Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (1988) Movie Script

Why is that?
Why is it three kilos lighter?
We changed the material
of the cockpit frame.
It's stronger now. No safety loss.
I should hope not!
Who'd make it more dangerous?
-Why wasn't I informed of this?
-Well, you wanted it ten days sooner.
Blame it on Char and his Neo Zeon.
We wouldn't be rushing through this
if he hadn't decided
to drop an asteroid on Earth.
-This it?
Come on!
What are we accused of, anyway?
Kidnapping a minor!
You punks shouldn't be fooling
around here on Earth anyway.
You're Quess Paraya, aren't you?
-Get in. We have to hurry.
-How dare you!
Come on, Quess!
Darling, she bit me! Quess bit my hand!
Did you, Quess?
-Take a look at this!
-We'd better get going.
-I know, but
-Come on.
Have a safe trip
Mr. Adenauer.
What was that about?
Just the family life of a top
Earth Federation government official.
They figure she'll behave better
if they take her out into space.
But that wasn't his wife, was it?
Why can't we travel on a military plane?
The military's been mobilized.
It's safer for us
to take a civilian flight from Hong Kong.
Why couldn't you stop Char's plans
of putting Earth in a deep-freeze?
The Federation Government didn't believe
that Char Aznable was still alive.
There are ten billion people
living in outer space.
You think you really know them
even though you're on Earth.
That's harder to believe.
-Where is it?
-In direct line with the North Star!
Give me the coordinates!
It's no use! Pull back!
Five, four, three, two, one
Lieutenant Amuro!
Fifth is accelerating towards Earth!
Entry angle of Fifth, check.
Speed, check.
Is Captain Char on the mobile suit deck?
Yes. He's in the Sazabi.
Gyunei Guss' unit is in a deadlock.
I think we need to offer support.
We've done what's required
to send Fifth Luna to Earth.
Signal all units to withdraw.
I have. But we're unable
to emit Minovsky particles
to prevent them from
detecting our mobile suits.
And that puts Gyunei in danger. Right.
We'll back up Gyunei's Jagd-Doga
and bring him in!
Sazabi is cleared for takeoff!
Launch Sazabi!
I can't believe we couldn't stop
this asteroid from crashing to Earth.
More reinforcements. Char?
That was a mine.
The Minovsky particles have thinned out.
Why are you crashing this to Earth?
Temperatures will drop
and it'll become uninhabitable!
It'll cause a nuclear winter!
Those living on Earth
care only about themselves.
So I've decided to get rid of them all.
You have no right to punish them that way!
It is Char Aznable's destiny
to enforce discipline, Amuro!
-You're full of yourself!
-I'm saying Earth isn't going to last.
Not with that!
Why aren't you using your funnels?
Captain! Don't worry about me!
-Gyunei, you're coming with me.
-I can make it back on my own!
You're not fooling anyone.
You did well protecting
the nuclear thrusters on Fifth.
But this is a valid ticket.
I'm sorry.
Are you ready, sir?
Forget it.
There's no way I'm going with her.
I'd rather freeze here on Earth.
Good idea.
I can't take this!
-Come on. Let's go!
This is the letter
from the Federation Government.
All right. Make it two.
Yes, sir. Two tickets.
-You there.
-Their letter of recommendation?
It's from John Bauer
of the Federation Government.
-Let one of them on board.
We jumped in line
with my political privileges.
Besides, I owe Bauer a favor.
Politicians are all the same.
Ma'am! We can take one of you.
I'll put two on the next shuttle.
But there might not be a next shuttle.
That's true. According to the news,
the war's broken out.
Then I'm going to send him.
Hathaway Noa.
-Destination is Londenion, right?
His father's stationed there. Hathaway.
Here. The shuttle will be departing soon.
-But Mom
-You're a big boy now.
It's time you experienced space.
-What about you and Cheimin?
-We're okay.
This war won't last very long.
As this man says,
we'll catch up in no time.
You sure?
Of course.
I'm taking the Re-GZ for a checkup.
-Thanks, Chief Hanan.
Side 2 hasn't started their attack yet?
I know. They're slow.
You don't think Side 1
will assist the Londo Bell unit?
They're afraid their colonies might rebel.
It's here! A heat source!
Side 2 has commenced their laser attack.
But there are too few of them.
They won't be able to destroy it.
It's continuing its descent toward Earth!
Have they issued a warning
about Fifth Luna's descent?
To those in Lhasa, Tibet?
The people in charge
fled before informing the public.
That's exactly why
Char has the upper hand.
Char needed a lot of energy
to propel Fifth Luna.
How did he get all that nuclear power?
The Federation Government?
-Hard ascent now!
-Laser attack's letting up.
Long live Neo Zeon!
We're clear for takeoff.
But Vice-Minister,
we'll be coming close to an asteroid.
That's a risk I'll take.
Just get us to Londenion on time.
-We'll wear our normal suits.
-Thank you.
What's wrong?
-No! A fireball!
Captain! Steer us to the right!
-There it is.
-It's further north than I expected.
You've got to go further right!
Captain! Further to the right!
Stay seated!
Please dear God!
How pathetic.
We were powerless to stop Char.
-I'm going to the moon!
-Astonaige! Did you prepare the sled?
-It's outside and ready to go!
All the colonies have been inspected
over the last two years.
How was Char able to build an army
without us knowing?
The Federation Government
rules the space colonies from Earth.
But many Spacenoids resent that.
The colonies aren't exactly honest with us
when Londo Bell arrives for an inspection.
There won't be a second wave.
I'm heading out.
If all goes well, I might defeat Char
before he gets to Sweetwater.
Anaheim makes mobile suits
for Neo Zeon too!
-Is it true?
-Come on, give us a break.
The technical division
has nothing to do with that.
I suppose that's how a corporation works.
Mr. October refused to believe
I'm a crew member on the Ra-Cailum.
-You're too cute to be a soldier, Chan.
-You mean it?
There's a psycommu receiver pack
behind the seat.
-Will the monitor work?
If the psycommu lets us
read the enemy's brainwaves better,
it'll speed up our reaction time.
Lieutenant, our R&D division
took that idea of yours
and built it right into the frame.
-Right into the frame?
These computer chips
are about the size of metal particles.
-They're integrated into the frame.
-That's a pretty good idea.
And so we used it for this cockpit frame.
But you said you don't know
the specifics of this technology?
Just the information from R&D.
We'd like to test the frame
when we return to our unit.
I understand.
I'm taking Nu Gundam
back with me right now.
We need three more days
to equip it for battle.
-Not good enough.
The operation to drop Fifth Luna
marks the first major battle
of the Neo Zeon fleet.
It has given me the opportunity
to observe you in action.
I'm impressed.
We concluded our mission today
with diversionary operations
against the pursuing Londo Bell unit.
It's a simple plan.
I wish you success before
our triumphant return to Sweetwater.
Thank you!
That was first-rate.
I feel like a total clown.
As the leader of Neo Zeon,
you must maintain your public image.
I apologize
for what happened on Fifth Luna!
We've cyber-enhanced you
at the Newtype Labs.
It cost quite a lot.
We can't afford to lose you.
-Don't worry about it. Get ready.
Newtype Labs Director
I mean, Operations Officer!
Lieutenant Nanai,
is Gyunei fit to go with us?
He's a bit oversensitive,
but his skills as a guard are excellent.
The scenery at the colony will calm him.
-Do you think we overdid the enhancements?
-He's just young.
Captain, if I may
You are the leader of Neo Zeon.
That's why I'm getting ready
to act like a politician.
-Take care of the operation.
-Yes, Captain.
-The enemy is moving.
-What are they up to?
They're between the moon and Side 1.
Damn that Char!
What are they after?
Anaheim should be monitoring our actions.
-Get Amuro!
-Yes, sir!
Combat bridge, get a move on!
What is it?
From the Ra-Cailum.
Char's second wave is close to the moon?
They want me back
in Londo Bell right away?
I'll tune the psycommu receiver later.
-Are you going?
But we're not done
-You're going?
-I'm turning it on.
-It won't work!
I'll find a way.
Do it.
Chan! The Booster Bed and
-The Mass Driver, right?
This operation makes no sense.
Mobile suits
are designed for close combat.
Get moving, Rezin!
It's not like you follow orders anyway!
Don't do it! You won't make it in time!
We're going.
I warned you!
Launch trajectory set!
SSE, standing by for orders!
Looks good on you.
Just part of my duty.
SSE here.
The mobile suits
will begin combat shortly.
-That'll be your signal to launch.
-Any time now.
Main bridge, watch for the signal.
Countdown progressing!
Mr. October!
Don't forget to send
the psycommu frame sample to Londo Bell!
I'll forward it! Zero!
We still can't use the Re-GZ?
It won't be repaired in time!
I know that.
Please come back.
Keep firing! Three more seconds!
All fleets, commence evasive action!
Now's our chance to squash a few.
Found you.
One of them got past our mobile suits!
-Counterattack! Barrage!
Close the bulkheads! Fire, team!
The Moon, Earth Capella, Vega, the Sun
We must be right here.
And the fleet
Hey, Chan.
You okay?
Where's the fleet?
-Has it started?
-I'll get behind you.
See that? Those lights over there!
Change course!
There's a battle over there!
Get the Apogee Motors fixed,
or we'll head straight into it!
No way!
Oh, God!
I'm on it!
Where are the Jegan teams?
The barrage is thinning out!
That's Kayra's machine!
Kayra! Do you read me?
You'll be hit with friendly fire! Get out!
The Lieutenant's not here!
Pretty good. Now hold still!
It's a new machine.
Neo Zeon?
Take a look for yourself.
Is it war?
Looks like it.
Signal to pull back!
A Gundam?
-They're pulling back.
It's almost like they planned for this.
Something isn't right
The rest of the ship is off-limits!
Stay in the officers' mess hall.
Try to keep your feet on the floor.
Go on.
You were on the shuttle?
But why?
I didn't know
you were the captain of this ship.
Where's your mom and Cheimin?
They only let one of us on the shuttle.
Sorry to break up the family reunion, but
Oh, he's the one who got me
on the shuttle.
I see.
-You must be the Vice-Minister.
You'll have to redirect this ship
to Londenion.
I'm on a special mission.
Hathaway, go to the mess hall.
We'll discuss this later.
Lalah Sune?
You can't keep
both Char and me for yourself!
It would be agony
to live on forever after death.
I just want to watch over the both of you.
That's just selfish!
I want to stay with the both of you,
until the end of time.
Forget about Char!
Char is pure.
Damn it!
I thought I'd stopped having those dreams.
-What is it?
-Could you come to the mobile suit deck?
-I'll be there in ten!
What's wrong with him? He sounded angry.
I got hit?
That's what happened, Quess Paraya.
The controls are too big for my hands.
They're the right size for normal suits.
Can I try it now?
This is great.
They've already come up
with a CG simulation
using footage from the last battle.
It's a military secret,
so don't tell anyone.
I think she's got good instincts.
Well, I had no idea
she had any interest in this.
Two-faced hypocrite.
-Quess Paraya?
Civilians should stay clear of this area.
Oh, sorry.
You'll get in the way. Come back.
Go on ahead!
He just doesn't get it.
Over here! Amuro!
Right. What's the problem?
So that's Amuro Ray.
"Over here," my foot.
Quess! I shot down two enemies!
Really? I got two too!
Didn't you feel anything?
He seemed like any other grownup.
But they say he instinctively knew how
to pilot a mobile suit from the get-go.
He even took out Zeon's Zakus.
Think it's true?
As soon as he got in the cockpit,
he understood how the Gundam worked.
What's so funny?
And that makes him a Newtype?
Yes, exactly.
That's not what Christina,
my friend in India, said.
She says Newtypes can understand people
and objects on a fundamental level.
She said there's a spiritual connection,
no matter how far away they may be.
Back when humans only lived on Earth,
we only used half our brain cells.
But then we went into space,
and we started using the remaining half.
That must be how
we developed telepathy and precognition.
Otherwise, families living apart
in space and on Earth
would lose their connection to each other.
Your family must get along pretty well.
But my dad still gets on my nerves.
My family's always lived on Earth,
but it doesn't seem to help.
We're on target, thanks to the code
the Federation provided.
They're pretty careless
with their information.
Not at all, Captain.
We had to pull a lot of strings.
I know.
That must be the new mobile suit.
This area is off limits to civilians.
They let me in here before.
What about you? Why are you here?
What? What do you mean?
I'm a mechanic on this ship.
You grown-ups always miss the point.
That's not what I meant.
-What's your relationship with Amuro?
He's my senior officer,
and I look up to him.
You still don't get it.
I studied in India
about how all of us can become Newtypes
and understand each other.
That's why I'm interested in Amuro,
who everyone says is a Newtype.
Why must you interfere?
That's the way I see it!
Get off this ship! Now!
I can't do that.
-Do it, or I'll--
-Quess! That area's off-limits!
Get lost!
Grab this!
-Quess! There's the colony.
Side 1's Londenion.
There's a city inside a cylinder.
With lakes, too.
Makes you believe
in the possibility of human evolution.
I can see why the Zabis fought
for independence.
But the Zabi family
lost to the Federation, right?
Yeah, but
My father rules these colonies from Earth,
but he knows nothing about them.
Which explains why Char
is now bent on destroying Earth,
even though he actually switched sides
to protect it not too long ago.
Well, I'm with him.
People on Earth are stubborn
and conservative,
but don't have a problem
changing wives and husbands.
That's why I think
Char is doing whatever he can
to bring out the potential in humanity.
I'm not so sure.
Does that give him the right
to freeze Earth?
I don't know
Do you think Char will go through
with this plan to freeze the Earth?
He's already started the process.
He has to crash another asteroid
onto Earth if he wants a total Ice Age.
But the Federation Forces
control everything within moon's orbit.
That's why he's pushing to get Sweetwater
recognized as Neo Zeon territory.
Is Adenauer Paraya here
for the negotiations?
Yeah, I believe so.
Char once joined our fight
against the Federation Forces,
but he discovered the truth
about the bigwigs who live on Earth,
and that was the final straw.
Yes, I realize that.
Now he wants to settle everything,
once and for all.
I'm relieved you got us here in time.
Thanks to that, Earth can be saved.
Good luck with your negotiations, sir.
Negotiations? With whom? Where?
You command the Space Forces from Lhasa.
I find it unlikely you came here
just to sightsee.
No one must know I'm here.
Not until the Federation Government
makes an official announcement.
See ya!
Welcome, sir.
I'm Cameron Bloom from the Audit Bureau.
-Thank you.
-Be careful now!
-Crew dismissed!
Captain Bright Noa, huh?
I wonder how things are going with Mirai.
There's a lot of work to do!
The sample frame from Mr. October arrived.
Oh, good.
Can we see the inside
of the colony from here?
Sure we can.
I think that new frame is a good idea.
That Adenauer Paraya
He gave the Londo Bell orders
to find the remnants of Zeon
but he's been talking
to Char all this time.
That's what politicians do.
-Is that acceptable?
-Good question.
The colony!
That's right.
This is an old city
with about five million people.
You're usually warm and gentle,
like right now.
But sometimes you're distant and angry.
-You think so?
-I do.
Thank you for coming.
Our pleasure. Welcome to Londenion.
These are Neo Zeon people!
-You don't mind me taking Amuro?
-That's fine.
We spend a lot of time together
when you're not around.
Tell her not to bother me
about asking you out on a date.
There you are!
They wouldn't let me
call the battleship directly.
I'm really sorry I had to bug the captain.
That's okay.
-Is that right?
Has he been re-charged?
Yes! Bring him out.
Sure! You mean Haro?
-Drake Hotel?
-Mr. Amuro
The Supreme Leader is here?
As this is a favor to us,
it's only natural
to have our top official here
as a matter of courtesy.
Your presence puts our minds at ease.
Thank you.
That's good to hear.
I trust the treaty document is genuine?
Of course.
Our government moved its HQ
before Fifth Luna hit Lhasa
and put together an official document.
What treaty?
If you accept the conditions
of the treaty,
we will hand over
the asteroid Axis to Neo Zeon.
I heard about Haro from my mother.
-He's third generation. Look after him.
-Of course!
So you want us to surrender
the Neo Zeon fleet to Luna II first
or we can't move Axis to Sweetwater,
is that right?
Unless you agree to the conditions,
I can see no peace between us.
Gold bars
What's this?
Please review our payment for Axis.
-He's from the Audit Bureau.
With this exchange,
we have officially purchased Axis.
But we would like to use our fleet
to transport Axis to Sweetwater.
Why is that?
We're not in a position
to give severance pay
to the fleet crew
who will lose their jobs.
I see. That's a problem.
Very well, then.
We'll find them work
within the Federation Forces.
The nuclear engines
in Axis are fully operational,
so transport shouldn't be a problem.
You mean the old engines
can still be used?
That's a relief!
If you'll excuse me
Bunch of snobs.
If the Londo Bell scoundrels
were to find out we're here,
they wouldn't take it so well.
I'm doing something extremely wicked.
If you're nearby, feel my presence.
-I'm not going into the city.
-Sieg Zeon.
-Sieg Zeon.
Sieg Zeon.
Chase that swan over there, Amuro!
What's the matter, sir?
-Get Gyunei for me!
-Yes, sir!
What are you doing here?
Unlike you, I'm more than just a pilot!
So that's Char
We fought together, Char!
Why do you want to destroy Earth?
The people on Earth
do nothing but pollute it.
Their souls are weighed down by gravity.
So that's why even married couples
fight each other.
Earth can't live with all those parasites!
We can find a solution for that!
Then grant all those ignorant fools
the wisdom to do so!
He's right! Because it can't be done
I'll do that, but after I get rid of you!
-Amuro! You're not fighting fair!
Shall we go?
Sorry to bother you
I thought it might be you, Mr. Cameron.
Thank you.
What does the Audit Bureau want with me?
How is Mirai? Oh, excuse me
How is your wife doing?
I haven't seen her in six months.
She's been on Earth this whole time.
I see.
Is something the matter?
I didn't know who to talk to.
Char is in this colony right now.
What's that?
Char Aznable
met with Federation officials here.
With Adenauer Paraya?
He wasn't the only one, though.
There were several others.
They believe they reached
a binding peace agreement with Char.
You've got good taste!
How much for the girl?
Cut out the smart remarks.
The girl's spoken for.
They're all here.
Good, just in time.
We're heading out into space.
What do you wish to do, Quess?
Report on the Federation Forces?
Still no movement.
Some hag on the Ra-Cailum cramps my style.
Is that so? Well, then
-What is it?
-You don't know what Char's up to!
What's wrong
with selling the Axis asteroid?
The money will be used
to improve our welfare policies!
Besides, Char said he'd attack
the colonies if we don't sell it to him!
He'd never harm the colonies.
Char wants to wipe out
those who remain on Earth.
I'm going to Luna II to prepare
for Neo Zeon's disarmament.
Disarm their fleet?
Why won't you engage Londo Bell
to oversee it?
Careful, sir.
-May I borrow a phone?
-Yes, sir.
We can't have Char's fleet near a colony.
Then we will act independently
to monitor the situation.
Yes, of course!
You may engage the enemy
if you think Earth is in danger.
Now where did Quess run off to?
Captain, pass on a message for me.
Tell her to remain
at the hotel for a few days.
Yes, sir.
I'm closing it.
I'm floating.
-You use these to--
-Yes, I know.
It's a bit older than the Jegan,
but I know.
-Are you sure?
-Let me try!
-Bring the SSE in front of you.
Is this really your first time?
Watch this! A forward flip!
Is that Quess?
Yes. Looks like she's a natural.
The Musaka's ready to pick us up.
What's that?
-Don't approach until they say so.
-It's okay!
Quit it for my sake!
There are already
people out there who hate me
because I'm from the Newtype Labs.
Leave those fools to me.
You must have had some terrible
memories for you to hate Earth
Quess Air?
Why were you drawn to me?
You said that the human soul
was weighed down by gravity.
That's exactly how I feel.
But you know
I think those who truly understand that
must lead tragic lives.
I'm just walking the path I believe in.
I saw a swan fly.
Amuro shouted, and then I shouted, too.
Then you appeared right after that.
Is that why you betrayed Amuro
and the others?
I met them by coincidence.
I wasn't really friends
with them or anything.
It's hard to get
an operator's license for space.
If I work at the Colony PC,
I'll never run out of colony repair jobs.
I just need training.
You want it on a 50-month loan, right?
That's after only four or five tries.
-She's the real thing.
-That's right.
Quess' brainwaves
sync perfectly with the psycommu.
-Quess, you know your target?
-Yes, ma'am.
The funnels will automatically
advance to the mark.
-Deploy the funnels.
-Yes, ma'am.
You mean I can control those
with just my brainwaves?
Picture the target.
Picture it?
Go! Funnels!
Next, order the funnels to attack.
Order the funnels?
That's it! Funnels!
Just like her.
Would you mind?
For the leader.
For the Captain?
-From over there, to you.
-Thank you.
Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
High hopes and noble endeavors
Will shine with all the twinkling stars
We hold you next to us
The galaxy, so glorious
We'll build with our dreams
A new world that bravely shines
Char is fighting for our prayers
Char is fighting for our prayers
Wow, you're the real deal!
-Is that funny?
So you're going to destroy Earth?
Destroy? Not at all.
I'm just giving it a nice long rest.
Oh, I get it now.
Did the training give you any headaches?
No, I'm fine!
Gyunei. I'm relying on you
for tomorrow's operation.
Yes, sir.
Are you sure about this?
Tomorrow's operation is no field trip.
You bet!
Get some rest tonight. Go.
Ramming Axis into Earth
will leave the planet in a state
similar to that of a nuclear winter.
That's an evil scheme no dictator
in history has ever attempted.
Are you okay with that, Captain Char?
It's too late for lectures, Nanai.
I believe that humanity will evolve,
now that we live in space.
However, in order to turn all of us
into Newtypes
someone has to shoulder
all the evils of humanity.
And you're okay with that?
You thought up this latest plan
to get even with Amuro, right?
Do you think I'd be so petty?
Amuro Ray thinks compassion
is a Newtype weapon, but he's wrong.
A woman may forgive his delusions.
But you cannot forgive that about Amuro.
During the War for Zeon's independence
I had a protg,
a young pilot named Lalah Sune.
She found compassion in Amuro,
even though he was the enemy.
That deep mutual understanding
is only possible between Newtypes.
Lalah! Stop playing around with him!
-Captain, no!
If only my sister Artesia
hadn't been there
-Oh, no!
I wanted her to guide me.
I needed her
to tell me what I was feeling
What's the matter?
Those who are too much alike
will end up hating each other.
They say love and hate
are two sides of the same coin.
I suppose so.
I'm counting on you
for tomorrow's operation.
I'll go on ahead to Axis
and wait for you there.
Are you sure about Quess?
I don't see the need
for further enhancements.
I agree.
She's a Newtype that doesn't need
a psycho-frame to control funnels.
Yes, she is special.
And I was so sure he'd changed his ways
after taking up his father's mantle.
How could he fall for such a brat?
The war is just an outlet for him
to take out his frustrations.
What do you mean?
When people like the Captain get angry,
they start destroying colonies.
Someone's got to be there to prevent that.
That's why I had them
cyber-enhance me into a Newtype.
Both my parents died
when their colony was wiped out.
Dirty perverts!
-So you want to be an esper?
But I now realize
the Newtype Lab enhancements
will never get me to your level.
So I want to be with you
and study you for as long as it takes.
-You asking me out?
-Are you bothered about my age?
I get it! You're jealous, right?
Because I like the Captain?
That's not it!
Let's get him!
Stop it!
That's not fair!
So there won't be any shuttles
for the time being?
The shuttle company
plans to leave Hong Kong.
Is the news about a peace treaty a lie?
I hear Hong Kong is the next target.
-Will an asteroid hit Earth?
-Char would do it.
I know because I fought
against him a long time ago.
People on Earth don't know
what they're doing.
Char is just too much of a perfectionist.
Colony Sweetwater was built
by fusing a closed-type
and open-type colony together.
It is extremely unstable.
It was constructed in haste
to accommodate the refugees
from the previous space wars.
This was the only measure
taken by the Earth Federation.
They concluded that this would suffice.
They remained on Earth
and refused to share the planet.
My father, Zeon Deikun,
had made a request to Earth
for autonomy for all space emigrants,
also known as "Spacenoids."
But he was assassinated
by the Zabi Family!
The Zabis called themselves
the Principality of Zeon
and launched a war of
independence against Earth!
You know how it ended,
with the Zabis losing the war.
Fine and well.
But the Earth government
had grown arrogant.
The Federation Forces
had become corrupt from within,
giving rise to the Titans
and Haman,
who claimed succession to the Zabis!
This is why we have so many refugees!
I know all of that.
I have come to believe
that we must do everything
to prevent war from happening again!
This is the true purpose behind our
operation to drop Axis onto Earth!
As such, we will discipline
those who continue to live on Earth
and eliminate the source
of all wars within the Earth's sphere!
You're the savior of Sweetwater!
But aren't they disarming
themselves at Luna II?
So that we may forge our own path
and establish a government
for the refugees
I ask you to lend me your great
strength for just a little longer!
When we've succeeded,
I will then be able
to join my father, Zeon!
The Rewloola, right?
Do you think they'll be
fooled by these dummy ships?
As long as the Federation
sees the correct number of ships.
Our fleet with the dummies
are to attack Luna II.
And you will occupy Axis while
all this is transpiring, Captain.
If all goes well, we'll use
the nuclear weapons from Luna II.
Both to accelerate Axis,
and to contaminate the Earth.
How many nuclear weapons from
past centuries are stored at Luna II?
There's enough payload
to annihilate the Neo Zeon
fleet a hundred times over.
Char is aware of that fact.
He's a very clever man.
Are you implying
that our Londo Bell is itching for a war?
I am. It does look that way from Earth.
There's a broadcast from Sweetwater.
Put it up.
How's the signal?
Their flagship Rewloola is at the rear.
Numbers match, sir!
Wait! There's one extra vessel!
Shows you how honest Char is.
The only thing left
to worry about is space aliens.
I wonder if there'll be any jobs
for us when this is over.
They're always looking for people
to clean the beaches on Earth.
Bon voyage, our glorious Neo Zeon fleet!
It's difficult for us to part with you.
But we shall keep your memories
in our minds and make
So there were 15 nuclear warheads
in addition to the ones in Luna II?
But considering they're under
the Audit Bureau's jurisdiction,
I'd say they're virtual antiques.
Please be careful.
Aren't your actions considered a crime?
If the Federation Government
survives, I'll get life imprisonment.
You're fine with that?
I want to see Mirai alive.
That's why I'm doing this.
You were once her fianc. I understand.
Thank you.
This Neo Zeon broadcast.
Is their claim that the entire fleet
has left for disarmament a sham?
Probably. It's all a big show.
That Quess is on my tail!
She's looking good!
-Navigation axle targeting Luna II fixed!
All gun turrets, maximum elevation!
Bring in the Jagd-Doga.
You kids taking part in the battle?
Problem with that?
A big mouth for a fake Newtype.
I am a real Newtype!
Gyunei. Forget it.
Just ignore those "normal people."
-Stop it!
Well, I guess you're not normal.
-That's right.
-How cute.
Bring in Alpha-Azieru!
Fire the grappling cables!
Neo Zeon fleet confirmed.
Numbers same as when they left Sweetwater.
Captain! Why hasn't
this vessel moved up to the front?
We're insulting Char!
I must first consider the safety
of officials like yourself!
The fleet's spreading out laterally.
They're supposed to approach single file.
Scout team, launch!
We'll commence our attack.
Yes, sir!
Launch mobile suits 30 seconds
after commencing barrage.
Numerous heat sources!
But the treaty! This is crazy!
Hey, Quess!
Just get a feel for the battle.
Follow me.
Here they come.
I'll take care of all
these guys on my own.
They're here.
-Damn it!
This is war, huh? Gyunei
Go away!
Our objective is to capture Luna II.
There's another one hiding over there!
We've got to escape!
Our soldiers are losing their lives!
They're here!
The enemy?
Down you go!
I did it!
Watch out! Quess!
That damage won't cause an explosion.
You're safe.
Take this.
I'll wipe out the Federation on my own.
Quess! Are you all right?
Why do I feel so weird?
We won without moving
to the combat bridge.
Now we can deliver
Luna II's nukes to the Captain.
That'll keep us busy.
Captain, your plan worked flawlessly.
Stop your crying.
Oh, Cameron. I'll leave him with you now.
He must get that from Mirai. So sensitive.
I pray that Luna II hasn't been wiped out.
Who knows?
My big sob act sure got me out of there.
Check hull seals!
Good thing I studied the ship's layout.
We have a problem with hatch 48!
What's that?
Problem corrected!
Maintenance! Check out hatch 48!
-What's going on?
-Beats me.
I'm going to test it!
Stop fooling around.
-Move it to the airlock.
-What is it?
-Don't you find it strange?
Two fleets left Luna II and Londenion.
Leaving at the same time,
we should arrive at Axis first.
Why would Char be that foolish?
But all their ships are at Luna II
right now, even an extra one.
What's up?
-Sweetwater's broadcast was a hoax.
Look here.
They don't show us any close-ups
and I can't see any gun barrels.
They're dummy ships.
-Which means
-Char has already made it to Axis.
Okay! Mobile suit forces,
go and scout out Axis!
-Lyle! I'm going, too.
-Yes, sir!
If Axis hits Earth
with all those Luna II warheads
those elite snobs are goners.
But the Londo Bell fleet
may arrive at Axis before we do.
That may be so, but
We're on combat alert,
and you're wearing that?
Stay out of here!
I'm just taking a walk!
Everybody's on edge while
we're on combat alert.
You're right.
This isn't a playground!
Don't touch me!
Get into your pilot suit,
and stand by at the assigned station.
We haven't heard from Hathaway.
The microwave signals must be
busy with emergency calls.
Mom said it's about time
I get space experience.
I have to hold out a bit longer,
or they'll dump me in a colony.
Looks good!
Now, I can finish off Char by myself!
Please stop talking that way!
I'm worried you'll get yourself hurt.
Astonaige! You silly man.
Identifying fleet!
They're Federation vessels!
Was it a surprise attack?
Everyone on the main bridge was lost,
including Adenauer Paraya.
What about Char's fleet?
They broke into Luna II's
nuclear weapons cache.
The colony fleets won't help us.
They're afraid of riots breaking out.
It's as if the colonies
and Earth were helping Char!
Not all of Neo Zeon's
vessels are gathered at Axis!
-I'm going!
What are you going to do?
I can't stand that woman!
She's a woman who earned her position
because she's so close with the Captain!
I'm going to ask him about that!
Don't get too close to the Captain!
I don't want to hear about your jealousy!
I'm not jealous!
Open the hatch!
It's up to you.
Get that damaged Jagd-Doga out of here!
Prepare to fire decoy missiles!
Preparing to fire missiles!
Control will then be transferred
to the combat bridge!
Minovsky particles at combat density!
All hands, prepare for visual combat!
Activate monitoring systems!
First wave of missiles, launch!
-All hands, prepare for launch!
-Everyone in your team here?
-What the
-Follow Kayra's Re-GZ!
-Where's your normal suit?
You want to suffocate?
I'll take care of this.
You'll be leading the first wave.
You'd better go.
Opening hatch in five minutes!
Check normal suits!
Second wave now! Go!
-Second wave, fire!
Heat sources approaching!
Prepare for counterattack!
Open combat bridge!
Contact the Captain!
They've finally come, huh?
Get ready for ignition when you're
done with the pulse thrusters.
Please hold them back
for another ten minutes.
Roger that.
They're later than I expected.
Launch attack from the north side of Axis!
Watch for friendly fire!
Is that it?
Destroy them!
A nuclear warhead amongst their missiles
Not bad, Londo Bell.
Second wave's coming!
Your mother and sister
would be worried sick if they knew
you're in the battlefield!
-That's not a bad thing for a boy.
-It's no joke!
You want to see Quess don't you, Hathaway?
I'm going to get her back!
-We're launching at once.
Char is taking advantage
of Quess' very sensitive nature.
You won't beat him.
Taking advantage of her?
Char is enhancing her abilities.
And now she's become one of his tools.
Char can't change the world
without sacrificing the lives of others.
It won't end well for Quess.
She won't be able to break free
from the influence of the dead.
Quess will not die!
I'll bring her back!
That's why I learned how
to pilot a mobile suit!
With an attitude like that,
you'll meet death yourself.
First wave mobile suits
to launch immediately,
following fourth wave missiles!
I'll make your favorite salad.
I love you.
Kayra in Re-GZ, taking off!
What did you say?
The second wave is here.
Mobile suit forces,
go above the minefield.
Time to go, Axis.
Take your dreadful memories with you!
Still more?
Axis engines firing up!
Commencing descent to Earth!
Launch fifth wave of missiles! Fire!
All hands, level one battle stations!
Release dummy ships!
Prepare evasive maneuvers!
I'll use the intercom
if I need to speak to you.
-Hey, what's that thing?
It's a psycho-frame.
I'm doing tests to learn its capabilities.
Go on.
Just one nuclear missile among them?
Impressive, Bright.
Nanai. Hurry over here.
If you don't want Quess hurt,
stick with her
until she finds Captain Char.
-Yes, ma'am!
Let him go.
We're about to enter the Axis combat zone.
Yes, sir.
I don't care what anyone says.
There's no way
I'll lose Quess to the Captain!
This heat source is Axis.
On the left, a nuclear explosion.
There're so many dummies,
I can't count their ships.
Then burn those dummies!
That's Axis over there.
The Captain's there!
Heat source to starboard! Enemy!
Reinforcements from Luna II?
Second wave, launch now.
Support forces will cover the fleet.
That's good.
Gundam, moving out!
Continue cover fire
for another 30 seconds.
Going by the book?
I wish you the best.
Will their fleet intercept us before
we destroy the nuclear thrusters?
We've got to stop Axis!
Those lights.
Are you somewhere
within those circles of light?
Quess is over there!
-Don't be stupid, Quess!
The mobile suits are engaged
in battle north of Axis!
Sixth wave! This is it! Don't miss!
Londo Bell, huh?
Should have stuck to ringing bells.
You're getting on my nerves.
There he is!
Captain! Why are you hiding over there?
Londo Bell mobile suits?
They're nuclear missiles!
Aim at the most intense heat sources.
Hit them!
All right!
Gyunei halted the enemy nukes for us.
That's what a cyber-Newtype
is supposed to do.
Captain! Nanai slapped me real hard!
I do hate violence.
I'll talk to Nanai myself. Quess?
Quess, you're not wearing a normal suit.
Will you really? Make sure she's punished.
Don't worry.
Then, I'll do my job!
-Calm down.
You haven't felt the terror
of real-life combat.
I felt kind of strange. That's about it.
It isn't fair.
Nanai wasn't very nice to me.
So you came to see me, right?
Those feelings of yours.
You could be a true Newtype.
Good girl.
I found it!
They just got my fringe.
I feel a pressure from above-left.
A Gundam?
A dummy! There!
This one is a real rock!
Go around the rocks and
surround him from both sides!
I'm sure of it! That's a Gundam!
If I destroy it,
I'll prove I'm stronger than Captain Char!
Without the remote controls,
we'll have to go and shoot!
-Yeah, but
-I'll do it!
Ms. Chan. She sure can tough it out.
What's wrong?
We can't operate them from control!
They're here!
Who cares if they're Newtypes
if they can't stop the fleet?
I'm glad you found me.
-A dummy!
This way!
What is this power?
How could I be hit?
-You did it!
-Not yet.
It feels like people are coming into me!
I feel sick and scared!
I'll get there first!
That craft!
Do you want to wipe out our fleet?
You jerk!
Got you now!
I can get another shot! I want Axis!
I'll get you!
Gundam wannabe!
I've got it! Oh, no!
You've lost all your weapons.
I'll grab the Gundam look-alike.
I'll use this one as bait.
What is it? Stop playing with me.
This pressure again!
The two Gundams.
Are they calling each other?
The escape pod
It won't work!
Stay where you are!
If you disobey me, I'll kill this pilot!
The enemy's not moving! Take him out!
Amuro? You're the famous Gundam pilot.
Optical voice?
If you surrender your Gundam,
I'll release this pilot to you.
What's wrong? Hurry up!
Once I get that Nu Gundam,
I'll have the power to defeat Char.
Then I'll be a man worthy
of taking Quess for myself!
Get him!
You're trying to tow me?
Signal your surrender,
and toss your rifle!
Don't worry about me
Stop it! I'll detach my funnels!
Yeah, right!
Your radiator plates aren't a threat!
Destroy Amuro!
You're resisting! Amuro!
You're to blame for this.
You ignored my warnings!
He has funnels?
Seems the first wave pulled back.
I feel like I'm going to explode.
This girl senses everything
on the battlefield.
Don't use up
all of our anti-missile particle shells!
Surveillance! Enemy location?
Enemy mobile suits withdrawing!
If you can't land, don't!
Secure them with wires!
Go to her.
Bring in the next one!
Astonaige! Stay back!
-Amuro, that's Kayra!
-Don't look!
The funnels were too sensitive.
They acted quickly to protect the Gundam
I was going to make your favorite salad.
-Get her out of here!
-Yes, sir!
It's partly because I couldn't
control the funnels.
But Char started all this.
I'm prepared to give my life to end his.
Amuro, stop talking like that!
Now you know how I feel.
Char's affecting all of us
So, we won't have any time
to test the Alpha-Azieru?
Why don't you have Quess
test it in real combat?
I can see you're upset.
Did Quess say something to you?
She told me you're too serious
for her to get along with.
How's it coming?
Cruiser 4 will be bringing us
the warheads in 30 minutes.
Gyunei's frantic
that he's going to lose Quess to you.
If we send them forward together
that will bring out his abilities.
She'll be in the Alpha.
I can't break a promise.
-I'll abide by whatever you decide.
-Is that okay?
If I knew you truly loved me.
I need you here with me, Nanai.
Char Aznable
Are you tired from having
to uphold the Casval Deikun name?
It hasn't been easy
taking on my father's name.
I need the support you give me.
Is that it?
The Alpha is already completed?
The Captain told me
he's going to let me use it!
You've got to be kidding!
Everyone's being mean to me!
That's not true.
What are you doing?
Weren't you with the Captain?
He's meeting with Nanai.
You think they're just talking business?
The Captain doesn't care about her.
He held me in his arms.
I told you to cool it with him.
Why should I?
You know, I wiped out all
of the enemy nukes at once!
I can get more done
than the Captain himself.
Forget about that guy!
What are you saying?
There's a war going on!
Oh, Quess.
Don't you know why he
keeps Nanai by his side?
He said he'll see her only on duty.
I'm fine!
The Captain's obsessed
with a young pilot named Lalah
who he lost in the One Year War.
The reason the Captain goes out with Nanai
is to keep up appearances as our leader.
He's into girls
who are far too young for him.
Everyone at the Newtype Lab
knows about it.
Yeah, so who cares?
She's long gone, right?
Many girls have heard the Captain
mumble Lalah's name in his sleep.
I'm going to kick Nanai
and Lalah out of his life!
He only started this war
because Lalah chose Amuro!
I hate young men
because they say things like that!
Our remaining fleet will begin
a second attack from this point.
But those nuclear weapons in Axis
seized from Luna II
could still cause a nuclear winter
if they are detonated close to Earth.
So, this time we have
to destroy the thrusters on Axis
and then continue to destroy Axis itself.
Which means we have
to carry out an all-out attack.
But we only have four nukes left.
If we fail to blast it with those warheads
we'll have to sneak into Axis
and blow up this section from the inside.
There's a network of mining tunnels
so it is possible to break Axis apart.
Once that happens, the fragments
of Axis will be blown clear of Earth.
Right. That's a three-stage plan.
We must complete it before enemy
reinforcements arrive from Luna II.
Everyone. Would you give up your lives?
"That psycho-frame idea
It wasn't dreamed up within
our R&D division after all.
The R&D people
aren't positive about this"
but they think the technology
was provided by Neo Zeon.
That's ridiculous.
The psycho-frame worked.
And the enemy wouldn't
share a finished product.
Mr. October
Why would you send a letter like
this with the psycho-frame sample?
What's wrong?
Thinking of Kayra and Astonaige.
And you talking about giving
up your life. I'm just worried.
I apologize.
Are the funnels okay?
Of course.
I heard that this psycho-frame
can resonate with your psycommu
and unleash unknown powers.
Do you believe that?
What October said?
-I doubt it.
I'll win with the Fin Funnels.
I did create the basic design of Nu Gundam
and you've been taking care of it.
Yeah, I guess you're right!
Wait right here. I'll go check and see.
If we stick around here,
we'll be finished
if an asteroid hits Hong Kong!
Is it true another asteroid's coming?
I doubt we'll have a nuclear winter.
-Let's take a detour.
We'll have to double back, though.
The sun
Mom! What's that?
That's Char's asteroid!
Moving objects detected!
Possibly the enemy fleet!
All hands, level 1 battle stations!
Are you certain?
I see Cruiser 4 for sure, but
We took this
before dispersing Minovsky particles.
See the number of lights?
You're saying they're Federation fleets?
From Side 2 and Side 5,
and even those that escaped from Luna II.
Deploy the mobile suits to the front!
Get the Captain!
Return safely.
You have permission from the Captain.
The combat bridge is off-limits.
But if you can sit still,
you're welcome to observe.
Yes, sir!
Write your will on this.
It'll be sent off in a capsule.
Yes, sir.
Add a lock of your hair, too.
Federation fleets are mobilizing?
No mistake about it.
Nu Gundam, moving out!
Ra-Zyme and Ra-Kiem! You're next!
They're coming from Side 2 and Side 5,
but will they back us up?
Inform them of our position periodically.
Mobile suit forces to spread out
in advance of the fleet!
102! You're clear!
Where did you go?
Am I a substitute for Lalah?
Who said that?
I mean, why would that bother you?
I love you, Captain! That's why!
-That's a problem.
I would give my life for you!
All right.
I'll forget about both Lalah and Nanai.
Then I'll protect you with Alpha!
You even wrote a will
for your father. That's good.
Go down below if you get scared.
Sure, Dad.
What's up?
I had a meeting
with the Operations Officer.
What made you think
I have an interest in Quess?
What do you mean, sir?
Nanai assigned Quess to the Alpha.
-Guard her until she gets used to it.
-Yes, sir.
I'm only interested in rebuilding Neo Zeon
and defeating Amuro.
-And Nanai's been very nice to me.
-Yes, sir.
Get in!
I'll soon find out
if he's telling the truth.
Switch over control to the combat bridge!
Thank you.
You won't have to go out today.
Let's hope not.
Quess and the Alpha
seem to be made for each other.
Is that so?
Alpha-Azieru, prepare for launch!
All hands, level 1 battle stations!
Come on!
Don't get carried away, Quess!
There's a ton of things to do!
More playful than hostile.
It's not Char, or that other guy.
What? Someone's blocking my senses.
Quess! That's Nu Gundam! It's tough!
Oh, yeah?
I don't have time to play with children.
What is it doing?
Out of my way!
What are those?
Take this!
Quess! The Gundam is over here!
You're out of luck, Gundam!
Get him!
-Stop playing around with the small fry!
-Small fry?
How about this?
You're not getting to the Captain!
It turned hostile!
Oh, no!
Six enemy units!
Quess, is that you? Stop it!
I know!
Why are his funnels lasting so long?
Stop being such a pain to the Captain!
-Nu Gundam is alone, out in front!
-Where is the mobile suit backup?
They're doing the best they can!
You won't get anywhere
being angry at each other!
Quess! What you're doing is wrong!
Chan! What are you doing?
There aren't enough
mobile suits out there!
No, not that one!
-Stop it, Chan!
-I've repaired one of the main engines.
That's not what I--
You out of your mind? Chan!
Amuro needs more psycho-frames.
Cruiser 4 has entered Axis.
Good. Program the warheads
to detonate just before it hits Earth.
And retrieve the crew.
Captain, I won't stop you now,
but once you beat Amuro
Right. I'll do whatever you ask, then.
Now move to the combat bridge.
Good girl.
Quess is in that cluster of lights.
This thing moves!
The funnels won't last!
No, Quess! Stop it!
Did you get Gyunei?
They're about to give Axis
its final boost.
Nuclear missiles!
-They're here!
Look, Ra-Chutter is acting as a shield!
Target nuclear thrusters!
In a minute, sir!
Retrieving Cruiser 4 crew!
And the self-detonators for the warheads?
All set, sir!
Head to the front!
Use the Musaka
to crush the Londo Bell fleet!
Axis has begun to accelerate!
Fire missiles toward its rear!
Get us a lock on the target!
Estimating course! Locked on!
Good! Fire!
Which are the nukes? Funnels!
They can't possibly have that many.
They've hit the nuclear missiles?
Hathaway! Amuro!
Another one?
That was clever, Bright. What?
-Our missiles have been taken out!
-It took a hit for us
We'll land Ra-Cailum on Axis!
Prepare for ground combat!
All hands, prepare for ground combat!
-All hands, prepare for ground combat!
Over here? There! Hathaway!
What's that? Is it Quess?
The psycommu's guiding me,
so you won't get away!
Quess! That's you, right?
He's being a bit too friendly!
No! You'll be destroyed!
Oh, no! She's
What the
Move, Hathaway!
That thing
Stop it, Quess!
That's why you're always
making enemies, Quess!
You're going to lecture me too?
I have to destroy Earth and stop it
from producing more egoistic men like you!
Quess! I can tell you're there!
Open the hatch!
Once you see my face,
you'll forget your anger.
I hate children! They're so annoying!
Hathaway! Get out of there!
That girl's dangerous!
You disgusting woman.
I could've stayed with Amuro
if only you weren't around!
Stayed with Amuro? Does she
Quess! Get out!
It's going to hit us! Get back, Hathaway!
Hathaway, are you okay?
Chan? You did that?
Stop it. Can't you see that you're--
You shouldn't have done that!
You grownups don't understand!
If you did,
no one would be trying to destroy Earth!
Hey, shouldn't we send a backup
to Londo Bell?
The battle's already started, right?
Launch with sleds!
Never mind how you'll get back.
Just help Londo Bell.
Follow me. Our destination is Axis!
Head to Axis at maximum speed.
On the double!
Are they going to pick us up later?
Just go!
If we could fly, we'd be in space.
Should we try?
The sun
Look, you can see the sun for a change.
Hey, did you guys hear something?
Captain! Londo Bell's coming! Move out!
We descend, then advance!
Mobile suits closing in!
What are the other ships doing?
Call for back up!
All channels are cut!
Geara-Doga team! Return!
He's here!
He dodged it! Char!
I won't let you get to the Axis thrusters!
He dodged that too!
You're a worthy opponent!
A cruiser?
Why is it here? Of course! Char!
Amuro! Not so fast! Funnels!
I can't contaminate the Earth
if they blow up here!
Amuro! Don't you realize
the humans remaining on Earth
are just vermin infesting the planet?
-It's been hit!
-Cruiser 4's warheads have detonated!
What's going on?
Ra-Cailum! Give me details!
There's a huge flash of light in front!
We don't know what's causing it.
Wire's broken!
Speed up the blasting operations!
Where's the Gundam now?
Ra-Cailum has landed?
A thruster's gone?
Amuro! You won't get any more!
Above our bow! Counter!
Is he coming?
Remember the pain you suffered
when you killed Lalah!
-You're pathetic!
Why won't you realize that
you're wasting your precious talents?
Same to you!
What, I've lost power?
-You're taking too long!
-We're almost done.
This'll blow Axis to pieces.
Ra-Cailum's here! What?
They're going to blow up Axis from inside
even if it means sacrificing the Gundam?
I won't let that happen!
I guess Bright's team hasn't come up yet.
He got away!
You don't understand
what it means to change the world.
Revolutions are started by intellectuals,
but their unrealistic goals inevitably
steer them towards extreme measures.
The radio signals are coming from below?
After a revolution succeeds,
the desire for change is slowly corrupted
by bureaucracy and populism.
The intellectuals hate this,
so they eventually withdraw
from society and politics.
-Do you see my point?
-I'm not planning to change the world!
You're letting ignorant fools
take advantage of your powers!
You think so?
He escaped? And Bright's team, too?
That was nothing!
My saber's weaker than his?
What the
If it hadn't been for you
My monitor's failing! What?
Sink the Rewloola!
We're barely hanging on ourselves!
We've got to withdraw!
Do you want to go down with Axis?
-It's time!
They pulled it off?
What's that? I'm to retreat?
Don't interfere in a battle between men!
We still need you.
You can't abandon us now.
Axis is splitting apart!
Surveillance team, heads up!
You're not going anywhere!
He caught me. But it's too late!
Pursue the Rewloola!
Incoming fragments!
Mobile suit team!
-Is it true, Meran?
-Yes, sir!
The front piece will go past Earth.
But the explosion
slowed down the rear piece!
It should stay in orbit, though!
But the explosion had too much force!
Did we help Char destroy Earth?
What are you laughing about?
Looks like I win.
According to my calculations,
the back end of Axis
is being pulled in by Earth's gravity.
Your plan has backfired!
So you think!
I'll use the Gundam to push back
that worthless piece of rock!
-Don't be stupid!
-I'll just have to try!
You're insane!
-I'm not as impatient as you!
-And I still have faith in humanity!
Axis is starting to free fall to Earth!
You're underestimating Nu Gundam!
Use the Ra-Cailum to push back Axis!
That's crazy!
Are we going to sit
and watch the Earth be contaminated?
But the Rewloola hasn't
been destroyed yet!
Captain. Tell me you won't
Axis is accelerating!
-Check our mobile suit unit!
-Yes, sir!
Amuro, are you still at Axis?
I'm not afraid to die!
Why do you think
I gave you the psycho-frame data?
It would be a hollow victory if you lost
to me in a second-rate mobile suit.
But this has become absurd!
You're so arrogant.
Why do you always have to
look down on other people?
-Heat source!
Axis is burning up!
What's wrong, Nanai?
The Captain's life is draining away.
Enemy reinforcements confirmed!
Federation mobile suits approaching
from the far side of the Earth!
You sure it's not just a CG decoy?
-It's a live image!
-How many are there?
From the far side of Earth?
They're not allies!
From the portside, too!
From the Earth Federation Forces?
I'm positive, sir!
-From the 88th fleet!
-But why?
And they're all headed toward Axis.
"Ra-Cailum is to retrieve damaged units."
End message.
Why now? Why are they joining in?
Could that light from Axis
be caused by the psycho-frame
that Chan mentioned?
What are they trying to do?
What? What are you doing?
Stop it! You don't have to do this!
Stay back! Don't come!
What is it? What's going on here?
I was sure my plan was flawless!
We won't let Londo Bell
take all the credit!
But your suits won't hold!
Geara-Dogas, too?
It's no use! Get back!
Earth's fate rests in the balance!
It's worth a try!
But some of the suits are exploding!
You'll just destroy yourselves
from the heat and power overload!
Don't do this! Get out of here!
I knew it.
This is the sort of tragedy that will keep
happening until Earth is destroyed.
Mankind must pass judgment on themselves.
They have to atone for what they've done
to mother nature and Earth!
Why can't you see this, Amuro?
Get out of here!
The Gundam's power will
The psycho-frames must be resonating.
It's going into overload from the thoughts
and feelings concentrated here!
But I sense no fear.
It's warm
And reassuring.
I'm powerless
Behind that curtain of light!
Mobile suits are being tossed around!
We need better surveillance!
What's happening down there?
I see.
But the humans who possess this warmth
are still cruel enough to destroy Earth.
You must understand that, Amuro!
I do know that.
That's why we have to show the world
the light of the human heart!
For a man who thinks that way,
you were awfully cold to Quess.
I'm not a machine!
I can't be a father figure to Quess!
Is that it?
Is that why you used Quess
like some kind of machine?
So Quess was searching
for a father figure.
That explains why I found her annoying
and turned her into a machine.
I thought you were better than that!
Lalah Sune could have been a mother to me.
You don't get to judge me,
not after taking her life!
Lalah? Your mother?
What's the matter?
Axis is now moving away from Earth!
That can't be!
Axis is definitely changing course!
It's veering away from Earth!