Mistake (2023) Movie Script

People may perceive Jubilee
Hills as favoring the wealthy.
However, there's a slum right behind it,
and it goes by the name Jubilee Hills too.
Three individuals of ill repute reside in this slum.
Their fate is the story of our film.
I'll handle this.
Bloody scumbag, You started
drinking in the morning hour itself?
Hey, A lady should design kolams
and a man should booze.
As you are doing the other one.
I'm doing this, get lost now.
You got these many mistress,
A home should have kids not mistresses.
As I've enough stamina within me,
I can manage you all, babies.
Yes, you will. If we remove your
chords, except for pee, there'll be no use of you.
Come on, Do it, I won't come to you.
I'll go to Evanka.
Evanka? Who is Evanka?
-Don't you know.
She's my new girl, you little dolls.
A new one, again.
Some Gorinka, it seems..
Not the Gorinka.
She is Evanka.
Come home.
Hey, your sister is..
What are you blabbering?
-What you mean by my sister?
I mean. Convey my wishes to her.
Stop it..
Bloody drunkard.
Sir, your order.
Open and keep it there.
You ordered a water bottle, that too you've
many at home. You're making us earn money.
You should live long.
-Is this mockery?
What's the right question, you've to ask?
-They are fighting over there.
Is it for water or for a blue saree?
Nothing like that, they are
fighting for sake of an useless man.
It means, They all are... -Yes, you're right
they all are fighting for useless man.
It seems he got scared.
Darn it, this idiot now.
-Hello Karthik, what's up?
Yeah sir. Hi, sir.
How are you, sir? I'm good.
What's the status of work?
-I'm working on it sir.
When are you coming to office?
I won't come,
buzzer off.
What are you talking Karthik?
-I mean, not with you, sir. You go ahead.
Im saying to you,
I'm scolding you.
You are saying not for me, Were
you taking others help to scold me?
No sir, there's a disturbance
going on our downstairs.
He saying it's for me.
-I'll message you sir, bye, sir.
Hi, Sweetie.
What happened?
-What you mean?
Why are you so angry?
Idiot, should I show love
instead of being angry?
Scumbag, you fu...
-Sweetie, no bad words.
No bad words! I'm just using these words.
Other girl might've broke up with you.
What happened?
-You don't call or message until I do.
We've been taking since 2 years.
I asked you to meet me.
You're spending time in these virtual calls.
Why don't you want to meet me?
You're not aware,
There are many people stalking me.
I'll go with any other guy
if you repeat the same.
Is it anger?
I love you.
I love you, sweetie.
You know how to convince me. I'm committed
to you because you know how to pamper me.
Is it okay give a breakfast
kiss, to get rid of your anger?
You should've get a
delivery by now. Go and get it.
What, did you send another gift?
Yes, go and get it.
What is this?
-Come on, open it.
What is this, dude? What, If the delivery
comes when my mom is over here?
You know about my timing, right.
You'll send a delivery
daily, but you won't come.
It would be nice, if someone
sends you as a delivery.
You started it again.
Go and wear it. I'll give you a nice kiss.
I'm wearing it.
-Then remove it, I want to see it once.
No impossible
-This is mission impossible.
Should I?
-You don't have other option.
Remove it.
Remove it.
Yes, come on, remove it
Bloody internet.
This one?
This one?
It appears someone began
lovemaking early in the morning.
It's my fate to carry this
condom with covid gloves.
Who are you?
What is this?
Why did you throw at me?
Stop shouting, you baldy.
I should feel more disgusted as
the condom used by had fallen on me.
Shut up and come out.
Listen to me.
-Come out
It's not me, bro
-Isn't that condom yours?
Hey, What are these issues
in a family living area?
Oh come on,
It's not me.
A person like him can't stay
among respectful people like us.
Let's send him.
-Get out from here.
Who is she?
You have to vacate from here.
First floor.. second floor.. and third floor.
That mean, the condom felt from 3rd floor?
So, this bald guy isn't involved in this?
Uncle, hold on. Aunty, listen
to me. he's not involved in this.
You don't know anything, he
have to vacate this area.
Uncle.. please listen to me.
Listen to me once, Aunty.
Uncle.. please listen to me.
-Vacate this place, idiot.
I'll kill you.
Do you people
overestimate yourself as rowdies?
If you're thug,
I'm a bigger thug than you.
I'm a bigger thug than you.
If you're a goon,
I'm a bigger goon than you.
I'm a bigger goon than you.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know who I am?
I'm a murderer.
I'm a murderer.
Run.. Run..
The dialogues are pretty same.
Do you know from where I came?
Do you know from where I'll
come to college? From Central Jail.
From Central Jail.
I'm going to escape.
You scumbag, I just came from jail
after committing 4 murders.
I thought to be a good guy, but you
touched my ego by humiliating me.
Please bro.
-I'll not spare you.
Please bro.
I'll be here for a week.
I may kill you within a week.
I'm sorry, bro.
-Your death will be so wild.
Bro, please bro. -Listen to me.
one week. Just one week.
-Get lost.
Hey, Mr. Sharma..
Here's your groceries for one month.
Sorry, I mean list for the ritual.
Stop that sarcasm. I'll curse you to death.
Should I?
-Sorry sir, my tongue just slipped.
It's okay for tongue, but the
items in the list shouldn't miss.
If they so, you'll be ruined.
How many days should I suffer, Mr. Sharma?
In buying list or facing problems?
You should do till I get another option.
You are done for this month.
Let's meet next month at the same place.
Till then take rest and
relax from your problems.
Leave those groceries at my home.
Paaru, come here and stand.
Mr. Priest, we came first.
She's my woman.
I thought it's in education, jobs,
politics and films. It's here too.
What did our elders say?
-They didn't say it to me.
They said to me.
Ladies first.
-At temples too!
Even, our god accepts it. We should also.
Our's is a female dominated society.
It's alright.
You say your name for blessings.
You come and stay here.
Hail the Lord.
-I have a doubt.
What is it?
Will our love story end like
the old Paaru and Devadas?
Stop saying it.
What are you talking?
Will our story also be..
..like them if our names
matches with theirs?
There are few fairies who
may agree to these if you say so.
I'm sorry, Dev.
It's Okay, Paaru.
-Yes paaru.
Do you know about liplock?
I know about door lock.
It's the lock for lips.
I don't know about that.
-Should I teach you?
I'll learn after our marriage.
We can do this before our marriage.
No Paaru, it's only after our marriage.
We should respect our
traditions. Foreigners..
..robbed our glory
and traditions too.
I'm totally against it.
Dev, keep your teachings aside.
Someone stole my chain.
Dev, listen to me
Hey you
-I'll turn only if you give me 100 bucks.
You may end up in jail.
Give me 100 not 10 bucks.
Do you think yourself as Usain Bolt?
-Mr. Sharma please stop.
Are you jogging?
-No, chasing.
I'm unable to run in this attire.
They are tingling. -What?
My thighs.
Someone stole my girl's
chain. Go and catch him.
What will you give to me?
-What can I give you?
I will do some rituals for free to you.
For free
Did you catch him? I'm coming.
Long live your married life. Sorry.
Sorry, I gave the wrong blessing.
Live a long life.
Idiot, give it back
Mr. SI, arrest him.
Let's move.
Why did you risk for a fake chain?
Then why did you shout?
I just gave you information, but
you didn't confirm and ran away.
You got me arrested for a
fake jewel. I'll not leave you.
I may get arrested, but my
brother will take revenge.
I'll pray your god with
your blood within a week.
Mind it. Just one week.
Done ma'am.
Disgusting, What nonsense is this?
You people had good reviews.
But I never had such a worst styling.
Call your manager. I'll post it
in social media and defame you.
Call your manager right now. Where is he?
-Don't shout.
Excuse me, Ma'am.
Let's rock it!
Let's go!
Step aside girl.
Excuse me, Ma'am
-Who are you?
My name is Agastya, Senior Stylist.
How may I help you?
Look at this. See how worst it is.
Tell me your requirement. I'll help you.
How many times should I say?
Wow, you look like Ekta Kapoor and
Kareena Kapoor while you're angry.
Now tell me ma'am, whom
do you want Ekta or Kareena?
Shradda Kapoor.
I'll sort it out. Please have your seat.
Here you go.
-Wow, nice, beautiful.
You liked it?
Have a good day.
Hey, Agastya
Tip! I don't like tips ma'am. Bye.
Hey, Agastya..
What again ma'am!
-Are you single?
Wish I could. But no
-Can I see your girlfriend?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Oh, It's her call.
One second, please.
Dad, I like her.
Dad, even I like him.
What? Did you agree?
Break up! I'm single.
Ms. Shradda Kapoor,
you please leave.
Call me if necessary. Bye.
-Hell with her.
Please call me as Uncle dear.
-Let's fix this alliance.
One second
It's not my solo decision,
another one also should accept.
Who is that?
-The fetus in my womb.
It's Okay. Let her ask
-Shut up and move aside.
One second, dad.
Uncle, I'll give you 2 options.
Option one, I'll come along
with the fetus in my womb.
Option 2
-What is that?
There's a hospital nearby. I'll come by
clearing this if you wait for five minutes.
What say?
I say NO.
I don't want to be called as grand
parents before you getting married.
Then, is this alliance cancelled uncle?
Yes. It's a yes for cancellation,
not for you calling me uncle.
Let's move.
Daddy -Get the plate, we
can eat while going back
Thank God.
I pampered you as your mother's dead.
But, I won't get you married to that stylist.
I won't enter into our house without
taking bath after coming from salon.
Then how can I accept for that salon guy?
Daddy, don't embarrass me.
He's a stylist.
I'm telling for the guy
whose on phone call too.
One week..
means, 7 days..
168 hours..
10080 minutes.
I'll blow your hair by killing you.
You know that I'm an Encounter Specialist..
Not legally, but..
I'll kill him illegally!
Mistake.. Mistake..
Do you know how it feels in your throat
to, Swallow the Midsummer's heat?
Do you know how it sounds,
When a sandstorm rings in your ears?
Do you know how it looks,
When a Cheetah roars in your face?
What's this, man?
They'll kill if we come infront of them.
They'll dig our grave if we don't run away.
Hey, I'm scared man.
That Idiot may kill me.
What are you laughing?
We will scold anyone
by using a thieves names..
but now you are scolding
that thief itself. You got..
..the credit of using the
scolding in perfect sync.
I wish that your father-in-law,
to kill you in encounter.
Why did you curse me?
Even I'm scared of that.
Come on Sweetie,
pick up the call.
You called me! Wow!
What's up?
I'm ready.
-Ready for what?
You're longing to meet me, right?
I'm ready now.
Come to Hyderabad in the
early morning flight tomorrow.
We are going on a trip for a week. You
just come here, I'll take care of the rest.
Seriously, I'm unable to believe you.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
-Hold for a minute.
You got a text, check it once.
It says, Your ticket to Hyderabad has been
booked and your journey details are here..
I.. What is all this?
I mean..
why this sudden change?
Is all of this done by you?
-Continue with your doubt, till we meet.
I'm so happy.
-I'll be waiting for you.
I'm so excited.. I'm so excited..
This is just unbelievable.
I love you.
I said something.
I said, I love you.
I love you too.
Sharma, instead of eating
food, can't you suggest an idea.
My grandma, used to say
that my life will be good as Ca Cube.
But, she never said anything like this.
Stop asking me, as I don't know anything.
What is Ca Cube?
It means to have a peaceful
life with sufficient daily needs.
Get over from there.
My family is safe.
What happened?
I asked Sweetie to come here,
feeling that it's the right time.
He can't kill me, if I'm
not here for a week.
How is my idea?
They said it's okay to
escape, if we can't fight.
Who said?
-Thomas Alva Edison.
Once turn this side.
Karthik.. Hey, Karthik..
My baby boy..
My dear, my almighty..
Got it, I'll book 4 tickets, ask
your girlfriend also to come.
What about me?
-We are going with our girlfriends.
What you mean by that?
Do you think I'm Single?
I'll call my princess to our Journey.
Book six tickets, I'll go
and pack my luggage.
No extra luggage, Priest.
I'll book clothes for everyone
and that too through online.
What should I do till then brother?
Until then..
You are listening to Hyderabad #1
Radio station Superhit 93.5 Red FM
Brother, get me a strong coffee.
Brother, get me a tea.
None can change our fate.
The one with good fate, will roam
in cars and wear branded clothes.
As said by our Trivikram sir, he'll
be hit by an ambulance in accident.
The one with an ill fate,
You gave me tea instead of coffee.
You gave me coffee instead of tea.
Sorry, sir.
It's my mistake.
Lord, the tune of fate is going to change
Come to an end!
Fate is going to play it's game
Oh my Lord,
Don't play in hurry dear
It's okay dear, you're
going to be shy like a girl
They are going to pay for my mistake
There's fun in the street,
And fight by my mistake!
They are fun to watch!
Oh God, the situation
seems to be different
It's Okay bro, but don't
shake your hands with ill fate!
Oh my, The life of all these
idiots is a big confusion
Your run will become troublesome
God witness all your mistakes,
He'll punish you for those!
If you get confused
you've to pay for that!
Listen my dear
The mistake I did spoiled my entire life
I won't fear anyone
and will do these everytime
I lived like this and my
mistake showed me this route
The bug of my mistake didn't leave me
It destroyed me completely
Useless scumbag..
Don't do any mistakes, man!
Did your mom beat you?
Did you go to a plain?
Did you get any fruit?
Did you hide it?
Or you ate it?
Hey little birdie..
Oh my god, please..
Stop singing, dear.
We're going to kill you, dear.
We got our share and
can tell you one thing.
Long live!
Long live!
Long live!
Long live!
Hey, go man.
Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?
Please play some songs.
-I'm loving this journey, baby.
She is asking songs man, play them.
There's a song in the film Devullu..
'We are the kids longing for your love!'
'We are the one's who play in your lap'
This is a nice song.
-I don't want.
There's a song in the film Gangotri,
where the female lead hit the puberty.
'A bud raised to a plant in a plain'
-What's wrong with you, man?
I'll run this jeep on him.
Is Bluetooth, Ok?
Fine, I'll play a nice song.
He's coming..
Go fast.
Hey Agastya..
Look out.
The breaks are not working.
The breaks failed.
Hey down.. Down..
Get down.
Run.. Run..
Faster.. Faster..
Run. Run.
It's was beautiful.
-Why all the jeeps are red in colour!
Hey who are you man?
Twinkle.. Twinkle Little star.
How I wonder,
what you are?
Up above the world so high.
Like a diamond in the sky.
Where are we, man?
Watch the way, man.
-What happened?
Agastya, What happened?
-Start the vehicle, man.
Come on.. Come on..
-Start the vehicle, what happened?
What happened?
-It's not starting.
Get down, let's move from here.
Run.. Run..
Hey, walk fast.
Come on..
Fast.. Fast..
What happened?
My trouser was torn
-Leave it there.
Why should she leave it,
but you said same dress code?
Then give her your trouser.
-No, I feel shy
Then go and shop a trouser..
of size 32.
Actually, I got slim for you,
28 fits me.
There are 2 paths.
Where shall we go?
-This way.
Hey.. Sharma..
-Not that, this one.
Hey, watch out.
Be careful everyone.
God, I got hurt.
Oh Lord.
Sharma, careful
I can't run anymore.
-Let's go, he's coming.
He kills us, if we wait here.
Let's move from here.
-I can't.
We can't, we have to relax for sometime.
Actually, who is he?
That's what happened?
We don't know, whom he's gonna kill?
Will you call this a date?
Is this called a trip?
You idiot.
I know about your lazyness.
You hurt me -And got doubt
when you called me all of a sudden.
Have to kill you all, -You do whatever
you wanna do, but don't involve Dev.
Poor boy, He got into problem, to get my chain.
My Dev is a nice guy.
-Learn from her.
What to learn?
Why are you shouting
instead of helping him?
Who are you to control me?
-How dare you?
I'm the daughter of ACP.
She threw me away.
What are you doing
in this situation? We..
..missed our route, and
he's coming to kill us.
It's getting dark too, you should
support us instead of quarrelling.
She started
-I won't listen.
Stop blaming me.
Listen to me.
It's like..
-Look there.
-Let's go there.
Please, it's not that.
Really, I'm sorry I shouldn't involve
you. But I can't be in Hyderabad now.
I called you, as you
are longing to meet me.
-But, not to involve you.
I never wanted to trouble you
And I don't have that intention too.
-Huh? Sorry.
Please understand me
What's your problem?
It'll be better if we go there.
There'll be people living.
We'll be safe there.
It seems like a haunted film.
-Is it original?
I'm tired baby
-Don't touch it.
It seems like a power
setup for free of cost.
They made me roam the whole forest.
-Where are we?
He looks weird.
Let's try.
Ok, you deal with him. I'm tired.
Ok, wait till we deal.
Hello sir.
Hello, sir.
Hey, what's this? Ask him properly.
Sir, we need your help.
What did he say?
-What did he say?
What did he say?
Do you know that?
How can he understand English?
Ask him in Telugu.
Watch now, How I'll ask him.
-Ask him.
Oh God..
sir, we can't understand you.
Do you understand Telugu language?
That's the thing.
I don't think he can help us.
I'm leaving.
Just wait, I'll try.
Sir, we lost our way..
Permit us to stay for tonight.
We will leave early in the morning.
There's no response.
Is he dead?
I think he's doing yoga pose.
Yes.. Yes..
He woke up.
I didn't sleep,
I'm doing meditation.
Your meditation looks worst.
We treat you as God as you
were lost and asked us help.
We are.
We consider it as a great
privilege to accommodate you.
Go and take rest.
Have it.. Have it..
Do you know English?
We are kids of lord,
and we know all languages.
Do you know Kamasutra?
Hey, Wastrel.
-It's just for General knowledge.
What is this?
-This is the offering of goddess.
If you say your wishes after drinking that,
I'll put your wishes in our prayers.
It looks good. So, it's
a free courier service.
Don't shout. We will drink.
Drink it man.
Drink it.
Why is this offering giving us kick?
-It's true.
Come here.
I won't listen.
-You have to.
I won't listen.
-You have to.
I won't listen.
Get lost.
-Why is he shouting?
Who is she?
He's my husband.
-Why are you irritated?
Why are you bothered?
Baby, their dresses are
so cute and I want them.
Did you compare us both?
How will you fit in my dress?
You're right ma'am.
You silly.
You said you're a stylist.
Will you style this or not?
These girls will make us go mad.
Please step aside madam.
Sir, my girl likes your wife?
-Her dress?
Naughty fellow, huh.
Could you please lend her a dress?
I'll design it to my wife.
What is styling?
I'm tired to explain
about styling. I'll show her.
Ma'am, excuse me. Please don't mind.
Please come.
You'll look like Katrina
Kaif in a few minutes.
Styling by Agastya.
Where is my wife?
-Our friend is ruining her.
He's having fun with her.
Please come.
See here.
Get me down.
You look beautiful ma'am.
How is she?
-She's great.
It's all my talent.
You go and rest.
We've a lot to do.
Ok, enjoy.
Where are we going?
Shall we make it true?
Which one?
Your dad won't agree for our marriage.
You are spoiling your
alliances by saying..
that you're pregnant.
Shall we make it true?
I'm waiting for this moment since
2 years and I can't wait now.
It's all after marriage only. Not now.
You idiot.
O' damsel, I wish for something
by seeing you like this
I'll remove the pain given by my youth!
I'll stay in your lap!
It'll reduce the thirst of the youth!
Taquero Mocho
Shall I grab the honey from your lips?
Shall I tune your body like a guitar?
Your beauty is a
feast even to this forest!
The moment to behold
your shy is a magic
You're a gem hidden in my soul!
Can I love you more than my damn life?
Can I state by promising that my life is yours?
Taquero Mocho
Taquero Mocho!
What's this,
I'm getting body pains recently.
Oh gosh.
It's hurting.
He's still on the work.
Mr. Preist, did you enjoy?
He started again.
Sir, we are leaving.
How can you leave by not
visiting the waterfalls near by?
What he mean it?
Oh wow.
-Is it necessary at this time? Let's move.
Please, please.
He might have caught us by now.
As he didn't, he might got lost.
Let's go, please.
Please let's go.
Let's move.
One minute..
What do you mean by
your gibberish word?
With that word..
I'm moving towards waterfalls
with hands in my pocket.
Karthik, it's beautiful.
Did you learn that word from him?
Wow, Such a beautiful place.
Let's go there and swim Agastya.
-Let's go as we saw this.
Where are we going?
How can we go without enjoying?
What you mean by that?
I'm tensed about that guy. Let's go.
Dev, forget it. Let's go.
Hey, wait..
Come on.
Hey, my phone.
Hey, my phone.
Hey, Close your eyes.
Parvathi, you're not Draupadi
to remove your clothes.
Dev, relax.
We should feel comfortable to swim.
It's common in these days.
Shut up, man.
We've to move forward.
-What, Without clothes?
Silly, come let's enjoy.
Beware of some silly fishes.
-What's with you, Dev?
Just relax, I'm enjoying.
Paaru.. Paaru..
-Paaru, come out.
Come on Paaru.
It's enough, come out Paaru.
-Why she's not listening to us.
Come Paaru.
Hey Sharma, what happened?
Get up.. Get up..
-Come fast.
He's coming.
Get up, dev.
-He's coming, get up dev.
-Paaru, come.
Come Paaru.
-Paaru, come.
Come fast.
Let's move.
-Move faster.
My dress.
-Leave it and come
Come on, move.
Move fast.
Oh God.
Dev, nothing happened.
Don't overact, remove the hand.
I'll guide you all.
Hey Sharma. Get up.
He's pulling.
-Hold my hand.
He's pulling.
-Hold my hand.
You are making me swing to and fro.
-Hold my hand, tighter.
He's pulling me totally, man.
-Come on.
I don't know what he's observing.
Come, let's run from here.
-Run fast.
Run carefully.
Watch your step.
Hey, help me.
-Karthik, come.
I'm drowning.
-Check something.
Give me your hand.
Safe.. Safe..
Come, go.
Hey, something's biting me.
Remove your shirt.
Remove your shirt.
Something's inside my trouser too.
Remove it.
Come fast.
-Throw it away.
Hey, our jeep.
Let's leave before he comes.
He's coming.
Hey, we've to get
rid of that vehicle first.
Come, let's move it.
You come this way.
I'll come that side.
Karthik, push..
Push man.
Keep pushing.
Hey Sharma..
Come on.. Come on..
Hey, come on.. come on.
'Hail Lord Venkateshwara'
Stop your chants.
I'm coming.
Come.. Come.. Come..
Get in the car.
Get in.
Move.. Move..
We have to get out from here.
Come on fast.
-Hey get in the car.
Move.. Move..
Fast.. Fast.
-Hey wait, where's Mitra?
Where's Mitra?
'Hickery, Dickery Dock'
'The mouse went up the clock'
'Hickery, Dickery Dock,
The mouse went up the clock'
'The clock struck one,
The mouse went down'
'The clock struck one,
The mouse went down'
'Hickery, Dickery Dock'
'Dick Dock'
'Dick Dock'
.. Dock'
Bro, I know that SP sent you and also you
won't harm her as she's ACP's daughter.
Let's deal our problems.
Please leave her.
Hey, stop it.
Who the hell is that ACP?
You hold man, that
condom guy sent you, right!
What condom?
Don't you understand yet, he came for me.
That's why he hit me.
Did that moron sent you,
for his revenge?
Who is that moron?
What is this?
: Then who are you?
Remove your trouser.
Why are you laughing?
-Are you out of your mind?
Did we get scared of him?
I came to know who he is.
Tell me man.
Who is he?
Tell who's he?
He lost his mind.
Stop laughing and speak out.
Mitra is in danger.
He won't.
He's a gay.
He's definitely a gay.
What is this?
-Remove your trouser.
I'm not asexual, brother.
He's shouting aloud,
it seems he needs it.
Remove it.
Can't you ask anything else?
Remove it or else I'll kill her.
-No.. No..
Hey stop ,I'll.
Close your eyes.
Close them.
Let's close.
-Did you?
I'm removing it.
Remove it.
-I'm removing it.
Get into action, now.
Turn to your back.
-Come and ..
Please close your eyes.
-Didn't he start?
Why did you open your eyes?
-Just to build confidence in you.
Remove fast.
-Turn that side.
He's coming.
Even OTT's didn't have this bad content.
Shall I record, we can earn lot of money.
Shut up and turn.
He is coming, man.
Is something happening?
My life will become a hell.
Damn life.
He got it.
What so fast! I took
nearly 15 mins yesterday.
Dev, you shouldn't say those things loudly.
-Okay.. Okay.. Close your eyes.
Hey, he didn't do anything.
Hey.. Hey..
He did nothing, look here.
Hey.. Hey..
Look there.
Why is he removing the zip?
What is he doing?
How will I know?
-Where are the diamonds?
What diamonds?
-What diamonds?
What is he saying?
Why is he doing like that?
Excuse me, Sir.
Minister sir called us,
and said IT department gonna do us.
What you mean, do us?
-You naughty, A raid baby.
Filthy women. you have to
be very tensed in this issue.
In every aspect, you only look for lust.
I had information about that,
I'll take care.
Sammu baby...
Oh shit, diamonds are here.
Inspector Satya, Income Tax Officer.
Come, Raid us.
I said come.
Hello sir, Your order
is going to packing now.
It'll be done in 5-10 minutes, sir.
These pants are stitched.
Send them for order.
All clear.
There are diamonds in the pants I ordered?
-Are you kidding?
Where's that diamond pant?
Sir, I think you lost your brain.
If we got them mean,
why would be here in semi-nude?
We will be in Bangkok for now,
and do Massages, right.
Where are those remaining pants?
One is on that tree branch.
and another is with Taquero Mocho guy.
The third one is in waterfalls.
and the 4th one is in sand.
and the fifth one is with Sharma,
take him and let us go.
He took them from me, right.
-Show it to me.
What should I have to show?
-Close your eyes.
Show me those remaining pants.
None will go out from here.
Do you think are we at Jubilee hills
and you navigating these ways?
We are in forest, bro.
How should we know the places?
I don't know anything.
Don't ask me, bye.
Then I'll kill everyone.
Bro, give me some time.
Let me buy some clothes and search for it.
How am supposed to roam without clothes?
Who's responsible if anything bites me?
Ask him, first.
What are you even talking?
Why he pointed the gun there?
-We are running out of time, shall we go?
Hey, what's wrong?
-For this.
Is it paining, huh?
Okay, let's go.
Hey, Mr. Stylist..
Actually, Mr. Mahadev
Sharma, is there any..
..chance to get our clothes
back by doing rituals.
It's not called as Manhood,
to trap a girl who has name and fame.
It's called Cowardice.
Control, sir.. Control.
Everyone in department pisses in their
pants just by listening my name.
If anyone came to know about my
daughter boyfriend make her elope..
they'll piss in front of my house.
Control, sir..
How dare he can take my daughter away
even I threaten him..
I have to prepone his death.
A bullet in my gun have to decrease.
Control, sir.. Control.
Are you kidding me?
Within 24 hours, if he isn't in graveyard
and my daughter is in home mean..
I'll use another bullet from my gun.
Don't think that you'll
be my second target.
You'll be the first one.
Mock now, Control.. Control..
Everyone sees like a fool,
if someone shares their pain, right.
Bugger off.
Did you feel bad?
-No, sir.
Don't you even have sense.
I felt bad, sir.
-Sorry Sundaram.
It's okay sir.
Make sure to bring my daughter
home, As early as possible.
Otherwise you'll be rushed to Control Room.
-Okay sir.
Control.. Control, it seems.
I'll send you in long leave, Ninny.
Still how long?
We don't even remember routes in Town..
how we are supposed to remember in forest?
Even we didn't have Google Maps, here.
What, did we walked throughout this way?
Hey, I doubt that first
pant should be tore here.
Hey, go and search.
Taquero Mocho, we have to find?
Hit him hard,
he's going overboard.
Go and search that pant.
Go and search guys.
What happened?
What happened, man?
What happened, dude?
The Pant.
How did that pant went there?
I think, A monkey kept there.
-No, a dog.
Nope, it's a fox.
An ant.
Not this, an Elephant.
He won't listen until he get beaten.
Is that enough?
Yes, it'll enough to you. Now shut up.
One of you guys go and
get that pant from tree.
We are only supposed to show.
You only go and collect yourself.
Shut up, man. If we climbs the tree..
he know that we all
will run away from here.
Hey.. Hey..
Go and get that.
Three.. Two..
-Sweetie, hey..
Come on.
-Hold tighter.
Don't leave that.
Hold it with your hands.
Come on..
Come sweetie.
Come on.
Slowly.. Slowly.
Sweetie.. Sweetie..
Are you okay?
Where's the next pant?
We are here.
Hey, Hi.. Hi..
Having fun, huh!
Enjoy yourself.
Hi, man.. Hi bro, what's up?
Hey.. Hi..
We never thought we'll meet you again.
-What's wrong with your clothes?
That's why we are here.
Could you please ask your wife
that pant to return back to us?
Who's he?
Please understand my situation, madam.
-No way.
My husband won't leaving me
after he sees this attire.
What else a girl can wish than this?
He won't bother anymore
if I remove my attire.
No, I won't give.
Hey, Ask that pant.
Will they give if we ask like that?
Try once.
He does mumbling.
Hell with this guy,
He don't know nothing than this.
I'll give another pair to you.
-Give that to your girl then.
I won't give.
-Baby wait..
Come, let's talk.
I'll tell you an universal truth.
Madam, please don't dare to listen it.
It's different if you crave for a single
women, and many women crave for you.
Which one do you want?
We want both of them.
Hey.. Hey..
My foot. Then you'll lose both.
Hell with you.
It's nothing.
Sorry.. Sorry..
If you listen to me,
it's not you fall for her.
All the women here will fall for you.
What say?
My boyfriend is stylist, right.
He'll prepare you as high as he can.
Trust me...
Enjoying experience will
be super cool than giving.
Is that okay to you?
Wil you give the pant or shall we leave?
You come.
Remove your hand.
To where?
To where?
Oh god, what kind of people you are?
-Hey, Taquero Mocho come here man.
What's the feed, bro?
It seems you are on fire.
Here's your pant. Come let's go.
-Pant is here.
Fine, I'll take leave.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
-Is this my stop?
I had some urgent work, I'll be back.
Hey wait.
What are they doing?
Hey, we've to get out
from here before sunset.
How we can go without him?
What's your wife said?
-She says a lot.
Your wife said, every
women here falls for me.
You turned my wife stylish.
Like wise, turn me into a style guy.
Then leave from here.
I don't care who comes now,
but, I want my diamonds.
How we can come without my friend?
This time, the bullet
will enter into your body.
You want the diamonds, right.
Hey, let's go man.
Hey, how we can go without him?
Well, wait. I'll come back
and design your clothes.
Please leave me.
-Mitra, wait.
Come Agastya.
-Let's move Mitra.
You guys go,
he won't come.
Keep walking.
Take out the diamonds.
Open it Mitra.
Hey.. Hey..
What, why did you brought me here?
There's the 4th pant.
-What, in the water?
How we can know that?
We have to search for it.
Get into water, then.
Who, me? Oh my, I even fear
to have bath in water. I can't.
Who knows swimming here?
-I don't know.
I know, sir.
-Careful, Paaru.
Paaru, take care.
-Stop it.
-Poor Paaru..
Where is she, man?
Come.. Come..
Paaru, are you okay?
-Paaru, are you okay?
It's okay.
You are fine, right?
Open it.
Oh shit.
We got it. Diamonds
aren't there in pant right.
You do actions wildly.
Come and let's search for another pant.
There aren't signals are here
to buy some clothes. Come.
He's throwing all the pants,
I'm in nude, and there's no signal here.
What a pity, man.
Hi.. Hi..
Hey, did our brother eliminated you?
Is our Ohmkar brother?
-Our, Taquero Mocho brother.
I never thought you'll come like this,
what happened by the way?
You guys go, he won't come.
Says you'll perform your town accent here!
Not to get disclosed,
facing hurdles for survival!
You kept all the badluck on your fate!
You went overboard in front of master,
and made your life like a riot
Did you crossed your word, Kiddo?
You're going to end, Kiddo!
You're going to end, Kiddo!
It's over!
You're going to end, Kiddo
You're going to end, Kiddo!
Did you liked it or not?
Atleast say something, guys.
Live your life like a king,
you fate turns good fortune!
Live your life like a king,
you fate turns good fortune!
It's over!
Oh, I thought you'll come like a tattooist
like Ali from movie Khaleja!
But you came like a Prince.
-Get over me.
I feel like stylist for
the first time in my life.
Look Brother, Desire
is a cause of all..
..miseries. You should
know how to control it.
Or else, Life will become Miserable.
You should know it.
So, last but not the least..
Stop your nonsense, and
show me the another pant.
You guys didn't find it?
-If so, why we will be here?
Hey, move.
Yeah, he's correct.
Let's move.
What happened?
What happened?
Why the hell the snake is with pant, man?
Brother, we can't take that pant.
Come on man. Don't he know,
if we go near to snake it'll rip us.
He'll take his gun and
kill that snake. That's it.
What sir, what say?
It's correct, brother.
Kill that one and collect your pant.
Hey, I won't harm animals.
Hell with this man.
-I harm only humans.
He's speaking Ethics now.
Hey, go and get that pant.
I'm just an audience here.
Everything will be done by these people.
As I'm in semi-nude,
I'll cheer them like cheer-girls.
O' Lord Shiva.
Go Dev.
Dev, careful.
My name is Dev,
Mahadev Sharma.
I pour 4 litre of milk to you everyday.
Is he a snake man or what?
Bring that pant, man.
Come here.
-Come here.
Come.. Come..
Hey, open it.
They'll be in here.
We can go home,
if we handover that last pant to him.
Watch out your step.
-I'm going, right.
Hold my hand.
There it is.
What are you guys upto?
Tell him.
Look, that's the last pant.
For sure, there'll be diamonds
in that pant. Go and collect them.
We got it.
Okay.. Okay.
I got it.
We have to take that pant from mud.
We will take it.
Go and have a seat.
Bloody loser.
Hey, go and take it.
Take it.
You said, it's your
responsibility right. Take it.
It'll be done if
we give it to him.
Throw him into it.
-Take it.
I'll fall into it.
Samu baby..
Are you tensed?
Can I make you cool?
I may spare anyone who falls for my
family and even a scarlet women like you.
But I couldn't spare anyone
who came across my money.
What? Will you make me cool?
Do it.
Make me cool.
Okay.. Okay..
Cool.. Cool.
Okay.. Cool.
Come on.. Pull that out.
-Hold harder. Come on
Hold that hard.
It's coming.
Finally, it's out.
Check it.
Check the another zip, too.
Not there, sir.
Where are my diamonds?
Do I look like a scumbag?
Yes, you are a scumbag.
We don't have any diamonds with us.
Are you nuts or what?
-I'll kill you bastard.
Where are my diamonds?
-Please leave me, I'll buy them in online.
Where are they?
My father's ACP, He'll kill you.
-Call him, then.
What the hell. Why he aimed to me?
His gun.
Now he pointed towards me.
He's a criminal, and we're looking for him.
Fortunately, my work got easier
because of you.
He came across
while we tracking Mitra.
Government announced 25 lakhs
reward on him.
I'll arrange that reward to you guys.
25 Million?
-25 Lakhs.
Oh my god.
-Mitra, come let's go.
Daddy, please.
Dad, I'll come with my friends please.
There are still five
more bullets in my gun.
Don't ever call me like that.
No.. okay.
What's your name?
Yeah, okay.
I'll give you a year time.
Stop doing that hair saloon
and. -Dad..
Hair stylist, uncle.
-Crack a job elsewhere.
Then, I'll give my daughter to you.
Okay.. Okay.
Don't go overboard, there's still
one more year left. Come, let's move.
Well, finally you made it.
I'm happy for you.
Let's enjoy our real date, now.
Come, let's start with kiss.
Shall we also..
Good morning, baby.
Why you called so early today?
Tell your father, to conduct
our marriage on tomorrow itself.
If he's short of money,
ask him to come to me, I'll throw on him.
My dad gave you one year of time to
settle your career and you made in one day?
Yes, baby.
Stop your overaction.
Did you find those diamonds or what?
You're right.
But how?
Come to my room, urgently.
Hey, why are you laughing?
Where are those diamonds?
One minute.
Is your friend, right. Don't you know?
-How am supposed to know?
See, he goes while we talking.
Why are you even shouting on me?
Hey, what's this?
Hey, it's the pant man.
Yes, it's that pant only.
What's this pant, man?
-Open it.
But why?
-Open it man.
Hey, see this.
Diamonds, man.
This is the first time,
I'm seeing them directly.
Oh gosh, it's for you,
for me and for Sharma.
Wait a minute,
we left all our pants over there, right.
Where this one come from?
Yeah, I only ordered these all right.
Naughty fellow.
Babe, speak up.
Okay... Okay... Okay...
-What, man?
Come on.
We faced many problems
because of our mistake.
But that mistake, settled our lives.
You ordered correctly,
but that delivery guy made a mistake.
You ordered six pants,
but that delivery guy time was not good.
Instead of six, mistakenly
he sent seven pants.
As you said, there should be
no extra luggage, I kept that pant with me.
We used to scold you
because of your online shopping..
..but today they helped
turned us as millionaires.
He's that Condom guy.
-He's that thief.
Hide those diamonds, man.
Agastya, Hide that pant, too.
Kept that pant aside.
Hey don't get tensed,
I'll look at him.
Cool.. Cool.
Wait, I'll look and come.
Excuse me..
Sir, Amazon parcel.
Parcel, huh?
Karthik, did you ordered anything again?
Order again?
-No, I'm not.
No, I didn't.
Sorry boss. It seems you
came to an wrong address.
Sir.. Sir..
One second..
Same address, same
floor, everything is right, sir.
Already paid.
So please don't mind.
I'm running out of time, I've to go, sir.
Bro.. Bro wait.
Dude, I didn't ordered anything.
I will remember if I does, right.
What's wrong with your online shopping?
-You always do these things.
Hey wait, let him see.
What is there?
A shirt?
Hey, I'm sure you ordered this.
It's a shirt, you ordered this for sure.
Hey, why won't you let me see once?
This is Extra large size shirt, man.
No one among us to fit this.
Hey, you ordered this shirt right.
I know you did this.
What's with this shirt?
It has all types of blood on it.
What's this?
They found diamonds, and why
you showing this photo to us, brother?
This guy..
Do you guys know him?
-He looks so dangerous.
Who is he?
I don't want any diamonds.
A shirt.
Come, let's go.
-Karthik, what happened?
-Hey, come on.
What are you doing, come on.
Come Karthik.
And the 'R' should be rolling,
It have roll on the ground.
That's the final verdict.!
The story was just started.
Lord, the tune of fate is going to change
Fate is going to play it's game
O' son,
Don't play in hurry dear
It's fine dear, you're
going to be shy like a girl
T.. A.. K.. E..!
Their are going to pay for my mistake
There's fun in the street,
And fight by my mistake
Almighty, the situation
seems to be different
It's fine bro, but don't
shake your hands with ill fate
The life of all these
idiots is a big confusion
Your run will become troublesome
God witness all your mistakes,
He'll punish you for those
If you get confused
you've to pay for that
Listen my dear..
The mistake I did spoiled my entire life
I won't fear anyone
and will do these everytime
I lived like this and my
mistake showed me this route
The bug of my mistake didn't leave me
It destroyed me completely
Stop it, fu..
Don't do any mistakes, man!