Mississippi Masala (1991) Movie Script

You can go.
This is Radio Uganda.
Today, November 7, 1972, is the day
in which the people of Uganda
are witnessing the end of one
chapter in this country's history
and the beginning of another.
Today, the last of the Asians who have
been forced to leave the country
will have done so in order to pave the way
for the indigenous people of
Uganda to control the economy.
You give an interview on BBC
say that Amin was evil.
Are you mad?
What about Kinnu?
What about Mina?
- Do you ever think of them?
- What should l have done?
Remain silent?
- That is the coward's way. -
Don't talk to me about cowards!
That's what you are.
You're not leaving because
you're scared to leave.
- You are scared of leaving
Uganda. - Why should l go?
Why should l go?
Okelo, this is my home.
Not anymore, Jay.
Africa is for Africans.
Black Africans.
l'll be leaving today.
Thank God you're back.
Where did they take you?
Did they hurt you?
Speak to me, Jay.
Where's Okelo?
Gone home, l suppose.
l just can't think about the house,
what to pack. l just want to go.
- Where are we going, Papa?
- Mina, go to sleep.
- But sleep's not coming.
- No one's going anywhere.
- Now, go back to bed. - Beta.
We are leaving very soon.
Are we going where Masuma went?
- She said there's snow.
Will there be? - Yes.
ls Okelo chachu coming with us?
- Take whatever you want
from the house. - Thank you.
Bye. Bye.
Bye. Bye.
When are we coming back home?
l don't know.
Are you crying?
You said that big people don't cry.
Why do we have to go, Papa?
Last day. Last day.
Last day. Last day.
The car.
l'll sell this.
Mina, come.
- What's this? You're taking it
with you? - Can't you come with us?
Be a good girl. Look after your parents
and you'd better not forget your Swahili!
But who will speak Swahili
with me over there?
l'll see you soon, okay?
Okelo Uncle
Thank you.
You. Out of the bus.
You stay here. Bring your bags.
- What's in your bag?
- Nothing. Just clothes.
- What's this? - Music.
Show me.
My shoes are Japanese
My pants are English
My red hat is Russian
But my heart, it's all Indian
You can go.
East African Airways announces the
departure of flight EC 786 to London.
Passengers holding boarding passes
are requested to proceed
to the aircraft. Thank you.
- Mama, pee is coming. - No.
No. Not now, beta, we're late.
- It's coming so badly, Papa. -
You can't do it here. Now, wait.
l did it.
Last call for East African
Airways flight EC 786 to London.
Passengers are requested to proceed
to the aircraft immediately. Thanks.
Please, bagger, checkout
three. Bagger, checkout three.
Please, bagger, checkout
three. Bagger, checkout three.
Sale on aisle five.
Toilet paper's on sale.
Shall l get some?
Aren't we late? l thought you
wanted milk for the wedding.
ls this enough?
Yes, it's enough.
- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.
Twenty-five gallons of milk,
1 O buttermilk.
Holy cow. You opening a dairy?
l was just trying to be friendly.
- Why you going so fast? - l'll
get a ticket if l go any slower.
Drive slowly, Mina.
Do you wanna drive?
- Look, there's an accident. - It's
gonna be all over town tomorrow.
- Damn it! Didn't you see
me? - Hold on, l saw you.
Where did you get a driving
license, boy, Sears and Roebuck?
You stopped in the middle of the
road, this woman ran into me
- If you hadn't just stopped
- What's going on here?
- My truck stalled. - No, your
truck stopped in the road!
- And you tailgated
- Keep your voice down!
Your license.
- Does anybody need a ride?
- l'm not finished.
ls it against the law
for my truck to stall?
- It is to stop in the middle of
the road. - If you're barreling
- What is he talking about?
- Step back.
Told him l'm not afraid.
- What's he saying? - He's
saying everything is fine.
- Get that black guy's name for
insurance. - l told you, drive slowly.
Didn't l tell you to drive
slowly? What will Anil say?
l'm really sorry.
l think l need your name and
address for the insurance.
- You all right? - Yeah. Here's mine.
- Thanks. - All right.
l'm telling you, it's not my fault.
l ain't finished with you yet, young lady.
Honorable Sirs: This is in reference
to my lawsuit, number 2089
filed in the high court at
Kampala, dated 30 December 1985
for restoration of my property.
l was born in Uganda and
Uganda has been my home
a country to which l had
the utmost loyalty and love
until l was forcibly
and illegally expelled
by General Idi Amin.
Suing the mad government
of a mad country.
lt's going to drive you mad.
For five years they haven't replied.
- But you carry on like a stuck
record. - Kinnu, it's a new regime.
l know it's a new regime.
So what? Every year it's new.
- But nothing
- Kinnu, Mina had an accident.
- What happened, beta? -
What did you do to my car?
- What did you do to my car,
Mina? - Was anyone hurt?
No one was hurt.
- How did it happen?
- Thank God nobody was hurt.
What's happened has happened.
No use crying over spilt milk.
Who is going to pay for this? Does
money grow on trees over here?
Maybe in your fertile Uganda it
used to grow on trees, but not here.
Can't feed his own family and
Iecturing about spilt milk.
My father can feed us just fine, you wanker.
- What did you say? - Shut your mouth.
Why should l shut my mouth?
Hey, my man,
l need my money. Forty bucks.
Y'all gonna need this
for the insurance.
See, Napkin, last week l even got
Chanda's name on the license plate.
Anilbhai, stop thinking of the car.
From whose pocket is this all going to come?
Thank you very much. Bye-bye, bye-bye.
- You have other problems. - What?
ln this country, all they know is how to sue.
You get me? You know about whiplash?
He'll say, When she hit my car,
my neck got a
And my spine is damaged forever
and so l am suing you for
just one million dollars.
- Then what will you do? -
Hey, Pontiac, stop scaring him.
- Anil, give me that fellow's card. - Sure.
Your debt is our bread and butter.
This fellow cleans my carpets.
- Mine too. So what? - So l'll fix it.
- Don't worry.
- You speak to him? Please.
Tomorrow. Now, smile.
l want to see you smile.
lt's your wedding day,
man, come on. Enjoy!
- Okay? - All right.
Must you check, Kinnu? It's
not Mina's wedding after all.
- l knew it. Go change your slippers.
- Why?
- Is he gonna check out my feet also?
- Mina.
Face it, Ma, you got a darkie daughter.
Harry's mother doesn't like darkies.
Who needs Harry
hero-types in our family?
Want her to be a 30-year-old
spinster running a liquor store?
Why not? You can have a chain.
Go change your slippers.
The things l do for you, Ma.
Really, you never say anything
to her. You forget she's a girl.
Can girls behave the way she
does? Spoil her. Spoil her.
When she sits on our head,
it'll be your responsibility.
The accident wasn't her fault.
Man, tell us what happened.
We was in this room filled
with computers and shit.
So l go on over to check them out, you
know, start fooling around with them.
- Start typing, Kill the crackers. - Oh, man.
And all this other stuff, right?
And then l couldn't erase it.
D-Money nearly lynched me.
- That's messed up, man.
- Yo, Dex, man. Dex.
There's big brother. You better haul ass.
Okay, y'all, peace.
Dex's messed up his brother's shit, man.
- Hey, D-Money. - Why l
always got to come get you?
Why l always got to come get
you off the street corner, man?
Daddy wants you home, maybe fix him
something to eat before he get off of work.
That's why l don't take you on the job with me.
- l can't depend on you. Come
on. - l was getting ready to go.
- Go by the employment office? - Yeah.
- And? - l went down
and they tell me l'm
coming in there too much.
They tell me veterans come first.
Those crackers always
got some excuse
That's what l'm talking about.
You always got some excuse.
You can stand out here on the
corner with these crackheads
but when it's about getting
a job, you got an excuse.
- You can wear these big-ass - Hey!
- Can l get something for y'all?
- No, thank you.
- Gentlemen, did you ring? - No.
Anything else l can get for you, sir?
Could you put our bread in
a doggy bag, please?
Certainly, ma'am.
- l'll go inside and wait for my father.
- All right, Demetrius. Take care.
All right.
That's Grace's son.
You know, Mrs. Sanders' Grace?
He's the good one.
We helped him start his own
business. Clancy, bless his heart.
He spoke to the bank. You know
how they are with references.
Sorry l'm late, Dad.
lt don't make no difference.
Thought those two was never
gonna get up and leave.
Sat there all night and forgot to leave a tip.
l don't know why you're so stubborn,
working for them slave wages.
What you want me to do? Sit
at home and catch flies?
What you know about slave wages,
- Guess who called me tonight?
- Who?
- Alicia. - Oh, yeah?
Sure was good to hear
her voice again.
l invited her to stop by on Sunday.
Daddy, what you do that for?
What happened between you
and her is your business.
But she always been
a part of this family.
She always will be,
so long as l'm alive.
Yes, sir.
- Hi, Mina. - Hi, Harry.
- How are you doing? - Fine.
That's the mother. Owns a
liquor shop.
Can you imagine?
The father's a complete screw-loose.
Spends all his time suing the
government of Uganda for his property.
The mother has her eyes on Harry.
- But we're trying to get Harry for
Namita. - You think this one has a chance?
You can be dark and have money, or
you can be fair and have no money.
But you can't be dark and have no money
and expect to get Harry Patel.
Brothers, sisters and friends.
On this happy occasion of my
only son's wedding reception
l would like to say a few words.
Hear, hear! Three cheers for Anil.
Thank you. Thank you.
But what l wish to say is
more serious and that is
even though we are 1 O,OOO
miles away from India
we should not forget our roots,
our culture
our tradition and our gods.
So please join me in singing a prayer.
What is this? Behave yourself.
Wake up. Everyone's singing.
Wanna go out when this is over?
Okay, let me tell my mother, though.
l have to get out of these clothes.
Ma, Harry's asked me to go out.
They're going out.
You wouldn't believe the racket. It's
1 O:OO. Customers are complaining.
- So you better come right on over.
- Send them back to the reservation.
How often l gotta tell you?
They're not that kind of Indian.
- This place? - It's the
only place open in your town.
- Wanna give it a shot? - Sure.
Excuse me, two beers, please. Michelob.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
- Tadice. - Hi, girl.
What are you doing here?
Just hanging out.
Harry, Tadice. Tadice, Harry.
- Tadice. Pleasure. - We
worked together at the motel.
You are needing room?
- Never mind us. Wanna dance? - Me?
- Hi. - Hey, how you doing?
We met this afternoon. The accident.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- How's your van? - All right.
And the car's all right?
- Not really. - Yeah.
Excuse me.
What's up, Rabbit?
Back from the city of Jackson
let's welcome home our
very own Alicia LeShay.
We saw your face in the magazine.
We're all proud of you, sugar.
Sylvester Artiste ill,
record producer.
How you doing?
Hey, with this lady by my
side, l feel like a king.
Rabbit and me used to
be the talk of the town.
- You seen my advertisement? - Yeah.
Now l'm gonna cut a record. And you?
Yeah, l'm doing all right.
We got some new machines
we're working with deep shags.
Everything's going all right.
Matter of fact, l'm feeling
Rashida, girl, how you doing?
You look fabulous.
Like to dance?
Mina, l'm leaving.
Come on, Mina, you can't leave
already. D-Money will take you home.
- Yeah, yeah. Where you stay? -
At the Monte Cristo off the 82.
- You sure you wanna leave? - Yes.
l'll stay if you don't mind, huh?
Tyrone, this here's
Mina, Mina You got the
Are you from around here?
- You Mexican? - No.
l used to live in L.A. Plenty of Mexicans
there looking as pretty as you do.
l'm Indian.
Oh, come on, now.
You ain't no Indian.
Yes, l am.
What's a girl like you
doing in Mississippi?
Punishing yourself?
- You about ready to go?
- She just got here.
Why don't you stay and
l'll take you home?
l'll see you in the morning,
Tyrone. Come on.
So you clean carpets?
l got my own business.
Motels, offices, homes
lndian motels?
Yeah, some.
Mostly they clean their
own carpets, though.
Yeah, l know.
That's where l live.
ln a motel.
Work there too.
l'm gonna give you one of my
cards here. You might want to
You already gave me one.
l did?
This morning.
The accident.
Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah.
- l'll walk you in. - l'll be fine.
- Really. - You sure?
All right.
Oh, listen, l didn't mean
to butt in on your man.
He's not my man.
Well, maybe l'll give you
a call sometime.
- Listen to me. - Okay, okay.
lf you don't spend,
how will money come in?
There must be crossventilation.
lf money is not important, then
why are you wasting your time
suing the government of
Uganda for your property?
Money comes
mOney 90eS.
- Right, Pontiac?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Meet our Jaybhai.
ln Uganda, you're the
champion defender of blacks
but the same blacks kicked him out.
Right, Jaybhai?
- Cruelty has no color. - Principles, Pontiac.
Jaybhai? Hey, Jaybhai,
who are you phoning?
- Hmm? - Kampala.
To tell the person who is
living in my house to get out!
- Had a good time? - Ma.
Where did you go?
l keep telling you
go out more.
Meet people.
You should've seen his
mother's face when you left.
Are you going out again?
Did he say anything?
What happened with
Okelo and Papa?
How did that come into your head?
l mean, why doesn't Papa ever write to him
or talk about him?
- Is Harry Patel a good dancer? - Yeah.
Like him?
lt doesn't happen in a day, you know.
Happened with Pa and you.
With this attitude
you'll never find anyone.
You say that Indian was ripe for
plucking and you ain't do nothing?
She did look pretty good, though.
T-Bone, what you think?
All a man got on his mind is
just getting in a woman's pants?
- That ain't all he's got on his
mind. - You got a leash on your mind.
She don't want you no more.
She got a geri-curl head,
wigwam boy from Jackson.
Sylvester Artiste ill,
record producer.
You need a geri-curl, boy.
- You gonna make me late again?
- Pa, she ain't going nowhere.
- Good morning, Tyrone.
- Pop, how you doing?
Oh, Lord
grant peace to every
living creature under the sun.
Hey, fellows.
l want you to try something special.
Relax. Sit down.
Your people are very
good at sports, no?
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Freddy Brown from downtown.
- Hector Macho Man Camacho. -
Macho ain't black. He's Mexican?
- He's Puerto Rican. - Puerto Rican.
Black, brown, yellow, Mexican,
Puerto Rican, all the same.
As long as you're not white,
it means you are colored.
- Isn't that so? - Yeah.
Yeah, l guess.
A girl had an accident with
your van yesterday. Correct?
But no damage was done to your
person or to your van. Correct?
- That's right. - Thank God.
The person whose car she was
driving is my very good friend.
- Also Indian. You get me? - No.
He is worried
because in this country,
people are suing all the time.
Yeah, l got you now.
Yeah, this is good tea.
l didn't mean to laugh.
You tell your friend he ain't
got nothing to worry about.
l told him. l told him not to worry.
You are a good man.
All us people of color
must stick together.
That's right.
Because you and your brothers,
you all done all right by us.
And me and my brothers, we
gonna do all right by y'all.
United we stand. Divided we fall.
That's right. Right on,
brother. Power to the people.
What a brother.
Power to the people.
l spoke to him. It's all okay.
All right.
- Hello. - Is that Demetrius?
- Yes, ma'am. Who's this? - Mina.
Oh, Mina, hey. What's up?
l just wanted to say thanks.
You know, the other night?
Thanks for dropping me home.
- Yeah, okay. Bye. - Wait a
minute, hold on, now. Relax.
Relax. Wait a minute.
l ain't gonna sue.
- What? - Hello?
Yeah, l'm here.
Look, what you doing
Sunday afternoon?
Sunday Nothing much.
Would you come to my house and
have dinner with me and my family?
l'd love to.
My father always used to say:
They can take everything from you
but they can't take away your education.
Papa, please.
you are too intelligent to
waste your life cleaning bathrooms.
lt makes me feel l failed you as a father.
Look, Pa, there's nothing
wrong with cleaning bathrooms.
When you win your case
and you get your money
l'll think about college.
Sure is hot today, man.
Give me that. Give me that wrench.
- Shit, look at this carburetor. - Hi.
- What's up, Jay? - Hey, Skillet.
How's the lawsuit?
Those niggers paid up yet?
Oh, yeah.
So as long as l can see those
dimples today, l'm doing just fine.
Go on, now. Go drink your beer.
See you, Skillet.
All right.
Anil phoned me again.
Same old complaint.
We must talk to Mina.
She's so rude to him all the time,
and l owe him so much money still.
Where did this come from?
lt's always been here.
How long you been in Mississippi?
Three years.
- And before that? India? - No,
before that l was in England.
- And before that l was in Africa. - Yeah?
- l've never been to India.
- Never been to India?
- No. - You kidding.
No, l'm not.
l'm a mix Masala.
Mix Masala, huh?
What's that? One of them kind
of, religious thing or?
- What? - No.
lt's a bunch of hot spices.
You hot and spicy, huh?
Yeah, mix Masala.
That's what l'm gonna call you.
l told you. It's the Mexican
l mean, that Indian girl.
Everybody, this is Mina.
She's from England
and India and Africa.
Anywhere else you're from?
- l'm his father. Williben.
- Nice to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
- Meet the family. - Go on.
- Dexter, you turned that
chicken over? - Yeah, Money.
- This is my sister Rose. - Mina.
- Hello. - Hello.
- She tough, watch out for
her. - Don't pay him any mind.
- This is Dexter, my youngest son. - Hi.
- You're from Africa? - l
was born there and then
- You remember me.
- What's going on?
- Bring the food.
- It's coming, Granddaddy.
- Bring the food.
- Coming!
We waiting on Alicia.
lf l say l'm going to dinner
for someone's birthday
l'll be sure to be on time.
Alicia's busy, Aunt Rose.
She's moving up in the world.
l never did like that girl. Anybody
change their name to LeShay
- You got a mean old mouth. -
l say the truth like l see it.
Where's the food? Where's the food?
While they blew money up their noses,
Eddie had his head on his shoulders.
- Eddie Murphy. - That's why
l ain't going back to L.A.
l'm biding my time here in Greenwood
until l learn how to handle
success. You understand?
l'm hanging around here too. You
know, until l get myself situated.
l'll go see if they need help in the kitchen.
You need any help with that help?
Because l'm right here. Yeah.
Man, just looking at her
make me break into a sweat.
Don't sweat all over the chicken.
l can't wait to see Alicia's
face when she see her.
When Alicia comes back to
you, you can pass Mina to me.
Like she a bag of
groceries or something?
You so righteous,
you should've been a preacher.
l tell you what,
you should go out with Alicia.
l tell you something,
l already been out with her.
He's about the nicest man
a girl could ever ask for.
- We're just friends.
- Did l say any different?
He was all set to go to Jackson State.
When his mama died, he didn't
wanna leave his daddy alone
because that's the kind of boy he is.
Now, l made a vow to Grace that
l would look after her boy.
And l've been like a
mother to him ever since.
Doing so well now,
with his own business
makes me right proud of him.
lt's not easy, you know?
no matter how hard you work
things have a way of going wrong.
That's when you gotta know how to
make them right. Know what l mean?
bless this gathering
and remember our
dear departed Grace.
Amen. Let's eat.
- Granddaddy. - Did you say
you were from Indianola?
- No. India. - You have to
yell. He don't hear good.
- India. - Indiana?
Where're the biscuits?
What's Africa like? It's
not like Shaka Zulu is it?
Some places.
You know, they got cities too.
- We used to live in Kampala. -
Isn't that where Idi Amin is from?
Y'all hush with all the questions.
Let the girl eat her food.
l'm going to Africa one
day to see Nelson Mandela.
Then l can say l saw
somebody for sure!
Who gonna pay for the ticket?
Young lady, tell me.
How come they got Indians in Africa?
The British brought them
to build the railway.
Like slaves.
l guess.
That's how my grandfather came.
Then the railway was
finished and he stayed on.
- How come you left? -
Dexter, let her eat her food.
- l'm just asking a question.
- Just let her eat.
What's wrong with asking
how come she left?
There ain't nothing wrong with asking
why she left, just let her eat.
lt's time for the cake!
Happy birthday, Uncle Williben.
Come on, now. Help me blow it out.
l used to know someone in Indianola.
She don't know that person,
because she's from India.
- What did you get,
Uncle Williben? - Beautiful.
- Look at it.
- That's from all of us, Dad.
- For when l retire, huh? -
And the sooner the better.
Ruining your health for old
Mrs. Morgan
who don't say hello when
she pass me on the street.
Happy birthday.
Well, Mina's gotta go,
so we gonna head on out.
Thank you. Happy birthday.
Come see us again, you hear? All right.
- Aunt Rose. - Good to see you.
Thanks for coming.
- Granddaddy. - You be a
good girl. A real good girl.
lf l go to India and get one of them
Aladdin lamps and rub it good
think l can get me a genie like you?
l don't know. l've never been to India.
Well, you just like us.
We from Africa, but we never
been there before either.
Happy birthday.
- Hey, Rabbit. - Wow!
Who she calling Rabbit?
And who is this?
- Hi, l'm Mina. - l'm Demetrius.
See y'all.
You ever been to the bayou?
- Nice, right? - It's beautiful.
My mother used to say that she could
never step in the same river twice.
What's that supposed to mean?
l don't know.
- You had a good time today? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Family didn't ask too many
questions? - No, your family's great.
There's really a feeling of home there.
Thank you.
What about your folks?
lt's just my dad and my mom and me.
l like your ring there.
Let me see.
My mother gave it to me.
- It's a cooling stone from
India. - Cooling stone?
For peace of mind.
You think l'm trying to hit on you?
Are you?
You mind if l kiss you?
Mind if l kiss you again?
You're sweet, you know that?
All of us people of color
must stick together, you know.
Come on.
Hello. Good evening,
Monte Cristo. May l help you?
Monte. Yes. Monte Cristo. May l help you?
Come on back. Good evening,
Monte Cristo. May l help you?
You are looking very happy today.
l'm always happy.
But today there is something extra.
Look into my eyes.
You can fool everyone,
but cannot fool Jammubhai.
- Hello. Tired, no? - Oh, yeah.
- How many times? - Chinese
don't do no hanky-panky.
Hey, sayonara.
Hello, may l help you?
- Do you have any hourly rates? -
Yes. One hour, two hour, full night.
Our motto is: Customer always comes first.
- So, what's your hourly rate? - 12.57.
Evening. l couldn't wait till
tomorrow. l had to see you tonight.
- You want a room? - Yes, ma'am.
- Rama Inn's only 9.99. - Go
there. They have dirty sheets.
A room where two people can be
alone to enjoy each other's company.
Look, man, don't waste my
time. You want a room or not?
- How do you spell your
name? - Biloxi. Mr. Biloxi.
Can you come with me to
Biloxi? Please, can you come?
- Please. - Please, please.
l'm sorry, we can't go cheaper than that.
- l see. - Enjoy. Thank you.
- Hello, Mr. Biloxi. - Hi.
- You needing room? - No,
no, your rates are too high.
Thank you for your help.
These days it's like disease,
everybody asking for discount.
- l am going on my rounds.
Good night. - Good night.
- What are you doing?
It's paining. - Chanda.
l'd like to help everybody in America.
l'd like to help the average person
who's at home or in the audience.
You all have dreams, but
you're afraid to go for them.
- Mina? - How are you?
What you mean, How are you?
You know who it is?
- Of course. - Well, l was
just thinking about you.
Thought l'd give you a call.
Ki Kind of wishing you
were here with me.
l was thinking the same.
Wanting to be with you.
What you got on?
- You in your pajamas? - T-shirt.
Yeah, me too.
Guess we got a lot in common, huh?
So you thought about what l said?
As far as going with me to Biloxi?
You know, l'm l'm gonna try.
- Demetrius? - Yeah.
- Can l ask you something? - Yeah.
Anything, baby.
Are you seeing me to make Alicia?
Mina. Call the police. Underage!
- l gotta go. - What's that?
l can put as many people in here as l want
because l paid for it so that makes it mine.
- Get out at once. - What
are you gonna do if l don't?
You are underage. Underage.
l can call the police.
You just get out, get out.
- Underage. Underage!
- We all won't fit.
First-class job they did, yeah?
- Looks brand-new again. -
First-class money they charged also.
We must test it. Go for a spin.
Want to visit Pontiac's
new motel? What do you say?
Pontiac's motel, Pontiac's car.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Papa, there's a letter from
Uganda here for you.
- What's it say?
- Nothing important.
Nitu's inviting me to go
to the beach with her.
Think l could go?
- When will you be back?
- Tomorrow.
Yeah, okay, go.
Just be back in time for your birthday.
Dear Mr. Loha: We are in receipt
of your six letters of inquiry
regarding your claim to Ugandan citizenship
and compensation for your past assets.
This is to inform you
that the court of Uganda
will hear your petition
on September 23, 199O
and your presence
in Kampala is required.
- Hi. - Hey.
- Let me carry this for you? - Sure.
- Well, how you doing? - Good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Had a good trip? - Very good.
You know, l don't do this every day.
What, you think, like, l do
it all the time or something?
How would l know?
Good question.
l think you got the wrong
idea about me, though.
My name's Demetrius, not Tyrone.
- You're right. - We're right over here.
You know, l had to tell my parents
that l was going to see Nitu.
- Nitu? Oh, and l'm Nitu? - Yep.
- Nitu. - Nitu.
Me too.
Thank you.
From where to where we've come,
No point thinking like that.
Here's to your lawsuit.
To Likker Legger!
Your Aunt Rose was telling me
why you didn't leave Mississippi.
Yeah? What did she say?
She said you stayed home
to look after your father.
- Yeah, l guess. - Is it true?
l ain't no saint, you know. l
mean, you got a good business
there's no reason to leave. This
is the new Mississippi, l like it.
lt's not where l live.
You know how many people
come to our motel
and they look at us and they
say, Not another goddamn Indian.
- It makes me so mad. - Yeah.
Well, Miss Masala, racism
or as they say nowadays, tradition,
gets passed down like recipes.
Now, the trick is, you gotta know what
to eat and what to leave on your plate.
- Otherwise, you'll be mad
forever. - And you'll never eat.
And you'll never eat. That's right.
The world looks good from up here.
l say we travel together. What do you say?
- l say yes. - Yes.
- We go to Jamaica.
- We go to Japan.
We go to
We go to Colombia.
We go to Madagascar!
- And then we go to India.
- Runion Island.
- There's Mina. - Where?
There. l just saw her
with the carpet cleaner.
What rubbish.
You had too much to drink.
- So l'm lying, huh?
- Mina is in Greenwood.
So l'm mad,
seeing things which aren't there?
Shut up. Come on, man, smile.
We are here on holiday. Play.
Wish me a happy birthday.
General Idi Amin
spoke of a dream he had
that Asians must be expelled
from Uganda immediately.
Asians came to Uganda to build the
railway. The railway's finished.
They must leave now.
l give them 90 days to pack up and go.
Asians have milked the cow but not fed it.
Africans are poor. Asians are rich.
The Asians are sabotaging
the economy of Uganda.
They have refused to allow their
daughters to marry Africans.
They have been here for 70 years.
- But they live in their
own world. - He's a madman.
No one gives a damn
what passport you have
or how many African clients
you have defended against Asians.
- Take it seriously. - Have
you forgotten l'm Ugandan?
- l know you were born here.
- Do what you want.
- But l'm taking Mina and leaving.
- Go where?
Uganda is our home and
we are going to stay here!
What's this, huh? Birthday
girls don't cry like this.
But you didn't even
sing Happy Birthday.
Okay, l'll sing.
Hey, it's all right.
lt's okay, it's okay.
You were just dreaming.
You all right?
lt's so good to wake up next to you.
Anil, come here.
- What? - Didn't l tell you yesterday?
l saw the carpet cleaning kallu with Mina.
- That's his van. - No, it is not.
- What are you trying to say?
- We came here to have fun.
- He is insulting my family honor here. - No.
- Bastard. - Anil!
Hold on.
All right. One minute, one minute.
- Yeah. - Mina?
Who do you think you're
fooling with over here?
l'm warning you. You Listen,
you leave our women alone.
- Oh, God, my nose! Napkin! -
Go get some help. Get police!
Help! Help!
Help, please! Help!
Oh, help, help. Someone, please.
Here. Come, come,
come, come. Come, please.
- No! - Demetrius, stop!
What the hell's going on in here?
- That man is trying to kill us.
- What?
What right do you have to arrest a man?
- Shut up or l'll book you for
- You motherfucking asshole!
Let's go.
Not now.
We'll talk later.
What is wrong with you, man?
Bringing her down to Biloxi.
You lost your mind or something?
You better leave them fucking
foreigners alone, boy.
They ain't nothing but trouble.
United we stand, divided we fall.
Ain't that a bitch?
But if you fall in bed with one of
their daughters, your ass gonna swing.
And what about me? What about me?
l've never asked you for
anything, never expected anything.
l'm 24 years old and l'm still here!
Stuck here!
Think l'm happy?
l love him.
- That's not a crime, is it?
- You call this love?
When all you've done is bring
such shame on our heads.
- l didn't do anything! They
barged in! - Don't answer back!
Have the decency,
at least to be sorry!
l am sorry about this mess.
- But l'm not sorry l'm in
Iove with him. - Who is he?
What do you know about him?
What about his family?
This is America,
Ma. No one cares.
We care.
Your father and l.
You are our only child.
lf we don't care
who will?
Do you know what
she told her mother?
Just wait, l'm telling you.
l love him. That's not a crime.
Yeah. Can you imagine dumping
Harry Patel for a black?
l'm sending my Namita to
India as soon as possible.
They get ideas from each other and
then it spreads like a disease.
- Can l speak to Mina, please?
- There's no Mina, she not here.
Are y'all having nigger trouble?
l guess l better call Bob at the bank.
After all, we did help him get his loan.
There's nothing l can do. l've
already hired someone else.
You let down your family, your
community, your entire race!
l don't see no shortage of
black women around Greenwood.
The chamber of commerce
needs responsible people
and you're not exactly appropriate.
What's wrong with you, boy?
Don't you know the rules?
Daddy, l didn't do nothing wrong.
Mr. Morgan helped you get that
Ioan to start up this business.
Now, how am l gonna show my
face around them after this?
Oh, your Mr. Morgan.
He didn't give his own money.
All he done was to recommend
Demetrius to the bank.
You and the rest of them want him
to know his place and stay in it.
But the days of slavery, they over, Williben.
- Yeah, boy. - Hush.
- Where you going?
- To the barbershop.
- Well, l ain't through with you
yet! - l'm meeting the bank manager.
l know you don't want me to go down
there with a nappy head, do you?
l'm with you, brother.
You should leave. No use trying
to make a living in this dump.
When l need your advice, l'll ask for it.
Hey, don't talk to me like that.
l'm on your side.
You know what they say to me?
They say:
Your brother deserves what happened.
He think he large now. Your brother
thought he got himself a white chick.
But they just a bunch of insane
to the brains. What do they know?
Go on home, now.
Money is the root of all evil.
You give me the root, l'll take the evil.
- Demetrius, you're next. - What's happening?
- Hey, you got it. - No, you got it.
Lisa Bonet, enter my world!
l hear what happened.
You know,
we're just as bad as everybody else.
Black folk don't like to see
other black folk do good.
l tell them you work
hard to get where you are.
They don't wanna hear that.
They just sit back on their butts and
wait to see if you fall on your face.
And if you do, they just as happy.
Hey, D-Money, can you come by
and clean my carpets tomorrow?
Character, credit
collateral, capital and
Yes, sir, but business is
a little slow right now
but we've been regular with
our payments two years now.
May l finish?
lt appears that, for whatever reason,
you've lost most of your local clients.
We need full repayment of your
dues by the first of next month.
Failing that, we're gonna
have to repossess your van.
Boys, let me tell you something.
ln my life,
l've worked hard for what l've got.
l wanna see you work
hard for what you get too.
Character, capital, collateral.
Color. That's the one they left out.
- l give up. l'm going back to L.A. - What?
That's right. l ain't staying
down here no more, man.
So you gonna run away too?
Just like Alicia.
lt ain't worth it, D-Money.
l don't need this shit.
l waited a long time to be famous.
lf that don't work, l'll drive transit
buses in L.A. Till the time's right.
l'd like to see Mina, please.
One minute.
Hello, Jammubhai.
Come to the desk.
lt's urgent.
- You want to see me? - No,
l asked to speak to Mina.
Come with me.
You've caused enough trouble.
- Sir? - What do you want from us now?
l'm Mina's father.
l'm Demetrius Williams.
Glad to meet you.
l know who you are.
- Then you know l'm here to see
Mina. - That will not be possible.
All right. Then l'm glad to have the
opportunity to talk with you, sir.
l'm sorry. We have nothing to discuss.
l believe we do, being that you about
ruined my reputation and business.
l think l'm entitled to
an answer, don't you?
l see.
You think l ain't good
enough for your daughter?
No, that's not it.
Mina is free to love anyone, to live
as she chooses. l respect her freedom.
But that does not absolve me of
my responsibility as her father.
No disrespect to you, sir,
but she's a grown woman.
And we care for each other. Now,
l think that's all there is to it.
You know, once l was like both of you.
l thought l could change the world,
be different.
But the world is not so quick to change.
Mina is my only child.
l don't want her to go through
the same struggle as l did.
l'm a black man born and raised in Mississippi.
Ain't a damn thing you can tell me about struggle.
- What do you know about my? - No, l know.
l know you and your folks can
come here from God knows where
and be as black as the ace of
spades, but you start acting white
and treating us like your doormats.
l know that you and your daughter
ain't but a few shades from this here.
That l know.
- To our last night in Uganda.
- In Uganda.
- To Uganda. Cheers. - Cheers.
Cheers. Cheers.
To Uganda, you have been so good
to us until this madman came.
Yeah, we created the madman.
We buggers in Uganda.
Most people are born with five
senses. We are left with only one.
A sense of property.
- But you see - If l release
him, they'll get my neck.
l'm trying to tell you
He gave an interview,
this brother of yours
on BBC for the world to hear.
- Well - That Amin was evil.
You can go.
Come on, let's go.
lt's easy to be king of Kampala.
Big fish in a little pond.
Why don't you try to be king of London?
Or king of Bombay.
Because l was born here!
l've always been Ugandan first,
Indian second.
l've been called a bootlicker and
a traitor by my fellow Indians.
Uganda is my home.
Not anymore, Jay.
Africa is for Africans.
Black Africans.
Do you know why we left Uganda?
Do you?
They put you in jail.
After 34 years,
my brother Okelo told me:
Africa is for Africans.
Black Africans.
After 34 years,
that's what it all came down to.
The color of my skin.
That's why we left.
Not because of Idi Amin
or anything like that.
Believe me.
l'm speaking from experience.
People stick to their own kind.
You are forced to accept
that when you grow older.
l'm only trying to spare you the pain.
Okelo risked his life to save yours.
l don't know what more proof
you could have of his love.
What do you remember?
You were just a child.
l remember.
l remember his face when
he came to say goodbye
and you wouldn't even look at him.
My suggestion is you settle out of
court. Save you a lot of time
Why should we, Mr. Turnbull?
How can you expect any jury to believe
your client's in bed with a back injury?
Don't think we're ignorant
Indians who'll get scared and pay.
l'm a lawyer myself!
No court on earth will entertain for
one minute this fraudulent claim!
Why don't you just try me?
Don't get scared, Anil.
Pure bluff.
He was just trying to extort money.
Bloody crooks.
l'll fix them.
Jammubhai, l don't want you to fix anything.
You and your family have
completely ruined me.
You've brought me nothing but trouble.
Jammubhai, my peace of mind is gone.
Now, l wish that you would also go. Yes.
Maybe my shanti will return then.
Do you know what your friend's done?
He's just sued Anil for 50,OOO.
Pack your things.
We're leaving Mississippi.
Going back to Uganda?
What is it going to solve?
lt will get Mina away from this fellow.
Number two,
we are not wanted here.
And number three,
next week is my court hearing.
What court hearing?
l'm going to fight it, Kinnu.
l'm going to win it.
l'm going to get our property back.
Kinnu, we can start a new life.
How can you even think of it, Jay?
How can you even think
of going back to Uganda?
We are getting old.
l don't want to die in
some stranger's country.
- l'm ashamed of you and your behavior.
- How come you always take their side?
What about me?
l've worked hard to buy this motel.
- And l'm not running a charity!
- Anil, you have become American.
So what? l live here in America. If
you don't like it, go back to India.
Please, forgive us for all this.
And please, even now if you'll
change your mind about going
l forgot my shoes in the other room.
l feel so bad.
How many times must l tell you?
l was thinking of going anyway.
This was just what we needed.
Sir, do you know where
l can find Demetrius?
Young lady, you've caused
enough trouble in my son's life.
Don't cause problems in mine
by coming in here like this.
l'm sorry. l am sorry for everything.
l didn't come to make trouble.
l just wanna say goodbye to him.
We're moving back to Africa.
- Williben, they need you in
the kitchen. - Yes, ma'am.
Sir, please.
He's talking to motels in Indianola.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes Ma'am, we have the latest equipment,
the best prices, the best service
Wonderful smiles.
Why don't you take my card?
lt won't hurt you. It's just a piece of paper.
- Oh, all right, l give up. - Thank you.
What do you want?
Huh? What you chasing me for?
Your people done put me out of
work. What more do you want?
You walk into my life
from these fancy places.
l'm just a carpet cleaner. l've never
Ieft Mississippi, but l was happy.
l was happy the way l was till
you come along after me
and God knows why.
All those years of building
up my business are gone.
Now l'm just the biggest
joke in Greenwood. Thank you.
You listen to me! l never
went after you. You chased me.
You asked me to your house,
you invited me to Biloxi
You never told me your family
had trouble with black folks.
Well, you never asked. You never
once asked me about myself.
You know why? Because you were too
busy using me to make Alicia jealous.
Who told you that?
Nobody had to. l'm not stupid, you know.
Anyway, your nightmare's over.
l just came to say goodbye.
- l'm moving back to Africa. -
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
All right, l admit at first l
Well, she was with that guy and l
l never thought l would fall in love with you.
What are you gonna do now?
Well, Tyrone went to Los Angeles.
Thinking about going somewhere, l guess.
Demetrius, can l come with you?
- What? - Can l come with you?
- Come with me where? - l don't
know. Wherever you're going.
l didn't say l was going anywhere.
l said l was thinking about it.
Well, think about it.
You said we're gonna travel
and see the world and
- What we gonna live on, fresh
air? - No, you've got the van.
l could be your partner.
l know how to clean rooms.
You're out of your mind.
l'm not out of my mind.
It's crazy to stay here.
For one thing, the van belongs
to the bank in two weeks.
- If we cross state lines, the
federal - That's two weeks away.
- That Indian girl, is she with you?
- Yes, sir.
What you plan to do?
- l've been thinking about moving on.
- Son.
l know something's been
keeping you from being happy.
And you know l'm gonna miss you.
- You gonna be all right? -
What do you think l am, a baby?
What about Dexter?
- Maybe he needs you gone to grow up.
- Yeah.
About the van
l know it'll cause you trouble
with Mrs. Morgan, but l'm taking it.
You let me worry about that.
- Williben.
- l have to go. Stay in touch.
l love you.
God bless you, son.
Monte Cristo. May l help you?
- Who's that? Anil? - Where's my car?
-lf you stop screaming, l'll
tell you. - Where's my car, Mina?
lf you're with that carpet fellow, ask
him, is he going to sue me or what?
The car's at the One Stop Hotel.
l'll leave the keys with the owner.
Please tell him l'm sorry and please
ask him to forget the lawsuit.
- l will. Don't worry, okay?
- Hey, thanks, Mina. Thanks.
- Listen, you keep smiling, okay? - l will.
ls that Mina?
Ask Jay to take it in the room,
please. Mina?
l'm not coming back.
l'm sorry, but l can't go to
Uganda. What would l do there?
Are you alone?
l'm with Demetrius.
Jay, are you there?
Ma, l'm sorry, l
l'm really sorry.
Why did he put the phone down?
l'll talk to your father.
Just come back home now.
Demetrius and l are
gonna work together.
We're leaving Mississippi
to see what we can do.
We'll talk about this.
But come back home now.
l can't.
lf l don't leave now, l'll never leave.
You know that.
Then promise me something.
Ring Jammubhai every two days
and tell him where you are.
l will.
Ma, l'll see you soon, okay?
Kiss Papa for me.
You all right?
We've always said
goodbye to other people.
She has a mind of her own.
She can't grow here anymore.
Mina is your daughter.
She's just like you.
Fine. Then l also won't go.
- You must go. - You're telling me that?
You think of Uganda all the time,
l know.
Go see for yourself what it's like.
l'm with you.
Everything is in ruins,
but it's still heaven.
The good soil of Uganda,
it is the same.
Welcome back, bwana.
- Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.
l'm looking for Okelo. Okelo
Omorro. He used to teach here.
Okelo? Okelo died.
Many years ago, in Amin's time.
Around '72, l remember.
Because of all the troubles, the
Asian teachers didn't come to school.
And, Okelo, one day he didn't turn up.
How did he die?
Disappeared one day.
They found his body.
Were you his friend?
l'm sorry.
l wrote him so many letters.
There is so little love in the world.
And yet so much.
Mina was right.
l never said goodbye to him.
Now he's dead, Kinnu.
Since l've been back,
l've thought so much of you.
Which is why l say
to hell with the lawsuit.
Home is where the heart is.
And my heart is with you.