Mission Raniganj (2023) Movie Script

For 2000 years, Britain has had
a long-standing tradition of coal mining.
But it was Sir George Bruce
from Scotland
who changed the game in 1575.
He came up with the brilliant idea
of connecting a 40-foot shaft
to two other shafts,
making ventilation and water drainage
much more efficient in the mines.
This innovative technique,
which originated in Britain,
is still widely used in coal mines
all over the world today.
India's first coal mine was established
in Raniganj
by British pioneers
who worked for the East India Company,
John Sumner and Suetonius Grant Heatly.
It's clear that the coal trade in India
was influenced greatly
by the British system.
Aspects such as Markatta quarters,
officers' clubs, mining definitions,
and even the prestigious
Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad
was modeled after
London's Royal Schools of Mines.
Despite the vast distance
of 6000 kilometers
separating the mines
in England and India,
there was a common challenge they faced.
Accidents within the mines.
Listen, mister.
If you keep hiding in there,
how will this matter be solved?
Disperse the crowd first.
They will behave like gentlemen.
Just open the door.
No, I don't trust you.
Send the crowd back.
Listen, mister!
Nobody is leaving.
First, I want assurance that you will take
Nandu Malla back on the job.
- It wasn't me. Jaswant fired him.
- Where is he?
Hey, break down the door.
Come on.
Do you plan to break the door or what?
- Don't call the police, mister.
- Yes.
You wouldn't listen to my requests, right?
Now you will see.
Open or we will break it.
It's still not too late. Open the door.
- Break it.
- God, please save me.
- Hit harder.
- Okay.
He's the one
who was bossing me around.
Brother, all good?
- You
- Sir, your wife's on the line.
You fool!
Is this the time to attend calls?
Sorry, brother. It's my wife.
Let me answer the call, please.
I'm sure you understand.
Hello, Nirdosh.
What's taking you so long?
I've been waiting for so long.
Do you know what the time is?
I know it's 6:00 p.m.
My senior officer is here.
To ensure he doesn't make
any wrong decisions,
I had to come back to the office.
Have you thought of a gift
to take to the wedding?
Do you have anything in mind?
Dinner set?
- Mr. Gupta is already giving it.
- Really?
How about a mixer grinder?
But isn't the boss gifting that?
The boss is giving that.
So then what should we give?
Anyway, you don't worry.
I will speak to my senior,
resolve the matter, and come home.
Why did you fire Nandu?
Yes, because he was drunk on duty.
Take him back.
Nandu, apologize to him.
Forgive me.
Okay, you're forgiven.
- But he can't resume work.
- Why?
- Hey, do you know me?
- No.
- You idiot!
- You
I'm sorry. I guess I hit too hard.
But it is your fault.
How could you aim at my turban?
- Aim at my chest if you want.
- My gun!
- What you did was wrong.
- Correct.
But on the call with your wife,
you addressed me as your senior.
For that respect, I forgive you.
Thank you.
- But, brother...
- Quiet!
Idiot! How dare you drink on duty!
Moron! Get out!
Let's go. Come on.
- Brother, are you okay?
- It's okay. I'm fine.
Let's go.
Come with me.
I'll show you.
- Quiet!
- But at least listen to me.
- Sir.?
- Yes.
Jaswant here.
They are gone, sir.
Open the door, sir.
Good day, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Have you solved everyone's problems?
What are you doing, Nirdosh?
You're pregnant, right?
Remember what the doctor said?
- Take it easy.
- There is nothing to worry about.
Doctors only scare us.
Nobody can win an argument with you.
Come on.
Nirdosh, I have to say
you look beautiful.
Don't start again.
Do we have to attend this wedding?
It's from your side of the family.
- You decide.
- Oh, yes, I forgot.
Well, let's go.
Like this?
Go and change.
What's the point?
All eyes are going to be on you, not me.
Not again. Go get dressed.
Go on.
Moonlight welcomes all to a funfair night
As the full moon shines bright
Lake's too got an invite
Moon's the chief guest tonight
Moonlight welcomes all to a funfair night
As the full moon shines bright
Lake's too got an invite
Moon's the chief guest tonight
Starlight shimmers
Starlight shimmers in a milky dress
Hauling all stars, a sight no less
Moonlight welcomes all to a funfair night
As the full moon shines bright
It's time to party!
It's time to party!
It's time to party!
Love's fragrance lingers
Throughout the hamlet's edge
Sandalwood doors proudly
Display artistry on the ledge
Love's fragrance lingers
Throughout the hamlet's edge
Sandalwood doors proudly
Display artistry on the ledge
In the heart's chamber
There's love's radiant light
It's glowing and shining
As love burns bright
Moonlight welcomes all to a funfair night
As the full moon shines bright
It's time to party!
It's time to party!
It's time to party!
I've heard of your amulet
With a thread so dark
Filled with love songs
A treasure of your beloved Sartaaj
I've heard of your amulet
With a thread so dark
Filled with love songs
A treasure of your beloved Sartaaj
If love exists, please let it be true
In pure tradition, divine and new
Moonlight welcomes all to a funfair night
As the full moon shines bright
Lake's too got an invite
Moon's the chief guest tonight
It's time to party!
- Are you done dancing?
- Yes.
- Are you happy now?
- Yes.
- Can we go home now?
- No, first give me a hug.
It's time to party!
Hey, here comes the TV!
Was he peddling like a turtle?
It's almost 9:00 a.m., brother-in-law.
- It's alright, sister-in-law.
- Here, give it.
- Be careful.
- Don't just stand there, all of you!
- Give him a hand.
- We're going.
Please go and find Banke.
- Banke! Bankelal!
- God knows where he's gone.
Brother, the day I become
a government officer,
- Bankelal!
- I'll buy a TV just like this one.
I don't see any signs of that coming true.
Exams are around the corner,
and you're not focused on your studies.
Let me make it very clear, Birju.
You won't set foot in those mines,
and that's final.
Oh, okay.
We've hardly seen you since
your daughter arrived.
Brother Daddan,
I've been complaining about that as well.
Don't listen to her. It's not true.
I want every inch of the bus covered
in flowers,
so all of Raniganj feels like a bouquet.
Goodness! You're sinning
on an auspicious day.
- Have some fear!
- Gods drink too. Let's go.
You are incorrigible.
Why did you call me here, Banke?
There are several varieties
of flowers here, Sunita.
Pick the one you like.
I'll know your feelings for me.
Shakuni played a really
wicked move in the last act.
- Let's go.
- The Pandavas' anonymous exile is bound
to get exposed today.
Why don't you just sit on my lap instead?
Listen, Sudama.
- My son will sit here.
- Leave my spot.
- This is unfair.
- Old man
How do you plan to watch Mahabharata
if you don't carry your glasses?
Attention! Attention!
Everyone is informed,
that the bus leaves at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow
for Rekha's wedding.
So, everyone, be on time
and grab your seats.
- We will!
- Understood?
So that we all reach Ramgarh on time
and proceed with Rekha's marriage
at the auspicious time.
That's great news!
Priest, it's time to sound the conch.
- This is where the cap lamps are charged.
- Really, Uncle?
Sir, starting tomorrow, I would
prefer not to work the night shifts.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
Hello, sir.
Planning to do overtime even tonight?
Are you done making arrangements
for Rekha's wedding?
Yes, I did.
- Wait. Let me open it.
- Let them pass.
Come on.
Hurry up, guys.
The next shift is here.
- Move ahead.
- Go, go.
- Careful.
- Keep moving, Ram Khilawan.
Hey, Pashu!
- Uncle.
- Yes?
It's too heavy.
Get used to it. Move.
You aren't carrying any booze, right?
- Wait. Stop.
- Wait. What is this?
Well, Tiger
see you in the morning!
- Go, go, go.
- Push harder.
Come on.
Uncle, how much longer till we get there?
- How much have you had to drink?
- I've knocked back three already.
My son-in-law landed a government job.
How much dowry is he demanding?
You have it good.
No matter what, you'll do as you please!
Be alert!
- Blast in progress!
- Blast?
Be alert!
Be alert!
We've dug up a lot of coal today.
Nice, that means we'll hit our target.
- Make sure to check over there as well.
- On it, sir.
- Speed it up, Daddan.
- I'm going.
Check here as well.
Yeah, which section are
you speaking from?
Brother, water has entered the court line!
Brother, the mines are flooding.
Good God.
- Get out of here!
- Get out!
Don't stop, keep running!
Some of you rush towards pit two.
The rest of you head towards pit one.
Brother, what happened?
Flooding at Mahabir Colliery.
Miners are trapped.
That's where I am headed.
If only I could get out of this!
- Diwakar!
- Yes, sir.
Move the car quickly.
Need to get the rescue van out.
Okay, sir.
Come on. Move your car.
Come on, move!
- Move!
- Come on! Hurry!
Come on. Push harder.
- Hey!
- Bravo!
- Push harder.
- Come on!
Hurry. Push harder.
- Stop. Stop.
- Please hurry!
Move your truck quickly. Hurry up.
Push it. Keep going.
Hurry up.
Good, keep it moving.
Let them pass.
- Diwakar.
- Yes, sir?
Go back to the office
and inform the director
that I am going to Mahabir. Okay?
Okay, sir.
We need an answer!
Let us go!
- Let us in!
- Move back!
Move back!
- Let us go!
- Open the gate!
Where do you think you're going?
Let me go!
My husband is trapped down there!
Leave me!
I want to meet your boss.
Shut down Coal India!
Shut down Coal India!
You knew that place was dangerous.
Why did you go there?
Let us go in once.
Who is responsible for this tragedy?
Is my brother alright?
Move back!
Why should we move back?
If that Bansi,
Devi's husband, made it out,
why is my husband still trapped inside?
Let me go in or call your boss!
Have you lost your mind?
Stay back.
Hey calm down!
When the man of the house is missing,
the family is bound to be enraged.
- I've been trying to explain...
- Now is not the time to give explanations.
It's time to understand them.
Sorry, sir.
No one's telling us
what condition they are in.
Please help us, sir.
Everyone's making excuses.
- No one's listening to us.
- Tell us, sir.
please tell us.
When will Banke
and my brother-in-law come out, sir?
Very soon.
I assure you everyone will come out.
The management
is taking every possible measure.
What measures?
You have to find them.
I lost my brother in the Chasnala mines.
And now, I can't
- Sister-in-law!
- Durga.
- Sister-in-law!
- Durga.
- What's wrong?
- What is wrong with her?
Sir! You can't hide your face like this.
You don't have any answers, do you?
We cannot fall weak, Durga.
- Get some water!
- Mother!
Is my father alright?
Everyone's misleading us.
Move aside, everyone.
Let her get some fresh air.
Hold this.
Listen, child.
Rub her hands.
Drink this water.
Drink it.
Firstly, stop being negative.
Right now, you need to be brave
and have faith in the management.
Ujjwal sir is surely looking for
a solution to save the men.
No one is hiding.
We are one family.
We should stand together
in such tough times. Okay?
Soon you will all be informed.
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
Kasim. Who is he?
Ujjwal sir and this guy
used to work together
in the coal mines of England.
He was in Durgapur for a conference.
Ujjwal sir has called him for advice.
Mr. Ujjwal,
I don't think they could be alive.
There'll be just dead bodies
down there now.
Let's go.
- the villagers are getting violent.
- It's not safe to be here.
The car's waiting at the back door, sir.
Do you have any rescue plans?
Of course, sir.
As soon as we find a way
to get down there,
according to DGMS rules,
I'll take four men with stretchers,
and rescue the trapped miners.
You call that a solution, Basu?
Sir, such accidents occur
when safety rules are ignored.
I had warned Kasim about the risks.
But he said
"Why do you enter the mines
if you're afraid of taking risks?"
Hey when did you tell me?
- I did.
- You must've told him.
- Listen...
- This is not the time to blame each other.
We need to rectify our mistakes.
Sir, the families outside
want to know what our next step is.
Who is he, Ujjwal?
This is Jaswant Singh Gill.
GM of SP Mines
and a rescue-trained officer.
Sir, can I be of any help?
It was a relief to see you here.
But how did you learn about the accident?
Superintendent Basu told me.
Thank God you are here!
There's a lot of negativity around.
I am totally numb.
I am completely alone.
I really needed you, Gill
Don't worry, sir.
We will overcome this.
Thank you.
Brief me quickly.
Sir, this is the Mahabir Colliery.
At a depth of 350 feet
is the Narayankuri seam
spread over an area of five kilometers,
where 232 miners were working overtime
during the 12:00 a.m. shift.
The work was done in three sections.
Mining was under "Behra"
Anant Pandey.
He's hard of hearing, sir.
Sixty-five miners under Behra were
working here, under the railway line.
- Hey!
- Start drilling.
Shaligram, Noor, and Bankelal
were doing maintenance work
in the trolley area.
Forty-two miners were moving
the coal from here.
At the highway line, under Lakhan.
And here,
ninety-four of Daddan's miners
were working in the court line.
Which section did the blast go off?
In Daddan's section.
Sir, under the pressure of production,
management crossed
this 60-meter danger strip
and blasted this space.
This ceiling was connected
to the Ningha pit,
which had been closed for 70 years,
and had ten trillion gallons
of water at the least.
And this water is quickly seeping
into the Narayankuri seam.
After Daddan's alert,
which section did you call first?
Behra's section.
Sir, no one answered the phone.
- Then what did you do?
- I quickly called the highway line.
Get out of there immediately.
The court line is flooded.
Water is seeping in.
The mines are flooding! Run!
- Then?
- I called Behra again.
Pick up, Behra!
And Pandey didn't pick up again?
Gop answered the phone.
But nearly 20 minutes later.
- Yes?
- Gop, run.
The court line's flooding!
Water's getting seeping in!
Hey! Listen
- Gop!
- Run for your lives, everyone!
The mines are flooding!
Run fast, Behra!
You mean to say
they never made it to Chanak?
Yes, sir.
I was the last one to make it out.
But I didn't see Behra or his men.
But I did see the water coming.
I can see the water coming!
Pull now!
Any contact with the missing miners?
After speaking to Gop,
the CDS system failed as well.
- How many miners made it out?
- 161 miners.
So, 71 miners are still missing. Right?
- Yes.
- Six from the highway line,
and all sixty-five miners
from Behra's section.
Have a look, sir.
What do these crosses indicate?
they must have tried to get to Chanak.
The water must have swept them away.
I also assume all are dead.
with due regard,
assumption is not a solution.
No one saw them die.
And no one knows if they are alive.
The chances of survival are fifty-fifty.
Sir, we should hope they are alive.
Because if there is a single
life breathing down there,
he's probably waiting for us.
Who is the survey officer?
Gopal ran away
when the tragedy occurred.
He must have gone home.
- Go get him.
- Okay.
Sir, a single pump won't help.
We need at least ten pumps
to dewater continuously.
- And Mr. Manager
- Yes.
Make sure there's an uninterrupted
power supply in this area. Okay?
And inform the rail department,
to limit the speed of all trains
on this line to less than 20.
I repeat, less than 20.
- Got it?
- Why the train?
Act faster, Mr. Manager.
What are you doing?
Get going.
Dayal, this incident
is very shameful for Coal India.
- The rescue mission cannot lack effort.
- Yes, sir.
Send the senior officers and a DGMS team
to Mahabir Colliery immediately.
Yes, sir.
Very sad, sir.
Understand, Ujjwal isn't just a dedicated
CMD of ECL, but he is an old friend.
- Yes, sir.
- Go there, take full charge.
Use all the resources
and do the needful in the matter.
Yes, sir. Of course, sir.
I'm on my way, sir.
Sir, should I bring the car around?
You seem to be in a hurry.
Who's going to finish this milk?
Sir, it was me
who called Mahabir Colliery.
Because on my way to the washroom,
I saw that the Ningha pit was open.
And it was such a loud roar,
like the Ganga flowing
from Lord Shiva's tresses.
Sir, the vacuum created
by the intense water pressure
has forced the old pit to reopen.
Where is the entry to this incline, sir?
That way.
Hand me the torch.
Be careful, Gill.
Can we use one of these
two openings as an entry point?
Not possible, sir.
The water's force is too much.
It's quite dangerous there.
And we shouldn't send the rescue officers
through these points.
Sir! Sir!
Come quickly, sir.
Govardhan sir has arrived.
The matter has turned aggressive, sir.
What did you say?
My miners have drowned?
Let me show you
- what drowning to death feels like!
- Please forgive me.
Shut up!
How dare you say such a thing?
I'll thrash you!
I'll throw you down the pit.
My miners have drowned?!
- Hit him!
- Don't spare him!
- Hit him!
- Throw him down the pit!
- Don't spare him.
- Sorry, sir. I didn't mean it.
Govardhan! Govardhan!
The union and management are
no longer friends, Ujjwal.
I am your biggest enemy now.
Govardhan, no!
Our biggest enemy now is time.
And the more we waste it,
the harder it will get to save them.
Govardhan, listen.
- Everyone is stressed.
- Sir
I didn't mean to say that.
Stay within your limits.
Otherwise, I will make you pay.
Get lost!
Listen, Ujjwal.
This is a Bengali promising you.
If you show any negligence
in saving my men,
I will blow up you and your
coal company. Understood?
And this is not an MLA,
it's a Markatta
and a union leader speaking.
That won't be required, brother.
I know this area
like the back of my hand.
- Bless me.
- Always.
Brother, you know
I have spent eight years here.
So headquarters called me directly
to help the CMD.
So, here I am.
I have a foolproof rescue plan for you.
I learned that the abandoned
Ningha pit has reopened.
I'll send rescue officers down that way.
- The Ningha abandoned pit...
- I'm sorry to interrupt you, sir.
I just surveilled the Ningha pit...
I am still talking, mister.
I will rescue all your miners
through Ningha pit.
I expected that from you.
This gentleman will definitely
save our families.
Immediately call
drilling contractor Upadhyay.
What's the point of drilling, sir?
We'll only find dead bodies down there.
We'll charge them for it, idiots.
We have a problem.
This city is full of tragedies.
Anything can be delayed here.
But if Rajdhani is delayed,
I'll be facing an inquiry
from higher authorities. Understand?
Sir, listen to me.
The water seepage in the mines
has loosened the soil.
If the train crosses with speed,
there is a danger surface collapsing.
I sympathize with your situation.
But I need permission from DRM.
And Delhi is where all
the important work is done.
- Getting permission isn't easy.
- Wait a minute.
It takes months to get permission.
He's telling me to hold for a minute.
The station master is more worried
about Rajdhani being on time
than the lives of Govardhan sir's miners.
Go and call Govardhan sir.
- What?
- He will speak to him.
- Hello, buddy! Listen to me!
- Yes, sir.
Don't trouble Govardhan sir.
I am talking to you, friend.
Hello? Hello?
Sir I'm giving the phone
to Govardhan sir.
You explain to him.
Here you go.
There's no need
to explain anything to him.
I understood everything.
You said you wanted a speed of 20, right?
I set it to ten.
- Happy?
- Happy, sir.
Tell Govardhan sir that I got it done.
Okay, sir.
We were taking this
man's presence lightly.
He's not as simple as he looks.
You know entry from
Ningha pit is impossible.
Sen is here on direct orders
from the headquarters.
I cannot stop him.
But we can do our job.
I have a rescue plan.
- Long live
- Govardhan sir!
Child, these gentlemen will
approve the rescue plan.
DG sir, the mainline must
be flooded with water now.
And if these 71 miners are still alive
they must be trapped near
their working area. Right?
- Right, Sengupta?
- Right, sir.
Ningha open pit is the nearest point
of access to them.
From my experience,
the water pressure
will eventually slow down.
And my rescue officers
will climb down in the basket.
They will find the miners and rescue them.
Very simple.
- Right?
- Simple, sir.
- Then hold the chalk.
- Gill.
Sir, among the 71 miners
trapped down there,
many have more than
25 years of experience.
This tells them
if the mines start flooding,
they should head to the highest point
of the mine, and wait for rescue.
And I believe these workers
have left their working area,
and have made it here
to the highest point in the mine.
And through a land survey,
we can spot the highest point
of Narayankuri,
and dig an eight-inch pilot borehole.
And once we locate them,
we'll make another 29-inch borehole,
send an iron capsule down,
and rescue the miners one by one.
Gill, has this technique
ever been used
in a rescue mission earlier?
No, sir.
Rescue through capsule
will be the first in India.
Isn't he being overly optimistic?
I don't see any harm in that, sir.
who are you?
- Sir, I...
- Forget it.
- Where are you from?
- I'm from SP Opencast Mines.
Then you are not a local.
This is not your area.
You have no clue about
this area's condition.
Listen, I know this area
like the back of my hand.
He is right.
We cannot waste time experimenting.
Sir, we are going to lose time.
What remains to be seen is
whether with time,
will those families outside
be left with a smile or grief.
Sir, I have a question for you.
If your children were trapped in there,
would you have tried only one option?
I totally buy your emotional sentiments.
But Sen's plan sounds more practical
and achievable.
We should dedicate our resources,
energy, and manpower
to a single rescue mission.
Sir, Coal India has no shortage
of manpower and resources.
I request you, sir. Please.
Ujjwal, Gill is a junior officer.
His failure will directly reflect
upon your leadership.
Before taking a call,
think it through.
I have faith in Gill's plan.
Both of you start
with your rescue plans.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Sir, I'll need two men.
First is a drilling engineer
- who thinks and does out of the box.
- Gill.
Jugadu Bindal.
Sir, call for you.
Some Ujjwal sir is on the line.
He says it's urgent.
Will this do, boy?
Mother, are you happy now?
Give me the phone!
Yes, Ujjwal. Tell me.
- And the other?
- Tapan Ghosh.
- The ex-surveyor?
- Yes.
Will he help us?
No! I will never help you!
Why should I help you?
Because it's not about
the 71 miners alone, sir.
It's about their families as well.
What about my family?
Coal India blamed me
for the Durgapur tragedy.
They said the survey wasn't done right.
The officer had no clue
that methane gas was
forming under the rocks.
Till today I am running
from pillar to post for my dues!
My gratuity, my PF,
everything was stopped.
They even threw me out of the house.
Not to forget the court case.
Tapan sir,
we cannot go ahead without your help.
Because when I studied the survey map
of Mahabir Colliery with Gopal,
this is what I noticed.
Let me help, sir.
Look here.
The highest point in the mine
is shown here,
- but the overland details are missing.
- So?
You conducted the overland survey
of Mahabir Colliery eight years ago,
- for mineral exploration.
- I don't remember anything.
Tapan sir, you are lying.
He is crazy. You should leave.
- Brother.
- Sir. I was thinking we should leave.
You are in a hurry to leave.
Tapan sir, listen.
Do you promise to clear my husband's dues?
Do you promise?
Tell me.
Tell me.
Answer me!
He won't promise.
Promises made in vulnerable situations
are often fake, sister-in-law.
I promise I will try
my best to get you your dues.
I will.
Oh, God.
- I need your blessings.
- Bless you.
Let it loose. Tie it to the basket.
Hurry up.
- Try to understand.
- I won't go with them.
- I'm begging you!
- No, I won't.
You are crazy!
Stop it!
I am coming, Gill.
Hurry up, guys. Keep moving.
Stop. You can't go any further.
Sister-in-law, it seems like Gill
has kicked off the rescue operation.
- A little to the right.
- Put up the light poles quickly.
- Where's Durga and Birju, Tapan sir?
- I don't know where they disappeared.
What is the other officer's team up to?
It's just a facade, dear.
Tell me, what good is an eight-inch hole?
This is a rescue operation.
It's a matter of pride, my Bengal tigers!
Keep it rolling.
You are doing well.
- Lower it.
- Keep going.
- Glory to
- Lord Bajrangbali!
- Glory to
- Lord Bajrangbali!
Prove it to the world!
- Glory to
- Lord Bajrangbali!
What's going to happen now?
- Goddess, please.
- Goddess, please.
Save me!
Hold it!
What's happening down there?
Oh, God!
Save us!
Sen sir!
- Problem!
- Don't worry. Keep going.
Get up!
Sen sir, this is dangerous!
It's okay. Keep going.
Get us out of here!
Sir, shall we pull them up?
Or else they will die.
- Pull them up.
- Okay, sir.
Pull them out quickly!
Pull them up. Be careful.
- Oh, God.
- They came out.
I don't know what's going on.
I don't know anything.
What will happen now?
Sir, roughly 170 feet below this marking
is the highest point of the mine.
- Tapan sir.
- Yes.
We're going to dig a 29-inch borehole
in a 100-meter radius for the capsule.
- Pick a point.
- Gill, do you think they are still alive?
Or waiting for us
at this point down here?
Sir, all our efforts depend
on this hope.
Have faith.
Listen. Get up.
Everyone, get up. Come on.
Get up.
The water has reached pillar number 17.
The water current is high.
And it will flood this place
in the next couple of hours.
So I suggest we head
to the highest point.
It will take days for
that area to get flooded.
The management will find us till then.
It's been more than eight hours!
Even if anyone's looking for us,
how would they know that
we're still alive and right here?
- Hey
- We will all die like rodents down here.
- Wait and watch.
- Even the CDS phone is dead!
Damn it!
When the surface was trying to alert us
if this deaf idiot had alerted us on time,
we could have escaped.
We are all going to drown down here!
Rather than dying down here,
I should kill him!
What are you doing?
Leave him.
I will kill you, old man!
- Let him go.
- Let me go, Pashu!
It's done!
What's done is done now!
He didn't mean to do it.
Even I am scared out of my wits.
Should I be whimpering like this?
We know surviving is tough.
We cannot stay here and die,
without a fight!
Tell me.
Your families are waiting for you.
Come on, Uncle.
We have to attend
your daughter's wedding.
The decorated bus is waiting
for us on the surface.
Think about your daughter, Uncle.
I have.
If I die, my wife will get
five lakh rupees as compensation.
Don't say stupid things!
Right. And you are talking
like a wise man, right?
When the night falls, Bhola,
some see darkness
and others see stars sparkling.
It's all in the mind.
Who knows the way up there?
I can lead us there.
There you go!
Spoken like a brave heart.
Come on. Get up.
Get up, everyone!
Keep your hopes high.
And listen
Half of you will turn off your lamps.
We must save battery.
- Banke.
- Yes?
- Go fetch the medical box.
- Yes, Uncle.
Hey, Shaligram.
You said yes with your big mouth.
But do tell me how
you will get us up there.
Which route?
From pillar number 23.
It's the only way.
Pillar number 23.
Everyone, follow me.
You fool!
Look at this fool.
Trying to be the hero himself,
and make us damsels in distress.
Will you carry us on
your shoulders in the water?
What water?
- There's a stream of water in the middle...
- Shut up. Shut up.
- Let me tell them.
- What will you tell them?
Look here.
This is where the water erupted.
The water is making its way through here,
towards Chanak.
We are over here. Understood?
And the high point
of the mine is over here.
Shaligram says that we'll cross
this water and go over here.
How will he take us across?
Is he telling the truth?
I told you that we took the wrong route.
- Bloody idiots!
- I told you.
I told you I don't
want to work in the mines.
- Calm down, son.
- You will be responsible for my death.
You will be okay.
- You will be responsible for my death...
- Shut up.
You will be responsible.
You will be okay.
- I am here for you.
- I don't want to die, Uncle.
I don't want to die.
We are still alive
You are alive.
We all saw what happened
to the miners
when they headed to Chanak.
The water current is too high.
Be careful. Go slow.
Hold the wires tight.
They barely survived.
Until we are here, we are alive.
If anyone goes up there,
then you will be inviting your own death.
Remember that!
If the management
team sends a rescue team,
they will send them here.
He is right!
- We will stay right here.
- We won't go to the highest point.
You might want to cut back
on the cigarettes.
Your blood pressure is through the roof.
How long?
We'll drill through in a couple of hours.
Don't worry.
Go unload the eight-inch pipe. Quick.
You have a doctor's appointment
at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow.
If I get done here,
I'll pick you up from home.
Otherwise, I'll send Diwakar.
Stay where you are.
And I don't need Diwakar either.
- I can drive on my own.
- You won't drive at all.
The doctor said you cannot drive.
Doctors keep scaring people.
In the village, women work
in the fields in the morning
and deliver the baby in the evening.
Okay, fine. Wait a minute.
Send a message
to Goraji at the Sodapur workshop.
Tell him to be ready
with his team tomorrow morning.
Yes, sir.
Nirdosh, I'll send Diwakar tomorrow.
- Fine?
- Okay.
We need to hurry
or we'll be in big trouble.
Don't worry. Let me talk to them.
Listen, guys!
The water has reached pillar number 22.
If we don't go now,
gallery number 23 will get flooded.
And we won't be able
to get to the highest point.
This is our last chance at survival.
Know that.
He is right.
Yes, he is right.
We should go.
Bhola, let's go.
We did the right thing coming here.
I'm telling you.
I still don't trust you.
But I am here for their sake.
We'll be able to cross it. Don't worry.
I hope everyone's tied a firm knot.
Tie a firm knot.
Hold each other's hands.
- Be careful.
- Give me your hand.
- Go, go.
- God helps those who help themselves!
- Be careful.
- Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Hold on to each other. Keep moving.
The water currents are not too high.
- Yes!
- We can get across.
Come on.
Glory to Goddess Tara!
- Glory to Goddess Tara!
- Glory to Goddess Tara!
Glory to Goddess Tara!
- It's too high.
- Hey!
Don't let go, Uncle!
Glory to Goddess Tara!
Don't let go.
What happened?
- What's wrong?
- Shaligram!
- Something pierced through my foot!
- What happened?
Everyone, watch your step!
What happened, Shaligram?
Be careful!
Step back a little.
Keep moving.
We'll put in
the eight-inch pipe in two hours.
I wonder what's going on.
They won't say anything.
They stopped working.
- Sir, say something!
- Sir!
They finished making
an eight-inch borehole.
- Do you want me to celebrate?
- Tell us, sir.
- Get lost.
- When will our family members come out?
Why did you stop work, sir?
Why aren't you telling us?
- Sir!
- Did you find out anything?
Let me see.
Where are your mining shoes?
- I sold them.
- Why?
I needed the money.
Fetch the medical box.
Okay, Uncle.
Don't use up all the antiseptic.
Others might need it.
is this what you call management?
The medical box is all out of medicines.
And this management
will come looking for us?
Curse your management!
You are all going to die.
No one's coming to save you.
- We still haven't received the speaker.
- It's okay.
Pass me the torch.
Why are they sending a torch down?
Glory to Lord Shiva.
Do you think they'll find them?
I was thinking...
Say something!
If you can hear me,
come to the torch.
- Is anybody there?
- Can they hear him?
Anybody there?
Can anyone hear my voice?
If anyone can hear me,
come to the light.
Keep walking.
We're reaching the highest point.
The management must be
waiting for us there.
Keep walking.
Bankelal! Gop!
Say something. Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
Shaligram, I cannot walk any further.
How much further?
Just a little longer.
We're almost there.
Say something if you are there.
Can anyone hear me?
Say something!
How much further?
Did you see that?
Let's go.
What happened, Gill?
No one's responding.
It's game over, I guess.
What happened?
Can anyone hear my voice?
Say something.
Anybody there?
If anyone can hear me,
come to the light.
Is anybody there?
We are here, guys.
Pashu, you said the management
will be waiting for us here.
Calm down.
This is the highest point of the mine.
We will wait out here.
- Right.
- Brothers.
The management will find us soon.
- Everyone be seated until then.
- Sit down.
Let's get some rest till then.
- Come on.
- Sit.
Get some rest.
Say something.
Come to the light!
Is anybody there?
Say something.
Is anybody there?
Why won't you tell us anything?
- Call your seniors.
- Call him!
Yes, sir.
A negative result
from both the teams, sir.
And unfortunately, now there is no hope.
Yes, sir.
Considering the present situation,
the chairman has decided
to stop the rescue operation.
Quite tragic.
Tragic! But the fact is
if the miners were alive,
nothing could have stopped them
from getting to the highest point.
Gill sir.
Sir, come with me.
Which new conference has begun now?
I am sure about it.
You're right, Mr. Sen.
If miners are alive, nothing can stop
them from reaching the highest point.
- Yes.
- But a stoppage wall can.
Twelve years ago, I surveyed this mine
and identified two locations
for the stoppage walls.
One over here.
And another over here,
at this highest point.
We have details of this wall.
But this wall's details are missing.
Sir, there are bright chances
that there is a wall in this area.
And they will be waiting for us
on the other side of the wall.
Sir, I want permission
to dig one more borehole.
Gill, don't waste
Coal India's money like this.
- It's an old method to make money.
- Just a minute, Sen.
Gill, if there's any stoppage wall.
Why didn't they break it and come forward?
Because there's an inclination.
And that's why water moved towards Chanak.
But there are so many galleries.
Why hasn't water flown to that side?
Son, what will you gain
by adding up your knowledge?
It would be best
if all of us started praying now.
Listen to me, Banke.
After extracting the coal,
a stoppage wall of bricks
is erected in the gallery.
To avoid loss of oxygen.
That's why.
A wall of bricks?
This isn't the highest point!
Pashu, this is the stoppage wall.
It's a brick wall.
We are waiting
at the wrong spot, brothers!
What are you saying?
Mr. Sen.
- Go, get some warm milk. Go.
- Okay.
Sir, my PA says that
six deceased miners' bodies
have been discovered
in Mahavir Colliery's pit number one.
Oh, God!
Now, tell me, sir.
Do you still hope that they are alive?
Ujjwal, we tried our best.
But it was their destiny.
Ujjwal sir, be thankful to God
that there were only 71 people
and not more than 200 people,
like in Chasnala.
Sir, I think we should grant permission
for one more borehole.
What are you saying, Ujjwal?
The decision has been made.
You please make an official announcement.
Lift it carefully. Lift it overhead.
Keep moving it carefully.
CMD sir is here.
Lift it overhead.
Careful, everyone!
Go away.
The rescue operation is over.
Say something, sir.
What's going on?
CMD sir, tell us something.
Please tell us.
- Lift it. Hurry up.
- Charge!
We did it!
What do you see, Pashu?
Tell us!
Management is searching for us.
They've sent a torch.
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Sir, please tell us.
- Did you find anything?
Why are they quiet?
Please say something, sir.
You said you would help them.
- Sir, please, tell us.
- Say something.
I can't do this.
Where are you going?
Sir, what's going on?
Please tell us something, sir.
Sir, please say something.
Say something!
Say something.
Sorry, we couldn't find
- your family members.
- What are you saying, sir?!
Don't say that, sir!
On the company's orders,
we have stopped the rescue operation.
- How can you do this?
- You cannot do this, sir.
Please forgive me.
Come on, brothers.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Hurry up, everyone.
Was all this just a charade?
Don't pull the torch!
Don't pull the torch, please!
Hey, we are alive!
- Stop!
- We are alive down here!
We are alive!
Is anyone there?
We are alive!
We are here!
- Is anybody listening?
- We are alive!
- Is anybody there?
- We are alive!
We are here!
Calm down, everyone!
God will not forgive you for this, sir!
We have to face this.
We are alive!
I can hear something.
Hey, is anyone listening?
We are alive!
Is anyone out there?
Ujjwal sir!
Sir, they are alive!
We found them!
They are alive!
They are alive!
- We found them! They are alive!
- My husband is alive!
They are alive.
They are alive!
We've found you!
Can you hear us?
We've found you.
They have found us!
We'll soon go back to our families.
Glory to Goddess Tara!
It's all Your doing, God.
Sen, why am I getting this bad news now?
And who is this Jaswant Singh Gill?
He's nobody, sir.
And this "nobody" has found
the rest of the 65 miners,
is that what you're saying?
Finding the miners is only
ten percent of the rescue operation.
Gill's problem will start now.
Because getting them
out alive and safely
is the real rescue operation, sir.
Gill's 29-inch borehole
will not work, sir.
Better for you, Sen.
- And remember, Sen.
- Yes?
I had sent you to ruin Ujjwal's career.
Make sure the plan doesn't backfire on me!
Send the medicines down.
We're sending medicines for Behra.
Sir, is it important to do this?
What if the miners get nervous?
This is the right time.
They will be focused on eating now.
Why are they taking the lantern?
This isn't a lantern,
it is Davy's lamp.
It's used to check the formation
of poisonous gas in the mine.
Pashu, listen to me carefully.
Yes, sir.
Why have they sent this lamp?
Is any gas forming here?
- What did you say? Gas?
- Gas?
Why are you scaring everyone?
It's a precautionary measure.
Don't you all know?
- Right?
- Don't worry.
- Take this.
- Give it here.
Let me check.
Your clothes shouldn't be wet.
Remove them before entering.
Start numbering the pillar
from where the gas is detected.
There's no danger here.
There's no sign of water or gas.
How many pillars away is the gas?
No, sir. Don't you worry about that.
We have entered the mine nearly 20 times.
Right, brothers?
Which gas is forming?
- Methane?
- No, sir.
Fruits are plenty here.
- Carbon dioxide?
- Correct, sir.
Send some snacks and sweets, too.
Sir, miners are here.
And the rescue borehole spot is here.
DG sir, according to Pashu
carbon dioxide gas and water
are 20 pillars away,
which is only 3000 feet away
from the miners.
Both of these are not in our control.
And with the rate at which
the water level and gas are rising,
we only have 48 hours
to save these miners.
Then start immediately, Gill.
Sir, how much time will it take
to make a borehole of 29 inches?
We need to dig it in three stages.
8-inch, 12-inch, and then 29-inch.
It will take approximately 40 hours.
That will be cut to cut.
- How will it be possible?
- What do you mean?
There's no drill bit bigger
than eight inches in the whole of Bengal?
How will Bindal make
12-inch and 29-inch boreholes?
Don't you worry!
I will do it quickly.
Do you doubt me, sir?
Our association is so old, sir.
Have you forgotten?
Gill's idea of rescuing miners
through the capsule is not safe.
I see. What's your idea then?
Very simple, DG sir. See this.
Gill is attempting rescue from this point.
- Correct.
- And
we will reach the miners
by cutting the incline from here.
Only one miner can come up
from the capsule at a time.
On the contrary, miners will walk
on this incline and come out all at once.
It will take some time.
But it's safe, sir.
I agree.
Let Gill continue with his idea.
You too start your work.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Govardhan sir, tea.
Is my father alright, sir?
Please tell me, sir.
If I could talk to him
Everyone can talk to their family
after the doctor sends
medicines downstairs.
I want all of you to go home and rest.
- We are here, right?
- We all will stay right here.
- With you.
- Yes, sir.
Please, forgive me, sir.
I made a huge mistake in anger.
I slapped you.
- No. No. Please, don't say that.
- Please forgive me.
I would have reacted just like you
had I been in your position.
I am sorry, sir.
When we tread together we shall win
When we walk hand in hand we shall win
Keep every promise we made
Every claim we made
Our determination will win
We will overcome every difficulty
Every hurdle
We will win every heart
Every mind
When we tread together, we shall win
When we walk hand in hand, we shall win
We know will win
Promise that we will win
We will overcome every difficulty
Every hurdle
Unite with our kin again
We will overcome every difficulty
Every hurdle
Unite with our kin again
Mahabir mine accident led to landslides
like this at many places.
My home, sir!
We're left with no choice. That's why
we are demolishing your houses.
I think about everyone.
If we can be one heart and soul
Then we shall overcome
He's asleep.
Otherwise, this victory
Will not be worth celebrating
Don't let go of my hand
Don't lose your determination
Together if we face the storms
Then we shall overcome
Sir, what if this 12-inch
locally made plate is broken?
Then Gill's rescue operation
will be a total flop.
Are you a pessimist since birth?
Or is this a freshly infested disease?
Be swift, man.
Sir, the gas has reached
pillar number six.
Glory to Lord Bajrangbali!
Turn it on.
Lord Almighty
Hey, it worked!
The idea is successful!
Glory to Lord Bajrangbali!
Glory to Lord Bajrangbali!
The way this blade
is cutting through the surface,
it will cut through 150 feet like butter.
Good job, Bindal.
What's the matter, Bindal?
I made a mistake.
What do you mean?
My crane will not work here.
This crane's height is 110 feet tall.
To move the capsule up and down,
we need a 150-foot tall,
12-ton marshal crane.
- You will get it.
- From where?
It's on Sen's site.
Then the problem is solved.
God is great!
Sir, things there are not fine.
We will reach the miners
quickly through this incline.
At present, the incline work has stopped.
Sir, I've decided
- to blast that rock.
- Stop boasting.
The passage will be
The entire village will sink,
do you have any idea?
This ambition you have to replace Ujjwal
and become the CMD of this area
will not be fulfilled with such a mindset.
Don't mind, sir.
It was my turn to be promoted.
But Ujjwal was made CMD instead.
And only because
he has experience working
in the coal fields of England.
And the selection committee forgot
I was born in England as well.
Even I have a British passport.
Same as Ujjwal.
All I mean to say is
that the public should feel
we are sincerely trying to save them.
Actually, the result is zero.
Terrible tragedy, Ujjwal.
You must be Gill.
I've heard a lot of
good things about you.
Are you sure your rescue plan will work?
- Yes, sir.
- No, sir.
The land has already softened.
The village will sink.
Look. It's already sinking.
Sen is right, Ujjwal.
Mr. Gill,
I've spent eight years in this area.
- I know this area like...
- I've spent 24 hours here,
and now I know this area
like the back of my hand.
The land is soft only until 25 feet.
We will install these
casing up to 25 feet.
It will prevent the ground from sinking
for about eight to nine hours.
During that time,
we'll get the miners out comfortably.
- There's no use in having this discussion.
- Sen.
Discussion is a must.
It guarantees good results.
Sen, we will need
your 150-foot tall crane.
Come on, Ujjwal!
You need not ask.
- Sen.
- Consider it done, sir.
Ujjwal, after all, we are batting
for the same team.
You are smart.
keep up the good work.
Thank you, sir.
- Let's go, Sen.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, something is going on
in their minds.
Do you remember that German tender?
The 108-crore coal handling plant?
It was only worth 80 crores.
I stopped them from scamming 28 crores.
Now that they have a chance,
they are trying to pull me down.
Don't worry, sir.
This time also they won't succeed.
Sir, please.
You called him a "nobody", right?
- Sir, I...
- Sen, if his plan fails,
we will definitely benefit.
But if his plan is successful,
then make sure we get the credit.
Yes, sir.
Careful. Be careful.
You must be quite stressed
with Mr. Gill's adventure.
But this stress is not good
for your child.
I'm not stressed at all.
Ever since I've married Mr. Gill,
I know that Coal India is his family.
Just like me.
And whenever there's stress in the family,
Mr. Gill will be the
first one to reach there.
This must be the biggest
cultural shock for you.
You were born and brought up in London.
And your first delivery
will be done here in Raniganj.
Yes, but
What wasn't there in England
that you found here
in a Raniganj coal mine?
Mr. Gill.
There you go. It's him.
What did the doctor say?
She asked me to tell you
that your wife can get spoilt
if you care for her too much.
Oh, really?
Any changes in the medication?
- Mr. Gill.
- Yes.
Are your miners alright?
Yes, all good.
There's neither water nor gas.
- Rascal!
- Bhola!
- Stop it!
- What happened?
- I will kill you.
- Why are you hitting him?
He betrayed us! I won't spare him!
- Let me go!
- Have you lost your mind?
He's hand in glove with the management.
He has lied to us.
I've seen it myself.
There is gas forming in the mine.
And it is carbon dioxide.
- Gas?
- All of us are going to die in here!
Stop crying.
Now, it's time to attack the management!
Bhola is right.
What do we do now?
- You're right, Bhola.
- Hey! Don't do this, Bhola.
Listen, Pashu!
- I'm not in my senses right now.
- You're not getting it.
Get out of my way.
Get lost! You're their man!
Listen, Bhola. Listen.
- Hello.
- This is Bhola.
We know that there is gas forming here.
- I want to talk to sir.
- No, it's nothing like that.
- Have you lost it?
- I want to talk to sir.
Management is trying to rescue us.
Why are you...
Shut up, Shaligram.
Stop defending the management.
- Leave it. Leave it.
- Get away.
Stay away from me.
You bloody
Have you lost it?
- Why would you raise your hand?
- This is bad.
- You insulted Bhola.
- Are you alright, Pashu?
- Yeah.
- Get up.
How dare you push me?
- Hey, Shaligram!
- Bhola, you've lost it!
You're worthless!
- You idiot!
- Get the first aid kit.
Miners have found out
about the gas formation.
Gill sir is coming this way.
- Hello, sir.
- Easy.
- I've received a complaint from the mine.
- What happened?
That you all are not
sending them yummy food.
- Really?
- What's all this?
The doctor warned us
not to send anything.
I've convinced the doctor
and he has no objection.
- Really, sir?
- You all go home and cook yummy food.
- Yes, let's go.
- Come on.
- I'll get sweets. You should have some.
- Of course.
I'll make kachoris.
- How are you all?
- What is this?
What's going on?
My name is Jaswant Singh Gill.
I'm also a Markatta, just like you.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir. Loud and clear.
Yes, sir.
Listen, you all
will have to be a little brave
so that we can find you
and reunite you with your loved ones.
Here comes one more puppet
of management.
Telling us false stories. Idiot.
Bhola and all the other miners,
listen to this.
Get lost!
Pashu lied to you on my instructions.
If you were made aware
of the gas formation,
you would have been puffed
up with tension by now.
I'm sure you know that only buns puff up,
and taste delicious
if served with pudding.
But not the miners' faces.
He talks too much.
Am I right?
Look, we need your help.
So that we can rescue you safely.
You all have to help each other
to lift each other's spirits.
Entire Coal India needs your help
so that the company doesn't shut down.
Tell me.
Will you help us?
Yes, sir.
We will definitely help everybody.
Yes, sir. We will definitely help you.
- Yes, sir. We will help you.
- Yes.
Salute to Coal India!
- Salute!
- Salute!
- Salute to Coal India!
- Salute to Coal India!
- Sir, listen.
- Salute to Coal India!
- Salute to Coal India!
- Salute to Coal India!
Salute to Coal India!
Salute to Coal India!
How is Nirdosh?
Both the babies are fine, sir.
- My wife had sent some sweets for Nirdosh.
- Here you go.
I thought I would give
it myself and surprise you.
But God always has some other plans.
Doesn't matter, sir.
We will celebrate with the same sweets.
Thanks, Gill.
I'm so relaxed with your presence.
Did you send for me, sir?
Have you sent the food?
The family members had brought food.
We've sent it downstairs.
Bhola, listen
Eat this.
- I don't want it.
- Come on, Bhola.
The gas will not stop
if you remain hungry.
Neither will you receive any medal.
You will receive a medal, in fact.
You brought us here and trapped all of us.
- Listen.
- Don't touch me.
Stay away! Don't come close to me!
Get lost, idiot!
I have known you since you were born.
I also know that you're short-tempered.
And fainthearted as well.
Hey, Bhola.
Stop acting angry now.
Am I acting?
Am I acting?
Shall I dance for you?
Shall I show you my true colors?
Oh, Behra
You've already made me bleed.
If you really wish to kill me
Then here you go.
Take this stone and hit me hard.
Don't think.
- Hit me and make me bleed all the more.
- You.
What happened, Bhola?
Enough, stop crying now.
I don't like to see you in tears.
No, don't cry.
No, Bhola, don't cry.
Don't cry.
Come on, eat something.
Don't cry.
See this.
See what your dad has sent for you.
Take this.
I don't want to eat.
All of them got sweets
and other delicacies from their family.
And look at what my dad has sent for me.
This bottle gourd?
I don't want to eat.
Bottle gourd?
- Look at him.
- He is incorrigible.
What made you laugh now?
I am right.
Come here.
Forgive me. I lost my cool.
Gill, the capsule is ready.
Get it immediately.
- What is that?
- Mother, what is this rocket?
This way, sir.
See this, Dayal sir.
A new discovery by Einstein.
A bird's nest.
- And then we'll
- Sir. sir.
The gas has reached pillar number 15.
You go.
Sen sir.
Your crane is required urgently.
- My crane.
- Sen.
Actually, it is
Didn't you tell him?
I told you to pass on the message.
Sir, it slipped my mind.
How can you be so irresponsible?
- What's the matter?
- Hurry up.
- I'm on it, sir.
- Use this one.
Upadhyay, come here!
- Sir!
- What happened?
I've dismantled the entire crane.
But I couldn't find the fault.
It was working properly until yesterday.
if anything happens to our miners,
you will have to take the responsibility.
- Get lost.
- I'll fix this, sir.
Ujjwal sir, I am I am really
sorry for this blunder.
We are already under pressure.
Please, don't complicate
this rescue operation more.
- I beg you.
- Sir, why beg me? This is my duty.
I am completely on board with the mission.
See, sir.
- It's the miner's bad luck, not my fault.
- So should I stop the rescue mission?
I know why you're doing this.
Don't you care about the miners
that are stuck inside?
Will you stoop so low to fulfill
your personal agenda?
I had never thought of this.
You're a shame to Coal India. Shame.
Sir, personal agenda, sir?
It's nothing like that, sir.
Upadhyay, please repair it quickly.
Don't you get it?
- Bindal!
- What happened? Talk to me.
- Try and arrange another crane.
- Okay.
Sir, calm down,
we will start doing it manually.
We don't have time.
We will switch over as
soon as the crane is here.
Okay. Thanks, Gill.
- Tell me, Bindal.
- You have a DEMAG marshal crane, right?
- He doesn't have it.
- Next, hurry up.
- Do you have a 12-ton marshal crane?
- No, Bindal,
Keep lowering it.
Keep going, keep going.
- A little to the left.
- Right in the center.
Keep going.
I was thinking,
rescuing them manually
can take 15 to 20 hours.
We won't be able to save everyone.
Tell me if it can come here or not.
Do you have a marshal crane?
I gave it to PWD, Raipur.
Tell Pashu to bring all the miners
to the 29-inch borehole.
Call up Sharma from Jamtara.
The crane is in Ranchi.
I will send it immediately.
It will reach you in six to seven hours.
Tell the driver to get here
without stopping anywhere.
Tell him to drive in top gear.
Or else it will be a disaster.
Look up there.
Why have they dug such a big hole?
Get out of my way.
Uncle, how will they pull us through this?
It seems they will pull us
up by the rope.
Shut up, idiot.
If they pull us up by a rope,
we will get injured colliding
with the sidewalls.
I'm sure they will insert a staircase.
- Pashu!
- Yes.
The water has reached here.
- That means the gas is also very close.
- Gas?
- Pashu, what do we do now?
- Oh, God!
Did they tell you?
How will they pull us up from this hole?
Will you explain, Gill?
How the miners will fit in the capsule?
My height is 6 ft. 1 in.
And my weight is 77 kilos.
Sir, as per the records.
Nobody underground is taller
or wider than me.
For easy breathing,
and quick removal
of water seeping inside,
we've made these small holes
on the capsule, if you can notice.
The door is kept a foot above.
Because there will be mud below.
Sir, we will tie a rope
below the capsule.
By any chance,
if the capsule is stuck in between,
and we can't pull it up,
the miners will use the rope
to lower it down.
Considering the miners' mental state,
and to avoid any stampede-like situation,
a rescue officer will go down
and take charge.
With his guidance,
he will ensure the safe ascent
of each miner one by one.
Excellent work, Gill.
Sir, with your permission,
I'd like to go down.
Gill, you rest now.
You haven't slept for so many days.
You look tired.
A member of Sen's team
will go down, risking his life.
Because they are the best.
These guys.
- Good. Proceed.
- Sir.
- Why have they sent this rope?
- Wait a minute.
Pull it.
The capsule has been inspected.
Now the rescue officer can go down.
One knock means stop.
Two knocks mean down.
- And...
- And three knocks mean up.
What are you teaching him, Gill?
- You're going to make history tonight.
- Yes.
Good luck. My Bengal Tiger.
- Hey Pashu, see this. It's coming down.
- It's coming down.
Something is coming down to take us.
Oh, God.
- Something is wrong.
- Get me out of here!
- Stop.
- Hey, stop. Stop!
Pull back
What happened?
- Sen!
- Pull up.
Pull up fast.
I will die here.
It's going up. Hold it.
Pull down. Pull down.
They must be doing a trial run.
Pull it up, quick.
Why are they pulling it up?
What happened? All okay?
I won't go. This is not a capsule.
It's the well of death.
Sengupta, why are you so scared?
You go. Everybody will die.
First, you all sent me down
in a bucket.
And now this capsule.
- This is Sen sir's order.
- Hey, no.
Sen is a flatterer.
He went on calling us Bengal tigers
and fooled us.
Take this. Send Sen instead.
Hey! Sengupta!
Sir, he's a coward.
Don't worry, sir.
I have
- Roy, another Royal Bengal Tiger
- Keep this.
Roy! Roy!
Sir, even he turned out to be a coward.
- Now what?
- What's going on?
What's going on, Pashu?
- Wait.
- Be patient.
Did you call me, sir?
Decide which rescue officer from
your team would go down.
Sir, according to the DGMS rule book,
five people should go down.
That too with a stretcher.
In this capsule...
Basu, is this the time to quote rules?
I'm sorry to say, sir.
But the DGMS rule book says this.
Nobody will go.
Sir, I would have surely gone down, sir.
But I won't fit into this.
I realize that.
- Now who will go down?
- Both the officers ran away.
Sir, the water level is rising
Please, pull us up.
Who will save us?
Ujjwal sir.
We can't waste time.
I want to go down.
- You can
- No, we can't be so selfish, sir.
Gill has a bright future.
We can't send a talented officer down
and sacrifice his life.
Thank you for your concern, sir.
But I promise you,
I will have my morning tea with you.
Oh, Guru Nanak!
Oh, supreme soul!
Today marks a day of trial
for your humble Sikh.
And on this day of trial,
I earnestly desire Your presence
and empowerment to triumph.
If in my efforts to aid the vulnerable,
I were to lose my life,
grant me a place at your sacred feet.
My soul belongs to You, God.
All my triumphs also belong to You.
Gill, anything can happen down there,
until the crane doesn't reach here.
Think again, my friend.
I've thought about it.
I am going down.
Take care.
Be careful.
Oh, Goddess! Please protect Gill sir.
Give it here.
Hey, the rope's coming down.
Goddess Durga!
Grab it.
Grab it. Stop it.
Mr. Gill!
Stop it. Pull.
- What happened?
- Stop it.
Pull it back.
Keep watching, sir.
The nest and the bird,
both won't reach down, sir.
- Step back.
- Don't be scared.
Get the hammer, quick. Hurry up!
Lock it in place.
Hurry up.
Lock it.
Hammer it down. Do it.
- Harder. Hit harder.
- Hold on.
It's locked in place.
Oh, God!
Glory to Goddess Earth!
Keep rolling. Keep rolling.
It's coming down again.
What is this?
What's that box?
You said a staircase will come down.
- What kind of device is this?
- Is someone in there?
Hold it.
Is someone in there?
Be careful.
- Glory to
- Lord Bajrangbali!
Sir! Who are you?
Are you from the military, sir?
Has the government sent you?
I'm sure Govardhan sir has sent you.
Just a minute.
Where have you come from, sir?
- Tell us, sir.
- Say something, sir.
I've come from above.
I heard you all are having a picnic here.
So I thought of joining you all.
He's so funny.
- Who's Pashu here?
- That's me, sir.
Well done.
Sir, see, the water has reached here.
Will we be able to go out from here?
Will we be rescued safely, sir?
- Please, tell us.
- Please, tell us, sir.
Who can stop you?
Within a few hours,
you will be with your family.
- Okay?
- Really, sir?
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Whoever is injured the most,
will go first.
- That
- Sir.
- Tell me.
- Shaligram.
He took Shaligram's name.
See, his leg is badly injured.
It's starting to rot now.
- No, not me
- Send him first.
Listen to me, sir. Behra should
Come on.
- You're God!
- Hey!
Now, quickly go inside.
Otherwise, you will meet God in person.
Go now.
Careful. Be careful.
Hurry up, Shaligram. Hurry up.
See you up there.
Don't be scared, Shaligram.
Pull up.
Oh, God.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Glory to the Goddess Kali!
Sir, the gas has reached
pillar number 20.
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Easy. Come on.
- Glory to
Mother Earth!
- Take him.
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
My baby!
Ujjwal, how much time does it take for
the capsule to come up?
Fourteen minutes.
Don't worry, Bindal.
The crane is on its way.
Sir, I've three small children.
Please, send me now.
Hey, move
He's lying, sir.
He has no children.
I will go next.
Because I have a direct connection
with Govardhan sir.
Sir, get me out of this place.
I don't want to die, sir.
The water level is rising quickly!
- I want to go next!
- I want to go next!
- Stop it. Step back.
- I want to go next!
Quiet, everyone!
Be quiet!
All of you, be quiet!
Do as I say.
Nobody will say a word.
- Okay?
- Yes.
- Okay?
- Yes, as you say.
Each of you,
pick up a chit for yourself.
According to the number mentioned
in the chit,
you will be able to go up.
No fighting.
Come one by one,
and draw a chit. You first.
Come on. You will be fine. Be strong.
No, don't cry. Come on.
Okay, take care.
- Bravo.
- Don't be scared.
Close the door.
When we tread together we shall win
When we walk hand in hand we shall win.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
We will win
We know will win
Promise that we will win
Couldn't you send anything
other than the bottle gourd?
Come home, I'll feed you meat.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
My son!
They saved us!
Promise that we will win
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
My dear!
Unite with our kin again
We will overcome every difficulty
Every hurdle
Promise that we will win
We will win
- Are you okay?
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
Punish me the way you want, sir.
- When we tread together, we shall win
- Banke!
- Mom!
- When we walk hand in hand, we shall win
When we tread together, we shall win
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Relax. The crane will be here soon.
We know will win
- Come on.
- Unite with our kin again
This can take hours.
There's a long traffic jam.
We're stuck.
Sir 40 more miners are yet
to be rescued.
Why isn't the crane here yet?
Damn it.
Although successful this rescue
operation will still be a failure.
I am sure only twenty miners
will be able to come out.
The other twenty
will get buried along with Mr. Gill.
Sir, the water level
is rising very quickly.
Will the crane reach on time?
What's your number?
Crane will be here soon.
Don't give up hope.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Stop.
Sen! Come, come.
- Did you send for me, sir?
- Yes.
Tell me what you will have.
Tea or creamy milk?
Only after the miners are safely rescued,
will I eat something.
I've noticed your efforts.
Thank you, sir.
Ganguly, get the ropes.
Right away.
- Why the rope, sir?
- I want to tie a dog here.
Sir! Sir!
What are you doing, sir?
Due to a nonsense Bengali like you,
all of Bengal gets a bad name.
Please, sir. Don't.
You call your idiot officers
Bengal Tigers.
- Sir
- Bengal Tiger.
No, sir. No.
How dare you play politics with my miners?
Who told you, sir?
Ganguly told me everything.
Had you not developed
a fault in the crane,
Gill would have definitely succeeded.
Now, even after the success,
he will be proven a failure.
The thing is
Will you tell me the entire truth?
Or do you want more beating?
No. I will tell you
- I
- I what?
I removed the hydraulic hose pipe.
That's why the crane's
winch stopped working.
And the capsule
cannot be pulled up or down.
Good God.
Without the capsule moving up and down,
how will we rescue the miners?
- I will
- Shut up.
Listen, I want the crane
here within half an hour.
- Otherwise, I will expose you.
- Yes.
And make a mockery out of you.
There will be no need for that, sir.
Ujjwal, Sen's crane
will be here in some time.
Don't worry. I'm with you.
Ganguly! I'm going to get you for this.
Hey! Get up, all you shirkers!
Are you paid for sleeping here?
Quickly assemble the crane.
- It is needed right now.
- Where?
Don't ask questions. Start working.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
We shall win
Go, go. Let it roll down.
Sir, Diwakar told me on the phone
that he has gone down.
- You, please
- I am sorry, Nirdosh.
None of the officers
were ready to go down, so
Come on, why do you feel sorry?
Don't say that.
He's a miner first and then my husband.
Now, I know why Gill is so fearless.
You're very brave, dear.
Send this down.
After the accident,
the doctor advised him,
not to go into the mines
without putting these eye drops.
Ocular pressure shoots up in darkness.
It can risk the vision.
The woman claimed that Gill sir gave
her husband a second chance at life.
The handle slipped out.
Hey, what happened?
Stay back!
Get back!
Save him!
Hold it!
Careful, Bindal!
Get back!
Kasim! Get me another one.
Get back!
- Don't let it go, Kasim.
- Stop it.
Push harder.
Hold on.
It stopped, sir.
Thank God!
I'll swear stop drinking from today.
What had happened?
That idiot operator lifted
his hand to wipe sweat.
And the other guy got all the load.
He alone couldn't control it
and the handle slipped from his hand.
If the pipe had broken,
how would we have rescued the men?
Check it quickly.
Talk to me.
All okay?
Yes, sir.
Pull up.
I'll stop drinking from today.
Whoever was in there barely escaped death.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
- He is here.
- Careful.
Imarati! Imarati!
I barely escaped death.
Are you alright?
Have you stocked my drink at home?
Shut up.
You drank on a holy day,
that's why you got stuck.
Let's go, now.
Listen. The crane has come.
Have patience. We will go up quickly.
Be patient. Careful.
Rub his hand. Rub his hand.
As you can see,
our rescue operation
is going on very fast.
After the crane arrived, we rescued
21 miners safely in one hour.
Sir, we heard that
carbon dioxide gas is forming in the mine.
There's no danger.
No gas is forming.
Even the rest of the miners are safe.
We've rescued 57 miners safely.
Similarly, we will rescue
the rest of the 8 miners as well.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Just a minute, sir.
- Hey!
Uncle Saleem, get up.
You go in my place.
Give me your chit.
Give it to me. Take this.
- Here. Go. Be careful. Close it.
- Stay strong.
Pull up quickly.
Why did you do this?
My number is 65, sir.
I will go as per my number.
It'll be your turn soon.
Take deep breaths.
Good boy.
Come on, you're next. You'll be fine.
- Come on, Uncle.
- Stay strong. Get in.
Pashu, take care of Narayan.
It'll be your turn soon.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Be careful.
You'll be fine. Stay strong.
Come on, get inside. You'll be fine.
Get inside.
Be careful. Get inside.
Pull up, quick!
Pashu, are you alright?
- Get the stretcher! Easy.
- Hurry up!
Get the blanket. Easy.
Brother! What happened, brother?
- Take him to the hospital.
- Roll it down.
By the looks of these miners,
isn't it obvious,
that the carbon dioxide has reached them?
Will the last two miners
be able to come out alive?
Sir, you go.
I will come later.
Friend, my number is 66.
I will go only on my turn.
- Come on. Be careful.
- Easy.
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Hey! Be careful.
- Easy.
- Sister?
- Sister
- Don't worry. Nothing will happen.
Get the stretcher, quick!
- Save Gill sir. Gas.
- Gas.
Hurry up.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
- Gill sir!
- Gill!
- Gill!
- Gill!
Gill sir!
Gill sir!
Gill sir!
- Gill!
- Gill!
He'll come now.
I'll show you. Come on.
Congratulations, Mr. Gill. She's pregnant.
Take care of Nirdosh.
Gill sir!
Gill sir!
Oh, God!
Gill sir!
Gill sir!
Gill sir!
O Nanak, the name of God is like a ship
- Pull. Pull up!
- Quickly pull up.
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Anyone who serves with devotion
- Pull!
Will receive the Guru's assistance
In crossing over
Oh, God!
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
Pull up!
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Glory to
- Mother Earth!
- Glory to Goddess Kali!
- Come on out, Gill.
Long live Jaswant Singh Gill!
Come on, Gill.
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
Gill, you're truly a pure soul.
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
Sister. Sister, let's go.
Let all of them meet him first.
You did it, Gill.
No, sir.
We did it.
Yes, we did it.
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
You were quite late.
Doesn't matter.
Next time, I will come early.
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
Gill, as a token of gratitude,
I announce the sum of Rs. 1,00,000
and an immediate promotion for you.
Thank you, sir.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
- Long live
- Jaswant Singh Gill!
As promised, sir
shall we have a cup of tea?
Mr. Sen
you're also invited.
We will win
Over the past three days,
time was the scarcest resource we had,
and hope was the most abundant one.
In the middle of these two
was Sardar Jaswant Singh Gill.
This rescue operation driven by Gill
was appreciated all over
the country and abroad.
In the eyes of the rescued miners
and their families,
he attained a god-like status.
And many people began
referring to him as "Capsule Gill."
As a result of Gill's efforts,
ex-survey officer Tapan Ghosh
received the payment he was owed,
along with his gratuity.
Jaswant Singh Gill was honored
with the President's Award
for the Best Life Saver Medal
in recognition of his courageous
and heroic actions.