Mistrial (1996) Movie Script

Sector car David.
Proceed to 1-1-4-1 Lehigh.
Report of a disorderly
group outside the gym.
Sector car Charlie.
-Female officer: Sector car Charlie Kay.
-Dispatch: Respond 420 Stuben.
Man down on the first floor
rear of an abandoned building.
-Possible overdose.
-( siren blares )
Female officer: 10-4, sector car Charlie
You wanna call an ambulance?
Male officer: Better check it out.
Might be a prank call.
( car arrives )
( police radio chatter )
-Female officer: Here it is. 420.
-Male officer: Bring the latex gloves.
Female officer:
Oh, I love my job.
Why don't they just
tear these buildings down?
Male: Are you kidding? It's urban
renewal. I'm thinking of moving in.
Female officer: Yeah. Hey, let's put up
some curtains.
Male officer: Slap on a coat of paint,
kill cockroaches, you're in business.
-( gunshots )
-Dispatch: Sector car Charlie.
( gunshot )
Dispatch: Sector car Charlie,
do you copy?
Reports of shots fired
at 420 Stuben.
-Sector car Charlie was at the scene...
-( siren wailing )
...on an aided call
but they stopped reporting.
Dispatch: 10-13, 10-13.
All available cars
proceed to 420 Stuben.
Two officers down,
fire and paramedic units
Proceed with caution.
-( sirens continue )
-( honking )
( police radio chatter )
Dispatch: April, Baker, David,
respond to Harris Avenue
on the north side of Stuben.
Get me the Sergeant's car.
Cop #1: 401 to sector car to pick up
Chief Hartman at his residence.
Commissioner Crane is
on his way to headquarters
in his own transport.
-Man: Were the victims making an arrest?
-Cop #1: Somebody called in an O.D.
They have them every night
in that area.
Man: Get me the names and numbers
on the cop's families.
I'll make the calls as soon
as we get a positive ID.
Make sure you track
the mayor down
before the press gets to it.
Two cops shot.
( cars honking )
I'll tell you, my night is just
beginning. ( crowd chatters loudly )
I've got a testimonial
in the Bronx.
I've got a big reception for
the St. Vincent's football team.
And I've got an opening--
Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor.
Mr. Mayor, can you give us
a reaction to what happened
-tonight in Brooklyn?
-Uh, what happened?
-Sir, didn't--
-Two cops were murdered.
-One of them is a policewoman.
-This is the first I'm hearing about it.
Obviously, my sympathy
goes out to the families.
I'll make an official statement
-once I've heard all the facts.
-( reporters clamoring )
I feel like I'm playing
catch up with the press.
( overlapping chatter )
( siren blaring )
Man: Kelly, bring 'em
on over there.
Kelly: Yes sir, I'll divert
'em right now.
-( overlapping shouting )
-( police radio )
Go on in there now!
Rico, swing by this car right away!
Oh Christ.
( sighs )
I heard they were
responding to a call.
It's like the perps were just hanging
out, waiting for 'em.
( sighs )
There was supposed to be an O.D. here.
O.D? It was
a fucking execution.
-( sighs )
-Cop #1: Hey, we might have a witness.
This guy squatting
in the building next door
says he slept through it.
I'll talk to him.
( inhales sharply )
( exhales sharply )
They're just rookies.
Hey, partner, you okay?
He suckered
them in, Bobby.
They were just kids
and they didn't have a chance.
( clears throat )
Yeah, that's the way it looks.
( sighs )
Listen, why don't you hang out here,
cool out, I'll go talk to that guy?
-No, I'm okay.
( sighs )
I'll go talk to him.
This guy's
gonna help us out.
This is Willy Sandoval.
He was sleeping,
didn't hear nothing.
Yo, I didn't see
nothing either.
I'm Detective Donohue,
Wanna empty your pockets
here for me?
( chuckles ) Yo,
don't try to intimidate me,
you understand?
'Cause I've been
around the block.
You do a good
business here, Willy?
Yo, this is my crib, all right?
You got a warrant, detective?
I just stopped over
for a little cup of sugar.
Let me tell you something, all right?
I ain't got to respond,
I ain't got to affirm,
and I ain't got to deny.
Two cops
were killed, Willy.
-I was just asking for a little help.
-Yeah, well I can't help you, a'ight?
You can't hold me,
so get the fuck out my way.
( grunts )
-Don't diss me, Willy.
( both grunt )
( groans )
All I'm asking for is
a little respect, Willy.
( groans )
Mrs. Cruz:
She loved this job.
From the time she was
a little kid,
she used to complain,
"Ma, why can't
a girl be a cop?"
Was she ever threatened
by anyone she had ever arrested?
I don't know.
She wouldn't tell me.
She knew I was scared stiff.
Mrs. Cruz,
one of her classmates here,
Eddie Rios,
it says,
"Dream of the future:
to work for the freedom
of all oppressed people;
significant other:
my childhood sweetheart
Ida Cruz.
In a crazy world,
our love will never change."
( sniffs )
Poor Eddie,
he'll go crazy
when he hears.
So they were
sweethearts, huh?
From childhood?
Oh, Lord.
They were little
teenage lovebirds.
Right after high school,
graduation day,
they ran off and got married.
-What happened?
-Eddie wanted a mamita.
You know, stay home,
take care
of the babies.
He didn't like her working.
Not as a cop.
Mrs. Cruz:
He laid down the law.
Either me or the cops.
She picked the job?
Eddie went crazy.
Letters, phone calls,
he followed her around.
She ever make a complaint?
She felt sorry for him.
He called up last week,
wanted to know if we still
had the letters he wrote.
Ida said, "I don't want
to see him around, Mama.
If I see him around,
I'll really tell him where to get off."
Did you hear that?
He wanted those letters back.
Yeah, we might have caught a break
on this thing after all.
He only lives a couple blocks away,
we ought to go talk to him.
Okay, but let's run it
by Captain Unger first.
He could be flushing those letters
down the toilet right now, Bobby.
Every time we freelance, Steve
we get in some kind of trouble.
-You know that.
-Every second counts, Bobby.
-I know, I know this is a big case.
-( both sigh )
So we lay it
in the boss's lap.
( sighs )
I got my best team on it.
Steve Donohue,
worked out of Brooklyn South
homicide, long time.
All right, I'll get it.
And Bobby Zito.
Uh, we'll come back when
you finish talking about us.
They're right here,
I'll just put them on
the squawk box.
Just tell them what you know,
not what you think you know.
-Are we on, Commissioner?
-Yeah yeah, I hear you.
Okay, Dan,
bring us up to speed.
Detective Donohue, Commissioner.
22:09, call came into the desk
saying there was an O.D.
at 420 Stuben.
Officer Cruz and Randazzo
were dispatched.
They entered a burned-out
building frequented by drug dealers.
They were shot, point blank
in the stomach under the Kevlar.
Then each officer
was shot in the forehead.
All four bullets exited the body
and none were recovered.
-Could it be a drug hit?
-No way.
Ida Cruz grew up in the area,
she came on the job
out of pure idealism.
Just playing
the devil's advocate, Captain,
'cause you know that's what
all our fans are gonna say.
-We're looking at a different motive.
-Chief Inspector: Let's hear it.
Officer Cruz was being stalked
by her ex-husband.
Not another cop, I hope.
No, he's a neighborhood kid.
Half-assed activist,
sort of local delegate
to the city-wide campaign
against police brutality.
That's a big group.
A lot of heavy hitters
on the letterhead.
He's the guy you want to talk to.
But go slow.
Don't do anything to make
this guy go crying to the media.
-Stay on top of this.
-Dan, copy me on everything you do.
-You got it.
-Commissioner: The Mayor's gonna make
a condolence call
to the Cruz Family.
Put a couple of sector cars
on security, Dan.
-You got it.
-( clears throat ) While you're at it,
-why don't you pick up my laundry?
-We're all over it, Boss. Good night.
-What are you, a two-year-old?
-What, he didn't hear me?
Hey, I want
a ton of paper on this case.
A blizzard of DD5s.
Reports and memos
neatly typed.
How does the chief inspector
like his undershorts,
-ironed or tumbled dry?
-Yeah, I'm the kiss-ass.
You're the dashing detective.
Fuck off.
Steve: From the time I arrived,
the bodies weren't moved.
-Hey, who are you pushing?
-Steve: No, no bullets were found.
The area was thoroughly
searched, Doc.
We'll go back there
in the morning.
There's no record
on any Rios.
So what?
Spousal murder's
not a habitual crime.
-Let's give him a call.
-It's 3:00 a.m., Steve.
Boss just told us
not to harass this guy.
This is a cop killing.
I know what it is.
I'm just putting him
on notice.
( telephone ringing )
-Steve: Mr. Rios,
this is Detective Donohue,
74th squad, homicide.
-What do you want?
-Steve: I have to notify you
as the next of kin
of Ida Cruz,
-she was murdered tonight, sir.
Steve: We'd like you to come
down to the precinct.
Answer a few questions.
Well, I'm not her next of kin.
We're divorced.
Be here in an hour, Mr. Rios.
Don't make me
come get you.
( phone clicks, dial tone )
-What's the matter, baby?
-Uh, nothing.
Just go back to sleep, okay?
-What's up, bro?
-Gilberto, call Nick Mirsky, the lawyer,
tell him I have to see him
in the morning.
But where are you going?
I'll call you.
Where are you running?
I was coming to see you,
just like you said.
What do you got in the bag?
Why don't you take a look?
( grunts )
( groans )
( grunts )
( grunts )
-( gunshots )
( gunshots )
( baby crying )
You killed my wife
and my brother.
-( baby crying )
You killed them!
-You murderer!
-( crying )
-( baby crying )
You killed my wife
and my brother!
Shut up!
( crying )
-Steve, what's up?
-Hey, I got to go to the hospital.
-See about those two people.
-I don't think there's much you can do.
Anyway, Captain Unger
wants you to go home.
( scoffs )
I gave Rios to the guys
from the squad.
-Yeah, I know.
-He was trying to get out of there
with a ton
of evidence, Bobby.
-I'd better go take care of it.
-No, I'll vouch for it for you.
All right,
go home, Steve.
Deal with it
in the morning.
( mutters )
( scoffs )
( huffs )
I should have
listened to you, Bobby.
There was a lot
of shooting in there.
No. I should have
been there with you.
He never would have
made that kind of move on the two of us.
( exhales )
Go home.
( sighs )
( police radio chatter )
( phone ringing )
Bobby: Yeah, Kate,
it's Bobby Z.
Hey, Bobby.
Sorry to call you so late.
( clears throat )
Listen, Steve was involved
in a shooting.
I'm collecting evidence.
A couple people
got killed.
Oh my God, no.
How's Steve, is he--
is everything all right?
-He-- he's okay. He's fine.
-Kate: Is he in trouble?
No. No, he did
the right thing.
But it was
in self-defense, right?
Bobby: They had a lot
of guns in there.
( sighs )
Steve's gonna have
a rough time, Kate.
He's gonna have to deal
with a lot of angry people.
( sighs )
All right.
he's on his way home.
Just thought
I'd let you know.
Okay, thanks, Bobby.
-Mayor: Morning, gentlemen.
-( vacuum whirs loudly )
-Good morning. Morning, Elizabeth.
-Elizabeth: Morning.
-Could you get me my calendar please?
-( phone ringing )
-Good morning.
Looks like
you slept here, Evan.
No, I went home
and didn't sleep there.
( laughs )
Why's that?
Evan: They made an arrest out
in Brooklyn last night.
That was quick.
-Drug dealer?
-Solid citizen, semi-political.
The arresting officer killed
his wife and his brother.
Same cop shot a suspected
cop killer four years ago.
Sounds complicated.
It is.
Better cancel
my condolence call.
Yeah. We don't want
to be in Brooklyn
when the rocks start flying.
-( phone ringing )
-Dan: We're expecting a little action,
nothing we can't handle.
We think he's a strong suspect.
We've got a pretty good case already.
It can only get better.
I thought I was
the D.A. around here.
Yes, sir. I will.
So long.
The mayor canceled
a trip to Brooklyn,
the commissioner
will not be making
any supportive statements.
We're on our own.
Last time I looked,
two cops were dead.
Yeah? Well, look again.
This time,
it's two civilians,
-one of them a new mother.
-Steve: Hey.
Don't you think I wish
that hadn't happened?
( scoffs )
I feel terrible about her.
I saw something move,
the noise,
I just couldn't see that it
wasn't another person
with a gun in their hands.
But I'm gonna have
to live with that.
It's a separate
Right now, we have
the pre-meditated murder
of two cops on our hands
and we have our guy.
Are we gonna let him slide?
Hey, last I looked,
we all agreed
I had a strong case.
I brought in a cop killer.
-Not until a jury says so.
-That's your job.
And here's my problem:
I put him on the stand,
the defense calls him "brutal cop,"
"wild animal,"
pick your adjective.
I need a strong case
to counter that.
You've got a strong case.
The marriage went sour.
The guy was insulted.
He stalked her for months.
-We got a guy.
He was asleep
in an adjoining building.
-He can place Rios at the scene.
-Drug addict?
Who else sleeps
in an abandoned building?
If cops made perfect cases,
we wouldn't need smart lawyers.
Rios will have
a smart lawyer too.
And as much as
I am prosecuting him,
I am also defending
Detective Donohue.
I scooped this guy
'cause I didn't want to give him time
to destroy evidence.
I recovered
the murder weapon
and I found these bullets
in his pocket.
-They'll call that an illegal search.
-Probable cause.
They'll say you shouldn't have been
in that apartment without a warrant.
I was in hot pursuit.
This guy had just assaulted me.
He was making
his way out with this.
The letters
from his ex-wife Ida Cruz.
Veiled threats,
obsessive language,
"If I can't have you, nobody can."
That kind of thing.
That's good evidence.
This is our guy.
I know it.
All right, cover up.
Get it ready.
Recognize anybody
out there, Willy?
You gonna drop
any drug charges?
I'll ask the court
to consider a lesser plea
in exchange
for your cooperation.
I could have a little
something for you.
Reporter #1: Less than 48 hours after
the brutal slaying
of two police officers in Brooklyn,
there's been a break in the case.
Man: Yo, don't let them mess
with your head, Eddie.
Reporter #2: Edward Rios,
a local activist, was arrested
after a pre-dawn raid
on his apartment
in which his wife
and brother were killed.
Man #2: Hey, Rios,
stay up, my man.
Reporter #3: The community here reacted
with shock and outrage.
-( citizens shouting )
-Man: We're gonna protest!
-We gonna hassle the mayor and the cops.
-Go ahead.
Male Citizen: We'll break down
the jail if we have to,
but we're gonna free
Eddie Rios.
( angry shouting )
-Protesters: Free Eddie!
-Mr. Mirsky!
-What about Eddie Rios?
-Mr. Rios is being held incommunicado
in flagrant violation of his rights.
We're very concerned
about his safety.
( shouting )
The community board meeting
ended at 8:30
and you left a little
bit later, right?
I didn't check the time.
And you were home
the rest of the evening.
Is that right, Eddie?
What if I said no?
What do you mean?
What if I said
I didn't have an alibi?
Then you'd be dying to ask me,
"Eddie, did you kill Ida?"
I don't have to ask.
You'd be asking, "Why did
you shoot at Detective Donohue?"
I think I can understand.
Yeah, well, as smart
as you are, Nick,
there's some things
you'll never know.
I know you're innocent, Eddie.
It doesn't matter what I am, okay?
You get off of that mindset.
You have a cop who broke into my house,
killed my wife and my brother!
You put him on trial.
He won't get away with it.
-But first, I have to clear you.
-You're not listening to me.
I don't care
what happens to me.
-But I do.
-Then get out.
Okay, I don't need you.
I'm not gonna
play at this "nice boy is in
nocent" game.
That's the law game, the guilt game,
and it is all bullshit!
And you know that.
You feel responsible
for Denise's death.
I am responsible.
Denise could care less
about politics, Nick.
Same with my brother.
It was my thing all along
and they loved me,
so it was okay with them.
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
And now they're dead because I thought
I could change the world.
I have to make
their deaths mean something.
I'll go crazy if I don't.
TV host: Our guest is civil
liberties attorney,
Nick Mirsky.
And the question
that has the whole town
talking is
"Is he a cop killer
or is he a killer cop?"
The police claim...
-Daddy, they're talking about you.
-I'm hot.
TV host:
...Rios? You have a different...
-She's petrified.
-It'll blow over.
Nick: Is it coincidence
that the cop who
Eddie Rios had
accused of brutality
is the same cop
who invades his home,
murders his wife and brother,
-and plants incriminating evidence?
-You know this guy?
I guess he was part of some neighborhood
group, had some complaints.
I never met him.
Everybody's a big expert.
Everybody watches these cop shows.
They all think
the cops plant evidence.
( sighs )
I'm not that way.
I've been doing this
for 18 years,
I've never had a case
thrown out on me.
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
Free Eddie, free Eddie,
free Eddie!
According to regulations, I'm not
required to hand over this gun.
There's always
a loophole.
You're deemed a danger
for the community.
You're the monster
on the front page.
It's okay.
Sign this.
When do I get it back?
There'll be a departmental
hearing after the trial.
( sighs )
I'm gonna be naked
for six months.
Don't go out after dark.
Keep your door locked.
-( angry shouting ) Free Eddie!
-Cop: Let's go, move out!
Back it up,
back up more!
Detective Donohue's
been placed
on automatic, non-prejudicial
suspension because he discharged
-a firearm in the line of duty.
We have no doubt
that he will be fully exonerated.
The murder trial of Eddie Rios
began yesterday with a flurry
of defense motions.
At issue, the credibility
of Detective Steven Donohue.
Did he lie?
Did he plant evidence?
They're gonna say you had
a history with Eddie Rios
-before this ever happened.
-I never met the man, personally.
But it was his group
that filed brutality charges
against you.
That's what they always say
when there's an arrest
where necessary force
is used.
I was completely vindicated
in that case.
They'll say you had
a confrontation with him.
Bunch of guys
followed me down the street,
cursing at me,
-was he part of that group?
-I don't know.
They'll say you had
a personal vendetta against him.
Yeah, and then I arranged
to have two cops killed
so that I could get even.
( laughs )
Who's gonna believe any of that?
You killed two people.
( sighs )
You ever hear a gun go off
in a narrow hallway?
It's like a cannon.
You go into shock.
Your instinct takes over.
I went into that apartment
in the performance of my duty.
And on this job,
you can't know
what's gonna happen
from one minute to the next.
Edward Rios, a local activist,
was arrested after a pre-dawn raid
on his apartment
in which his wife and brother
were killed.
There's Dad.
Don't tell him.
Leave me alone.
Dad, there were
some guys in a van.
They were driving
around the house.
Martin ran after them.
I was just trying
to get their plate number.
Yeah, well,
it's not a good idea
to go up against a van
of bad guys, Martin...
without a little backup.
Hey, where's your mother?
Female Reporter:
...Brooklyn housing detention.
The spokesman for the group
said that Donohue...
The prosecution's star witness takes
the stand in the murder trial
of community activist
Eddie Rios tomorrow.
The spotlight will be on veteran
Detective Steven Donohue,
who arrested Rios
after a bloody gun battle...
-...in which Rios's common-law wife
and brother were killed.
The judge
took their argument?
I had no right
to enter his apartment?
What about my hot pursuit?
That's always legal.
( scoffs )
All right.
That's a bad break, but...
( sighs )
you win some,
you lose some.
What about my witness?
Entered his house
without a warrant?
That wasn't Sandoval's house,
he'll tell you that.
How could that have been his house?
He was dealing drugs out
of an abandoned apartment.
( sighs )
What's going on?
Hang on, Laurie.
It's pre-trial.
A couple things got
taken away from us,
but we're gonna
be all right.
Laurie, look,
we're still strong.
We got a lot.
We got his unprovoked
attack, right?
An innocent man
wouldn't do that.
We have Mrs. Cruz.
Right, we have me.
And all's I have to do
is tell the truth.
All right,
see ya later.
We're okay.
Female Reporter:
Here he comes, there he is.
One question!
Reporter #2: Detective Donohue,
we have questions for you.
Female Reporter #1: There he is.
Detective Donohue. One question!
-Man: Donohue!
-We have a few questions for you.
-Male Reporter: Detective Donohue!
-Female Reporter: We need some answers.
-Did you have a grudge with Eddie Rios?
-Are you the avenger of Brooklyn?
Do you have a grudge?
Answer our questions.
Do you have a grudge
against Eddie Rios?
-( clamoring continues )
-We need some answers.
Do you have a grudge
against Eddie Rios?
-Some answers.
-Will you give us some answers? Sir!
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
Free Eddie!
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
Free Eddie,
free Eddie, free Eddie!
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
Hey, pal, looks like you could use
a police escort.
( overlapping shouts )
Murderer! Murderer!
( water running )
Ready to go to bat, partner?
You bet.
It's getting to be
a circus out there.
I can put up
with hotheads
as long as we
get our verdict.
This is
the justice system.
Cool heads prevail.
So how's the family
holding up?
-How's Kate?
-Family's doing fine.
Kate's a tough lady.
We'll pull through this.
Your Honor, at this time,
the people call Detective Steven Donohue
to the stand.
( murmuring, whispers )
Call Steven Donohue.
Steven Donohue, please.
Turn around.
-( murmuring )
Court official:
Yes, go ahead.
( whispers, murmuring )
Do you solemnly swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I do.
Radio Announcer: Good morning, metro.
NYC is definitely the place to be,
even on this
grimy winter's day.
What's at the top of the calendar
this morning, Greg?
Greg: Well, John, it's
the verdict in Brooklyn.
Looks like the jury is going
to give its answer
to the question
we've all been asking:
who's lying,
Eddie Rios or Steve Donohue?
Okay, folks.
Rise and shine.
-What? Oh, man.
-( woman shudders )
Greg: Police were out at dawn forming a
cordon of blue around the courthouse.
Officials downplayed
the action,
saying they were only
taking routine precautions,
but the mood
in Brooklyn is tense.
For the cops
of the 74th precinct,
this day
can't end soon enough.
All right, we're looking good.
Everybody's deployed.
-What's the weather?
-Snow, tapering off.
-Just when we need a blizzard.
-All right, listen up.
-( police radio )
-We've got reports
demonstrators are planning
to converge at Tillary
and march to the courthouse.
So stay awake,
this is not parade duty.
What's our desired
outcome, sir?
Blue shirts, no people.
All pedestrian and vehicular
access to the courthouse
The commissioner wants
this area completely clear.
These people are looking
to rock and roll, Captain.
Right, and if
a disturbance does occur,
we're gonna have to hold
until reinforcements arrive.
Borough wants us to handle this
on a precinct level.
Like another day at the office.
No riot gear,
except for the men
at the courthouse door.
They don't want the national
media to think that we're
occupying the neighborhood.
To quote my kids, Russ,
"You're giving me
weird attitude."
Russ: I can only tell you what I know.
The verdict comes in guilty,
we're gonna have
a disturbance in the street.
What are we doing about it?
As per your instructions
to minimize political fallout,
we've established a light
security presence
around the courthouse
and put reinforcements
on standby.
Maybe the men could use an inspirational
message from their leader.
I don't give pep talks
to professionals.
Okay, well, I do, Russ.
Now here's my pep talk to you:
I've been in office three and a half
years without a riot
and I sure don't want one
to launch my re-election campaign.
Police don't start riots,
Your Honor.
I know that, Russ.
At the end of the day
we're all on the same team.
Yes sir.
And if there is a violent confrontation,
can we count on your support?
If I think
you're in the right.
Yes sir.
That's what
I thought you'd say.
Hey, listen up. I want four on this side
of the door, four on the other.
Assume the on-guard position.
Keep arm's length.
You got your helmets,
your batons, your flashlights?
The fuck do we need
flashlights in broad daylight?
To locate your brains,
We broom this area.
Nobody stands here but us.
We act as a team,
we use minimal force.
-Meaning some guy shoves you,
you don't kick his teeth
down his throat.
Or if a guy kills two cops,
you'll let his friends
walk all over you.
Let's go.
Reporter: Well, Trish,
after an all-night vigil
outside the Brooklyn
Criminal Courts building,
the word came at 5:15.
The jury in the Eddie Rios case
has finally reached a verdict.
Rios, Rios! Rios, Rios!
It's not in the paper.
The D.A. called
your father this morning.
Mom, I've been up all night
thinking about it.
Yeah, I know.
Well, it'll be all over today.
-Yeah, but, Mom, what if they say--
-Here's your father.
-What are you doing up so early?
-You want some eggs?
Nah, I'm gonna grab a cup
of coffee down at the house.
You ought to eat something, Steven.
It'll be a long day.
I'm gonna eat tonight.
I'm gonna have a big steak,
mashed potatoes and a bottle of wine.
We're gonna be celebrating.
You promise?
Tonight's our night.
Word of honor.
-Cop: C'mon, lady. Let's go.
-( woman chatters )
Listen, I didn't
break nothing.
-Woman: Come on.
-( woman speaks foreign language )
Woman: He talked to me first.
Come on.
Laurie: There'll be a hundred reporters
shouting stupid questions,
10,000 demonstrators
howling for your blood.
( sighs )
I'm used to it.
I had to change
my phone number three times.
We got some
death threats,
we sent our daughter down
to stay with her aunt
in Maryland
for a couple of weeks.
It's funny.
This guy executes two cops
and my family's
punished for it.
You showed a lot of guts.
Every cop in the city's
rooting for you.
Yeah, well,
all during the trial
while they're lying about me
in court and slamming me
on the streets and in the papers.
I kept telling myself,
payback's coming.
We nailed this mutt and when they pull
him out of that courtroom,
he's gonna look at me.
He's gonna know I helped put him
in that black hole for the rest
of his miserable life.
I guess I can get
pretty emotional about it.
The D.A.'s office is
very grateful to you, Steve.
We wouldn't have had
a case without you.
Thanks for the eulogy, Laurie.
Now when am I gonna die?
This case has caused problems
for us in the community.
The community tried to save
Rios's ass and it didn't work.
They don't care
about the facts, Steve.
They want your head
on a platter.
-And you're gonna give it to them.
-If we get a guilty verdict,
we're gonna have to make
a gesture of reconciliation.
Now the most painless
for all concerned
is to offer you a transfer.
-That's like admitting I did wrong.
-No, it's not admitting anything.
It's a move we're making
for your own protection.
Which makes me a coward,
as well as a bum.
The chief went
to bat for you, Steve.
They wanted departmental charges,
reduction in rank.
-What if I don't accept this transfer?
-( sighs )
We'll ask you to put in
your retirement papers.
You only have 18 years,
we'll jack it up to 20
so you can get your pension.
18 years on this job,
and your gonna
throw me to the dogs?
We have to begin the healing
process somewhere, Steve.
( jeering, shouting )
Your Honor.
Judge Friel,
do you think justice
can be served
in this atmosphere?
You people,
you created this circus.
You tell me.
TV host: From the beginning, this trial
posed a problem with credibility.
With a popular neighborhood
figure telling one story
and a veteran detective
telling another.
Burt Newborne,
who's the jury gonna believe?
I don't know.
I mean, here you have a guy
with a real political future
in this town telling the jury,
"I did not kill
those police officers."
Eddie Rios doesn't deny
pulling a gun
on Detective Steve Donohue,
but he says it was because
Donohue was coming to kill him.
And now Rios wants
the jury to understand
that life in that part
of Brooklyn
made his actions
Judge Sylvia Friel has disallowed a lot
of the prosecution's case--
the search warrants,
technical evidence,
eyewitness testimony,
all on procedural grounds.
Well, she's put the burden
of the prosecution's case
squarely on the shoulder's
of Detective Donohue.
His credibility has
to carry the day.
( chattering )
Thought you weren't gonna
make it, Detective Donohue.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Do you think the verdict
will go your way?
Excuse me.
You should take your seat, miss.
-Good morning, Miss Meisinger.
Free Eddie, free Eddie!
In response to a threat
of a riot,
police are sealing off
the courthouse square.
Denying access to hundreds
of Rios supporters.
Reporting live from Brooklyn Supreme
Court, this is Dan Duran.
-Officer: Come on, come on.
-( murmuring )
Ladies and gentlemen,
have you reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
Bailiff, read the charges.
In the matter of the people
versus Edward Rios,
on the charge of murder
in the first degree
in the death of
police officer Ida Cruz...
-Not guilty.
-All: Yes!
-( whistling, applause )
-( gavel pounding )
On the charge of murder
in the first degree
in the death of police officer
Peter Randazzo.
-Jury foreman: Not guilty.
-( cheering, applause )
( gavel pounds )
Judge: Order!
-Assault with a deadly weapon.
-Not guilty.
-( cheering )
( gavel banging )
-Reporter: Eddie, what do you say?
How does liberty feel, Eddie?
Reporter #2: Have you got
any statements for the press?
-You got something to say, Eddie?
-Come on, Steve.
-We can get out the back way.
-Rios: Yes, I have something to say.
No. Let's hear
what he has to say.
This is a very important day
in the history of this city.
It is a victory for every man who has
ever been falsely accused
and every woman who has
ever been brutalized.
Great, now the stooge
is running for mayor.
You'll see.
This case was not about me.
The jury was expressing the general will
of the people of this city
because they have had enough
of cops like that man
who use their badges
as a license to kill.
Jury gave you a play, Rios.
If you had any class,
-you'd shut up and walk away.
-Forget it.
You're walking right into their trap.
Bobbie: You know what happened
to a cop killer in the old days?
-No, they're trying to provoke you.
-Nick: Wait a minute.
Let the man talk.
Let's hear about the old days.
You're behavior is unethical
in the extreme.
His strategy from day one
has been to embarrass
the police department.
He defamed a good, honest,
hardworking cop.
If you mean Steve Donohue,
we're not finished yet.
-Reporters: What do you mean by that?
-This is not the time or the place.
Come on! Go ahead, go ahead!
It's all right, go ahead, tell us.
Nick: We've conducted
an independent investigation
into the deaths of Denise Viera
and Gilberto Rios.
Our findings have been turned over to
the District Attorney.
-Is this true, Laurie?
-I am so sorry, Steve.
I didn't want you
to find out like this.
Female Reporter: Laurie, is this true?
Is it true?
Laurie: At the request
of the mayor's office
and many concerned
citizen's groups,
the District Attorney
has convened a grand jury.
To consider an indictment
against Steve Donohue?
-( gunshot )
-( screams )
-Let's move it!
-We've got a shot fired
in the courtroom.
Unconfirmed, so far.
-Donohue took a shot at somebody.
-Move away from the door!
Get everybody off this floor.
Move this fucking table.
Move! Move!
Everybody, stay calm.
Follow instructions.
Judge, in the witness stand
where I can see you.
Eddie, you're staying
with me.
What if I go
with them, Steve?
I got enough in here
for you and me.
Spectators, cops,
form a line in the aisle.
You, in there.
For God's sake, Steve,
think about your family.
Shut up about my family.
Come on, Laurie,
you better do like he says.
You're the only one
who's gonna suffer Steve.
-You too, Bobby.
-Hey, partner, I'm on your side.
Are you gonna be on my side
when I start killing people?
Okay, partner.
I don't want any cops in here
trying to talk me down.
I don't want
to come down.
-Okay. I'll be outside if you need me.
-Counselor, in.
But this isn't
gonna change anything.
It's got your heart
bleeding for me.
That's a big change already.
-Is there a cop at the door?
-Yeah, right here, Detective.
You're gonna open that door
just a crack.
There's gonna be cops
out there, you tell them to back off.
Okay, I'm gonna
open the door now.
You tell them if I see blue,
I'm gonna start shooting.
Sure sure.
Get everybody
out of the hall!
Courtroom Cop: Sarge.
You guys better step off.
He's talking about
killing a lot of people.
Okay. Back off. Go go.
As soon as they find out Donohue
is shooting up the courtroom,
-there's gonna be a riot.
-I thought we had
a metal detector
outside that goddamn courtroom.
Dan: There was no order
to disarm police officers.
We ordered Donohue
to surrender his weapon.
So he got another one.
What do you need, Dan?
Looking ahead, I'd say
a hostage negotiator
and an ambulance.
Sit tight.
I'll go down there myself.
-He's releasing people.
-Hey, where's Captain Unger?
He's coming in, sir, coming in.
This way, this way.
( murmuring )
-You can go, ma'am.
-The cameraman too?
No, he stays.
-Keep it running.
( grunts )
Steve: Hey.
Hey, let's set it up
over here.
Anchorman: In an absolutely incredible
turn of events,
homicide detective
Steven Donohue
has seized control of the courtroom in
which community activist Eddie Rios
was just acquitted of the murder
of two police officers.
Justice Channel cameraman
Stanley Shapiro
is giving us live coverage
of this very desperate situation.
What the hell is going on?
He's holding the judge and jury
in there, and Rios.
-Court officers make a move?
-He had everybody jammed in the aisle.
-It would have been a bloodbath.
-Sir, we've got him on TV.
Anybody make contact with him?
He backed us off.
He just smacked Mirsky down.
All right, let me
test the waters here.
Dan: Donohue!
Stay out!
Steve: We don't want anyone
crashing this party!
I don't believe this.
Donohue, this is Captain Unger!
I just want to talk.
I can hear you
from there.
Dan: You got a man who needs
medical attention.
Send him out.
Only if you
send something in.
What do you want, Steve?
A little physical evidence:
the gun, bullets,
forensics, the letters,
and Willy Sandoval's
You gotta wait for the bosses
to make that call.
You go through the chain of command,
I go through the jury.
All right, I'll get
you what you want.
Call central.
Tell them to evacuate the building.
I want to cover the front,
the back and the roof.
I want ESU squads at the back entrance
to the courtroom now.
Yes sir.
( siren wailing )
Move it!
Go! Go!
-Man: Routine spotter!
-( helicopter whirrs )
Hold there.
Cop: Move that barricade back
about 20 yards.
Lieutenant Hodges,
hostage negotiation.
Captain Unger's been waiting for you.
We put everything on hold.
Very good.
You know this guy Donohue?
-Yeah, he's good people.
-All right.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,
it occurred to me after you
had rendered your verdict,
which you had
considered so seriously,
that you had not only allowed
a murderer to go free,
but you destroyed a life.
Because of you,
ladies and gentlemen,
I'd probably lose my job.
My family would be disgraced
and I'd probably end up in jail.
So I have no regrets
asking you
to stick around this courtroom
just a little bit longer.
We're going to re-try
Mr. Edward Rios
for the murders
of police officers
Ida Cruz and Peter Randazzo.
We're going
to bat again, Judge.
Only this time
the jury's gonna
hear testimony
and see evidence
that was withheld
the first time around.
This is a kangaroo court,
Rios: No.
No, it's not, Nick.
Steve's gonna let me
have my say, aren't you?
You can speak up
anytime you want, Eddie.
You see, Nick?
Me and Steve
understand each other.
We know exactly what's gonna
happen here, don't we?
That's right.
Tell me about this guy.
What kind of cop
is he, Captain?
He's a smart cop.
He's got good instincts.
-He knows how to make a case.
He's got fast hands,
maybe he uses them too much.
-Is he a "get even" guy?
-We don't play
those games
in my precinct.
How's his marriage?
How the hell do I know?
I don't live under his bed.
Does he trust you, Captain?
Will he listen to you?
-Half hour ago I would have said "yes."
-That's good enough. All right.
We can't yell at each other
through the door.
I need a video link-up.
Excuse me, Captain.
Is "The Justice Channel"
still here?
-Yeah, this way.
Here, come on.
Can we get a live feed
into the courtroom from here?
Yeah, we'll have to patch it
in from the studio.
All right,
let's get it done.
Female Reporter: Donohue's fellow
officers say he's a good cop
who got a bad deal.
But the word on the street
is he was a time bomb
waiting to explode.
( Nick on TV )
You gonna shoot me now?
What am I gonna do about this?
Stay on top of it from City Hall.
Get hourly updates
from the commissioner,
whom you've dispatched
to the scene.
But essentially,
let the police do their job.
I can't. My ankle--
If I go the courthouse, keep a vigil,
don't leave till this is settled?
Evan: Very risky. People will say
you're using a life-or-death situation
for political purposes.
I'm a politician.
People expect that.
Much better to minimize
your exposure.
Maybe I can actually
save some lives here.
-That ever occur to you?
-Steve: Keep it running.
All right, Eddie. Take a seat.
So what's next, Steve?
-Stick around, you'll find out.
-Dan: Steve?
The TV monitor
on the table.
-Pull that out here.
-Right away.
-Can you see me?
-Yeah, I can see you.
Dan: All right. We set this up so that
we could communicate better.
I thought I communicated
my need for that evidence.
Meet me halfway, Steve.
Send the injured man out.
No way, he's doing fine.
Dan: I'm sure he is. I know
you don't want to risk your life.
I know you're not trying to make points.
But everybody needs a friend,
and there will be a life
after this incident.
Oh, yeah, a life?
For who?
I got a loaded gun here.
I'm in a room with two people
who have dedicated themselves
to humiliating me
for six months.
You're talking about friends?
Hey, you gotta forget
I'm a cop.
I'm a bona fide psycho.
You gotta kiss my ass.
You gotta give me
what I want.
All right, Steve.
Take it easy, huh?
-Just give me a little time.
-I'm not gonna give you any time.
I'm gonna tell you
when your time is up.
Is the whole world
seeing this?
Sir, I'm Lieutenant Hodges,
Hostage negotiations.
I suggested putting this on TV
-to give both parties better access.
-Have you spoken to him, Lieutenant?
No, no sir. I think it's better
if Captain Unger carries the ball.
He and Donohue have
a longstanding relationship.
How bad is he?
I tried to go through the door,
he took a shot at me.
-What does he want?
-Sir, he's already asked
for evidence boxes. So we sent in two
cops dressed as paramedics.
Don't jump him.
Give him what he wants.
What I'm gonna prove to you
is that you were deceived
by lies and legal jargon.
It'll be clear why
I had to take this action
and be clear to my friends
and fellow officers.
It'll be clear to my family
and everybody who's watching.
See, I want my day in court
without the media telling
everybody what to think.
I know you feel violated.
Hey, I feel violated too.
I feel like I've got
everybody's spit on my face.
All right,
what do we got here?
Give me the evidence. Put the evidence
right here on the gurney.
All right, stop.
Let's see.
It's not that I'm blaming you.
You don't see a lot of trials,
you don't know.
It's a favorite lawyer's trick.
If you can't try the case,
you try the cop.
Dan: Steve?
Your package just arrived.
-Send it in with the paramedics.
-Coming right in, Steve.
When the door opens,
we can go in.
No schemes.
You send a hero in here, we're gonna be
pulling bodies out.
No tricks, save lives.
We're not playing tricks, Steve.
We're just trying to save lives.
Send them in.
You're gonna put
the cardboard boxes on the table.
That man there
is your patient.
I got to stay
with Eddie.
Save yourself.
We don't need a lawyer.
Eddie: Do we?
We're way beyond
lawyers now, Eddie.
-Take a seat Eddie.
-You're gonna be all right.
Take a seat.
-Cop: We're coming out!
-For God's sake, don't go in there.
-He'll start shooting.
-Why does Rios keep needling him?
He blames himself.
He wants to be punished.
Suicide by cop.
Rios is a fucking hothead
who killed two cops.
What, are you taking
a collection for him now, counselor?
All right, let's roll.
Bobby, come here.
What the fuck?
We're trying to resolve this.
I know, just tell me
what you need me to do.
-Right, how well do you know Donohue?
-Like a brother.
-What's the key to this guy?
-He's got a plan.
You got to let him play it out.
-( sighs ) He ever cheat on his wife?
-Not that I know of. You sure?
-No way, he's got more class than that.
-Right. Get her down here right away.
-You call her yourself.
-( reporters clamoring )
-Mr. Mayor, did you approve
-of the police plan to seal the area?
-No, I was not consulted.
What do you think about
the situation out there now?
Folks, please,
I have full confidence
in Commissioner Crane.
I'm depending on him
to resolve a very
serious crisis.
A couple of hours after Office Cruz and
Randazzo were killed,
I was sent to the scene
to look for evidence.
It came off the ground.
It came off a gun.
It came out
of people's mouths
and came out
of victim's bodies.
I didn't create it.
I collected it,
overwhelming evidence.
And it all led to one man,
-a man without a prior conviction.
-Mr. Edward Rios.
So we tried to put this evidence
before the jury
because that's the only way that justice
could be done in this case.
In this imperfect world,
unless you have,
as the Bible says,
"Two people who saw him do it,"
you got to use the evidence.
And you got to trust
the people who bring it to you.
Isn't there some contingency plan
for something like this?
( sighs ) There's no way to prepare
for an act of insanity.
I thought we responded
very well.
Oh, yeah? You have any idea what
a PR disaster you created
by closing off
those streets?
I followed your instructions
to the letter.
You didn't want a large police presence
and you also didn't want a riot.
It was a political decision and I should
have been consulted.
You would have vetoed it. And there'd be
people laying in the streets right now.
I want to talk
to Detective Donohue.
Sir, that's not
a good idea.
Who's he?
Lieutenant Hodges,
hostage negotiations.
Sir, Detective Donohue feels
betrayed by the system
and you are
its most visible symbol.
Listen, Lieutenant.
Don't play that pop psychology game
with me.
You just want to make sure
a cop resolves a crisis
caused by a cop.
This is what my partner
and I found
when we arrived
at 420 Stuben.
( soft gasps )
What do you do
for a living, sir?
I'm a Latin teacher.
How would you feel
if you saw
two of the teachers you work with laying
dead like that?
Make your blood boil,
wouldn't it?
How would you feel if you
found those two teachers dead?
Would you work day and night
to catch their killer?
Yes sir.
Would you raid a suspect's house
in the middle of the night?
-Yes sir.
-Would you go alone without any backup?
If I thought I was just going
to question somebody, yes, I would.
Admit it, Steve.
You came to my house to kill me
and you came alone so there
would be no witnesses.
We're gonna get to what
happened at your house.
Right now, we're talking
about the fact
that two cops were killed.
This is the gun
that was used in those murders.
I found these in the pocket
of Eddie Rios's jacket.
Eddie: You planted those
bullets, Steve.
Every day, all over the world,
some mutt is saying that a cop
planted evidence on him.
-Did you ever plant evidence?
No, you never sweetened
a case for yourself?
Always let the evidence
lead you to the perpetrator.
Right, but sometimes you get
a feeling about someone.
-So you sort of help the truth along.
-I never did it, Eddie.
Jury says you did.
I know they did and it makes me
crazy to think about it.
You heard about my record.
You heard about my years of experience.
I testified for three days
on every aspect of this case
that they would let me.
And you didn't believe a word I said.
-Now why is that?
-I'm the one you're mad at.
I'm not mad.
I am curious.
What is it about me
that made you think
that I was a liar?
I voted to convict.
I defended you.
The only thing I heard you say was,
"Let's get this over with,"
-'cause you were losing days at work.
-Juror: Yeah.
And you said he was
lying, didn't you?
He said all cops lie.
And he said the cops
probably killed those two people
over a drug deal
and framed Eddie Rios.
Do you believe
I planted evidence?
Judge said I didn't have to believe.
She said I just had to doubt.
And you doubted me. Why?
Maybe it's because
you already killed a man.
103 homicide arrests
and only one was shot resisting.
Right yeah. Everyone shot by a cop
was resisting arrest.
Look, this jury has seen too many people
beaten up and deprived of their rights!
You guys can not get away
with murder like you used to.
Your concern is
very impressive, Eddie.
You worried that I'm gonna
blow one of these people away?
-It crossed my mind.
-He's worried about the wellbeing
of 12 total strangers.
But you stopped caring
about your ex-wife, didn't you, Eddie?
What happened between
me and Ida, my friend,
-you can never understand.
-Her mother said you're the kind of man
-who can't take rejection.
-She never rejected me.
Her mother said
you forced the issue.
She loved me!
The old lady knew. She just could never
admit it to herself.
I remember, we'd--
we'd make love when
she was away at work.
It was in the summer.
We'd open up a window
and close the curtains
so no one could see us.
I mean, to this day,
every time I feel
a summer breeze on my face,
I think of Ida.
Yeah, here's a sample
of those thoughts, Eddie.
First time around,
you weren't given a chance
to hear these,
ladies and gentlemen.
These letters were saved
by Officer Cruz
to be used as evidence in case
anything happened to her.
That's a weird lie,
even for you Steve.
"How can you call
my love a teenage crush?
Do you know how you hurt me
when you say that?
What makes you think you can just walk
away from what we had?"
Those were private letters.
"You betrayed the ideals
we grew up with.
You betrayed the faith
that I had in you.
You betray me.
Do you think that I can accept treachery
like that?"
You don't understand.
"I saw you laughing
and guzzling beer
with one of your cop friends.
You make me sick."
That's enough.
Judge Friel wouldn't let you hear these
letters, would you, Judge?
That evidence was obtained as the result
of an illegal search.
Illegal means
I was breaking the law.
Did I break the law,
Your Honor?
You made a procedural error,
you didn't apply
for a search warrant.
The guy assaulted me, he shot at me,
he tried to kill me
and I'm not allowed
to search his pockets?
The Constitution, Detective.
It's nothing personal.
Your Honor, that's bullshit.
It was a judgment call.
You could have
given it to me.
You could have said
that my hot pursuit
of the suspect allowed me
to enter his apartment.
And once in there, the ensuing
circumstances allowed me
to institute a search
of the premises.
You could have said that,
couldn't you?
Your Honor.
She's got a gun
to her head, Steve.
We can fix that.
-Let's rush him.
-Won't work. It's too premature.
Lieutenant, Peter,
let's take it over here.
The man's unarmed.
If he goes for the gun,
we got to take him down.
If he gets the gun and fires at us,
-we're gonna have even more casualties.
-Donohue is capable of opening fire
-on that whole room at any time.
-It won't happen yet.
-You guarantee that?
he's right between point A and B.
-He hasn't got to the end of his road.
-More psycho-babble.
He knows what he's
talking about, Peter.
Why are you so anxious
to kill a cop?
-I want to end this.
-You wouldn't be so gung-ho
-if that was a civilian in there.
-There are civilians in there.
So what do
you say, Judge?
You think
I set Mr. Rios up?
I try not to form an opinion.
Come on.
You've been sitting here for years
watching a lot
of cops play games.
They call it "testi-lying."
You think I was testi-lying?
I never said that.
You took one look at me
and you said
here's another cop
trying to get over.
No, sir.
I had no pre-conceived notion
about this case or you.
You'd rather set a killer free
than let a cop
interpret the rules.
-Wouldn't you?
-Those rules,
the rules
of evidence and procedure,
the rule of law,
they are more important
than one isolated case.
Hear that?
You hear what she did?
She had to make lawyers
out of all of you to prove a point.
And then you got so buried
in legal bullshit,
you forgot what
this was about.
You start looking at me
like I'm the bad guy.
You forget two people
were killed,
-which is exactly what they want.
Going too fast
for you, Captain?
No, I just want to know if there's
anything else we can do for you?
Yeah, you can get me
my star witness
Willy Sandoval.
You remember him, Judge.
Dan: Steve, that might take
some time to locate him.
I can tell you where he is.
He's in the Raymond Street Jail.
Right around the corner.
( gasps )
-( cops chatter )
-Cop: Wait for the command.
Forget it, Eddie.
You're not gonna outthink me.
Yeah, and what makes
you think you're so smart?
Just being a cop.
18 years
watching people like you
do their numbers.
You get away with it,
people lose respect
for the law,
and then they lose
respect for each other.
Like these 12 people here.
And everybody out there.
And this judge who had
no respect for me.
You don't deserve
any respect.
Oh yeah?
Who keeps a lid
on this garbage can?
I do.
Things are getting
worse every day.
You see that?
Steve: Things are worse and worse...
Right on, man.
It's about time
somebody said this.
Steve: ...trash on the street.
They got murderers.
The jail's are filling up.
It's standing-room-only
in the morgues.
And everybody's just
praying to God they don't end up
in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Well, I'll tell you, I work in places
where people are
dying with disease
and they're dying
with drugs.
And they'll kill you
over a dirty look.
In this city,
you only got 30,000 like me.
We're your last line
of defense.
But you make us fight
our dirty little war in quiet
because you nice people don't care what
the mutts do to each other!
You don't care
about the cops!
All's you care is that
nothing happens to you!
Two bullets from a Detonics
killed Ida Cruz.
The first one got her
in her stomach.
And then,
when she was dying,
her assailant stood over her
so she could get
a good look at him.
And he put a bullet
in her forehead.
Steve, it's Willy Sandoval.
He wants to talk to you.
I ain't saying shit
till you get
these motherfucking cuffs
off of me, man.
Willy, how you doing?
Not so good,
Detective Donohue.
-I should have stuck with you.
-I call to your attention
Willy Sandoval.
An eyewitness whose testimony
you never heard.
Willy, tell the jury why
you never testified.
Because I didn't
have to make a deal.
The judge said that you did a illegal
search of my residence
-and dismissed the case.
They call that
burnt-out tenement your home.
They said I had searched your home
without a warrant.
That's the Fourth Amendment,
right, Your Honor?
-The man had no known address.
The man's pulling down 3,000 a day
in drug deals, but--
He could live on
Park Avenue if he wanted to.
What would you have
testified, Willy?
Uh, that I saw Mr. Rios
go into the building where
them two cops was killed.
( chuckles ) You guys are so far
into that cop mentality.
You think anybody's gonna believe
a lowlife like this, Steve?
This man pulled you
out of a lineup, Eddie.
With a little help
from his friends.
He described the clothes
you were wearing.
On a dark night?
So fucked up he couldn't see his nose
in front of his face?
Come on, man.
I saw you, man. I saw you.
No no no. You saw a way
to keep your scraggly ass out of jail.
Yo, Rios.
No bad blood, a'ight.
I saw you, man.
It's okay, Willy.
This isn't about you, it's about me.
I am stipulating to you that this man,
though a convicted felon,
made a positive identification
of Edward Rios.
-Do you believe me?
-Yes, I do.
But sometimes,
these guys lie.
I am stipulating that
no one prompted him in any way.
-Do you believe me?
-Yes, I guess.
You guess?
What about you?
And you?
The truth is
none of this would have
changed your mind.
I was the one on trial.
And you had me guilty
right from the start.
We're taking
a recess here.
Damn, Donohue gonna
kick some ass.
Get him out of here.
Cop: Bring those
two guys forward.
What do we do now?
We go in.
First chance we get.
Big moment
didn't come off.
He's at a crossroads,
Made his case,
got his point across.
They always think words have magic
that will change things.
Nothing changes.
Now either Donohue
gives up now
or we carry him out
in a body bag.
If we go in
from all these points,
he'll be vulnerable to one
of these lines of fire.
As long as we maintain
the element of surprise.
You'd better lower your man
into the jury room now.
We don't have a volunteer
for that yet, sir.
( sighs )
Nobody wants
to shoot a cop?
Can't blame you for that.
My men pretty much
don't want to go in, sir,
-unless shots have been fired.
-This action is preemptive.
The object here is to save lives.
If you want to continue
to be police officers,
you'll execute
the plan you're given.
Russ: Come here.
I'm gonna tell the mayor
that we're sending someone in.
You get a volunteer right now.
( chuckling )
Don't lose it, Eddie.
Oh, I'm okay, Steve.
I was just thinking.
Yeah? What are you
thinking about?
About what a poor slob
you are.
Look what you did
to your family.
They're gonna be okay.
I got a job-related
( chuckling )
What are you
laughing at now?
You really think they're
gonna turn over your pension?
I got 18 years in, Eddie.
-I'm vested.
So you'll be di-vested, bro.
Your wife, she'll be
thrown out of that house
you're barely
paying for anyway.
And your son,
he ain't going to college unless
he can slam dunk backwards.
And what about
your sweet little daughter?
She'll be
flipping burgers
looking to nail
some guy with a steady job.
turn that thing on.
Are you there, Captain?
I want to see him
on the monitor.
When the noise dies down,
some cop somewhere
is gonna push a piece of paper and
my family is gonna be taken care of.
-Isn't that right, Captain?
-We'll look after your family, Steve.
I got a job-related
disability, right?
And my family gets full benefits
in case of my death.
-Isn't that right, Captain?
-Full pension and benefits.
That's right, Steve.
You retire on three quarters
of your present salary.
You hear that?
The NYPD just made a promise
in front of millions of people.
Who don't have
the attention span of one flea.
You see, a second after you're dead,
this camera's gonna be pointing
-at some other poor slob in a jail.
You're gonna be
yesterday's news.
You're taking a big
chance here, Eddie.
No, not with you.
You take your seat, Eddie.
I'm gonna make
my summation.
Playing it by the book.
You think the system really gives a shit
about a nobody like you?
You can take your seat.
You did all this for nothing.
You blew your job, threw your family
into the poorhouse, all for nothing.
-( gunshot ) ( glass shatters )
-( screams )
Shots fired!
-We're going in.
-No! No, he's behind the judge's bench.
You'll never
get to him in time.
You want me to do it.
You want me to punish you
for what you did
to Ida Cruz.
Just as long as you
don't have to confess.
I have nothing to confess.
Hang in there, Eddie.
It's almost over.
Ladies and gentlemen,
you've been patient
so I'll be brief.
Look, I can't change who I am
or where I was raised.
Being a cop is considered
a good job where I come from.
That's why a lot of cops
look like me.
A few years after
I came on this job,
they put me in Brooklyn.
They told me to solve homicides.
And they told me how to do it.
They said
look for a motive:
the jealous ex-husband
who wrote threatening letters.
They said look for a weapon:
a Detonics semi-automatic pistol,
street name "Pocket 9,"
found in the defendant's
discharged cartridges found
on the defendant's person.
A witness who could place
him at the scene.
They said look at
the defendant's behavior:
he tried to flee.
He attempted to murder
a police officer.
You people were denied access
to some of this evidence.
You pretty much
had to rely on me
and you had decided that
I had planted the evidence,
committed perjury.
But now, you have a few more
pieces to the puzzle.
You were confused
and you were mislead.
You made
an honest mistake.
But now you have
a chance to correct it.
I look forward
to your verdict.
Eddie, do you wish to make
a closing statement?
Yes, I do.
This man is a liar.
He is a murderer.
He was part
of a police conspiracy to frame me.
And when that didn't work,
to kill me.
( sighs )
Your Honor,
at this time would you
like to charge the jury?
My decision's were
based on my belief
that justice
can only be served
through strict adherence
to the law.
Have two of your men
hold the door open.
Send three guys right down
the middle aisle.
The rest make an end run to the jury box
and the judge's bench.
I don't think the men
are up for this, Captain.
( Citrano clears throat )
Captain, we think Detective Donohue
-got fucked over during the trial.
-Is that right?
You refusing
this assignment?
That could be me
in there, Captain.
I've been
in some situations.
I've been Donohue's captain
for nine years. I know his wife.
I've been to his son's
I am ordering you to subdue
him in any way possible.
I'm afraid
we might hesitate.
I don't want to put
people at risk.
-Sergeant, you are relieved.
-I'm sorry, sir, it--
Send Adam's patrol
up here to replace you.
Report back to central, now.
Yes sir.
( murmuring )
Anybody have any questions?
You want to see any transcripts,
-review any of the evidence?
-No sir.
What do you say,
Mr. Foreman?
Foreman: I think we're ready,
Judge Friel.
You're a stickler
for procedure.
Let's proceed.
If you don't proceed
I can make a summary judgment.
Members of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
In the interests
of a speedy trial,
we can dispense
with the reading of the charges.
Go ahead.
How do you find?
Guilty, Your Honor.
Guilty of all charges?
Guilty of all charges.
You want to poll
the jury, Eddie.
( scoffs )
Now we have
the sentencing phase.
Judge, the people have decided that
these two police officers
were lured to the scene
and murdered
with cold pre-meditation.
There's no need
for sentencing reports
or character references.
We all know how hard Mr. Rios
worked to improve the conditions
in the community.
But the laws of God
and New York State are very clear
on the only possible penalty
for the pre-meditated murder
of a police officer.
What is that penalty,
Your Honor?
No one has
ever been executed.
What is that penalty?
-( laughs ) This is a joke.
What, do you want me
to cry, Steve?
Go on my hands and knees,
plead for my life?
Or maybe you'd like it
if I confessed,
threw myself at your mercy.
You are guilty, Eddie.
Are you my executioner?
You killed two cops.
At some point, you gotta pay.
He's not the only one.
-I need a minute.
You buying time so the emergency service
guys can get into position?
They've been deployed
for hours.
You got a patrol
on the back landing?
-You'll slide a guy off the roof
and into the jury room?
With a concussion grenade
the size of a cantaloupe.
Got a team gonna rush in
from the front?
As of now,
that's not gonna happen.
-Did you send him in there?
-I didn't stop him.
Is he gonna try to get him
out in the open?
-He's gonna try to get him out.
-It better work.
We figured we'd need at least
one group that knew you
in case you wanted to use
the hostages as shields.
That makes sense.
Only we couldn't get anybody
to accept the assignment.
A lot of promising careers
have been
nipped in the bud today
because of you.
-What do you mean?
-One sergeant said he was
on patrol with you.
He's gonna find a little note
in his jacket.
He's never gonna
make lieutenant.
The other sergeant,
he said he couldn't
bring himself to shoot a fellow officer.
Him I'm gonna bust,
Then we got the ESU guys.
You know how they love that cowboy shit.
Walking through doors, guns blazing.
Well, they got picky.
Went up in
the commissioner's face.
You believe that?
So now their lieutenant
is gonna be washing radio cars
for the rest of his career.
I didn't want that
to happen.
What's the plan, Steve?
You gonna kill Rios?
Put the gun in your mouth?
I don't have a plan.
I thought I had
a guilty verdict.
So you were wrong.
Rios isn't the first guy to beat a case.
I know it. But this time
it's like they said
go fuck yourself, Donohue,
and on top of that,
we're gonna throw
your ass in jail.
As soon as I heard grand jury,
I could see the future.
I get suspended,
I'm driving a cab.
Go through all our money
on legal bills.
And then if I win,
they get a federal
indictment against me
for violating civil rights.
Only this time, I lose
because that's what everybody wants.
Nobody wants any problems
on the street.
And now I'm in jail
with a bunch of mutts
in Protection in a 6x8
with the lights on
all the time.
( sighs )
I didn't want to walk
out of this courtroom
with my head down
and people yelling
insults at me.
I didn't want
to drop my gun,
cross my hands
and say,
"Hey put the cuffs on."
And that thing following
everywhere you go,
always in your face.
See, you gotta keep calm
'cause you're carrying
the case on your back.
The case, the case,
the fucking case.
It was all on you, Steve.
And I blew it.
( sighs )
This job means a lot to me.
I know it does.
( sighs )
You're not supposed
to say that.
I know you're not
supposed to talk about
how only another cop
could understand you.
How much love
you can have
for people who work
on a case with you,
go through doors with you.
A lot of people stepped up
for you today, Steve.
You know why
they hate us, Captain?
Because we have a code.
We believe in something.
We believe in each other.
You care too much, Steve.
It broke you down.
Now we got to move on.
What are we gonna do
about Rios?
We just gonna let him
off the hook?
We can't worry
about Rios now.
He killed two cops.
And what's worse,
he made me kill.
Forget Rios.
You've got to live
with what you did.
You hear me, Steve? Live.
Your family needs you.
In a cell in the hospital,
it doesn't matter.
You got to be there
for the people who love you.
See, I knew it was Rios.
I knew it was him.
( sighs )
I pulled that sandbag move.
It's the oldest trick
in the book,
but it worked
and when he swung on me,
I felt this rush.
"I got him!"
( inhales )
I got him.
I went through that door
without even thinking.
That's your pain, Steve.
That's what you
got to live with.
don't take the easy way out.
Do I ever?
( distant siren blaring )
I think we should keep
the streets blocked
until we get him
out the building.
No, the crisis is over.
We'll pull the squads
and let the press through.
Mr. Mayor? Mr. Mayor?
Mr. Mayor?
-( reporters clamoring )
-One question.
-Can you make a statement as to--
Mr. Mayor, we didn't know
that you took command
-of the negotiations.
-At no time did I take command,
nor did I want it.
The burden of life and death
fell on the shoulders
of the police,
as it always does
and always will.
"We were so young, Eddie.
We didn't know
what we wanted.
We were kids.
We had something
beautiful and now
it's gone, Eddie.
And you got to let it go.
Let it go, Eddie."
-( trunk honks )
-"Let it go."
Let it go.
Eddie. Eddie, let it go.
No! I won't let it go!
( gunshot )
( gunshot )
( chattering )
Hold it a second.
I want to get him to psychiatric
as soon as possible.
We'll run him through central booking
like everyone else.
Reporter #1:
Still think Rios is guilty?
Detective Donohue, did you
really want to kill Eddie Rios?
Steve, don't respond.
Don't even look at them.
please tell her
I'm gonna be okay.
You'll have plenty
of time to talk.
-Get in.
( dramatic score playing )
( siren wails )
( theme music playing )