Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space (1982) Movie Script

Around the Earth float hundreds
of gigantic space colonies.
For 50 years, mankind has made
his home within their cylindrical walls.
Half of humanity now lives in space.
It is the year 0079
of the Universal Century.
The colonies of Side 3 declared themselves
the Principality of Zeon
and launched a war of independence
against the Earth Federation.
The first month
of fighting saw each side lose
half of their respective populations.
All of mankind was horrified
by the atrocities committed.
Amuro Ray, a young pilot on White Base,
the new Earth Federation Forces warship,
has grown into an experienced soldier
through battle after battle.
And as the war took a new turn,
White Base launched back into space.
But their bitter enemy,
Char Aznable, was close behind.
Minovsky particle dispersal
is at full combat density!
All hands,
prepare for ship-to-ship combat!
Confirm one ship in pursuit!
Char's coming!
Char, the Red Comet?
No doubt about it. It's definitely him.
How do you know?
I just
Sayla! Stand by in the Core Booster!
Yes, sir.
Ensign Mirai, accelerate
towards point E-300, as planned.
Yes, sir.
If we do that, it should look like
White Base is headed for Luna.
Do you think Sayla's a Newtype?
Do Newtypes have precognition as well?
Maybe not.
Mind if I tag along?
We're both Core Booster pilots, after all.
This is the Trojan Horse's
projected course.
It looks like it's headed for Luna.
The moon? They're going
after Lady Kycilia's Granada Base?
It's a trick. The Trojan Horse is a decoy.
Their main fleet is probably
launching from Jaburo as we speak.
Then we should change course!
Are you serious? If we turn our backs,
the Trojan Horse will attack us.
Do we have any ships nearby?
The Camel patrol fleet should be nearby.
Can we contact them?
Yes, sir. I've been tracing their course.
-Hail them.
-Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Dren!
It's Captain Char on the Zanzibar!
Oh, Captain, it's been too long.
You're looking well, Dren.
I need your help again.
If there's anything I can do, sir
We're after the Trojan Horse.
Your fleet's in position to cut them off.
You just can't be free
of that thing, can you?
-Level 1 battle stations!
-Understood, sir.
Can you catch up to them?
Who do you think you're talking to, Dren?
Sorry, sir.
Being back out in space suits you.
Is that flattery?
Change course! Minus 110!
All units, confirm catapult launch track!
Maintenance personnel, take shelter
at once! One minute to launch!
I expect great things
from you, Ensign Kai!
Sure! Leave it to me!
C-109, standing by to launch!
Amuro, Gundam, catapult stand by!
Amuro, moving out!
006! 005! Ready for launch!
Leave the Federation Forces, Artesia.
Sayla! Are you there? Answer me!
Think about it!
006, launch!
Sayla, 006, moving out!
Engine 2 is running a little rough.
I know what I'm doing.
Get back, you'll get caught in the stream.
-Yes, sir.
-Sleggar, moving out!
Sir, please get into a normal suit!
You fool, a commander
never gets into a normal suit first!
The last thing I need is to scare my men.
All units, full combat speed!
The Camel fleet will reach
the Trojan Horse in 30 seconds.
We're three minutes behind them.
Excellent. We'll close in
and support the Camel fleet.
She was in a Federation uniform.
Why? I thought she hated fighting
more than anyone
There's no way
she'd get on a battleship again.
Go to level 1 battle stations! Move it!
I'm not one to follow a lady's lead.
Let's give it a try!
Sleggar? Too soon, man!
At times like this,
haste will get you wasted!
They're splitting off
to the left and right!
Hayato! Sayla! Lieutenant Sleggar! Go low!
You have to focus, Kai!
White Base, do you read?
We're turning to give support.
-Mirai, evasive maneuvers!
-Yes, sir!
Hard to starboard!
Direct hit! The left-flank Musai!
Pull those two Rick Doms back!
They're blocking our fire!
The Camel and the Swamel
will cut the Trojan Horse off!
-The white one from the Trojan Horse--
-What? I didn't hear you!
They don't see the Gundam out there!
Who's in that Rick Dom?
Frasy, sir.
He says he doesn't see the Gundam.
Then where is it?
No, it has to be out there. But where?
Lieutenant Dren!
-What is it?
-Object approaching from twelve o'clock!
It looks like a mobile suit!
Heat sources, closing in fast!
-They're not headed for this ship, sir!
The Swamel?
The Gundam That white monster
-All enemy vessels destroyed, sir!
-What about that ship on our tail?
They'll be within effective firing range
in 30 seconds, sir!
What do you think, Mirai?
Once he sees how well we're fighting,
he won't try to attack.
Char's like that.
Yes. I agree.
Aft missiles lay down a cover barrage!
Mobile suits and Core Boosters
will fall in behind us in a Y-line.
Maintain course at full speed!
Get us out of this sector!
Good work.
Excellent as always, Amuro.
Hey, Mr. Newtype!
So, is the plan to go to Solomon?
Or maybe to Granada?
I don't know yet.
We'll head to Side 6 to buy us some time.
Side 6, sir?
It's to provide a decoy
for the next operation.
Side 6 is neutral,
so we can't fight there.
Unfortunately, we need to go
so they don't guess what our plans are.
If we do, they could surround us.
So we're more or less on leave
until the next operation.
No, you'll be practicing
in the Core Booster simulator, Lieutenant.
No way!
Is there a problem, Mirai?
No, of course not.
White Base, setting course for Side 6.
Very well, then.
Oh, right. You have a fianc.
Sorry about that.
No, it's
He may be my fianc,
but it was arranged by our parents.
Where is he?
I heard that he fled to Side 6
to avoid the war.
I'd rather not go, but orders are orders.
This is the sector
that once contained Side 1.
It is now the site of Solomon,
the Zeon Space Strike Fleet HQ.
Its commander, Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi,
wished to show his sister, Kycilia,
that Captain Char, whom she recruited
after Dozle discharged him,
was incompetent.
But since Dozle didn't know
why the main EFF fleet
was gathering at Luna II,
he could only afford
to dispatch the Conscon Fleet.
Meanwhile, White Base,
with Char still in pursuit,
has entered the airspace
of the neutral colonies of Side 6.
Welcome aboard.
I'm Cameron Bloom, Prosecutor of Side 6.
We've placed these seals
on White Base's missile ports,
cannons, and beam cannons.
If even one is broken--
I know. We have to pay a stiff fine.
To what extent can we resupply here?
I'm afraid you can't do that in Side 6.
We cannot allow
any war-related cooperation.
I'll show you to the bridge.
We're just in time for the docking.
White Base, now docking.
Stand by for mooring.
360-degree laser sensors, open!
Mirai, is it you?
Mirai, you're alive! Mirai
You're looking well too.
-Who's that?
-Maybe he's a relative.
Prosecutor Cameron, we're docking!
Please control yourself!
You too, Ensign Mirai.
Yes, Lieutenant. Forgive me.
I'm so happy! I'd given up all hope
of ever seeing you again.
It's all this war's fault.
If your father hadn't died,
maybe it wouldn't have happened.
You're right.
And I might not have emigrated to Side 7.
But why didn't you tell me
where you were, Mirai?
I was desperate for any news about you!
Yes! I had my men search everywhere
for you. I spared no expense!
I see.
Why didn't you look for me yourself?
I had just emigrated to Side 6, so
I suppose you would have done more
if this wasn't an arranged marriage.
That's not true, Mirai!
You've got me all wrong!
Come on, let's talk this over.
Won't you come with me?
Father will be so happy to see you.
You can't think so badly of me, Mirai!
I'd do anything for you!
Now, just wait a minute!
Excuse me.
I suggest you leave the ensign alone, pal.
Lieutenant Sleggar, it's all right!
-You're sure?
If she says so, Mr. Gentleman.
Here's your glasses.
Cameron, are you all right?
Yes. I may be trying too hard
to win you back. Right, Lieutenant?
You can say that.
Remember, we consider Ensign Mirai
to be White Base's mother.
Did you get your money exchanged,
Lieutenant Tamura?
I sure did.
We're moving!
The space colony's central block
maintains a state of zero gravity.
The elevator carries them
to the artificial land 3000 meters below,
where their sense of weight is restored.
Upon this land men have constructed
mountains, forests, and cities
in their attempt to recreate
the nostalgic landscape of Earth.
Wow, cool!
It'll be nice to have something different
for a change.
I hope they'll send us the rest
by tomorrow.
They should. I told them to hurry.
What's wrong, Amuro?
Go on without me!
Watch it!
Oh, Amuro.
How's the Gundam? Running well?
Yes, Dad.
Come with me.
What's the matter? Come in!
What is this place?
The junkyard's a great place
for gathering intel.
That's why I live here.
Install this
in the Gundam's memory system.
I invented this
after studying the Zeon mobile suits.
It's a piece of junk
Dad, are you suffering
from oxygen deprivation syndrome?
It's great! It'll increase
its combat ability by several orders!
Here, take it! And install it soon!
Sure. What about you, Dad?
I'm not done with my research.
I'll contact you later. Now get going!
Dad, I saw Mom back home
Dad. Don't you even
care about her anymore?
Of course, I care.
The war will be over soon.
We'll go back to Earth when it's over.
Go! You're a soldier now!
Welcome back.
They don't want us?
They're looking for an excuse
to get us deported.
The war's about to come to a head.
I can't blame the Side 6 government
for getting nervous.
Is this mine?
I don't trust your orderly
to do it right.
So they don't want us docking here?
Yes. The Zabi family has influence
with Side 6's administration.
Thanks again. Not going ashore?
Probably not.
You talked with Cameron?
He's so wrong.
He thinks the war isn't his concern.
I can't stand it.
I see.
But you shouldn't be so quick
to cut off ties with other people.
You really mean that?
I try to live my life as
cleverly as other people do
but I can be so clumsy.
I know.
Damn it! They should have
given us the weather schedule!
Poor thing
Poor thing
Pardon me. I don't mean to disturb you.
You seem attached to that bird.
Is there anyone who doesn't
admire beauty when they see it?
Why wouldn't I be sad
to see it grow old and die?
Are you saying you don't feel the same?
Oh, no.
That's not what I was asking.
The rain has stopped.
You have pretty eyes.
You think so?
Really? I'm so happy!
You're the Gundam's pilot!
Did the module I gave you last night work?
-Come on! The new part I gave you!
The Gundam runs a million times better
with it, right? Come on, tell me!
Yeah, well
Yes, of course it worked!
Excellent! Fantastic!
Now I can focus on my new inventions!
Yes, it works perfectly
Of course it does. I made it.
No one knows the Gundam as well as I do.
Goodbye, Dad
Are these mobile suits
worth more to you than human lives?
Let's go!
Get to White Base!
White Base?
Oh, great!
Sorry, kid. My driver's still new to this.
Did we get mud on you?
No, I'm fine. I was able to dodge it.
Sorry, I guess I was going too fast.
Not at all!
We'll have to tow it out with our car.
Lalah, open the trunk.
Yes, sir!
-Lend me a hand--
-I'm Amuro Ray.
Amuro Ray? Amuro
I feel like I know your name
from somewhere
Yeah, you know me. And I know you.
Her name's Lalah?
Please let me help.
Relax. I'm done.
I'm so sorry for the trouble.
What's your name?
Char Aznable.
As you can see, I'm a soldier.
Lalah, move the car forward slowly.
Yes, Captain.
That's Char. Char Aznable.
What's wrong? Stand back, Amuro.
I just met him.
How did I know he was Char?
And that girl, Lalah
How old are you?
Sixteen, sir!
You're too young for a soldier.
I know it makes you nervous
to be near an enemy officer,
but I was hoping you'd at least thank me.
Let me get that!
Thank you very much.
No problem. Too bad I wasn't
the only one who got dirty.
That's okay
Thank you very much!
I really appreciate it!
What's his problem?
He was scared.
He realized you're Char, the Red Comet.
Nothing we can do about it.
If they say we have to go into battle,
we have to leave Side 6.
But a fleet's waiting for us!
Prosecutor Cameron is here to see you.
He told me he would be coming. Let him in.
Yes, sir.
Cameron, do you object to us leaving?
The Conscon fleet is out there
waiting to attack you.
It's part of Vice Admiral Dozle's forces.
They may attack
while you're still inside Side 6 airspace.
At least let me escort you
while we're inside the perimeter.
I have my private launcher with me,
so I can act as your shield.
I'd appreciate it.
Cameron! What do you think you're doing?
How can you talk that way?
I don't want you interfering with this!
It's none of your business, right?
Mirai, if you won't get off this ship,
then I should at least--
This is exactly what I was talking about!
Mirai, that isn't fair!
You're just doing this
to prove you're useful to us!
-I would never be that petty!
This is my fault!
You weren't there
when I needed you the most!
I'm trying to make it up to you.
-I want you to understand how I feel.
-No, thanks.
Mirai, please,
I'm just trying to do whatever I can..
He's serious about you.
Can't you see that?
Only a fool in love would do this.
Even if we're in Side 6 airspace,
one stray missile could kill him!
And you! Why do you let her
bust your ass like that?
Well, I wouldn't have hit her!
Not if you meant what you said.
That's barbaric!
There we have it.
You just don't have it in you.
Right, Ensign?
We're past that.
Sorry, my bad.
If you haven't changed your mind,
will you still do it, Cameron?
-Any objections, Ensign?
As you wish, Captain.
Hey! Welcome back, Newtype!
-What happened?
-Nothing that concerns you.
I appreciate your help.
No problem. Goodbye.
A signal flare from Kayahawa?
The Trojan Horse
is leaving Side 6 airspace.
Confirm its position! Start all engines!
Don't go thinking you can
join your main fleet unharmed!
They're escaping
in the opposite direction at full speed!
We won't let them! Launch all Rick Doms!
Move it!
I don't care if we violate their airspace!
Either way, once they leave the area,
they'll have to fight us!
All hands, don't fire
until we're outside the perimeter.
Is that clear? Don't return fire!
You've got some nerves,
you skirt-wearing freaks!
This wasn't part of the deal!
I expect a big bonus for this!
Here they come!
Don't engage the enemy!
Cameron, we're almost at the perimeter.
If we don't go back
I know
Here they come!
Get the kids into normal suits.
Bright, those Zeon mobile suits--
I know. You've come far enough.
We'll try to break away
at full combat speed.
No, not until you're past the perimeter.
I'll escort you
as long as my ship can keep up.
Approaching Side 6 perimeter!
Full combat speed!
Are our mobile suits ready?
Gundam! 108! 109!
We're going to full combat speed.
Pull back! We're going to have to fight.
Cameron, thank you.
I understand your feelings, but
Thank you, Cameron. Please, turn back.
Send my regards to your father and mother.
I'm turning back!
Please! Take us near the bridge!
108! 109! Mega-particle cannons!
Open fire on the Musai behind us!
I know it isn't fair
since they can't attack yet.
They got the Kwamel?
Damn that Trojan Horse!
They're not supposed to attack from there!
To hell with this! Fire!
-It's started
-A TV ship!
This isn't a movie, folks!
You're watching a real battle, live!
Federation and Zeon ships,
fighting in a corner of space.
Never mind the White Base!
Show me the Gundam!
Show me how well it's fighting!
Yes, there we go
Damn it, Amuro! What are you doing?
Concentrate fire on that other Musai!
Have Hayato's 109 cover Amuro!
Damn, guess I'll be dying
in this metal coffin.
Hey, bridge!
Not going to launch the Core Boosters?
I've gotten used to this. I see that now.
Remember folks, this is a real battle!
It's happening right now,
just outside Side 6!
Can the lone Federation ship, White Base
Have they been treating you well
at the Flanagan Agency?
Yes. I'm their star pupil, after all.
I figured as much.
Take a good look.
Actual battle isn't anything
like the staged battles on movie sets.
This is what a real battlefield is like.
I know.
What must we do to avoid
getting caught in this war?
It is a question we must ponder as
They got that one!
Good, very good!
That's my Amuro! That's my Gundam!
The white mobile suit will win.
They aren't showing the Gundam.
I just know. That's why you took me in,
right? Because I know these things.
Very perceptive, Lalah.
I hate it when you talk like that.
You sound like the other adults.
Do I? I'll keep that in mind.
Hands off, pal!
Destroyed? All 12 Rick Doms, destroyed?
It hasn't even been three minutes!
That's right, sir.
One damaged warship took out 12 Rick Doms
That's impossible!
Gundam, closing in!
Shoot it down! Char is watching this!
No energy left in my rifle,
but I have to try and finish them!
See? I was right.
I know.
That's why I said you're perceptive.
The Gundam pilot's Newtype abilities
have begun to awaken.
At a level close to yours.
Perhaps higher.
Yes, sir.
They won!
It must have been the new module!
Take that, you damn Zeon!
The Gundam isn't going anywhere!
The Federation Forces are going to win!
Long live the Earth Federation Forces!
Enough Take us home.
Come through this alive, Mirai
It's highly likely the Federation Forces
will attempt a blitz on Solomon.
But don't worry, Dozle.
I assume
you'll be sending Newtypes into battle.
Of course, although we have
a few more tests to run.
We'll send what reinforcements we can
from Granada.
Use A Baoa Qu!
Transfer troops from A Baoa Qu
while there's still time!
You'll have them.
We're preparing to send them to you.
We've also sent you the Big-Zam.
Its strength is equal
to two or perhaps three divisions.
Battles are won by numbers, Gihren!
You should have a way to win
before you get so arrogant!
I know!
Our father, Degwin, was stubborn,
which slowed us down,
but the plan is now set.
I'm also sending out reinforcements.
Our enemies
may be spying on this conversation.
Just follow your written orders
from now on, Dozle.
-You too, Kycilia.
-And you as well.
Dozle, hold that base
and Zeon will be victorious.
Well, the Solar Ray
can always be used in other ways.
It won't be wasted.
I'm just a puppet. You know
Lord Gihren controls the Assembly.
Suppose an offer
for peace suddenly appeared.
Would that buy you some time?
Perhaps. I may be able
to sway the Assembly, but
Damn you, Gihren.
Your brother's dead,
and you think nothing of it.
You aren't normal.
I'll try to open a route for us
before we lose Solomon and Granada.
Wow! A wrecked colony!
Even its mirrors are broken!
108 and 109
will remain outside the colony.
-The Gundam will investigate the inside.
-Yes, sir!
How long before we rendezvous
with Wakkein's fleet?
Three hours, sir.
Texas Colony.
Originally built to raise farm animals
and for sight-seeing.
Abandoned due to the war,
its mirrors no longer function,
and it has now become
a barely inhabitable desert.
She has a 70% target accuracy rate.
Ensign Lalah is truly amazing.
I'm returning to the Zanzibar.
I still need to fine-tune my Gelgoog.
I need more time
to calibrate the psycommu system.
Lady Kycilia wants us to pick up the pace,
but it all depends on whether
we can get the Elmeth ready in time.
What was that?
What's wrong?
I felt you touching my mind, Captain.
Could you please not joke like that?
You're sure?
Yes, sir.
We spotted two unidentified fighters.
You should return to the Zanzibar too,
Dr. Flanagan.
Lalah, that feeling you had earlier
Was it the enemy drawing near?
It felt gentle, like when I sense you.
So no, I don't think it was.
Let's say you gain the power
to read the enemy's mind.
Would you still fight for us?
I want to protect you, Captain.
But I love your abilities, not you.
I don't care.
That's only because you're a man.
And that's why I keep
my integrity as a woman.
I hope you won't find it a nuisance.
You're strong, Lalah.
That's what I like about you.
Thank you, sir.
Don't mention it.
Well, Mulligan?
It's one ship, but it seems to have
parked at the opposite bay block.
Is my Gelgoog ready to sortie?
But, sir!
This recon will double as a field test.
-Just be ready to get out of here!
-Yes, sir!
I knew it! Something's going on here!
I know. I've memorized the data
on the Gelgoog.
Won't you wear a normal suit, sir?
My policy is to assume
I'll come back alive,
even when I'm piloting a mobile suit.
They've set up a minefield!
We may encounter enemy mobile suits.
If we do,
pull back to a safe spot to watch.
Yes, sir.
Did he get caught in the minefield?
This whole block's a minefield!
I'll have to fly
to the opposite bay block in one go.
A red mobile suit!
The Gundam!
This feeling I have
Like the one I felt before
The nuclear minefield will destroy it,
I'm sure of it.
He's jumping into the minefield!
Lalah, get down!
Who are you?
Who is it? Who's looking at me?
Get back to the Zanzibar now!
Yes, Captain.
The airflow's slowed,
but it's still dangerous.
I'll be back shortly.
He saw an explosion?
Yeah. Lieutenant Sleggar
saw it on the colony's hull.
No unusual activity since the explosion.
Take us in!
There might be more reinforcements!
All ahead, slowly.
No good. Where's Char?
Char? I doubt it.
Come on, move!
I doubt that dummy explosion
will fool that pilot.
Did you see that explosion in C-block?
No, I was concentrating
on the opposite bay block!
Kai! Hayato! Do you read?
Check out the other bay block.
Remember, there may be
an enemy ship in there.
We'll send a search party for the Gundam.
Fraw! Have Kimura, Roll, Omur,
Sayla, and Job stand by in buggies!
Yes, sir. Calling Hatch 3.
Main cannon! Mega-particle cannons!
Target the opposite bay block!
We don't know when the enemy might appear!
Mirai, keep the engines at critical.
Yes, sir.
Fraw, patch the buggies' comm circuits
into my station.
Yes, sir. Go ahead.
Continue monitoring messages
from Kai and Hayato.
Yes, sir.
Didn't I tell you to leave the EFF?
Now you're an officer.
What about you?
You left to avenge our father.
But now you're a Zeon soldier
fighting against the Federation.
Why? That makes no sense!
Who's she talking to? That voice
Jimba Ral, when he raised us,
told us how Sovereign Degwin Zabi
assassinated our father.
I know. He always talked about it.
It was Degwin
who caused our father's heart attack.
After taking control of the Principality,
Degwin named it after our father
so no one would suspect him of murder.
Degwin twisted Father's argument
for Spacenoid independence
into the idea
that they were a Newtype elite.
And that, as the space-born elite,
they didn't have to obey Earth.
But this war--
No, mankind was already evolving
before the war began.
Some people understand that,
and some people don't.
That's why Oldtypes will be destroyed.
But aren't Oldtypes the soil
from which Newtypes grow?
Some things are worth preserving.
I know that.
Artesia, listen to me.
I don't like how the EFF
is sending Newtypes to fight me.
They're getting in the way
of my revenge on the Zabi family!
Amuro would understand
Amuro? The Gundam pilot?
What are they talking about?
A pilot can't change the whole system!
His Newtype abilities
are just being used for war!
Casval, what are you trying to do?
I'm going to avenge our father.
You're lying! I know you're trying
to do this on your own,
but being a Newtype doesn't mean
you get to play god with everyone else!
I'm not that conceited.
I just want to let Newtypes
live as Newtypes.
Artesia, leave the Trojan Horse.
I'll send you the gold
to get you back to Earth.
Do you know why I wear this mask?
I'm not the brother you once knew!
I am Char Aznable!
A man who has abandoned his past!
Casval, I--
What's wrong, Bright? Is it Amuro?
No, it's nothing.
-The static's terrible.
Yeah I'm worried about Amuro.
-So am I.
-The Gundam's been found!
-The enemy ship is the Trojan Horse!
We used the Elmeth
to retrieve the Gelgoog.
-Lalah was in the Elmeth?
-Yes, sir.
They won't try anything
until they've recovered the Gundam.
Get us out of here!
Mirai, launch!
Exit through the bay the Zanzibar was in,
and watch for enemy fire!
Is that a mine?
All I know is that the letter
on the trunk was addressed to you.
Kai's under a gag order.
Do you know what this is about?
I do.
As captain, I have the right to read this,
but I'd rather you tell me yourself.
What's in the trunk,
and who wrote this letter?
There's gold in the trunk.
You're sure?
-And the author of this letter?
Char Aznable. The Red Comet.
That's impossible!
It is my sincere wish
that you do what I asked of you.
To his sweet, kind-hearted sister,
Artesia Som Deikun,
Casval Rem Deikun sends his love.
-Now don't move from here!
-Yes, sir.
What did Kycilia say from Granada?
She's sending reinforcements.
And what about Gihren's Solar Ray?
It looks like Sovereign Degwin's
having second thoughts about it.
Does Father want Solomon to fall?
Our fleet is currently standing by
at the third battle line opposite Solomon.
Beyond this point
there is no wreckage from Side 4.
Even if we are attacked from Solomon,
we will not open fire
until we reach the second battle line.
The fleet will assume
a line abreast formation.
Okay, White Base.
Show me how those amateurs
have grown since Luna II.
It's a light barrage! Don't fall back!
Just five more minutes!
Not yet! We can't die yet!
Not until we've fired our missiles!
La Coque! Take the comm!
-Yes, sir!
-I'll be right back!
Get the women to the escape capsule,
just in case.
Is the battle going that badly?
-I said hurry!
-Yes, sir!
Solomon won't fall.
But we should be prepared, just in case!
Now that I have her
For Mineva's sake, I can't lose.
Your voice is too loud.
Move it!
They're here!
Damn it! Not here! I won't die alone!
Who will live? Who will die?
No one knows,
not before the battle is over.
But one thing is certain
The flashes of light,
though dazzling to the eye,
mark the passing of men
as they are reduced to stardust.
-Are the mirrors ready?
-Just four more minutes, sir!
Solomon's going to notice us soon.
What? That's impossible!
Hidden in the wreckage of Side 1?
Tianem's main fleet!
Send the Gwaran and a few Musais
to the main enemy fleet!
Shall we ask the 7th Division
for reinforcements?
Ask Kycilia?
If I do that,
I'll be the laughing stock of Zeon!
Solar System, target Solomon's right wing.
The space gate!
-Ten seconds to alignment.
-Activate mirrors!
-Counterattack units closing in!
-Forget them! Hurry up and aim!
Three Two We have a lock!
Solomon! It's burning! What's--
Is that the power of the EFF's new weapon?
What's happening?
Space gate 6 is gone!
They have a new weapon!
What is it?
Nothing on radar!
No sign of energy particles!
Is it a laser? Where's the source?
The enemy's main fleet!
-Didn't we send the Gwaran fleet that way?
-Yes, sir!
109, recovered!
Damage level: B! Pilot is wounded!
Our battle strength is down by 11%
since 109 pulled back!
-Oh, it's nothing serious.
He needs a second blood bag
once this one's empty. Got it?
-They're coming! The Doms--
-Fraw Bow
-Just be quiet.
You fought well. Get some rest now.
And the others?
-They're fine. Still in the fight.
-I see
I hate this.
Why did it have to be me?
I'm not as good as Kai or Sayla.
I'm pathetic!
What are you saying, Hayato?
You did a great job.
Stop it! I don't want you
to make me feel better!
All I've wanted,
ever since I came onto White Base,
was to somehow
be better than Amuro. And now
I'm pathetic!
Amuro's different.
He's not like the rest of us.
What? Solomon's requesting reinforcements?
Yes, sir! I can't make out
the details from the coded signal,
but Lady Kycilia
wants us to go to Solomon.
I doubt we'll make it, but
Yes, sir.
Maximum combat speed!
Destination, Solomon!
Is Zenna here?
Dear, aren't you coming?
Don't be ridiculous!
Solomon isn't going to fall!
-Just get to my sister in Granada.
But you won't come?
It's okay. Don't worry.
Bring Mineva up to be a strong girl.
I'm a soldier.
A soldier who will build
the Zabi family's legacy.
I won't die.
Go, Zenna! Take Mineva and go!
Great! I really made a mistake.
Sleggar in 005 is returning to the ship!
He's been hit in the portside engine!
Hatch 4, prep to receive!
Sleggar, do you read? Please respond!
I read you. I'll bring her in on deck 3.
-What is it, Ensign?
-Nothing, sir.
Our starboard missile barrage
is too light! Pour it on!
Fraw Bow! Get Chief Vammas
up here from the sub-bridge!
Ensign Mirai.
I know private conversations
are forbidden during battle, but
You're being very distant, Mirai.
I can protect you too, you know.
I know how you feel about him,
but I'm prepared to wait.
Yes, sir?
Ensign Mirai's feeling a little sick.
Can you take over for the time being?
Yes, sir! You can count on me.
A-A guns, incoming to port! Do you see it?
Hurry up!
Let's try to do this in ten minutes!
Where's Lieutenant Sleggar?
He was headed
for the starboard ready room.
I see. Thanks.
Lieutenant, you aren't hurt.
What are you doing here, Ensign?
Thank God
Let's stop it right here, Ensign.
It won't work.
Lieutenant Sleggar! Prepare to launch!
I've got to go.
See you.
Come back to me safely.
Ensign Mirai
People go through a lot of things
when they're young.
Maybe you shouldn't
take these feelings you have seriously.
What do you mean?
Never mind. Forget it.
I'm not the sort of man
who can accept what you have to give.
You're a star
that shines too bright for me
We live in different worlds.
This isn't much.
It's a keepsake from my mom.
I don't want it to be lost in space.
Would you take care of it for me?
Take care of that ring, Ensign!
Kycilia Zabi's Mobile Assault Force HQ.
The reinforcements were launching,
though it was clear
they were far too late.
The beams!
What the
Our remaining ships
are charging the main enemy fleet!
-What's the Big-Zam's target?
Aim for the command ships in the rear!
Ignore the cannon fodder!
-Salamis ahead!
-Forget it!
Fire the forward beam cannon!
A huge, two-legged mobile suit!
The beams are bouncing off it!
The 005!
Not bad, Lieutenant Sleggar.
Have the Big-Zam attack the main fleet!
But before that,
launch the flare to signal the evacuation!
Yes, sir! But--
Our forces are too scattered.
I don't like it,
but we have to abandon Solomon.
Transfer control over to my station
and save yourselves!
-Don't throw your lives away!
We still have Doms and Zakus.
They can tow you out of the battle zone!
Yes, sir.
Right! Fire the signal flare!
I'm taking control of the Big-Zam!
To think Solomon would fall so easily
The Gundam!
Man, I could never do that.
Don't underestimate the Big-Zam!
It's impervious
to long-range beam bombardment!
I'll take as many of you
as I can to hell with me!
It's unstoppable!
See? Once we mass-produce the Big-Zam,
the EFF won't stand a chance!
Man, we can't just sit here
and let him do that.
Hey, Gundam-boy! Cover me, will you?
So we have to attack it directly
because of that beam barrier?
It sucks, but this is war, after all.
From below? Air defenses, fire!
You won't beat me!
Damn you!
The Gundam!
Damn you!
The Big-Zam won't be beaten
by just one mobile suit!
I won't be beaten!
A single mobile suit
cannot defeat the glory of Zeon!
As long as I live, you won't beat Zeon!
Who is that?
What is it?
Solomon has fallen?
Yes, sir.
We should be thankful we managed
to save Lady Zenna and Mineva.
If only it had held a little longer
Yes, sir. We'd better reinforce
A Baoa Qu and Granada.
Yes, quite right.
Everyone has to die eventually.
The Principality of Zeon consists of
approximately 40 closed-cylinder colonies.
Its population numbers 150 million,
and it is the Side
least damaged by the war.
We may not have been able to save Solomon,
but we have been exploring other options.
Kycilia's Newtype Corps is already
planning to attack Solomon as a test.
You speak lightly of the Newtype Corps.
They're convenient.
You talk of how the Principality was vital
to the realization of Zeon's ideas.
It's the same thing.
No, it isn't.
The Earth Federation
recognized the Principality of Zeon
as the first autonomous Spacenoid nation!
Deikun's methods could only
affect changes at the civilian level.
The term "Newtype Corps"
will help boost morale.
Is that so? You decrease morale
by displacing millions of citizens,
all so you can use your Solar Ray.
It shows me
that you are an incompetent soldier!
You dare say that to me?
-Look at this.
-I've had enough of your strategies.
Luna and A Baoa Qu are
the Principality's last line of defense.
Against them, the Federation Forces
can take three routes.
If they break through here,
the Principality will be left naked.
Before that happens,
we'll fire the Solar Ray
from inside Zeon airspace
and destroy the Federation fleet.
We can repurpose a closed-cylinder colony
for the foundation of the Solar Ray,
saving us a great deal of time and expense
while guaranteeing maximum results.
This will authorize the project.
Which you've already begun.
It should be easy enough to destroy
the Federation with a laser 6km-wide.
Yes, sir.
And when we win, then what?
We'll finally solve
the overpopulation problem.
To maintain balance, only the truly worthy
should be allowed to live.
To ensure mankind's eternal existence,
the Earth Sphere must be cleansed.
Far easier to control a small number
of people, don't you think?
Have you ever heard
of a man named Adolf Hitler?
As I recall, he lived in the Middle Era.
He was a dictator. A man who
couldn't see where the world was headed.
You're following in his footsteps.
I was a part
of Zeon Deikun's revolution, too.
If the population continues to grow,
we will breed weakness.
And weakness will lead to extinction.
What has the Federation's
absolute democracy given us?
A corrupt bureaucracy
that is out of control.
A growing mass of humanity
which gobbles up resources.
Federation weakness
created this cannibalistic war.
The human race has exceeded its limits.
I'll command from A Baoa Qu.
I'll show you we can win.
After that, we can await
the coming of the true Newtypes.
See how the man who follows
in Hitler's footsteps can fight!
He's full of rationalizations.
God only knows what Kycilia's planning
Hitler's followers tried to kill him.
At ease!
Welcome to Confeito, sir!
-How does it feel to be using Solomon?
We're not sure.
It's just propaganda, designed to mask
how exhausted they've become.
But the Gundam and White Base
have accomplished incredible things.
They probably don't see it that way.
Newtypes are supposedly
people who can live without war.
Not people with psychic powers.
Bring me some aspirin.
I wonder what's wrong?
It doesn't seem like a cold.
I hope not.
We're about to begin Operation Star One.
What is it?
You don't see anything out there?
How do you expect us to?
The new power lines aren't ready yet!
Hey, what happened?
Area 38! Do you hear me?
What's that? An explosion?
Marker, where's the enemy?
I don't see any!
Minovsky particle density
is too high for me to track any.
All hands, get to AA stations!
Launch the Core Booster
and all mobile suits!
What is this?
Ensign, are you sick?
No, just a strange feeling.
Something's strange around Confeito.
It does feel like
someone's out for our blood.
All hands! Go to emergency
level 1 battle stations!
I thought we were only on half-watch.
Who's calling to me?
What is this?
Can't they cut us some slack?
-Ensign Sayla!
-Yes, sir?
I trust you, but leave your
personal feelings out of the battle.
My desire
to protect White Base is real, sir.
By the way, can you feel it?
This oppressiveness?
No, nothing.
But Mirai was just saying the same thing
006, moving out!
Something wrong, Bright?
Nothing. It's just that
Something's bothering Sayla.
-Do you still feel it?
I don't blame him.
I know the Red Comet, after all.
How many ships has it taken out?
The magnetic coating increased
the mobility of the Gundam, but
They're calling me!
What am I seeing?
Those lights there
They're from Lalah's attacks. Incredible!
-What is it?
My head hurts.
Level 9.4? That must be rough.
I can still do it!
We're pulling out!
It's gone.
-Sorry for the bother.
-That's all right.
What do you want at a time like this?
I want to clear up the misunderstanding.
You're angry with me, right?
For not telling you about Char.
Well, yes.
Char is my older brother.
Brother? Your brother?
But how?
It's complicated.
Are you leaving the ship?
No. I don't think I can do that now.
I've grown attached to White Base.
And when I think about my brother
trying to accomplish the impossible
-I wish I were dead!
He's become a monster!
Saying he believes in Father's ideals,
even as he twists them
He's not the Casval I knew.
A monster
Is Casval his real name?
Yes. Casval Deikun.
My real name is Artesia Deikun.
That means you're Zeon's
Yes, we're his children!
But that has nothing to do with us now!
Pursued by the Zabi family,
unable to live on Earth
Here. This is the gold my brother gave me.
I want to give it
to everyone on White Base.
Are you sure about this?
I'd feel better this way.
It may sound like a selfish excuse, but
You've chosen a difficult path.
I agree.
Lady Kycilia! Captain Char has arrived!
Show him in.
Captain Char Aznable
and Ensign Lalah Sune, reporting!
My forces are deploying along
the A Baoa Qu and Granada lines.
Captain, I want you to take
command of my assault forces.
Yes, ma'am.
Ensign Lalah Sune.
Yes, ma'am.
Your test at Solomon was a success.
I'll be depending on your help.
Yes, ma'am. The military saved me.
I'll do all I can to help.
Captain, please come to my room later on.
Yes, ma'am!
Sovereign Degwin Zabi,
not waiting for Prime Minister Darcia's
peace plans to materialize,
decided to contact
the Federation Forces himself.
He is now desperate
to stop Gihren's plans.
You're old, Father.
And you're also far too late.
A message from technical advisor
Captain Asakura, sir.
Right. Put him through.
The Solar Ray is now operational.
It will achieve
maximum power in two hours.
As the polarizing mirror
was created only for tests,
we'll only be able to fire it once.
Are its capabilities as we predicted?
Yes, sir. Definitely.
We'll soon be engaging the left wing
of the Federation's advancing fleet.
Yes, ma'am.
As it appears they're ignoring Granada
and headed for A Baoa Qu,
my fleet can't avoid engaging them.
Gihren must see
that we're making an effort to fight.
Yes, ma'am.
-What's wrong? Have a seat.
-Yes, ma'am.
As I thought. You do resemble your father.
I never noticed.
But after all, Char Aznable
is so different from Casval Deikun.
Ever since Admiral Dozle demoted me
and I came to be under your command,
I knew this day would come.
I was afraid. Even now,
I can't keep my hands from shaking.
I feel the same.
Although, when I found out
who you really were, I laughed.
You laughed?
Yes. I used to play with you
when you were four years old.
Did you forget?
It was so unlike the Red Comet
to have allowed Garma to die.
And when the Flanagan Agency
was first contacted by
the great tactician, Char, it was
natural to think it was a bit strange.
When I realized that that deceitful
officer was little Casval,
I was more amused than upset.
Thank you, Lady Kycilia.
Since I've given you command
of my Newtype Corps, you must be truthful.
If you've abandoned destroying
the Zabi family and aren't Casval now,
what are your intentions as Char Aznable?
What happened with Garma It felt empty.
To put it your way,
I gained no satisfaction from revenge.
It left me feeling empty.
It seemed funny. I laughed at myself.
Similar to my own father.
If, as my father said,
there is to be a reformation
for man into a Newtype Age,
I want to see it.
That's what I'm after.
I hold no love for Gihren.
Just remember that.
For the new era!
Politics can be complicated at times.
Man, they've rolled out
another new weapon?
How does Zeon do it?
Was this specially made for Newtypes?
When the Woodward fleet
contacted it three hours ago,
they also picked up that "la-la" sound.
So, this tulip-looking,
tricorne hat thing was broadcasting it?
You think it's Char in this?
That's not the problem.
How do we beat something that
destroys you before you can detect it?
How do we destroy this Tricorne Hat?
Are you serious? What are we supposed
to do, look for a manual?
Zeon is ten years ahead of the Federation!
We have to make the best
of what we have and try to survive.
Can't I just go home
and be nice to my parents?
That's fine,
assuming all you're after is survival.
That's not what I meant!
I just don't feel like falling on my sword
for a bunch of
useless Federation officers.
You have a point, Kai.
But our real enemy is the Zabi family.
And after they're gone,
do we fight the Federation, too?
Right, Sayla?
I never had a head for politics.
All I really understand
is fighting for your freedom.
Pretty vague reason
for a brainy person like you, Sayla.
What's wrong with it being vague?
What do you mean, Newtype?
Well, no one really understands
what Zeon Deikun meant
when he talked about
the coming reformation of man.
But humans have the ability
to adapt to new environments.
And there are always those
who reject what surpasses themselves.
That's what we have to fight for!
We'll start by running
right at the enemy fleet.
I think we should take out about half.
Then, under your command,
we'll attack their mobile suits.
Yes, Captain.
-From here on, I take orders from you.
Yes. You're far better than I am.
Captain, no, you're--
You've shown me more than
I could ever teach you.
Believe in yourself.
Yes, sir.
From now on, wear a normal
suit when you go into battle.
Only because you asked me to.
Thank you.
Mobile suit teams launched!
Attack formation assumed,
with Char's Zanzibar in the lead!
The Gwazine will hold here.
Thirty seconds after
Captain Char launches,
give him another 30 seconds
of covering fire!
We're not going to lose our ship, are we?
Right ten degrees at one o'clock!
Four ships approaching at nine o'clock!
Open fire!
Don't stop!
Both sides lost two ships each!
They'll send in the suits next!
Prep A-A defenses!
Mobile suits approaching in teams
of five and six! Total number unknown!
There? No. I see!
Below me!
The Tricorne Hat!
I see it!
Other parts of the Tricorne Hat?
I see them!
This isn't working!
Find the control lines
Got them!
You monster!
You're too powerful.
-If I don't defeat you, Char will die!
-Char? But
You came to me too late!
Too late?
Why? Why did you have to show up now?
Why do you fight like this? Why?
You have no one! Nothing to fight for!
What do you mean?
I can see it.
You have no home, no family!
No one you love!
So? What difference does that make?
Is it wrong to fight
when you have nothing to fight for?
It isn't natural.
Then why do you fight?
I fight for the one who saved me.
Is that all?
It's a truth that people live for!
But how do you explain us?
Why have we met?
Why? Why did I meet you now,
after it's too late?
If it's fate, it's a horrible one. Cruel.
Nothing can come
of our meeting with each other.
But this is happening!
You have to accept it!
And if I do accept it?
Nothing can come
of our meeting with each other.
Amuro! No
In joining, we now understand each other.
Why did I have to meet you like this?
When you came to me, it was too late.
And for me, it was too soon.
It's always this way for people
Lalah! Stop playing around with him!
The Gundam and a red mobile suit!
Casval, get out of here!
Captain, no!
Char, prepare to die!
People are changing.
They are becoming like us.
Yes. You're right, Lalah.
Do you really believe that, Amuro?
I do. Because you and I
were able to understand each other.
Perhaps, someday,
people may even control time itself.
Oh, Amuro. I can see time!
I've done something
I can never make right
I've killed Lalah
I can't beat the Gundam.
Not like this. Not now.
Lalah, show me the way.
The advance force
was practically wiped out. Terrible.
Yes, ma'am.
And you failed
to destroy the Trojan Horse?
Perhaps I overestimated you.
Lady Kycilia, special orders from
Supreme Commander Gihren at A Baoa Qu.
As the Federation Forces continue
to advance on A Baoa Qu,
all Zeon ships are to evacuate
the Solar Ray's firing path!
Mission time is 21:05.
He's firing the Solar Ray
in 30 minutes? It's too soon!
Damn you, Gihren. What are you up to?
Captain, at this rate,
we'll never rendezvous
with the main fleet in time.
Mirai, can the Salamis
to our rear keep up with us?
Impossible. Let's go on ahead.
You think that's wise?
It'll be fine. Zeon soldiers
have cleared out of this sector.
And there are no more
Newtypes to match Amuro.
Why do you say that?
I don't know. Either way,
White Base will be a little late.
Meanwhile, the Federation main fleet,
under the command of General Revil,
was gathering at the third battle line
leading to A Baoa Qu.
It was at this moment
that he revealed their target:
They would go through
A Baoa Qu and pour into Zeon.
General. The Great Degwin
is here to discuss peace terms.
-Sovereign Degwin?
-Yes, sir.
I see.
Things are tough for Zeon as well.
But at that moment
This is Gihren at A Baoa Qu.
I will now give you the
Solar Ray's final target data.
Revil's main fleet has been
split into three groups,
which are attacking as they advance.
If we target the Solar Ray
along the Gel Dorva firing path,
we can take out half their fleet.
-Solar Ray, stand by!
-Roger, sir!
Solar Ray, stand by!
Generator systems, nominal!
Microwave transmitters, nominal!
Output at 85 million gigawatts per second!
Firing angle adjustment,
Down 012. Right 0032.
Primary target, Gel Dorva!
Attention Musai at generator panel 825!
Clear out! Your shadow's
lowering our output!
Solar Ray will fire in five seconds.
Seven Six Five
No! Keep us back!
A whirlpool of light and people
They're melting!
That light is pure hatred!
-Amuro, what's wrong?
We can't let the light shine!
It looks like Sovereign Degwin.
Now Gihren is--
Sovereign Degwin!
What's that light?
It's coming from
General Revil's main fleet!
They can't all be gone!
What happened?
The Solar Ray's been fired
along the Gel Dorva line!
-Did you hear it?
Hey! Was there anything
on the laser sensor?
Yeah, I heard it. Did you?
What are you doing?
We're at level 2 battle stations!
Stop chatting with each other!
The Great Degwin's IFF code
was tracked on the Gel Dorva line.
-I'm afraid
-The Great Degwin?
Yes. And we were tracking it in
the same vicinity as the enemy fleet.
Was there a report
of it going into battle?
No, ma'am.
I see. Maintain surveillance
on their remaining forces.
Yes, ma'am.
The Great Degwin
That's odd.
We have eight ships here.
All badly damaged.
-Fraw Bow!
-Yes, sir!
What does the Luzal say?
To stand by while the fleet
gathers around White Base.
No, anything besides that?
No. Everyone's really confused.
Attention, all hands on White Base!
Stand by at level 2 battle stations!
Can you make out anything?
They say it's like
they used a Solar System.
A Solar System?
The thing we used at Solomon.
Although the power
level's totally different.
White Base! Security code Beta Trois!
My brave and loyal Zeon soldiers!
Half of the Earth Federation Forces' fleet
has been blasted
to stardust by our Solar Ray!
Its light was the light
of Zeon's righteousness!
No matter how much power the
Federation Forces may still have
after this fatal blow, they are
nothing but a few pathetic remnants!
I say now that so weak a force
could not possibly
defeat us here at A Baoa Qu!
Humanity, under the care
and guidance of us, Zeon,
the chosen superior nation,
will at last gain immortality!
If this war drags on,
all mankind may be destroyed!
We must make the incompetent
minions of the Federation pay!
We Zeon must arise, for the
sake of all our tomorrows!
Battalions two and four
will advance from point N.
With the Luzal acting as the flagship,
we will advance from point S.
It's obvious we're undermanned, aren't we?
If only we could use the Solar System too.
I think we're safe.
I know our objective at A Baoa Qu
has the heaviest firepower,
but it's also the most fragile position.
The operation will work.
-Newtype intuition?
-Yes, sir.
Ready to synchronize!
The operation has begun!
Right! All hands,
go to level 1 battle stations!
In ten minutes,
we'll break through the F line!
Fraw Bow!
No matter what happens,
never give up hope!
It'd be a shame to die at this point.
Thanks, Amuro! I won't give up!
That's my Fraw! See you later!
-And don't you do anything crazy!
You okay?
Yes. I'll be down in a few.
-You're sure you're all right?
-Sorry I made you worry.
We're going to stay in E block!
Good luck, everyone!
-Where's Hayato?
-Fraw's got him.
Fine by me.
That's a dirty laugh.
-Nothing wrong with it.
-Perhaps, but
-Bye-bye! Good luck!
-We believe in you!
Amuro, was what you said before true?
No. If Newtypes could see the future,
we wouldn't have such a hard time.
If we hadn't asked Amuro to say that,
everyone might have deserted.
They're scared.
Damn right they are.
Hard as they try, people can't be gods.
The enemy's spreading
a beam interference field towards us--
Respond with missiles.
Hold the mobile suit units in reserve.
The carrier Dolos is on schedule.
Hold off for a bit.
Reroute half of S field's
ships to N field.
Damned Federation. They're doing well
even with their main fleet gone.
Gwazine entering from E field!
I think it's Lady Kycilia.
Good! Reroute it to N field!
Yes, sir!
Strange. What is she up to?
The number of ships fighting
isn't the number she has.
Looks like they've sent out all
the new Gelgoog suits we have.
None left for me, I suppose.
Why don't you try the Zeong?
Although it is only 80% finished.
It has a psycommu system,
similar to the Elmeth's.
You should be able to use it.
Yes, ma'am.
I want you to make up
for our losing the Elmeth.
Yes, ma'am.
It's 80% finished?
Launch all mobile suit teams!
Magellan-class, destroyed!
Enemy has launched mobile suit forces!
That's it, Dolos! Do your worst!
Supreme Commander!
Lady Kycilia has returned.
You're late.
Forgive me, sir.
I heard the Elmeth was destroyed.
Yes, sir.
It couldn't handle a single Gundam?
We're going to use the Zeong.
That unfinished prototype?
Unless we use someone
who we think is a Newtype,
we won't beat the Gundam!
Char, again?
Dolos moving in!
Don't be so persistent.
And where is the Great Degwin?
At Zum City?
Destroyed. It went out too far ahead.
Did Sovereign Degwin
transfer command to someone else?
Not very subtle, Kycilia.
Do you think Father would hand
over the Great Degwin to anyone?
No, I don't.
Well, there's your answer.
Damn you, Federation bastard!
Our forces are unstoppable!
It's 80% complete?
You've got to be kidding!
In its current state,
the Zeong can fight at 100%!
It doesn't have any legs.
They're just for show, anyway.
The brass will never understand that.
I understand your explanation
of how it works, but
A psycommu? Think I can handle it?
Your Newtype abilities are unknown, sir.
I can't make any guarantees.
-You speak your mind. Better watch that.
-Sorry, sir.
For what it's worth,
I think you'll do fine.
Thanks. I believe you.
Ah, the Dolos. It's doing well.
Then again, the Federation
doesn't have enough to beat us here.
A new fleet? Federation Forces?
-Are you certain?
They're in the N field.
Running analysis now.
The Federation are doing quite well.
You think so?
It's just the last desperate struggle
of the surviving fleet.
Of course.
What's the status of Captain Char's Zeong?
-How is the Zeong?
-About to move out!
-We've spotted a new fleet above S field.
Use the 34th mobile suit team
and take it out!
Yes, ma'am! We'll take out
the enemy approaching from S field!
The Federation shouldn't have
any more forces in reserve.
Even S field should hold
against this level of force.
Yes, Supreme Commander.
You patricidal monster!
Now, then
The question is whether
I can do as well as Lalah.
Go to hell!
Up two degrees! Evasive action!
Yes, sir!
Excellent! But where is he?
There! Mobile suits!
That big one Char?
From behind? What's that?
It seems like a stronger
Newtype than Char. But
I can't focus on Char!
My real enemy is in there!
It seems the Dolos forces
can hold N field by themselves.
Father was on board the Great Degwin.
And he was with the Federation fleet. Why?
What choice did I have?
It's too late for peace negotiations.
Is that your excuse for killing him,
Supreme Commander?
Stop fooling around.
You're not usually this naive, my brother.
That's Commander Gihren!
Even the Supreme Commander
cannot get away with killing his father!
Anyone who objects may file charges
after this battle is over!
Record it that Commander Gihren
died gloriously in battle!
Lady Kycilia, your orders?
Twanning, thank you.
As of now, I am assuming
command of A Baoa Qu!
Dispatch mobile suit units to N field!
What's the situation in S field?
Yes, ma'am!
10 of the 25 ships have been destroyed!
The rest are holding on in S field!
Send Char's Zeong out in front!
Concentrate mobile suit forces in S field!
Let's go!
Who's next?
These new models are good!
I wonder what's wrong, Mirai.
About an hour ago,
their defenses weakened.
You're right. Something strange happened.
We're not doing well,
but then neither are they.
So it seems.
This is pathetic! I lost the Gundam!
Damn it! Where is it?
Their mobile suits
are breaking through in N field as well.
I'm getting worried.
Char's Zeong?
The enemy units are keeping
him away from the Gundam!
He's still not used to the Zeong!
All right! They've broken through!
He's found me!
I see you! I see you, my enemy!
Why are our Gelgoogs and Doms
maneuvering so poorly, Twanning?
Many of them
have pilot trainees at the controls.
But they have been fully trained, ma'am.
I believe you, but the question
is how effective are they?
-They seem too weak.
-I'm sorry.
But they're all very patriotic, so
We're in this mess
because Gihren didn't believe in Newtypes.
His arrogance blinded him.
We'll destroy the enemy one by one
inside of A Baoa Qu!
There aren't that many left!
Why do you have to come at me?
Fire! Mother!
Got you!
He dodged it?
Intensify starboard firepower!
GM squadron appears
to have broken through!
-One more battalion and they'll all be in!
Fraw Bow! Where are our Guncannons?
Intact! They've broken
through to S point's main gate!
I can't let Kai do all the work!
Bastards! We were here first!
Real stupid. Times like this
make me glad I'm a natural coward!
From this close you can't use
that four-way attack, Char!
-Why did you drag her into this?
Lalah should never
have been sent out to fight!
Come on! Don't die on me!
Leave the rest to the mobile suit teams!
That Gundam pilot, Amuro
How do I beat a Newtype like him?
Tell me, Lalah. Tell me what to do!
Portside engine, emergency shutdown!
-Eject engine pod, Mirai!
-Yes, sir!
-Moving in for landing.
-It's all yours.
All hands prepare
for close combat on the ground!
Yes, sir!
I've lost helm control!
Both of White Base's engines are out!
What about everyone on board?
It isn't safe here!
Take the kids and get out!
Yes, sir!
-Arm yourself!
-Yes, sir!
Wrong spot!
Damn you, Char!
I'm not dead yet!
He just took out my main camera!
Zeong, destroyed! Cancel IFF code!
No response from N field!
The Red Comet has fallen as well?
-S Field, no response! What? Missiles?
-W field, block 24.
-Send us some ammo!
-Snakel! Snakel!
But, if the Gundam pilot has developed
unusual Newtype abilities,
then it was unavoidable. Don't you agree?
Yes, Excellency.
You're to surrender this position
15 minutes after I escape.
We still have our forces
at Granada and in the Principality!
But escape at this point
will be difficult at best
As long as I live, Zeon will not vanish.
And what happens to me after we surrender?
You'll be taken home
when we exchange POWs.
-Now prepare my ship.
-At once!
They're like ants! Everywhere!
Enemy ground troops are coming out!
All hands, hold them off
with bazooka rifles!
Even Char has to understand
who we should really be fighting!
He's here.
Straight ahead leads into the heart
of A Baoa Qu! I can do this!
Lalah may have been the one
who gave you all your power.
You should be grateful.
You're the one
who dragged her into this war!
If you're saying that's unforgivable,
you're wrong, Amuro.
If not for this war, Lalah's Newtype
abilities never would have awakened.
That's an excuse!
No, just the correct point of view.
Any closer and I'll shoot!
You don't understand
just how dangerous you really are.
You've shown all too clearly
what a true Newtype is.
And what's wrong with that?
People should accept their limits.
That's why I must kill you!
That idiot!
How am I supposed to fight by myself?
Guess it's hand-to-hand now.
The others
We're not going out to die!
Send some escort units!
-This is taking too long.
-I'm sorry--
Just hurry!
And don't let any other soldiers know!
The company commander in block 24 is
-The ground war's begun?
-That way
Because you're their greatest fighter!
But our real enemy
is the Zabi family, right?
Not to me!
Do you understand why
I've lured you in here?
Because you thought that,
even though I'm a Newtype,
I can't use my body any
better than a normal person!
Even Newtypes need training
to use their bodies well!
Another excuse?
Stop it, Amuro! Stop it, Casval!
You're the last two people
who should be fighting!
Stop it, please! You mustn't fight!
Just now, Lalah said it!
"Newtypes aren't tools
for killing each other!"
People only use Newtypes
as tools for killing each other!
Lalah was doomed to die.
And you call yourself a Newtype?
You have to stop!
Amuro! Are you okay?
Casval, stop it!
You have no reason to hate him!
He killed Lalah.
You're both responsible!
Then join me!
Lalah would want it that way!
-Are you insane?
I can't just leave you running wild!
Casval, your forehead's hurt.
If it weren't for my helmet,
I'd have died instantly.
I was helping Lady Kycilia escape
I tried to protect her, but
Captain, would you
Don't worry.
I'll take care of Lady Kycilia for you.
Thank you, sir
The air here's getting thin.
You'd better escape, Artesia.
What are you going to do?
"Grab the opportunities that life
hands to you." That's my motto.
You're an adult now.
It's time to stop playing war.
Survive and become a fine woman.
Amuro's calling you.
Where's Lady Kycilia?
She should be leaving port!
Salamis approaching from above!
Emergency launch, full combat speed!
Anyone who isn't sitting,
get down on the floor!
Ten Nine
An offering to you, dear Garma.
I hope you'll get along
well with your sister.
No good
I can't get back to the others.
Even if I could
Even if I survive, my brother is
Damn it. Is this the end?
There's still a chance!
But what about everyone on White Base?
And Sayla!
Maybe I should go to where Lalah is.
Newtypes shouldn't kill each other, right?
Right. What should I do?
You and I can enjoy ourselves anytime.
I see them, Lalah
See? You can see.
Sayla! Get up! Please get up!
Amuro? Is that you?
But I don't know where I am!
Straight this way?
Right. Go straight for 500 meters,
then turn left 90 degrees.
500 meters
-Seal Hatch 16!
-Yes, sir!
If I don't give the order to abandon ship,
everyone will die?
Seal the hatch! We don't have
any more friendlies there!
Yes, ma'am!
Right, I'll get the launches ready to go.
Dear, sweet, Fraw.
When the gunfire lets up, run.
Amuro? But where are you?
Just get to the launches. Okay?
When I run, you run too! Okay?
Damn it, why do they
have to pick on White Base?
Well, we're sort of an obvious target!
-Did you just hear that?
-Yeah. Amuro
He told us to get out of here.
I think so.
The Federation Forces seem to be winning.
If we're winning, I'd say we can leave.
Let's go!
White Base!
-Sayla! Over here!
-Okay, we've got her! Punch it!
Yes, sir!
White Base
It's going up in flames
If Amuro hadn't warned us,
we would have been caught in that inferno.
Wait, Amuro isn't on this launch!
-No, he's not.
Sayla, you and Mirai
both heard him most clearly.
Sayla, you're Zeon's daughter.
Your Newtype abilities
should be stronger than ours.
Try to find Amuro!
But how?
I don't know!
Amuro's the only one not here!
Can't you find him?
Well, but
You heard Amuro before, didn't you?
I could hear him before reaching
White Base, but now Amuro!
Our Newtype abilities
can't save us all the time
Okay! I know where he is! I know!
-Okay, a little to the right!
Yeah, a little to the right!
Okay, there! Go straight!
What's wrong with you three?
-This way!
-You're doing fine!
You're almost out!
-You can sense him? Where is he?
Okay, Amuro? In five
Forgive me.
I still have a place to go back to.
Nothing feels as good as this!
Please understand, Lalah.
I can go to be with you anytime.
On this day, in the year 0080
of the Universal Century,
at the conclusion of this battle,
an armistice was finally signed
between the Earth Federation Government
and the Principality of Zeon.