakers, it flows
nicely, your house with.
You have a rotten
car, a shirt of...
- What?
- You're welcome.
What is this misplaced pride?
It's all my
childhood, this shop.
I did not have a father.
Ferran raised me.
If you like it that
much, take it with you.
It must be stimulated, surrounded.
Did he tell you he wanted
to die in his shop?
- Cherry trees!
- You have never seen one?
There, normally, I
cough, I'm choking.
I am allergic to
cherry, flowers...
- Calm down.
- I can die of it.
Calm down.
Look at me in the eyes.
Look at me.
Have you ever eaten cherry?
Ah no, no, no.
Sibylle, life has no interest
if we do not know the
taste of cherry.
Its good.
You look like you're healed.
The beret is for men.
Ah yes?
Do you like your cut?
- No, it's the spleen.
- Shit.
No, I'm here, Olivier.
But we will sign,
I have no doubt.
I'll call you back.
I'm going back to a meeting.
Hey, Raph! You're here.
Thanks for coming.
You come out from where?
From nowhere.
Here is the countryside, you know.
I had a lot of stuff.
Ah! Raphael, Ramuntxo...
The nephew.
I leave you with family.
"It's better, I believe."
How could you fuck Gatan
who is only 17 years old?
What? You're ill.
You lie. I saw the old man.
He is not dead at all.
You took the money
to shoot you both.
Raphael, have you gone mad?
Gatan, you scared me.
Okay darling?
It's just a crack in the spleen.
You saw your hair?
And what is this shit?
It's the Basque cross.
Where is Mirentxu?
It's felt?
- Have you raised something?
- At this age,
it gets up alone.
Small con! I'm going to kill you!
I'm going to kill you.
It is cracked of the spleen.
Poor kid.
Small manure!
He fucks my wife.
- I do not like the old ones.
- Thank you, Gaetan.
So you jumped who?
The whole city knows it.
Even the firefighters!
Are you going to let me go, the killer?
No one.
He was with me
But Mirentxu, my little
girl, my baby...
I would have preferred a Basque.
Don't worry, dad.
Gatan does everything to integrate.
And I do what I want.
- How could you believe...?
- Sorry, sweetie.
I'm stupid, that's it.
It's this pressure,
Olivier, everything.
Where are you with the other?
Did you manage to untie him?
- A little.
- I'll go talk to him.
I will not let him cheat you.
Let me do.
Get off the luggage
and call a taxi.
I also do taxi, sir.
It's enough, your winks.
I'm sorry, but it's a knock.
I have to go.
Evening, these reunions.
I was not going to tell
him that we had just...
Hold, your promise.
But why?
I take my uncle with me.
- And that's all?
- You play your future
on this case, no?
And your happiness.
- I just do my job.
- And you do it well.
You knew how to find the words.
And the gestures.
You think I slept
for you to sign?
"I do not know, Sibylle."
Now you know.
Your head is planted.
That's it.
Do not worry, I planned the shot.
I negotiated like a dog.
Baligan makes you 2.18%.
Interest deducted, smoothed over 8 years.
You will not feel it pass.
Guess the monthly payment?
I am more allergic to cherries.
Ah yes?
Too many bars.
Before Mom,
we'll see if it's bars.
You're not ready to enter
ENA, with this head.
I want to be a Basque shepherd.
OK. Thank you, old man.
Mom is coming.
It's validated with Baligan.
You are signing the loan
and he sends the money
directly to the box.
There is a new business
in Bayonne, 2,000 m2.
A fold for Miss Garnier.
You could have sounded.
It was open...
Not for the couriers.
Thank you.
What's this?
Who is it that sends
you a panties?
It's Ramun, the
nephew, the Basque.
"Ramun the chimney."
Shut up.
He is completely
broken, this guy.
It's filthy.
As if you were going to wear that.
You're ill?
What are you doing?
It's fine with me
I feel so good inside.
What do you think?
Wauh, too stylish.
Sibylle, take it
off right away.
How does he know your size?
What is there like
cartons, here.
What are you doing, baby?
No, Jackie.
I left your son.
Ah good?
- Good news.
- But not at all.
- Gaetan!
- Sibylle!
Sibyl, come back.
Come back!
He did not want to come to my house
He is clinging to his shop.
He said yes for a week.
You will see.
Stop with this pot of paint.
It's empty.
And that's empty?
It's the little girl's money.
If we steal from him, huh?
"Tomorrow, I go to Paris
to bring him back."
No no.
Tomorrow, you sing.
A Mexican adventure
Under the Mexico sun
It's a bit like Kobe beef,
except that they are
singing Luis Mariano.
- You sing all day?
- Almost.
But not us, Ramuntxo.
The first night, we walk
We dance a soft bolero
Then the second, we go wild
Nothing stops you anymore
We're off to a gallop
We forget everything
Under the beautiful sky of Mexico
We go crazy
At the sound of tropical rhythms
If you have a vein day
To be able to take the boat
Go taste a week
To the Mexican adventure
In the sun of Mexico
Under your singing sun
Time seems too short
To taste happiness
From each day
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
It is not bad, the shed next door.
It is not for sale?
We have not opened yet, you
already want to enlarge.
The mother Etchegarray
will never sell.
Trust me.