Mistletoe Mixup (2021) Movie Script

[bright festive music]
[phone chimes]
- [Vicky] Why are you smiling?
- Because it's the most
wonderful time of the year.
The smell of fresh pine,
cocoa, cinnamon.
You are so lucky.
I mean, I can't wait
to have all of this.
- Wait, kids?
[children shouting]
You can have 'em.
- I should probably find
my Prince Charming first.
- Please, just take my kids.
- Mom!
- Behave.
I will leave you with Santa.
- [Children] Yay!
- Oh, how was the speed-dating
event I set you up on?
Any keepers?
- It was...
- Juicy?
- Uh...
- It was scandalous?
- Non-existent.
- What?
- Next.
- [sighs]
Holly, you are in your prime.
You should have a line of guys
waiting to take you out.
Can you put the phone down?
- I'm following up
with the Bell/Boyer account.
Their marketing team
wants to do that shoot
before Christmas.
- Okay, fine, but once
you nail down the shoot,
can you put it away?
- Yes.
- Gotta keep perspective, babe.
We run an ad agency,
not air traffic control.
Look, Holly, I love you, I do,
but this whole workaholic
thing, it's not healthy.
When's the last time
you a trimmed a tree?
Isn't this supposed to be
the most wonderful time
of the year?
- Does the one on my desk count?
- [Intercom] Courtney,
please come to office 105.
We have another paper jam.
- Holly.
- Look, there will be plenty
of time for tree-trimming
and all that other stuff later.
- Life does not start later.
The holidays do not start later.
Here, take my card.
I want you to go
to the tree farm,
and I want you to buy the most
beautiful one you can find.
- But--
- No buts.
Consider this a direct
order from your boss.
And I will be checking
the charges
to make sure you follow through.
- Fine, I will go buy a tree.
- Now, if we can
find you somebody
to share this beautifully
trimmed tree with...
- [scoffs] Yeah,
I think all the guys
in this line are taken.
- Everyone gets a wish
on Christmas.
[curious magical music]
- I guess there's hope yet.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I could always use
my Christmas wish
to find my happily ever after.
- Well, better late than never.
- [laughs] Okay, all right.
My Christmas wish
is to meet Mr. Right.
- [child screaming]
- Stop beating up your sister.
I will ground you for life.
I'm sorry.
What was that last part? [sighs]
- I said, my Christmas wish
is to meet Mr. Right.
- Hey, she got two wishes.
- [sighs] No,
she didn't mean it, sweetie.
She's just very lonely.
- Next.
- [Vicky] All right, slow down.
- Merry Christmas
- [mysterious music]
["Under the Mistletoe"
by Andy Lawrence]
[gentle lighthearted music]
- Hmm.
That's a little bit too big.
Hm. Nope.
Oh, you're cute.
Come here.
[playful music]
[Holly shouts]
[Holly groans]
- [Tom] Miss, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I don't know what happened.
- I do. I think that tree
fell over on you. [chuckles]
Let me help you up.
I'm Tom Wright.
- Oh.
Mr. Wright?
- Oh, please,
you can just call me Tom.
[mysterious music]
So can I help you find a tree?
- Actually,
I think the tree picked me.
- Well, you can't go wrong
with a classic noble fir,
but would you consider maybe
a Colorado blue spruce?
They are super
on trend this year.
- I think I'm gonna go
with the noble fir.
[Tom chuckles]
You sure know a lot about trees.
Do you work here?
- No. No, I don't work here,
[laughs] but I love Christmas.
And I'm actually here picking
out a tree for myself.
- Can I help you with that?
- Nah, I got it, pal.
- Okay.
- So, um, I guess that's it.
Noble fir it is.
- That's the one.
- Let me help you with that.
- All right.
[gentle music]
- Come on, let's go.
That should do it.
Proper knot for a proper tree.
You know, I never got your name.
- Oh, I'm Holly.
Nice to meet you.
- Well, nice meetin' you,
Holly. [chuckles]
You're all set,
so happy holidays.
- You too, and thank you.
- Sure, don't mention it.
Take care.
- Wow.
- You know, Holly.
- Yeah?
- Would you like to, um, um...
get some dinner sometime?
I mean, if I'm not overstepping.
- I would love that.
- Yeah?
- Give me your phone.
- Okay, um.
Here you go.
[soft romantic music]
Okay, well, I'm a walkin'
away for real this time.
- Okay.
- But I'll call you,
because I can now,
and we can go get that dinner
sometime if you want to.
- Really lookin' forward to it.
- [chuckles] Okay. Bye now.
[chuckles, squeals]
[bright festive music]
[tie snaps]
[tires screeching]
- [Austin] Help!
Help, a little help here!
- Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry.
[Austin grunting]
[Austin coughs]
I'm so sorry. Here, let me help.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
[Austin coughs]
- What happened?
- I...
- It's okay. It's all right.
I'm-- I'm all right. I'm fine.
It's okay, really.
Did you tie this thing up
onto your roof?
- No, it was the guy
at the tree lot.
I think he called it
a proper knot.
- Proper knot? [laughs]
No, that doesn't even exist.
Nah, this looks like a,
this looks like a slipknot.
Should have done
like a timber hitch
or maybe even a sheepshank,
somethin' you can easily get
undone when you get home.
I mean, what is this,
amateur hour here? I'm sorry.
I don't mean to talk bad
about someone I haven't met.
It's just, I mean, you really
could have hurt somebody.
I'm sorry. What happened?
Was he, like, havin' a bad day?
Did he get distracted
or somethin'?
[soft dreamy music]
- Yes. Yeah, absolutely.
[Holly clears throat]
- Absolutely what?
- To what you just said.
- Right, um.
Why don't I get this up
on your roof for you.
- You know what, I just
live down the block.
It's probably easier at this
point if I just carry it.
- Oh. Okay, uh.
Do you need a hand?
- Sure.
- Okay. Austin, by the way.
- Holly.
- Nice to meet you, Holly.
- [groans] Lot of sap.
I'll do it.
- Okay.
- Pull up.
All right, just,
yeah, get the...
Once the trunk
is through there...
- Yep.
- I can get it from there.
- Okay.
- We're almost there.
[soft festive music]
Okay. [groans]
All right, we got it.
- Okay.
- All right, goin' in here.
- [Holly] Yeah, just...
- [Austin] Right here, whew.
- [Holly] That way.
Almost in the hole.
Wait, no, a little to the left.
To the right, the right. Okay!
Right, right there, drop it.
- [Austin grunts]
- [branch scraping]
[Austin panting]
I meant get
something a little smaller.
- It's fine,
just needs a little trimming.
- Yeah, trimming.
How do I do that?
- You got some shears?
- Yeah.
[Austin laughs]
- Okay, um.
I think we're
gonna need somethin'
a little bigger than this.
Do you, uh,
you got lights and decorations
and all that kind of stuff?
I think we're gonna need
to make a little trip.
- Well, I've got this covered.
- Okay, let's go.
- [Holly laughs]
- What are those for?
- [Holly] Uh, tree trimming.
[tree creaking]
[tree thuds]
- [faint jingling]
- [wind whooshing]
- So cool.
[magical tones tinkling]
Both, why not.
I did.
[Holly laughing]
- That means
you have to make cookies.
- [Austin]
Against the green tree.
- [Holly laughs]
- Oh!
- Gotcha.
[both laughing]
- Okay, oof.
[both laughing]
[Holly sighs]
[Austin chuckles]
[gentle lighthearted music]
- Oh, boy.
[Holly laughs]
- It's good.
It's good.
We forgot to get hooks.
- We?
- No.
I forgot to get--
- You're the professional.
- I forgot to get hooks, yeah.
Nothin' to it.
- [Holly] You and your knots.
- I love knots. My grandfather
taught me every knot.
Well, about 10 knots.
There's a lot of, you
know, they're very useful.
It's a very specific thing
with tinsel.
See, you take like a
good loop of it, right?
Like this, and then you go...
See how much nicer that...
Oh, [laughs] come on.
You should see
my grandma's tree.
She goes way overboard
with the tinsel.
It's like, is there a tree
to go with that tinsel, Grandma?
[Holly laughs]
- This is amazing.
How'd you get so good at this?
- It's part of my profession.
I'm an artist.
- Hmm,
and that includes tree-trimming?
- I work in mixed media,
sort of the same thing.
[Holly laughs]
[laughs] What?
- Nothing, it's just,
this was really fun,
and you're a complete stranger.
- Well,
I was a complete stranger
until your tree fell on me
and almost killed me.
And then we decorated it.
I think that makes us friends.
I'm glad it did though.
[soft romantic music]
- Hey, do you want
somethin' to eat, or drink?
- Oh, no, you don't have
to go through all that.
- Are you kidding me?
It's the least I can do.
I'll make you somethin'.
- Okay.
Not one to turn down food.
- How about some pasta?
- [Austin] Yeah,
anything, I'm easy.
- Or a sandwich?
- [Austin] Yeah. Yeah,
that all sounds great.
- How about we order food?
[Austin laughs]
- That's fine. My treat.
[both sighing]
I'm stuffed.
- [Holly laughs] Me too.
I didn't realize
how hungry I was.
- Yeah.
So your dad was a fireman?
- Yeah, he was.
He was a really special guy.
He died about four years
ago just before Christmas.
[Austin groans]
- Yeah, that must've been
really hard on you and your mom.
- Actually, my mom died
when I was 12.
It was just me and my pop.
- Oh, Holly, I'm so sorry.
- Yeah.
I think about him all the time.
- Yeah.
[Austin sighs]
Yeah, my dad,
he died a few years ago.
I miss him a lot.
But, you know,
I have two brothers,
my mom,
and a crazy old grandma.
[both chuckling]
They're nuts, but I mean,
whose family isn't, right?
- You're lucky.
- Yeah, I am. I know it.
It's getting kind of late,
Ms. Holly.
I think I should get goin'.
- Yeah.
- I'd like to see you again.
- Well,
you know where to find me.
- Well, um...
- [chuckles] Sorry.
- [Holly laughs]
[pen scratching]
I'm not really, uh, up on
all the new dating customs.
I'm trying to catch up.
[Holly chuckles]
Here's my number.
Call me, no pressure.
- Okay.
- Great.
All right, I'm gonna go.
[magical tones tinkling]
- Hey, Austin, wait.
Um, drive safe.
Don't get hit by any trees.
- [chuckles] I won't.
- Bye.
[door clicks shut]
[door creaks open]
- I forgot my jacket.
- Bye.
[door clicks shut]
[Holly sighs]
[message whooshes]
[Holly sighs]
[Holly laughs]
[bright buoyant music]
[Holly groans]
[tense music]
- [Vicky] No, absolutely not.
No, just get it done.
Get it done.
Get it done. Get it done.
Get it done!
- Everything, okay?
- Here, sit. [groans]
Photographer's running late,
and our first model has
a hard out in an hour, so.
- I'm so sorry.
- [sighs] Sorry?
Look, you've worked
for me for seven years,
and you've never been late.
You're like a machine.
I know there must be a story.
Okay, tell me there's a guy.
- I met a guy.
- Oh, yes. I want details.
- Well, I got a Christmas tree,
like you said.
And then the tree fell off
my car, and it hit this guy,
and he ended up carrying the
tree back to my place, and we,
we decorated the tree
and ordered food.
- Wait, are we talking like
fairy tale material here?
Oh. [gasps]
True love's first kiss.
- Slow down.
- Oh, a gentleman,
I can get behind that.
You gonna see him again?
- I hope so. Yeah.
He gave me his number,
and I texted him
right after he left.
- Oh.
- What? What was that?
Why? Why, "Oh"?
[Vicky sighs]
- Look, I've been out the game
for a couple years, I know.
But aren't you supposed to wait
a while
before you send the first text?
- No. No, Austin's different.
No, I am positive
I made the right move.
I think.
- All right. Well,
I mean, what did he reply?
- Well, nothing yet.
- All right, well...
Oh, great, the photographer's
finally here.
All right,
bring in the first model.
[jubilant music]
[people exclaiming]
[baby coos]
[jubilant music swells]
- [magical tones tinkling]
- [wind whooshing]
[gentle music]
- Nothing.
I don't understand.
He ghosted me.
- There's plenty of fish
in the sea.
I mean, you're just
gettin' back out there.
It's gonna take a couple tries
to find the right guy.
- Yeah,
but I really liked Austin.
- Girl, it was one date.
- One random, spontaneous,
once-in-a-lifetime kind of date.
- Okay.
[cellphone buzzing]
- Hello.
- [Tom] Holly?
- Austin?
- Holly? Can you hear me?
It's Tom from the tree lot.
- Oh, uh. Hi, Tom.
How you doin'?
- Good. Really good,
thanks for askin'.
Holly, I was wondering
if I could maybe take you
to dinner this week?
- Uh, sure.
- Great.
What night are you free?
- Tonight!
- Oh, that's perfect.
How about Del Sol in Midtown,
eight o'clock?
I can pick you up.
- You know what, it's actually
on my way home from work,
so I will just meet you there.
- Sounds good, see you then.
- Okay.
- And who is Tom?
- Actually, you get
credit for this one too.
I met him at the tree
lot right before Austin.
- Look at you, see,
I told you, reeling 'em in,
plenty of fish.
[patrons chattering softly]
- Hello.
- Hi.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. Please.
- So how's your tree?
- [chuckles] The Colorado
spruce, it's doin' fantastic.
- [laughs] Good. How about work?
What is it that you do, again?
- I'm in finance, so, you know,
the end of the year
is always crazy.
I'm just tryin' to wrap
everything up
before the holidays.
- I can relate.
- Yeah? What about you?
Have any big plans
for Christmas comin' up?
- No. No, usually,
I've been so busy
the past few years
I just work through
the holidays.
- Work through the holidays?
- Mm-hmm, I help
my boss out with her kids,
but this year
they're going back east,
so she's adamant that I unplug.
It'll be nice
to have some alone time.
- Do you have any siblings?
- No, just me.
My parents
are no longer with us,
and I usually spend
Christmas with friends,
but I always end up
feeling like a third wheel.
Or like a 13th.
- [chuckles]
Well, I'm sure your friends
love having you around.
- Sure.
- All right.
[Tom clears throat]
- Thank you.
- To, uh, never being
the third wheel again.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Very good pick.
- Thanks.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You got it.
- Have you been here before?
- I have.
I recommend
basically everything.
[both laughing]
- Great.
- Yeah.
- Dinner was great. Thank you.
- Yeah, it's one of my
very favorite spots.
The owner
is actually a friend.
I'd, uh,
I'd like to do this again.
Would that be possible?
- Maybe.
[Holly laughs]
This is me.
- I remember.
Yeah, here.
- Thank you.
- Well.
- Well.
[both laughing]
- Goodnight.
- Goodbye.
- [Holly laughs]
- Yeah.
[soft romantic music]
- [knuckles rapping]
- [playful music]
[Holly laughs]
I didn't mean to startle you.
- It's okay.
- Um, this might sound crazy,
but my family and I,
we own a cabin in the mountains.
We go there every Christmas.
I know you said you didn't have
any plans for the holidays.
So I was wondering if you
would maybe wanna come join us?
Does that sound crazy?
- No, it's incredibly sweet.
But I couldn't impose like that.
- It would be
no imposition at all.
As my grandmother always says,
the more the merrier.
Look, um, sleep on it.
We leave the day after tomorrow.
I would love it
if, uh, you would come join us.
- Okay. I'll think about it.
I'll let you know.
- Okay.
Well, goodnight, again.
- Goodnight, Tom.
- Yeah. Okay.
[Holly laughs]
[Holly exhales deeply]
[Holly laughs]
- See, I told you, you just
needed to open yourself up
to the magic of the holidays.
I don't know what to do.
What do you mean?
Look, last week your love
life was non-existent,
and now we look at you.
You're goin' on a ski trip
with a handsome bachelor.
- I just met the guy.
- [sighs] Alright, fine,
be independent.
Just meet him up there.
[gasps] You can stay
at our cabin!
- Oh, Vicky, no.
I can't do that.
- I insist.
We're not makin' it
up there this year,
and I refuse to let
that place go to waste.
Oh, this is perfect.
You're going.
- No, I don't know.
- [sighs]
This is exactly what you need,
a fabulous holiday trip
with your new guy.
- [scoffs] He's new,
but he's not my guy.
I barely know him.
- Girl, don't be a fool.
Besides, meeting the family
will make the decision for you.
You will know everything
you need to after you meet them.
- It is a beautiful drive.
- When's the last time
you've been in the mountains?
- It's been awhile.
- Ooh, come on, Holly.
Call him, and tell him now.
- I'm not gonna call him now.
[Vicky sighs]
- I will be in Philly
with four honey badgers
who are actively plotting
an all-nighter
to catch a dear old St. Nick.
Let me live through you
and the excitement of new love.
- Fine. I will call him.
[phone ringing]
- [Tom] Hello?
- Hey, Tom, it's Holly.
- Holly!
- If the invitation
still stands,
I would love
to spend the holidays
with you and your family.
- [Tom] That's great news.
- But I'll-- I'll meet you
up there,
because I made
my own arrangements.
- [Tom] Are you sure?
I don't mind driving you.
- Yeah, of course.
I'll let you know
when I arrive in a few days.
- [Tom] Sounds perfect.
Well, let me know
when you get there.
And, um, drive safe,
and I can't wait to see you.
- Okay, sounds good.
I'll see you soon.
- Bye.
[Vicky squeals]
- You gotta pack.
- I gotta pack.
[bright festive music]
[soft wistful music]
[Holly sighs]
[bell rings]
- Can I help you find something?
- I would love that.
I need to rent some skis
for the week,
but, if I'm being honest,
I have no idea
what I'm looking at.
- Oh, well, you mind
if I ask you a few questions,
see if we can narrow
things down a little bit?
- Sure.
- What type of skiing
do you usually like to do?
- It's been a few years.
- [chuckles] A few years
isn't too bad.
- A decade. [laughs]
- Well, you're gettin'
back out there.
So do you like to ski
the groomed runs,
or are you looking
for a little more adventure
out of bounds?
- Usually a groomer girl,
but I think it's time
to broaden my horizons
while I still can.
Not exactly
a spring chicken anymore.
- [laughs] Come on, you're
in the prime of your life.
Time's on your side.
But since it's been a few years,
how about if I set you up
with these all-mountain skis?
That way you can try
a little bit of everything,
and you should be able
to find what you're looking for
by the end of the week.
- That's perfect.
- So, anything else
I can help you with?
- Ah, maybe some luck.
- [Harry chuckles]
I'm gonna need it.
Or a guardian angel.
- You're gonna do just fine,
young lady.
The mountain has a way
of keeping us in the moment
and helping us find things
we didn't even know
we were lookin' for.
I'll just take these in back
and get 'em set up for you.
[gentle music]
[light curious music]
[soft whimsical music]
- [Vicky] Holly, I hope
you enjoy this holiday.
I had the neighbors
put up a few decorations.
I hope it adds
to the Christmas spirit.
Just use the smart tablet
to work the place.
You'll figure it out.
Have fun, hun.
Enjoy. That's an order.
Love, Vicky.
[bright lighthearted music]
[Holly chuckles]
[soft curious music]
[message tone beeps]
- Hey, Vicky, it's me.
I know you're on the plane.
Just wanted to let you know
that I got to the cabin okay.
And it is...
it's absolutely magical.
And really, no one's ever
done something so wonderful
for me before.
I'm meeting Tom tomorrow,
so I'll let you know
how that goes.
And, uh, yeah. I love you.
Thank you again, really.
It means a lot.
Hope you have a safe flight,
and I'll talk to you later.
[light peaceful music]
[peaceful music swells]
[peaceful music softens]
[soft tranquil music]
[Holly groans]
[tranquil music brightens]
[gentle music]
[phone chimes]
[Holly sighs]
Okay, Mr. Wright.
Here we go.
[doorbell chiming]
- [magical tones tinkling]
- [wind whooshing]
[gentle music]
- [Austin] Holly?
- Austin?
- Holly!
- Tom?
- Tom?
- Austin?
- Austin?
- Holly?
- Wait a minute.
Do you two know each other?
- [Holly And Austin] How
do you two know each other?
[suspenseful music]
- So how in the world
did the three of you meet?
- Well, it's not
the three of us, Grandma.
It's the two of us
and a third wheel.
I invited Holly here.
Yeah, like a tricycle.
You know, the triangle's
the strongest shape in nature.
- Uh, Holly and I met
at a tree lot, actually.
I helped them pick out
the perfect noble fir
and even attached it
to her car for her.
It was really kind of fate.
- Wait, wait a minute.
That was you?
- Hmm?
- You almost killed me.
- What are you talking about?
- Who ties a projectile
to the roof
of the vehicle with a slipknot.
I mean, how dumb can you be?
It was practically manslaughter.
- We're really gonna start
with the name-calling?
Besides, it couldn't
possibly be manslaughter,
because unfortunately
no one died.
Anyway, about a week
later, I called Holly,
invited her to dinner.
We met up,
talked for hours and hours.
It was like we had known
each other our whole lives.
- Give me a break.
- All right, that's it.
- You know what, I don't
wanna cause any problems.
I think I should go.
Thank you so much.
- No, no, no, no, please.
I'm sorry.
- Yes, I'm sorry as well.
- We're sorry.
- Exactly.
Please stay.
- [Grandma] Holly, sit down.
You're my guest, too,
and I insist that you stay.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
[Grandma humming]
Austin, how did you meet Holly?
- Well... [sighs]
...Holly and I met
when the tree that Tom attempted
to secure to Holly's roof,
with the most juvenile knot
you could imagine,
flew off and hit me.
So I helped her back
to the apartment with the tree,
and, you know, we decorated it
and spent five hours together.
It was nice.
It was really nice.
At least, that's what I thought.
- Wait a minute.
You spent five hours together?
- Oh boy.
- Yeah, the tree
that you picked out
didn't even fit
in her apartment.
[Grandma laughs boisterously]
- I love it.
Oh, it reminds me of back
when I was being pursued
by Raymond, and others,
before everyone got so entitled
and lazy about dating.
- Were you gettin' into the
eggnog a little early, Grandma?
- Oh, hush up, Seth.
Your grandfather was wonderful,
but he was hardly the only man
who was seeking my attention
at the time.
- All right, Grandma.
- I'm talkin' about a good
old fashioned cockfight.
- This has really gone
far enough.
- I agree.
- Holly and I will go out
on a date alone. That is that.
- Why are you taking Holly out?
- Because it makes more sense,
We have a lot more in common,
and look,
I don't wanna be harsh,
but I'm in a little more
financially stable situation.
- I started dating her first.
- You started dating her first?
- Actually,
no one was dating me.
- Boys, like I was saying,
I was dating a marvelous man
when your grandfather
came along.
Oh, Harry.
- Grandpa's name was Raymond.
- And I loved your grandfather,
but I often wonder
what would've happened
if Harry had stuck around.
- Ah geez, Mother.
- Harry was a musician,
and he often had to leave
town for long periods of time.
And in his absence,
Raymond came along
and swept me off my feet.
[playful music]
We didn't have this cowardly,
swipe-right, iBox thingy.
You had a walk up to the person,
be bold,
and take your best shot.
- Okay, Mom, we get it.
- Tomorrow, why don't you
take Holly skiing with you.
Both take her on a date,
may the best man win.
- I can speak for myself
on this one.
I'm not gonna be anyone's
Christmas conquest.
I think I should go.
Thank you very much
for the, um...
[chuckles] Yeah.
[tense music]
[Tom clears throat]
[Austin clears throat]
- Well-
- So-
- Well...
- [Grandma] Austin, come here.
I need your help with somethin'.
- Oh.
- [sighs] I'll be right back.
- Take your time.
- Listen, Tom,
I didn't know that--
- Hey, hey,
I don't need any explanations,
I think you're an amazing girl.
I think we have something
really special,
and I'm looking forward
to defining
exactly what that
something special is.
So I hope you consider
coming skiing
with my family and I tomorrow.
- [Austin] Oh, Tom.
- What?
- Grandma wants to you.
- Oh, really?
- [Grandma] Tom,
come here a second.
- Coming, Grandma. [chuckles]
I'll be right back.
- Look, um, you don't need
to come skiing with us tomorrow.
I mean, things got pretty
strange, pretty quickly.
- I mean, I want to.
- Really? Are you sure?
- Are you sure? Because
you're the one that ghosted me.
- Ghost? What ghost?
[eerie supernatural music]
What do you mean?
- You never texted me back.
But now, all of a sudden,
because of some weird
brotherly competition,
you're suddenly
interested again?
- No, no, no, not at all.
Wait a minute. You texted me?
- Yes, a couple times.
More than a couple times.
- Holly.
- What?
- You were texting my landline.
I gave you my house number.
- Your house number?
- Yeah.
- You gave me a-- a landline?
- Yeah, I-- I said call me.
I even wrote it
on the-- the note.
- Who has a landline anymore?
- I work from home,
and it makes sense to me.
- I'm-- I'm so relieved yet...
super annoyed.
So I guess
I will see you tomorrow.
- Just don't call my landline!
Because I'm here now.
- See you tomorrow, Holly!
[bright buoyant music]
All right.
Cali, Seth, we'll meet you guys
at the lodge at noon for lunch.
- Later.
- Come on.
- What about Austin?
- Oh, he'll find it.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Seth] Cowabunga, dude!
- It's a beautiful day.
- It is.
It's almost a perfect day,
besides one notable exception.
- This isn't my idea of
a perfect day either, bro, okay?
- Well, we wouldn't have
a cabinet come to
if I hadn't saved
the family business.
- So that's what this is about,
Why don't you just let it go?
Stop holding
it over all of our heads.
- Maybe I will.
Maybe I won't.
- Maybe I will. Maybe I won't.
Maybe I will.
[mumbles mockingly]
[Tom scoffs]
- Wow, they're really good.
- Yeah, I don't know
how they got that good.
- I could have been that good
if I wasn't busy runnin'
the family business.
- I've had enough!
That's it.
- [Austin grunts]
- [Holly gasps]
- He'll be fine.
[Austin grunts]
Come on. Come on.
- Guys, you are bringing
the wrong energy
to the mountain.
You gotta let this go.
Good vibes only, bros.
- Doing?
- What are you doing?
- So how are you doing?
- [scoffs]
Honestly, I'm thinking
another quiet Christmas alone
is sounding more pleasant
by the minute.
I'll probably head home
- You know, they really
are both sweet guys.
It's just a crazy situation
that is bringing out
the worst in them.
I mean, look at them.
They're ridiculous.
- Dude, your chewing
is killin' me.
- What?
- The chewing.
[Austin smacks tongue]
- It really is loud. It really
is particularly loud chewing.
- I say
you're all the way up here,
and the roads aren't safe.
The mountain air is fresh.
The skiing is fabulous.
Spend another day
getting to know them.
See what happens?
[Cali gasps]
You okay, baby?
- I don't even wanna look.
- He's okay, he's just...
- So...
- Uh, I think
I'm gonna take off.
- You sure you don't
wanna stay for dinner?
- No, I...
I've had enough excitement
for the day.
- Well, can I take you out
for lunch tomorrow then?
- Sure.
- Okay, then I'll see you
for lunch tomorrow. [chuckles]
- Okay.
- All right.
- Holly!
Hey, wait up. Uh...
Uh, do you wanna
do somethin' tomorrow,
like lunch or somethin'?
- Uh, I kind
of already have plans.
- Tom?
Of course.
Well, what about dinner?
Come on, I know
the nicest spot in town.
- [sighs] I mean,
should we tell Tom?
I don't really know how
to navigate this whole thing.
- Nah, no. Believe me,
this isn't our first dust-up.
It's cool.
- Really?
- Yeah, he already knows.
- Has anybody see my wallet?
- So, uh, dinner?
He's standing behind me,
isn't he?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. [laughs]
All right, well...
- Bye.
[mischievous music]
[door rattles]
- Come on!
[soft peaceful music]
- [Vicky] Look, I think you're
getting ahead of yourself.
Just relax. Take a deep breath.
- I can't believe
this is happening.
Vicky, they're brothers.
Of course it's a big deal.
- Yeah, it's not like you're
serious with either one of 'em.
[Holly sighs]
- I just think I should go home.
- I think you're overreacting.
Look, last week you didn't have
any guys. Now you have two.
- It's not like that.
- I mean, sure,
they're brothers,
but that would be kind of hot.
- Vicky!
- [laughs] Okay.
All right, all right.
Jokes aside, just let 'em
take out, show you the sites.
Maybe by the end
of the holidays,
you'll find love.
- Really?
- From where I'm sitting,
it sounds like
you have two Mr. Rights.
Now you just have to pick one.
[curious music]
- Two Mr. Rights.
- Yeah. That's what I said.
- No, that was my wish
at Santa's cottage.
Well, not exactly,
but I repeated it, and...
and now here I am.
- [Vicky] You don't really
believe in all that Christmas
magic nonsense, do you?
[Holly scoffs]
- Hi.
Oh, thank you.
- After you.
Oh, thank you.
I really appreciate
you giving this a second chance,
by the way.
I know things
have been a little tenuous
the last few days. [chuckles]
- Yeah. This place is beautiful.
- Well, it's the nicest
restaurant in town.
So, um, I have to ask you,
where do you see yourself
in five years?
- What do you mean?
- Well, you're a very driven
person. You're always working.
I was just wondering
what you're workin' towards.
- I guess
I never really thought about it.
- Really?
- Yeah. I mean,
honestly, sometimes I feel
like I'm running away
from something
instead of running
towards something.
You know what I mean?
- What I do know is
all your talking about running
has built up my appetite.
- [Holly chuckles]
- The Giardino here
is fantastic.
Do you like fish?
I'll order it for us.
It's great.
You're gonna love it.
[knocks on door]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh, wow, is that your car?
- Yeah.
Sorry, I haven't had a chance
to get the heater fixed.
- The heater?
What about the doors?
- Don't worry, I got blankets.
We'll bundle you up.
- Okay.
[gentle music]
- Hey, uh, Wright for two.
- Mm-hmm, yep.
- Follow me.
- Oh great, thanks.
All right.
- You're back. [chuckles]
I-- I mean,
welcome to the Caf Galleria.
This will be your snow globe.
Here, I'll give you a few
moments to look over the menu.
- Menu?
- Wait a minute.
- Yeah. Your brother
brought me here for lunch.
[Austin sighs]
- Look, it's fine.
- I mean, this is the nicest
spot in town.
- I don't mind.
Lunch was really good.
[Austin laughs]
[Austin sighs]
- I'm sorry, sir, but a proper
jacket is required for dinner.
- What?
- You must wear the jacket.
- Oh, um.
Oh, oh yeah, sorry, of course.
I should have...
[both chuckling]
I don't come here too often.
[playful music]
Could you?
- Yep.
Wait, hang on, give me...
Hold on a second.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
- Wait, there's some...
- Are you okay?
- Yep, it's not you.
- Excuse me?
- I mean, it's me.
Actually, it's Tom, really.
He's a good guy, okay.
We just don't usually
see eye to eye on things.
We've got very different
values and perspective on
- I see.
- And, uh...
- And, uh?
- You know, it's just,
guys like Tom,
they shouldn't always win.
- I'm not something
to be won, Austin.
- No, of course, it's not...
That's not what I meant.
This jacket, I...
My hand is stuck in it,
and I can't get it out.
[Holly laughs]
- You're a disaster.
- You think?
[Holly laughs]
- Do you wanna get out of here?
- Yes. Can we please?
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Here.
- This jacket.
- Go.
- [Austin grunting]
- [Holly laughing]
[magical tones tinkling]
[bright music]
[bell jingles]
- Liz?
- Yes, what can I get for you?
Tom. [laughs]
- Liz.
Oh my gosh, it's been so long.
- Yes, it has.
You know, I don't think
I've seen you
since that night you
made me wait three hours
for the fall formal.
- You remission that, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- That was not my fault.
I should never have gone
for the real bow tie.
They were impossible.
- You are still stickin'
with that story?
- I'm stickin' to it
'cause it's the truth.
[both laughing]
- Okay.
- You look great, Liz.
- Thank you.
How are you? How is your family?
- We're doin' good. I'm runnin'
the family business now.
- Oh, how's that going?
- Um, well, you know, um,
market volatility has challenged
our investment strategy,
but we're weathering the storm.
- Wow, impressive.
- Is it?
- Mm-hmm.
[Tom chuckles]
- Uh, you know, I have
a proposition for you,
Mr. Finance Guy.
- Okay.
- I have a bake that I
need to get in the oven.
So if you help me, then
the coffee's on the house.
It is a 100% savings.
- That sounds like
a business opportunity
I should not pass up.
- Besides, you look like
you could use a cookie.
Take that off.
- Take, take this off?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
All right.
[lighthearted music]
So, um, you know, I've never
really baked cookies before.
- Really?
- Well, a little bit with
my grandmother growin' up,
but not much.
- Okay, put this on.
- I gotta wear this?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay. What do we do with this?
What do we do?
Just put the down there?
- Yeah, right here, yep.
- Okay.
- See?
- Wow.
- Yes.
- Ah, so it doesn't stick
on the thing.
- Yeah.
- I like that.
Oh, oh yeah.
Oh yeah, now we got
a snowman cookie.
[Liz laughs]
Ah! That was a snowman!
Oh, that's a tree, all right.
Look at that.
- Yeah, okay. Let's...
And that way.
- Did I do it?
- Yeah.
- So you work for
a mom-and-pop business.
That is not
an easy business model.
- I know.
- I mean, the margins
are just so slim,
even in the best of times.
- Totally.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, gotta be
a complete lunatic
to own a place like this.
- I agree. [laughs]
- Yeah, it's mine.
- What is?
- This place.
I own this place.
- This place?
- Yeah.
- This, this is, this is your--
- Yeah.
- I love it. I love this place.
- It's okay.
- No, I do.
I love it, I mean, it's...
The decor in here is great,
and the marketing strategy
is great,
and you clearly have
best-in-class goods.
- Okay.
- [Tom chuckles]
Look, I bought this
place for me.
- Well, I like that.
- We do have three
very strict rules
that you should know about.
One, no fur unless it's fake.
Number two, unless it's a dog,
and then you're required
to stop in and say hello.
And number three, probably
the most important rule,
if the weather forecast calls
for anything more than
two inches of snow,
then we are closed.
- Doesn't a sense of propriety
ever sneak in there, Liz?
I mean, you'd be closin'
your doors
at what I would think would be
some of your most
profitable hours.
- [laughs] Well, that was
the whole point of this place
was for me to make my own rules.
Look, I love what I do,
and I pride myself
on being the best baker
I can possibly be.
But I work to live, not
the other way around.
[gentle music]
- I guess I am a little
jealous of Austin's freedom.
And Seth, well, you know Seth.
[Tom chuckles]
- Oh.
- He's, uh, he's got a
little too much freedom.
- Oh, Seth. [laughs]
- Oh no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- What?
- Uh, I gotta go.
I got a family thing I
totally forgot about.
I'm late for it.
Um, I'll see you soon.
- Yeah, I hope so.
- Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.
[Austin sighs]
- [Clerk] Video games are half
price, everyone, half price.
- Oh, it's on.
- Okay, all right.
- [Holly laughs]
[electronic music]
[victorious music]
- Oh, you could put butter on
anything, and it'd taste good.
- The more the merrier.
- Lather up my boot.
It would be delicious.
- I mean, I was thinkin'
more like a bagel, but sure.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.
I was just, I was thinkin'
a little outside the box.
- You're an odd one,
Austin Wright.
I mean, who doesn't have
a cellphone these days?
- Me.
I don't know,
a landline works just fine.
- You could have the collective
knowledge of the world
at your fingertips.
I mean, do you really just
wanna check out like that?
- Check out? More like check in.
I don't know. I just think
they're just such a distraction.
- What if something
important happens?
How you gonna know?
- If it's important enough,
I'll know.
Although, you know, there is
one important thing that's
startin' to make me think
I should get a cellphone.
- Oh yeah? What's that?
- I don't wanna miss
another text from you again.
- [Tom] Hey, guys!
- Hey, what are you guys
doin' here?
- Tom called us,
invited us bowling.
- What a coinkydink.
I love it here.
I love throwin' the old
eight-ball down
the wooden runway,
just hangin' out with
the laid-back townfolk.
So great to see you both here.
- Ladies and gentlemen, it
is 7:00 pm, karaoke time.
Karaoke? Who's first, huh?
- Where did Tom go?
[feedback screeches]
- Check, check, check.
Can I get a little more
reverb on this, please?
- Yeah, I got you, bro.
- Thank you, bro.
- Looks like Tommy's
pullin' out all the stops.
The question is, what are
you gonna do about it?
Everyone, this is going out
to a, um,
to a very special someone.
Holly, this one's
goin' out to you.
Oh, holy night
The stars are
brightly shinin'
It is the night
Of our dear savior's birth
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
'Til he appeared
And the soul felt his worth
A thrill of hope
The weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn
On your knees
Get outta here, Seth.
- [Seth] I thought it
was a family karaoke jam!
- Oh, hear
- Hear
The angels' voices
Oh, night
Oh, night
When Christ was born
Oh, night
Oh, night
Oh, holy night
Oh, night
Oh, holy night
Oh, night
Oh, night
[head thuds]
[display crashing]
[Austin grunts]
- Yeah!
[Tom and Austin grunting]
Oh yeah, tap out! Tap out!
I won. I won.
- Holly, wait!
Look, I know this isn't ideal,
or anything even
close to normal,
but come on, I really think
we have somethin' here.
- Holly, wait! Wait.
I am so sorry this has happened.
- You guys,
I can't do this anymore.
It's too much.
I think it's clear I obviously
bring out the worst in you.
I don't wanna be the reason
you guys grow
even further apart.
This is the time of year
when families should be
coming together, not fighting.
You're brothers, and
it's almost Christmas.
Happy holidays.
- [Both] Look what you did!
[gentle pensive music]
- [scoffs] It got out
of hand, Vick.
- Two men battling for you?
Huh, that's the dream, Holly.
- Trust me, they did not
look like men.
They looked like two boys
fighting over a shiny new toy.
They're both great guys,
but this is out of control.
- Okay, before
the brotherly quarrel,
who would you have picked?
- Well, Tom is focused
and driven, like me.
And Austin is
spontaneous, sensitive.
He's a mess.
And I kind of love it.
- [Vicky] Wait,
what did you just say?
- Well, not like that.
At least,
I don't think like that.
Maybe I'm not supposed to
be with either one of them.
- There's someone
out there for you,
even if it's not Tom or Austin.
This was a huge step
in the right direction.
So what are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna spend
Christmas Eve here alone,
and in the morning, I'll
drive back down the mountain.
- Really?
- You have made this such
a special holiday for me,
but it's time
to get back to reality.
I just need to go home.
- Well, let me know what
to do either way. [sighs]
I love you. I'm here for you.
- Thanks. I love you too.
Merry Christmas.
[Holly sighs]
[knuckles rapping]
- May I come in?
- Of course.
- You got a little somethin'
for the tea?
- Yeah, there's sugar, cream.
I could find you some honey
if you'd like.
- Somethin' a little harder?
- I don't think this cabin
came stocked
with Christmas spirits.
- Don't bother,
there was enough spirit
in the bowling alley tonight.
How you holdin' up?
- I just...
I'm driving home in the morning.
- And?
- And I can certainly
say it's been eventful.
- Well, good. Who wants to
have a boring life anyway?
[Holly chuckles]
- Actually, predictable sounds
pretty good at the moment.
- When I met my Raymond,
Harry and I were still dating
at the time.
And Harry was a wonderful man.
We had so much in common, way
more than Raymond and I did.
Harry was a musician.
I was a singer.
It seemed to be perfect.
Raymond, on the other hand,
and I were almost opposites.
But that made our life
so interesting.
You know, he had his
opinion. I had my opinion.
Things would heat up.
We would quarrel.
But you know, dear, you
gotta have the friction
to have the heat.
[Holly laughs]
- Look, Holly,
Tommy is gonna be fine.
He is very driven, and he's
always gonna find a way
to make something work,
Austin, well, he's
a very sensitive man.
He sees the world
different than most.
- You can say that again.
- And I see that you
appreciate that in him.
There's somethin' there.
It's very special.
And you both know it.
But look, I'm never one to
pry. It's just not my way.
- Do you know what ever
happened to Harry?
- [sighs] I don't.
But I still think about
Harry Shaw now and then.
We had such a marvelous
time together way back when.
I just hope he's happy.
Gotta get goin'.
Can't let the horse
get too cold.
Sleep on it, dear.
Before you go,
give it one last shot.
You'll be glad that you
did. [clicks tongue]
[Holly laughs softly]
[Holly sighs]
[Holly sighs]
- [Grandma] Yee-haw!
- [horse neighing]
- I know I've already cashed
in two Christmas wishes,
but if I could just have
one more,
I just want everyone
to be happy.
[magical tones tinkling]
[chimes jingling faintly]
- [Liz] Tom.
- Liz?
[Liz laughs]
Did you just close up?
- Yeah, well, there's
snow in the forecast, so.
- So you definitely closed up.
[both chuckling]
I'm sorry I had to run out
on you the other night.
I didn't want to.
Can I walk you to your car?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- We're here. [laughs]
- You know, I was actually
thinking a lot
about what you said
the other night.
About life.
- Oh yeah?
- You might have a point.
- Well, I made a lot of points.
You gotta be more specific.
- When you said that I wasn't
really living for myself,
I was just living to
keep up the status quo.
- Hmm, did I say that?
- Yeah.
- Wow, I'm so wise.
[Tom laughs]
- Do you remember that
winter in 2011, when, um--
- When it kept snowing
and snowing and snowing.
- Yeah, yeah, and then
the sun would come out,
and we'd have bluebird powder
day after bluebird powder day?
[Liz chuckles]
- You know, if I had
had my bakery back then,
I would've spent
the entire winter closed.
- I bet you would've.
That was the last time
I felt free.
- Well, it's not too late.
- For what?
- To feel that way again.
- That's easier said than done.
- Mm, some things are
better done than said.
[both laughing]
Goodnight, Tom.
[engine rumbles]
- [Grandma] Austin, how
do you really, truly feel?
- You wanna know how I feel?
I'll tell you how I feel.
She's the first thing I
think about when I wake up,
and she's the last thing I
think about when I go to sleep.
- But?
- But Tom is my brother.
I just, I can't...
[sighs] I can't do that to him.
- I see.
- It's hard for me
to admit this.
But I look up to him.
Always have.
- Have you told your brother
how you feel?
- No, no, no way.
Can't do that.
No, even if I did, he
doesn't care what I think.
He doesn't care what I say.
You know Tom. He's so
ambitious, driven, confident.
I wish I was more like him.
He just took over the
responsibilities when
Dad passed, and
that was fine, and don't get
me wrong, I'm so grateful.
But I just wish he wouldn't
hold it over my head.
Anyway, no matter how
much I care about Holly,
family comes first.
[light poignant music]
- [Tom] Hey.
- Hey.
How long you been
standin' there?
- Long enough.
I do care what you think.
I'm proud of the man you are.
I've always been envious
of your ability
to go after what
you want in life.
I wish I had passion like
that to go after somethin'.
- You took over Dad's company
and kept his legacy goin'.
Those were some pretty big
shoes you were asked to fill.
And you did it.
I could never do that.
- You help the family out
in other ways.
And steppin' into Dad's shoes
was honestly the most convenient
thing that I could do.
I didn't have anything else.
- But all that hard work is
the reason we're all together.
- I love you, brother.
- I love you too, bro.
- Let me ask you somethin'.
What you said about Holly,
is that true?
- Do you love her?
- Yeah, I think I do.
I know I do.
But don't worry.
Family comes first.
- Exactly.
So go after her.
- What?
She's a really great lady.
And you are the right man
for her.
- You serious?
- Yeah.
- Better hurry up.
I know she's plannin' on
drivin' down the mountain.
She's leavin' any minute.
- What are you
waitin' here for? Go.
Go on!
- Okay.
[gentle heartwarming music]
- Go get her, bro.
- I forgot my jacket.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, bro.
[soft melancholy music]
[Holly sighs]
- Holly!
I'm an idiot, okay.
I should have at least
tried to communicate to you
the way I was really feeling.
Look, I should have handled
my brother like an adult.
I talked to Tom, and we...
I respect whatever you decide.
I guess what I'm trying
to say is
you're the most amazing
girl I have ever met.
And I have completely fallen...
[moves to crestfallen music]
[moves to bright,
lighthearted music]
[magical tones tinkling]
[lighthearted music swells]
- [Seth] Get a room, you two.
[Holly laughs]
- Sorry.
- I wasn't talking to you.
[playful music]
- I hope you guys don't
mind, I invited a guest.
Like Grandma always says,
the more the merrier.
- I got a surprise.
I got a surprise.
[light festive music]
[moves to gentle romantic music]
[Grandma gasps]
[Harry sighs]
- Harry?
[Grandma gasps]
- Merry Christmas, Betty.
- Hey, you guys!
I got karaoke.
[upbeat song playing]