Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (2018) Movie Script

We repeat this special announcement:
At 7:20 Greenwich Mean Time loday,
Rita, we're leaving! Come back!
Side 3, now calling itself
the Principality of Zeon,
- Don't act up!
- Out of the way!
Declared war on the Earth Federation Government
Reports say that it is currently
trading fire with the E.F.S.F. in Earth orbit...
Don't! Come back this instant!
Jona! Michele!
What's the matter?
Why'd you run off all of a sudden?
Let's hurry back, the teacher is gonna be...
What was that just now?
Jona! You saw it too,
didn't you, Jona?
You did that? Right, Rita?
Is that gonna happen?
It can't be stopped?
Scary things are about to happen.
Sad things, too.
Hey, do you think there's really
such a place as Heaven?
No. There's no such place.
Yeah. That's just a delusion from
back when humans believed in a God.
Eventually, we die and all the pain
and all the sadness ends.
Whatever will happen will happen.
I'm not so sure.
Isn't it different for Newtypes?
I don't distrust you, of course.
However, if anyone ever found out
that I showed you those documents,
I would be lucky to only be arrested.
- At worst, I would be...
- You needn't worry, Vice Admiral Nauri.
No harm will befall you.
In change can be found the great ultimate.
The great ultimate generates the two modes.
The two modes in turn
generate the four basic images.
And the four basic images
generate the eight trigrams."
Divination is the art of using divining
sticks to attempt to ascertain
the workings of the dual yin and yang
elements that comprise all things.
It is no different than a computer that uses
calculations to work out probabilities.
The only difference
is that the intuition of a diviner
is required to decipher the results.
I see...
If that is your foresight, Lady Michele,
by all means, proceed.
Is it wise to trust her?
She may be Chairman Luio Woomin's
second daughter,
but she isn't his biological daughter, right?
Ever since Chairman Luio
fell ill and became bedridden,
there have been rumors his real
daughter, President Stephanie Luio,
is planning to oust her.
- Her divinations are supposedly spot on.
- Sir?
During all the postwar upheavals, Luio & Co.
Never once misread the political situation.
During the Gryps Gonflicy, they
allied themselves with the AEU G,
and during Char's Rebellion, they were
the first to pull out of Lhasa.
- Surely you don't mean her divinations...
- I doubt that was the only reason.
But it seems to be a fact that Luio
Woomin always consulted Michele
whenever he had to decide on a plan of action.
But, sir! The Gryps Conflict
happened a decade ago!
She would have been a child at the time!
Yes. The Miracle Children.
Miracle Children?
Idle gossip that went around during the war.
The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam...
A mobile suit made of psycho-frame,
an alloy that responds to human will.
However, no one refers to that machine
by that name these days.
Singularity One.
A technological singularity.
A technology whose appearance
will transform human society to its very core.
Predictions reach an impasse there.
I'm not sure if this is something
that ought to be called technology.
The true nature of this pulse-like effect
as well as the mechanism by which
it was generated, remain unclear.
All we know for certain is that every last
Federation suit that was hit by it...
These documents say that
their generators were disassembled.
It's as if the clock was turned back
to before they were ever built.
The Gundam that was hunted by
Federation and Zeon alike
when it was considered to be
the key to Laplace's Box.
Over the course of that conflict
it began to exhibit unknown powers,
eventually becoming something that
was beyond human comprehension.
Was this the result of the psycho-frame
reacting to its pilot's Newtype abilities?
Whatever the case, an uncontrollable
weapon can't be considered a weapon.
Singularity One, which was in
the possession of the Mineva faction,
and its sibling unit, the Federation's Unit Two,
were both dismantled
in the presence of inspectors
and sealed away.
When confronted by this godlike power
that it had unexpectedly gained,
humanity could only flinch and recoil from it.
Father, I'll be back soon.
This power that can manipulate time itself...
I'll get it no matter what, and once again...
"Prior awareness of the colony drop...
The Miracle Children
who saved a town..."
All this fuss every time I'm relocated...
You don't need to go overboard
to keep me in custody.
That should be clear by now.
Come now, don't sell yourself short.
No one knows more than you
about the extent of the Vist Foundation's
involvement in the Laplace Incident...
- What was that?! What's happening?!
- We're under attack! From the skies.
- These guys are pros!
- These things are antiques!
Don't let yourselves get surrounded!
Spread out your mobile suits!
- Do you have to do that?
- Jona!
- You're on rear support!
- But I...
We can't let you get hurt right now!
You bastards!
Martha Vist Carbine!
Do you remember me?
You're Luio & Co.'s...
Michele Luio!
Why are you...
Anaheim and the Vist Foundation
have both turned their backs on you.
But I can give you a new life.
And in return?!
The White Unicorn and the Black Lion...
What I want is the third brother!
The Phenex?
The military may have expunged all record of it,
but you witnessed that incident firsthand.
Tell me. Everything.
You can't say no to me.
Can't say no...
You have to know it, Jona!
We aren't the real thing!
There's only one real Miracle Child!
There's no other way! This is the only
way for all three of us to survive!
You're not getting away!
Pavel! Delao!
Can you target just its thrusters?!
- Amaya! Can you see it?
- Yeah!
Speed... Distance...
Tracking sensors locked!
It accelerated again!
How can the pilot survive that?!
That blue light isn't coming from its thrusters!
All units! We'll stop it in its tracks!
Don't hold back! Try to hit it for real!
RX-0 Unit Three...
The third of the Unicorn brothers...
Where did you come from, and where are you going?
And who's inside your belly?
Attention, Shezarr Team units!
Do you copy?
We'll herd the target
On my signal, scatter and then
regroup at designated point Oscar.
Who is this?!
State your affiliation!
We cannot guarantee your safety
it you do not comply.
Shezarr 001 to all units, scatter immediately!
- It stopped!
- High-temp object closing in from rear!
- Commander! What the hell is that?!
- Damned if I know! I's news to me!
There's a Gundam at designated point Oscar?
Narrative accelerating even further!
Relative distance to target closing!
The pilot's physiological and
mental readings are unstable.
I believe he can only remain
close to it for 200 seconds.
You won't get away...
Use the high mega cannon!
She's going to shake you at this rate!
Not yet! She could dodge it!
Adjusting deflection...
Next shot, range... 12,000...
Firing solution... set!
Shooting... now!
Do it!
I have her!
Damn it!
Here it comes...
- It's not safe to continue.
- Narrative!
Use the high mega cannon immediately!
If you get thrown from
your cockpit at that speed,
you're the one who's going lo die, Jona!
That's you, isn't it, Rita?!
If it's you, hear me out!
It's me! It's Jona!
Jana Basia!
You can hear me, can't you, Rita?!
I know this is coming too late!
- But I...
- Gundam! Do you copy?
I don't know who the hell you are,
but I'll give in and work with you.
Keep it up and drag it to the designated point!
We finally found our phoenix...
Don't blow it!
Hey, do you think there's really
such a place as Heaven?
I don't know about Heaven,
but I'm absolutely sure there's
such a thing as the soul,
This life isn't all there is.
We're reborn again and again.
All units, scatter! Scatter!
In my next life, I hope I get to be a bird!
Haw about you, Jana?
You appear to be playing a dangerous game,
Minister Monaghan Bakharo.
I can't believe you'd use Sleeves remnants
to intervene in a Federation operation.
Nothing gels past you, Highness.
However, this is a highly political issue.
Simply keeping the Magallanica
within Republic of Zeon territory
requires constant political effort.
Given the increased momentum
for space colonist independence
after the Laplace Declaration,
if your whereabouts were to
become known, Highness...
So you're saying,
"This is all to avoid a war"?
- I do hope you can understand.
- Very well.
Have Zinnerman sent to me.
- Minister...
- She isn't the sort to sit idly by.
Don't take your eyes off the Magallanica.
- Warn Zoltan, too.
- Yes, Minister.
Hey, how come work on our stuff's
getting pushed back?
How should I know? They said
Don't start with me, Cdr. Iago.
I'm a victim here, too.
So what is this thing?
They said they had brought new,
experimental equipment with them,
so we should just be thankful
and take them aboard.
Phoenix Hunt is a top-secret mission
answering directly to Staff HQ!
It was Staff HQ that sent them.
Are these people from Anaheim?
- No, from Luio & Co.
- Luio & Co.?
- That big trading company on Earth?
- How'd they get this stuff?
Apparently, Anaheim has entrusted them
to conduct experimental
operations with that Gundam.
Look, just try to get along...
Wow, that's some heavy gear.
He doesn't look normal! Are you sure
he ain't a Cyber-Newtype?
It's possible, right?
That thing's like the Phenex!
It takes a Gundam to catch a Gundam,
and the same with a Cyber-Newtype, huh?
How are us mere mortals supposed to compete?
I'm terribly sorry.
We've taken over use of this block.
Funny, I thought I was the commander
of this ship's mobile suit force.
I'm well aware of that.
However, we have authorization for our suit
maintenance to be treated as top secret.
Fine, whatever.
- Hey, you can't be here.
- I'm observing! What's the big deal?
Oh, so those are add-ons...
The idol's true form is about to be revealed.
Huh? It's kinda, you know...
The damn thing's a scarecrow...
He needs to recuperate.
His vitals are within normal ranges, though.
Understood. Step outside.
Hurry up and get dressed.
- Why did you let it escape?
- She got away.
- Liar.
- I'm not as good as you.
No. You're nowhere near
as good as me.
When you lie, it's written all over
your face. Always has been.
If we had kept hounding her, there was
a chance she could have been shot down.
If we don't capture her alive,
there's no point to all this, right?
If it could be killed that easily,
I wouldn't need it in the first place!
Can't you see it?!
She's not human, not anymore!
The Miracle Child is a genuine...
I want to claim that power for myself.
I have the right.
I'm the one who did everything.
That girl always has what I want...
Get some rest.
I don't intend to wait around.
This time, we're taking the fight to it.
Why can't humans believe
that they could expand their
capacities by going to space?
I am saying we humans must not pollute Earth!
The Titans are comprised of people
whose souls are pulled by Earth
and are about to devour it!
- "Miracle Children"?
- That is what I've heard.
They're three children who saved the
lives of many citizens during the war
by predicting the colony drop.
Sadly, though, they were unable
to save their own parents,
and they were admitted into
this facility as war orphans.
It is the wish of my father, Luio Woomin,
that we be allowed to take them in.
Why would the chairman of Luio & Co.
Of all people be interested in them?
I am, as well.
My father may be hacking the A.E.U.G.,
but he doesn't subscribe to Zeonism.
when I saw the giant-like thing
that attacked New Hong Kong...
is also one of your products, isn't it?
Er, no, that's a different branch.
Miss Stephanie, that's...
To us disaster victims,
that's an irrelevant distinction.
For all intents and purposes, the Newtype
Labs are under Titans control.
In other words, you are ultimately
the man in charge of their production.
Of artificially-created Newtypes.
Of Cyber-Newtypes.
We have no interest in the manmade version.
What my father is looking for is a genuine
Newtype who can see the future.
Like the Miracle Children?
- Yes. But we only want the one.
- One?
It's inconceivable that three
unrelated children would turn out
to be Newtypes at the same time.
There's only one genuine item.
That one's power was simply
projected onto the other two.
Find it.
Find the real one. Before it ends up a cripple
thanks to your pointless experiments.
Wh-Why didn't you stop her?!
She has enhanced muscles! If she
put up a fight, she could have...
If we stay here, we'll end up dead...
We have to escape.
Whatever it takes...
- Michele...
- Whatever...
it takes.
it takes.
- 03! It's gone to Destroy Mode!
- We said that's just containment fire!
03! Abort mission!
I repeat, abort mission!
This footage is from a year and a half ago.
Unicorn Gundam Unit Three, Phenex.
It went out of control during
an experiment and then vanished.
Its whereabouts had been unknown, but it
resurfaced again roughly one year ago.
Right after Princess Mineva
issued her Laplace Declaration.
It's absurd to think that it was flying around
in space by itself for all that time.
It has to have a mothership
or supply base somewhere,
but neither we nor the Federation
have been able to locate it.
Our mission is to capture this elusive phoenix.
Given that they are pursuing
the same objective as us,
there will be a constant possibility
of encountering Federation forces.
However, we possess an edge that they do not!
The psycho-monitor.
It will pick up the psycho-waves
emitted by the Phenex
and tell us precisely where it is.
The next time the Phenex makes a move,
we will be able to know where it is
before anyone else.
Even if we end up clashing with the Federation,
we will be facing an off-the-books covert team.
In other words, anything could happen.
A psycho-monitor?
It works on the same principle
as psycommu weapons such as funnels.
Psycho-waves aren't affected
by Minovsky particles.
If the Phenex makes a move anywhere in
the Earth Sphere, we'll be able to detect it.
Aren't you glad you took us aboard now?
The thing with psycho-weapons...
They're highly dangerous.
Surely you know about it.
The incident involving Unicorn Unit One.
The Phenex has returned,
as if summoned by Unit One.
One trait of active psycho-frames
is that they attract each other.
So we'll deliberately...
Anyway, thank you for your cooperation.
Luio & Co. never forgets its debts.
It's not too late to stop this.
I'll do it. If I don't act now, there's
no telling how my sister will interfere.
- The arrangements have been made, then?
- Yes.
The only question is,
will the Phenex do what we want?
Don't worry about that.
She's a good little girl.
So much that it pisses me off.
Hey, what's the problem, Scarecrow?!
Can't you keep up?!
You may have changed your loadout,
but the enemy won't cut you any slack!
Were just getting warmed up!
My turn!
He's not bad,
but he's only so-so as a pilot
Yeah. Looks like he hasn't
been enhanced at all.
Victim of Australia disaster during the war.
Grew up in a North American foster home.
At age 18, enrolled in the
academy. No merits or demerits.
You're the very model of
a ho-hum Federation officer,
but you're on loan to Luio & Co.
With the blessing of Staff HQ.
How'd you pull that off?
Should you be leaving your
superior officer in the dark?
I'm not at liberty to discuss it.
Not at liberty, huh?
Listen, I don't like this mission.
Everything about it is hush-hush,
and even intel on the Phenex is redacted.
I don't know what that psycho-frame stuff is
about, but the military's hiding something.
You're gonna tell...
I don't know anything!
Wait, isn't that...
- The Phenex is...
- Hey, where'd you get that?!
She's gonna be caught by me.
Whatever it takes, I'll do it.
That look in his eye is something...
Dementia to Shezarr 001, urgent!
Reading on psycho-monitor!
All Shezarr Team units,
return to ship immediately!
Level two battle stations!
All hands, put on normal suits!
No doubt about it
If the psycho-monitor is right,
the target is in Side 6.
The Side that's steadfastly
maintained neutrality since the war...
I suppose it makes sense
that it's the phoenix's nest.
However, It Zoltan...
We must avoid combat in and around its colonies.
Side 6 must never know that
the Republic of Zeon was involved.
I'm well aware, Lt. Ellic.
I wouldn't dream of doing something as foolish
as harming our fellow Spacenoids.
As much as possible, of course.
Zoltan Akkanen, launching in the Sinanju Stein!
- It's inside a colony?
- Banchi 18, Metis.
It's a college colony.
Message to Shezarr Team!
Surround the colony and stand by!
That won't do, Captain.
Send your team inside.
You can't be serious! Hostile action
inside a colony is strictly forbidden.
Without a warrant, they'd never
allow a mobile suit team into...
I wouldn't be so sure.
Why don't you try dropping the Luio name?
Wow, they actually let us in!
This bay sure is empty...
The students are on summer break right now.
This is a college colony.
Oh come on, rain?!
This visibility stinks...
Minovsky particles are dense, too.
Too dense for the garrison here
to have scattered them during exercises.
All units!
I assume you all know this, but weapons fire
inside the colony is expressly forbidden.
When we locate the target,
herd it towards the nearest docking bay.
Never forget that there're a lot
of people living inside this tube!
Shezarr 002, advancing to estimated location.
Shezarr 005, still no eyes on target.
It's sitting tight...
Relative distance down to almost 10,
There's a chance that it's hiding
on the ground. Look closely.
South skies, 11 o'clock!
It's moving from the skies
above A Block towards our 10 o'clock!
Shezarr 007! Ensign Jona!
Do you copy?!
Shezarr 007! Respond!
What in the...?
Seven... No, eight machines?!
These are...
Neo Zeon...
That's not the Phenex...
We had the wrong person!
No, make that the wrong Gundam!
What's he...
- He wouldn't!
- I think I'll shoot this one!
- Is he crazy?!
- Visual contact here, foo!
No doubt about it!
These guys are Sleeves!
The Federation?!
Avoid engagement!
You'll damage the colony!
But ma am!
Lt. Zoltan is already...
That stupid failed Red Comet!
How can this be, though? We tracked
the reading on the psycho-monitor here!
Were we set up?
But who would do such a thing?
Shezarr Team, no response!
Keep calling!
All hands, air surveillance!
If we're dealing with Sleeves,
their mothership has to be nearby!
Under no circumstances are you
to take the first shot!
Does he have any idea what he's doing?!
Hey, now, stop dodging! You're making me
punch holes in the colony!
I feel it... I can feel it!
You're also using a psycho-frame, aren't you?
So the Federation still lusts after
that power too, even though it was banned!
A treaty-violating psycho-frame suit...
And a new Gundam model, to boot!
As military achievements go, this will do nicely!
I'll claim that head of yours
in place of the phoenix's!
Zoltan! Withdraw!
If I use their minimum output...
They're wire-guided?!
Using fake funnels?!
Is that worthy of a Gundam?!
Or are they saying that a second-rate Gundam
is more than enough against a failure?!
What's this guy's problem?!
- It's begun.
- A psycho-frame resonance...
Who are you calling a failure?!
Who are you calling a reject?!
I'll kill anyone who mocks me!
Gundams are robust, all right.
But its pilot is nothing but a failed Newtype.
I'll pull you out and squash you!
Confirmed! It's the Phenex!
The target? When did it...
Air surveillance!
What were you doing?!
The Gundams are conspiring?
What power...
Gulltoppr, do you read me?!
We'll use the you-know-what!
Move the ship close to the colony!
But sir! We can't use that
inside a colony!
I don't have enough psycho-frame!
Hurry up!
Rita, I understand.
It's too late to say anything to you.
I don't have the right to...
But I still want to...
This life isn't all there is.
We're reborn again and again.
In my next life,
I hope I get to be a bird!
How about you, Jana?
What the...? What's going on?
Wh-What did you do, Michele?!
- Wow, the Scarecrow is...
- What the hell, he's the one doing that?
Newtype Destroyer.
The same system that the Unicorn Types
were equipped with
is also installed in the Narrative Gundam.
The pilot is nothing more than
a component of the system now.
Regardless of what he wants,
the NT-D will attack genuine Newtypes.
And the Phenex can't fight back inside
the narrow confines of the colony.
Wait, you used us to lure out the Phenex?
What have you done?
People are dying!
- You're...
- If we capture the Phenex,
people will be able to conquer death itself!
Those we call Newtypes have one power in common:
They're able to speak with dead people.
By leaving their physical body
and ascending to a higher dimension!
They speak with souls in another world
who can see time itself!
This colony is a bird cage for the phoenix,
a bird that flies across the boundary
between life and death.
Stop it...
Stop... it!
Stop it...
What the hell is that?!
You have to keep your trump card
in reserve until the very end.
Damn you, Zoltan...
You called in the Neo Zeong?
Is it the Gundam?
Neo Zeong? What is it doing?
It psycommu-jacked it...
The Narrative's psycho-waves
are drawing the II Neo Zeong to it.
That's not possible!
The NT-D is still...
A power even greater than that
seems to be emanating from Jona Basta.
The Newtype's contagious.
Was this triggered by the Phenex?
Neo Zeong, I'm over here!
Accept me!
What's this power?
It's the same as...
Are you turning your back on me, too?!
It's not like we were expecting
lo find anything there.
But back then, the transport
we had stowed away in
flew towards a base in Australia,
So we couldn't help but go.
That day, when everything changed,
is my last memory of the days I could still be
an innocent child.
We wanted
to go back there one more time.
Hey, do you think there's really
such a place as Heaven?
No, there's no such place.
That's just a delusion from
back when humans believed in a God.
There's no God. If there was, there's
no way he would have allowed
something so cruel to happen.
All this talk is pointless.
Eventually, we die and all the pain
and all the sadness ends.
That's all we know.
No one knows the future.
Whatever will happen will happen.
I'm not so sure.
Isn't it different for Newtypes?
People who go into space will start using the
half of their brains that had been unused
and become a new humanity that can understand
each other without misconceptions.
That means that the consciousness
that's trapped inside our bodies,
our minds, souls or whatever,
will regain their original form, right?
I don't know about Heaven,
but I'm absolutely sure there's
such a thing as the soul.
This life isn't all there is.
We're reborn again and again.
In my next life,
I hope I get to be a bird!
How about you, Jona?
They're resonating! I can't believe
the psycho-field is so...
Capt. Abayev! Take the ship
in there immediately!
- Let it play out.
- But they...
Let it play out.
They must have been hungry.
They stole food.
Been a lot of kids like them lately.
I can't believe all three of them broke out.
I'm tempted to chop their feet off!
Shall I? It won't impede
our research in any way.
As I said the other day, there is no difference
between those three's abilities.
So when Luio & Co. demands that
we hand over the real Newtype...
If there's no way to prove who it is,
it doesn't matter who we hand over.
- I'd rather keep the real one.
- Beg pardon, sir?
Gryps a has fallen.
There's no stopping the AEU.G's momentum
now that they're allied with the Zeon remnants.
We Titans will use the real one.
Even if it means resorting to surgical measures,
if we can unlock the secrets of Newtypes...
You want to put them under the knife?
They said not to subject the
Miracle Children to such treatment.
If the Titans are defeated, you and I
will both be war criminals!
- But that's...
- We'll identify the real one.
If we study that one, we may even
be able to mass produce Newtypes.
But how? It seems like they themselves
don't even know who it is.
They might be putting on a show
to protect each other.
There's a way to know for sure.
We feed them false information.
We'll say that only the real one will be spared.
The other two will be remanded
to surgical procedures,
and their whole bodies will be sliced to pieces.
You have to know it, Jona!
We aren't the real thing!
There's only one Miracle Child!
Only that one will be spared!
The other two will be...
If she hears about this,
Rita will never step forward!
So we'll testify on her behalf!
That'll save Rita!
We'll get Luio & Co.
To treat her like royalty!
But we don't know if that's true!
I heard it with my own ears!
It's not a lie!
The war will be over soon.
The Titans will lose, and this lab
will be shut down.
When that happens, we'll just
have Rita come get us.
We'll all live together at Luio & Co.
If we don't come forward and testify
together, they won't believe us!
You can't say no, Jona!
There's no other way! This is the only
way for all three of us to survive!
I know the truth.
Let me go to Luio & Co.
What are you talking about?
Jona would spill the beans.
If Luio & Co. ever found out
that you foisted a fake on to them...
You're selling out the other two
to save yourself?
I'll do my part.
I promise...
I'll come back for you.
Wait! Let me go!
It was a lie!
It was all a lie!
Take me instead!
Please, take me!
You liar...
I looked for you.
For both of you.
As soon as the facility was
shuttered after the war ended.
I tracked you down after you erased
your past and snuck into the military.
- But...
- Liar!
The fighting continued even after that.
Even though it was officially banned,
so did research into Newtypes.
It was only natural that the Unicorn Type,
the culmination of that research,
be assigned to a Cyber-Newtype who
possessed the traits of the real thing.
By the time I tracked her down,
- she was already...
He's going to blow the colony to pieces!
- What do we do?
- Commander! The Phenex!
Don't do this, Jona.
Don't let yourself be consumed by anger.
It won't change anything.
You know that, right?
But... But that's...
You're... Because of us, you're...
- What the hell is happening?
- Shezarr Team! Report!
- What kind of joke is this?
- Zoltan!
II Neo Zeong's control system is back online!
We're pulling out. Can you lead the Second
back with us to the Gulltoppr?
Hm? Yes.
That's not normal...
That's something that
mustn't exist in this world.
When the time comes, I'll need your help, okay?
Something that was started by the living
can only be ended by the living.
The way! am now, [can't...
The Phenex has exited the colony
and is accelerating!
I can't believe it... It's almost
moving at the speed of light!
I really can't stand her...
I've completely lost face.
Miss Michele. Start talking.
There seems to be a lot you haven't told us.
All right... But it's a boring story.
Although the air leaks have been contained,
the scope of the damage
has yet lo be ascertained,
and it is possible that the
number of dead and wounded
Put me through to Adm. Mauri.
Will exceed that of last year's
Industrial 7 attack.
The area is crawling with news media ships.
Getting any closer to Metis will be risky.
And while there are theories circulating
that this was a Neo Zeon crime...
We got started late.
Have the Gulltoppr and the Federation ship
both gotten away already?
Looks like it. Nothing on
Minovsky radar, either.
Good. Change course.
Changing course! Mobile suit,
remain on standby!
There's a chance that Unit Three might
still be wandering in the area.
Air surveillance, stay sharp!
We can't let Monaghan's faction
get their hands on that thing.
The psycho-frame that the Unicorns are made from
is a system that mirrors human will
in their control systems.
But what if it also functions
as a vessel that stores that will?
That would be evidence that humans can
exist even without physical bodies.
Depending on how you look at it,
that would be proof of eternal life.
When people die, they become an
energy form... Call it the soul or whatever.
A psycommu
will sometimes gather that energy
and convert it into physical force.
What we call Newtypes are people who can
use the unknown energy emitted from those souls
and harness it to affect physical reality.
If the reaction between it and a pilot
with Newtype ability goes on long enough,
the psycho-frame emits a field
that draws those souls in.
It connects to a higher plane
that we can't perceive,
and becomes a medium that can draw out
the ability even to manipulate time itself.
Because that could bring about
the destruction of our world...
The Phenex was sent from that world.
To eliminate the singularity.
Do you expect us to believe...
But Unicorn Unit One was recovered
and dismantled, wasn't it?
If your theory is right,
the Phenex's purpose is already...
Its being dismantled was a lie?
Either that,
or a threat on par with the Unicorn
still exists in this world.
I can't believe he would
use that inside the colony.
Even though you were there.
I'm terribly sorry.
However, the Second was under the control of...
I heard.
The enemy Gundam type.
What was Zoltan thinking?
He's nothing but a reject
from the Char Reincarnation Project.
I suppose it was too much
to expect from a Cyber-Newtype
who failed to become Full Frontal.
Or rather,
there might be a problem with the Neo Zeong,
whose basic design was made by that same Frontal.
The Neo Zeong's core technology,
including the psycho shards,
was blackboxed, so analysis of it is incomplete.
It works, but we don't understand why it works.
Perhaps it means that when Frontal
was possessed by the ghost of Char,
he built it using knowledge not of this world.
- Rumor has it...
- If that's what it is...
I had hoped that it could be
our trump card for the Phoenix Hunt,
but if it can't be controlled...
Time to close up shop.
I want to keep the Republic of Zeon's
name out of this incident.
Close up shop, sir?
Does that include the Second?
It was just a prototype that was
confiscated by the Federation
that we got our hands on through
an illegal sale from Luio & Co.
It's not something that we'll miss.
Wait, so that mobile armor
was also provided by your...
The psycho-monitor is a lie, too.
We planned to draw out the Phenex by
forcing the Sleeves and the Narrative to...
- How low will you stoop?!
- If we can get our hands on the Phenex,
humanity will be able to conquer death!
Why won't you even try to understand
the significance of that?!
If we can work out how to transplant
the human soul into psycho-frame,
humanity will no longer need to fear death!
We'll be able to leave our fragile bodies behind
and fly through the cosmos with nothing else!
That's the long-standing dream
of Chairman Luio Woomin.
- Lady Michele has devoted herself to...
- How many did you Kill?
Say the soul really exists.
Death stops being a big deal.
If you're saying that that means murder
will no longer be a crime, then...
It's not just my father.
It was also my dream!
Because if we did that...
If we no longer feared death...
We wouldn't have to lie anymore!
Or betray others or hurt others!
Do any of those things we had to do to survive!
Being stolen from...
Losing things...
But that's all over now.
The cleanup will begin soon.
A cleanup where the price will be paid in blood.
To sever any ties they had to the incident.
That's right The Federation fleet
will destroy your ship.
That will close the books on the incident.
It will be written off as a crime
perpetrated by Sleeves remnants
who got Republic of Zeon sympathizers involved.
You'll be picked up on their scopes
any time now. Get off the ship.
You mean... just me?
The more survivors there are, the harder
it will be to maintain the secret.
You're an important asset
For the true Universal Century that
the Laplace Declaration speaks of,
the restoration of Spacenoids.
This won't do at all, Lt. Ellic.
At best,
this is illicit communications
behind your superior officer's back.
- Lt. Zoltan...
- A reject, am I?
Even rejects are hurt when they're forsaken.
They also become angry.
Calm down. I was just...
Where's the "sir'?
You're my subordinate, aren't you?
Or am I the one on your leash?
Just the psycho-package! She says
they're leaving the other parts!
Hurry it up! Load every last bit of spare
materiel we have into containers!
Come on, more new equipment?
It's not like that. It's because the Gundam
got spotted by the citizens of Metis.
She says she wants to fly it
off the ship before we
get surrounded by media at Luna II.
A Luio & Co. ship will come
pick it up, apparently.
Layering on all their clothes
and skipping town, huh?
In the end,
the mission's been aborted.
What was it all even for?
Eternal life...
Would you want that, Fransson?
I'm not sure...
Sometimes I think this way,
"I can only put in another
ten years as a pilot at most.
Life sure is short, huh?"
But I also think like this,
"Man! I got to do this for another
ten years?! Give me a break!"
You bet.
Even if they get their hands on eternity,
humanity wouldn't know what to do with it.
As long as we're not those true Newtypes
that are linked to that other world.
A new breed of human whose
profound insight and kindness
will bring about a rebirth of humanity.
It's not a pipe dream.
All the signs are there.
But we're only standing at the threshold.
No one has crossed it yet.
I bet that's a long ways off yet.
Nothing good will come of forcing the door open.
But humanity can't leave it be.
Ensign Jona.
Do you know why Lady Michele
brought you into this operation?
I have no romantic interest in women.
That's why the chairman
allowed me to be at her side.
But when it comes to feelings of caring for her,
mine are as strong as anyone's.
As someone who had
a strong bond with Rita Bernal,
you are the ideal bait with which
to lure out the Phenex.
But that's not the only reason.
Lady Michele wanted to prove something to you.
If there is such a thing as the soul...
All hands, condition two alert stations!
Flashes from a battle spotted in nearby space.
They're here...
Gulltoppr, you're clear on the plan, right?
Use the gas tanks as a shield!
I'll be put in a bind if I lose my roost.
Signature has split into two!
One is moving to the leeward side
of the helium-3 storage base!
The other is headed for us!
Judging from its speed,
presumed to be the mobile armor!
The one that went crazy in the colony?
What's all this about?
How did they detect our approach?
Mobile suit force,
first formation has made contact!
Just look at all of them out there!
Gentlemen, if you act like you're trying
too hard, you'll look like fools!
Mobile suit teams Charlie
and Delta both wiped out!
Anti-ship combat!
Take out their mothership!
But they're behind the gas tanks!
As long as it's not in
a critical state, it's just gas!
If one or two go off, it won't
cause much damage! Fire!
Look at what they've done.
They're firing, damn the consequences.
I think I'll do the same!
For Sieg Zeon...
For the Side Co-prosperity Sphere...
In the name of all those worthless causes,
I've sacrificed everything! Everything!
The tank that's closing in on us is accelerating!
What's that light? What could
accelerate that much mass?
Fire! Shoot it down!
Psycho-frame that's even
moved the stars! Drain me dry!
Minovsky particles overconcentrating!
Helium-3 approaching critical!
- That's not possible...
- What's happening?
And punish them!
A fusion reaction...
That's impossible. That mass of
helium-3 can't...
What's that light, though?
Jona. I need your help.
What do you think you're doing?
Do you think you're the only one
who can hear her?!
Michele. Rita is dead.
Something like her
consciousness is still in there,
but she's no longer a living being.
There's no such thing
as eternal life. So I...
Only the living can put an end to
something started by the living.
I bet she still has hers.
Get going. I'll catch up.
Lady Michele...
Brick, jettison the container
containing the Narrative.
I know it's too soon for the rendezvous
with the pickup ship.
Is that wise?
Whether it's wise or not doesn't matter.
This was predetermined a long time ago.
We have to do it.
Because that's what we're here to do.
Jona Basta!
Narrative Gundam, here I go!
Here come the dregs, eh?
Brave, considering you have no ship to return to!
They're targeting the gaps in my I-field?
How do they know where...?
It's... Goldie!
It's you? You're the one that's
controlling these? All right, fine!
You're an empty shell.
You're like a shadow.
You can't do a damn thing unless you
use a living human as an intermediary!
Ll've lost control!
Commander! Controls aren't responding!
I have no control!
My machine's acting on its own!
I'm just controlling their machines
with my own machine.
I'd say that's much more honorable
than getting into their heads!
Qasioun to bridge, launch preparations complete!
Bridge, roger.
Launch when ready.
Understood. Thank you for
the consideration.
Hm? What did you just say?
I'm not the real thing. I've only pretended
to be a Newtype all these years.
So that Father wouldn't cast me out
I don't think I ever caused
Luio & Co. any harm.
Fortunetelling is a matter of statistics.
If you listen to back-room gossip
of the political and financial world
and use a little intuition, you...
I don't care.
Come home, Michele.
It's a foolish dream. Preserving the soul
for all eternity is absurd.
Even after Father dies, I won't kick you out.
- Because I...
- You think of me as your real sister.
I simply don't want to tarnish
Luio & Co.'s reputation.
I suppose not.
It's true that we used the Republic
of Zeon to lure out the Phenex.
However, as long as men like
Minister Monaghan are around,
something like this would have
happened sooner or later.
Don't try to place the blame solely on...
The more psycho-frame it has, the greater
the edge the Narrative will have.
Thank you, Brick.
I'll fly it myself, so get out.
You don't need to come along.
Get out? And go where?
Why did you let them go?!
Those were our only useable,
fully-fueled boosters!
What choice did I have?! HQ said to hide
Forget that, are you sure the
simulation results are accurate?
Hm? Oh, yes.
The cause of the helium-3
reaching critical is unknown,
but if all of the tanks stored at
the base go critical and explode,
the heat and shockwave from them
will engulf the nearby colonies
and the pulverized debris will leave
its orbit and fall to the Earth.
The smaller pieces will probably
burn up in the atmosphere,
but if wreckage from three colonies
rains down on the Earth...
I'll make the past colony drops
look like nothing!
- There's no telling how bad it will be!
- Fransson!
The Narrative's booster pack
uses universal specs, right?
Damn it, stop! Don't!
Careful, now! A bunch of huge firecrackers
are lying around here!
I can sense it... I sense the shadow
that's haunting that machine!
You were a Cyber-Newtype, weren't you?
It's been barely a hundred years since
humanity first started living in space.
It's wishful thinking to expect people
to become Newtypes because of that.
Evolution isn't that simple!
We're dolls, puppets made in the image
of that dream! But you're different!
If you've died and become a being
that's more than human,
if you've become a true Newtype...
then I'm going to claim that power for my own!
The Gundam?!
It's fast!
Why, you!
Let's get out of here!
What the hell?!
Target its core!
That's something that mustn't
exist in this world.
Don't mess with me!
- What's going on out there?
- It's just panicked voices on the radio!
It looks like the Federation doesn't
have a handle on the situation.
Captain! I'm going to launch.
Maintain course.
Prep the beam magnum.
Roger that
Such power...
You're a shadow of yourself, Goldie,
but, and I apologize, I'm going
to borrow your power.
One or two aren't enough.
To set off the biggest firework display of all,
I have to make all the tanks go critical at once!
That's a tall order, right?
So help me out.
Use my life!
It's always belonged to you, Rita!
I've wanted to give it back all this time!
If you want to die, fine!
- A barrier?
- That's enough!
You're in pain. People aren't ready...
[0 be exposed lo that machine's power yet
You hitches!
Jana! Jana!
Hey! Jona!
Look, I got it back for you!
So stop crying!
It's kinda broken, though...
It... was my dad's.
I don't care! I don't need it!
I don't want to look at it!
Then... Can I have it?
Jana! Ensign Jana!
Are you alive?!
Commander lago...
This light... It converts
human will into power?
So what if it does?!
What will something like this accomplish?!
Who will understand this?!
That man's voice, it...
The only thing that Oldtypes understand
ls physical phenomena!
Even when they witness a miracle,
they don't even try to understand
its true essence!
People never change!
And they never will!
Humans like you and me get carved up
in the name of a miracle!
- And if that's the case...
- Lady Michele! No!
I'll wipe the slate clean!
Now! Grab him and run!
That's the Shezarr Team's...
Don't worry about us!
Help the Phenex! Help Rita!
The living take priority!
You little pipsqueak!
If it's pre-critical, it's just gas!
I'd rather destroy it than let you use it!
Hurry, Jona! You and
the Phenex finish him off!
If anyone can do it, it's you two!
It's just like that other time!
I saw it! I saw human will
turn into light and envelop the world!
That light moved a heavenly body!
And there in the middle of it...
This is the best I can do!
Get moving, Gundam!
This life isn't all there is!
Humans have...
You talk too much, old man.
Crap! What's going on?!
Commander lago!
What's the matter, Gundam?
If you don't shoot, you'll get stripped naked!
Ensign Jona! Fight back!
- You'll be killed! Shoot!
- But I'll...
That's an order!
Fight back, damn it!
The only thing that can
lake out this behemoth is...
I'll save you!
I just need to cut that cable!
You think you re that good a shot?!
Your machine can't take much more!
Brick, get out.
I'm serious. Get out and
get as far away as you can.
If you turn on your emergency beacon,
the Damascus will pick you up soon...
Please don't make me repeat myself.
Get out, and go where?
You're scrawnier than you look.
You're almost out of time.
If you're not going to fight back, then...
Ensign Jona, do you read me?
I didn't get to finish earlier.
About what Lady Michele wanted to prove to you.
It's a simple thing.
If the soul really exists, and if it can
be transplanted into a psycho-frame,
death is not the end.
You can see her again.
Rita Bernal.
If she can make that happen,
perhaps she can be forgiven.
By Rita Bernal.
By herself.
And most importantly, by you.
Nothing else matters! Lady Michele
simply wants your...!
Get going, Jona.
Stay back!
I'll handle this part.
Another barrier?!
You piece of junk!
What's the point...?
What's the point of all this?
Nothing good ever came of it in the end.
Rita and Michele both experienced terrible things
and endured so much pain.
Why?! Why did they have
to suffer so much?!
It'd be better if they'd never been born!
If it's a life of nothing but pain
that's waiting, why even bother?!
What are we even here for?
Then... Can I have it?
See? You can do this with it.
Hey, that's great!
I want this big one!
- No fair, Michele!
- You snooze, you lose!
How'd you attach the string?
- It's secret!
- C'mon! Tell me!
Genuinely happy things always come together
with painful things or sad things.
Go to her. There's something
you want to tell her, right?
If we all have a reason to be alive,
that's pretty much your reason.
I'm kinda jealous, though.
Go on, get in there!
- I've set the stage for you.
- Miche...
You don't know when to die!
I don't know about Heaven,
but I'm absolutely sure there's
such a thing as the soul,
This life isn't all there is.
We're reborn again and again.
That day... That day,
I wanted to tell you...
What the...?
In my next life,
I hope I get to be a bird!
How about you, Jana?
If you're going to become a bird, then...
Then I'll become one, too!
What in the world?
- Just give up!
- As if I can give up!
It's because people let things go like that
that they'll never change!
Zoltan Akkanen...
When we die, we melt into each other, right?
Human egotism and karma... gave birth
lo both this machine and us.
So they could punish themselves...
Let's take it easy...
That's the light of gas that's going critical!
- Captain!
- We're leaving this sector!
We're being split up again, right?
I hate this...
Take me with you!
There's no point to enduring
painful stuff and sad stuff...
If I stay here, I've got nothing...
Nothing at all.
I'm sorry, Jona.
And you, Michele.
For dragging you into this.
But I couldn't do it by myself.
I knew it would take
all three of us to stop that thing.
Wait, all this time since then, we've been...
That's why you and Michele...
- That's horrible...
- This life isn't all there is.
This world belongs to the living.
It's our will that made it this way.
If you don't like it, put an end to it.
That might be possible.
When lives end, they merge together into one.
A world where we're given flesh and
blood and keep on hurting each other
in spite of that...
If that's not idiotic, I don't know what is.
Listen, I'm glad I met you, Jona.
So I want to be reborn again and again.
I don't care into what,
as long as I get to see you.
How about you, Jona?
The light... of the Phenex...?
- What's happening out there?!
- Unknown, sir! Unmeasurable!
It's a truly bewildering thing,
but reports say that the reaction vanished
before the tanks could go critical.
I can't imagine that the extremists
involved in the colony attack
would deliberately try to set off
a criticality incident.
It was likely accidentally triggered when battle
broke out against the Federation fleet,
but given that the ship was destroyed,
finding out what really happened is now...
The Neo Zeong, as well?
Hm? No, that was...
Then you dodged a bullet, Minister Monaghan.
If the entire stockpile had
gone critical and exploded,
who knows what would have happened.
You may have extremists on your payroll,
but in the end, you are a politician.
I trust that you lack the nerve to use
that as a pretext to invade Earth?
For now, let us await the official report
It you will excuse me, Princess Mineva.
As we thought, is it too much
for humanity to handle?
Humanity has opened that door.
It is going to be our life's work
to seal it back up, isn't it,
You should take it easy.
The G-forces did a number on your body.
Help will be here soon. When you get back
to your mothership, have the doctor...
I don't have anywhere to go back to.
Everyone's left me.
Where can I go?
It's far away...
I doubt you could catch up
even moving at the speed of light.
- Are you...
- Even so...
- Even so, someday...
- Someday?