Mister Sleep (2024) Movie Script

All right, guys, what are we
getting into tonight?
All right.
Sounds good, sounds good,
I need you
to cover me over here, though,
before we do that.
I'm over here, though.
I'm going to get shot.
No, don't get me over here.
I'm going--
I'm getting in too, guys.
Over here?
Okay, we're good, then.
Um, I need you
to cover me over here.
And don't forget,
in just two days,
we will be broadcasting
our once-in-a-lifetime scoop
from the mouth of a murderer.
Until then,
sweet dreams, murder lovers.
You good?
I'm fine. You?
-Did you sleep?
-Not really.
If you got outside,
and got some exercise--
I just thought
it would do you some good.
Slicin' and dicin' days
are finally over.
Aren't they?
You're one ugly piece of shit.
In just 48 hours
we will be broadcasting
our exclusive
from the mouth of a murderer.
A true-life interview
that is the stuff of
So join me here
on Murder in the Dark
to hear it first.
Hey, Glenn. Wait, I-- I, um...
Hey, Felicia.
How are you today?
I'm good. You?
I'm all right.
It's, uh--
I'm sorry. Could you, um--
I'm sorry.
Yeah. Sure.
Wouldn't want you
to get those crocs dirty.
Thank you.
You know, I-- I haven't seen you
in town in a while.
Oh, well, um, I've been
staying home, you know,
and, uh,
looking after the house,
and looking after Dad.
How is Judge Payne
enjoying retirement?
You wouldn't know it.
He just-- he works all day.
Panels, committees,
anything he can get involved in.
Look, I know
what people think, but...
he's a good guy, he just--
I just wish people would take
the time to get to know him.
Oh, well, uh, thank you.
Thank you, Glenn, um,
but, uh, I'm--
I gotta-- I'm gonna--
you know, I'm gonna--
Yeah. No. Sure. I'll, uh...
I'll see you.
Help! Help! Help!
No! Help!
Help, please! Please! Help!
What are you doing? Stop!
Help! Help!
Stop, no.
Wait. Don't.
Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop!
Please, stop!
Oh, gosh.
"Morning and night."
"Diluted in water."
Oh, God.
Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
Hey, buddy, uh,
you shouldn't be in here.
This isn't a-- a retail store.
I like your things.
Uh, usually people buy online.
Since you're here,
what can I do ya?
I-- I can make you a great deal
on that-- that coat, buddy,
uh, if you'd like to try it.
It'll fit.
Looking for this, buddy?
Take-- take the duster.
Uh, take-- take
anything else you want.
Graded fishing line?
About 200 yards.
Rated at 400 pounds.
Get it.
As I explained last week,
research has shown
that insomnia is not just
a nighttime condition.
It's a 24-hour condition.
Think of it like a light switch
that's always on.
I don't need
a dissertation, doctor.
I already have my MA.
What I need is something
that will knock me the hell
not bore me to sleep.
Thank you, Kingsley.
Dexter, why don't you tell us
how your initial reaction
to the serum
and XMT headset is going?
Um, I'm-- I'm--
Give him a minute,
please, Kingsley.
Go ahead, Dexter.
Uh, uh, I-- I--
I have a mani-pedi scheduled
in, like, less than an hour,
How about I, um, I'm Dexter,
and, um, my mother wasted
her time giving birth to me.
-That's quite enough.
-Dexter, it's all right.
We want to hear it. Let us
It's all right, Dexter.
It can be tough
in front of people
you don't know very well.
We'll come back to you, okay?
Ellen, why don't you tell us
how you're doing?
Ellen, are you with us?
Oh, um, I can tell you
it's not the worst stuff
I've ever swallowed.
somebody is gonna start
stealing all this crap of yours
if you cannot
figure out how to Lock up.
Oh, my God.
How was group?
Um, it was fine.
Do you feel like
it's helping you at all?
m-- maybe a little.
How about we watch a movie?
I-- I hear
that Applewood is finally out.
Probably not tonight,
I was going to stream
in just a little bit.
Well, how about dinner?
We have to eat.
I'll go get takeout.
Um, you know what?
Actually, um...
I'm not all that hungry.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Just checking to see
if you drank your slime yet.
I am working up
to it now.
Well, try vodka.
It burns off the taste.
I don't even want
to know what's in here.
Uh, baby puke and toilet scum.
Well, um, we'll see
if this crap works.
Have you seen
any improvements or differences?
- Anything?
- No.
Um, not yet. I live in hope.
But, uh,
it's the early days, so.
But good luck, Fee, and...
I-- I hope you get some sleep.
You too.
Good night.
Good night.
Welcome home, murder lovers.
We have a very special
treat for you tonight.
This is going to disturb you
perhaps more than any
of our other exclusives.
Don't wait to listen.
I don't know how long we have
before the powers that be
shut us down.
This was recorded
three years ago,
shortly after
Mr. Sleep was apprehended.
Yes, you are about to hear
America's most
notorious serial killer.
This is the only interview
he ever gave.
It was never supposed to be
heard by the public.
It was hidden
and kept away from you all
until now.
Sweet dreams, murder lovers.
When did you first begin
to experience
the chronic insomnia?
When I was younger.
Can you
recall specifically, John?
Why do you call me that?
You know that's not my name.
Then what
really is your name, John?
I haven't slept
since I was 14 years old.
And that was after
you killed your entire family
while they were sleeping?
Not that we can verify
that you actually killed them.
Of course we have
to take your word for it,
because you won't tell us
who you really are.
Why would I lie?
Do you want me to describe it?
- How I did it?
- No.
That won't be necessary.
How long
before you killed again?
Eight months, 14 days.
Why then?
Because that's when I wanted
Would you say that's when
it became a compulsion for you?
It's a strange way
to describe it, doctor.
How would you define it then?
A skill.
An art.
A hobby.
On August 12th,
you killed 12 people
at the Ranchwood Motel
while they slept.
And you marked the faces
of four of your victims.
The others were meaningless.
I did that for fun.
What about
those four individuals?
What's so different?
I wanted
to taste their memories.
Their minds
were so young and fresh.
-They were on my list.
-A list?
I often wonder
what your memories
would taste like, doctor.
Perhaps one day
we will find out.
And you have no idea
how these tapes
got into the hands of this...
No, they were--
they were never
supposed to be aired.
They were strictly
for the purposes
of medical research.
I've already filed
for an injunction.
Excuse me, doctor.
Yes. What?
Um, I could be there
in 45 minutes.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Seems like Mr. Sleep has a fan.
A fan?
Thank you, doctor.
I'll be in touch.
Make sure you keep
your phone handy too, okay?
What do you mean a fan?
A copycat?
What's happened?
Ham and cheese or veggie?
Oh, it's okay.
I have an idea.
Somehow I pegged you
for a vegetarian.
Chicken, ham, steak.
The rarer the better.
I guess
you really are crazy, huh?
I didn't...
I didn't mean it like that.
You know, I missed you
when you left for college.
You barely
acknowledged my existence
when we went to school together.
Excuse me,
I always nodded to you
when I jogged past you
on the field.
- Then we were besties.
- Could have been.
As I recall,
you threw a pretty mean javelin.
You were at college
for, what, four?
Five years.
What's, uh...
what happened to you?
I mean, you lived away
from home for all that time.
You must have gone out, right?
What changed?
Nothing. It just--
Nothing dramatic happened.
It just sort of
crept up on me, you know?
It just...
when I came back home
to try to figure out
what to do with my life,
the world changed, and...
well, all the craziness
was going on outside,
but the more I stayed inside...
the less I went out, then...
the more-- I don't know.
I just-- I couldn't anymore,
and it just...
then I just couldn't.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Okay, let's begin.
For whatever reason,
Bree seems unable to join us
for tonight's session.
Oh, hey, maybe she, uh,
broke a nail.
Yeah, she's probably getting
her mustache waxed.
Okay, that's enough, please.
Let's try and remember
everyone's feelings.
This needs to be a positive
experience for us all,
if it's to be effective.
Oh, should we all hold hands
and sing Kumbaya?
Apologies, everyone.
Let's pick up
where we left off.
tell us, how did you sleep
last night?
Um, I-- I slept a little.
And did you take the serum
and use the headset
as per my instructions?
And how much REM sleep
did you accomplish?
Uh, six minutes.
That's okay, Dexter.
I can't-- I can't deal
with this anymore.
-I-- I just want to die.
-Dexter, don't say that.
I do. I do.
I-- I can't--
I can't handle this.
I-- I just want to go to sleep
and never wake up again.
Dexter. Dexter.
Let's you and I talk after this.
I think you might need
some extra support.
I get it, Doc.
I mean, when you die...
you get to sleep
as long as you want.
Are you up?
All right.
Peach mango or kale surprise?
Here, that one's yours.
-No, no, no.
And I make
a pretty good amount of money
from my painting commissions,
and a really good amount
from my paid ad revenue
from when I stream,
and it's working out
pretty good, I gotta say.
-And, um, well--
-You know you can stop, right?
Stop what?
I'm not stupid, Fee.
I see what you're doing.
It helps me.
You spend all your time
wearing a mask.
How can you ever hope
to connect with anything real?
Is this real?
I think it is.
What happened to you
after high school?
College for a couple years.
martial arts on the side.
Caught a bad injury.
And lost my scholarship, so...
You know,
back to this one-horse town,
living the dream.
And your parents?
Yeah, they were never
really part of the picture.
I gotcha.
Hey, I, uh--
I gotta get going, okay?
Hey, I don't suppose
I could, uh...
talk you into catching
a movie with me tonight?
No, no, I--
No, no, definitely not,
no, I'm sorry.
Yeah, I, uh--
I get it.
Hey, Glenn, wait!
My, um--
My group ends at nine tonight,
and, uh, would--
Do you want
to come over for coffee?
As in inside coffee?
Well, as long as
it's not instant or decaf.
What kind of woman
do you take me for?
I'm not sure yet.
-You mind?
-What's it for?
I'm kind of trying
to get into photography.
-Yes, seriously.
No, just, uh--
Just you.
All right.
Let's begin.
-Ellen, did you--
-Uh, where's Dexter?
Duh, well, obviously,
he's not here.
I never received his e-mail
confirmation yesterday.
Well, he was kind of strung out
after the last session.
Guys, can we just start?
No, can we just, like,
wait a few more minutes?
Maybe he got a job
as a doormat.
He's obviously struggling,
like the rest of us.
It's just-- he's just sensitive.
Oh, is that what
they call it now?
Has no one heard from Dexter
from yesterday?
Like, what if something
actually happened to him?
No, Felicia,
the boogeyman didn't get him.
Can I make a pour-over or what?
Yeah. All right, it's not bad.
Judge Payne.
How are you this evening, sir?
I can't complain
and if I did
no one would listen.
Can I get
either of you anything?
We're fine.
There's some of
Ms. Jeffener's pecan pie
in the refrigerator,
can I get you some?
Oh, I'm fine.
I'm full as a tick. Um...
I'm fine.
-Well, I am off on my walk.
-Take your time.
Oh, I won't be long.
-Got anything stronger?
-God, I wish.
You sure your assistant
doesn't have the best...
Patient confidentiality.
Of course.
Do you have a copy?
Of course. It's on my drive.
So we have to assume
that the copycat
has your patient list.
Have you considered
the possibility
that it might not be a copycat?
Come on, doctor...
not even Mr. Sleep can shrug off
a lethal injection,
all right?
We assume that, uh...
the copycat took
Mr. Sleep's body.
Killed the morgue assistant
in the process.
Probably has his body at--
at his house
sitting in the living room
so he could--
so he could talk to him.
But who knows what goes--
goes on in the mind
of these crazies.
Except you, doctor.
But in either event...
with the murder
of Bree Bedford...
we have to assume that
the copycat
is gonna kill everyone...
on your patient list.
Guess it's a good thing
that they're scattered
all over the state then.
It should slow him down.
But the question is why?
I mean...
why your group?
Why your patients? They--
They don't have
a direct connection
with Mr. Sleep like you do.
Or do they, doctor?
I have no idea.
Of course you don't.
Excuse me.
All right. Thank you.
Call you back.
Dexter Englund.
He's one
of your patients, right?
Not anymore.
He was only 18.
I'm gonna need that list now.
Don't hang up.
I need to talk to you.
No, it's not a copycat.
I know this man.
This is his handiwork.
Of course,
I didn't say anything.
The police are not
releasing any information
until they know what's going on.
If this gets out,
we are both ruined.
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
This is, uh, Felicia Payne.
I was wondering
why you canceled group today.
Well several of the group
have dropped out.
And I need
to rework the sessions.
I was actually
about to send an email.
Dexter and Bree?
And Shelby also, yes.
What happened to them?
I'd rather not discuss it.
Patient confidentiality.
Did they listen to
your interview with Mr. Sleep?
I-- I'm sorry,
I listened to it online
and I-- I immediately
recognized your voice
and I was just wondering
maybe they would, um,
I don't know,
be afraid that, uh--
that you-- you knew him.
I'd rather not
discuss it on the phone.
How about I stop by your house
today or tomorrow?
Yeah, that's-- that's fine.
Hey, Dad, was that you?
Dad, this isn't funny.
Hey, Dad?
Hey, Dad, this isn't funny.
What's up?
So what would cause
a hole like that?
Uh, we think it's some kind of--
Boning knife.
It would take
a huge amount of strength
to cut through bone like that.
And who would want to do that?
It's how he removes
the hippocampus.
The what?
It's how
he takes their memories.
They're runes.
Apparently, Viking pop culture
is a thing right now.
-How does he--
-Oh, it's tattooed.
Um, I would say it's makeshift.
Probably prison made.
His victims
will always wear his mark.
-It looks like a blt.
-A what?
It's a Norse
blood sacrifice ritual.
He's linking himself
to Viking berserker mythology.
The ink's actually
mixed with human blood.
So it is a copycat,
just a different M.O.
No, he's just evolved.
Into what?
Something else.
Something new.
I think he's become
a super predator.
Just take a look at these.
We're trying to
decipher them right now, but...
It's like a progression.
He wants us to keep count.
This is Unit A24 in position,
right outside
Judge Payne's house.
Roger that, A24, received.
Please report anything unusual.
Dispatch out.
Oh, hell no.
No, no, no. Uh-uh.
Chalis, I told you
specifically not to come here.
Your daughter
called me yesterday,
right after
we got off the phone.
-She's asking questions.
-What sort of questions?
She heard
my interview with Mr. Sleep.
She recognized my voice.
I understand
how you feel about all of this,
but I think
she has a right to know.
I asked you to help my daughter
with her chronic insomnia,
not to stir her up in matters
that don't concern her at all.
You're sure
she's the one who's stirred up?
What's that supposed to mean?
Sleep is back.
Bullshit, he's dead.
I ordered his execution myself.
He's killed at least
five people in the last week.
-That's not him.
-It's the exact same M.O.
And you and I both know
that none of those details
were ever made public.
Mr. Sleep is alive.
I think he wants revenge
for what we did to him.
What-- What we did to him?
Quite a stretch there, doctor.
If I had any idea
what you were doing with him,
I would have never granted you
that level of access.
Whatever happened with him
is on you and only you.
Wait a minute.
You didn't interfere with
his actual execution, did you?
I had to understand
how his mind worked.
Dead brain tissue is useless.
It would liquify
before I had a chance
to take my sample extraction.
You just use
what you took from him before.
It was enough
to develop the serum, yes,
but that was
just the first step.
I can't even begin
to count the number of laws
you've broken here, doctor.
-What I did was completely--
-Well, you keep saying that.
It sounds
very noble when you do.
My work could help thousands
of people all over the world.
You need to leave right now.
And you and I
will not be speaking again,
do you understand me?
Chris, please.
I think you and your daughter
are in real danger.
Last time I listened to you,
it cost me my marriage.
We have plenty
of protection here
and I can look after my own.
You need to be very careful what
you do and say next, doctor.
I would hate to see
your great work ruined
by the exposure of
your highly unethical methods.
Is that why
you burned off your fingertips?
So no one
would know who you were?
What was doesn't matter.
Only what I do matters.
Man is nothing
but what he makes of himself.
Wouldn't you agree, doctor?
Careful, it's hot.
-Seem to be sleeping better?
-A little.
That's great, maybe tomorrow,
you can go on my walk with me.
Don't push it, Dad.
I think it's about time
that you pushed yourself.
Well, I've invited
a friend to come over
and watch a movie.
Glenn Howard?
Felicia, do you know anything...
-I don't care.
-...about that man's family?
You can't just jump
on the first boat that sails by.
I've known Glenn
since high school.
I like him.
I mean, this is no time
to get into a relationship.
Even Dr. Chalis agrees with me.
You talked
to Dr. Chalis behind my back?
She-- she came by to say
that you called her in a panic.
And why didn't you tell me?
I told Dr. Chalis
it would not be helpful
for you to know
all the gory details.
I can't believe you.
You had no right.
Actually, I had every right.
Hi, um, Dr. Chalis, it's um--
it's Felicia Payne again.
Um, could you please,
please call me back?
I really need to talk to you.
Um, thank you.
Greetings, this may be
my last podcast for a while.
Things have taken
an unexpected turn.
Our last video rattled
a few cages.
And there have been some
unforeseen repercussions.
It seems that the ballad
of Mr. Sleep has not yet ended.
If this is true
and these events are ever
allowed to come to light,
you will see what I mean.
But for now, I need to lay low.
Hope to see you soon.
Sleep well, murder lovers.
-Good evening, Judge Payne.
Let's make something clear,
young man.
I know all about your history
and I do not appreciate you
associating with my daughter.
Hey, Glenn.
Hey, Fee.
I'll, uh, be off to my study.
You two enjoy the movie.
I'm-- I'm-- I'm sorry about him.
He's just um--
he's uh--
he's been an ass recently.
Fee, uh, I, uh...
I got you something.
Thank you.
You really didn't have to.
You have a good eye.
I had a good subject.
-I'm sorry. I can't. I--
-It's all right.
Good night.
-Don't want to hear it.
Unit A24,
I have
Detective Bronson for you.
-Patching you through now.
-Shit, shit!
Officer King, please come in.
King here. Go ahead. Over.
King, any updates?
No, sir, all quiet.
Few comings and goings,
but nothing out of the ordinary.
I saw your report yesterday
that a car belonging
to Dr. Chalis visited.
She didn't stay very long.
She barely got out of her car.
I think she had kind of
a heated argument
with the judge.
But other than that she turned
and left pretty quickly.
Sir, are you still there?
We just had
a report of another killing.
I gotta go. Stay alert, King.
Yes, sir.
Who's there?
I'm armed!
- Judge Payne!
- Shit!
Sorry about that, officer,
but you scared
the hell out of me.
-Now, what can I do for you?
There was another murder
last night.
A woman by the name
of Ellen Strode.
She was part
of Dr. Chalis' therapy group.
Y-- yes, she was very good
friends with my daughter.
The last message
Miss Strode received
was from Felicia,
last night around 7:30.
Is your daughter home, sir?
Yeah, let me stop you
right there, detective.
All right?
And my daughter is agoraphobic.
She's not been out of that house
in over two and a half years.
She and Ellen
never knew each other
-in real life.
She's not a suspect, okay?
But I still would like
to talk to her for a minute.
That's just not possible.
She-- she struggles.
News like this could send her
right over the edge.
So I was told that Dr. Chalis
came over yesterday.
Yes, she did.
What did she want?
Same thing as you.
A-- asking about my daughter.
You and Dr. Chalis have history.
What the hell's that
supposed to mean?
I noticed you both worked
on the original Sleep case.
Yeah-- marginally.
She came to me,
because she needed to
psychoanalyze that monster.
I also noticed
that you gave her...
unlimited access to Mr. Sleep
while he was in prison,
did you not?
That's-- it's a little unusual.
Detective, he was unusual.
You also gave her solo access
to the prison infirmary
while Sleep was in there.
She wanted to study his brain
and how he thinks.
She thought that
perhaps she could spot
ways of-- of detecting
his type of behavior
-in other people.
Here we were,
about to execute the man,
there had to be
some semblance of finding out
why he did what he did.
Weren't you the judge
that sentenced him to death row?
Yes, I was.
And I was very happy to do that.
Have you noticed anything
unusual around here lately?
People hanging around
that shouldn't be?
Actually, there is someone.
And I--
What the hell?
Are you okay?
The forensics are done.
Let me guess, nada.
I'm starting to think
this isn't a copycat.
Are you serious?
I'm gonna send a few extra
squad cars for backup.
Have them spread out
and cover all the external
access points, okay?
Should we have
a couple officers in the house?
Old bastard won't allow it.
He has his daughter wrapped up
like a piece of fine china.
Says he doesn't want to
upset her.
His call, though.
radio me if anything,
anything out of the ordinary
happens, okay?
Yes, sir.
I don't want you
to choke to death.
What did you do
with their hippocampus
after you've removed it
from your victims?
Are you unwell, doctor?
What do you think
I do with them?
I don't know.
Keep them as trophies.
Killers like you tend to.
I eat them.
Kingsley, what's going on?
Kingsley, are you okay?
What's that noise?
Did you fall?
Kingsley, you're worrying Mama.
What's happening?
Kingsley, are you--
No! Let go of me!
What's happening?
Please, Mommy, help!
you're worrying Mama.
No! No!
All available units,
all available units,
code 140, 45 Lampkin Lane,
code three,
please respond, over.
This is A24 responding.
Negative, A24.
Stay put.
Bronson doesn't want you
leaving the judge's house.
Please confirm. Over.
This is A2--
I get that
you don't approve of me,
but did you really need to send
the damn cops to my house?
The detective asked questions
and I answered them truthfully.
I'm sure you did.
While we're having this
little moment of honesty here,
have you told Felicia
the real reason
you left the university?
Yeah, I thought so.
There was no reason
to upset her,
-by telling her.
-Yeah, but I think, uh,
reckless driving
and involuntary manslaughter
are very big reasons.
-It was an accident.
-Of course it was.
You know, the apple didn't fall
very far from the tree.
Your father came
before me many times.
I am not--
I am not my father.
That remains to be seen.
But I will agree.
There's no reason that
this information
should upset my daughter.
So I won't tell her
about your crimes
and I won't tell her
that you went to jail for them.
But you are going to
tell Felicia
that you can never
see her again.
I killed you,
you ugly son of a bitch!
I killed you--
It was an accident.
She just stepped out
into the street,
I swerved, but-- but...
I lost control.
What if I wasn't even
going that fast...
There is not a day that goes by
that I don't wish
I could take it back.
It was a long time ago.
It-- it--
it was an accident, it--
I believe that.
And Dad will come around.
He's not a bad guy.
He's just overprotective.
You know, ever since Mom...
-You should take it. Yeah.
Um, uh, hi, Dr. Chalis.
Felicia. Oh, thank God.
What's going on?
I need you
to listen carefully to me.
You and your father
are in grave danger.
I'll be there in a minute,
but stay inside
and keep your doors locked
until I arrive.
Dr. Chalis, have you heard
anything from Ellen?
Ellen is dead.
I'm so sorry.
I know you two were close.
Uh-- what-- no, no. What?
I'm sorry. What?
I'm pulling in now.
Tell your father
to keep his gun handy.
D-- Dad-- Dad is gonna be--
It's fine.
I'm sure he's just on his walk.
There's a squad car
right outside the gate.
-What's happening?
-No, but--
What's going on?
Mr. Sleep is still alive.
The serial killer?
He was executed.
Look, I don't have time
to explain it,
but he's alive
and he has my list.
What list?
The-- the therapy list?
Sorry, what the hell
is going on here?
He's killing everyone, isn't he?
That's-- that's not
happening, right?
We need to call the cops now.
Detective Bronson and
the local PD are on their way,
but they're all
at Kingsley's house
and that's clear
across town, but she--
Is she dead?
Look, you guys,
you need to get upstairs.
-Lock the door, barricade it.
-No-- no, my dad.
-It doesn't matter.
We just need to hold tight
for a couple of seconds
and then...
Look out!
Come on!
Wait. No. Wait.
Oh, my God!
Hey, look at me!
Look at me, look at me!
We have to get out of here.
All right. Come on.
When you can, get upstairs.
Barricade your room.
Go, go, now!
You know Duke's Meadow?
Right past the dam.
I used to go there, you know...
just get away from it all.
Behind the grass.
Look at the stars.
It made me feel like...
maybe we get to be
free of the past.
You know?
We should go there.
You and me for a picnic.
When you're ready,
you know, there's no rush.
We've got plenty of time.
I just saw it now.
I think I'm tired.
I liked you from
the first moment I saw you.
I always wanted to
go out with you properly.
It worked out perfectly
in the end.
We get to come back.
We can--
He was a fool.
He was a fool.
22, go ahead.
Parents, put your kids to bed
don't let them see
your creeping dread.
The moon is out.
The night is here.
And with it comes
your darkest fear.
Despite your locks,
your doors are tight,
he's inside your room
just out of sight.
A hint of shadow, a ragged
He's in every corner
of your safest space.
So, parents,
hold your children close.
Make sure they feel consoled.
For when this night
is finally done,
there'll be no one left to
For Mr. Sleep is of the night.
The darkness is his home.
You'll only glimpse
his glinting knife
before it touches bone.
He cuts and slices deep inside
and while you're still awake
he'll take your memories,
good and bad,
and put them on his plate.
No matter where you run and
he's always, always there.
His blackened fingers
reaching out.
Tangling in your hair.
So, parents,
put your kids to bed.
Don't let them share this fate.
Close their eyes
and make them slumber
before it's all too late.
Have you ever let
anyone get away?
I like to let them think
they've escaped.
But I come back.
I always come back