Mithai (2019) Movie Script

Announcement...announcement...Pay attention...
Good Days are coming...
Your lives are going to change.
Pay attention...Pay attention..Good days are coming
Listen up...Good days are coming
Listen up...Good days are coming.
Please pay attention...
Listen...Good days...
The city of Nizams.
The Nizams left the city long back.
But there are still ten lakhs Nizams
still in the city
Anyway lets talk about
these dudes in this story
...and lets see what they are upto...
They are the laziest in the world.
"Getting startled with the alarm buzz"
"You might slip due to anxiety"
"Getting startled with the alarm buzz"
"You might slip due to anxiety"
"Your thoughts remain to stay still"
"Challenges pushing you to tumble down"
"Too much anxiety is a daily
routine of confusion"
"Hey...Just go ahead in the same way"
"Too much anxiety is a daily
routine of confusion"
"Hey...Just go ahead in the same way"
"Hurdles crossed to change fate never
lessens depression"
"Dirty things do not change with a makeover"
"There's no kingly treasure!
This is your only hope"
"There's no kingly treasure!
This is your only hope"
Oh God! What life am i living?
Shit keeps splashing on my face
without giving me time to clean
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry Bro!
I cdn't see the pothole!
And there is no PSF in my car.
So I cdn't see the pothole!
PSF...?? Whats that ???
Yes bro !!!
It detects the potholes and then,
activates sensors, and the car flies over it!
My car has everything, except for it!
Wow! This is so amazing.
Is it an app?
not an app but very similar.
You know GPS right?
YaI do
It tells you about the route, the traffic,
etc. right?
It tells you clearly right?
Ya, some lady does.
Hmmmya, same lady.
Just like that,
Here she indicates the potholes,
and helps you cross it.
The same lady is it?
Which lady?
The GPS lady.
Hmmmya. Same lady.
Is it there in your car? PSF?
No...No... My car doesnt have it!
But I always drive carefully.
You need to be careful.
Just look at your shirt,
its all muddied.
And looks like you are going to office.
Ya, I was heading to the office.
Next time be careful while standing on
the road bro!
Some car might splash shit on you again
and you shirt & mood will go for a toss...
Anyway, sorry man. Ill leave now.
Be careful.
Ok bro.
- Bye.
Take care!
Oh Shit!
Hello! Hello!
Good morning baby!
'My darling is still sleeping is it?'
No! Im in the office lift!
'Aww. My sweetheart has reached office
so early!'
'Are you thinking about me?'
'My baby is high on weed is it? Sweety pie!'
Oh! Leave all that! Do you know what
all preparations i am doing for our wedding?
Our wedding?
Ive got a beautiful necklace made for you
'But careful,
you should never leave your job'
Listen to me,
your job is really important'
Are you listening?
Shall I tell a joke?
- Tell ..Tell
Once, a lady was taking a bath,
in a know what happened
You know a monkey was looking, what did he do
Did it take her clothes?
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning sir.
Oh sorry sir. Good afternoon sir.
You should have told me. I would have
send you a chauffeur to pick you up
How will the office run without you know me right sir.
I will work till late night
and finish my work...
You and finishing work!! are three magical word I have heard in my lifetime...hahhaha
You come late by 1-2 hours everyday,
Then take a cigarette break, taking 3-4 people
along, gossip there..
and then lunch break, tea break,
biscuit break,
Ever since you have joined you have spoilt
the atmosphere of my office
Take you stuff, go home and masterbate!
Sir, last night only i masterbated sir...
Catch him! Catch him!
Stop! Stop!
Hey...Catch him!
Youll are not humans!
Youll are machines!
You robots...dare you come closer and
Ill cut you with thisthis paper knife!
What the hell youll think eh!
Im a human...not machine
I have some self respect left!
Catch him! He is over there.
Oh, i will go now.
Im getting married in four days...
You all are invited,
except for this fat f!
Is it him ? You said that you wont go.
I will thrash you if you go again
to meet your friends.
You cannot go out.
'She started it again.'
Do you even think of the household work?
There is so much of work. Gas is over.
You should pay electricity bill.
Otherwise, you have to remain in darkness
without complaining.
There is water logging in bathroom and
bathroom is stinking!
Where are you?
'Im trying to eat and
the smell is killing me!'
'When are you going to fix all this?'
Where are you man?
Can you hear me ?
Meet me at the bar.
'From how many days Im telling you,
and you havent done a single work!'
Meet me at the bar!
For what man!
Ill tell you! You come to the bar first!
Ive just got up man.
I have to go to the loo.
Don't roam around be here.
There is so much of problem in life.
You come first!
'Useless fellow. Disappearing every morning
and coming only at night'
'Do you even think of the house?'
'If you only think of friends,
go have a family with them'
You ruined our living anyway.
He gets into a trouble and calls you.
'He calls you, and you run behind him
without even washing your face!'
'Hes another useless fellow
with no other work'
Ill come in the evening
and finish everything!
What? Tell me something new.
Lakshmi and Sudha will come.
I will come.
Wait, Im coming.
It stinks in there man!
Hey Kali!
Hey Kali!
Hey Kali!
Hey Kali, come here!
Do I look like a bulb to you?
Press a switch and
you think Ill appear is it?
Dont I have to look after other customers?
Okay okay, don't give me all that nonsense.
Tell me, dont you have any brains?
- What happened?
How many times Ive told you to get that
toilet cleaned!
It stinks in real bad!
You will know if you go there.
Do one thing. Pour some phenol in there.
Atleast the smell will.
& I can pee in peace at least,
Why you are acting smart ?
- What happened?
Im talking to you and youre taking in
one ear and letting it out of the other!
You guys no, only one thing works.
Wait, here, take this money and!
Sir! How many times are you going to show me
the same 2000 rupee note and ask for change?
That day you didnt get change. At least today
you will no? Shall I get it for you?
Enough Enough! Hey, give him 50 bucks.
Take it.
- What, sir?
Hey. What do you think we are here for?
Who is going to bring my booze? Your dad?
- Sir!
Im telling you one last time.
Dont bring up my dad again!
This guy thinks too much of himself!
Go. Get me one whiskey and boiled peanuts.
Drink as much as you want. Let's party.
Get me a chilli chicken, without chilli.
- Okay!
Where do they find guys like this man!
Man. Im thinking of becoming
an entrepreneur.
Ive had enough of working for
chutiya bosses.
Do you know the net worth of Apple?
You take top five companies in India,
Reliance... geliance...Ambani...Adani..
Tata, Birla...
You add all their worth and and ,
its still much less than Apples worth.
Do you know how Steve Jobs
started his company?
In a garage man!
And you know i have a big house right?
Its fifty times bigger than his garage!
True Man. True.
Imagine, fifty times the size means,
how much profits we can make!
Yes. No tension man. Give me your hand.
First give me your hand man.
Why now?
You just have to join hands with me,
and we will rake it in!
Not that simple man. First of all,
with so much difficulty you got the job.
And in four days you are getting married.
It takes time in the business
Ambani, entrepreneur, and all that?
Man. I resigned from my job
Hey Kali!
What now sir?
Get me a large!
No get me a full bottle!
With four days left for the wedding,
why did you resign from your job man!?
Youre not understanding man.
I just couldnt work under that boss.
I mean he doesnt get anything.
How much ever I slog I dont get anything.
What sort of life is this, I dont know!
I mean this whole circle of society,
job, work, marriage,..
We keep going round and round
without any meaning.
Cant we do something that
we are passionate about in life?
We should do what we love man.
Thats what a job should be, what we love.
I know.
I knew all this from way back.
Thats why until now,
I never took up a proper job.
We should be masters of our own fate.
One first class mutton biriyani.
Mutton? Don't you want Chicken?
One first class mutton biriyani.
If its not good,
I will smack you, idiot.
This guy pisses at the sight of me man!
Is it?
What are these dirty plates!
You dont clean your toilet,
you dont clean your plates. What is this!
How bad is this biryani!?
who eats such biriyani ?
Where do you go get this rubbish?
- What happened?
You will know if you eat. Come!
I will feed you bastard...
Hey Babe!
Come on now. The biriyani is getting cold.
This is what you call a stairway to heaven.
A good mutton biriyani and beer. Thatll do.
No need for any boys! you know?
Back then, people risked their lives for it.
- Is it ?.
Spices with half kilo
You don't the value.
Babe. You know we made 5 crores
from our last show?
2 for you.
And 3 for me.
One for biting your ears.
Move the light from the face idiot!
- Take the bill.
Don't wink at us.
Hey. We drank three bottle and you put 4.
And I gave you fifty rupees above
all this also.
You think your dads giving me money or what?
- Hey.
I told you not to bring up my dad.
What do you think of yourself?
You talk too much. Bastrd..
Hey! Ouch.
Sorry, buddy. I will not say that again.
Hey! - You make me crazy.
I will finish you today. - Sorry, buddy.
You're dead...
You talk properly.
Your dad and your grandpa clean toilets!
Bloody you! I will kick you.
Hey! I will kill you.
Hey. Will youll keep quiet or
shall I call the police?
We're good. All okay!
Hey, Kali! Beware, Kali.
What happened here??!!
Hey Kali! Ill be back.
Ill come to your house.
I don't understand anything.
- Come! We should leave. Come, buddy.
I bashed him up badly.
Man. I hammered that fellow properly.
Hey. It looks like he has hit you!
Hey. What do you know. You were sleeping.
I kicked him left, right and center.
His whole face has twisted!
- Hey. It looks like he has hit you man!
You don't know anything about it.
Hey. It looks like he has hit you!
let's have a cigarette.
Give it to me.
Hey! Not like that.
Ive made a super plan for your wedding.
Youll be at the center.
In this side will be a 3 piece band
and on the other will be Marfa
They'll come and dance like this.
Will come again and dance dance...
And youll be dancing in the middle,
Let's sing a song and dance to it.
With crackers going off and all that.
Hey! He is here.
- He always troubles us man...
What do you think? yo can take on Sai & Jani
Listen as you are getting married.
You have to be really careful.
Whenever you have a problem,
However big you have to call me first.
However big, and Ill solve it for you.
Just because you are getting married,
Doesnt mean you can foregt me,
Im telling you now itself.
Hey, ours is a 20 year friendship.
Hey, ours is a 20 year friendship.
You are my Jani are my life...
You are my Jani are my life...
We used to play with our dicks man...
If there are best friends in this world
its Sai and Jani.
Jani and Sai.
okay okay...stop
We are the ones who struggle & work hard.
Don't get cheated by the policies of
corporate organisations.
Comrades! This job is an illusion
created by these muggers.
Get up and come.
Don't be the victims of this conspiracy.
It attracts us just like a sweet.
It turns you into a fool,
This corporates makes us believe
that nothing else is needed other than job.
It gives you a false belief.
If you get trapped by this...
I don't have to tell you the
consequences you would face.
So, be alert...
Do not consider this as your lifetime goal.
Don't ruin yourselves.
There is no time, my friends.
Come...and join me in this revolution
"To earn money in life..."
"You get tired and struggled
with these jobs"
"My friend! You remain
silent facing these troubles"
"Let's free ourselves when we get a chance"
"Mission starts! 6..5..4..3..2..1"
"Break those chains of slavery
and move ahead"
"Never praise those idiots
who give fake smile"
"Break those chains of slavery
and move ahead"
"Never praise those idiots
who give fake smile"
"This damn story of life..."
"Let it be gone with your past"
"What's the price of such values?"
"You stumble over your answers"
"I have to train you! Come with me"
"Teach them a lesson! Go ahead"
"There should be an end at least now"
"Move on aggressively"
"No one can put you down if you fight"
"No one can survive if you target them"
"Let go your past as this moment is hard
and the punishment is salvation"
"Let go of your past as this moment is hard
and the punishment is severe"
"Let us oppose this"
"Let us oppose this"
"Let us threaten and bash up"
"Let us threaten and bash up"
"We will never be slavish...No...We won't"
"We will never be humble... No...We won't"
Hey! Where is he?
Bring that mad dog
Bring him!
What happened?
Why aren't you getting him?
Get him! Get him soon.
"Those days of being meekly are gone!
We will devour you!"
"Those days of being meekly are gone!
We will devour you!"
"We'll crush you, smack you and get justice"
"We'll crush you, smack you and get justice"
"Those days of being meekly are gone!
Those days are gone..."
Hey! The End!
Good afternoon, baby! Did you wake up?
Where are you?
- Im here!
Here meaning? Where?
Are you going to wish me
good afternoon or not?
Hey, you!
Goodgood afternoon.
Say it in a cute manner.
Good after Good afternoon
Get up fast. Wake up.
Wake up and get ready soon.
Brush your teeth, take bath and go to office.
Wake up, man!
Wake up.
Get ready soon, darling.
Ive got a beautiful necklace made for you.
Yeah! You said that.
When will you show that necklace to me?
I want to see it soon.
You should wear it on me with love.
Are you listening?
Useless fellow. Disappear every
morning and appear only at night
Do you even think of the house?
If you only think of friends,
go have a family with them
He calls you, and you run behind him without
even washing your face!
Where are you man?
- House is robbed.
Are you listening?
Ill come in the evening
and do the work!
Hey, what happened?
What happened?
Stop behaving like a kid.
They took my TV also.
- Comeand see!
- What happened?
Hey, Wait!
What happened?
Those thieves are done for.
Their fingerprints will be on this.
Once we give it to the police,
they will take care.
Bro... You are awesome.
Since when did you become so talented?
Listen to me. Dont get tensed.
Ive kept that inside right?
Now we will get them for sure.
Ive already called the police.
They will be here.
Dont worry. They will be here.
Who is Sai?
That's me.
You useless fools!
Dont you think we have any other work?
You got drink, vomitted, left the door open
& lost your stuff...
You were drunk piss drunk.
Useless fellows...
Did Kali clean up the toilet?
How does it matter if he cleaned it or not?
His father would clean it.
Why should we bother?
He actually hit you?
How can he touch my friend?
You were drunk badly.
You dont know anything man,
I hammered the shit out of him.
The entire Kali clan will be born
with deformed faces.
Let's call everyone for one final party.
Call it bachelor's party!
we will have scotch...
Hey. You remember this Krishna?
Which Krishna?
Ah, the guy working in States.
Yeah! That guy.
We used to always boss over him.
You are right, man.
Anyway, he called us out for a session.
Hes down for a vacation.
Im telling you, hes earned millions.
I dont get it man.
How do people like him make it big?
Yes man, thats true.
You used to come first in class, Id come
second, but hes earning the big bucks.
US have so much money, they give job
to idiots & pay them in millions.
I feel bad when i think about this.
We are the ones who desreve
all the money & respect
So, I was telling about Krishna.
He will treat us with pizza, burger, cocktails,
craft beer, and pasta in a pub.
It is awesome it seems.
Let's go there and have fun.
Let's go.
Excuse me sir, do you have reservation?
Reservation!? What, you think this is
Rajdhani Express or what to reserve seats?
Hey! Dont you have any manners ?
Shouldnt you wait for the car to stop
before opening the door?
Sorry, sir.
- You need to have common sense.
- Sir.
- Use your brains!
- Okay, sir.
Learn some manners.
I love Japanese sushi.
Does your chef know how to cook it,
or is he just wasting time in the kitchen?
Apart from biriyani,
Hyderabadis doesnt seem to know
any other dish.
What will these guys know about sushi!
Call your chef. I want to talk to him.
- Okay sir.
Go, call him.
Hey! useless fellows, you still
smoke Charms the cheap cigarette!
Smoke cigar boys!Grow up
Hi sir. Im the Japanese chef.
May I help you?
You dont look Japanese,
how do you cook Japanese!?
Sorry to say...
Just like you.
You work in America, but dont look American.
Ok. Ok.
Get me one mutton sushi.
Mutton sushi.
I am sorry.
We dont have mutton sushi.
Sushi is made with seafood,
tropical fruits and vegetables. Mutton never!
But to cater to indian taste...
I can give you a chicken sushi.
Get me one non-veg sushi platter.
- Go
- Okay sir thank you.
I was testing him...
Oh seems.
Oh my god.
Look at this. Its like a water tank.
And its pouring out from tap.
What am I supposed to do with this?
- This is not something to play with!
These are chopsticks.
This is how you hold it.
Hey, like this.
What is this thing man? Its like trying
to eat idli with two bamboo pieces!
Drink water.
You stupid fellow! Drink some water fast.
Hey moron!
Thats Wasabi sauce,
not mint chutney. Fing loser!
Don't panic. Drink water.
- Drink water. Please.
- Freaking Loser!
Here. Have some beer!
Hello! Good evening!
- Hello!
- Hello.
Hello, good evening
Okay, Where are you?
Im at.. [MUMBLING]
At the bar?
[MUMBLES] pub!
So youre drinking again?
Do you have any other purpose in life?
Nono..our wedding
Bachelors party!
My friend is down from the US
What! You have friends in the States?
I thought that useless Warangal fellow
was your only friend.
Whats his name? Jani is it?
My name is Jani.
Janardhan Rao.
People call me Jani.
Get together and go beyond bars and pubs.
Do something with your life.
- Bye.
- Okay!
Every loser in India has a girlfriend...
Look at his face.
You are a real loser.
Even your girlfriend scolds you...
Dont you have any self respect?
Smoking charms?
So where do you guys go for dates?
A romantic roadside dinner?
For mirchi bajji and half-burnt dosa!
Even popcorn in a multiplex wil cost
you 250 bucks. Have you ever taken her?
Do you take your girlfriend for movie?
Have you guys seen Arjun Reddy?
Whats the need... He himself is Arjun Reddy!
Oh man! him Arjun Reddy!
Oh f!
Ok. Thats enough! Its getting too far now.
Whats your problem now?
Yes hes got a girlfriend, and yes,
hes getting married to her in 3 days.
Do you know that?
Hey! wait
Hey. stop.
Im going to die of a heart attack!
Wedding in three days!
So how much is your salary?
14,000? Like... 200 dollars?
How do you survive?
He quit his job yesterday,
you know that?
Hes going to become a big entrepreneur
like Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs!!! Ha ha ha ha!
Hey! Hes not like you guys,
sitting and sucking up to your bosses!
My friend is going to be
a big entrepreneur!
You say that to him.
You can flatter him but not me.
Man! To go places in life,
you need some personality guys!
You need some balls!
This guy is a fing loser!
- Hey! What do you think of yourself?
- What is this nonsense man.
My friend is going to start his own company!
- What is this nonsense man. Seriously!
- My man is going to be a Steve Jobs.
What the f?
What is this nonsense?
This is not nonsense fool.
This is the only sense.
Only if you catch the thief
you can get married.
He will have to value his challange.
Hes taken up the challenge right?
Now you keep your mouth shut!
You dont have to take up this challenge!
Let it go. Don't think about it.
Now how will we find the thief
in three days?
All we have is some fingerprints
on a Maggie wrapper.
I am accepting this challange,
listen everyone...only after I find
the thief i will get married.
I will find the thief, and
I will get married.
I accept this challenge!
Bro, look at that girl's necklace.
Thats the same design as yours...
Is it?
You took up the challenge and
now we can put this fool on his place.
What a coincidence...its happening
as i thought right??!
Are you'll mad?
Those kind of necklaces you can
find everywhere.
Did you get it custom designed
African from Punjagutta circle?
Im telling you seriously...
I can get you many necklaces
like that from Punjagutta Circle.
Dont get so excited you fools.
Shut up and sit.
Man. Im telling you...its my necklace.
We got our initials on the necklace.
If we just ask that girl to show us
the necklace, then it will be confirmed.
Guys, we might look fool,
but our minds runs very fast.
That necklace has his and
his girlfriends initials behind it.
We will go & check it,
and thats it! Got it?
Pick a card and pay the bill.
The choice is yours.
Im giving you both a warning.
If you get up and make a scene
with that girl,
I wont save you guys.
Go try... Those bouncers will thrash!
I'm leaving.
Pay the bill.
Im certain its our necklace man.
Hey, lower the glass.
Youre still driving this cheap around?
If you sell it for scrap,
you will get around 5000
Worthless ?
Even the food bill was 13,000
Mans word.
Yes. Mans word.
Mans word.
Invite me for the wedding!
I think we have unnecessarily taken up
this challenge man.
Some fool incited us and we jumped in.
Theres still time man.
Lets back out?
Where will you get him? I don't get it.
Should we call Krishna?
What is this life Im living man.
I lied to you!
Yes, I even lied to you!
I didnt really resign man.
They kicked me out of the office.
I cant understand
whats happening with my life.
I got robbed...
The necklace is gone.
Im getting married in 3 days.
I dont understand what Im up to.
Hey. Why are you freaking out now?
This cant go on.
Time to get serious...
Im going to catch that thief at any cost.
The wedding is just a bonus.
I have to prove it to myself..
Everyone who thinks Im a waste,
I will prove them wrong.
I will marry only after
I catch that thief.
Hey. Do you have any plan?
That necklace is definitely ours!
I know man, that its ours.
Lets wait here and go ask them
when they come out.
We will go to her house and
take it if we have to.
As soon as they come out,
we will go and ask her.
They will definetly show it...
Why are you getting so worried?
Dude, the diesel is over!
If we sit here for 5 minutes more,
We will have to run after
her holding our slippers
Dont worry.
Theres a bunk around the corner.
Just five minutes.
You can go there and fill diesel.
If they come out,
Ill ask them for a lift and get there.
Will they agree?
Why wont they?
You think they will refuse me? Me?
Go quickly.
Hey cutie... Did you eat?
You're so cute...
When I am in trouble, I always go right.
Its always worked.
Let's go right now.
Go right.
Go right again. Itll work.
Another right.
Go... go... Keep going right.
Where now!!?
Whats all this smoke!?
Nothing is going right.
Man!!! There is a God!
Got it, buddy.
What happend?
That is...
It is exactly the same car.
We've been following...
Please, get my necklace first.
please come.
Don't waste the time.
What happened?
Forget this wedding!
If I live I can have ten weddings!
Theres a bloody dog in there!
- Are you mad?
There will be challenges in life
and we should fight them.
We cant give up just because of some dog!
Ive handled so many dogs!
These Pomeranians only bark, never bite.
Thats not a Pomeranian.
Thats some dirty big dog.
What are you ordering chicken tikkas for now.
Didnt you eat sushi just now?
Eh fool.
Thats to distract the dog,
so we can slip in!
Cant you think?
Super idea!
Let's go...
Come. Come!
There she is! The red dress!
Lets quietly go grab it.
- Hey, I'm coming too...
- Slowly.. Lets go.
That girl! Hey, please wait.
Hey...Don't come forward...
Stay close...
Madam! Please! Just show us
the back of your necklace.
And we will quietly go away.
This is not a robbery!
We are not murderers!
That is... - Our time is bad! You stay there.
Dont worry! We will be out in 2 minutes!
It is only to save ourselves.
Just show it once. Please madam.
Youre getting married!
Youre getting married!
Whats happening?
Even I want to dance...
The thing isI lost my job,
and this is a challenge!
You lost your job,
and you are dancing around here?!
What happened was my friend lost his job.
we got drunk, and his house got robbed
We met a stupid friend from US ,
He challenged us to find the thief
Then you walked in wearing this necklace.
So we chased you!
We came so far!
Drink it
Its bitter...
Can you give us the necklace?
We came from far.
Madam, if you dont mind,
why did you steal the necklace?
Please return my other stuff as well!
That laptop also has the 250 GB Mia Khalifa
4K collection!
You guys are real clowns!
Do we look like thieves?
Hold it.
How did you get this in the first
place madam?
You gave it back so easily!
Did you buy it at Panjagutta Circle?
I didnt buy it. My boyfriend gifted me!
Today afternoon.
But the robbery took place
last afternoon!
Oh.. Sorry last night!
Wait! Wait! Ive figured it all out.
This necklace was stolen by her boyfriend!
Hey! My boyfriend isnt a thief!
Then how did it get here?
we get to know when ask him. Where is he?
Oh, so you think you can catch him now?
We will find him wherever he is.
- There are 3 days remaining.
- Bugger again here, stick? open the boot...
Lets start babe...
How can biryani be so bad...
This is an insult to Asaf Sah himself!
Who is he?
A cook?
No, no.
He was the Governor of
Deccan during the Mughal times.
Whats his connection with Biriyani now?
For example...
Biryani...evolved ...over time...
What are you doing?
God! What is this noise?
- Fear of the dark...playing...
Can you hear me?
I can't hear you.
The sound is so loud.
How would I know?
No stupid people...
- Not me.
- Not me.
Hey! Dude!
I am going.
I am going.
- Im going to fall!
Why are you coming again?
Theres a dog!
- There's a dog
- Nothing will happen. Come.
No, buddy. Please.
You broke my leg! Get up.
That's a goat, you fool.
- That's a dog.
- No. It is a goat.
It is a dog.
Come here!
This is future mutton biriyani...
Its a dog, Im telling you!
Come here.
Hey soda glasses. Here,
look properly. Its a goat.
Its a goat.
You should get your eyes checked.
I feel like dying man, deafening sound...
Wait...Let me stop the music...
What is this rubbish, man!
Get up big man.
How did this old man become her
boyfriend now?
Hey, get up.
This guy is sleeping!
Same to same.
What same to same?
Hey, get up.
He locked the door!you...
So whats the plan?
Its already 3 so he should get up
in 2-3 hours.
Let him wake up.
We will tie him up and teach a lesson.
He should tell us why he did that.
Hey! You.
Did the thief get up?
Hes right here. If needed,
we will tie him up.
But we dont need to for
such small flies.
True. We are nice people.
We are nice people.
Whats that bottle doing here?
And cashews too?
Dont do this man.
this aint our house!
Its time for a celebration man!
What celebration?
Why celebration?
Are you mad?
The case is closed brother!
What closed? What celebration?
Explain it to me like Im a kid.
- We got the necklace?
- Yes.
- We got the thief?
- Hes right here.
Thats it!
We got scotch, roasted cashews
and two glasses
what more do you want?
Come, lets celebrate.
Is that it?
Cheers? you idiot!
Dude, drink slowly!
You will die if you drink like that.
Dude.. One more
Thank you!
I have been waiting for
this day since 28 years.
Every once in a while, a product comes along
that changes the course of civilization.
So, today is a big day,
for us and the humanity
Today Orange is going to launch iLace.
It has revolutionary features
where fashion meets cutting edge technology
The first feature in it is iPolice,
yes, iPolice
Simply press a button behind the lock,
and it will connect
Via GPS to the nearest police station.
The cops will save you in no time.
We have also taken into account that our cops,
arrive late most of the time
So, to save you from any danger...
There is another revolutionary
feature called...
By pressing the same button twice,
It will start emitting laser cutter rays,
the iRays.
It can blind the attacker and
also cut whatever organ...
You will be safe and secure from it.
Thank you.
Our team has worked very hard...
We incorpareted all latest technologies
of the world.
It integrates the proximity sensor,
gyroscope, light sensor, pin hole camera,
nanoticks, gastroticks,
chopsticksall very well and seamlessly...
There are many more. We used them all
to create this iLaser.
Thank you.
This is patent of Orange.
But the most
revolutionary feature in iLace.
It can never ever be stolen!
Yes! You heard it right.
No one can ever steal this
necklace in any way.
Stupid fellows, powercut...what happened
diesel... generator...all paid
What did you guys do with money?
Tea? Coffee?
The thief! Police!
You better have some butter milk.
Its good for the hangover.
- Tea.
- Coffee.
- Tea.
- Coffee.
- Tea!
- Coffee!
Relax. I can prepare both tea and coffee.
What a weird thief...
He robs my home, tie us up...
And he is offering us tea and coffee
And whats this goat? Will he eat it?
No dude. There seems to be a problem.
What problem?
We are at the correct address, right?
He's a thief.
I am very clear doubt...
This guy looks like a pretty cool chap...
If he serves you tea and
he becomes a good guy is it?
Im 200% sure...
He doesnt look like a guy who steals
TVs and laptops.
Then why did you say case closed
and made me drink last night!??
He's coming...
Sorry guys!
I've added ginger in coffee by mistake.
will be different...good or bad, cant say
Ginger in coffee??!
- Ok. Release us!
- Fine...
Before that... I need to know
what you guys were doing here.
You first tell us why you robbed our house.
- I robbed your house!!?
- Yes.
This is your coffee.
Ill have tea...changed my mind!
Yesterday noon,
I stepped out for the first time
in two months.
First time in two months?
How did you get this?
Oh this necklace!
Like I said. I stepped out yesterday
after two months...
I went to a shop that sells stolen goods...
I bought this necklace,
and gave it to my girl.
Wait! If you step out once in two months,
who does your veggie shopping?
Hey! Thats not the issue here,
shut up now.
So whats the matter?
The matter is how this landed up with you.
Like I told you...
I stepped out after two months,
bought it from the stolen goods shop
and gifted it to my girl.
But..your veggie shopping?
But you got your necklace now.
Why so serious?
Dude... I really tried hard...
Looks like you will remain
a bachelor now man.
Wait... I didnt understand.
Whats the connection between this
and your wedding?
Oh God!
Sir, my friend got fired from his job
and we got drunk in pain...
He slept without closing the door
and the thief robbed everything...
And our friend invited us for a party...
In that party he challenged him...
To get married only after we catch
catch the thief...
There is only 2 days left for the marriage
At the same place we saw your girlfriend
wearing the same necklace...
We chased he and she gave us your address...
So we are here now.
Dont take this challenge so seriously.
Everyone makes mistakes....
You should just keep moving on...
Simple. Just drop the challenge.
Life is very small...
Enjoy it.
Cool and relaxed....
Just drop the stupid challenge...
Just go back home and chill. Have a beer.
Have fun.
Cook something nice.
Its not that easy. A gentleman
should always keep his word.
Thats true...
A man is only as good as his word.
What happened in epic Ramayana?
Dasratha gave his word to his wife,
and he had to keep the words...
That's true.
All that epic, purans, mythology...
All that is just fantasy,
good to read and hear.
Just leave all this and enjoy life.
Are you insane?
Dont talk rubbish...
This is about my friend keeping his word,
and thats important.
- Is it?
- Yes...
If I cant catch a silly thief,
how can I walk this earth with pride?
That theory of revolution
- Whats that guy called?
- Who?
That guy,
whose name you couldnt remember,
and the teacher punished you in school?
What did he say?
Survival of the fittest.
Brother, please give me some water...
Drink some water.
Why is he laughing like that?
Did I say something wrong?
I got 5 marks for that answer.
Its easier to join fools
than to convince them...go with flow...
Fine, Ill help you catch that thief...
Arent 3 brains better than two?
He's right...
Okay... Lets go.
I was hurt pretty bad yesterday...
Wait... I have some important work first...
You work too?
Today is the final episode of
'Game of Thrones' season 7.
What is he talking about?
Whats more important than
our work right now?
We don't have any other option...
Do you know where samosa originated from?
- Where?
- Persia.
It's written in a book...
During 10th Century...
I thought it was an Indian food...
When the traders migrated from Central Asia
during 13th century...
It was their recipe.
Will you get samosas in Australia?
No man...
Same frozen shit.
You don't need me for today's show?
No, no darling...
You just relax and get ready...
I will finish the work,
and we leave to Australia tomorrow.
Oh my baby!
Hey. Can you play some decent music?
Theres no sound system here.
How can I play anything?
Come on. Lets do a duet!
I'm ready.
It's here...
Yes... Hold on...
Hey you lame fool. Move!
You have a very beautiful shop here!
Some very interesting items!
And so cheap too!
I bought a beautiful necklace here.
Very beautiful.
My girlfriend loved it too...
Can you give me the necklace
thiefs number?
Dude! We found your TV!
You can watch everything you missed...
You're getting married...
Hey! Hey!
Who is the winner?
You are the winner!
Who is the winner?
You are the winner!
Who is the winner?
You are the winner!
Can you give me that thiefs number?
We have some work with him.
We are the winner!
We are the winner!
Guys. We have to hurry up...
Our goat is in danger...
Let's go!
What happened to the goat now?
Im telling you, if your wedding gets
cancelled because of the goat..
Ill give it to Kali and ask him
to make mutton biriyani now!
Are you the owner of this shop?
- Why? You want to buy it?
Have you gone mad? Stop fooling around!
Who is the buyer and
who is the seller here?
You think we came for your silly shop?
- Cigarette.
- Carry on...
Pasha, we have two special guests...
Get us some nice Kashmiri tea.
Sorry. I was lost in my mutton biriyani
Tell me. What do you need?
No. no. I dont need anything...
My friend is doing the talking.
So you dont have anything to say?
The matter here is...
Yes. I was telling you something,
but that something is related to him.
I gave him a chance to speak..
..but he passed it to you like
hes playing antakshari.
No. No. I have a lot to say to you.
I answered your question right?
You lost your opportunity to speak...
Now stop wasting time and
say something if you have to.
If not, please have your tea and leave.
Thats not the issue here...
Then what is the issue?
Tell us what exactly you do?
You are selling stolen goods here.
My friends stolen stuff is found
right here.
Why are you talking big now?
And why wont you cooperate with us?
What youll dont understand is
I am already cooperating with you.
I already ordered Kashmiri tea for you...
Isn't it enough?
Do you also want me to serve you
whiskey and organise a pole dancer here?
Just because we are keeping quiet
that doesnt mean you can do anything?
Is it?
Ill get your shop raided, watch out!
I'm being decent because
you are elder to us...
We have big contacts!
We will finish your shop off.
Even if Narendra Modi served tea to your mother
While she was pregnant with you
I don't care...
I might not have contacts like you...
But I am running a business here
for 40 years.
I dont have the commissioners number
but I have the area SIs number...
Should I call him?
I'll call him if you want me to.
Sir, the matter is very serious...
Its not about getting back our TV and laptop,
and necklace. Its about...
You want the thief's number?
I can not give you the thiefs number.
Is that clear?
Sir... Sir...
Sir! Sir! Please sit down!
- Hey!
Actually the problem is...
He lost his job.
After losing his job...
so thats what happened!
So please give us the number!
- What is this?
Oh.. Have some water.
Sir. Save a few drops for me...
My throat is dried up.
Get up... Get up...
All this begging wont work here...
What did you think? Get up!
Whats all this drama!
God! Under which sign was I born!
Oh mother was i so bad that you couldnt
hold me for 5 more minutes...
Oh mother! Why didnt dad wear
a condom that day!
Dude... Stop crying...
- We'll search and find them...
- How will you find it?
We lost all the stuff...
Take all my organs at least liver ...kidney
I will be useful to you atleast...
Damn this guy! Do you have anything top or bottom
Hey! Hey! Stop it.
There was a car here...
- Where did it go?
- Oh its yours?
- The police took it.
- Police took it from here?
You saw it?
Get that stick! Open the boot...
What stick!!?what boot My car is gone!
We found the car.
Got it? Where?
I found it.
It's not safe here,
so the police kept it in the station.
- We got the car!
- Your not joking right?
He told me just now...
Let's go the police station...
Are you sure?
- Yes, Police station...
We got the car!
We got the car!
- We got the car!
- Found your car!
Good days are coming...
Good days are here!
Well. We are back where we started.
Thats not true...
See, weve made friends with the dude...
And Sundari the goat..
Whats the point?
Dude hasnt found the thief...
Goat cant be cooked...
What's the point? Both useless...
Things happen...
Just a passing phase...
Go with the flow.
What go with the flow?
You will remain there...
Only if we go against it will
we reach the middle of the sea.
If you are on the bank, you can
at least go to the nearest city
see some pretty women,
You'll get wine and some good food...
What do you do in the middle of the sea?
Looks like it...
We have to sit in the middle of the sea
till we find the thief...
Okay, give me a cigarette...
I desperately need a cigarette...
Stop, stop... I see a shop.
Theres a no parking sign there.
Yes, the cops might take the bike.
Just give me five minutes...
- The road is bad, do we need this now?
Now the cops will come take it again?
Or something is gonna fall from the sky?
Who parked this car here?
I just want to see his face.
Why you had to park here?
This is not a valet parking service...
Because of people like you...
Our constructions are put on hold...
You and friend get lost from here...
Otherwise, I'll call the police.
He is going to turn back
and tell us the car story...
I don't understand why people
get connect to a car so much.
I don't care how it got here...
When I've seen so much...
I don't care what happened to this car...
While he was talking I could see his pain...
We got into this to make him happy...
But, things were going from bad to worse...
Do you guys know how I got this car?
Your dad was a useless...
He never did anything...
At least...
If he had listen to me...
He would have been alive and passed
the keys to you himself.
- Grandpa...
- He didn't listen to me...
He died in a road accident.
At least...
Fulfill my dream.
You'll be fine grandpa...
You are not going anywhere...
Let me call the doctor...
Promise me...
You need to fulfill your duties.
Promise me.
Promise grandpa...
Tell your grandkids
pass the car to their kids...
Promise grandpa...
Promise! Nurse!
Grandpa... Wake up!
All these problems are because
of this guy...
Is he of any help to us?
It was a good car...
Now it's all messed up.
He is of no use...
I'm a loser...
But, I'm happy being one.
You can repair this car and
also buy a new car...
Don't get emotional about it, Chill.
It's not about materialism...
It's about emotions...
I get emotionally attached to things...
If I lose them... I feel very bad
and cry some times.
I'm very attached to things...
Because I am a very emotional person.
I don't have to deal with this...
If required I'll take your goat...
Eat it up & next morning
in the septic tank.
Never withdraw but get going with life
Not a mistake! Just change your way
Sing along happily through the ride
Chatters all around breezing out
Empty pockets like a meager
You should turn into an emperor
Get worried while checking your time
Let this dashing worry end now
Never withdraw but get going with life
Never withdraw but get going with life
Not a mistake! Just change your way
Not a mistake! Just change your way
Sing this old song anew like me
Sing this old song anew like me
Sing this old song anew like me
Sing this old song anew like me
Sing this old song anew like me
Sing this old song anew like me
Dude, did you talk to the Vijay caterers?
His food is very good.
I already spoke to him...
He sent me the menu card,
but it's too expensive.
He prepares good food,
you should confirm him.
And... Did you pay advance
for the function hall?
Yes, I paid...
Talk to the Vijay caterers once...
We'll confirm the menu and
pay some advance...
Dude... You don't get it...
In Hyderabad, it's really tough
to book functional hall...
You did a good thing booking it prior.
Do you remember our friend Ramesh?
From Ram nagar?
Yes, that fat guy...
For his wedding...he booked catering ..
After that...
He booked his honeymoon tickets too...
That fool didnt book functional hall...
His marriage had to be postponed...
- Is it?
- Yes...
Yes, his marriage got postponed...
But you did a very good thing booking
the function hall in advance.
At that time...
He did not find a venue...
And these Venue's were sold in auction...
What? Venue's were sold in auction?
You need not worry...
You've already booked the functional hall...
At least with that reason your wedding
won't get postponed...
Why are you bringing up his wedding topic?
You were talking about it,
I was just telling him my view...
Just a perspective...
My foot! Nobody gives a damn
about your view...
All these discussions have now
come to an end.
We should be going to Secunderabad
clock tower...
You won't find thieves near Clock tower...
Explain it to me like I'm a kid...
Why will we find thieves near Clock tower?
I'm sure...
We can catch the thief there.
Look, our day was bad...
- Correct?
- Yes.
Near the shop, in the construction place...
In that cab, all look the same...
So, we didn't go in the right way...
We tried but couldn't get it...
We are tired...
We need to refresh...relax
so that we can concentrate...
What would you do to relax?
- We'll drink.
- Right?
I smoke up.
I smoke a joint and reboot myself.
I am not able to think straight
and the weed is done...
We'll got to clock tower...
We will definitely find the thief...
Or we'll figure out how to catch thief.
What do you say?
Take it.
I paid you 2000 rupees extra...
- Is it good?
- It's crazy pot sir.
One moment...
Sir, I'm leaving. Goodbye.
Okay, See you man.
- I'll call you if I need something.
- Okay sir.
- Hey...
- Hey...
Dude, how are you?
Nice to see you.
Beautiful car... Where did you get it?
It's mine. I bought it this month.
- This is your car?
- Seriously?
How did you get so much money?
Hey dude...
- I'm musician.
- You?
- Yes.
- Musician?
Two years back I lost my hopes on you...
I still remember the song...
'18 till I dead'
I've improved a lot now...
I just signed a 10 crore deal.
With a music company.
With that money I bought this car.
If you don't trust me,
visit Moonshine club in the evening...
You will then believe me...
I'm leaving to Australia soon...
Hey... come here...
This is Jani...
This is Sai...
[GOAT BLEATING]Do I know you?
No way...
I've got lot of work at office...
I work till very late everyday...
I don't think i have met you
I am so busy, no time...
He is my childhood friend... I don't know
anyone except him and my colleagues.
I met him yesterday...
I saw him yesterday,
but I met him today.
- It's a really long story...
- Tell him...
- I'll start?
- Yes...
Tell him...
Actually my friend lost his job...
Please give me some water...
Oh God!
You have created a situation and
because of that your wedding is on hold.
Correct me if I am wrong.
No, I didn't create any situation
I was pushed into a situation...
Because of the situation
all of this happened....
So I've decided...
Until I get married...
I mean, I won't marry until
I catch the thief
His situation is the same until marriage.
What's all this?
- And you are supporting them?
- 100% I'm with them.
We have hope...
Hope is a good thing.
Are you coming to the club
in the evening?
We'll try.
You guys should come too.
We'll party if we catch the thief...
Or we'll plan our next step...
- What do you say?
- I'm not sure but...
- We will try.
- Try...
- See you.
- Goodbye.
What do you guys say?
Lets go to Deepthi.
Who is Deepthi, by the way?
Deepthi is a detective.
She is very intelligent girl.
Deepthi was a theatre actor.
She was a method actor.
She use to live in characters life
for months before accepting any role
Once while doing a detective role
She met all the detectives.
understood them and deeply researched.
She got so much into the detective character
that she couldnt come out of it...
She changed her career like that.
She became a detective from
a theater actor.
Okay That's fine.
Forget about women empowerment.
Tell me something, buddy.
How many cases did she solve
in these 2 years?
To count it in numbers, she didnt solve
even one case.
Didnt she solve even one case?
So, she didnt solve
even one case in these 2 years.
There is no way we can handover
Sais case to such person.
But, I didnt tell you one thing.
She took an oath that she will get
married only after solving a case.
Super, then.
Both of us can marry.
Why are you talking about getting married?
Will you marry that detective? No!
I didnt mean that, buddy.
What I mean to say is that
I will marry after she solves the case.
She will marry her boyfriend...
I will marry my girlfriend.
She with her boyfriend and
me with my girlfriend! Separate...separate
We have to go.
Lets go to Deepthi and ask for help.
ComeCome.Lets go!
This is so nice. Lets get one for our house.
Get down.
Oh! We reached.
- Hello.
- Hey, dude.
You were a chilled out guy.
You called up suddenly to meet me.
Is everything okay?
Rocking! Everything is as usual.
He needs your help.
There is a problem in his life.
Whats the matter?
Actually, I am Jani.
They call me VJR. Velgam Janardhan Rao.
I am very famous in my area.
He is Venkat Sai.
Change your names if that is the matter.
HeyThats not the matter.
That thing ishe lost his job.
Ask him to find another job.
NoNo, madam. You dont get it.
The thing is we went to the bar
after he lost his job.
What bar is that?
- Hey!
We were totally drunk after going
to the bar. It was too much.
Guys! Just one minute.
Good evening, manager sir. How are you?
Actually Mr. Gambani called me yesterday.
I investigated the case.
This is not at all a simple case.
It is international conspiracy to kill
Mr. Gambani.
Me? Media?
The media shouldnt know about this.
I already hired 3000 spies in this case.
And I am assuring you
That conspirator will be there by tomorrow.
Mr. Gambanis kids can ride on him as horse.
Did his children grow up?
Wont they play?
You simply relax. I will take care of it.
Deepthi is here.
You can totally relax.
And actually I am in middle of an important case.
I will call you back later.
And convey my regards to Mr. Gambani.
Tell him that the whiskey he sent is good.
Im so sorry for the disturbance, guys.
- NoIt is okay.
Ms. Deepthi! The thing is we had too much
alcohol after going to the bar.
After getting drunk, I bashed up Kali.
I bashed him. We should say that, buddy.
While I was hitting
Ah! Guys! Just
Hey. How are you?
Yeah, I am good.
Actually Mr. Antonio Guterres called me
up this morning.
And expressed his concern about
present situation
Nuclear war.
What are those monkeys planning
to do with our mother planet?
Will they create a disaster?
What is it?
Kim Jong-un and Trump are
behaving like kids.
O God!
Plan of action?
I hired 10000 spies in North Korea.
He will be dethroned and executed
just like Gaddafi in 6 months.
States things are different?
People from media and lobby
work in tantrum.
7000 media people and 6000 lobbiest
work for me.
Trump will be impeached in 6 months
and will be imprisoned.
He will be sent to jail.
I (Deepthi) will not spare him at all.
Mother planet will be saved from
those two monkeys.
I (Deepthi) will save.
You dont get tensed.
There is no need to worry.
I am here.
And Actually,
Ive got some important guests.
I will call you back.
- Im so sorry, guys.
- NoIt is okay
Please continue.
I will not drag it.
Basically, the thing is he forgot to lock
his room after going back.
I went to my room.
- Okay.
The necklace was missing when he got up
in the morning.
So, you want to find out the necklace?
NoShow her
We have the necklace.
We want to find that thief.
Ah! You can postpone your wedding
for a week.
- We can catch him.
- Ah!
NoHow can that happen? Impossible!
How can we postpone the wedding?
It wont happen.
- Dont worry. Wait.
The wedding should happen as scheduled.
Do you have a right to talk like this?
Do you?
How can you ask me to find the thief?
There is no evidence.
No, right?
Hey! There is evidence, madam.
- Evidence
We have a Maggi wrapper with theif's fingerprint.
My friend saved it.
This happened in the night.
We saw it in the morning.
That thief cooked Maggi,
ate it and left the wrapper.
I got alert and placed
my handkerchief on that.
I covered it and placed it in the fridge.
- Did you put it in the fridge?
- Yeah.
I placed it in the freezer, madam.
I am perfect in such matters.
This guy put the evidence in fridge.
No! He put in the freezer.
That too covered with a handkerchief.
The ice will form and
the fingerprints will get lost.
I will use toilet.
- To your right.
It is 7 o clock.
We should attend Siddharths show.
Lets go.
- Hey!
Are you kidding me?
Is it some kind of a silly act?
Should we solve this matter or not?
Why do you want to go?
Hey, relax... Relax
You are bad and a lower grade fellow.
What do you want to do now?
The size of my dress is higher than your IQ.
You got into my house.
You took my bottle and drank it.
You ate everything that you found.
But still I respected you.
I offered tea and coffee.
I risked my goat's life.
I took you to the stollen good shop
from where i baught it.
I took you to the police station
after losing car there.
I paid the challan and got the car back.
I spent my whole day with you.
Now, I got you to detective Deepthi.
Why are you condemning me?
What should I do?
There is no proof or evidence.
Shall we point a torch to every
passing man on the dark road.
Asking are you thief...are you thief?
I am tired.
I need a break.
- Okay
- We all need a break.
Okay. He is right.
I will go away from here after madam
agrees to solve the case.
- Uh!..Guys! Just relax.
- Please madam. We will leave.
Dude is right.
I am here.
Hey, control yourself.
Lets go out and talk.
We can talk even in the pub.
Deepthi, the investigator is with you.
I will stay with you until the case
is solved.
- Okay, madam.
- Lets go.
We can go but I will not pay the bill.
I do not have change for 2000 rupees.
I will pay.
Lets go.
- Strange!
- Come! Lets go.
Okay. Lets go.
Hey, get up.
Dude! I told you last time
about that Rave party case.
- What happened is?
- Its okay.
- Hey, dude! Thanks for coming man.
- Hey, Siddharth!
Nice to see you.
- How are you?
- All is well.
Detective Deepthi! Musician Siddharth!
Sai! When is the wedding?
Did you find the thief?
Ah? Tell me
No! We are still trying...
Madam is handling our case.
Deepthi madam handles famous cases.
She is handling our case as well.
She is famous in Hyderabad.
If...What if the thief runs away
from the city?
What if he goes to Australia?
Not only Australia. Madam will get him
from wherever he is.
Madam deals with people like
Trump and Kim Jong-un.
These are ordinary people.
Tell me one thing...
How will she find the thief?
There is no evidence.
Many robberies happened for 4 months
in Hyderabad.
A girl and a guy are doing it together.
They rob in crores.
Do you think those people who rob
entire Hyderabad robbed our house?
Are you kidding?
No idea! I dont understand
what they are saying.
It can happen.
Anything can happen.
Anything can happen in this world.
I can become a musician.
I could be a robber disguised as musician.
Are you a thief?
Then, I am Steve Jobs.
What will be our dude
if you are Steve Jobs?
He will be a meager.
So, what do you sing and
what is your band called?
My band is called Four Shots and job.
Generally we play classic rock
and popular Hindi numbers.
We will sing a special song for the dude.
- Nice
- It's a Telugu song.
That is my own composition.
- Wow.
- -Thats cool.
- Okay, guys.
- Really!
- Time for the show!
- Oh! Right.
Thats a super song, bro.
You sung as if you were in a competition.
- Super.
- Thank you.
You are very talented.
- Lets take a selfie.
- Correct
- I want a single picture with you.
- What? With me?
Whats your plan now?
Madam! I think that we should go
to Sais house first.
We can plan about what to do next
after going there.
I can not come now.
Tell Sai to call his girlfriend and
postpone the wedding...
I think thats better.
We travelled together all day...
You are a good person.
Let me tell you one thing...
See the truth is always bitter.
You have to accept it.
You should understand
and get yourself out of that bet.
you have to call your girlfriend and
postpone the wedding for 7 days.
I am not forcing you. It is your wish.
I can open the door for you.
You should do the entry.
Sorry to say this but...
you have to take a decision
regarding this matter.
I will not give up this challenge...
But, I think that they are right.
Call and talk to her once.
It will be done.
Do it.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Why did you call?
- I thought about something...
I called you to share that.
Can you think of something?
Okay. Tell me.
That is...
That is...
Okay. Tell me.
[STAMMERS]: Marriage.
Tell her.
[STAMMERS]: Postpone.
7 days!
[CHUCKLES] Hey, idiot!
Do you even realize what a fool you are?
There is nothing in your life.
No ambition or goal.
No idea why they are born.
Yeah! To entertain people like us, right?
Hey, listen!
I talked with you only for
getting entertained.
Try to understand...
Did you think that I will marry you?
No No
You said that you will marry me.
Stupid fellow!
I wasnt serious about marriage.
I agreed to make fun of you. Thats it.
Anyway! I am going to Australia
with my original boyfriend.
Dont call me again. Do you get it?
I dont care if you feel bad
or do anything.
Disconnect the call. F off!
Done, baby. It is done.
You might get into an endless strait
Love is such a mistake
It wouldve been good to be alone
Why should you get into this?
I do not care about the world
I live my life with me
I never do things expected by all
I never think about bonding with others
No one can ever get near to me
Go away, girl!
You are just a fallen star
This is a sturdy wound
Its a sweet memory from you
Girls love feels like hell
I am living in that hell
O This love is a big misunderstanding
My heart is broken so badly
The moment when there is no chance to die
Let it go
Dont cry
This is such a bad world!
Very bad!
Hey, dont cry. No.
I never felt the essence of
love or affection.
No one will ever such pain.
Let it go
Instead of doing that
It's okay. Let it go.
No! We should not live.
They wont let us live in peace.
No one has ever tried to care about us.
Let it go
There is no on for us.
Everyone is just acting...
No one really loves us.
It will happen...
We are emotional fools.
Everyone wont be like us.
We should not expect them to be like us.
Sir! Your car is not starting.
Get up.
Dude! Lets help Jani.
Get up.
Hey, come here.
Hey... Go!
- Go away!
- Have you gone crazy?
- Go!
- Hey, you!
- What happened?
- Dude.
Whats wrong with you?
What's happening here?
Life is short.
It's valuable.
It's complicated.
That is why no one has a clue
on how to deal with it.
Do you know?
So, dont do anything...
Dont worry about your success
or failure in life.
Be cool and chat with friends happily.
Take it easy.
Regarding the case,
Deepthi solved the case completely
as she promised.
Clients are lost this time as well.
But, that did not stop Deepthi
from moving forward.
She deeply researched the case and
married after getting it done.
Yes. She got married.
Siddharth! Whom these guys took
a selfie with
along with his girlfriend!
You heard it right.
The girl who promised to marry Sai
is that same girl....
It was silly! Just for fun
and entertainment.
Is he alive?
Did you see him?
He wants to marry me.
Lets see. It will be done.
Move! Why are you interfering?
Lets talk about the car now...
I didnt say anything about it, right?
The car got liberated and gave up.
It got free.
- One day
- Stop! Stop!
- It's urgent.
- I'll stop.
- Stop!
- Yes.
Lets go in a queue.
Hey! Lets form a queue.
- Form a queue
- Okay. In a queue
The car is moving.