Mission to Moscow (1943) Movie Script

When i was your ambassador in russia,
i little expected to
write "mission to moscow,"
much less to see it
projected on screen.
But when germany
attacked russia,
the soviet union became one
of the nations fighting hitler.
And it was a desperate hour.
If hitler were to destroy
the red armies
and to smash the soviet union,
the 3 aggressor nations
would dominate europe,
asia, and africa.
The riches
of these 3 continents
and the enslaved labor of 3/4
of the population of the world
would be harnessed to conquer
the rest of the earth.
The americas would be next.
Unity among the forces
fighting hitler was vital.
Nothing, as i saw it,
was more important than
that the fighting nations should
understand and trust each other.
There was so much prejudice
and misunderstanding
of the soviet union,
in which i partly shared,
that i felt it was my duty
to tell the truth
about the soviet union,
as i saw it, for such value
as it might have.
If i were down there
in the audience with you,
there are certain things
that i would want to know
about the man
who's telling the story
so that i could assess
the reliability of his judgment
and his bias
or his lack of bias.
Those things about me,
you are entitled to know.
I would want to know them
if i were you.
Well, they're very simple.
My people were pioneers.
They came to new orleans
on a sailing ship.
I was born in wisconsin,
educated in the public schools,
graduated from the university
of wisconsin,
and went to washington as one
of woodrow wilson's young men.
My religious convictions
are basic.
My sainted mother was an
ordained minister of the gospel.
I think that i am
peculiarly the product
of our great country
and its free institutions
and its opportunities in a
competitive society of free enterprise.
I came up the hard way,
and i am glad of it.
I have a deep conviction
and a firm faith that
that system and our form
of government
is the best that the world has
yet produced for the common man.
But while in russia, i came
to have a very high respect
for the integrity and the
honesty of the soviet leaders.
I respected the honesty
of their convictions,
and they respected mine.
I also came back
with a firm conviction
that these people were
sincerely devoted to world peace,
and that they
and their leaders
only wanted to live
in a decent world
as good neighbors
in a world at peace.
That peace has
not yet been won.
If unity,
mutual understanding,
confidence in each other
was necessary to win the war,
it is still more necessary
to win the peace,
for there can be
no durable peace
without an agreement among those
nations that have won the war
that they will project that
peace and maintain that peace
and protect that peace.
That is why i wrote
"mission to moscow."
That is why i am
deeply grateful
to those fine patriotic
citizens the warner brothers
and to their great organization
of dramatists, artists,
and technicians who have
projected this book upon the screen
for you, my fellow citizens
of the americas,
and for you, my fellow free men
of the world.
I thank you.
Without prejudice
or partisanship,
i offer to my fellow americans
the facts as i saw them
while united states ambassador
to the soviet union.
No leaders of a nation have been
so misrepresented
and misunderstood as those
in the soviet government
during those critical years
between the two world wars.
I hope that my book will help
to correct that misunderstanding
in presenting russia
and its people
and their gallant struggle
to preserve the peace
until ruthless aggression
made war inevitable.
The events of which i speak
may be said to have begun on
a historic day in june 1936.
In the palace of
the league of nations at geneva,
a little man of great dignity
is making a plea
to the delegates of 52 nations
that are members of the league.
It is his majesty haile
selassie, emperor of ethiopia.
Ethiopia is but the first
to fall before fascist barbarism.
Who knows which country
will be next?
In violation of the covenant,
a certain government considered
that the european situation
made it imperative at any price
to obtain the friendship of their
axis neighbors germany and italy.
The price paid was
the abandonment of ethiopia
to the greed
of the italian government.
If a strong government finds that it
can with impunity destroy a weak people,
then the hour has struck
for that weak people to appeal
to the league of nations to give
judgment in our freedom.
God and history will remember
your judgment.
Mr. Litvinov, first delegate
of the soviet union,
wishes to address the assembly.
need i remind you
the league was formed
for one great ideal:
To protect the rights
of all its member nations,
both large and small.
Mine is perhaps the largest,
and we fear no aggressor.
But we are here to uphold
the principle of
collective security
for even the smallest nation.
This ideal of maintaining a peaceful
world through united strength
is now being threatened
seriously for the first time.
The eyes of the world
are upon us.
Our decision and our actions now
may decide the course of history
for the next thousand years.
Can you not understand
that peace is indivisible?
There is no security
for any of us
unless there is security
for all.
The league must live.
It must be strong.
The carrying into practice
of these ideas
will preserve us from
new disappointments
similar to those
which we are now undergoing,
will infuse new life
into the league,
and will bring it abreast of
the great task it has to perform.
That was the faith and lifelong
work of the great man
who created this assembly.
The voice
of the league founder was still,
and the voice of his followers
went unheeded.
Soon a disillusioned world
began to listen to
another voice
that proclaimed a new order
to take the place of
collective security...
collective slavery
under the domination
of what he termed
"a master race."
At first people laughed at
this caricature of a man,
with his wild threats
and his grandiose plans.
But words became deeds,
and the laughter ceased.
Like other americans,
i was only vaguely aware
of those ominous events.
During that summer,
my family and i were spending
our vacation at our camp
on the st. Regis lake
in the adirondack mountains.
On this particular day,
my wife, my daughter, and i
were getting ready for
a camping trip over the lakes
and deep
into the mountains.
Joe, are you sure we have
enough food to last 4 days?
There will be fish,
my dear-
nice, fat, lake trout fried
over a campfire with bacon.
Mr. Davies!
Oh, daddy,
here comes freddie.
Don't you dare let anything
come up to ruin our trip now.
I suppose i forgot
the screwdriver.
No, sir, there's a telephone
call from washington.
It's the same thing.
No, sir, it's mr. Beeby
in your office.
He says there's a case coming
up in the supreme court,
and they want you
to try it.
very interesting.
All right, you go back and tell them
i'm so deep
in the adirondacks
that it'd take
even edgar hoover
and henry morgenthau
to find me.
Push us off,
will you?
Everything in,
Everything's in
but you, dear.
Watch out for the tackle, daddy.
Don't step
on it.
Have a nice time!
Good-bye, freddie!
If anybody calls
for me, freddie,
tell them i'm opening
sardine cans for daddy!
Mr. Davies!
Mr. Davies!
Mr. Davies!
Don't you think
raymond announces
a bit loudly
for a butler?
5 years i've been trying
to take this vacation,
and now, by godfrey,
i'm gonna take it!
I've got to tell him,
freddie. It can't wait.
Who wants him?
Come on. Help me
with the canoe.
Sure, i'll help you, if you
think it'll do you any good.
Oh, joe, he's getting in the canoe.
And freddie's coming
with him.
They'll have to
catch us first.
Get your oars,
my lads.
Daddy, row harder.
Here they come!
Mr. Davies, you've got to come back.
didn't i tell you
that i wouldn't give up this
trip for anything or anybody?
Yes, sir, but this fellow
sounded kind of important.
that important.
I don't care if it's the
president of the united states.
Go back and tell him
i'm busy!
But, mr. Davies,
it is the president.
I don't care if
it's the-huh?
Well, that's different.
You know, among her
other virtues, joe,
your mother had a
remarkable gift of prophecy.
Yes, that was in her welsh blood,
but what reminded you of it?
Well, a way back in
the good old days,
when you and i were
just a couple
of young lawyers
without clients,
she once said to me,
"franklin, if you ever
really stir yourself,
"you will be president
of the united states,
and joe's
going to help you."
Yes, i remember.
But she wasn't the only one
that read your future.
The man who gave us
our start, joe.
Someday the world
will catch up with him.
Well, boss, i know you didn't
pull me away from a fishing trip
just to talk about
old times.
You've got something else on your mind.
That's right. I've been
plotting against you.
Joe, i want you to go to
russia as our ambassador.
But i'm not a diplomat.
This isn't a job
for a diplomat.
I want a sound
american businessman
who will get me the
hard-boiled facts
behind the most complicated
and dangerous situation
the world
has ever faced.
It's quite an order.
It is, joe.
You handled some pretty big
questions in your law practice,
but this is the biggest
question there is.
Are we going to be
able to keep the peace,
or is europe going to
force us into another war?
You think it's
as close as that, eh?
We're on the verge of the
worst disaster in history,
and i want to do everything
in my power to stop it.
Whether anything can be
done depends on just one man.
He seems bent
on conquest-
not only europe,
but the whole world.
He tells us that
all he wants
is freedom of the seas and
access to raw materials.
If he means it, i'll
move heaven and earth
to see that his people get their share.
But i think
he's bluffing, joe,
and i'm going
to call his hand.
I want you to go
first to berlin
and ask hitler
one question.
If he does get what he says he wants,
will he disarm along
with the rest of us?
That ought to
smoke him out.
But what's all this
got to do with russia?
She is the big unknown
factor in this whole problem.
If trouble comes, whish
side is she going to be on-
ours or hitler's
and japan's?
We've got to know
the truth, joe.
How strong is
stalin's regime,
and how strong
is his army?
Well, we've had enough
experts' opinions about it.
The question is,
which to believe?
It's your job to get
me the right answers.
No, "job" is too small a word, joe.
This is a mission.
But how would
the russians accept me?
I represent some of
the richest men
and largest corporations
in the world.
Politically, i'm a liberal,
but i'm also a capitalist.
I'm much more interested
in your opinion of them
than in their
opinion of you.
You don't have to give
me an answer tonight.
Think it over.
No, you've done that
for me.
If you think i'm the man,
that's good enough for me.
Thanks, joe.
The mission is in
good hands.
Good night, boss.
Good night,
mr. Ambassador.
This is going to be an
awful shock to my family.
They were going to spend
the winter in florida.
Ha ha ha!
Hold it.
Smile for
the gentleman.
Thank you
very much.
One other question,
mr. Davies.
What is your opinion
of the russian army?
I haven't seen it yet.
Ask me when i come back.
Is there any special reason
going by way of berlin?
That's all i can
tell you now, boys.
Give me a chance to say
good-bye to my friends.
mr. Davies!
Good-bye and
good luck, sir!
Gee, emlyn, we're gonna
miss you like the devil.
Thanks, johnny. I'll
send you a picture of me
riding in a... or whatever they call it.
Why don't you get me a job
in your father's embassy?
I'll bet i'd make
a darn good diplomat.
A darn good diplomat would
have arranged it with father.
Now, don't let those
russians fool you, joe.
Keep an open mind, but
don't be influenced.
You think i should look around
but not see too much?
Well, i don't care
how much you see,
but don't buy anything-i
mean political ideas.
Bill means, don't forget
you're an american, joe.
Well, i've handled a good many
tough cases in my life,
and i never judged a man
unless i studied
all the evidence both
for and against him.
That's exactly how
i feel about russia.
How they keep their house is
really none of our business.
Only one thing matters.
What kind of a neighbor will
they be in case of a fire?
good-bye, joe.
Bon voyage.
Well, marjorie, we're all
going to be worried to death
about you in russia.
Oh, i'm as excited as a
schoolgirl visiting paris.
Paris is different.
I doubt if there'll even be a
decent hairdresser in moscow.
Bye, now.
Good-bye, emlen. I
sure hate to see you go.
Good-bye, emlen.
Think over my offer.
I will. Good-bye.
Take care of yourself. Good-bye!
Too late.
Please open the door.
This is our train.
But my son has had
an accident in leipzig.
We must get to him.
It is forbidden.
The trains in the new germany
wait for no one.
We are so disappointed, your
excellency, that you can't-
we are disappointed,
your excellency,
that you cannot stay in
hamburg for a few days.
There have been great changes
here in the last few years.
Yes, we've heard of
quite a few of them.
Ah, but you should
see for yourself.
The new germany
is a revelation.
The people have so many
more cultural advantages,
and such spirit.
How very interesting.
I understand that you
expect to have an appointment
with minister schacht,
your excellency.
I hope to, yes.
And also with
the fuhrer himself.
You seem very well informed
as to my schedule, major.
Thank you.
We feel gratified,
mr. Ambassador,
that you chose
to visit us first
before going to your
appointment in russia.
Well, i'm interested in
conditions in both countries.
I understand
that the stalin regime
is firmly entrenched
with the russian people.
On the surface, yes,
but before very long,
you may possibly have cause
to change your opinion.
Of course, i have
nothing definite
to base that on,
you understand.
It's merely
my personal opinion.
I see.
your compartment.
Thank you.
Your luggage is
already inside.
Thank you. You gentlemen have
been extremely kind and thoughtful,
and i wish to thank you both for
ourselves and for our government.
You shouldn't have
said that about russia.
He may remember later.
I said nothing.
Anyway, later it will
make no difference.
Oh, joe, look at those
little wooden soldiers.
It's as if they'd all been
stamped out of the same machine.
Not out of one,
into one.
Oh, i'm so sorry.
Ah, english?
Would you care for
a cigarette?
Oh, thank you, yes.
You americans have
a very good tobacco.
Ours is terrible
at the moment.
We intend to improve it
very shortly.
Really? What do
you intend to buy?
I'm not so sure
we'll have to buy from anyone.
Our fuhrer is a very clever man.
He has many ideas.
And what do you smoke
in the meantime?
I'd rather not know
for sure.
We germans don't mind
a few discomforts now,
because we know what's in store
for us is a great future life.
Do you mean on earth
or somewhere else?
Shall we say somewhere else on earth?
Your excellency.
The president of the german
state railways has commanded me
to do all i can for your
comfort on the train.
Please do not hesitate
to ask anything you want.
Thank you. Everything is fine.
Today the fuhrer
is reviewing the army.
You are very fortunate,
your excellency.
It's a great privilege,
Can you see
everything clearly?
Oh, yes, perfectly.
Of course, we are
greatly honored
by your visit,
mr. Ambassador,
but, well, frankly,
we wondered why you
wanted first to see me.
I'm only a banker,
not a diplomat.
You're more than
a banker, dr. Schacht.
You're the financial
brains of germany.
Well, i thought i might get a clearer
picture of conditions here from you
than i could from the
gentlemen in the foreign office.
What conditions?
Why is the greater part of germany's
entire production devoted to armaments?
We do not want
another war.
But unfortunately,
in europe,
the dove of peace must
have wings of steel
or be destroyed.
No, i can't agree
with you, dr. Schacht.
If a nation wants to live
in peace with its neighbors,
it doesn't keep rattling
a saber at them.
Oh, yes.
I believe you
americans call it
the "good neighbor
But you can be
a good neighbor
only if you have
good neighbors.
France and great britain are not.
We have tried
to appeal at them,
but words have
become useless.
Now we have
begun to rearm
purely as a basis
for argument.
No, no.
That kind of an argument only
leads to a fight, dr. Schacht.
We are convinced that a
peaceful solution can be found.
President roosevelt is ready to
support any further german claims
based on her legitimate needs or
her legal rights on one condition:
That the leaders
of the german reich
agree to a plan of
immediate disarmament.
What plan,
mr. Ambassador?
A very simple one.
Mr. Roosevelt proposes that every
nation in the world limit its armaments
to the weapons a man
can carry on his shoulder.
Hmm. I see.
Has the president
communicated his proposal
to england
and france?
No, not yet, but we
have reason to believe
that they will not hold back
if germany gives her consent.
Dr. Schacht, you cannot build to
destroy and escape destruction yourself.
Before it is too late, prevail upon
your leaders to consider this proposal.
You and i both know this is the
last good chance on earth of peace.
If that chance is lost, your
government must take the responsibility
for the most terrible
disaster in history.
Mr. Ambassador,
i like your president's
It has the simplicity
of genius,
and i believe
it is sincere.
I shall take it up
with my government.
i must warn you.
I am not
the government.
If they ask it, i shall give
them my favorable opinion.
That's all
i can promise.
I quite understand.
If there is anything
i can do for you
during your stay here, mr.
Davies, please let me know.
I shall consider it
a favor.
Thank you. There is one
favor i'd like to ask.
Ambassador dodd has had
some difficulty
in arranging an appointment
for me to see herr hitler.
I thought perhaps
your office-
my dear mr. Ambassador,
i'm sure our fuhrer would
be delighted to see you,
but just now,
he's a very busy man.
So is president roosevelt,
but he felt that this was a
matter of extreme importance.
Of course, i'm quite willing to
postpone my leaving for moscow.
Oh, yes, yes.
Of course.
I'll see
what i can do.
Thank you.
Get me herr minister
von ribbentrop.
Herr ribbentrop,
herr schacht speaking.
The american ambassador davies
has just left my office.
He brings a remarkable offer
of disarmament
from president roosevelt-
nothing larger than a man
can carry on his shoulder.
How simple. The
americans are very naive.
And to come with such a
plan to you of all persons.
To you, herr schacht.
Ha ha ha!
Yes, very amusing.
I waited
two full weeks in berlin
to tell hitler
my president's offer,
but he would not see me.
I left for moscow knowing that the
first part of my mission was a failure;
that germany had already turned her
back to peace and her face to war.
Shall we cross
the border, sir?
Well, henderson, you're the
charge d'affaires. Lead on.
Right here, sir.
That's it.
Hold it.
Thank you.
Colonel faymonville!
How do you do?
Welcome to your new
post, mr. Ambassador.
Thank you,
Mr. Barkov.
Mr. Ambassador.
From the russian embassy.
Mrs. Davies.
Miss davies.
Is that
Major kamenev,
your excellency.
May i welcome you
to the soviet union
in the name
of my government.
Thank you, major.
My wife.
How do you do?
My daughter.
How do
you do?
Your train will be
ready in a few minutes.
This way, please.
My, what fine-looking soldiers.
Yes, sir.
Good fighting men, too.
Would you care for a
little refreshment, perhaps?
Would we care?
All we had this morning
is some ersatz eggs.
Marjorie, real food!
Over here, please.
This is very kind
of you, indeed.
This way,
mrs. Davies.
Thank you.
Mmm! This is
What are these?
The little fish?
This is [russian word].
And this is [russian word],
sort of smoked ham.
It looks delicious.
A great favorite of ours.
thank you.
Very much.
Now, marjorie,
i wouldn't admit this
to anyone else
in the world,
but this business
of being a diplomat
kind of frightens me
a little.
Oh, nonsense, joe.
You're behaving as though
you'd been one for years.
You really think so?
Well, i like meeting
people and exchanging ideas,
but the part
that bothers me
is this protocol
of formality-
the diplomatic language
i'm supposed to use.
Then you just stick to
plain joe davies language.
I have an idea they'll
understand that better, anyway.
I'm kind of glad
i brought you along.
So this is russia,
Da. Da.
Well, where's
the caviar?
You're eating some now.
It's in your bread.
Say, do you let girls
ride with the engineer?
She is the engineer.
No wonder
napoleon got lost
trying to find
the russian army.
Yes. Could've
hidden for years
right here
in the kremlin.
The soviet leaders
have the same genius
for being hard to reach.
I dread this formality, henderson.
I feel like a fish
out of water.
Mr. Ambassador, may i present our staff.
The representative of the united
states of america, mr. Davies.
How do you do, sir?
How do you do,
How do you do?
The representative of the united
states of america, mr. Davies.
The president of the
soviet union, mr. Kalinin.
I am happy to meet you, mr. Davies.
Thank you,
mr. President.
May i present
mr. Krestinsky,
first assistant to the
commissar for foreign affairs.
Mr. Krestinsky.
Mr. Davies.
And the public
of the ussr,
mr. Vyshinsky.
Ah, yes. We've heard of your great
legal work even in america, sir.
Thank you, mr. Davies.
May i return the compliment.
Thank you.
My chief
mr. Litvinov
asks me to express his regrets
that he is not here
personally to greet you.
He's still
at geneva.
I have great admiration
for mr. Litvinov
and will look forward
to meeting him.
Mr. Davies,
it is customary
to make
a formal speech
upon occasions
like this,
but with
your permission,
we shall talk
what is on our minds
instead of what
is down on paper.
That would suit me
In fact, i think i've
forgotten mine, anyway.
Oh. Ha ha!
May i present my
credentials, mr. President?
Oh, yes. That you must
do. I've almost forgotten.
My favorite vice,
american cigarettes.
Oh, you speak russian?
That one word is
my entire vocabulary.
Ha ha ha!
You and your people
have made me feel
very much at home,
mr. President.
So, i'm glad.
I'm not
a professional diplomat.
The only language
that i know
is to say what i think.
Excellent. Then you
and my people
will speak
the same language.
In that sense, yes,
but there's one thing
i must make clear.
I'm the product of a
different system from yours.
I believe
in individualism
as we practice it
in america.
We know your record,
mr. Ambassador,
and we believe you
are an honest man.
Thank you.
I assure you that
my purpose in coming here
is to see all things
with an open mind
and report them
faithfully to washington.
All we want is that you
see as much as you can
of what
we're trying to do
before you arrive
at your conclusion.
That's what my president
wants. That's why he sent me.
A very great man,
your president...
with a deep sympathy
for mankind.
That is true.
His greatest concern is
to keep the world at peace.
Oh, yes. Peace.
There is room enough for
all of us to live in peace.
If only the other nations
will see, and see in time.
If they shouldn't, if war should
come, what would russia do?
We are prepared
to defend ourselves.
We'll be ready.
Nice shot,
lord chilston.
Thank you.
Why shouldn't he
be good?
He's here practicing
all the while.
Who else but the english
would think of converting
part of the embassy
to a billiard room?
Apparently the french have only
room for a wine cellar, hmm?
What do you feature at the
polish embassy, mr. Ambassador?
Our house is very
small, mr. Davies.
We are stalin's
my dear chilston,
you will how this
shot should be made.
Oh, yes?
Too bad.
I want you men to try some
english ale i've had shipped in.
Yes. I need something to cool me off.
Well, if you'll
drop in one afternoon...
what a pity you weren't
assigned to warsaw, mr. Davies.
You would enjoy the social
life there much more than here.
We have a saying: A russian
is merely an unfinished pole.
I looked forward to this
visit, lord chilston,
not only to
get acquainted,
but to become better
informed about russia.
I understand-
excuse me.
One can't be too
careful, you know.
You'll be doing the
same thing before long.
There are some very
large ears in moscow,
perhaps because those in
power feel none too secure.
I was under the
impression that the people
are firmly behind
the present government.
Don't be deceived by their
propaganda, mr. Davies.
These russians
are experts
at dressing their windows
for foreign diplomats.
You mean the 5-year
plan hasn't worked out?
Well, 5 years,
10, 15 years,
they will always be
the same russians-
full of great plans,
but small fulfillment.
Most of our colleagues
feel that way, davies,
but i don't entirely
agree with it.
I don't think we should
belittle the many fine works
that the soviets
have accomplished,
but, well, there are more
things going on in russia
than meet the eye,
my friend.
Very interesting.
I guess i should keep my eyes open, huh?
To the honorable
secretary of state.
Finding so many
divergent views in moscow
relative to the internal
strength of the soviet union,
i decided to take a trip
and see for myself.
When i explained my purpose
to premier molotov,
he was most helpful in arranging
for me to go where i pleased
and to find out the facts
without any official guidance.
My first stop
was at kharkov,
an important industrial city
as large as pittsburgh,
where we inspected
a modern tractor plant
employing 12,000 people
and producing 37,000
tractors a year.
When was
this factory built?
It was constructed under
the first 5 years plan
with the help
of engineers
from united states,
france, and england.
Most of the machinery
is american.
The facts and figures
of their output
are astonishing for a nation
which almost overnight
sprang from the middle ages
into modern methods.
But despite
their great progress,
it was my impression
that the efficiency
of their skilled labor
was not yet up to our standard.
These are the production
records, mr. Davies.
We keep experimenting
to find ways
to increase
our efficiency.
Well, what kind of
a tractor is this?
It looks different
from the rest.
Yes, mr. Davies.
The reason is this.
It can easily
be converted...
On my way
through the ukraine,
i passed many divisions of
the red army on maneuvers.
Even to a civilian observer,
this force looks impressive.
It's an army on wheels
and on wings.
In my opinion,
it is greatly underestimated
by the rest of the world powers.
Near the great dneiper dam,
at present the largest source
of hydroelectric power
in the world,
we examined a huge steel plant
which employs 9,000 men.
Its open-house steel capacity
was 440,000 tons,
which compares favorably
with our own mills in gary.
That's really
quite amazing.
How long were
you in america?
I spent a year in
detroit and pittsburgh
studying your metals
and equipment,
mr. Ambassador.
We believe our plant here
combines the best
features of both.
You're pretty young to
run a plant like this.
How'd you get the job?
Like anyone else,
i worked for it.
Watch it, mr. Davies.
Then south
to the caspian sea,
where we inspected
the oil fields at baku
producing 7%
of the country's supply.
The equipment's
pretty well worn out.
We are trying to replace
it as fast as we can,
but our country
needs so much oil.
The supply cannot
keep up with demand.
Beside, our government
is storing up oil reserves
in case comes war.
Every plant,
every industry is prepared
for quick conversion
to a wartime basis,
and some we saw
are not waiting too long.
I certainly
didn't expect to find
an american
engineer here.
They hired me
two years ago, sir,
to give them advice
on installations,
and am i anxious to
get back to texas.
Homesick, huh?
I'd give
a carload of caviar
for just one good
hot dog.
Do you mind
stepping up here
to my office
for a moment, sir?
It isn't
that i particularly
want to get back to the
states, mr. Ambassador.
In many ways,
i like it here.
These are fine people,
and they're good
at their jobs, too...
most of them.
Sit down, mr. Davies.
Is it all right
to smoke in here?
Something is happening
in this country
that i don't
fully understand.
There's always a few
who seem to be working
against the rest.
How do you mean?
Thank you, sir.
Oh, they forget
to fill a crankcase
or turn
the wrong valve.
It takes us a good couple of
months to repair the damage.
goes to pot.
From what i hear,
this happens
in more places
than the airplane
Sabotage, huh?
In the great don basin,
i saw for myself the wealth
of russia's coal resources.
I went down into the mine
and talked with the workers.
Much to my amazement, i discovered
that 30% of them are women.
Excuse me, mr. Davies,
is it true that in america
the women are not allowed
to do work like this?
Well, there's no law
against it,
but we don't like to put them
underground until we have to.
Ha ha!
In odessa, one of
the largest black sea ports,
i visited some
of their machine shops.
Again, i felt a sense of haste;
of pushing production
to the limit.
My friend, you seem
to enjoy hard work.
Of course you work hard.
You make more money.
I thought all your
profits went to the state.
Only a fixed amount.
Anything we
can produce above that
belongs to all of us
who works in a factory
in addition to our wages.
I hope i'm not
speaking out of turn,
but isn't that way of
encouraging initiative
a slight departure from
your original theory?
Ah, perhaps, mr. Davies, but what is
a theory except a means to the end?
The greatest good for the
greatest number of people.
Not a bad principle.
We believe in it, too.
The valley
of the dneiper river
is one of the most fertile
districts in the world.
Most of these farms
are cooperative
with over 600 men and women
working together
on a unit of 5,000 acres.
Again, as an industry,
the workers are entitled
to divide the profits
over and above
the government's share.
My conclusion based on
all i have seen and heard
in the course
of this trip is this:
In spite of many mistakes,
some inefficiency,
and even division
among themselves,
probably inevitable
in any great change,
i am convinced this nation
is aware of its destiny
and is making itself ready
for whatever lies ahead.
The premier is expecting
you, mr. Ambassador.
Premier molotov, the american
ambassador mr. Davies is here.
At once, sir.
No, don't go.
It's ambassador davies.
Oh, yes.
Welcome back,
mr. Davies.
Thank you, sir.
Mr. Litvinov
is here with me.
He just came back
from geneva.
He's anxious to meet you.
Mr. Litvinov,
ambassador davies.
Mr. Davies, i've looked
forward to this meeting.
It's a great pleasure,
mr. Litvinov.
Please sit down,
Tell us about your trip, mr. Davies.
First, i want to thank you
for making it possible.
We only wish that more
of our foreign guests
were that interested
in what we are doing.
What were your impressions, mr. Davies?
First of all, i was amazed at
the boldness and imagination
behind such a vast
industrial development.
I can think of no other
period in history
where so much has been
done in so short a time.
This is very
gratifying to us.
Of course, naturally,
i saw things
on the other side, too-
things that weren't
working well,
things i didn't like.
Oh, yes,
we make mistakes.
Our method is experimental:
Trial and error.
We hope you will let us
study your criticisms.
Of course.
But there was one thing
that made me very curious.
I noticed that in
some of your plants,
the installations were not
fixed in cement.
They were movable.
Yes, mr. Davies.
If our army is ever
forced to retreat,
our source of supplies
will move, also.
Perhaps the russian bear
will set a trap of its own.
I see. Hmm. Excellent.
Don't you gpuers
ever get any sleep?
Good morning.
Hello. That's
pretty nice.
Da, da.
Marjorie, you look
like the pictures
of catherine the great
in that outfit.
Oh, good heavens,
and here am i about to call
on the wife of a commissar.
Don't be late. Remember,
we got a date tonight.
As if i could forget my
first diplomatic ball.
Joe, will there be
all sorts
of mysterious
intrigues going on?
Oh, yes. Yes.
Some mysterious brunette
will probably try
to sell you the plans
to yokohama.
Ha ha ha!
Good morning, freddie.
Good morning.
How did you rest?
With one eye open.
Freddie, will you
take me to the embassy
and take mrs. Davies
to this address-
i can't even pronounce it.
Yes, sir. And i
can't read it, sir.
Ask the gpu boys.
I cannot get used to being
followed everywhere i go.
What i can't
figure out, ma'am,
is whether they're
protecting us or watching us.
Well, maybe
it's a little of both.
Come on, boys.
Follow the leader.
More applications for
american passports, sir.
The pile is getting
bigger every day.
It reminds me
of animals
scurrying for shelter before a storm.
Please forgive me for
interrupting, mr. Ambassador,
but something has happened i thought
you should know about at once.
Yesterday, workmen who were
repairing the italian embassy
discovered dictagraph
wiring in the rafters.
I think we should make
an immediate examination.
The kremlin may be
recording every word we say.
Well, perhaps
they had a reason.
Moscow is a hotbed
for foreign agents.
But eavesdropping, sir?
Why, that is an open affront
of international rights.
I never say anything outside
the kremlin about russia
that i wouldn't say to
stalin's face. Do you?
Well, that's putting it
rather stiffly, sir.
Then stop gossiping and
stop listening to it.
We're here, in a sense, as
guests of the soviet government,
and i'm going to believe
that they trust
the united states as a friend
until they prove otherwise.
Yes, sir.
But if there
were microphones...
let them listen.
We'd be friends
that much faster.
And if they haven't
got microphones,
i'm not going to
insult them
by ripping out the walls to find out.
Anyway, it's much
too expensive.
Besides, sir, we examined
these rooms two years ago.
Let's give them
the benefit
of the doubt,
eh, spendler?
Yes, sir.
Come on, kids,
beat it.
Sked-skedaddle, please!
Come on.
They certainly have a healthy
curiosity, haven't they?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
What an attractive
display, madam molotov.
Why, this might be in a fifth
avenue window in new york.
Oh, thank you.
When i first became commissar
of the cosmetic industry,
i went to paris
to study their methods.
But i didn't realize
that luxury trades
were encouraged
in the soviet union.
We discovered that feminine
beauty was not a luxury.
Won't you sit down?
Well, i imagine women are
much the same the world over.
They all want
to please their men.
Before i show you
around the factory,
we'll have some tea.
Oh, how nice.
I'm very curious to know
how the wife of the premier
has the time to run
a large industry.
Oh, the wives of many of our
commissars have some work of their own.
We prefer that to
merely social duties.
So do i.
In my early 20s,
i had to assume
the responsibility
of running my
father's business.
An american woman
running a business.
We had the impression that american
women were ornamental and not useful,
and you thought that our women
were useful, but not ornamental.
Ha! I guess
we were both wrong.
I think we have much
in common, mrs. Davies.
That's a very nice
I'll see you
at the ball tonight,
but sometime i should like to
arrange a luncheon at our dacha.
It might interest you to meet some
of the women little known to the world
who have contributed so much to engineering,
medicine, and industrial progress.
I should feel honored.
I know you'll like them,
and i feel sure
they'll like you.
Thank you.
Here. Maria, i'd like you
to meet mrs. Davies,
wife of the american
How do you do,
How do you do.
Oh, thank you.
Where did you learn
to speak english?
To night school.
At night school,
At night school.
It is so easy to forget,
no, mrs. Davies?
But you
do wonderfully.
Oh, how proud i'd be
if i could do that
well with russian.
Perhaps someday we shall
all speak the same language.
Look. Look at them.
They are a crack regiment of ski troops.
They're on maneuvers.
Miss davies, mr. Grosjean.
How do you do?
This is your command?
Yes, major. The finest
regiment in the army.
I could never go back
to the cavalry now.
It's much too slow
after this.
Ha ha!
What'd she say?
She says you'd better have some hot tea
before you
catch cold.
Oh, thank you.
Um... spasibo.
Spasibo. Are you
both americans?
Are you married, yes?
Oh, no. Ha ha ha!
No, i'm a mining engineer on a
little vacation from stalingrad.
Her father just blackmailed
me into being a nursemaid.
Don't you
believe it.
He's been camping on my
doorstep for two solid weeks.
But i meant that about the
tea. May i get it for you?
Oh, yes. Thank you.
Can you do that?
Me? No!
Well, then, we'd better
start learning.
Major kamenev?
How long
would it take you
to teach me
to dance like that?
You really want to learn
our russian dances?
Of course! For the
diplomatic ball tonight.
We don't dance
like that at a ball.
Tonight there will
be mostly waltzes.
Oh, i was afraid of that.
Daddy and i get so bored
at anything formal,
but we have to go.
Your father is in
the diplomatic court?
Yes. American.
The new ambassador?
Of course. The ball is being
given for him at spiridonovka.
How did you know?
I live there.
I am tanya litvinov.
Oh, how do you do,
miss litvinov.
How do you do?
Do you commissars have any time
left for your private lives?
Why, yes. Every
now and then
we all take time off
and go fishing.
Fishing? But where?
Oh, at parties
like this.
This is the first
formal reception
the soviet union has ever
given to a foreign diplomat.
So i understand, sir. It is
a great honor to my country.
Don't worry over
miss davies.
Marshal tukhachevsky has
a lady love of his own.
Why didn't he
bring her here?
And you have read
karl marx?
Yes, we had to study it in
our sociology class at vassar.
I can't say i enjoyed it
very much, though.
Perhaps if
you look into it again
now that you are
in russia.
Marshal tukhachevsky,
you wouldn't be
trying to convert me,
by any chance now,
would you?
I suppose we in america
still think of european
diplomacy as it used to be-
intrigue being whispered
behind a fan.
Well, we no longer
have the fans.
Ah. Ha ha!
Well, mrs. Davies,
shall we go?
Oh, mrs. Davies, may
i introduce mr. Bukharin,
mr. Vesya, mr. Radik,
our most distinguished
and mr. Yagoda, commissar
of internal affairs.
How do
you do, gentlemen?
How do you do,
mrs. Davies?
We are envying
commissar litvinov
his most
agreeable duty.
Oh! And i thought chivalry
was discouraged in russia.
My dear mrs. Davies,
you can't discourage human nature.
A philosopher.
Shall we, mrs. Davies?
Who's the
distinguished-looking man
with the stars on
his uniform there
talking to mr. Davies?
Oh, a marshal of the red army
- timoshenko.
I heard in geneva about your promotion.
Thank you.
I've been meaning to
ask you about your trip.
How are things in geneva?
You will excuse me,
I'm only a soldier.
Come. Let us have
a cigar together.
I hear that you have done some
parachute jumping, miss litvinov.
Yes. I am a student
in the reserve corps.
We practice every week.
So, are there
a great many of you?
I'm afraid i don't know,
mr. Shigematsu.
How many parachutists
do you have in japan?
Our young people prefer
other forms of sports.
Yes. I have seen some recent
pictures of them from china.
Miss litvinov,
i wonder if i might-
excuse me.
Oh, i beg your pardon.
Do i interrupt
diplomatic affairs?
Not at all, colonel.
Do you know ambassador shigematsu?
Oh, yes. Of course.
We met years ago
in tokyo.
Colonel faymonville is
a great student of japan.
He has worked very hard
to understand us.
Well, thank you very much.
It's quite
a difficult subject.
Would you care to dance,
miss litvinov?
Yes, thank you.
You'll excuse us?
There was a time when the future
of the soviet government
appeared to be very dark,
but that has passed now.
We're entering a new era.
Don't you think so,
tovarich krestinsky?
I think we have done
remarkably well.
I was very surprised
to see you here,
herr von ribbentrop.
I had no idea
you were in moscow.
A matter of business, lady chilston,
but i miss london
very much.
Herr von ribbentrop is
very partial to the english.
Well, now, let's
not argue about it.
But america builds the best
transport planes in the world.
That's true.
I've converted
many of your douglas
transports into bombers.
I know.
My friend, you'd better forget
about commercial aviation
and concentrate on
You russians are always
hearing the drums of war.
Italian olives,
mr. Molotov?
In russia, i've learned to judge
our neighbors by what they do,
and not by what their
representatives say...
and what is happening
in the world today.
Not a very pleasant
prospect, mr. Davies.
One nation has already
invaded another
without provocation
or excuse
and contrary to
its league obligations.
Still another aggressor
is attempting to overthrow
the meager government
of its neighbor
by sending men and equipment
to support the revolt.
The little nations tremble
trying to walk the tightrope
between the great powers.
Their only defense is
their utter helplessness.
But whom can they trust?
On whom can they depend?
It's the devil's gamble,
so they smile on everyone
and hope for the best.
The bigger the country,
the stronger the smile,
but what about
the great powers
who could
oppose aggression?
Instead of
standing together,
they make deals
with the enemy.
They even found a lovely
new word for it.
They call it appeasement.
That is what i've had to
contend with, my friend.
And that is not the
whole story, mr. Davies.
Not all our enemies
are outside russia.
They also have
their agents in our midst
trying to create
havoc, distress.
your own people?
Mr. Davies, you will recall
the proud statement
made recently
by a fascist general:
"We have 4 columns
in front of madrid
and a fifth inside
the city."
Fifth column.
It's hard for most americans
to realize these things
with two great oceans between
us and our possible enemies.
I wouldn't rely too much
on isolation, my friend.
Oceans are not as wide
as they used to be.
Yes, krestinsky?
I beg your pardon. May
i speak to you a moment?
Excuse me,
mr. Ambassador.
Whenever krestinsky wants
to see me, it's business.
Of course.
Yes, i understand.
What is it?
Kommodov, manager of the
magnesium plant in kharkov.
There has been
an explosion.
The plant
is completely wrecked.
Several hundred workers
on the night shift
have been killed.
It's impossible
to determine right away
what caused the explosion,
but i'm sure it was
an act of sabotage.
This will be investigated
immediately, kommodov.
Do not talk with anyone
until you hear from me.
I'll expect a report
later tonight
and again
in the morning.
Give me complete details
when you call.
The plant destroyed.
The fifth since march? Yes.
How do you know
it was sabotage?
Krestinsky, these accidents
happen too regularly
and always in
defense industries.
Was anyone caught?
We will know tomorrow,
Mr. Davies.
Mr. Shigematsu.
My government
has asked me to give you
a personal message
for your president.
Please tell your president
the japanese plans
for a new order in asia
no interference
in the philippines,
or any american
The present war
was forced upon us
by the hostility
of china.
As ambassador, i will convey
your message to my president,
but between ourselves,
mr. Shigematsu,
the suggestion
that japan
had to defend herself
against china
is pure bunk.
I'm leaving at
midnight, bukharin.
I'll stop
at your apartment
on my way
to the airport.
Very well.
I'll expect you.
Au revoir.
What is "bunk"?
Bunk? I don't know.
State prosecutor has some questions
to ask you, citizen bukharin.
You will go with us.
Very well.
Tovarich radik?
Miss van nuys.
Yes, citizen yagoda.
Thank you.
Your change,
mr. Krestinsky.
Thank you, i was
looking for some papers.
Oh, it's a brilliant performance.
Really dazzling.
Who's the ballerina? Ulanava.
They compare her
to pavlova.
I like it even better than
the ballet russe in new york.
This is the real ballet
russe, miss davies.
Is stalin
purging the army?
...not to be trusted-
the public insists it has a
right to know on what charges
these men
are being tried,
and intend to put a
question before the house.
Is jealous
of their power!
We should break off
relations with russia.
Those people
still must be bloodthirsty!
is unmasked before the world!
No, this is not germany.
It is a bund meeting
in new york city,
where americans
were brutally beaten
for daring to interrupt
the fuehrer's friend.
You see this?
"The kremlin butcher."
Well, what do you expect
of cossacks?
Is the red army
marching on moscow?
Mr. Speaker!
The american people
demand to know the facts
behind this moscow purge.
Have you gentlemen anything to say
concerning the russian purge?
Japan abhors
the brutality
of the russian
Thank you
very much.
here we are in moscow,
and we know less
about the purge
than they do
in washington.
My paper won't even
believe i'm in moscow.
If the ambassador
doesn't see us today-
all right, gentlemen,
mr. Davies will see you now.
Say, boys, wait for me, will you?
Is it a party feud,
mr. Ambassador,
or are these men
really guilty of conspiracy
against the soviet government?
I'm not
a mind reader, charlie.
You have just as much
information as i have.
Well, my guess is
they're guilty.
I don't know what of-
men like bukharin
and tukhachevsky?
Don't be foolish,
Those two guys
are as solid soviets
as the kremlin
Sure, they're both old
friends of uncle joe's.
And so is yagoda.
Why, it's just as if
back home
the fbi locked up
most of the cabinet,
the supreme court justices,
and part of congress.
Well, you want
my advice, boys,
i wouldn't jump at any wild
conclusions till you know the facts.
Wait for the trials.
Yes, sir, but in the meantime,
our newspapers are going crazy.
We can't send them a line.
At the rate they're inventing
it, you don't need to worry.
Maybe when the truth comes out
you'll find it stranger than fiction.
Thank you,
mr. Ambassador.
All right, boys.
And your chief aim
was the dismemberment
of the ussr in favor
of certain foreign states.
Accused yagoda,
do you admit
to conversation with pyatakov
about putting
the kemerova chemical works
out of action?
Yes, citizen prosecutor.
It was one
of the many plans
to cripple
defense industries.
Did you consider the fact
in carrying out your purpose
that workers in the factory
were bound to be killed?
Loss of life
was inevitable.
Once we determined
on our course of action,
we couldn't afford
to be particular
about sacrificing
a few lives.
Yerekov, were you
equally agreeable
to sacrificing the lives
of innocent men
for the sake of your,
shall we say,
ambitious plans?
Uh, more or less.
Don't answer me more or less.
Did you, in effect,
agree with yagoda?
That if workers
were to perish
as a result of your acts
of terrorism,
well, let them perish.
Yes or no.
That at least
is a frank answer.
Now, citizen, yagoda,
you have admitted that these numerous
acts of terrorism and sabotage
were part of a general plan
to weaken the soviet union.
Did you help
to formulate this program?
We all helped.
But in the main, the
program was trotsky's.
You make this statement
from personal knowledge?
I didn't see trotsky,
if that's what you mean.
He was out
of the country.
Yes, i am aware of that.
And how did you know it was
trotsky's orders you were following?
Because he sent us
letters of instruction.
Beside that, two of us were
in direct contact with him.
Who were they?
and krestinsky.
did you hear the statement
yagoda just made?
Most of it.
Most of it? You are
sitting right next to him.
Are you hard of hearing?
No, i'm not.
do you recognize this man
as the one you referred to
in connection with trotsky?
He is the same man,
although he seemed quite
different at the time.
Were you able to hear that,
citizen krestinsky?
Yes, i heard it.
And is it the truth?
No, i'm not
a trotskyite.
I had nothing
to do with him.
Accused rosengoltz,
you have heard
these conflicting statements.
Which one is true?
Krestinsky is not
telling the truth.
Accused grinko,
is krestinsky
telling the truth?
No, he is not.
How do you know?
I was
among those present
when he told us
of trotsky's program.
We discussed ways
of carrying it out.
Where did these meetings
take place?
Sometimes in his office,
sometimes in my office.
The people's
commissariat of finance.
You heard all of this,
i trust.
I do not feel very well.
I can well understand.
No further questions,
mr. President.
We shall proceed with the
examination of citizen radik.
Citizen radik,
take the stand.
In the preliminary examination,
you also admitted
participating in this plot
that was to prepare the way
for trotsky's program.
Please, tell us what that
program was as you understood it.
Our eventual aim
was to take over
the government
of the soviet union.
Quite an ambitious one,
citizen radik.
And just how was this
to be accomplished?
We realized that
the present government
was strongly entrenched
with the people,
so that our only chance
at success would come
in the defeat of russia
by some foreign power.
Very interesting.
And so it was trotsky's plan
to do everything possible
to weaken this country's
defense in the event of war.
A war that you
were determined
russia should lose.
What'd i tell you?
Meaning that
your actions show
that you desire
to bring about our defeat.
And these actions of yours
were deliberate?
Apart from sleeping,
i never in my life
an undeliberate action.
And this was not a dream.
Unfortunately, no.
How did trotsky approach you
about helping to carry out
his defeatist program?
Never directly-
always by letter
or through
When did these
contacts begin?
In the autumn of 1934.
I was at the diplomatic
talking with behein,
when we were approached
by count von-
the accused will refrain
from mentioning the name
of any foreign official.
Citizen radik,
you are sufficiently versed
in politics to know
what testimony is forbidden
in open court.
I deeply apologize,
mr. President.
It slipped out
before i thought.
Then be careful
in the future.
Continue your testimony.
Well, this
unnamed gentleman
approached us
at the party
and began talking
very casually.
"Mr. Trotsky," he said,
"seems to be more interested
than the stalin regime
"in bettering
the relations
our two countries."
Of course, we understood
he was sounding us out
to find out whether trotsky
had been speaking for himself
or whether he had any substantial
backing in this country.
What did you tell him?
That there were certain
realistic politicians here,
among whom i included
myself and bukharin,
who were out of sympathy
with the policy
of the present
and were anxious to
cooperate with trotsky
in bettering
the relations
between this
other country and ours.
In short, you admit going behind
the back of your government
to join hands
with a traitor
who was making overtures
to a foreign power.
Yes, if you wish
to put it that way.
What way would you put it,
citizen radik?
At the time our bloc didn't
consider trotsky as a traitor.
I notice you say "at the time,"
but we'll come to that later.
Now, i have
just one more question.
What was the country whose
representative approached you
in connection with trotsky?
The country is germany.
No further questions.
As if germany
had any interest
in russia's political quarrels.
the stalin government is shaky,
and they're trying
to cover it up
by inventing
this fantastic foreign plot.
But these men are on
trial for their lives.
Why should they
give testimony
that's bound
to convict them?
haven't you
an english
You might
as well be hung
for a sheep
as a lamb.
Or for a wolf
in sheep's clothing.
What's your opinion, mr. Davies?
Based on 20 years
of trial practice,
i'd be inclined
to believe these confessions.
As an american lawyer,
mr. Davies can't
be expected to understand
all the intricacies
of european politics.
The american ambassador,
may not be familiar
with intricacies
of european politics,
but he is fast learning
that "mein kampf"
is being put
into practice by germany.
Court will resume with the
questioning of citizen bukharin.
Do you recall the
conversation mentioned by radik
at the diplomatic reception?
There were
so many conversations.
I don't recall
this particular one.
But if radik
says it occurred,
i have no grounds
for not believing him.
Would you mind
giving a more direct answer?
Did the conversation take place?
Yes or no.
Couldn't say no
nor can i deny it
that it did take place.
So, the answer
is neither yes nor no.
Nothing of the kind.
Because facts exist,
of whether they are
in anybody's mind.
This is a problem
of the reality
of the outer world.
Citizen bukharin,
would you please
answer my questions
without giving us
a lecture in philosophy?
The lecture
wasn't intentional.
At any rate,
you admit similar conversations.
With representatives
of germany?
Of germany and japan.
What was the general purpose
of these conversations?
To make arrangements by which
our bloc would receive help
from these two countries
in our effort
to rise to power.
So, you were working out a deal.
germany and japan
were not going
to back us for the sake
of trotsky's
beautiful blue eyes.
Hmm, what were
their conditions?
The partition
of our country.
Japan was to get
our maritime province
and our guarantee
of siberian oil
in the event of war
with the united states.
And germany?
We agreed
to open the border
for german expansion
to the ukraine.
The main gates
for when germany
is preparing its blow
against ussr.
Citizen sokalnikov,
do you corroborate
this statement?
I do.
And you took an active part
in the conspiracy?
Periodically, i supplied
various secret information
to general seeckt,
who was
commander in chief
of the reichswehr.
Information of what kind?
of a military character.
Such as secret data on the
strength of our air force.
How was that information
At that time
i was assistant
to the commissar
of foreign affairs.
I used my office
as a contact
for transmitting
information to the enemy.
And this was done
in accordance
with an agreement
with general seeckt.
With general seeckt
and rudolf hess.
In return for our
espionage activities
on behalf
of the reichswehr,
they undertook to pay us
250,000 marks annually
as a subsidy.
Accused bukharin,
before you could
partition your country
to its enemies,
you and your bloc,
as you call it,
had to come into power.
How was this
to be accomplished?
Our plan was
to seize the kremlin
and set up
a military dictatorship
by the fascist government.
You had your fascist
dictator picked out?
I am not sure
we were all in agreement
on that point.
Who were
your candidates?
trotsky was one.
But our military leader
was tukhachevsky,
who, i suspect,
had ambitions of his own.
There's your wolf
in sheep's clothing.
Citizen tukhachevsky,
you've heard
bukharin's statement
to the effect that you
were the military leader
of the trotskyite plot.
As a witness, do you wish to
deny or affirm the statement?
The statement is true.
You were prepared to
seize the kremlin by force.
And what was to happen
to comrade stalin
and the other
official administrators
of the soviet
They were to be removed.
What does that mean?
Removed means killed.
Do you have anything you wish to
say in defense of your actions?
citizen prosecutor.
I refuse to speak
for my defense,
because i'm
used to defending myself
with good weapons
and attacking with good weapons.
Now i have no good weapons
with which to defend myself.
Accused bukharin,
you are aware, of course,
that you have confessed
to the most serious crimes
a citizen can commit
against the state.
Yes, citizen prosecutor.
And you make
these damaging admissions
of your free will.
I mean by that,
no pressure of any kind
has been exerted
to make you confess.
None whatsoever.
The only pressure came
from my own conscience.
For 3 months i refused
to testify.
Then i decided
to tell everything.
Because while in prison,
i made an entire
reevaluation of my past.
For when you ask
if you must die,
what are you dying for?
An absolutely black
vacuity rises before you
with startling
There was nothing
to die for
if one wanted to die
And on the contrary,
everything positive
that glistens
in the soviet union,
acquires new dimensions
in a man's mind.
One has only to weigh
the wise leadership
of the present
against the sordid
personal ambitions
of those who would
overthrow it
to realize the
monstrousness of our crimes.
I am about to finish.
I, perhaps speaking for
the last time in my life...
my hope is
that this trial may be
the last severe lesson
in proving to the world
the growing menace
of fascist aggression
and the awareness
and united strength in russia.
It is
in the consciousness of this
that i await the verdict:
What matters
is not the personal feelings
of a repentant enemy,
but the welfare
and progress of our country.
Attention! Court convenes.
In the name of the
supreme court of the ussr,
we find the accused guilty
of organizing
a conspiratorial group
know as the trotskyite bloc,
whose aim was
to overthrow the soviet state
by means of wrecking,
terrorist, espionage,
and treasonable activities,
and to assist foreign aggressors
in defeating
and dismembering russia.
On the basis of the aforesaid
and guided
by the articles 319 and 320
of the code
of criminal procedure,
we sentence the defendants
to the supreme penalty.
To be shot-
with the confiscation
of their personal property.
Well, your father must be very
proud of you today, comrade litvinov.
Yes, general.
But not so much as i.
Oh, it was wonderful,
tanya, but i held my breath.
She held mine, too.
By the time
you hit the ground,
she nearly
had me strangled.
Congratulations, dear.
We were thrilled.
Thank you.
You were magnificent.
Tanya, tell me, what were you thinking
when you jumped?
Well, first,
whether my chute would open
and then my nose was shiny.
How about a little celebration?
Let's go to the gorky palace.
Come along then,
Let's be off
This is much better.
Ivy, how can
you be so calm
with your daughter dropping
out of the sky in a parachute?
She is not as calm as
she pretends, marjorie.
It is her
english training.
How about you,
Hiding your
behind that
Well, anyway, the
midrinos are good jumpers.
They fall many times,
but they land always
on their feet.
Somehow, i can't quite imagine
our daughter doing it.
It is not
what we choose,
but it is better for them to
be prepared for what's coming.
Someday you
and your children
may be faced with the same alternatives.
Do you think
we're that close to war?
My friend,
you heard the testimony
at the trials.
We are at war.
Our enemy is not yet
quite ready to declare it.
Do you believe
that your government
has the support
and loyalty of the red army?
The army's
unquestionably loyal.
The soviet government is
actually strengthened
by the purge
of its traitors.
Now that
their plot's uncovered,
my guess is that germany
will move in a new direction
and move quickly.
Probably against austria
and czechoslovakia.
Can nothing be done
to stop this insanity
when every normal,
decent-thinking person
hates the very thought of war?
There is one way.
If the democracies stop feeding
hitler's vanity and making him
one concession
after another.
They should take
a firm stand together
and let him stew
in his own juice.
Collective security
is still
the one hope left.
At geneva i say it
over and over again.
But i think
only the statue
of your former president
There's another president who's deeply
concerned about what's happening,
though he's not in geneva.
Pursuant to a recent
conversation with mr. Litvinov,
in which he expressed grave fear
that war was imminent,
i decided to visit
various european centers
to sound out
representative opinions
on the same subject.
My first visit was
to the capital of poland.
Any information
you would care to give me,
mr. Pitsuski,
would be sent confidentially
to my president.
Even confidential cables are
tapped these days, mr. Davies.
Thank you-
yes, i'm aware of that.
This will leave
by diplomatic courier.
Then you can tell
your president
that i have
positive information
that hitler
and mussolini are meeting
to work on an agreement
for the partition of europe.
First on their list
will be austria.
Upon this information
i hastened to austria,
where i asked to see
chancellor schuschnigg,
but i was told
he was out of town.
In his place,
the foreign minister,
herr schmidt, received me.
Now, there's
just one more thing.
What about this
partitioning of europe?
Partitioning of europe.
Ha ha ha,
that's a joke, mr. Davies.
Surely, you are not serious?
There's no significance
to mussolini's recent visit
with herr hitler?
None at all.
Other than
diplomatic amenities.
And you feel that your country
is in no danger
of being absorbed by germany?
Herr hitler has given us
definite assurance.
He has no such
And herr hitler's word
is good enough for me.
But the foreign
minister of yugoslavia,
the next statesman
i interviewed,
was of a different opinion.
Hitler's word, mr. Ambassador?
It is good for nothing.
But please don't quote me.
No, no, this will be
a confidential report.
What effect does this axis
threat have upon your country?
Already we are punished
by germany and italy
because we supported
ethiopia at the league.
Germany is forcing us
to barter our goods
for anything they wish
to unload upon us.
And the non-aggressor
they give us
no protection at all.
I see,
and what kind of goods
does germany
force you to buy?
Mostly aspirin.
We have enough aspirin
for the next 20 years.
I see,
they give you the remedy
along with the headache,
The french
capital was my next stop.
What about italian interests
in austria, monsieur delveaux?
Mussolini wrote that
off, mr. Ambassador,
on his visit
to berlin last week.
In exchange, he is to get a
free hand in the mediterranean.
And are you certain this division
of europe is an accomplished fact?
I regret to say we have
conclusive documentary proof.
On my way back to
russia, i made a brief visit
to the capital of holland.
Here i decided
to call on a banking house
instead of government officials,
in order to sound out
business opinion.
I see what you mean,
mr. Davies.
But hitler has spent millions
in gold value preparing for war.
In my opinion, he could
not return to peace economy
without a financial crash.
Well, what about
He's pulled them out
of some tight places.
Schacht is
a financial wizard.
But he cannot
do the impossible.
Thank you.
And what chance is left
of stopping hitler?
By giving him everything he wants.
And how much is that?
I'm afraid,
mr. Davies, what he wants
is to rule the world.
I have the honor to be,
sir, respectfully yours.
When an
epidemic of physical disease
starts to spread,
the community approves and joins
in a quarantine of the patients
in order to protect
the health of the community
against the spread
of the disease.
War is a contagion,
whether it be declared
or undeclared.
It can engulf states and peoples
remote from the original
scene of hostilities.
America hates war.
America hopes for peace.
Therefore, america actively
engages in the search for peace.
Bob, wasn't
the marshal magnificent
on that black horse?
Anyone in
a marshal's uniform
looks magnificent
to you.
Marshal tukhachevsky
led the parade last year.
Uneasy lies the head
that craves the crown.
Wish i had 3 heads
and 6 pair of eyes.
Never mind, joe, you
see too much as it is.
Look over there,
my friends.
This is as close
as any of us
ever get to stalin.
What i've seen today
convinces me of soviet power,
both in the air
and on the ground.
You've seen only part
of their strength, mr. Davies.
The rest of the parade
will show you what's
behind the military forces.
But in the long run,
the strongest power's
the one that holds
the balance.
Perhaps, lord chilston.
But even the best jugglers
sometimes miss.
Watch this,
mr. Ambassador.
I hear
a new bomber model's
being shown
for the first time today.
What do you think
of today's demonstration?
Tell you how i feel-
that at least
one european nation
with no
aggressive intentions
is ready
for anything that comes.
And i say
thank god for it.
Hear, hear.
Joe, i wouldn't miss this
for anything in the world.
Well, marjorie, when we
go home we'll take with us
a great deal more
than we brought.
Evening, mr. Ambassador.
Mr. Davies,
please forgive me
for calling
at this late hour.
Of course, it's always
a pleasure to see you.
I got your message.
The american people
have been greatly shocked
by the recent atrocities at shanghai
and the panay incident.
I want you to see some of those
atrocities with your own eyes.
Of course
i'll go with you.
Where are they?
At the general hospital.
And how many others
are there like these?
16 million more
in china,
all destitute,
homeless and starving.
And their only crime
was that they lived
in a town which
the japanese wanted.
It's terrible,
but why were these people
brought to russia?
Because russia is our
friend, mr. Davies.
Mr. Davies,
this way.
Dr. Botkin, this is
american ambassador mr. Davies.
Dr. Botkin.
Mr. Davies.
I took the liberty
of bringing him with me.
I'm glad you came,
mr. Davies.
I've heard that you are
an unusual diplomat.
In what way, doctor?
That you see
what is really happening
instead of
what you want to see.
I need hardly say
that i am appalled
by what i have seen
here tonight.
Yes, many of them will die.
But all of them
are very brave.
Even the children never cry.
Day after day we try
to help these poor people.
We only stop
for a few hours to sleep.
But those who work
to save life
cannot keep up with those
who have the power
to destroy it.
Mr. Davies,
i'm only a doctor,
and it is hard for me
to understand the indifference
of so many people in the world
to these brutalities.
But what can anyone do?
I suppose they feel as powerless
as i do this very minute.
If our 3 countries
would be united,
we could stop all this.
Yes, the 3 of us must face
this common enemy together.
I agree
with both of you.
If only more people
in authority
would open their eyes
before it is too late.
And meanwhile,
too many other eyes
are being closed forever.
When you return
to america, mr. Davies,
please tell them
what you have seen.
The pleasure
of having you here tonight
is marred only by the fact
that this is a farewell dinner.
You, mr. Ambassador,
have done what no other
foreign diplomat
has been known to do
in this country.
You have done your best
to understand our country.
What is going on here,
the motives behind our doings,
and the aims in front of them.
If you will,
as i'm sure you will,
pass on the results of your
observation and unbiased judgment
to your government
and to your country,
you will contribute more to the friendly
relations between our two countries
than any other diplomat
in the history
of the soviet union.
I am deeply moved by your very
generous remarks, mr. Litvinov.
You have commented on the
sympathy and understanding
which exists between
your country and mine.
I believe that is
preeminently true.
It is my belief that
both peoples are seeking
to improve the lot
of the common man.
That is the end to
which we are striving.
Our methods
are different.
We believe
that ours are the best,
but we concede
that you have the right
to maintain that yours
are the best.
Whether or not
your government
succeeds in its
ultimate aims,
the ideas and the human
forces that you have released
will have
a profound effect
upon the future
of the world.
I came here
with an objective mind.
I'm leaving with
an objective mind,
possibly less objective
and more friendly
because of the kindnesses
that you and your government
have extended to me as a
representative of my country.
In conclusion, i would
like to say to everyone here
that i am going
to miss you very much.
And i hope to see you
many times again
wherever our paths
may cross.
I'm sure that my
american staff
will want to join me in raising
our glasses to you, mr. Litvinov,
to your associates,
and to the traditional
of the peoples
of our two countries.
Mr. Litvinov.
Now, i suggest
a final game of poker,
so we can win back some
of our money from the boss
before he leaves us.
I second the motion.
I don't have a
chance with you sharks.
Gentlemen, i'm sorry
to interrupt you,
but i have some bad news.
I have just received a telephone
message from the czech minister.
Hitler has invaded austria,
and german troops
are already in vienna.
Looks like
the beginning.
It had to come.
On your first
visit here, mr. Davies,
i felt i was welcoming a
capable and honest ambassador.
But now, more than that,
i feel i'm saying
good-bye to a friend.
Thank you, mr. President.
I feel exactly the same way.
I'm only sorry that you're
not staying with us longer.
You see, i've done what my
president asked me to do.
My end of the job is finished.
No one could have been
more conscientious
in respect
to both our countries.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, mr. Stalin.
Mr. Davies,
i'm happy to know you.
It's great pleasure, sir.
Also considerable
of a surprise.
Won't you please
sit down?
Besides your work
here in moscow,
i understand
you have visited
many other sections
of the soviet union.
I've been greatly impressed
by what i've seen.
Your industrial plants,
the development
of natural resources,
and the work being done
to improve living conditions
everywhere in russia.
I believe, sir, that
history will record you
as a great builder
for the benefit of mankind.
It is not my achievement,
mr. Davies.
Our 5-year plans
were conceived by lenin
and carried out
by the people themselves.
The results have been
a revelation to me.
I confess i wasn't prepared
for what i found here.
You see, mr. Stalin,
i'm a capitalist,
as you probably know.
Yes, we know
you're a capitalist.
There can be
no doubt about that.
We also know this,
mr. Davies.
The worst things you've
had to say about us,
you've said
to our faces.
The best things you've
said to our enemies.
We want you to realize
that we feel more friendly
toward the government
of the united states
than any other nation.
If there are some matters
which are not settled
between us,
please take them up
with premier molotov.
Thank you.
But i know
how busy you are.
I mustn't take up
any more of your time.
Mr. Davies, you have
another appointment?
Then please
do not hurry away.
There are some matters
on my mind
i would like you
to know.
And your great
president to know.
Mr. Davies.
Mr. Davies, please.
The outlook for a european
peace is bad, very bad.
England and france
have allowed hitler
to take austria
without a struggle.
They will probably allow him to
do the same with czechoslovakia.
They've repudiated all
their pledges to the league
and are throwing
defenseless countries
on the mercies of bandits.
It's clear what they're
doing, but i don't understand
why they're doing it.
I will tell you why,
mr. Davies,
and i will tell you frankly,
because this is the time
for plain words.
The reactionary elements
in england
have determined
upon a deliberate policy
of making germany strong.
At the same time,
they shout lies in the press
about the weakness
of the russian army
and disorder
in the soviet union.
You mean these elements are actually
encouraging german aggression?
There is no doubt that
their plan is to force hitler
into a war with this country.
Then, when the combatants
have exhausted themselves,
the will step in and make peace.
Yes, the kind of peace
that will serve
their own interests.
But i'm sure
the english people
don't approve
of such a policy.
In my opinion,
the present governments
of england and france
do not represent the people.
Finally, the fascist dictators
will drive too hard a bargain,
and the people will bring
their governments to account.
But then it may be too late.
Mr. Stalin, may i ask you
a very direct question?
Of course.
If hitler does attack
and france and england
go to her aid,
is russia ready and willing
to join them in war
against germany?
We have a commitment
with france to fight
in the event they go
to the aid of czechoslovakia.
The soviet union has never
repudiated a treaty obligation.
She would not repudiate
this one.
Your past record
speaks well for the future.
But we're not going
to be put in the position
of pulling other people's
chestnuts out of the fire.
Either we must rely
on our mutual guarantees
with the other democracies, or-
well, we may be forced to
protect ourselves in another way.
On my way home
i'm stopping off in england.
May i quote
what you have just told me?
If you could convince them
and your own government
that peace or war
is in the balance,
you would do us all
a great service.
I feel as keenly as you
and mr. Litvinov
that collective security is
the last bulwark against war.
Litvinov has done all he can
to make the world realize it.
A very great
foreign minister.
I appreciate
your frankness, sir.
A little while ago i said
that my job was finished.
After having talked
with you,
i wonder if it hasn't
only begun.
Good-bye, sir.
Good-bye, mr. Davies.
Then came
the tragic mistake of munich,
when hitler was handed
the sudetenland
in return
for his pledge of peace.
But only 5 months later
his army invaded prague
and all czechoslovakia
was swallowed
by the german reich.
In london i tried
to impress the british leaders
with the great danger
of appeasing germany
while ignoring russia's offer
of a military alliance.
But my warnings failed
to bring any real response.
Finally, in desperation,
i went to a man
who was then living in kent
but who was later to move
to number 10 downing street.
Winston is working in the garden,
but i know
he's expecting you.
He's building
one of his pet brick walls.
I don't like
to interrupt his weekend,
mrs. Churchill,
but i'm very anxious to see him.
We're delighted
to have you both.
So, please sit down,
and i'll call him.
No, please don't.
Let me go.
I'm familiar with some of
his other accomplishments,
but i'd like to see
how good a bricklayer he is.
Then follow that path,
and please remind him
that hitler's speech
is on the wireless
at 3:00.
Do sit down.
I doubt if either one
of them will remember it
once they get started
on their politics.
Do you ever stop to think
that men are always trying
to make the world
better or worse,
while most women
are content just to live in it?
Very good, sir.
The professional touch
of a bricklayer.
I am a professional.
I'm only an amateur
in politics.
If i thought that,
i wouldn't be here.
Very glad to see you, davies.
Good to see you, sir.
Do sit down.
Thank you.
It's always nice
to be here.
Tell me all about russia.
Do you want it
in 5 minutes,
or do you want me
to stay a week?
about that russian army.
We get so many reports.
French general gamlin just made a
statement it's only strong on paper.
That's the kind of
reckless statement
that one ally shouldn't
make of another
if he wants
to keep him as an ally.
Well, most of the monetary
observers make the same report.
There's so much antl-soviet
prejudice in the diplomatic corps,
that they won't
see the truth.
Or if they do see the
truth, they won't admit it.
Well, what is the truth?
Well, i'm not a soldier,
but i think
it's one of the finest
armies in the world
in training and morale
and equipment.
And i've never yet
seen a soviet general
whose belly wasn't
smaller than his chest.
But an army's no stronger
than its second line of defense.
What about their industry?
I've inspected their
plants, and i know plants.
In a short span of years
accomplished miracles
in their
industrial development.
And in my opinion,
if war comes,
these people will give a
magnificent account of themselves.
It's foolish
to underestimate
either their strength
or their good faith.
Well, what do you want me
to do about it?
Tell you what
i'd like to see done,
and i'd like
to see done quickly.
I'd like to see you
building another wall,
a solid wall
of military alliance
with russian and every other
country threatened by germany.
That would
pin hitler in,
and short-circuit
his plan
of chewing up europe
a piece at a time.
But as you well know, davies,
i'm not a member
of the government.
But you have great influence
with the english people.
You could
bring home to them
the terrible danger
we're all in.
No, i'm an alarmist.
I say things
people don't like to hear.
It would take a major catastrophe
to make my voice heard.
If you don't
make it heard,
it will be
a major catastrophe.
If the democracies
to look down their noses
at russia,
you know
what's going to happen?
Just as sure
as you're sitting there,
they'll drive stalin
into hitler's arms.
You think that's possible?
Stalin implied that
to me in his talk.
Moscow is getting fed up
with the delays
of england and france
a military alliance.
All they ask is the same
guarantee of assistance
against hitler that
they're willing to give.
That sound reasonable
and seems fair.
As a matter of fact,
for a long time
i've been an advocate
of a realistic triple
alliance including russia,
directed against aggression.
In my opinion, we should
stop all this bungling
and set negotiations
with moscow.
If you don't, they'll certainly
take hitler's alternative.
These people
are realists.
They're not going to fight
someone else's war.
Sooner or later they realize
they'll have to fight germany,
but a temporary
non-aggression pact
would give them
more time to prepare.
Could be a disaster for us.
If hitler can close
his eastern door,
he'll only have
to fight on one front.
and that front would be
against your country
and france.
It's that damnable blackmail
threat from the air.
It ties
our government's hands.
That's been
the trouble all along.
But i've been tremendously impressed
by what you've said, davies.
I cannot promise much,
but i'll do what i can.
Well, i'm very glad
i came.
What about america?
Your government
could give powerful support
to the democracies.
Except for that neutrality act.
I'm going back
to tell the president
and congress just exactly
what i've told you,
that unless something
is done to stop hitler,
we may have
to fight him alone.
Speaking of the devil,
we may as well
go in and listen.
We may get an idea
of what he intends to do.
Which will be the direct
opposite of what he promises.
Churchill kept his word.
He made speeches
urging an immediate alliance
with the soviet union.
The english people
began to listen.
But again the reactionary
government hesitated,
even at the eleventh hour.
Oh, there you are.
I've been looking
all over for you.
Hello, dear.
What's the matter?
This radiogram
came a few minutes ago.
"Dear mr. Ambassador,
our worst fears are realized.
"This afternoon
a non-aggression pact was signed
"between germany
and the soviet union.
Then it's happened.
Hitler's closed
his eastern door.
God help the rest of us.
I feel as though everything
the boss has sent me over to do
has gone out the window, that
i've accomplished nothing.
Oh, don't talk like that, joe.
You did everything
you could possibly do.
And, anyway,
there's still a chance
our government
can do something.
That's right.
Anyway, i'm glad
we're going back home.
What my wife said was true.
At this point, only one country could
possibly swerve hitler from his course:
The united states of america.
After making my report
to the president,
he asked me
to attend a meeting
of a congressional committee.
But congressional sentiment
hasn't changed, mr. Secretary.
Personally, i don't advise
reopening the question
of amending the neutrality
bill in this session.
In my judgment, it wouldn't
have a chance of passing
unless some emergency
made it imperative.
But we feel this is
an emergency, mr. Senator.
That's why the president
asked me to call this meeting.
And as a matter of fact,
the european situation
looks better
than it has in some time.
Anyway, hitler has
That may
keep him quiet.
do you really believe
hitler will be satisfied
with crumbs
when he thinks
he can grab the whole loaf?
to his own statements,
and the polish corridor
are next on his list.
We believe he's bluffing,
mr. Secretary.
And this time,
england and france
won't let him
get away with it.
My god, mr. Senator,
we can't afford
to take a chance on whether
he's bluffing or not.
We've got to try to stop him
before he gets started.
And we have a man here
who's just back from europe
and observed conditions
at firsthand.
The president has asked
ambassador davies
to give us his views.
We'll be glad to hear
whatever mr. Davies
has to tell us.
Well, i hope you'll
let me speak frankly.
As i sat here
listening to you,
i felt like someone
returning to another planet,
not to another
In europe,
they don't ask
if there's
gonna be war anymore.
They only ask,
"when is war coming?"
And what answer
do you hear to that question?
That unless something is done
quickly to change the present course,
it will come either before
hindenberg's birthday in august
or before the nuremberg
rally in september.
But that would be
within two months.
That's why i feel
so much depends
on the action of congress.
By amending
the neutrality bill,
we can serve notice on hitler that
this country will give material aid
to any nation
resisting aggression.
There were diplomats from little
countries in europe who begged me
to urge this amendment
because they thought it was
the last desperate chance
to prevent
the outbreak of war.
On what do you base
your conviction
that war is so close,
mr. Ambassador?
I visited
17 european countries,
and i've talked to
a lot of people.
Heads of government,
taxicab drivers.
Almost every one of them
is convinced
that it will come this year.
Besides that,
what i saw with my own eyes
convinces me that hitler is
getting ready to take the plunge.
He can't afford to wait until the
other countries catch up in armament.
Time is working against him
and for his enemies.
In my opinion, hitler hasn't
the economic strength
to take on
england and france.
Mr. Senator, may i give you a
few facts to test that opinion?
Here's the territory
that germany would control.
All of this vast area
of central europe.
He would have access
to all resources
from berlin to baghdad.
England and france, with a combined
population of 82 million people,
desperately unprepared,
would be confronted
with 76 million germans,
44 million italians,
having a working agreement
with 70 million in japan.
A grand total of 190 million
people armed to the teeth.
But the british navy could
blockade germany and italy by sea.
Hitler has enough submarine and
air power to break any blockade.
In fact, the shoe may be
on the other foot.
If he can succeed in
smashing england and france,
he'd be well on his way to keeping
his promise in "mein kampf."
His promise
to rule the world.
Not a very pleasant picture,
gentlemen, but it's safer
to see an enemy
reaching for his gun
than to find yourself
looking down the barrel.
Thank you, mr. Ambassador.
I can't add anything to
what mr. Davies has said.
I can only plead
with you for us all
to put party considerations aside
and not
to delude ourselves
with any
isolationist feelings.
Give our president
the one last chance
to stave off what
may be a catastrophe
for the whole world.
Mr. Secretary, if we could
agree with your premise,
it would be our duty
to join in amending
the neutrality act at once.
We have no doubt
that mr. Davies
is as sincere in his
convictions as you are in yours,
but we must act in
accordance with our own.
Then, mr. Senator,
it will be your responsibility
for whatever happens.
We've done all we can.
We've gone to considerable
trouble and expense
to get our own information,
which assures us
there will be no war
in europe this year.
On september 1, 1939,
the german blitzkrieg
burst into poland,
and the rape of europe
had begun.
In quick succession, denmark,
norway, holland, and belgium
were beaten to their knees.
Beneath the tread
of a thousand tanks,
the mighty
maginot line of france
fell like a house of cards,
and hitler fulfilled his promise
of parading into paris.
Then, the conqueror paused
on the blood-soaked beach
at dunkirk
separated only
by a narrow channel
from the next victim
on his schedule.
But with magnificent courage,
great britain took the full
frenzy of his hatred:
Out-fought him
in the skies above london
and shattered
his dream of invasion.
Baffled and enraged, hitler then
made the great mistake
of another little corporal.
In june of 1941,
he attacked russia,
and a breathless world
awaited the result.
But losing one city or losing
10 cities isn't losing the war.
The russians will take their
losses and go on fighting.
But what about moscow?
The military experts say
it will fall within 6 weeks.
I can only say again
that i think they're wrong.
I believe the red army
will amaze the world.
I'm glad to hear you
say that, joe,
because i'm going
to ask congress
to extend lend-lease
aid to russia.
Of course,
if we're wrong,
the stuff will fall
into german hands.
But it's well worth
taking the risk.
There's no doubt
in my mind
that the red army has a good
chance of beating hitler.
If only more of our
people realized that.
There's been
so much prejudice
stirred up about
the soviet union
that the public hasn't
been given a chance
to know the truth.
Mr. President,
a few years ago
you called me into this
room and gave me a job.
It was a bigger job
than i thought at the time.
I don't think
it's finished yet.
I'd like to lay those ghosts
that our fascist propagandists
are brewing up about russia
and tell the people of
this country a few facts.
May i have your permission
to use my report
to the state department?
You've more than
my permission, joe.
You have my blessing.
Thank you, mr. President.
Good night.
Good night, sir.
And in the meantime,
informed quarters believe
the president will assure
stalin of lend-lease aid
just as soon as the act
can be...
do you mind?
Oh, hello, dear.
No, it's all right.
How are you feeling?
Oh, i feel all right.
A little tired,
but nothing that a good
night's rest won't cure.
So, then what are
these for?
Oh, that.
Holden dropped in.
The doctor
always feels better
if he leaves a little
medicine in the bottle.
So, the doctor was here?
So, the doctor was here.
As if you didn't know.
You sent for him.
All right, i did...
and you've got
to call a halt, joe.
If you never do
another thing in your life,
you've already done
more than your share.
I can't quit now.
There's too much at stake.
Why, the whole world-
i know all about that,
but you've got to
take care of yourself.
Please, this time
do as i say.
I talked to the president
a little while ago
and i told him i'd take
a trip around the country:
new york, toronto,
even as far as
the coast.
You can't be serious.
There's many things that have
to be cleared up about russia.
But the doctor told me
that if you don't stop now-
are overcautious.
They're worse than
Marjorie, we're all going to
be in this war before long:
You, the children,
all of us.
I'm just getting
a little head start.
If you go along with me,
i'll be all right.
When do we start?
My gloves, dear.
Here they are.
Excuse me, mr. Davies,
what's your opinion?
Is there any chance
of russia
making a separate
peace with germany?
Well, the plain answer is
that premier stalin
and the soviet government
have solemnly pledged
to fight to the end-
to make no separate peace
with hitler.
The soviet union
keeps its word.
Russia's as good
as licked.
She'll never last out
the summer.
The government throwing
away our tax money
sending them
war supplies.
You should be thankful it's
only taxes you're spending.
I say, gentlemen, not only
can we do business with hitler,
but we can make a nice
profit doing so.
And we can do the same
thing with japan.
Let's keep her happy,
and we'll keep
a good customer.
He's absolutely right.
I'm entirely
in agreement.
we're sorry for china,
but asia's
none of our affair.
We send our sympathy to china
and our oil
and scrap iron to japan.
The russian people
didn't want to fight a war.
They made every
possible effort to avoid it,
but it came to them
as it might come to us
or to any other peaceful nation.
They need our help,
our guns, our planes.
And if hitler
wins this war,
how will he feel
about the united states
when he knows we have
aided his enemies?
It's wrong, it is unwise,
unchristian for us
to refuse help to
the courageous people
of the soviet union.
Tonight, before moscow,
leningrad, and sevastopol,
they're holding the very
ramparts of our civilization.
We've seen france fall,
england smashed and helpless,
and now there can be no doubt
that russia's
reeling towards defeat.
It's going
to be hitler's europe,
and i say, "what of it?"
The supreme objective
of axis propaganda
in this country
is to set us against
england, france, and russia.
And there are those among us,
some sincere, honest,
but foolish-
some paid by the axis
who unconsciously
or with criminal intent
are doing just that.
This conscription bill
is unconstitutional
and unnecessary.
The war situation does not
justify any such disturbance
of our private or economic life.
Let's not
delude ourselves!
No one is safe as long
as the power-crazed rulers
of germany and japan
are loose in the world!
If the russians
had any sense,
they'd negotiate
a peace.
You can't negotiate with evil.
Russia will never stop fighting
its fascist foe.
They will defend their cities.
They will fight
in their streets,
in their forests
behind the german lines,
and over them in the air.
They will yield nothing
to the invader but death.
What's he in
such a sweat about?
We got a couple
of oceans, ain't we?
As i read of
the millions of russians dead,
their countless towns
which lie in ruins,
then i say to myself
and i say to you
there, but for the grace
of god, goes america.
There would go america
if we listened to
the isolationists and defeatists
who still believe
that america can be safe
as an island of
christian individualism
in a sea of
totalitarian dictatorship!
How do we know that
we can trust russia?
Sit down.
Yeah, how about
poor little finland?
This gentleman
has asked the question:
How about finland.
My friend, you have only
heard one side of the story.
I'll tell you the other.
I suppose you're gonna
tell us she attacked russia.
Russia knew she was going
to be attacked by hitler,
so the soviet leaders
asked finland's permission
to occupy strategic positions
to defend herself
against german aggression.
She offered to give finland
twice as much territory
in exchange,
but hitler's friend
mannerheim refused,
and the red army moved in.
That's why, my friend.
I wonder why these things
have been kept from us?
What about russia's air force?
One of our aviation experts says
their planes are all obsolete.
The gentleman you mentioned
saw only what russia
wanted him to see.
Russia has a powerful air force
and ready to defend herself
against any aggressor.
Why didn't stalin
make a deal with hitler?
For self-protection.
He was left standing
alone against hitler,
and he stalled
because his army wasn't ready.
What did russia
ever do for us?
Russia has given us time.
Time? Time for what?
No nation
is threatening us.
We're at peace.
Welcome to your new
post, mr. Ambassador.
Oh, yes. The tables
are turned.
It is good to see you.
Hold it right
there, please.
Thank you.
My friend, it has come.
You, too, are at war.
Yes. It's
a terrible thing,
but since
it's had to come,
thank god we're
on the same side:
The right side.
And now, united among ourselves
and together with
great britain, russia, china,
and all free nations,
we face a new mission,
a much greater mission.
First and foremost
is the task of winning this war,
of defeating that ruthless
group of evil powers
who have conspired
to enslave the world.
With full faith in the outcome,
we shall not fail or forget
those gallant people
who first met the blazing fury
of the nazi hordes.
Never in history have there been such
masses of men and mechanized power
as those which hitler
hurled over the borders
of the soviet union in violation
of the pledged honor
of his government
and his people.
In brutal waves of blood,
the juggernaut of germany
rolled in high speed,
scorching the earth
on the road to moscow.
The jubilant fuehrer proclaimed
his greatest victory-
the red army-
as annihilated,
but the wind of his boasts
reaped a whirlwind of disaster.
At the gates of moscow
and leningrad,
on the frozen fields
of the ukraine,
and within the shambles
of stalingrad,
the russian people stood firm in
the crisis of our darkest hour.
With millions of lives,
they paid for precious time...
time for america
to rearm the united nations,
time for great britain
to reform her lines,
time for the fascist tide
to shatter its strength
against the iron wall
of human freedom.
Slowly but surely
the wave of evil forces
recedes across the earth,
leaving in its wake the
wreckage of fascist barbarism
and its long reign of terror.
With victory, our next great
task of rebuilding a free world
must begin on a solemn pledge
to the heroes
of the united nations
who have given their lives
in this,
the peoples' war.
Wherever you may hallow
the ground in which you lie,
whether beneath the snows
of russia,
the warm desert sands
of north africa,
the ancient soil
of ravaged china,
or in the deep green jungles
of guadalcanal,
know you all that we,
for whose freedom you died,
shall now with the help of god
and men of good will
make an end of wars forever.
And to you, the unborn
generations yet to come,
we pledge to work
for a new world
with justice and equality
for all,
to restore the dignity of man
as an individual
and not as a slave to any state
or master
so that you, to whom
the great future belongs,
shall be able to reply
as we have not
to the old angry cry of cain,
"am i my brother's keeper?"
With the answer,
yes, you are.
you are, yes, you are
you are
your brother's keeper
now and forever.