Mobile Home (2012) Movie Script

Hey, you.
- Hi.
- Hi. Hold on a sec.
Yeah, sure.
- Here.
- I'll take care of it.
- Are you going out?
- Oh, just for one drink.
What about the storage park tomorrow?
I'll go. I'll go.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Let's go. Bye.
Tell me how it ends later.
- We'll see about that.
- Come on.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Hold on. Wait for me.
- Whoa!
- Wait, wait.
Hold on! You're going too fast.
- Stop!
- Come on!
Hold on.
Let's go, let's go!
Wait, watch out!
- Look out!
- There's a balance problem.
- Watch out.
- You have a balancing problem.
Hey, watch out. Don't be an ass.
Are you ok?
Are you ok?
Oh, fuck.
Mom, you can't do this.
This isn't possible.
You'll be tired tomorrow.
- I know.
- It's always the same thing.
You know, but...
Go to bed, Mom.
Go to bed.
I'll hem your pants.
You'll do what?
I'm going to hem your pants.
- But Mom...
- Quiet! People are sleeping!
Mom, you can't hem my pants. It's 5 am.
I'm awake now.
Yeah, but... I'm going to bed now.
- How are you?
- Fine.
My mom won't stop talking
about you. It's such a pain.
- How have you been?
- Fine.
Yes, I'm fine. How about you?
This is doing me a lot of good.
I mean being out
here in the countryside...
I know about my furniture
at your place, but...
I need to find a van,
so I can pick it all up.
- That's ok.
- I just need to find the time.
I'll come. I'll come.
- Let's walk a bit.
- I'm going to go, actually.
Sylvie, Sylvie!
I don't know why I came.
- I'm stupid.
- No, I'm happy to see you.
You're not. You're distant.
I'm distant...
That's because things have
changed. I can't just hold you.
I'm not asking you to, but...
You just left. We didn't even try.
We did try plenty of times.
We tried plenty of times.
I don't know how many times we split up.
Each time we got back together,
but we never managed to...
I think that if we were
meant to be together,
it wouldn't have been so difficult.
Plus, I just don't think I'm
cut out for a relationship.
I've missed you, too, Caroline.
Can I give you a kiss?
Yes, please do.
How are you, Julien?
Fine, fine.
I was just taking a short break.
How have you decided to set it up?
Remember I initially
wanted to extend that wall.
Instead, I'll break the wall,
so that I can create a big loft
with a spiral staircase
to go upstairs.
Have you inquired about the roof?
No, not yet.
One thing at a time, you know.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Oh yeah, it could be nice.
It could be nice.
There's soup and charcuterie.
For tonight, will it be all right?
It's a shame to stop
now that you've started.
But I won't be gone long.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Well then, see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Remember our summer tour?
We only had three dates.
- It was a small tour.
- Yes, a small one.
Well, we left...
and Vincent came to see us in one town.
He was completely drunk.
He got on stage and
vomited on a guy in front.
Oh yeah. Wasn't it the mayor?
Oh yeah!
I held such a grudge against
you guys for chickening out.
We were all going to go
together after our studies,
but we never talked about it again.
You had all settled down,
so it was over.
That said, if we had gone,
I would've had to come home quickly.
Why don't we leave now?
Why don't we just hit the road in a van?
No kidding.
We'll buy something we can sleep in.
And we'll just leave.
When we need a bit of money...
we'll stop for seasonal work.
Something concrete, physical,
outdoors in nature.
When we've had enough...
When we've had enough,
we leave again...
and travel. We'll travel.
Can you imagine it?
Most people dream of doing it,
but can't. They're stuck.
We're lucky to have
nothing holding us back,
but we don't even take advantage of it.
"Nothing holding us back"...
Your dad is fine now.
He's fully recovered.
Yes. Well, normally.
Plus, I started working on the barn.
Honestly, Julien...
I don't know about
this whole barn thing.
Do you realize
how much work it'll take?
It'll take at least three years
and you'll be doing it all alone.
Moscow! There it is!
Wait, wait, wait.
Where's Saint Petersburg?
If we want to go there,
we'll have to go before Moscow.
So, we'll have to go through...
Isn't Iceland just around there?
I heard it's amazing.
Iceland's far away.
In that case, we'd be going
to Greenland or something.
Hold on, let's take a look.
- It's beautiful.
- Yes.
You're already back?
What are you doing?
Nothing, just looking.
I'll make you coffee.
Thank you, Luc.
Thanks, Dad.
Oh! Look at Sardinia too.
- I saw a TV documentary on it.
- You're crazy.
- It looked amazing.
- It's far.
- Let's look at it. Go down.
- I'm going.
When would you be leaving?
I don't know.
Soon. Once we get everything ready.
I thought the barn was important to you.
Come on, Dad.
It's too much. It'll take
me at least three years.
I'm all alone.
But you wanted to do it.
- You're being influenced, aren't you?
- Of course not.
Since he's come back,
something's been wrong.
You're well now, aren't you?
I'll be able to work
and earn a living...
and travel at the same time.
Isn't that great?
There are no windows.
Yes, I...
That one costs 6,000.
Not a cheap buy.
And as you can see, it's not very roomy.
No, it's too much.
Just a bit over twice the price,
a great deal.
I'm not bullshitting you.
- Well, it is...
- Wait, wait.
If you really want to go
far away for a long time,
that's what you need.
Not bad, eh?
It'll be too expensive.
Taking a look is free.
Check it out yourselves.
Get in. Try it out.
Did you see the size of the fridge?
I won't have much left afterwards.
But, we'll save a lot with this.
There's a bathroom,
so we won't sleep in hotels.
There's a kitchen, so we can cook.
We'll be self-sufficient.
It's awesome.
We'll need a job quickly.
Yes, I know. Won't be a problem.
There's even that TV.
Did you see the size of the bed?
You know what I'm imagining?
You're driving. I'm here.
I'm watching the landscape,
relaxing, and then...
We were thinking that we'd
travel from town to town.
And then...
we'll stop when we need money.
We'll help farmers with their harvests.
We'll pick potatoes, beets...
So, yeah. However...
To start off, we'll need some funding.
No, wait...
Since you gave Sophie and me...
some money, I could use it for this...
The money we gave Sophie and him
was to help them settle down, wasn't it?
Not for a vacation.
I'm not going on vacation,
I'm going to work.
But, do you know
what seasonal work is like?
- Yes, I do.
- You must know...
So, you want to go pick
plums and potatoes,
but never even do it here.
It's not the same, Dad. This is a trip.
I'll be travelling. It's different.
Think it over, anyway.
He'll use that money
when he settles seriously.
Dad, I don't want to settle.
- Do you realize what you're saying?
- I do.
I was with someone for a long time.
I've worked. I know what
it's all like, and it's not for me.
That's all.
- Did you give me that money or not?
- We did...
So you could find your own place.
I'm giving it back, then.
- No!
- Yes, I am.
What's the point if
I can't use it the way I like?
- There's no point.
- I know people...
who could make better use of that money.
I could set up a veranda.
- Shut up.
- I'll return the money.
You can set up your
veranda and even spruce up...
that thing back there,
your little castle.
- Stop that.
- No, it'll be great.
Really great.
You're packing a ball
and tennis rackets?
Yeah, maybe. Maybe.
We can bring you
things when you find a flat.
- I'm doing it now.
- How can you transport it all?
Don't worry, Mom. I'll be fine.
Why can't we come to the station?
So, I can say goodbye to Julien.
Are you running away from Dad?
He's not running away.
- He's going to find a job.
- Right.
We're not kicking you out.
I know, Mom. You're not kicking me out.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Cool. All right...
- Hello.
- You can take that.
I'll take this and this.
Can you hand me the guitar?
- Do you know who he'll stay with?
- No, I don't.
Is he mad at us?
No, no... I...
- Hey, Simon.
- No, not that one! Stop!
You asshole.
Just imagine...
We're parked along
a natural, secluded beach.
From the window, we see the sea,
tinted red by the setting sun.
And we hear nothing.
Only the sound of the waves.
We take the road up the coast.
You're driving. I'm sleeping.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- What's that?
- We're leaving.
- What?
- We're leaving.
- This is what the Dutch drive.
- Oh, you're Dutch.
Wow. No need for toilet paper.
You can shit while showering.
Stop that. Have a drink.
I'll fart in it for you.
- Is there hot water?
- Yes.
And even heating in the bathroom,
so we can go to cold countries.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Where'd you get the money?
- Oh, it's just some family thing.
- Excuse me.
You'll have to get along in here.
Well, let's toast to...
- To our new life.
- Yes.
To our new life. Can you believe it?
Stephane, cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Here's to yours.
- Cheers.
- Is that a bed?
Yes, it folds out.
Fine, so you'll have your fun,
but what about after?
What will you do when you come back?
Who said we were coming back?
Oh, you're becoming nomads?
- Why not?
- Yes, why not?
- The Belgian Tuaregs...
- He's dumb.
I don't know...
that's not how you'll...
move forward in life.
You sound like Dad.
Their plan is awesome.
- Why give into the system?
- I didn't say that.
- Not everyone has to be like you.
- Don't attack me.
I'm not, but people always scare
others out of trying new things.
They're taking risks. I think it's cool.
It's easy with your parents' money.
Didn't yours help you build this house?
That's not the same.
I just think it's good
to know where you're going.
- And you know where you're going?
- Stop.
Up your ass.
Wait, wait.
- What's up?
- Can you take me to a friend's?
- I don't want to stay at my sister's.
- Yes.
Thanks. That's cool of you.
- Where does she live?
- Not far, near the church.
No problem.
How about one last drink?
- A drink?
- Yes.
She told me,
"You're leaving. We may
never see each other again.
"Maybe we should take advantage,
loosen up a little."
She's very mature for her age.
Did you see her boobs?
No kidding, her boobs...
- Simon.
- What?
- No.
- It's on sale.
- No.
- For the beach.
Fine, we'll take it,
but nothing else after that.
- Damn.
- It goes with...
Yes, but...
- No more.
- I promise.
- Look at this...
- Promise.
Anyway, her boobs are fantastic.
They're really big,
but are firm like small ones.
- So the feeling...
- Maybe we should get a grill.
If we want to barbecue.
I know what you'll say,
but it's on sale.
What will we do with that?
We can make lots of money with it.
My cousin finds loads
of coins with this in Spain.
How much is it?
One hundred... and forty nine euros.
- No.
- It normally costs 250 euros.
No, no.
- Simon!
- No.
Fuck, it's my parents.
It's my parents.
Julien, it's my parents. Fuck.
- Don't worry.
- It's ok. I don't think they saw me.
Damn. Hide. Get down.
Put this on your face.
- Is it okay?
- Simon!
Simon, watch out!
Our things!
- Careful!
- It's okay...
- I can't see them. We're good.
- You scared me.
Yeah, we're good.
Fuck, they're following us!
This is silly. They saw us.
No, they'll give up.
We can get back
on the main road up there.
I think.
- This is ridiculous.
- Don't worry.
- Let's turn.
- No, not here.
- Yes.
- Where are we going?
I don't know, but we're turning.
- There.
- He'll follow.
No, he won't follow us.
He'll be scared of getting
stuck in the mud.
- See? He's not giving up.
- We'll find another road.
We'll find another road. Don't worry.
Stop. This is silly.
We can't take your dad to Norway.
Stop it... We're far from Norway.
Here we go.
Look. We can't go any farther.
How much did you pay for that?
- It was a really good deal...
- How much?
Not much.
Some people save up
their whole lives to buy these!
It's not expensive. It isn't.
Did you pressure him into this?
No, I...
- Did you pay your share?
- I'll pay him back as we go.
Do you realize how much
something like this costs?
That's a hell of a lot
of apples and plums to pick!
- Calm down, honey.
- It's absurd at his age to buy that!
It's deplorable!
You wanted me to buy a
house, so I thought...
- Come on, Monique.
- Wait.
Why didn't you tell us?
I was going to.
- Were you taking off like a thief?
- No, no, no.
- Monique!
- Go, Mom.
- Let's go!
- "Let's go"...
There's no use talking to him.
I don't think you grasp
the measure of all this.
You let him do anything.
No, I don't!
Come on, come on...
Stop, stop!
You can't go any further.
Stop, stop, stop!
Stop everything!
Thank you.
What the hell were you
doing on a dirt road?
It's not a Motocross.
How much is it going to cost?
For those kinds of parts...
Surely, two or three thousand.
I knew it.
These vehicles have you
shelling out cash for any problem.
You should avoid these like the plague.
Follow me to my office.
Excuse me...
Where will you put the motorhome?
Just outside.
Well, I live in it, so...
I've nowhere else to sleep,
so I'd like to sleep in it.
If you don't mind.
- I don't have 3,000 euros anymore.
- Maybe it'll be cheaper.
Yeah, right! Do you honestly think so?
No way.
Besides, we need to have a bit saved up.
I'm not going home
with my tail between my legs.
My parents would be all too happy.
We're looking for Mathieu.
Thank you.
- Thanks, Valrie.
- They were out of sausage.
- Hello.
- That's ok.
- Valrie. That's Julien and Simon.
- Nice to meet you.
- We studied together.
- Oh?
They're looking for work.
To be honest, I don't really
need any new staff.
I heard you left in a caravan.
Yes, but we still need a bit of money.
It's not a caravan.
Maybe I can have you remove root balls.
It's tough, but it's paid per piece.
The big guys do quite well.
For the rest, you'd
need to be qualified.
Will that do?
- Yes. Right?
- Yes...
Can you start tomorrow?
- Yes.
- Yes, tomorrow.
- Well, then.
- Great.
I never thought I'd be the one
getting you work one day.
- Do you want to eat, Luc?
- No, thanks.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- That smells good.
- I told you...
All right.
Well, then...
You can still come sleep at the house.
We've started our journey, Dad.
It'll be easier to go to work
together in the morning this way.
Have a nice journey, then.
Thank you.
- Come on, Simon. Let's go to work!
- Ok. I'm coming.
Move the branches aside,
then apply pressure to the tree,
and hit down hard.
Watch out for your feet.
And turn at the same time.
Hey twins, wasn't there
a tie with those outfits?
This one has a thick root.
That's it guys. If you work well,
you can do about 30 an hour.
So, do the red ones, okay?
Sorry. Here, it's better.
Sorry. Here.
How many did you do?
I don't know how many I did.
- Ten?
- No, more than that.
You did seven.
No way, not seven.
- No way.
- Well, I counted.
- You counted?
- Yes.
I kept getting big ones,
so I obviously did less.
At that pace, unemployment pays better.
It'll be okay.
It's a question of technique.
- Technique?
- Yes.
What about strength?
Hey, I'm just kidding.
You just won't be able
to jack off for a few days.
Oh, guys.
Maybe I should get some groceries?
- Yes.
- See you.
What happened?
- Why don't you come see us?
- Calm down. I'll explain.
We'll have a coffee. It'll be okay.
Are you really happy?
Yes, I haven't felt like this in years.
Will you still stop by to talk?
Mom, I've already left.
Yes, well...
you've "left"...
Come talk to your dad, anyway.
Tell Dad I'll pay him back.
- Ok?
- That's not it, though.
What is it, then?
I have nothing left to say.
I'm happy about my life. I feel good.
If he thinks this sucks,
what can I do about it?
All right.
Should I take your laundry?
Mom, I've already left.
- Julien!
- What?
- Time to go, isn't it?
- No.
I'm on a roll.
- How's it going?
- Fine.
- I did 286.
- What?
It's your first time.
- That's enough from you.
- 286 is good...
Don't let him screw with you.
- It's okay.
- Technique, huh?
He's really good at that. Here.
I've other plans.
- See you Monday.
- Other plans?
- Can I screw with you?
- Leave him alone.
- Hurry up.
- Know how many I pulled out? 843.
I can pull something else out for you.
You're a pain.
If you add 50, I'll take care of you.
- You? I don't think so.
- Oh, come on. See you.
- Here, for a whore.
- It's all for you.
- Oh yes!
- I'll keep your money.
- Really?
- Get out of here.
- How are you?
- Fine. I did 416.
Not bad for a first time.
You type really fast.
It's true. Not bad at all.
It's for your sake.
It'll shut back up someday.
I'll be fine.
You must have a dildo, then?
- Bye.
- Don't you?
- Hey Mounir.
- Hey.
Shoo, flies. Don't bother me.
- See you Monday.
- Bye.
Give my regards to your dildo!
I haven't felt like this in forever.
This is a good fatigue.
A true, proper one.
Oh yeah.
What do you think of Valrie?
- Don't you like her? She's not bad.
- What?
Valrie, the secretary.
She's not bad. Don't you like her?
She's a bit old.
Exactly. The old ones have experience.
I'm sure she's wild in bed.
What did you say?
I said I'm sure she's wild in bed.
- Yeah.
- Like, "Oh!"
- Oh, Julien!
- Oh, Julien. Yes.
Damn, Julien. Show me your huge spade.
Oh yeah, Julien.
Oh yeah, unearth my roots, Julien.
- Oh, Julien's big fir tree!
- You like that, eh?
Give it to momma.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
That big fir tree.
Oh yeah, Julien. I'm coming.
Oh, Julien!
It's done guys.
Great, thanks.
Simon, it's done.
Thanks, Gerard.
There you go.
- 1,950. Is that right?
- Yes.
Thanks, Gerard.
Don't you go without paying the rest.
- No.
- Or I'll see your parents.
No, don't worry.
Excuse me.
Hi Dad.
Okay, see you later. Bye.
So, baby, away on our weekend?
I have to stop by my dad's.
- No, Julien...
- It won't be long.
It isn't plugged in, Dad.
It says it isn't responding.
It should say it isn't plugged in.
You should've told me it said that.
I would've explained.
You can print now.
I'm going to eat. I'll do that later.
I can eat here if you want.
No, go on.
Go on.
Let's hit the road.
Let's go.
I'm sorry. I may have to stay and eat.
Oh no.
Oh, come on, he's really insisting.
- Don't wait for me. Go for a drive.
- Great, a drive.
I won't be long.
There's wine if you want.
I'm allowed to have an occasional glass.
Do I need to keep an eye on you now?
No. See, I haven't drunk anything.
And I was sure you'd
come by this weekend.
I got the results from my check- up.
Oh right. Shit.
Supposedly, everything's fine.
Why "supposedly"?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Do you feel anything?
I don't know.
They ran some tests
and said you're fine, didn't they?
It would seem so.
"It would seem so?"
What does that mean?
You saw what happened to Aunt Lise.
They said she was fine,
but died 2 weeks later.
Cut it out...
She died 3 months later,
and it was 10 years ago.
Things have evolved since then.
Really, stop it.
It's only been five years.
They ran some tests and
said you're fine. So, it's fine.
You'll have one glass, but...
- There you go.
- Hey.
- Cheers.
- Hold on.
That bugs you.
There's hardly a drop in it.
Here you go.
- I waited all afternoon.
- I know, I know.
- Why don't you answer your phone?
- Hi, Julien.
Oh, hi.
How's it going?
Ready to go?
What did you do earlier?
Well, we went for a drive...
It was nice.
- Put down your toast, Robocop.
- I surrender.
- You want war?
- No.
- You want war?
- No.
- Run for cover.
- Toast!
You promised.
- Oh no. No way.
- Please...
- You promised.
- But...
Pretty please.
- That's it.
- It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Who is it by?
- Me.
- No...
From when Stephane,
Julien and I were in a band.
It was our first original song,
and our last.
Well, because...
We started composing,
then we had to begin our studies.
We saw each other less and stopped.
The typical story.
- That sucks. You have a great voice.
- Thank you.
Many bands don't have
songs that are that good.
You do it on the first try,
and then give up.
It's a pity.
Will you see her again before we leave?
No, I don't think so.
- Come on. Let's stop playing.
- No, let's play.
- Let's watch the game.
- No, let's play.
- It's almost over.
- No, I'm beating you.
You always play with your dad.
You're overtrained. You're doped up.
Oh, Maya.
You're all wet.
What are you doing here?
My mom left me at the station,
but I didn't get on the train.
It's fine. They're only
preparatory courses.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, it's fine.
Can I stay?
What will you do alone?
We work and have things to do.
I can clean up, for example.
- I can cook.
- You cook?
Yes, I cook really well.
You should see Valrie. She's single.
I don't know her...
So what?
At worst, she'll say no.
Who cares? We'll soon be somewhere else.
I don't know...
I don't know if I want to.
You would if she was in your bed.
There's plenty to eat.
Tonight, we're having
rabbit with prunes.
I hope Maya does well.
I do too. I have high standards
for rabbit with prunes.
The one my mom used to make...
You have no idea...
Let's go.
Back to work.
Five minutes!
- No, let's go.
- Come on!
Let's go. Come on.
See you tomorrow.
Oh man, I'm hungry.
Maya, what's going on?
Come on, tell me.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Hey, I don't know
what you're up to now...
but if you wanted
to get a drink or something...
Sorry, I'm picking up my kid.
Oh, okay... No, I mean...
I was just saying just in case.
But you can come by for dinner.
I don't want to impose.
I'm inviting. It's fine.
No, no.
- If you don't want to, it's fine.
- I do.
How should we do this?
Do you want to come
with me or follow me?
- Okay.
- You'll follow me, then?
Yes, I'll follow you.
- See you in a bit.
- See you in a bit.
- See you in a bit.
- See you in a bit.
I thought you said you weren't hungry.
No, it's...
- It's very good.
- Thank you.
What did you do before?
I did...
I did some things.
I did lots of things.
Well, I mostly took care of my father.
He was very sick and needed care.
But it's fine. He's fine now.
That's courageous.
- What is?
- Having taken care of your father.
- Not everyone would do it.
- It's normal.
He's all alone...
So, I thought...
Maybe I could think about myself now.
I understand that.
What about you?
You're not from around here.
Not at all.
I don't know anyone here.
That's what I was looking for. Calm.
What's wrong, honey?
I can't sleep.
Why not? Nightmares?
I'd like you to read me a story.
A little story.
- Be right back. Ok?
- Sure.
Oh, pumpkin. My beloved little boy.
You're my beloved little boy.
"From far away, across the world...
"he smelled good things to eat.
"So he gave up being king
of Where the Wild Things Are.
"Max stepped into his private boat.
"He sailed in the morning
and in the night.
"and sailed back over a year
"and in and out of weeks
"and through a day,
"and into the night
"of his very own room,
"where he found his
supper waiting for him.
"And it was still hot."
Where were you?
At Valrie's.
- Did you hit on her?
- No.
Well, I could have, but... I don't know.
What's up with the girl?
I don't know what's up,
but something's wrong.
So, I think I won't work tomorrow...
and I'll take her back to school.
Maybe that's best.
Yes, well...
That's the way things are.
How are you?
Will you play me something?
Okay. How about some blues?
Go for it.
Brother, you are looking fine.
you had a hot time.
I told you, I didn't...
Well, I see what I see.
And I see a happy guy.
I'd tell you. That's not why I did.
you've got red cheeks,
and gleaming eyes.
Back from Valrie's place,
love all over your face.
Julio "worse than" Iglesias.
Pal, you've got class.
- You're dumb.
- At Valrie's place.
- Maybe we should...
- I'm so tired of stressing out.
It's not a life.
What I need to do...
is live in the present.
You and Julien...
That's exactly what you do,
live in the present.
I was thinking...
What would be great for me...
is if I could travel
a bit with you guys.
That's exactly what I need.
I'll be right back.
I have money to get by.
That isn't the problem.
That isn't it.
But what would you
do with us on the road?
I don't know. Same as you.
Which means?
It means...
taking time...
to enjoy what's happening
and figure out
who I am and what I want.
Well, Julien and I know who we are.
We know what we want.
You understand?
And well, it isn't really a problem,
but we aren't the same age. Understand?
We are...
There's sort of a gap.
I don't know if we're in the same place.
Being with you felt so good.
I've never felt so close to anyone.
Wait, wait. Listen...
I'll go get some groceries. Okay?
What? Right now?
Yes, I'm tired.
I need a break. And we do need food.
So, anyway. I'll see you later.
Uh, okay.
What's up, Curly? Tired?
Shut the fuck up.
I wasn't being mean.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- It's been a while.
- Yes, it has.
- You're visiting your parents too?
- Yes.
How are you?
- What are you...
- Fine, fine.
I'm great. I got a few theatre jobs.
And I just finished a film shoot.
A project...
This is Gaetan.
- Hi. Simon.
- Nice to meet you.
Let's get going, dear.
As I was saying, I just
finished a great movie shoot.
- A lead role. It was amazing.
- Wow.
It was great.
What about you?
I'm doing really well.
It's great. Great.
- Really good.
- Really?
- Still working in Liege?
- No.
No, Liege is finished.
- I'm in music now.
- Oh?
Yes. I'm back at it again.
Writing songs and...
you know, making a record...
It's what I'm driving at.
- Is that going well?
- Great.
Really great.
I'm so happy. It's great.
Are you still with...
- Sylvie? Is that it?
- No, we split up.
- Oh, sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Really, it's fine.
Everything is great.
- Do you know who I saw at the store?
- No.
Charlotte Feller
Whoa, she got really hot.
- Eh, whatever.
- Oh, come on. Honestly.
No, I swear.
- Did you know she was pregnant?
- Yes.
Apparently, her guy is some
kind of trader or something.
Oh, okay.
I get it now. Obviously, that helps.
Well, the last time I saw her,
she seemed to be in love.
Give me a break.
- I swear.
- Oh, come on.
Oh, I would do her too.
- No, no.
- But you can't anymore.
No, that's not the point.
- She's not pretty anymore.
- Yeah, right.
Whatever. I don't care.
Plus, it's weird when people
say they're always happy.
It's shady. They're hiding something.
Can I borrow your polo shirt?
I'm going to the movies.
The movies? With who?
I'm going with some...
With Valrie?
She asked me to.
- Why don't you tell me anything?
- I am now.
What's wrong?
- Do you want to come with us?
- Yes, I do
Then we can both do her.
No, hold on.
We're just going to the movies.
Oh right, the movies.
- Will you be okay?
- Yes.
If you want, I can stay.
Honestly, I'd really like that.
I'd like you to stay.
Yes, okay.
Oh, go on.
- Go to the movies.
- Ok.
I'm going to the movies.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Did you like the film?
Well, I thought it was...
I didn't think it was very good.
No, it wasn't.
Well, then.
I'd love a drink, but I have
to relieve the babysitter.
Well, then.
See you.
You don't want to come by...
Oh, yes.
I just didn't want to...
It's okay, we'll just...
Oh, okay.
Well, then...
Follow me, then?
Let's go. Hurry.
Oh, I just went to bed.
What an idiot. I was up
all night playing music.
Are you coming to work?
Music is my thing. It's my thing.
Why'd I give up?
Why'd the band split? It's my thing!
I worked all night on a great song.
I really think it's not bad.
I called Stephane to try
with drums and bass.
We'll be playing with
the band again! I'm so happy.
- Don't you want to leave?
- Of course I do. Don't be silly.
Of course I do.
On the road, we'll compose.
When we get to a city,
we'll play on the streets.
We can do that.
That's it.
We have to dare on this trip.
We'll dare to do things. Risk it.
By the way,
since I'm on a roll and I'm inspired,
I'd rather not work today and tomorrow,
to try and keep the inspiration going.
Do you mind working alone?
- No, it's fine.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Cool.
All right. I'm going to bed.
I'm dead tired.
Hey. What about Valrie?
- It was good.
- That's good!
- It was good.
- How good?
- I'll tell you about it.
- You better. You look great.
You look great.
All right.
Hey guys! Guys!
Guys, guys. Let's start.
Let's do it. Let me show you.
I know. There are no lyrics.
I know. I know.
It's gibberish. There are no lyrics yet.
Then there's the chorus.
It changes a bit.
Like this.
So, that's...
That's the idea.
No, there's...
There's something to it.
It's cute.
No, it's cool. It's nice.
Simon, do you remember this? Listen.
This is good, Simon.
Do you remember?
Come on, Simon!
That's it!
E7, F minor...
No, that sucks.
That sucks.
No! Minor, minor!
This sucks.
Hey, there's your house.
What's going on?
I've had enough.
Let's leave. Let's leave.
- Let's leave.
- When?
Now. Let's go. It's been 15 days.
We should've left 15 days ago.
I've had enough.
We haven't saved up enough.
Yes, we have.
We have enough for
the motorhome. We'll find work.
We'll pick grapes in France.
Finding work won't be a problem.
- Let's go.
- I thought you were composing.
Of course I'm composing.
All the time.
I can compose here or anywhere.
The whole point is leaving
when we want to.
If you ever want to leave
a place, I'd listen and say ok.
I just need some time. I need
to say goodbye to my dad.
He already knows we're leaving.
- It's not that easy.
- It is.
- It's not.
- Yes, it is. Let's just go.
You get in. We go. It's that easy.
Your dad isn't sick. You're an adult.
Your dad isn't a kid.
Live your own life now.
You don't know what we went
through, so stop! Shut up!
Just give me this weekend.
Give me a little more time.
Yes, excuse me.
- Come on.
- Okay, we'll leave on Monday.
Are you okay, Julien?
- You still have the key?
- Yes.
You'll give it back to me.
Okay, that's fine.
Do you have a van?
More or less.
- Are you all alone?
- Yes.
How will you carry all of that?
I'll get by.
- Do you at least have some boxes?
- Oh, no I don't.
Don't worry. It'll be fine. Don't worry.
It'll be fine. It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
Do you want to get a drink?
No, I don't think so.
I would've liked to talk.
About what?
Well, I don't know...
- About how you've been.
- I've been fine.
I have work to do.
We can still talk, can't we?
Why are you harsh and aggressive?
I'm not aggressive.
I've been trying to get ahold
of you for weeks to get your stuff.
Sorry. I was busy.
You show up last minute,
and expect me to...
I wanted to see you.
You've decided not to see me.
- So, leave me alone.
- That's not true.
- I didn't decide that.
- No.
You didn't decide anything.
You never have.
You're incapable of deciding anything.
So now, take your things
and get out. That's all I'm asking.
You can keep them.
- I don't want to.
- Yes.
- I don't want to see them.
- I don't care.
You can sell them, donate
them or burn them. I don't care.
Don't go without them.
I told you I don't
need them. I'm leaving.
- Where are you going?
- Far away.
And you'll never see me again.
Simon, wait!
- Oh, you're here.
- How are you?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Just dropping something off.
I'm in a hurry. I'll see you later.
- What's wrong?
- I'm fine.
- No.
- I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
- I'm in a hurry.
- What's wrong?
- See you later. Don't worry.
- See you Monday.
- No, we're leaving.
- Really? Already?
- Yes. We're leaving. We're leaving.
- How are you?
- Fine. You?
What are you doing this weekend?
So, you're leaving on Monday?
That's why I thought
it would be nice if we...
If we...
- If we saw each other?
- Yes.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Do you want to come over tomorrow?
Get down.
Come on, get down!
Come on, Dad, get down!
What's wrong with you!
Why are you doing that?
Well... for you.
I'm going to put in two.
- We can do that?
- Yes, we can.
Which country will you start with?
France, I think.
Your turn.
- And after that?
- I don't know. We'll see.
I'll put in a four.
- There.
- Great.
Do you want more Coke?
No, I'm fine.
Your turn.
- A green one.
- A green one.
- There you go.
- There.
Come on.
No, no, no. I won't leave it that way.
Not in front of my house.
No. Let him do it.
Let him do it. Look, he's coming.
Put that down.
- You'd better help me.
- No.
What are you doing?
I told you he'll do it.
It's his job to do it.
Come on.
Why did Sylvie's father
have to deal with this?
Where will we put it all?
Nowhere. I'll handle it.
- What will you do with it?
- I'll manage.
- Simon!
- Leave him alone.
Go inside, Mom. Don't stand there.
- Don't stand there.
- Let him do it.
Let him handle that alone. Go inside.
Mom, go inside.
That's enough.
Stop, Simon!
There you go!
There, that's good.
That's a pain in the ass, too.
He's breaking everything, Jean-Marie!
Everything's fine!
What's that?
I'll be right back.
What is all that?
Nothing. We'll sell it in France.
We have to leave, Julien.
- We said tomorrow morning.
- No, now. I'm going crazy.
If I stay one more minute,
I'm going to break down.
I swear, I'll go crazy.
Just one night less here. It's nothing.
Please, do it for me. Please.
Say something.
Do you want me to take you back?
What are we going to do, Simon?
What are we going to find?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Well, goodbye.
Can I come in?
Yes, of course.
I wanted to say goodbye.
I'm leaving and I wanted
to say goodbye. That's all.
I'm going back on the road.