Mob Rules (2010) Movie Script

Life is but a stage...
and we are merely players.
If Shakespeare
had it right,
then time is the hall
where we wait...
going over every line,
counting our entrances
and our exits,
until the lights dim
and the murmur
of the crowd fades
telling us it's our moment
in the spotlight.
Is this what
you had in mind?
Is it?
With sweaty palms
and nervous feet,
we take the stage.
Anton, come on.
It's bloody cold.
What always stands in the way
of what we want?
- Her husband?
- No, a door.
And every door has a lock.
You just have to find
the right...
- key.
Garden was full of keys.
The alarm.
I guess they forgot
to pay the bill.
Oy, tippy-toe.
Alas, poor Yorick.
I knew him well.
Alas, poor Yorick.
I knew him, Horatio.
A man of infinite jest.
You knew him well.
- Bollocks.
- Tyrone, be quiet.
Go check the bedroom.
Too heavy.
Nothing in the bedroom
but linens and lint.
Life but a walking shadow.
Too old.
A poor player who struts
and frets his hour upon the stage
and then is heard
no more.
Too ugly.
A tale told
by an idiot.
scene five, act five.
Come on.
It's like Harry fucking
Potter in here.
It's the third house tonight
and nothing worth stealing.
I'm tired of all
this wizard rubbish.
Is love a tender thing?
Is it too rough, too rude,
too boisterous?
And it pricks like thorn.
If love be rough with you,
be rough with love.
Prick love for pricking
and you beat love down.
"Romeo and Juliet,"
act one, scene four.
My nephew painted something
like this in primary school.
It's a Picasso.
That's got to be
worth something, right?
No, too easy to trace.
She's got eyes
like the bluest skies.
And if she
thought of rain,
I hate to look into those eyes
and see an ounce of pain.
Guns N' Roses,
"Sweet Child O' Mine,"
verse two.
Thought you were
a Spice Girls fan.
- Occasionally.
- Yeah.
'Ere, it looks
a little like my mate.
Same round face.
You know, the fat geezer
with the beer gut.
You know who I'm talking about.
He drinks all those pints.
Trick or treat.
Great costume,
Mr. Farrington.
Did you know
it's Halloween?
There you go,
Lone Ranger.
One for you, Tonto.
And one for you,
Pirate Jack.
Well, off you go.
- I love Halloween.
- I got a car.
Only time you can walk around
with a gun and a mask on.
Where's Reggie?
He's still in there!
Drive, will you, man?
Reggie's dead.
he's dead.
House is a waste of time.
All these pretty houses
and nothing to show for it.
My mom was right.
I should have moved to America
and become a gangster rapper.
At least I could
still carry a gun.
We haven't
found a shekel.
And look at it,
it's starting to rain.
You fancy a holiday?
What are you
going on about?
Do you mean like
a proper holiday?
I mean a paid holiday.
I have a plan.
So who's the lucky geezer?
The name's C-Note.
Miles Davis wannabe and a petty thief
from the West End.
He thought he'd hit it big
when he got wind
of a warehouse down at the docks
used as a money drop by a Turkish
arms dealer called Shank.
Yeah, the Dockland City
raid, right?
Every two-bit hood worth his
salt knows about that job.
I heard he nicked
a million quid,
killed his partner and then fucked off
to America with all the cash.
- Must be...
- 10 years, mate.
And now he owes
half of LA.
At least the seedier half.
He started with the Silhouette,
a low-rent strip club in the Valley.
And now he's gone Hollywood...
trendy bar with a penthouse,
overpriced sushi joint
in Little Tokyo,
massage parlor.
So it's true.
He made it
to the promised land.
Come on, Peaches.
I told you not tonight.
This is a charity event.
That was a charity.
Did you see that guy?
Shaken, not stirred.
I'm on the list,
but you should watch that one.
Sir, do you mind
if I check you for weapons?
What about him?
They're twins.
You can pick them up
on your way out.
You're gonna leave
a brother naked?
Enjoy the party.
Didn't I tell you
to leave them in the car?
It was cold.
What a body!
You see that?
Fucking hell.
- Hey, babe.
- Hi.
- What you having?
- The usual.
I'll have a brandy and coke
- and I'll have a Ketel One, please.
- You got it.
My mom was right.
Crime does pay.
He thinks this place
makes him look legit.
He thinks running charity events
and rubbing shoulders with celebrities
will buy his way through
the pearly gates.
Well, he's got enough shekels to pay
St. Peter to look the other way
while he sneaks in the back,
that's for sure.
It's the devil he'll be paying
when I'm done with him.
Our guest of honor.
Thank you, thank you.
Wait a minute.
That's Clarence Norrington.
Clarence Norrington
is C-Note?
You're kidding me.
He was the best
saxman in London.
I heard him down
at the One Hundred Club once
hold a single note for 10 minutes
straight without taking a break.
I'm telling you,
Clarence Norrington was...
Oh, hi.
Remind me again
why I'm here.
Because you need a zoning
permit for the new club.
It's a great night, Clarence.
Well, you know, we do what we can
in the name of a good cause.
Hey, how are you?
You know why we really do
these things, don't you?
Let me put my wife to bed
and I'll be right back.
send that up to my room.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Oh, the variance?
The variance is looking really good.
I do not want that prick
in my hotel ever again.
And give Tina $500. Tell her to take
the rest of the night off, please.
Yeah, I'll take care of it.
Wall. Wall!
I said relax.
Go and have a drink.
Hey, Tina,
can I see you upstairs?
Yeah, I'll be right up.
- Nurse.
- Yes sir?
Thou art more fairer
than tongue can name thee.
And thou art fouler than
the heart can think thee.
- Ah, you like Shakespeare.
- Not really.
- What about my drink?
- You're at the bar.
Listen, really good
to see you.
I won't be long.
Step back.
I told you this was
a charity event, right?
And I had to bring my wife.
What was I supposed to do, tell everyone
she's at home with the kids
and I'd like to introduce
them to my fucking mistress? Oy.
It's just one night,
Could you not stay
with a friend?
- Just for me?
- I live here.
And it's my fucking penthouse.
Please, just for tonight,
stay upstairs.
- It's Sydney's birthday and we were...
- Just keep it upstairs.
You're not invited.
I will try
and get away later.
You owe me for this.
Oh, I don't doubt it.
I'll try
and get away later.
Try hard.
Little problem
in the kitchen.
Hey, Mr. Miller.
How you been?
Good, man. Hey, so I'm putting
the band back together.
You still playing?
Now where did you hear
about that?
I saw you at Ronnie's
a couple of times.
- Ronnie Scott's?
- Yeah.
I've been across the pond
a couple times.
- You don't play no more?
- No, man.
I haven't touched it
for 10 years.
- It's like riding a bike.
- Is it?
You ought to pick it up.
Keep you sane.
Yeah, not for me.
Ooh, hold on.
- This ain't nothing, mate.
- Really?
- You know my cousin down at the docks?
- Uh-huh.
Well, he was telling me
about this warehouse.
Hold on.
Oh no.
Take Marley and get
him some ice cream.
I told you...
when the time's right.
Now go on.
It's just my kid brother.
He's cool.
But what's coming
in that warehouse,
that's gonna buy us
the whole fucking club.
I've got it all
worked out.
So the man lives up
to the myth.
He's done all right
for himself, hasn't he?
Well, I'm sure he's got
enough dough to spare
for a couple of his fellow countrymen.
So how do we do it?
we need some information.
And that's gonna cost.
We need some startup cash.
That's easy enough.
Pimp or pusher?
Tails. You lose.
Get the shit.
You're such a pussy,
you know that?
- That's it.
- Oh, no no no.
Damn it.
Come on.
- No no no no.
- Oh shit.
- Oh! Fuck!
- Whoo-hoo!
Breakfast of champions!
You're such
a fucking loser.
This is bullshit.
You good?
What are you doing? If you're finished
with the tea and cookies,
maybe we can get the fuck
out of here before the pigs show up.
You make these?
Martha Stewart
was my cellmate.
I can bake,
knit a sweater.
There's ice cream in the fridge
if you're still hungry.
Ah! Fuck, man!
You take the girl out
for a cheeseburger.
And chips.
Man, what the fuck
are you dealing with?
Them skinny-ass cunts ain't
got two balls between them.
Man, you need to relax.
What's he gonna do,
stab me with a bent spoon?
Get out of the way,
you idiot.
Don't even breathe.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You know we're gonna have to
get rid of this car now.
Who puts a sawed-off shotgun
in the freezer?
Should probably get a hybrid.
Start working locally.
Well, at least we got
some shekels, right?
Salvadore Falso.
He sits there
with that black case
like he's waiting outside
the principal's office
every last Thursday
of the month.
He says he was a big shot
accountant or something.
Works for C-Note now.
Says he can get me fired,
but you know what?
I don't think C-Note
likes him very much.
I've seen him a couple
of times in the club.
He comes in all coked up,
all sweaty.
Just like all
the rest of them.
But it's me
that's making him sweat.
What's in the case?
Why don't we hit the club?
C-Note's a surveillance freak.
He's got the Silhouette locked up
tighter than the queen's ass.
And even if we could get in, we'd have
to get past C-Note's man Terrence.
- Terrence?
- Terrence Delano Giancana.
He's the guy
that counts all the money.
- Not Giancana the mobster?
- Nah, he's a distant cousin.
The geezer that was just
on the History Channel?
He retired from the family
business years ago.
Now he likes
to see himself more
of a motivational speaker.
He never really has
that much to say.
Likes to let his Louisville Slugger
do most of the talking.
like Kentucky?
Like the bat.
- Fucking hell.
- Old school.
So why don't we hit the Mexican
between the club and the drop?
No, he's Italian.
And even he has to wait
until he gets the call.
Last Thursday
of every month.
LAPD's always watching,
trying to follow the money.
But it's like a game
of cat and mouse.
They always lose.
Well, we ain't LAPD, dread.
We're Starsky and Hutch.
And he's not alone.
Wall picks him up
from the club.
Man, what is that?
Is that a fucking tick
or something?
Wall never leaves the money.
And this guy takes loyalty
to another level.
So it's just the Mexican
and one guy?
I mean, how tough can
this Wall character be?
Yeah, how tough?
It was his twin brother.
Old Testament.
Blood may be thicker than
water, but bad's to the bone.
A bat-wielding mafia
hit man at the club,
and a twin-brother-killing
bodyguard everywhere else.
His girlfriend must be sick
and tired of all this testosterone.
I know I am.
She's well cared for.
- Cheers, babe.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks, darling.
- No problem.
A gilded cage
is no sanctuary.
My mom was right.
We should have been
a couple of bankers.
- You are.
- I said bankers.
Then the money would
have come to us.
Where'd you get this tea?
- It's nice, isn't it?
- Mmm.
I nicked a couple of bags
from C-Note's bar.
Hey, where are you going?
Hold that for us, darling.
- See you later.
- Bye.
He does shit like that.
So what's up with him?
Okay, you know what?
You need a drink.
Would you throw
everybody out, please?
All right, come on.
I got your favorite.
You know, he's never
gonna leave her, Chilli.
There are plenty of guys
in this town just like him.
Come on, Chilli.
You can have any guy you want.
I don't want anybody.
Come on,
you have options.
Not me.
Okay, you sure?
Tell Ian I'll meet him
in my room.
Hey, that shit
ain't free.
You know what?
Maybe this shit
ain't free either.
I'm just saying I'm the one who has
to pay for the shit. You know?
You know what?
Wait here.
- Where have you been all day?
- Come on.
I told you it was my daughter's
birthday, right?
Look, I'll send Wall
around with the car.
Meet me downstairs in half an hour
and we'll go to the spa.
Stop thinking
and do what you came to do
You know I want this
And I need you.
What's this?
Just thought you needed a new kettle...
one that works.
It's not my birthday.
It's been 10 years, mate.
- Time to put it behind you.
- I know what time it is.
You're always looking down at that
busted watch
like it's as right as Big Ben.
A man of your stature needs a proper
timepiece. You know what I mean?
- Looks like a piece of shit, don't it?
- Yeah.
But that's the whole point.
The coppers won't think
twice about it.
- Oh.
- But the engine's souped up.
- Right.
- It'll go like shit off a shovel.
Oy. Whatever happens
in that warehouse,
you stay in the car.
Do you understand?
And when we say drive,
you fucking drive.
Right, all right.
Got it.
- When you say drive, I drive. I got it.
- Yeah.
Whatever happens,
stay in the car.
- Right.
- Now go on.
Wash up.
Wipe that grin off your face
before Mom sees you.
Here, have a read
of the inscription.
Go on.
"To my brother in arms.
Always strong,
always courageous."
Who's Robert Wellington?
Oh, I couldn't get
a blank one.
I'm touched.
Come on, time to go.
Where are we going?
I got a shirt
just like that.
You ran out of mint,
so I crushed up some Tic Tacs.
They're called
Tic Tac Tos.
What the hell are
you doing on my boat?
Bloody starving, man.
Just listen, all right?
We go through the alley,
around the service entrance.
Back door's taken care of.
He makes the call.
We wait,
then the money comes to us.
- Cool?
- Yeah, I'm fucking cool.
I don't need
a puppet show.
How many times you gonna
go over the same shit?
And why am I
always the pepper?
Because you're fucking
- Hey.
- Sorry about that, babe.
It keeps him calm.
I've tried to get him to take his
medication, but it's a struggle.
- What'll you have?
- I'll have a number three.
- Number three.
- With coffee.
- Coffee.
- Black.
- Black. Hey.
- Hello.
It's a fucking diner. They got the same
shit in every other diner.
And you get the same shit
every time, so just order.
I'll have a number five.
- Five.
- With a Coke.
- Diet.
- Diet Coke.
Eggs over easy, not runny.
Oh, wheat toast
instead of white.
Uh, and strawberry,
not grape.
- Oh, and...
- I dare you.
I fucking dare you.
Thanks, C-Note.
Don't be late tomorrow.
She's too skinny.
Fell off a boat down
at the docks.
Mate, it's your birthday,
not mine.
Yeah, but it's not right
that the best jazzman
on the West Side should be
without his instrument.
- Hey, you'll never guess.
- What?
Oh, man.
Oh well.
That is beautiful, man.
Happy birthday.
Cheers, man.
Fucking Miles Davis, man.
Oh! That's more
like Bette Davis.
Cheers, man.
Every time.
Did you think you'd
still be doing this?
This... this...
Best laid plans
of mice and men, huh?
Never gave it much thought.
And especially after that
thing with Hoffa, you know?
- I'm lucky to be anywhere.
- You knew Jimmy Hoffa?
You might know where
he is, though, right?
The game you think
you're playing
I already know
I made it up myself
so show some shame
And let me go
I turn you upside down
I turn you
inside out
You don't know me,
You don't know
what I'm about
I turn you upside down
I turn you
inside out...
She can still
work that stage.
Maybe she wants
her old job back.
How many times we
been doing this shit?
We've been doing this kind
of shit loads of times,
and not once has it ever
gone according to plan.
- What?
- You know what that is?
- What what it?
- All this.
Planning everything down
to the last second.
"What if this happens?
What if that happens?" It's avoidance.
Oh, is that your professional
opinion, Dr. Freud?
Or did you just pull
that one out of your ass?
You know what
you're trying to avoid?
Any responsibility
If anything goes wrong,
you can always blame me.
All right.
- Call it.
- I ain't calling shit.
I told you,
I don't base my decisions
on a fucking coin toss.
Oh, I forget.
You don't believe in fate, in luck.
Well, you're lucky that
I've got enough luck for the both of us.
And I'd rather be lucky than prepared
any day of the week. Any day.
Well, then you're lucky
I'm so prepared.
You finished
with that egg?
Cherry's got
one regular customer
and every single night
he falls asleep on that stage.
Bad for business.
The old man's 90 years old
and still leaves every
night with a boner.
Cherry must be doing
something right.
You okay, baby?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Don't do that.
- Do what?
That was on tails
and that is bad luck.
Do not put it in with
the rest of my money.
- You wanna check the books?
- Yeah.
Darling, do us a favor...
go and tell Wall it's time to bring
the car around, please.
To the best jazz club
in London...
the Silhouette.
- Sweet as.
- Yeah.
- Daddy.
- Oy.
- Daddy, can we play?
- Come sit right here.
- Can we play?
- We'll keep it for later.
Got it all planned
to the last second.
- I believe you have.
- Are you the cowboy?
Yeah, Tonto.
What time you got?
It's three minutes
after 3:00.
I can see
the fucking clock.
I'm asking,
what time do you have?
It's 3:03 on the dot.
Look at that.
This cost me $30,000
and I've got to ask
someone with, what,
a 20-buck fucking Casio
what time it is.
I thought that was a gift.
She buys me a watch,
that ends up
costing me $30,000
and it's not even right
twice a fucking day.
And it looks like a...
like a Christmas ornament.
Now tell me, is that a gift
or is that fucking extortion?
If I don't reset this
piece of shit every day,
I am living
in the fucking past.
It's cutting it close.
He's very late.
You do me a favor?
Don't tell him I came by.
Lot of agents come here.
For eggs and dope.
Not to see your
little skinny ass.
- Ha! You got jokes, huh?
- Yeah.
Must be one
of your patients, Mikie.
Doctor's in.
What you need?
Listen, I told you,
I don't speak Mexican,
Where the fuck are you?
I don't do business
there anymore.
Look look look.
I'll have your money tomorrow.
All of it.
I just need the shit!
All right, okay. You keep on borrowing
from Peter to pay Paul
and that shit's gonna catch up
to you in a permanent way.
I didn't lie.
I'm square, I swear.
- I'll get it. I swear.
- Whatever.
Listen, you just
remember, bitch,
I'm Paul.
Oh shit.
You understand that?
- Man.
- You need to get a job.
All right, well,
you need to get a car.
I can't be driving
my sister around.
- Huh-uh. That doesn't look...
- Look what?
- Cool?
- Oh, damn.
- Take the shit.
- I'm not carrying your shit.
- Sydney, take it.
- I'm not touching it.
- I quit.
- You quit?
- I quit.
- That's some bullshit, Sydney.
- I did, for real.
- Here.
- What the fuck is that?
- What the fuck does it look like?
Look, take this and put
the shit in your drawers.
- No.
- Sydney.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
I'm not carrying
your shit, Mikie.
Okay, maybe I'll just tell Mama
that you're my best customer.
No way.
Look, they can't touch you.
They have to call a lady cop.
Just take the shit
and put it in your drawers.
I'm not wearing
any underwear.
- You ain't wearing no drawers?
- No, I'm not wearing drawers.
Think he's stupid enough
to still be doing business out here?
Do something with it.
Yeah, he's stupid enough.
Sydney, come on.
I swear to God,
you owe me.
You owe me big time.
Detective Beller.
- Step out of the car.
- Hey, I'm just dropping my sister off.
She's meeting
with an agent.
Both of you step out
of the car.
I'm gonna fucking
kill you.
Put your hands
on the hood please, miss.
- She's meeting with an agent.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, man,
that's my sister.
Your sister,
Mikie, huh?
Mikie? They know you
by name, Mikie?
I didn't know you
had a sister, Mikie.
- But there is a resemblance.
- Hey, don't even think about it.
- Shut up, Mikie!
- You shut up!
- You shut up!
- What you gonna do?
I swear to God, they better take you
into protective custody.
When Mama finds out,
she's gonna beat you to death.
Find out about what?
I didn't do nothing.
You never do anything, Mikie.
Not little Mikie.
You never do anything.
- You just mad 'cause I'm the cute one.
- Shut up. Just...
She's not hiding anything
in this dress.
- You wanna check the car?
- Nah.
Let's leave him to the big sister.
You're a fucking idiot, Mikie.
Hey, what did you do
with the shit?
Don't ask.
Give me a tissue or your shirt.
- Hey, how are you today?
- Good.
I know. Everyone's tired.
We're all tired.
Keep it coming.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're a cop?
Yeah. You?
I'm nobody.
I'm hungry, babe.
I buried all of my enemies, Wall.
And most of my friends.
I'm hungry.
We'll stop for Chinese.
I hate Chinese.
I'm trying to pull your
baggie of dope out of my ass.
Hold on.
Look, do you want
the shit?
All right.
And where exactly
are you right now?
I'm in the toilet.
All right, that's cool.
I got my bitch right now
in the ladies' room
right next to you.
- Hold tight.
- What?
- Mikie.
- Listen, the shit I gave you,
there's this fucked-up
Mexican in the men's room.
- I'm not Mexican.
- I want you to wait outside the door.
When he comes out,
give the shit to him.
He'll be the one looking
like an illegal on the 4th of July.
- I heard you, Mikie.
- Girl, what?
Is he still
in the bathroom?
Hold on.
- Hey.
- You still in the bathroom?
Yeah, he's still
in the bathroom.
Tell him to put his ear
to the wall.
Hold on.
Sal, put your ear
to the wall.
- Who's your bitch now, Mikie?
- Sydney, I know you didn't!
Psst. See that?
God damn it.
Fuck fuck fuck!
Charlie. Charlie!
Oh, shoot.
What the fuck is wrong
with you, man?
You could have been the first
motherfucker killed by a hybrid.
Fucking hell.
If he was a second...
a second faster,
the motherfucker dead,
Jesus Christ, man.
You don't wanna live!
Little Jimmy.
I was just going to
give you a call.
I know it.
I have your money.
Well, I don't exactly
have it all right now,
on me I mean,
but tomorrow.
I got a call from
this guy in the hills.
He's a good customer
and he's having a...
Well, anyway, he's having a party
tonight and he's out of shit.
Embarrassing, right?
Well, anyway, he says
he'll pay whatever.
I should definitely
be able to get what
I owe you for tomorrow.
- What do you need?
- Come here. Come here.
Thank you.
So we're cool?
Time is...
running out.
When the little hand
is on the six
and the big hand
is on the 12,
if I don't have my money
in my hand,
you better just
fall down and die.
All right.
No problem.
Ciao, bella.
You know what?
Let's skip the spa tonight.
It's the last Thursday
of the month.
You said you were hungry, so let's...
let's just go back to the diner.
No, baby,
I got tension.
What is up
with you tonight?
What is that?
Wall, what is that?
What's that, boss?
That ticking.
You hear it?
You don't hear it?
It's not
a fucking clock, Wall.
We trade in this
piece of shit tomorrow.
But, boss, we just got
this six months ago.
Hey, don't fucking look
at her like I'm not in this car,
'cause she don't pay
for your shit.
I fucking pay
for your sh...
Fuck the both of you.
This car's got a tick.
- You want me to turn around?
- No.
Ms. Mizuno's expecting us.
- They're late.
- Man, shut the fuck up!
You should be happy
I can get some more shit tonight.
He cool.
Really? 'Cause he
don't look cool to me.
What you got for me?
- How much?
- 15.
No, that's too much.
It's too much.
Come on.
Well, maybe you should
get your shit at Target.
- Take it.
- All right.
It's cool.
Come on.
What can I say?
Supply and demand.
I heard that.
All right, baby girl.
All right, let's go.
What you gonna do
with all that?
You don't worry about it.
It's none of your business.
You ever get tired
of climbing on rooftops,
running through alleys?
You ever think
about retirement?
You're kidding me, ain't you?
What life have I got?
Broken marriage,
no kids
and an ex-wife who's screwing
me for everything I've got.
This is the life for me.
The adrenaline, the rush...
it's what keeps me alive.
There's only one way
to go.
You'll end up in a box,
six foot under.
We're all in boxes, mate.
I guess it's just
the ones we choose, right?
What? This wouldn't happen
if you had a shorter car.
Yeah, well, maybe I should
get a taller girlfriend.
Should I wait?
No, you go back to the club
and you babysit the money.
And you watch your back, because
Terrence is worried about Sal
and I'm beginning
to think he's right.
- Watch your back.
- Uh-huh.
There he goes.
It's pay day.
Will you tell that bitch
to open the door?
She acts like
she fucking owns the place.
English, Mom.
Call me next week.
Maybe we'll have another party.
- But I got the stuff.
- Do you have a watch?
I doubt that.
'Cause if you had a Rolex,
then you'd know that
when I called you last week
and told you that
I needed the shit tonight,
that that was last night.
And now
it's fucking tomorrow!
Well, you said
you needed it.
I'm clean now. I haven't touched that
shit in three and a half weeks.
I'm a director now.
You need to find God.
That's what you need.
Oh come on, man.
You take it
and then you use it
when you want.
No no no no no.
I'm a Pilates instructor now.
Yeah, I lost,
161 lbs.
Yeah, you should
see my ass now.
All right.
And here she comes.
- Who the fuck is that?
- Shh.
That is the key.
Oh shit.
Hello, brown sugar.
What the fuck you doing?
Someone could be watching.
Somebody is watching.
- Oh baby!
- Yes yes!
Yes yes!
Oh yeah.
Oh baby. Oh yeah.
You know what
I want you to say?
I want you to say wasabi
in Japanese.
- Wasabi is in Japanese.
- I know, but I want you to say it!
Yes! Yes!
Whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa whoa.
Wait wait wait,
wait wait wait.
Fuck, I'm not
even finished yet.
I thought you said
this wasn't gonna hurt.
I better look fucking 12
when I leave here.
We're closed.
Come back later.
It's my day off.
Well, as you can see,
I had to work.
You two boys walk
out of here now
and we'll call it quits.
You really don't want
to do this.
What is wrong
with you people?
Take that shit out
of the girl's face.
Sit down,
both of you.
Could we get to the fucking
point, please?
- The point?
- Yeah.
The point is...
That's right,
No, motherfucker.
Shoot me.
You got at least that waiting to be
picked up from the Silhouette.
Your man should be
there about now.
Someone's been
telling you stories.
But 200 grand...
- You got half an hour.
- Half an hour?
I'll tell you what...
let me send you a check.
Give us your address.
I'll make sure you get it.
It's the last Thursday
of the month.
The money,
have it brought here.
Who the fuck are you?
Make the call.
Or you
and your skanky girl
won't live to see tonight.
What the fuck do
I have to do with this?
So you think I'm gonna
work hard for my money
and then I'm gonna hand it over to you
fucking wankers?
I'll decorate this place
with your face, you little cunt.
You think I'm fucking
around, do you?
I think you look like Oprah Winfrey
in a ski mask so shut up.
Say something else about Oprah.
I dare you. I fucking dare you!
All right, all right, all right.
Easy, man, easy. Easy!
Don't fuck with Oprah.
Look, man.
This doesn't
have to get messy.
You say you work hard for your money.
You can make more.
Nah. Thing is,
this kind of thing
always gets messy, mate.
- You no have appointment.
- See?
I've got my fucking
appointment right here.
You're fucking kidding
me, aren't you?
It's all right.
I got this.
we're not here for you.
Now sit the fuck down.
And you over there.
- Uh!
- Just do it.
I know you.
I mean, I know you're
a North London nigga,
but who pointed you at me?
Who sent you here
to fuck with me?
What did they
tell you, eh?
That you can make a little
name for yourself,
come over here
and make it big stateside?
So you cowboyed up
with your mate Tonto here
and you thought you'd
give it a fucking go?
Let me tell you
a little secret.
Every fucker thinks they're
John Wayne out here.
What did he tell you,
big fella?
Did he tell you
I'd be easy?
You should hit me while
I'm having a massage with my lady?
While I'm unprotected?
Bet he didn't tell you
that I own this fucking place, did he?
- Fuck this shit.
- Hey.
My friend, I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
Then I guess I'm lucky
you're not me.
You better fucking know how to tango,
you gonna touch me like that.
She's from Brooklyn, man.
What can I tell you?
Didn't you check the bitch?
He doesn't wear a gun, so why
should I think she does?
Besides, she's
practically naked.
You gave your bitch a gun?
Do I look like the kind of man
who'd give his woman a gun?
Chilli, tell this fool
I didn't give you that gun.
Whoa whoa.
Who you calling your bitch?
I didn't call you a bitch.
He called you a bitch.
I didn't say shit.
I wanna know who you're
calling your bitch.
I did not call you
a bitch.
He called you a... do you know what?
Shoot the bitch.
You'll be saving me
50 grand a month.
What do you mean,
save you 50 grand a month?
What with the penthouse
and the Gucci this and the Prada that
and the Louis Vuitton
and the Ca-fucking-valli.
I have to learn Italian
just to figure out
what you're doing
with my fucking money.
Well, maybe I'm trying
to give you some fucking class.
Class? Darling,
you think it's classy
to put a poodle
in a $1,500 bag.
She's a Lhasa apso.
Maybe I should
move in with you
and that bitch wife of yours
and save on the rent.
I fucking told you already...
do not talk about my wife.
Enough of this
Dr. Phil shit!
Chilli, put the gun down.
Put the fucking gun down.
Him first.
All right,
take it easy.
What the fuck is
wrong with you?
You told me this
motherfucker was easy.
I never said he was easy.
This is bullshit.
You just gonna
let them shoot me?
He was never
gonna shoot you.
- You didn't know that.
- Yeah well, I know it now, don't I?
We'll be doing him a favor if I put
a bullet between his eyes.
I'm not even worth
$200,000 to you?
Could we have this
conversation later, please?
Thank you.
This shit isn't working.
Time for plan B.
I ain't got a plan B.
Well, my plan is
we let this fucker know that
we'll do whatever it takes.
Man, you let
an 85-lb 12-year-old
and an ex-stripper
get a drop on you.
I'm 16.
Shut up!
Keep it up, Lucy Liu,
and you're gonna miss the prom.
Oh, this is bollocks.
Now that you've had
your little domestic,
do you mind if I check your
girl for any more weapons?
You know about me,
don't you?
You knew coming in here
I was never gonna
give it up easy.
So that begs the question,
what are you really
here for?
Now you know.
Where's Reggie?
Just drive the fucking car!
- He's still in there!
- Drive, will you, man?! Reggie's dead!
Reggie's... he's dead.
It's been 10 fucking years.
What took you so long?
10 years today.
Fucking hell.
All these years,
I thought I put all this
shit behind me forever.
Well, forever came today.
My brother died
making you rich.
- That's what you believe?
- That's what I know.
So what is this?
You come here to kill me?
This is retribution,
is it?
Why now, Anton?
Patience is a virtue.
Mine's running out.
I bet you had this all
worked out, didn't you?
Had it all planned.
Like Reggie would.
In the end,
plans are just a gauge
of what went wrong.
See, me and Reggie
only wanted to make
enough to open a club.
We're in
before anyone can see.
Why am I the Indian?
Because the fucking
cowboys always win.
- All right.
- Yeah.
So who's
the getaway driver?
I've got someone...
someone I trust.
- Really?
- Yeah.
The guard has to cross
the entire length
of the building.
He has to unlock the cage,
go up the stairs into the room
with the security monitors.
If he grabs a cup of tea...
that's four minutes until Shank
and his men drive away
until we can be seen...
Then the getaway car
pulls right up
to the door
and waits.
The door's not reinforced.
We jimmy the fucking lock...
bosh, we're in.
Then we went over
to the old Red Lion for a few bevvies.
And there was this one
bird in particular.
You know, she was having
a few words with me.
This bird at the bar says,
"It's all right, darling.
I'm already coming
home with you."
I said, "No no no no.
This drink's for me."
What was that?
Frank. Frank.
We got a problem down here.
Wait here.
I see movement
on the right.
- Where?
- On the right! On the right!
Don't see 'em!
I see 'em.
I see 'em over there.
Hold up!
Wait for Frank.
I fucked up.
It was supposed
to be easy.
All right, listen.
We are not done yet.
Let me tell you,
either we leave
here together
or we make our stand
right here together.
- Okay?
- Miles Davis.
How many fucking times do we
gotta have this conversation?
There wouldn't be
a Miles Davis
if it wasn't
for Charlie Parker.
Well, it is my funeral.
Listen, Reg.
The car's just outside.
Come on,
we can make it.
You gotta go.
Go. Go on.
Listen, they're over
there by the door.
It's never personal.
It's the first rule, remember?
It's your fucking rule!
This looks very
fucking personal to me.
You should have
fucking told me!
I'll give you 50 grand.
- 50 grand?
- Yeah.
Pounds or dollars?
Fucking look at you.
You're so much like him you've even got
the Reggie swagger.
"Cool," he used to say,
"like a Miles Davis riff."
Reggie never would've
wanted this for you.
- Or for Marley.
- Oy. Shit-note.
It's worth 50 grand just
to see this fucking bullet
- go through your fucking head!
- Pounds.
It's Reggie's cut.
I never touched it.
I know what he told you,
but Reggie was full of shit.
He said there was
500, 800,
$1 million
in the bag.
But when I opened it, there was a
hundred thou and some cash and change
and some little bits of paper and some
bonds I couldn't do anything with.
There was even a couple
of fucking IOUs.
Everything I've got here,
I made.
I used my money to make sure
my mom was all right
and buy a one-way ticket
to the promised land,
but I never, ever
touched Reggie's cut.
Kept it for Marley. I even tried to give
it to your mom one time,
but she wouldn't
take it from me.
You know what
the funny thing is?
All you really had to do was come up and
knock on my door and just ask for it.
And we'd be sat here
toasting Reggie now
instead of going through
all this bollocks.
Listen to me.
This ain't the place.
Look, we can sort this out
another day.
Listen to me.
All right.
All right.
50 grand.
What are you doing?
75,000's for me.
Just me.
And you get to do what
you came here for.
After all I've done
for you.
You got that kind of money?
Of course she hasn't got
that kind of fucking money.
What do you think I am,
a prat?
You think I'm gonna give
my bitch that kind of money?
I earned every
fucking dollar.
Just gotta call my girl.
She's staying with me.
That fucking crack ho
that I told you
I do not want staying with you
in my fucking apartment.
- Sydney's a model.
- Sydney is a fucking crack ho.
Listen, this is bullshit.
She don't have that kind of money.
I already told you.
She could come up
with 75,000 pairs of shoes maybe.
You think that
shit's real?
The shoes, the bags?
The jewelry you were too
lazy to pick out yourself?
I bet you think that watch
I gave you for your birthday's real too.
That watch,
it's a down payment
on a condo in South Beach.
Ocean view.
Oh, you are
some kind of bitch.
make the call.
You got 10 minutes.
Sydney, listen.
the shoeboxes
under the bed.
She's on her way.
Fucking hell, dread.
That shit is cold.
And I've seen
some cold shit.
that 50 grand
is what I owe you.
But no one walks
into my place,
threatens me and then tries
to steal my fucking money.
What about 10 years
of interest?
England and St. George.
That's okay. Baby, you never
thought you'd live forever.
100,000, baby.
100,000 grand,
I get to walk out.
You can do what the fuck
you want with her.
We're like eBay in here now.
You been sniped.
I can get more.
How many shoeboxes you got
under that bed, Chilli?
Almost $160,000.
The boxes
in the closet too.
She'll be here
in 10 minutes.
And I get to kill
this bitch myself.
In free US currency?
Listen, I need you
at the salon.
Bring Sal.
Bring everything he's got...
Hurry up.
My driver's on his way.
We deal whoever comes in
with the cash first.
And then we get
the fuck out of here.
Done deal.
So we cool?
We are cool.
What a mess.
Damn, man.
Take care of yourself,
Man, what the fuck?
You don't answer your cell phone?
I was just... just...
J-j-j-just get in
the fucking car!
It's Thursday.
I know it's
fucking Thursday.
I need to make
the deposit.
The boss wants us to make
a stop at the spa now.
I don't fucking know.
Maybe he thinks you need a facial.
Yeah, I'm heading there
right now.
My legs are asleep.
You have long nail bed.
You should not neglect
your nails.
And you should learn
to speak fucking English.
My English is good enough
for you, motherfucker.
Your father should have
taught you respect.
My father taught me to respect the man
with the big fucking gun.
Thanks, babe.
- What the fuck, Wall?
- Hand it over.
What is she doing walking
in here with you?
She needed a ride.
And she can call you
to do that, can she?
I told you to stay away
from that bitch.
Hey, sexy lady.
The bag.
How much is in the bag?
How much?
I'm really sorry, Chilli.
I was gonna pay it back.
- I swear I was.
- You still think she's a fucking model?
- How much?
- $43,000.
And $12.
I swear to God, I'll kill you
and your fucking dog, you bitch!
- Get back!
- I'm sorry.
Open it.
C-Note, there better
be $213,000 in there.
What are you
smiling for, Sal?
You should lie down because
you're a fucking dead man.
What do you think,
I don't keep tabs on my money?
You think you can just steal it from me
and stick it up your fucking nose?
- Hey, sit down! Sit down now!
- Well?
Around $60,000.
to be exact.
Put it in the bag.
Put the $58,426
in the fake fucking
Gucci bag!
- It's a Louis Vuitton.
- Shut up!
I used to be a broker.
Can you fucking believe it?
Wall Street!
- What the fuck?
- Hey, it's just a gun.
Guns do not kill people.
People kills people!
Hey, you ever do crack?
Huh? No?
Crack kills people too.
you can smoke it,
snort it, shoot it,
sprinkle it
on your Cocoa Puffs!
What's your poison, huh?
What's your poison?
Hey, you're not so hot.
You're not so hot.
Six years.
Six fucking years!
Secret deposits,
offshore accounts,
real estate deals,
dealing with her.
I need a fucking vacation!
Have you ever been to Fiji?
It's fucking beautiful.
Fucking beautiful.
It's fucking beautiful.
- Beautiful.
- Come on, man.
- Calm down.
- You shut the fuck up!
For fuck's sake.
What the fuck is wrong
with you people?
Fuck, I was talking!
Come on, baby.
- Relax.
- Sydney.
Yeah, okay, you cool?
Easy easy.
- This shit stinks.
- Too fucking right.
Is this what you
had in mind?
Is it?
Take a breath.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
How you feeling?
- I'm good.
- You good?
Good. Then you calm
the fuck down.
I'm calm.
You know, your brother
had a saying...
"Being poor sucks,
but being dead,
that's just being dead,
isn't it?"
So let's everybody
be really fucking cool,
- Fuck it.
- Anton!
Oh my God.
I thought he was waiting
for the bus. I was late.
He... he didn't
see it coming?
You never see it coming.
What's your name?
Well, Charlie,
what are you gonna do?
My guess is that your days
as a bus driver are over.
What do you think?
Say hello to Reggie
for me.
The line in the sand
Shows you the hand
that's drawn it
- And that's all right
- That's all right
Isn't that how
you planned it
From the very start?
From the very start
After the lines
are drawn
Now that you've crossed
that line
It's closing time
Time to settle
your tab
Creeping down
the alleyway
Like a wharf rat
Combing through
the disarray
It's insane that
you're hustling for a nickel
That cost you a dime
Ever since the day
that you crossed that line
The line in the sand
Shows you the hand
that's drawn it
- And that's all right
- That's all right
Isn't that how
you planned it
From the very start?
The line in the sand
Shows you the hand
that's drawn it
- And that's all right
- That's all right
Isn't that how
you planned it
From the very start?
Planned it
from the very start
The line in the sand
Shows you the hand
that's drawn it
And that's all right
Yeah, and that's
all right
That's all right.
I am not playing
These childish games
Thank you very much
I'm a big girl
And a big girl
Gets what she wants
Right when
she wants it
Hey hey
Ooh, I'm coming to get you,
I'm coming to get you
I'm coming
to get you now
I'm coming
to get you now
Yeah, I'm coming to get you,
I'm coming to get you
I'm coming
to get you now
Just like a tiger
Newly let out
From its cage
I can taste the heat
Rising in my veins
For you
Ha ha
Ooh, I'm coming to get you,
I'm coming to get you
I'm coming
to get you now
I'm coming to get you now
Yeah, I'm coming to get you,
I'm coming to get you
I'm coming
to get you now.