Mob Town (2019) Movie Script

Police raid an organized crime meeting
at a home in Apalachin,
where an estimated 100 mob members
are rumored to be present.
Rumors about this day have been
passed down for decades,
but how much of that information
is true?
On this day,
was Apalachin, New York,
the center of the organized
crime world?
Move it, baby
She knows how to move
She knows to groove
She got a word on her lip
She got a shake in her hip
She's setting fire To the floor
Round and round she go
Oh, yeah
She sways when she walk
She sing when she talk
She keep a twinkle
In her eye
She keep the rhythm
Of the night
She's setting fire To the floor
Round and round she go
Rock on, girl
She knows how to move
She knows to groove
She got a word On her lip
She keep a shake In her hip
She's setting fire To the floor
Round and round she go
She sways when she walk
She sing when she talk
She got a twinkle In her eye
Fuck. This fucking guy's
pulling me over.
She's setting fire To the floor
Round and round she go
Can I see your license
and registration, please?
Joseph Palermo?
It says here you're 5'11",
155 pounds.
Yeah, and?
And you're not.
Are you Joseph Palermo?
I really gotta be on my way, officer.
Is there any way we could, um,
take care of this
between the two of us?
That's a lot of money.
Sure would go a long way,
but it's not worth my badge.
Now, if you were to offer me this car,
on the other hand...
Excuse me?
I'm just sayin',
if you were to offer me this car,
I'd actually consider it.
Like I said, maybe we could
take care of it between the two of us.
Are you Joseph Palermo?
Yeah, I said that.
I'm gonna need you
to step outside the car.
Don't make any sudden moves.
Put your hands on the car.
Spread 'em.
False license,
driving without a license,
15 miles per hour
over the posted speed limit.
Are you gonna tell me
your name, mister, or what?
Attempting to bribe a police officer.
These are some very serious charges.
All right. So be it.
Make yourself comfortable,
but not that comfortable.
Hey, Margie.
that's what I thought.
Thanks so much.
You're a peach.
What's your association
with Mr. Barbara?
Mr. Joseph Barbara?
Never heard of him.
Really? That's odd.
Because according to the High Way Inn,
Mr. Barbara is responsible
for taking care of your lodging.
Oh, that Mr. Barbara.
I'm one of his distributors.
And you drove all the way up here
from New York City, just to meet a client?
Well, at least you're talkin'.
Here, you can have that back.
I've been thinkin' about that '55.
How do you like it?
Come again?
The '55. Chevy Bel Air?
Oh. That V8
is pretty solid, right?
Most people like
the Rocket 88,
but honestly, I prefer
a slightly smaller engine block.
I mean,
265-cubic-square-inch overhead-valve V8?
She must
really get goin' when you need it, right?
Am I right?
I shoulda gone into
the soda pop business.
How long have you worked
for Joseph Barbara?
You're makin'
a big mistake, pal.
Yeah? How so?
Officer Croswell.
Sergeant Croswell.
Who are you?
Who am I?
I'm Irving Boseman, Esquire.
And you know what I got here?
I got a writ of habeas corpus
from Judge Etkin in Binghamton!
For who?
For who?
Mr. Carmine Galante,
who you are holding here
without any charges.
Oh, there's charges,
counselor. Serious charges.
Fifteen miles over the speed limit,
false identification,
attempting to bribe an off-
Why don't you read that,
Sergeant? Open it up.
Did you go to school
for habeas corpus yet?
Or were you chasin' deer
around this county?
Judge Etkin?
He's not even from our county.
Excuse me.
State of New York Supreme Court.
This is New York,
right, Sergeant?
You gotta be kiddin' me.
What's all the noise out here?
Hey, Lieutenant, how you doin'?
I'm just here with my client.
Uh, he's being released now, habeas corpus.
I don't know what the Sergeant's
problem is. Just take the cuffs off.
Everything in order,
Croswell? There's no problem, sir.
Take the cuffs
off him, okay? There's
no more charges, all right?
Looks like it's
your lucky day, Mr. Galante.
Make sure you take
your money, your keys.
It's Galante.
I needed those shined anyway.
Thank you, Sergeant,
park ranger, whatever you are.
Go chase some squirrels.
Have a good day.
Yes, sir, Mr. Esquire.
I can't believe this.
It's the Supreme Court of New York.
I thought we're supposed
to be on the same team.
Ed, always workin', huh?
What do you got here?
He was visiting Joe Barbara.
The soda guy? So what?
Wake up and smell the coffee,
I am. That's why
I'm drinkin' it.
Joe Barbara represents
everything that is bad.
I mean, he-he fronts
this beverage company,
I think he's connected
to the Scranton mob.
There's a mob in Scranton?
Come on, Ed.
I'm tellin' you.
Got my first collar
in Scranton. Yeah?
I pulled Barbara over in 1942.
He was drivin' a Cadillac Fleetwood,
flathead V8.
I got him for the illegal sale
of gasoline.
A war rations violation.
Ed, how is it that
you remember arrests that
you made 15 years ago?
You got some mind on you,
my friend.
Because he's the reason
why I'm stuck in this shit-hole town.
Sorry. I didn't mean it
like that. No, I know. Hey.
He gets released, and I mysteriously
get reassigned.
And you think Barbara
had somethin' to do with it? Yeah.
They own politicians, they own judges,
they own cops.
Wait, who's "they"?
The Mafia, Vince.
Well, yeah,
I know, I know. All right.
Good stuff, Sarge.
Let me know if you need anything.
This fuckin' Anastasia.
Vincent, I thought I told you
to talk to that prick.
I did.
Same as last time.
Told me to go fuck myself. Pardon my language.
I'm in exile ten years.
I let Costello and Anastasia run things,
take what they need.
Keep things fair.
Now I'm back, and with all due respect,
I'm sayin',
return to me what's mine,
what I built.
What am I
supposed to do, huh?
I think you take back
what's yours.
That's my boy.
You're the Right Man.
What's that saying
you always say?
"What goes around, comes around."
Fuckin' say that again.
Evening, Joe.
This is for you,
Frank Costello, purportedly
a top New York City kingpin,
was shot last night
as he returned home
to his swank Central Park West
apartment building.
The bullet grazed Costello's ear,
and he was checked in
and out of the hospital.
Police have no suspects.
In other news, the Yankees winning streak
came to an end
at the hands of the Cleveland Indians,
behind eight strong innings
by Bob Lemon.
What was that?
"This is for you, Frank."
What the fuck was that?
You think you're in the movies
or something?
You do somethin' for me,
you do it!
You aim to kill, you kill!
I'm sorry, Vito--
I don't want sorry!
Fuckin' raise you like this?
No. Take some target practice!
"This is for you, Frank!"
What the f...
I'll make arrangements with
Don Giuseppe for the other guy.
Costello told the DA he didn't see nobody.
He's not gonna testify.
Plus, he's hung up his hat.
Hole and all.
Last I heard, he's on his way
back to Italy as we speak.
What about the doorman?
He only got one eye.
You take care of this other problem,
you understand?
"This is for you, Frank."
Why didn't you kiss him
on the ass?
Take me to, uh, Park Sheraton.
I got an appointment with Tino.
Gimme, like, 30 minutes.
Breaking news.
Albert Anastasiawas pronounced
dead at the scene
of a shooting yesterday
at the Park Sheraton Hotel.
Known as the Mad Hatter,
Anastasia was riddled with bullets
while waiting to get a shave.
Police have no suspects.
How 'bout that?
He died in the chair.
Gallo Brothers are pros.
Listen, I know what
you're thinkin', okay?
That doesn't matter,
Don't matter now. It's taken care of.
That's what matters.
All right.
Now, I want you guys to listen to this
carefully, okay?
Hear what I'm sayin'.
We gotta spread the word
to all the guys.
All right? You just give me the names.
I'll handle it.
No. I want a sit-down.
With who? With everybody.
I want everybody to know
they're workin' with the Right Man now.
Anastasia's gone.
Costello, we've finally
taken care of.
Charley's stuck in Italy.
Not the Luciano family
I'll make sure they all know.
Mike, listen to
what I'm sayin', okay?
I want a sit-down.
Down by Mulberry Street?
No, no, no, no.
Not around here, no.
Someplace quiet.
No, it's gotta be low-key,
you know?
Away from everything.
What about
Joe the Barber's place? Who?
Joe Barbara.
Carmine's friend, upstate.
He's got a nice house
up there in the woods.
Pretty far--
like, three hours.
That sounds good.
Okay, make a list
down here.
Make a list.
I want all the top guys.
The New York guys?
No, not just New York.
Not just New York.
I-I want, uh-- I want--
I want Providence,
I want Jersey, I want, uh...
I want, uh, Santo, Meyer,
Carlo, Momo,
Joe Bananas, Old Joe.
I want guys from Philly, Vegas,
uh, the Coast, Kansas City,
all the fuck over.
I wanna convene
all these guys here.
We'll have a nice time,
all right?
I wanna have a good time.
Make sure that there's plenty of food.
We need drinks.
Grill some steaks.
Like a barbecue.
You'll love it up there.
It's beautiful.
Where is this fuckin' place?
Hmm? Moonshine country?
Not Appalachia, Apalachin.
Well, whatever the fuck.
Apa-- Apa what?
Apa-- Apa-your-ass, okay?
Just set it up.
Make sure everybody's there.
Sure thing, boss.
It's my time now.
I want everyone to know.
My baby left me
She left me all alone
My baby left me
She left me all alone
And I say, don't cry to me
Don't cry to me
Don't cry to me
You should've known
Attention all units,
attention all units.
We have a 10-91C in progress
at the Passatino residence.
Repeat: a 10-91C
at the Passatino residence.
This is 2-1-3. I'm en route.
But come back to me
I'm all alone
Oh. Hey, Ed.
Hey, Natalie.
Uh, sorry. I didn't know
they sent state troopers over for a pet call.
I was in the neighborhood.
Um, the kids, they're havin' a conniption.
Come with me.
What seems to be the problem?
Rexy's in the, uh,
in this hole.
Hi, kids. Everything's
gonna be all right. Hello.
Rexy, can you hear me?
Oh, I see. That's okay, buddy.
Oh, oh, Ed!
Please, if this dog dies--
Nah, it's all right.
No, no, no. It'll be fine.
Rexy, it's okay.
Okay, I got it.
Oh, Ed, Ed, what are you--
No, no, no. Don't worry, don't worry.
It's okay.
It'll be fine.
All right, buddy, don't worry.
It's okay, Rexy.
I got you, buddy.
Oh, Rex!
All right, there he is!
Hey, buddy!
There he goes.
Oh, Ed, you're somethin' else.
Thank you.
All in a day's work, ma'am.
Thank you. Guys, look!
Yeah, hi!
Yeah, see, he's fine.
Hi, sweetheart! Okay.
He's fine.
Okay. Thank you so much.
It's my pleasure.
Thank you.
I'll figure out
how to get a grate on there,
so it doesn't
happen again. That'd be great.
Okay. Hey, Billy.
How you doin', sport?
Good. All right.
Take care.
Wait. No, come on, guys.
We have to give him a bath first.
Aw! I know. Come on.
No, no. You listen,
you fuckin' prick.
Get your ass in a car
and get over here.
Yeah, just like always.
Food's ready.
I'm coming.
I don't wanna hear it!
Okay, stop wastin'
my fucking time.
Okay. Bye.
I'll see you in a little bit.
I'm not really that hungry.
What now?
Don't start with me.
Okay, okay, okay.
Frankie's drivin' me nuts.
He's always drivin' you nuts.
He doesn't want
to take the drive.
Gotta talk to him.
Is it good?
Yeah, thank you.
You're welcome.
What are you reading?
Just drinkin' tea.
Tryin' to lose a few.
Gimme a kiss.
Mm! You look beautiful
this morning.
Thank you.
My wheels are on fire
Burning up the rubber
Right by you
Shift her into high gear
Give her what--
Did I do good?
Hey, it looks great.
You did good, yeah.
You did good.
Hey, Sarge.
Why don't you just
ask her out? What are you talkin' about?
Natalie. Just ask her out.
What makes you say that?
Well, for starters,I should arrest you,
the way you keep eyeballin' her.
Don't you have
someplace to be? Not me, no.
I'm just sittin' here,
eatin' my pie.
Hey, Natalie!
She's comin' over.
Yeah, I can see that.
Hey, Ed.
Hey, Natalie.
Hi, Nat.
How you doin'?
Oh, you know,
can't complain.
Hey, uh,
can I ask you a question?
Yeah, of course.
I don't wanna be
out of line or anything here.
Just, um, would you
come by and, uh, look at my car?
Yeah, of course
I can. Sure. Really?
'Cause it's been
givin' me trouble,
and you know how
everyone knows you and cars.
He loves cars,
he loves 'em, yeah.
I mean, I can pay you.
No, don't be silly.
I'd love to.
Okay, great. Thank you, really.
Um, just come by anytime.
Anytime. All right.
Hey, bye, Nat.
You're gonna fix her car
I'll be right back.
Where you goin'?
Come in, 2-13.
2-13, come in, please.
2-13 here.
What's your 10-20?
I'm up on McFall Road.
Get your ass
back to the station now.
Yes, sir. Damn!
Yes, sir.
What do you got there?
Uh, just some research.
Yes, sir.
The state isn't paying
you to do research.
Taxpayers are paying you
to pull in speeding tickets.
Now, get to it!
Yes, sir.
Can I speak to Joe, please?
Oh, yeah.
Just hold on one second.
Phone call.
It's Mike.
Mike who?
Mike, from New York.
He's on the phone?
No, on the friggin' roof!
Right now?
Hey, Joe.
Hey. You still got that place
up in the country?
The Right Man,
Don Vitone,
he wants to have
a little party up there.
Yeah, uh, how many?
About 20, maybe 30.
Is that a problem?
No, no.
No problem at all.
Just, uh, tell him
it'll be my honor.
Okay, I'll let him know.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Okay, bye.
Jesus fucking Christ,
Mother of God.
What happened?
What did he say?
You know how you always
wanted to have a party here?
Yeah. Well, you're about to
have a fuckin' party here.
My God.
A party?
For who?
The man himself.
The man himself
is coming here. Don Vitone?
To our fuckin' house.
Do you believe this shit?
Bite your tongue, Joseph!
How many?
Every fuckin' boss in the country
is gonna be here, how many!
What do you mean, every fuckin' boss?
Every goombah in the country.
Every wise guy in the country.
Chicago, Detroit, they're all coming here!
Oh, my God, oh, my God!
Don't you see?
This is the opportunity
of a lifetime, Joseph! It's Don Vitone!
This is your bump up.
This is our chance!
What the fuck
are we gonna feed 'em?
What are they gonna drink?
Are you crazy?
We are gonna throw the best
party, with the best food,
the best everything!
Don't you see?
Don Vitone's gonna see
what a good man you are.
This is our moment,
You really think so?
Get in the fuckin' kitchen!
Start cookin'! All right!
Call your fuckin' mother!
I gotta make some phone calls!
All right, pasta, gnocchi.
Hey, Ed.
How's it goin' under there?
I think
I figured it out.
Oh! Hey, beer?
Yeah, I'd love one.
Here you go.
Choke linkage
was hung up. Hey, Mom, when's dinner?
I told you guys
to stay inside.
Who's your friend,
Mommy? Uh, excuse me.
It's Ed. Remember,
he helped us with Rexy.
Uh, Sergeant Croswell.
I was wearin' a uniform.
You got a badge?
Sure do.
You wanna see it? Yeah.
Here you go.
Our daddy had
one of these too.
I know. I worked with your dad.
He was a great man.
Come on, kids. Inside.
Move it.
Dinner's soon.
Hey, wait. We still gotta fire this baby up.
You wanna help me?
All right, come on.
Be careful.
All right,
don't touch anything till I get in there.
Don't turn it on yet, you.
All right.
You're gonna take this key,
and you're gonna
put it in the slot and turn it clockwise.
You did it!
Go, Billy!
Baby, you did it!
Wow! Well,
what was wrong with it?
Uh, it just wasn't
gettin' enough air.
The carburetor.
Oh, okay.
Well, all right, kids.
Come on, inside now.
Wash up for supper.
Go ahead, hurry up!
All right,
what do I owe you?
Really, I appreciate it.
Oh, come on. Nothin'.
It's on the house.
No, no, Ed. Mm.
Are you hungry?
At least let me feed you.
I should really get goin'.
No, I'm not gonna take no for an answer.
You just have to clean up a little.
Let me clean up a little, okay?
Okay, okay.
So, how did you get
so good with cars?
My dad loved cars.
We started rebuilding our first hot rod
when I was ten years old.
What's a hot rod?
Uh, it's a car that you build
from the ground up.
Why don't you just buy one?
Yeah, why don't you just
buy one that's already built?
Excuse me. Why so rude?
No, that's actually a good question.
It's 'cause it's fun.
You know, buildin' somethin'
with your hands. It's like
playin' with wood blocks
or Tinker Toys.
We have wooden blocks.
You do? And don't you like
to build stuff with 'em?
Yeah. I built a big castle
the other day. It was this tall.
No, it wasn't.
Yes, it was.
I used every single
block we had.
Well, that's impressive.
And it was fun, wasn't it?
Where is it, your hot rod?
Oh, that car?
It's long gone.
Oh. Well, you can borrow
some of my blocks if you'd like.
Aw, thanks.
That's awfully sweet, June.
I'm done, Mommy.
Can I be excused?
Yes, but get ready
for bed. All right.
I'm done too, Mommy.
Yeah, me too.
Remember to brush your teeth.
Good night, guys.
So, hot rods, huh?
Yeah. I love cars.
You still close with your folks?
Nah, they're not around anymore.
My dad never made it
back from the war,
and my mom--
let's just say she...
she wasn't good
at being alone.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Well, grief has a way
of lingering, I guess.
Well, for me anyway.
How are you doin' with that?
I'm okay. Yeah.
As long as the kids are happy,
then I'm happy.
You still living
in the barracks, Ed?
How did you know
I live in the barracks?
it's a small town, Ed.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah. I like it there.
It's-- It's convenient.
Yeah, convenient.
There's not much
of a morning commute.
But convenient?
What about...
Is it comfortable?
Don't you miss this?
Well, you know,
I'm not sure about comfort.
I think it makes you soft.
I want to be ready.
Just ready, on call
if somethin' goes down.
On call.
For this little town?
Now, you'd be surprised.
I'm workin' on a really big case right here.
Probably the biggest thing
that's ever happened in this town.
Well, do tell.
Can't say.
It's official police business.
Oh, you with your
"official police business."
I have reason to believe
that there is a network of organized crime
running in and out of this area.
What? What does even
organized crime mean?
Right here.
"He died in the chair."
What does this have to do with our little town?
Well, we happen to have
a very significant associate
of a major crime syndicate
living right here in Apalachin.
Mr. Gerimotta.
He lives up the block,
I knew he was a crook.
Oh, you're serious, Ed?
I'm dead serious.
Nobody believes me.
But wait a second.
How did you know
Mr. Gerimotta was a kingpin?
No, but I am serious.
Now, I'm still puttin'
the pieces together,
but once I do...
I wanna thank you.
This was-- This was delicious.
I can't tell you
the last time I had a home-cooked meal.
Oh, well, good.
I'm glad you liked it.
Are you done?
I'll take it. Okay.
Let me help you. Oh, no, not at all.
You've already done too much.
Come on.
Oh, no.
Let me get those, Ed.
Are you sure
you don't need more help? No, no, no.
You've already done so much.
Thank you.
Oh, all right.
Thank you. It was really wonderful.
All right, good night.
Oh, Ed, the kids are upstairs.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
No, I don't know what I was thinkin'.
Really. Oh, it's okay.
Okay, um,
I'll see you then.
Thanks-- Thanks again.
I understand.
So, how we lookin'?
Everyone so far
is very honored,
looking forward to
sitting down with you.
How many we got so far?
Thirty-six confirmed,
still another...
at least another 20 to go.
You better call
Joe the Barber back.
Tell him he's gonna need
a lot of ice.
Hello, Joe.
How you doin'?
I'm good, how you doin'? Listen.
I'm havin' a few people over
at the house next week. I need some fuckin' fish.
How many people
you talkin'? Twenty, 30 people.
Joe, that's a lot of people.
I have all my top salespeople coming.
Oh, you call them salesmen.
I'm sorry. I was kidding. Uh--
Uh, cod.
We'll get some cod.
Yeah, cod.
You don't want
the cod, Joe. Why don't I want cod?
It's a beautiful fish.
But it's not good for the grill.
It's too soft. It's gonna fall apart.
You know what?
I didn't think about that. Yeah.
All right, let me get, uh, perch.
Let me get some perch.
Perch? Joe, I'm sorry.
It's out of season.
Out of season?
All right. All right, uh,
let me get some salmon here.
Please don't get mad.
Don't get mad at me, Joe.
The salmon's crossed off on the board.
I haven't had salmon in six months.
What the fuck do you have?
No salmon, no cod, no perch!
I'm sorry. But I know
what you need.
What? I know what
you need, Joe.
What? Swordfish.
Swordfish is what you need.
Nah, I don't want fuckin' swordfish.
It's too fuckin' dry.
Trust me. I sell fish.
You want swordfish.
It's the king of the sea.
You cook it on the grill, low and slow.
Your guests are gonna love it,
Wow. Okay.
Uh, all right.
Give me fuckin' swordfish.
Give me, uh, 35 pounds of swordfish.
Thirty-five pounds? Thirty--
What do I look like?
What do you mean?
You fuckin' sell fish, I need fish, 35 pounds.
Yeah, but 35 pounds is a lot of fish.
What do I look like, the ocean?
All right, listen, listen.
Here's $300.
Get me my fuckin' 35 pounds
of swordfish, okay?
I'll call you. I need it delivered
to the house.
Joe, you're getting 40 pounds.
That's right, Joe.
Anything for you, Joe.
Joe the king! All right.
Okay, I'm sorry too, Meyer.
We would be honored
to have you.
So? Says he thinks
it's a bad idea.
You agree with him?
I mean, I understand what he's sayin',
but it's Meyer.
You think this is a bad idea.
Not at all, Don. I would've said somethin'
if I thought that.
I'm just sayin', I understand
what he's thinking.
I trust that you know
how important this is.
I do.
The most important thing
I ever did.
How many we got now?
About 50.
That's good.
Yeah, I know, Mike--
I know you're gonna handle this.
I know you're gonna do it.
You know what?
You call this, uh,
this here Meyer back
in a couple of days.
Maybe he's gonna change
his mind, you know?
We're gonna give Lucky
a call in Italy.
Put some pressure on him.
Fuck. Hello?
So we're up to about 50.
You okay with that? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's no problem.
Good. And get some rooms somewhere
the night before.
That gonna be a problem?
No problem. I'll take care of it.
And remember,
Don Vitone needs some time
with the other guys,
a private room
away from everybody.
Mike, I got
the perfect room for him.
Sure you can
handle this, Joe?
It's a huge opportunity,
you know.
And we're very honored
to host Don Vito in our home.
Good. See you
in a couple days.
All right, thanks, Mike.
Oh, my God.
Fifty people?
That's a lot
of fuckin' people, Joe.
I know.
Ed, come on.
What are you doin'? Let it go.
Come on. Lieutenant Lane--
the guy's a wet rag.
How come you aren't
our lieutenant?
Huh? You been with the force,
what, 15 years?
It's not as easy
as you think, Vince.
I got Lane breathing
down my neck.
There you go.
It is a little odd, Ed,
that you're always doing
all this research.
You know what? I gotta--
I gotta make a phone call.
To who?
Okay, what do we feel
like tonight, gang?
Tom Sawyer.
Not again, please, Mommy?
Can you read
Kate's First Mate?
Yeah, please, Mommy.
Ew. That's a girls' book.
No, Billy.
It's not a girls' book
just because the main character
is a girl.
I think you would like it.
But how 'bout we let
the girls pick tonight?
We read Tom Sawyer last night.
But Dad always used to
read Tom Sawyer to me.
Oh, I know.
Let's-- Let's...
Let's try Jellyfish Island
tonight, okay?
"Don't let your power be silenced
by that rusty old fear.
Your choicen is your voice.
Believe in yourself, my dear."
Hello, Natalie?
I hope I'm not callin' too late.
No, no. Hi Ed.
I-I just put the kids to bed.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
What's up?
I just wanted to apologize
for last night.
No, no, no. No. No.
You don't-- You don't have to apologize.
Yeah, well, you know...
Is there anything else?
Yeah, um...
I'd like to maybe
take you out to dinner sometime,
to a restaurant.
Yes, yes. Um, yeah.
I would like that.
Okay, good.
You have somewhere in mind?
Yeah, how about Lupo's?
Yeah, haven't been there
in quite a while.
How does tomorrow work?
Say, 6:00?
Um, yeah.
That-- That sounds great.
All right.
Well, um,
I'll pick you up at 5:30.
And let me know
in case anything changes.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Good night.
All right?
Where you been?
I been lookin' all over for you.
Joe, I told you on the phone
I can't sell to you. I'm wholesale.
You know, it's a county regulation,
it's not me.
County regulations, my ass.
I'm ordering through my company.
It's a big fuckin' order, Benny.
Look, if the USDA finds out about this,
I could lose my license.
How the fuck are they gonna
find out?
All right, all right,
all right. I get this.
All right. Here.
Come on. What do you got over here?
What do you got today?
I got, uh, steaks.
There's ten pounds in each box.
Ten pounds.
All right, give me, uh, eight of those.
You tryin' to feed the 10th Infantry Division?
What do you need those steaks for?
I got all my fuckin' top top sales guys comin'.
What the fuck do you care?
I care because this is
the only meat I got for the whole week.
They ain't deliverin'
till next week. All right.
What's in the other box?
No, that box you can't have.
I promised my wife.
It's pork chops in there, and you can't have 'em.
I love pork chops.
Gimme, uh... Gimme 50 of those.
You're killin' me, Joe.
Come on, please.
I can't, I can't--
Take the fuckin' week off!
I don't want the week off.
Benny, take the fuckin' week off.
Go fishin'. Do somethin'.
All right--
If you only knew who this is for.
Who do you mean by that?
You don't want to know, you fuck. Trust me.
Are those sausages?
Yeah, blood sausages.
All right, here. Take this-- $200.
Bring the fuckin' sausages
to my house tomorrow.
One o'clock.
Benny, don't fuck around.
Thanks, Benny.
My wife will be home
at one o'clock.
Don't fuck around.
Come in.
can I have a word? Sit down.
I'll call you right back.
I just happened to be
up on McFall Road.
Don't blow smoke
up my ass, Croswell.
We both know why
you were up there.
You think you got somethin'
on Joe Barbara, don't you?
Yes. He's got numerous
mob associations
in Scranton, Pittston,
New York City.
And you remember that Carmine Galante?
He's one of the biggest.
Yes, we know all that,
but what has Joe Barbara
actually done?
He's got a 1952
Cadillac Fleetwood.
That retails for $4,000.
He's also got a Chrysler
Imperial convertible. That's another $4,000.
He's got a mansion on 18 acres
with four buildings on it
and an outdoor barbecue.
You're telling me
that he gets all this from selling ginger ale?
You seem to know a lot
about Joe Barbara.
But I'll have you know Mr. Barbara
happens to be a pillar
in this community.
You're doin' this without
my sanction and approval,
which I can assure you
will not be forthcoming
without a little something
called evidence.
Am I makin' myself clear?
Yes sir.
I want you to follow up on this.
Break-in at a bakery
in Binghamton last night.
Do me a favor, watch
the fuckin' ladder? I don't
wanna break my neck here.
Yeah. You got it, boss.
What are you doing?
You said to watch it.
Hold the fuckin' ladder,
would you?
Hey boss, I can see
you're connectin'
the wrong wires.
Mind your own business.
Come here for a second.
I'm busy.
Jo, five seconds.
I need you to do somethin'.
Turn that light on for me, please.
Which one?
That one right there. Turn it on.
It should be working.
What the fuck was that?
What'd you do? I did what you told me to do.
You're fuckin' drivin' me crazy!
Help me down!
Oh, my God.
I'll be right back.
What are you
in the mood for?
Uh, hmm.
Well, I'm thinking
the spaghetti tarantina,
although I'll probably
be disappointed.
Why disappointed?
Oh-- Oh, that
came out wrong.
I'm not a snob,
I promise. Oh, it's okay.
It's just that I come from a long line
of Tuscan food aficionados.
I didn't know you were Italian.
Well, I know with a name
like Passatino...
Yeah, um...
No, my maiden name is DiVincenzo.
Well, that is certainly Italian, yeah.
It's actually Tuscano.
Um, my family comes from Luca.
Mm. You have no idea
where that is, do you?
My family hails from Nebraska, so...
Good evening.
Do you have any questions
about the menu?
Um, I think I'll just have
the calamari
and then, uh,
spaghetti tarantina.
Excellent choice.
And for you, sir?
I'm gonna have the steak.
I'm so sorry, sir,
but we're actually out of the steak.
Oh. Well,
in that case,
I'll take the pork chops.
My deepest apologies, sir,
but we're actually out of the pork chop as well.
Yes. There seems
to be an issue with our meat distributor.
Okay, well, um... just,
I'll have the spaghetti.
Excellent choice.
Any appetizers for you? No, thank you.
Very well.
You okay, Ed?
Yeah. Uh...
I was just really
looking forward to a steak.
Who doesn't love spaghetti?
How's the wine?
It's very good,
thank you.
Why didn't you tell me
you know how to fix the electricity?
I tried to, boss,
but you told me to mind my own business.
Just fix the fuckin' fuse,
would you?
Yeah, no problem, boss.
Do you have any idea what's gonna happen
if this house is not ready for the barbecue?
They ransack the house,
and then they shoot us in cold blood.
No, they shoot us in cold blood,
and then they ransack the house.
Are you fuckin'
kidding me right now? Most likely,
if they do it, they're gonna do it with
a model Remington 870.
I'll shove the Remington
up your ass! Fix the fuckin' fuse!
Joe, I need you.
I'm coming!
I'll be right fuckin' back.
This shit better be fuckin' fixed.
So, how's that big case going?
Not great.
Oh, no. Why?
The lieutenant shut me down.
Oh, dear.
Why did he do that?
He just doesn't see
what I see.
What is it
that you see? It's just a feeling.
I know that something big
is gonna go down
right here in Apalachin.
And if the lieutenant
would just back me up...
Well, I believe in you, Ed.
You keep fighting.
Oh, wait. Wait.
Uh, I gotta go back inside.
I gotta-- Okay?
I understand.
Thank you for dinner.
I'd really like
to take you out again sometime.
Yes. Yeah.
Let me walk you to the door.
Uh, how many, Marge?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe two dozen.
Well, listen, I'm gonna send Ed over
to take a look at it, okay?
That would be great
if you could send somebody over.
All right, Margie.
Hmm. What can I do
for you, boss?
Gettin' several
reports of bad checks over at the High Way Motel.
I want you to,
uh, go over there and sort it all out, okay?
Yes sir, but I really...
I need to talk to you.
I think I'm onto something big here.
So? What's the latest
with you and Natalie?
That's really none
of your business, Vince.
I'm sorry, Ed.
I didn't mean to pry.
That's all right.
It's just...
We're doin' just fine.
That's great.
Hey, Ed, I'm happy to hear that.
Are you gonna marry her?
No, I'm...
Look, Ed, I'm sorry.
I'm just asking 'cause my girl keeps
badgering me about gettin' hitched.
Yeah, and what's
the problem? I just...
I don't know if I'm ready
for all that, you know?
Still a little bit of a tomcat, right?
If it ain't broke, why fix it?
But, no, no, that's not good enough for her.
She wants the ring
and the flowers and the dress.
Well, it sounds like she wants a wedding
more than she wants to be married.
Yeah-- Ed, yes.
That's it exactly.
So what am I supposed to do now?
Why are you askin' me?
Well, 'cause you've been through all this.
You know,
I was divorced, Vince.
Ed, that's what makes you
an expert, right?
You know better
than anybody else, so...
Is being married hard?
Uh, it's harder
than getting divorced.
That's what...
Hey, Margie.
Hi, Mr. Barbara. What can I do for you?
I need some rooms.
Sure. How many?
How many you got?
I need a lot of rooms.
How many you got? Um...
I think we have 17 available.
I'll take 'em.
Okay, and for
how many nights?
Just one night.
All right.
You gonna be puttin' down
a deposit?
No, I'll pay cash right now.
How much?
Um, that comes to 482, even.
Do you know
whose car that is? No, whose is it?
That's Joe Barbara's Cadillac.
That's his?
Here's 500.
Keep the change.
Oh, thanks, Mr. Barbara.
Yeah, no problem.
Come on!
I don't have all the rooms
ready just yet,
so you have to pick up
the keys tomorrow morning.
Are you serious?
You're killin' me.
Uh, could you just leave
the keys over here for me? Oh, sure.
You can just fill out
one of these forms with all the guests' names,
and I'll get everything
sorted for you.
Nah, I can't remember the names.
Uh, can I have
an associate come pick 'em up?
That'll work.
All right, then I'll send somebody.
Put it under
Galante, Carmine.
Fuckin' flies.
All right, he'll be here
11:30, 12:00.
You'll be here, right?
I will.
I have 17 rooms.
I've got it.
I appreciate it.
Good to see you, Margie. Bye, Mr. Barbara.
Marge. Geez! Ed, you scared
the bejesus out of me.
I'm sorry about that.
Uh, can I see this, uh, booking slip?
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
What are you lookin' for?
Mr. Barbara is booking up
every room tomorrow?
Well, don't you find that to be strange?
Not really.
Mr. Barbara's always bookin' rooms here.
Never this many though.
He must be havin' a big party.
Uh, Margie, can I keep this booking slip?
I'll get it back to you.
Oh, sure thing, Ed.
Hey, what about the bounced checks?
Oh, yeah.
Um, do you have those bounced checks?
Oh, gosh. Yeah.
Uh, Vince here's
gonna fill out a report.
I'll be right back.
But I've never actually--
I gotta go to the station.
No, I really have no idea--
You can do this, man.
Come on.
Hey, Margie.
Kind of a lot.
No, that's okay. It's, uh--
Policeman's job
is never done, right?
I don't wanna waste
too much of your time.
No, it's fine.
I'm happy to do it. Hey, I like the, uh...
What? The polka dot, um--
What is that called, actually?
It's just a scarf.
Just a scarf. That's all--
It's just a hat.
I like it!
Yeah. Ah, thanks. Yeah,
it's a real... Just got it. It's a real wing-dinger.
Sir. Sir.
What now?
I know you told me to
drop this, but I'm workin' on somethin' big.
Oh, Christ. What is it?
It's Barbara.
He's workin' on somethin'
that's gonna be huge.
Are you kidding me?
'Cause I thought I told you
to forget about all this,
didn't I?
I know, but Barbara's
runnin' around town,
buying up all the fish and meat
he can get his hands on.
I mean, I went to Lupo's
last night. I couldn't even get a steak.
There is no meat left
in this whole town.
So what? Maybe he's throwin' a...
wedding or somethin'.
But he's buying directly
from the distributor.
That's illegal.
We can open up a case based on that alone.
Please tell me you got
something more than a fish and game violation.
I do. I just got back
from the High Way Motel,
and Barbara has booked up every room
for tomorrow night.
And guess who he's got
pickin' up the keys.
Carmine Galante?
That gangster I picked up
about six months ago.
Remember, he got mysteriously bailed out
by some state judge?
Listen, we all know
that Barbara's got ties
to organized crime.
But Carmine Galante's
just one of 'em.
can't believe I'm gonna
say this, but fine.
Sit on Barbara
and come up with
some goddamn evidence!
Yes, sir. I'll come up with
some solid evidence.
Thank you, sir.
Solid evidence.
It's a real hoot talkin'
to you, Margie.
Well, it is.
Yeah. I was always wondering
how long have you been a cop.
Oh, right. Well,
about, uh, seven years now.
Yeah, my uncle
got me the job. Yeah. Oh, wow.
You've never had to use
your gun on anybody, though, right?
Oh, you betcha, sure.
Plenty of times, yeah.
Yeah. One time, actually,
to help save
a pretty girl like you.
Oh! Wow.
Yeah, well...
So, these checks
look very fishy.
We gotta go. What about the bounced
checks here, though?
Bring 'em with you.
Come on, Vince, let's go. Okay.
All right, Margie.
Oh, okay, yep. Be safe.
We got the green light.
For what?
Listen closely, Vince.
This is how it's gonna go down.
I need you to show up
at that motel first thing in the morning.
Ed, are you sure? You think somethin' big
is gonna happen in our town?
I'm positive.
You can tell.
You look around.
Look at Joe Barbara. Look at the way he's acting.
He's buying up
all the meat in town. It's just...
There's too many
coincidences. That Carmen Galante.
Oh, that guy doesn't seem
like a nice fellow.
Well, he's up to no good.
I know it.
Are we over our head
over here? Shh!
It's gonna be one
for the ages.
From your mouth
to God's ears. Oh, he's listening.
Thank you... for all this.
Really appreciate it.
One shot.
Look at this fuckin' place.
We're gonna have 100 people
over here in a couple days.
Can you believe this shit?
I'm ready.
We better be fuckin' ready.
We're not ready,
we're dead. Relax.
See what happens.
They're delicious.
I made you sandwiches
to take today. Just, you know,
who knows when you're gonna
get to eat, and so...
Thank you.
I'll get 'em.
It's gonna be all right.
I hope so.
Thanks for lunch.
Vince, you there?
Hey, Ed.
How's it lookin' up there?
Yeah, nobody's out here.
It's still early though.
How 'bout you?
Yeah, same. Not much happenin'.
All right, well, stay alert.
They'll be showin' up soon.
And if you see anything,
give me a call.
All right, copy that.
How we lookin'?
Watch me.
Where have you been?
You said 12:00, boss.
It's 12:01!
You're a minute late!
Do me a favor,
start settin' up the bar.
Please. They're gonna be
all here in about a minute.
Everything's good.
Outta my kitchen.
Okay. Let me know
if you need me.
Ang, how's the caponata?
It's almost ready.
All right. Maria, gnocchi?
Right over here, drying.
All right, but put it in the fridge.
It'll melt in this heat.
There's no room
in the fridge.
Well, put it in the fridge
in the garage. You got it.
Dominick? Dominick,
why is that table not set up?
Didn't I tell you to
set up the fuckin' table?
Vito Genovese is gonna be here in an hour.
Why is the table not set up?
What about the bar?
What bar?
The bar. You said
you'd drown me in the Susquehanna River
if I didn't set up the bar first.
You kidding me right now?
Stop busting my balls about the bar!
Can you please set up
the fuckin' table?
I need plates, drinks,
everything set up. Would you?
What about the bar?
Stop with the fuckin' bar!
Go set up the fuckin'
goddamn table!
Joe, I need you.
Come try the sauce.
What the fuck is wrong with
this guy?
Come, come, come.
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable?
Yeah, it's unbelievable.
Better be unbelievable.
Yeah, I know.
The guy hasn't fuckin'
called me back in two days.
What am I supposed to fuckin' do?
Wait, hold on.
Oh, God. I gotta go.
I gotta go. I gotta go.
I told him.
Where have you been?
Put it in the freezer. Let's go!
Where's this fish guy?
Relax? I may be the first guy to get
whacked for not havin' enough fish at a party.
You know that, right?
Everything will be fine.
I hope so.
You, any more ice?
Yes, sir.
Go get it.
I gotta call Frankie.
Miss Jo!
Oh, God. Thank God.
Joe, fish guy!
What took you so long?
I'm sorry. You look beautiful.
Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Where the fuck have you been?
Are you crazy? I told you--
Put it down.
Put it down.
what's your status?
Just waiting, sir.
Waiting? For what?
For people to arrive.
How many so far?
No one, sir. You'd better
be right about this,
or else it's your badge!
Copy that.
Vasisko, are you there?
Hey, Ed. What's up?
Where have you been?
I'm at the motel.
And you didn't see
any cars go by? Nope.
Well, get your tail up here
as soon as you can!
Roger that.
Yeah, I'm comin', I'm comin',
I'm comin', I'm comin'.
We're all set up.
Hey, how you doin'?
Good to see you.
There's drinks
in the living room. Please come on in.
Good to see you.
How are you?
Good to see you.
Hey, how are ya?
Good to see you. Please, come on in.
All right, ladies. Show time. Let's go.
Come here, Stephanie...
Hey, how you doin'?
Good to see you.
Hey, how are ya?
Good to see you.
Frankie, what's up?
How you doin', Joe?
Good, good, good.
What do you need? You all right?
How are you? Good to see you.
You guys know each other,
right? Frankie, Mario.
Good to see you.
Carmine Galante over here.
How are you?
Good to see you.
Shh! The door!
What's goin' down, Ed?
Did you not see Carmine Galante's car
back at the motel?
Um, no.
Somethin's goin' down.
I know it.
Lieutenant, you there?
I'm here.
It's time to call in
Why? What's goin' on
up there?
The guests have just
started to arrive.
What are they doing?
Not sure, but there are
more on the way.
The call went out already.
Stand by and keep me posted.
What's the plan, Ed?
We're waitin' for reinforcements.
Lane's callin' in the FBI.
Wait, you're tellin' me
we're raidin' the place?
No, just a friendly visit
from the New York State Police.
What do you think
they're doin' in there, Ed?
I'm not sure, but they're
definitely up to no good. Right.
Grab my notepad.
Ed, I gotta tell you somethin'.
I lied to you. I fell asleep in the cruiser.
I didn't see a thing.
I kinda figured.
Thanks, Ed. That's why
you're a good cop.
Come on, Mama,
take this out. Let's go!
Let's go, ladies, let's go!
I need more people to serve! Come on!
Ang, go.
Take this out!
They taste better than rats,
I'll tell ya that shit.
Can you come
over here, please?
Yeah, I'm comin'.
You guys need anything,
you let me know, all right?
Have some drinks.
The big guy will be here in a little bit.
Thank you, Joe.
All right. Stop smokin'. No smokin'.
Three, five, eight.
Three-er, fiver,
eighter. One.
Delta, Nancy.
I wrote Delta, Nancy.
I just...
It's just a D and an N.
Ed, I'm so excited. We got 'em!
It's not over yet though.
please come in.n Joey Gallo.
Welcome to our home.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Right in there.
Please help yourself.
Food, beverages, anything you might need.
You guys want a drink?
You wanna eat somethin'? We got a bunch of food.
Yeah. All right. I'll make sure
I take care of you.
Come here. I wanna
talk to you a second.
Good job, what you guys
did back there. Truly amazing.
I tell ya, this kid, he don't miss.
That's what they say.
Glad to be of service.
Oh, here we go.
Hey, Bill.
Steve. Good to see you, Bill.
How are you? Hey, Steve.
Thanks for comin' out.
Yeah, sure thing.
So I think we need to set up
a roadblock about a quarter mile down the road.
A roadblock? For what?
There is only one road
that leads in and out of this town.
We're gonna create
a bottleneck for 'em.
Once they get settled here,
as they start to leave,
we'll herd 'em like cattle
right into the pen.
Buy some time before
the feds show up.
Wait, the-the feds?
Yeah, Lane called in the feds.
It's really happening.
Out of my kitchen!
I got it, I got it, I--
Joe, we're starvin' over here!
Five more minutes, the guy will be here.
Put some steaks on the grill, Come on!
Stop bustin' my fuckin' balls!
Let's get a drink.
I'll take you to the kitchen.
You eat my wife's food.
Joe, steaks.
What are you doin'?
Come on, guys,
I'll take you to the kitchen.
Don't tell me this is the cavalry.
Sergeant Croswell?
Major Ruston.
This is Agent Brown. We're with ATU.
Alcohol and Tax Unit.
Who called the Department of Treasury?
Apparently, you did.
No. There must be a mistake.
Who were you expecting?
Well, I don't know.
Maybe the FBI?
The FBI?
Why would the FBI
have any interest
in a small family gathering
out in the middle of nowhere?
Who the heck
is this guy? A family gathering?
Would you guys care
to elaborate what exactly is going on here?
Are you two blind?
Do you not see those cars right there?
Yeah, we do.
They look great.
So what?
Inside that house
is the top brass of the American Mafia.
And this is all you got?
Good to see you.
Thank you so much. Hey, guys!
I wanna make
a little speech, all right?
I just got a call.
The man himself
will be here in ten minutes.
In the meantime,
have some food, have some drinks.
You did good, Joe.
Thank you.
All right, salute!
All right, fellas, come on.
Gather around. Yeah?
Let's set up that roadblock
on McFall Street Road.
What's this?
Good luck, guys.
You see this?
See this car? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's him.
Who's him?
Vito Genovese.
He's here?
Yeah, he's here.
Take a look.
Maybe you've seen him
on a poster or two.
Jesus Christ. Now maybe you can get
some of your boys on the horn.
Sergeant, come in.
I'm here.
Vito Genovese is here.
Oh shit. Excuse me.
Don Vitone,
good to see you.
He's here.
He's here?
Just walked in.
Come on. Seriously?
Who's he with?
Two guys.
All right, I love you.
Don Vito.
Don Vito, what a pleasure
to have you in my home.
You got a beautiful
place here, Joe. Thank you for having us.
Thank you so much.
This is my beautiful wife, Josephine.
Ah. Lovely to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Here, I got a little somethin' for you.
Oh. This is for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And, Joe,
I give you my hand,
in friendship, whenever you need.
What an honor. Thank you so much.
We have a special room ready for you.
All right, Bill. I need you to head down
that road about two and a half miles.
If there's not
a roadblock already, establish one.
You got it, boss.
I want you to cover the perimeter.
The back of the woods.
Take Steve with you, okay? You got it, Ed.
Make sure
no one gets out. All right.
You two stay with me.
I'm gonna see if we got some backup.
Thank you so much.
Go on in.
Thank you.
I appreciate that you're all here
and everything you've done for me.
And I wanna
thank Joe again.
I'm not gonna say much.
He's made this great feast, you know?
You got meat? Yes, sir.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll go get it.
Yeah, of course.
Some, uh, mountains
have fallen down on us.
Charlie will never step foot
on these shores again.
Albert, may he rest in peace.
And our good friend
Frank Costello,
he has decided to retire.
Now we have a void.
I'm gonna have to take
a closer look.
Write down the rest
of these license plates.
Why don't you check
on that backup?
Roger that.
Men stumble on stones,
not mountains.
How many of you around here
know their way around stones,
to keep everybody earning,
and I mean everybody?
Who knows the old ways?
The La Cosa Nostra?
Come here.
Come here!
Oh, God.
I'll be right back. Don't say anything.
I want you to make sure that
all the bosses and all the captains,
all the families...
I want their loyalty.
I want their support.
Capo dei capi.
What is it?
There's police outside.
It'd be best for us to go.
Everybody scram!
We got a bunch of guys
headin' into the woods!
Circle around
and grab 'em.
Son of a bitch.
gimme a hand here, will ya?
Jesus fuckin' Christ, Mario.
I can't run anymore.
What the fuck? Come on!
Come on, Frankie!
It's okay.
I got it, Ed.
Hello? Good morning.
Is Mr. Croswell available?
Uh, yes.
Hold on one second.
Ed, it's for you.
Thank you.
Mr. Croswell?
This is the White House.
Are you available to speak
with the president?
Yeah, of course.
Mr. Croswell, we have
the president on the line.
Sergeant Ed Croswell?
Yes, Mr. President.
I just wanted to give you a call
and personally congratulate you
for all your hard work.
I didn't want you to think
that it's gone unnoticed.
Thank you, sir.
Now, I know those convictions
didn't stick,
but I wanted you to hear this
from me first.
I've instructed Director Hoover
to publicly denounce
this organized crime syndicate
in a speech this upcoming week,
and it's all thanks to you
and your hard work.
Why, thank you, sir.
Keep up the good work, son.
Will do.
Ed, is everything okay?
Everything's fine.