Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (1991) Movie Script

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
Don't ham it up!
It's time for the campus
festival's main attraction!
The crowning of
the new Miss Countryside!
- Step right up!
It's starting, Reese!
Wait for me, Bertuo!
The Miss Countryside Contest...
...accepts contestants from
not only our own school...
You're getting cold feet now?
...but also those nominated
by themselves or others.
I bet all my
pocket money on you!
85 entered before today...
I won't wear something
like this and be bet on.
...and the remaining 20 will be
onstage today for final judging.
Hey, nice legs.
Cecily Fairchild!
You're an engineering student
who's not even in my classes.
Come on up, Cecily!
I won't have people
betting on me!
But you were nominated!
Start without her.
That's the army.
What are they doing?
There were some tremors?
We're not conducting exercises!
I'll go to the port and check it out!
- Really? Enemies?
- In the military area!
Talk of enemies now?
Sounds that way.
The day I've been
waiting for has arrived.
Are the rumors true?
I think so.
Crossbone Vanguard's
a pirate's name!
No doubt an act of rebellion.
All personnel, evacuate!
The rebel force likely
came prepared!
Resistance is useless!
And this year's
Miss Countryside is...
...Cecily Fairchild!
But this isn't even
a countryside outfit.
Who cares?
You just have to look good!
- Can it, mechanic!
- Shut up!
Wasn't that
your brother, Reese?
I don't know that guy!
It was people like him who voted
for me, so I have no choice but...
- Seabook's not the reason!
- Cecily, I love you!
Look out!
Where are those
mobile suits from?
- Bertuo!
- Cecily!
We've got to run!
Get down!
This way!
Get in the evacuation capsules!
He's dead!
T-This boy's...
Get up! We can't stay here.
Bertuo! This way!
- Let us in!
- Sorry, it's full!
I'm heading home!
This is Dwight Camry.
Deputy Commander
Camry, please.
I'm his son!
The line went dead...
- You!
- Don't fall, you bastard!
I hear there's a war. Is that true?
Grab the survival case, Seabook!
Do you think Mom's
space colony is okay?
All TV channels are down.
Hey, what's taking you?
Let it go!
Get up!
We of the Crossbone Vanguard
mean no harm to civilians.
Papa, aren't you back yet?
We of the Crossbone Vanguard
mean no harm to civilians.
Please wait in your evacuation
capsules for the time being.
All this happened because
I wore your dress, Mama!
Papa's a fool, too.
She dumped him, but he's
still carrying a torch for her.
Hey, you people!
- Lady!
- Where's your mom?
What the hell are
you people doing?
It's burning!
Call the fire department!
Bertuo, where's your mom?
- I can't find her!
- It's windy...
Let's go over to the next block!
Cecily! Arthur!
- Coming!
- Is it safer that way?
Dorothy, there are
mobile suits flying there!
- Azuma!
- My house!
Don't cry.
I wonder if there's a hole
someplace in the colony?
Leah, we'll find
your mommy soon.
What army are those guys with?
Here they come!
Beneath us!
They're nuts to fight in here!
The Federation Forces
are spreading the fight.
What a bunch of amateurs!
This is happening
because idiots... your old man
are in the military!
Sam! Azuma!
I'm moving in!
- At least he isn't running away!
- Get off!
- Dwight, over here!
- Bastard!
We can't get through here.
Dwight, it's this way?
- This should be it!
- You sure?
I heard it from my dad,
so it has to be true!
- This way, right?
- That's what he says.
- Hey, this is a museum!
- You sure about this?
It's in the lobby!
It won't budge!
That's why nobody's
coming this way.
See, I remembered right!
The enemy's coming...
Reese, get back! Sam, you too!
A tank?
It's a tank, but it's a mobile suit.
Don't move from here.
Don't underestimate us!
Whoever you are!
- This way!
- Right!
Move aside!
Roy Jung, curator of
Roy's War Museum...
...will see to
the defense of this place!
What is that guy piloting?
Is that weapons
nut General Roy?
- Get him out of here!
- It's coming back!
Come on!
That mobile suit transformed!
It's an old tank.
- Watch the kids!
- What?
- I'm worried about outside!
- Dorothy!
This is the shelter!
Shelters have separate
phones lines, right?
Yeah, we might be
able to call the military!
Azuma! Arthur!
What are you doing?
Only death awaits
those who do not fight!
Sam, is that thing real?
He says he'll take back the
assembly building with this tank.
That's a ten year old
transformable mobile suit!
Do you know Pier 24
on the outer wall?
You guys!
An army ship's
waiting for refugees.
The army top brass is running?
Looks that way.
Chris, all ahead!
Yes, sir!
If I don't protect this
space colony, Frontier IV...
...the museum will
lose its funding!
Do you know where
the launchers are, kids?
Yeah, the top cover, right?
You'll get killed!
Get into the shelter!
- I'd rather die out there.
- We ought to fight them off.
Why won't this close?
I can see the assembly building.
12 o'clock high, Rohbar!
- Arthur!
- Don't be stupid!
Sam, where's Arthur?
He was on top.
What happened?
Where's the general?
What's wrong?
- I don't know.
- We can't use the shelter!
- General Roy!
- We can't use it?
I thought you were
going to run away!
Forget about Arthur!
We can get to the outside
of the colony from the shelter.
That idiot General Roy
trashed the shelter's exit.
The normal suits, oxygen, and
supplies in there are gone, too.
Hey! Hey, Arthur!
Arthur! Hey!
What're you doing,
lying down here?
Hey! Talk to me!
Stop messing around, Arthur!
Snap out of it!
You know we need
a guy like you around!
Stop it.
Just let him rest in peace.
It's Arthur...
- We can get away in that tank!
- Seabook's in bad shape...
Arno, we're leaving.
Then go.
Your sister's with us...
What are you...
I know!
I know...
But what the hell is going on?
Why are two armies
slugging it out here?
I'm not gonna die just because of
something some adults are doing!
What're you doing?
Seabook, aren't you
going too fast?
The accelerator's sticking!
Federation soldiers!
H-Hey, you kids!
Can we go through?
Perfect, we'll use this!
If you want to fight,
give us a hand!
We just want to get to Pier 24!
Hey, what do you want?
- Ow!
- What's your problem?
We must hold the enemy here!
Hang on, everyone!
I'm backing up!
They won't attack if
we use children as shields!
Stop them!
- What?
- Brother!
Use children as shields?
Are they serious?
Kick those kids out of there!
Stay away... Stay away!
Resisting, huh?
Seize them!
Not a chance!
Take out the legs.
Wait, that voice just now was...
Cover your ears!
Is he really gonna do it?
Where are you headed?
There's a ship still at Pier 24.
Make a left at
the next corner then.
Mr. Arno!
Is this all, Sam?
Arthur was killed...
My ears are ringing.
How long will you keep crying?
Here, Migen.
It's mineral water
and condensed milk.
Here you go.
Sorry, I know it's not a nipple.
You have a baby
who's still breastfeeding?
Does the right gun pod work?
Turn left here.
I think these earrings
Mother left me are ringing...
Seabook, can we pass?
Hang on, everyone.
I think this elevator's working.
- Does it work?
- Yeah.
Sam, you don't have
normal suits then?
Just a few oxygen masks
in the survival case.
Dorothy, your dad's
going to the pier, right?
When I called, he was
still at the information bureau.
Azuma, doesn't the elevator
have any spare normal suits?
No, this elevator's
for vehicle traffic.
There should be
some at the pier.
The ringing is fading...
What's it like outside, Dad?
Who's that Crossbone
Vanguard military outfit?
I heard there were
battleships closing in, too.
Where are you people headed?
The ship left a long time ago!
- Mr. Arno?
- I know.
Go down another level!
There should be one
or two space boats.
You going?
Let's just forget it!
The Minovsky particles must be
slowing the search for Cecily.
The top brass
chickened out and ran!
Wanna make a run
for Frontier III next door?
What the hell?
Let them go.
Civilians are future
military manpower.
But those were just
three Jegan types, sir...
Those running for
their lives can be terrifying.
- They'll do anything to survive.
- Yes, sir.
Continue the search
and be alert!
Yes, sir!
Any sign of her?
Here you go!
Where are you going?
Don't the explosions
by the elevator worry you?
Sam, tell my dad to hurry, okay?
- I'll come, too!
- I'll be fine!
- Tell him to hurry!
- I know.
- Make him stop crying!
- I'm trying to!
Azuma... Are you going out?
If I have to.
Outside may get rough.
If you're sitting,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
- All done.
- Thanks.
Dwight, can you handle this?
It's just like a car, right?
Get real.
We did some
training in one once.
He still can't get the hatch open?
I wonder what's wrong?
Good question.
There's a contact circuit
in front of you to your left.
A skin-to-skin circuit, huh?
The power's out, but we
can open the hatch manually.
What about you, Mr. Arno?
- Get everyone aboard.
- Sure.
We can leave soon.
- Why?
- You know.
I don't care.
Cecily? What's going on?
Don't leave!
Just forget about your friends!
What are you doing?
If you fire again, so will I!
Stay out of this!
This is family business!
Parents don't point
guns at their kids.
Shut up!
Please stop!
Don't go!
Why not?
You just shot my friend!
Think about why I had you
wear your mother's earrings.
This is a special day!
Cecily, don't!
Stay away!
Lord Dorel.
This didn't go according
to plan, Theo Fairchild.
No, sir.
- This is my younger sister?
- Yes, sir.
Don't be afraid.
Your brother came
in person to take you home.
Take me home?
Why? Tell me why!
The Ronah family
has need of you.
I'm merely carrying out
our grandfather's wishes.
Take me home?
We can't afford to relax yet.
Please hurry.
Dorel Ronah?
But without Mother's approval...
What are you saying?
It is because Theo there
let your mother escape...
...that her whereabouts
remain unknown.
To search for her...
...would it not be wise
to join the Crossbone Vanguard?
I'm going home for that?
May I have the honor of seeing
her once she has settled in?
The Ronah family never forgets
a debt to an adoptive parent.
Thank you, lord.
Are you okay?
Reese, get me some
scissors and antiseptic.
What're you doing?
Sit down, everybody.
Sam, where's my dad?
He's out opening the hatch.
I see...
Buckle up, everybody!
Azuma, you can
see Mr. Arno, right?
Yeah, I'll tell you when.
It'll be open in a second, Azuma.
Right, whenever you're ready!
I'm undocking us!
Too soon!
- I'm doing it right!
- Ow!
Mr. Arno!
Do it gently!
Hang in there!
I'm trying!
Look at how much
of our town's on fire!
It's hard to tell from 6000 m, but
judging by those smoke trails...
...there's probably a hole
in the colony somewhere.
- What's going on?
- There's a hole in the colony!
Are we gonna be destroyed?
I said I won't commit suicide,
and you're still there?
Yes, we will remain...
...until you are presented
to your father and grandfather.
My name is Cecily Fairchild.
Not Berah Ronah.
Nevertheless, you are the eldest
daughter of the Ronah family...
...proponents of
the Cosmo Aristocracy.
You will grow used to being
waited upon by your inferiors.
This is but one of
the duties of the highborn.
- Duty?
- Yes, lady.
- I'm to change into this?
- Yes.
All right. I'll do it myself.
No, lady, please allow us to help.
This way, please.
- But it's the middle of autumn...
- Yes, lady.
The weather control computer... failing due to our
air raid, according to rumors.
It's no rumor.
Almost like shards of sorrow... snow
hems the town in.
Even eyes that
search for tomorrow...
...are dimmed by
the depths of the darkness.
Being swept along by
an unfamiliar power...
...the heart is led
astray somewhere.
Deep within this heart
that seems fit to burst...'s only the throbbing
that is surely alive.
Within the shining wind...
...I can hear your voice.
Pray don't break
our peace forever...
...I believe in that brilliance.
I'm glad you're safe, Lady Berah.
My congratulations
on your homecoming.
Don't you realize...
...that even Mother started
to hate you because of all this?
It couldn't be helped.
It couldn't.
This is the man who eloped
with Mother, bringing me along?
Lady Berah, come in.
Your father is waiting for you.
You saw the battle's
progress outside.
It's good of you
to come, though you...
Surely you remember my voice.
It's me. It's Carozzo.
Then take off that mask.
I'm a pathetic man who lost
his wife to that man, Theo.
I also swore to bring the ideals of
your grandfather Meitzer to life.
That day, I began my
struggle against my weak side...
...and I became as
you see me now.
That speaking style,
that stubbornness...
They could only
come from my father.
But why can't you admit Mother
had no choice but to leave you...
...since she couldn't
accept them?
I see Nadia told you a great deal.
I don't intend
to be like this forever.
In fact, I have forgiven Theo...
...and have met you in spite
of my unbearable shame.
Is that why you need that mask?
I suppose it is.
I swore that I wouldn't
take off this mask...
...until Cosmo
Babylonia is founded.
Forgive me.
Cosmo Babylonia?
What's that?
Our thousand year dream...
...for the eternal
survival of humanity.
- Dream?
- It's been ten years.
I'm sure your grandfather
is anxious to see you.
I'll take you.
Is he here on Frontier IV?
This colony is
no longer Frontier IV.
It is Babylon, Cosmo Babylon.
The reason I called you here... that until Cosmo
Babylonia is established...
...I'd like you to act as our queen.
Act as queen?
The masses always
demand an idol.
Having lived and
worked among them... have that idol's charm.
But that's...
I could never...
I could never do
something so outrageous.
I was so happy that
I got ahead of myself.
Forgive me, Berah.
Forgive me for
thinking only of myself.
From this blood, you can't tell if
the person sitting here died, right?
This area saw
a good deal of combat.
We even lost two
of our mobile suits.
There are still air leaks, as well.
We should hurry.
I understand.
What should I do?
Frontier Side's Federation fleet...
...has all been
chased to Frontier II?
Yes, but it's a matter of time
before we drive them out.
I suppose.
Then comes the job of
mopping up the colonies.
White Sox launching.
Roger, don't die on us, you hear?
Do you even need to ask?
When you're near the colony,
don't blow the main engine.
This colony will be one of
Cosmo Babylonia's new worlds.
Yes, sir!
Don't touch those Colony
Public Corporation people.
Our only enemies are
the Earth Federation Forces!
Here they come!
S-Squadron leader!
Let's get out of here, everyone!
What happened here?
It's a Federation ship!
What's it doing?
You bastards!
There's gravity here!
At this rate, we'll...
- Brace us with the arm!
- Y-Yes, ma'am!
- Damn it...
- Go, Manuela!
At this rate, before we even
fight the Crossbone Vanguard...
...we'll end up dead!
Begging the colonel's pardon...
...but all my instructor
pilots are out.
With my NCOs and
officers out fighting...
...we were the only ones left
to pilot this ship to Frontier I.
That's why I said to use this
training ship as a resistance base!
The enemy'll come soon.
Make sure we can
use the F91, understood?
Where are you going?
To bring resistance groups here!
Who the hell are you?
If you have time to run,
fight in the Space Ark!
We're just kids, mister.
If you can fly this boat,
you can fight!
Hey, I was on my way down!
There you go!
Got it!
- W-We've got him!
- Leah, let go!
- Ow...
- Pull!
- Sorry about that.
- Dorothy's got fast reflexes.
Lucky shot.
But can we really
hide the ship with this?
It'll look like rocks
or trees far away.
Close this up after you eat.
We're working inside,
so we don't want light to show.
- Okay!
- Roger!
Yes, Chief Petty Officer Roos!
Don't run around!
Control those kids.
Don't look at me,
they're not my kids.
That was delicious.
If that wound's healed,
you don't need the sling.
It hurts a bit.
Come on,
it's not gonna kill you.
Acting Captain Leahlee!
Hey, it's on.
She has every right.
She took the helm and
snuck us into this colony.
Is that from Earth?
Yeah, the top brass
are all on vacation.
Frontier Side is the newest
residential colony cluster, right?
It's like two drunks in a brawl.
We'll wait until it quiets down.
If that's the official stance...
Are they saying the Crossbone
Vanguard's some kind of joke?
You know, I used to wonder...
...why our colony's
towns are so classical...
...but after seeing the Crossbone
Vanguard, I think I know.
What do you mean?
Maybe somebody in
the Federation government...
...or the Colony Public Corp.
Is conspiring with the Crossbone.
- That's a real possibility.
- Wow, what a babe!
Can you take this to Gruce?
He's working on a mobile suit.
Here's your dinner, Gruce.
Just leave it there.
Did you hear
the broadcast from Earth?
The guys on Earth know that
the Crossbone won't attack them.
Circuit three connects here to
NSS-23 and green connector 48...
What's this?
The repair manual.
Yeah, the F91 's an unfinished
prototype with nice features... I have to adjust it
every time it's sent out.
Hand typed from
a word processor?
We don't even
have all the pages.
- Show that at normal speed.
- W-Why?
I don't believe this
will ever occur...
That's my mom!
Dr. Arno?
...but just in case
the connection is ever broken...
She said she wanted to research
bio-computers and left home...
...but she was really working
on mobile suit development?
Look at this.
Hey, you're her kid... maybe you know what
Dr. Arno's talking about.
How could I understand
something that complicated?
Don't tell my sister
about that manual!
Close shutters!
Transfer to the combat bridge!
It's up to you, mobile suit team!
30 degrees down!
The Crossbone
leaders should be... the government office or
the guest palace, so hit those!
There are probably thousands
of refugees camped near there.
That's a small enough
price to pay to end this war!
Ship barrage!
Aren't they targeting
the guest palace?
Lady Berah.
Turn out the lights.
It's already dawn.
Yes, lady.
An attack from space
under our feet...
Is everything all right?
Everything is fine!
Don't stay near the Ronahs.
Mom! Mom!
This place will be
a sitting duck for the Feds!
Your Excellency!
You should hurry and
make plans to escape, Berah.
In an attack like this, there may
not be time to prepare, so I didn't.
So you must sometimes
hand yourself over to fate?
You're right...
You just roll the dice
and accept the outcome.
The next beam could
come from under our feet...
...vaporizing both our bodies.
If that happens,
forgive me, Berah.
N-No, that's all right...
Ever since Mother fled the family,
I've become used to it.
I'm relieved to hear that.
When I launched
the attack on this colony...
...I wouldn't let the Crossbone
Vanguard harm a single civilian.
But the Federation
soldiers would.
That's the true face of
an absolute democracy's army.
Without a cause to follow,
when they see change...
...they follow it blindly.
You're saying that's the result
of the popular revolution.
Anyway, people started
living in space... the price they
paid for destroying nature.
But now that space
life is common...
...people are returning to Earth.
But those are only
the elite of the Federation.
Ordinary citizens aren't
permitted to return.
You aren't cold?
It's gotten so quiet...
The Crossbone Vanguard your
father Carozzo created is amazing.
My father?
But Earth's rebirth
will take a long time.
Man must make his home
here in space forever.
I-I see.
Despite that...
...those who returned to Earth
have long maintained a policy...
...of abandoning
those they left behind.
But the Cosmo Aristocracy you
advocate also discriminates...
Highborns have duties
that they must fulfill.
Of course.
For instance,
on the battlefield, a commoner...
...can say he's afraid and run.
But a noble, a man of renown,
must stand his ground and fight...
...unafraid of his spilt blood.
People aren't equal?
Their human rights are equal,
but no two people are the same.
So men and the world should
be ruled by the highborn.
By those unafraid
to spill their own blood.
When I was young,
you often told me stories like that.
But it was Mother who was
crushed by those principles.
I was too strict with Nadia.
It made her abandon
everything nobility holds dear.
I'm my mother's daughter.
That's what you get for
not watching your step!
Who's the one who left
the deck tilted in the fog?
Why a Heavygun?
We're not rolling in
mobile suits here, you know!
Don't play with the live ammo!
You made the mess,
so you'll clean it up.
They should be
shipped off to camp!
My thoughts exactly.
Minmi, handle it!
Yes, sir!
Leah, I need that milk!
It's coming!
A baby, too...
I know!
- Reese, do you know...
- You're such a bastard!
I thought I told you not to tell
my sister about our mom!
She can deal with her emotional
problems once the war's over!
Do you have any idea what it's
like for kids who just managed... forget about their mother?
- Cosmo!
- You're terrible!
If you keep this up, I won't
tell you what Mom meant!
You understand that code?
That's no code.
Don't worry brother.
I think I understand what
kind of person Mom is now.
Mom didn't leave home
because she hated us or Dad.
I could tell that from
the video Gruce showed me.
Adults have lots of
things they have to do.
Reese, you understand
that code where she said...
..."open 8 columns,
make a bridge"?
It's no code.
- Look.
- A cat's cradle?
Is "cat's cradle" the password?
Is it those circuits in the F91?
This was Mom's specialty.
An 8-column bridge.
That's it! The top surface is
the hard computer's panel face!
And the lines leading down are
the bio-computer's parallel circuits?
Right! Of course!
Like mother, like daughter!
So we'll be able
to use the F91, right?
You have pilots in your
resistance group, right?
We have engineering students.
One of you can do it!
Those pirate Crossbone
Vanguard bastards...
...trashed an entire colony!
If you don't want your sister killed
and tossed into cold space...'ll pilot it!
There's no reason to fight.
That's an order! Got it?
Really, is that so?
Can he pilot a mobile suit?
- Don't let him push you.
- Yeah.
Still, your old lady
designed its bio-computer.
You might be a good fit.
If you're a Newtype, that is.
What's a Newtype?
Someone with
natural piloting abilities.
Are you really okay?
I was glad when
I saw Mom was talking...
...about cat's cradles on
that video, just like she used to.
I see.
Maybe Mom touched
this mobile suit.
Yeah, that's true!
Well done.
I see you've already
mastered the basics.
It has nothing to do with my skill.
I just sensed that the mobile
suit has a delicate feel.
If you feel that way,
you're a natural.
It's not that simple!
Our sortie was delayed 10
minutes for a single trainee?
Who is she?
A direct heir to
the Ronah family.
I haven't seen
Dorel since last night.
He's in an operation on Frontier I.
Our recon takes us pretty far.
Yes, ma'am!
A trainee who gets Lieutenant
Zabine's personal attention?
- Move it!
- Yes, ma'am!
The Federation's
resistance forces are quick.
Does this mean they know...
...that we won't destroy Frontier I
because it's a resource colony?
If we go straight through here...
...we should be inside Frontier I.
But wasn't the goal just
to gain control of these caves?
I know that!
If we have energy, we should
scout for the next mission.
But we'd be disobeying orders!
The mop-up comes after
the Babylonia Declaration!
Enough, only those loyal
to me should come then.
Open the inner hatch.
- Hey!
- Okay, back to port.
Our hull isn't tough.
- Understand?
- Yes, ma'am!
Damn it, I told them
we'd come to them!
Cosmo knows...
Watch it!
Cosmo knows we're
down here, right?
He's guiding the ship!
Are more refugee children
from Frontier IV on that ship?
Where are you from?
The Space Ark fled from there,
so they probably are.
Okay, keep it coming!
Park it right there!
Gruce, it's combat-ready, right?
That's the idea.
Hey, it has a mouth!
Close the mask!
There used to be a mobile
suit with a face like this.
Let me see...
- See?
- Hey, right!
It was called a "Gundam", right?
Gruce, let's code-name
this thing "Gundam F91."
Hey, where's this boy from?
Seabook, you mean?
Why's a kid from
that space boat here?
What do you mean?
Somebody has to do it, right?
The SNRI F91 development
team in the colony...
...ran away, right?
He's Dr. Arno's son,
so maybe he can do it.
What's my mother
have to do with it?
Captain, report to
the bridge immediately!
- Seabook!
- Yeah?
You know the main switch?
- Yeah.
- Do it.
You got it!
They got it working?
Dwight, you'd better eat.
You too, Bertuo!
You're having children help?
Mrs. Elm, the medicine?
We brought it with us.
Didn't you manage
to get any mobile suits?
This is a battlefield!
That's a resistance member?
Why aren't there blueprints?
No way!
I work hard here!
How should I know?
So do I.
On this ship,
you do everything yourself!
I wash the dishes, you know...
Oh, she's still over there.
-I'll grab a bite.
- There's plenty.
- I think.
- Thank you.
- What did she want?
- She's looking for Cecily.
Squad 4, assemble
on the upper deck!
I could've sworn Cecily said
that her mother is missing...
Enemy closing in.
Launch mobile suits!
Don't let them get
close to the Space Ark!
Noncombatants, take shelter!
- Where are Reese and Kochun?
- In the space boat.
Are you here to get in the way?
Birgit now launching!
Don't let the enemy
get close to this vessel!
Where's Birgit?
Forget it!
There are too
many people in here.
Go out in the Gundam!
And use the F91 as a decoy?
Just use the coal heaps and
trees as cover and run, idiot!
- Get going!
- Move it! I'll go!
No way.
Why not?
If you go, you'll end up like Arthur!
I'll go.
- Why?
- It's like you've got a death wish!
Look who's talking.
If I keep moving,
they won't get me...
This is Seabook Arno in
the Gundam F91 moving out!
Birgit, use #24! Launch!
Can you get
the Gundam to stand?
I hope so.
Give it a shot!
It's moving!
It's working, right?
Just keep standing there!
It's working. Isn't that great?
Yeah, and it's all thanks to you.
With no pilot suit,
I won't be held in place...
Take a gun! Grab the top one!
Is it compatible?
It was made for the F91.
It's already been calibrated!
What're you doing?
Once you're right in front of it,
just set it on auto!
- How long'll you make Birgit wait?
- Colonel Cosmo!
I can't stand by and watch,
so I'm taking command!
I can't believe Mom
built something like that...
On the catapult!
You can do it, Seabook!
Seabook's in there?
Stand by to launch the Gundam!
- Engineering!
- Get us airborne!
If we launch now, they'd see us!
We'll be a target if we stay here!
Taking this colony
would be child's play.
Why do Father and
Grandfather hesitate?
They're nothing!
How many of 'em are there?
There's a cruiser
hiding in the forest!
Here he comes!
It's going down...
Where's Birgit?
Can you handle the F91?
I'm managing!
I hit them...
The pilots are dead...
Are they dead?
They couldn't have
had real firepower... how did I lose three
suits and have two damaged?
"Pride goeth before the fall"?
I couldn't believe it!
I thought he was a simple baker!
Theo's a traitor. He moved
close to the guest palace...
...wagging his tail for the Ronahs.
Hey, what about Cecily?
That damn Ronah girl!
"Ronah girl"?
What's going on?
Hurry it up.
Almost done.
I'll test the sensors!
Hook up the cord!
Hey, it's the plug down there!
Got it.
- Here goes!
- Okay!
It's working!
I can't live alone...
...but I can't work up
the nerve to commit suicide.
Who's there? Guards!
- I knew it was you, Cecily.
- Seabook...
You're alive!
Everybody's worried.
I came to get you.
Get me?
Where is he?
Why did you come now?
Lady Berah's room!
- Come on!
It's already too late!
Too late?
It's too late!
Who on Earth was that?
You saved me.
You cut your hair?
Thank heavens you're safe.
What happened to your hair?
I decided I needed discipline to
be part of the Ronah family... I cut my hair.
When it grows back, I'd like to be
the heir to Cosmo Babylonia.
Oh, so that ruffian
interrupted your resolution.
A burglar, perhaps.
Due to this, I now see Federation
policies must be rectified.
I see!
You'll be the idol of our new era?
Here they come!
Cool! Den'an Zons!
That's a Den'an Gei!
A beam flag! Awesome!
Well over 100
years into the UC...
...Federation high officials
pollute the Earth once again...
...destroying humanity's
one and only treasure!
He's here.
Knowing that changing
the system is impossible...
Can you catch him?
We'll try.
...we decided to found
Cosmo Babylonia!
- Please do.
- Yes, ma'am.
The Crossbone Vanguard
is its advance guard!
You who were abandoned to
dwell in this newly rebuilt colony...
...must each use your talents to
protect the entire Earth sphere!
What? There's a sniper!
To those who disagree with us,
I would say come kill me!
It came from the south!
What should we do?
I will not run or hide!
That's telling 'em, Iron Mask!
Down with the Federation!
We don't pay taxes so that Fed
suits can go down to Earth!
Cecily, those who gain
power using military force...
...maintain control through force.
Why can't you see that?
Saying reform has
started is crazy...
...when nothing
has changed at all!
I found him!
Change the world through
the Crossbone Vanguard!
Move forward!
Change the world through
the Crossbone Vanguard!
Get in!
Change the world through
the Crossbone Vanguard!
Get outta here!
Annamarie squadron, Georgia
Avenue in Block 5 ASAP.
It's a mobile suit?
Yeah, it's nuts to run
resistance activities here.
Just one unknown mobile suit?
Have Annamarie track it and
find the resistance hideout.
It's better if it's their new suit!
Reese is waiting for us.
Hold on a little longer.
I'm fine.
I think you've got
Monica all wrong.
You mean Mom? I don't think so.
When she stopped breastfeeding
Reese, she was hysterical.
I loved Monica,
but I loved her work, too.
But she didn't go back to work
on a weapon like this, right?
You can't develop bio-computers
on an individual level.
But you hated seeing your alloy
research used by the military... you became a welder.
Didn't it make you mad?
I did a good job
raising you and Reese...
I did a good job...
When we finally
see each other again...
...why's it have to be like this?
Why, Dad?
We're going to bury
him in space, Reese.
No, I'll never leave him!
This is what your ego got you!
If you hadn't left alone...
...'cause you can fly the Gundam,
your dad wouldn't be dead!
Long ago, there were mobile
suit specialists called Newtypes.
They were pretty much
miserable individuals.
That's enough, Birgit!
What should we do with him?
Any ideas, Nanto?
If he were in the army,
this case would mean the brig.
I don't know how
those guys'll handle it.
He brought army regulars...
So this is the Gundam?
- Damn warmonger.
- Lt. Bardo of the 3rd Army?
You can't say you're
an "acting" captain anymore.
This may be a training ship...
...but I want your help
against the Crossbone.
We have no
regular army members.
This motley crew
you've gathered... far more effective
than paid soldiers.
You're the one who
scouted in the Gundam?
Uh, no...
Oh, it was you?
Colonel Cosmo,
he's an amateur!
It's hopeless.
The Crossbone is going
to kill everyone in this colony!
I thought that stuff was just
rumors started by you guys!
The Crossbone needs human
resources for Cosmo Babylonia.
They'll purge the excess people
polluting the Earth and Moon.
The colony's people
will be exterminated!
With gas?
Reports say they have
a machine that only kills humans.
Is Cecily's...
Is she going to help
them massacre everyone?
No, she couldn't...
Dad, what should I do?
Name, please.
Theo Fairchild.
Is Carozzo in his office?
He's in a war council.
I see.
We'll wait for him.
Are you really going
to see him, Nadia?
I left Cecily with you to fool
my father and ex-husband.
I know that.
I never told them.
You have to understand
they found out on their own.
Of course.
It's not easy,
living near the Ronahs.
It's Carozzo.
Don't be overeager, Berah.
- Yes.
- Berah?
Not now!
Stand back. It's Nadia.
Cecily, let's go home.
- Return to the ship.
- Yes, sir!
Even if you are Carozzo,
I won't let you have this child.
If you knew that
it was because of you...
...that I had to wear this mask,
you wouldn't be able to say that.
You're the aggressor here,
so stop playing the victim!
Father, why did you let
him get away with this?
A girl controlled by her emotions
who disregards her noble birth... no daughter of mine.
Let Berah decide her own future.
She's not old enough!
Mother, we can discuss this
once the operation is concluded.
Cecily, you're not Berah Ronah.
No, I'm Berah Ronah,
pilot of the Vigna Ghina.
The "freedom" you speak of...
...sounds like an excuse
to shirk one's duties.
- You're wrong!
- Nadia!
When man followed his
passions like a beast...
...he almost drained all
of the Earth sphere dry.
Why can't you understand that?
You never had the courage
to say that without that mask!
I, too, am a man with emotions.
If it weren't for this mask, I may
have just beaten you to death.
I wear this mask
to hold that in check.
This is an era in which man
must restrain his passions.
I would be happy if you were
to rest and reconcile with Father.
When you give the signal that
the three-pronged recon is done...
...our mobile suits will launch.
Yes, sir!
- Let's go!
- Yes, ma'am!
If we take control of
Frontier I on this mission...
...we'll be able to have fun, right?
We still have to mop up
on Earth, remember?
Test it again!
- I'll be right there.
- Yes, ma'am!
- I leave it to you.
- Yes, sir!
Lt. Zabine!
There are more
enemies than expected.
Be careful while out
on recon, all right?
You should be careful,
since you'll be out first.
Oh, wedge your
toes into the hatch.
You're coming too, Lady Berah?
I may just get in the way,
but Zabine says he'll look after me.
W-Well, be careful.
I'll go on ahead.
We're counting on you.
It's strange someone your rank...
...doesn't know everything
about the Zamouth Garr.
The captain doesn't either.
That's the way it is.
I see...
It'll berth at the asteroid
end of Frontier I...
...and be used as a beachhead.
Is that all there is
to this operation?
He may be my father,
but I can't trust Carozzo.
I think he has something
else in mind.
Gillet works under Iron Mask,
so if you keep an eye on him... may find out what
the code "Bug" means.
An example of how hard it is... know all of
our inner workings.
Do you have something
against the Ronahs?
I was involved in
the formation of the Crossbone.
I know that Meitzer
and Iron Mask...
...don't mix personal
feelings and ideology.
Neither do I.
Annamarie's recon unit
ready for launch!
This too?
Thanks, Leah.
Seabook said
he'd be right back... wait a little bit longer, okay?
If Cecily's joined the Ronahs...
...she's putting in
a good word for us, right?
If we brought them the F91...
...they'd probably make
us Babylonian citizens.
But how can a soldier's son
think that way, Dwight?
Dorothy, Sam, and Azuma
are with me on this.
Even Acting Captain Leahlee
is thinking of getting out of here.
You're just saying that because
you miss Cecily, aren't you?
What's wrong with that?
We're on battle alert!
How about getting into
your pilot suit, Newtype?
Who's a Newtype?
You're gonna pilot it!
Are you going to let your
sister and those kids die?
You old bastard...
Right a bit more!
- Starboard, she said!
- I heard!
That's our base?
It's a bunch of rookies.
Anyway, we made it
easier for 'em to land.
Am I great or what?
Now we don't have to worry
about being attacked from below.
Yeah, we're on a coal heap.
Cain, have Birgit and
Seabook sweep the area.
To check out our
escape route, huh?
- Acting Captain!
- Birgit!
Seabook! Do a visual
inspection of the local terrain!
Clear the deck!
We'll receive an enemy suit.
We're on it!
This is Birgit in #24!
I'm heading out!
What a good pilot...
I'd like our orders to come from
either the 3rd Army or the 35th.
They have their hands
full guarding the outside.
This is Seabook!
Gundam F91 moving out!
Don't lean too far into it!
- Hey!
- Is that safe?
What's he doing?
Hey, a new model!
Does that guy know
what he's doing?
Seabook, are you okay?
I faked about half of that.
Didn't you say you
wanted to talk to me?
I'll tell you this over a contact
circuit so we won't be overheard.
I'm going to the port to find an
escape route for the Space Ark.
Oh, roger.
Memorize the terrain
around the Space Ark.
Yes, sir!
I wonder if this bio-sensor
is syncing with my biorhythm?
It's Mom's, so I bet...
I'll blast your ass! Move it!
Being bigger and a paid
soldier makes you better?
Once the Zamouth Garr berths
at Frontier I's mine section...
...and the Bugs are activated,
this mission will be over.
Yes, and if
the test is successful...
...we destroy humanity
on the Earth and Moon?
That's what
testing grounds are for.
I remind you that
you're under strict orders...
...not to harm the colony.
Commencing decompression!
All pilots, board your craft!
thanks for looking after me.
Not at all.
You say the Vigna Ghina is easier
to pilot than the Den'an class.
It seems you truly are
a Newtype, Lady Berah.
Don't flatter a novice into going
out by herself, all right?
My Black Vanguard Squadron will
protect you from the perimeter.
So then...
All mobile suits, launch!
The Dorel team will
ignore obstacles en route...
...and go straight to the Stone.
Follow my flag!
I'll go first.
Be my guest.
I'm flying...
The Chareux crest?
She fell right into formation.
I'm starting to believe that
a Newtype is someone...
...who can grasp the essence
of something just by seeing it.
If I halt their reinforcements,
I won't lose to Zabine.
If she had defected
a week earlier...
...the data would've
been easier to swap.
- Is that it?
- Yeah.
It's Crossbone Vanguard data,
so it's accurate.
Is Annamarie helping clean
up the altar Reese made?
Yeah, the kids really like her.
What's the deal
with all this paint?
Is Annamarie
planning to go fight?
Cosmic was ecstatic.
- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
She's a high-ranking officer...
Why'd she change sides?
Sam! Azuma!
Hurry it up!
This is the last part!
All hands, man your stations!
- Run if you have to, okay?
- Yeah.
The 38th is
deployed at Stone end.
The Crossbone
are landing there.
Decoy balloons, launch!
3 minutes after the barrage,
launch your mobile suits!
Yes, sir!
Receiving laser analysis.
Enemy entering
secondary firing range, over!
Don't let those pirates
have their way!
All ships! Continuous barrage!
We'll go north of their defenses.
Keep going!
It's begun...
Lady Berah.
We'll finish the suits
the Dorel squadron misses.
If any of our units lose
their nerve, chew them out.
I'll watch you to see
how it's done, Zabine.
Diversionary attack
on their ships!
Sam and Azuma?
They're worked up about using
the Space Ark's AA guns.
Kochun's face is red.
There's no air in there!
- Idiot, you didn't need to close it!
- Ow!
I didn't do it on purpose!
Even Leah knows how
it's supposed to be done!
Okay, ready...
Find a seat, everybody!
The Space Ark is moving?
- Is it starting?
- Dwight?
Aye, Acting Captain Leahlee!
Once the mobile
suits are launched...
...I want you kids to move
to the sunward port.
The enemy's in the mine area,
so you can get away.
Okay, launch!
Okay, clear out!
Seabook, you and Annamarie
should stay on my wing.
Can we fight inside the colony?
I'll fight outside.
Don't be stupid!
They've busted through our
defenses on the mine end.
This is Seabook in
the Gundam F91 moving out!
All clear!
So the Federation developed
a small, powerful mobile suit, too.
Ready, Annamarie?
We've detected the Crossbone's
advance guard inside the mine.
I went up the ranks.
I can't beat that Ronah woman.
Say again?
This is Annamarie. I'd like to go.
It'd be easier for us if she left.
You think so?
Annamarie, you can go.
Thank you,
Acting Captain Leahlee.
The F91 is flying again?
But there shouldn't be any
spare parts here at SNRI...
How can I see those
kids aboard the Space Ark?
That's a space boat!
I don't really think that woman...
...who brought that data
would betray us.
Seabook, I told you
not to fly past me!
I can't let her go!
The mine!
Can Cosmo's ground
force advance more?
Yeah, if they can't,
they'll take this area, too.
The colony occupation
force is coming in.
Stay put!
Hey, what's happening?
These guys are fast!
A big Jegan type can't keep up!
He's fast!
A beam rifle won't do any good?
This thing is just too powerful...
Seabook, way to go!
It was just a fluke.
It was firepower and mobility.
I'll give 'em a diversion,
so you take 'em out!
You can't be serious!
- That was a Dahgi Iris!
- Are you insane?
Who'd fly into enemy
territory and then stop?
There you are, Zabine!
You have the gall to bring
that Ronah woman with you!
Do you want that
family name so badly?
The "friendly" ID signal it's
sending out had me fooled!
Do you have to kill
me with a beam saber?
You were my best trainee!
Die with me!
How can you justify
killing for a fake royal name?
If we die together,
will that end your resentment?
Annamarie, get clear!
I thought I taught
you that humans...
...who can't deal with their
emotions are just trash.
Zabine, what was that about?
You saw what happened.
A subordinate's betrayal
is my own shame.
Forgive me.
Rear guard, move up!
Zabine, the rear.
No, Lady Berah!
Bobulz, don't take
your eyes off her!
Yes, sir!
I don't sense Anna.
Was she killed?
Don't put up a fight! Just go!
I warned you!
Seabook! Thanks!
Here come more!
Forget aiming,
just shoot forward!
Got one!
Let's do it! Three!
That's the way!
Stop, don't give me more work!
We managed
to make it through...
An enemy?
No, it's...
Still three left dead ahead...
The Space Ark?
What the hell
are you doing here?
You can't fire randomly
inside a colony!
I can't believe they're using
mobile suits inside a colony...
There's a cruiser
inside the colony?
Where's Lady Berah?
Bridge, main cannon
beam is too tight!
Hit! Hit!
He got away!
- Come about 180 degrees!
- I'm on it!
Cain, order Birgit
and Seabook to retreat!
You can leave now!
Get out!
Another one?
It's fast!
This type isn't in my database...
You came in too far ahead!
My gun's overheated!
Lady Berah!
Got him...
I know that voice.
Is that you, Seabook?
I hear you over the circuit.
Is that really you
in there, Seabook?
That's you in that
white suit, Cecily?
But why?
It just happened.
It just worked out this way.
What should I do?
What do you mean?
I thought you cut your hair
to go back to the Ronahs!
You guys weren't around,
so I didn't think I had a choice!
Really? That's what happened?
I'm still Cecily Fairchild!
Another mobile suit
type I've never seen.
I admit that
I chose to accept it...
...but I couldn't live
in that family anymore.
They're the ones
who started this!
They caused a massacre
on Frontier IV!
I thought that was you!
This ship's crew was killed...
...and we've got amateurs
running a warship!
Grandfather wanted to fix
that kind of system.
There's no point
in arguing, Cecily.
We were all dragged in.
And I killed plenty of them.
It evens out.
You're joking!
If the Crossbone
has Newtypes, too...
...we have to take them out!
I get the impression that
your life is rather complicated.
But I think I've seen
what our real enemy is.
Gruce, is her mobile suit usable?
It's the rattling in
the Gundam that worries me!
We only need
to find a cockpit cover!
Rush repairs on all suits!
What do you have
in mind, Captain?
We've made it
this far on blind luck.
But we can't count on
any more luck, can we?
We have to use everything
we can to get out of this.
You have a point, but...
I wonder how the battle's
going outside the sunward end?
You're right...
You can park
the space boat here!
Aye! I'll moor it!
It's all yours.
This isn't a military vessel,
so you can stay here.
The first one up front! Up front!
What's wrong?
It's all right.
You can stay here, okay?
- I'm scared!
- Someone stop that boy!
- Open it!
- Yes, sir!
Nobody else!
Let go of her!
Why can't we come in?
I thought all the SNRI
staff fled to the Moon.
We have orders
to evacuate, too.
- The F91 was fighting here.
- I wouldn't know.
The Space Ark
is here in this port.
This area is locked down!
A-All right, be careful.
Just use all parts of the boat!
I heard
the Black Squadron's gone.
Rumors are rumors.
Don't spread it.
I think it's true.
Even Zabine was killed!
Serves that lowborn right.
They say one enemy suit did it.
It's our chance
to prove ourselves.
- Won't they take this plant back?
- How's it coming?
Powering the Zamouth Garr!
Can't they trust us
to guard the place?
It's old, but I know why this
fusion reactor is necessary... acquire a vast amount
of power in a short time.
But why does
the Zamouth Garr need this?
The only connection I can
think of is the "Bug" code name.
This is Zabine Chareux.
Your catapult deck is sealed off.
What about repairs
and resupply?
This vessel has
a special mission...
...under Iron Mask's
direct command.
Have another ship handle
your repairs and resupply.
All mobile suits are
to finish surviving units...
...and protect the Zamouth Garr.
Yes, sir!
Berah's Vigna Ghina
isn't here, either?
If she died in battle,
the old man won't complain.
Gillet, can sunward
side operations... finished before
the Bugs are activated?
Yes, that won't be a problem.
We must ease the world's
burden, if only a little at a time.
I appreciate all
you've done, Reese.
Thank you.
If you were in the colony,
why didn't you come sooner?
I came back after I got on a ship
heading for the Moon, didn't I?
I feel sorry for Dad.
No, I guess he wasn't alone.
Seabook brought him back.
I'm very sorry.
Your father gave me his
blessing to go back to work!
No, that's not why.
I went back because
I loved my work.
I'm sorry.
Don't touch me!
Brother almost got killed
because you built that Gundam!
What do you mean?
Your son may be a Newtype.
He's very perceptive.
He is?
Yes, he's already
distinguished himself in battle.
He's fighting a war.
Even the Gundam's shaken.
W-Where is he?
He's resting now.
He's sleeping like he's dead.
I feel so sorry for him.
We need every edge.
Just helping with the control
systems check would be great.
My own son using a weapon...
That's not why
I helped develop the F91!
Why then, ma'am?
You don't care who fights and
dies as long as it isn't your son?
N-No, that's not what I meant.
It's not!
Everyone just wants
to escape this crazy war.
But they're afraid
to leave here, too.
What do you want me
to do about it, Reese?
Tell me.
Wars are scary and horrible,
and shouldn't be fought.
Yes, that's why I was using
bio-computers to do good things.
Forget the adult reasoning.
Repairing the mobile suits
is what's important.
If we don't get
that done, we'll all die.
Aren't we all grown up?
Both me and Reese?
Let's think about why Cecily
and I are piloting mobile suits...
...after the war's over, okay?
But some theories say
Newtypes are evolved humans...
...and that they can
eliminate war, right?
If that's true, we ought
to try to find a way... change all humanity
into Newtypes, starting with us.
Yes, but we have to survive first.
It's tough to rethink things
and start over once you're dead.
I understand.
I'll do your father's share, too.
Thanks, Mom.
I'm proud of you, Seabook.
You too, Reese.
The battle's moved pretty far off.
If we go for
the Moon right away...
We'll be okay!
Don't open that hatch!
We're in the way,
clogging the corridor!
The gun turret
is open to space!
Move to the gun room
or to the center of the ship!
- Which hatch should we use?
- That hatch goes to the center!
We have kids!
- You can't come in here.
- It's dangerous in here!
Why'd you let civilians aboard?
We were busy.
When I found out, it was too late.
It'd be easy to have a mobile suit
paint a red cross on the ship.
And afterwards?
We'd ditch it after
the cross is done!
Are we really
a refugee or a hospital ship?
I don't think that'll work now.
Fighting is starting up
again inside Frontier I.
And there?
They say Cosmo's unit
has been wiped out!
Is that true?
I'll patch it through to you!
I've never seen anything like it!
We need backup!
Now setting course for the Moon.
Mobile suits on standby
even after escape trajectory!
Maintain Minovsky particle
density at combat levels!
What are you doing?
There's no need for you to go.
Doing that won't make
us trust you any sooner.
I understand that.
But my Vigna Ghina's still sending
a Crossbone "friendly" ID code... I should be
able to help you two.
And if the Feds
start shooting at you?
Then I'll be the only casualty.
I was happy that the people
on this ship took me in...
...without saying a word.
- I'm counting on you, Birgit.
- For what?
She's trying to get herself killed.
Who cares?
That girl could've
been the Crossbone queen.
I heard you, Mom.
That's the first time I've seen you
worried about someone like that.
Is it?
She's a fine girl.
I know.
Deployment was flawless.
If they breed as planned...
...Frontier I's population
of 3 million will be gone in 2 or 3 days.
If this test goes well...
...drop the Bugs on
the Earth and Moon right away.
This is a fine plan.
No one's conscience will be hurt.
It's just a random
purging by machines.
Damn bunch of tops!
Is the colony breaking apart?
They're not mobile suits...
What are they?
I have no idea. I'm sorry.
Use her as a shield.
These are the Bugs?
- What kind of machines?
- I don't know!
The Crossbone Vanguard
had lots of factions.
If vicious weapons like these
were used on the Earth...
Wait, you think
you can beat them?
Did Grandfather
have those things built?
Birgit, don't be stupid!
These things
only target humans?
It'll take more than that!
You've got to move more!
Damn... stupid... piece of...
Get out of there!
These things...
They're using them
to massacre everyone here.
The Crossbone fleet
mobile suits were decoys!
Nobody knows! Not Grandfather,
not the fleet, and not Zabine!
- Meaning?
- It's Iron Mask!
One man?
- Yes!
- Then we have to kill him!
But there are so many Bugs.
What should we do?
It's too dangerous!
But it's the only way...
Behind me?
More! I need more
to come after me!
That looks like the bow
of the Zamouth Garr...
Was that a nuke?
Did she do it?
The Garr Prow was destroyed!
I know. Find out how.
No, I'll investigate.
- Sir?
- This is a family matter.
He's going out in the Rafflesia?
Wait, was that
really the Zamouth Garr?
- Berah sniped it.
- It was her, all right.
I'm picking up a new "friendly"
ID signal towards the Moon.
Is that it?
The color says it's a friendly...
I've never seen
a code like this before...
...but it's registered
in the computer.
A Bug?
Iron Mask!
- I'll challenge Berah.
- What?
It's acting strangely.
If we don't do something...
A new Federation model?
It's possible.
This happened because the old
man doted on Berah too much.
I misjudged. Lady Berah's
turned against us!
Yes, sir!
Don't let a single
mobile suit escape.
Give a good accounting
of yourselves!
3rd Army unable
to complete objective!
Federation reinforcements from
the Moon detected dead ahead.
Our carrier was hit!
Is there an enemy
fleet back there?
Here it comes! What is it?
You're not alone, Berah?
A man who can't do
anything without his mask...
...says he'll change the world.
Anyone who can
plan this is dangerous.
Yes, he's the
real enemy, all right.
Looks like the reinforcements
from the Moon are gone.
I wish somebody
could call this off, but...
We'll have to kill him, won't we?
Looks that way.
What's that light?
It feels like some evil spirit that's
throwing the universe into chaos.
That was the F91
and the Vigna, wasn't it?
The Space Ark's
telescopes confirm it.
My brother is still fighting?
He's trying to secure
an escape route for us.
Fighting still in the upper right?
Yes, ma'am!
We can act as a refugee ship.
Nice work, Dr. Arno.
Of course.
They could only see two?
Yes, no response from Birgit.
I see...
The F91 and the Vigna's flight
capabilities seem above average.
Sorry, that's a
mother's foolish pride.
No, I have to agree after seeing
him in action inside Frontier I.
Seabook is showing us the way.
Both him and the Gundam...
Thank you, Captain.
Here it comes!
Don't, Cecily!
Is that a Bug, too?
Get away, Cecily!
Cecily, use the colony
wreckage as a shield!
- Cecily, get back!
- But that's...
Let me handle it!
Here it comes!
I'll cut these family ties myself!
This one is fast.
Is it a Newtype?
Is that the cockpit?
I knew it!
I'll kill you myself!
Gillet, I saw that thing
leave from this ship!
What is it?
You must mean the Rafflesia.
But it doesn't concern me.
Is this how Iron Mask operates?
As I said,
it doesn't concern me.
I don't have the authority.
But those who work
under Iron Mask...
...aren't the only ones
who can act as they see fit.
If I didn't know about the Rafflesia,
then neither did Meitzer.
The Zamouth Garr will stay
on standby till Iron Mask returns!
- Understood?
- Yes, sir!
You're in too close!
Just a man-made thing...
Iron Mask!
You want to be close,
so let's do it like this.
You've been naughty.
Children shouldn't
suspect what adults do.
You're just rebelling
against Grandfather...
...for making you
a Cyber-Newtype!
If there's any humanity at all
left in you, you'll stop this!
I was ordered to kill nine-tenths
of humanity, so I changed!
That's nonsense, you machine!
I'm no machine.
My ego was expanded to allow
me to carry out my duties!
The escape pod isn't working...
I'm also capable
of brainwave control.
I also operate machines
without using my hands or feet.
You look down
on me like Nadia.
Women are so
hard to manage!
All of that is your fault!
You can't take off that mask!
You still say that?
How many are there?
Afterimages that have mass?
You can't catch me!
The afterimages
are drawing his fire?
You want me
to use that, Cecily?
It takes more than
a mobile suit engine...
That won't stop me!
Is he some kind of monster?
There was a large
mobile suit force out here?
- Look for them!
- Yes, sir!
Where did you go?
Where are you?
Where are you, Cecily?
If you die now, everything we
went through is meaningless!
There was only one?
This lone, incapacitated mobile
suit is the only one in the area?
How can this be?
Cecily, send up a signal flare!
Where are you?
Hey, I can use the radio again!
He's looking for Lady Berah?
So you destroyed
the Rafflesia with that...
Thank you for your trouble.
Will we be okay?
I can hear what
the captain's saying to them.
I verified 200 refugees
on board the ship.
All right, let's pull back.
It may be a trainer,
but it's still a military vessel.
We should act like
the Bugs or the Rafflesia?
No, but...
Then we can let
one refugee ship go.
Yes, sir.
It may be its mother ship.
- What's that?
- No, it's nothing.
Let's join the Dorel
team home in triumph!
Yes, sir!
Mobile suit formations...
They're the ones who took out
the Fed's Moon reinforcements.
I'll let you out in a bit.
Look, isn't the Moon pretty?
Seabook's still alive!
What's Seabook yelling about?
What happened to Cecily?
Her Vigna Ghina was
destroyed, wasn't it?
- Really?
- What?
Cecily was thrown clear?
Is that true?
You saw it happen?
Minovsky particles are thinning,
but my radar isn't working!
You and the Space Ark use
your radar to look for her!
It's not completely clear yet!
It's littered with
machine fragments!
That doesn't mean
we should forget her!
Aren't we going to the Moon?
We'll look for the castaway.
360 degree scan, people!
Cecily's still alive,
floating out there somewhere?
Quiet, Kochun.
The Moon's there...
Frontier I's there...
And the sun's over there...
She would've gone this
way from the explosion...
Seabook, you can look for her.
You can overlay Psycommu
and radar coordinates.
What do you mean?
You know the F91 has a system
that responds to brainwaves, right?
Sort of.
Use that as a sensor!
But how?
Set the thermal sensor to
human body heat's wavelength...
...pass that through the filter, and
connect it to your radar display.
This should double
or triple the reception.
But it depends
on your sensitivity.
I have to sense her?
It's the operator that matters.
Well? Anything?
But more than half
my cameras are gone!
If you only focus on what
you see in front of you...'ll never sense anything.
It's useless!
I can't sense anything!
Stop acting like a child.
Calm your mind and
focus your emotions.
Empty your mind and
open your perceptions...
...solely to the pulsing of
the soul drifting in space.
The soul that wants only you
is calling out to you, isn't it?
He's moving!
Did you find her?
Don't use the radio.
Seabook, who else but you
can care as much for her?
But I'm not sensing anything!
Then draw her to you.
You can do that, too.
That's the power of human life.
Draw her to me? But how?
That light...
What? What happened?
Did you sense Cecily?
That's a flower!
Cecily's flower!
Cecily's flower?
It's gotta be Cecily!
You'll never make
it on one vernier!
Almost like shards of sorrow...
Cecily? snow
hems the town in.
Even eyes that
search for tomorrow...
...are dimmed by
the depths of the darkness.
Being swept along by
an unfamiliar power...
...the heart is led
astray somewhere.
Deep within this heart
that seems fit to burst...'s only the throbbing
that is surely alive.
Within the shining wind...
...I can hear your voice.
Pray don't break
our peace forever...
...I believe in that brilliance.
Because my eyes
still remember...
...that blue, hazy horizon.
If I close my eyes,
I can go back... memories of those
warm, happy hours.
Mistakes repeated again and
again turn into foolish creatures.
Even my way of life is full of pain,
but I'll never show any tears.
Within the shining wind...'re there smiling.
Pray don't break
our peace forever...
...I gaze straight
into that brilliance.
I think I've finally learned
who this intense pain is for.
Our chance encounter
was a miracle...
...just two of billions of
stars wandering the sky.
It was our parting that
taught me your true kindness.
On any day, I can say
with head held high...
...that you mean more
than anyone to me.
Within the shining wind...'re there smiling.
Pray don't break
our peace forever...
...I gaze straight
into that brilliance.
Pray don't break
our peace forever...
...its image burned
into my passionate eyes.