Moby Dick (2010) Movie Script

(Man screaming)
- Sir!
- If you run away again, I'll kill you!
- (Screams)
- You hear me?
Hey. Hey!
Get off him!
Here, get up. Get up.
Who the hell...?
You come back here!
Come back here!
(Man continues yelling)
Sir! Sir, he'll kill me! He will kill me!
Come back here!
Thank you, sir.
Call me Ishmael.
Nice to meet you, Pip.
(Ishmael) Why did I take it into my head
to go on a whaling voyage?
Something that was planned for me
a long time ago, perhaps.
(Pip) So, where are you heading, mister?
What you doing in Nantucket?
Going on a whaler.
Gonna... (Chuckles) ..catch whales.
The overwhelming thought
was for the great whale himself.
(Driver) That's you, fellas.
Wide Atlantic.
There oated into my innermost soul
endless processions of the whale.
One image haunted me most of all...
a grand, hooded phantom,
like a snow hill of the air.
(Driver) Greasy luck, boys.
Go on! Yah!
Nail it down, lad.
Aah! Ugh!
Damn you!
You shouldn't.
You shouldn't keep trying to do things.
That's all life is.
It's trying to do things.
I wish all whales at the bottom of the sea.
Well, that, my dear, is where they are
most of the time.
Third from the left.
Beale, on the sperm whale.
South Sea surgeon.
A reliable man.
(Door creaks)
Your mother says you are determined
to become a whale-man.
It's a hard life.
You have to make sacrifices.
There's no sausages.
Or eggs.
Or pudding, you know?
There's only, um, this.
Good evening.
Mr. Starbuck.
Perhaps, uh, you would, uh...
excuse us.
How are you, Captain?
- (Chuckles)
- What's your news?
She's not ready.
Uh, we shall try...
Try, eh? Do it.
Make her seaworthy.
- In all good conscience...
- So says the great Starbuck,
the authority on all that's right and proper.
I'm ready to go.
(Sighs) That's what I was afraid of.
Well, if you are afraid,
then you know what you must do.
I'll have no man in my boat
who's not afraid of a whale.
Oh, now it's your boat, eh, Mr. Starbuck?
We both know whose boat it is, sir.
Then do your damn job...
and get her in the water. Now.
Yes, Captain.
(Man singing)
J' Lowlands, away, my...
- Keep it tight, sir.
- Yeah.
J' Lowlands
(Chatter, banging)
J' I dreamed a dream
J' A man worked there
- Just do the best you can, all right?
- Yes, sir.
J' Lowlands, away, my John
(Singing continues)
Are you scared'?
Of Moby Dick?
He's just a whale.
Go to sleep now.
Good night, my darling.
Good night.
He isn't just another whale, though, is he?
He went for you.
They don't do that.
It's not natural.
He's old. He's angry.
He doesn't get enough attention
from females...
so we have something in common.
Why do you say that?
Because I knew it would make you
come over here and look at me like that.
You don't need to go.
We have enough.
I always have to go.
But this isn't just another voyage, hmm?
You have something in mind.
At the moment, I have you in mind.
What do you see in an old man like me?
A fire that won't go out...
a steady hand, so steady,
and eyes by which I steer my course.
(Gulls crying)
(Hens clucking)
(Man) Cast oars.
Get on the dock there.
Get ready to grab that dock there.
- There you are, sir.
- Thank you.
(Hens clucking)
All right, everybody off now.
We're here.
Which way are you headed?
I got a choice?
You're your own man, Pip.
(Preacher) ..his instincts are for good.
It is by perversion of these,
through disobedience,
that the purity of his soul becomes sullied.
The kingdom of God is within man.
There is his sacred and divine temple.
Greenland's finest, gentlemen!
Whale oil you can serve at your table
One hundred barrels
of the finest spermaceti.
Sweet as early grass butter in April.
One hundred barrels.
I'd like to start the bidding off at 25.
- Do I see 25?
- (Man) Twenty-five!
Twenty-five it is. Thirty?
(Man) Thirty.
(Auctioneer) Thirty.
We're looking for 35.
(Man) Thirty-five!
(Auctioneer) Thirty-five.
How about 40?
- (Man) Forty.
- Forty. ls there 45, 45?
There's a 45 here.
Fifty I'm bid, I see 50.
Fifty it is, over there.
- Can I see 55?
- (Man) I've got 55.
Thank you very much, sir.
Sold for 55! All righty, then.
Oi, Stubb!
(Animal bleats)
Who you sailing with?
- Ahab.
- Oh. Reckon he'll have you?
I reckon he needs me.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a ship, a Whaler?
Try the Mary Rose.
(Stubb) To the left. You'll see it.
(Man) Two more carts here!
I'm looking for the Mary Rose.
(Laughing) He's just messing with you.
(Man) Spill that oil, you're gonna
work for me for the rest of your life!
(Man) Watch your backs!
Watch your backs!
(Chatter, clanking and hammering)
I thought we'd agreed to this, Mr. Starbuck.
She's not ready.
Double-pin her
and put her back in the water.
What is a week, Mr. Starbuck?
- As first mate, it is your job to ensure...
- It's what the captain wants.
Are you going to tell him he can't have it?
(People) J' 'Twas grace
J' That taught my heart to fear
J' And grace my fears relieved
J' How precious did that grace appear
J' The hour... J'
(Lively chatter, fiddle playing)
(J' People singing Hog-Eye Man)
J' And a hog-eye, oh,
she wants a hog-eye man...
Haven't got all day. Let's go.
We've got another greenhorn, lads!
More easy pickings.
- Here, boy, it's the last ball.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Just give it your best shot, friend.
Come on, now, boys.
Let's get up now!
Let's go now! You stand there,
you'll be jigging on your grave!
(Man) Move!
(2nd man) Get out of the way!
(Stubb) Ohhh!
(Stubb) You're in trouble now, boy!
Who threw the ball?
- (Bar falls silent)
- He did!
Drinks on the greenhorn, boys!
- There you go, darling.
- (Man) Line 'em up and get 'em in.
(Landlord) All right, what'll it be?
Did you find your ship?
I don't think I was
quite good enough for him.
There's nothing going at the moment.
Not for me, anyway.
Where you from?
Got any rooms?
You'll have to share.
That's fine. Who with?
He's not here.
He's, uh, off round town selling his head.
(Fiddle playing quietly)
(Man) Get that rod over there, will you?
(Grunts) Come on, lad.
You'd better be turning flukes.
Come on.
This'll be your first time, then?
Trying for a whale ship.
Oh. Y...Yes
Good luck, son.
(Door shuts,
landlord continues chuckling)
(Fire crackling)
(Chanting quietly in foreign language)
(Both scream)
- (Thud)
' (Laughter)
- Landlord! Help!
- Demon! Show yourself!
What's the matter?
You never said I was sharing with a...
- With a what?
- (Ishmael) With a... a cannibal.
Oh, don't worry.
He's already eaten.
(Landlord laughing)
Here, Queequeg,
you share with him. All right?
I share.
You...You tell him no...
no smoking bed.
I think he understood the first time.
(Door creaks and bangs)
This new second mate...
Mr. Stubb.
He's not from the island.
Talked to a man from New Bedford.
Said he's good. Lives for the kill.
Desperate to come out with you, Captain.
Mr. Flask has returned to us with his man.
Dagoo, yes.
It seems our last trip out
whetted their appetite.
And you, Mr. Starbuck?
On the voyage home last time...
- after the whale took your leg...
- You...
placed me...under restraint.
You said things in your fever.
I can't forget them.
What things?
About the white whale.
About death.
Your own death.
A man in pain will say anything.
(Man) What an extraordinary thing
to do to your face!
Queequeg, looking the way you do...
(Woman) Look. A sea monster!
..You ever get any...
- Trouble?
- (Woman) Oh, my goodness.
- Yeah.
- No.
Queequeg not have trouble.
(Man) Finbacks, right whales, spermaceti!
We take 'em all, gentlemen.
- Sail with Captain Pollard!
- You signing up, too?
Kills every whale he fastens to,
and that's a fact.
Come on board, lads.
Fair pay and no questions asked.
- Morning, Tom.
- How are you?
You, uh...You full?
Afraid so.
If you're looking to make some money,
try later when the Pequod sets up.
Word is Captain Ahab's still looking.
- Pequod?
- Pequod.
(Ishmael) We'll do that.
(Tom) Good luck.
(Lively chatter)
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- (Men) Evening.
We're here on behalf of the Pequod.
You, of all people, know the law, Mr. Bildad.
You can't come in here recruiting men
under the influence.
Needs must
when the devil drives, Mr. Coffin.
Queequeg throw harpoon.
Ours is a Christian boat.
Uh...he's a Presbyterian.
(Bildad) We don't hire cannibals.
I have no objection to any man's religion,
so long as that man
pays me the same respect.
I show you.
(Barmaid) Come on, come on.
Hold on to me, now.
- (People exclaiming)
- (Queequeg) See whale'?
(Man) Watch out!
(Horse whinnies)
- (Man laughing)
- (2nd man) Never in all my life!
Now whale dead.
- You're hired.
- (Man) Did you see him throw that?
Ninetieth share of the profit.
(Bildad) Eighty.
Seventy-eight and a half.
Call it 75th!
We'll take your friend, too.
So, what kind of share do I get?
You get a 777th.
That's all?
Read your Bible, boy.
(Bildad) It does not pay to be generous.
This would be your first time
on a whale ship?
We're giving you an education.
(Coins rattling)
You'll be fairly done by, lad.
You have my word.
(Starbuck) All right, show me that.
Show me. Show me.
Guess we know
who's the senior partner now.
We share.
(Bildad) Captain Ahab will have you
homeward in two years with a ship full of oil!
May I say something?
That depends what it is.
If it is "When will I be rid
of my brute of a husband," then yes.
If it is "Please don't go on this voyage,"
then, no, you may not say anything.
Come to church with me.
- If you must go to sea, then...
- If there is a God,
then I suspect I would anger him more
by a pretense of worship
than by choosing to ignore his existence.
(Bellows blowing, men chatting,
(Starbuck) What do you think, Berth?
Do you think she'll float?
Yes, if we had another two weeks, sir
(Caspian) Don't look ready to me, Papa.
(Ahab) Strong ship.
(Man, hushed) It's Ahab! Ahab!
I said I wanted her out tomorrow.
They're doing what they can, sir.
Why are you making excuses for them,
Mr. Starbuck?
You heard the captain!
Did we pick the right ship?
White oak. American. Good.
Yeah, we did.
J' Lowlands
J' Lowlands, away, my John
J' I dreamed a dream the other night
J' Lowlands
J' My Lowlands, away
J' I dreamed a dream a man was dead
J' Lowlands
J' My Lowlands, away J'
He's not with you, of course.
- He?
- Captain Ahab.
I sailed with him on his last voyage.
- (People singing hymn)
- I was his oarsman.
I was on his whaleboat.
They call me Elijah.
And perhaps you shall sail
with him again, Elijah.
Never again.
If he goes to sea again...
he Will die.
And he knows it.
He'll see a hearse,
made of American wood,
floating on the sea.
And then he'll be strangled...
by hem pen rope
until he is quite dead.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Ask your husband. He knows.
(Elijah) He knows all about it.
(Congregation) J' Amen J'
Beloved shipmates,
the last verse of the first chapter
of the book of Jonah.
"The Lord had prepared a great fish
"to swallow up Jonah."
"Had prepared in waiting a great fish
"to swallow up Jonah."
There may be among you today
those who think they are
the captains of their fates...
- (Man) Hm.
- ..and the masters of their souls.
They are not.
They delude themselves,
just as Jonah deluded himself.
If the Lord God has decided
the sea will take you...
then it will swallow you just as surely
as that whale swallowed Jonah.
Jonah is proud.
He will not accept help,
and he will suffer for it.
And do you know why?
Has gone against God.
Has cast himself out of the family,
of all those who walk in the Lord's way.
The sea will find out your pride,
just as it found out Jonah's.
You may go down to the sea...
imagining that you will not have
to surrender to its awful power,
but you will have to surrender.
The sea has a lesson to teach,
and the lesson is the lesson of He who
made the waves and the billowing oceans,
rolling still as they rolled 2,000 years ago.
Humility, shipmates,
putting aside ourselves...
this is the only way...
to be part of the heavenly family.
Before you take the ship, friends,
in whatever ship it may be...
make sure you take
the light and the Lord God.
May the peace of the Lord be with you.
(All) And also with you.
(Quiet chatter)
(Owl hoots)
All he needs is a good trip out
and a ship full of oil to put him right.
That's what you believe.
But if it makes it easier
to hear me say it...
(Starbuck) Mr. Stubb.
(Stubb) Mr. Starbuck.
(Elizabeth) Good night.
(Man) See you tomorrow morning, OK?
Your God send fish.
Make him eat Jonah.
That's the idea.
Uh... Teach him a lesson.
Whale eat you, you dead.
Too late for lesson.
(Bird cries)
(Dagoo) J' Blow the wind southerly
(Men, joining in) J' Southerly, southerly
J' Blow the wind south...
Good evening to you all, gentlemen.
- J' O'er the bonny blue sea... J'
- Hold your tongues!
(Starbuck) I believe some of you
have signed on the Pequod.
We sail tomorrow, so please
ship your things aboard.
Now, harpooners step forward.
Tell me your name again.
- Queequeg.
- You're my choice.
Mr. Stubb?
- Name'?
- Tashtego.
I am the last of the Massachusett, sir.
You'll do.
(Starbuck) Mr. Flask.
(Clears throat)
- (Dagoo chuckles)
- (Flask) Do we have any choice?
No choice, sir.
My name is Pip.
I signed for cabin boy.
Did you, indeed'?
To kill whales.
Where are you from?
There are no slaves in Nantucket, son.
You're welcome here.
And you, friend of...Queequeg.
- I didn't catch your name.
- He's called Ishmael.
What about you?
You have the look of a good oarsman.
Freshwater sailor, Mr. Starbuck.
Worked the Great Lakes
and the Erie Canal, sir.
You're welcome, too.
Thank you, sir.
Until tomorrow, gentlemen!
Greasy luck to the Whalers...
..success to the sailors' wives.
Don't trouble yourself.
Prophecy's for the weak-minded.
I make my own destiny.
(Horse whinnies)
(Horse snorts, carriage rolls)
(Man) Bring it over. Bring it over.
Pass the sheet up.
(Elijah) You'll need the heavens.
Ahab will lead you to a watery grave.
(Man) Right, that's it.
Mornin', shipmates. Mornin'.
(Elijah) Fools! You're all fools!
Mark my words. I was there!
(Man) Stow your kit in the boat!
(2nd man) Give us a hand here, Jimmy.
(Chatter continues on deck)
(Man) This is a whaling ship,
not a fishing boat!
(Elijah) You signed the articles?
- (Ishmael) Yeah.
- Anything down there about your souls?
About what?
Or maybe you don't have one.
Well, no matter.
What Will be Will be.
It's the easiest thing in the world for a man
to look as if he's got a great secret in him.
- What's he warning us against?
- A soul is sort of a...fifth wheel on a wagon.
We're going sailing now, Elijah.
We have no quarrel with you.
- Go to church. Make your peace.
- (Chatter continues)
(Man) The stores are almost full
on the inside.
(Footsteps on deck)
(Man) May God bless you all!
(Man) Good weather.
(Bildad) Now, Mr. Starbuck, are we ready'?
- That we are!
- Well, then, God bless you
and have you in His holy keeping.
There she is, my boys, the lone Atlantic!
Plunge like Fate! Away!
Mr. Stubb!
Stand by, forecastle!
(Stubb continues shouting)
(Whispers) Look after him.
(Mouths) I will.
(Man) Keep the stern line tight!
- Stern line's tight!
- Put your back into it!
(Men shouting, people calling)
(Man) Staysail and flying jib.
- (Chanting)
- That's good to go.
(Steelkilt) What are you lookin' at, boy?
(Stubb) Run those sheets,
one, two, and three!
(Continues chanting)
(Man) Fall off five degrees.
(Starbuck) Fill those sails, gentlemen!
(Man) Good. Looking good.
- We're on our own now, boys!
- (Tashtego chanting)
(Stubb) Tie up the throat.
Do the same on the main.
Mr. Stubb!
All men at their stations!
(Stubb) All men at their stations!
- And Captain Ahab'? Is he...
- Oh, he'll show his face when it's time.
- Ready about!
- Ready about!
(Man) I don't want to see
any bitter ends on that deck!
Ishmael, clear the topgallant.
(Man) Up on the bow, Mr. Gray!
You're my eyes today.
(Stubb) Clear topgallants!
- Which one is the topgallant?
- Follow me.
(Stubb) Right, you greenhorn bastards!
Your asses belong to me!
Now get to work!
(Man) Topgallants clear!
Greenhorn on the watch!
- Make fast!
- Make fast!
Well executed, Mr. Stubb. Greasy luck.
- (Man) I want a greenhorn on the mast.
- (2nd man) On our way.
(Man) Ishmael, would you go?
(Man shouts order)
(Low creaking sound)
(Creaking sound continues)
(Whale groans)
(Ship creaking)
- (Steelkilt) Easy does it.
- Michigan, get to work.
(Man) Boy. Hold that rib in place, will ya?
(Man) OK, yeah.
Hold it there, I'm gonna pin it.
(Dagoo laughing)
(Starbuck) Richard and Lawson,
you're needed on deck.
(Man) Aye, sir.
Jesus, this is like a prison.
They say the first week's the worst.
Thought you sailed before, Steelkilt.
- I did.
- And?
Great Lakes.
You ever heard of them, boy'?
(Dagoo) Who are you calling "boy"?
Well, this isn't prison.
This is freedom.
(Dagoo) This is freedom, isn't it, Pip?
You haven't found your sea legs yet, huh?
(Dagoo clicks tongue)
(Dagoo sighs) Good night, boys.
(Man) Good night.
(Ship creaking)
(Man coughing)
(Footsteps on deck)
He's out there...somewhere.
You can smell him, can't you?
You got a name, boy'?
son of Abraham...
and that Egyptian woman.
"And he will be a wild man,
"and his hand will be against every man,
"and every man's hand will be against him."
What's in a name?
(Both chuckle)
It's been a while since
I read my Bible, Captain.
Queequeg. There, there. See?
Is it a whale?
The first lesson of whaling...
(Rumbling groans)
(Starbuck) Aft!
Look. Captain.
(Two men) All men on deck!
(Man) Come on, everyone!
Aft! All men stand for the captain!
You see this, boys?
(Men calling out)
The $16 piece.
It's a doubloon.
Do you see it?
(Enthusiastic shouts)
What do you do
when you see a whale, boys?
(All) Sing out for him!
Good! And what do you do next, men?
(All) Lower away and after him!
And what tune do you pull to, men?
(All) A Dead Whale Or A Stove Boat!
A Dead Whale Or A Stove Boat!
' (Laughter)
' (Man) Aye!
Give me a nail, Perth.
Thank you.
And your hammer, please.
Now, the first man who raises me a whale...
will have this $16 piece...
- (Chatter, laughter)
- ..this ounce of Spanish gold,
this doubloon.
But not just any whale, lads. No!
A very particular whale.
A white-headed whale!
A white-headed whale!
With a wrinkled brow
- and a crooked jaw.
- (Man, quietly) This is madness.
With three holes punctured
in his starboard fluke,
harpoons pressed into his back
like rusted corkscrews.
A white, white whale!
You know, boy'?
(Queequeg) I know, Captain.
I hear this.
What do they call him?
(Ahab) Say it.
(Man) Don't. It's a curse.
Afraid to say the name!
Afraid to say the name, lest we...
summon him from the depths.
(Man) I didn't sign on for this.
(Ahab) Fear is a prison,
building walls around you.
Strike through the walls.
Say the name!
(Man) It's a demon.
Say the name!
- Moby Dick!
- Moby Dick!
It is Moby Dick that you are hunting.
Say it! Say the name again!
(Ahab) Say it!
(Men) Moby Dick!
(Starbuck) Captain Ahab!
Was it not this fish, Moby Dick,
that smashed your boat in two
and took your leg?
- (Man) Yeah.
- Was it not Moby Dick...
- (Man) Yeah.
- ..that took your leg, Captain?
Who told you that, Mr. Starbuck?
I saw it with my own eyes, sir.
You did, indeed, Mr. Starbuck.
Well, boys, I guess my secret's out.
- (Laughter)
- What can you hide from your shipmates?
- Nothing.
- (Laughter)
Aye, Starbuck.
That was the whale.
AYE, lads!
(Ahab) Moby Dick!
He is the one who dismasted me,
brought me to the dead stump
I walk on now.
Alas, poor Ahab.
- (Laughter)
- It was that accursed whale
that made a poor, pegged lubber
of me forever and a day!
But will I lie down under it?
Will I take it?
I will not lie down under it.
(Ahab) I will not take it!
I came here to hunt whales, Captain,
not for vengeance.
Is vengeance not permitted these days?
- Is vengeance not correct?
- We hunt to live, do we not?
It'll be a sad day indeed
when we live to hunt.
Oh, you're not game, eh, Mr. Starbuck?
- Is that it?
- I...I...I didn't...
- That add a little too much for you?
- I am game for anything
if it comes fairly in the way of business.
My vengeance will fetch a good price!
Vengeance on a dumb animal?
Sounds blasphemous to me.
Don't you talk to me of blasphemy!
I'd strike the sun if it insulted me!
And I will chase him
across every sea that there is.
Will you chase him with me,
across both sides of land
and all sides of earth
until he spouts black blood and rolls over?
Will you do it?
(AH) Yes!
You'll do that for me, won't you?
(All yelling)
Are you with me?
(AH) Yes!
Then let us drink to it.
(Cheering and laughter)
Aye, Captain.
(Ahab) Every man must drink.
(Man) Aye.
(Speaking Pacific language)
Aye, Captain.
(Ahab) Everyone must drink!
(Man) Aye, drink!
(2nd man) Drink!
(3rd man) That's it.
- (4th man) Over here! Let me have some!
- Beat out the call for the white whale!
(Ahab) Moby Dick!
(All) Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
- Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
- (Ahab) Moby Dick!
- (Men) Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
- We taste your heart's blood!
(Men) Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
He who is not with us is against us.
Right, Mr. Starbuck?
Mutiny is a sin, is it not?
Aah. Drink up, lad!
Mr. Starbuck's with us, boys!
Moby Dick!
(All) Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
- (Hollering)
- (All) Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
(Groaning, rumbling)
(Dagoo) When a harpoon with
a line attached is fixed in his body,
and in this case they will something...
sometimes coil...
Soon I'm gonna kill me lots of whales!
All you need is a harpoon, Pip...
and something to throw it at.
No. You need permission.
- You ask the sea to steer you.
- (Man) Pass me the tobacco.
(Dagoo) And you bless the blade you carry.
You strike with a strong hand
and a good heart.
Then you give thanks to the whale.
(Steelkilt) Is that before you chop it up
and boil it down'?
- (Laughter)
- Captain wants to see you.
- (Starbuck) Yes, you.
- You're gettin' promoted.
Some men aren't made for whaling.
Be careful. A bad feeling on a ship
can spread in a heartbeat.
- Aldo, be careful.
- (Aldo) Sorry, Mr. Starbuck.
I'm first mate,
Mr. Stubb is second mate,
Mr. Flask third mate.
That is all you need to know.
The captain likes men
who can think for themselves.
Just don't think too much.
Your vest's on backwards.
Welcome to the court of King Ahab.
Here I sit in state.
Next to me is Mr. Starbuck.
Below him is Mr. Stubb.
Little Mr. Flask down there,
- third mate last. You see, boy'?
- Yes, sir.
Everything is done
in an orderly fashion here.
Dinner, Mr. Starbuck.
(Starbuck) Dinner, Mr. Stubb!
Dinner, Mr. Flask!
(Flask) Coming, Mr. Stubb.
(Ahab) The young man will be sewing us
I have heard
he's a great believer in fairness,
but...what do we believe in
on this ship, Mr. Stubb?
Order, sir.
Order and merit.
(Starbuck) Thank you.
(Ahab) Now, Flask's an officer.
He wishes he could fist a bit of pork
as he did before the mast.
Now he's hunger.
There's the vanity of glory.
The insanity of life. (Chuckles)
Well, order and merit.
Last in, first out.
You can clear the plates now.
Mr...Mr. Flask hasn't quite finished yet, sir.
Ah! Clear, eh?
Mr. Starbuck, you may call the harpooners.
You're leaving Mr. Flask till last, eh?
- Just clearing in order of precedence, sir.
- Ah.
Does the young man have your permission
to take your plate?
(Ahab) Take his plate.
Then reset the places.
Did you lend him money?
- No, sir.
- Are you a relative?
(Chuckles) Not that I know of, sir.
(Whistles) Flask.
(Through mouthful) Thank you, Mr. Stubb.
You ever see a squall come in
over a thousand miles of ocean, boys?
No, sir.
The sky goes black and boiling,
and it races across the heavens,
and you will have to take in
these sails in a moment,
in a breath!
Or boom!
(Flask) Down we go.
(Men chuckling)
Dagoo, show him the ropes.
Queequeg, Ishmael.
- I'm not going up with a nigger.
- (Dagoo sighs)
(Stubb) Dagoo.
There are no niggers on my ship, Michigan,
only sailors,
and if I ever hear you call him that again,
I'll turn you black...
and blue.
(Clicking tongue)
' Away you go, now.
- (Dagoo grunts)
(Dagoo grunts)
(Stubb) Practice till your hands bleed, boys.
One dollar for a clean hit.
(Men chatting quietly)
- Ropes are for greenhorns, Queequeg.
- (Men chuckle)
(Man) Tricks again.
(2nd man) Come on, Queequeg.
(3rd man) Let it go.
(4th man) Go on, lad!
(Stubb) Wait for my word.
(Man) Hit it now.
(Man) Wait for it!
(Men exclaim and laugh)
(Man) You did good.
(2nd man) That's why he's the best.
I don't think it was a clean hit.
A clean hit, sir.
(Stubb) But I don't think so.
(Dagoo grunting)
(Men laughing)
Clean hit. One dollar.
- And I said wait for my word.
- Quee...Queequeg!
- One dollar.
- You don't get to give me orders, sailor.
- Queequeg!
- (Queequeg) One dollar, Mr. Stubb.
(Stubb) This can only end one way.
Put your hand down.
One dollar.
- (Ishmael) Queequeg!
- Right.
Whale! Whale on the lower of midship!
There she blows!
- (Man) Finally!
- (All shouting)
(Ishmael) There she blows!
False alarm!
- You.
- (Man) Ah, right.
Down here, now!
Who are you, boy?
What are you thinking of?
Think you can do anything you like,
is that it? You're a big man, is that it?
Nothing green about you, is there?
Been whaling all your life, perhaps?
This is my command, boy.
I know every man on this ship.
I know what they can and cannot do,
and I watch them.
I know when to act, when to stay silent.
See, like a well-run family,
only, from what I hear,
you do not know a great deal
about such things.
Have you ever seen a whale, boy?
No, sir.
Do you have any idea how big they are?
His liver...
is two cartloads.
They can grow to a hundred feet long.
And teeth...
He has teeth.
You think I'm scared, sir?
I'm not scared.
- (Grunting)
- Who are you, my little boy'?
Oh! Hey! Hey!
Ease off!
You go out in a little boat.
It's a tiny little thing with a few lances.
Up against this angry mountain.
Do you understand what that's like?
Do you have any idea'?
No, I...I can't imagine, sir.
Oh, I think you can.
I think that's something
you can do very well...
(Ahab) Show's over. Back to work.
(Dagoo singing quietly)
(Man) You all right, Pip?
You call that a beating'?
A real beating takes half an hour to an hour.
It's nice to see that you can
laugh about it, friend.
We'd never stand for this in Chicago.
Well, I guess this isn't Chicago.
- (Steelkilt) Uh-huh.
- Where's Chicago?
It's a long, long way from here.
(Man) He's missing his mother.
(Men chuckling)
How long till we get a whale, Queequeg?
Maybe day, maybe month.
Queequeg does not find whale.
Whale find Queequeg.
(Ishmael chuckles)
Land. Look!
- Land ho, Mr. Starbuck!
- (Men shouting, laughing)
- Water, fruit, and women!
- Not necessarily in that order.
Dry land, lads!
At last! Whoo!
- Bear down.
- Bear down!
Michigan, tell your mother to give
your sisters a bath. We're on our way.
- (Laughter)
- Mr. Stubb, pull yourself together.
- (Knocking)
- Come.
We're at the islands, sir.
Then we're running late.
No, we're making good headway.
He will be setting out
for the Cape by now, so...
Bring her in as usual, sir?
No, we sail on, Mr. Starbuck.
That's an order.
(Stubb shouting on deck)
(Stubb) I need a couple of volunteers!
(Pip) Are we going hunting?
(Stubb) Kill ourselves a pig or two, eh, Pip?
Mr. Stubb.
Sail on.
Come on, boys.
(Laughter and chatter in background)
It's been seven months, Mr. Starbuck.
It's an order.
Hard about, gentlemen.
(Man) Wait. Wait, wait.
Hard about!
- (Flask) You heard Mr. Stubb. Hard about!
- (Men groan)
(Man) It's not right. It's not.
J' I think it's time for us to go
(Men) J' And it's time for us to leave her
J' Leave her, Johnny, leave her
J' The ship won't steer or stay or wear...
(Steelkilt) It ain't right, lads.
(Men) J' Leave her, Johnny, leave her J'
The whole thing.
It don't feel right.
Ask come we didn't
stop at them islands back there?
Why is our captain keeping us hungry?
- Why ain't we eating fresh food?
- He's not the one keeping us hungry, friend.
One thing I know...
I didn't sign up to be treated like no animal.
What did you sign up for?
Hmm? 'Cause I signed up to catch whales.
And where are the whales?
- He found us any whales?
- Patience, brother.
All we are being given are promises,
and we can't fill our bellies
on promises.
The whole ship's on a promise!
That's how it works.
Tashtego is right.
(Ishmael) We have to have patience.
And we have to try and get along.
We're all equals here.
(Man) Aye, it's true.
- Ishmael.
- Sir.
I know you don't want
to be late for your watch.
So, is that a whale?
No, I don't think so.
Better be sure next time.
(Man humming)
(Dice clinking, men chatting)
(Man chuckles)
(Man) She's the one who wanted the pork
in the first place, so, you know...
(Humming continues)
"Give ear unto my words, O Lord,
"my meditation weigh.
"Hear my loud cry, my king, my God,
"for I to Thee will pray.
"Lord, Thou shalt early hear my voice.
"I early will direct my prayer to Thee,
"and looking up, an answer will expect."
That's nice.
"How excellent in all the earth, Lord,
"our Lord, is Thy name,
"who has Thy glory far advanced
"above the starry frame.
"My prayer to Thee, and looking up
"my answer will expect.
"For Thou art not a God
that doth on wickedness delight.
"Neither shall evil dwell with Thee
"nor fools stand in Thy sight."
You know, someday,
I'm gonna kill me some whales.
(Grunts) Ho-ho!
First blood for Pip!
That is property of Pip!
(Rumbling, groaning)
J' Way, haul away
J' We'll haul away, Joe
J' That if I... J'
(Birds crying)
There! There!
She blows! She blows!
- A whole herd! There!
- (Men muttering)
It is! It is!
(Ishmael) It is! It is! Queequeg!
On the windward side!
- It's true!
- (Cheering) Gentlemen, she blows!
- All hands!
- (Man) There she blows!
- There she ripples!
- (Shouting, cheering)
(Man) We'll see our sweethearts
in summer dresses yet!
- Boys, now's the time to do it!
- Come on, Dagoo!
(Shouting continues)
Lower away. All right, join him there,
ready to lower away.
(Stubb) If you haven't seen
a woman for eight months, boys,
the next best thing is a whale.
(Overlapping shouts)
(Man) School of whales, Mr. Flask.
(Flask) That it is.
- Ready, Dagoo?
- Ready, Mr. Flask!
(Tashtego chanting)
(Overlapping shouts)
(Men yelling)
(Screams, grunts)
- You all right?
- (Creaking, cracking)
(Men shouting)
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. All right.
Somebody help me get this man
down below!
- (Stubb) What was that?
- (Men shouting)
(Man) I need a hand here.
(Stubb) Roland! Check the depths.
(Overlapping shouts)
(Starbuck) Help me! No, not you! Not you!
Keep the boat secure.
(Stubb) Faster, everyone!
(Ishmael) I think I saw something move!
- What did you see? Ishmael!
- (Flask) Secure the boat!
- I can't be sure.
- Where the hell is Captain Ahab'?
All right. Go and tell the captain
there are whales on the windward beam!
Females and calves,
bearing five degrees north!
(Starbuck) All right. You're all right.
Tash, secure the damn boat!
Whales, Captain! Wh...
(Faint rumbling)
Do you hear him?
You hear him, boy?
Out there in the ocean?
(Whale song, faint)
Just the other side of our wooden walls.
A herd of whales, Captain,
on the windward beam!
It's him.
Why is he here?
What does he want?
Uh, f...females or young cubs, sir.
Females! Of course.
He wants them.
He's here to mate.
For a moment,
I thought he was looking for us,
but, no, he's done what he came to do.
He's moving away from the herd,
he's moving off,
and we happen to be in his...
We'll lose him.
Fix the course southwest.
Uh, no, sir, that's the other way
from where they are.
I'm captain of this ship.
Not aware I was asking for your opinion.
- Come on, guys, help.
- (Man) All right, take it easy.
No, Pip, give him some room, all right?
- Give him some room.
- (Man) Come on.
(Queequeg) Lower boats here!
(Flask) Lower boats, Mr. Starbuck?
(Men shouting)
(Stubb) Lower boats, Mr. Starbuck!
- (Creaking)
- (Yells)
He's taking us southwest.
- That's opposite to the damn shoal!
- Uh...
(Ishmael) Sir!
- Captain!
- (Stubb) Keep her limber, boys!
You keep her limber.
Whales on the windward beam!
Permission to lower boats.
They need this, sir.
It's been 13 months of nothing.
The windward beam?
- Here.
- Boy didn't make it clear?
First trip. We'll forgive him.
No captain in his right mind
would do a thing like that...
steer away from a whole herd of whales.
A madman, that's who.
Lower boats.
Lower away.
- (Starbuck) Lower away!
- (Shouting, laughter)
(Dagoo) Lower away, boys!
- Lower boats!
- (Stubb) Let's go, boys.
- (Man) Queequeg, come on!
- Whales to windward.
(Man) Get a harpoon!
(Ahab) Lower boats!
(Dagoo) Hurry, boys!
- You! Wait in my boat.
- (Man) Keep her level!
(Ahab) Queequeg, where's my oarsman?
(Shouting and urgent chatter continue)
This your first whale?
What do you think it was that bumped
our boat and made that poor sailor fall'?
You want to come with me and have a look?
(Stubb) Easy now, boys. Easy!
(Stubb) Let's go, boys!
Get in this boat!
Queequeg not hunt whale without Ishmael.
(Queequeg) You bring luck.
See birds?
They show us where whale is.
(Birds crying)
All right, ready to push off?
(Stubb) Keep the stern low!
Easy now, boys, easy!
Dagoo! Dagoo, take me with you!
Ah, not today, my friend.
Your day will come.
But I'm not afraid. Just...
- It's too dangerous, Pip.
- Why?
- Come on, boys! Let's go!
- (Man) Let's go!
(Stubb) This is Stubb's fish, boys.
You remember that. This is Stubb's fish.
(Ahab) Let her down! Jonas!
- (Ahab) On the helm.
- (Urgent chatter)
Get out of the boat!
Come on, let's beat those bastards!
(Man) All right, Dagoo.
(2nd man) Row!
(Man) Hurry up, men!
Stubb's already away and ahead.
(Birds crying)
J' Blow, my bully boys, blow
J' Chase the boy and bring him down
J' Row, boys, row
J' Our prize will be his red-rose gown
J' Blow, my bully boys, blow
J' A dead whale or a stove boat
J' Row, boys, row
J' Aim the spear and watch him float
J' And blow, my bully boys, blow
J' Race across the churning brine
J' Row, boys, row
J' The old whale's heart is surely thine
J' Oh, blow, my bully boys, blow
J' A dead whale or a stove boat J'
(Man) Go on, boys.
Don't hurry yourselves.
There's plenty of time.
- (2nd man) Starboard!
- (Men shouting)
(Man) Come on, boys.
(2nd man) Put your backs into it.
What's the captain doing?
- Sir, I think he thought...
- Thought what?
That...That the white whale
might be out there, sir.
(Starbuck) Oh, God help me.
Come on, boys, row.
Put your backs into it.
- (Ahab) Harder!
- Break your backs now, boys!
Pull! Row!
Stay on course.
Heave! Ho.
Watch your stroke, Ishmael.
Watch your stroke.
(Starbuck) There you go.
This is Stubb's whale, boys!
We want to get ourselves a girl
on the edge of the herd, boys,
else all those bitches will be after us.
(Stubb) Get down, Pip, get down!
This is Stubb's whale, boys!
(Men grunting as they row)
Strike it, Tash.
I'll have that whale,
or, I swear, I'll have you.
Strike now!
(Whale cries)
- (Stubb) Good work, Tash!
- I got her, sir!
- (Tash) She's hooked fast!
- Get down, Pip!
Ship your oars!
The bowline's keeling!
Ship your oars!
(Pip) Where do you want this?
Put down that goddamn rope!
Secure the rope!
Put it down now!
Hold on, now!
- Whoo!
- Hold on, boy!
There they go.
Come on, boys!
Don't you let go, Watson!
Lean on it!
' (Pip
gag -
Hold hard now! Hold hard!
Hold hard!
- Hang on, Pip!
- (Grunting)
(Stubb) Hang on, Tash!
- Keep shy of her!
- Mr. Stubb!
Come on, my darling!
- Mr. Stubb!
- Help me!
Come on, my sweetie pie!
(Grunting, shouting)
(Tashtego) Cut the rope!
He'll be ripped in half!
Hold on, Pip! Hold on!
(Tashtego) Sir, the rope!
- Stubb!
- (Rope creaking)
Sir, the rope! Cut it!
(Men groan)
Damn you! Damn you!
You shouldn't even be in the boat!
A waste!
Why'd they cut? What's wrong?
(Pip coughing)
You keep out of my sight!
Get the oars in the water.
(Starbuck) Heave! Heave together!
What happened to Pip? Pip!
That's Stubb's whale, Mr. Starbuck!
- Heave!
- First blood!
This bitch is ours now!
That'll rile him up.
Get the oars back in the water.
That bitch is Stubb's bitch,
and don't you forget it!
Ho. Ho.
Easy now, boys. Easy.
Don't slap the oars.
Here she is.
Easy. Easy.
We almost on him, sir.
All right, all right. Quiet as we can.
Shh. Here we go.
Here we go.
(Growls) Come on, boys!
(Flask) That's it, lads! Let's get our take
Almost there.
Whenever you're ready, Queequeg.
Prepare to ship oars.
Prepare to ship oars.
Ship oars! Ship oars!
- (Whale groaning)
- She's got a rope!
She's got a rope!
Get 'em in! Get 'em in! Get 'em in!
Queequeg, put the bow pin in!
Ishmael, rope's snagged under that oar!
Let it out!
Let it out! Quick!
All right, lock her off.
All right, here we go!
- Here we go!
- (Creaking)
Hang on!
(Roaring, whooping)
We're being dragged
by the Bank of England, boys!
She's got fight in her.
She's gonna drag us all the way home!
Don't let the nose drop!
Your first whale, Ishmael.
(Whooping and cheering)
Ishmael, the rope's getting hot!
Fill this bucket with water.
Get me some water!
- (Queequeg exclaims)
- (Starbuck) Pour it on the rope.
Cool her down. Cool her down.
Hang on and pull! Yeah!
- Good! She's getting tired.
- (Grunting and panting)
Boys, she's tiring out.
Reel her in! Queequeg!
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Pull! Pull!
Hold the line!
Oh, we got her, boys!
- We got her!
- (Whooping)
(Whooping, cheering)
(Whooping, laughter)
(Starbuck) Oh, she's a beauty.
(Man) Well done, well done.
- (Man) I'll pay for your shirts.
- (Laughter)
keep it going, boys.
Keep it going. Keep driving now.
Hold oars.
Hold oars. Hold, hold.
He's down there, boys.
I can feel it.
Look alive, now, boys. Look alive.
There. That way.
Go, lads. Come on now.
Easy, boys. Easy now.
(Steelkilt) Easy, boys. Easy now.
(Laughter, chatter)
(Starbuck) Look at Mr. Stubb's boat!
Trying to sneak up like it's theirs!
(Men hollering)
- Starboard only! Starboard only!
- There's no shame in that cut, Mr. Stubb!
She's still your whale!
It was our Pip what I cut, Mr. Starbuck!
You can finish her!
(Starbuck) Nice of you to join us, Mr. Flask!
Come on in!
Glad to see you and the girls are rested!
(Starbuck) Come on!
Put the can on Mr. Flask!
- (Starbuck) Not your day, Dagoo!
- She'll have sisters, boys.
- (Starbuck) Yeah, she'll have sisters.
- I thought she was your sister, Dagoo!
She smells like your mother!
H0! Wait! Wait!
Here's to a short and prosperous venture!
(Man) Congratulations, Mr. Stubb!
(Steelkilt) What is it?
What happened to the bloody wind?
Leviathan needs the air.
He's there, though, boys.
I can feel him.
You want that doubloon,
you look sharp, lads.
Look alive, boys.
(Steelkilt) Easy now.
There you go.
Easy now. Easy. Look for it, boys.
- (Thud)
- (Steelkilt) Hold oars.
Hold oars.
(Steelkilt) What's happening?
What's happening?
(Ahab laughing)
(Steelkilt) It's the hand of the devil.
It's the devil's hand.
- Oh...
- (Steelkilt) Jesus!
(Ahab) Here we are again.
Row. Hard!
(Men yelling)
- (Ishmael) Pip! Pip!
" (Laughter)
Pip, are you hurt, Pip?
Oh, he'll be fine.
You shouldn't have been on that boat, and I
don't want to ever have to tell you that again.
(Stubb) Dagoo, keep those sharks
from my whale.
J' My boots and rags are all in pawn!
(Men) J' Go down your blood-red roses
Mr. Stubb, sir!
(Men) J' Go down your blood-red roses
Mr. Stubb, sir!
Not a word from you, lad! Not a word!
(Men) J' Go down your blood-red roses J'
(Man) What is it?
(2nd man) What is that?
- Dagoo!
- (Man) Look at the size of that.
(Dagoo) That is Moby Dick!
(Rumbling groan)
(Men shouting and screaming)
(Stubb) ls everyone all right?
(Dagoo) Everyone OK'?
(Stubb) You all right?
(Man) God, that was close.
- Did anybody see him'? Did you see him'?
- (Man) Everybody OK?
(Ahab) Follow him. Pull with all your might!
(Men grunting)
(Rumbling groan)
(Man) Did you see that?
(Men yelling in distance)
(Ahab) That's our Moby.
Isn't he the very devil, eh?
(Laughing) Oh!
(Ishmael) Here, then,
was this gray-headed, ungodly old man,
chasing with curses
a whale around the world...
(Ahab) You'll never bail this ocean out
with that thimble!
..At the head of a crew of mongrel
renegades and castaways and cannibals.
How was it we responded
to the old man's anger?
What evil magic possessed our souls
so that his hate seemed ours?
(Stubb) ls everyone accounted for?
(Laughs) That was him.
Will he come back?
That was Moby Dick.
Will he come back?
(Chuckles) He'll be back.
The white whale seemed the gliding
great demon of the seas of life.
You're not finished with me yet.
I could see nothing in him
but the deadliest evil.
(Ishmael) We had chased the whale
over the watery moors,
slaughtered her in the valleys of the deep
and then towed her alongside
and beheaded her.
Her great padded skin
was the property of her executioners.
And no sooner had we decanted her oil
into the casks
then we would be off again
to fight another whale.
How long could leviathan
endure so wide a chase?
Klaus, don't make Mr. Stubb tell you.
- Mr. Stubb, if you please!
- Heave!
J' When I was a little lad
J' So my mother told me...
(All) Heave!
J' Way, haul away
J' Haul away, Joe
Wasn't so bad, was it, men?
- J' ..kissed the girls...
- Yes, Captain.
Applause for Mr. Stubb.
He's killed his whale.
(All cheer)
(Ahab) Must be 50 barrels of oil in her.
And that's the way to do it when an old
bull whale comes at you...stand firm.
We'll have him on the other
side of the ship 'fore morning.
- Won't it be gone by then, Captain?
- What makes you say that?
The old bulls don't stay round
the herd long, do they?
- You read that in a book, did you?
- I did indeed, sir.
If I knew what a whale was gonna do,
I'd be a very rich man, boy.
Mr. Starbuck,
make sure these men have a drink.
- They've earned it.
- (Crew cheers)
Will he be back, sir?
He'll be back.
If someone hung up my wife on a hook,
I'd be back.
And when he comes, we'll be ready for him,
will we not?
- Aye.
' (All) Aye
- Aye, sir.
- Yes, Captain.
J' I sailed the seas for many a year
J' Not knowing what I was...
- More slack.
- Heave!
(Ishmael) Where... Where's Pip? Has
anyone seen Pip since we hit the water?
- Heave!
- Queequeg, have you seen Pip?
No, not seen him.
J' lips would all grow moldy...
- Heave!
- J' Way-ho...
(Dagoo) Have you checked below?
Pip! Pip!
- Mr. Stubb, have you seen Pip?
- Don't talk to me about that boy!
- Pip!
- Heave!
Here, you get you down below decks
and move some barrels.
(Ishmael) Pip!
(Ship creaks)
Right, now we peel her like an orange!
Pip! Pip!
(Stubb) That's more than 50 barrels,
more than 50.
(Dull creaking)
(Creaking intensifies)
(Whale groans)
(Pip) Ishmael!
Ishmael! Ishmael!
- Help! Please help me up!
- Pip! Pip!
- Help me!
- I'm coming, Pip, I'm coming!
OK, boy. Come up here.
- Come on, Pip. Hurry up.
- OK. OK.
Drop...Drop the oar.
Drop the oar.
I've got you. You're safe.
You're safe. I've got you.
(Stubb) Feed the flames, boys.
She'll burn herself up.
Can you squash me up a steak?
Cooked rare, mind.
Smells like the left wing
of the day of judgment, does it not?
Can I have some help here? Some help!
- Man down larboard side needs some help!
- Hoy!
(Starbuok) Got it, got it, got it, got it.
All right, ready?
One, two, three...
(Starbuck) All right, get up here.
What in God's name
do you think you're doing?
Rescuing a member of
the ship's company, Mr. Stubb.
I thought I told you to move some barrels.
Time is money!
Get back to work.
He must have got swept overboard, sir.
- He's half frozen to death.
- Bring him on down to captain's quarters.
What you need, young man...
is a glass of whiskey.
(Hushed) Sir. I saw him, sir.
I saw the white whale, sir.
Where? Where'd you see him?
- Exactly.
- Where Mr. Stubb killed the whale.
(Ahab) Let's get rid of this creature.
Work to be done.
I want it off my ship and I want men
on both masts, double-watch all night.
He won't stay long, I'll bet.
- Come and take care of your lad.
- Yes, sir.
(Stubb) Right, Tash, Dagoo,
Queequeg, Michigan.
Down below.
(Bottle clinks)
(Uncorks bottle, pours)
Here you are.
He breached?
At a distance?
This close to me.
I could have touched him.
Then he dived.
He is...
He is beautiful, sir.
As if he was showing you,
- "I'm here. This is my territory."
- No...
Your very presence
was a challenge to him.
And if you challenge him,
- this creature changes lives.
- But I didn't challenge him.
Anyone who shares his spirit
is a challenge to him.
He thinks he owns the ocean.
I felt his strength, sir.
I felt the presence.
I was in his mouth, Ishmael, his mouth.
Imagine it. Afterwards, for a while,
I was like a madman.
Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Starbuck
thinks I've not deviated from that position.
Do you think that?
No, sir.
I don't...
I don't think that.
You were close to him...
- you understand.
- Yes.
Moby Dick.
Just saying it is enough
to scare the hell out of a man, yes?
He's white!
He's the pallor on the cheeks of the dead.
- You ever seen a dead man?
- No, sir.
We paint such pretty things on the universe.
But in fact it is...all space.
It's all...emptiness.
It's all whiteness.
Like the whale.
Oh ho, he's in your blood now.
He's clutched your heart.
Where do you think you're going?
Get back down there.
This is my whale, Steelkilt.
Check every barrel. Leaks cost money,
and I want every drop of this bitch.
What did I do wrong?
(Stubb) Get that skin on the fire!
There's nothing wrong.
This is whaling.
You'll get used to it, friend.
By the time you get out of here
you'll be as black as the rest of us.
Let that go.
- Do you know what these are'?
- No.
They call them veins.
Like the veins in your body?
That's it. The veins that carry the blood
around your body.
The blood goes down and around and back.
And these are...
the tracks that the whale makes.
Just like the tracks a swallow makes
going south to find warmer weather,
we make tracks too,
going this way and that
across the globe,
looking for food and shelter.
- You could lose him so easily...
- Mm-hmm.
- Once he's on the move.
- Of course, of course.
Of course, he could go anywhere.
He has the whole world at his disposal.
(Laughs) But he's here,
standing his ground.
(Both) Waiting.
(Knock on door)
Later, Mr. Starbuck.
(Starbuck) Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name...
(Man) Don't use so much wood.
This won't be the only whale.
(Continues praying quietly)
..and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory...
(Wind whistling)
Most excellent head,
you dive deep where no man goes.
You've seen enough to split the planets.
You've been where untold hopes and
anchors rot and have not a word to say,
and now we do anything we like with you.
We turn you into hard cash...
into heat and light for all America.
- Captain...
- (Ahab) Big, isn't she?
She has sisters even bigger.
And we can see them.
They're spouting!
I don't think we need to concern ourselves
with this one's sisters.
There's only one whale...
Moby Dick.
This lad here saw him.
Last night.
He's not more than 300 yards away.
Let's get out of here
as fast as possible, then.
No need to be afraid of him, boys.
I never said I was scared, Captain.
He's the one who's scared...
the white whale.
We don't even know
where this white whale is!
(Ishmael) I think we do, sir.
Look at those birds on the starboard bow.
Look at all those birds, sir.
(Queequeg) That's him.
- That's him, all right.
- He's moving off.
Stand by. Put up sail and make
course northeast, Mr. Starbuck.
(Steelkilt) This is crazy, lads!
Hold your tongue.
You all saw that thing!
You all did.
- We go up against it and we'll die.
- Know your place.
Didn't we swear an oath?!
- Death to Moby Dick!
- Aye.
Are we to turn our backs on our duty,
Are we to doff our caps,
make way, carry on, proceed'?
"Sir whale, who are we to interrupt
your progress through the world,
"make war on the whole damn fishery?"
He's evil!
He will kill and maim and plunder the seas
until we stop him.
I thought you said there
was no danger in him, sir.
There is danger when I say there is,
Mr. Starbuck.
Captain, what in God's name are we doing?
We're turning our back on 300 barrels
- to chase a white whale
- "We"?
"We"? I'm giving orders, Mr. Stubb.
You're obeying 'em, as is your duty.
Northeast, all hands.
Get that head off my ship!
Aye, Captain!
(Ahab) Follow those birds!
(Man) Get the five to one, six to one.
- Put on more sail!
- More sail! Aye, sir.
There he is!
(Birds crying)
Move quick!
Oh, my God. It's enormous.
(Birds crying)
He's pulling around!
(Man) Take in the sails!
Take in the sails.
- He's turning!
- Bring down the squares.
The squares!
Spill the wind.
Take her down, boys.
So this is your ship now, Mr. Starbuck?
He's trying to ram us.
On no account lower any sails.
I will have no man on my ship
who's afraid of a whale.
You misquote me, sir.
All my words are my own, Mr. Starbuck.
You will do well...
well to remember that.
He's closing, sir! 300 yards!
300 yards!
He's at 250 yards, Captain!
He's coming straight at us!
Lower boats!
(Man) 150 yards!
A hundred yards, sir!
(Urgent chatter)
(Ishmael) He's sounding!
Hold it there!
(Queequeg) Where go the white devil?
He dived!
He...He's gone!
(Stubb) Orders, Captain?
Now you can take in sail, Mr. Starbuck.
Have you lost your mind?
Are we to wait for him
to strike us from below?
You, sir, what have you lost'?
He's here, man.
He's almost in our grasp.
Have you lost all courage'?
Where is he?
What's his strategy?
He's gone.
Do not imagine that you can escape,
for I swear that you will not!
At every crossroads of the sea
I will be there
until I see you spout black blood,
roll back into the sea,
and die!
(Stubb) What about the girls, Captain?
Looks as though there's 30 of 'em...
playing, not spooked.
They're waiting for us.
Shall we turn back?
Please, sir, let's turn back.
He's headed northeast...
toward the South China Sea.
That's where we'll go.
Northeast, all hands.
What are you waiting for, Mr. Starbuck?
You really think you can track one whale
across all that ocean?
Of course.
Will you give that order,
or do I have to do your job
as well as my own'?
Last time I looked
you were my first mate.
Or is it time for more restraint?
As I told you before,
you were not yourself.
(Wind whistling)
ls Ahab here?
Or some other man?
I seem to know myself quite well.
I answer my name...
when I call myself.
Present and correct.
I repeat...
will you give the order?
Keep on all sails.
Cram on all you can.
Cram on all you can.
Sharp eye for spouts!
(Wind whistling)
Sharp eye.
(Stubb) That last voyage...
after the white whale took his leg...
rumor has it you put him in a straitjacket.
He was crazy...
with anger and hatred.
He swore vengeance on a whale.
Elijah spoke of a prophecy.
(Starbuck) In his fever
the captain talked of his own death.
He saw a...a hearse on the water...
and he was to die by hanging.
The men don't like it.
We heard say he was the best, and now...
we're chasing one whale across
thousands of miles of desolate ocean.
But we have his address, Mr. Stubb...
the South China Sea.
(Both laugh)
Well, the whale may be enough for him,
Mr. Starbuck,
- but for...
- (Dripping)
We got ourselves a leak, Mr. Starbuck.
Nice work, Mr. Stubb.
(Stubb) We'll have to up burtons.
- Stop the ship and check every barrel.
- (Sniffs) The captain is not gonna like this.
Well, he can't go against it, Mr. Starbuck.
Because if he does...
It's proof plain he's not fit.
(Whispering) That's what they said,
Queequeg, "not fit."
- It ain't right.
- It's not right.
He captain these men.
Does anyone know
exactly where we're headed'?
Yeah. Twenty degrees east of north.
Java. The white whale's feeding grounds.
And what are we gonna do
when we come up against that thing?
The captain knows what he's doing.
He has a plan.
We just have to follow it.
We do not speak against the captain.
It's a big fish.
That's all it is.
Is this a deputation?
Aye, Captain.
Don't tell me...
it's the quality of the food.
Come on.
Where he goes...
you go, it seems.
Yes, sir.
That's good.
is the staff of life, eh, Queequeg?
Mr. Starbuck and Mr. Stubb...
not your friend, sir.
They speak against you.
You heard this?
Well, I had noticed.
Is it any wonder
when we chase leviathan
across the watery veins
to slaughter him in the valley of the deep,
he makes the sea seethe like a boiling pan,
and we aim to track him
and kill him with whose help?
Jesus Christ, our lord and savior,
although I'm told he's Mr. Starbuck's
close and personal friend.
I do not think so.
- We are alone.
- (Chuckles)
I'm not afraid, sir.
I can see that.
Will you
look into the fire with me?
Wander out of the way of understanding?
Queequeg afraid of nothing.
- Sir, they're gonna put it to you...
- I am not afraid of my crew, young man.
(Knock on door)
(Door opens)
You can say anything you like
in front of these lads.
There's a leak in the hold.
We have to up burtons and take a look.
Are you telling me
that we have to heave to for a week
and tinker with a parcel of old hoops?
Those casks of oil are
what we are here for, sir.
I am captain of this ship,
and I'm telling you
that I want no more talk of casks of oil.
I sailed with you all my life.
I mean you no harm.
The one you should fear is yourself,
old man.
Ahab, beware Ahab.
beware Ahab.
There's something there. (Chuckles)
There's something there.
We'll listen to the voice of reason.
Tomorrow, gentlemen.
(Door closes)
All men stand for the captain!
Thank you, Mr. Flask.
Up burtons, gentlemen.
Furl the gallant sails,
close reef topsails fore and aft.
We pause here a while, gentlemen.
Can't lose our precious cargo.
Here's to money and sweet reason.
See to those casks, Mr. Stubb.
You heard what
the captain said, gentlemen.
Top men lay aloft!
- Going aloft!
- Aye, sir!
Were you not in charge
of storing the barrels, Mr. Stubb?
Yes, sir.
This is a very serious matter, Mr. Stubb.
We are engaged in a great
enterprise here, are we not?
And because of you,
we have to take days out.
You get to it, and quickly, too.
You, you two,
and you, down below.
I need the boy here. (Whistles)
Mr. Stubb.
Keep me informed, Mr. Starbuck.
Dagoo, down below.
Yes, Mr. Stubb.
Just because you're not looking at me
don't mean I can't see you, boy.
Yes, Mr. Stubb.
(Stubb) Quickly now, lads!
(Flask) You heard Mr. Stubb, quickly.
Come on, boy.
I can't breathe.
I can't do this.
I can't take it any more.
Please don't send me back.
Please don't
send me back.
Michigan...away you go.
There's a barrel in there,
it's leaking,
and you need to find it.
I can't go back in there.
Are you disobeying orders, sailor?
No, sir.
That'll be it.
Over here. I need help.
Anybody else?
(Panicked cries)
I can't do it! Let me out!
Let me out!
(Dagoo) Be nice.
(Steelkilt) Let me out!
Ohh! Let me out!
Please...let me out.
Out you go. Come on.
(Steelkilt gasping)
(Steelkilt coughing, retching)
When you catch your breath, miss...
you can go back to work.
How do you know...
he'll be here...
at this exact point?
There's nothing random in nature,
young man.
Animals return to the same spot
again and again and again, as do we.
We think...imagine...
that we have free will.
But all the time, we are born...
in whale lines,
enmeshed in a future that is laid down for us
as precisely as the way the rope runs
from the coil when the harpoon is thrown.
If we know what the future will be,
why bother try and change it?
Oh. I presume you are referring
to that superstitious nonsense
all the men are whispering...
Elijah'? We give them prophet's names,
but they're not prophets.
He has a sermon on my approaching death.
He trots it out for anyone who will listen.
But I will die in the manner
of my choosing, boy.
Our freedom lies in the struggle
to escape what Fate's laid down for us...
to make our future for ourselves.
I couldn't agree more, sir.
The first lowering will be to weaken him.
That'll be all.
Quick throw, get out.
Cut the lines if we have to.
Then, remember,
he has no vision to his rear.
While he's still thrashing about
this way and that,
- one boat comes in from behind.
- The others should come in from the side...
(Laughs) Where he can see them.
- ..And distract him.
- Yeah.
I'll put you on the masthead.
You look only for him.
If you see another whale or whales,
you don't...
call it.
(Hushed) Yeah.
If that's what you want.
No time for anything else.
We're worked to death,
and for what'?
I tell you,
the only thing worse on this damn ship
than the captain...
That is what?
His creatures.
I am no man's creature, country boy.
You remember that.
No? Mr. Stubb?
The great whaleman...
turning us away from a shoal
to chase a fish he can't even see.
Oh, you got some mouth on you, Michigan.
That's just the way I like it.
your friend Queequeg...
- He's the best we have, sir.
- (Chuckling) Oh...
But he is good.
He can go in the second boat.
I'll go in the lead.
And then when Moby Dick breaches...
(Angry shouting above decks)
(Steelkilt) I will kill you,
I swear. Do you hear me?
(Ishmael) Who's that?
(Steelkilt) You dare touch me!
(Drops knife)
Come along.
And watch. Listen.
You don't own me!
Touch me and I'll kill you!
Back off.
Stop it!
- Come on.
- (Flask) Michigan, don't do it.
Back down!
(Both grunting)
(All shouting)
(Ahab) Stop!
(Ahab) Did you hear me?
If I have to put you all in the hold,
by God, I'll do it!
- Seize him! Seize him down!
- (Steelkilt groaning)
(Ahab) Down!
I told him...
I told him if he touched me I'd kill him.
Of course.
What shall we do?
Flog him?
Put him in irons in the hold?
(Screams) Don't! Don't do that!
You have no idea what it's like!
The air's so foul you could die of it, sir!
It is the work of the ship.
It has to be done.
He will be flogged.
Mr. Starbuck, those are my orders.
If that's your order, sir.
I'd like to flog him myself, sir,
with your permission.
(Ahab) Justice, boys.
That's what gives us order...
else we're nothing but animals.
Put the sailor in the hold for now!
I will judge this business
in the morning in my cabin.
Mr. Starbuck, Mr. Stubb, you will attend.
You two may attend to see all's done fairly.
Have I done squarely by you, lads?
- Aye, sir.
- Aye, sir.
We have matters
of great importance in hand.
I will let nothing come in their way.
We have to be as one.
Aye, sir.
Until tomorrow, six bells.
You heard the captain.
We found the leak, sir.
Six bells, Mr. Stubb.
(Stubb) Right, back to work!
Dagoo, are you a passenger on this ship,
or are you earning a living?
Now move your black ass!
Nothing, sir.
Nothing in sight as far as the horizon, sir.
That boy would stare out the sun
if you gave the order.
Mr. Stubb,
shall we have your account of the matter?
I gave this man an order
and he refused to obey it.
Cleaning out the hold is a dirty business.
(Queequeg coughing)
Eh, Queequeg?
Aye, Captain.
Yet he does not complain.
You have a noble task at hand, boys.
Are we to...fight amongst ourselves?
He needs to be taken in hand, sir.
(Ahab) Oh...
Everyone on the quarterdeck now.
Mr. Stubb, he is all yours.
(Chains rattling)
One...on one.
- (Door opens)
- Do you want us to fight?
Or the hold.
(Chains rattling)
It's not right.
What precisely is not right, Mr. Starbuck?
What is happening here. Setting men
against each other like animals.
Anything is permitted on this ship.
You would do well to remember that.
Divide and rule, is that the way?
And so good order crumbles.
- Sir, I have heard Steelkilt speak...
- You are a foolish boy.
This has nothing to do
with a breach of discipline
and everything to do
with a damned white whale.
Get him, Mr. Stubb!
Come on, Michigan!
- Come on, Michigan.
- (Shouts of encouragement)
Get him, Steelkilt!
(Man) Oh!
- Give it to him, Mr. Stubb!
- Come on, Michigan!
(Both grunting, groaning)
- (Groans)
- (Man) That's it.
(Men exclaim)
Oh! Enough!
When I say so, Mr. Starbuck!
Enough, Mr. Stubb.
That was a fair fight, eh?
It's always a fair fight.
And we always win.
Throw some water over him, lads.
It isn't water he needs.
He needs a surgeon.
Sometimes dogs need kenneling,
Mr. Starbuck.
And mad dogs need restraint!
Any further grievances, Mr. Stubb?
No, sir.
And the leak is fixed, you say?
Yes, sir.
Then I trust you have no objections
if we continue on our business?
No, sir.
(Stubb) All right, lads,
let's get the poor bastard down below.
- Aye.
- Mind his head.
- Easy now.
- Gently, gently.
You all right, Queequeg?
Something wrong with...with...
with what happened to Steelkilt?
Queequeg. Well, he...
he kind of asked for it, right?
- Maybe we picked the wrong ship.
- What?
(Dagoo) We need help here!
Hey. Oh. Hey.
- OK, we...we got him.
- You sure?
(Queequeg) Dagoo, get blanket.
Just watch that twist.
Or Mr. Stubb will make us do it again.
(Wheezing, coughing)
You're not well, Queequeg.
(Starbuck) They're in formation.
They're doing a sweep.
Sir. Sir, a ship. Larboard bow.
It's the Rachel out of Nantucket.
Go and tell the captain.
They're looking for something.
Or someone.
(Speaking native language)
(Man) Captain Ahab!
Oh, thank God!
You're my last chance!
Thank God.
Thank God you're here.
(Ahab) We saw the flags on your ship,
Captain. How many men have you lost?
No, it's my son, sir. Tom.
I know him, Captain.
Fishiest boy in Nantucket.
He's a credit to you, sir.
He got a harpoon in the white whale...
and he just ran
to the northeast.
He didn't dive?
Oh, no. Run.
Run is the only word for it, sir.
- And then?
- And then he's gone, sir.
MY boy's gone.
Northeast, you say?
We in the Rachel head west,
and we take a course together,
we could comb the sea
between here and Java.
We are chasing the white whale.
That is where your son will be.
Is it? Sir, do we understand each other?
I'm concerned with my son.
It's the boat we're looking for, sir.
The lad would have out long ago.
Mr. Starbuck, please do not tell me
things I already know.
I know what we're looking for.
We're losing time.
No! You can't do this!
No, my son! Sir!
No, you can't do this!
It's my son!
I curse you, Ahab!
My SOD! My boy!
Why won't you help him?
(Rachel Captain) I beg of you! Please!
- I am!
- Please! Help me find my son!
What do you suppose will bring
that man more satisfaction...
if I return with the body of his dead child,
- or the head of his murderer'?!
- And when you find him, when you...
- when you kill Moby Dick...
- (Rachel Captain) I beg of you!
- ..If...if you kill Moby Dick...
- It will be over!
- (Rachel Captain) Captain Ahab!
- What are you teaching him?
How to act like a man!
Do you dare do as much?!
- You may live to regret that remark, sir.
- (Sighs)
(Rachel Captain) You can't do this.
I curse you and your damn ship!
I hope you rot in hell!
I hope you sink to the bottom!
May the hellfires of damnation
descend on you.
The captain's right, lad.
There's nothing to be done for the boy.
(Rachel Captain) I curse you, Ahab!
I curse you, you bastard.
Killing that bastard'll make us all feel better.
You mean the whale, right?
(Rachel Captain) Help me!
Now you're one of us.
Man the jibs!
(Rachel Captain shouting in distance)
(Rachel Captain)
You're going straight to hell.
(Ahab) The whale is to windward!
Pull her to windward!
I curse Captain Ahab!
Sail straight to hell!
(Dull rattling)
(inhales sharply)
(Rattling continues)
Put on more sail!
We have everything up there, Captain.
More canvas!
I tell you, sir, there is none!
Why are you looking at me like that,
Mr. Starbuck?
You know very well, Captain.
Blow, damn you!
Bloooow, damn you!
damn you!
Young Pip-
You think your captain crazy?
Will the whale perish, do you think?
Will he fade away from the earth, poor Pip?
Come here.
(Soft groaning)
(Man) I'm surprised it stopped
when it had the chance.
(Starbuck) Here's some water.
Come down.
Damn heat.
How's he feeling?
You're relieved of your duties.
Sir, the captain said...
I'm aware what the captain said.
You're relieved.
Have some water.
(Coughs) Thanks.
ls Pip gonna die?
ls Pip gonna die?
(Footsteps approach)
Welcome to the sick bay.
What are...
What are you doing'?
(Sighs) I'm measuring him for his coffin.
Still no wind.
No Moby Dick.
Queequeg die now.
Queequeg, I'm not gonna let that happen.
(Dagoo) I rippin' me heart from the cage.
"All that I were as in months past...
"as in the days when God preserved me,
"when his candles shined upon my head
"and when by his light
I walked through darkness
"as I was in the days of my youth,
"when the secret of God
was upon my tabernacle,
"the blessing of him that was..."
Sir, Queequeg thinks he's dying.
- I can't...I can't get him to drink anything.
- The whole ship is dying
because of your precious captain.
Is he not your captain also, sir?
I love the old man.
That's the heart of it.
But he has poisoned all your heads
with this war on Moby Dick.
We all sick, Ishmael.
Got close to the white whale...
he cursed us all!
(Man, hushed) It's not Ahab's work.
It's Moby Dick's work.
"How still and peaceful is the grave
"where life's vain tumults past.
"The appointed house, thy heaven,
"receives us all at last."
You want this, don't you?
This life?
But you don't want Moby Dick, that white...
Oh, my captain...
I would like to see Nantucket again...
my old friend.
I don't know what it is or why.
But I keep pushing and crowding
and jamming myself on all the time.
We will die, sir.
We will die chasing that damn fish.
Have we not outwitted death
a thousand times, you and I?
Have we not split an oceanful of blood?
The smiling sky
and the unsounded ocean,
the great shroud of the sea,
rollin' on as it rolled
five thousand years ago.
We will sleep...
..on the field.
And my Mary...
waiting for me?
Let's head home.
This is my home.
(Ishmael) You can't die, Queequeg.
We have a whale to kill...
and we can't do it without you.
(Kicks coffin)
I'm here to read the last rites.
(Ishmael) He has a different bible, Mr. Flask.
The marks on his body...
will guide his people to his soul and...
bring it home.
You can't die, Queequeg.
We have a whale to kill.
We can't do it without you.
You kill the whale, and we all go home.
(Mast creaking)
(Wind howling)
(Ishmael) You feel that? It's wind.
(inhales deeply)
- It's wind.
- (Relieved laughter)
Up on deck now, men!
You see, Dagoo?
(Chatter, laughter)
(Ahab) She's blowing, boys, she's blowing!
(Wind howling)
Ah, she's ours, Mr. Flask!
She's ours!
Death to Moby Dick!
Death to Moby Dick!
Death to Moby Dick!
The gods are not ready
for you yet, my friend.
Welcome back.
Look it!
(Thunder rumbles, wind howling)
It's getting up, sir.
Stronger with every minute.
Pushin' us northeast.
Course sails, Mr. Stubb.
Course sails, lads!
Did I give that order, Mr. Starbuck?
(Thunder rumbles)
Obey that!
- We have to protect against the squall, sir.
- Keep as much sail up as we have!
Let the wind carry us to the white whale.
- Yes, Captain!
- Yes, Captain.
To me! Let us prepare.
We'll be blindsided, sir.
Course sails, Mr. Stubb.
- But the captain said...
- It'll rip us apart.
Course sails, Mr. Stubb.
That's an order.
Course sails, lads!
(Man) Lowering course sails!
(Stubb) All hands to the foredeck!
- (Man) Aye, aye, sir.
- (Thunderclap)
Secure the course sails.
- Course sails!
- Hold it tight, lads,
or we'll lose it over the side!
- Keep hold of your line, boy!
- Hold tight, lads!
(Wind howling)
(Wind howling)
(Hammering, thunder rumbling)
Hammer at it, Perth!
Can you smooth anything, Perth?
- Anything, Captain.
- Huh?
These wrinkles from my forehead,
can you...
wipe the care from my face?
I only work in steel, sir...
but I will make your harpoon razor-sharp.
For the white whale...hmm?
To cut into him.
To cut into him.
He's mine.
I know he is now.
I have him in my sights.
Are you with me, my boys?
(All) Aye, Captain.
(Starbuck) Captain!
We need you on deck!
We need to take in sail!
- I will...
- (Starbuck) Captain!
Come on. I'll finish it.
(Ahab) Is it that difficult?
What do you say, pagans'?
Will you lend your power to my blade?
Temper it with your blood?
Captain Ahab, we must reduce sail!
Turn her around, and face the wind.
Respect for your captain, Mr. Starbuck.
He knows what he is doing.
We take joy in iron and fire and blood!
We'll sail through it!
Ego te absolve...
in nomine...
te absolve...
in nomine...
(Stubb) Put a restrainer on the booms!
(Stubb continues shouting orders)
(Sailors shouting)
' T3/W9 off!
' T3/'"9 off!
Mr. Stubb!
Topgallant! Topgallant!
No! Not the jib! Not the jib!
- Hang on! Hang on!
- What is that?!
What is it?!
All the gods together...
the spirits have come to us!
It's St. Elmo's fire!
I've seen this before!
Have no fear!
Lord God, please!
(Ahab) Nothing can touch us now, my boys!
- Captain!
- I am your captain, Mr. Starbuck!
I am Lord God Almighty
as far as you're concerned!
Keep those sails up,
and you keep your course!
Oh, burn me if you dare!
Or lead me to Moby Dick!
The course you have set will destroy us, sir!
Have faith, Mr. Starbuck!
I can shape the elements to my purposes
as surely as I can steer this ship
across the ocean.
You swore to hunt the whale, did you not?!
In blood and fire!
You are bound to your oath!
We drank from the same cup,
Come on!
(Electricity surging, crackling)
Look at it, lads!
- What is that light?
- What light? Oh! Oh!
(Ahab) Look at it!
- (Crackling)
- (Ahab) Ahhh!
(Men shouting)
(Ahab) ls not that the thing...
to cut the heart out of the white whale?
We can sail through it,
and we will!
extinguish the last fear!
- It's a miracle!
- You see the...the fire!
He's got the power of God!
We will go on together!
(All cheer)
You heard the captain, men!
We go on together!
And that's an order!
(Ahab) Our destiny!
(All cheer)
In the name of Jesus,
this madness has to stop.
You have enslaved the crew
to a false communion.
You encourage the worst in their nature
and present it as merit.
Some men die at low tide,
others at full flood, but die we must.
I must kill him, or he must kill me,
and there's an end of it.
You seem to forget that you
are not the only man on this boat,
God made us to live to aspire for the best
in ourselves and in each other.
Does Moby Dick have scruples?
The will of God,
the murmuring of the Fates, the whale...
they are all the same.
The world is a white canvas
on which we paint our own story.
We are not so very different, you and I.
- I will not abandon this ship...
- We're brothers under the skin.
- I've seen you in the hunt...
- your madness.
- You want blood just as much as I do.
- No, I do not.
And yet you seek mine!
For the first time in my life
I wish God made me other than I am.
- Well, then, old friend, let us start again.
- Oh, my captain.
Did I not tell you, Mr. Starbuck,
the world is there to be mastered?
(Man) Ready, sir!
Still mad as a hatter.
Not long now, boys.
You'll have all the coin
you want when we are through!
- Yes, sir!
- When we kill this monster,
we'll have enough oil to power America,
will we not?
(Cheering, laughter)
Push me up this mast, Mr. Stubb!
Seems I am the only man
with his wits about him today!
You'll all be captains of your own ships!
- I'll get me own ship.
- Every man will have a house
- on Main Street!
- (Dagoo) Yes, Captain!
Long after the green grass grows over us,
there will be songs sung
in the inns of Nantucket
about Captain Ahab and his crew!
The bravest, boldest boys ever took to sea!
We'll be immortal, lads!
(Cheering, laughter)
(All) J' Blow the wind southerly,
southerly, southerly
J' Blow the wind south
o'er the warm blue sea
J' Blow the wind southerly,
southerly, southerly
J' Blow warmer breeze
my fortune to me
(Dagoo) J' My ship and my fortune
J' Has come home from sea J'
- (Running footsteps)
- (Ishmael) Birds!
- Birds, Captain. Northeast gathering.
- Finally.
(Birds crying)
(Man) Used to have a spearman
the size of a barrel!
Indeed, boy.
Follow them.
Issue the order if you please, Mr. Starbuck.
(Man) He's found us.
Moby Dick has found us.
Give the order if you please, Mr. Stubb!
Northeast, sir!
(Man) All right! You heard him!
Man the boats!
(Stubb) Stand by the boats!
Double your gear!
(Man) Let's hurry.
- Get him! Get him!
- Watch yourselves, men!
Remember, young Tom.
Right quickly, now!
Let's kill this bastard!
Remember, Mr. Stubb, we come
from behind and throw to weaken him!
Aye, Captain!
We bleed him before we bring him in!
There is no shame in cutting a line today!
- No, sir!
- Throw and get out, Mr. Flask!
- Sharp and quick!
- Very good, sir.
A strong hand and a good heart.
Your sword of justice, Captain.
We exhaust him
until he has no more fight in him,
Mr. Starbuck,
and then when he lies
wallowing in his own blood,
we will reel him in!
No, sir, not today,
I will not follow you.
There is no enemy out there.
- The only enemy is before me.
- And as such, you fail me as first mate.
My failure before God
was to raise a gun against you.
My success was not to shoot.
I ask you all to please open your eyes.
Our captain is taking us
to the bottom of the sea.
This old man has no respect...
I am the Fates' lieutenant.
No one can finish me.
Stubb! Promotion!
Consider yourself first mate!
Queequeg sails with him,
Ishmael with me!
According to our oath...
death to Moby Dick!
(All) Death to Moby Dick!
- Death to Moby Dick!
- Altogether now, come on!
(All chanting) Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick! Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
Moby Dick!
Death to Moby Dick!
(Chanting, chatter continues)
(Man) He is gonna be mine!
(Gulls crying)
(Oarsmen grunting)
Give way together.
Row, boys! Row!
Row, lads!
The white whale is ours!
Row for your lives!
We'll boil the sea with his blood!
Now, row!
He's enormous, boys!
Oh, sweet Jesus, look at the size of it!
For his heart, Queequeg.
Strike now!
(Whale bellows)
Well done, Queequeg!
Shut your oars!
Stubb is fastened onto him, boys!
Pull now!
He's got one in him!
He's got one, lads!
He's going! He's going! Pull that rope!
- Hold on now!
- Hold on!
We'll get that doubloon
and we'll share it even
and bring barrels of gold back to Nantucket!
The white whale, sir! It's right there!
He's on him, boys!
He's on him!
Don't let the rope slip!
We can't hold him!
Cut the line!
(Stubb) Over my dead body we'll cut!
The bow is dipping!
Cut! Mr. Stubb, cut!
Let it loose! Cut it!
It's going too fast!
You hear me?
Take it down!
' - Cut!
He's diving!
(Stubb) I dropped the ax!
Stubb, cut!
(Screaming, shouting)
Sweet Jesus!
Hold oars!
(Ahab) Stubb's gone!
Poor Stubb.
Hold oars, lads, hold oars.
A moldy and oversalted death...
but we will have our revenge!
I'll spit my last breath at him!
Grab those sticks, boys.
Grab your oars.
Pull. Revenge.
Pull for revenge.
For Mr. Stubb and Queequeg...
and our mates...row.
Heave! Heave!
This is the one.
A dead whale or a stove boat!
Row, boys!
- (Flask) Easy for now, boys. Easy for now.
- (Gasping)
(Ishmael) Queequeg! Queequeg!
(Ahab) Go, boys, 90!
(Ishmael) Queequeg! Queequeg!
Queequeg ain't dead yet, sir!
He ain't dead yet!
Leave him!
He'll make it to the ship.
Leave him!
We're going for the whale!
(Flask) Give way together.
Keep steady, lads.
We're on course.
Courage, boys.
(Ahab) Eyes open! Eyes open!
Row! Backs into it!
- Moby Dick is ours!
- Heave, boys, heave!
(Ahab) Row! Row straight!
Death to Moby Dick!
(Starbuck) Queequeg!
Come on, give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
(Queequeg) We couldn't... Too strong.
(Grunting) Got you.
(Gulls crying)
(Ahab) Hold oars! The birds! Hold oars!
(Men panting)
Here they come!
Yeah, it's the birds.
Courage, boys!
What kind of whalemen
are spooked by a couple of birds?
(Ahab) He's underneath us!
(Ishmael) What?
- He's under us!
- I don't see him!
I can't...
(Gulls screeching)
(Man) Where is he?
(Ishmael) No! Keep going that way!
I don't see him. I don't see a thing.
There's nothing down there!
Underneath you!
O, Father,
please forgive me my sins...
Ready your harpoon.
- (Ishmael) He's right below you!
- Flask!
(Whale bellows)
Oh! Oh.
Moby Dick just shrugged him off his back.
How shall we proceed, my son?
The whale must be weakened.
What is your theory?
What does your instinct tell you?
- We've lost ten men, sir!
- (Man) Save their souls.
We've lost ten men!
Captain, there...
there's only us.
Please! It's impossible, sir.
We are not going to bow down
before him, are we, lads?
Slow and steady.
He'll find us.
- Onward, boys.
- (Ishmael) It's madness, sir.
It's madness. Boys...
He'll kill us anyway if we don't kill him.
- Huh!
- (Ahab) He'll find us.
He'll come to us.
He'll come.
Row to hell!
He'll find us.
Easy. Steady.
That's it.
(Men grunting, groaning)
(Ahab) He'll see.
He's offering himself.
Captain Ahab, can you see anything'?
Where is he?
- Where is he?
- Ready me a second harpoon.
Ship your oars!
Boys, ship your oars!
- Now. Ship oars. Ship oars.
- Ship oars.
Are you ready, boys?
Ship...ship oars!
- Ship oars!
- Ship oars!
(Ishmael) He's got him!
Come on, boys!
- Are you ready, bays?
' AYE, Captain, ready!
Hold on!
Hold on, boys!
Keep that line wet!
We're on him!
Finally we're on him!
Run from your death, Moby Dick!
Run from your death! Yes!
You smell that, boys?
(Laughing) He's playing with us!
Ca...Captain, abandon ship!
- Pull!
- What'?
(Gulls crying)
(Ishmael) Captain.
Turn about!
He's trying to flip us over!
- Turn about! Hard starboard!
- (Shouting)
Get your oars in the water
and turn this boat around!
- He's gonna pull us over!
- Heave ho!
- (Ahab) Hard port side!
- Row for your lives!
Here we go, boys.
Drop it. Put it over.
Here it comes, boys, here it comes!
(Gulls screech)
(Ahab) Aha!
Now we have him!
- (Ishmael) Captain, we must cut!
- Never!
you said we should only weaken him!
Captain, you said we should
only weaken him!
Weaken him?
We are riding him, Ishmael!
We are riding on the back of Moby Dick!
Can't you see it? It's the prophecy!
(Gulls screeching)
He's coming for us.
Ahh...the prophecy.
(Men shouting)
The prophecy, my beloved.
There it is.
There's my hearse, Ishmael.
My hearse of American wood.
You will live!
You can take me to hell and back
before I'll let go of this rope!
We are one, you and I...
W6 GT60H6.
- They're coming right for us!
- Save yourselves!
(All shouting)
(Whale bellows)
(All screaming)
- Ahhh!
- Ahhh!
(Starbuck) Pip!
(Man) Somebody help me!
I'm trapped in here!
I'm trapped!
(Starbuck) Pip! Pip!
Pip! Pip!
(Starbuck) Don't let go!
Just pull...pull your foot out!
(Pip) Mr. Starbuck, please, my leg is stuck!
Mr. Starbuck, my leg is stuck!
Please help me! My leg is stuck!
All right, Pip. I'm coming.
Here. Hold on.
(Panicked shouting)
(Starbuck) Hold on. I'll be there, Pip.
I'll be there.
Mr. Starbuck, it''s stuck.
I can't move it.
Please help.
(Whale bellows)
Please help me.
I'm coming, Pip. I'm coming.
What is it?
(Ship creaking)
- I'm not frightened, sir.
- Huh?
Pip's no coward, Mr. Starbuck, sir.
I know that.
I have never known a braver cabin boy.
I'll stay with you, son.
Thank you, Mr. Starbuck. Thank you.
We'll be together.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'll be right here with you.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
- We'll go down together.
- I'm not frightened, sir.
(inhales deeply)
(Ishmael) I floated on that coffin
for almost one whole day and night
while the great shroud of the sea rolled on
as it rolled five thousand years ago.
The unharming sharks glided by me
as if with padlocks on their mouths,
until a sail drew nearer to pick me up at last.
The Rachel,
still searching for her missing son,
only to find an orphan.
J' My John
J' I dreamed a dream
J' The other night
J' Lowlands away
J' I knew my love
J' Was drowned and dead
J' Lowlands away... J'