Models (1999) Movie Script

I love you.
I love you.
I love you so much.
It's not exactly right.
It's too fat.
I can't go on.
I'm so wasted, I can't deal with it...
Who cares.
To hell with men, all of them. Really!
I can't wait to get home.
Yes, I'm alone.
I can't sleep.
For the last hour I've been lying in bed...
trying to switch off,
counting sheep and that shit. You know?
Yeah, it's not funny, stop laughing.
I just need someone to talk to, y'know?
Yeah, I'm alone, I told you that.
I'm getting drunk on vodka and...
but so I can at least get some sleep...
I'm having a little vodka...
Two guys,
and I told two of them to go to hell.
What's wrong, throwing up again?
Nothing, leave me alone.
Please leave me alone.
Can you close the door?
Please leave me alone.
What's wrong?
I don't feel good.
Hello Halpsi, it's me.
Sorry to call you at this hour,
but I feel like shit.
Yeah, I saw all three of them,
in Volksgarten.
I just can't deal with it anymore, y'know?
I was totally wasted.
I was doing lines like crazy.
I just want to get out of here, y'know,
I snort during the week, I snort
when I'm shooting, I snort during classes,
constantly, y'know?
I'm losing contact to reality.
I spend tons of money,
all I have is problems,
I'm totally arrogant when I'm wired,
I feel shitty,
I threw up all over this afternoon,
stuck my finger down my throat and puked
because I felt so lousy,
but... I don't know...
once I get started, I can't stop,
you know...
I know it's 7:00 a. m.
I know it, I'm supposed to study tomorrow,
I'm supposed to work tomorrow, but...
I can't deal with reality...
I just can't deal with it anymore, y'know?
Sure, but that's easier said than done.
I figure... I did the first line,
then I felt better, went to the john,
all that shit just came right out, y'know?
I just feel so much freer,
I'm not full anymore,
it all comes out and I lose weight...
'cause of the water and all that, y'know?
I just feel better, and I do it,
and keep wanting more, and I go out,
and hang out,
and hang out in my club,
and get stressed out by
the pricks in there.
I've had enough, understand?
I just needed someone to talk to.
I couldn't reach any of my other friends,
they're all high... somewhere...
I don't know,
Chattanooga, Volksgarten...
I wish you were here... really... totally.
Sorry if I woke you...
No, I'm just restless,
been lying in bed for at least an hour...
trying to relax and fall asleep...
and just, y'know, switch off and all.
I can't deal with it, y'know?
It's not like it used to be...
when you were still in love with me.
What's that supposed to mean?
Exactly what I said.
I feel it.
You never have any time for me,
and when you do,
then it's a quickie.
Not that that's bad or anything, but...
it's somehow...
just sex...
and it's like...
there's no love.
Feelings, okay, but...
not like...
not like when you're in love.
Then you try to make it last...
now it's like...
y'know, just fucking. I think it's...
We just fuck each other.
Are you cheating on me?
Don't laugh.
Look at me.
What else can I do but laugh?
Answer me.
I mean, that happens. Maybe...
you're not so hot for me anymore.
Maybe you want another woman.
Will you look at me please,
or can't you look me in the eye anymore?
Of course, I'm doing it, aren't I?
Hello, what's up?
Don't be mad but I don't want
to go out tonight.
Today's my only day off.
I've been working so much,
I have so many jobs right now.
I'm not wearing any makeup...
to give my skin a break
so it won't age so fast.
No, everything's fine...
Yeah, you can come over if you want,
but I might not be alone...
because a girlfriend
might come by.
Give me a call.
I'll be home all day anyway.
Kiss, ciao.
Oh hi.
I'm fine.
I'm just a little hoarse is all,
but I'm fine.
Work is good, real good.
I'm home today because I thought
I'd take the day off.
It's only a few castings,
and I'm not going.
Some sportswear, recently,
and I had a fashion show, last weekend.
Yes, with good photographers.
With serious ones, mama.
With serious photographers.
It's not like you always see on TV.
And if a photographer is
interested in you,
then it's usually mutual.
Mama, I don't want to talk about it now.
Because there's no point, I mean...
I don't do nude photos, and what if...
everyone who becomes famous has done it.
Why shouldn't I,
as long as it's still beautiful?
You don't always have to get upset!
Then don't let me in the
apartment anymore.
I already told you my career's
more important.
Look at me.
Fine, finish powdering her.
Stick your hip out a little.
Yeah, that's right, a little more...
Straighten your fingers.
Turn around.
360 degrees.
Okay, and now come toward me again,
straight, up front.
Look up.
Eyes here.
Head straight,
Put one hand on your stomach,
let the other fall...
put it behind you.
Look down. Turn you head
to the other side, a little more.
Turn it more,
and now look up and face me,
turn your chest out a little...
towards me,
chin a little higher.
Chin a little higher.
Should I have my hair cut, maybe?
Maybe just a little.
That shortens the face.
You've got a longish face.
Close your mouth for a second.
Do you think I'll get more
work if I cut my hair?
Beats me,
it depends on the photographer.
Matter of taste and what's
in style at the moment.
Ready to roll.
I already asked Chris.
Do you think I should cut my hair?
I'd let it grow out.
But I have a narrow face...
But the longer your hair,
the more ways to style it.
My hair's really thin...
And is blond good or what's
the trend right now?
Red or something?
Blond is always good.
Open your mouth,
loosen it up.
Here we go.
Excellent, chin a little higher,
And now, look up again.
Film... reload...
It's going to be good. Perfect.
Should I smile more?
When I laugh, I look funny.
As simple as possible for now.
Then we'll do some expressive ones.
Turn your head toward me.
Look at me, please.
Drag on your cigarette.
Do you have gum in your mouth?
Spit it at me.
Really spit it?
Yeah, towards me.
Really aim at you?
Yeah, right here. Come on.
Does that turn you on?
Great, open your mouth a little.
Perfect. More. Scream.
Start screaming.
A real scream!
A real one? For real?
Yeah, another one.
And another, come on.
Let loose.
Yeah, that's what I want.
A real scream.
You can see it.
Scream again?
Yeah, and stretch your hands toward me.
Stretch them more like this...
With my tongue sticking out?
The way you scream. Scream at me.
I can't.
Yes you can.
Stay like that.
Excellent. Okay, out of film.
I'm going to reload.
Are you going out later? This evening?
Do you go out? I mean...
Depends when we get finished.
Where do you go? Dancing?
Or do you go have a beer?
No, maybe I'll go to Volksgarten.
Do you have plans or can we go together?
But I just thought since I'm...
staying in the city,
maybe we could do something together.
I have another session after you.
This was just a test.
But we can call each other.
Hi, it's Lisa.
Can we meet?
I just called Martin, he can't.
I'm in a taxi,
I've been riding around for a half an hour,
and I can't get a hold of anyone.
I mean, it's Friday,
I'm going out and I need some stuff,
know what I mean?
Cut the crap.
Yeah, tomorrow. Call me tomorrow. Thanks.
Hi, it's me. Can we meet?
I need some stuff, urgently.
Was that my last line?
The last line.
It's amazing that you can
walk in those shoes!
These shoes?
I know, yeah.
I couldn't walk in them. I'd kill myself.
After like 5 or 6 hours
I get huge blisters,
like at New Year's.
Anyone here for you? You see anyone?
Four men?
Men is good! I think one's 15, one's 17,
one's this tall guy, a basketball player.
I don't like the huge ones
with their long hoses,
although this one is kind of sexy, but...
Did anyone notice your new breasts?
They're dimensional.
Over dimensional.
They don't seem extreme to me.
They do to me, Lisa.
I noticed them immediately, last time.
So, tell me, what...
You know, how...
I mean, it's somehow so strange.
It must be strange to suddenly
have such huge breasts.
I don't even notice them anymore.
I even called my doctor...
You're so wasted.
You shouldn't always mix. I just snort.
You always drink alcohol too.
So, I call him up.
Just like with my nose,
on my last operation,
I called him up in Istanbul, my doctor,
and I said to him,
my nose isn't any smaller,
I feels so huge, I want another operation.
Just imagination.
And it's like that with my breasts.
You have a very delicate nose.
I measure my breasts all the time.
They stay the same, y'know...
What's your bustline now?
... but you get used to them.
I'm like a 34 or 35 now.
That's totally... killer.
You don't even need your secret
weapon for men anymore,
You just stand there and say:
Look out here I come.
You can't compare a black boy
with a Japanese boy.
Spanish men...
They're not Spanish.
I think Spanish guys suck.
What do you have against them?
Spanish guys are animals.
Ever seen a bullfight?
These guys are brutal.
Proletarians to the max, pigs.
Well, if I want a wild bull,
I drink a Red Bull and kiss him.
It was just that asshole, he just...
What about Austrian men.
Chunky calves, a Wiener Schnitzel...
No thank you, Austrians are the worst...
Or your average American guy.
What about race?
I think we should discuss race relations.
Do you know how it works?
Yeah, used the piece of shit
3 or 4 years ago,
on a Spaniard or an Italian.
Big guy, big Spanish bastard.
Did you get raped 10 times
to make you buy that?
Let's say you're like you are now,
you're totally wasted,
and some guy comes and says,
Hey baby, fondles your breasts and you...
Where do you push?
I know, it's a piece of junk,
fucking piece of shit.
I can't believe this.
Why do you always come a few hours late?
I never come late.
You always come late.
I don't mean sex, Werner,
I'm talking about when you say you're
coming over at 7:00,
and then on principle you don't get here
until 8:00 or 9:00.
I mean, is it impossible or what?
I don't say a time anymore.
Yeah, but now and then...
you do say a time,
then you always come late.
You do. Do you do it on purpose?
If it takes longer, then it takes longer.
Yeah, but you can call me...
Last time I called the Tribuswinkel police,
and they said, Werner Hotzi?
He's down at the tavern. Great.
That's ridiculous.
That's what they said.
Besides the fact that there's
no police in Tribuswinkel,
it's still ridiculous.
You probably have another girl somewhere.
With big tits.
That's your only worry, isn't it?
It's not my only worry.
It's my main worry.
I mean, you can't tell me that
you work whole nights.
I told a girlfriend.
She can't imagine it either.
You're just not that much of a workaholic,
for you to stay at the office all night.
Why not?
What did you do for 12 hours?
Filed what?
My documents.
Or did you have someone sitting on
your documents?
You came home after me,
so don't get so upset.
But I was working, that's the difference.
I was working too,
whether you believe me or not.
Look this way, turn your face a little.
Lower your chin a little,
Look at me and upward.
And now go underwater.
Wow, that looked fantastic.
Yes, pretty, that's great, Tanja,
that looks pretty.
You've got to stay like that.
It looks great.
Don't wipe.
Let it run, it's good, stay like that.
If my legs were only a little thinner.
Your narrow face... and these lips?
How's that going to look?
Yeah, real erotic.
Yeah, and you have...
listen, you have a narrow face too.
It has to go together,
I was born this way, this is me.
You could just as easily have
been to a plastic surgeon.
Okay, let's be honest.
From your profile...
it looks like you got injections,
like you got these implants,
where you make an incision,
insert them and pull it all taut.
Want to see photos?
I had these lips as a kid.
Besides, be honest:
Compare me with someone who had surgery,
and tell me you can't see a difference.
Elvira and you both have the same lips.
You're kidding,
she has nubs left and right.
No. But I think they kind of talk funny,
and they always play
with their upper lips.
And kissing's not that great.
That's the only bad thing.
And with your breasts, they might...
I think they feel different.
You can tell there's something inside.
Vivian, if you get your breasts done,
let's say two sizes bigger,
that means they insert either a
saline solution or silicon.
Sooner or later it slips.
There's something new.
Saline or what?
It's... I think it's like silicon.
It's uh... It's, it's...
a weird consistency, it feels like...
it looks like semen: White...
looks exactly like it, I swear.
And it feels like...
have you ever picked up a wet sponge...
that's been lying there a while, y'know...
when you wash the bathtub and the sponge
lies around for two days...
and it's still not dry, y'know?
And it's like...
No, sounds disgusting.
And you want that done?
But it would have to...
So someone can squeeze your breasts and...
But I'd like to have a threesome.
With Werner and a woman.
You don't have the nerve.
But I'd want to.
I don't find Werner attractive.
That's exactly why I can't do it with Leo.
With Christian.
You don't know Leo's pecker.
Yes, once when he was drunk,
he whipped it out.
When you were away.
He even showed it to Monika.
He pulled it out right in front of her.
Where's your phone?
It's not here.
It was small and wrinkled.
He pulled it out by the skin.
Don't tell such gross things
about my boyfriend.
I mean... I'm very aesthetic.
With me a pecker has to be beautiful.
It can't look like it's 70 years old.
Charley's wasn't pretty either,
but it was incredible.
Simply humongous. And...
For me the important thing
is that it's hard.
I can't stand them only half hard.
My first boyfriend,
the one I lost my virginity to,
his felt like a cold pizza.
You could never tell if he was horny
or if it was already over.
It was a total bummer.
And now he has kids, the jerk.
He cheats on his wife for the reassurance
because he's no good anymore.
All you do is meditation?
No, yoga too.
And that helps with your jobs?
Me, I do other stuff.
I go to a fortune teller who
tells me everything.
That's crap.
No it's great.
She told me all my jobs.
When it's full moon,
I always go swimming in the lake...
because it gives you really pretty skin,
but only when it's full moon,
and then I rub myself with fish oil,
it stinks incredibly, but it's great.
It lasts a real long time.
I also do a Tarot reading.
Yeah, but Tarot is stupid.
You have to do it right.
You have to go to a fortune teller,
invoke higher things in general.
Know what I just bought?
This wonderful fragrant oil.
It's called Yang Hiang.
But none of that helps, Tanja.
You have to trust in spiritual things.
That helps.
You have to sell your soul
to become famous.
That's a totally crass way to put it,
but it's true.
Not to the devil, but...
You have to start with yourself.
I figure first I have to
find my inner peace,
and then I consider...
what kind of job can do, y'know?
Because if things aren't okay with me,
they can't be okay at work?
Why, isn't everything okay?
Oh sure, everything's fine.
Attitude is important. Look in the mirror...
You know what I do?
I go into the woods and take
off all my clothes,
and then I scream, yeah?
At the top of my lungs.
I get a lot out of that.
You need something like that.
What about a really simple dress, look.
Maybe I should clean up around here.
Is this trendy now? In orange, yuck.
Can you wear this?
That's not just any lipstick.
Sport lipstick, maybe?
No, fashion show lipstick.
Fashion show red lipstick for exclusive...
Bridal fashion shows?
Traditional costume fashion shows.
You're going to laugh,
but it really is for fashion shows.
I get bitchy and wear it,
and they think it's great,
and then everyone has to wear it,
and it only looks good on me.
That's the brilliant part.
Is this okay?
Way cool.
No. I don't like it.
It looks country girlish.
Yeah, well I'm sorry, but jeans with...
that top, I mean,
elegant and...
No good, huh?
We have different tastes.
When will you accept that?
You could wear a black pair
of casual slacks with it,
that'd be elegant.
You could go everywhere.
I don't want to be elegant, Elvira.
I'm not the elegant type, look at me.
I'm an animal.
I'm wearing something sexy.
Here I am putting on this stupid slip.
I've got a better one somewhere.
If I could just for once
find something here.
Do you have a cover stick?
I'm getting a pimple.
That powder doesn't cover.
All you have is junk.
It's not junk. That's Chanel.
It might say Chanel,
and still be just Hungarian Chanel.
This is a great piece.
I can't find a single thing.
Wear the black dress,
it brings out your tits.
How are they anyway?
Oh they're doing great.
I don't even feel them anymore.
But last week, when I was in Germany,
I was lying on a hard bed,
5 minutes on my stomach and
I already felt them.
That's all though...
And what about sex?
I recommend it highly.
What do men say?
Complicated, don't you think?
To have it done just for the sex.
A little expensive.
I have orgasms anyway,
what's the difference what
kind of tits you have?
What's that got to do with it?
Forget it, they really do look great.
I can't be alone.
You've known me long enough,
and I'm just not capable of...
But maybe you just don't want to be alone,
it doesn't necessarily have to be Werner.
Yeah, I know.
My god.
You have to think about that.
Yeah and? And...
Forget it, okay? I don't want to think.
I want some fast advice.
Like if I have a pimple,
what can I do about it?
Just tell me,
what would you advise me to do?
I'd tell you to find out
if he's cheating on you.
Normally you would say,
Have a few affairs yourself.
But that doesn't help.
I wouldn't give such lousy advice.
Deep inside we're too scared of AIDS.
With a condom.
They can tear.
But you don't need to go all the way...
Yeah, but that's really unsatisfying.
I don't know.
I haven't had as many affairs as you have.
Girl, you're crazy!
C'mon, Tanja, I want to know what to do.
I would find out if he really cheated
on you, or trust your inner voice.
I don't care if he's cheating.
Maybe I want to cheat on him.
Maybe I even want him to cheat on me,
so I can cheat on him.
What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.
I'd love to have a real affair.
With a married man, and go to a hotel...
I'd really like to do that.
Isn't my nose too big here, Oliver?
Yeah, in this one it is.
From the side, that's...
no good.
How do you like this one?
Yeah, but my lip...
it's too thin.
That's great.
That one is killer.
It's better if you pick them out.
You ought to sell yourself in this
direction, I think.
I like the awful ones and this one...
Isn't that too...
Isn't this more like what will sell?
You're the right type.
This one's cool.
Can I definitely have two of these?
One for me for the apartment and...
I like this one a lot.
Do you like my new perfume?
Smells sort of good, doesn't it?
Cheap, if you ask me.
What? Do you know how much it cost?
It was totally expensive.
Might be my wrist.
Maybe it smells better here.
Know where it smells even better?
Just kidding, I'm not showing you all the
places I put my perfume.
Behind my knee, lasts longest.
Did you know that?
Can I sit up?
Do you have a jacket or something?
I'm freezing.
Was I good? I mean the test.
Which test?
You passed.
You did fine.
Do you think I'll get better
jobs in the future?
Why better?
Yeah, better...
I mean, good ones.
Depends on you.
Why are you smiling?
Because I feel good.
I believe it.
What about you?
One more time.
Yeah, why not?
I'll give you a little time, okay?
Yeah, you're a vegetarian.
They need a break before
they can do it again.
Hi, Vivian.
Are we going out tonight?
What are you wearing? I mean, tonight?
But what are you going to wear?
I have 2 or 3 pairs of pants with me.
We can decide then.
We can trade things, okay?
Do you have anything on you
or should we get drunk?
Let's get drunk, yeah?
And pick someone up?
Something happened yesterday.
I didn't use a condom.
You didn't use a condom?
Shit. And?
Careful! That leaves spots.
Look, you already got it all black.
Oh, Tanja.
If you borrow something...
It was already there.
No it wasn't.
Yes it was.
Don't get so upset.
Hey, that was totally expensive.
I'm trying to tell you something serious,
and you get spots on it.
Okay, what happened with the guy?
I don't know. He was so sweet...
and he didn't put it on himself
and I can't do it.
I'm no bitch.
He wanted a rubber and you...
No, you have to take off your bra.
Just let me see what it looks like.
You're stretching it out!
Your tits are bigger.
Can you please take it off?
It looks so stupid.
It's "in"
to have your bra showing.
May I look in the mirror too, madam?
The problem is you can see my underwear.
I want to know whether or
not I might have AIDS?
That makes your breasts look fabulous.
Now take off your panties,
and I'll lend you some see through ones.
They're worn. They've got my smell.
Here, put them on.
I don't feel comfortable in these things.
Why? Okay then wear jeans.
And just I will be stunning?
Tanja, Could I have AIDS?
Is there a danger?
Vivian, I don't know what the guy's like.
If he's slept with a lot of women,
or if you were his first time.
I don't know.
I've fallen in love with him real bad.
Really, he's so sexy, Tanja.
He's so sweet, virginal.
I think I was his first time.
Maybe not, I don't think so.
He was so sweet. I couldn't use
a rubber. That's such a drag.
It's like...
when you drive up to the mountains and
put a garbage bag over your head.
Do you like doing it with a rubber?
Do you like that?
Do you go up to a guy and say:
No rubber, no way?
Then what?
Do you put it on him too?
Either I put it on him or
he puts it on himself.
You put it on him?
But, Vivian, the question is
whether it's worth it...
to risk your
life for one good fuck.
How do I look?
Yeah, but when I go to bed with a man,
I just can't say,
look, we can see each other next week,
but first I want to see your AIDS test.
It just happens.
You know how my hormones are.
A friend of mine is such
a terrific dancer.
I tell you.
Where are we off to anyway?
To get on people's nerves.
Want to look at the whores?
No, not that one,
the other one, the dark haired one.
He's sweet.
But I don't know how to go about it.
I've seen him before, but somehow...
I don't have the nerve to go up to him.
What should I do?
Go over and give him a kiss.
Are you crazy. He's supposed to do that.
No, you should do it.
Can't you help me?
You're good at this kind of thing.
You want me to go over and say, excuse me,
Tanja wants to make out with you?
Vivian, help me. What should I do?
I've been running around for 5 hours
and nothing's happened.
Buy him a drink. I have money.
Not much, but...
Buy him a drink.
The man does that.
If he's a little bit of a man,
he'll buy me a drink, okay?
Give him a kiss and see how he reacts.
I go over and stick out my tongue?
Of course, you go over and say, hi...
Come here, let me show you.
You're so wasted.
Come on. Are you scared of me?
No, but I want you to give me
some good advice about what to do.
I think you want me to
give you a good kiss.
I'd like to know how you kiss.
I'm good.
Let's see...
Stop it, Vivian!
Stop making fun of me and just
tell me what to do.
Stop being so scared, Tanja. What's wrong?
Stop being so silly and
tell me what to do.
Give him a kiss.
Vivian! I'm walking out of here.
I can't believe you.
Are we getting nervous?
Vivian! Please.
I have a serious problem here.
Yes, darling, you're so sexy,
let me make you come...
Vivian, help me please!
I'll help you. Come here, I'll show you.
Tanja, you go up to him and just kiss him.
And then you walk away.
And see what he does.
With my tongue, or what?
No tongue. A good kiss.
I'm not doing that.
You look good.
Straighten your hair a little.
No, this is "in".
You've definitely got to
be properly shaved.
Let me see.
If I were you I...
Are you wearing good underwear?
Otherwise forget it.
You've got to have good underwear.
Dark blue.
Let me see.
And a bra too?
You can't seduce him in
underwear like that.
You've got tights on. Not even stockings.
How did I know I was going to see
such a total babe tonight?
Go home and change and come
back and seduce him.
By then it'll be way too late.
But a one night stand where the guy has
to take off your tights is a drag.
I didn't say I wanted to screw him.
I just want to make out a little.
Make out... I'm sorry.
What are you 16?
I'm not like you.
A good fuck.
What's wrong?
Aren't you coming back to bed?
Why not?
Do you have a cigarette for me?
You want 100 schillings from me too?
What's that supposed to mean?
You're talking stupid.
I'm sick of this,
can't you bring a condom?
You know I've got a boyfriend.
You think I need a baby by you?
Did we use one last time?
Yes, always.
Always is good.
Sorry, but I didn't even think of it.
None of you ever think, do you?
My girlfriend and I have been together
a long time...
So what? What do I care?
I don't want to get pregnant.
Of course not, but...
I don't need a condom with my girlfriend,
that's why.
You don't need a condom?
You don't have sex either,
or you wouldn't sleep with me, right?
Or is it lousy?
You know nothing about my relationship.
If it wasn't fantastic,
I wouldn't sleep with you.
I know I'm fantastic.
But you're not.
All of a sudden.
Sorry, but why don't you carry a condom?
You know I not on the pill.
Me model, I can shoot myself.
And abortion's out of the question.
What were you thinking?
That didn't occur to you sooner?
Do I always have to carry one?
You're the machos, you're the men!
You carry one!
Do I have to put it on you too?
I'm not that liberal, really.
You make things easy for yourselves.
Lots of people?
It was all right.
You could call next time.
Yeah, and say what?
That you're going out, at least.
That would be great.
You knew I was coming home late.
No I didn't.
Otherwise I wouldn't have come home.
You could have gone out yourself.
I did, but...
My fortune teller said not to
go out so much for a while.
So many things going on.
Inspection people coming
into the apartment.
What kind of inspections?
She said people in uniform.
Maybe she said that I was going
to enlist in the army.
Yeah, and as a result
I'd break up with you.
Put one hand down, yes.
And pull your sweater a little forward.
Leave your hand down.
Yes, that's pretty.
Turn your upper body this way,
much more.
Give me more hip.
Turn your upper body this way.
That's wonderful.
Turn your head. And a little more.
Turn that way, eyes to me.
Exactly. That's it.
Stay that way.
Now, right in the middle.
Much more sideways.
Turn completely sideways.
Yes, that's pretty.
That's very pretty.
That's terrific.
Turn towards me, to me, exactly.
Turn your hip this way.
It's incredible.
I feel like I'm living with a stranger.
You know how much it hurts
not to be able to say I love you?
It's just... dead.
We never said stuff like that anyway.
You think that's the reason?
Except in birthday cards and stuff.
And I was always very moved.
I was really moved.
And otherwise, never?
No, never verbally.
But you hugged and stuff?
And with me it's reflected
in my relationships.
You know how hard it is,
even in a relationship,
I've never said 'I love you'.
That's so hard.
Not even to my own sister.
Okay, that's the other extreme.
I mean, how soon did...
Okay, you and Werner are together.
Did he say 'I love you' first,
or did you?
I always teased my boyfriends a little,
you do like me, don't you?
To get them to say it,
I never admitted it first.
Now that, for example,
is something I never do.
On the contrary. I avoid it.
I use other words too.
Do you do that?
A lot of times I'll say,
'I really like you',
'you mean a lot to me',
but to say it, is hard for me.
I never do that.
My family does it too.
That's how I was brought up.
It's the opposite with me.
I always had a lot of boyfriends, before.
Now Adam and I are together, but before...
When someone would tell me:
'I love you',
then it was okay for the moment,
I was very touched,
a few weeks later, not that the guy
wasn't interesting anymore.
It was somehow:
No, I've got to get out of here.
Hey, I can't even find my eye.
Careful you don't poke it out.
You look like the guy with the huge blue
eyes who's on like 15 hits of X.
My nose is bleeding.
And I didn't even notice
until I came in here.
But the one guy, he was cute in a way.
Yours? The one with the yellow shirt?
He was mixed. Didn't you like him?
No, not dark enough.
But it's just for one night.
Nothing in his crotch.
You think?
You can forget every last one of them.
Besides: Young, no apartment.
You might as well do it here.
That's okay. What do you mean? Do what?
Look at the toilets.
You think I'm doing it here?
The toilets, I've done it here before.
You did it here before?
No, not here.
The upstairs toilets.
Really? But it stinks.
Yeah, it was totally disgusting.
But I was wasted...
You were there too...
But that was something else, y'know?
Something for the man.
For the man?
Oh, a blow job.
You don't have to say it so loud.
There's no one in here anyway, or...?
But it wasn't worth it.
Was it that gross, or what?
Same as all the lousy bastards out there.
It's not worth it at all.
You got to make him take a shower first.
Wash it and bring it to me in bed.
We've been here 5 hours.
It's not worth it. I mean...
Look at them sitting there like...
Most of them are here to get laid.
Yeah, I knew that. Because it's Saturday.
Can't you call someone?
Can we go to your place
and smoke something?
You want me to score us
something to smoke?
I could try.
Wait, first I need some more spray.
How do I look?
You have rings under your eyes.
Otherwise, fine.
Is the red out?
You look like a...
All this for those dicks out there.
What's wrong?
Girl, you look awful.
Stick out your tongue.
It's all mossy?
Don't get me upset, please...
Yeah, but I mean...
It's from the coke and probably
from alcohol too.
No black boys, huh?
I'm so upset.
I've been in this place for 5 or 6 hours
and not a single black boy.
I have to puke again.
No, not again!
Do you have a Kleenex?
I have to take a piss.
Do you have a Kleenex?
Then I'll have to do without.
I'm going over here anyway.
Wait for me though, okay?
Taking another piss?
Taking another piss?
You'll get a bladder infection.
Then you can forget your
black boys.
I just drank too much.
So many wankers in there, it's incredible.
So many wankers in there and
the light is so bright.
They're all so ugly.
I told you so.
Are you finished?
Wait, almost.
Or are you taking a shit?
But whenever I've had too much to drink...
Should we do another line?
Know what I'm saying?
Stop being so stupid.
We've got each other.
You have to show more breast.
What was with that blond creep?
Don't you just like the black ones.
Look, I mean... you know?
Do you have some gum? I smell like barf.
In case I make out with someone.
You're not finding anyone to
make out with in there.
Maybe you should wipe it first.
So it doesn't look so dirty.
I have an idea...
I'm so cold.
You really want to do this to yourself?
Breakfast, at least it'll sober me up.
That's too much. You're too generous.
What do you mean generous?
It's just right.
This is so cool, it's so killer.
I'm freezing.
I think it's great, look...
So, what do you feel for me?
What I feel for you?
It was great, it was nice.
I'm not talking about sex,
what do you feel for me as a human being?
What do you feel for me?
I asked you first. It's like school.
You're the teacher and I'm the student,
or what?
Like school?
You holding on to that one?
Does your heart race when you see me?
Do you want to marry me?
You want to have my kids?
You see.
But it's sort of...
For me it's somehow more than just sex.
You understand?
What do you mean, more than sex?
There's either sex or love.
Or sex and love, but then you're together.
Then it's family, marriage,
children and so on.
But there are couples that
don't have kids.
It's just a matter of time,
or they get a divorce.
You made me feel like...
I didn't make you feel anything.
Any feelings you have come from you.
You're the one who said
you felt more feelings...
than with whoever or whenever or...
But you might have fallen in love with me.
It's possible...
For me to have fallen in love with you,
on this one night...
that's not even over?
There's got to be a little more.
Well, what about love at first sight.
That ever happen to you?
Love at first sight?
You mean,
Humphrey Bogart and stories like that?
Come off it.
It never happened to me either.
How old are you?
I can't imagine you still believe
in these fairytale figures.
The prince on his white charger and so on.
But it's got to exist.
It can't all be made up.
My name is Antonia Karim,
I'm 16 years old,
5'9", I have blond hair, long blond hair,
my eyes are blue green grey,
I have full lips, my bra size is 32 B,
and I have 3'8" long legs.
Hi, my name is Lena, I'm 5'10",
I have wide hips,
a small waist and hardly any bust.
I have a round face,
I have narrow, green brown eyes,
a wide, short nose and a small,
full lipped mouth.
Let me have your folder.
How did you hear about me?
Was it the ad?
Yes, the ad.
I just happened to flip through it,
and I thought why not call up.
I don't like it at all. Little titties.
How big are your titties? Bustline?
Look here, look, look:
36! That makes me happy.
That gets my eyes blinking.
All right, let's have a look.
Don't be so shy.
Take them out. Let me see.
Do I have to?
Yes you have to.
I want to know, exactly.
You girls always think you can fool me.
Well, that's not how it works.
You don't have to take it all off.
Turn around.
Beautiful ass.
Michi, lets have a test please.
My name is Petra and I'm 5'6"...
and 15 years old, and...
I really like modeling because
you get to see the world...
and meet new people.
And it's fun,
and I'm more of an exotic type,
and what I like best about myself
are my eyes and my hair.
My name is Heide Kastenberger,
I come from Lower Austria,
I'm 27 years old,
weigh 106 pounds,
am 5'6" tall.
My measurements are 352535.
I'm tanned and have long, blond hair...
and can eat as much as I want.
You were a gazelle here.
And now you're 7 or 8 pounds heavier.
To put it politely.
So why did you gain weight?
You probably lost weight
in an earlier life?
Because before...
So, why did you gain weight?
Because before I hardly ate anything.
That's why I pigged out.
You know that's how it is
if you want to work.
I know. I'm not with an agency right now.
I want to get back.
That's why I'm losing weight.
Baumann is known...
for his love of curves.
there's got to be something on top too.
Nice pair of titties.
A fanny alone isn't enough.
Excellent. Figure is wonderful.
Except for your fanny, a little too flat.
That means it can't hurt
to gain 5 or 6 pounds.
Yeah, but I always gain it wrong.
I don't gain it where I'm supposed to,
but on my thighs.
Girl, don't be stupid.
Mind if I smoke?
Yeah, as long as you don't blow my way.
Mind if I have one too?
I'll tell you something,
we've got two options.
The first one and the second one.
Either you gain weight...
or no job.
I will do a test with you.
Open up, let me have a look.
And there? Keep it coming.
Not easy, is it?
A cigarette in your hand
and trying to undress.
I'm more interested in the
back than the front.
Look at that, what do I see...
All right, let's do it.
You do Stern Magazine too? Cool.
For example.
I know him. He's with my agency.
He probably tried in vain
to find your pussy too.
No, I don't...
I don't have a boyfriend yet.
I'm still living with my parents.
I can believe that.
A boyfriend wouldn't put up with you.
My father is so strict.
I can't do things like that.
My career comes first.
Bali, Bali.
If you behave yourself and are good,
I might take you along sometime.
Do I get paid,
or do I have to go along for nothing?
You get paid,
but you still have to give head.
I always get myself 2 or 3 babes anyway...
You did the cover too?
What do you think?
They didn't want me.
I can imagine.
Let me tell you something,
this is how I'd like your breasts,
they'll never look like this.
Yeah, but mine are smaller and prettier.
Listen to me you numskull.
How disgusting. She's totally fat.
This one, look at this photo.
Or this one.
She's got the same tits as you.
Look how terrific she looks.
But you see her breasts.
Photographed by Baumann.
My angel.
Hi, babe!
I want to do something like this with you.
I can think other things too.
Sit down over there.
Her breasts are like mine.
She has a better ass.
Her ass isn't better than mine, look.
Let me at those curves.
Sit down over there and look at my body.
Can you get me someone...
to cut that label off or this funny...
Forget it.
What's important here is my body.
I'm a little bloated from fruit.
Let me look at your ass, look,
I'm getting a hard on.
First tell me if you're going
to photograph me.
I'll make something out of you,
I just don't know what yet.
You little butt fucker.
No, I don't do that.
I said, you little butt fucker.
Why do you talk to me like that?
What's that?
I'm going to have a little of this,
and now take it off. Come on.
Isn't this better?
Do me a favor
and show me what you've got.
I don't want to chat.
I want to see what you've got.
Please, I said.
You want to see what I've got?
Then I don't need to wear anything.
Isn't this better?
There you see what I've got.
Turn around.
Lines on your ass...
I don't have lines on my ass, you ass.
Get a new pair of glasses.
I told you you're a little butt fucker.
The lighting is bad.
Overhead light isn't good for us girls.
Listen to me,
I like you.
I've got a thing for you, even though...
you don't have tits.
Okay, and now.
I've got something else.
What's important to me is
a nicely packaged ass.
So, what are we waiting for?
How's this?
Girl, are you teasing me?
Here's a nicely packaged ass, look.
I was about to say that Marilyn Monroe,
but the timing's off,
that I photographed her in
hot pants like those.
Do that again.
Bend over.
You said you were going to
photograph me first.
Hand slipped. Can't help it?
Bend over again.
I'm ticklish.
What do you say?
Bend over, I said.
No, you're a pervert.
Yes I am.
And I won't deny it either.
Are those your keys or is
he happy to see me?
That's the front door key.
So small? My aren't we modest.
I have a small key. Put something else on.
I have another pair of pants.
Put them on.
But in double time.
No, you can forget those right now.
Wait, they're good.
Forget it.
No, I can tell that they're worthless.
That's not true. They were expensive.
If I tell you they're worthless,
then that's what they are.
They're not worth a hill of beans.
Take them off, please,
don't you have some sort of dress?
A miniskirt or something?
Come on. Get a move on!
Look at that ass.
Calls a few things to mind.
But I'd have to be pretty drunk,
another 2 or 3 bottles of vodka...
Stop acting.
That's terrific.
In reality you want me.
That is something...
I told you I'm not turned off,
but you're going to have to...
Don't talk, let me do the thinking.
Don't keep handling the goods.
Just look first.
It slipped.
Do that in the mirror again for me?
Bend over.
Okay, but it really goes like this.
Let me see your pussy.
We like that.
What's this?
I'll let you taste, but don't tell anyone.
It's my medicine.
Don't smell. Drink.
That's something I enjoy seeing.
That would be a good photo.
Hold it! Leave the curl there in front...
Assi! Where's the camera?
I like that.
Feathers in your face and you drinking.
It's trickling down.
I'm so drunk already. I've got to stop.
Or I won't know what I'm doing.
May I lap that up?
You said you were going to
make a star out of me.
There's something you have to do first,
What you've got in your portfolio
is a Mickey Mouse face.
But I worked with good photographers.
So I saw. Who?
Baby, you know who's good?
Me for example.
And am I ever good!
Don't argue with me...
I made Kirchberger a star.
Terrific. Who is Kirchberger?
I want to be a star, not like Kirchberger.
She's history.
Kirchberger is a star.
Maybe in the drug scene,
but I want to be a star.
In her eyes, I said.
But she's old! I'm young and fresh.
You're what?
Look at yourself in the mirror!
You're young?
I am young. And I'm pretty.
You're an old pothead.
I am not, I don't do drugs
so just leave me alone.
Just because I'm drinking vodka with you...
A breast job would be okay,
but I want...
you to film me, photograph me, whatever.
So, what now? Maybe I will do anything.
Will you pour me some vodka?
Why? Drink from the bottle.
You said let's have a drink.
And you can't chop me a line.
Look, how's this?
I'm shaved. You can do everything with me.
Good deal.
So, what's it going to be?
I'll do a test with you.
I want us to do something now.
A porn film.
I don't want a porn film.
Why do you want me to do that?
You said you were making a star out of me.
Because you're a dirty little cunt.
No porn films.
I don't want to be that kind of star.
How are you going to become someone?
How do you think Marilyn Monroe,
and all the others, got to be someone?
Shall I tell you what they did?
Ask me.
Porn probably.
Ask me.
What did they do?
Ask me.
The eagle. You know what the eagle is?
But you don't always have to.
Spread eagle.
Go ahead then, help yourself.
Babe, no.
I've been in the business 30 years.
You're going to be a star,
and you don't even need to touch it.
I don't?
Just suck it.
But if you don't do a good job,
you won't like the way you
look in the photos.
There's a good story, you know it?
It's by Bukowski, a friend of mine.
He drinks this stuff too?
Listen to me when I tell you a story.
Let me have some of that,
you stingy wench.
Bukowski, the poor bum...
Let me see your pussy.
Let me listen!
Let me see your pussy!
And let me eat.
You're a pervert.
I want to take some photos before anybody
gets to see anything else.
Just sit down and shut your mouth.
Listen to this story.
It's free and you don't
have to do anything.
Just lean back and listen.
No, don't cover me,
just lean back and listen.
I just want to see your pussy.
You may eat.
Yes, I'm listening.
I'm rubbing this in your face.
You're going to look good.
You look good.
Going to show me your pussy now?
Arch your back.
Not like that.
It's simple.
Left shoulder forward, head forward.
Left shoulder to me...
and arms together.
Yes, tits, that's right,
and suck in your stomach.
For example. No.
Yes, that's right.
And now turn your head in profile.
What's profile?
So I can't see your face. Exactly.
Marilyn Monroe is diddly squat
next to you.
Shoulder level is wrong, please.
And let them drop, let them drop.
18 years,
a little Playboy.
I ought to know how it looks.
Look at that.
You look like a 36.
That's exactly what I want.
And now throw back your shoulders.
Can we maybe get it right the first time?
Where can I put my hand?
Suck in your stomach!
You look like a potbellied pig.
Look, that's your job.
You're the photographer.
Talking back to me too, huh?
And I don't want anyone seeing anything.
Suck in your stomach!
That's right.
Yeah okay, you don't have to paw me again.
Please, my angel, could you...
Put your hands like this?
At least try putting one here...
and the other one up here, okay?
As for those titties, mosquito bites,
no one's going to see them.
Were you mad at me?
You were mad at me.
But in return I'll do something
pretty with you.
I don't want to wait.
I want it to go bam, bam, bam.
It doesn't go bam, bam, bam with me.
It only goes bam, bam when we fuck.
Do you go bam, bam when you fuck too?
I don't do sex.
Never again. I'm sick of it.
With old men.
I don't know.
Sometimes I think I don't even
have the right to live.
No, really, Werner.
And everything I do sucks.
You know, somehow nothing works.
You're just imagining it...
No it's not my imagination. I see it.
And you're wrong. And that really gets me.
Why do you tell me I'm just imagining it?
As if I stood at the mirror trying
to convince myself.
Everything I do sucks, nothing works.
How does everything suck?
Yeah, what doesn't suck?
Am I doing such a terrific job
that I'm rolling in dough?
What's so great about my body?
Is anything about it totally perfect?
I eat nothing and I'm still fat.
Even if you don't think so.
I feel lousy,
I have abdominal pain every day,
I throw up in the morning,
what's so terrific?
Go outside and see how many
people are perfect.
Yeah, but that hurts. I can't help it?
It doesn't have to.
But it does? It's not normal, I know.
I go outside and see an old
person and it hurts me.
It effects me. It makes me want to cry.
Be happy you're you.
Yeah but, then I look at my mother,
she's getting older and she's unhappy...
and I can't help her.
Or my grandma is getting older too.
Yeah, but that's life.
But I can't deal with it, Werner.
I have to enjoy it as long as I'm young.
And not think about me being 30.
Yeah but it's going by so fast.
You understand?
It's going by too fast for me.
You don't have to be rich to have a child.
That's got nothing to do with being rich.
I'm sorry but,
we're not so bad off that we can't...
bring a little baby into the world.
It would be so sweet.
I'd give everything for it.
Is that one of your crazy ideas?
That's not true, Werner.
Half a year and the kid will start
getting on your nerves.
That's not true. I fed the cats too.
Werner, I do feed them.
You'll feed the kid in the morning,
be gone all day,
and come home and feed it again.
The rest of the time it'll just sit around.
No. But it'll grow inside me.
You don't want a child with me.
You don't want to get married either.
What do you need me for?
To cook and clean?
You can get someone else for that.
Get a maid, she won't cost much.
300 schillings a week.
'Cause you don't make much of a mess.
I don't need a maid.
I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
What does that have to do with a kid,
whether I need you or a maid or whatever?
You can't just like me.
Or you can, but like an animal.
I like the cats too.
But you don't love me if you don't want
to get married or have kids.
I don't want to get married.
I'm too young.
We've been together long enough.
Leave me alone.
I want to go home, Lisa.
I've had enough of this place.
It sucks here.
My nose is bleeding again.
Hello, this is Vivian.
Could I speak with Werner?
Then he'll be home soon.
Thank you, good bye.
Hello Werner, now where are you?
I'm waiting for you again.
I can't reach you.
You aren't where you said you'd be.
Please come home or call be back.
Leave me alone.
Stop it, must you always?
You're such an asshole.
Get the hell out of my car. Hey, shit.
Are you crazy?
You're a slut.
You drag me out in the car and...
then you don't even let me fuck you. Shit.
First thing you always
want to do is stick it in.
Am I glad I never did it with you.
If you always start in like an asshole.
I'm not wasting my time anymore.
You know what? Fuck off.
Don't touch me, asshole.
Will you stop pawing me?
I mean it. Get the fuck out of my car.
Fuck off.
Then drive me home.
I don't think you're right in the head.
Get lost.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
You're in my car.
Will you stop pawing me?
You're sitting in my car. Fuck off.
Yeah, I'm getting out. Calm down?
Can I finish my cigarette?
Please Oliver, drive me home.
No. I'm not driving you home.
You drove me out here.
You drove out here too.
Will you stop it. Look at me.
We drove out here together,
you said you would bring me home.
I did not.
Will you stop it! Listen to me.
You're driving me home.
It's nighttime, you lousy bastard.
No way.
Drive me home.
I'm screaming for help.
Drive me home.
I'll report you.
You bastard, drive me home right now.
No fucking way.
I apologize, now will you drive me home?
One more time, cool. Can we clear this up
normally, like normal people?
Please, it's nothing personal.
It's just... I wanted...
Do I have to justify why it didn't work?
Are you such a total macho prick
that I have to justify myself?
Get out of my face.
What are you talking about?
Your problem is you can't take your drugs,
you bastard.
Fuck off.
Maybe you shouldn't shoot up, asshole.
Stop it you're hurting me!
Should I burn you, or what?
You know what will happen.
Then toss it out.
You toss it.
I can't. You'd give me a smack.
Will you drive me home now?
Then let me out, asshole.
What's wrong? Let me out!
What, are you crazy?
You some kind of psychopath?
You aren't normal.
Are you going to let me out?
What now?
Are you driving me home or letting me out?
Don't look at me like such an idiot!
I've got pimples everywhere.
Oh god. I like you so much,
you know that, don't you?
Your hands are ice cold, Gernot.
It's uncomfortable.
I mean, you could have warmed them up.
What's wrong with you?
What are you acting so stupid for?
Yeah there's that stupid laugh.
Forget it.
Come over here.
Your hands are ice cold, Gernot.
They're taking someone like you away.
Stop it,
I get so scared when you get that look.
I'm sorry Gernot, but I hate it when you
get that look. You scare me.
Stop pointing at me with your beer bottle.
Go piss off, okay.
Just go...
I already went, before I met you.
...and piss off this instant. Okay?
Are we a little prudish today?
You didn't see it did you.
You didn't see it.
Close the refrigerator or we'll have
to pay more for the hotel.
Doing it with you
and all wasn't as great...
as you promised it would be.
You don't have to get all
depressed about it.
I know a good psychoanalyst.
I'm sure you do.
How is someone like you supposed
to survive without one?
This isn't normal.
You should laugh more.
You get more out of it.
What did you say?
Let's drink to that.
And I tell you...
No, I'll tell you something:
Go fish.