Mission Possible (2018) Movie Script

Look at this!
How cute is this?
I don't really care.
I don't really care.
Whoa, look at these,.
Oh, I'm so getting them.
Those are mine.
I saw them first.
No, wait.
I got them first.
I saw them first
and they fit me better.
Go away from me.
Oh, my god., are you kidding?
- Ow.
- No, I got them first.
You saw me.
They're mine.
Plus, they only have one
size and it's my size, huh?
It's my size,
wanna try them on?
Yeah, no, leave my hair alone.
Hey, hey,
hey, what's going on here?
- She got mine.
- Stop this, stop this.
Let her go, let
it go, let it go.
Let it go.
She got my dress.
That's mine!
How long
- should I tell you this?
- This is mine.
- How long?
- It's mine.
Stop fighting, stop fighting.
Charles, you
should listen to me.
Stop fighting, okay?
No, mine.
Stop fighting.
I'm tired of it.
You're tired of it?
Hey, I got it.
I got the.
Thank you very
much, thank you.
This everything, yes?
You sure, yes?
I hope to see you soon.
Oh my god, Charles.
How's it possible
that you're so clumsy?
You're such a do-do head.
Oh, yeah, and by the way, all
this stuff is not gonna fit
in the helicopter so you're
gonna have to drive to Italy.
Yeah, move this.
Italy, Italy, there's
no way I'm gonna Italy.
Look at the way you
dress, honestly.
You're not gonna a
fashion week or something
you're gonna the countryside
as your parents said.
Yeah, bye.
I thought
you'd grown up
from like last
summer or something.
But you're still immature.
That's why I can never
go shopping with you.
I have to always
go online shopping.
You know how that feels?
Do you know how I feel for
feeling so lame with you?
No, no, I'm glamorous.
You're glamorous.
That's right.
You're more girly.
So you're glamorous?
That's why you're copying
everything I have?
- Look.
- Look it's not my fault
if this dress fits me
and it looks fat on you.
That's not my fault.
That's how you look, honey.
Oh, right.
Yeah so better change or...
Why did you just get
like, six pairs of shoes
that are exactly
the same as mine?
Yeah exactly, whatever.
It looks better on me.
Drake, Bobby, come!
Drake, Bobby!
you're so annoying.
Go kill yourself
and I never wanna
see you ever again.
Oh, you're not
gonna see me ever again.
Well, I hope.
Trust me.
I hope.
Oh, you hope.
I do.
Sorry, I'm really, I
didn't see them coming.
Hi, girls.
- Good to see you.
- Hi, Zina.
- Look.
- Welcome back.
Hi, Zina.
Welcome back.
Hi, Zina.
Okay, I get it.
We're back home now.
I don't
wanna hurt you.
Not back home.
Hey, guys.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
How are you doing?
So, how was the heli ride?
Oh, Rebecca, I
missed you so much.
Hey, Alex, I
missed you even more.
Oh, and by the way, Arman,
I didn't miss you at all.
Ha, ha, very funny.
And guess what, I do not care.
Hey, hey.
- Get go along, guys
- Calm down, kids.
Who you calling kids?
Okay, we're glad
to have you here.
So, girls, do you wanna
go inside and unpack?
What's the hurry?
Well, in half an hour,
we're going on an adventure.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Sounds great.
We're going on an adventure.
- Yes!
- Yes.
It's selfie
time, guys, okay.
Okay, come on guys.
Selfie, here.
I need
a bit of beauty space.
I also wanna be in the shot.
Can you please?
Excuse me.
Okay, fine.
Perfect and go.
Sorry, I just need.
And, three, two, one, cheese.
Should be right over here.
This it?
This is it, man.
Look at that.
It's great.
It's, uh oh.
What was that?
All right,
give it a hard.
Come around, come around,
come around, come around,
come around, come around,
come around, come around.
Nice, nice, nice.
Want me to direct you?
Yeah, could you
give me a hand there,
Yeah, no problem.
I got ya, I got ya, I got ya.
Thanks buddy.
Hold on.
Let's go!
Come on, keep it up,
keep it up, keep it up,
keep it up, keep it up.
Good, good, good, good, stop!
Really nice.
Really good.
Frank, put Stinky and
the dogs in the shed.
I'm gonna go open up the cabin.
- I'll examine him later.
- You got it.
Ow, I'm okay!
Harry, don't worry about it.
I'm fine.
Don't worry about me.
Rise and shine, Stink.
Let's get these
guys in the shed.
I know, I know, I'm hungry
too, I'm hungry too.
There you go, bud.
All the way.
There we go.
Good girls.
Okay, everybody.
Come on, no, no, no, wrong way.
Come on, this way, this way.
Come on, you're holding
up the whole line, pal.
Let's go.
There you go, baby, in you go.
Come on, all the way down.
All the way down, you
got it, it's a fun ride.
There we go.
Come on, all the way in.
Come on, that's nice,
you're wagging your tail.
Everything feels right,
just follow the gravity.
Whoa, we got one that's gone.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, buddy.
Let's go.
Every time with the black one.
Just, just, just relax, okay?
You stay in there.
You stay in there.
Come on, let's go,
we're gonna be late.
I was just playing with Stink.
Listen, you do a head count.
I'm gonna go help Harry, okay?
Okay, Frank.
Go, go, go.
Hey, remember, when you
get to the last puppy,
stop counting.
Okay, Frank.
All right.
All right, let's
get out of here.
Good job, bud.
I'll see you soon.
We'll bring you some
prosciutto or something.
Okay, Frank.
Good boy, Stinky.
Good boy.
Be good.
Hey, hey!
Dr. Brian!
Dr. Brian!
Hey, Dr. Brian!
Beautiful, huh?
Even if he does look
like a rat when he's wet.
Make sure you wash this
little guy thoroughly.
Do a good job and we can
make this a regular thing.
I will do my best.
You have the cutest little dog.
Thank you.
Oh, we just got the
new coat collection
and I can show you afterwards.
A coat for dogs?
That sounds
adorable, doesn't it?
How much does that cost?
Oh, not much.
Considering it's from a local
designer, it's about 50.
50 bucks?
Yeah, I can't afford that.
You don't know how
many dogs I have.
Just dry the pooch and
I'll be back in 10.
Thank you.
Hey, Sis, how's it going?
You know me.
Work, work, work.
These look really good.
This looks like the cereal
I eat for breakfast.
It tastes like the cereal
I eat for breakfast.
Of course the fleabag
would love this.
This is the expensive stuff.
Let's just get these
like we always do.
All right, all right.
Five kilograms in a bag.
Let me do the math.
If we divide that.
I think we're gonna need a bag.
Ow, god!
Don't be stupid!
And stop using the
metric system, will ya?
What are we gonna
do with one bag?
Uh, well...
Hey, with all the
mouths we gotta feed
and at least twice as many
coming in in the next week,
we're gonna need
at least five bags.
All right, well, they've got.
They only got one bag.
Don't you dare hit me!
Well then zip it and let
me do the talking, all right?
All right.
Excuse me.
Excuse me?
Can you please
help at the register?
There's some guys over there,
and I think they are breeders.
So it could lead
to good business.
I have to be in class
in a few minutes but...
Can we get
some help over here?
Okay, okay, sure.
Hey, gentlemen.
How can I help you?
Yeah, I was wondering if you
have any more bags of this?
Of course we do.
How many would you like?
Ah, need at least four more.
Oh, that's a lotta munchies.
You gentlemen must
be dog breeders?
We are, yeah.
- No.
- No, we are not dog breeders.
We're just trying to
stock up for the summer
so we don't have to
keep coming back here.
- Stocking up.
- Okay.
Okay, well, you know...
Stop repeating after me.
Sorry, sorry.
If you have a lot of puppies,
then you might need a good vet.
So, why don't I
give you my card?
A lot of pups, man.
That's an understatement.
We got a ton of, oh,
my god!
You'll have to
forgive my friend.
He gets a little
ahead of himself.
Stop it.
That's what you get
every single time.
Every single time.
I'm gonna kill you.
- Stay there, doctor.
- Gentlemen, please!
I'll kill you.
No fighting in the pet store.
You, Brian. I can't believe you.
I was just helping.
I wasn't doing anything.
It was them!
I would never do
anything like that.
We'll fix everything.
Don't worry about it.
You come with me.
Your dog is ready.
Thank you.
All right.
I'm gonna go get a cappuccino.
You stay here, fix everything.
Pay for the dog chow, all right?
Meet me in the
main square later.
Doctor, adieu.
I bet he's gonna get a panini.
Every time he says he's
getting a cappuccino,
he gets a panini and
he doesn't get me one.
All right, well.
Give me that.
10 bags of puppy chow
and one of these for me.
This is, like,
one of the coolest places.
So nice.
This is how we start
off our vacation.
With a picnic.
Little picnic.
Well, I mean here we are.
This place is
literally paradise.
- Yeah.
- Yes, Luc, yes Luc.
Nice work.
Perfect place to play, man.
Friends coming out soon.
- I'm hungry as well.
- Yes.
Come on, help me set up.
I'm not gonna
eat this holiday.
I have shows for Paris
Fashion Week this fall.
Oh, come on, we're in Italy.
It's the best food in the world.
help me with the rug.
Oh, so, I get no help.
So, that's it then?
You just dumped him?
Yes, it's done, it was off.
Now I'm just working on my
studies and my Iceland video.
Good for you, girl.
You're now so free
and independent.
Luc, play the guitar.
I wanna be entertained
this summer.
Yes, Luc.
Do it now.
Come on, chop, chop.
Girls, is it just me
or have you become bossy?
Dude, it's fine.
I would love to play
the guitar for you.
Guys, let's take
a quick selfie.
Come on, one.
Let's just enjoy the moment.
We can
do selfies later.
- Fine.
- We can take a bunch later.
All right.
Even when my voice is bad
And when I'm feeling sad
The image of you
makes it all okay
When I'm breaking apart
Break, breaking apart
You fill me with love
It feels so good to
finally be back in Italy.
Yes, you're so right.
You're absolutely right.
Oh, yeah. You're
definitely so right.
Lily, what did I tell you?
Never repeat after me.
I don't wanna spend half
the time in Siberia.
Oh, sure, Countessa.
It was cold this year.
But at least we never ran
out of fuzzy company there.
Which remind me.
We shouldn't wait
too long, it is time.
I need one more time
before I die of my old age.
Is it this weekend?
Me too.
Don't worry.
Come on.
What are you guys?
Oh, we should be so lucky.
Look what's coming our way.
Well, miss, miss?
You are talking
to the Countessa.
So, you have to address
her with due respect.
Countessa, my apologies.
May I repay the compliment
and say that your beauty
is mesmerizing.
I know.
I was talking about the dog.
It's a Shih Tzu, right?
Yeah, right.
The dog, of course.
She is a beauty, isn't she?
You are a beauty, aren't you?
She is the finest breed of
Shih Tzu, straight from China.
Hannah, you remember Shanghai?
Oh, yes.
I was so young, Hannah.
Yeah, we never felt
younger than in Shanghai.
Take a seat.
Why, thank you, Countessa.
Don't mind if I do.
Very kind of you.
I like you.
I want it, I need it.
Harry, call me Harry.
My friends call me Harry.
Mr. Harry, sell me your dog.
My dog?
You don't want to
please the Countessa?
No, I mean, yes, of course.
It's just, well, I've
grown quite attached
to this little fur ball but
I would love nothing more
than to please the Countessa.
Tomorrow, bring it to me.
Hannah, we go.
- Okay.
- Tomorrow it is.
Bring her where?
To the Countessa's
castle, of course.
Countessa's castle.
You hear that?
You little money bag?
Bill is 85.
Excuse me?
Of course.
In that case, I'll get
a cappuccino, please.
But sir, a cappuccino
at this time of day?
Are you sure?
Yes. I'm sure.
Okay, cappuccino.
85, I don't have 85.
Looks like we're
gonna have to do
another dine and dash, bud.
Let's give it a few minutes.
Hey, Luc, did you write
that song for Olivia?
You still in love?
Yes, Luc, I'm sure.
When are you guys
gonna get married?
Letizia and Rebecca, why
do you guys even bother
to talk about things like that?
Luc's in love
Luc's in love
I'm sorry, what?
I only hear goo-goo-ga-ga.
No, no, Luc, Luc, it's fine.
Last year at my boarding
school in London,
I fell in love myself.
Does she go to
an all boys school?
Yes, yes, he does, he does.
- No, no.
- I even applied there
last year.
- Selfie, selfie, selfie.
- All girls school.
If you applied there,
you would know that there's
an all girls school...
Yes, nice angle.
- Right down the street.
- Selfie.
Sure, there is.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
So who wants to get
beat up first, huh, huh?
Wasn't me.
- Oh, my god.
- Guys.
I have a guitar.
lucky I'm nice.
Guys, look, Alex run away!
- What?
- Oh, no!
We need to go!
Look over
there, look over there!
Luc, quick, quick,
quick, come on!
Alex, let's try finding him.
- Alex!
- Alex!
Come out hiding!
Where are you?
- Hey, chicka, chicka.
- Stop it.
Gonna try to find a
woof-woof named Alex
Hey Luc.
- Alex!
- Selfie time.
Okay, let's go.
Yeah, you know you like that.
Oh, my gosh.
Where is that little boy?
Ah, there he is!
Oh, there he is!
Quick, quick, quick, quick.
- Guys, Alex is over here!
- Why are you guys running?
Oh, Alex.
Why did you run away?
- Oh my god.
- Finally.
What is it, boy?
Why did you bring us
to a place like this?
Crazy mutt.
Hey, what are you saying?
This place is awesome.
Have you seen it?
Are you serious?
No way, too creepy.
Yeah, way too creepy.
Pretty sure they
don't want any visitors
around here as well.
No, I just think
they're hiding something.
Maybe a hidden treasure.
How could there be treasure
in a place like this?
Did I hear treasure?
I want my share.
Guys, don't listen to Arman.
There's no treasure here.
There is, how do you know?
It was Arman who brought
it up and he made it up.
He started it.
You started it.
Excuse me, Arman, why
did you started on that?
What is that?
What was that thing?
A monster?
There's no such
thing as a monster.
Don't overdo it.
You're one to talk.
You were the first to run away.
Yeah, I ran away but there's
no such thing as a monster.
Xander, you guys
are all cowards.
I would've totally gone in.
Yeah, but, here you are.
You didn't stay and
face the creature.
Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but.
It was a monster.
I've seen it well.
There's fire in its eyes.
No, you're wrong.
I saw it, his eyes was ice cold.
Okay, here, let's
make it clear.
Ice, fire, two totally
different things.
Whatever, one
thing is for sure.
We're not going
back there again.
Right, yeah.
It's getting, it's getting dark.
We should probably
pack up and head home.
Yes but, let's take a selfie
to immortalize the
monster moment.
- Okay, okay guys.
- Now?
Everybody, let's make
a monstery face, okay?
Don't do anything, your
face is scary enough.
Oh, oh!
That's funny, I'm
still very terrified.
Oh, it's a bit smoky.
Fine, I'm not in the selfie.
Arman, selfie ruined.
Okay, bye bye.
One, two, three, monster.
So terrifying.
Hello, hello, hello?
Hello, Daddy.
Can I have some salad?
Maybe some breadsticks?
Granola bar?
Please, please, please?
But it's not supper
time yet, is it?
Is it?
That's not really the
point, I'm hungry.
You really only talk
when you wanna talk.
The guy's hungry,
yeah, give him a break.
And, you.
You never talk to me anymore.
It's like you...
He's complicated.
It's the silent treatment.
Hello, Lillian.
You are beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
Brian, I'm sure you'll
be happy to know
that tomorrow's your
monthly visit to the ranch.
So, you get to visit your crush.
What crush?
What are you talking about?
Oh, come on.
- What are you talking about?
- It's so obvious.
I don't have a crush.
Oh, you don't have a crush?
No, it's a professional thing.
- Oh.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Brian's got a crush.
Brian's in love.
You guys, we'll
talk later, all right?
sure, right, just go.
Okay, watch my fingers.
Watch my.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, here
it comes, here it comes.
Don't choke.
Good boy, Stinky, good boy.
Come on.
What do these things
do, defective?
I can't even hit the target.
Or maybe you're just
not any good at it.
Oh, yeah?
You think you could do better?
Oh, yeah, I know
I could do better.
Five bucks says you can't.
Five bucks?
No problem.
What you got, wise guy?
What is wrong with you guys?
He's pumped, I'm pumped.
Here we go.
See ya, later, Harry.
Shut up, Stinky!
Go feed the dogs.
Go, go, go, get out of here.
It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.
Bad dog!
Go, go!
Bad dog!
Smell's burning my nostrils.
Good boy.
Ugh, some fresh air.
Would you make sure
he washes tomorrow?
What's the point?
That smell is never
coming off him.
It can't hurt.
Oh, yes it can.
When he gets wet, it gets worse.
Trust me, I bathed with the guy.
My man will be there.
Yeah, ciao.
What ya got?
Pick up the rest
of the dogs tomorrow.
Yes, yes, yes!
You not coming?
No, as much as I'd
like to, I can't.
Why not?
I gotta go drop off the dog
to the Countessa, remember?
That's right, that's right.
You are so clever.
You get a good price.
What're you talking about?
This one's a gift.
Harry, that's how
you kill a business.
It's called the
Trojan Horse theory.
We give her this one,
move into her inner circle
and sell the rest of them to
her many distinguished friends.
Buddy, buddy, that is
why you're the brains
of the operation, huh.
Zina, more pancakes.
I agree.
Ah, that's hard.
This is delicious.
You eat it.
Oh, my gosh, I
have reached a new level.
Guys, enough of the politics.
You know, if you guys
hadn't have run away,
I would've totally
gone in that farm.
Yeah, totally, Super Arman.
Of course I would've.
I bet the monster
would've had you for lunch.
Okay, but guys, seriously?
A monster?
I think it was probably
just the ugly old janitor
of the place.
We ran away too fast to
get a good look at him.
Sorry but you wanna go
back there and find out?
- Crazy.
- What, are you scared?
Let's go to the ranch today.
I'll beat you up, Arman.
Not today, we have so
many things to do here.
- What?
- What's up?
Oh, please, Zina.
Oh, no, I promised
your parents.
- Zina.
- Letizia,
you know how your mother worries
when you ride the horses.
But I haven't
seen Thunder in a year.
I miss him.
Okay, fine, we'll go.
But I watch you and you
do exactly as I say, okay?
Great, she's gonna
spoil all of the fun.
Let me take care of her.
Arman, shh.
come sit with us.
Oh, no, I'm gonna
let mine cooling down.
It's better when it's hot.
Come sit.
- It's fine.
- Why not?
That's very nice
of you to offer.
Wow, you've grown up
a bit since last time.
It's a compliment.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
What are you all staring at?
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Nothing.
Down the hatch, love.
What he said.
Ah, isn't that good?
Oh, my gosh.
Guys, why are you laughing?
I don't understand
what's so funny.
What is it, Zina?
Are you not eating that?
Oh, my belly is hurting.
We have to cancel.
That's too far, Zina.
You promised us.
No, can't with you, guys.
You can go.
Luc, you are in charge.
Zina, Zina, Zina, wait, wait.
What now, Letizia?
Take care of Alex.
He runs from the horses.
Yes, sure, whatever.
Thank you.
Darn it, I should've
taken a picture.
I spit out my crepe.
You know, well, with
animals and mammals,
I always encourage
people to talk to them
to get to know them or
even imagine what it's like
to be an animal, you know?
Of course, in your case it
would obviously be the horses.
Does that sound dumb?
Oh, no, Dr. Brian.
That's really interesting.
I love when you talk.
Not now, not now.
We'll talk later.
Do you ever feel like the,
the horses are talking to you?
I wish.
Hey, Mario.
Hi, Mario.
Thank you.
When are you guys
getting married?
Excuse me?
- Hey, Dr. Brian.
- Hey, Doctor.
How are you doing?
Hi kids, I didn't know
you arrived for vacation.
We came here yesterday.
Yeah and we can't
wait to go for a ride.
Letizia, I don't see Alex.
Is he okay?
Yeah, perfectly fine.
I just didn't bring him
'cause he barks at the horses
and it's so annoying.
And how are you, Erica?
- It's Rebecca.
- Rebecca.
La la
Na na nam
Give me the boot
Give me the boot
Give me the boot
Give me the boot
Oh, my god!
Get back here, Alex!
Oh, no, how am I gonna
tell Letizia and Rebecca?
Oh, my god!
That is
such a cute horse.
Hold on a minute.
You both go with the donkey.
- Hi.
- Stop it, stop it.
- You go with the donkey.
- What?
Zina, I told you to be careful.
You better pray that I find him!
What happened, Letty?
That useless Zina, she opened
a window and Alex escaped.
- No.
- Oh, no.
What if I
never find Alex again?
Don't worry, worry warts.
We'll find your boy.
Yeah, and he's probably
at the old farm still.
That's on the
other side of town.
Not to mention the
monster factor.
I mean that's creepy stuff.
What if we take the horses?
- Oh, that's a good idea.
- Good idea.
You think we could, Claudia?
I mean, it is an emergency.
It is.
Okay kids, so let's organize.
You, follow me please.
Let's go.
I'm bringing that one.
No, no.
Oh, you gotta get
better at stopping, man.
That looks beautiful.
Is this the place?
Of course, it's the place.
It's a castle, isn't it?
- Come on.
- You know, I swear
it's hard working with you, man.
Like we're operating
on one brain here.
I'm sorry, all right?
I didn't notice that it
was, yeah, I see it now.
It's a castle, all right?
I was expecting a
moat or something?
There's your moat right there.
- Perfect.
- Look, tip of the day.
Got it.
- Keep your eyes open.
- Got it.
- And don't mess this up.
- Got it.
Perfect, come on.
You can count on me.
Look at this.
Keep your eyes open.
- And don't mess up.
- And don't mess up.
You didn't even
give me a chance.
Give me her.
You want me to pick
you up when I'm finished?
Just bring me back the
rest of the dogs by tonight.
Hey, Harry.
Love ya.
Get out of here, will ya?
Killin' me, man.
I'm tryin'!
Come on.
It's okay, it's okay.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Right this way, sir.
Thank you.
Beautiful, isn't he?
I can't wait to show
him to the Countessa.
I can't wait either.
She's gonna love him.
Good boy.
There we go.
This castle is beautiful.
I know, isn't it?
It really is.
You're blessed.
We are.
Wow, very handsome.
Thank you.
Oh, there you are.
Here is your
Shih Tzu, Countess.
It's beautiful.
How much do you want?
How much?
Actually, this perfectly primed
puppy is a present to you.
In honor of our new friendship.
Oh yeah.
We have a new friend.
That's excellent
news, Countessa.
Excellent news.
Little puppy, lazy puppy.
Take the dog to his new house.
- Your new house.
- Right away, Countess.
I will prepare the
dog for Miss Hannah.
You've got a new house.
Here you go.
Careful, he's a winner.
Of course.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
So if I may ask, prepare
the puppy for what?
For dog show, of course.
Like this.
I have Hannah.
She's perfect dog trainer.
Aw, thank you Countessa.
She need to train the
dogs for this weekend.
I didn't know
there was a dog show.
You didn't see the
posters in the town?
It's this weekend.
Then I will attend and
watch you win the gold.
If I could have more dogs just
like this I can win.
I think I can help you.
I didn't get a chance
to mention this before
but I actually breed Shih Tzu.
- Wow.
- Wonderful!
You can have 30 for me?
Well, perhaps but I will
need two days to prepare them.
You price gonna be
my price but, do quick.
You'll have them
in time for the show.
Excellent but what
are you waiting for?
Just go.
Just go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go.
I'm terribly
embarrassed, Countess
but I lent my car to my partner.
Is there any way I could
possibly trouble you
for a ride into town?
Well, let's go.
We'll drive together.
I hope you don't have car sick.
Me, car sick?
Speed is in my blood.
Go, go, go.
Countessa, put the
pedal to the metal.
Oh yeah?
I never drive in my life.
It's gonna be the first time.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
Here the car say.
Here you are!
Oh, god, I'm here.
Let me out.
Let me out.
Bye bye, handsome!
Don't forget our deal.
Come on guys, we
need to find Alex!
- All right, awesome.
- Get off the horses!
Every second counts!
Alex, we're
coming to get you!
Come on!
Alex went that that
way, follow us!
- Thank you, Claudia.
- Hey Claudia,
can you bring the horses
back to the ranch, please?
Okay, go get your doggy.
I take care of your horses.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Alex, Come one!
So, lads.
This is where the horror begins.
I see Alex!
Come on, let's go!
Go, go.
I mean, we think Alex
came here so it'll be okay.
Alex, come back!
Every time.
Crazy canine never listens.
- Where is Alex?
- Wait, what?
He went in before
we could grab him!
Oh, no, we have
to do something!
Oh, no.
I'm going in.
Yeah, right, Super
Arman, calm down.
That would be trespassing.
I'm pretty sure I can go
through where Alex went.
It's just you two lads
have to lift the gate up.
Arman, go in, now!
All right, all right.
Okay, Luc.
Help me out with the fence.
Yes, yes, perfect.
Oh, perfect.
Go ahead, Arman.
I'm in!
Your plan worked.
Oh, my gosh.
Good job.
All right, Arman, your
job is to go and find Alex
and come straight back.
All right, I'll
see you guys later.
All right,
good luck, Arman.
See you guys!
- All right.
- Be careful.
Good luck, Arman!
No monsters yet.
Arman, you find Alex!
Okay, chill.
Oh, my gosh.
Wow, can't believe it.
It's amazing.
All these Shih Tzus.
Hey, come here, come here.
I won't hurt you.
Where is he?
It's taking him way too long.
Guys, I think I better go in.
You won't fit.
You won't...
Look, Arman's back!
Oh, my gosh.
Oh my gosh, guys.
Look at
all the Shih Tzus!
Hurry up, guys,
we need to hurry up.
Well done, man.
Come on, let's go.
I can't, I can't go.
There are at least 10 dogs.
I need to free more.
No, you don't,
it's too dangerous.
Come back now, dude.
Here comes Alex.
You're gonna wake the monster.
I can take care of
myself, don't worry.
See you guys soon.
Come back quick.
Don't go, I'm
responsible for you.
Come back, no!
What's happening?
I got you!
Now, I got you, kids!
Come on quick,
look behind you!
Arman, Arman!
what are you doing?
What are you doing?
What is that?
- Go, go, go!
- Arman, hurry up!
Go, go, go, go, go.
Come get me, you dirty mug!
Why, just
run for your life.
- You're crazy.
- That was so wicked.
Why, why, why did
you take a selfie?
Yeah, exactly.
Because it has to be
the selfie of the year.
selfie with a stinky monster.
Not a good idea.
You could've gotten
yourself hurt, Arman.
Well, actually that's
pretty tough, man.
I'm gonna crush you!
Oh, my gosh,
that was so scary.
We're all good.
Let's just calm down.
We're all fine,
that's the main thing.
Oh, my gosh, that
thing was way too close.
That thing is disgusting.
What was that?
I don't know what it was.
I know it was disgusting
and it sure stunk
more than the dogs.
I bet it eats human flesh.
Arman, you said you
saw some other dogs?
Yeah, yeah, I saw
at least 15 more dogs.
It was incredible.
So, Luc, what do you think?
Should we go save them?
No, not with that
monster around.
I think we should bring
the new one to Dr. Brian.
I'll go back and download
the picture with the monster
and she's do,
you guys do this, right?
See you.
Okay, fair enough.
Bye, Arman.
That's the only
reason why I'm sad.
Great, I will see you
guys tomorrow, okay?
Good job.
- Guys, guys, calm down.
- Great to see you.
We need to see Dr.
Brian immediately.
Okay, calm down,
calm down, calm down.
You guys, calm down, okay?
Remember you're in the
veterinary department
of University of Camerino.
I'm gonna see if Dr. Brian
can see you guys, okay?
- Great.
- Great.
But, I can only
take three of you.
And then you know the other
two will have to stay here.
I don't want to wait here.
It's okay, we'll go
back home and join Arman.
Okay, okay, let's go.
Hey, how 'bout
a sandwich or a taco salad?
Just not when I'm working.
Your little voice's
stressing me, okay?
Have a carrot.
I put four carrots there.
Hello, Lillian.
You are beautiful.
Do you have five minutes?
Always, what's up?
Okay, well, Luc and
Coco, they found a dog.
And I don't have any
idea what they're saying.
You're in Italy, aren't you?
Don't go anywhere.
Get back to the farm right away.
What are you doing?
Nope, nope, I just saw
the perfect Shih Tzu.
No, I just saw the
perfect Shih Tzu.
With these two girls.
Just like old times,
it'll be a piece of cake.
All right, just get back
to the farm, all right?
I'll see you there.
Cheeseburger to go.
A cheeseburger?
We don't make...
I want a cheeseburger!
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
I'm sorry, guys but
it's hard to believe
all these dogs and a monster?
But we have proof.
Arman took a photo of
the monster on his phone.
Guys, we have to do something
about all the poor Shih
Tzus being held prisoner.
Okay, we don't know
that that's true yet.
We saw them.
Oh, I wonder if it
has anything to do
with the breeders that we met.
It really didn't look like
a legitimate breeding kennel.
Where's this terrible place?
Well, it's in the
middle of that forest.
It's a bit scary.
It's very sketchy.
Why don't you guys
meet us tomorrow
at the edge of the
forest, three o'clock
and I'll talk to this man.
Wait, talk to the monster?
Are you crazy?
No, I don't believe
in monsters.
Talk to the monster.
We saw it.
I'm gonna go with you.
I don't want you to go alone.
Okay, good, good.
I'm so hot.
- I know, right?
- It's really nice here.
Look at the view.
I know,
it's boiling in here.
Yeah, I wonder what Luc,
Xander and Coco are doing.
I just can't believe like...
I think they're
probably swimming.
It's super hot, they should.
No, they're not swimming.
They're in the doctor's office.
Howdy, girls.
How did it go?
Oh, we didn't go in, I mean...
Oh, no.
Lillian let only
three people go.
- Oh really?
- Arman, I'm sorry
but we're gonna go in.
We're too hot to talk.
Yeah, yeah.
See you later.
My stupid phone's
been playing up.
I'm gonna go in
as well, I'm hot.
Oh, he loves me more.
No, It's me.
Remember who got him?
No, he loves me more.
I chose the name,
he likes my name.
No, I chose the name.
You wanted to call him
Bobby or something, whatever.
But I didn't,
I chose the name.
Wait, I think...
He likes me more.
I think you must be
missing Lulu already.
Ew, Alex!
That's disgusting.
Gross, that's disgusting!
Ew, ugh.
- Go away.
- What's with you, Alex?
That's disgusting.
I'm not kidding.
A monster and many little dogs.
What kind of dogs?
Oh, no, Zina!
I believe
they're all Shih Tzus.
If we're dealing with Shih Tzus,
you should investigate
the local contessa.
Her castle is close
to your position.
This could be very serious.
Can you find me any maps,
plans or information?
I'll see what I can find.
Cheers mate.
Crazy YouTubers.
So, what's the plan?
This is the
house of the expert
of all Italian architecture.
Those blueprints
must be in there.
Well done.
That's it, that's the file.
Here comes the easy part.
Who's my little ticket
out of here to the big time?
You are.
You are.
Aw yes.
You and me, bud,
we're going places.
Look what I taught him.
Come here, come here, come here.
Come here, come here, come here.
Okay, do it, do it,
do it, do it, do it.
Do it!
It's better just me and you.
Oh, man.
Hey, the dogs are
all in the shed
and I gotta tell you,
it's a beautiful batch.
It's a beautiful batch.
Yeah, yeah but
none as beautiful
as this little purebred
champion right here.
Tomorrow, we bring
this little guy
and one more fur ball
to the Countessa.
We're just bringing two?
Yeah, get the best
price we can for these two
and sell the rest same rate.
That is why you're so clever.
See, Stink, this is
why he's the boss.
Do you hear that?
Go ahead baby, go ahead.
- Boss.
- Boss.
- Boss.
- Put on something nice,
will ya?
I wanna make a good impression.
Come on, bro.
I always look sweet.
Proud of you, Frank.
But you, Stinky.
Kid comes to spy on us,
you're too stupid to
chase him away, huh?
What happened?
He fast, so fast.
And hurt me.
Oh, he was fast,
he hurt you?
Okay, okay, relax, relax.
What are you, useless?
Come here, come here.
Take this dog, and go sleep
with the rest of the dogs
where you belong!
No, no!
Yeah and you better
keep a good watch tomorrow
or I'll sell you,
too, all right?
Now, get out of here, huh!
Go on, get out of here!
Stink, Stink,
go with the dogs.
It's okay, go, go, go, go, go.
Why are you so nasty, huh?
You tryin' to win the
jerk of the year award?
I don't wanna have to
move out of this place
'cause of that idiot, all right?
Just chill.
Frank, you see this?
That's pretty, what is that?
You think that's funny, huh?
You think that's funny, huh?
- I do.
- Slappin' me all the time.
You think that's
really funny, huh?
You looked!
Get ready to feel the thunder.
One, two, three, four, five.
You didn't wipe it off.
Slap me.
My stomach, it's
going to my stomach.
Yeah, how long
have you been a cop?
I mean a police officer.
no, no, cop is fine.
I'm from Brooklyn, you know?
- Right.
- I've always been a cop.
I mean I was a cop
before I was a cop.
Actually, before I was a
cop, I met a lot of cops.
'Cause I was a crook, Brian.
You know just a few little
things, served a little time.
Things like breaking and
entering, packing a piece.
Little things like that.
Wow, that's,
that's really interesting.
Hey, you not to be
so animal centric
but you ever work with
a lot of police dogs?
Oh, yeah, sniffers, my
first partner was a sniffer.
No, he was a German
Shepherd named Ralphie.
He could sniff out a
convict with one sniff.
And tell you if
it was him or not.
He introduced me to
my first wife, Loretta.
Oh yeah, he sniffed her out.
I think he was the reason we
got divorced but what a dog.
Brian, Brian.
The bunny's ready
in the scan room.
Let's go.
Yeah, I gotta
get back to work.
We'll talk more later, okay?
See ya.
Yeah, there we go.
What a dog.
How are you today?
Hi, excuse me,
I just wanted to see
if you were coming
to the meeting tonight.
The security meeting.
I don't know.
Bring your sister if
she wants to come, okay?
Well, I kind of have to
work right now, you know.
Is that a goat?
What's his problem?
That's a bunny.
It's not a goat.
That was funny, though.
You're funny.
- Funny.
- Okay.
Very funny.
I just wanna say
this university
is the cutting edge university
for technology in the world.
And we have to
work right now so,
if you could just please,
unless you wanna be
scanned as well, we can...
Scan you too?
No, that's okay.
Okay, thank you,
thank you, thanks.
Guys, listen up.
Due to the recent events,
like the disappearance
of Alex again,
I think it's safe to say
it's time to take actions.
Guys, make sure to listen
so you don't get hurt.
All right, Xander,
I've prepared this gun
for you, all right?
First, we need to test it.
Good job.
You see?
It's pretty dangerous, man.
You don't mess with Papa Arman.
Girls, I've prepared
this weapon.
It might be a bit primitive
but it sure works.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's Luc here.
I'm good.
He's perfectly testable.
You know, oh!
- Yeah, I like it.
- I could have that.
I have a question.
What are these bottles for?
That's pee, I filled
them up overnight.
- What?
- Ew, that's gross.
It's a lethal weapon.
Arman, that's revolting.
What do you even mean?
Whose pee is this?
It's mine, do you want
me to spray you with it?
What is this?
Look, Arman, what is this?
Arman, what is this?
It's pee.
Please take a step forward.
No, no, no, no,
you have lost it!
You have lost it.
I have lost it, I'm mad!
This guy's crazy.
Come on, guys!
You gotta act cool
when you come to a
castle like this, man.
You gotta be cooler man.
You're all stiff and, come on.
What are you doing?
I'm just nudging ya for, aw!
What did you do that for?
Hey, gentlemen.
Hi, Lily.
You guys know
the way now, right?
Hello, madame.
Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you for letting
us in thy castle.
I can't believe
you wore those shoes.
Well, maybe you should
just relax about the shoes
and think about your
jacket and your scarf.
So 1997.
But naturally
better than those...
I love your castle.
Thank you.
It's not yet mine.
Not yet.
Where are they?
Of course.
Your gentlemen
are so funny guys.
I'm Frank.
I used to be a male model.
you these roses.
If only they were half
as beautiful as you are.
Lily, put them
to the fire this,
to the fire.
They are my dog?
Your majesty.
Count Countessa, these are
two of the most precious
Shih Tzus that have
ever walked on.
Did you want me to say?
Four legs.
Can I hug him?
Of course.
These are two of our stars
from the last litter.
Say hi to your new mommy.
So cute.
Sure, you
can touch this one.
- Yeah.
- You can touch me later
if you want.
Oh, this is for you.
What do you think?
Take him, take him.
Lily, Lily, help me.
Take it, take it,
take it, take it.
Where are the rest?
I ask about 30 dogs.
Don't worry.
Our assistant is prepping
them right now as we speak.
Countessa, I have
checked these dogs out,
each one of them nose to
tail and I gotta tell you,
they are immaculate.
We'll have them
ready for tomorrow.
Okay, that's, okay, tomorrow.
Now, there's just a
little matter of cost.
Yeah, sister, look,
you gotta pay up.
We got all kinds of expenses.
We got kibble, aw!
Again with the foot.
What my partner
meant to say was that
it costs so much to raise
these little fur balls
and create them into winners.
My, my, my, my, my, you
Americans are so dollars.
Why, thank you.
Okay, tomorrow I
can go in my bank.
Yes, I can take
money to pay after.
- That would be perfect.
- When I get my dogs.
Hannah, bring more champagne.
We're gonna drink again.
Come, come darling.
Let's celebrate.
Yes, Hannah, more champagne.
Hannah, more.
Nobody ever likes my jokes.
Not true, I love it.
I love it, I love it, I love it.
I knew it was
you the whole time.
There it is.
See, Arman found the Shih
Tzus in that shed on the left.
Yeah and guys, today
I brought snippers
so we can all go in.
Good thinking, Arman.
All right but first I
wanna see if anyone's here.
Hey, men, where are you?
Show your self!
Come meet us!
Quiet, quiet!
I don't think
nobody's here, guys.
You're right, sis.
Let's go in.
Let's get my Alex.
Brian, if
you cut it just there,
we'll be able to get in.
Okay, let's see...
And guys, this is
where I found Lulu.
Oh, okay.
Good job.
Kids, we're gonna
go in first, okay?
But tell us if
anything happens, okay?
You guys heard Dr. Brian.
Secure the parameter.
Spread out.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my god.
What is it?
What is it?
Oh, my god.
I'm gonna go, guys.
They're so cute.
Oh my god!
- So many dogs!
- You see?
Guys, you see I wasn't lying.
take some pictures.
I'm on it.
Arman, he said
pictures not selfies.
The police don't need
to see your face.
Okay, okay.
It stinks.
Uh-oh, I know that smell.
Gonna get dog!
Dog stink.
No, Stink the dog!
Don't move, don't move!
I don't want to hurt you!
Oh, my god!
Did we outrun it?
I think we did.
Good, good, is everybody here?
Yeah, we're all here.
What about Lillian?
Guys, we have to go back.
But we can't
fight the monster.
I'm serious.
We should call the police.
Well, guys, the
Wi-Fi's terrible
and there's absolutely
no internet connection.
Everybody follow me.
Let's go get Captain
Ted, come on, come on.
Good idea.
Come on.
Oh, my
gosh, oh, my gosh.
Captain Ted.
- Good lord, Ted.
- They're here.
Ted, we saw a monster.
I was there.
I was the one who went.
Quiet, I said, quiet!
We saw a monster.
If you're all talking
at the same time,
I can't hear anything.
Brian, could you tell
me what happened?
- Yes, yes.
- What's going on?
I can definitely tell
you what's going on.
There are all these
dogs, many dogs,
Shih Tzus and there are
definitely, definitely,
back me up, there's a crazy,
scary terrible monster, right?
Am I right?
Poor Lillian!
Poor Lillian?
She was so brave.
And, then there's
the gun and then,
of course, the rabbit.
The rabbit's talking to me
and I keep hearing the rabbit.
The rabbit is talking to
me every day and I've...
Wait a minute, I don't
get it, I don't get it.
I don't get this part about
monsters and talking rabbits.
I'll explain, you numskull.
My dog Alex is missing
and so is Lillian.
Well, does anybody know
what's really happening?
Let me go!
No speak.
You're going to jail.
No speak.
No speak.
Let me go!
No speak!
No good speak!
Let me go!
Stinky, what are you doing?
Is that that girl
from the pet shop?
Yeah, it is.
Stinky, what have
you been up to, huh?
Stinky not for
try steal dogs.
Stinky good.
Stinky got
a girl.
All right, listen,
listen, listen, listen.
Was she alone?
- Yeah.
- No, no, man, no.
Stinky make run.
Make run, Stinky.
Good boy, Stinky.
Come here, don't be sad.
That's a good boy, Stinky.
You did a good job.
Good job.
What do you wanna do?
We gotta get out of here
before they come back.
Let's clear this place.
What do we do with her?
No choice.
Take her as a hostage.
Stinky, take the girl and the
dogs and put them in the car.
I got a little something
special prepared for 'em.
I used to love these
when I was a kid.
Would you knock it off?
What, it's nothing.
Well, that's not water.
That's not water!
That's not water!
Oh, Frank!
You peed on me.
Keep everything under
control, all right?
I'll be right back.
You got it.
Six, seven, eight.
Raw, more, the
strong and strong.
This walk and hot.
Five, six, seven, hear to me.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Stop it, just stop it.
Mr. Harry is
here to see you again.
Ah, Mr. Harry, I didn't
expect to see you so soon.
This room is enchanting.
What do you call it?
I call it museum of my life.
Just wow.
And the countess
intends to open this part
of the castle to visitors.
You know Airbnb?
Oh, yes.
And the income we have
for the runway shows.
To buy the dogs.
Of course.
Well, tell me.
Do you have my Shih Tzu?
Well, not exactly.
I don't understand.
You have them?
Yes or no?
In truth, I came
to ask for your help.
How can I help you?
After our meeting,
I went back to my totally
legit dog breeding kennel
and it was burning, ensconced...
Oh no!
- The dogs.
- No, the dogs.
Don't worry, don't worry.
The Shih Tzus are fine.
I managed to save them
with Frank's help.
Thanks god for that.
But, but, we need
a place for the night
and I remember you mentioning
that you had a room
you keep for the dogs?
Yes, of course.
Do give him the
key for the dungeon.
Now could you excuse me?
I have some work to do.
Of course.
With this small little puppet.
Just keep going,
just work again.
- Just work.
- Thank you, Countessa.
Just work, just work more.
Follow me, I'll
give you the key.
You can use the back entrance.
It will be more discreet.
Discretion is good.
And work and just
work and just uh.
I'm sorry, I forgot one thing.
Don't go upstairs
under any circumstances.
We would never.
I had to get
involved with dogs!
Shih Tzus!
I should have gone
to medical school.
Get in the bus!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
let's go, come on!
All right!
Screw you if
you don't start right now.
You will bite.
You know, I could've
been a dentist.
I like teeth, I really do.
What are you talking about?
Nothing, it's something.
All right, settle down,
settle down, here we go.
Hey, you guys,
where are we going?
Come on, we're gonna the park.
Yay, let's go play
at the park, whee!
please, let me go!
Shh, shut her up.
Stinky, shut her up.
Let me go!
Come on, Frank,
get the rest of them down.
We should've
brought cats.
They're easier to work with.
Come on, come on.
on, open the door.
come on, good girl.
Captain, this is
the farm of horror.
All right, you kids stay
behind me and be quiet.
Captain Ted, it's
over here, this way.
After you, sir.
I don't think
this is a good idea.
Hey, Captain
Ted, it's this way.
Captain, the dogs are
in that shed over there.
Yeah, over there.
All right, listen.
I want you all, all you kids
to stay here and just be quiet.
Don't move.
And Brian, you come behind me.
You open the door quietly.
I'll stay here, okay.
I should, no, I.
Go, go, go.
I don't think I should
do this part, okay?
Come on, you can do it.
No, I don't...
The kids are looking!
I am a
veterinarian, okay?
I don't do this.
Never mind.
All right, everybody down.
Hit the floor.
There's no dogs in there.
There's no monster,
I assure you there were dogs,
I saw them with my own eyes.
I believe you, kinda.
I mean, there definitely
was dogs in there
- if you know what I mean.
- There was 2,000 dogs
in there.
Phew, they must've picked
up the whole operation
and gone somewhere else.
What do we do now?
I bet that house
has some clues.
Follow me.
Good idea, Captain.
Come on, let's go.
Shh, quiet now.
There's nobody here.
I can't see!
Oh, jeez, Captain,
are you okay?
What happened?
What happened to you?
Getting old?
Are you okay?
Oh, my god.
Hey, don't get
anywhere close to me!
Whoa, whoa!
You are the monster.
Ooh, I know I'm on a
diet but these croissants
look really good.
Can I have one?
Yeah, just take one.
It doesn't matter
about your diet.
Oh my god!
I'm like a bird!
Hey, hey, kids.
Listen, we gotta
get them outta here.
I'm gonna bring, everybody's
gotta go home, okay?
I'm gonna bring
you back tomorrow.
I'm gonna call forensics,
have them check
out the whole farm,
get my men in here and look
for Lillian but we gotta go.
Good boy, Stinky.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Come here, Stinky, come here.
Come here, get a treat.
Wait, wait, wait.
Ah, good boy.
Good boy, Stinky,
good boy, good boy.
All right, Stinky,
go watch over her.
Go watch over her.
Go watch over her.
Hey guys, which one
is it gonna be, huh?
Which one?
Is it gonna be you?
Which one, huh?
Is it gonna be you?
Frank, did you hide
the truck like I said?
Yeah, no one helped me
again but, yes, I did it.
Hey, this place
ain't bad, huh?
It's a little small
but it's not so bad.
Yeah, well, I don't
plan on staying here long.
Soon as I close this deal
with the Countessa, we're out.
France, here we come.
going back to France?
going back to France.
going back to France?
Stinky, we're going to France!
Ah, Stinky you're
gonna love the bread.
It's called a baguette.
Ah, it the ingredients
alone are fantastic.
Oh, they don't put
any pesticides.
No pesticides in their food.
See, now in America, we put
a lot of pesticides in food
which is what I've
eaten my whole life.
Will you shut up?
All right.
Stinky, take off her gag.
Let's see what she has to say.
You better not scream.
Please give me water.
Yeah, all right.
Stinky, go get her some water.
I hope you know that
kidnapping is a serious crime.
I did not know that.
Thank you.
Not to mention dog napping.
Would you shut her up?
Please, let me go upstairs.
I mean, what does she think
we're gonna steal her furniture?
What did I say?
Do not go upstairs
under any circumstances.
Just stay here and try not
to let your imagination
run away from you, all right?
All right.
I'm gonna go bring this
gift to the Countessa
to thank her for her kindness.
Watch over her and
don't let her get
in any more trouble, all right?
All right, all right.
Stinky, don't let him
go upstairs and, you,
shut up!
Hey, hey, hey.
Tell Hannah I said hey.
Or I mean like you know if
it seems like a good time
to do something like that,
just like slip it in there
that I said hey.
Shut up!
Or don't.
That's cool too.
There must be so many
rubies and jewels
and crowns up there but
Harry said not to go.
Not gonna go but if I just
go and I just, just, just
I'm just gonna check it out.
Ah, Jesus!
Okay, okay, stop sneaking
up on me like that!
Boss said not go upstairs.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm just gonna go up there.
If you don't say anything,
he won't know, capiche?
Now you go over there and
you pretend it's a drive-in
and you cuddle with
your girlfriend.
All right?
You go over there.
Frank's going up here.
I'm just gonna
take a little peek.
Aw, yeah.
Oh, spiders!
Ugh, come on!
Terrible, get off of me!
Anyone here?
Just be brave.
There's spiders everywhere!
There's just spiders
all over the place!
Come on!
Get off!
So, nobody comes up here, huh?
There's a fresh bowl of fruit
right here.
This place is filled with traps.
That's me.
Oh, Napoleon.
Who wants a painting
of Napoleon?
Hey, wanna bite?
Oh, that's right.
You're dead.
That's dead fruit!
That's dead fruit,
that's dead fruit!
This is!
Oh no, another creepy room.
This is a great bed.
Oh, yeah!
I've always wanted
a bed like this.
This is fantastic.
Oh, yeah, come on.
There you go.
But this is my bed.
Get up.
It's not real, it's not
real, it's not real, It's not,
it's real, it's
real, who are you?
Oh, you don't know who I am?
And you are in my bed.
Now, do you want me
to make nasty with you?
No, no nasty, not nasty.
Then get out, get out!
Never mind, you make my
bed stink like a dog!
No, no, no, not security!
- Security!
- Don't call security, relax!
Oh, my god!
Stop, let me out, no!
Mm, mm, I don't think
I can eat another bite.
You look stunning.
I know.
And thank you for the wonderful
dinner, dear Countessa.
Oh, no, thank you
for my lovely Hannah.
Aw, it was nothing, Countessa.
Thank you for my lovely doggy
but when are gonna
have the rest of them?
Oh, soon.
My assistants are
almost finished making
the final preparations
right now.
Tomorrow, we're
gonna go in pet shop
to buy some new
clothes for my doggy.
I know just the place.
I'll take you there tomorrow.
Perfect, perfect.
Shall we drink to that?
Drink for this, yes!
Yes, tomorrow.
There's a horrible
ghost up there!
And whatever you do,
don't go up there!
He's bad!
What is it?
What's wrong with my hair?
My hair, it's kinda.
I look like my dad.
I'm so sad.
Why Letizia?
It's such a beautiful day.
You're having fun in the pool
and Alex is bound to turn up.
It's not about Alex,
it's about Lillian.
I just can't stop
thinking about Alex.
And the other dogs.
I mean the poor little things,
mistreated and held prisoner.
But what about Lillian?
Where did the monster take her?
There's bound to be
something we can do.
Thanks, Nanny.
Why don't you guys go
in town and look for them.
Oh, yeah.
- That's a great idea.
- Good idea.
Hey, maybe we can
make copies of this
and stick them around town.
Did you draw that?
- Oh, my god.
- It's amazing.
exactly like Alex.
That's a great idea.
Let's do it.
Thank you, Nanny.
Thank you so much, Nanny Zina.
You know what?
Let me kiss you.
Oh, no Coco, I
don't wanna get wet.
I insist.
Just one little kiss, come.
Come on.
One little kiss.
Come on here, trust me.
Come on, guys!
him alone, Doctor.
I said now.
Where are you, you little rat?
It's not a rat, it's a rabbit.
Thanks, I know
it's a rabbit, okay?
I was trying to insult him.
I'm not
coming out, no way.
I don't wanna take a bath.
Don't come out.
- Bath's not fun.
- Please,
if you don't come out
now, it's gonna get nasty.
Brian, who are you talking to?
Are you okay?
The rabbit, he doesn't
wanna take a bath.
I don't wanna take a bath,
I don't wanna take a bath.
I think you might be
under a little stress
since your sister's
disappeared, Brian.
I think you need
to take a day off.
Brian's going nuts, what?
See, even the
parrot's insulting me.
You know, we used to be friends.
Brian, I know parrots can talk
but I didn't hear
yours say anything.
Forget all that.
Have you got any
leads on my sister?
I've got my men
spread out everywhere.
We've got some reinforcements
coming in this afternoon.
You don't have to
worry about anything.
Thanks, Captain Ted.
Don't worry.
Thanks a lot.
Come and get
me, you long haired hippie.
- Brian's gone mad.
- Come here you little...
I don't like that.
I don't think, too much.
No, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, no.
- No, different color,
different color.
No, no, that's fine.
Yellow with the hood?
Oh look.
Look how that cute that is
with the bunny on the back?
Who doesn't love the bunny?
It's nice.
It's nice.
That's okay.
Next, next, next.
Next, you sure you don't like?
Next one.
Show us the next one, please.
Pink one?
Do you have pink one?
What do you think?
look charming.
- Little jewel sparkling.
- She's little jewel sparkle.
That's nice.
Look at that, that one's nice.
We'll take that one as well.
You like?
Oh, yes I like.
Make that two.
That's beautiful.
Okay, next.
This, this I love it.
I want this, I want
this, I want this.
Oh, yes, we love this, me too.
I think this looks beautiful.
Heard your old boyfriend
was a dancer.
Oh, we'll take it.
We'll take this one.
We'll take two
of these, please.
That's hard to compete with,
being with a dancer.
Okay, two.
It never hurts
to have an extra.
- Oh, I can move.
- You're right.
I can shake it,
- shake it, shake it.
- And it's only 60 each.
Oh, you're right.
So cheap.
So beautiful.
We'll take two.
Most dancers are a little
- if you know what I mean.
- That's okay.
Perfect, perfect, just take it.
A little sensitive.
Nice girl.
Help Stinky.
I want to help
but my hand hurt.
He likes salami.
name girl?
My name is Lillian.
What's your name?
Everybody call Stinky.
That's mean.
Well, it kind of suits you but,
what if we find a
different name for you?
Like Anthony?
Yes, Anthony.
I just want this
one immediately.
Don't say anything, I want this.
Beautiful, beautiful.
Wow, look at...
Perfectly nice.
Perfectly, perfect, I want.
It look just like little
people with the tail
and very hairy.
Kind of like me.
Yeah, Harry friend.
We can all use a
Harry friend, can't we?
Oh, look at how happy he is.
Put the hood up.
Yes, yes, put the hood up.
- Put the hood up.
- For those rainy days.
Oh, oh, that's too
much, too much.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
We love it, we
love it, we love it.
There's just nothing to say.
There's nothing to say.
No, no, no.
I love them.
I have to take it.
Immediately we have to take it.
Add that to the collection.
We'll take that with
the other 37 sweaters
and we'll meet you at the front.
Thank you.
You both are
like tall drinks of water.
Sorry, Harry.
You guys have that...
You have that
expression here?
Countessa, please the keys.
Let me drive.
Tall drinks of water?
- No, no, no.
- Take the dog.
I got the dog, I got the dog.
It's worth
a lot of money, lady.
Thank you, Frank.
Hey, Xander.
Look at that silly bunch.
Don't wanna grow
up to be like them.
Wow, you are super tall.
I know.
Look at that crazy old lady.
She looks nasty.
I'm pretty sure
that's the Countessa.
She lives in the castle
just outside this town.
Hold on a minute.
Isn't that a Shih Tzu?
We should
maybe be going Harry.
Yeah, sure looks
like a Shih Tzu.
The dogs can't be
in the sun this long,
they got no sunscreen.
So what?
I swear that's the
one we saw yesterday.
Arman, you know, pretty sure
there's a lot of Shih Tzus
that look alike and uh,
just another Shih Tzu.
No, mate.
Maybe all of them
look like each other
but this one's the
one we saw yesterday.
Trust me, it is.
Okay, whatever you say.
We need to go.
Take me to the castle now.
It's in.
Not a single dog anywhere.
It's ridiculous.
How about you?
What do you think, Lulu?
Look me in the eyes and
tell me where is Lillian?
- Yes, Lulu.
- Where is your boyfriend
Okay, we're lost.
All 'cause of you.
Why would you put
a poster over here?
Nobody's ever gonna
pass through here.
Can you just be
positive for once?
You never know who's
gonna walk here, okay?
You want me to
be positive to you?
Fine, I'll find Alex myself.
- Oh, let's see.
- That would definitely
work better.
Can you stop?
You're giving me
a headache, stop.
I'll never stop.
Alex, Alex, is that you?
Come here.
What if we run away
before they come back?
We can't.
Harry, Harry, kill me.
Lillian, escape.
Anthony like Lillian.
I like you too.
Kiss Lillian.
We're moving too fast.
I'm sorry, Anthony.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
That's it.
So, what do we do now?
Well, I think we should
go stash our bikes.
I have something to
check on my phone.
You and your phone.
Like seriously, when
will you ever stop?
Trust me, mate.
Just give this a second.
Here, give me your bike.
Here you go.
Okay, so.
Here, look, one
of my mates sent me this.
Hey, old chum.
I hate to say this but this
will be my last transmission.
Click below to download.
Wish me luck, I'm
going deep undercover.
And don't forget LEO
TV, like and subscribe.
What do you think about it?
Wait, that's the complete
blueprint for that exact castle.
Yes, yes, it is.
How did he even get that?
It's like...
that doesn't matter.
- So weird.
- Look, you see here?
That looks like the rear entrance
connecting to the dungeon.
That must be where
they hide the dogs.
I'm assuming
somewhere over there.
Yeah, let's go find out.
the castle's so big.
Oh, my gosh.
- My god.
- Lillian, Alex!
See Xander?
I was right.
Guys, what are you doing?
We have got no time for hugs.
We better make a run
before they see or hear us.
Yeah, come.
Oh, we gotta go this way.
The dogs are in the dungeon.
If they know that I escaped,
they're gonna run away.
- Okay.
- And then
we're not gonna see them again.
Lillian's right.
Arman, call Captain Ted
and Dr. Brian, okay?
But in the meantime,
let's go up there
and we'll stay safe
away from them.
The Countessa's castle.
Are you sure, Arman?
All right, don't move.
I'll be right there.
Thank you.
Did you hear that?
They found Lillian!
They found Lillian!
I really miss her.
What are
you waiting for?
Run, Brian, run like the wind!
Run like a cheetah
unleashed from the zoo.
Go, run!
What happened?
- Hi.
- Did you find them?
What's going on?
Arman found Lillian
and the dogs and...
Can we come with you?
Just get in the car.
- Yes, let's go!
- That's amazing!
Thank you.
on, let's get in.
So, I'm
gonna walk the dogs...
You're gonna
walk the dogs, yes.
Go, go, go, what are you doing?
She knocked him out.
She knocked him out!
Can't you do anything right?
You worthless, filthy, bad dog!
- Bad dog!
- Harry.
Harry, stop it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why are you trying
to choke me, sir?
My name is Anthony.
You know I was
just kidding, right?
Who are you?
Your host and benefactor.
That's nice.
Not bad.
Do you have any
more of that soap?
Nothing personal.
Ya smell like a stud.
My name is Anthony.
We got that.
Hi, Anthony.
Go time.
Okay, so, where's Arman?
He called me.
Called me, he said
that they were here.
Yeah, I think
they're close by.
Yes, get in!
- Lillian!
- Lillian!
- Oh my gosh.
- Oh my god, Lillian.
I thought I'd lost you.
I thought I'd never see you.
Oh, Lillian.
Okay, okay, listen.
Listen, I'm gonna take
my two officers inside
and I want all of you
to stay here, all right?
Stay here.
Yes, sir.
Okay, okay, let's
follow Captain Ted.
Follow him.
Wait one second,
I said stay here.
It's dangerous in there,
especially for kids.
Let's go.
Where are they going?
They're on the other side.
which way do we go?
On the other side.
This way, come follow me.
What's this?
You can't just invade
people's home for no reason.
I've got a very good reason
and I'm arresting both of you
for the audacity
of your complicity
for your conspiracy for
dognapping and kidnapping.
Cuff 'em.
- Wait.
- Oh no.
No, no, I'm innocent!
I'm innocent, it's not me.
It's Harry.
He's a bad guy, Harry!
- Harry?
- Let me go.
Let me go.
Where's this Harry?
In the dungeon with the dogs.
In the dungeon?
Where is this dungeon
with the dogs?
I can show you the way.
All right, take
'em to the cars.
Let me go.
Bubbie, Bubbie!
Bubbie, Bubbie!
All right, where's
this dungeon?
It's right this way, sir.
Is it dark?
Kind of, yeah.
I know.
I'm gonna
use this as a leash.
- What?
- Let's get outta here
before she gets back
here with the cops.
What are we gonna do with him?
What aren't we
gonna do with him?
Leave him with the dogs.
Let him take the blame.
That's why you're the boss.
We'll be back in
a little bit, bud.
Okay, how many dogs we got?
One, two, three,
four, seven, eight.
Open the door!
Oh geez!
My god, we're totally done for.
Think, think!
Let's go upstairs!
I bet you there's a way
out this way, come on.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
What, why?
We're not going up
there, it's horrible!
Do you wanna go to prison?
Well, no.
Well, then let's go.
All right.
Okay, come on.
Let's just stay
close, all right?
Open up!
Let us in!
Oh, my goodness!
- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
I've never.
Oh, my goodness.
Lillian, who is this man?
This is Anthony.
Why is he dressed
like the monster?
That's disgusting.
He's a nice guy.
Where's Harry and Frank?
They went upstairs looking
for a way out, Lillian.
Right, okay,
here's what we'll do.
Xander, I need you to
come upstairs with me.
Dr. Brian, work
with everybody else
to make sure that
the dogs are okay
and take care of this guy.
He's kind of.
Excuse me, Arman, we
need to go upstairs.
All right, you
guys be careful.
We will.
Be extra careful.
Okay, everyone let's
grab these dogs.
Let's get out of here.
Grab, everyone grab one.
Come on,
let's go this way.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, wait, you're
being such a baby.
It's just spider webs.
Calm down, it's
just some spiders.
What are you doing?
Look, let's just go this way.
Come on, come back.
No, you don't wanna eat
the fruit, trust me.
Just trust me.
It's not good.
Would you stop
micromanaging me
and help me find
a way out of here?
All right, all
right, all right.
I suggest we go...
This way, come on!
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
What's through here?
Right, look.
You don't wanna
go in there, dude.
Trust me, it's really creepy.
I'm gonna say this once.
There's ghosts in there.
Okay, Captain Creepy.
I'm gonna tell
you one more time.
There's no such thing as ghosts!
- Yes, there is.
- Now, come on!
- Come on!
- No!
Come on!
I told you, look!
There's nothing to be
afraid of, all right?
I thought I told
you to leave me alone!
Who is that?
That's Napoleon's ghost.
Oh, god.
- Security!
- Oh, god, no!
This is horrible.
This is what happens when
you are stupid in my house.
You've got them?
That's good, that's very good.
That's what happens.
Hands up, nobody move.
Who are you
to give orders in my house?
Arrest me right now!
Me, me, please, me!
I made him do it!
I made him do it.
All right.
You guys are working for me now.
I want you to take these
dog nappers downtown
and lock 'em up.
Oh please, no, don't.
No, no.
No, no.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Hey, Captain Ted, is
everything all right?
What are you guys doing here?
Who's that guy?
I thought I told you
to stay in the car.
All right, go on,
get outta here.
All right.
You go with 'em.
Hi, nice to meet you.
You look familiar.
Haven't we met somewhere before?
Perhaps we will
someday meet again
but right now, I want
you to leave my house!
See you later.
So cute.
Of course,
they're all adorable.
I'm Countessa, I have nothing
to do with these people.
We'll see you better when
we get down to the station.
Put her in the car.
You're beautiful!
I know!
I think I love you!
Oh, my god.
Who is this guy?
He's just a victim
of these crazy people.
Brian, are you all right?
All is well, Captain Ted.
Doc, what are we gonna
do with all the extra dogs?
Well, first I'll
take a look at them
and make sure they're
in good health.
And then I thought it
would be a good opportunity
at the dog show to try to
give them away to families
that would take
good care of them.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Brian, that's a great idea.
All right.
That's a great idea.
Yeah, that's a great idea.
Go, Dr. Brian!
Yeah, awesome!
Aw, kids.
I love you guys.
Kids are happy and the dogs
are happy, everybody's happy.
Great job.
Thanks, thanks.
So, tell me, Captain Ted,
what have you done with the
Countessa and her accomplices?
Doctor, I think that
she was a nut case.
I mean, she told me
she was 400 years old.
No, They're locked
up till their trial.
Oh, well,
I gotta say I'm happy
how this story ended.
I mean, look at my sister.
Well, it just looks like
it's just you and me now, Doc.
Dr. Brian?
Would you like to come?
Captain Ted, I gotta go.
I'll see ya.
Hey buddy.
Alex, you wanna work for me?
The risk with crime!
That's the risk with crime!
That's the risk...
No, come on, relax, okay?
Hannah, you were my friend.
I trust you, I trust you!
How you could?
How you could do this to
me, the beautiful Countessa?
How you can?
How you can do this for me?
Harry friend!
What's that smell?
Where is my money?
No, money.
No, look at me!
Help me.
Where are you
going, Countessa?
I'm still Countessa.
Oh, yes you are.
- I'm still Countessa.
- Yes, you are.
I'm still Countessa.
Wig, wig, wig, wig, wig, wig.
Wig, wig, wig, wig, wig!