Mobile Suit Gundam I (1981) Movie Script

It has been 50 years
since mankind moved into space
to ease the burden of overpopulation.
Around the Earth now floats
hundreds of gigantic space colonies,
in whose cylindrical walls
man has recreated his old world.
In this new homeland for the human race,
the cycle of life and death continues.
It is the year 0079
of the Universal Century.
The colonies of Side 3,
the furthest from Earth,
have declared themselves the
Principality of Zeon and have launched
a war of independence
against the Earth Federation.
The first month of fighting
saw each side lose
half of their respective populations.
All of mankind was horrified
by the atrocities committed.
The resulting stalemate
has dragged on for eight months now.
Slender, you stay here.
Yes, sir.
Looks like the military facilities
are in the upper-right block, sir.
It should be rush hour,
but there's only one car.
Not a person in sight.
Wait, there's a kid.
He hasn't eaten yet.
I figured you'd be here.
You shouldn't skip breakfast,
it's bad for you.
Hello, Amuro.
You're always a bundle of energy, Haro.
What will you wear, Amuro?
I'll eat when I'm done with this computer.
Didn't you hear the evacuation order?
Evacuation order?
Is that what that siren was all about?
Oh, for heaven's sake!
Didn't you hear the military broadcast?
They want us in the shelters
because of the warship docking here.
-What for?
-Evacuate at once!
Amuro, we don't have time!
Fine, I'm coming.
Take shelter at once!
I'll wait for you outside.
Haro, come along.
Give me a break!
-Evacuate at once!
Hi, Fraw Bow.
Shame on you for not telling Amuro!
He lives right across from you.
About the evacuation?
Of course. He's been living
all alone in there, after all.
Well, if military engineers like his dad
hadn't come here in the first place
Are you still upset about them
evicting us to build the research center?
No, it's not that
Coming! See you!
You're hopeless, you know that?
Is your dad on the ship
that's coming in today?
He went Earthside about a week ago.
Are they going to start fighting here too?
How should I know?
Dad never tells me anything!
Get the Gundam parts loaded
onto White Base!
-Tell the ground crew to hurry!
-Yes, sir!
Those White Base fools
They led a Zeon ship right to us!
-Is that White Base?
-Yes, sir.
The Federation's state-of-the-art ship
Truly impressive.
Once the ship and the Gundam are ready,
Zeon won't stand a chance against us!
Excuse me, Lieutenant Ray.
We're docking with Side 7 now.
Could you please come
to the bridge at once?
Of course.
-Your name's Bright, isn't it?
-Yes, sir.
How long have you been in the military?
Six months, sir.
Once we mass-produce the Gundam,
we'll be able to end the war without
sending young men like you into battle.
Is that your son, sir?
Is it true that boys his age
are fighting as guerrillas?
Yes, sir. It appears to be true.
That's horrible.
At ease, Lieutenant Ray.
So we weren't able to lose that Zeon ship?
Unfortunately, no.
That makes three mobile suits!
There are probably more inside.
We have to attack now!
We're just here to observe.
But if they get those suits
onto that battleship
Don't be in such a hurry
to prove yourself.
-It worked for Liuetenant Commander Char!
He built his career
by winning actual battles!
Damn it, Gene!
You're going against orders!
Gene, stop!
I just have to pull this off.
The sooner we take them out, the better!
That was close!
Was that inside the colony?
Maybe it was a meteor.
These tremors We're being attacked!
It's Zeon! They're attacking us!
-I'll go look for my dad!
You'll get us all in trouble
if you go out!
My dad works for the military.
The shelter capsule won't hold!
I'll go ask if we can evacuate
to the ship that docked here today!
Close the door, please!
Zeon mobile suits!
Is that a Zeon Zaku?
Hey! Civilians are supposed
to be in the shelter capsules!
I'm looking for Tem Ray,
an engineering officer!
Do you know where he is?
On the ship, I think!
Come on, let's get this out!
Look out!
They're dead
"Classified Materials"?
Is this a Federation mobile suit?
Chief Denim told me to stand by
in the construction area as backup.
-I followed his orders and--
-Where's Denim now?
He stayed behind to help Gene.
You're certain the Federation
has mobile suits in there?
Yes, sir!
Get all the pictures you can.
If it gets too hot, pull out!
Yes, sir!
What do we do, sir?
Looks like Denim failed
to keep the rookie under control.
I may have to get in there myself.
Take us closer to Side 7!
Yes, sir!
Get to the space port!
Move it!
So the computer
handles the basic movements
I can see why Dad was obsessed with this.
Amuro, we have to go!
Damn you!
We should be able to use the inner lifts!
Fraw, get to the space port!
-Fraw, come on!
-What about Lift Three?
-The refugees are using it.
The Gundam comes before them!
Get it aboard White Base
and prep it for combat!
Yes, sir!
Amuro? Why aren't you in a shelter?
Are these mobile suits
worth more to you than human lives?
Let's go!
Get to White Base!
White Base?
The warship that docked here today.
What's the holdup?
It won't start!
Just get to White Base!
I'll get a tractor.
Amuro! Come on!
Are you all right, Amuro?
Fraw Bow!
Fraw! Fraw Bow!
Fraw Bow! Come on, say something!
Can you stand?
Fraw, you can't stay here.
You have to run, Fraw!
Get a hold of yourself!
You're stronger than this!
I want you to run to the space port.
You can do it, Fraw Bow!
I'll meet you there soon.
Now go!
Run, Fraw Bow!
Run, Fraw
That's right. Keep going, Fraw
The power's on
Just like the manual. Let's see
Five times the usual energy gain?
That's incredible!
Let's do this!
Here it is.
Can I make it?
Left Right
Hurry! Get some weapons out here!
White Base, can you launch a Core Fighter?
Are you insane? We'd have to blast a hole
in the colony wall!
We've dispatched all combat personnel?
Yes, sir!
They actually attacked us
from inside the colony
I have to get up!
He's right in front of me!
Where are the weapons?
Chief Denim!
That enemy mobile suit just moved!
I thought they were just parts
to be shipped!
Wait, it's having trouble moving.
I'll take it out.
Here it comes!
What's that mobile suit made of?
My rifle didn't even scratch it!
Watch this, you Zaku goon!
Our orders were to just observe!
We're pulling out, Gene!
What are you saying?
If we don't beat them here,
they'll just keep getting--
It's up!
Stand up!
Come on!
-Sir! One of our mobile suits is moving!
What kind of attack is that?
Who's in the cockpit?
I'm out of ammo!
I don't care how thick your armor is,
you're going down!
Here he comes!
What's wrong? Too scared to fight?
I don't believe it!
It's leagues ahead anything I've seen!
You're going down!
Does this thing have weapons?
This one?
Gene, can you jump back
to where Slender is waiting?
I can still see with my auxiliary camera.
I'll make the jump now!
You're not getting away!
If I destroy the mobile suit's engine,
it could rip Side 7 apart!
What do I do?
You'll pay for killing Gene!
What do I do?
Should I aim for the cockpit?
If this Zaku blows,
it'll take all the air in Side 7 with it!
-Get those civilians onto White Base!
-Yes, sir!
Looks like the air leak's been sealed off.
How's the Gundam transfer going?
It's on hold.
It looks like all our engineers are dead.
-Then we'll use that thing.
It doesn't matter who's in there.
We need their help.
What was that?
Where's Slender?
He's making his way back to us
after escaping from Side 7.
It pains me to admit this,
but my naivete has cost us this mission.
Get someone to help me with this,
I don't care who!
Are they attacking us from outside?
Where's my Yuuri?
Come back! Get on board White Base!
Hang on tight.
Fraw Bow! Get to White Base!
A mobile suit!
Amuro? Is that you in there?
Get going!
The oxygen may run out at any time!
On it!
Captain! I'll take over here!
Please get back to the ship!
You're a pilot trainee.
Do you know how to shoot?
I can try!
It's all yours.
Are you all right?
Yes, sir! I'm fine!
You followed my orders,
as well as Denim's.
Relax, Slender. You've done nothing wrong.
Thank you, sir!
That said, I find it hard to believe
the EFF mobile suit
is as powerful as you say it is.
I know, sir, but I saw it myself.
Open a laser comm channel
and contact Admiral Dozle.
You'll be safe in this ship.
Don't wander off, okay?
You down there!
You can tie bandages, right?
-Help us out up here.
I'll look for your moms later, okay?
-Over there.
Excuse me.
Oh, thanks. Can you help?
Clean the other wound
and close it up with tape.
Right away!
You're sure that Zeon ship
has ceased fire?
Yes, sir.
All right, get back here
Captain, there you are.
Everyone who was defending us
from that Zeon ship has been wiped out.
How are things on your end?
Every soldier and engineer on Side 7
has been killed.
All thanks to those two Zakus.
I see
Most of our soldiers are wounded.
Less than ten can still fight.
Get all Gundam-related material
loaded on board at once!
Yes, sir. Fortunately for us,
we have a pilot operating a Gundam.
He's moving a Guncannon
and Guntank on board now.
Who's the pilot?
I don't know yet.
Once he's finished,
get White Base out of Side 7 at once.
But who will pilot White Base, sir?
The computer can take us out of port.
Excuse me.
I know it's not the same,
but I can fly cruiser-class space gliders.
Perhaps I can help.
Who are you?
Mirai Yashima, sir.
Really? As in the Yashima family?
I held a party last night to celebrate
the successful completion of your mission.
But the banquet preparations went to waste
because you dawdled and didn't show up!
We've discovered the EFF's
Operation V, Admiral Dozle.
What? Operation V?
Yes, sir. Mobile suit production.
And we've identified a new EFF battleship.
Char, the Red Comet, strikes again.
What else?
We were on our way back,
so we're out of missiles.
You need supplies? Consider it done.
Thank you. One more thing.
I need three more Zakus.
Are you telling me you lost three Zakus?
Yes, sir. Two of them were lost
to a single Federation mobile suit.
All right, you'll get your Zakus.
Just get me whatever data on Operation V
you can get your hands on.
If possible,
get me that mobile suit as well.
I'll do my best.
Lieutenant! Get me three shock troops!
Shouldn't we wait
for the supply ship, sir?
We're fighting a war.
We have to think several moves ahead.
Slender managed to escape.
If he can get out,
that means we can get in.
-Who did you say was in it?
-He introduced himself as "Amuro," sir.
I don't know him.
He could be a test pilot here on Side 7.
Use that panel to contact the Gundam.
Yes, sir.
Have the Gundam cover White Base
when it leaves port.
-Where's the channel control?
-The console to your right.
How does it look, Ms. Mirai?
We need some time
for the engines to achieve criticality.
Captain! The Gundam pilot is a kid!
Can you see him?
This boy is in the Gundam.
He's no pilot.
You know him?
Not personally, but he's famous on Side 7
for being a machine hobbyist.
That boy took out two Zeon Zakus?
The Gundam took them out, not me.
-What are you doing in there?
-That voice.
You're the one who ordered me
to get the Gundam equipment on board!
I'll get him out of there, sir.
If only our pilots survived
-You take the residential block.
-Got it.
Hang in there, Chief!
Why are you here?
Captain's orders.
We're to look for stragglers.
Is anyone else out there?
How should I know?
I went out of my way
to avoid the areas hit by missiles.
-You coming?
What's your problem?
You call yourself a man? Coward!
Excuse me?
A coward like you
deserves to be stranded alone on Side 7.
Who died and made you queen?
What's your name again? Sayla, right?
How dare you! Where are your manners?
-Fraw Bow!
Hey! Give me a hand.
Activate engines. Thrust, 3%.
Mega-particle cannons, stand by.
Target is Side 7's space gate.
Avoid direct hits on the docking bay.
Not bad, Lieutenant.
Sir! We can get in
through this maintenance airlock.
All right! Go!
Looks like they're attacking again.
What do we do about Amuro, Captain?
Operator, what's attacking us?
Sir! One Musai-class behind us,
40 degrees to port and closing.
Destroy any Gundam parts we can't use!
-Issue a beam rifle to the Gundam!
He's a little young
to be sent into battle.
But we wouldn't be the first
to use soldiers as young as 15 or 16.
Yes, sir.
Amuro, do you read me?
Destroy the Gundam parts in Side 7!
Why? There's enough
for three Gundams in there.
We can't let Zeon get ahold of them.
That's strange. The Musai's falling back.
Falling back?
Do you know what to do?
If we use that "super napalm" stuff,
it should work.
Amuro's made the right call.
Let him do it.
Is anyone here?
I'm going over to Amuro's house.
Be home in time for dinner.
If anyone's still here, please answer.
No survivors
Drop it.
I admire your courage.
But you don't look like
a soldier or guerrilla fighter.
Don't move, or I'll shoot!
She looks just like
Take off the helmet and turn around!
But if she's Artesia
That's a Zeon soldier!
Is that my older brother?
I'm going to use the super napalm!
Get on my hand!
I'm going to destroy
the mobile suit parts here.
-Amuro! You're sure it was a Zeon soldier?
-Yes, sir.
-Are you okay?
A Zeon soldier snuck into the port!
Close all hatches on White Base!
Issue a gun to anyone who can--
I don't care who does it!
Shoot that Zeon soldier
approaching us from the bow! Move it!
There it is.
Get ready to leave port!
They're coming out!
I'll shoot you down
Just watch me!
They're coming out!
Equip my Zaku and Slender's
with type-1 equipment
and send them out on a laser line!
This is Musai, roger that.
Course plotted. Open the hatch!
Prepare to launch Zakus! Course is RD-23.
Gate sensor, 360 degrees. All clear.
Your shoulders are too tense.
Relax. Let the computer handle this.
Yes, sir.
Amuro, do you read me?
Yes, sir.
You're too far from White Base.
Keep within ten kilometers,
to the right of the ship.
Run another check for air leaks.
Can you do that?
Yes, sir.
our pilot wasn't trained for this.
-Keep the instructions coming.
-We'll do what we can.
-Have you checked the missiles in storage?
-I have. It's this figure here, right?
You catch on quick.
All blocks, stand by
to intercept incoming attacks!
Now exiting docking bay.
Disperse Minovsky particles
at full combat density!
Bright, I'm ready
to launch in a Core Fighter!
Ryu? Are you sure?
I'm a pilot trainee, remember?
Better than a total beginner, but still
Any combat experience?
Two battle simulations.
-That's barely better than Amuro
-High-intensity heat sources, incoming!
Heavy missiles! Evasive maneuver:
12 degrees to starboard, 8 degrees down!
-Yes, sir!
-It's too late!
-I'm tracking them! Let me intercept!
-Go for it!
I'm launching now!
These I can handle!
Come on!
-Two more objects closing in!
They look like mobile suits.
But no Zaku can go this fast!
One of them is closing in
at three times the normal speed!
It's Char!
The Red Comet!
What was that, Captain?
It's Char, the Red Comet!
Char destroyed five of our ships
at the Battle of Loum.
Get us out of here!
Let's see if that Federation mobile suit
lives up to its reputation.
I'll take him on! Shooting a Zaku
isn't like shooting people!
I can do it!
-Amuro, no! You can't handle him--
-I can do it!
You won't get past me!
How's that?
Impossible! It was a direct hit!
This is war
Slender, are you here yet?
Get behind that mobile suit!
Commander, that weapon's new!
It wasn't using that in the colony!
If it can't hit us with it,
it doesn't matter. Cover me!
Don't waste the energy charge!
I know that!
He's behind you! Pull up!
A Core Fighter?
Why, you
It destroyed a Zaku with a single shot?
I don't believe it!
Is that mobile suit
carrying a warship-class beam cannon?
One shot and the Zaku
How dare you!
The beam rifle charge!
I drained it.
Core Fighter docked.
Gundam, set course for landing.
The Gundam has landed.
Once they're secured in the bay,
have Amuro and Ryu report to the bridge.
Yes, sir.
Put us on course for Luna II.
Remain at your stations,
but take turns getting some rest.
They're here.
Bright, what's the enemy doing?
They're not moving,
but I think they'll follow us.
It's Char, after all.
So you're the pilot.
You rely too much on the Gundam.
You have to be more efficient in battle.
Grow up! The Gundam was entrusted
to you, so that makes you the pilot.
It's your duty to protect this ship!
What did you say?
You may not like it,
but that's the way things are.
If you can't do it,
you should run back home.
I don't know if I can do it.
But I'll do it anyway, because you're
Feel free to hate me.
Now go fix up the Gundam.
Grab whoever you need.
You're responsible for it now.
Luna II.
An asteroid brought here to provide
building materials for the space colonies.
It is now the frontline base
of the Earth Federation Forces.
-Canned food for you!
-How many are in here?
I'm still waiting for the hot water
to make baby formula.
Here it is!
-How long until we get to Luna II?
-They say it'll be another hour.
-When will I get my rations?
-They're almost here.
Where did you live
before coming to Side 7?
Am I required to answer?
No, I was just
-It's my first time.
Being out in space, I mean.
One of the elite, I see.
Are you being sarcastic?
Better than being weak and sentimental,
Ensign Bright.
Need a break?
I just have to watch the gauges, right?
I'll be back when it's time to dock.
He won't leave us alone.
He won't try anything at Luna II.
Why not?
Our forces outnumbered him there.
I brought you some food
and a change of clothes.
You'd better change,
or you'll start to smell.
You've skipped two meals already.
You have to eat something!
I'm not hungry.
Are you doing this on purpose?
Just to spite Bright?
Of course not. I'm doing this
because I don't want to die.
Are you?
Aren't I?
Why do they keep such an old ship
in service?
-Lieutenant Dren!
-Open a video link.
-Yes, sir.
So the Red Comet needs supplies?
Did you mess up?
I just had my first real battle
with an enemy mobile suit.
I understand your frustration.
Looks like the sector's filling up
with Minovsky particles. Hurry!
Open the hatches
and dock with the conveyor pipes!
Madagascar, locked onto beacon.
Docking speed, two levels below maximum.
Looking good. You're on course.
Madagascar, entering port.
Docking crew, prepare to secure the ship.
Weapon loaders, on the double!
Recreation services, where are you?
Are you ready to receive our troops?
Pier Two, ready!
Prepare to load secondary battle supplies.
I'm Wakkein, the commandant of Luna II.
The White Base needs repairs,
and we have children on board
Yes, sir.
We'll take the ship directly to Jaburo.
Get going.
Commandant Wakkein,
can't you take in the refugees?
We can't go to Jaburo like this!
Most of us are civilians.
You've had combat experience.
I understand your concerns,
but this ship is our newest model.
It has to get to Federation HQ at Jaburo
before we decide what to do with you.
What, we're going to Earth?
We want to go back to Side 7!
We were going to live there!
These are orders from Jaburo!
This ship is to leave at once.
Do you think they'll make it, sir?
How should I know?
All I could do was give them
a Salamis-class cruiser as an escort
and wish them luck.
Jaburo has no idea
what it's like at the front--
This war with Zeon is far from over.
And yet here we are,
sending amateurs into war.
These are terrible times we live in.
Where's computer number 27
for this spare Core Fighter?
How should I know? Check over there.
That Core Fighter's
the mobile suit's cockpit?
The Gundam, Guncannon,
and Guntank all use them.
All clear!
Wow, Hayato. Working hard, I see.
But the enemy's right before us.
Think you can learn the ropes in time?
Lay off, will you?
Kai, are you finished
with the Guncannon maintenance?
All set.
Then you're to stand by
at level 1 battle stations.
Yes, ma'am!
We have 25 minutes to atmospheric entry.
Think you can handle it, Mirai?
I've done it once, in a space glider,
but that was with guidance
from ground control.
The basic concept is the same.
Just follow the Salamis' lead.
But I don't think
Char will let us go so easily.
-Just focus on the entry.
-Yes, sir.
-Hey, kid! You read me?
-Yes, Lieutenant Reed.
All set for the atmospheric entry?
We'll be in the Salamis' entry capsule.
We won't be going at the same speed.
Try not to fall behind.
Yes, sir. Roger that.
Mirai, switch to the auto-nav system
and prepare for entry.
Yes, sir.
Fortunately, we were able
to get three new Zakus in time.
The enemy's atmospheric entry
is in 20 minutes.
I don't think anyone has ever attempted
an attack during atmospheric entry.
If you get caught in Earth's gravity
and start falling to Earth,
you and your Zaku
will burn up in an instant.
That goes for them too, which means
they can't afford any distractions.
This is our chance
to attack them with our Zakus!
Our primary target is the Trojan Horse.
Secondary target, the enemy mobile suit.
Don't let me down.
The ship will be entering the atmosphere
in 15 minutes.
All hands,
stand by at level 2 battle stations.
Ryu, do we have anything smaller?
We've got kids' sizes. Check over there.
Here, the neck fastener has a double seal.
Kids' sizes?
Cool. Perfect fit.
When did I become a part of this war?
Nothing. I'll stand by in the Gundam.
-Stand by with the missiles.
-Yes, sir.
-Think Char will follow us?
-Doubt it.
White Base is now
following the Salamis capsule.
Attention, all hands.
We will be entering
Earth's atmosphere in three minutes.
Please be seated and remain calm
even if the ship begins to shake.
Combat and maintenance personnel,
stand by at your stations.
We may have to launch the Gundam.
Maintenance teams, be prepared.
Putting it on screen.
Maximum magnification.
Thirty-four seconds to enemy contact!
Gundam, keep the Zakus away from us!
Can you do it, Amuro?
How should I know?
You have to return
to White Base in four minutes.
Otherwise you'll burn up
in the atmosphere.
Four Zakus approaching
from behind, R3 degrees.
Four? You're kidding, right?
No, it's true.
Char must have gotten new supplies.
Easy for you to say.
Ryu and Kai will be covering you.
Just watch your altitude.
You think I can watch that while fighting?
I know you can.
Cut it out.
Step onto the catapult.
You're clear to launch!
Here I go!
Don't screw this up, Amuro
They've launched a mobile suit.
Dren, cover us!
We'll split into two groups and attack.
Now launching entry capsule!
Roger that!
Musai! Launch missiles!
Amuro, don't get distracted by Char!
The Zakus are going after
the Salamis' capsule!
The capsule?
I'd rather not have Char behind me, but
Got you!
Oh no, you don't!
Take that!
The sight's drifting out of calibration!
He's got vulcan guns in there?
I can't hit him!
Are the vulcan barrels misaligned?
We're hit!
The upper-hull!
Bright! If we enter like this,
we'll burn up from the inside!
Understood. White Base will pick you up.
Sayla! Tell Amuro
to lure the two Zakus away!
He can't! He's still fighting Char!
The skills of the pilot
determine the victor, not the mobile suit.
Remember that!
Damn you, Char!
Got him!
Damn! My bazooka ammo!
Behind me?
Too slow!
Salamis capsule, now deploying laser lock!
What about those Zakus?
Laser lock, fire!
Just die already!
Get in closer!
But there's too much cover fire!
Are you blind?
Watch the enemy and attack from below!
We're hit, starboard side!
Intensify starboard turret fire!
Releasing emergency wall film sealant
in the damaged areas!
-Fraw, I want to go out and fight too!
-This isn't a game!
-So? I'm not scared!
-Don't be silly!
I'm not scared!
Which machine gun turret
can aim left and right?
Number 35, I think.
The one on the right aims forward.
I'll give it a go!
Amuro, we've got Zakus below us.
Take care of them!
How's it looking?
Not good.
Too easy!
Damn it! What is that mobile suit made of?
Amuro! Gundam! Do you read?
You have to come back!
Amuro, return to White Base!
You're out of time!
Prepare for atmospheric entry!
Secure all guns!
Amuro, come in through the rear hatch!
It's too dangerous now!
Commander Char!
Please get into the capsule!
Crown, leave it!
The enemy mobile suit will burn up.
Get into the capsule!
Tell Amuro to get in, stat!
He'll burn up in the atmosphere!
-Amuro, get back here! Forget the Zaku!
-Ensign Bright!
My orders are to get White Base
and the Gundam to Jaburo safely!
Get the Gundam back in here!
He's going to burn up!
-Tell that to Amuro.
-This is why we don't use amateurs!
If it weren't for him and the Gundam,
we'd all be dead by now.
Lieutenant Reed, please sit down.
It's dangerous.
Outer hull cooling system
is up by three points.
I'll have you court-martialed! Got that?
Where's Amuro? Why isn't he back yet?
I'm falling to Earth at incredible speed!
What about Crown?
Forget it. We can't recover him now.
Commander! Commander Char!
Help me! I can't slow down!
Commander Char, help me, please!
A Zaku can't survive atmospheric entry.
I'm sorry, Crown,
but your death won't be in vain.
Found it! I hope it isn't too late
to activate the entry system!
Cooling shift and heatproof field!
Activating all systems.
We can't contact the Gundam
due to the signal blackout.
Amuro! Come in!
Amuro! What's wrong?
The transmission's out for now.
That mobile suit's still there.
It's not burning up.
What's going on? Is it capable
of surviving atmospheric entry?
Altitude 32 30
29 26
25 24
20 17 16
14 12
Is it going to work?
When we get the radio comm back,
contact Garma on the continent.
Now I see, Commander Char.
Even if we didn't defeat them
before atmospheric entry,
our backup plan
is to change their entry angle
and bring them down
into the territory we control.
War is unforgiving.
You always have to think ahead.
I have Captain Garma, sir.
Hello. What can I do for you, Red Comet?
I may have to renounce that nickname,
Captain Garma Zabi.
You sound unusually humble.
You've heard about the enemy's
Operation V, haven't you?
I've seen it firsthand.
It's taken out six of my Zakus.
That's terrible.
Is it really that powerful?
I sent it your way.
You can have the honor of the kill.
I'm coming in right behind it.
Very well. I accept your gracious offer.
I'll attack it
with our Gaw attack carriers.
-Yes, sir!
Restoring video.
It's the Gundam!
The Gundam! Amuro's all right!
Look, Pelo. That's the Earth.
That's all land down there?
And is that the sea?
That's the name for it, right?
I'd forgotten that you've never seen
the Earth before, Pelo.
This is a real planet,
made of land and water.
Amuro, good work.
Amuro! We made a pie to celebrate!
We have champaign, too!
Let's have a toast with our pie!
Cheers, Amuro!
Just leave me alone
What's your problem, Amuro?
This was our projected entry angle.
This is our current course.
There's no way we can get to Jaburo!
I agree. We're deep in Zeon territory.
You've got to be kidding!
Are you all right, sir?
Char's a brilliant strategist.
He's taken us for a ride.
We have to get out of here!
I don't care how!
-Enemy planes!
Char may have been right.
It's totally different
from any other Federation warship.
The Musai capsule!
Bring it aboard!
All right, looking good!
Captain Garma,
the Musai capsule is on board.
Hello, Char. This isn't like you.
Did you have a hard time
with just one enemy ship?
Cut me some slack, Garma.
Or should I call you Captain Garma Zabi,
commander of the Earth Occupation Force?
Call me Garma,
like you did at the Academy.
That's the Trojan Horse.
The ship even the Red Comet
couldn't destroy.
Are you saying you wouldn't
have come out here otherwise?
Oh, no. I'm satisfied to come just
to pick up an old friend, Char.
Don't forget, the Trojan Horse
performed a re-entry on its own.
We're taking that into account
when estimating its combat potential.
They've had you on constant duty
since the guerrilla mop-up, right?
Why don't you relax?
I think I'll accept your offer.
I guarantee that victory in this operation
will earn you a Zeon Cross.
Thank you.
This is just the opportunity I need.
Did you come
to help me prove myself to my sister?
Don't laugh. The men are watching.
Amuro, hurry!
-Amuro, hurry!
What's wrong?
-Do you have a fever?
They want you on combat stand-by.
I haven't been able
to sleep since we left Side 7.
I try to get to sleep, but I can't!
Maybe we should ask Sayla for advice.
She's a med student, after all.
Just shut up!
Stop it, Amuro! This isn't like you!
And fighting in a mobile suit is?
This war's killed practically every adult!
The elderly and the young
have to fight now.
It doesn't matter
if you're part of Zeon or the Federation.
And cut that out!
The Federation Forces
are just using us as a decoy.
A decoy?
They're working
on new weapons as we speak.
They're just using us
to keep the enemy occupied
while they produce the weapons.
-Is it from Jaburo?
This is White Base.
Defense Force M-4.
Decryption circuit, Alpha gain.
Alpha gain, roger.
"White Base is to break through
the enemy line and escape out to sea."
That's all it says.
They're not coming to help us?
Can't we send a message back to M-4?
No, we're too deep in Zeon territory
to even risk sending an encrypted signal.
What are those generals thinking?
They don't know what our situation is!
You don't have to go.
I told you,
I have to prove myself to my sister.
You don't have family,
you wouldn't understand.
Guevil squadron, move out!
Garma squadron, launch!
Watch out!
You can't expect an amateur
to steer past these obstacles!
Increase our altitude
by another 100 meters!
The Gaw will spot us!
It's either that
or we crash into a mountain.
Don't blame me if they shoot us down.
Ryu! Are Hayato and Kai all set?
Hayato's going to be
the gunner in the Guntank.
And Kai?
He's got the Guncannon.
Let's see how well he does. You okay, Kai?
-Does it matter?
-We're counting on you.
We need all the help we can get.
I know! That's why I'm sending
those kids out to battle!
I'll shoot from under White Base,
but nothing more, got that?
That's all I'm doing, okay?
We don't get pensions for dying!
I'll make the arrangements.
You agree with the plan?
This will get us out, right?
How should I know?
What is it, Fraw Bow?
It's no use.
Amuro says he doesn't want to fight.
Amuro! Launch at once!
Can you guarantee I'll be able to sleep
when the battle's over?
I just can't do it anymore.
If you hadn't fought in the Gundam,
I'd be dead by now.
I owe my life to the Gundam too.
But I'm scared. I've had enough!
Damn Trojan Horse!
Dopps coming around behind us!
They're trying to cut off
our escape route!
Concentrate fire on the port-side engine!
Okay, stop! The Guntank's ready to go!
All clear, Hayato?
I've got it. Leave it to me.
Guntank, get in position.
Cover our left flank.
Moving out, nice and slow!
Jeez, is this all the firepower we've got?
Well, Bright? Is this it?
The Gundam will be launching soon.
Have faith in us, okay?
Well, since you put it so nicely,
I can only hope you're right.
Locking White Base at an
altitude of 105 meters.
Opening hatch on launch deck number 2.
Ryu, you're clear to launch.
Verify balance and drop!
Here we go, Hayato!
Take the cannon's safeties off
once we clear the ship!
Roger! I'll show you
I can do as well as Amuro!
What's that? Some kind of tank?
A defective mobile suit design.
It's just a ground weapon.
Guevil squadron,
attack that enemy mobile suit!
Hayato! Enemies to the left!
Damn, that thing packs a punch!
Guncannon, launching!
We've got waves one and two
still coming in!
Kai, we're counting on you!
I'll give it a try, Sayla.
All right, I'm down!
They're shooting at me!
I can do it!
Two mobile suits have come out!
Deploy Magella Attacks at once!
Two mobile suits?
Is one of them the white one, Garma?
Negative. Both are ground assault models.
The white one hasn't come out.
Are these defects
really worth the Zeon Cross?
He's going to need help.
We can't let it escape
now that we have it this low!
Why aren't you doing your duty?
Why do you fight, Bright?
This is no time
to be discussing philosophy!
Now get up!
Stop it!
If you want the Gundam in action so badly,
why don't you pilot it?
What? I would if I could!
That goes without saying!
I didn't do it before
just because I was able to.
You hit me
Ensign Bright!
And what's wrong with me hitting you?
Maybe giving you something to
complain about will make you feel better!
Do you really think I'm that petty?
That's twice now!
How dare you? Not even my dad hit me!
Then he was too easy on you!
You can't be a real man
without taking a few blows!
I won't do it! Nobody's making me
pilot the Gundam ever again!
Amuro, would you stop it?
Get a hold of yourself!
Stop whining, Amuro!
I'm going to the bridge!
Amuro, if you stay like this,
you're nothing but a coward!
I thought your natural talent
would let you beat Char!
Too bad I was wrong!
Amuro, the Gundam
has an operator's manual, right?
I'll pilot the Gundam.
I hate people who can't take
credit for what they've done!
Man up! Put your chin up and say,
"Everyone would be dead without me."
Fraw Bow, you can't pilot the Gundam.
I may not like it,
but I am a man.
Amuro, are you going? Amuro!
Damn you, Char!
My ammo!
There's more of them?
Yes, sir!
They've called in ground units as well!
Hitting us from above and below? Damn it!
Pull back! Retreat! No, shift position!
Idiots! What are you aiming at?
Forward batteries,
concentrate fire on the Magella Attacks!
You aren't retreating?
You want us
to break out of here, don't you?
All right!
Ryu, these guys
are just pressing the attack harder!
Where's Amuro and the Gundam?
White Base, do you read?
Please, send out the Gundam!
Don't panic. You can do it.
Good luck.
Hold down the fort!
Ryu, stay close to us!
I can't help it. They're pulling us in!
Course clear. Launch at once!
And be careful, Amuro.
I will.
Which course is clear? As though
the enemy isn't everywhere out there?
Here I go!
I'm falling!
Ryu, pull back!
Let the Gundam handle them!
Go for it! Looks like
they're trying to pick on Kai.
Damn you!
More of them?
All units! The white one's out!
There are three total!
The Trojan Horse has three mobile suits!
Bring it down and
we'll trap them all here!
The white one has come out? Let's go!
Launch the Komusai!
I want to help the Captain!
Don't underestimate me!
I'll show you the Gundam isn't just some
hand-to-hand combat suit!
That mobile suit's flying!
Got you!
Amuro! The Gundam's fighting in midair!
It's incredible!
Sayla, open a radio link!
Orders for the Guncannon and Guntank!
Have them support the Gundam so that
it isn't picked off when it lands!
Hayato! We'll cover Amuro!
Roger! We'll keep the Dopps occupied!
I just have to keep the Dopps away, right?
Eight Five Two
The damn Federation
built a hell of a mobile suit!
Bright! Look at the way Amuro's fighting!
Yes, that's what I admire about him.
He knows he has to fight,
even if he doesn't like it.
Yes That's the Amuro I know.
Six, going for seven!
The squadron leader?
You monster! Die!
Gaw, separate the mobile
suits from the Trojan Horse!
If we can lure them inside
the Gaw's firing range,
we can blow them apart!
-Komusai closing on the Gundam!
Isn't the Red Comet's Zaku on that one?
And the Gundam dropped the beam rifle!
Send out the spare!
Gundam! Amuro! Do you read?
We're sending you a rifle,
so be sure to catch it!
It should be recharged!
We're launching you a rifle!
The Red Comet's coming!
-Zaku descending! It's Char!
Char's launched in a Zaku?
There it is!
Grab it, Gundam!
It isn't keeping its charge!
Amuro, pull back!
White Base will fire missiles
to cover you!
Pull back, Amuro!
The Dopps and Magella Attacks
are falling back!
Don't get hit!
Damned Trojan Horse!
Char, do you read me?
Yes, Garma.
I'm back on the Gaw.
You'd better pull back as well.
We need to rethink our strategy.
So it would seem.
Come back. We'll study this together.
You there, in the mobile suit!
Do you read me?
Maintain that altitude
and return to White Base!
Don't chase the enemy too far!
Who is she?
She seems to know all about us.
I'm taking 35 people with me,
including the Salamis crew
and the wounded refugees.
White Base and its mobile suits
are to proceed as usual.
General Revil wants me to bring back
a copy of your battle reports.
But Lieutenant Matilda,
I don't understand.
Why are we being left in this situation?
Well, General Revil thinks that
you've been fighting about
as well as regular troops.
The Federation Forces
are in bad shape right now.
I'm only here
because of General Revil's orders.
Jaburo isn't involved.
But when will we be resupplied next?
If you escape to the west
we may be able to get you supplies.
No guarantees.
Just remember that there's someone
in the Forces who's looking out for you.
Lieutenant Matilda
If you hadn't fought so well,
we might have been killed, too.
Thank you. You may be some kind of esper.
-That's not
-Hang in there.
Yes, ma'am.
Is that you, Garma?
I wanted to thank you for saving my life.
Come on, don't be a stranger.
So what do we do about the Trojan Horse?
I have a plan underway.
I would be more than happy
to help you in any way I can.
Thanks. You're worth a hundred men.
With your help,
I'll prove myself to my sister, Kycilia.
Maybe you should stop worrying
about what she thinks.
I'll see you tonight.
Are parties part
of our occupation policy now?
And if your father, Sovereign Degwin,
ever comes to Earth,
it would be our pleasure
to serve him in any way we can.
Pardon me.
I'll catch up with you again later.
Oh, Garma always looks so gallant.
-He's so dreamy.
-I need some air.
I'm drowning in suck-ups!
They'd be terrified if they knew
about the Horse and its mobile suits.
And we can't send a task force after them,
there's too much ground to cover.
Garma, who's the gentleman over there?
Oh, no, I'm sure
there are other ways to do it.
Eschonbach, the former mayor.
He hates Zeon,
but stayed to help the people here.
Looks like a stubborn man.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Ms. Icelina Eschonbach.
-Oh, my!
-She's lovely!
If you'll excuse me.
He says you can't marry me
because my father is the leader of Zeon?
I figured that's
what your father would say.
I couldn't care less
about Zeon or the Federation.
I love you because of who you are.
I want to be with you,
even if it means betraying my father.
I feel the same,
but I cannot betray my father or Zeon.
I know.
Don't worry. I have a chance
to get the Federation secrets now.
Once I've done that,
my father will have to listen to me.
And if he doesn't,
I will leave Zeon for good.
-What is it?
-Oh, am I--
-Never mind! What is it?
Sir! The Trojan Horse
has been detected at point S3!
If it breaks through
the final defense line,
we'll lose it in Federation airspace!
Just as planned.
We have a defense line there, too!
I'll head there
with a mobile squadron myself.
Inform Commander Char! We're moving out!
Once we've stolen
the Federation's new weapons,
I'll take them back to Zeon
with you at my side.
Looks like Zeon
doesn't want us leaving the city.
Yes, but if we don't
Bright! I'll go out as a decoy
and distract them.
-No, it's too late for that.
We've picked up something
on the sound detectors!
Enemy planes, approaching from the north!
We're out of options! I'll distract them.
White Base can escape out to sea.
No, even a decoy operation
or escaping to the sea would--
A flare!
Ahead of us!
I thought I saw a sports dome!
Yes, there is!
All right, it should fit.
We'll hide the White Base there!
Are you sure about this?
Amuro, stand by in the Gundam,
Kai in the Guncannon,
and Ryu and Hayato in the Guntank.
And remember,
we're still carrying civilians on board!
Funny, I thought I was one of them.
All hands will stand by
at level 1 battle stations.
And until I say otherwise,
no one is to make a sound!
-What is it?
-What's going on?
Please stay in your rooms!
Get her ready!
-Turn 180 degrees.
-Yes, sir.
Turning 180 degrees.
Turn that light out!
It's just making it worse!
Where's his mother?
There we go. Don't cry.
My baby!
Sorry, I just left for a moment!
Oh, honey, forgive me.
Patrol Lugguns!
Haven't you found the Trojan Horse yet?
They're still in the city. Look harder!
A little carpet bombing
should drive the rats from their hole.
All units! Prep roller shifts
and commence bombing!
Yes, sir!
It's okay.
We'll be lucky if we're not hit!
-Let me go!
-Miss, wait!
None of you understand!
Miss, if you go now you'll die!
Miss, no! Your father is calling for you!
How dare you do this to me!
Miss, please!
I won't! There's someplace
I have to go! Let me go!
My father will never understand!
That you want to marry
the son of the Zeon leader?
You have no right to deny me my freedom!
I have a right to decide
how to live my life!
No, you don't!
Don't let her have the keys to the jet!
Yes, sir.
Has the Trojan Horse shown itself yet?
No, sir. Not yet.
Damn it, where are they?
Why won't they come out?
They're starting
to get the hang of combat.
Looks like
I'll have to go down there and find them.
No, wait.
That's my job as your subordinate.
You'll do it?
Of course. You're my commander.
Only for now.
You serve under my brother, Dozle.
It should be me.
You seem unusually agitated.
Calm down.
Don't let a woman cloud your judgment.
You're right.
So he thinks I'm anxious
because of Icelina?
I am calm.
Zaku autobalancer set for drop.
Standing by.
Char. Inform me as soon as you've found
the Trojan Horse or any mobile suits.
I'll finish them off with the Gaw.
Thanks for coming to see me off.
I'll do as you request.
Good luck, Garma.
Good luck, Char.
May the glory of victory be yours.
Bright, three Zakus are coming
down and are headed this way.
Right. Amuro, do you hear me?
Lure those Zakus out
in front of White Base.
Here I go!
I hate to trick my own men,
but it is what it is.
The Trojan Horse must have
sent out its mobile suits already.
They found me!
Where are they? They're close
It's Char!
I'd better not get hit by that thing!
Damn that mobile suit! He's gotten better!
Not bad, white mobile suit.
I see you're trying to lead us away.
That means
the Trojan Horse must be behind us.
I see. That's clever of them.
I've been waiting, Char.
The mobile suit's retreating!
The Trojan Horse must be up ahead!
-Can you follow it?
-We will.
Open beam cannons!
All units, stand by to attack!
Bright, the enemy planes are on the move!
Right! Mirai, take your position
and prepare to attack!
Yes, sir.
Guntank, Guncannon,
and all gunners on the White Base!
Target the enemy
and prepare to fire in ten seconds!
Ten. Nine.
Eight. Seven.
Five. Four. Three.
What's happening?
-We're being attacked from behind!
-From behind?
It's the Horse!
The Trojan Horse is behind us!
Damn it! Take us higher!
We can't!
Then turn us around 180 degrees!
I'll ram the Gaw into the Trojan Horse!
Garma, can you hear me?
You were born into the wrong family.
What? The wrong family?
Yes. My sympathies to you.
Char, what are you--
You were a good friend,
You have only your father to blame!
Char You set me up!
Damn it
I am a man of the Zabi family!
I will not die in vain!
One enemy unit is headed our way!
What? It can't be!
They're going to ram us!
Mirai, higher!
-Yes, sir!
-Take us higher!
All hands, get down!
Glory to the Principality of Zeon!
We made it
Completely destroyed. Good God
No, I appreciate you telling me.
Yes, I see. Thank you.
I'll tell my daughter.
Yes, Father.
Garma has been killed in action.
News of the death of Garma, youngest son
of Sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi,
soon reached the Principality of Zeon.
It is said that Sovereign Degwin
received the news in silence,
his grief only revealed
when his cane slipped from his grasp.
He then ordered his eldest son,
Gihren, to gather the family together.
Just as it was six months ago.
No improvements at all!
We can't let Garma's death be in vain.
It would be a blot on the name of Zabi!
We won't let it be said
that he died uselessly!
Gihren, I only want Garma's death to be--
Sorry we're late, Father!
You both came sooner than expected.
Father, you must be--
Too bad Garma had to die at the hands
of a Federation mobile suit.
Gihren, how did this happen?
Garma, dead? I don't believe it!
You can't win your battles
if you don't let go of the past, Dozle.
I know, but
I was looking forward to the day
he'd order me around as an admiral.
I feel the same way, Dozle.
So please, Gihren
Won't you pray for Garma's soul
to rest in peace?
Do you know where Amuro is?
He said he was going to visit his mother.
Oh, was he in that Core Fighter
that left before?
He said his home
is about 30km east of here.
So he's one of the elite?
And here I thought he was one of us.
Not everyone who lives
on Earth is one of the elite.
He and his father moved out to space.
His mother stayed behind,
so he hasn't seen her in a while.
Anyone with a house on Earth
is an elite in my book.
Looks like there's been
a lot of air raids around here.
Are we safe?
I don't know. I hear
there's guerrilla activity around here.
Bring on the booze!
You guys are a disgrace!
Who are you?
This is my house!
-Leave him alone!
-But this little punk--
-Damn, it's empty.
Sorry for intruding,
but nobody was here when we came.
No. It was abandoned.
"Mom!" Whiny little brat!
She probably died trying
to get away from here.
It was one hell of an air raid.
You'll be lucky if you find her body.
You should come with us
if you want to be with Amuro.
I'm afraid of going into space.
Come see the Sides they're building.
They're incredible!
I want to show them to Amuro.
I know.
But I
Forgive me, Amuro.
I just can't live in space.
Please pay me what you owe!
Pick it up!
Ma'am, don't do it!
Don't pick it up!
Make those soldiers hand it to you!
Who the hell are you?
That boy
-Say that again, punk!
-You've got some nerve!
I said pick it up yourself!
You little brat!
Pick it up!
Pick it up!
You little bastard!
What's a snot-nosed kid like you
know about us?
If it weren't for us,
Zeon would've taken this town long ago!
Who do you think you are?
I remember now!
That's Amuro, my daughter's friend!
Stop it! He's just a boy!
Oh, you want some now?
Here's your money!
Please just leave us alone!
It was a terrible air raid, Amuro.
I see. So Comilly's dead
It wasn't just my daughter.
My husband died too.
Sometimes I wonder why I survived.
-Have you seen your mother?
She never wrote you?
She volunteers at the refugee camp.
Wait, she's alive?
Do you remember the hill with the church?
You and Comilly used to play there.
Thank you, ma'am!
Just be careful!
All hands, return to ship!
Enemy planes detected!
Prepare for air attack!
-Yes, sir.
I'm not reading a friendly IFF signal.
They're 10km out over the ocean
and headed our way.
Should we launch White Base, sir?
-No, that'd only make us easier to spot.
-You're right.
We have to take them out before we
rendezvous with the Medea transport plane.
Yes, sir.
Core Fighter, ready to launch!
Moving out!
-What's that behind us?
-A fighter?
Too slow!
Take us down!
Trying to run, huh?
Damn, and it's just a patrol plane!
There it is!
An airplane!
Is that a Federation Forces fighter?
-Looks like it.
-This could be trouble.
Wow, a real fighter!
You're in the Federation Forces, right?
I don't know why you're here,
but could you hide that fighter?
Why? I'm just--
There's a Zeon frontline base
just beyond that mountain.
They come here once a day to check on us.
Please just hide it
before you do anything else.
I understand.
Amuro? Amuro, is that you?
Sorry to interrupt, but the fighter
Of course.
Amuro, go and hide it.
We'll talk when you get back.
-Your son?
So Zeon attacked Side 7 too.
And you don't know
what happened to your father?
The soldiers are coming back!
Don't move!
-What kind of fighter is that?
-Who cares?
This is patrol group "Hot Dog."
Enemy fighter sighted.
Current position
is NE, point 203. Altitude 3500--
Got you!
Now to finish you!
Damn, my oil's leaking!
Bright, they got my oil tank!
I damaged them, but they're getting away!
What? Can you confirm their location?
No, not like this.
Marker, can you track
that plane's escape route?
Just that it's headed southwest.
Towards Amuro's hometown
We should contact him. Ryu!
Can you get back here?
Yeah, but
Amuro will take care of it.
Sorry about this.
-Sayla! Send Amuro the emergency signal!
-Yes, sir.
Shut up and don't move!
We got a report of an enemy
fighter landing in this area.
You want to tell us about it?
Anybody know anything?
Do you know about the airplane, kid?
Why don't you tell me about it?
I don't know anything!
Looks like we're not popular here.
I'll give you some chocolate.
I don't want it!
I want my mom and dad back!
I'm scared.
I guess I'll keep my chocolate, then.
What was that?
Why did they have to call me now?
I said, what was that noise? Answer me!
I'm 89 years old.
You there! Who's sleeping in that bed?
What do you mean?
It's just another injured patient.
Let me see him!
He's my son! He's hurt!
If you have nothing to hide,
let me see him--
Amuro, wait!
Zeon will blame us for this.
What do we do?
Those men may have children of their own.
How could you shoot at them?
What, you'd rather they shoot me?
This is war!
I know
But you can't just shoot at other people!
Mom You
You don't
love me, do you?
That's not true!
There isn't a mother
who doesn't love her children.
-Amuro, is anything wrong?
All right. We have an emergency.
A Zeon patrol plane
is headed your way. Be careful.
White Base will rendezvous with you.
-Roger that.
I didn't raise you to be like this!
It's not too late to turn back.
This is war!
I'm ashamed of you!
There it is.
Everyone's just thinking about themselves!
I'm not doing this because I want to!
I don't care if there's a base or not!
Damn, it didn't make it back!
Scramble anti-aircraft weaponry!
Launch the Dopps!
I didn't hit them!
Not on my watch!
The Medea! That's right, it's time for it
to rendezvous with White Base.
White Base never should
have hid near the coastline!
Is it his father's influence?
He wasn't like this before
He wouldn't hurt a fly!
Those precious supplies!
Have that Core Fighter pull back!
Give me that!
Who else?
Core Fighter, pull back!
It's dangerous to hang around here!
We're retreating?
So, how do we handle repairing
White Base and taking in the civilians?
We'll move the
rendezvous 200 klicks north.
Damned amateurs. Nothing but trouble!
You don't want to stay?
I do, but I have friends on that ship.
Is this your mother?
Thank you for taking care of Amuro.
We owe our lives to Amuro's skill.
It's true. He saved us again today.
You think so?
What will you do, Amuro?
We're about to leave.
Yes, sir.
Stay well, Mother.
If you'll excuse us.
We'll look after your son.
Course clear!
Go on! We'll rendezvous with the Medea!
We should have
the engine repaired by dawn.
That's fine.
Now then, you had a question for me?
Why aren't we being disciplined?
And why are we still getting supplies?
According to the battle reports,
this ship is doing much better
than expected.
And it looks like they're planning
a major operation in Europe.
They've decided to leave
White Base in your hands.
Have you ever heard of Newtypes?
Newtype? A Newtype, you say?
From what I've heard,
Zeon has been looking into them.
They say they're like espers.
People with good intuition.
If we had men like that, the Zeon soldiers
in these parts would be wiped out by now.
But you've managed to survive,
Lieutenant Bright.
Lieutenant? Me?
What do you want, Amuro?
You're supposed to be asleep!
-Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Bright is correct.
Sleeping is a pilot's job, too.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll remember that.
Where were you?
In the bathroom.
The bathroom's that way.
So what?
Something wrong?
Nothing. Haro, come.
What's with her?
Amuro, have you eaten yet?
Amuro, have you eaten yet?
Sir? Not yet, sir.
We're about to cut through Zeon territory.
Stand by in the Gundam!
Yes, sir!
Lieutenant Bright,
this is Lieutenant Matilda's escape route.
And this is White Base's.
Both courses are clear.
So we cross the ocean and make for Europe?
That's the plan.
I should be back in Zeon
in two months, Father.
I'll have a decisive victory under my belt
before I make my return.
I don't want the people to laugh at me
for being made an admiral
just because I'm your son.
Well, then.
I look forward to the day we meet again.
Are you still here?
I know how you feel, Highness.
But you still have duties
to fulfill as the sovereign.
I know.
Well? What did you want to show me?
Sir, we seem to have
picked up an unfamiliar ship.
Let me see.
I think it's the Trojan Horse.
Is this a chance for us
to avenge Lord Garma?
Don't be hasty, Hamon.
They're pretty far from our base.
We have to calculate the distance.
Our Zanzibar should be able to do it,
but our escorts are just entry capsules.
So do we just let them go?
My orders are to avenge Lord Garma.
And you don't take direct orders
from Admiral Dozle lightly.
But we're entering the atmosphere now.
It's impossible.
I thought you hated men
who let opportunities slip away.
Amuro, I'm coming in.
-More repairs?
Amuro, you look unhappy.
Do I?
What is it?
The Gundam's auxiliary computer.
Eat up before it gets cold, okay?
Amuro, your brainwave levels are falling.
I'm fine, Haro.
Come here, Haro. Don't bother him.
See you. I'll be back soon for the dishes.
Oh, I'd better eat.
And where is Char?
He probably went back
to where he came from. Right, Dozle?
I see.
Yes, ma'am. At once.
Intensify port-side fire!
They're right over us!
Should I enter the clouds to starboard?
That'll take us into the storm!
What was that?
Maybe it's a new Zeon weapon!
Don't worry! No matter what they use,
the Gundam will protect us!
Lieutenant! It's a new Federation weapon!
Don't panic!
They call this "lightning" here on Earth
I saw this before when I came to Earth.
Relax, Hamon.
Although it is rather scary
when seen from this close!
Find a place to land,
and we'll lose the enemy!
Yes, sir.
Open the infra-red sensor, please.
Begin laser sensor terrain scan.
There! Confirm heading and entry angle!
-Can you do it, Mirai?
-Yes, sir!
White Base speed, zero.
Right! Well done, Mirai.
Gundam! Guncannon! Guntank!
Stand by to launch!
Deploy our anti-aircraft batteries!
I don't believe it! You're still here?
Amuro, hey!
Wake up! We have to launch!
Wake up!
You're no good to anyone like this!
-Now get up!
-All right.
You don't have to hit me.
Come on, go past us
You're sure it's them?
Yes, sir.
The magnetic signature's off the charts!
Signal flare FW!
Lieutenant Ramba Ral!
Signal flare sighted at seven o'clock!
You're sure it isn't lightning?
-Yes, sir!
-Turn us around, now!
Enemy vessel closing in!
Open the main guns!
Gundam, Guncannon, stand by to launch!
Shoot blind if you have to!
Just fire the missiles!
The infamous Trojan Horse.
Start collecting data.
I prefer you like this,
ready to do battle.
Issuing orders from the safety
of a ship doesn't suit you.
My feelings exactly. Until later
And don't let my men hit on you!
Acous! Cozun! All set?
-Yes, Lieutenant!
-All set!
Acous! Cozun!
This is our first battle on Earth!
Even if the enemy mobile suits
come out, don't pursue them too far!
Hamon, we're going out!
I expect success.
Sorry! We can't stay
in this sector any longer!
Well done. Return to base.
We'll be joining you shortly.
May the tide of battle be in our favor!
What's going on?
Those Komusais are leaving.
We've got our chance!
Gundam! Guncannon! What's wrong?
Amuro's got new-recruit burn-out.
He's what? Send him out!
We need him to fight the Zakus!
Cure him with some action, huh?
Amuro! We're sending you out.
Amuro, you're launching! All set?
Amuro! Do you read?
You're on the catapult.
We're sending you out.
Sure thing, Sayla.
I can't hear you!
You're sending me out, right? Go ahead.
We don't have time for this!
Sayla, launch the Gundam!
Roger. Amuro, snap out of it!
What the
Ryu! Kai! Cover Amuro!
All right, I'm going! Lay off the gunfire!
Oh, no!
Acous! A cracker!
What's going on?
Damn it!
What the
Another one's come out!
Is that a mobile suit, too?
Hayato, hurry! Cover him!
I'm worried about Amuro!
I can do this! I can!
But what's that new mobile suit?
Amuro, don't get too close!
Remember that weapon--
You're pretty good.
This isn't a Zaku you're fighting, pal!
It's so much more powerful than a Zaku!
And the armor's different too!
Amuro, get up!
Acous! Cozun! Fall back!
We're returning to the ship!
They're in! Get them locked down now!
Tell the bridge to activate the blinders
and withdraw at once!
What the
They ran?
Or did they let us go?
We have lost a hero!
But does this mean we're finished?
No! This is only the beginning!
Zeon isn't even 1/30th
as well-equipped as the Earth Federation.
But despite the overwhelming odds,
we have yet to lose the war! Why is that?
My people!
-It is because justice is on our side!
-Damn that Gihren.
He's broadcasting this live
around the world.
-Amuro, you should see this.
-Yes, sir.
For 50 years,
the Earth Federation puppet masters
have insidiously tightened their control
over the space colonies.
How many times has the Federation
quashed our demands for freedom?
So long as we continue
to fight for equality and freedom,
God will never forsake us!
My younger brother, Garma Zabi,
who was beloved by you all, is dead! Why?
He was a naive idiot, that's why.
History demands that we,
the chosen nation, dominate this new age!
-I'll get that for you.
-we must straighten our shoulders,
-Okay with you?
-and for the sake
-Royal guard, right?
-of all mankind,
-Is it so obvious?
-commit ourselves to winning this war!
-I could sense it.
-The hardships of living in space
-You're one of Kycilia's men?
-have also served
to train our civilization for this day!
Well done, Commander.
Zeon Deikun said that the
rebirth of man would begin with us,
those who live in space!
-However, the cowardly moles in the
-Amuro, are you all right?
-I know I've been worrying you.
-Earth Federation presume
-I'm okay now.
-to rule over us!
-Hang in there.
-Over all mankind!
-And so they wage war upon us!
All of you have lost fathers and sons
to the Federation's senseless resistance!
Never let go of that sorrow and anger!
Garma gave his life for this!
He has shown us the way!
If we gather our anger
and direct it to the Federation Forces,
we will finally
have the victory we deserve!
We will win and our fallen comrades
will be able to rest in peace!
My people! Turn your grief into anger,
for it is time to make a stand!
We, the citizens of Zeon,
are the Chosen Ones! Never forget that!
We are the superior race,
and we shall save mankind!
Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-This is what we're fighting?
What's he talking about?
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
He's just trying
to establish a Zabi dictatorship!
A dictatorship
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg Zeon!