Miyamoto Musashi (1973) Movie Script

You alive?
I'm alive.
I'm done for!
I think I'm dying!
No, you're not.
What'd happen to your old mother
if you die?
And your sister?
Otsu's an orphan.
You're all she has.
I want to hear Otsu play her flute
one more time.
Tak, I'm asking you!
Otsu's an orphan.
The poor girl!
Make her happy for me!
You fool!
If we stay here, Tokugawa's men
will cut off our heads.
We'll die like dogs!
Come one! Let's escape!
I meant to get me a general's head,
but look at me now!
It's the end!
Mata, be tough.
Don't die!
Let's get out of here!
Get down! Play dead!
Producer: Yoshiharu MISHIMA
Associate Producer: Shigemi SUGISAKI
Original Story: Eiji YOSHIKAWA
(Rokko Shuppan Kodansha Edition)
Yoshitaro NOMURA, Yamashita KIYOMOTO
Photography: Keiji MARUYAMA
Art Direction: Kyohei MORITA, Urayama YOSHIRO
Sound Recording: Tokio HIRAMATSU
Sound Mixing: Sachio OBI
Lighting: Rei MIURA
Editor: Shizu OSAWA
Assistant Director: Haruhiko MIMURA
Set Design: Isamu MORI
Set Decoration: Noboru INNAMI
Manager: Masayuki FUKUYAMA
Wardrobe: SHOCHIKU
Period Consultant: Etsuko YAG YU
Sword Instructor: Takano HIROMASA
Fight Choreography: Reijiro ADACHI
Title Letters: Kenkichi SUGIMOTO
Production Chief: Makoto NAITO
- CAST -
Akemi: Mitsuko BAISHO
Takuan SOHO: Chishu RYU
Seijuro YOSHIOKA: Toshiyuki HOSOKAWA
Denshichiro YOSHIOKA: Makoto SATO
Osugi: Junko TODA
Oko: Toshie KIMURA
Genzaemon MIBU: Kenjiro ISHIYAMA
Kakubei IWAMA: Takeshi KATO
Toji GION: Takanobu HOZUMI
Sasuke: Masahiko TANIMURA
Sukekuro KIMURA: Akitake KONO
Narrator: Masakane YONEKURA
Tadatoshi HOSOKAWA: Kenkichi HAMAHATA
Omitsu: Akiko NISHINA
Matahachi HON'IDEN: Frankie SAKAI
Directed by: Tai KATO
They've caught Takezo!
Come out everybody!
The murderer's been caught!
Die, pest!
Not there.
This way!
We can sleep safely from now on.
Prepare to die, murderer!
Open the way for me.
Elder Mother!
Takezo, where did you leave my son?
Elder Mother, don't worry.
Matahachi's alive.
He's alive?
He's not dead!
He's living with someone.
Is it true?
Sure. I came back to tell you
and look what happened.
Where is he?
At the foot of Mt. Ibuki.
Who is he with?
About that...
I don't know.
Don't lie to me!
You let Matahachi die
and ran back alone!
It's just like you!
He killed three officials!
Matahachi's alive!
Kill this scum now.
A deserter should be
turned over to the officials.
No damn way!
Priest Takuan, grant me the right.
Let me avenge Matahachi!
He talked my son and heir
into ruining his life!
He went and died in the war!
Why let him live?
All right.
Yes, kill him.
Thank you.
Wait! I'll release him.
Kill him with the villagers' help.
It's cowardly to kill him tied up!
Keep him strung up 4 or 5 days
in the rain. By then he'll be weak.
That's a good idea!
But not just 4 or 5 days
until the crows peck out his eyes!
Then I'll finish him off!
Hoist him up!
Takuan, you broke your promise!
Darn priest!
You fooled me with fine words!
You said I'd get humane
treatment in Buddha's net!
But not in the Tokugawa's net!
Is this humane treatment?
A monkey caught by a human being!
That's right!
In short, you're a fool, I'm smart.
Understand? I guess you don't!
Takuan-sama, this is cruel!
A priest shouldn't
do such a thing!
Be quiet!
It's between the two of us.
Otsu, you are Matahachi's fiance,
aren't you?
Takezo, how does it
feel up there?
Ah... so here you are.
Otsu, a letter for you.
A courier brought it.
Thank you.
"I think it's clear from the other letter
but just to make sure."
"Fate brought us together,
so I'm taking Matahachi."
"He's mine now, gone from your life.
Please forget him."
"I am writing to ask you this.
To Otsu. From Oko"
"Please think that I, Matahachi,
died in the war."
"Due to a strange quirk of fate,
I met this woman."
"Please think Matahachi
died in the war."
"It is truly strange indeed, but I
married this woman and now live here."
"If there's someone you love,
please marry him."
Takezo. Takezo.
Poor soul.
You're too weak to answer?
What, you rotten priest!
You can still talk?
Aren't you hungry?
Teasing me?
You bastard!
Untie me!
Untie this rope!
You're a beast,
so you can't beat me.
A clear view from so high?
Take a good look at
the world and reflect on it.
Become a human being.
I am a human being!
Are you?
A human being knows fear
and considers his life precious.
Shut up, bastard!
I'll cut the rope, come down,
and kick you to death! Just wait!
Yes, I'm waiting.
But will you last that long?
Won't your life run out first?
Well, good night.
Wait! Don't go away!
Please save me, priest!
I don't want to die!
I want to live!
Save me!
Let me down!
Help me!
I'll cut the rope.
Take me with you.
Escape together?
I don't want to stay here.
Take me with you when you go.
Don't forget!
Otsu, I owe you!
Don't you want to stay?
Matahachi wrote to me!
So did Oko!
I see.
Takezo, you were right.
I caused you a lot of pain.
No, it's all right!
It made me leave with you!
The highway's just below!
Takinokuchi's a days walk for a woman.
I can't risk it!
Let's part here!
Part? I won't!
Shikama's nearby. My nurse lives there!
Let's go there!
No, I have to start all over.
All my dreams of heroic deeds
are shattered!
But Father taught me to fence.
I must become a samurai!
I beg you.
Please take me with you.
I couldn't train then!
Then you lied to me?
You promised to take me with you
when I cut the rope!
No, at that time...
It's not fair!
I... Dear...
Takezo, don't you like me?
I like you!
Are you angry?
No, you mustn't!
Why? Why not?
Are you that kind of man?
I was... wrong.
Nothing was heard of Takezo
for three years.
Rumors said he was shut up
in a dark room in Himeji Castle.
And was made to read
the sutras to reform.
Near Hanada Bridge beyond the castle.
Otsu waited and waited for him.
But Takezo never came.
More time passed,
news of a last Kanto-Osaka battle...
caused confusion.
Let the clouds cover us tonight.
For sad eyes,
full of tears,
see nothing anyway.
Akemi, have a drink.
Thank you.
I won't lose my way
in the darkness...
Unless another...
contrived to lead me...
Please let me go!
I'll get you more sak.
I drank enough sak.
Mother will scold me.
They told me Toji's with Oko now.
What's the matter?
Akemi, you're a lucky girl.
The Yoshioka Fencing School master
has fallen for you.
I regret I'm not a bit younger.
Too bad for you.
He loves 'em cute and young.
Akemi, pour his drink
for him.
This is how she is...
Why doesn't she grow up?
An odd girl.
How old are you?
How old do you think?
16? 17?
I'm so happy.
I wish I were 16.
Something nice happened when I was 16.
What happened?
It's a secret.
I remember the year.
The battle at Sekigahara happened.
Don't chatter on.
Play something for him.
You can tell it's gonna be trouble.
The way he's looking,
he won't give up Akemi now.
And then the amount he's paid's
enough to buy her.
If she doesn't obey him,
it's his fault.
But think, Oko...
It's not a bad deal.
He's an opportunist,
but his family's rich.
In his day, his father gave instruction
to the Shogun himself.
His school is chock full of students.
And he's a bachelor, so maybe she'll...
just maybe...
I'm all for it.
Who's to complain then?
Keep it in mind.
What are you doing?
I'm your husband.
Don't try that on me!
Drinking and loafing.
Who feeds you anyway?
Shut the screens and go away!
I'm going out.
Money to drink with.
You can take your time too.
- You live here?
- Yeah.
Tell Instructor Yoshioka!
He's here!
I don't know.
Don't lie!
He's here!
Hurry! Musashi Miyamoto,
a challenger, has come!
Musashi... Miyamoto?
Strongest man to date!
He's back!
You're late!
What a sight!
Our dojo master,
losing to a masterless samurai!
Shut up!
Luring our instructor out in broad daylight!
Where've you been?
Hold back!
Where is he?
He's gone!
- What? Ran away?
- No.
He'll cross swords any time.
His name?
From Yoshino of Sakushu...
Musashi Miyamoto.
Musashi Miyamoto?
Never heard of him.
Fencing Style?
He claims no teacher or style.
Taught by trees and wolves.
Strange fellow!
Find the masterless samurai!
He's a strong opponent!
Please send a messenger
to your brother!
- Why? You think I'll lose?
- No.
But he could kill him without
worrying about appearances!
The man sullies our honor.
Be quiet!
I head this school!
I'll show him our Kyohachi Style!
"I accept the challenge."
"Place: Rendaiji Temple field."
"Time: January 9th at 7 a.m."
"I swear to the above on the gods."
"If the opponent breaks his promise,"
"he will be ridiculed by the people."
"If I break my promise,
I will be punished by the gods."
"New Year's Eve, 1605."
"Signed by Seijuro Yoshioka."
"To Musashi Miyamoto,
Sakushu Samurai."
You're the same as when you
were at Shippoji Temple.
Are you angry?
I was wrong. I apologize.
No, I've forgotten everything.
Your words hurt me.
Why didn't I go home
with Tak?
Please, take me back again... na?
I'll turn over a new leaf,
and work really hard.
How can you say that now?
Can't you feel for me,
even a little!
Stop, stop.
Just a second.
Put me down.
What are you looking at?
Didn't you come to find me?
No, it's someone else!
Otsu, you're my fiance!
You can't marry unless
I say so!
It's unfair!
Don't let go, Matahachi!
Otsu! Prepare to die!
What's the idea running
from your own mother?
You're alive, return
and honor your ancestors!
I'm filled with hate!
I'm sorry.
I can't face you or Otsu.
I hate Otsu and Takezo!
Matahachi, why don't you kill Otsu?
Why don't you slay Takezo?
What do you mean?
You're hopeless.
For a man, you're way too soft!
Takezo knew you wouldn't
return for some time.
So he eloped with Otsu!
He stole Otsu from us
and Otsu shamed me!
I can't go home now.
Not without their heads!
I sold my land, traveled all over
and finally found my one enemy!
And you let her escape!
Is there no God or Buddha?
Matahachi, if you're a man,
kill your female foe!
Where is Takezo?
Fool! In Kyoto!
He's changed his name
to Musashi Miyamoto!
Find his hideaway!
He's that Musashi?
You're back?
Yoshioka's men have come many times.
They asked if you'd run away.
One's inside.
Drunk and in a bad mood.
I don't find this amusing!
Whispering behind my back
and laughing at me!
No, we're not!
Don't lie!
Scornful eyes!
I won't stand it!
Tak... that you?
I've been waiting for you!
It's been a long time!
I'm glad you came!
See? We've know each other
ever since childhood!
My heart shrank from seeing you.
You're a swordsman now and you beat
that big guy at the Yoshioka dojo.
I'm only a widow's toy.
A kept man.
That Oko ruined my life.
It's not too late!
Forget about the three years lost.
Remember your spirit
in the Sekigahara days!
You're strong,
but I'm no good.
You're wrong!
Know why I came here?
I came to kill you.
Mother insists I do it.
I can't go back empty-handed.
She still says that?
Where's Otsu?
You should know.
You eloped with her?
Return Otsu to me!
She's all I have now!
She's pure.
She's the only one I can go to.
You betrayed Otsu!
So I apologize!
I'll prostrate myself.
If you say so, I'll promise!
Save your breath.
I don't know where she is.
- You really don't?
- I don't.
We separated right away.
She's in Kyoto.
She followed you.
She was in front of the notice board
announcing the challenge.
You do love Otsu?
I can tell you do!
You're blushing!
Tak, you've got a match
with another Yoshioka tomorrow?
I'll be behind you,
so I'll pick up your bones.
Why run away?
I hate it!
Mother may have sold me,
but it's my body and I didn't!
Not with you, even if I die!
She'll give in eventually.
Poor girl.
We'll both spend the night.
What's this?
Coming home so soon?
Slut! Slut!
What's the meaning of this?
Even you're getting jealous?
Get out if you don't like it!
I won't ask you to stay!
Damn it! Who'd stay here?
Help! Help! Help me.
Don't come here again!
I'm sorry.
I love you very much.
Akemi, I'm not the only one.
Most men are like me.
The day will come
when you'll understand.
No! Beast!
Be killed by Takezo!
I wish I were dead!
Poor girl.
Oko's a devilish woman!
Take me with you!
Somewhere faraway!
You needn't stay with that witch.
A bloody stepmother!
Let's go to Osaka!
Both you and I, Akemi,
we've been at the mercy of others.
Let's prey on others from now on!
We'll make money, anyway.
We can and enjoy life!
It's what were we born for?
I'll go anywhere with you!
If I succeed, Mother...
The match!
- What about it?
- It's about to start!
- Yes.
- Where is he?
Over there!
A Yoshioka man?
Chase the crowds away!
It's painful!
Cut if off from the shoulder-joint!
Someone cut off my right arm!
The bones are smashed!
Where'd he get ready?
Why didn't he stop
by where we were?
- He said it would be cowardly to have help!
- Fool!
Defeated by Musashi?
Who're you?
I'm Kojiro Sasaki of Iwakuni.
Kojiro Sasaki?
Instructor Yoshioka.
You should walk.
It's only an arm. It's not fatal.
- What's that?
- What'd you say?!
If he's carried back, he'll be laughed at
and disgrace his dojo.
It would ruin his father's esteemed name.
Down! Put me down!
Please don't!
Cut off my right arm!
I can't walk like this.
Cut it at the shoulder!
You cut it off!
If I may.
Go ahead!
See a doctor first!
Be quiet!
If his body sways, the blood will
go to his head, he'll swoon.
Let me go!
I'll walk home!
Let me go!
Let go!
Don't you hear me?
I thought...
that the reputation
my father's esteemed name...
applied to me too.
Say no more.
It's bad for your wound.
Why didn't I die?
Your younger brother has returned!
What happened?
I'm glad you're back!
Uncle, long time.
Seijuro's become like this.
You must mend your ways.
Settle down here at home and
uphold the Yoshioka name.
I know.
I'll restore the family name.
Where's this Musashi then?
Pitting yourself against him?
Isn't that why you sent for me?
You're grossly mistaken.
You're not strong
enough to defeat Musashi.
I'm not you!
If you're defeated,
the fencing school can't continue.
Our respected family name,
will die out.
Let me breathe shame alone.
You talk like a samurai
even if you are sick.
If I don't defeat Musashi,
what then of our family name?
Don't repeat my mistake.
Don't shame our father's name.
I'd rather our family ended now.
You're weak,
so you lost to Musashi.
You're too sensitive
to succeed the Yoshioka name.
Say nothing and just watch me.
I'm counting on you, Denshichiro.
I'm in charge of this dojo now!
I'm not lax like my Brother!
Take a Letter of Challenge.
Place: Sanju Sangendo.
Time: 8 p.m.
To show I've taken over!
You won Brother's favor by flattery.
And weakened the morale... of our school.
I should say not!
Who said so?
You're expelled.
Get out!
I won't.
I won't.
Get out or I'll kill you.
Musashi came!
In the compound!
Uncle, it's a duel. Bringing so many men,
will make me look weak.
Please withdraw.
don't underestimate the enemy.
I know.
Withdraw, men!
You're late!
And not even ready?
Using a wooden or real sword?
You don't even have a wooden one!
If it's to be a wooden one,
I'll take yours and fight.
Shut up!
I hold in contempt
half measures and cowardly acts!
Right, we'll use real swords!
The Yoshiokas and Musashi Miyamoto,
are having a third duel!
When? And where?
Day after tomorrow.
At the foot of Mount Ichijoji.
Musashi fights Genjiro.
Is there such a man?
Genjiro's the son of
Instructor Yoshioka's uncle.
He's 13 years old.
Only 13?
He's a boy, so the Yoshioka
men can help him.
I see. Keep attacking Musashi
until he's dead.
The Instructor's enemy.
Should've done it the first time.
You've been very kind.
Please take care.
Takezo, prepare to die!
Elder Mother...
Fate is bitter!
After all my pains,
I couldn't avenge my son!
What do you mean?
Matahachi's still alive.
Be quiet!
Kill me! Kill me!
Cut off my head!
Where's Matahachi?
It's not your concern!
I disowned that undutiful wretch!
Old man, take care of her.
So be it. Good luck.
Running, coward?
Wife thief!
Your life will end today!
Dozens of Yoshioka men are waiting!
The road to Ichijoji leads to death!
It really is you?
You were in Kyoto?
You didn't go home?
Since then?
Takezo, I heard about you.
so I stayed.
I'm with Priest Takuan's friend,
Nobleman Karasuma.
I missed you so much.
Aren't you angry with me?
You've forgiven me?
You're going to the
hanging pine at Ichijoji?
You're prepared to die?
If you die, I will die too.
What I tell you now
is the truth.
I love you!
I thought of you every day.
I thought of you,
lying in temples and fields.
I even hugged bedding thinking of you
to be able to pass the night.
Takezo, don't die!
I don't want you to!
I must go.
They say your opponent's
only a boy of 13.
Why fight a child?
You think so too?
I don't blame you,
but I can't back out!
It's the code of the sword.
Let's return to Miyamoto Village.
You took them on both the Yoshioka brothers.
Forget about Genjiro.
You beat both of them.
Why engage in more duels?
If my victory is to count,
then I must win today!
That's the way of the sword!
I've decided...
to live by the sword!
Sorry, hate me.
Reproach me.
I'm like that.
Farewell, Otsu!
I'm glad we met!
I will still die, if you die.
Let my heart decide that.
They're all here?
Yes, about 60 men.
I'd hoped for more.
Never mind.
Too many, and they'd just get
in each other's way.
Genjiro, don't worry.
Outwardly, you're his opponent.
But you just stand by the pine tree.
When the fighting starts,
you don't even move.
Then for the men's positions?
The ten best men
will guard your son.
The others will hide along
the three roads.
Musashi's a fast runner.
He'll strike where men are few.
Then he'll run and say he's won.
When he approaches the tree,
we cut off his escape.
He may bring men to help him too.
Don't worry.
They're here.
Please look up.
One gunner and three archers.
It's cowardly to use them!
We must kill Musashi
at whatever the cost!
Ours is a noble family of fencing instructors!
He's nothing but a beast!
People will side with us if we win!
So don't fight in a cowardly manner.
Be alert and remember. A wicked sword
can never defeat an honorable one!
Are you trembling?
No, a pine needle's in my back.
I'm not afraid.
That's good.
Fighting will start soon.
Watch closely.
It will come in useful later.
Musashi's late!
It's long past 4.
He's run away.
He's provoking us!
I'm afraid!
The fight's over!
I, Musashi, have slain Genjiro!
A dirty trick!
Musashi, you!
The lance is 9 ft 3 in. long.
The sword's 3 ft. 6 in.
Only 1/3 the length.
How can a short sword
defeat the lance?
But the tip of the lance...
is 1 ft. 6 in. Long.
The sword blade us 2 ft. 11 in.
It's twice as long.
I can win if I parry the lance
the instant it's thrust out.
When exactly to attack?
When the enemy moves.
Split-second timing...
The lancer's open to attack
when he's moving.
- EDO -
A vendetta?
I want to see Musashi upstairs!
Don't joke! Paid, maybe.
But no violence here!
Stop your nonsense!
Her story wrung our hearts,
so we're helping her!
Come down, Musashi,
or we'll throw up manure!
Takezo, don't you dare hide!
I failed in Kyoto, but I've traveled far!
Heaven's help is slow but sure!
I'll get your head today!
Feel the blade that
has divine protection!
She's dressed to die! And means
to avenge her son and his wife!
I'm a man!
I side with the underdog!
Move aside!
A Shogunate messenger!
I'm Kimura, Lord Yagyu's steward.
Is Musashi Miyamoto in?
Tell him I'm here.
Lord Yagyu?
That clod upstairs knows him?
If you're here on business, I'm ahead of you.
My business with Takezo comes first!
I won't leave without revenge!
Wrong man. Be quiet.
You'll get yourself executed!
What're you doing?
The great Lord Yagyu
refuses a match with me?
Did he give a reason?
It's contrary to the rules
of his fencing line.
Lord Yagyu is a daimyo.
I'm only a masterless samurai.
the way of the sword
transcends social position.
My lord has heard of your famous name.
But the Yagyu Family
instructs the Shogun.
Lord Yagyu is forbidden to
engage in private contests.
But this is a form of training...
The cardinal principle
of the Yagyu School...
The sword is not used in martial arts.
It's use is to preserve
order in the land.
And so must never be used
in personal competition.
The Yagyu sword
is not a sword of destruction.
The Yagyu sword
is the agent of the Shogun.
Which also means it must always work
for the good of the country and the people.
A samurai spends his life
proving his skills.
With pen and sword he prepares daily
to die bravely when called on
by his country or the people.
A sword prepared to die...
For whom?
Excuse me!
Something you'd like?
Polish my sword.
May I see it?
How do you wish me to polish it?
So it will cut cleanly.
I cannot polish a sword
in this condition.
Please take it elsewhere.
You feel it's not worth polishing?
No, no. Your sword's a Hizen
make and a fine sword.
Why then?
Didn't you see my sign outside?
I polish swords
that are a samurai's soul.
I don't polish ordinary swords.
This blade's nicked in many places
and the numerous blood stains
can't be wiped away.
Excuse me, but it's a blood
thirsty sword.
It's only been used to slay people.
You're displeased, aren't you?
Swords are primarily to preserve the peace.
They're divine agents. They ward off evil.
Leaders of men follow the sword
more as a self-discipline than to fight.
So they're called a samurai's soul.
Look at this sword.
How is it?
I feel the owner's tension.
It has sucked blood.
It's rusty, but it's not nicked.
It's worthy of being called
a samurai's soul.
The blade's three feet long.
To wear a sword such as this...
He must be very tall...
or very strong.
Slings it across his back, I heard.
I'm keeping it for Lord
Hosokawa's Chamberlain Iwama.
It belongs to Kojiro Sasaki,
his guest, I believe.
Kojiro Sasaki.
Please, have some more.
Did I go too far today?
No, no, everyone was
greatly impressed.
Our lord was also pleased.
I'm proud to have recommended you.
You see...
Chief Chamberlain Sado Nagaoka.
He's recommended Musashi Miyamoto
very strongly.
Musashi Miyamoto?
Our lord will see him.
And then decide whether
to employ you or not.
I withdraw!
I refuse to serve Lord Hosokawa!
To think I'd be compared
to a man like Musashi.
I'm regarded very cheaply.
Now, now. I expressed it badly.
There's no way I'd compare you to Musashi.
However our lord is trying to save
face for the Chamberlain.
Our lord is very wise.
He will know who's the better man.
Cheer up and drink.
- Omitsu, pour for him.
- Yes.
I would never want to make trouble
for your kind father.
I'll reconsider.
You know Musashi?
What's your opinion of him?
There are not many men like him.
Few men are as smart.
Being too polite is
a disservice to our lord.
Be frank and speak up.
It's said Musashi challenged Yoshioka
solely to gain fame.
Sometimes a masterless samurai
is forced to use extreme means
to seek notoriety.
A swordsman
can not bear to see
his skill go to waste.
He wishes to offer his
services to a worthy lord.
Musashi gained notoriety
to achieve this same purpose?
Is Musashi swordsmanship
really strong?
He's an expert.
But only in the art of living.
Kyo-ryu Yoshioka was a strong swordsman.
But his successors were like
decayed trees.
Musashi helped them fall
by pushing them down.
Some praise Musashi,
and make the claim
that he's the strongest swordsman seen
since Sekishusai Yagyu.
Didn't he take on more
than seventy Yoshioka men?
He did so using underhanded tricks.
Arriving late,
he attacked from the rear.
He killed his opponent,
a small boy.
And beat a hasty retreat.
I am honored to be received
for your audience, Sire.
Seats for them.
I have heard about you.
You beat a hasty retreat?
Fools are as many as wise men.
Rumors vary.
I see.
I hear you both wish
to serve me and my clan.
What are your reasons?
It is the perfect place for the
best swordsman in Japan to die.
This is a nice place to die?
Yes, Sire.
You too?
Two outstanding swordsmen are here.
But I do not need
two fencing instructors.
What shall I do?
Begging your pardon.
Two best men are inconvenient.
I would be pleased to settle it
to be allowed a match.
Please excuse me
from engaging in a match.
Not afraid, by any chance?
To be honest
I do not wish to serve a lord.
Am I unsatisfactory?
No, Sire.
I am unsettled and immature.
I am not certain that
I could serve you
at the level you deserve.
you recommended him,
but he's not interested.
I was anxious to present him to you.
I did not mention service to Musashi.
You didn't tell him?
I see!
I'm honored to have met you.
I too.
Service apart
we should have a showdown once.
This is a good chance.
Let's decide the day and time.
it seems to be your rule
never to arrive on time.
When the right occasion arrives.
Is that necessary?
I see.
You have matches with only
the men you can defeat?
Kojiro Sasaki...
I make you our instructor.
Thank you, Sire.
Musashi Miyamoto...
When you want a match
with Kojiro, come to Kokura.
Return Matahachi and Otsu to me!
You inhuman wretch!
Have you no ears?
I'm asking you!
Let me kill you!
Excuse me.
Is Priest Takuan,
the head priest, here?
Yes, he is.
Takuan is still the head priest.
Announce me to him.
I'm Musashi Miyamoto, a masterless
samurai from Sakushu.
- Tak?
- Mata?
What happened to you?
As you can see,
I came here with priest Takuan.
A monk?
This is a surprise!
I've renounced the world.
I'm training to be a Buddhist priest.
Fine, but your old mother?
Don't ask me that.
She died by the roadside somewhere?
I pray for her soul.
She's in Edo.
In Edo?
My mother?
Don't neglect her!
Hear me out, Tak!
I didn't mean to,
but Akemi and I ran away
to live in Osaka.
With Akemi?
I meant to succeed
and go home in glory.
But things didn't go to plan.
I sold watermelons and such.
The long, shameful days
turned me back to drink.
Akemi became disgusted with me.
We had fights all the time.
It was hell on earth.
When I couldn't stand it any more,
I left.
While I was loafing, I got involved
in bad work and was arrested.
Priest Takuan saved me from
being executed in Osaka.
All I've ever been...
is a sinner.
Don't cry.
You're a monk now
and have gained peace of mind.
There's no peace!
They half kill you in Zen temples!
I tried to escape many times!
Don't give up!
I came here,
because I suffered such agony.
Make soy bean paste!
It's Takezo!
He's Musashi Miyamoto now!
I missed you!
So you've come at last?
Why must I kill?
Why must I become a great swordsman?
I'm confused.
You wanted to rise in the world.
Until the battle of Sekigahara.
But I found no great
general to kill.
We were licked instead.
Wounded, a straggler
and pelted by rain all night.
I might have died for a lord
I'd never even seen.
An unbearable thought.
So you've never served a lord?
I wish to train
without being bothered.
Put more salt in!
Hey, be careful.
That's too much!
I want to live my own life.
Why did you avoid
the match with Kojiro Sasaki?
I began to have doubts
about the way of the sword!
I don't think so.
You were afraid of Kojiro?
Filled with panic, you shrank back.
How about it?
Am I right?
Yes, you are!
It's all right.
Priest, if I let go.
I'll fall.
I'm struggling half-way up a precipice.
Beat me...
so I'll awake from my lethargy.
Begin with nothing.
Please hang me up again
from that 1,000-year-old cedar tree!
Help me attain enlightenment.
Enlightenment? (satori)
What a thing to say.
Even I haven't attained it.
I can't let you realize it
before even I do.
In no way can 'satori' be gained
by the sword.
If you're aware the moment
someone kills you, you might realize it.
If enlightenment's so important,
don't avoid being slain by Kojiro.
If not, throw away your sword
and go home.
In Miyamoto village, Otsu longs for your return
from the bottom of her heart.
Elder Mother!
Elder Mother!
Elder Mother!
I heard you'd returned!
It's Otsu!
Elder Mother!
Where are you?
I'm afraid...
I can't see any more.
I'm here.
I'm over here.
You're so thin.
Elder Mother...
When did you return?
The day before yesterday.
From Kyoto I walked my legs stiff
to Owari, Ise, Suruga, and Edo.
I became completely exhausted.
It's a wonder I made it back alive.
And Matahachi. Where's he?
That undutiful son
ran away along the way.
Why did you come?
You came to see me die?
No. I heard you were back,
and in great difficulty.
Elder Mother, are you hungry?
I'm almost starving to death.
- Then, I'll make some gruel.
- Gruel...
Merciful Buddha.
- A drink of water first?
- Yes.
You must hate me.
No, you loved me, an abandoned child.
I still remember that.
You're a sweet girl.
The villagers won't come near me
but you came to save me.
Elder Mother, here's you water.
Thank you. Help me up.
Thank you. Now please hand me
the cup of water.
Elder Mother,
the well water's cold here.
Let's live in my room
at Shippoji Temple.
Elder Mother. I'm the cause of all your hardships.
And Matahachi's behavior.
I'll spend my life with
you to make up for it.
Have you given up Takezo?
But I'm afraid he will never
return to this village.
Elder Mother, please think of me as
your daughter-in-law from now on.
You'll be my mother and I'll
be good to you in your son's place.
You disgraced the Hon'iden family!
You even stole our family's
memorial tablets! I'll kill you!
Elder Mother...
Elder Mother...
Where did you hurt yourself?
She's dead!
Matahachi, I killed one of
the enemies, and avenged you!
Only Takezo's left!
Only Takezo!
Otsu! Otsu!
We know where Takezo is!
A medicine man just came!
Takezo's going to fight a man
named Kojiro Sasaki in Kokura!
Everyone's talking about it!
Are you conscious?
Takezo, his whereabouts!
Yes, we know where he is!
Why didn't you stop Takezo?
He's no good.
I'm worse than he is!
Yes. Just follow me.
It's you?
You've changed.
I'm a monk and live at a temple in Otsu.
I saw Takezo off to Kokura
from Sakai port this morning.
Ganryu's Lord Hosokawa's
fencing instructor,
Kojiro Sasaki's his name.
Takezo's fighting him.
He must have crossed this bridge
this morning?
Oh, your child?
What do you mean?
This nose...
These eyes.
Fool! Fool! You fool!
Exactly like me.
My child!
What's the matter?
Priest, look at this baby!
This sweet face!
I'm a father, but I never knew!
Please excommunicate me as of today.
Make me common man again.
No matter what Buddha or you say!
I can't leave my family
to lead a wretched life!
I don't want enlightenment!
You must be angry, but think of
me as no-good and return alone.
Matahachi, I see you've gained
enlightenment before Musashi.
Your present feelings are
that of a true human being.
Musashi's like that too
he can't see who he is either.
Unlike you, he has yet to see.
So he's a fool among fools.
No, but thank you very much.
APRIL 13, 1612 AT 8 A.M.
The 13th at 8 o'clock in the morning?
We should go and watch?
How can we, fool?
It's three miles away on an island.
The pine trees can be seen by
climbing to the top of Mojigaseki.
Why is it at Funajima Island?
Is Musashi Miyamoto here and ready?
Who are you?
Chamberlain Nagaoka's messenger!
Tell him I'm here!
Yes, sir.
How did you know?
I searched all over
before finding you!
The Chamberlain's
very worried about you!
I'm sorry.
I didn't expect you to be here.
You want something?
What a question!
The duel's at 8 a.m.
Kojiro and the observers went
to Funajima Island long ago!
Come with me
and prepare for the duel!
There's a boat's ready!
I am grateful to the Chamberlain...
for his kindness.
But I will start off on my own
when I'm ready.
I have come for you!
Don't you understand?
Kojiro and I are enemies.
He used his lord's boat.
If I use the Chamberlain's boat...
Wouldn't it imply that the Chamberlain
is Lord Hosokawa's enemy?
I'll use a boat here.
Please give him my regards.
Hey, Akemi...
- Do you know where Musashi is?
- No.
We came all the way from Kyoto.
What for to sell him candy?
What's that? I'll have you know
Musashi and I are old friends.
My hawk...
Go home.
Kojiro came two hours ago.
I know it!
I've sent a messenger!
Will Musashi come?
Yes, without fail!
Are you prepared for the consequences
if Kojiro loses?
I only care for the clan.
We'll kill Musashi and say
they killed each other.
Can he be killed so easily?
Magoshiro's men are hiding
behind the enclosure.
If he escapes to the sea
Kojiro's men will stop him.
They will overturn the boat
and sink him in the sea.
It's about time to go.
Please tell me
when you're ready to leave.
Your clothes...
and everything you need
are in the next room.
Thank you.
Not at all.
Is it ebb tide?
No, not quite yet.
Ebb tide these days
is around 10 a.m.
10 a.m?
The boat?
Yes. I chose an especially fast one
from among the many boats.
Keep it where it won't be noticed.
Very well.
Near the Heike pine tree then.
A beach about 200 yards
to the east.
You've been very kind.
I can't pay you enough.
I carved this Goddess of Mercy.
Please accept it as a keepsake.
Thank you.
I hope we can talk tonight under
the same lamp like last night.
You came here?
Are you alone?
You went home?
Elder Mother... died.
Matahachi, does he know?
Forgive me.
A man may not be as cold
as he seems.
You're my only...
I know.
Forgive me!
Say one word - call me "wife".
After saying you understood
it's best left unsaid.
A samurai's wife must be brave!
She sends him off with a smile.
Especially, since he may never return.
Pretty late.
It's way past 8 a.m.
10 a.m...
Maybe even a little past 10.
Just right.
What's that?
Hikojima Island.
Why are men hidden in
the pine grove?
Insurance to ensure a win?
What about my pride?
It's stupid to fight like this!
I withdraw!
You're our fencing instructor.
So what of it?
Calm down.
He's only a masterless samurai.
It's the Hosokawa Clan versus Musashi.
We can't afford to lose
to a mere ronin!
Think it over well.
Needless consideration!
I'm certain to defeat him!
He's coming!
Musashi's boat!
Don't move!
I need no help.
Straight ahead.
Far enough.
If you go in too far,
you might hit a rock.
You're late, Musashi.
We do it here?
I'll kill you according
to the code of the sword.
I, Kojiro Sasaki,
will kill you, Musashi.
Poor Kojiro!
In a hurry to die?
Victors never discard their scabbard.
You've lost already!
That's just nonsense.
None of them can catch us!
Tak, we came to pick up
your bones.
But we didn't see you.
Takezo won't lose.
Even if he wins,
he'll soon find a new enemy to fight.
Tak, what will happen to you
after this?
Sleep, sleep little baby.
Mother's cooking food.
In the big red bowl,
put the warm, soft rice.
On the wide, white plate,
put the steaming greens.