Mobius (2013) Movie Script

- No sugar, no?
- Extra water, no sugar.
- Have you ever been to Spain?
- No.
Never? Nor Interrailing
with his girlfriend, when you were younger?
- No.
- So nothing compared to Spain.
So it shocks you not, if we commit
ourselves to a Spanish collapse?
The price of the 3-month GDP put option?
- They lie in 2.5.
- So give me 100,000.
- Are you sure?
- Is that a problem?
That's it. 100,0003-month GDP
put option for 340 million euros.
Miss Redmond,
They have invested in the put option.
- They run a huge risk.
- Correct.
They can still pull you out.
Do it immediately.
They hired me because of my knowledge of
exotic products.
There are negotiated contracts
and I know my buyers.
When I sell Spanish CDS,
I know who it hits.
Spain issuer 8 million
in bonds tomorrow.
Banks switched on
and I grab the win.
Are you sure you
Spanish bonds are not selling?
Sales of mining products
casts renewed suspicion over Spain.
If I'm not mistaken, I sell
to four times the market price.
Should I opt out?
Do you think Euribor will recover again?
- I beg your pardon?
- Do you think Euribor will recover?
- Why do you ask me?
- My portfolio is too large.
- Why do you think I know that?
- Intuition.
Is that what you have?
Fine, try using the shape
but let not too much of.
You know who he is. Show him.
Do more to him directly. Try again.
- Why do you think I know that?
- Do not you work for RBI?
- Do I know you?
- I know you.
- Do you also for RBI?
- No.
- Why should you be so mysterious?
- I open quietly up for it.
- So I do not scare him away.
- You are scary now!
"I know you, but not from the RBI."
Go for the throat! There are sizzling hot.
One more time.
How much is the total?
- Is it a question of money?
- I'm just asking.
You go free.
All others are arrested.
- No. It never goes out.
- Why not?
Do you want to insinuate that all
Bank employees being charged?
It does not scare him.
Crapule know we can not
hang him up on money.
Can not you come up with more
after three weeks of work?
Find something else. In a hurry!
- What have you found?
- Say it in French.
Tell it to the others.
Do not speak Russian here.
Good. What do you think of her?
She is dazzlingly intelligent.
Very confident.
She's not a little superior.
- She's mad.
- And physically?
- She is charming.
- Is not! Something of a woman.
Why did not she a man?
This is because the job well.
It gives her a kick.
Just like gambling
leaves not room for more.
Our only bait Crapule is to get him
jobs in the United States again.
- Urgently.
- Because of his father?
- How are you, darling?
- Good. And you?
- I'm okay.
- Have you been with Nair?
Yes. There is nothing new.
I will continue reading.
- What about the lost sense of taste?
- This is normal. It comes back.
I do not know when. But the food
Here is yet too lousy.
- Dad, you have to eat.
- I do indeed.
I love this time
where here is almost empty.
Do you think the long-term
U.S. bonds will rise?
- I asked if you think they...
- I heard you.
- That you have no opinion?
- Should I have it?
- Do not you work in the financial world?
- No. And I want peace.
- So sorry.
- Thank you.
I can not give you peace.
I'm from the financial police.
- Spying my employer?
- It would be foolish to refuse.
- I refuse.
- Bad idea.
When the scandal rolls,
it will hurt your career.
It is a strange thing
to ask me.
You know how hard it is
to combat money.
We try by all means.
And getting help from good people.
I'm probably not a good person.
And what if
it could get you back to the U.S.?
Help us, so we Americans
to let you work there again.
Who says I can not work there?
If you change your mind,
please call me on this number.
I had a dream
similar to the one last week.
I found myself in some...
around the room.
One form of the rotunda.
There was rather dusty.
It looked like a furnished pigeonholes.
As a living,
or maybe even a boudoir.
A boudoir...
They tried to recruit me.
Well, out with the language.
I do not know if we can
operate with the event in our industry.
No, we can not. There is no
case. There are only rvrendere.
I do not soon. Perhaps we are looking in
a huge event.
- What is it about?
- One of our agents in Europe.
- Son of a bitch!
- A work loose stock trades genius.
The answer to Rostovskijs beans.
And FSB is shown also captivated by her.
- What was the original mission?
- Becoming Rostovskijs right hand.
- And report on his activities.
- In exchange for what?
We make sure that she can be allowed to
to come back and work in peace.
She will say yes. But do not tell
it can be the Russians.
Let her believe it's French
or monegaskerne or something.
She is totally green. So the less
she knows, the better for her.
The dialed number is not...
- Was it you who called?
- I thought it was a wrong number.
- No, it was true enough.
- What should I do?
Traders' conversations
stored on a server, right?
- Yes.
- Copy all files.
- How? I do not know the password.
- You'll think of something.
- It was time.
- Yes.
We have wasted much time.
I want to see quick results.
- You have one month.
- Very well.
Rostovskij recommended me
to the President as head of the FSB.
Because I'm loyal
to Rostovskij.
And now you want to compromise him?
He creates kings.
He can also throw them off the throne.
Businessmen with that kind of power
is bad.
- So you want to...
- I will crush him.
- He does not have time now.
- Two minutes.
Can I talk to you for a moment?
Ivan, Alice Redmond
Head Department of derivative assets.
Ivan Rostovskij.
- Hello.
- A pleasure to meet you.
- You predicted Spain's crash, right?
- I invented the program, which did.
I'm hungry.
Are you hungry?
- Why do not we have lunch?
- I would like.
- Our friend is leaving the bank.
- Alone?
- No. Along with Diamond.
- Keep your distance.
"Keep your distance"...
I love his instructions.
As if we were going to
to jump up on his hood.
- Crapule?
- What the hell?!
Call the boss.
It is Khorzov,
my security chief.
He is nasty and paranoid, but
that's what I pay him for.
He bothers you only
if he thinks you want to hurt me.
So if you want to hurt me,
let him know ahead of time.
In French. He does not speak English.
Well, Mr Khorzov. I inform
You of any evil intentions.
They are a wise woman.
- Clever and beautiful.
- How nice of you to say.
- Are you Jewish?
- Why?
My mother does not like,
I go to bed with non-Jews.
I must warn you:
I am neither Jewish or virgin.
Go immediately to the toilet!
You've worked for Lehman Brothers.
Yes. You have probably heard
I got them to fail.
Excuse me.
I eat the same as you.
What's wrong with you?
Please alert us.
- I can not steal, but seduce.
- What is your plan?
- To get close.
- How close?
- You're not French.
- Russian.
- Employs Monaco police aliens?
- I'm Russian.
- I do not work for the KGB.
- KGB no longer exists.
Now called the FSB.
We work with Monaco
and France's security police.
Yes, of course.
Should Monaco get you into the U.S.?
Surely we can better serve you.
It is a good news for you. Believe me.
You get microphone on.
- No.
- That's an order!
You do it because not
on the first date, right?
- Are you okay, Alice?
- Yes.
- Why?
- You were long on the toilet.
Can my urinary tract infection
damage your boss?
Only in the case of intercourse.
So it should work.
How did you
so much into trouble in the U.S.?
Like any stock exchange trades
I am the perfect scapegoat.
It is easier
than to criticize the whole system.
What did you do?
The same as everyone else.
I sold derivatives.
- Were you hit by the crisis?
- Should I put a figure on?
- 700 million.
- Because you bought my products.
If you had worked for me,
I had earned or lost on you?
You would have lost dirty money
and have earned clean.
She is mad.
Why mention you dirty money?
Because I'm Russian?
It was just a bad joke.
However, there is now also
little truth in it.
I have no idea where your money
come from, but one thing I know.
My Products dilutes everything.
Risk, origin, volume.
Do you have microphone?
My specialty is lending
the securities market.
I hide case
and transfers the risk to others.
I did not invent the concept.
I use it just.
- Who got the idea for the lunch?
- I do not remember.
There is something wrong.
Crapule not dare steal files, but
he dare go into the microphone on?
Yes, "he"! Are you in?
We must say, "he's crazy". Even
your cars might bugged.
Your Boris is on thin ice.
It is very strange.
He does not do what we ask him.
But doing things we did not ask him.
I'm afraid
he is out of control.
- I'm trying to sniff out something.
- No, he should go under the radar.
The entire mission
is already under the radar.
Okay. So see,
what you can glean.
Ivan will meet with you tonight.
Alle des Roses 10 Cap d'Antibes.
The dialed number is not...
He will meet tonight.
Should I say yes?
Not only. Let them know
that someone knows where you are.
They have arrived.
Keep looking.
- Impossible.
- He's my intern.
- I thought...
- Impossible.
- He is discreet.
- Impossible.
I'm sorry.
You may well run now.
- Toilets.
- Thank you.
Good evening, Alice.
Let me introduce you to my people.
Afterwards, you can teach me about...
- Loans of securities market.
- That's right.
They are running now.
Most likely to Destiny.
- This is our friend's hangout.
- Do not follow in into club.
- Wait outside.
- Okay. Where are you?
Stay in touch.
You get problems
if you keep staring at me.
I could give them problems.
- Do you know who he is?
- No.
- Ivan Rostovskij.
- Ham businessman?
Do you think
You can catch up with him?
- Are you with him?
- No.
But you will be the last night.
So I have something to catch up with.
Do you not
be with me?
- Are you Russian?
- Do I look like a Russian?
Why are you here,
if you are not Russian?
I felt sinful.
And the name of the club appealed to me.
Destiny means the "fate".
Here everything will happen.
- So good luck.
- Thank you too.
We must go now. You will hear from me.
Should we drive you home?
No, I take a taxi.
We have lost Crapule of sight.
He did not take a taxi, but just went.
We tried to shadow him.
We did our best,
but there was heavy traffic.
We lost sight of him
outside the casino.
- And Diamond?
- He shadows him too.
- Do you realize what this means?
- Do not worry. He shook him.
- He's looking like us.
- Find him quickly.
We're his apartment
and put some men on the diamond.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Are you coming home?
- Yes.
I just wanted to hear
if fate brought you something.
Not that great.
Not so far.
I will find a place
better suited to my mood.
- Such as?
- Maybe a bar called Disaster?
So I know exactly where we are going.
So you ruined the whole world?
It's as style over.
I fines for it. I can not take
back and have to work here.
What crime
prompted you to write the biography?
I have no idea what I was doing.
Maybe it's something I want to do.
I saw a dark thought.
May I tell you something?
I think
I'm about to Nosse in it.
- How does it feel?
- Not so bad.
- Suicidal, but not bad.
- I do not think we balls in it.
I think
we are creating miracles.
We are about to save an evening,
as so hopeless.
- I was the one with Rostovskij.
- It's true.
We sit here thanks to him.
Cheers to Ivan Rostovskij.
I have seen incredibly talented
agents in the future for themselves -
- Sudden low
completely unexplainable error.
In a split second destroys the
their careers and their lives -
- And are responsible
for their own downfall.
- Do you feel you are in good shape?
- Why?
In this mission I have for you, -
There is no room for any mistakes.
Two orgasms and hands,
that gently caressing my ass.
You deserve a medal.
- What?
- I love you called Moses.
- It's hard to live up to.
- It's not something you made up.
I love it.
That one looks too real.
A skull and a horse with wings.
What symbolizes?
It identifies
members of a gang.
- You joker?
- No.
You're kidding.
Are you delinquent?
I was when I was younger.
This must surely be my medal.
I have done something good
and won first prize.
You have strong arms.
Manly arms.
Arms that just feels right.
I feel I have come to port.
It's ages since I've
felt this way in a man's arms.
Crime fragrance.
My editor.
He has never heard of the time difference.
We have found him.
- Where?
- The hotel is near Nice with a lover.
- How do you know?
- Why else take on the hotel?
- Where are you?
- I'll wait outside.
- Are you alone?
- Hard to say.
It is important to know.
I can not see
Diamond men.
Crapule leaving the hotel.
He gets into the taxi alone.
The guy is still in the room.
Sobsjak shadows him.
I try to ask the front desk.
Are you sure
Diamond is not there?
Not 100 percent.
Apocalypse Friday. 20?
So look to get going.
- Do not be so angry.
- You should call.
I forgot it. I was full.
Russians are hard to follow.
- You did not call back.
- I turned off the phone.
- Do not yell at me.
- I'll protect you.
- The fire me, if you do it again.
- You can not do anything.
They know too well.
- I'll always know where you are.
- I was at home.
Please keep me informed,
Beautiful Alice.
I'm taking you out for a ride.
- Impossible.
- It is absolutely possible.
- Said to be with.
- No.
- Good morning, Alice. I know it.
- Know what?
Do you still want the job?
Why should I have changed my mind
since last night?
Where are we going?
We just have to check a few things.
A guy around 40
Maybe Canadian. Maybe journalist.
We do not have much on him.
Crapule rented room.
In the bottom scraper really.
- Our friend runs Crapule to Cannes.
- Who follows them?
Two cars in turn.
Sobsjak hired reinforcement.
- Where are they?
- On the A8.
Maybe he drives him
his new property.
It is in Cap d'Antibes.
Can I trust you?
Mr Khorzov adheres to me
as a leech. He's skeptical.
It is he.
- You spent the night at a hotel.
- I did.
- Alone?
- It is none of your business.
Yes, very much if you go to bed
with intelligence agents.
Can we continue the conversation
outside the car?
- Impossible.
- So set me off. I go.
- Answer the question.
- Then ask a pertinent question.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- No.
- Who were you saw with last night?
- It belongs to privacy.
Now you are the naive, Alice.
Your attempt to scare me
is absurd.
- They took Adrets exit.
- It is the revenge of the night.
- How she shook them off?
- He also shook you by.
Yes, I met one last night.
That's me.
Keep your thoughts about it for yourself.
It was a one night stand.
I never see him again.
If he's a cop,
I did not.
He asked not to you
or my job.
If he had intentions
to ask, it's too late now.
- And if he contacts you?
- Then run a trip with him!
- Get everyone back.
- Are you sure?
Where they're going, have Sobsjak
no cover. Cancel it.
- He's in danger without protection.
- He is best protected by, we are away.
If you would like to set down
then it is now.
- Well?
- It is too early to say.
- Why so whole circus?
- We have no evidence.
- You could nowhere find her.
- She's a legend in the financial world.
- You took me in the ass.
- She takes you in the ass!
Would you like to fuck her?
Fuck just loose.
But keep her far away
from your business.
I know a crafty bitch,
when I see one, Ivan!
Should you put me in my place?
- I'll pay you a fortune.
- Exactly!
So, are you even asking for it.
I'm sorry about all this.
You can understand that.
Make some suggestions from this.
If it goes well, we aim even higher.
Gregorij Ljubov.
Specializing officer.
Works only for the head of
Third Division, Vladimir Tjerkatjin.
We believe he leads the operation.
He's doing everything shady.
And it's damn not for newbies
to spy Ivan Rostovskij.
Ljubov is Tjerkatjins protege.
At age 17 he was a member
of the Russian mafia.
He was arrested
and sentenced to 20 years for murder.
Tjerkatjin got him out and sent
him to Paris to learn the language.
Made him his soldier and sent
him on missions around the world.
If Tjerkatjin as expected
appointed head of the FSB, -
- Will Ljubov part of his staff.
It certainly is.
Why would he help us?
We threatens to reveal
to Tjerkatjin will trap Rostovskij.
It can crush Tjerkatjins career.
Ljubov will do everything to protect
Him. He is his father figure.
What about Alice?
Cancel the mission.
She works for them now. Exclusive.
You should not be suspicious of her.
Close the case.
We take over.
- What does she know about the mission?
- Nothing.
The less she knows
the smoother the instantaneously.
Then we throw her out to the Russians.
Fails the smoking she were in decline.
They can not afford to fail.
They will be very cautious and may
protect her better than your husband.
It was you who came with her. When
we have a mole in the top of the FSB -
You get credit for it.
I have been recommended a diet
where you only eat grapes.
So many to eat,
but only grapes.
They contain everything you need.
Diamond sent these images
to a former colleague.
They went happily to me,
as they recognize you.
Otherwise, we were right on the ass.
Bang her?
I ask you,
if you bang her!
You asked me to sniff something up.
I did not ask you
to sniff between her legs!
How else would I
find out more about her?
I've said 117 times -
- That there is no room for error
in this mission.
- You can destroy everything!
- It is not an error.
The idlers, you gave me is out of
able to protect her.
She has no mental training.
She is the only Boris we have.
- So everything goes according to plan?
- Yes. Everything goes according to plan.
You almost revealed yourself!
What matters is the result.
These are all his shell companies.
You will soon have everything you need.
Stay away from her.
You must not approach her to you.
- Your name is Alice?
- Yes.
It's fucking annoying
that you smoke.
It's your fault. You would not
suck on me, so now I'll smoke.
So it is now.
- Well?
- You were right. They followed me.
Rostovskij must be paranoid.
I saw them outside the bar
and thought it was a bad sign.
You are right. It was bad.
Come on.
- Do not it make you afraid?
- What?
- All this lusken around.
- You're in the shadows. Not me.
It was good that you came back.
- The problem is, I have to travel.
- Do you travel?
I fly to Canada tomorrow.
It occurred suddenly.
If you return?
But I do not know when.
- How long do we have?
- I have to fly tomorrow morning.
Can I borrow your arms,
until you come back?
And your lips.
Lend me your lips.
Was that all?
Why do not we run?
He's gone to bed now.
- He will not come out again, right?
- No, we pack up for the day.
- Will you still suck?
- Drop it! Sick bastard!
You are a gift.
You are a fucking gift!
- Who is it?
- I do not know.
- Who is it?
- Beautiful Alice, it's Khorzov.
- What do you want?
- I have a file on you.
- Place it at the door.
- No, it's confidential.
- Do you know what time it is?
- I'm sorry. Ivan sent me.
Lying bitch.
Who do you work for?
FSB? SVR? The police?
- I'm just a friend.
- A friend of who? For me? No.
- Mr Khorzov...
- Liar! Who do you work for?
I'll call Ivan.
I have to fucking see who I want.
- Put the phone!
- That's it.
He has nothing to do with it. Stop!
Shut up, bitch!
Now we two have a little talk.
If you call the police,
I'll kill you.
Do you understand, stupid cow?
I'll kill you.
- Where are you taking him?
- We take a little ride.
I'm not looking for trouble.
- Who do you work for?
- A book publisher. Call my boss.
Close scar!
- Where are we going?
- Wait and see.
Crapule just called. Diamond
surprised him with his lover.
He took the guy with.
Crapule asking for help.
- I lost the connection. Continue.
- Crapule rang.
Diamond came and dragged away
with his lover. He wants help.
We does not intervene.
That is what they want to entice us.
We await.
Let the guy even cut the mustard.
Crapule hills beyond,
if we do not help his friend.
- Did he say that?
- Yes. And it was not in affect.
She was calm and stood firm.
Tell him we are on the case.
But no one must reveal their cover.
I have seen incredibly talented
agents in the future for themselves -
- Suddenly commit
completely unexplainable error.
- Yes?
- It is Moses.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
He drove me to a parking lot.
I should confess that I was Russian.
I showed him the ID
and asked him to call my editor.
Then he got a call
and asked me to take.
- I'm sorry.
- All right.
We should never have met.
I am completely lost.
- What do you mean?
- I have no idea my wits' end.
A girl you barely know, had
near got you killed. Flygt however.
Should I flee?
You also had to flee.
We had to flee.
What do you think?
- Go to Canada with me.
- I have a problem with North America.
If you want me,
it should perhaps be Iran.
- Why not?
- Super. At the burqa and go.
- We go as you want.
- Right where I want?
If I may be in your arms,
I'm fine.
You are either incredibly brave
or splittergal.
And what about you?
Holy shit!
- We need to talk about something.
- We are in the middle of a meeting.
Did you send Alice to Moscow?!
Rostovskij went to Moscow. He felt insecure
after the captain of the guard's death.
He insisted on taking her with him.
- What happened to Khorzov?
- We do not know.
How is that going to? Can it
conceivable Rostovskij suspects Alice?
Why should he suspect her?
The body lay in front of his villa.
It is the Russian mafia warning.
It was enough people with no manners.
Rostovskij have no reason to
to believe that Alice is behind it all.
Is that why
he abducted her?
He took her,
because he will continue to work.
- Everything is in perfect order.
- No.
It is a matter of days.
- If anything happens to her...
- She will be properly protected.
Of the two teams. One out of Ljubov,
Second of Rostovskij.
He goes nowhere
without an army of bodyguards.
- And what about when I move in?
- So we get her out immediately.
Do not worry. It is our work.
We've done it plenty of times before.
So I'm fucking immediately calmed...
Our product will consist of
income from Gasneft company, -
- Loans from the bank OCB and loan rates
of Portuguese debt.
Junk bonds. The product is emitted by the
RBI on the investment market.
The companies will invest
for $ 3 billion -
- And generate 600 million to RBI
and another 600 to our SPV.
There and there.
The commission generates white money
to the holding company.
She is phenomenal.
Why, it nearly fell into the sink,
just because you wanted to sleep with her.
Olga, my new secretary.
Hello, Gregorij Alexejevitj.
Do you want a cup of coffee?
She speaks a little French and is
very keen to practice the language.
I can not take her up.
I inherited
my predecessor secretary.
So I thought,
that Olga might work for you.
I speak, of course, English.
In this way,
you can keep your office and...
Can I trust you?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Of course you can trust me.
I need a holiday.
When all this is over.
I would prefer you wait until I'm
have settled into my new position.
I need a rest.
- It's not a good time.
- It never is.
Where do you want to go?
- For Montreal.
- Why Montreal?
Why not?
But do not fall in love over there.
- I need you here.
- Do not worry.
As soon as he sees you,
he knows we are not bluffing.
- So is penny and you disappear.
- How?
A car drives you from the restaurant
to a runway -
- Are awaiting a flight
only to you. Good style.
- Where it flies go?
- For Montreal as you wanted.
A week there and then to Washington
to report.
It was hard to swallow for those
so do not be late.
- How does the poor guy out?
- What you get to see tomorrow.
You will not know his face.
But he knows you well.
Maybe he even accosted you.
They like to sniff
their Boris'er, as they call them.
I have to go to the sauna.
Updated list of companies
which invests in SPV -
- With funds from
Rostovskijs shell companies.
Do you have a tattoo?
I got it the day before yesterday.
A horse with wings?
It is a surprise for a friend.
Vladimir Tjerkatjin appointed
as the new head of the FSB.
The news was published
this morning...
- You have not been taught Russian?
- No.
Is this good or bad news?
Soviet history
is a story about -
- Power struggles
between the KGB and the Communist Party.
The microphone is in her cell.
He could find it in her bra.
It ended with the KGB won. The,
as leader KGB, head across the country.
I'm very satisfied
with your efforts.
You came to see me at
just the right time.
My job consists of good timing.
Khorzov thought you were a spy.
I would like to have been. But
it is dangerous, and the pay is lousy.
- We can not see you tonight.
- I'm also sick to death.
Thank you for dinner.
Who do you mean?
- Crapule.
- So do you display the "pimp".
- Luder Karl.
- I'm with.
I'm sorry, but I just
come out of a difficult situation.
- Bad timing?
- It has to be said.
Good night, Alice.
Long distance.
The call is diverted.
Take it now.
- Who is he calling?
- His love.
Take it now.
Hi, Olga. It is Gregorij.
Found folder to me?
Double Check it out.
I can be wrong.
I listen.
I want my love
with forbrydertatoveringen.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
A final meeting tomorrow morning,
I'm free.
To do what?
To go to Iran.
Rostovskij made a pass at me,
but you know what?
He can not compete with you.
I wish I knew what she said.
You can not speak freely, right?
- No.
- Excuse my timing. I hang up.
Wait a minute.
I'm coming.
I love you.
Do not forget to send a copy
the general.
See you.
- Who he will be meeting with?
- Yes, would you believe it? CIA.
The CIA has now for many years met
the new manager and his team.
We have asked for an official meeting,
and that's it. Fine, is not it?
He comes in a little while.
Now he's here.
- Who is he?
- The tall man down at the door.
- It can not be him.
- He is a really good, but the.
Gregorij Gregorejevitj Ljubov.
FSB officer of the Third Division.
Economic and technology department.
- Large cannon.
- A pleasure to meet you.
- Are you all right, Mr Ljubov?
- Yes. Sorry.
- Do you know what a Mbius band is?
- I beg your pardon?
Do you know the concept of Mbius band?
- Ring any bells?
- No.
So let me explain it.
If I take this strip of paper,
the cord, -
- Brings it all around here
and attaches the ends together -
I get a kind of circle.
It is a Mbius strip.
It has no front or back
and only one page.
So if I run your finger
around it, -
- I come back
to the other side.
Do you understand?
It's fascinating, is not it?
They think they are working for the FSB.
And yet, in reality... work for the CIA.
What would happen if we fully
public stood up and said -
- The new head of the FSB was the
which drafted the dossier -
- About the man who worked hard
that he should have the record?
What do you think would happen to your
friend and father in spirit, Tjerkatjin?
And the dossier
we have also got the...
...our charming companion,
have just now staring at.
Now you may well go.
Ivan Rostovskij received
political asylum in Britain.
The Russian oligarch is
no longer tops in the Kremlin.
The Russian federal state is in crisis,
and Russia led by a dictator.
My client opposes
the undemocratic regime -
- And is therefore
Junk in his homeland.
Therefore, Mr Rostovskij chosen to
return to the UK -
- Where he can think freely
and fight the cause of freedom.
- Do you have an opinion?
- My father brought me up in this country.
This country has always been
a faithful friend of my family -
- So I can not imagine
a better exile.
Ivan Borisevitj.
We have found the bitch. Economic
adviser to U.S. NATO delegation.
She arrives at Brussels on 20
- Is that all?
- Yes.
We need dossiers
the three new ministers.
Find some dirt on them and outnumber them
to change the page, if necessary.
- How does it work?
- I have contacts everywhere out here.
- So though. How long are you staying?
- A week.
- How is the weather there?
- Mixed.
Moment. There's someone at the door.
Tell me, baby.
You do not lie to me this time,
do you? Can you really go home?
- Yes, they let me come back.
- You is not good for Europe trips.
You should not be worried.
You are so beautiful.
Even on a computer screen.
Thank you and you too.
The boss wants to see you.
- When?
- Now.
Are you okay?
- Why do you ask?
- It's so rare that we see now.
I know you are busy,
but you look past tonight?
- I will probably be late finish.
- It's okay.
See you.
Come in, Gregorij.
- How are you?
- Very well.
And how are you...
with your American friends?
- Fine.
- Come in, come in.. Sit down.
We will leave the channel L.
But before we do that,
use the canal -
- To pass
important information.
You have to hand them
these documents -
- Which shows
if analyzed correctly, -
- That we would not oppose
a U.S. intervention in Iran.
They take the bait -
- And runs even deeper
in the situation than they did in Iraq.
It will be your last job.
Then you will be arrested
charged with treason -
And sentenced to life imprisonment.
You know it's necessary.
It is essential that your
information perceived as credible.
You sit inside a year or two,
until everyone has forgotten you.
Except for us, of course.
You get an ample
financial compensation.
Is that clear?
That's it.
Another job well done.
Are you good?
- How are the internal affairs?
- Fine.
Do you know that I have
got hold of Diamond's murder case?
Police found his DNA in one of our
rental cars and Crapules occasion.
You can use
her real name now.
It was you who murdered Khorzov.
Do you want to arrest me?
- It was you who was Alice's love.
- Are you kidding me?
Khorzov found out about it,
and you took him away.
You're crazy.
I would never fuck someone Boris.
How do you explain that tattoo?
A horse with wings on the shoulder blade?
A horse with wings.
Just like yours.
It was a surprise for a friend.
She has been exposed to
an assassination attempt.
I thought you wanted to know.
- Here are prohibited.
- I am Gregorij Ljubov.
It is room 663
- Gregorij Ljubov.
- Your passport.
- How is she?
- Not good.
But her condition is stable now.
The poison was like a bomb in the brain.
It destroyed almost everything.
She's not here right.
It might save her,
her father immediately heralded us.
Ten more minutes,
and her heart had stopped.
I will not let you
be alone with her.
- That was the deal.
- The shit I'm on.
Alice, it's Ljubov.
That's me. Moses.
Do you remember me?
You said I was a gift.
Do you remember that?
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